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Delivering for indy

Posted on November 02, 2016 by

Anyone who’s donated to this site’s fundraisers in the past will be familiar with the excellent work of AyeMail, the not-for-profit fulfilment company set up to help all sorts of pro-independence groups raise money by taking care of all the tedious admin and letting them get on with their campaigning.


They’re also raising money themselves at the moment, both for their own costs and to produce a series of projects to help groups strapped for cash. They’ve got almost 60% of their target in the bag already, but with only a day to go they’re running around £5000 short of being able to do everything.

They provide a hugely valuable service and resource, producing tangible and practical benefits for the Yes movement – Wings would be utterly lost without them – and if you’ve got a couple of quid spare for the cause you couldn’t find a better use for it.

While we’re here, incidentally, it’s worth giving another plug to another fantastic worker for independence – Ken McDonald of iScot magazine. A little over a year ago Wings readers responded fantastically to a subs drive for this superb monthly mag, but those subs have now elapsed because Indiegogo doesn’t allow auto-renewal.

Where other people talk and talk about creating an alternative media, Ken’s just gone ahead and done it. iScot is already on its 23rd issue, and you’re getting a great mag for your cash, not just donating.

(Readers who take out a year’s sub currently get a rather nice leather passport holder as a reward, but you can also subscribe on a monthly basis with no commitment, or get the digital edition for less than half the price. There’s even an iPhone/iPad and Android app where you can try out the current issue for free.)


AyeMail and iScot both make invaluable contributions to the Yes movement, both focused on reaching out to the unconverted in very different ways. Both need your support, and both have a proven track record of delivery. Please help them if you can.

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  1. Jim Thomson says:

    Chatting with Ken at the iScot stall during the SNP conference and learned that it is much better for the magazine to be bought through subscription rather than ordering via the local newsagent. Newsagents get a significant cut of the cover price.

    Please order via direct subscription. It helps everybody.

  2. Capella says:

    Completely agree. I’ve subscribed to iScot and it is an excellent mag. Also chipped in to Ayemail. Hope they make the total today.

  3. Flower of Scotland says:

    Yes, please support these guys.

    Ask your friends on Twitter and Facebook to help out.

    Only one more day to go!

  4. CmonIndy says:

    I subscribe to iscot, donate to Aye Mail and donated to the billboards. I have no problem with billboards trying to alert folks to BBC bias and giving an alternative news option.

  5. yerkitbreeks says:

    Need a better link to their fundraiser.

  6. Christopher Whyte says:

    Just a quick one:

    Could you make a contribution via the Wings kitty, seeing as it was overshot by several thousands? I understand that those contributing to Wings did exactly that: contribute to Wings.

    But would they understand if you wanted to make a contribution to something that you’d “be lost without”?

    Or is there a legal reason why you’re not allowed to?

    Just asking.

  7. Macart says:

    iScot subscription in the bag already and a damn fine investment it is.

    This mag needs to be out there. 🙂

  8. Onwards says:

    Both worthy causes.
    I got an iScot subscription as a gift for my dad before. It’s a good quality magazine.

    They should do a iScot calendar. I ended up with a Scotsman calendar last xmas. Good photos, but the thought of someone funding them on my behalf sticks in the craw.

  9. Rev. Stuart Campbell says:

    “Could you make a contribution via the Wings kitty, seeing as it was overshot by several thousands? I understand that those contributing to Wings did exactly that: contribute to Wings.

    But would they understand if you wanted to make a contribution to something that you’d “be lost without”?”

    We’ve been over this many times.

  10. Another Union Dividend says:

    Both very worthwhile causes.

    I got a new Android phone but can’t download the Wings app that was on old one.

    Google Play only comes up with Yes2 Hub which is pretty good as alerts you to new materials from numerous Indy sites in one place.

    Yes2 Hub is a social media platform promoting independence for Scotland, allowing you to easily follow and get notifications of the latest articles from pro-indy sites including Wings Over Scotland, Bella Caledonia & Newsnet Scotland.

    We also cover livestreams by Independence Live & podcasts from the likes of Lesley Riddoch & Michael Greenwell.

    Pity it doesn’t also include Business for Scotland.

    But is Wings App still available?

  11. schrodingers cat says:

    i think this article posted by stu is far more useful than what you suggest

    71% funded now, lol

  12. X_Sticks says:

    Can’t fault a word of this. These things will become extremely important as we move towards another independence referendum.

    Last time around we left (some) things until too late. Let’s be ready for action this time.

    These folk are dedicated to the indy cause and deserve all the support we can give them. I do everything I can to support them.

  13. Rev. Stuart Campbell says:

    “But is Wings App still available?”

    No, it got pulled by the author. But all you really need to do is put a shortcut on your homescreen, it’ll do the exact same thing.

  14. Mclaverock says:

    Thanks for the positivity. Happy to oblige.

  15. Morag says:

    Chatting with Ken at the iScot stall during the SNP conference and learned that it is much better for the magazine to be bought through subscription rather than ordering via the local newsagent. Newsagents get a significant cut of the cover price.

    Please order via direct subscription. It helps everybody.

    Now you make me feel guilty. But actually it doesn’t help everybody. It doesn’t help the newsagent.

    I want to support the village newsagent. Villages die without their local shops and if we don’t buy things from them then they can’t keep going. The newsagent in this (unionist Borders) village keeps the National right in the middle of his shop counter beside the local papers every day. He pitched iScot at me cold before I’d actually got round to asking him if he would stock it.

    There are three or four of us buying iScot from that newsagent, possibly more, and people see the magazine in the shop and see us picking it up. So I see it as three birds with one stone. I support iScot, I support the newsagent, and I contribute to giving an independence publication a visible presence in a unionist area.

    But now you’ve made me feel bad about Ken. Except I’d also feel really bad about cancelling my subscription at the newsagent’s and I honestly can’t afford two copies (though I did do that for a year).

  16. Phydaux says:

    More than happy to donate my wee bit.It feels good to be able to contribute to stuff which helps to actively promote independence.I did not hesitate to donate to the billboards and misreporting BBC stickies.WOS is where I get to be a trainee activist, soaking up all the wisdom, truth and ideas and help to prepare for IndyRef 2.

  17. Chic McGregor says:

    iScot great mag. Worth it for the WGD articles alone.

  18. Alan Crerar says:

    iScot is a great magazine – even employing arch-nawbag Tom Morton who writes very well about whisky – I get it on order from my local newsagent, so it is a continuous sub, it also helps keep my, up till now nawbag, local shop in business. My iScot always looks as though someone has already had a wee read (and I caught the owner reading the sports page of the National too!) and it is visible in the shop, so it all helps to get some truth towards the No voters.

  19. Legerwood says:

    Morag at 12.40 pm

    I am with you about the newsagent. Not only does it help the newsagent, and the magazine, it also helps the other shops because people coming for their papers maintains/increases footfall in the High Street and the chance these people will buy things in the other shops.

  20. Onwards says:

    @Morag – I was thinking the same thing regarding the visual presence.

    Personally, I think it is far more important to buy the National newspaper directly from the shops and keep their cover stories visible to the general public on a daily basis – rather than risk it going online subscription only where it is preaching to the converted.

    The National front pages probably have far more effect in keeping anti-Tory/pro-indy stories in the public eye than a Scots Magazine type monthly magazine. At least they provide some counterbalance to the raving Daily Mail/ Daily Express propaganda.

  21. Christopher Whyte says:

    “We’ve been over this many times.”

    I don’t read all of the comments below the line, as they typically number in the hundreds.

    But your response tells me that the answer to my question is “no”, so I’ll just assume there’s a good reason for it; I don’t need to know the exact one.

  22. Born Optimist says:

    C’mon folks, only 22% to go for five worthwhile projects ready for Indyref2.
    With the huge number of unique viewers for Wings it only needs £1 apiece from a small proportion of these to reach the target. If my arithmetic is any good, at the time of writing, just over 2,500 contributors.
    If an independent Scotland really matters to you and you can afford more, say the price of a pint or a couple of newspapers, then put some money where its needed.

    I also spoke to the editor of iScot at the conference stall and collected a few back numbers to give to some indecisive relatives (skipping those who are dyed-in-the-wool noes). It’s got them talking about Indy again and I’m optimistic they’ll swing definitively to Yes. Apart from that it’s a good read, well worth the subscription, and a lovely coffee table magazine to leave in Doctor’s waiting rooms and the like.

  23. schrodingers cat says:

    ayemail 81% funded 🙂

  24. K1 says:

    I love iScot…subscribed a wee while ago, glad to see the crowdfund Winging it’s way upwards 😉

  25. Capella says:

    Parliament tv now broadcasting from the Chamber. OBFA is 3rd on the Agenda so some other business to get through before the exciting bit – for those not at the pictures this afternoon. Think I’ll do the ironing while it’s on so i won’t be completely wasting my time.

  26. yesindyref2 says:

    Mmm, it’ll be interesting to see what the reaction is on the Express article about the Scottish Resistance £0 fundraiser 🙂 🙂 🙂

  27. yesindyref2 says:

    That Express article. archive doesn’t work very well with the Express, it only picks up 1 or 2 of the comments.

    But there are very few comments under that article today, I think TamJ posting there has managed to sweet talk them into submission.

  28. Tam Jardine says:


    I’m amazed I haven’t been blocked yet. Can’t help feeling like I am spoiling their fun. Comments are definitely down but I don’t know if it is influenced by me and others like your good self or if the express readers are getting fed up with the diet of pish from the likes of siobhan.

  29. yesindyref2 says:

    I’m with all ye who say have iScot in the newsagent, even if that gets a little less to them. After all, what’s the point if it just goes to the already converted? In a shop everyone can see it, and it is incredibly well presented.

  30. yesindyref2 says:

    iScot – Okey doke. Had a look at the website, and there’s no download of like an A5 to give to newsagents to ask them to stock it.

    The National had that, and I got some I think outside the SECC maybe, but also scanned and printed off a load and gave them out, including a bunch to my local YES shop. No idea if it helped, but it didn’t do any harm.

    So, suggestion, knock up an iScot “please stock” leaflet to give to newsagents.

  31. Lollysmum says:

    I used to have a subscription until I moved to Scotland in August so then I switched to asking the village newsagent (same village Morag was alluding to) to hold one back for me. Twice I’ve forgotten to pick it up 🙁

    It was only this article that reminded me to fetch it today. Duhhhh!!!!

    Thanks Stu.

  32. galamcennalath says:

    Contribution made, iScot subscription already renewed for a second year, and I did make a contribution to calling out the BBC billboards.

    Here’s a wee thought about Indy. While in UKOKland there are some who treat it as a very odd idea. Not so in the EU.

    Just remember folks, 18 of the 28 EU members became independent in the last 200 years, some considerably more recently.

    When Scotland gets it’s act together and shouts YES PLEASE, many of our fellow EU citizens know very well what we are trying to achieve!

    Austria, Restoration of sovereignty 1955
    Belgium, Indy from the United Netherlands 1831
    Bulgaria, Indy from the Ottoman Empire 1908
    Croatia, Indy from SFR Yugoslavia in 1991
    Cyprus, Indy from the United Kingdom 1960
    Czech Republic, Czechoslovakia, Indy from Austria-Hungary 1918
    Estonia, Indy from the Russia 1918, USSR 1991
    Finland, Indy from the Russia 1917
    Greece, Indy from Ottoman Empire 1821
    Ireland, Indy from United Kingdom 1922
    Latvia, Indy from the Russia 1918, USSR 1990
    Lithuania, Indy from the Russia 1918, USSR 1991
    Luxembourg, Indy from Prussia 1839
    Malta, Indy from United Kingdom 1964
    Poland, Indy 1918 after 123 years partitioned.
    Romania, Indy from Ottoman Empire 1877
    Slovakia, Czechoslovakia, Indy from Austria-Hungary 1918
    Slovenia, Indy from SFR Yugoslavia in 1991

  33. gus1940 says:

    Thanks Stu for changing my mind re iScot.

    I decided a few weeks ago not to renew my subscription due to the price rise but today you have changed my mind and I have re-subscribed together with a donation to Aye-Mail.

  34. Anne Lawrie says:

    I’ve subscribed since the first issue and last year I bought two more subscriptions as Christmas gifts.

  35. Laverock says:

    Happy to see a positive approach and happy to oblige.

  36. yesindyref2 says:

    One article, and the fund goes from 60% to over 100%. Good stuff!

  37. RogueCoder says:

    Hi folks,

    I want to say a very deep thank-you to everyone here who donated to the ayeMail crowdfunder. Because of you, we will be there when Sturgeon announces her single-market for Scotland solution, we will be there when Theresa May triggers Article 50, and we will be there when Sturgeon (almost inevitably) announces #indyref2.

    But more importantly, you have funded five important projects to help resource the forthcoming Yes 2.0 campaign. Your extraordinarily kind and generous donations will give a “starter kit” of campaign materials and merchandise to over 100 Yes groups from Coldstream to Lerwick, Portobello to Largs.

    At 8am this morning our crowdfunder was at 55%. You guys took it to over 100% in less than 10 hours. THAT is the power of Wings, the power of our alternate media.

    Again, I thank you all. This is only possible because of you.

    Best wishes,

    Lindsay Bruce
    ayeMail founder

  38. yesindyref2 says:

    Hope you don’t mind, but having posted a googleable reference this morning on the Express, I put an update to my posting saying – now the target achieved. Kind of implying it was Express readers wot dun it. Possibly nobody will read it, but the posting is at the top since nobody has psoted since that. Hope you don’t mind!

  39. JohnMcDonaldish says:

    Yeah, yeah great effort etc. But I can’t be bothered to work my way through the turgid design and feel of the magazine to get anywhere near the copy.

  40. David says:


    I was at a Halloween party the other night and met an old (a highly thought of professional person and I thought Intelligent) friend there.

    We were both in costume and I took pictures and I have agreed to send them some pictures that I took……………BUT

    While having a nice conversation that later went very sour (wait for it)

    I said I was thinking about joining Bikers for YES (YESBIKERS)

    I got a very strange look and quickly the penny dropped.

    You have heard of them says I?

    Nope was the reply


    You did vote YES in the referendum?

    NO NO NO I did NOT Scotland can’t manage on its own. The oil is running out. We are too wee, too poor, too stupid, we don’t produce anything, we could never manage on our own

    ONCE I had calmed down (NOT EASY – and for sure my brain was not functioning at its best with clear logical thinking as I was genuinely and seriously in shock)

    BUT struggling somewhat, I went though all the good reasons why we should be independent, listing some of the things we do produce and export from food to electricity and many more. Even mentioning the new underground feeder cable from Scotland to England.

    Their reply, we need to be run from Westminster, followed by I would abolish the Scottish parliament tomorrow.

    So I asked why after 300 years of Westminster rule we were in his eyes such a basket case and why Scotland uniquely in the world was unable to run its own country as an independent country successfully.

    I got nowhere – totally blanked, and when I suggested that they get educated well that went down like a lead balloon.

    My final words were, that you are in for a shock then, when we get our independence.

    Staggering their reply was I will would move out of Scotland

    I asked to where? – Suggesting Brexited England? and that sort of finished the conversation.

    What I am asking for, looking for, needing help with, is a nice logical simple and sensible list of the ‘things Scotland does and exports’

    Plus the things that the Scottish Parliament have introduced that are better than what we had before when we were being run from Westminster when we did not have a Scottish Parliament and an SNP government

    I am looking for this info so I can email them to this person (he he not send the pictures)

    And I will keep a copy on my person too for the next NAW person that I know and meet.

    Thanks for all and any help here.

  41. Ben Taylor says:

    New subscriber here. I just want to say I’m loving your work!

  42. Cuilean says:


    that kind of entrenched Yoon is beyond enlightenment. None so blind as will not see.

    I met many such Britnats when knocking on doors during Indy1. Notably with Union Jacks flying from shed roofs in the garden.

    Best to respectfully accept their right to remain a British Nationalist & to continue approaching other voters who can engage with new political ideas.

    Send your former associate a Wee Black Book then forgive & forget. Life’s too short.

  43. Grouse Beater says:

    John MacDonaldish: “Yeah, yeah great effort etc. [iScot magazine.] But I can’t be bothered to work my way through the turgid design and feel of the magazine to get anywhere near the copy.”

    Are you a professional graphic artist or just a miserable grouch?

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