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Books On The Ground

Posted on April 19, 2016 by

weeblackbanner2Copies ordered to date: 38,521



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    1. 19 04 16 12:56

      Books On The Ground | speymouth

    236 to “Books On The Ground”

    1. Flower of Scotland says:

      Very excited! With my 25 books I can maybe change some peoples’ minds.

      Thanks Rev. Now at £170.

    2. Hugh Barclay says:

      Excellent news, I’ll stick an order in at the end of the week.

      I’d love to make a simple vid of the Wee Black Book, I need a background tune or two to inspire me though.

    3. Capella says:

      Great title. Small order in as limited in no of people I’m likely to see in the next couple of weeks. But every little helps I hope.

    4. Willie John says:

      Just tried to fill in the shipping details. Won’t accept Scotland, UK or this Disunited Kingdom. Had to lie and say it was a UNITED kingdom!

    5. CageyBee says:

      Re Country I put Scotland in and it accepted that no quibble £500 in an hour. Hope you have loads of wee helpers to keep up with the postage

    6. Cactus says:

      Good news.

      Although this is NOT a fundraiser, would anyone like to place a wager as to what the total will be by the 4th May!?

      I’ll throw in a guesstimate of £45,000
      I wonder how many wbbooks-worth that is?

      Times two.

    7. Paul says:

      The excitement at purchasing hard copies of the Wee Black Book was slightly ruined there by Indiegogo not accepting Scotland as the country I live in at the checkout…

      Never mind, I have high hopes this book will help to change that in the not too distant future!

      My first post here so I would just like to say thank you for all the work you do – it’s outstanding, never stop!


    8. Rev. Stuart Campbell says:

      I doubt it’ll be anywhere near that, most folk don’t really have any need of print editions.

    9. Kenny says:

      @Hugh Barclay – “Won’t Get Fooled Again”?

    10. Grouse Beater says:

      I’ll buy a few.

      If that sounds modest, it isn’t quite. I’m building my wee house and garden stone by stone among influential lawyers and JK Rowling. (They’ve done their best to disrupt it.) I’ll delight in shoving one in her … lovely letterbox.

      For those needful at election time of ammunition against attacks on our march to restore self-governance, here’s some bullets:

    11. scotsbob says:

      I am a pensioner and not very mobile therefore unable to distribute. However I would be happy to buy copies for someone else to distribute them. How could I do this?

    12. Ally Kerr says:

      Hi Rev
      Is there any mileage in some well-placed billboard ads, posters, back-of-bus ads, ads in pro-union papers etc informing people about the WBB and directing them to the URL for it? Could be a fantastic way of getting the info right in front of those who need to hear it, to supplement the person-to-person approach of giving out the print copy. The message needs to reach those who have no contact with Yessers, only ever hear what the pro-union papers and TV feed them, and have probably never even heard of Wings. Just a thought!

    13. Stoker says:

      Super! Smashin! Great! Lets set this cat among the pigeons.

      Rev, can you please keep this at the top for at least a few weeks in its prominent position to give it maximum exposure on here?

      Grouse Beater wrote: “I’m building my wee house and garden stone by stone among influential lawyers..”

      Oooh, get you, if i was chocolate i’d eat myself! 🙂
      Are we to expect a change of moniker to Petrocelli?

    14. Karmanaut says:

      I’ll certainly order some of these as soon as I figure out how many I need. Had I been richer, I would be tempted just to buy a lot and bung them through letterboxes. But I’m not, so I’ll have to target individual people.

    15. The Man in the Jar says:

      Hmm, bit of a gap between £10 and £45 I think I will place two separate orders for £10 worth and hope it doesn’t bugger up the admin. Hope that’s okay.

    16. Sinky says:

      O/T Labour apologists for their toxic PFI scandal now claiming that SNP’s NPD is just the same.

      Also claiming that Jack McConnell’s administration couldn’t use the £1.5 billion they returned to London for building schools or on other capital projects.

      Can some wingers put the record straight on this site, if not to the newspapers?

    17. Connor McEwen says:

      Just a thought .
      Go into every bus and library, pub etc using free Wi-Fi and download it for fun.
      Register in your library and put it onto their mainframe etc.

    18. Rev. Stuart Campbell says:

      “Hmm, bit of a gap between £10 and £45 I think I will place two separate orders for £10 worth and hope it doesn’t bugger up the admin. Hope that’s okay.”

      That’s absolutely fine. People can order as many of each individual package as they want.

    19. liz says:

      @Sinky From the below document, I’ve taken a couple of paragraphs.
      I can’t see anything about WM controlling the budget spend.

      Also wee Jack didn’t have to send any money back after 1999.

      The Scottish Parliament’s budgetary role is restricted to authorising expenditure.

      Rules relating to unspent monies (known as underspends) were relaxed in the late 1999s by the then UK Government.

      Prior to the late 1990s, any departmental underspend would automatically transfer back to the centre.

      However, the introduction of End Year Flexibility (EYF)allowed departments and devolved administrations to carry forward unspent monies from one year to the following.

    20. jnf says:


      I only want one, but shipped to Germany. There’s not many people who I could share it with here. Would you care to add a foreign supporter option (like £20, ships one to anywhere but the UK)?


    21. James D says:

      I don’t live in the UK(Spain), so is there any special international deal available?

      I only want/need about 10 which I imagine would cost about 10-20€ max to send anywhere in Europe.

      Price is not really the issue, I just want to get my hands on the merchandise!

      How about a Euro-deal of 25-30GBP or whatever for 10 or so and any spare change can go to the kitty?

    22. Xaracen says:

      I entered Scotland as the country, but I was told the country couldn’t be blank! Is there no end to Westminster’s devious reach?

    23. Grouse Beater says:

      That’s my order in.

      Bit of a difficulty getting ‘Line Two’ of the address to show itself, but finally it decided to appear.

      Thanks for everything, Stuart.

    24. yesindyref2 says:

      Good pricing structure, good clean distribution method, supply and demand and that good stuff.

      A suggestion would be for people to make up a perhaps A6 size re-order form with web address details and pricing structure, to put in books so if people like it, and want to get some for work colleagues, clube members, whatever, it’s easy for them to do so.

    25. mealer says:

      This is exactly the right approach at this moment in time.

    26. Willie John says:

      How about a running total of books sold/issued as well as sales income? That’s a statistic I would love to stick to a no-sers nose!

    27. carjamtic says:

      Hugh Barclay @ 11:33

      Peter Gabriel 14 Black Paintings is offered,as one idea.

      ‘From the dream come the pain……..’


    28. ClanDonald says:

      Good. Glad you’re charging, Rev, saw some yoons on twitter saying they’d order 1000s then bin them. Now they’ll think twice and if they do at least they’re paying for them.

      @Scotsbob: I’d suggest getting in touch with your local SNP branch if you want people to distribute your books, they’ll have an organiser who will sort this out for you.

      Rev: will we get these before May 5th?

    29. Luigi says:

      ClanDonald says:

      19 April, 2016 at 2:27 pm

      Good. Glad you’re charging, Rev, saw some yoons on twitter saying they’d order 1000s then bin them. Now they’ll think twice and if they do at least they’re paying for them.

      Aye, clever move. Some of them may be dumb enough to pay for them so they can bin them. Shhhh! They are yoons, after all. 🙂

    30. yesindyref2 says:

      It says it’s “at subsidised cost” though, so though it would cost them, it would also cost the Rev a little.

    31. yesindyref2 says:

      At the risk of grannies and sucking eggs, the max thickness for Royal Mail small parcels is 160mm. You can get a few different sizes of a thickness of 152mm, but you have to be very careful to push them flat so it comes to 159 – 159.5 mm, rather than going over the 160mm. They’re pretty cheap though, single-walled, ummm, (305x305x152) for example is £9.68 + VAT for pack of 25, Three Working Days delivery – FREE for orders over £50 excluding VAT.

      I can do a contact form for the company if you like – trade secret and all that, public forum, competitive blah blah.

    32. Do you have it in ony other colour?

    33. Sinky says:

      @ liz says:@ 1.14

      Thanks for that useful info. However having read it, I still don’t see where it prevents Scottish government (at the time 2001) from using a foreseen underspend as an allocated capital expenditure or from moving funds between capital and revenue budgets.

      Any thoughts?

    34. Jon Drummond says:

      @Scotsbob: “I’d suggest getting in touch with your local SNP branch if you want people to distribute your books, they’ll have an organiser who will sort this out for you.”


      The SNP’s distribution system is just that; and area organisers are inundated with literature to deliver from both their constituency candidate and HQ.

      Excellent though Stu’s WBB2 is, it has not been endorsed by the SNP.

      Let’s not give the Yoon’s ammunition – it needs no explanation that to deliver in a covert fashion could bring both in to disrepute.

      From the horses mouth!

    35. yesindyref2 says:

      @Sinky (Unionists) “Also claiming that Jack McConnell’s administration couldn’t use the £1.5 billion they returned to London for building schools or on other capital projects.”

      Well, that makes them look pretty stupid anyway, and would put flesh on what is incorrect, that McConnell “handed back £1.5 billion to the Treasury”. I’d let it ride, ignore it. Unionists have a great way of tripping themselves up, so determined are they to prove you wrong.

      So if you said “Westminster is the best thing since sliced bread”, they’d say that the fact is there’s no such thing as sliced bread and Westminster is crap.

      Offhand I can’t remember whether the amounts left at the Treasury were capital Del or revenue del, I’d have to search for something like “consolidate fund 2008” or 2010, can’t remember offhand.

    36. ronnie anderson says:

      @ Scotbob Keep posting the Rev can add your order into someone else’s ,just Email the Rev , nobody would object to having extra books.

    37. yesindyref2 says:

      Oh, there were and are rules about separating capital and revenue del, no idea if and how funds could be transferred from one to another. I doubt it would be easy, same for Scotland as the UK, except I think the UK sets the rules for both.

    38. yesindyref2 says:

      Damn, sorry, half a mind on business. One of the reasons for PFI / NPD is that it shifts capital expenditure legitimately frm capital to revenue del, as repayments are via revenue del.

    39. paulTgeist says:

      Sinky says:- “O/T”
      Straight ahead 2nd on the right situated next to Nico’s Bar.

      Great news Stu and nicely priced. Order on its way.

    40. Almannysbunnet says:

      Will it make the No1 best sellers list? £2500 worth sold in 5 hrs. Ian Rankinesque.
      Can’t wait to distribute my wee batch.

    41. macnakamura says:

      ClanDonald says:
      19 April, 2016 at 2:27 pm
      Good. Glad you’re charging, Rev, saw some yoons on twitter saying they’d order 1000s then bin them. Now they’ll think twice and if they do at least they’re paying for them.
      SLAB will not worry about the cost as they will use the money from the APD that they will not abolish.

    42. Dunks says:

      My order is in. Let’s hope there’s no delay in receiving them.

      Slab manifesto is bound to steal the Media headlines so let’s make sure as many people as possible have access to the WBB facts as a counter measure.

      O/T.. Just got a letter from Virgin telling me that because SKY are putting their prices up for Sports and Movies, Virgin’s price will be going up by £2:50 per month.

      Why are the powers that be in Scottish football not creating merry hell and demanding a huge proportional increase in TV money for Scottish clubs. English clubs are sharing approximately £5 billion next season, yet we will get something ludicrous like £15 million. That is about one third of one percent of what England gets!

      Along with non payment of the BBC licence fee maybe we should all send back our SKY/Virgin boxes as well.

    43. heedtracker says:

      Amazing work and all for democracy. “Books on the Web” too, all over my slice of virtual democracy. It gets great reviews in the states and Canada. If its ever mentioned on the ever more ghastly BBC Scotland creep out, we really will have an actual democracy.

      Thanks Stew!

    44. heedtracker says:

      Neo fascists don’t like democracy much but they are still in charge for now.

      Chris Deerin ?@chrisdeerin 6h6 hours ago
      real issue with indyref and now EUref is the toxicity that’s left behind. The campaigns entrench division, bitterness. The pollution lingers

    45. theMadMurph says:


      packed in Sky when I gave up my TV license after the referendum.

      It saved me over £100/month.

    46. liz says:

      @sinky – no I don’t see anything there either.

      Just says the SG are responsible for the budget and if passed think they could transfer to a capital budget

    47. Ken500 says:

      Thanks for the WBB

      Scottish Gov should ask for the £1.5Billion (Jack McConnell) back, with interest.

    48. theMadMurph says:

      Sorry to go O/T

      This is on Common Space. Wings gets loads of mentions. Owen Jones interviewing Pete Wishart, plus many more -:

    49. theMadMurph says:


      I think when the SNP became minority government they did ask for the £1.5bn back. I think I read it was paid back over something like four years (from memory).

    50. Ken500 says:

      Three Unelected Labour ‘Lords’ block SNP from joining a European Socialst Group. Could they stoop any lower?

      Imagine BBC Scotland not showing Outlander or Andy Murray.

    51. gerry parker says:

      The Mad Murph.

      They keep their too wee, too poor, too stupid myths going.

      We can keep this going, although I’m not entirely sure it’s a myth.


      Placing order Rev, many thanks.

    52. yesindyref2 says:

      It’s already been clawed back, the plan for its retrieval was over 4 years from 2007/8 to 2010/11. Table on page 9 of

    53. Orri says:

      Harsh as it may seem football rights are only worth the revenue they raise. Without seeing SKY or any other broaa

    54. ThemadMurph says:


      Thanks for supplying the link. My poor old memory in better than I thought!

    55. yesindyref2 says:

      That or another document, I forget, mentions Swinney’s predecessor McCabe had started the process, so it wasn’t a case of Labour deliberately sending £1.5 billion back to Westminster.

      Ironically it looks as though the Labour UK Government screwed up the Labour McConnell’s chances of getting back in as the Government in 2007, by making his “warchest” of £1.5 billion look precarious, with its 2007 Budget Act tightening up the holding by the Treasury of devolved surpluses.

      Same old story really, Scottish Labour getting screwed by UK Labour. And the sad thing is, they go back for more, as in Dugdale’s promise today to vote against TYrident Renewal. With one MP she probably doesn’t actually control.

      I wonder what McConnell had in mind for that £1.5 billion. Forth Road Crossing perhaps? Wouldn’t surprise me.

    56. Grouse Beater says:

      SNP not radical enough?

      Just having a party dedicated to Scotland is radical!

      Your starter for both votes SNP:

    57. Gary45% says:

      As already said, the SNP cannot hand out the WBB2.
      Just ordered some earlier.I am thinking about asking the local Waterstones, to have a few at the counter, anyone else tried that? it will probably be no, as they will also be non political.

    58. Andrew Mclean says:

      Ken 500
      I was shocked that a socialist group would have that war criminal and unreformed Tory the Lord Prescott of unionists land as a member.
      To miss quote Marx, I wouldn’t join a club that would have that reprobate as a member!
      Socialist he couldn’t spell socialist!

    59. Naina Tal says:

      Yesindyref: May be wrong, but I think she said “wouldn’t vote for” father than “would vote against”. The smell of abstention filled the air!

    60. dakk says:

      Cheers Stuart.

      The most important book published in Scotland since The Wee Blue Book and The Wealth of Nations 🙂

    61. John Sm. says:

      Thank you Stuart and Lindsay for organising the printing, packing and postage of WBB2 – Order placed 🙂

      Looking forward to hearing of the enterprising, imaginative and devious ways wingers get them into the hands of the needy.

      So who’s going to be first to work out how many Wee Black Books can be comfortably transported and distributed in a Wings VILE CYBERNAT ‘bag for life’?

    62. theMadMurph says:


      The Ferret has posted a story about a rather embarrassing release of NATO exercise information. Good old MoD! Nothing ever goes wrong in the world of Wastemonter!

    63. faolie says:

      Just by the by, the wbb2 is also online now, at

    64. theMadMurph says:


      You seem to be a man on the know on the parcel front. Where would be the best place to get a parcel sent to my daughter in NZ?

      Sorry for the abuse of the site Rev.

    65. Phydaux says:

      Stuart’s Wee Black Book is a valuable asset to have in helping to inform and educate about the truth and the extent to which we were mislead, deceived and manipulated.The Unionist Parties’ dying metaphor of ” standing shoulder to shoulder” has lost any evocative power it ever had.

      We are older and wiser post Indy Ref.We now know that the corporate media will never provide us with a level playing field.We are more vigilant and we are watching them like hawks.

      The more they fling at us, the more we advance and flourish.Our destiny of independence is increasingly in both our hearts and minds.

      Money well spent and order about to be made.

      SNP X 2

    66. JaMur says:

      Just about to order 200.
      I’ve not received my vile cyberbag perk.

      Are these still in transit or has my postie done a runner Stu?

      Kind regards.

    67. Al Dossary says:


      If there are any regular posters out there that has the ability to distribute 200 copies to the most appropriate people then let me know and I will send them to you. Just need to dig the passwords for some of my old Tesco DTD dummy email addresses first.

      It’s as much as I can do to help from 3,500 miles away.

    68. yesindyref2 says:

      £21.45 up to 2 Kg small parcel, 5-7 days, international standard, we’ve found it pretty good. Economy is up to 84 days by slow boat via China!

      Can’t help with courier, we’ve done the US and Gulf via Fedex, or EU via Parcelforce indirectly though we’ve an online account which gives us good prices.

      Mmm, 3 Kg goes via Parcelforce 7-9 days £64.65, though we’d get it much cheaper on the account I guess. Price goes up vy weight. We usually get up to 30Kg for the same price as the cheaper rate in the EU, not sure about ROW.

      You could try online couriers though, the end carrier is often the same but they get bulk prices.

      Sorry Rev!

    69. Wullie says:

      Well I’ve tried. Country, cannot be left blank, UK same, Great Britain same. United Kingdom same. So a gei up fur the noo.

    70. yesindyref2 says:

      Forgot to say you don’t need to do that online of course, you can do it at the Post Office.

      Re the NATO link, at least nato restricted is the lowest classification, it runs through confidential to secret and then top secret. Apparently there’s at least one higher classification but it’s so secret nobody knows about it. I think it’s called read it and die.

    71. Capella says:

      United Kingdom works.

    72. ThemadMurph says:


      Thanks for that. It’s biggish parcel. I’ve checked a couple of online sites and it will cost about £60.

    73. Betty Boop says:

      @ Grouse Beater, 12:08pm

      Excellent piece of work. Thanks for the effort.

    74. Betty Boop says:

      @ Paul, 11:54am

      Welcome and congrats on your first Wings post 🙂
      Yup, I, too, was more than a bit annoyed when Indiegogo rejected Scotland in the address list.

    75. Sinky says:

      BBC National TV news repeating Tory / Labour propaganda mantra “Most Powerful Parliament’s in the World” that only has one main tax power.

    76. louis.b.argyll says:

      The SNP need not be radical..

      The mere fact that they are sensible in their method of administration gets them my vote.

      Any ‘Radicalism’ needs to be timed well, or it will fail.

      Scottish National Party ; both votes.

    77. yesindyref2 says:

      If it’s big, good idea to check the maximum dimensions, hopefully it’ll be on the website.

    78. michael McCabe says:

      @ Al Dossary 8-31pm if you are serious then I would get them out there for you. With Pleasure.

    79. Betty Boop says:

      @themadMurph, 5:23pm

      Thanks for that link re the new media.

    80. Tam Jardine says:

      Well done Rev- this is an excellent book that needs as wide an audience as possible.

      OT thats my complaint on Call Kaye sent in. God alone knows why I bother but I can’t imagine I am alone. That was simply a PPB this morning. BBC Scotland should be registered as a campaigner with the EC.

      Stu: can I suggest a piece with this morning’s Call Kaye with Kezia and next week’s programme with Nicola Sturgeon form a post together- a wee compare and contrast. Should be instructive for any of the BBC apologists.

    81. Ian Brotherhood says:

      @Tam Jardine –

      I admire your persistence.

      That’s the great thing abut the whole Yes movement, and this place in particular – for every one who’s had enough and throws in the towel/takes a breather, there’s always someone else who’s just had a second-wind or keeps slugging away regardless.

      More power to ye mister.


    82. davidb says:

      Re packages. I regularly use Fast Lane Couriers International. Their international rates are about half what the carriers normally quote, and its TNT/DHL and UPS they use.

      I’ve tried other onliners with a variety of poor experiences. These include paying twice for a delivery and being unable to get email replied to – or a human on the phone to fix it . And comebacks later with demands for more cash than originally quoted.

      I suggest you slightly over estimate the weight, and accurately describe the dimensions. Oh, and remember VAT will be payable.

    83. ahundredthidiot says:


      Thank you for providing today’s funniest oxymoron jibe

    84. Ken500 says:

      Sarah Smith, ‘45% who supported Independence will vote SNP – 55% will vote for Unionists?’ From where will the other 15% SNP voters come?

      Unionists want to tax Scotland more for Westminster policies. Trident/illegal wars, tax evasion and banking fraud.

      Scotland still raises more taxes (pro rata) than the rest of the UK. £515Billion in taxes are raise in the UK. Scotland raises £54Billion (without Oil revenues)

      Take £54Billion from £515Billion = £461Billion divide by 11 (rest of the UK 11/12 pop) = £42Billion.

      The rest of the UK borrows and spends £95Billion more.

      Scotland has to pay £4Billion in loan repayments for money not borrowed or spent in Scotland, £4Billion lost in Oil revenues, £1Billion on Trident/illegal wars, £1Billion could be saved with a tax on ‘loss leading’ drink. £3Billion? is lost on tax evasion. HMRC is not fit for purpose= £13Billion. £9Billion which could be better spent.

      The Tories have been taxing the Oil sector at 60/80% when the price had fallen 75%, losing thousands of jobs. The Tories are sanctioning vulnerable people

      Vote SNP x 2. Vote for FFA/Independence.

    85. Capella says:

      @ ahundredthidiot
      only trying to be helpful – smiley thing

    86. Tam Jardine says:

      Ian Brotherhood

      Aye- but its a waste of bleedin time just the same. If you didn’t catch the show this morning (and indeed, why would any sentient being?) just imagine 55minutes of callers blowing smoke up Kezia’s arse with the easiest ride in BBC Radio Scotland’s history. Kaye has been prompting and protecting Kezia and the call screening has ensured that all but one caller was pro labour with questions setting up little positive spiels, and everyone complimentary and happy with Kezia’s responses.

      Last questioner pipes up: “Thank you for coming on air and taking all this flak from people”. It is perhaps the dumbest sentence ever uttered on radio. It would have been an appropriate moment for an asteroid to destroy the earth.

      2 notable, unforgivable omissions by Kaye. Firstly and obviously she avoided the labour PFI schools fiasco question (and lets face it, if Kezia wasn’t asked this morning she never will be).

      Secondly- when it was pointed out by Kaye that the slab manifesto was being released late in the day Kezia was allowed to waffle pure pish (SNP manifesto also not released yet… much of the slab manifesto already known…). The obvious question being: why are slab releasing their manifesto so late in the day and indeed long after almost all postal votes will be cast.

      In not pressing this point we see Kaye Adams’ agenda as clear as crystal.

    87. Capella says:

      @ ahundredthidiot
      actually I think the news that two Labour Lords -LORDS – complain that the SNP aren’t socialist enough far surpasses my modest efforts. I’m still chuckling about that one.

    88. Still Positive. says:

      We should all just stop listening to all political programmes on Radio Shortbread. I already do. Only have BBC on in the car and avoid driving when these programmes are on.

      I would encourage you all to listen to the newsnet radio podcast of last week on the future of the BBC. It is quite lengthy at 2 hours split into 3 segments but it is an easy listen when you are stuffing 700 SNP leaflets into envelopes!

      I cannot count the number of leaflets I have stuffed into envelopes or the number of windmills I have constructed both in our SNP shop and at home – but all in a good cause.

      I would encourage you all to get involved if you don’t already do so – the craic is great.

      SNP x 2 and EU In.

    89. heedtracker says:

      In not pressing this point we see Kaye Adams’ agenda as clear as crystal

      What if it all actually works but if it doesn’t, how can any democratic country succeed when something like the BBC is perpetually monsterimg it, on behalf of Scotland’s neighbour.

      Maybe there is no point in BBC vote SLab Scotland even mentioning shite like the latest PFU scandal is all because of SLab but ofcourse there is. Its a stark demonstration of a corrupt broadcaster that we can no longer tolerate.

      BBC lie to us that the 55% referendum majority means they represent that majority so that makes it all fine but what happens in May if polls do hold and they cant make us vote how they want?

      If they are not fcuked off with polls as they are, they will always be at the heart of Scottish democracy trying to weaken it at best, at worst kill it off.

    90. schrodingers cat says:

      jusy watched the bbs scotland 2016 environment debate, fist time i have watch this prog in 4 months
      1. libdem CANDIDATE gets air time, but harvey doesnt….
      bear in mind, harvey is elected, the libdem isnt
      just in case you missed my earlier posts

      fife&mid region

      if you dont like that, ram it 🙂

      2.every single candidate and even the audience, including friends of the earth and green peace reps, (including the useless snp minister fergus ewing) missed the most important point….

      what is the fucking point of us, all of us, spending our time, money and energy, trying to create a greener economy….

      if it is undermined by westminster….
      all renewables in scotland are taxed at a greater rate than the rest of the uk????

      sorry to keep re-iterating a point, one i have been banging on about for the last 30 years

      only with indy can we achieve anything

      one would have thought that someone in the audience would have raised this point, so much for snp msps,

      this is the only point worth mentioning, and it wasnt…go figure

      Scotland should be a free, sovereign and independent country….

      nb scottish greens….this is the foremost, most important…and the only green issue of importance in scotland
      the rest is hot air…. pretty much describes the entire programme

      load of pish

    91. scotspine says:

      @ Tam Jardine

      I have said before that what we need is a BBC whistle blower to make public their strategy meetings concerning how they promote Labour or Tory and undermine SNP / Scots Govt.

      A comparison between todays obviously badly rehearsed Labour love in with Kezia and next weeks Nicola being thrown to the lions will simply be paraded as “well, the people who called are a reflection of how Nicola and SNP are thought of by the public at large”

      Make no mistake. The BBC, including Adam, Whyte, Bird, Campbell, Beattie (I could go on), are enemies of a democratic Scotland free of Westminster.

      It is plain as day, just don’t expect them to ever admit it.

      They will peddle their distortions until they are finally defeated by weight of public opinion and the polls.

    92. Al Dossary says:

      @ michael McCabe:
      19 April, 2016 at 10:14 pm

      Michael, drop me an email at joe dot bloggs0131 at googlemail dot com with the delivery address. Will fix it out tonight when I get back from work.

    93. Al-Stuart says:


      Today I despaired – a very good friend is voting for the SNP at Holyrood BUT she has read the Daily Mail for 30 years and is brainwashed. She still wants to remain in the UK and also leave the EU. No matter what I said, I couldn’t dissuade her with either facts, logic nor reason.

      That wretched Daily Mail is killing us with the critical 5% of NO voter we need to shift to YES to ensure IndRef2.

      Then comes along the Wee Black Book this morning before work starts.

      Sir, your timing is exquisite.


      THANK YOU 🙂

    94. Sandy says:

      Send WBB to Mail, Express, Guardian,Telegraph et al & ask them to publish.
      Miracles can happen!!

    95. Inkall says:

      @schrodingers cat

      I had similar feelings today when I took a communist party leaflet out my letter box.

      Lots of Scotland this Scots that and naturally not a word about them opposing independence as it would “split the UKs working class”.

      Had a look at the election lists. Under “party” it says Communist Party of Britain, under “description of party” it says Scottish Communist Party.

      All I really need to know. They propose anti austerity but they want to keep a state of affairs that leaves a tory government in charge of Scotland.

    96. BJ says:

      Voting for the Green Party won’t get us Independance.

      SNP both votes

    97. louis.b.argyll says:

      Bj ays..
      Voting for the Green Party won’t get us Independance.

      They also cant’t improve our environment, without INDEPENDENCE.

      ..the leverage and imaginative legislation required can’t happen under Westminster.


    98. Ken500 says:

      @ BBC debate – watched first time for ages, until it got too tedious and switched over.

      US fracked Gas is being imported into Grangemouth and fracked in England with no separate distribution system. There are places in Scotland where it usage to frack Gas. There was no mention of solar.

      Onshore wind turbine have been banned in England. Coal production has been stopped by Tories. No CCS. It will be imported. Hypocritical. Hinkley Point is a total waste of money, where will the waste go. It will be exported. A £9Billion barrage at the Humber would produce cheaper cleaner electricity.

      Scotland has met it’s 2% target and exports 25%? of production. Yet Scotland which is producing and is nearer the source pays a higher cost because it is colder. Scotland should pay 10% less for parity. It is a tax on the whole Scottish economy. If Scotland was Independent Scotland could sell or tax it’s excess energy. Wind farms will already pay 20% tax on any profits to help the Scottish economy.

      The Tory woman in the audience wanted Scotland to stop producing wind energy going south of the border. She wants the lights to go out or to import dearer energy. Gas is imported from Norway.

      Osbourne was taxing the Oil & Gas sector 60/80% when the price had fallen 75%, losing thousands of jobs, It is still taxed at 40% when prices are low and the industry has been run down.

      Scotland is still raising £54Billion in taxes even without Oil revenues. The same.

    99. Nana says:

      O/T links

      SNP unstoppable and Labour heading for worst defeat in “boring election”

      Man elected to parliament for life thanks to the votes of three libdems

      snp- When oil industry needed broad shoulders the uk shrugged

    100. scotspine says:


      Daily Mail readers have drank vast gallons of establishment kool aid over the years.

      My Dad is 70 and hates Nicola Sturgeon and the SNP to the point of being utterly irrational. He is a Mail reader and just will not accept an alternative point of view.

      Happily, he doesn’t know who to vote for becausr none of the other Parties appeal to his right wing utopia.

      Thankfully, he wont be voting.

      Im sure there will be many more……

    101. Ken500 says:

      Vote Green if you want a tax on land which could put up price of housing, food and exports. Anyone an buy land in Scotland for £5000 an acre. A house can be built on 1/4 of an acre £1250. Planning permission puts the value up to £100,000. Not enough land is given permission because of Scottish Planning Laws. It is around here for more affordable houses.

      Vote Green to get rid of the council tax. It only covers 15% of revenues. People know what it is when they get a house. If they can’t pay it they get a rebate. They could add on some extra bands for higher value property. Most people don’t mind it. They mind about councils wasting their taxes on grotesque projects and then claim their is not enough for public services.

      Vote Green to stop fracking when Fracked Gas is being imported and fracked in England with no separate distribution system.

      Vote Green to shut down the Oil and Gas sector, with no alternative.

      The Greens renege on their policies and collude with Unionists. Vote against predestrianising City centres backed by the majority, with a £80Million Gift. Vote for building a carbuncle in the City Centre for £Millions of debt. The Greens oppose building essential roads. They are funded by Landowners and waste £Million/Billions of public money. Against the majority wishes and public interest.

      The Greens voted against more powers and FFA for Scotland at Westminster.

    102. Ken500 says:

      The English working class vote Tory and UKIP. They voted for Thatcher. London votes 50/50. There are more Labour MP’s in London than Tory. Not that it makes much difference. They all support austerity and sanctioning the vulnerable. Spending £170Billion on Trident.

      Wasting £95Billion (double it) on Hinkley Point a disaster waiting to happen and HS2 which will make journeys throughout Britain take longer and be more expensive. The deficit. The Tories have not protected the NHS or cut the debt.

      Where is the Chilcot Report?

    103. Sinky says:

      Tam Jardine says:@11.02

      Labour spinning madly over PFI saying they had no alternative and it’s time SNP and or better still experts came out to show how bad a deal PFI is for health boards councils and taxpayers and show that SNP’s NPD model offers far better value for money.

      Labour Hootsman letter writers going mental about late SNP manifesto launch but no embarrassment over Labour’s even later launch.

      Only eight anti SNP letters this morning .. come on the election isn’t over yet.

    104. Breeks says:

      I like podcasts, but it’s sometimes tricky to keep up to date and keep them topical. Sometimes the theme can jump around a lot for one podcast to another, which isn’t a criticism, but what I’m talking about is a dedicated news podcast.

      I would like to see say a 20 minute news podcast that goes out at 1 o’clock every day, just like a radio broadcast.

      I realise the actual podcast is the easy bit, and the challenge is the topical content and short time to put it together. It’s a big commitment to keep the output regular and on time; a full time job for more than one person, but a regular source of breaking news would make such a big difference.

      Maybe our pod casters and broadcasters in waiting should put their heads together and flesh out something that would work, start pricing it up, and get the ball rolling. What is to stop us?

    105. louis.b.argyll says:

      BBC news,
      first item…a Prince defends his role following criticism etc.

      Second item…thousands of jobs still in balance, following buyout proposal.

      That red sofa really is a propaganda machine..all nice and smiley..
      .. oh look, a big open space where ships were once built…
      …oh look, it the thousandth? year since Royal Mail’s a museum for stupid tory voters to take the children..


    106. Ken500 says:

      The Mail, Express, Sun, and Telegraph are all owned by tax evading non Doms. Thanks to Thatcher who broke the Ministerial code and lied to give Murdoch further control. Murdoch is a criminal who bribed public officials and should be in jail.

      What other place in the world would let the Press be owned by tax evading Non Doms whose only agenda it to keep tax evading. That’s why they want out of the EU. The EU wants to stop tax evasion. Thatcher set up tax havens. Westminster could just close them down. The tax havens/banking sector are guaranteed/protected by UK tax payers money.

      Westminster controls the Press and will not apply proper regulation. The Press regulates itself.

    107. Ken500 says:

      The Scottish Gov should demand the same settlement as Northern Ireland (2 million pop)

      NI raises £28Billion and gets £14Billion (50%) more = £42Billion. Norwegian funding levels.

      Scotland raises £54Billion – £27Billion (50%) more = £81Billion. Norwegian levels.

      Or £54Billion + £9Billion better spent/raised = £63Billion + (1/6) £11Billion = £74Billion. The rest of the UK levels.

      Rest of the UK Raises £461Billion + £95Billion (1/6) borrowed = £556Billion

      Scotland raises £54Billion but has to pay £4Billion repayments on money not borrowed or spent in Scotland.

    108. Ian Brotherhood says:

      @Tam Jardine –

      I did hear the Kaye/Kezia show yesterday. You picked the perfect word for it – ‘convivial’.

      Edinburgh schools stooshie up for her first hour this morning, and it’ll be a call-in. Mind you, she’s already signalled that she’s aware of the ‘political’ dimensions, but she really wants to hear how it’s affecting families on a practical level, you know, ‘let’s push the human interest angle here darling…’

      What are the odds of ‘Morag’ getting through? More likely to be the demented ‘Ian from Edinburgh’, the rent-a-rant who gets faster and faster, angrier and angrier, frothing abut ‘these people’ and ‘that SNP’ until his wallies fall out…

      Only five or so minutes to go. A curious nation awaits…

    109. galamcennalath says:

      Labour in Scotland apparently say they will oppose Trident in their manifesto.

      What does that mean? Sounds like it is going to be toothless weasel words to me!

      What we want to hear is how the will prevent / stop / remove Trident.

    110. orri says:

      Think Labour are deliberately focussing on the advantages of PFI as a kind of Build it and We’ll Rent it kind of thing. It’s why it’s a genuine revenue rather than capital commitment although an option to buy should be included as otherwise at the end of the negotiated rental period the landlord might try to hike the price. Imagine an alternative bid for a “NHS” hospital from a private consortium.

      The issue has moved on from what might have been seen as a pragmatic but foolish waste of public money into the lack of public oversight of the construction. In fact the statement from Amey that they had nothing to do with 4 out of 17 schools might be them saying it’s all down to the conveniently defunct Miller Construction and they weren’t to blame.

    111. Sinky says:

      Labour’s human shield Call Kaye on now discussing Edinburgh schools PFI scandal but “let’s not discuss the political aspect of PFI”.

      Call 0500 92 95 00. Text 80295.

    112. Dr Jim says:

      @ Sinky

      Human shield, What a great description

    113. NeoconNat says:

      Kaye discussing PFI today. School debacle seems to have been an act of God. No live updates from the bridge or paparazzi chasing those responsible around demanding that they explain their role in the shambles. It’s just one of those things.

      You’ve just got to get on with it. There’s a funny side too apparently, it’s great we can laugh about things. Community spirit is great, like the war or something.

    114. Tam Jardine says:


      That’s no you getting into Call Kaye is it? You’re one of the 3% now… just a statistic

    115. Ken500 says:

      Unemployment up 21,000. 65,000 jobs lost in the Oil sector because of Westminster taxation policies.

      The non impartial tax evading Tory Royals being promoted.

      There is a case for an impartial Head of State. Obama was a lame duck President for six years. Congress changed to Republican. Obama struggled to get legislation through. The Royals should be quiet and slim down or bow out. The Royals took part in illegal wars. The ‘killer Wales’.

      Promoting ‘Terrorism’. To scare people for control.

    116. Col says:

      call kaye the day, PFI Edinburgh schools disaster being discussed but wait. It’s a political hot potato apparently so let’s focus on the impact it’s having on the weans. Strangely she is very keen to push the idea that the rest of Scotland have no sympathy. WTF?
      BBC SCOTLAND creep show continues.
      We really are living in the twilight zone thanks to Pacific Quay.

    117. Ruby says:

      I have an idea re getting WBB to people who live abroad.

      Make the WBB pdf that is presented to the printer available online for a fee and the person living abroad can take that to their local printer to have it printed.

      Good idea/Rubbish idea?

      I suppose the same could be done in the UK and that would save on postage and also give work to local printers.

    118. Ken500 says:

      PPI – maintenance. After 30 years (contract) the estate/Buiding is handed back as new. Interest rates have only been low since 2008. Some schools have lasted 30 years and then be demolished and rebuilt. Older building have higher maintenance costs. Many schools now have solar panels.

    119. Graf Midgehunter says:

      Would anyone like 25 free copies of the Wee Black Book?

      Somewhere where they are badly needed and where every little helps.

      If you send an Email with delivery address to me via the Rev, then I’ll donate the tenner.

      Hope the Rev doesn’t mind me doing it this way but there are not many folk in Germany that I need to convert. 🙂

      All I ask in return is that you send me a copy for me to hug and kiss and cherish…..

    120. Ruby says:

      Another idea!

      Make printer ready pdfs of posters advertising the WBB
      ie Wee Black Book on sale/availabe here or Wee Black Book & Wee Blue Book available here.


      Tom Hunter Foundation produces book with info about EU.

    121. Ruby says:

      How can those willing to pay for 25 free copies of WBB be sure they are not sending the books to the Yoons who want to burn them?

    122. Ruby says:

      I want I really really want a ‘Wee PFI Book’

    123. NeoconNat says:

      Tam, I’m a reformed character. Rehabilitated.

      Education is the most boring subject to me. Even when the schools fall down it’s boring.

      I know, I know, it’s important… Zzzzzzzzzzzzz

    124. Nana says:


      Alastair Carmichael let off by standards committee, Westminster corrupt to the core.

    125. heedtracker says:

      Hi boris, another cracking discussion of red tory Brown’s legacy but is this a typo? “The budget deficit fluctuates between £200-£300.”

    126. Ruby says:

      There is something else I want I really really want is a

      ‘Wee Book for Dummies on how the voting system works’

      that would be a wee book that doesn’t go into all the D’Hondt calculations.

      By the time you read all about the D’Hondt calculations your head is spinning and you just give up.

      Perhaps ‘schrodingers cat’ could give that a go. 🙂

      I can let you know when it’s simple enough to understand.
      I am your typical voter who has very little knowledge of how politics work I believe I am part of the confused majority.

    127. Graf Midgehunter says:

      Ruby says:

      “How can those willing to pay for 25 free copies of WBB be sure they are not sending the books to the Yoons who want to burn them?”

      Are you taking the p**s at the offer or what? Certainly sounds like it.

    128. Ruby says:


      Oh great the NeoConnard has gone to sleep!


    129. NeoconNat says:

      Graf: “Hope the Rev doesn’t mind me doing it this way but there are not many folk in Germany that I need to convert.”

      I can just see the headlines if this gets out. “Exposed: German Neo Fascists Fund SNP”

      What will Deutsche Bank make of it… Maybe you could send them a few copies, Graf?

    130. Ruby says:

      Graf Midgehunter says:
      20 April, 2016 at 10:17 am

      Are you taking the p**s at the offer or what? Certainly sounds like it.

      Ruby replies

      NO! Just asking a simple question.

      Why not just answer instead of having a hissy fit?

    131. Andrew McLean says:

      orri 9:07

      Miller Construction is not defunct
      it was bought over for £16 million , regardless its previous insurance holds as dose any criminal and or civil liability.

      The facts surrounding this may confusing to most people, but the basic premise of government is that it is responsible for spending all our money, it must show due diligence.

      Inspection by the client is normal, expected and essential, look at the hoardings on any public building you will see the names of all parties involved. I have not worked on a site that didn’t have third party inspection.

      I any case has anyone heard of the Health and Safety executive interest, as clearly there is a question to be asked as regards a breach of statutory duty by the designer , in the 1994 CDM regulations, or the 2007 CDM regulations .

      This is a problem that has at a root cause the lack of oversight by the client, i.e. labour government ministers, no matter how you look at it.

    132. Graf Midgehunter says:

      @ NeoConNat

      Fu** off and troll somewhere else.

      You make “ignorence is bliss” look like the Holy Grail.

    133. Ruby says:

      “How can those willing to pay for 25 free copies of WBB be sure they are not sending the books to the Yoons who want to burn them?”

      Just to clear up any misunderstanding I asked the above question because I wouldn’t like to see the lovely generous people who are willing to offer free copies of the WBB being conned by some UniTroll Brinat Flamebaiter.

      I was most definetely not taking the piss out of the offer.

    134. heedtracker says:

      You have got to see the Q’s for the SNP manifesto launch in Edinburgh. Staggering!

    135. Ruby says:

      Scottish National Party (SNP) Live Stream: 2016 Holyrood Manifesto launch

    136. Stoker says:

      Last night on the Revs twitter feed at some point between 10pm & 11pm it was announced that we had already sold 10,000 copies of the wee black cat. And that’s just within the first 24-hours of this campaign with the biggest part of 2-months still to run.
      The campaign has now so-far been funded to the tune of £5,500.

      Can you smell the fear folks?

    137. NeoconNat says:

      A slight over-reaction, Graf.
      Or maybe something lost in translation?

      Actually I need to eff off anyway but please don’t assume I’m doing so on account of your hysterics.

    138. Ruby says:

      Oh great the NeoConnard is effing off!

    139. sandycraig says:

      Sinky @ 8.26

      8 letters in Courier today only 4 anti SNP, of course there is always the full page of pish from J Hjul.
      ” valuable time and resources diverted from straining health service, and from schools that are crumbling”

      Well if the schools had been built properly they might not have needed closure after 15 years.

      I went to a small village primary school built more than 100 years ago and still going strong. They will have to bomb that afore it falls down.

    140. Molly says:


      If you go online and to ‘ Future learn’ there is a free online course ( run by Unis ) covering both Scottish and Welsh Devolution.

      The first week only started on Monday and its explanation of how the system works is really good .

      Also gives you a chance to find out more about the Welsh system , since coverage of the other nations is zilch by our msm

    141. Andrew McLean says:

      Does anyone actual think that any idiot would organise a book burning?

      In most peoples minds that type of action don’t look too good and would again be a great recruiting Sargent.

      “Dort, wo man Bücher verbrennt, verbrennt man am Ende auch Menschen”:

      “Where they burn books, they will also ultimately burn people.” Heinrich Heine wrote that in 1820, in October 1939 Hitler signed off the firs gas chambers.

      luckily America and Russia won the war actually more correctly Russia and America by one calculation, for every single American soldier killed fighting the Germans, 80 Soviet soldiers died doing the same.

    142. Ruby says:

      Cheers Molly 🙂

      I’ll put that on my list of things to do.

      Gotta go now and get on with doing some of the things on my very long list of things to do.


      ‘Neo Connard non carborundum’

    143. Fireproofjim says:

      You are relatively lucky with only 50% letters in the Courier being anti-SNP.
      Today’s Scotsman has two Anti-SNP editorials and nine anti-SNP letters out of fourteen.
      Mostly from the usual frothing Yoons.
      No wonder their sales are in free fall.
      They used to be such a good paper too. Sigh.

    144. heedtracker says:

      Ruby this is a neat explaination from Mark MacDonald, SNP MSP Aberdeen. He also explains why ERS etc are slamming in with their split your vote stuff.

      “In 2011 I was elected via the North East list. This was despite the fact we had won every single constituency seat in the North East.

      The reason for this was that if your list vote is high enough, you will win list seats. It is worth noting that if 2000 voters had shifted their vote from SNP to Green, the final list seat would not have gone to either SNP or Green, but to the Tories.

      That is why ensuring people vote SNP with both votes is so important.

      You vote with each vote at the same time. That means that you don’t know the constituency vote outcome at the point when you cast your regional vote. You can make an assumption based on opinion polls, sure, but there were no opinion polls suggesting a Tory majority in 2015 – and it happened.

      If you want to see the SNP continue in government then please use both your votes for the SNP.

      If you firmly believe in the policies of another party standing on the regional ballot, then by all means vote the way you want to vote.

      I would ask, though, that you do not use your regional vote as a means to try and game the system, as some parties appear to be asking. If mass tactical voting were an effective means of influencing electoral outcome there would be a number more unionist MPs than there currently are, given their efforts to encourage just such an approach last year.

      The simple message is, if you want the SNP to continue in government with Nicola Sturgeon as First Minister, then make sure it is ?#?bothvotessnp? on May 5th.

    145. yesindyref2 says:

      @Graf Midgehunter
      My finances are actually crap and then there’s my little business diabolical cashflow on top for at least 2 months so it looks unlikely I’ll be able to buy any for quite a time. It’s been a difficult 3 or 4 years, and the economy bites as did EU regulations.

      But I travel around Scotland on business and can leave some, on ferries, in hostels, and with YES customers so they won’t go to waste. It’s possible some of my YES customers might want to hand them out themselves or even keep them in their shop or business as well, so I can even give them a pile. They might not be into Wings (naughty people). I’m also quite sociable with strangers, no, really, so might get through some for randomers. I would of course post you 1 or 2 out, airmail!

      I’d suggest also having the Rev as a default address for other people who want to do the same, but it would neeed Rev to agree to that, so he can keep a track of the numbers paid for, then send them out on behalf of generous donors like yourself, to worthy causes who contact him. And if I need any more than the initial 25 which is fairly likely, I can just email Rev and ask for more “freebies”.

      If you think that’s good, with perhaps some peer approval from other posters then, in the words of Andy Murray “let’s do this Scotland”, and I’ll email Rev my address.

    146. Les Wilson says:

      Watching Nicola at the manifesto release, she is so comfortable in her roll. A brilliant manifesto for going forward.
      A deal breaker I would imagine.

      There is no comparison from the Unionist side.
      SNP x2

    147. theMadMurph says:

      @Graf Midgehunter

      If you don’t get something sorted out, drop me an email by sticking an to the end of my user name and give me your address. I’d be happy to send you one of the books I’ve ordered.

    148. Graf Midgehunter says:

      @ Yesindyref2 at 12.08

      I’d be happy with that, good suggestion.

      Send the Rev your “Vow” 😉 see what he thinks and send me via him the delivery address.

      @ Ruby

      Sorry if I was a bit harsh but Wingers have learnt from the Rev. to always check the facts. As such I would not have sent the books away without first verifying the recipient. I was also presuming that some of the regulars would jump forward as is the case.

      No hard feelings meant. 🙂

    149. orri says:

      The point about Amey’s disclaimer is that they may, in effect, be hinting that they were competent in providing oversight in the builds they were involved in. It then follows that the fundamental stupidity was in allowing only one company the ability to check their own work. It really would be telling if the 4 schools we first heard about were the ones Miller did by themselves.

      Obviously Amey have a stake in clearing themselves of any doubt as far as being reliable and trustworthy as far as their inspection work goes. Hopefully they are correct as that means that the Scottish Government using them isn’t a mistake.

    150. yesindyref2 says:

      @Graf Midgehunter
      Righty, I’ve done a “contact” form for the Rev with my address. No idea if he reads them! I’ve got one or two gmail adresses, no idea where or what they are though. They might not even support Windows XP any more 🙁

      I’ll put a wee (very short) note about myself when I post the books to you (how many ?). You’ll get a laugh 🙂

    151. Graf Midgehunter says:

      @ Yesindyref2

      OK, no probs.

      I only need ONE book no more than that.

    152. Ruby says:

      Graf Midgehunter says:
      20 April, 2016 at 12:42 pm

      @ Ruby

      Sorry if I was a bit harsh

      Ruby replies

      Ach you’re forgiven! I’m sometimes a bit harsh myself.


    153. Michael McCabe says:

      @ Al Dossary 4-00am Have sent you a email with my address and details. hope to hear from you soon.

    154. Andrew Mclean says:

      The lack of proper ties was raised in 2012, it was in the architect journal. This engineering defect looks like a design flaw that was allowed to continue from project to project. It seems the architect was the same? There is a link somewhere on my PC

    155. Jim Manclark says:

      If these are anything like the wee blue book they are going to be great. AIM (Ayrshire Independence Movement – on facebook) will be ordering 200 this week. Looking forward to getting out and about with these. Great Job Stu.

    156. Richard Cooper says:

      Hugh Barclay
      19th April 11.33am

      Try Scotland will flourish by the Corries.

    157. Al-Stuart says:

      Rev. Stuart Campbell says: 19 April, 2016 at 11:55 am “I doubt it’ll be anywhere near that, most folk don’t really have any need of print editions.”

      At the risk of getting pulverised by HAMMERS 🙂 🙂 I would respectfully suggest that a materially important cohort DO have need of old fashioned print editions.

      I for one am VERY grateful for this Stu.

      I’ve been gently trying to nudge a modest cluster of no-voting or apolitical friends into the yes lobby.

      This can be incredibly frustrating, what with the Daily Hate Mail.

      BUT with the physical print edition of the Wee Black Book, I now stand a chance of persuading a generational element who dislike computers (and are not in the least bit silver-surfers).

      I believe we need to convert just 7% of no-voters to yes-voters and that gets us near enough 60% for IndyRef2 to happen and to go in the right direction.

      Thank you Stuart for all your hard work.

    158. Nation Libre says:

      I’m in France so I’m unable to distribute copies but would like to make some contribution. I can purchase 50 books (£20) if someone wants some further copies I’ll pay and send it to their address

      Stick my name in your comment and I’ll keep checking. Any easy way of doing this Rev?

      A regular contributor only please

    159. Ken500 says:

      All the people I know are SNP/Independence. Except for two, not likely for changing. Will donate to Wings instead.

    160. Cactus says:

      Here’s a curious calculation..

      If the 2641 contributors from the last crowd-funder were able to purchase just 50 Wee Black Books each, this would generate well over £50,000 worth of print editions, to be shared throughout Scotland.

      I guess my first guesstimate was a bit muchos, even half of that would be amazing. T’will be interesting to see the pre-election uptake of books by the end of April.

      “What happened after Scotland voted NO”
      See the Wee Black Book.

      The books are on the ground. Look out!

    161. Brian Doonthetoon says:

      Hi Nation Libre.

      I intend buying 25 for my own purposes. However, I work in what was the biggest teaching hospital in Europe when it opened in 1974. There are many tables covered in reading matter in the wards and out-patients’ areas.

      I could quite easily disperse an extra 50 copies across these tables. If that sound like a plan, email me for further details.

      Remove the BUMFLUFF to get the correct email address.

    162. Stoker says:

      Good shout Brian, i hope Nation Libre takes you up on it.

      I’m already thinking roll on Monday, hoping to see us burst through the 20,000 copies mark during the weekend. I’ve already got itchy feet and can’t wait to commence my book blitz. 🙂

      Have a great weekend folks!

    163. Robert Peffers says:

      @Willie John says: 19 April, 2016 at 11:44 am:

      “Just tried to fill in the shipping details. Won’t accept Scotland, UK or this Disunited Kingdom. Had to lie and say it was a UNITED kingdom!”

      Just try, “Scotland, (UK).”. It often works.

    164. Cadogan Enright says:

      @ Robert Peffers10.42

      Me too. That’s the only time in 50 years of filling in forms where County Down has beer in UK for me

      Things we do for the Rev. . . .

      He has no idea

      First fundraising site to allow in the address line the use of the words Scotland, Ireland and Wales is going to get. a lot of business

    165. Nation Libre says:

      Briandoonthetoon, I’ll get that email to you in the morning

    166. boris says:

      heedtracker 1010 am says: Hi boris, another cracking discussion of red tory Brown’s legacy but is this a typo? “The budget deficit fluctuates between £200-£300.”

      UK annual borrowing is between 120-200bn

      22 November 2008: Gordon Brown today promised immediate help for every family in credit-crunch Britain.

      He pledged tax cuts to help people pay their bills and keep their jobs and homes. And he insisted that borrowing more than all previous British governments put together in the only way out of the recession. He wrote: “I want every household facing difficulty at this time to know we are ready to help and on their side. We need to give people help now.” But his promises were made against a financial background that revealed the UK’s secret national debt is almost three times higher than the government will admit in tomorrow’s pre-Budget report.

      The government claims Britain’s national debt is £563 billion. But that does not include:

      * £87 billion for nationalising Northern Rock

      * £725 billion owed for public sector pensions

      * £110 billion in private finance initiative bills

      That means the true cost of Britain’s national debt is a staggering £1.485 Trillion.

      Even the Institute for Fiscal Studies – one of Britain’s most respected think-tanks, with close links to Brown – says that is the real figure.

      And the state of our national coffers is set to get even worse with Britain expected to borrow up to £120 billion a year by 2011.

      Taxpayers already spend over £300 a year each just on the interest on national debt. And the government spends more on debt interest than in does on schools, transport or the entire Home Office budget.

    167. Brian Doonthetoon says:

      Hi Nation Libre.

      Have replied to your email.


    168. James Barr Gardner says:

      O/T for those with green fingers, interested in planting Roses.

      Rosa x alba Alba Maxima (Shrub)
      (Alba) Jacobite Rose. Double creamy white, scented. One flush. 1.8 metres. Spread 1.5 metres.

      Rosa rugosa ‘Alba’ (Shrub).
      The White Rose of Scotland (Scots Rose, Burnet Rose)
      Single white flowers, Repeats. Exceptional hips. Height and Spread 2.1 metres. Very thorny, good for a hedge.

      Rosa White Cockade (Climber)
      Pure white, double flowers. Continuous flowering. 3 metres.

      BTW my wife is called Rose.

      SNP x 2 Remain. It’s the only way, roll on REF2 !

    169. Ken500 says:

      Labour were raising £600Billion in taxes borrowing £120Billion = £720Billion

      Tories are raising £515Billion and borrowing £75Billion + £20Billion black hole. The deficit £95Billion Hinkley Point + HS2 (double it). A total waste of public money.

      Scotland raises £54Billion (same even without Oil revenues). Scotland has lost £4Billion in Oil revenues (60/89% tax when prices had fallen 75%) Scotland pays £4Billion (on debts it doesn’t borrow or spend) £1Billion on Trident/illegal wars, could save £1Billion on a tax on’loss leading’ drink, £3Billion? is lost on tax evasion. Whisky companies pay no tax. HMRC is not fit for purpose. = £13Billion. Scotland could be £9Billion better off = £63Billion + borrow 1/6 = £11Billion =
      £73Billion. Or put money in reserve. Scotland could be the most prosperous country in the world. Fairer and more equal.

    170. cirsium says:

      @James, 11.58 24 April

      Rosa Rugosa is a Japanese rose which breeders started to use in the late nineteenth century. The Scots Rose is Rosa pimpinellifolia. It has dark green leaves and black hips. Rugosa roses have bright green, rough foliage and red hips.

      The heyday of the Scots roses was the end of the eighteenth century/beginning of the nineteenth. A small range of Scots roses is still available from specialist rose growers like Peter Beales or David Austin. Scots Roses of hedgerows and wild gardens written and illustrated by Mary McMurtrie is a good read.

    171. Mike says:

      Have now tried several times on different days to contribute but the Indigogo shipping page keeps returning Country can’t be blank no matter what I put in (UK, Scotland, United Kingdom, Zimbabwe, Etc….)

    172. Clydebuily says:

      Has anybody received any books yet….. If not, any idea when they’re coming out?

    173. Stoker says:

      @ Clydebuilt (8.53am)

      As far as i’m aware nobody will receive their books until the second half of May, i’m sure that’s what i’ve read. Prepared to be corrected on that though!

    174. Bill Hume says:

      Ah. I thought they might be available before Thursday to rattle a few cages. On reflection I’m glad they won’t be delivered until after the election. I’ll be able to keep them in reserve for the next independence referendum…..just in case some people have forgotten how we were screwed over the last time!!

    175. Macduff says:

      O/T The SNP accused of not being radical enough and not being progressive enough!!! The fight for “Independence” could not be more radical or progressive IMHO!!

    176. Neil Anderson says:

      When can I expect to receive my copies of the Wee Black Book? Ordered them about 2 weeks ago now.

    177. Martin says:

      Rev’s predictions v reality:

      Turnout 52% +/- 2. Reality 55.5%- close enough. Check.
      Can’t game D’Hont method. Check.
      Pro Indy coalition hopeful vote pattern likely to let yoons in. Check, and it’s the tories!!!
      SNP won’t have constituency clean sweep. Check.
      SNP won’t get majority. Probable check.

      And yet, people are prepared to listen to the front pages of dog food friendly newspapers rather than the guy with a track record of getting it spot on.


    178. heedtracker says:

      Just when you thought it was safe to go out into to tory world, holy UKOK fuck or what we’re in for over the next 5 long hard SNP bad years.

      There could hardly be a plainer contrast with the eminently likable Davidson, the sort of terrifying emissary from Planet Normal that has Westminster’s android generation contemplating their interpersonal limitations and thanking God she’s confined to Scotland. For now.

    179. CageyBee says:

      Neil Anderson says:
      4 May, 2016 at 12:22 am
      When can I expect to receive my copies of the Wee Black Book? Ordered them about 2 weeks ago now

      Still waiting on mine too despite ordering on the 19th. Oh and my vile cybernat bag package too

      Maybe my postie is a rabid yoon who knows what these packages are

    180. Willie John says:

      Still no books – did the postie pinch them?

    181. terry says:

      When do we get our books? I bought some on april the 23rd and paid for badges in early march – still waiting – any idea when I will get them?

    182. dakk says:

      CageyBee,Willie John and terry

      I would very much doubt we’ll ever see any books.

      I would wager the Reverend is blowing our monies,off on his well earned break.

      Probably swaggering down Soi Cowboy with a Ladyboy hingin’ off each arm as we speak 🙂

    183. Willie John says:

      If I had known that is what it was needed for I would have doubled my order!

    184. sarah says:

      Willie John, dakk and all – second half of May it says for delivery [hover the cursor over ” Get the Wee Black Book print edition here” – just learnt that!].

    185. Jim says:

      Hopefully will be soon, 24th today and was looking to have them for out next meeting on thursday.

    186. Chic McGregor says:

      Enjoyable and fitting ending to RSNO’s season at the Royal Concert Hall in Glasgow on Saturday night.

      The main programme item was Beethoven’s Ninth, but the ‘warm up gigs’ were also noteworthy.

      The first was the inaugural recital of a new piece inspired by the demolition of the Red Road flats composed by final year student Lillie Harris. (Technically 2nd hearing since the programme was presented at the Usher Hall then the RCH).

      It was competent and texturally interesting. Even the parts where the musicians all seem to be playing melodically different, repeated musical phrases, which often can sound no better than that which is produced during the pre concert warm up, was contrived such that it did not jar or jangle the senses.
      It was also interspersed with many glissandi of another Worldly nature which was reminiscent of the sound track of that disturbingly enigmatic, yet fascinating movie ‘Under the Skin’.
      Shows a lot of promise for the future.

      Next up was a recital of Richard Strauss’s Final Songs. Music he set to four poems, three of which were written by Herman Hesse.
      The orchestra under Ondjiun were magnificent throughout this piece. The singer seemed to begin tentatively but then soon became fully immersed in the music and finished strongly.
      Really enjoyed this recital.

      To the main gig. The first two movements were competent enough but with one or two issues for me, especially the second movement. For me the punctuation was overdone which may have been partly why in some other passages they did not flow as they should.

      More generally, while dynamic range is a bit of a USP for Beethoven’s work, the temptation to enhance this by over quietening the pianissimo sections can occur and for me this occurred in the first two movements. The lead flotist in particular was at times throughout, barely audible.

      However the 3rd and 4th movements were magnificent. Especially the chorus which for whatever reason, seemed to have been imbued with an extra visceral quality at times reminiscent of the kind of fervour more usually associated with the relief of stress after a long passage of tension by a sports crowd.
      End of season effect? If so they should sing every concert as if it was such.

      You can see the whole thing here, but only for a few days I believe.

    187. Chic McGregor says:

      Oops, that last post sounded way too serious.

      Balance corrected by the following Bonzo Dog Doo Dah Band number from ’68.

      They had some fun hits but were always ready to take the piss out of the whole thing as in this classic example.

      The prescience shown by wearing a Simon Cowell head was particularly impressive.

    188. Chic McGregor says:

      Just noticed my last two posts were meant to be in off topic, caused no doubt by my searching for off topic then automatically clicking the top post. Sorry.

    189. Ken500 says:

      Raising a laugh

      { ; > ) }

    190. prj says:

      Still waiting for books, ordered on 19th April.

    191. Rev. Stuart Campbell says:

      They’re still at the printers. Three metric tonnes takes a wee while.

    192. prj says:


    193. Stoker says:


      Just received email from Lindsay Bruce stating books should be with me sometime next week (approx 3 working days).

      Lets prepare to get busy troops! Lets get the truth out there!
      And lets bring in many more WOS converts!

      This battle is ours for the taking!

    194. louis.b.argyll says:

      Rev. Stuart Campbell says:
      They’re still at the printers. Three metric tonnes takes a wee while..

      Should’ve gone imperial, for old times sake, then you can just make it up as you please.

    195. Dave McEwan Hill says:

      I ordered £65 worth (indiegogo)about ten days ago but I see no record on my bank account of the money being drawn. Anybody know how this works?

    196. Bill Hume says:

      My box of books arrived this morning.
      I view them much as a member of the French resistance would have viewed a consignment of arms.
      I shall keep them safe until Indyref2 is kicking off.
      I await instructions…eg. The long sighs of the violins of Autumn pierce my heart with a monotonous langour. (I think that’s right).

    197. Lollysmum says:

      @Dave McEwan Hill
      I ordered mine a couple of days ago & the money came out of my account straight away. It’s one of the reasons I like Indiegogo-no nasty surprises when things you’d forgotten about hit your account a couple of weeks later.

      You may need to use the contact form to query with Stu.

    198. Lollysmum says:

      Bill Hume
      “I view them much as a member of the French resistance would have viewed a consignment of arms.”

      Now that did make me smile-what a brilliant metaphor for WBB2-thanks 🙂

    199. Clydebuilt says:

      Wee Blackies arrived yesterday, don’t hang on to them till Indy ref2 ,,, get em out there , ask folk to pass them on after reading…… Multiply their effectiveness……

    200. Bill Hume says:

      I understand what you are saying Clydebuilt, but I don’t agree. Indyref2 could be years away and people reading WBB now will have forgotten it before they enter the polling booth.

      A couple of months before hand would still leave time for folks to pass on their copies.

      I’ll keep my powder dry for now.

    201. Clydebuilt says:

      A couple of weeks before Indy Ref2 will minimise the number of people getting to read the W.Black Book……. Get this batch out,
      then get more and get them out……. People who read them now ….aye they might forget the details in the book ……what they won’t forget is the core message …….B. T. Lied the …… The VOW was a lie. . . .

    202. jackie says:

      I got my wee black books today, looking forward to getting them out there 🙂

    203. tartanpigsy says:

      Great wee delivery in the post today. Good effort, keeps the pot boiling 🙂

      Thanks to all involved.

    204. Naina Tal says:

      Got WBBs today. Thanks a bunch! They’re all going to a local factory where I have a mole on the inside. His coffee break duties are to convince as many people as possible. Home grown Scots as well as other nationalities. Has had quite a bit of success up till now.
      I think we need to get this info out now. Once people change to Yes, they’re not going to go back. Many of them might well become activists in the run up to any future referendum. And we need to be able to show support is increasing, not fading…….

    205. dakk says:

      Got books at work today and gave out a few to some soft yes customers with hostile connections.

      Will try to use the remainder to best effect in this war of attrition.

      Thanks for the ammo Stuart.

    206. dakk says:

      Got 3 times more books than paid for.

      Will try to fight 3 times as hard for our cause.

    207. Stoker says:

      Got my 400 books yesterday. I should have received them on Wednesday (8th) but local courier tried to pull a flanker and informed the main courier company (Hermes) that i was on holiday.

      Informed Hermes that was a load of urine and that there was no attempted delivery note put through my door etc. Lassie i spoke to immediately apologised and ordered immediate delivery.

      Boxes and packaging utterly destroyed, took pictures and will be contacting Hermes first thing Monday morning to kick up a stink.

      As for the books, all present and correct and perfect order.
      Now it’s just a matter of working on my delivery strategy.


    208. Willie John says:

      Me still waiting 🙁

      Maybe tomorrow 🙂

    209. Tinto Chiel says:

      Thanks for the lovely books, which arrived today.

      Now to subvert the crumblies of Cadzow using my “Alone in Berlin” stratagem.


      Aw Goad am wan masel!

    210. Willie John says:

      They came today!

      Never mind Fifty Shades Of Grey – I’ve got One Shade of Black and it’s a much more fun read. (That other one is boring I’ve heard.)

    211. Hugh Barclay says:

      Folks I’ve managed to convert The Wee Black Book into a video format with optional themed soundtrack.

      Best viewed on a laptop or tablet with a wee set of headphones in the lugs but remember you do have a mute button and a pause button 🙂

      I’m not going to post a direct link as I’m never sure about the tags thing and don’t want to piss Stu off so:

      Do a search in Google for YouTube channel Independence2016, all one word, in there you will find The Wee Black Book in video format.

    212. yesindyref2 says:

      Got mine this morning, one will be going off to MidgeHunter who paid for them Air Mail tommorrow. I’ll keep one, but the rest I’ll probably give to a mix of YESsers who can use them, and undecided who still trust the media. There are also soft YESsers.

      “ayeMail” is cool 🙂

    213. yesindyref2 says:

      Ver nicely presented booklet, but I notice there’s no web address for I’m going to make up a wee label to stick on the inside front cover at the bottom of each one (except midgehunter’s), any suggestions, should I add, maybe scotgoespop? Open to suggestion!

    214. Stoker says:

      @ yesindyref2

      I don’t see the need to waste your time adding anything other than the WOS web address because this site links to all the others.

      BTW, i never picked up on that mistake, i’ll have to check a copy.
      You’ve jolted my curiosity!

    215. Stoker says:

      Had a quick shufty through a copy and yer right enough but then again, anyone interested enough to find the site, with access to the internet, will simply find us through googling Wings Over Scotland – And the rest, as they say, shall be history!

    216. Diolch / tapadh leat / thanks… received my little parcel of WBB today – will be sharing them down here in CYMRU/Wales with supporters and sceptics alike! Great work – carry on until we succeed!

    217. yesindyref2 says:

      Yes, you’re right, keep the message simple and there’s more chance of it being seen.

    218. Wilma Watts says:

      Just to say my books came the other day, fantastic. Also love the label with ” aye Mail ” on it.

      Many thanks.

    219. Liz Rannoch says:

      No Badges, no WBBs – Boooo Hoooo!

      God grant me patience, but grant me it Right Now!

    220. Squall Cloud says:

      Ordered mine at the very last minute, whew!

    221. Richardinho says:

      I’ve yet to hear of any celebrations by the Brexiteers. You’d think there would be street parties somewhere but I’ve yet to hear of one. Weird.

    222. Monist says:

      Hey. I was a English Unionist, until just a few hours ago.. I used to sneer at the people on this site… no more
      Everything good about Britain has ceased to be… we have rejected the values I thought Britain was supposed to be about and accepted the xenophobia of Vote Leave and Leave
      Eu. I have ceased to believe in the UK.. and believe the best way of continuing the values I thought Britain represented is by embracing an Independent Scotland. Quite frankly, I do not wish to be either British anymore.. Scotland please take me with you. This Union is dead.. and I don’t want to be part of it now.

    223. highseastim says:

      Received my books last week, have handed out some of them already.

    224. Liz Rannoch says:

      Maybe tomorrow?
      Anybody else still waiting on badges?

    225. alexicon says:

      It’s started and the DM has a cheek reporting it after it is the main culprit in festering hatred of outsiders.

    226. Liz Rannoch says:

      Wey Hey!, whooppeee dooooo! and other expressions of happiness.
      Thank you.

    227. Cactus says:

      Cheers for the delivery Stu and Lindsay, they’re braw!

      Kaktusson 🙂

    228. Heartsupwards says:

      Indyref2 ASAP. Then I believe Scotland will require a referendum on being in the EU as the circumstances of the vote will have changed dramatically.

    229. frogesque says:

      @ Monist:

      Good to have you onside. No matter previous positions, country or place of residence it’s great to have genuine support.

      Welcome aboard. Slainte!

    230. Angus MacRuary says:

      Not sure if you are still in the process of sending back orders out Stu. I ordered 20 a couple of months ago but have not received them. A friend who ordered later received his a couple of weeks ago.

    231. B of Craigmillar says:

      Is another print run happening. Need 200.

    232. David of Linlithgow says:

      Any plans for another print run, Rev?

    233. Rev. Stuart Campbell says:

      Not at the moment, sorry.

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