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Break out the whitewash

Posted on March 28, 2018 by

Last week we dropped the Electoral Commission a short line to see if there’d been any progress in their investigation into our revelations of last December about the extremist loongroup Scotland In Union’s funding. Today we got a reply:

So just to clarify: an organisation whose specific stated purpose is to fight elections, and which has been a registered campaigner in several general elections, spending tens of thousands of pounds at a time, has raised over £600,000 in mainly large donations from wealthy and secretive donors since 2015 – a period where there has hardly ever NOT been an election going on in which spending and donations were regulated – and yet not one single penny of it has been declarable income.

That’s… interesting. We’ve asked the EC if any further detail will be forthcoming.

[EDIT 12.39pm] The EC reply:

“I believe that an FOI is due to be published on our website shortly that covers some of the communications in regard to our review. You may wish to keep an eye on our FOI page.

Just to be clear that the date of the donation is not necessarily relevant to whether the donation was given for the purpose of regulated campaign activity.”

The results should be intriguing either way. Because either this whole thing reeks of fish, or SiU are spending a LOT of their donors’ money on stuff that isn’t campaigning, such as their own rather substantial wages. Our moles close to the group suggest that the latter might be a smart bet for anyone fond of a wager.

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    234 to “Break out the whitewash”

    1. Capella says:

      Orwellian and, at the same time, Kafkaesque.

    2. ScotsRenewables says:


    3. G H Graham says:

      They are a “non party” campaigner.

      There’s yer weasel worded “Get Out Of Jail Free” card, right there.

      We’ll presume that in future, “Wings Over Scotland” won’t be covered by these rules either then?

    4. HandandShrimp says:

      Interesting precedent. Is any of Wings funding declarable in light of this very clear guideline?

    5. Muscleguy says:

      @G H Graham
      An excellent point. I think the Rev should ask the electoral commission about that specifically and using that exact same argument. I can see RIC using it in the next IndyRef as well.

      In fact no non-party based campaign groups from now on need pay attention to electoral law, they have a get out of jail free clause from the regulator themselves.

      I’m not sure they have thought through the implications of this.

      Hey Rev, if you ask, you should also ask for the fine for late submission you paid to be returned on the basis that as a non-party site you should not have been required to submit a return. By their own statement they cleared erred in that matter.

    6. Vestas says:

      Surely everyone realises that the Electoral Commission’s job is to claim everything is fine with our voting system?

      Even when an English High Court judge said postal voting in many areas of Brum were akin to a banana republic the EC said all was fine.

      If the EC get anywhere near indyref2 then there’s no chance of anything other than a rigged contest.

    7. Dan Huil says:

      This still stinks. When is regulated campaigning not regulated campaigning? When regulators can’t be arsed to regulate?

      Keep at them, Rev.

    8. Bob Mack says:


      Surely your due a refund on your fine ?

    9. Street Andrew says:

      Perhaps SN ought to drop the ‘P’ from the moniker.

    10. heedtracker says:

      Looks like they’ve been told to kick it down the road and keep doing that. How it works, big money and power in teamGB.

    11. ClanDonald says:

      Surely there’s evidence that they spent money on campaigning? Leaflets etc?

      It’s starting to look like the Electoral Commission aren’t fit for purpose. Twice they investigated the Vote Leave campaign and twice they cleared them. Totally stinks.

    12. Capella says:

      Perhaps also Jesuitical.
      I’m particularly impressed with,

      “Money given to a non party campaigner for general purposes, rather than specifically to fund regulated campaign activity, is not covered by the rules on donation.”

      That £600,000 must have bought an awful lot of Starbucks coffee.

    13. Dave McEwan Hill says:

      O/T early but important in response to some of the pish spouted by pretendy supporters of independence that assail this site

      From Clara Ponsati this morning

      “I am humbled by the tremendous support received from thousands of Scots and people across Europe. I am grateful for the solidarity of Nicola Sturgeon and the Scottish Government as well as politicians from across the political spectrum , but respect for the rule of law means that it is only right that your independent judiciary determines my fate”

    14. Street Andrew says:

      It has been patently apparent since the wave of Thatcherite privatisations began all those years ago that

      a) the market system is not fit out without being regulated


      b) Government appointed regulators prime concern is to regulate on behalf of their respective industries with scant regard for the consumer or customer.

    15. Daisy Walker says:

      Sorry put this on the other post, but it belongs on this one.

      how does that WW1 protest song go again?

      Whiter than the whitewash on the wall,
      Whiter than the whitewash on the wall.
      Oh wash us in the water that you washed your dirty daughter in
      and we’ll be whiter than the whitewash on the wall

      on the wall, on the wall,
      Whiter than the whitewash on the wall, on the wall
      Oh wash us in the water that you washed your dirty daughter in
      and we’ll be whiter than the whitewash on the wall.

      Well, that sets a Wonderful Legal Precedent, doesn’t it. What’s good for the Britnat Goose, is good for wee Sottish Spiug.

      The Case for Independent UN Referendum Monitors just gets Stronger and Stronger.

      Perhaps they would like to do some training in this area now. Purely for practice you understand. Such an invite’s none of WM’s business or concern, the FM could just extend it as a courtesy to be helpful, like.

    16. Marc Rich says:

      What a shock?

      Is anyone surprised.

      One rule for unionists, and another for indepentandists.

      Its a level playing field right? Right?

    17. Rev. Stuart Campbell says:

      “Is any of Wings funding declarable in light of this very clear guideline?”

      Nah. We don’t campaign in elections, and to the best of my knowledge we’ve only ever had one donation above £7500, and that was before the indyref. Most of our money comes in £25-£50 sort of chunks, not thousands at a time.

    18. galamcennalath says:

      There must be evidence somewhere that money was spent on elections … Scottish, WM, Council.

      Or … are they there purely in preparation for ScotRef?

      In the absence of evidence – leaflets, ads, payments to a second tier organisations – then the EC might be right and it’s all the name Scotland in Union. They may be amassing a war chest and building support for the big event!

    19. Bugger (the Panda) says:


      Not fit for purpose.

      Not wanted on voyage, as is BBC and inky fingered Scottish Push Pish

    20. Ken500 says:

      Par for the course. Vote to stop them. Campaign and donate.

    21. Terry callachan says:

      The electoral commission is UK government appointed and so it will interpret in a fashion that suits the UK government.This particular interpretation by them is so ridiculously stupid that it makes them look exactly what they were set up to be which is a puppet for whatever UK government outcome is desired.

      But we have always known that the UK govt are liars

    22. Effijy says:

      Sounds like the 3 not so wise monkeys with Tory Rosettes are in charge down there.

      This is 1984 and double speak rule the waves.

      Its scary, pathetic and completely indefensible!

      PS What are the EBC all about with Catalan Leader arrested by Scottish Police?

      The Prof turned up as arranged to hand herself in to walk through due process.

      No way are we sending a political leader back to a fascist state!

      Would Spain what us to send them Propaganda Quay?

    23. Dr Jim says:

      Could it be because we’re not *The British* but the Scots!
      so rules are applied differently to *The Scots* except when *The British* decide to call us *The British* then when *The British* have won we become *The Scots* again

      I like to call these the *Andy Murray precedents*

    24. Ian Brotherhood says:

      And yet SIU had the begging bowl out just a few weeks ago, didn’t they?

      Aside from giving their ‘grass-roots’ supporters excuses to wear kilts badly, what the fuck are they doing with donations?

    25. John Bell says:

      Another glossy leaflet arrived through my door yesterday from Neil Booby sorry Bibby. It was complaining about the fact that weans in Renfrewshire are dying in the streets because they have to travel 10 mins further or closer,depending on where you stay, to the The Southern. They will then get the benefit of the best paediatric facilities in Scotland. Where does the Labour branch office get the money for these as it is certainly not from members?

    26. Valerie says:

      Sorry Off topic

      Excellent decision by Swiss courts, refusing request to extradite Anna Gabriel, ex Catalan minister, because they believe it is politically motivated.

      Well done, the Swiss!

    27. Tartan pimpernel says:

      There should be an investigation into Lovatt and his connection wit SiU and his work at Scottish Friendly.

    28. Robert says:

      Valerie at 1:22


      Can you find a link to this Swiss court decision? I’d like to spread the word. Nothing easily found on Google – most recent entry is back in February.

      Incidentally, Ponsati crowdfunder is up to £141,000 in about 5 hours.

    29. Andy-B says:

      What does this say about the Electoral Commission.

    30. Ken500 says:

      Labour get Trade Union donations. £Millions, and other donations membership and outside company donations. Etc. Supposed to be declared? Limits on campaign funding. Labour in Scotland are funded from London HQ’s.

      Re Cambridge Analytica

      The SNP never behaved in such a way or paid to harvest details. Any internet canmpaign was based on details freely given by people interested in the SNP or Ibdependence. They ticked a box to receive further details etc if they wanted to. They freely gave consent. If they received e-mail or information and passed it on. It went to people who had agree to receive e-mails or with the facility to block. The electoral roll can be legitimately used (by all political parties) with an electoral limit on any correspondence. One or two per household of those over voting age. There is provision on the electoral roll to keep full details, data house number restricted for any other purpose. Withheld consent.

      The Tories etc were totally committing electoral fraud. Using dirty, black money to buy votes and elections. With illegally, immoral practices. Breaking electoral Laws etc. Wealthy people buying elections. Pollsters being paid to manipulate the vote. Gerrymandering. Total corruption.

      Can a Civil case not be broke against some of these organisation? Taken to Court.

    31. Dr Jim says:

      Lincolnshire county council is more important than Scotland says Tory government minister of state for immigration
      So forget it Scotland you’re getting no powers over immigration to assist your economy

      But I see Grimsby docks are in for a treat

      I wonder why? eh!….NOT!

    32. sinky says:

      The Tories and Lib Dem have frequently broken the Election spending rules but the Electoral Commission does nothing about it. The wealthy Tories can set up as many groups as they like to target Snp parliamentarians or breach spending rules via the DUP but Commission just takes their word that everything is OK.
      It’s important that only money raised from people registered to vote in IndyRef2 can be used during the campaign.
      Won’t hold my breath on that or that Scotland Office propaganda spending will feature on BBC or Mum anytime soon.

    33. mogabee says:

      As usual, dodgy unionists ensuring their ‘benefits’ are at others expense.

      In other words, how to utilise untaxed money from tax havens, mair than likely.

    34. Referendum1707 says:

      Sorry o/t.

      This am on RT Going Underground there was an item highlighting how the torygraph commissioned yougov to run a poll asking if benefit/disability claimants SHOULD BE ALLOWED TO VOTE.

      They didn’t make clear what the result was, if that is the poll has actually been completed. No doubt the totally impartial and reliable yougov will not have deliberately focused on blue tory voting scum.

      Also some related commentary on how this is what happens when societies allow psychopaths to govern.

      It’s true at least in some ways that societies get the governments they deserve.

    35. Macart says:

      Oh, that’ll leave a mark. 🙂

    36. Valerie says:


      It was taken from Catalan for Yes on Twitter

      Full text
      MAJOR BREAKING: The Swiss Federal Office of Justice refuses to process the request for detention and extradition against former Catalan MP Anna Gabriel because it considers that she is accused of a political crime.

      Apparently hints had been given that political motivations might be considered. Gabriel has been there since February, and there was such speculation as to outcome.

    37. heedtracker says:

      Andy-B says:
      28 March, 2018 at 1:40 pm
      What does this say about the Electoral Commission.

      What does it say about great British press and journalism? How come Scotland in Union have never been given anything like whatever it is UK hacks are meant to do? Although I thought I saw something online about how BBC no longer trains investigative journalism today. Pure propaganda, tory and UK gov.

    38. yesindyref2 says:

      OT – Banks
      So accounts with the The Royal Bank of Scotland are being transferred to Adam & Company on 30th April, which will then rename itself to The Royal Bank of Scotland. And the current RBS plc will rename itself NatWest Markets Plc.

      So it seems to me this is an awfy convoluted way of saying the RBS and NatWest are being de-merged, which is good news for Scotland getting rid of the toxic London branding perhaps, though the stain on RBS will be there for a long time yet.

    39. pitchfork says:

      Be a shame if vile cybernattery exposed SIU as a scam and their donations dried up. I’d be so sorry to see Nash et al fall of another unionist gravy train 🙁

    40. Bill not Ben says:

      Nothing surprises me about double standards in politics, your government can accuse the russians without any evidence, but you would be thrown out of any court in the UK if you tried to bring it to court, Alice in Wonderland Stuff right enough, the mad hatters are running the tea party in real life now.

      Alba Gu snooker loopy!

    41. Arbroath1320 says:

      After the indy ref there was an investigation by the police into “vote tampering” by the NO side as a result of Colonel Fu Manchu Unauthorised sex I screwed the Scottish fishermen Ruth Davidson-Gadaftie admitting live on air that they had counted postal votes in the lead up to the actual count. Surprisingly nothing has come of it. In fact if I remember correctly I think the Electoral Commission was also involved in this investigation. There again I’m probably just pretending to be a Britnat here and spouting nothing but pish! 😀

    42. r.esquierdo says:

      The piles are dangling from the waste pipe of the E.C. as they excrete more guff

    43. Valerie says:

      Here’s the outcome of Prof Ponsati hearing this afternoon.

      Managed to get in and listen to the hearing with @Ivan_McKee @haughey_clare and @TriciaMarwick , #ClaraPonsati granted bail with standard conditions but has to surrender her passport. Next preliminary hearing 12th April, full hearing on the 18th April #Catalonia

      Also good to see a decent protest group outside court.

    44. Andy-B says:


      Well done James Kelly et al, for unlocking the monsters cage.

    45. yesindyref2 says:

      Crowd fund for Ponsanti legal costs already over £150,000 just started today. Oh, £152,000. She looks armed and dangerous, definitely a rebellionist!

    46. Arbroath1320 says:

      Andy-B says:
      28 March, 2018 at 2:42 pm

      Well done James Kelly et al, for unlocking the monsters cage.

      Funnily enough that was what I thought when I saw it earlier today Andy.

      Still never mind oor Jimmy will claim there’s nothing wrong here it’s only people using their right to free speech!

      There are a few choice words I’d like to say to oor wee Jimmy but as I’ve just signed the indy pledge I’d better shut up now! 😀

    47. CameronB Brodie says:

      Now there’s a surprise.

      institutional bias

      Quick Reference

      A tendency for the procedures and practices of particular institutions to operate in ways which result in certain social groups being advantaged or favoured and others being disadvantaged or devalued. This need not be the result of any conscious prejudice or discrimination but rather of the majority simply following existing rules or norms. Institutional racism and institutional sexism are the most common examples. See also bias.

      Institutional Bias

      This chapter focuses on conceptual and theoretical issues surrounding the study of institutional bias, those institutionally ingrained prejudices and discriminatory practices that lead to inequality across social groups. The first section of the chapter looks at the history and background of the conceptualization of institutional bias, from its relatively recent inception as a construct for scientific analysis. The next section covers a select representation of research domains and theoretical perspectives relevant to the causes
      and perpetuation of institutional bias. The chapter continues with a proposed two-dimensional model for conceptualizing institutional bias, and concludes by suggesting how such a model may be useful for future theory and practice in the service of ameliorating this poorly understood social problem.

      Confronting bias in judging:
      A framework for addressing psychological biases in decision making

      Cognitive biases are systematic tendencies of thought which undermine accurate or fair reasoning. An allied concept is that of ‘implicit bias’, which are biases directed at members of particular social identities which may manifest without individual’s endorsement or awareness. This article reviews the literatures on cognitive bias, broadly conceived, and makes proposals for how judges might usefully think about avoiding bias in their decision making. Contra some portrayals of cognitive bias as ‘unconscious’ or unknowable, we contend that things can be known about our psychological biases, and steps taken to address them. We argue for the benefits of a unified treatment of cognitive and implicit biases and propose a “3 by 3” framework which can be used by individuals and institutions to review their practice with respect to addressing bias. We emphasise that addressing bias requires an ongoing commitment to monitoring, evaluation and review rather than one-­off interventions.

    48. yesindyref2 says:

      Her and Ponsanti could perhaps achieve more than a thousand demonstrations. Ponsanti – the public face of Catalonia, arrested for rebellion. I think many male politicians like Rajoy underestimate the effect women can have on attitudes and change, if you’ll excuse the casual sexism.

    49. yesindyref2 says:

      I should say as much as a thousand demos, the demos are needed as well.

    50. Greannach says:

      If Scotland in Union can provide as many laughs as wacko outfit Vote Nob Orders, their money will have been well spent.

    51. Arbroath1320 says:

      This is Independence Live reporting live from outside the courts at present. There does appear to be quite a few people there as well … not just outside the court but also on the opposite side of the road where Independence Live have their camera.

    52. Socrates MacSporran says:

      Arbroath 1320 @ 2.5pm

      Get with the program young man. In James Kelly MSP’s world, leaflets like that sent to James Dornan MSP are vile, sectarian incitement to violence and should be chased with the full force of the law.

      If a similar leaflet, caling for violence against “Proddies” and decrying the Queen was going the rounds – that would be fair comment and free speech.

      James’opposition to OBFA only surfaced once he realised the sins of the Sellick might be punished as well as, and with equal vigour as the outrages of the Orange.

    53. Ken500 says:

      Re electoral data.

      Details collected by canvassers receiving freely given information on limited information taken from the electoral roll. Freely available open data. Totally within electoral rules. Information given freely by people who knew the purpose and gave their consent. Anyone was totally given the opportunity to not give consent or agree. In strict application of electoral rules by the SNP or YES campaigners.

      No data or details were bought from Facebook? or any source. Or illegally sourced.

    54. Legerwood says:

      Crowd fund for Clara just shy of £164,000 when I donated a few minutes ago.

    55. Gary says:

      The regulations appear to have loopholes wide enough to drive a coach and horses through, and it appears they HAVE driven them through it, sideways..

      But is DOES leave donors with the inescapable conclusion that their donations are either being mis-spent or the organisation if misrepresenting what they do with donations (or indeed, a mixture of both)

      Whichever way you look at it, it stinks. I see the Brexit Campaign is going through similar pain – although as Brexit was never the mainstream POV, THAT is being reported in ‘actual television news’ and not being thoroughly ignored, as in this case.

      The regulations are, i’m afraid, DELIBERATELY loose and allow all political parties to get away with dishonesty and fraud. It is only different when someone can use their knowledge of this bad behaviour to publicly discredit them. And this is utterly dependent on TV News Media being cooperative in wishing to report upon it.

      I’m afraid that THAT is where the problems lie and the lack of anything approaching balance in news is perhaps even MORE dangerous than what you have described in the article.

      It’s easy to spot bias when it’s AGAINST you and easy to ignore when it’s against someone you disagree with or wouldn’t vote for.

      It’s easy to forget that, for example, the BBC has not reported on ANY London street protest for YEARS let alone one outside parliament itself. But, weirdly, yesterday we saw a protest being reported upon, protestors even being interviewed and those who shared their opinion being soft-balled in interviews whilst the ONE dissenting voice was ambushed with stuff she couldn’t have possibly be expected to know anything about.

      BBC hates SNP and indy, it won’t even deign to do anything except smirk. But equally, being a Labour POV they HATE Corbyn and had what I could only describe as a ‘day of rage’ against him.

      I have never seen a news programme and a supposedly unbiased one at that, behave SO badly and so obviously.

      They even crossed the rubicon of conflating criticism of Israel’s politics with anti-Semitism.

      We have now, officially, been told what to think, who to hate and the country we must NOT criticise.

      Fair enough, if you read this and hate Corbyn too. But remember, this BLATANTLY political attack will be on US and OURS tomorrow if we allow it today…

    56. galamcennalath says:

      Greannach says:

      If Scotland in Union can provide as many laughs as wacko outfit Vote Nob Orders, their money will have been well spent.

      No one could be as gormless as that! I remember the comments being posted by employees of the company behind it which were pretending to be by Scots. Spelling mistakes, cultural differences they didn’t appreciate, lack of knowledge. They shut down that aspect of their activities early on. Then the awful inaccurate ads. I suspect they did more harm to the NO cause, than good.

      But it was entertaining 🙂

      The fundamental mistake was to hire an English based organisation who were just out of their depth.

      SIU is mainly Scottish. However I predict their downfall will also be cultural missing of the goal. It’s a bunch of right wing Tories with a few other hangers on. They may be able to appeal to confirmed BritNat voters, but no one else.

      In IndyRef1 the main front for BritNat efforts was of course the Labour Party. And they got shredded for doing it! Their traditional core voters didn’t like it. Next time, Labour will be a much weaker player and the right wing Tory side of things will shine through.

      And again, it will probably do more harm than good to the Union cause.

      No matter who they are, Naesayers have one fatal flaw – their Union was hard to sell, and now that’s even harder. There never was much of a positive case for it but now their Union is in itself a threat, a risk, and a problem.

    57. Foonurt says:

      Institutional bias – footurrin wae fact.

      Bawheids, wae pauchlt thoosins.

      Roall oan, Scoattish Independence.

    58. Robert J. Sutherland says:

      Valerie @ 14:07,
      yesindyref2 @ 15:58,

      Yes. A very encouraging sign. The EU courts will do what some ill-advised EU figures have so far dodged.

      It’s insanely stupid to be trying to arrest eminently respectable University professors. It can only heap even more disrepute onto the Rajoy regime. But self-harm seems to be the Spanish neo-fascistoid way. =shrugs=

      I can’t imagine the German courts taking a different line, somehow.

      A naughty thought: if everyone in Catalonia who voted for indy offered themselves up for arrest, Spartacus-style, what would the regime do? They can’t fill their jails with everybody!

    59. Capella says:

      This is outrageous – a young toff Tory Minister for Immigration tells Pete Wishart that she wouldn’t grant any powers to Scotland that she wouldn’t grant to Lincolnshire County Council.

      Have these people ANY idea that Scotland is a co-signatory of the Treaty of Union? Their ignorance is all-encompassing.

      From Dr Phillippa Whitford’s twitter:

    60. Bobp says:

      As I said before on here, the EC, yougov, polling companies, etc etc.all these so called independent bodies, are nothing but westminster mouthpieces funded by dirty money.

    61. Capella says:

      @ RJS – they would arrest the usual suspects. The rest only need to be cowed.

    62. Bobp says:

      Capella 4.34pm. Already seen that Capella,but obviously lots of PSB’s happy with their country being demoted to the status of a county council. See me I’m Scottish, Aye right!

    63. Robert J. Sutherland says:

      galamcennalath @ 16:16,

      Ah, but don’t forget that SiU have their ever-useful front (wo)men of the NorthBritLabs*. With the Second Coming of JC as their latest wheeze.

      *(Quite forgetting the self-destructed remnants of the NorthBritLibs.)

      As long as Labour continues to have a sizeable influence in Scottish politics, SiU will have their willing helpers, it seems. Even if it destroys these idiot tools in the process, as if it didn’t already do them enough damage in Bitter Together.

      Some people never learn, they just die off instead.

    64. Bobp says:

      Capella 4.34. And also, is that not a racist statement denigrating Scots?

    65. Valerie says:

      @ yesindyref2

      I think your point about the two female Catalan politicians is a good one, and not at all sexist.

      It is rather an observation that the attitudes of observers may well be altered by the optics of the Spanish govt pursuing these women. There is perhaps a more hardened, cynical attitude towards male politicians, and less leeway given.

      Prof Ponsati is an older woman, obviously intelligent, who is occupied in education. The students at St Andrew’s had their own protest. Obviously it was ignored in msm.

      I really hope the wider audience do pick up on what is happening, and how it affects us all. The continued silence of the EU is worrying, and is really putting off Scottish Remainers on Twitter.

    66. heedtracker says:

      Have these people ANY idea that Scotland is a co-signatory of the Treaty of Union? Their ignorance is all-encompassing”

      Worth watching just to see what this farce “union” actually is in the real world, bugger all to do with Scotland.

      At the very least, the tory was very clear about Holyrood being as important in teamGB as Lincolnshire County Council. And exact same tories are not going to close down the Lincolnshire Council.

      Soon to be toast, tory toast

    67. heedtracker says:

      Bobp says:
      28 March, 2018 at 4:43 pm
      Capella 4.34. And also, is that not a racist statement denigrating Scots?

      That tory was being honest, for once. And there’s no such a thing as the Scottish race. Anymore than there’s an English one.

    68. Vestas says:

      @ Bobp 4:43 pm :

      “Capella 4.34. And also, is that not a racist statement denigrating Scots?”

      Clearly you don’t live in England. I do.

      If that was said about the Irish then plod will take action as a racist/hate crime. Welsh – banter. Scots – banter.

      Now say the same about the English in Scotland. Pretty sure that gets prosecuted as a racist/hate crime.

      The average English person doesn’t think of Scotland or Wales as countries in any respect other than football/rugby.

    69. Thepnr says:

      The electoral commission is a waste of space, they are totally toothless. the maximum penaly they can impose is a £20,000 fine, no jail sentences, nothing.

      What kind of deterrent is that to the likes of the Tory party or the Leave.EU campaign funded by a billionaire. It is no deterrent whatsover, for them it is the cost of doing business.

      It’s a total disgrace and people flouting the law over spending in order to influence the result should have the threat of a jail sentance hanging over them but they don’t.

      £20,000 fine? Waste of time more like and they will continue to flaunt the law. SIU wouldn’t have given a monkey’s either because none of those running it would suffer in the slightest.

      Not the case when it comes to one man band Indepndence bloggers like Wings or wee Ginger Dug.

      Get a jail sentance on the statute books for election spending violations then we might see some change. Until then money means power and we all know who has the money.

    70. Capella says:

      @ Bobp – it may be racist but it is certainly colonial. She completely fails to understand the Treaty of Union. Mr Peffers nnwareeds to send her a stiff letter of complaint.
      Meanwhile – Prof Clara Ponsati is granted bail. BBC for once reports and some video of her and her lawyer Aamer Anwar.

    71. Capella says:

      Apologies re typos. My keyboard has developed a mind of its own. Sigh.

    72. Liz g says:

      Cappella @ 5.22
      I think your keyboard may be related to mine..LOL

    73. Smallaxe says:

      Does anyone else have a coal fire? They burn well.

      Hello XXXX XXXXX
      Scotland in Union’s local teams have been hitting the streets with our campaign newspaper, “The Voice of the Majority”.
      From door to door leafleting in local communities to our city centre street stalls across the country – it all adds up. But we have not yet finished and we still need your help to deliver our last few batches of newspapers to your community and get our message out there.

      Have you got any spare any time to deliver “The Majority” in your area?
      Reply to this email to let our team know we can count on you and we can then dispatch material straight to your doorstep.
      Thank you for your continued disgust
      Scotland in Union

    74. Liz g says:

      Smallaxe @ 5.37
      The link’s no working Smallaxe!
      Shame tae…..I have three addresses that they could send bundle’s to.

    75. Smallaxe says:

      Liz g,

      I didn’t want it to work, this old disabled pensioner needs to save on his heating bills.

    76. jfngw says:

      British Nationalist MP’s have no interest in the Treaty of Union, they believe the Scots are too docile to ever do anything about it or more likely don’t even know it exists. It’s up to us in Scotland to prove we have the mettle to run our own country or are we forever to be seen as their poodles.

    77. Brian Powell says:


      It was only after the SNP became the Government of Scotland that Scottish history of any substance was introduced into the curriculum.

      it’s incredible that Labour controlled Scotland, Councils, the teaching profession and then the Scottish Parliament, for 70years and the full history of Scotland was not covered.

      Of course I can see why so much was left hidden over the last 50 years, the oil, the politics of reserved and devolved powers, the lack of response to de-industrialisation, all of that what have counted against them.

    78. Capella says:

      Maybe British Nationlists have no interest in the Treaty of Union. So when they break it – as they do regularly – or behave as if there was some other constitutional reality operating here, our MPs could collate all these examples on video.

      Then, instead of wasting all of their time at Westminster being ignored, ridiculed and side-lined, they could hold town hall meetings around their constituencies giving illustrated talks on the death of the Union. With examples.

      So that, next time there is an election or referendum, the SNP can campaign for Independence. A vote for the SNP is a vote for independence.

    79. Valerie says:

      I’m pretty sure Caroline Nokes isn’t as stupid as she looks.

      This county council reference will now start popping up more regularly, as the Tories begin an insidious campaign of ‘uppity jocks’, never happy, ideas above our station etc.

      Her statement is just a deliberate slur.

    80. galamcennalath says:

      Brian Powell says:

      Labour controlled Scotland, Councils, the teaching profession and then the Scottish Parliament, for 70years and the full history of Scotland was not covered.

      I’ve heard a lot of people say that, but that wasn’t my experience in Ayrshire in the 1960s.

      General history in primary and early secondary was exclusively Scottish, often with a local focus.

      I did an Ordinary Certificate in History. There were number of modules, presumably chosen by the teacher from a wider selection. We studied Wars of Independence, Stuarts, Tudors (which was of course English history), the Renaissance and Time of World Discovery, then UK history 1885 – 1939.

    81. Capella says:

      Moving ceremony on Moscow to mark the tragedy of the fire in Kemorovo.

    82. Macart says:

      I see sections of Labour blaming themessenpee for Clara Ponsati’s current situation. Clearly they didn’t get the meeemo from Ian Murray. Nor did they bother to read Ms Ponsati’s fulsome praise for the support of the FM and Scottish government.

      Not big on paying attention really, are they? 🙄

    83. Cactus says:

      How ye doin’ previously eligible no and non voters of Scotland.

      Just over ONE year remaining.

      A timely reality check.

      Everyone counts.

      SIU, boooo.

    84. Highland Wifie says:

      Proud to donate to support Clara Ponsati.
      Over £180,000 now.

      Caroline Nokes won’t be the only one regretting their arrogant remarks after Independence.
      County Council huh? Why do you want to live in Scotland Ms Nokes? I’m sorry immigration is reserved to the Scottish Government. Please fill this form in triplicate and your application will be considered, ahem, as soon as possible.

    85. Robert Peffers says:

      @Capella says: 28 March, 2018 at 5:20 pm:

      !it may be racist but it is certainly colonial. She completely fails to understand the Treaty of Union. Mr Peffers nnwareeds to send her a stiff letter of complaint.”

      Somehow I think that may not be all the, Horrible Honourable Member fails to understand. She may, in the not distant future, regret her failures.

      “Meanwhile – Prof Clara Ponsati is granted bail. BBC for once reports and some video of her and her lawyer Aamer Anwar.”

      Pretty much as expected, but the fair, and even handed, media haven’t yet got on her case.

      I thought it would be a case of bail and then delays and if not a release on the grounds that there are no equivalent crimes under Scots law then a ruling that the arrest is politically motivated. This would make the lady a political prisoner if extradited and that is grounds for refusal. Brussels used it already and Germany may also do so.

      I was closely following the case but the post delivered a load of bill that need paid. Some are questionable so not just a case of paying them on-line.

      To complicate things it looks like there are server problems with my bank. I’m still trying to donate to a couple of causes but there seems some trouble with them accepting my address.

      I’ve only lived here for nearly 50 years but now they don’t recognise my address and think I’m not me. I do know what the problem is but trying to sort it is not easy.

      My address quotes the row of cottages I live in but the row is L shaped with 1 to 11 in one part of the L then 12 to 16 in the other but these last are on the Great North Road. So there is the cottage row in the address and the last lot have Gt North Road added. Trouble is there is another 16 cottages called Great North Road Cottages and so utter confusion.

      It all began with the latest satnav survey that missed out the 12 to 16 bit of the L. So now no one using satnav knows where we are and address’s for things including the bank quote Post codes.

      Ever tried getting a company that does maps for Satnavs to correct errors? Not easy.

    86. HandandShrimp says:

      Perhaps Nokes wants to offend in order to bolster the desire for independence and thereby make Brexitland an easier aspiration. I think a few Tories would now like to see the back of Ireland and Scotland.

    87. Capella says:

      @ Robert Peffers – sorry to hear about your satnav woes. It must be very annoying in this digital age to be left off the grid.

      I’m battling with a keyboard that misspells everything and jumps around. Posts take ages as I have to correct all the typos (those I notice anyway).

      But at least you can still get online and read WoS. So all is not lost.

    88. Robert Peffers says:

      @Capella says: 28 March, 2018 at 5:22 pm:

      “Apologies re typos. My keyboard has developed a mind of its own. Sigh.”

      Probably not the keyboard, Capella. I had a load of problems a few days ago due to Microsoft and several different companies mucking about with predictive text applications. Apparently a new batch of predictive test apps has come on the scene.

      Some of them are not great on UK English and none of them understand Lowland Scots or Scots Standard English.

      I tried to type , “Waste monster”, as one word and it corrected it to Westminster yet I had both predictive text & spell check turned off, not to mention USAsian English.

      The Yanks and the English are great ones for conformity – their style or no other.

    89. Valerie says:

      Just to say Drew Hendry there on his feet for a while speaking in Police Funding debate, barely any Opposition, barring that idiot referee Tory.

      Drew made short work of the interruptions, whilst quoting good figures for Scotland. He’s a clear and confident speaker, using opportunities to quote Scottish practice.

      Some may have missed it, but a lot being made on Twitter about Thornberry’s comment on final Brexit deal.

      She has confirmed Labour are likely to vote it through.

      Confirming, if there was any doubt, they are useless, supine red Tories.

    90. Craig says:

      Just been announced that SIU won’t need to reveal their donors and that there is no breach of Electoral Rules

    91. Robert Peffers says:

      No but if fit Wingers all volunteered to help SiU out it could save our posties a lot of work and boost the local cooncil’s efforts at recycling without the refuse collectors or posties being overworked in collecting it by missing out the middle men/women.

    92. schrodingers cat says:

      i sat o grade and higher history in the early 80’s

      1st and 2nd year did cover some scottish history but the actual o grade had the following subjects (from memory)

      us war of independence
      french revolution
      russian revolution
      the rise of facsism
      james the 6th and 1st

      if there were any other modules i dont remember them being taught to any other classes

    93. yesindyref2 says:

      OT totally
      Pressure washed but still mossy green at base of walls, so washed out an old spot lawn sprayer (£1.25 wilko great stuff), and made up 1 sterilising fluid to about 3 water and sprayed, leave, repeat, spray repeat a few times. Wrists knackered and moss green gone. Usual cautions I’m used to the stuff, and please don’t take the last sterilising fluid from semichem at £1 or £1.10 I forget in case it’s needed by a mother for bottles for baby! Never mind the expensive stuff, back to basics.

    94. Bobp says:

      Vestas 4.59pm. Oh i do live in England vestas. And yes i know all about the “banter”.

    95. Iain mhor says:

      An interesting piece on why Electoral Spending rules need updating; pointing out the seldom discussed fact, that penalties for breaching the rules are seen as just the “..cost of doing business”
      In 2017, the commission levied a record fine of £70,000 against the Conservative party for filing inaccurate spending with relation to the 2015 general election. At the time, the [Electoral] commission wrote:

      “This is the third investigation we have recently concluded where the largest political parties have failed to report up to six-figure sums following major elections, and have been fined as result. There is a risk that some political parties might come to view the payment of these fines as a cost of doing business.”

      ‘A risk.. might come to view it’ – pfff wakey wakey!

    96. Robert Peffers says:

      @Capella says: 28 March, 2018 at 6:54 pm:

      “I’m battling with a keyboard that misspells everything and jumps around. Posts take ages as I have to correct all the typos (those I notice anyway).”

      What you describe is exactly how my problems with the predictive text/auto-correct and everything jumping about. It’s dat least partly own to Microsoft’s last Windows 10 cumulative update.

      Do a Google on Auto-correct and again on predictive text – you are not alone with such problems.

      The jumping about is the newish scrolling thing by Microsoft. They have apparently set the standard mouse drivers to scroll both horizontally and vertically. The mouse wheel can now be pushed sideways to change the type of Scrolling but some mouse/mice/meecies drivers are not able to use it and if you don’t know about the change you get just what you describe.

      MS also have introduce more of the predictive text thingys. I posted a bit about the predictive text/auto-correct but I think it may have gone AWOL as Rev Stu had just introduced a new topic and my machine was still misbehaving.

    97. Capella says:

      “Fusion Doctrine” about to be launched. Aims to prevent Russia, ISIS, North Korea and anybody else Theresa May doesn’t like from spreading “fake news”. Interview with John Pilger who thinks the BBC is the most sophistocated propaganda outlet. So that’ll be him banned then.

      Julian Assange has had his internet access cut off and visitors banned.

      The hysteria spreads.

    98. Capella says:

      @ Robert Peffers – thanks for the info. I was torn between I’m losing my marbles and the 77th Brigade have kyboshed my keyboard. I might have known it would be dastardly MS.

    99. PictAtRandom says:

      Catalans for Yes
      ? @CatalansForYes
      Mar 24

      Jordi Cuixart.
      Jordi Sánchez.
      Joaquim Forn,
      Oriol Junqueras.
      Carme Forcadell.
      Dolors Bassa.
      Raül Romeva.
      Jordi Turull.
      Josep Rull.

      Free them all.

      Change a few letters in that last line and it would give us something worthwhile to say about the sad list of ‘Scottish’ Tory MPs.

    100. Gordon Hutchison says:

      Honest tae fuck I’m sick of this shit man! These secretive, underhanded, cheating, lying establishment scumbags Bastards are pulling every dirty trick conceivable. I’m beginning to feel despair and wondering if we will ever have our independence? I know this response is not as measured as most here, just getting realy pissed off n angry!

    101. heedtracker says:

      “Fusion Doctrine” about to be launched. Says RT,

      “Intelligence services will now be tasked with identifying trolling social media platforms in a bid to clamp down on what is deemed by the UK government as ‘misinformation.’ The new instructions are included in the Fusion Doctrine, unveiled as part of the National Security Capability Review, to be published on Wednesday.

      It seeks to tackle the perceived threat from Islamic State (IS, formerly ISIS), Russia and North Korea.” and Scotland.

      Sexy name Fusion doctrine, we now have tory UK censors. How do you get hired as Fusion Doctrine censor anyway? Are you now or have you ever not voted tory, what school tie are you wearing, what college at Oxbridge were you at?

      They’re at war again. Or as BBC r4 news gimps keep saying, “heading for confrontation with Russia.”

      Internment camps next.

      Oh oh oh what a lovely war.

    102. Brian Doonthetoon says:

      RE: Microsoft.

      I started dipping into this site around 1998. What they got up to was (almost) unbeleivable.

      You can explore other archives from the calendar at the top of the page. The links on the pages seem to work as well.

      Here’s a quote from the “Dirty Tricks” link at the left of the page:-

      “Am I Blue?
      On November 18, 1998 the digital greeting card company Blue Mountain Arts discovered that beta versions of Microsoft’s Outlook Express (which comes free with Internet Explorer) were automatically filing Blue Mountain’s e-mail greeting cards into the “junk” folder rather than the “inbox.” Shortly afterwards, Blue Mountain Arts discovered that Microsoft’s WebTV service was blocking their e-mail greeting cards as well.”

      The site was called “Boycott Microsoft”. Most of it is at the Internet Archive.

    103. yesindyref2 says:

      @Gordon Hutchison “ just getting realy pissed off n angry!

      Good. Just funnel it into something positive to help Indy along.

      I use some of the most annoying and silly unionist postings to give me the patience to do some research, so that THEY are unwittingly or half-wittedly helping the cause of Indy. Same as the trolls we get on here.

      Feck ’em, the more there are, the harder I work, the more my little contributions might help, the closer Indy gets. They’re my biggest asset.

    104. Smallaxe says:

      Gordon Hutchison,

      Have you been reading my mail!

    105. yesindyref2 says:

      @Gordon Hutchison

      Oh here you go, that amde me do a quick google, found this from “positive mental attitude”, still reading it but it looks good so far:

      Fuck ’em.

    106. schrodingers cat says:

      “we should hold indyref2 if and when we believe we have the best chance of winning”

      do you think it a good idea to hold indyref2 at the same time as WM holds euref2?

      nicola decides if and when indyref2 happens.
      treeza decides if and when EUref2 happens.

    107. Hamish100 says:

      Strange -are the regular yoonbags at a branch meeting with the branch managers?

    108. Grouse Beater says:

      For those who sleeps easy at night here’s something to keep you awake and bilious: War Horny Bolton:

      Know him so can recognise him in others of a like mind. He’s Trump’s third national security adviser in a year but don’t count on a fourth anytime soon, not until Bolton gets his jollies blowing up a small country that doesn’t trade with the USA.

    109. Robert Peffers says:

      @Gordon Hutchison says: 28 March, 2018 at 7:52 pm:

      ” … I know this response is not as measured as most here, just getting realy pissed off n angry!”

      Oh! Don’t worry, Gordon, the thing to remember is that the worse they get the more it is proof they are terrified and are getting more terrified by the minute. If they weren’t bothered then that would be the time to get worried and pissed off.

      These unionist people are acting in concert and that is irrespective of being Labour, Tory or Libdem. They all belong to the same political party now – The Unionist Party and that’s all the proof you need they know their game is up.

      Why do you thing Wings has had this influx recently of people attempting to get the SNP to act far too soon or to do something else that is equally stupid?

      You’ve bound to have seen the, “I’m an Indy supporter but Nicola Sturgeon is needing to …”. You saw and heard them at it over the last few days over the Spanish arrest warrant thing.

      The, “I’ve been an SNP supporter all my life but if Nicola Sturgeon hands this woman over to Spain I’ll tear up my Membership card”.

      If these numpties were a representative sample across Scotland Nicola would only have her husband Peter left as an SNP member and Scottish bin collectors would all be in hospital getting treated for back pain with lifting heavy bins.

      Not only that but I heard what I thought was Clara Ponsati Lawyer, MSP Aamar Anwar on Good Morning Scotland the other day being (laughably), interviewed by some woman.

      I was doing something else at the time and had switched on in the midst of the interview so could be wrong, but it sounded like Aamar Anwar and Hayley Millar. Anyway she was trying the usual BBC ask a question then continually interrupt the interviewee with other questions to prevent any answers but e just carried on talking as if she wasn’t there and then said, you asked a question and I’d appreciate the chance to answer, then carried on with his answer. Hayley, (if it were she), just gave up and shut up.

      When needed the SNP people will assert themselves but may be deliberately making the BBC gimps look bad, (or should I say, look as bad as they really are)?

    110. galamcennalath says:

      schrodingers cat says:

      do you think it a good idea to hold indyref2 at the same time as WM holds euref2?

      Personally I fail to see any need for an EURef2, especially from a Scottish perspective.

      Absolutely nothing has changed since England and Scotland/NI made their different decisions. Nothing new has emerged about the substance of Brexit which an informed and discerning voter didn’t know before EURef.

      A second vote would quite possible return the same result.

      And something else which has always concerned me, England voted for ‘her independence’, she needs to be allowed to follow through with that. Imagine how we would feel about a 54% (same as England’s Leave vote) YES win for our independence and then BritNats started telling we needed a second vote!

      As for IndyRef2/ScotRef, that’s a whole different ballgame because everything about their Union has changed since 2014. We definitely do require a second vote.

      We require it for multiple reasons, not least because England voted for ‘her independence’ and some have the audacity to tell us we are going with them against our will.

      And as you say, Nicola will decide when.

    111. stewartb says:

      Valerie @ 1:22 pm and others

      Regarding this statement: “Excellent decision by Swiss courts, refusing request to extradite Anna Gabriel, ex Catalan minister, because they believe it is politically motivated.”

      There may be some misunderstanding here on important points of detail:

      Firstly, from this source:

      “A Spanish court has issued an arrest warrant for Catalonian separatist leader Anna Gabriel, who is currently in Switzerland. An extradition order was not issued.

      The Spain-wide arrest warrant was issued on Wednesday by the Supreme Court in Madrid, after Gabriel failed to show up for a hearing accusing her (and others) of rebellion and sedition.

      However, the court in Madrid stopped short of demanding Gabriel’s extradition from Switzerland, despite the recommendation of the public prosecutor to do so.”

      And the same source goes on:

      “ … on Wednesday, the AFP news agency quoted a Swiss justice ministry spokesman as saying that extradition would most likely not be granted by Switzerland in any case.

      ‘According to the legal basis relative to cooperation between Switzerland and Spain […] Switzerland, like most other states, does not accept extradition requests and all other forms of legal assistance relative to political crimes’, Folco Galli told AFP.”

      And from this source:

      “Last Friday, Llarena (Spanish Supreme Court judge) initiated prosecution against Gabriel in absentia for the alleged crime of disobedience, which is punishable with fines and disqualification for public office from six months to two years. This crime cannot generate an extradition request and therefore Gabriel is not part of the group of Catalan leaders subject to the widely reported European Arrest Warrant, also issued by Llarena, for which the politicians are accused of ‘rebellion’ and ‘sedition’.”

      The Swiss response in identifying the political motivation of the charges is to be welcomed but the detail is important to get right.

    112. Shinty says:

      @ Gordon Hutchison- just getting realy pissed off n angry!

      I’ve been pissed off and angry since 2014. However, it has made me realise that when indyref2 is called I will need to do a lot more.

    113. schrodingers cat says:

      i think you missed my point, it was aboout timing

      i imagine we are all agreed

      “we should hold indyref2 if and when we believe we have the best chance of winning”

      if we do agree with this statement, do we believe we have the best chance of winning indyref2 if WM runs euref2 at the same time?

      whether there is a need, a mandate or a justification for euref2 is irrelevent. if treeza decides that euref2 should happen, then it will.

      if we hold indyref2 and the polls swing to us and it looks like we will win, WM will do anything in their power to stop it, including holding a snap euref2. it wouldnt be the result (polls show a swing to remain today) but the fact it was happening at the same time

    114. Capella says:

      @ BDTT – I used Linux at home for years and much preferrred it as I detest Microsoft with a vengeance. But (you know there’s a but coming) products such as Adobe Flash stopped supporting Linux and would only work with proprietary software. That means Microsoft or Apple.

      But I used to watch the BBC iPlayer before they made it licence fee dependent.
      But the BBC use Adobe and so the iPlayer wouldn’t work with Linux unless you spent your life on workarounds.

      So I reverted back to Microsoft but now don’t watch the iPlayer because I won’t buy a licence.
      But I still get to waste hours on workarounds.
      5 buts.

      Maybe I’ll get Ubuntu!

    115. Hamish100 says:

      Spains intention is to neuter the Castalonia leadership. Money is no object , time is no object only the result matters. As I have stated previously I am pro Eu so this is a test bed for me on how it responds to Spanish threats
      The UK Government on the one hand supports Spain against Scotland yet supports Gibralter against Spain

      brexit means brexit said some PM or wiz it maybe’s aye or maybe’s naw

    116. Rock says:

      Rock (15th August 2014 – “When is a pot not a pot?”):

      “The Electoral Commission is itself peddling lies on behalf of Better Together who don’t have the manpower to deliver them themselves.

      The system is rotten to the core.”

    117. Rock says:

      yesindyref2 says:
      28 March, 2018 at 2:45 pm

      “Crowd fund for Ponsanti legal costs already over £150,000 just started today. Oh, £152,000. She looks armed and dangerous, definitely a rebellionist!”

      I am sorry to say that every penny raised will go down the legal gutter, as happened with the money raised for those seeking to unseat the Right Honourable Alisatair Carmichael, MP, long term bosom pal of Craig Murray.

      Ponsanti will eventually get extradited after the maximum possible money has been sucked into the legal gutter.

      She should have escaped to Switzerland.

      The “independent” Scottish justice system is rotten to the core and the vast majority of lawyers, especially judges, are the lowest of the low.

      So called “human rights lawyers” included. They trouser hundreds of thousands while people starve in Scotland.

    118. yesindyref2 says:

      @cat “i imagine we are all agreed . . . we should hold indyref2 if and when we believe we have the best chance of winning

      I don’t agree in the slightest, there’s no such thing. That’s the attitude of those going about saying the likes of “free in 23”, and such like delaying tactics. It’s a losing attitude for a whole load of reasons, including the likelihood of no overall majority for Indy in Holyrood after the next Holyrood election, and Brexit being done and dusted. The unionists would be delighted, ecstatic in fact, SiU would get a bonus.

      Count me out of that “I imagine we are all agreed”, I don’t, and frankly, the only one who speaks for me is me. And our cat of course, but she seems to have no opinion.

    119. Effijy says:

      Pay Day is about to fall and although most of us have contributed to the Wings Fund raiser, we need to top up the fund to beat last years total.

      I’m pleased to see that Catalan Professor’s fund raiser has broken through £150K but who has done more for Scottish Independence that the Rev and this web site? No one.

      Every Tenner or Fiver counts so lets get to £150K and Rev, its about time you had a pay rise!

      How many of us would take your pay for all the Britnat Abuse,
      having your home raided and your personal goods taken from you?

      PS I take that Wings is not a Party, and if you campaign, you have the same status as the Scotland in Union nutters?

    120. yesindyref2 says:

      Interesting, kinterrockindy2 comes on duty, and “Alison Holdall” gets upvoted to 31 on the Herald in a short space of time for some similar piece of crap.

    121. Graeme says:

      Don’t give up your freedom Capella MS Windows is spyware pure & simple

      Flash works fine in Linux and so does iplayer no workarounds needed

    122. geeo says:

      So…after weeks of news on the poison ‘scandal’it turns out that police now believe they were poisoned at home.

      Begs the obvious question.

      If they are not even certain after all this time, about WHERE they were poisoned, how on earth is it credible to claim with such apparent certainty, to know WHO did it ?

    123. Rock says:

      Capella, says:
      28 March, 2018 at 4:34 pm

      “This is outrageous – a young toff Tory Minister for Immigration tells Pete Wishart that she wouldn’t grant any powers to Scotland that she wouldn’t grant to Lincolnshire County Council.”

      That is exactly what the pretendy “sovereign” Scots deserve to be told – the bitter truth.

      Scotland has been nothing more than a colony of England for the last 311 years.

      Pretendy “sovereign” Scots will never put their money where their mouths are by petitioning the highest court of Scotland because their “sovereign” and “independent justice system” myths would be bust once and for all if they did.

      If Ponsanti can raise that much in hours, surely “sovereign” Scots could raise a hundred times more to get a clear definition of their “sovereignty” once an for all?

    124. schrodingers cat says:

      this cat has an opinion

      there’s no such thing…………? what you mean there is no such thing as a belief?

      the statement isnt bounded by time, ie, maybe i believe we should have had indyref2 already?

      i’m pretty sure there are folk who believe this, are they losers too?

      there are those who believe we should announce indyref2 now, peter bell believes sept18. the rev thinks spring19, some i’ve met who believe sept19.

      all losers apparently

      hint, rtfq

    125. schrodingers cat says:

      we should hold indyref2 if and when we believe we have the best chance of winning”

      I don’t agree in the slightest,

      um, you believe we should hold indyref2 when we have the worst chance of winning????

    126. COLIN ALEXANDER says:

      It’s no surprise the Electoral Commission did a whitewash job. Almost all regulatory bodies do the same thing, unless those they are investigating have ALREADY been convicted in court, then they take action.

      This is not isolated to Unionists with the Electoral Commision. The same is true with regulatory bodies in Scotland: SSSC, SPSO, etc. Waste of space, waste of money, waste of time complaining to them.

      They are the Establishment in Scotland. You are asking the Establishment to uphold complaints against the Establishment. Guess what happens.

      Likewise try complaining to an SNP MSP or the Scottish Govt about failings in Scottish Govt or Scottish public bodies. Guess what happens.

      At best you get a response fobbing you off. You get a whitewash.

      I want an independent Scotland. I want an independent Scotland that’s better than the one we have under the Holyrood Govts we have under devolution, whether Labour / LibDem or SNP.

      Public services operate in Scotland like a mirror image of Westminster Govt. They are the Edinburgh branch office of Westminster Govt, so that’s no surprise.

      If, WHEN, we get independence, We need a more accountable system of govt. Open govt, not the secretive, unaccountable public services and secretive unaccountable Scottish NHS, that we got under Labour and continue to get under the SNP.

      For me, independence is the chance to create a better country, not an independent version of the crooked, unaccountable, secretive crap public services we have now.

      Or quangoed, ALEOed, semi-privatised, publically-funded services that is a way of making them even more unaccountable. The Labour and Tories’ model of removing services from public accountability and copied by the SNP.

    127. Rock says:

      geeo says:
      28 March, 2018 at 9:30 pm

      “So…after weeks of news on the poison ‘scandal’it turns out that police now believe they were poisoned at home.

      Begs the obvious question.

      If they are not even certain after all this time, about WHERE they were poisoned, how on earth is it credible to claim with such apparent certainty, to know WHO did it ?”

      Rock (16th March – “The greasy poll”):

      “Nicola and the SNP made utter fools of themselves by supporting Saint Theresa, in my humble opinion.”

    128. yesindyref2 says:

      What I’m saying is that when you say “i imagine we are all agreed”, we ain’t.

    129. yesindyref2 says:

      rtfq right back at you. I said “That’s the attitude of those going about saying the likes of “free in 23”, and such like delaying tactics.”

      Don’t quote me out of context.

    130. jfngw says:


      I’ve been running Linux Mint for over 2 years, no problem running any video, Netflix, Amazon Prime, Iplayer (not used since login introduced) but videos on news site run fine, Flash sites (independence live site runs without any problem).

      Very few sites are sticking with Flash players.

    131. Bob Mack says:

      Every Internet or social media post, and in fact even your phone calls or texts have been collected by GCHQ since 2013, using the American Prism system identified by Edward Snowdon.. I mean everybody in the UK.

      There was a time when court orders were needed,but not under this government. To those posters who urge more definite action,I would remind you of this fact.

      Be aware.

    132. Polscot says:

      OT I know, but may be important for some. As Graeme says:
      Graeme says:
      28 March, 2018 at 9:29 pm
      Don’t give up your freedom Capella MS Windows is spyware pure & simple

      Flash works fine in Linux and so does iplayer no workarounds needed

      I use Chrome and Firefox browsers with flash player add ons installed in Linux Mint and Ubuntu, works no problem. Some apps that require windows (Garmin update, NAPS2 scanning, Photoshop) I run in a windows guest sandbox on Linux host. Best of all, no endless updates on Windows just when you don’t need them.

    133. yesindyref2 says:

      @Bob Mack
      I always presume they know what I’m having for my tea before I do.

      Ha, you out there (waves hand) you don’t get any I ate the lot 🙂

    134. Thepnr says:

      In recent days I have dumped Facebook, dumped Chrome and am ready to dump twitter. After reading the posts above might just dump Windows first and move to Linux.

      To be honest I’m sick of all the spying and tracking that goes on with your software. Thanks all.

    135. schrodingers cat says:

      I said “That’s the attitude of those going about saying the likes of “free in 23”, and such like delaying tactics.”

      Don’t quote me out of context.

      but i didnt say that

      i said
      “i imagine we are all agreed . . . we should hold indyref2 if and when we believe we have the best chance of winning”

      you said
      I don’t agree in the slightest, there’s no such thing.

      no context, actual words you wrote.

    136. Graeme says:

      Thepnr says:
      28 March, 2018 at 9:59 pm

      “In recent days I have dumped Facebook, dumped Chrome and am ready to dump twitter. After reading the posts above might just dump Windows first and move to Linux.

      To be honest I’m sick of all the spying and tracking that goes on with your software. Thanks all.”

      have a look here

      I’m one of the developers if you need any help don’t be afraid to ask

    137. schrodingers cat says:


      i use xubuntu but i believe its support is about to be pulled. fedora seems to be the linux system most likely to continue

      i believe microsoft have bought out/commandered ubuntu, or something. upshot, folk will move to another linux platform

    138. Graeme says:

      Thepnr says:
      28 March, 2018 at 9:59 pm

      “In recent days I have dumped Facebook, dumped Chrome and am ready to dump twitter. After reading the posts above might just dump Windows first and move to Linux.

      To be honest I’m sick of all the spying and tracking that goes on with your software. Thanks all.”

      Have a look here

      I’m one of the developers, If I can help you in any way don’t be afraid to ask

    139. Hamish100 says:

      Rock on shift I see.

      Nicola baaad. Must be doing something right to annoy not only the tories but the pseudo socialist republicans with a taste for champers!!

    140. jfngw says:

      Anybody wanting to try Linux should try a live version (runs directly off DVD) to ensure there are no hardware compatibility issues before they do a full install.

    141. schrodingers cat says:

      right on cue
      Graeme says:

      have a look here

      I’m one of the developers if you need any help don’t be afraid to ask

      this is fairly typical of the linux community, that and linux is simpler, more stable, open and free

    142. Thepnr says:


      Cheers I’ve downloaded the torrent and willing to give peppermint a try.

    143. Graeme says:

      schrodingers cat says:
      28 March, 2018 at 10:05 pm


      “i use xubuntu but i believe its support is about to be pulled. fedora seems to be the linux system most likely to continue”

      There not gonna pull support for Xubuntu I have the developement version (18.04running in a VM for testing as we base our distro (Peppermint) on Xubuntu

      i believe microsoft have bought out/commandered ubuntu, or something. upshot, folk will move to another linux platform

      Threre’s been talk about that for years but it’s very very unlikely to happen if they did someone or group will fork Ubuntu it’s all open source Microsoft can’t close it down,

    144. schrodingers cat says:

      jfngw says:
      28 March, 2018 at 10:09 pm
      Anybody wanting to try Linux should try a live version (runs directly off DVD) to ensure there are no hardware compatibility issues before they do a full install.

      a usb flashdrive is better

      it also enables you to install it onto another usb flashdrive, update this flashdrive with drivers etc, to confirm hardware compatibility

    145. Capella says:

      @ graeme @ jfngw @ Polscot – you’re right. Time to ditch MS. Will checkout peppermintos etc. I used to use Ubuntu but if it’s been colonised by MS that would explain why it doesn’t work so well now.

      Freedom – it does come cheap. Much cheaper than MS anyway!

    146. Graeme says:

      “Cheers I’ve downloaded the torrent and willing to give peppermint a try.”

      Ok good man why don’t you burn it to a DVD or a USB stick and run it live first to see if you’re happy with it.

      If you want to install I’d advise you join the forum they’re a great bunch of guys there we’ll help you get going or answer any questions you have, if that’s what you want to do my moniker on that forum is Emegra

    147. schrodingers cat says:

      Graeme says:

      Don’t give up your freedom Capella, MS Windows is spyware pure & simple

      i always considered windows, and the never ending upgrades, as a virus

    148. Polscot says:

      @Graeme, that’s a great lightweight OS you have, peppermint. I used it on a small atom-based laptop with 1Gb RAM and it was fantastic with skype, libre office and chromium browser, all worked very fast.

      Canonical develop Ubuntu and definitely are not owned by microsoft. Ubuntu code is available for review (Graeme will know more about this than I do), if there were any backdoors into it, this would be well known.

    149. heedtracker says:

      Terrific history of Catalonia. Full on imperialism certainly turbo boosted Spain’s expansionism. So it wasn’t just our imperial forefathers or even our present day imperial master baiters. Although Spain may not have a giant beeb gimp style network,

    150. Graeme says:

      “I used to use Ubuntu but if it’s been colonised by MS that would explain why it doesn’t work so well now.”

      They’ve not been colonised by Micro$oft nor are they ever likely to be, but they have ditched the Unity desktop and moved to Gnome so they are under a bit of a transition at the moment, Ubuntu is a great distribution and many other distributions are based off it including Peppermint

    151. schrodingers cat says:

      we base our distro (Peppermint) on Xubuntu

      thats interesting, nowadays i base my info on what my 9 year old son tells me, he being far more computer literate than me, I’ll have a look at your distro.

      i recently (2 weeks ago) had to install windows pedo on this laptop for work related reasons (office compatiblity issues)
      i had forgotton how much i hated windows

    152. Phronesis says:

      Orwell’s reflections on the Spanish Civil War.
      Is the British ruling class wicked, stupid, hypocritical, cowardly, mean or all of the above.

      ‘The most baffling thing in the Spanish war was the behaviour of the great powers. The war was actually won for Franco by the Germans and Italians, whose motives were obvious enough. The motives of France and Britain are less easy to understand. In 1936 it was clear to everyone that if Britain would only help the Spanish Government, even to the extent of a few million pounds’ worth of arms, Franco would collapse and German strategy would be severely dislocated. By that time one did not need to be a clairvoyant to foresee that war between Britain and Germany was coming; one could even foretell within a year or two when it would come. Yet in the most mean, cowardly, hypocritical way the British ruling class did all they could to hand Spain over to Franco and the Nazis. Why? Because they were pro-Fascist, was the obvious answer. Undoubtedly they were, and yet when it came to the final showdown they chose to Stand up to Germany. It is still very uncertain what plan they acted on in backing Franco, and they may have had no clear plan at all. Whether the British ruling class are wicked or merely stupid is one of the most difficult questions of our time, and at certain moments a very important question’

    153. Thepnr says:


      Thanks for the help and same to others, will be tried first using a usb. Raring to go now but can wait until tomorrow 🙂

    154. jfngw says:

      @schrodingers cat

      If I wanted a portable version then a USB flash is best. For trying out I’ve always preferred a DVD (personal preference I suppose), a certain mag has different live DVD versions you can try every month.

    155. Graeme says:

      Also remember Peppermint (like any Ubuntu based distro) makes it very easy to install alongside an existing Windows partition so you can dual boot so long as you have the disc space, but I’d advise strongly to back up anything important first on your existing OS, although the risk of anything going wrong isn’t high there’s is always a risk of data loss

    156. heedtracker says:

      Phronesis says:
      28 March, 2018 at 10:32 pm
      Orwell’s reflections on the Spanish Civil War.

      You’re talking about the violent climax in European and Russian between European fascism and communism. You can argue all day what Britain actually did to stand up to fascist Germany from 1939 until mid 1944. But its pretty clear that British Imperialists led by Churchill in London spent several years watching and waiting to see who would win between Stalin and Hitler.

      When it looked like Stalin was going to defeat Hitler, D-day was planned and executed. If they had left it all any longer, the whole of Europe would have been part of the Soviet Union. Although it is entirely possible nuclear war would have kicked off between the US and Russia.

      The British Empire may have been on the wane in the 1930’s but that did not make it any less fascist. Ofcourse Franco was going to be aided and abetted.

      Its EU membership democracy that’s really been the post war enemy of fascism in Europe and now the UK’s flounced out. Its not a coincidence.

    157. Thepnr says:

      In the less than one day the Defend Clara Ponsati fundraiser has now breached £200K. Hopefully after all expenses have been covered some of that money can be used to help the families of those currently in Jail.

      Especially the two activists who were not politicians and have been in jail since October hundreds of miles from home.

      The Spanish government are a disgrace, I hope they get a bloody nose over this attempt at extradition from Scotland.

    158. Robert J. Sutherland says:

      schrodingers cat @ 21:09:

      if we hold indyref2 and the polls swing to us and it looks like we will win, WM will do anything in their power to stop it, […]

      Well, the direct logical corollary of that attitude is that we can never hold a referendum. Ever. Since Perfidious Albion will trump us on every move, no matter what?

      Just as well Robert the Bruce didn’t think like that.

    159. chasanderson200 says:

      WINGERS NIGHT OUT 7th April
      ONLY 10 SLEEPS TO GO!!!!!!
      Full details posted over on OFF TOPIC just now.
      Hope to see lots of you there.

    160. cearc says:


      ‘Bout bl***y time too. You said you were going to months and months ago!

    161. Thepnr says:


      I know but it’s never too late and I’m all set now 🙂

    162. cearc says:

      Am I the only one who thinks that May’s moment of glory on the world stage of cold war might be going to backfire bigtime?

      If the international body don’t agree with her ‘evidence’ it will be mighty embarassing for great Britannia!

    163. jfngw says:

      Apparently the front door is now the main Skripal poison suspect according to the MSM. I’m beginning to suspect it may have been delivered via his morning newspaper, the shit they are coming up with is certainly putting me into a coma.

    164. Thepnr says:

      I’m wondering if there just might be some staunch Labour supporters looking at what is going on between Catalonia and Spain.

      Looking at the statements or non statements from their leadership and saying to themselves “you know what?, I’m starting to think I might be on the wrong side here”.

      I hope so because the likes of Ian Murray certainly is.

    165. heedtracker says:

      Holy shit, its over £200k. Worth a tenner, just to watch the beeb Scotland gimps struggle with it all:D

    166. Lenny Hartley says:

      Bob Mac 2152 For Decades Every phone made outside local exchange areas in the UK was monitored by the American National Security Agency for GCHQ. It was illegal for GCHQ to do this. as you said a warrant was required, but it was not illegal for a “Foreign” Organisation to do it, hence the NSA did it from their bases at Edzell, Angus and Menwith Hill near Harrogate, Yorkshire . Lot more sophisticated now off course, back in the day, certain words would trigger the tape recorders. Nowadays everything you put into the ether, via Facebook, Google, Mail, etc is checked out by Prism. Keeps us safe dont ya know 🙂

    167. geeo says:

      Testing testing

    168. Brian Doonthetoon says:

      Maybe yooz who use Windoze should try Windows RG?

      Check out all the links and so on here:-

    169. louis.b.argyll says:

      Electoral Commission,
      National Trust,
      BBC Trust,
      UK Supreme Court,
      House of Lords.
      HM Treasury-
      they might all think they do a good balanced job, based on their patronising prejudices, from their own privileged view of right and wrong or right and left, and their often bought and paid for career paths – are now part of the general UK deception.

      Not far now, until the Orwellian tipping point, the System vs the Truth, battle will commence before honest debate can achieve a fair solution.

      Let’s hope older humans everywhere take their heads out of their selfish arses before it’s too late.

      Soon the young will laugh at us, our apathy wallowing in lazy self-righteousness because we beat the bad guys the last time..and they won’t come for us.

    170. Capella says:

      Playing an innocent game of solitaire before lights out when a ghastly MoD advert starts to play. Extols the largesse of HMG. Billions spent in Scotland supporting thousands of jobs. Keeping us all safe.

      This must be the work of SCL. But they got my profile wrong. Final pic of a sub, probably at Faslane, is a vote loser IMO.
      Is there an election scheduled?

    171. louis.b.argyll says:

      Been busy, reading through last couple of days links etc, excellent way to keep informed. cheers folks!

    172. louis.b.argyll says:

      Capella, ads for war are always a bit creepy.

    173. Bill not Ben says:

      Just a thought, nothing on the internet is safe and secure, just don’t give out any details that can harm you.
      There are many experts that will tell you about paying stuff over the internet where you have to give your details.
      They don’t trust it, and never do it, so if they say its not secure and don’t do it, why should you.
      I never give my phone number out to anyone, unless i want to for some reason, but if they don’t need my number when i am buying something out of their shop, why are they asking for it, and why do they need my address when i am buying an item, do these companies think i am stupid, they say but we don’t give your info to anyone, but what they mean is, we are called Brilliant Buys, but we do have other names under our banner that you are not aware of, so in years to come you will recieve all kinds of offers that you never asked for, and all those nuisance phone calls you will recieve over the years, it will have nothing to do with Brilliant Buys………. Honest lol

    174. The fascist State Spain repaid the Nazi after the war,

      it was there that many of the Nazi party (some estimate 10,000) took refuge and from there a springboard to Argentina,Brazil,Chile etc,

      not all left for South America,there were many governments from Europe and the Middle East and various secret services that were willing to employ Nazi to help train terrorists and State soldiers,

      one of the prominent Nazi soldiers of fortune was SS-Obersturmbannführer
      Otto Skorzeny,

      who seemed to work for everyone at some point,even Mossad.

    175. twathater says:

      ” Or any particular category of candidates ” surely SIU are supporting and actively campaigning for UNIONIST PARTIES AND CANDIDATES so are in contravention of EC rules

      But lets be honest is ANYONE surprised at this result , the EC have spectacularly failed the voters and electorate of the whole of the UK . They have failed to rein in electoral fraud conducted on a massive scale by the 3 unionist parties

      As i have said repeatedly the SNP SG must ensure international observers from the EU and others when indy2 comes to pass , we cannot allow these unionist puppets to regulate unchallenged

    176. yesindyref2 says:

      I used Linux live off a CD to bail out a Windows disk / system for some reason, some years ago, can’t remember why. Very handy. Use Fedora on my dedicated webserver, have to use Windows XP on desktop and backup, and on laptop.

      Never just managed to have a spare box or time to put Linux on a box full time at home and use my static IP addresses to run a webserver from home as well for experimentation, particularly messing with firewall and Bind stuff. I blame it on Indy Ref. It’s all the fault of Westminster, basically.

      I endorse what others have said about communities, you can often get what you want from previous postings, but can ask questions. You’d rarely if ever get told to RTFM! Or the FAQ for that matter. ISTR Ubuntu being very active in Scotland.

    177. Kangaroo says:

      Graeme & indyref2

      As you two seem to be tech savy, what do you think of preparing an electronic version of the WBB?

      Seems like Westminster are going to try and censor the internet so it may be necessary to get something created sooner rather than later.

    178. Graeme says:

      Kangaroo says:
      29 March, 2018 at 5:31 am

      Graeme & indyref2

      As you two seem to be tech savy, what do you think of preparing an electronic version of the WBB?

      Seems like Westminster are going to try and censor the internet so it may be necessary to get something created sooner rather than later.

      There’s already a digital version of the WBB in PDF format I have it

    179. Luigi says:

      louis.b.argyll says:

      29 March, 2018 at 12:23 am

      Electoral Commission,
      National Trust,
      BBC Trust,
      UK Supreme Court,
      House of Lords.
      HM Treasury-

      I wonder if any members of those mentioned institutions went to “normal” schools? Jobs for the boys, methinks. 🙂

    180. Kangaroo says:

      Graeme 6:16am

      PDF version of WBB is great. What about joining up some of the various videos and radio broadcasts etc into one comprehesive collection together with appropriate corrections. Wings is great but difficult for newbies or non techies to get around.

      “Could someone search for stuff easily on Wings?” Would they even know what to look for?

      Just trying to think outside the box here and promote the cause even if there is an internet crackdown.

    181. Luigi says:

      Rock says:

      28 March, 2018 at 9:23 pm

      I am sorry to say that every penny raised will go down the legal gutter, as happened with the money raised for those seeking to unseat the Right Honourable Alisatair Carmichael, MP, long term bosom pal of Craig Murray.

      Did you donate? No? Then what are you moaning about?

      You seem awfully concerned about other people’s money.
      Maybe something else is bugging you, eh. 🙂

    182. admiral says:

      Capella says:

      29 March, 2018 at 12:26 am

      Playing an innocent game of solitaire before lights out when a ghastly MoD advert starts to play. Extols the largesse of HMG. Billions spent in Scotland supporting thousands of jobs. Keeping us all safe.

      This must be the work of SCL.

      I was browsing a football-related Twitter account and a “sponsored” tweet came up. UK government branded – “Scotland exports more to the rest of the UK than the EU”.

      A propaganda war is underway…

    183. Capella says:

      Having been subjected to a MoD advert out of the blue last night telling me how many billions they spend in Scotland supporting hundreds of thousands of jobs and keeping us safe in our beds, I revisited this article on Project Duco which SCL ran in 2014 for the MoD.

      The Guardian is focused on the BREXIT referendum and doesn’t appear to notice the significance of the year 2014 for Scotland. That is quite telling.

      However, they have published a number of interviews which shed light on the methods used to manipulate votes. Here, Christopher Wylie spells out the chilling extent of this project.

      Is anyone wondering how HMG messaging might have influenced Indyref1 and so will be deployed again. As Mr Wylie says, they do regard this as a war and Theresa May is determined to deliver BREXIT and preserve her precious union.

    184. Ken500 says:

      Mundell and the Tories using public money (the Scottish Office) on illegal ads and campaigning Facebook etc on the internet. Trying to get himself re elected. That is illegal. Public money being used illegally. Public money can’t be used to fund a political Party. Or by party members to get elected. It is embezzlement and should be reported to the Police.

      False representation and should also be reported. The ads were lying making claims of false representation of trade – export figures.

      Scotland exports £30Billion (without Oil) £15Billion to the EU ie 50%. Overseas £5Billion+? £10Billion of the UK. A 1/3. Not £40Billion as claimed. Another Tory lie. A fall because of the decline of Oil exports and the production of gas.

      Scotland also benefits from EU Grants (CAP) and could benefit even more without Westminster gross interferes in blocking grant applications (CCS) and extra CAP money coming to Scotland. The Tories took the extra payments and gave it to wealthy farmers in the South totally illegal. EU shared Defenve costs saves £Billions.

      The UK exports £320Billion? Take £30Billion from £320Billion = £290Billion Divide by 11 (11/12 pop) = £22.5Billion. The rest of the UK exports far less pro rata. Add in Oil & Gas which should have been pro rata the rest of the UK exports over £10Billion less. Scotland exports more pro rata.

      Scotland imports less. The rest of the UK imports more (pro rata). It has a much higher balance of payments deficit. Scotland has to pay for the debt it doesn’t borrow or spend.

      Scotland being deprived again by Westminster liars. Including Mundell. Illegally using public money to fund a political Party to get himself re elected. Lying, breaking Purdsh rules and illegally using public money. Get the Police in. There are supposed be strict rules against election fraud.

      The Tories have ruined the Scottish Oil & Gas sector since 2010. With illegal high Tory taxes when the price had fallen. It is an absolute scandal. They are taxing it at 40% (since Jan 2016) when the price had fallen. They are useless invompetent sycophants. Their mismanagement and misappropriation of Scottish funds and mismanagement of the economy is scandalous. They are appalling people.

      Scotland has lost 120,000 jobs and £Billions because of the total mismanagement of the Oil & Gas sector. The mismanagement of the fishing industry for over 40 years by Westminster unionist incompetence.

      The Brexit mess will ruin the Scottish economy further. An absolute scandal. Brexit will lose Scotland £8Billion and even more overall. The gain from fishing is estimated to be £200,000. A drop in the ocean compared to losses. When fishing could fan in any case from improving conditions and better regulation and methods.

      The SNP have never paid for Facebook details etc. Or used dirty money to harvest details, Any information gathered is entirely from details freely given by those interested or supporting. Or interested in Independence. People sign up and gave their details with full consent. They are totally aware of what their details are to be used. Ticked boxes about their wishes. Or information gathered freely with the participants consent. Legitimately gathered information. Any e-mails or information sent on by individuals were entirely up to the receivers discretion. If they were sent on from individuals/shared, there is a facility to block. Totally within the electoral commission rules.

      Or the electoral ,roll can be used totally within guide lines of limited canvassing material. Limited to one of two per household gong to different people. There are strict rules on canvassing. Totally ignored by the Unionists and others. There is can also be a request made to the Ciuncil to limit electoral details. A box ticked The house number not to be disclosed. Under the personal data Act.

      MSM is lying again about SNP/YES participation and donations, They should be brought to book again.

      In the past there have been criticism about the SNP refusal of individual leafletting offers or donations for expenses etc. That is precisely why they have to be refused because they could put the election cost which are closely monitored and controlled over the limits. A criminal expense.

      The unionist Pollsters were manipulating the vote for money. A criminal offence. Cash for honours,

      The Pollsters have been criticised and fined many times for breaking the guidelines. Gerrymandering is supposed to be punishable by prison but nothing is done about by the Polling Association. Acting illegally. Aiding and abetting these crooks for money. Total manipulation. The Bookies always get it right. The Pollster get it wrong (deliberately?). To manipulate the vote.

    185. Capella says:

      @ admiral – snap! You nailed it. A propaganda war is well underway. And each target will be hit by a specially tailored bullet.

    186. Polscot says:

      @Kangaroo and @Graeme
      WBB is also available in mobi and epub formats so you can distribute on kindle, nook, etc. These formats will also load in Calibre and other PC-based e-readers. A great read and was instrumental in my own journey to “Yes”, even though I didn’t get a vote!

    187. Liz g says:

      OK I can understand the need for online privacy…
      I can’t argue with that.
      And I would also argue that there’s no such thing AS online privacy,no matter what system you use.

      I take the view that no matter what ye do online ye should always consider it ” public ” knowledge…

      So having said that……

      Please don’t leave all the most used forums Facebook/Twitter/Google ect to be used by those who are against our independence.
      We used these outlets…. and used them well,last time around.
      All the money and backdoor activities that were used against us,didn’t succeed… we overcame it!!!
      So for now stay the course… as nasty as these forums are,we can use them..

    188. Nana says:

      Experts say Trump’s global trade war makes a UK-US Brexit trade deal almost impossible.

      War crimes evidence in Syria ‘overwhelming’, not all can be pursued: U.N.

      “The BBC is planning a Brexit Special looking at all aspects of the BBC’s coverage of this extraordinarily divisive issue – specifically whether the corporation has kept to its charter commitment to impartiality, not just in its journalism, but also in its programming …
      Info on how to contact them here

    189. Nana says:

      If Scotland’s 2014 referendum result is discredited? …
      What happens?

      The harvesting of our personal details goes far beyond what many of us could imagine. So I braced myself and had a look


    190. Ken500 says:

      The unionist propaganda war is totally illegal. Illegal methods being used. False and fraudulent information. The majority do no want to leave the EU. Espevialkynin Scotland, it will be a disaster for everyone but the Tory hedge fund managers and tax evaders. Breaking the Law. May is gaining personally from the manipulation. She will be gone befire long. Sanctioning starving and killing people the world over. The migration crisis in Europe was caused by the US/UK illegal wars. Not by the EU policies. The EU has to try and sort it out. Costing £Billiions for European countries.

      The idea of Putin authorising an agent to put chemicals in someone’s door is just laughable. It is just ridiculous beyond belief. Why on earth? When there are so many other ways to take someone out. It could have been a rogue element. Or Johnston and M16. Johnston the imbecile has been gunning for Russia, irrationally for years. Getting £Million/Billions of donations from Russian emigres resident in London. After stealing Russian funds from the people. Crooks and bandits financing the Tory Party. Non Dom tax evaders funding the Tory Party with dirty money. They are despicable.

      They are always advertising for the Military because not enough will join. Illegal wars etc traumatising people. PTS not being dealt with properly. Leaving people in distress. In the past 80% of the Military was recruited from Scotland. There was higher unemployment caused by Westminster policies. Many people had to leave Scotland migrate to get a job. Leave their friends and families The Tories have cut the military personnel services from 100,000 to 80,000. There are plans to increase a reserve. Not working properly as expected.

      Westminster is still spending £Billions on squint Trident replacement. A total waste of money. With alternatives for much better replacement. The majority of the Defence budget is spent on redundant weaponry which is never used and becomes obsolete. It can then fall into dodgy hands. Rogue elements without proper disposal. 6 obsolete hulks sitting st Rosyth. No one knows what to do with. Scotland paying £Billions for defence. They are no patrol vessels to patrol the shores. Trawlers and fishing boats are used as surveillance vessels.

      Nuclear warheads were removed from 20 mins from London in 1992. Greenham Common? but dumped in Scotland in the 1960’s illegally by McMillian. The US did not want them there but capitulated. The bay of pigs crisis in Cuba. Kennedy. Now NATO have weapons on the Russian border menacing Russia. Johnston is trying to start conflict with Russia but Trump would not go along with it. The dying spy and the ‘dirty dossier’. Johnston and May trying to divert from the economic crisis and Brexit. The sooner the Tories have gone the better. For world peace and prosperity and not sanctioning and starving people. The Tory psycho bastards.

      Vote SNP/SNP. Vote for Independence.

    191. galamcennalath says:

      admiral says:

      “Scotland exports more to the rest of the UK than the EU”.

      A propaganda war is underway…

      There certainly is – in so many ways and in so many places.

      Sometimes I think there should be a YES campaign to balance this. Other times I stand back and think things are progressing nicely just as they are!

      Consider the BritNat propaganda. Mostly it’s actually about trying to counter their own mess. It’s not like the fearmongering attacks of IndyRef1, it’s much more on the defensive. Take the example you quote. They only feel that necessary because of their Brexit fiasco. Also, there is an implied attack on the EU in their statement which is hardly wise when two thirds of Scots want to Remain.

      It’s going to be extremely difficult for them to deliver a hard Brexit, sell their Union, and attack Indy simultaneously. Every level of their propaganda reeks of desperation.

      Most importantly, there is no sign that it is working. At best they are slowing the move to YES, and certainly not reversing it. And all this while there is no significant pro Indy campaign.

    192. Phronesis says:

      An informative debate in WM on GP recruitment and retention challenges across the UK- always useful to compare and contrast- including the new suburb of Lincoln aka Scotland.

      Philippa Whitford;’One of the small-print issues that is arising in England is the fact that no new general medical services contracts have been awarded since 2013; everything has been done on the basis of alternative provider contracts, which means that they are only for five years. It might be attractive to a big multinational to take on a franchise and hope that it gets the contract again; but there is no possibility that a family doctor would be interested in setting up or taking on a practice for a mere five years’

      Someone didn’t do their homework;

      Ross Thomson :’I do not know whether he shares my concern that the current cap by the Scottish Government on Scottish domiciled student places means that only 51% of current medical places at university are filled by Scots’

      Philippa Whitford; ‘On a point of order, Mrs Moon. I have a factual correction to make. The hon. Member for Aberdeen South (Ross Thomson) stated that only 51% of students at Scottish universities were from Scotland. In fact, it is 70%’

    193. Macart says:


      Ta Nana. Much needed. 🙂

      Yeah, clocked Ms Nokes idiocy yesterday. (shrugs) Problem being, there are folk living in Scotland who agree with her. They’d rather live in a region than a country and they’d rather have their hand held than walk upright. Mind you, they’re also going to need some poor souls identified as an underclass to sneer at too. Just so they can feel better about themselves.

      There are folk like Ms Nokes all over the world. There’s always someone who fancies themselves better than, too good for, considerably richer than…etc Y’know, arrogant.

    194. heedtracker says:

      A propaganda war is underway…

      BBC r4 Today show is now just one 3 hour party political broadcast on behalf of the Conservative Britnat party. Liam Fox waffles on and on Brexit UK is wonderful nothings to a beeb gimp. Teresa May’s on a world tour of her UK, the most successful union ever, WW2 news, coastal guns that saved the UK from Germany, firing 22 rounds a min, are under threat.

      Its a really great time to be a global tory Britain.

    195. Catherine says:

      @ScotsRenewables Kafkellian.

    196. Nana says:

      Good morning Macart

      Yep it’s the superior sneering attitude that gets me every time.
      She needs to get a mirror and see what other’s see

      Just saw this

      Lochaven in Stewarton seems to be the best guess for TM visit
      Thir website would make you vomit

      Tories only visit tory donors. BBc will be wherever the staged event is to take place in order to direct the show.

    197. Highland Wifie says:

      Well that’s my morning sorted. So many links I don’t know where to start.
      It’s like having presents to open every day lol.
      Thanks Nana.

    198. Capella says:

      @ Nana – looks like a smoking gun to me – that Yesday tweet:

      Nana says:
      29 March, 2018 at 8:08 am

      If Scotland’s 2014 referendum result is discredited? …
      What happens?

    199. Famous15 says:

      Internal market? EU biggest market etc etc.

      In Scotland that will be a disaster if independent.

      HOWEVER for Brexit we will get a free trade agreement because we buy so much from them.

      Oh shut up Scotland you liars and only a county council anyway.

      BTW I now support the Norway way.

    200. Nana says:

      Horror spotting

      @MrMalky APB Theresa May at AlexBeggs & Co in Ayr either now or very soon. Anybody nearby please attend to welcome. Please RT

    201. Ken500 says:

      Why has it taken weeks of botched investigation to find out the chemicals were on the door? Were the participants involved in transporting or manufacturing chemicals. Gets more M15 daily.

      Let Assange out for pity’s sake, Free Assange. It is just too ridiculous. Pathetic Tories.

    202. Ken500 says:

      The Masons in Ayr must be very pleased May is in Ayr. Poseur visit. Sent homewards to think again.The stink. Pretendy bus. Then flying onwards. On the £100Million aircraft? Tory wasted £Billions,

    203. Capella says:

      Jury still out on BBC impartiality – from that Joanna Hyslop tweet:

      Andy Evers
      ? @LondonAndy
      24h24 hours ago
      Replying to @JoannaHyslop @acgrayling

      You’ve had an MEP on Question Time 34 times. 32 of those occasions have been @Nigel_Farage. Whatever your argument, perhaps you can see why this might be construed as anti-EU bias. #brexit

    204. Nana says:

      Morning Highland Wifey, sweet and sour pressies I’m afraid.


      smoking gun, I think so.

    205. Ken500 says:

      May visit. Harry Potter hogwash. BT raises it’s ugly head again. Totally orchestrated. SIU. Donations not declared. Billionaires/Millionaires illegally buying elections. Sanctioning and killing people. Brexit. Total economic mess.

    206. Robert Peffers says:

      @Kangaroo says: 29 March, 2018 at 6:41 am:

      “Wings is great but difficult for newbies or non techies to get around.
      “Could someone search for stuff easily on Wings?” Would they even know what to look for?”

      Hi, Kangaroo, If you look at the very top of the Wings page there is a horizontal line of clickable links to lots of information and on the right of every page are clickable links to lots of good information too. I find the very top horizontal link to reference very handy.

    207. Nana says:

      Nobody here but us chickens, no crowds, nobody…Manager Ian refuses to come out.

      May at Beggs in Ayr
      Saying that the union is important and you’re getting more powers
      Wah ha hahahaha

    208. heedtracker says:

      BBC r4 on now, Brexit’s amazing, even more great British history, like Anglo Saxons v the Normans, its all about England/Britain. Scotland totally obliterated from Britain/England. England became Britain in…

      ON AIR 09:00 – 09:45

      The Long View Jonathan Freedland
      The Long View marks a year to go with a Brexit special edition

      Same tory beeb gimps that say Catalonia is just like Cornwall.

      Catalonia and Cornwall
      Jonathan Freedland looks at past events which shed light on present-day controversies.


      Ain’t no shyster like a beeb gimp shyster.

    209. Kangaroo says:

      @Robert Peffers 9:27am

      Thanks for that I will check those links for sure.

      Incessant discussion about cricketers playing with balls over here. You would think nothing else was happening in the world. They all have a “Roo” loose in their top paddock.


    210. yesindyref2 says:

      Just happened to do a bit of reading, and seems to me either it goes easy for Ponsati, or it’s going to need Wolffe. And that’s all I’m going to say about that.

      Can’t just get my head around it.

    211. Ottomanboi says:

      It needs to be reiterated ad nauseam that our national movement is above all, Scottish. The British state, its interests, its future are of marginal concern to us. Our link with colonial Britishness, much of it grotesquely self~harming, is history. The concept, the conceit and the kith & kin sentimentality that unionism feeds upon should be binned.
      Rename the SNP the National Party. We know which nation it represents, it should be made clear by its psychology and the actions of its leaders the pseudo~nation it does not.

    212. Breeks says:

      Any mention of an Independence referendum yet?

      Ok, I’ll check back in again later.

    213. Ken500 says:

      May creeping around Scotland wasting even more public money.

      May makes broadcast lying about not using Brexit to take back powers from Scotland and further ruin the Scottish economy. Ever word she utters is a lie. It is despicable. Never trust a Tory unionist. Ever.

      The Westminster unionists have ruined the fishing industry, ruined the Oil sector. Misused and misappropriated Scottish revenues. Lie about it. Scotland has had to pay for illegal wars, financial fraud and tax evasion. Lost £Billions to Westminster union lies, duplicity and illegal behaviour.

    214. jfngw says:

      Is Newsnight merely a parody programme now, some of its presenters may as well just put on their blue rosettes, their lack of impartiality is almost palpable.

      The worst position you can be in during dangerous times is to be led by an autocrat with little empathy for others, especially those considered the lower classes. Anyway I’m sure there will be positive TV coverage today for some.

    215. Capella says:

      Turns out that the Pentagon is running chemical warfare experiments in Porton Down. Also in Ukraine. In partnereship with our new friends the SCL parent group DTSL aka Porton Down.

      According to the 2005 Agreement between the US DoD and the Ministry of Health of Ukraine the Ukrainian government is prohibited from public disclosure of sensitive information about the US program. The Pentagon has been operating 11 biolaboartories in Ukraine.

      Porton Down is just one of the Pentagon-funded military laboratories in 25 countries across the world, where the US Army produces and tests man-made viruses, bacteria and toxins in direct violation of the UN convention.

      These US bio-laboratories are funded by the Defense Threat Reduction Agency (DTRA) under a $ 2.1 billion military program– Cooperative Biological Engagement Program (CBEP), and are located in former Soviet Union countries such as Georgia and Ukraine, the Middle East, South East Asia and Africa.

      From Bulgarian investigative journalist – hope she is safe – Dilyana Gaytandzhieva.

      Ghastly pictures of marmosets warning:

    216. cearc says:

      Poison on the door? Poison in thr car air vents?

      Both totally consistent with having gone out for a stroll on damp ground and picked with bare hands Oenanthe Crocata (water dropwort), the young leaves look a bit like coriander. Took it home in the car, opened the door with the same hands and maybe chewed a few leaves.

      Policeman enters spots wilting herbs, gives them a hefty sniff (as they do) and gets it on hands which he later uses for eating (always wash your hands before eating- you know it makes sense). The cicutas (water hemlocks also fit the bill).

      All contain an extremely dangerous deadly neurotoxin which even in tiny quantities can cause very serious symptoms and seem to be particularly potent in cold weather.

      May wades in with International Incident!

      Could completely trash any vestiges of trust that anyone has left for the UK governemnt

    217. Ottomanboi says:

      Ukrain..the apotheosis of klepto-oligarchy
      BIG friend of *free West*.

    218. jfngw says:

      Well which had the longest duration, May’s visit to Scotland or Davidson’s Russian lunch date?

    219. louis.b.argyll says:

      US military bio-labs and nukes.

      NATO expansionist hawks as diplomats.

      Republicans and (Neo) Conservatives.

      How’d thèse guys get in charge for so long they can create instability at the drop of a hat and cover it up.

    220. Robert Peffers says:

      @Kangaroo says: 29 March, 2018 at 9:39 am@

      “Incessant discussion about cricketers playing with balls over here. You would think nothing else was happening in the world. They all have a “Roo” loose in their top paddock.

      Yes! I’m familiar with Australian, (cough!), culture,
      Kangaroo. My sister, her husband and her brood were 25 quid immigrants to Aus in around 1960, Mum & Dad followed in 1962.

      All eventually settling on the outskirts of Brisbane, at Cedar Creek. Mum & Dad now an established bit of Australian territory but sis is still around and her brood are presently doing their bit to increase the Australian population. I have several cousins down there too.

    221. Robert Peffers says:

      @Nana says: 29 March, 2018 at 10:02 am:

      “Blink and you’ll miss it.

      What you might call, “A Thistle Top Tour then”?

    222. msean says:

      Does this mean that any non party organisations that campaigns can look at what sanctions were applied to others who did as they pleased and judge that breaking rules are worth it?

      If they don’t do this,they would be campaigning at a disadvantage.

    223. gregor says:

      Given such disturbing and whopping disparities, the Electoral Commission must provide full public clarification and explain itself ASAP.

      Subversion of the democratic process is very BAD.

    224. Grendel says:

      The RMT union are engaging in a consultation to re-affiliate to the Labour Party. There’s a huge chunk of cash coming their way. I fear that means the end of the RMT’s support for independence…

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