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Biff bang pow

Posted on February 01, 2013 by

So, this was January:

Yeah, we’ll take that.

Now, obviously the number of page views is partly explained by the fact we’ve posted a lot more articles this month than previously – an extra 1.8 a day on average compared to December. But the more exciting thing is the number of unique users. In December 17,148 different people came to Wings Over Scotland (as recently as September, the number was as low as 12,086). In January that rose to 29,796 – a phenomenal month-on-month increase of 73.8%.

We welcome each and every one of the 12,468 new people who came to see us last month. We hope you all stick around. And we thank everyone who’s linked and tweeted and spread our stories to get the vital information contained in them to a wider audience. We’d be useless without you.

As for the future, we’ve got a big plan. You’ll hear about it next week. Stand by.

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    55 to “Biff bang pow”

    1. redcliffe62 says:

      The Scotsman may have about 30k circulation and probbaly 40 or 50k people get a copy at least once a month. At your current rate you will overtake them within a few months.

    2. BillyBigbaws says:

      You’re doing great Rev, and deservedly so. Your breakdown of why Labour doesn’t need Scottish votes seems particularly popular, I’ve seen it (and posted it) everywhere.

    3. Semus says:

      Gon yersel Rev.I was in need of a newspaper today to burnish the windows.I looked at all the propaganda filth on display in the supermarket,looked for the cheapest no matter what.
      I coudnae bring myself to give them a ha’apenny or the news tomorrow would be recession over ,man in Dumfries buys a newspaper   nor could I face the shame that was written on my wife’s face .So the windows remain dull till 2014.
      Congratulations sir to you and your regulars.

    4. silver19 says:

      Well done Rev and all that contribute articles, I am looking forward to a WOS TV programme in the future 🙂 on SBC on at the same time as This Week.

      @Semus I do not even buy a paper any more, I might if they had a more balanced view or even a paper that was pro indy. I just scan the headlines in the shops and just laugh at them and walk on.

    5. Vincent McDee says:

      Me too, and I mean it!

    6. Christian Wright says:

      Today 700,000, tomorrow der Welt!

    7. K Mackay says:

      Nice one Rev, well deserved, only started visiting your site regularly a few months ago and it’s quickly become my most visited.

       Any chance you could put links to PDFs of your articles so we can print and distribute? You’ve probably seen NNS are putting out leaflets now with samples of articles, this could be the time to start really pushing our independent news sources to the unengaged by getting paper copies right under their noses 🙂 Looks to me like our best bet of circumnavigating the unionist MSM.

      Got a good feeling about 2013 

    8. DonUnder says:

      Keep up the good work Rev #COYR 🙂

    9. Macart says:


      The message is definitely getting out. The MSM have proved useful afterall……….. as a means of advertising WOS. 🙂

      Knew they were good for something. 

    10. scottish_skier says:

      That January figure must be the Tory EU referendum poll boost we’ve been waiting for.


    11. Barontorc says:

      Yes Rev Stu – your figures have shot up deservedly so. There are some blogs that seem to be discouraging discourse, which is a shame really – 30 min rules, a lexicon of unpublished disallowed words and  a non-reply function that says – we just don’t want to know! Keep up the good work – first port of call each and every day!

    12. Silverytay says:

      Onwards and upwards Rev , keep up the good work but be careful you dont burn yourself out before 2014 .  We will need in full fettle the 6 months before the referendum . 

    13. Dorothy Devine says:

      Fantastic figures!
      Congratulations and keep ’em coming! 

    14. Iain Gray's Subway Lament says:

      Well deserved and very encouraging.
      Keep up the good work Rev.

    15. Doug Daniel says:

      That is excellent, Stu. Although you could have made it look EVEN BETTER by utilising a Lib Dem style graph!

    16. MajorBloodnok says:

      It warms the cockles so it does.

    17. Training Day says:

      Excellent Stu – your site is already indispensable in illuminating the debate.  Many congratulations.

      However, I’m now going to call Prof John Curtice and ask for his take on your figures.  You’ll find that in fact you’ve had a disastrous January.

    18. Aucheorn says:

      First and last stop every day

    19. Seasick Dave says:

      Those latest figures for January look like a dead cat bounce to me.


    20. Ananurhing says:

      Congratulations Rev. Well deserved success. I wonder how many of these new visits are from the Cringe Mongers Confederation, which would be an enormous compliment really.

      Fantastic site. Style, format and content pitched perfect. This IS the information people say they need. I’ve been spreading the word, and I know you’ve been influential in at least two conversions. I’ll be spreading the Duncan Hamilton video around today, compliments of Vronsky. Brilliant stuff, and huge thanks to the many other contributors of posts and links. You’re an essential part of the supply line for the cause. I am educated, enlightened, and emboldened by you on a daily basis.   

    21. MajorBloodnok says:

      (don’t forget to donate)

    22. Les Wilson says:

      Sorry OT, but something I want to speak about.
      Yesterday morning at 6.30 am, I switched on BBC Scotland radio news.

      One of their commentaries was that during the recent high winds, renewable energy hit it’s highest output in the UK. They went on to say that more than 50% of it came from Scotland.

      I thought hey, that is good, 55,000,000 people or more down south, just over 5,000,000 here in Bonnie Scotland. Something to be happily encouraged by.

      I switched back on at 7.30 am to let my wife hear the good news, but hey, it was gone. I listened to BBC Scotland News several times more, but no doubt the commentary was gone, as if it had never been said.

      It was as if the guy in charge came into work at 7.00 am, deemed that this could be something construed as a positive for the Scottish Government  and something the Scottish people may actually get some cheer from. So hell, get it off!

      I never heard any more about this on radio nor TV, no report anywhere. I cannot say that for the press as I have decided not to buy papers any more.

      It does once more show the depth of manipulation, and indeed anti Scottishness,
      that is applied by the BBC and their co conspirators. 
      It is also not the first time I have come across this situation, good news comes early and is taken out early.

      Another shining example of just how devious this Unionist Conspiracy actually is. 

    23. scottish_skier says:

      30k unique visitors = 0.7% of the total electorate, which is certainly not something to be sniffed at.

      1.1% of the voting electorate for a 70% turnout situation…

      Oh, and also 12 x the number of votes UKIP got in May 2011. Still have no idea why they call it ‘UK’IP. Slightly misleading I feel; sort of suggests it’s a UK-wide party.

    24. martyn says:

      you deserve it mate, even thoug your pro indy you ALWAYS put both sides of the argument over for your readers to decide and ALWAYS back up claims with links to facts.

      a true journalist 

    25. benarmine says:

      Well done WOS, I rely on the site and your links now for reliable news. I haven’t bought any propaganda for four years. Interesting about the renewables there…

    26. EdinScot says:

      Its nice to see your wings are spreading all over Scotland.  Its the least you deserve for all your hard work.  I cant help but drop WOS into the conversation when the subject turns to politics and the referendum.  Pointing people in your direction is the logical option so they can read and see the facts verified in black & white.  

    27. Craig P says:

      Well done, Rev, I echo Silverytay, don’t burn yourself out, and Doug Daniel, in a Lib Dem election leaflet stylee – ‘only WoS can beat the BBC in your constituency’ 🙂
      Off to donate now…

    28. Morag says:

      Well, they weren’t all necessarily Scottish voters.  I mean, you have to subtract the CIA and so on…. 😉

      I was immediately attracted to this blog, quite some time ago.  I was trying to figure out when I made my first post, but I can’t find it now.  RevStu’s personality seems to strike just the right note, and I’d rather have a few sweary-words around (and even Unitrolls and fruitbat Truthers) than constant pre-moderation and biassed censorship.

      I’m thrilled to bits with the way it’s grown.  I’m pretty much parked here, even if I don’t post a huge amount.

    29. Cameron B says:

      Dito on the congrats Rev.
      @ Morag
      Are you trying to start something. Why don’t you grow up and consider the possibility that you do not know everything. I had been thinking of apologising for disrupting your article., but if you want to act like a child, I’m only too happy to help you make a fool of yourself.

    30. Les Wilson says:

      P.S. Congratulations on the increasing success for your endeavours, keep it running!

    31. Holebender says:

      I’d like to add my kudos to those above.
      Cameron; I know who comes across as a petulant child, and it isn’t Morag. Given that she only had to say “fruitbat truthers” and you responded… nuff said. I’ll do you the honour of not thinking you were responding to the label “unitroll”.

    32. cath says:

      Wow. That’s some leap. Great work Rev!

    33. cath says:

      “n January that rose to 29,796 – a phenomenal month-on-month increase of 73.8%.”
      Compare and contrast with the mainstream print media…

    34. Bill C says:

      Sincere thanks for the work you are doing on behalf of the cause of Scottish self determination.  More power to your PC.

    35. Bill C says:

      Sincere thanks for the work you are doing on behalf of the cause of Scottish self determination. More power to your PC.

    36. Cameron B says:

      @ Holebender
      You have a point to a degree, but I felt it necessary to highlight the lack of respect Morag appears to have towards those that hold different views to her own. I had just that minute returned to WOS, and thought it best to respond immediately. I am not particularly phased by her comment, though I did feel it was completely unnecessary and more than a little childish. I do not want to inflame further rancour, but Morag has previous. Nuff said.

    37. Elizabeth Sutherland says:

      Well done Rev. and to all who help to get the message out.
       I don’t post a lot but am an avid reader of all the posts, through this I have turned 2 no’s to yes who in turn I hope will do the same. 

    38. Bill C says:

      Apologies for double post.

    39. Rev. Stuart Campbell says:

      “I’m thrilled to bits with the way it’s grown. I’m pretty much parked here, even if I don’t post a huge amount.”

      Actually you’re breathing down the neck of 1000 posts. Glad to have you 🙂

    40. Marcia says:

      merci and well done

    41. Morag says:

      Actually you’re breathing down the neck of 1000 posts. Glad to have you

      If you know that, can you tell me when I first posted?  I was trying to remember when I first came across the blog, and failing miserably.

      I’ve posted a lot on certain topics, but more and more, recently, I come by to say something and it’s already been said, very well.  So I just read on.

    42. muttley79 says:

      Well done Rev Stu.  You and Scott in particular have put in a lot of effort.  I think it is a quality site, the best pro-independence website there is.  As a matter of interest when did WoS start?

    43. Richie says:

      Well done! Brilliant site!

    44. Rev. Stuart Campbell says:

      “If you know that, can you tell me when I first posted?”

      Looks like the 7th of December 2011. Which, for muttley79’s benefit, was almost exactly a month after the site started.

    45. Holebender says:

      Ahh… the 7th of December… a day that will live in infamy!

    46. Morag says:

      Looks like the 7th of December 2011. Which, for muttley79?s benefit, was almost exactly a month after the site started.

      Ah, thanks.  You did have posts going back earlier though.  I remember looking for what you’d been saying in April/May 2011, and there was a fun one called “How many chickens is this?” about the immediate pre-election opinion polls, which while looking amazing, still didn’t match the eventual reality.

    47. Stevie Cosmic says:

      Congratulations. Excellent news indeed.
      I know you’re not keen on FB, but I wonder how much of this is attributable to the direct links on Facebook now? Incidentally, I think your FB approach is perfect for this site; it’s PR that drives traffic here rather than encourage commentary on the FB page itself. Cunning!

    48. FreddieThreepwood says:

      I say, well done old chap! I arrived here on the back of some splendid postings on The New Improved Rangers 2012 and found a medium which didn’t make me feel like a stranger in my own country. So I decided to stay a while.

    49. turnbull drier says:

      Crackin stuff Rev.. Big plan you say, now i’m intreigued… 

    50. Scott says:

      Well done – Keep up the good work. We’re winning the battles – now lets win the war! Roll on 2014.

    51. Scott says:

      Well done, keep up the good work. we’re winning the Battles. Now lets win the War!!! Roll on 2014 and a free Scotland.

    52. Al Ghaf says:

      Not to piss on your parade Rev, but wondering if that is why this site is loading like a dog these days; regardless if it is on my iPad in the Lear Jet, my iPhone in the pub in Broughty Ferry, my laptop in Bogotá or my PC in Westminster.

    53. Scott says:

      @ les wilson

      I have found the report you speak about at 4.20mins in. 15% of all electricity generated in the UK by onshore windfarms in Scotland. New record.

    54. Baheid says:

      Excellent stuff min, introduced to wos about three weeks ago and been busy telling everyone l meet to have a look.

      Getting some interesting feedback,  especially from the, ‘oh l don’t know crowd’.

    55. Deochandoris says:

      Love this website, onwards and upwards!

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