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Court circulars

Posted on December 12, 2016 by

Just a brief update on some legal shenanigans. Having received no response to TWO lawyers’ letters, I’ve filed a court claim against Express Newspapers over false and defamatory claims made in an article by Siobhan McFadyen (sourced by JK Rowling) on the Sunday Express website of 30 October, as detailed in this Wings article.


The court fee was partly funded by popular politics pundit John McTernan.


McTernan’s actually only coughed up three-quarters of the £101 he owes me for a bet on the US election, because when he still hadn’t paid it after three weeks I had to pay £25 for a court claim, which he’s also liable for.

After filing the claim I discovered that his company Leithen Ventures Ltd had a fake registered address, which I’ve alerted Companies House to. Its accounts are also almost three months overdue. I do empathise on that – admin paperwork isn’t my own strong suit either. But I always pay my bets on time.


Gerry Hassan, meanwhile, still hasn’t paid at all. What to do, readers?

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173 to “Court circulars”

  1. call me dave says:

    I like your style and tenacity! 🙂

  2. Morag says:

    Go after Gerry. That insulting tweet about donating to charity was an absolute shocker.

    It’s pocket change and that’s why he thinks he can simply put two fingers up to you. I think you should show him he can’t.

  3. Born Optimist says:

    You can tell Gerry Hassan that I’ll be waiting for his books to end up as remainder/clearance items before I think of buying a copy if he doesn’t pay up (with none of the sneaky offers to pay a charity of his choice). A bet is a bet (and I bet he has learned his lesson now – don’t put your money where you mouth is unless you are prepared to pay out).

  4. Grouse Beater says:

    You appear to have a watertight case.

    I did not believe Wings assertions a writer of Rowling’s public profile (or a member of her staff) was cherry picking tweets out of context and publishing them on her site. So I concocted one out of character that would grab attention. It externalised normal thoughts but made plain it nixed physical action … sure enough, it appeared on her site.

    I am still looking for my “Dear JK” essay, a well considered open letter to Rowling, or any reply to it from her … or a member of her staff.

    And she’s still not explained the meaning of the empty slogan “nationalists are not the nation” that she tossed back at me in reply to another tweet. Not that I care.

  5. Black Joan says:

    McTernan’s “Company” is about to be “struck off”. Another success there then.

    Suggest anyone encountering the worm Hassan asks him outright to hand over a tenner which will be forwarded at once to the Rev.

  6. Good luck wi that and pay up guys and save yourselves all that unecessary squirming and wriggling trying to get out of it. Just say the word if you need to crowd fund Rev.

  7. rmfbrown says:

    “Gerry Hassan, meanwhile, still hasn’t paid at all. What to do, readers?”

    Personally, I recommend that you get hold of a Cocker Spaniel, tie Hassan down on a chair with a potty on his head, and then pop his todger between two flowery baps, and shout dinner time Fido…

  8. Takeour blueback says:

    Still lots of LOLife in this 🙂

    Watching closely!


  9. mealer says:

    Come on Gerry.Do the right thing.

  10. BJ says:

    Nothing to say really other than I am glad people like you walk the earth and wish there were more like you.

  11. harry mcaye says:


    Oh, you are awful…but I like you.

  12. Bob Mack says:

    Strike three McTernan.Your out . Rev gets home run. Two more innings to go against a big hitter and another reporting lightweight.

    These peple remember all claim to be smarter than you Rev. Shows eh ?

  13. velofello says:

    A Merchant of Venice dilemma.

    Neither McTernan nor Hassan can come out of this well, so I’d let the matter rest, content without receiving my “pound of flesh”.

  14. Socrates MacSporran says:

    Rev. How about letting McTernan off with the £25 court fees, if only in recognition of all the fun he has given us Wingers over the years.

    Spirit of Christmas and all that.

  15. kendomacaroonbar says:

    I just love the confirmation claim reference – top man.

  16. Joseph Robinson says:

    Personally i would err on the side of caution. I think there are some great debates to come over independence etc and the last thing we need is someone whom is prominent on the blogging scene to be blocked from such conversations for fear that people may be taken to court. Mctermen or whatever his name is, is fine and deserves to be put in his place but anyone else should just be warned.

    Hassan id imagine is quaking in his boots and perhaps thats the lesson for him. But i think we need to keep our eye on the ball.

    This is just my opinion.

  17. Andrew McLean says:

    Socrates MacSporran says:
    12 December, 2016 at 12:28 pm
    Rev. How about letting McTernan off with the £25 court fees.

    A debt is a debt.

  18. Rev. Stuart Campbell says:

    “Personally i would err on the side of caution. I think there are some great debates to come over independence etc and the last thing we need is someone whom is prominent on the blogging scene to be blocked from such conversations for fear that people may be taken to court.”


  19. Dr Jim says:

    I know a guy who knows a guy
    they call him Thumbs, can’t imagine why?

  20. heedtracker says:

    The court fee was partly funded by popular politics pundit John McTernan.

    Cracker 😀

    Europa House, Goldstone Villas, Hove, East Sussex, BN3 3RQ looks nice on google street view, but its not exactly the grand sounding Europa House, more bedsit really. Macternan Towers maybe but he’s got to think bigger, the Empire Macternan State building, World Macternan Trade Centre,

  21. Artyhetty says:

    Good, get the buggers to pay up, they would do the same if the boot was on the other foot.

    I wonder who it is that is trying to do Andy Wightman for defamation re his blog site. Can’t be revealed as yet, but they are gunning (it is likely a rich land grabber?) for him for £750k. Said in the National that his parliamentary seat is at risk. Oh aye, I am sure there a few who would love to see him lose his seat. I am not a big fan of the Greens, but A.Wightman has done some damn good work on land grabbers in Scotland.

    Good luck Stuart, hope you get the better of H and McT!

  22. Andrew McLean says:

    Joseph Robinson says:
    Be blocked from such conversations for fear that people may be taken to court.

    it was a private arrangement between two gentlemen, one of whom wouldn’t honour his wager, in my day we would horsewhip the cad and ride him out of town!

    Actually McTernan has went up in my estimation.

  23. shug says:

    Does anyone have a plan for managing what will happen when twitter and face book start to take down nationalist access in the run up to indyref2
    You know they will at Westminster request/demand

  24. Joseph Robinson says:

    yeah your right, sometimes things in my head come out all wrong, my stupid fingers type something else. Ok off back to corner with hat on.

  25. Dan Huil says:

    I see his company was set up in December 2014, just a few months after the No vote. Was he expecting an avalanche of offers because of his wonderful work for britnats during IndyRef1? Doesn’t seem to have come to pass. Nature of britnat business: “Dormant” right enough.

  26. shiregirl says:

    Gawn yerself Stu

    Loving the claim reference ‘MENTALSIOBHAN’

    In capital letters, of course 😀

  27. Marcia says:

    £185? I would have made it £185k but alas the small claims would not accept that amount.

  28. manandboy says:

    More power to your elbow, Rev – preferably when either is sipping a pint. Only kidding.

  29. Marcia says:

    I must go to Specsavers, the £185 is what you have paid and not claiming.

  30. Martin says:

    Marcia, the £185 is, I believe, what Stu had to pay.

    I see McTernan not available for comment just now which is unusual. I suspect he gritted his teeth too hard when paying up and now needs major dental work. I’m sure Stu, of all people, can sympathise with the dentalword part of that at least.

  31. DerekM says:

    Whit he actually paid up,did i come back to an alternative universe?

    Get your house in order John the Rev has been kind enough to point out you made a wee error.

    As for Gerry come on Gerry you do not want to be shown up by John do you?

    Now maybe both you guys will learn not to bet if you are not prepared to honour your gambling debts.

    ps dont bet with the Rev he has this uncanny knack of being right most of the time,paranormal vile cybernat voodoo cult stuff i reckon lmao

  32. Dan Huil says:

    OT: Scottish NHS in terrible terrible state… Oh, wait…

  33. Norman Ross says:

    Love the reference in the court document.

  34. One_Scot says:

    I have said it before and I would happily say it forever, these people could not tie the Revs shoelaces.

    You could not wish for a better player to be on your team.

  35. heedtracker says:

    I see McTernan not available for comment just now which is unusual. I suspect he gritted his teeth too hard when paying up and now needs major dental work

    Dentists call that bruxism. Looks like Express gimps will also be experiencing bruxism, British bruxism!

  36. Proud Cybernat says:

    Maybe if these yoons started telling the truth then it wouldn’t be like taking canndy from babies.

    But the simply HAVE to lie because the UKOKery truth is just too dire for them to even contemplate letting their followers know about.

    I suspect their lies will lead to further windfalls via the courts.

  37. One_Scot says:

    ‘yeah your right, sometimes things in my head come out all wrong, my stupid fingers type something else. Ok off back to corner with hat on.’

    Not for long I hope, as we need every player we can get!

  38. heedtracker says:

    I suspect their lies will lead to further windfalls via the courts.

    Its interesting that they cant reach for the formal BBC’s, stick your FoI’s where the British sun dont shine reasons, and its all about the creative licence or right to express ourselves artistically or something like that. “We’re not professional liars and slanderers, we’re artists, m’lud.”

  39. Arbroath1320 says:

    You would think that after all this time that oor wee Winged fella has been doing the rounds folks with an opposing view would be much more careful about what they said and to whom about oor winged genius. Sadly, for them, though this is not the case and they continue to provide us, the true disciples of the the winged genius, hours of eternal hilarity. 😀

    Keep doing whatever it is that you do Stu. You are obviously achieving what Heiniken beer usually does … reaching the parts of opposition that other beers free thinking geniuses, or should that be geniui 😉 , can not reach! 😀

  40. Robert Peffers says:

    @Grouse Beater says: 12 December, 2016 at 12:11 pm:

    “And she’s still not explained the meaning of the empty slogan “nationalists are not the nation” that she tossed back at me in reply to another tweet.”

    Yes! Grouse Beater, Ms Rowing, (deliberate mis-spelling), is, for perhaps the first time ever, correct when she claims that, “nationalists are not the nation”.

    I’ve been telling British/English/United Kingdom Nationalists that same thing for many more years than I care to remember.

    In the first place they do not even know, or agree upon, what the nation they refer to is correctly named. Some are even so ill educated they talk and write about, “The Country”, and have no clear notion of what the country they refer to actually is.

    Then they tend to get rather annoyed when you ask them, “Which United Kingdom country is it you mean”?

    They get even more annoyed if they say it is, “Britain”, and you point out to them that there are actually eight distinct British nations and four of them are not even governed by the United Kingdom parliament.

    Mind you I must admit I rather enjoy winding them up that way. It really never fails and you can bet next time you talk with them they will make exactly the same errors again.

    You would almost think they were brainwashed to repeat such Nationalistic drivel parrot-wise.

    One must almost imagine it is part of the United Kingdom/British/English Nationalist’s mantra.

  41. heedtracker says:

    My Slovene girlfriend keeps suing me but it keeps getting thrown out. Judge says Scots like me, reigned over by mad toryboys, is sued enough.

  42. Jamie says:

    I think it is gret that you are sticking it to them, they would not hesitate to do the same if the shoe was on the other foot, anyone don’t believe? Exhibit JK ROWLING and her obsession with threatening lawsuits. Stick it to em that’s what I say. This gives me a cheap thrill too watching em squirm. 😀

  43. Macart says:

    Oh, that’ll leave a mark. 🙂

  44. Bruce L says:

    Sincerely hope the “MENTALSIOBHAN” payment reference (now published) doesn’t enable them to file a counter-suit.

  45. Liz g says:

    Bruce L @ 2.01
    As I understand it it’s only actionable if it’s not true.
    And remember in Scotland that term usually means outrageous.

    Although mibbi if we can get the Judge’s to define outrageous and mental, mibbi jist mibbi , they could make up their minds about what Normally means.
    Every cloud and all that!

  46. Proud Cybernat says:

    “Sincerely hope the “MENTALSIOBHAN” payment reference (now published) doesn’t enable them to file a counter-suit.”

    I think it’s okay if its true. Besides–Mentalsiobhan, as far as I know, is not an actual name of anyone (at least, not anyone I have ever heard of). The referance could be anyone or no one.

    That right, Rev?

  47. CapnAndy says:

    Never pass up on a debt. Are you a Fifer perchance?

  48. Capella says:

    Your slovene girlfriend likes Bob Dylan and read his Nobel speech. So not a complete waste of time checking out that link:

    As for sueage matters: Rowling, McTernann and Hassan, you’re definitely getting your money’s worth. And so are we.

  49. gerry parker says:

    What a HOOT!

    Go get them Stu.

  50. Jim Mitchell says:

    I am sure that I am not the only one shocked that such prominent unionists would act in such a way.

    (Sorry if I was a bit heavy on the sarcasm there)

  51. heedtracker says:

    Capella says:
    12 December, 2016 at 2:18 pm
    Your slovene girlfriend likes Bob Dylan

    Sure she does. A high tory like that one from BetterTogether Slovenia branch, is probably everything that Dylan wrote against. But such are teamGB tory loonies, in their Scotland region.

    See it could be Sir Andy Murray soon. Hope he says non.

  52. heedtracker says:

    Scotland and our FM down at the bottom, as BBC per usual.

  53. liz says:

    This should be fun.
    Will be nice to see Jakey having to apologise for once even if it is in small print.

    Why does she stay here?
    Answering my own question, I think she wants to be a large fish in a small pond, it suits her enormous ego

  54. Desimond says:

    Will JK offer to fund Siobhans defence?

  55. Andrew McLean says:

    This is good, not for the article itself, but for the comments section, honestly I really do wonder if there has been a outbreak of the stupidity virus.

    “lower educations standards, interference in the justcide system”.

    “I hope they arent ill and need medical attention, or are attacked, because the police and NHS are in crisis because of her. Future generations will not have a descent education, because of her.”

    Irony, Irony, the have no Irony!

  56. manandboy says:

    I hope this is all taking place in a secure environment – like a locked ward. Oops, I almost forgot, Thatcher did away with those.

  57. Fergus Green says:

    You are like a dog with a bone Stuart

    And I am loving it 🙂

  58. KraftyKris says:

    Mate, you are brilliantly hilarious. Keep up the good work.

  59. gerry parker says:

    Robert at 1:41

    There has always been lot of subliminal stuff going on too Robert.

    I noticed the log in screen in the doctors surgery is set for a number of different languages now, each language has a button above it with the countries flag to say what language it is.

    No need to guess the flag above the English language button.

  60. caledonia says:

    See the P & J is at it today
    Story about schools with massive SNP on headline and big bold SNP in first line

    Then story about Labour councillor saying bad things about objecters to some plant with no mention of Labour till halfway down story in small print

  61. Joseph Robinson says:

    gerry parker
    Got my new updated driving license today and guess what flag has now been added to the right hand side of the photo card. Yep a british flag., Seems to me the branding is widescale.

  62. Ian Brotherhood says:

    ‘London Calling’ now over 33k –

  63. Proud Cybernat says:

    “Seems to me the branding is widescale.”

  64. kininvie says:

    Gerry Hassan is obviously far too broke to pay his gambling debt. So why don’t we just crowd-fund it for him?

    Then we can all let him know….I’m sure he’ll be grateful.

    Any surplus could go to First Base as a Christmas bonus.

  65. Clapper57 says:

    David Coburn been reappointed leader of UKIP Scotland….has checklist for next campaign in Council elections.

    To canvass lodges of a certain colour and also flute bands to tout for new candidates.

    Canvass supplies for canvassers : orange jackets , flutes , drums, sashes.

    Canvass literature reminder : ensure spellcheck on before printing anything off i.e. none of the usual numbnuts involved in production of election material…aware big task….. may be difficult…if not impossible….though it should be okay if anything is misspelt……as UKIP voter will probably……actually definitely not notice…..for sure.

    Don’t mention Barnett formula.

    Do not mention UKIP on campaign material just the name of the candidate i.e. do a Ruthie.

    NEVER mention PAUL Nuttall in any material.

    Coburn : note to self….best to keep away from Telly debates.

    Coburn : note to self …get some snazzy new outfits…cock o the North type….pseudo country squire look.

    Produce SNPBAD election leaflets i.e. do a Lib Dem… fact more emphasis on SNPBAD than UKIP would be better on ALL literature.

    Coburn : note to self….buy book….Politics for Dummies…try and read before next election campaign….if can’t….do the usual…wing it with succession of guffaws, mock indignation, incoherent mumbles open to interpretation and Boris type faux pas.

    Pretend autonomous from HQ UKIP i.e. do a SLAB.

    Make sure the daily UKIP newsletter i.e. Scottish Daily Express is kept up to date on our campaign or rather give them usual free rein to print OTT SNPBAD material.

    Find a Aaron MacBanks to fund election expenses.

  66. asklair says:

    I like it, small actions can show up the true nature of a person.

  67. yesindyref2 says:

    “McTernan’s actually only coughed up three-quarters of the £101 he owes me for a bet on the US election, because when he still hadn’t paid it after three weeks I had to pay £25 for a court claim, which he’s also liable for.”

    It would depend on the terms of your final demand. If you gave him 7 days to pay, he’d probably be liable – 3 weeks is well past that 7 days. But if you didn’t give a time limit, then you could be deemed to have raised the Claim too early to give him time to pay, and so at your own expense.

    I gave a final demand in accordance with the recommended Sheriff’s Court procedure a few years back, specifying 7 days, but waited a few days more to submit an actual claim. The cheque arrived on the 10th day after the other party would have received my final demand. Ha! They didn’t catch me with a court fee which, being a nasty lot, was probably their intention.

  68. Greannach says:

    Mystic predicts: “Matteo Renzi’s position is rock solid. And you can take that to the bank.”

  69. harry mcaye says:

    Gerry parker – I’ve noticed that too but then it would be even worse if it was a St George Cross. Maybe it’s too much to ask for a Scottish screen, saltire and a “Welcome tae the doacters. Park yer erchie and we’ll try tae see ye in aboot ten minutes”.

  70. Proud Cybernat says:

    “McTernan’s actually only coughed up three-quarters of the £101 he owes me for a bet on the US election, because when he still hadn’t paid it after three weeks I had to pay £25 for a court claim, which he’s also liable for.”

    If you’re reasonable, Rev, you could allow him to pay the outstanding balance at £1 per week.

  71. Andy-B says:

    This is to be expected, when dealing with scoundrels, with no honour or integrity.

    As for the Express, words really do fail me on that gutter sniping rag.

  72. Luigi says:

    What to do? Well, it seems that old Gerry thinks he has done enough to slither out of it, with that offensive tweet about donating the amount to a charity of HIS choice.

    Personally, I would suggest that you have to treat McTernan and Hassan the same, otherwise the former will scream unfair. They both behaved terribly, so perhaps they both need to be taught a lesson. A bet’s a bet, after all. 🙂

  73. Thepnr says:

    I can’t make my mind up if I believe or not that the Daily Express will fold like the Scotsman did when defaming you.

    They can’t win if they just pay up, talk about a riddy!

    They are unlikely to win if they take the case on. An even bigger riddy!

    I thought maybe they could make it so expensive that you were unable to fight them. Of course I was wrong about that as I’ve now found out that:

    The fact that this is going through the “small claims court” means even if you lost then your costs would be limited to the court fees plus in rare cases the defendants costs could be awarded against you.

    According to the website moneysavingexpert your costs would be limited to the following over and above your court fees.

    £90/day For loss of earnings or leave to attend a hearing, plus reasonable travelling expenses for each of the other side and any necessary witnesses they take along to court.

    £750 If the judge gave them permission to get evidence from an expert, eg, having to get an expert to inspect a sofa for a fault.

    My post is not directed at you personally Rev of course, but I had no idea what the final penalty could be in suing the Express. I was thinking of the Orkney Four case which of course is entirely different.

    I didn’t realise that the small man had so much power in fighting the largest in this country.

    I’ve convinced myself, they’ll cave then campaign for a change in the law so that the weak can NEVER challenge the strong. LOL

    Every Winger should note this, we can all take them on at very little risk if we are the ones suing them. Different story of course if they sue you. Then it might not be the small claims court? So let’s be careful out there 🙂

  74. Ken500 says:

    Parliamentary Channel

    No money for Social care

    Fox take over of SKy

    Get rid of Murdoch SKy. Plenty of Alternatives. Criminals. Phone hackers and bribing public officials. Total liars. Gerrymanding and warmongering murdering liars. Tax evading Non Doms. Murdoch should be in jail.

  75. Ken500 says:

    Go get ’em tiger.

  76. galamcennalath says:

    I suppose the moral of this wager episode is it has proven there are some people whose word just can’t be trusted. Some are no surprise, some are a little more unexpected.

  77. Robert Louis says:

    Joseph Robinson at 311pm,

    You are right, aside from the odious union rag on driving licenses (oh and did you know N.Ireland is exempt!), it is now popping up everywhere. I do not doubt for one second, that Westminster is leaning on companies in some way, to start adding union jackery on their labels. I even saw a Vauxhall van recently, with a big union rag on it, saying ‘Made in Britain’ – aye, but owned in America.

    If it has a union rag on it, dinnae buy it.

    Time the Scottish Government started fighting back. Let’s get saltires everywhere.

    As regards you driving licence, fortunately this independence friendly company in Scotland, makes handy wee saltire stickers, that quite coincidentally are the right size for your needs, to cover up the obscenity.

  78. yesindyref2 says:

    For £200 or less in the Sheriff’s court the fee is £18, and can be zero for people on benefits of any sort, including tax credit. £200 is ridiculously low, but for higher amounts up to £5,000 it’s £100 – which is far too high if the claim’s for say £300!

  79. Ken500 says:

    Will the action be in English courts under English Law? Domicile – register Office – England.
    No warrant sales in Scotland. Re Tommy Sheridan


    What a cracker.

  80. Chic McGregor says:

    @ galamcennalath

    “I suppose the moral of this wager episode is it has proven there are some people whose word just can’t be trusted. Some are no surprise, some are a little more unexpected.”

    Yes, we cannot put every defaulting better together. (See what I did there 🙂 )

  81. Bill McLean says:

    Liz at 2.39 What kind of fish do you think she is Liz? A carp would be my choice! Come to think of it there are other denizens of the sea that fit her better!

  82. Vronsky says:

    Gerry Hassan considers himself a person of the left. He has zero credibility on the left. He is a jonny-come-lately to independence (watching which way the wind blows) and has zero credibility in the independence movement. Embarrassing him for non-payment of a gambling debt is a bit like taking Al Capone down for tax avoidance.

  83. velofello says:

    I reckon man/woman of the match goes to Capella – “Sueage matters”.

  84. call me dave says:

    Most embarrassing for these two. They could have stumped up with good grace and avoided all the fun we’re having at their non-expense… Oh wait!

    Last week “only 18 months to complete the work for Brexit” says Europe.

    Today Chancellor Philip Hammond has backed a transitional deal for Brexit saying it would be “helpful” to allow longer than two years for the UK’s EU exit.


    Not our: Oil prices jump on new output deal

  85. Mcduff says:

    Good on you Rev I admire your tenacity. Personally I`d like to see a Winger`s crowd fund say 100,000x£10 = £1,000,000 and go after the BBC and expose it for breaking the rules of its charter and indulging in anti Scottish subversive government propaganda. This MSM thing has to be exposed somehow.

  86. G H Graham says:

    There are lots of convicted criminals who have served or are still serving as MPs & Lords in Westminster that it might be worth contacting one of them for advice since they will have experience dealing with British justice & the court system.

    Here’s the names of some of them that I can recall from memory because amazingly, the British parliament claims not to keep a record of criminality by its own members –

    Lord George Foulkes (Labour) – Assault
    Jonathan Aitken (Conservative) – Perjury
    Jeffrey Archer (Conservative) – Perjury
    David Chaytor (Labour) – Expenses fraud
    Jim Devine (Labour) – Expenses fraud
    Elliot Morley (Labour) – Expenses fraud
    Eric Illsley (Labour) – Expenses fraud
    Margaret Moran (Labour) – Expenses fraud
    Lord Taylor of Warwick (Conservative) – Expenses fraud
    Lord Hanningfield (Conservative) – Expenses fraud
    Chris Huhne (Conservative) – Perverting the course of justice

    I also searched for members of the Scottish National Party who have been convicted of a criminal offence but despite trawling page after page in the Daily Mail & in the Daily Express, I discovered only sleezy innuendo & some pictures of women upon whom the papers lavished praise because the picture editor noted that they had big tits.

  87. Jackson says:

    McT is a Union Jackass! I have nothing more to add.

  88. Thepnr says:

    @G H Graham

    Baron Watson of Invergowrie (Arson)

  89. heedtracker says:

    Facebook sucks away Graun’s advertising dosh, so from the crew that gave YES voters stuff like,

    Facebook also gets it. They can’t ALL work at the BBC either:D

  90. Thepnr says:

    @ G H Graham

    Try again, got your format wrong.

    Baron Watson of Incergowrie (Labour)-Arson

  91. Dr Jim says:

    The Pyschic abilities of Labour and their minions

    In order to get SNP Baad in at least once a day STV and BBC are reporting “fear” of news as yet unreported and even going so far as to suggest figures for these fears of as yet future events that they’re sure will be news as soon as they have another gap in other news

    An interview with the First Minister revealed there was no news

  92. Nana says:

    Go get em Rev.

    Brexit putting the squeeze on newsprint.

    FT story here

  93. Macart says:


    Not just newsprint Nana, but costs across the entire print industry.

    Paper stocks, ink, plates, chemistry, presses, the whole ball of wax. A lot of commercial printers already struggling badly are looking at a cliff edge over Brexit.

  94. Thepnr says:

    McTernan when he took you bet only had to place a small amount of that bet on Trump winning to guarantee he couldn’t lose since Trump was around 3 or 4 to 1 to win at that time.

    You gambled on what looked like a losing bet but the publicity from him not paying up until forced to is priceless.

    That much publicity for Wings at a potential loss of $100 is a great bargain.


  95. Stoker says:

    WOS archive links for September 2012 now over on O/T.

  96. Nana says:


    Yep that’s right.

    Jings no idea how I managed to miss out the word ‘industry’ after newsprint. I meant to put it in, rush rush and not paying attention!

    Good job I’m not a blogger Sam!

  97. Thepnr says:

    Talking of weasel words.

    BBC Brexit – get ready for a longer process

  98. Robert J. Sutherland says:

    Thepnr @ 19:04,

    Meanwhile, according to EU negotiator Michel Barnier: UK will have 18 months to negotiate Brexit deal.

    Hmmm, which one of those two will set the pace, d’ya think? =grin=

    Words like “two” and “tango” come to mind…

  99. Scott says:

    Edinburgh Gateway station
    Good news and it was on RS but they had to spoil it by comparing us with London and oyster ticket no mention about all the money that London gets.

  100. Scott says:

    Meant to say go get them Rev

  101. galamcennalath says:

    Thepnr says:

    Talking of weasel words.

    Indeed. BBC …

    The government position is becoming clearer. …. it will not be like jumping off a cliff edge … Britain and the EU will still have a close relationship, with many EU rules remaining in place.

    … says who? The BBC? Hammond, alone? The WM government collectively? And of course, it will be up to the EU anyway, not the Tories!

    All soft and rosy on the Brexit front. Nothing to see, nothing to be concerned about.

    There is a concern, though. Scotland needs a definite crisis to actually precipitate IndyRef2 and win our own future. If it just smoulders on for years, that could cause us problems.

  102. Macart says:


    Good job I’m not a blogger Sam!’

    Ditto! 😀

  103. HandandShrimp says:

    Obviously the small amounts involved mean that the money is not the issue. They just hugely begrudge giving it to a favourite bette noir. 🙂

  104. crazycat says:

    @ G H Graham

    Huhne’s a Lib Dem.

  105. Maybe McTernan is boracic lint,

    if his business acumen is on a par with his political acumen,

    he will have invested all his earnings in chocolate teapots or square wheels.

  106. Nana says:


    All going well so far

    Brexit – Uk’s WTO status ‘could be blocked over territorial disputes’

  107. Sorry to be pedantic, Thepnr, but Watson was covicted of the Scottish crime of Wilful Fire Raising. Arson is an English legal term.
    It happens all the time, even in Scottish made drama, when you get the polis describing a “break-in”as a burglary, when there is no such offence in our country. It’s housebreaking, plain and simple.
    I know the points are minor, but having being involved in the law business, for me it’s annoying that English terms are used. If I was a conspiracy theorist, I would think it was another attempt to ignore Scottish terms, and further marginalise us as a nation.

  108. Glamaig says:

    Nana says:
    12 December, 2016 at 7:47 pm
    Brexit – Uk’s WTO status ‘could be blocked over territorial disputes’

    The UK’s many enemies are queuing up to give her a doing while the EU holds her down…

    Thepnr says:
    12 December, 2016 at 7:04 pm
    BBC Brexit – get ready for a longer process

    I just skip over anything the UK says about Brexit now as its of no consequence, but I listen very carefully to anything the EU says about it!

  109. Clootie says:

    Gerry Hassan – what a disappointment he turned out to be.
    A pretend supporter of Independence who was in fact trying to keep his beloved Labour alive.

    His failure to pay a debt is no surprise. He is a cretin who turned his back on his nation.

  110. Dan Huill says:

    the bbc and its desperate EU denials:

    beneath bed covers

  111. Alan Mackintosh says:

    Arty Hetty, re Andy Wightman, I think he is being pursued by the crowd behind Highland Titles who were selling square feet of land somewhere and supplying an invalid title deed(invalid as its not registered in the Sasines) and the company is located in Guernsey and not paying any tax. They are now linked in some way with Highland Wildcat Havens and punting the idea of “saving the Wildcat by purchasing a Haven for them”. Theres some discussion of it over on his blog, not the defamation per se, but the article about High Titles/Wildcat.

  112. Tam Jardine says:


    Great link… very worrying for the rUK as old grudges re-emerge and scores are settled. For a country like Argentina it is a no-brainer: I can’t imagine they stand to lose much in trade by blocking WTO status.

    It’s ok though- obviously the tories have thought this all through and David Davis will be along with a statement to the commons clearing it all up.

  113. Bob Mack says:

    Theresa May today gave the definition of “anti semitic”, and criticised Labour for not stamping out anti semitism.

    This whilst she deals and trades dollars and products with Saudi, one of the most anti semitic governments on the planet. Funny old world .

  114. Breeks says:

    Thepnr says:
    12 December, 2016 at 7:04 pm
    Talking of weasel words.

    BBC Brexit – get ready for a longer process

    Laugh? I nearly did.

    “The Chancellor, Philip Hammond, has said that most “thoughtful” politicians, officials and businesses from Britain and the rest of the European Union realise that the two year deadline is simply not achievable”.

    Well you’re stuffed then aren’t you? Because until you trigger Article 50, then there are no negotiations, and any new trade deals are illegal. Once you do trigger Article 50, you have two years with the possibility of an extension, (good luck getting the 27 member to agree to that), but fail to agree a controlled exit with that two year period, and your departure becomes an unceremonious exit from Europe by default and without any agreement. That means chaos for the UK, but a deeply heartfelt collective “Meh”, from Europe.

    So you can carry on treading water, put off triggering Article 50 for as long as you want, and pretend you have unplayed cards hidden up your sleeve. It seems to me, the longer you delay, the more you antagonise the EU member states which you are about to start negotiations with.

    To date, I think the Europeans have been very patient and restrained, while the UK sends trade emissaries to Turkey, Norway, India, USA, Saudi Arabia, China, Japan and Australia, and I seem to recall Argentina being mentioned too, and all despite the fact it’s runs contrary to European Law to negotiate unilateral Trade Deals with non EU members. You really think the Europeans haven’t been watching?

    Got news for you Mr Hammond. The only option the UK has to play with is going for hard Brexit, or dirty hard Brexit. That’s it frankly. A soft Brexit is out of your hands and requires European concessions, and it doesn’t take an expert in body language to read the signals from EU members about the likelihood of Britain securing many of those. You’re in the prime time 1:30am slot for speeches don’t forget.

    You are stuck between the devil and the deep blue sea, and you’re not making many friends with your collective attitude, and clowns like Boris Johnson promoted to high office when he should have been booted out on his arse on the wettest day of the year.

    Most “thoughtful” politicians think it’s unachievable eh? Mr Hammond, most thoughtful politicians are laughing the UK’s stupidity and enjoying seeing it wriggle.

  115. ronnie anderson says:

    Tiz the season to be jolly, in which case am ecstatic Rev , as someone say’s up thread your like a dug wie ah bone suck the marrow ootae them barstewards.

  116. Nana says:

    Aye Tam of course the tory’s have thought it all through, white papers covering every eventuality.

    Hammond reckons hundred’s of millions of pounds will need to be spent on border controls

    and he would like to encourage farmers to introduce more automaton

    Good grief, I dread to think what these clowns are planning next

  117. Legerwood says:


    Report in Daily Telegraph on-line that Mr Trump is making noises about pulling the plug on the F35 fighter jet because of cost.

    Is that not the jet the UK is (was) planning to buy for the carriers?

    Wonder what he will cancel next? Trident?

  118. ronnie anderson says:

    @ Thepnr 6.19 ( dont caw me ah pedant ) you’ve got ah C where ah V should be baith C&V ur eftur G, fur fek sake ah wiz nearly oan ah Honey G rap there , Slap me hard lol.

  119. ronnie anderson says:

    @ McDuff 6.04 Talking ma language there, there’s plenty examples of Bias.

  120. ronnie anderson says:

    @ Nana 9.09 second link looks like GreenTrading of the stock market & Trump knows all about GreenTrading by design I would think , his friends would be buying up the share’s.

  121. Legerwood says:

    Nana @ 9.09

    I saw the Boeing reports last week too and the thing about the share movements. I think he had a lot of shares in Boeing but had off loaded some of them earlier in the campaign. At a profit of course so depress the price and buy them back?

    Now Lockheed. Hmm.

    Is he not supposed to be giving details this week of what he is going to do about his businesses? That should be interesting.

  122. One_Scot says:

    I don’t have a Twitter account, but I would just like to say @vonny_bravo, I hope all is well with you.

  123. Fred says:

    @ Alex Beverage, Alex mebbes if you get a bit of spare time you could draw up a wee glossary of Scottish legal terms to enlighten those of us raised on BBC drama, & oblige?

  124. Cadogan Enright says:

    Headlines on Radio Teilfs Eireann tonight where Irish Foreign Minister discounting U.K. Irish bi-lateral Brexit deal proposed by EU committee of House of Lords. Pretty obvious that he already had something better than this with the EU anyway and Irelands on the negotiating team.

    QUOTE FROM NEWS The Minister for Finance has said it is not possible to have formal, bilateral agreements between Ireland and Britain.

    Michael Noonan was reacting to a report published by the House of Lords EU Committee which has called Brexit a huge challenge for Ireland, and appealed for the forthcoming UK-EU negotiations to recognise the special nature of UK-Irish relations.

    The report calls on the UK and Irish governments to negotiate a draft bilateral agreement which could then be agreed by the EU as part of final negotiations on the UK leaving the EU.

    While Mr Noonan welcomed the report, he said formal negotiations will take between Britain and the European Union.

    The report started with the potential challenges for UK-Ireland relations, as well as looking at the issues it raises for Northern Ireland.

    The report recommends power over freedom of movement to EU nationals within Northern Ireland be devolved to Stormont post-Brexit.

    They say this is one element which could be contained in a draft bilateral treaty between the UK and Ireland.

    It says that treaty should also maintain the Common Travel Area and the right of free movement within the area for UK and Irish citizens.

    The Committee concluded that any need for customs checks which might arise post Brexit would make the current open land border in Northern Ireland impossible to retain.

    It says that the special circumstances of Ireland – North and South – means a special solution to any problems should be sought.

  125. Another Union Dividend says:

    George Kerevan has interesting insight into Ian Murray antics at Westminster in to-day’s National.

    “Scottish Labour is busy transforming itself into a grumbling, negative adjunct to Tory attacks on Scotland and the SNP. Result: Scottish politics is increasingly a battle between the SNP and the Tories. Let me give you one handy example. Recently, SNP MPs at Westminster were leading a debate to get justice for so-called WASPI women born in the 1950s whose state pension age was adjusted without adequate notice. We have been waging this campaign for some time and it is clear we are winning over a number of Tory backbenchers.

    Then up pops Ian Murray, Labour’s sole Scottish MP, to ask a question in the debate.

    Does Ian attack the Tory government and demand restitution for the WASPI women? No, he launches into an attack on the Scottish Government for not using its new welfare powers to make up the pension deficit suffered by WASPI women. Other MPs, particularly the rebel Tories risking their careers by taking on Theresa May, looked bewildered at this irrelevant intervention. Satisfied he had his name in Hansard, Ian left the debate while the rest of us went on challenging the real enemy – the Conservative government which controls the purse strings.”

  126. Nana says:

    @Ronnie & Legerwood

    I don’t expect any honesty from trump and this stock market stuff looks dodgy.

  127. Another Union Dividend says:

    Fred says @ Alex Beveridge TRY THIS

  128. Tam Jardine says:


    “He said that in the horticultural and agricultural sectors there were “steps of automation that can be taken” by investment in machines “that are not taken when access to low-cost labour is available”.

    That’s a hopelessly optimistic spin on food production costs soaring and being passed on to the consumer.

    I’ve been reading about the spirits industry of which Scotland is the largest producer in Europe (France some way behind in second place). What will leaving the EU do for our established whisky industry or the burgeoning gin industry? What will WTO rules do for it? What will some kind of limbo outside WTO rules do?

    It is one industry where we are currently in pole position and that means we have a lot to lose. I have not heard or read anything that makes me thing that brexit would be anything other than a complete disaster for our exports were we to proceed. Curbing EU immigration will cause big problems in so many industries (agriculture being just one albeit a major one) and additional costs for the UK gov will be reflected in reduced block grant and higher borrowing.

    Scottish independence is no longer a choice- it is nothing short of imperative for the future prosperity of our country.

  129. Big Jock says:

    Luvin it!

  130. Graf Midgehunter says:

    As it’s a bit quiet at the moment and May’s not gone “Meschugge” today as they say over here, thought you might like to see how others regulate their border problems.

    Not quite O/T because of the discusion about retaining a hard or soft border with Northern Ireland and Eire as well as the Scottish border.

    Was here about 3 months ago as part of a short trip to Belgium.

  131. Snode1965 says:

    Cosla given free reign to spout SNPbad on the State broadcaster over cuts to Social Care. Figures of 11% cuts to council budgets since 2010.
    State broadcaster at UK level now reveal that cuts to Social Care in England, over the same period, are 25%…

  132. Brian Doonthetoon says:

    Hi Fred at 9:36 pm.

    You typed,

    “@ Alex Beverage, Alex mebbes if you get a bit of spare time you could draw up a wee glossary of Scottish legal terms to enlighten those of us raised on BBC drama, & oblige?”

    The one I found kinda interesting and all-encompassing in the wee reports in Dundee’s Evening Telegraph, was the charge of “alarming the lieges”.

    I believe it was akin to “conduct liable to cause a breach of the peace” but, no doubt, Alex Beverage could elucidate.

  133. heedtracker says:

    Satisfied he had his name in Hansard, Ian left the debate while the rest of us went on challenging the real enemy – the Conservative government which controls the purse strings.”

    At least he’s not plonked next to JC on the Lab front bench for their PMQ farce every week. What a relief it would be not have to hear all those tory nuts braying.

    Future Prime Minister Dr Scott Thinks and chums nightly melt down extra UKOK hysterical.

    Scott Arthur Retweeted
    Duncan Hothersall ?@dhothersall 13h13 hours ago
    Duncan Hothersall Retweeted The Big Issue
    “She is the well-mannered yet rampant lioness and we are her lucky cubs.”
    Holy mother of god.

  134. Hamish100 says:

    BBC 2 Scotland 2016-President O’Neill COSLA and from North Ayrshire Council greetin as usual. When he was in charge didn’t NAC sanction millions to head offshore to Iceland. One friend from there says that two council buses come and pick up the elderly to take the same centre. O’Neill the council cant make efficiency services! Cobblers. The Scottish Govt bad– cuts budget. How about Westminster cutting the Scottish budget. O’Neill nope its the SNP fault. Labour hack.

    O/T Watching some Xmas tv snippets. Is Susan Calman and Ruth Davidson the new Krankies- surely we should be told.

  135. davidb says:

    Meanwhile in New York Brent Crude closed at $55.69 a barrel. Which is £43.90 at the mid-rate.

    Expect it to be all over Radio Shortbread in the morning.


  136. heedtracker says:

    Further right you go in Scottish yoon culture, the more hysterical they get tonight. What the fcuk did The Big Issue say that’s got red and blue torboys so angry and who knew so many toryboys actually bought the Big Issue.

    Kevin Hague ?@kevverage 3h3 hours ago
    I wish we could hear more from Alan “I love Scotland under Sturgeon’s leadership so much I’d almost consider living there” Cumming

    Kevin Hague Retweeted
    alexmassie ?@alexmassie 13h13 hours ago
    It would be embarrassing to think like this; actually writing these thoughts and then pressing ‘send’ is something else again. Sweet Jesus

  137. Juan P says:


    “To the fear and alarm of the lieges” was traditionally libelled in breach of the peace charges(although less commonly used now).

    It’s not a separate common law offence though.

  138. sassenach says:


    BBC Scotland 2016 was 30 minutes of unadulterated SNP baad, and the final coup de gras when we get the ubiquitous Daily Heil Harridan and a young Daily Record ‘cub’ to back her up!!

    Bias, what , us guv??

  139. Hamish100 says:

    Re Bbc 2 SCOTLAND 2016

    Its a while since I sat through the whole programme.

    It is anti-snp certainly but it is also very boring.

    In its death throes- thank goodness.

    Time for another BBC Trust survey to say how much everybody loves it and the BBC is not biased!!

  140. mike cassidy says:

    Scottish Legal terminology here courtesy of Govan Legal Centre.

    If I am ever arrested, I will just say.

    “Sorry, officer, but I am Doli Incapax”.

  141. Still Positive. says:

    More than a year ago I had a young man at my door asking to do a survey.

    Normally I give them the 3rd degree, but this young seemed genuine and I asked what the survey was and he said ‘The media’.

    Needless to say he was welcomed but also because he was a black African from South Africa originally and I guess he would not be welcomed by many of the older generation, present company excepted.

    He was in for more than an hour and the first thing he remarked on was how many books I had.

    When we got on to the BBC and I voiced my opinions, he said he had heard that so often and it would be in his report.

    He also asked where I got most of my news from and I said ‘Newsnet Scotland’ which I realised after he left was not actually true. I get most of my news here and FB – more so now.

    Long live Wings!

  142. Swami Backverandah says:

    To beat, or not to beat? That is the question. Whether ’tis nobler in the mind,” etc. etc.

    Gerry Who?
    The mainstream newsers are making money off this.
    Who does that benefit?

    Play the long game Rev.

  143. Still Positive. says:

    mike cassidy @ 12.21

    Appreciate that link but I think we are looking for the common names for Scottish crimes as opposed to English crimes – eg wilful fire-raising as opposed to arson amongst many others as mentioned earlier.

    PS Agree Swami Backverandah @ 12.36 ( lovely name btw )

  144. manandboy says:

    Trump’s America is still in political turmoil and in deep economic and financial trouble.
    Europe is undergoing a lot of political stress and has yet to resolve Brexit as well as the refugee crisis, and a little bit of debt here and there.
    The Middle East remains deeply troubling with no solution in sight.
    Meanwhile, China, India, Brazil and several other countries, with plans and ambitions of their own, are keeping a close watch on developments in Europe and America.
    And the Tory Government at Westminster is waging a dirty propaganda war against the SNP, the Scottish Government, and Scotland in general.

    Oh, and Scotland wants Independence from the British Empire.

    Nicola is doing her best for Scotland, but it’s a bit like trying to play snooker on a bouncy castle.

  145. Dr Jim says:

    The SNPs keepin munny aff us, says the cooncil guy, can you not find savings says the BBC wummin, aye but we waant control ae wur munny so’s we kin spend it oan whit we waant, says the cooncil guy

    Are the SG not spending it on services then, says the BBC wummin, aye but percents innat an grass cuttin suffers an urrer stuff anaw says the cooncil guy, do you not collect enough money says the BBC wummin, aye, but but but unemployment eh, Baad stuff eh, lotsa hings noh, says the cooncil guy, and who’s fault is it says the BBC wummin, Eh oh it’s thame they SNPs says the cooncil guy

    And now over to two “journalists” who will review how Baad the SNP are, in a deeply concerned tone of voice and meaningful look at the camera, all for the viewers where you are

    Jack and Victor should have this stuff in Still Game
    although they’d rehearse it better

  146. mike cassidy says:

    Still Positive 12.43

    At least the BBC are on the case!

  147. Swami Backverandah says:

    @ Still Positive

    That’s kind.
    I adopted it in honour of a friend of mind, now deceased, an Aussie and child of the 60’s who loved to spoof around on the AUM’s, incense, and mantras of those times.

    All the independence-supporting usernames are music to my ears, and they certainly do a great job here of keeping me informed of events. I couldn’t do without them.

  148. Swami Backverandah says:

    Yes, it is a dilemma, not going after Hassan looks like injustice to McTernan, however, a partial resolution could consist in allowing repayment schedules by factoring in their profiles relative to their influence.

    McTernan, who has a long and inglorious international career in making a fool of himself and his employers has without doubt the higher profile than Gerry Hassan, who has succeeded only in embarrassing himself.

    On that score, McTernan could be extended a measure of time for repayment, whereby, for Gerry, due to the scale of his influence, that could extend to his lifetime.

  149. Still Positive. says:

    mike cassidy @ 1.00am

    Good find.

    Pleasure swami backverandah. Glad you are inspired.

    Went to bed just after my previous comment but couldn’t sleep. Now back up to continue with my book- ‘Black Widow’ by Chris Brrokmyre. Can’t put it down.

  150. Ken500 says:

    Hammond wants the EU negotiations to go in for four years. Quite convenient for the lying, illegal Tories. Five years to waste £Billions of public money, sanction and starve people to death, Allowing the Tories and their associates to illegally defraud and commit criminal acts against the public. Then get voted out and leave their total mess. Destroying the world economy and causing mass migration. They are still illegally bombing the Middle East. ‘Pycho bastards’

    They have cost Scotland £20Billion a year, in illegal taxation and fraud. It will cost Scotland £10Billon more in revenues to leave the EU. £30Billion. Scotland would raise funding on par with Norway. £80Billion without Westminster crass interference,

    Not enough funding for social care in England. Mail and train strikes in the S/E. Hammond has borrowed £600Billion more from the Saudis and Chinese to spend in London S/E. Hinkley Point, HS2, Heathrow and Trident. All a total waste of money with better, cheaper alternatives. The Tories and their associates are lining their pockets in consultancies, land acquisition and banking fees. Cutting the NHS and Education budget. The Tories deliberately tried to destroy the Oil & Gas sector with illegally high taxes costing thousands of jobs and £Billions in Scotland.

  151. Liz g says:

    Graf Midgiehunter @ 10.25
    Just caught up with your link re. Border’s
    What a wonderful & peaceful way to organise things.
    Border’s have been fought over for so long, and much blood spilled.
    Yet this seems to have been all sorted out in a fair way,during a series of meetings.
    It’s quite inspirational and reading about it gives me some hope for humanity yet.
    Thank You for posting it.

  152. Dorothy Devine says:

    OT has anyone got up to date circulation figures for our so called ‘newspaper’?

    I found a 2015 report on a slump in the circulation figures for the National , but I put that down to Menzies and the unionist shops hiding it or not getting more than 3 copies.

    perhaps they could use white van man to distribute further and not the monopoly holder?

  153. Macart says:


    Ta Nana. 🙂

    Kettle on.

  154. Nana says:

    By limiting criticism of Israel,

    German companies including BMW pull advertising from Breitbart

    American dream has died because of plutocracy/ Chomsky

  155. Nana says:

    By limiting criticism of Israel,

    German companies including BMW pull advertising from Breitbart

    Michael Moores electoral college prediction something crazy and unexpected might happen

    American dream has died because of plutocracy/ Chomsky

  156. Nana says:


    Where’s Smallaxe this morning, he usually gets the coffee brewing.

  157. Macart says:


    Maybe having a lie in?

    I’m sure he’ll be along shortly.

  158. Eckle Fechan says:

    When you win, buy her a copy of Journalism for Dummies and gift wrap it..

  159. Anon says:

    “After filing the claim I discovered that his company Leithen Ventures Ltd had a fake registered address, which I’ve alerted Companies House to.”

    It isn’t fake.

    Europa House in Hove is the address of a firm of chartered accountants who offer company secretarial services. It’s quite normal for new companies to have their lawyers or accountants address as their address on Companies House.

    A certain other company (, for example, list their address at 7-11 Melville Street in Edinburgh, which is also their accountants.

    Other than that, keep up the good work.

  160. Cuilean says:

    I seem to remember Siobhan Macfadyen throwing a hissy fit when you contacted her about this ‘error’. She erupted at you that she was going to get ‘her’ lawyers (she means the Express’s lawyers of course) to sue you.

    Rowling & MacFadyen (or should I say, Crabbe and Goyle)? are just a couple of lying bullies.

    ‘Expelliarmus’ the hell out of them, Stu.

  161. Thanks to all who replied to my post about the use of English legal terms being used in Scottish-based drama.
    The real point is contained is in the last paragraph, and that it’s a subtle, or not so subtle, use of propaganda. We do not exist as a nation, (see Mundell), so therefore in fictional, and sometimes non-fictional, situations, we do not have a separate identity.
    The Scottish legal system differs in many respects from the rest of the U.K, but that is very rarely made clear, indeed not just by programme makers, but by the media in general, but then we all know whose side they are on, and its not ours.
    So thanks to all, but it’s just one of many attempts by the Westminster establishment to decry our distinct Scottish heritage, and I’m afraid in some cases they succeed.

  162. Fred says:

    Thanks to Alex & Another Union Dividend for the Legalese, I can now spout avizandum etc’ ad longum at my local boozer.

    Brian, that Dundee offence is known in Glasgow as “Alarming the Wegies!” 🙂

  163. Fred says:

    And to Mike Cassidy for his uno flatu contribution.

  164. louis.b.argyll says:

    Hmm, a sad state of affairs that ‘program-makers’ aren’t on the side of the people..and whenever they are..the distribution cartel moves awkward content out of reach of the ‘common’ man.

  165. Rev. Stuart Campbell says:

    “Europa House in Hove is the address of a firm of chartered accountants”

    Yes, I know, but it’s fake in the context of being McTernan’s registered address. You have to be able to reach a company’s officers through its registered address.

  166. stonefree says:

    @ Socrates MacSporran 12:28 pm
    “Rev. How about letting McTernan off with the £25 court fees, if only in recognition of all the fun he has given us Wingers over the years.”
    Absolutely not,He is liable once filed in court costs are generally down to the loser,After all he caused the action by non-payment

  167. yesindyref2 says:

    “Europa House in Hove is the address of a firm of chartered accountants”

    Yes, I know, but it’s fake in the context of being McTernan’s registered address. You have to be able to reach a company’s officers through its registered address.

    Ouch. You CAN reach a company’s officers through its registered address if it’s an accountancy. They just forward the letter on to their client. You’ll find that over 50% and probably a whole lot more like 90% of Ltd companies, LLCs etc, are registered at their accountants rather than their home address. Mine were, it’s standard practice, completely legal and not “fake”. Trading address can of course be different.

  168. yesindyref2 says:

    Mmm, doing a search at Companies House my old accountant has 90 businesses at his address, half with c/o, but half not. I do my own accounts these days so amn’t registered there any more.

    You can search an address at companies house (free) and see which companies are registered there.

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