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Days of whine and roses

Posted on January 12, 2014 by

It’s a fortunate thing, viewers, that we have a strong will, hardened by years of dreich, endless 1970s Sundays in Scotland with only three channels on the telly (each of them showing programmes entirely about farming and God), everything outside shut except the rainclouds, and nothing to look forward to but school in the morning.


Because otherwise the frustrations of yesterday’s site problems, followed by waking up this morning to be faced with papers stuffed to the brim with miserable, bleating old Scottish Labour dinosaurs with torn coupons and long catalogues of whinges about you-know-who and you-know-what might just have pushed us over the edge.

Gordon Brown has of course been in the press for a couple of days now, trying to pretend he still has the slightest grasp of, or interest in, Scottish politics, rather like a grandad embarrassing his grandkids by talking about how much he likes listening to “One Directive”. Astonishingly, he stood up in front of some adults yesterday somewhere in Fife and suggested that in the future health should be a devolved issue in Scotland, apparently not having noticed that the Scottish NHS has been completely independent – not just “devolved” – for its entire history.

The former PM and “ex-politician” who still pockets a generous salary from the taxpayer for the handful of days a year when he actually turns up in Parliament and represents his constituents – rather than jetting around the world at other people’s expense making seven-figure sums for giving incredibly dull speeches – pulled a bunch of random figures out of his Anas (Sarwar, also present) to insist that Scotland would be too wee and too poor to make a success of independence unless it set income tax at 3,000% or some such, carrying on for what seemed like days until everyone in the audience had either slit their wrists or died of old age, which as the average crowd member appeared to be around 72 didn’t take as long as it might have.


No sooner had paramedics revived a decent proportion of the attendees with electric shocks than Alistair Darling popped up in not one but two gloom-laden pieces in the Guardian, the first full of pitiable whimpering aboutt the nasty “cybernats” infesting the internet and how Alex Salmond is directly and personally responsible for all of them, just as Darling, as leader of the No campaign, must therefore logically be in control of all the psychopaths, racists, bigots and general nutters who advocate a No vote – a point the interviewer inexplicably failed to raise with him.

In case that wasn’t enough, the paper laid it on thick with a second piece on the same subject by a different journalist. In this toe-curling exercise in hagiography (the female hack, heart apparently a-flutter, describes “his wonderful badger looks”), Darling again sobs his way through a diatribe about “vile abuse from the nationalists” without the remotest acknowledgement that – at the very least – hatred emanates from both sides, and by no means excluding his own mouth.

But the content-free party political broadcasts weren’t done yet. Scotland on Sunday shovelled on another truckload, this time from recently-demoted former Scottish Secretary and nuclear-missile enthusiast Jim Murphy. The article is so long, dry and dreary that SoS has buried it deep in its website, to the extent that it took us five minutes and several tiers of Googling to find it, and it’s really not worth the effort.

Murphy drones on painfully to the effect that voting for Labour in 2015 will magically solve all of Scotland’s problems, apparently forgetting that people still remember the UK had a Labour government as recently as three-and-a-half years ago which solved precisely none of them. He talks of “Tory poison” and attacking Margaret Thatcher, yet spends chunks of the piece praising her policies.

“Simply in economic terms the last 30 years have seen housing tenure in Scotland transformed; there’s been a 30 per cent increase in home ownership.”

Alert readers will have noted that more than half of that “transformation” took place under Conservative governments, and the insane housing market created and then inflated by Thatcher, Major, Blair, Brown and now Cameron is at the root of almost all of the UK’s economic problems. But Murphy is very comfortable with Thatcher’s policies, just as long as she doesn’t get the credit for them.


Over in the Sunday Herald, meanwhile, Margaret Curran squawks the same tired mantra as Murphy, but at least does so with the mitigating factor of brevity. The paper charges both her and SNP deputy leader Nicola Sturgeon with presenting their alternatives to Tory austerity, and while Sturgeon offers a lengthy list of specific policy pledges, Curran speaks just 198 vague and woolly words, which we can further abridge here to just four without losing a shred of their nuance: “SNP BAD! VOTE LABOUR!”

Not for the first time, readers, we find ourselves struck by several things when pondering the entity that calls itself “Scottish Labour”. First, the startlingly obvious fact that its prime motivation is hatred of the SNP and all things “nationalist”. Every one of the five articles linked in this piece defines itself primarily as being against the SNP, rather than for anything.

Secondly, for a party currently well ahead in the polls in terms of independence, the fear and anger is as palpable as it is inexplicable. Ought not Darling, Brown, Murphy, Curran and their associates to be delighted, confident, calm and relaxed instead of ever raging at the dastardly separatists?

And thirdly, have our always-alert readers spotted the other characteristic that our four protagonists share? That’s right – not a single one of them plies their trade in the Scottish Parliament. Every one will be out of a job in the event of a Yes vote, cast unceremoniously from the glamour of London and forced to scrabble around for some alternative form of gainful employment using their other skills, whatever those may be.

If this is a slightly more intemperate assessment than our normal style, readers, forgive us. It’s been a trying weekend. But even on the best of days, listening to these tribunes of the people would curdle milk. If they’re the best that Labour has to offer Scotland, perhaps border posts aren’t such a bad idea.

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    98 to “Days of whine and roses”

    1. gordoz says:

      Labour Scotland –
      They may look like idiots and talk like idiots but don’t let that fool you.
      They really are idiots.

    2. david says:

      slab future leadership potential. anus swearword and kezia dugstail, jesus sufferin

    3. Horacesaysyes says:

      Welcome back, Rev! 🙂

    4. Stewart Hunter says:

      Interesting that Brown says Health should be more devolved when the threat to the independence of the Scottish NHS has actually come from his former cabinet colleague Andy Burnham

    5. Atypical_Scot says:

      Thoroughly, enjoyably, less temperate.

    6. Ray says:

      I was so angered reading the TWO Darling pieces in the Guardian, but angry at the Guardian more than him. Sentence after sentence contained pure lies, instances of things that didn’t actually happen and the mainstream media just isn’t willing to do the simple actions of checking a Twitter account to see what is and isn’t there; what is real and what is “vile abuse” by a parody account. Or actually asking Calman to provide evidence of abuse. Or actually asking Hoy if he gives a crap. Or actually asking Darling why his campaign can call people in Scotland “real Scots” but it’s offensive if the Yes campaign do it (which they don’t).
      The Guardian can fupp off.

    7. Yesitis says:

      Yes, Kezia Dugdale is Labour`s bright new thing.
      Alarming. It`s like the last thirty years never happened.
      I suppose, on it`s way to independence, the Labour test is the last hurdle for Scotland. Do we fall for the grim defeatist politics of an increasingly right-wing friendly Labour Party, or strive onwards and if they are left behind, so be it.

    8. HandandShrimp says:

      They were saying on the radio this morning that Balls and Alexander had to be separated (not made independent) from each by Tessa Jowell. They were going to knock lumps out of each other. All is not sweetness and light in the Labour camp.

    9. LabOorWullie says:

      I’m surprised Anas can even look himself in the mirror, he has a hard neck after the stunts he was pulling while on the live debate with Sturgeon, when she TKOd him.  Thought we’d seen the last of that clown, tory wank

    10. Gillie says:

      Labour only offers hatred, empty promises ans more cuts.
      Now that is brief and to the point.

    11. Gordon Hay says:

      The bit of that Grauniad hagiography that had me spluttering my coffee was –
      Darling doesn’t “chat” to Salmond. “Of course he’s a guy of some ability, but he’s never been held up to day-to-day scrutiny, as most other politicians are.” For this, perhaps, we must blame the increasingly supine Scottish media.
      As the final sentence is not in quotes I’m assuming this is the view of the love-struck lassie who wrote the piece – she really does need to get out more.
      Or is it Darling himself this refers to – makes more sense that way.

    12. muttley79 says:

      It is clear that SLAB do not know what they stand anymore.  All there is the ever present hatred of the SNP.  They are competing with the Tories and the UKIP in England to come up with almost the most social Darwinist policies imaginable.  No wonder they are full of rage and anger.  Darling is the prototype of the careerist politician, the guy has not said anything interesting, thought provoking, or memorable in his decades long involvement in politics.  He is about the most self serving individual you will find in Scotland.  Darling rose without trace.  It is no wonder that LFI have made such an impact.  Incidentally, the SNP are saying today that SLAB are now using the disgraceful Dunfermline pamphlet in the Fife by election. 
      This idea that Salmond controls independence supporters on the internet is insane.  It is barking, tinfoil hat, howling bonkers.  If the MSM were not so intent on preserving the British state and biased, then they would have nailed Darling and other unionists on this utterly ludicrous assertion.  However, as we saw with the Susan Calman episode, they will not demand any evidence or proof for whatever the unionists are coming out with.  What we are seeing now is powerful people in Scotland fighting like crazy to preserve their careers and privileges.  That much is clear. 

    13. fairiefromtheearth says:

      Traitors the lot of them HANG EM HIGH.

    14. Flower of Scotland says:

      Aye Brown in Scotland for a wee while doing the rounds for Better together , maybe because when we get Independence he will be out of a job . Not soon enough for me ! Couldn’t do the job of Chancellor , couldn’t run the country and doesn’t even know that the NHS in Scotland is run from Holyrood . Unbelievable ! 

    15. muttley79 says:

      The Guardian, like the rest of the MSM, is a part of the British state.  We can forget getting fair coverage from them. 

    16. Charles P. Kearney says:

      Even his own Party do not wish to know him but Jim ‘Creepin Jasus’ Murphy, feels the need to share his thoughts on Scotland, when he derives his living from Wasteminster, but simply refused to back the removal of Atomic Weapons from Glasgow’s Back Door in the increasingly unlikely event of a Labour Government!

      On the same Programme the unspeakable BBC ‘Scotland’ lined up Wee Willie Rennie, Murphy and some Clown from the Extreme Right Wing Tory Rag, the Daily Mail, against The First Minister of Scotland, Mr. Alex Salmond! It is worthwhile noting that the only People Cameron directs Mr. Salmond to debate with on Independence are Labour Back Benchers who have No Power whatsoever to change a thing! 

      Scots are getting very sick of the insults to our intelligence!

    17. HulloHulot says:

      They talk about my drinking, they don’t talk about why I thirst.

    18. gordoz says:

      These are our founding principles, and if you don’t like them… well, we have others.
      British Labour Party in Scotland; progressive policy planning team 2013/14 ?

    19. Ian Brotherhood says:

      Murphy doesn’t half talk some shite – heard him on Radio Scotland news earlier, bawbagging that the Tories won’t get back in, they’ll only be there for another ‘year or so’ in the event of a No vote.
      What’s he on?

    20. Davy says:

      And with the start of another week, which calamity will Scotland be subjected to this time by our unionist friends.
      Joining the EU – doomed never to happen.
      Using the pound – doomed never to happen.
      The polls are against us- doomed always to happen.
      Of course our friends at the BBC and the rest of the MSM will back the unionist spewings without any doubt or investigation of the facts, as normal.
      But with a big smile we will continue to rip the shite right out of their arguements and trash their nonsense at every opportunity, using the social media, WOS, NNS etc and the most effective by simple word of mouth.
      Friends keep talking to family, friends, workmates and the casual stranger, it really works, I now have a couple more people now looking at voting yes after someone noticing my YES badge outside the school last week.
      A simple badge, a simple conversation and a possible two more YES votes. Lets keep it going.

    21. Rev. Stuart Campbell says:

      “I had a go morphing the two’s face:


    22. fairiefromtheearth says:

      The MSM have to blame someone for their loss in membership(sales) i will never buy a  paper again and its all the papers fault not Salmond, if they did not lie about everything to protect the Establishment(English) they would be doing better(sales) than they are, is their a daily paper worth buying?

    23. Brian Mark says:

      If Scottish Labour was a distressed animal you would put it down!

    24. handclapping says:

      I’ve just decided that my old car can do for a bit longer. I’m definitely not in the market for a second hand car salesman.

    25. Mealer says:

      Yep.The Westminster Labour lot do plenty girning,but we don’t seem to hear much from Holyrood Labour backbenchers on the subject.A lot of them are keeping very quiet.Maybe we should be putting a bit more pressure on them to tell us why their constituents are better to be governed by London Tories.

    26. Chic McGregor says:

      See Margaret Curran is doing her famous melting face impersonation from the scene in Indiana Jones where the Arc of the Covenant was opened again.

    27. heedtracker says:

      Also but not only, what exactly will the Labour in Scotland party be after a YES win? Will say Lamont  stand in the first  independent Scottish general election still under the authority and control of future rUK Labour PM Milliband and who would vote for that kind of farce anyway? Big change ahead for whatever Labour in Scotland actually is. 

    28. Patrick Roden says:

      The Gordon Brown articles in the Herald, mention that he is attempting to steady the wavering  ‘No’ Voters, from the Labour Party.
      Now I haven’t saw any admission from BT/Labour that their voters are ‘wavering’ but is this the reason that they are getting so desperate?
      Has Gordon from North Briton just let a big cat out of the bag?

    29. Doug Daniel says:

      @Taranaich – that’s absolutely terrifying. 

    30. Patrick Roden says:

      Stephen Purcell the former leader of Glasgow Council, has said that the union is not fit for purpose!
      another defection on the cards?

    31. JLT says:

      ‘If they’re the best that Labour has to offer Scotland, perhaps border posts aren’t such a bad idea.’
      Ha! That is something almost of a similar vein that I mentioned in my last post in ‘In Russia, Fear project you’.
      Rev, if this does get bitter …very bitter, then I wonder if it might be best if Scotland just does not cut all ties (including currency union) and we just go our own way completely. Seriously …would you want to be tied to a bitter, psychopathic, greedy, manipulative, megalomaniac establishment that appears to want to see us destroyed no matter what?
      With Cameron running around the World telling everyone not to trade with the Scots, then with friends like that, who needs enemies!
      If it’s anything to go by this week (or the up and coming few months) …sure as f*** I don’t !!!!!

    32. Andy-B says:

      Also today Rev, there was a two hour debate on Radio Clyde 2 featuring Blair Jenkins and Blair MacDougal. where the public phoned in asking all manner of questions, as per usual oil was at the top of the agenda, and MacDougal portrayed Scottish oil as hinderance and a handicap to Scots.
      Of course when these unionists speak of oil when addressing either the EU or the rest of the world oil, is a massive asset. MacDougal didn’t deny either that licences had been issued to drill for oil on Scotlands west coast near the Firth of Clyde.

    33. JLT says:

      It’s those eyebrows …dominating they are. They can even override the great clunking fist! Wow!!!

    34. Bugger (the Panda) says:

      O/T but a fair bit into this thread

      If you want to see the next free market ploy being set up in London by BoJo.

      He is shutting down strategically important Fire Stations amid a chaotic traffic gridlock and rising fire deaths and slower respond times.

      How long before he trials Private Fire Services paid by insurances, just like the original Fire Service and Salvage Corps.

      The value of nothing but the money making potential earnings of everything.
      Sorry for the long link but on my iPad mini and no shortening software available.

      This lot really are more right wing than even Thatcher and Labour are trying to pace them step by step.

    35. CameronB says:

      @ Taranaich
      Can you do an angry morph? 🙂
      Angry and shifty, not very appealing.
      Thanks for the edit Rev.

    36. Harry Shanks says:

      Murphy’s latest pronouncement/position (as articulated on Sunday Politics) is completely untenable and hypocritical – but of course he knew he’d be given a very easy ride by the BBC.
      On the one hand Labour demand absolute guarantees on every aspect of Independence – but here we have a very senior Labour Party spokesman having the brass-neck to urge people to vote NO on the off-chance Labour might scrape an election win over a year from now, and neglecting to mention that if even they do, they are already pledged to continuing the austerity programme, welfare cuts etc.
      What a ludicrous situation that Murphy is able to put forward such a dishonest proposition on national TV simply because he knows there is no way it will be subject to any degree of scrutiny by a BBC interviewer. 

    37. Davy says:

      Rev, don’t morph that two again, I swear my teeth are girning.

    38. Taranaich says:

      Sorry Davy, cannae stop noo. Here’s one with a more realistic expression:

    39. Andy-B says:

      Heres an interesting wee page, Scotland by numbers.
      Though the average wage of £498 pounds per week for Scots can’t be right, can it?

    40. CameronB says:

      @ Taranaich

    41. Taranaich says:

      And here’s your choice for the 2016 election!
      Anyone who wants to make there own, it’s fairly simple: just upload pictures of the victims subjects individuals, arrange feature commonalities, and you’re good to go!

    42. Taranaich says:

      Oh God, did I really type “there” in place of “their”? OH THE SHAME

    43. Macart says:

      There is no Scottish Labour, but post 18th September… 😉

    44. Les Wilson says:

      Good lead photo of Jim Murphy, same look, it must be him, and without morphing!
      Labour are in meltdown, I really think their supporters will be stunned by all they now advocate. Certainly they would be right to feel betrayed as they can see and hear every day, just how low the party has become. They will be ashamed of them and rightly so.
      To see and hear all the lies spread out across the MSM and aided by “Scottish MP’s” all proud Scots, of course. It is rightly pointed out here that the loudest ARE MP’s not MSP’s. In other words, they, personally have the most to lose, so self interest is paramount to them. I look forward to see just how different a truly Scottish labour party can transform itself, after a YES vote, without these self helping dead heads.  

    45. john king says:

      JLT says
      “I wonder if it might be best if Scotland just does not cut all ties (including currency union) and we just go our own way completely”

      I really want to disagree with you but cant think of one lucid reason why I should!

    46. A2 says:

      Made the mistake of looking at Gordon browns page on they work for you, blood pressure up!

      Did he really speak at 7 time as many oversea engagements last year than he did in the commons?

      now I’d love to see the accounts of “the Office of Gordon and Sarah Brown” because that’s a lot of staff and ongoing involvement in public life that can be supported.

    47. Alba4Eva says:

      I feel quite privilaged… Poor Stu, getting all worked up (I know it’s the necessary sacrifice for the work here), but because I buy no MSM papers and don’t watch/pay for Propaganda TV, I feel quite happy and relaxed :o)

    48. liz says:

      Hi there was wondering where you had gone.
      Given up on Rideroo at the Guardian?

    49. Alistair Sheehy Hutton says:

      The real breath-tker from the second Observer piece is the following

      Darling doesn’t “chat” to Salmond. “Of course he’s a guy of some ability, but he’s never been held up to day-to-day scrutiny, as most other politicians are.” For this, perhaps, we must blame the increasingly supine Scottish media.

      Ah yes, the famously cowed Scottish media that slavishly hangs on Salmond’s every word and reports it uncritically and never not once compares him to a dictator.

    50. boglestone says:

      The two Darling stories are in the top 5 most read on the Grauniad online. Which is a good thing. There’s plenty of upvotes for the sensible pro-indy comments. I think the more exposure Indyref gets in England as Sept gets closer the harder it is becoming for Project Fear to sustain the lies, smear and obfuscation.

    51. CameronB says:

      Would someone care to make a Giff of the two morphs? 🙂

    52. A2 says:

      “Stephen Purcell the former leader of Glasgow Council, has said that the union is not fit for purpose!”
      Given he’s mr toxic, not sure if that’s a good thing.
      ‘ Here, stephen, pretend to  support the nats and we’ll sort you out with a lucritive low profile backroom place’ ?

    53. Ian Brotherhood says:

      Go on someone – give us Jim Morphy with Mags Curran. I’m offering Evens that, if baldified, it’ll look like Klaus Kinski.

    54. Clootie says:

      These champions of the union who contribute such articles -Why do they all have
      ” face’s like a skelped arse?”
      Inner turmoil ? hate ? torment of lying ?
      The reward of joining the dark side.
      It’s strange that in contrast the team so far behind in the polls are always happy and cheerful when they are on the stalls or delivering newspapers.

    55. Ian Brotherhood says:

      This is fun, eh? What about Jackie Baillie and Duncan Hotdogstall? With that red rose behind the ear we’d have the flamenco dancer from Hell.
      Or Cochers/JoLa? (‘Roll-up, roll-up! See the terrifying Bearded Woman!’)

    56. Jamie Arriere says:

       “I have always thought it was a great expression of what it is that makes us Scots. Not a language per se, but a way of thinking, with a very strong and particular inflection. A questioning, sometimes querulous, always questing mind-set. It’s there in our history, in fact it has shaped our history – one of collective action, and of institution-building, but rooted in scrutinising authority, questioning established truths. Always asking the “Why?” and the “How?”.”
      So, Jim, does that mean there are no “Scots” in the BBC and the MSM?Nobody to question the endless empty vacuous guff you aspire to implement after the next election (which voters in England will decide) which you never thought to implement during your 13 years in government, while you presided over an economic collapse? 
      Nobody to question the duplicitous promises, embarrassing silences and outright lies you peddle over what a NO vote will really mean?
      Save your patronising arse-gravy for your chums in Westminster.

    57. Jingly Jangly says:

      Aye but Purcell was meant to be the next big thing for Labour, hes not that toxic by labour standards , allegedly dodgy property deals by his mates re the Garl link, allegedly cocaine use not much by Labour standards. He still would make a better Leader of Glasgow than that numbty Mathieson. In fact if he is turning to Yes then that can only be a good thing..

    58. westie7 says:

      That pic of the Rev Jolly reminds me of the time AS took his seat for charity.
      Don’t think the BBC will make that mistake again will they?

    59. CameronB says:

      “The disgraced former leader of Glasgow council has admitted using cocaine and said fear of a blackmail plot helped push him into an emotional breakdown, thoughts of suicide and alcohol abuse.”

    60. gordoz says:

      Nah – It all pretty normal behaviour in todays Glasgow Labour party, from the other examples of hedonism within their high office, it suggests he just got caught !
      Wait till the games get goin’ whhhooaaahh!!

    61. Robert Louis says:

      ‘Better Together, has become ‘Miserable together’.  What a soor faced, miserable bunch.
      Somebody get them some prozac, FFS.

    62. Papadocx says:

      We get a different plan for the union from every joker they put up and every one is different. then we have Brown talking at what looked like a load of senior citizens who thought they were at the bingo. Brown was apparently unaware the NHS Scotland is not the same as the English version. 
      They are all running about like headless chickens looking for a bus to jump under. The supreme leader, who is too posh to talk to the Scots has no problem talking to Putin to stab us in the Back Or anyone else who will listen to him.
      You would need to be suffering dementia or hallucinating to vote for BT. Or just be a toff. It’s that simple.

    63. CameronB says:

      @ gordoz

    64. Paul says:

      I wouldn’t get too upset at the Guardian after all only the pretend lefty chattering class  in Scotland reads the rag and Who seriously listens to Brown the fool that gave all that gold away for next to nothing and Darling he flipped his house how many times and as for Curran 2 seconds of her whiney voice has you desperately looking out the razor blades.

    65. Seanair says:

      Nothing on the BBC  about Cameron crawling to Putin about opposing indy. Last time I heard, UK nuclear missiles were targeted on Russia, while indy Scotland won’t have them, so why should Putin give him the time of day?
      I think it’s time for AS to take the kid gloves off and write to the BBC and the msm about all these curious omissions which are too frequent to be coincidental.

    66. JLT says:

      john king says:
      JLT says
      “I wonder if it might be best if Scotland just does not cut all ties (including currency union) and we just go our own way completely”

      John Kings says ‘I really want to disagree with you but cant think of one lucid reason why I should!’
      John, the worst thing is I know what you mean. My sensible head tells me that we need our ties with the rUK, but my heart is telling me that if it gets nasty, I just don’t want to have absolutely anything to do with Westminster ever post-independence!

      If they are this bitter, this nasty …why would you want to? You don’t go to the pub with the village’s most angriest, paranoid, greediest  and most psychotic man for a pint. Why would we want to tie ourselves to a system that is out for itself in every way!
      This is now my overall fear for the debate. How will both sides look at each other afterwards? The thing is …no danger will I not vote ‘Yes’. There is no chance (and I think a majority of Scots will think this as it all progresses) that we would want to be tied to Westminster now …now that they are showing their true colours!

    67. HandandShrimp says:

      The article in the Guardian triggered by Darling saying that cybernats are evil one hell of a lot of fun. The Unionists seem to be attracted to it like lemmings as they toss themselves over the cliff in a frenzy of abuse.
      However, I think I should probably stop. I don’t actually want any of them to injure themselves.  

    68. SquareHaggis says:
      Who could forget Harry Enfield and his prophetic VLVL ;-D

    69. kininvie says:

      Anyone noticed another thing about all these whingers?  Not one of them shows any evidence of having a sense of humour.  The same, unfortunately, goes for large chunks of the BT campaign. Where’s the banter, the piss-taking, the sort of light-hearted to-and-fro we enjoy here on WoS? Instead, it’s run to mama in the MSM to complain how hurt and upset they are.
      BTW (O/T) Cllr David Meikle has been having a pretty torrid time on Twitter, having had the temerity to complain rather mildly about ScoLab storing up Natalie McGarry’s 2 year old tweets for future use.  He’s been told he ‘reeks of Yes’ Our own Doug Daniel replied it was better to reek of Yes than reek of pish – expect further complaints as the cyberbrits wail about discrimination against the incontinent…

    70. BuckieBraes says:

      And indeed, on a lighter note: you exaggerate, Rev, when it comes to the joyless experience of seventies Sunday television.
      I have before me a 1972 copy of the People’s Journal, in which the Sunday TV listings reveal just 55 minutes of farming (1 hour 50 minutes if you include Farmhouse Kitchen and Follyfoot) and 1 hour 55 minutes of God.
      The Sunday Matinee on Grampian is Family Doctor, starring Rick Jason, Marius Goring and Lisa Gastoni. (No, me neither.)
      All pretty dire stuff, but as nothing compared with the present-day sight of Alistair ‘Mr Angry’ Darling and his cohorts.

    71. Lochside says:

      Big Broon or is it Bruin?..what’s he like? A big shambling has-been, slack mouthed, gimlet mouthed and slitted eyes with a  shark’s grin. What credibility does he have anywhere but in the O.A.P club where he appears to have stumbled into? (Oh that’s right the Scottish msm, paid up ("Quizmaster" - Ed)s and fellow travellers for the Brit Nat Cause still think he’s credible).How the mighty have fallen.
      Once a part of that constellation of brilliant planet-sized intellects, like Wendy A. Now a burned out Red Dwarf mumbling about giving Scotland powers it already has and contradicting himself at every turn.
      Big Bruin Bear, Darling Badger and weasel Murphy: a cast that surely even Beatrice Potter would struggle to make into a coherent tale for the ‘NO’ crowd.

    72. msean says:

      O/T maybe,but what happens to all those Scots born MP’s representing English seats in Westminster if Yes wins? Do they have to give up their seats because they are foreigners and not EU citizens? If they were EU citizens they can remain in situ I guess,but no wonder they are so opposed to Independence.

    73. Ian Brotherhood says:

      Here’s Murphy’s ill-fated appearance on The Daily Politics. If you’ve ever wondered what a ball-less scrotum might look like if it acquired the power of speech and donned a suit, wonder no more:

    74. Ken500 says:

      Best Ever

      ‘torn coupon’

      No more drugs for them. Comatose.

    75. Ian Brotherhood says:

      @kininvie –
      Not one of them shows any evidence of having a sense of humour.’ 
      True. Perhaps they feel it gives them gravitas.
      It doesn’t. It shows them for the mean-spirited, ill-humoured shower they are. And when they do try to ‘do’ humour, it’s tumbleweed-time (Lamont’s ‘squirrel’, Davidson’s ‘bayonets’, anything from Food Bank Opener Danny Alexander…)
      Have you ever seen a photograph of JoLa smiling? Such images are, thankfully, a very great rarity for good reason – she looks as if she’s trying to pass a north-facing hedgehog.

    76. Grendel says:

      Ian Brotherhood (3.33)
      I heard that pile of steaming fertiliser. Murphy basically said not to worry, the Tories will be gone in 18 months. Has he missed his meds again?

    77. Silverytay says:

         She is wearing the wrong colour of coat .

    78. John grant says:

      @ian brotherhood haha brill 

    79. Andrew Morton says:

      Perhaps she’s turned it?

    80. Jim says:

      Labour died with John Smith.

    81. A2 says:

      ‘BTW (O/T) Cllr David Meikle has been having a pretty torrid time on Twitter, having had the temerity to complain rather mildly about ScoLab storing up Natalie McGarry’s 2 year old tweets’

      Oh  you couldn’t make all this up if you tried. You know that David Meikle and Natalie Mcgarry are a couple?

    82. Hetty says:

      Murphy says a few moments in, ‘we didn’t lose our sense of right n wrong’. Well, with the use of reverse pyschology, and it often can be applied especially when people feel threatened, that is exactly what the Labour party lost some time ago, a sense of ‘right n wrong’.

      I have a friend who is a big fan of Upton Sinclair at present, and a speaker for business for Scotland quoted him, (U. Sinclair) very recently. It went something like this; ‘its hard to get someone to understand something when their income depends on them not understanding it’. It can’t be easy to lie to yourself daily, and Darling and Brown are being made to look such fools by the bt camp, obviously the cash has blinkered their sense of reality. However, the stark reality of life for the people who suffer poverty and illness because of their lies and greed is hardly bearable, for most of us. 

    83. Charles P. Kearney says:

      That is excellent!  My Wife still has Nightmares over that Film and Ms. Lamont lacks only the knife!
      Thank you.

    84. Tamson says:

      At what point were comments suspended on Darling’s “Its going to get more unpleasant” interview in the Guardian?

    85. Richard Lucas says:

      Alistair Darling ‘Whinge over Scotland’

    86. HandandShrimp says:

      About 15 seconds after the article was posted – no one got to say anything.

    87. Charles P. Kearney says:

      The quotation Sir, is actually from Al Gore, the American Politician, though perhaps he got it from Upton Sinclair, and I have used it many times in Posts with regard to Tory/Labour/ LibDem Politicos who profess to represent Scotland but do all in their power to tie us to Wasteminster where they have their noses stuck firmly in the Trough.
      I have no doubt that this is their raison d’etre nad not the interests of those they are supposed to represent!

    88. heedtracker says:

      @ liz
      Hi Liz! I got pre modded off the Guardian a few weeks ago but going by their awful Darling stuff today alone, am better out of it. What’s one less pair of eyes to the mighty Guardian:-)

    89. ronnie anderson says:

      Ianbrotherhood, could you no put a caption under that photo of JoLo, underneith the arche,s my new home, nae Foster n Allan

    90. Elizabeth says:

      O/T Tony Woodley, former General Secretary (he left Unite in December) is to become an “adviser” to the union. Tory MSP Murdo Fraser blasted what he described as the union’s “jobs for the boys” culture. Oh the irony!

    91. tartanpigsy says:

      Well done getting back up and running, just watched Murphy … ouch
      O/T Great links page for all the local Yes groups courtesy of Yes Clydesdale

    92. kininvie says:

      @ A2
      Yes I knew, but I hadn’t read that article. Thanks.

    93. Training Day says:

      Given the outpouring of dreck from the MSM today, how close are we to the articulation – in basic terms, by both sides in the ‘debate’ – of what this is actually all about?

      Should we govern ourselves or not? If not, why bother with the notion of ‘Scotland’?

    94. caz-m says:


      Would you make up one of those faces up for me. I am on an ipad and can’t move imagines about.

      If you would make one up of Johann Lamont and Spock out of Star Trek. Because I think she is morphing into Spock by the day.

    95. joe kane says:

      Regarding Darling’s accusations of anti-social abuse, the Labour Party has had another one of its criminal fraternity sent to the pokey just the other week with a Scottish Labour MP bleating on Twitter about the serial fraudster being a “good man” etc –
      Labour MP: MacShane prison sentence ‘is not justice’ 

      I believe it’s still the case that Labour is the only party which has had a (now ex-) MP electronically tagged as part of their criminal sentence for public violence.

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