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At the top of the dial

Posted on December 09, 2016 by

We’ll be honest, there are some bits of this that make us wince, and unfortunately most of them come in the first two minutes where they’ll do the most damage in terms of getting a persuadeable voter to watch the rest of it. But it’s an important piece of work, containing stuff even we didn’t know about, and it should be seen.

If you want to show it to people who aren’t already Yes, though, we’d suggest giving them a link that starts 123 seconds in.

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    1. yesindyref2 says:

      He’s a good guy, but some of these things need to be proof-read or proof-watched by critical eyes and ears like yours, before launch.

      Most important – first 30 seconds, last 30 seconds.

    2. Sandy says:

      Watched this last night, having just finished the book. Agreed, its an important piece of work that should be widely distributed to try and help persuade as many No voters to Yes or at the very least to get them questioning the BBC and MSM output of propaganda.

      Agree with you too that they’ve blown the vital first couple of minutes and should re-write them. I thought the same thing when I saw the trailers – the start needs to have more impact in terms of drawing viewers in and not looking like an amateur conspiracy theory video.

    3. Proud Cybernat says:

      Watched it all. Didn’t tell me much that I didn’t already know about the British Brainwashing Corporation and its Misreporting Scotland news output.

      This video isn’t for the ‘choir’. It’s target are those who simply do not see how they have been (and still are) misled by the BBC. My nephew for example thinks he is very well informed because he watches and listens to the BBC every day. He simply gazed at me with an incredulous look when I explained to then that they are the propaganda wing of the British Establishment. Gave him just one example (the “…eight Type 26 frigates promised during the 2014 referendum…” which was actually THIRTEEN. But the BBC broadcast it as EIGHT had been promised. Then the whole misinformation about the contract being signed when it HASN’T been signed.

      Opened his eyes–just a little.

      I’ll ensure he gets the link. The BBC must be brought to book and its misinformation, disinformation and outrigh blatant lies exposed. They can try and rewrite history in an attempt to hide their deception of the people of Scotland but to do that means they will have to tell even MORE lies.

      The BBC and Scottish MSM in general are beneath contempt.

    4. JaMur says:

      Westminsters mouthpiece can shut it.

    5. galamcennalath says:

      “123 seconds in”, which misses Alec Salmond’s typical but perfectly valid comment.

      Indeed. If you are an elderly NO voter who dislikes AS and believes the BBC only tells the truth, how does that set the tone of the documentary for you?

      That section should have been somewhere much later.

      It needs a first two minutes which catches the attention of the type of person I just described, not puts them off.

    6. Robert Louis says:

      Jeez, it isn’t the (twang) first 120 (twang) seconds that might put people (twang) off, it’s that incessant (twang) electric guitar (twang) jangling the whole (Twang) feckin way through. Like some (Twang) kind of sick torture. (twang, twang).

      Otherwise probably a good film, but I gave in due to the incessant (twang) guitar. Any chance of a version without it?

      Come the next referendum, we must not go lightly after the BBC. We must shout scream and bellow, over and over and over again, about their blatant bias. We must nail the bias, repeatedly, at each and every interview by any YES group. The SNP MUST play their part in doing so next time. The blatant bias against Scotland restoring its independence by the BBC is beyond ANY doubt whatsoever.

      We will never win an independence referendum for Scotland, whilst being nicey, nicey to the blatant paid liars at the BBC in Scotland.

    7. Robert Louis says:

      Oh, and do I think Scotland would now be in the first days of independence, if the media had not been so biased? YES. Absolutely, YES. I have no doubt whatsoever in saying that.

      That is why I utterly despise the BBC and their enablers. They cheated Scotland of democracy, and our independence. So now here we are, tied to London as some kind of semi-despised colony, about to be dragged against our democratic wishes out of the EU in the most damaging way.

      Thanks, paid liars at the BBC. You will NEVER be forgiven.

    8. Dan Huil says:

      The bbc in Scotland has ceased all pretence of political neutrality. Why pay the bbc tax? Don’t. Let britnats pay for britnat propaganda.

    9. Breastplate says:

      A documentary that needed doing whether there are minor flaws of not.
      Well done to the makers.

    10. Andrew McLean says:

      News in Ireland

      UK firms ‘actively engaged’ in hunt for Dublin offices, says Green Reit at shareholders meeting,

      No response from the state propaganda department. Yet the Nazi supporting management had chosen to have a buffoon called Nigel Farage, the most dangerous man on TV an opportunity to spread his corrupt world view to millions.

      The BBC state propaganda department are a disgrace, an abomination, a cancerous malignancy on the body politic of this Nation.

      The fact that the obviously extreme incendiary language utilised in the last paragraph is seen by many in Scotland as a measured sensible judgement on the main broadcaster for this nation is actually heartbreaking.

      Scotland deserves better than this, this is not a state of affairs that can be allowed to continue. We cannot stand by any longer and allow this abuse to be perpetrated any longer.

      The SNP, supported the anti poll tax campaign, I suggest the the corrupting influence of the unionist press is more damaging to our Nation than the poll tax ever was.

    11. Bob Mack says:

      Anybody out there still think the billboards are a bad idea ?

    12. One_Scot says:

      I am not really in a position to make a judgement, but I suppose one good thing is, if it were felt minor changes would be beneficial, then they could be made before the DVD run.

    13. Auld Rock says:

      Definitely needs a bit of editing but message is good.

      Auld Rock

    14. heedtracker says:

      Great explanation. Maybe cut back on the black inky stuff on actual BBC footage. Jacky Bird pushing last third option Devo-max, is particularly grotesque. And the bit about Rory the Tory’s private documentary is really sleazy. Sleaze bag toryboy’s in MI6, shock.

    15. CameronB Brodie says:

      Is the clue in the name? Can an brand identity be other than a sign of ethos? Can ethos allow space for difference? Can Scottish culture survive in such an ideologically defined environment of ‘idealised’ British/English nationalism? Does the BBC respect the right of Scots to choose non-British/English identities?

      How about an introduction to post-colonial theory?

      Colonialism, Post-colonialist Theory, Globalisation & the Media

    16. Capella says:

      I thought the video was very good. As a detailed account of BBC bias, but without overload, I think it works well. Thanks for posting this. An excellent start to the day!

    17. Paula Rose says:

      I’ve just watched those missing 123 seconds – they’re not that bad really at least I don’t think so.

    18. Rev. Stuart Campbell says:

      “Didn’t tell me much that I didn’t already know about the British Brainwashing Corporation and its Misreporting Scotland news output.

      This video isn’t for the ‘choir’. It’s target are those who simply do not see how they have been (and still are) misled by the BBC.”

      That’s exactly why you don’t start it by saying stuff like “British Brainwashing Corporation” and “Misreporting Scotland”, because to a normal person it makes you sound like a tinfoil-hatted fucking loony.

    19. Robert Roddick says:

      Confirms the sense of my position since the referendum to question every report on BBC news.

    20. heedtracker says:

      This is who are chums in Pacific Quay are working so hard to protect.


      The most lucrative were two events for JP Morgan, the investment bank, at £81,174 and £60,578 each, one for Palmex Derivatives at £80,240, and another for the Securities Industry and Financial Markets Association for £69,992.


      Flipper Darling’s done alright for himself.

    21. Proud Cybernat says:

      “That’s exactly why you don’t start it by saying stuff like “British Brainwashing Corporation” and “Misreporting Scotland”, because to a normal person it makes you sound like a tinfoil-hatted fucking loony.”

      Well of course. You give ordinary people who are otherwise unaware how they have been misinformed the straight facts/evidence and let them draw their own conclusion as to how much they feel they have been duped–or not.

      I don’t consider myself uninformed regarding the BBC and wider MSM’s behaviour in IndyRef#1 and beyond. I personally consider them the propaganda outfit of the British Establishment and beneath contempt.

      No tin-foil hat required.

    22. Breastplate says:

      Rev, I understand your point of view but there’s also a different tac to the argument about being labelled a tinfoil hat loony.
      From my point of view I think people are tinfoil hatted loonies if they believe that the BBC are not propagandists. Using the phrase conspiracy theorist is a way of shutting down debate.

      There’s nothing wrong with being a conspiracy theorist, it all depends on what particular theory one might believe in.

    23. I hated the EBC afore the telly and had to bear it oan the wireless. I remember being bored out of my skull on weekends aff school with fitba and religion. Hated it, plus the plummy accents. Scots when they were portrayed were Harry Lauders and tight fisted. Irish stupid and English superior and generous to all their grateful colonies throughout the Empah.

      Find this video too understated. It’s much worse than that. English political; chat shows are inane, trying to pretend there is some difference between the different wafflers. And the only newspapers they review are English one. They are all right wing Brit Nats, same as the so called Scottish papers anyway.

      Even the moderate Corbyn Wimp is a Brit Nat and portrayed as a raving revolutionary to frighten Essex Man and the Thames Estuary.

    24. rongorongo says:

      I love the detail about the Gaugazia – with 150K people and their own TV station. Sounds like an interesting place. Propagandists are tricky people to skewer – and I think this does a pretty good job.

    25. Flower of Scotland says:

      I contributed to the crowdfunder and am pleased with the result. It’s a bit long for me. Anyone that’s a maybe YES might not watch a full hour. It could have been shorter and punchier, but only good comments are coming from people who have gone to see it.

      I have shared it on Twitter and Facebook and will wait to see if anyone of my “friends” watch it.

    26. CameronB Brodie says:

      This is a difficult product to sell, as most folk grew up trusting the BBC, so I would have been a little less direct at the start, tbh. The music and imagery will turn folk off straight away, IMHO.

    27. harry mcaye says:

      The start is poor (agree with Rev’s btl comment), music is terrible and I don’t get the black inky stuff either. Bound to put off a few. I thought the Catalonia stuff could have been briefer and they could have included more examples from the book. Who new about that Moldova region?But overall, a very worthwhile project and I’m glad I contributed.

      Why on earth didn’t they start with the segment around 24.36, when the BBC deliberately distorted footage from FMQs to make it look like Salmond was mocking John Swinney?

    28. Mike says:

      It may have had a better effect if somebody from the BBC was interviewed from a BBC perspective and point of view which could have been challenged in the same manner the BBC conduct their own interviews with members of the Pro Indy movement.
      It would have been a nice illustration to highlight the effect of how the manipulation works in practice.

    29. yesindyref2 says:

      Yeah, having watched 4 or 5 minutes, Rev’s about right for the start at 2 mins, by all means stick in the Salmond bit after that, then a short title after a couple of minutes, cut the silly crappy different BBC logos or put them at the tend, who cares, the misinformation subliminals should be at the END not the beginning of the film – they’re good but too soon, and instead of flashing the 18 or whatever headlines, give them at least 2 seconds to register, while Craig or whoever talks.

      I’d guess the rest needs editing. Quick flick forward, and at 15.50, some silly flickering things you can’t see – flags and countries.

      Yeah, a little guitar occasionally, but there’s far too much. Had it on in the background while typing this and is tsounds OK – if anyone apart from the faithful ever get past the first 2 minutes.

      As it is, it’ll do the rounds of SNP branches, maybe some meetings attended by YES supporters – and that’s it. Preaching to the converted.

    30. Bob Mack says:

      Sorry Rev, but you are off the mark here. Every previous minority group or freedom movement has started small and been called many things. They have however one thing in common. They have grown in numbers.

      People do eventually see the truth if it is pointed out to them. It is a two way street.

      If you acknowledge that folk can be influenced by only one form of media, then you yourself must recognise that Wings should never have survived, but it has.

      Survived grown and prospered from what people once regarded as a factional blog.

    31. Proud Cybernat says:

      “… I don’t get the black inky stuff…”

      I wondered about that too. I think, perhaps, it may be something to do with copyright. I know the doc cites ‘Fair Use’ for research/educational purposes at the beginning but they may have had to alter some clips so that it becomes an ‘artist’s impression’ of the original clip to get around copyright issues. Not sure though–just a thought as I can’t see the BBC gladly giving permission to use the clips for the purpose of exposing them as propagandists.

      So the producers had to ‘change’ the original. You don’t see this black inky stuff with the ‘talking head’ segments (and some other segments from Spain etc) where the producers would most likely have been given full permission to use the segments.

    32. Breastplate says:

      Of course if you ask a 100 people to do something you’ll end up with many different ways of doing it but it’s done now.
      I think the documentary is a tool to normalise the idea that the BBC are a tool of Westminster.

      My belief is that here in Scotland we are in the minority about the BBC being untrustworthy and the onus is on us to get people to take notice and present the evidence of that.

      So if we do so successfully we’ll move from the minority to the majority, shifting the burden of responsibility to the BBC of trustworthiness.

      How we get there boils down to a difference of approach.

    33. Bill Dale says:

      @harrymcaye From both the book and the film, the most important segment in my view is the one which shows the BBC showing footage of Alex Salmond out of sequence, thereby conveying a negative impression of the then First Minister.

      Such a reversal of timeline cannot happen by accident, it requires a video editor to take a segment and move it to a time before it happened. This is in itself demonstrates that the BBC cannot be trusted to report even video “evidence”, since it shows deliberate intent to mislead.

      Of course this is not new territory for the BBC, since it did the same trick of reversing the timeline at Orgreave during the miners’ strike, to show the police on horseback charging the miners picket lines in response to missiles hurled from the miners, when in fact the miners were reacting to the charge of the police on horseback.

      Concentrate on this segment and explain it, perhaps with reference to Orgreave as well, and make this the viral message. “Think you can trust the BBC to report accurately? Then watch this and see what you think.”

    34. Breastplate says:

      On different approaches, I understand that people will talk with No voters differently.

      Some people won’t call No voters arseholes but will explain to them why they are. I would be more likely now to call them arseholes and let them work it out for themselves.
      I’ve ran out of patience with them but also grateful that others haven’t.

      Different strokes for different folks.

    35. Ian McCubbin says:

      Watched it all and learned nothing new. It is however very useful for those who think what it covers us truthful.
      Talking to an ex Herald journalist, it is even more sinister to what outside uk Gov influences were also on BBC. Not that that piece of information did anything but make BBC appear even more biased on unionist side.

    36. yesindyref2 says:

      As a general principle there are people prepared to criticise, preferably in a constructive fashio which does unforunately at times mean being destructive to some extent.

      What should be done is collect the names of these. maybe 12 maybe 20, and ask them to preview, proof-read or whatever, pre-production. What isn’t needed is people who are like “Yeah, wonderful, great, perfect”. Not at that stage, that comes to give the encouragement while building the first versions.

    37. heedtracker says:

      How we get there boils down to a difference of approach.

      Also harder to approach is the BBC Scotland radio crew. That lot are actually far more aggressive propagandists with arguably far more reach too, like people in cars. In their year long 2014 ref run up, BBC Scotland radio breakfast kicked off at 6 AM with staggering attack propaganda on everything Scottish democracy.

      Although it was a great way to get going of a morn. By midnight it had eased off a bit but it’s an amazing crew of BBC radio stars all raging UKOK away at us. That dude in Shetland’s a right UKOK nutter but again, he’s made a lot of money out of spinning the platters, boys and girls.

      Forgot his name, google says Tom Morton, a Scottish DJ, born in Carlisle. Christ.

      Born in Carlisle, Cumberland, England, but brought up by his Scottish family in Glasgow and Troon, Ayrshire, Morton’s early years were characterised by committed evangelical Christianity which…”

      What’s with that “but” anyway?

    38. yesindyref2 says:

      I skipped to the end “and so it continues”.

      Very good – and the music there is good too. End is half the battle, if they do some work at the start, could be an excellent product.

    39. gus1940 says:


      I see that since May sacked him George Osborne has been paid about £500,000 for delivering 9 speeches.

      I have long suspected that there is a funny smell emanating from this business of failed and/or retired politicians being paid vast sums of money for making speeches.

      Apparently huge numbers of the world’s fat cats and business leaders are prepared to part with substantial sums in order to have oratorical pearls of wisdom cast over them by ex politicians.

      It is unlikely that every speech is different – in which case would it not be easier to get hold of transcripts than part with one’s money and time to attend such an ‘event’.

      I would like to know just who are these generous individuals prepared to give up their time and money to, listen to politicians.

      Is it possible that he whole thing is a monstrous scam as a way of rewarding politicians for ‘services rendered’and that most of the money comes from some sort of big business slush fund and not from the attendees.

      How about some investigative journalism from a professional journalist?

      Starting with Osborne’s recent financial bonanza.

      We know he made 9 speeches earning approx £500,000.

      How many attended each speech and what were individuals charged for the pleasure?

      It shouldn’t be too difficult to establish the answers to these 2 questions and the investigation can take it from there if things don’t quite add up.

      I have never in years seen quoted just how much the tickets cost for such events.

    40. CameronB Brodie says:

      There’s nowt stranger than folk. 🙂

      Style is vital to successfully conveying meaning, in our media saturated environment. I’m all for this, I simply wasn’t sure of the tone, which I thought a little too assertive at the start. As the Rev. says;

      That’s exactly why you don’t start it by saying stuff like “British Brainwashing Corporation” and “Misreporting Scotland”, because to a normal person it makes you sound like a tinfoil-hatted fucking loony.

      That’s not selling that’s telling and folk generally don’t like to be told. The choice of language is not accessible to non-converts, who need to be persuaded not skooled by what some may perceive as ‘narrow nationalists’. Is this not how the BUM characterises us? What was the point of the exercise again? 🙂

    41. Tam Jardine says:

      I wonder if GA Ponsonby has been in touch with RT as a means of getting a wider audience? Something tells me they would have no problem pushing it.

      Depressing viewing but hats off to those involved. Sure- there are things I would do differently (stylistically) but the point is I didn’t- other folk got off their arses and made this film so nothing but admiration from me for their efforts.

      All we need to do now is don lycra, participate in Strictly, take on and defeat the 4 judges, find the uplink and access codes for the network and broadcast London Calling direct into people’s homes on prime time Saturday night bbc1.

    42. galamcennalath says:

      That beginning. You should never criticise without proposing an alternative.

      My start would be straight into a short statement of what the BBC is and how it has been part of our lives for generations. Then, “We believed what the BBC told us and valued the news and coverage it brought into our homes, BUT were we right to place our trust it what it was telling us?” Then some clear, indisputable, but gentle short examples of lies and bias. Follow this with some credits, then into the meat of the evidence.

      Be positive for a minute, then sow the seeds of doubt, then the overwhelming case against. Lead the viewer in by making them comfortable with the first segment, then chip chip, then wallop.

    43. The principle of the BBC itself is not a bad thing,

      it is those people at the top that are using it for personal and political gain that are the problem,

      the BBC gets its funding through the Government`s tax on live broadcasting,

      to keep their funding the BBC must kowtow to whoever is in Gov,

      also the Gov puts people sympathetic to the state`s ideology in places of power,

      and these people only employ people that tow that line,

      it is not easy to stand up against the Government and if you do you will be out of a job,

      even Lord Reith ( a man of the highest principles ) was forced/persuaded by Gov to alter a BBC program that the state did not agree with,

    44. Proud Cybernat says:

      Also wondering about the title (before it goes to DVD or in lieu of any further edits).

      ‘London Calling’ – How the BBC Stole the Referendum. How many soft Nos will be ‘attracted’ by this title? If the tilt e was something like:

      ‘London Calling – How the BBC Saved the Union’

      Such a title is more ‘neutral’ (and possibly more Unionist) and, as such, it might get a lot of Unionists watching because they are happy that the BBC help save the United Kingdom and actually will be happy to watch how the BBC helped their side win.

      Of course, what they are not expecting is to see the dark arts of how the BBC actually did it. Might make some of them think. They are, after all, the target audience.

    45. galamcennalath says:

      Scot Finlayson says:

      … it is those people at the top that are using it for personal and political gain that are the problem …

      True. Also, though, there are other forces at work at BBC Shortbread which seem particularly pro Union anti SG/SNP/Indy.

      The pro UK State bias is definitely top down, as you say. It’s part of the fundamental makeup of the BBC. I think on top of that we have a cluster of Yoonery influencing production in Scotland acting possibly/probably independently of the hierarchy. It is tolerated because both share the same agenda.

    46. HandandShrimp says:

      There are numerous videos out there on cover ups on alien structures on the moon and mars. These are a good starting point….to walk away from….quickly.

      The notion the BBC is less than pristine and honest is not a difficult concept to sell. Savile, Harris and Hall etc have made that a given. Nicholas Witchall as Royal Toadie or Dimbleby as an ex Bullingdon man is also an indication of an organisation designed to serve the establishment. That a state broadcaster might lean to the very establishment that it draws its support and people from is hardly earthshattering. It just needs to be set out simply and clearly without melodrama. It is the British Broadcasting Company not the Scottish Broadcasting Company. It’s bias is built into its very foundations.

    47. ronnie anderson says:

      Yous lot are to bloody analytical in your comments , think back a few years ( pre WoS ) would you say you’s were any different from the average Joe / Joanna public, or were you’s always forensically examining Bbc/Corporate Media .

      Promote London’s Calling ( mind from little acorn’s grow ) it isn’t directed at People’s like us ( the very well informed ). That video + BBC MissReporting Scotland BillBoards we may just get the edge on the Bbc & maybe a few Bbc Protests before May elections for good measure.

      A wee conversation I had with Patrician after watching London’s Calling screening ( if we download to disc 5/10 copies & distribute them ourselves ( Alan would have no issues with copyright ) .

    48. yesindyref2 says:

      @Proud Cybernat
      Excellent suggestion. Yes, the London’s Calling is good but the current title sounds like a consipracy theory, and most people avoind “nutters” like a plague.

    49. harry mcaye says:

      Bill Dale – You’ve reminded me that they did the same with an Ally McCoist press confrerence. Just google those words and add BBC and the info is there.

    50. SOG says:

      I agree, the intro is awful. If I’d found it by chance I wouldn’t have lasted the two minutes.

    51. heedtracker says:

      . It’s bias is built into its very foundations.

      It didn’t use to be this bad though. Back in the day, 80’s, BBC Scotland would pound away at Thatcherite Westminster very hard. Clearly it’s because it’s full to the brim with SLabour goodness, and ofcourse all currently going apeshit at us for not voting SLabour.

      That’s part of their mentalist dysfunction. BBC England is the Daily Telegraph and BBC Scotland just hates anyone and anything Scottish democracy, SNP and Holyrood.

      They try to mop up there UKOK pish by giving assorted BBC Scotland liggers top jobs all over the world, Sarah Smith weewees over Scottish democracy, here and State side, then there’s that Cooke twit, Laura Bicker, other liggers cant mind name of, all front of house, high profile great British BBC broadcasters, having destroyed fledgling Scottish democracy 2014, 2015, 2016…

    52. liz says:

      Have to say I’m surprised at the negative comments on here.

      I bit sniffy and they could do this, that or the other.

      GA Ponsonby made this DVD, if folk don’t like it, make your own.
      Personally I think it’e great.
      You don’t have to show it all, pick out bits if yoy want and let soft No’s decide if they want to watch it all.

      For me Rory the Tory and the No borders stuff is lethal.
      Blatant propaganda paid for by us ordinary folk.

      The people who work in BBC Scotland news should be hanging their heads in shame.
      To hell with them, they are every bit as bad as the original parcel of rogues.

    53. Andrew McLean says:

      New You gov survey report

      looks like red Tory is losing to blue Tory SNP stays the same at 50% but would not vote up to 11% from 3%

    54. Paula Rose says:

      Is this the ultimate in alert reader tests?

    55. CameronB Brodie says:

      The BBC has been a tool of Westminster propaganda since the General Strike.

      Put the master’s tools down!

      Most famously, the BBC’s founding father, John Reith, refused to broadcast a message from the Archbishop of Canterbury, who unlike his Roman Catholic counterpart – the Archbishop of Westminster, whose statement was broadcast – chose not to condemn the strike as a sin against God, adopting instead a somewhat more conciliatory tone. Even more significant than such questionable editorial judgments though, is the fact that BBC news was routinely shaped in accordance with a partial political agenda. This in part reflected the precarious position in which the BBC found itself. It was left officially independent on the understanding that it would continue to broadly serve the political objectives of the Government and the interests it represented. As the historian A.J.P. Taylor wryly remarked, Reith had

      “managed to preserve the technical independence of the B.B.C… by suppressing news which the government did not want published. This set a pattern for the future: the vaunted independence of the B.B.C, was secure so long as it was not exercised.”

    56. heedtracker says:

      This will also make you wince, if youre not a tory. Ligger Neil’s daily vote tory show guests today are, Toby Young, tory nutcase, Dan Snow, richest tory in the universe, nutcase, Polly Toynbee, faux lefty Graun nutcase and a dude that owns a shop in Muswell Hill called the Really British shop, I UKOK shit you not. Tragicomedy BBC style

      Ligger signs off interview with owner of the Really British shop, “stay safe.”

    57. yesindyref2 says:

      For websites it’s actually a 5 second test, get the attention and interest, or people go the next one. If I flick a channel to watch a movie, I decide in maybe a minute if it’s worth carrying on, and in two minutes at most if it’s going to be a B movie or even a C.

      Having said that sometimes you get a good start, it turns into a C movie and you have to keep watching to find out how it ends 🙁

    58. Liz g says:

      Only thing I was disappointed that they didn’t mention was our MP’S asking for broadcasting to be devolved because of all of this,and it getting refused.
      It would have fitted in nicely,I think ,at the bit about others having their own TV stations
      But otherwise a very good effort and long overdue.

    59. Dr Jim says:

      Like most of us I’ve seen all this stuff and like most of us am able to sort it out, which is the problem with it
      If you’re going to make a documentary on a subject, in this case the BBC and other actors involved, find yourself someone who makes documentaries who isn’t political so that it’s presented in a way that’s easily watchable for the non partisan

      It all looks a bit like that American Guvernor guy Jessie somebody who uncovers martians everywhere as well as area 51 and they were all put there by the evil president of a large corporation who’s about to unleash them on the world

      There’s no doubt we need stuff like this, it’s important but it’s a good intention wrongly delivered, and easily rubbishable by the people at the BBC should they want to, although I suspect they wont, they have “Experts” in all things to refute all things and when the BBC produce an “Expert” to refute we all have little choice but to agree as we walk forwards with arms outstretched in the time honoured Boris Karloff Fashion “Imhotep Imhotep” kill the Nats, you all do it you know you do

      The FM said “Don’t hate the media become the media” I’m afraid that was with total respect FM, mince,
      All the folk who have set up blogs and web sites and everything have done a great service to us all and I’m as greatful as the next person, and in those terms there is no doubt Pro Independence and Yes rule the Interwaves

      I once gave a row to a SNP candidate saying “It’s not good enough to be as good as other political parties the SNP candidate must be better because we start from the back and are watched more from the front and critisised by everybody everywhere”

      I don’t know how to make the BBC go away or stop them doing what they do, like everybody else I’m angry but a bit more care in some approaches to video making would be better,
      the darkened room look with the bad sound quality isn’t the best way to get the non partisan engaged

      But still well done for making the effort on all our behalfs and thank you

    60. Liz g says:

      Liz @ 1.17
      I thought that comments from us would be seen as useful.
      Mainly because I am hoping for more stuff like this.
      A fresh set of eyes if you like and definitely from people who want the project to do well.
      That, I think you can take to the bank.
      Do you think we have upset anyone?

    61. heedtracker says:

      Are really going to let these guys own our country for ever and UKOK ever?

      Pro-Remain MPs should resign, says Tory MP

      Richard Drax, whose full name is Richard Grosvenor Plunkett-Ernle-Erle-Drax, has received hundreds of thousands of pounds in EU subsidies for his family estate in Dorset

    62. Robert Louis says:

      So, my nippy comments above, aside, I like this film. I don’t necessarily think the first bit is bad at all, but that’s just opinion.

      I think this film will be a real eye opener for many, both YES AND NO voters, especially soft NO’s. Many of those people took what the BBC told them as the gospel, and so may be astonished to find out the truth. I was actively involved, and even I did not know the part about the croatian ambassador.

      So, overall a very good film. Ponsonby is to be commended, because it is not just the film, but his long term afforts to document the bias of the BBC and media.

      Any BBC staff or ‘journalists’ watching this, hold your heads in shame. Shame on you – especially if you are a Scot. Utterly disgraceful.

    63. Breeks says:

      I don’t mind either the production or the start. It kinda adds to the authenticity, – that it isn’t a glossy piece of propaganda, but it’s the content that’s all important, not being slick. It’s a bit like The Cheviot, the Stag, and the Black Black Oil. If you can survive and get past the title, then you’ll be fine.

      What is a bit curious by its absence is formal endorsement. What steps is our government prepared to take in the the light of this programme/ document? What court cases can be built upon it? What impeachment for failure, and impeachment of whom, can use the information it contains? What safeguards to we need to prevent repetition of this abuse of our democracy and media correspondence?

      What do we have here? Merely a DVD to be copied and circulated around the nation? Or can anything of substance, and by that I mean actual change, be secured or sought on the back of this programme?

      Don’t we need a government Minister saying “Oh my God, I’m just appalled at this, it’s a national outrage, and I’m not going to rest until political and news coverage in the Scottish media assured of balance, and that infractions of protocol, such as the flagrant violation of Purdah will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law?

      The people who made this program need us to have their back and stand by their work. Not left isolated and frustrated asking “And?…..”

      As for the follow up DVD, there’s the great Gavin McCrone Swindle and coverup. Chapter and verse on that little Nugget of black gold has the makings of a legend. I’ve read a 19 page Script you honestly wouldn’t believe, and it would challenge Braveheart for its Oscar winning tension and jeopardy.

      Last wee observation? Needs a short version. 1 hour plus is a sore download on mobile broadband. 15 to 20 mins is better. I still remember Jack Fosters Top 10 Unionist Myths debunked from 2013. I’m not saying leave the other 3/4 hour on the cutting room floor, absolutely not, but hour long stories don’t go viral.

    64. Liz g says:

      Dr Jim 1.36
      See I think the exact opposite.
      If you are too polished then you come across just as another company with a product,to sell.
      Jessie Ventura makes a living from conspiracy theories and they are clearly entertainment programming to draw ratings.
      That’s not the aim here.
      Infowars while still a commercial entity is more successful and is popular because it comes across as the little guy no frills TV.

    65. Stu Mac says:

      @Bob Mack

      What are you talking about? The Rev is (by putting it up here) promoting it. All he’s doing after that is make some constructive criticism as to how it could be improved to make it more able to draw in the yet unconvinced.

    66. Breeks says:

      And as a last wee OT thing, it is my earnest hope that one day I’ll be able to write a BTL comment which doesn’t miss out a word or have a typo. But hey, it’s my deliberate mistake SOE style…

    67. galamcennalath says:

      Andrew McLean says:

      New You gov survey report

      Interesting, thanks.

      Brexit. UK wide, ‘with hindsight”, right to leave 44%, wrong to leave 42%.

      Small Scottish sample, right to leave 32%, wrong to leave 55%.

      So, not much movement. The English still don’t realise the shite storm that awaits them.

    68. Liz g says:

      Breeks @ 2.00
      Then we would be all suspicious and send out search parties to look for the real you.
      When I say search parties I really mean Nana ( she has night vision goggles apparently…don’t ask me Smallaxe will tell ye better)

    69. Nana says:

      I watched this last night with my husband. Even though I learnt nothing new it still had me raging. Luckily my hubby is a calm soul!

      From comments I’ve seen online already the film has shocked andd angered many. I have sent the link to several acquaintances and my husband is sharing at his work. One lady I sent it to will show to her elderly group of neighbours & members of clubs she is involved with.

      It’s all very well being critical, it might not be perfect but the folks behind this film got up and did something to hopefully get the ‘bbc bad’ message out there. For that they have my gratitude.

    70. rmfbrown says:

      That blurred intro almost brought on a migraine, but the rest was pretty good.

      Was it just me, or was that Richard O’Brian at the beginning?

      Is he backing Scottish independence??

    71. Nana says:

      @Liz G

      Liz dear will ye stop giving away my secrets. MI whotsits will be wanting their equipment back and I’ve mislaid the shit stirring machine. I think the bbc took it from my garden shed.

    72. Habib Steele says:

      I would be grateful if you would give a link to a site with the video which commences 123 seconds in,

    73. Tam Jardine says:

      Liz g 

      Jesse Ventura aka Captain Freedom? My obscure riff on The Running Man above may be a little out there but it is probably Arnie’s strongest film and a near flawless take on television as state propaganda.

      Seek it out if you can. If anything it is more optimistic than London Calling in that there is a resolution and the bastards are exposed in the end. Some chainsaw action too if you are into that kind of thing

    74. Jack Murphy says:

      Shocked watching this London Calling.
      Shocked AND angry watching and listening to the BBC in Scotland!
      Nothing would surprise me about that Outfit stationed on Plantation Quay.
      I was taken aback by many revelations in this video from the Wings link beginning at 123 seconds in,particularly the Rory the Tory revelation at 47:27 in,that “The BBC gave a Conservative MP an hour to make a documentary saying that——–“.

      That outfit has gone beyond the Point of No Return.
      Enough is enough—BBC—–you’ve been rumbled.
      Exposed to the light of day.
      Uncomfortable viewing for some of the good folk who still work there.

    75. liz says:

      @liz g, no I dont think they are particularly helpful.

      Doubt that the DVD will be edited because a small number of people don’t like small bits of it.

      It’s a bit similar to folk complaining about billboards, if you don’t like it. do your own thing.

      GA Ponsonby has spent years getting this far.

      I like how they had Craig Murray, ex UK ambassador, a man with lots of info as to how the state works.
      It was good to have non-Scottish voices in it as well.

      Next time the bird mentions ‘devo-max’ play that bit over and over.

    76. K1 says:

      We’re aw easily led. Rev says first two minutes crap and many comments jump off from that starting point.

      The thing is Rev’s doing punditry here and it’s a great (if inadvertent) example of being led by someone’s ‘opinion’, but I do wonder if as many of us would have even highlighted these first couple of minutes as ‘problematic’ without his ‘prompt’?

      I watched it last night, didn’t really think anything of intro, fairly in the modern context ‘standard’ fare style wise.

      This is a ‘grassroots’ production and it’s bloody brilliant. It’s out there now and we can all do our bit in promoting the ‘substantive’ narrative that this production ‘is’ focused on. The first two minutes focus on the opening was a wonderful example in ‘practice’ of a ‘ dog whistle’. But ah dae huv tae caveat with the confession that ah’ve a tendency tae read a meaning intae things that may not necessarily have been the intent of the author (consciously).

      *Slopes of…whistling*

    77. Stoker says:

      Rev wrote:

      “We’ll be honest,….”

      And we wouldn’t expect or accept anything less.

      I enjoyed that, well done to all involved. All efforts to spread the word should be welcomed. That video may very well work on those we can’t reach through other efforts, just as PC’ Misreporting Scotland stickies idea will hit the spot with some and not others.

      If we all start arguing over what will and what will not work then none of us would get up off our erses. All efforts to expose the BBC should be welcomed with open arms. Thanks for giving this wider coverage Rev, every effort counts!

    78. Chas says:

      It’s a good effort worth 9/10 but there’s always room for improvement.
      I agree with much of what’s been said about the introduction. I really like the idea of “How the BBC saved the Union”. Many people are fed up hearing about referendums and independence. Far better to let them think about the ongoing brainwashing that’s happening every day – and why.
      It would be good to see some other respected faces being interviewed too; Derek Bateman comes to mind, although he has some sympathy for his former colleagues. But who more suitable to expose the cult than a well-spoken insider who has seen the light?
      I’d love to see this documentary losing the rough edges so I can forward it to some die-hard Unionists with real pride.

    79. Robert Louis says:

      Someone can correct me if I am wrong, but did the BBC not also repeat the ‘Rory the Tory anti Scotland cringe show’, sometime after the referendum.

      Links to MI6, no surprise whatsoever. People are right to be angry. They ought to be ****** furious.

    80. K1 says:

      ‘Habib Steele says:
      9 December, 2016 at 2:17 pm
      I would be grateful if you would give a link to a site with the video which commences 123 seconds in,’

      Habib, click on the link in the last paragraph of the article where Rev wrote ‘in a link that starts 123 seconds in’

    81. Liz g says:

      Nana @ 2.15
      Message Received And Understood!
      Don’t worry I won’t ever tell.. MFI…Cause….They can take my life but they’ll never take…… Nana’s goggles
      Smallaxe will be the wan tae watch though… I’m sure he is after them!!!

      Tam Jardine @ 2.19
      Think my son has that movie (a big Arnnie fan)
      Will take a look. Thanks.

    82. K1 says:

      Point of relevance, just this moment received an email in response to sending London Calling to them last night from someone not in the least drawn to conspiracy or tinfoilish hattery:

      “Excellent stuff – good to see it all presented together like this”

    83. Dr Jim says:

      Isn’t it strage how in places like America you can get youself a transmitter an aerial some bits and bobs of gear a licence and off you go you’re a radio station or indeed a TV station and pump out soul or redneck music or religious zoomery to your hearts content but here in the good old UK of England it’s practically impossible to jump through all the legal hoops and then come up with Squillions of money to do it and that’s before you get the approval of some unreasonable strange body of “Experts” who get to decide if you might be a suitable entity to transmit your content and or information

      Do we think there might be a reason for looking like the powers that be don’t want anybody else telling anybody what the powers that be don’t want them to be told

      I’ve got a million satellite channels of guys from all over the world chanting stuff at me and singing stuff in tons of languages if I want to look at it and I have no clue what they’re on about, could be talking about the end of the world as we know it, who knows

      My point is simple, they do it and it’s all fine but it seems we’re prohibited by cost or permission or licence or anything the UK of England says from doing it
      Maybe we should be screaming at our own Parliament to fight for our own place and laws in broadcasting instead of this feint hope that the BBC will somehow either change or a sink hole will open up and swallow them it’s never going to happen

      I love you FM but if you don’t get me Scottish Powers over broadcasting licences and TV/Radio station then I don’t love you anymore… the end!


      (I do love her really sshh)

    84. Valerie says:

      @Tam Jardine

      Agree Running Man is a classic. But then, so is Arnies Predator, which is also about cover up, and black ops etc.

      Running Man was actually on just in the last week.

    85. I’m pissed to hear you winced. I’m biased of course but the video’s argument is well-based on the way elites interlock to control thought and to manufacture consent. As Noam Chomsky has shown, liberal market-based ‘democracies’ do it so much better than authoritarian regimes where everyone knows they cannot trust the media. BBC Reporting Scotland had a huge elderly, voting, audience utterly scared into voting NO.

      I’m a big fan of your directness and humour Rev but I bet you’ve made a few wince.

      Prof Robertson

    86. Bob Mack says:

      @Stu mac,

      See revs comment above. Pretty clear.

    87. I don’t appear till after 123 seconds! Hooray! But if it’s Moira fae Fawkurk that makes you wince you better hope you never meet her cause she’d make you wince in a full-Nelson!

    88. Tam Jardine says:


      Re Predator: agreed… ends with a self detonated thermonuclear explosion. I believe it is a meditation on the futility of housing trident in our ain back yard.

      It’s amazing how many films are actually about Scottish Independence. Total Recall is another perfect example: the rebels are us yessers… the mining operation is our oil industry. Vilos Cohaagen could be fluffy or darling or an amalgam of the two

    89. Dan Huil says:

      Tam Jardine has already asked about showing the film on RT. Any chance?

    90. Tam Jardine says:

      Prof Robertson

      Great work. Thank you.

    91. Ian Brotherhood says:

      Great to see John Robertson posting here.

      Is that a first?


      Anyway, the documentary does a great job of making BBC Scotland appear desperate and amateurish. It would be laughable if the subject matter wasn’t so serious.

      Funnily enough, I’ve been reading about propaganda, and a wee example cropped up which some may find interesting – back in the very early 50s, then President Eisenhower had to instruct a major overhaul of psy-war strategy in south-east Asia, where the Voice of America was doing its darndest to diss them pesky Commies. He told them to calm it down – it was offensive and counter-productive, too obviously propaganda. He recommended that they establish ‘real’ news outlets carrying the truth, confident that it would be much more effective.

      Whether it was or not isn’t for me to say, but the point is plain enough in London Calling, with the ‘Nick Robinson’ segment illustrating it nicely.

      Subtlety is not the BBC’s forte.

    92. Valerie says:

      @Prof Robertson

      Great work. I didn’t wince, or if I did it was at the outrageous audacity of BBC, and being treated like mushrooms.

      As for tinfoil hattery, Wingers are very used to that being hurled whenever we quote or link to Wings.

      Water off a ducks back now. Those with open minds, quietly check stuff out.

    93. Robert Peffers says:

      As one who has been an armature film maker and then videographer when video came upon the scene I could perhaps comment a little, and it is just a little, upon some of the technique.

      As a boy with my first 8mm film camera I sought advice from a professional documentary maker. Here is approximately what he told me.

      Your camera has several wee tricks up its sleeve and they are handy to have as they can save lots of time editing the final footage. Only use them sparingly and when they are scripted in. Not just at random because they are there.

      We must all have suffered the proud holiday footage where the camcorder zooms in and out so many times we get motion sickness. I note some critics make a point of the dark inky stuff. That is just such camera, or editing software trickery, that is the kind of thing I’m talking about.

      For the other criticisms – these are mainly down to how they were scripted and then edited to follow the script. As most realised there were bits, that were actually all right but just scripted into the wrong place.

      On the whole an excellent effort and due a great vote of thanks.

    94. liz says:

      Indeed thanks Prof and for your hard work exposing BBC bias whilst at your Uni at some stress to yourself

    95. Thanks Tam and Ian. Like the Rev I’m usually too busy writing to read the allies. Vain bastard eh? Me

    96. Thepnr says:

      I’m very proud of the people who made this documentary and those that supported it’s making. Come on it’s not the BBC and was done on a very small budget.

      Of course everyone has an opinion about this or that regarding sequence of events, what might work better etc. For me not all that important.

      It exists and I will manage to persuade some close to me to watch it all, I think it will do a job in raising a great deal of doubt. I started off myself believing myself that the BBC was the most honest and unbiased broadcaster in the world until I learnt better!

      This is another tool, maybe not perfect but there are those that worked hard to get this off the ground in the first place, they have my full support, nothing wrong with a little constructive criticism but praise too if it’s due and in this case it is IMV.

      My overall opinion is that it was great, next project a video version of WBB2!

    97. One_Scot says:

      Can you honestly imagine the people of Scotland being given a second chance to hold the ‘power’ in their hands and then giving it away again.

      I can’t see it.

    98. Liz g says:

      John Robinson @ 3.26
      Many thanks for your efforts professor really well done.
      Can I ask while we seem to have got you here.
      Any plans for more like this?

    99. Joannie says:

      Very interesting documentary. Its a pity one of the interviewees expressed a belief in the Dolphin SQ/ Elm Guest House conspiracy theory, but other than that, very eye opening. Shocking in parts too, like Nick Robinson’s blatant lies, and the Tory boy with his alternative history of Scotland presented as a historical programme.

      Thanks to the Rev for posting it.

    100. Thepnr says:

      One thing I could be a little critical of was I thought there was something wrong with my screen during the “inky” bits when BBC were shown.

      Is there a legitimate reason for this as has been suggested? I’ve no idea.

    101. Ian Brotherhood says:

      When I watched it at 9.44 this morning it had 3,000 views.

      It’s now nudging 5,000.

      For a weekday, daytime, that’s some going. Can’t wait to see how it fares over the week-end.

      Down to us to Tweet/FB or otherwise share the living daylights out of it.


      (@john robertson – getting a wee name-check from you has made my day. Hoots mon, and more power to ye!)

    102. Joemcg says:

      I’d like to congratulate all those involved in making this. Having read the book I’m glad it’s now on film. I’m not going to criticise any part of it as you at least have done something about it and exposed their dirty tricks for all to see. The three big segments for me were the Salmond clip, Bird saying devo max at that complete set up of an interview with Darling and maybe the most basic point but most hard hitting was the graphic showing us paying for the privilege to be lied to! Well done.

    103. mike cassidy says:

      John Robertson 3.06

      “But if it’s Moira fae Fawkurk that makes you wince you better hope you never meet her cause she’d make you wince in a full-Nelson!”

      The voice of experience speaks!

    104. Andrew McLean says:

      Propaganda the times.
      Victoria Grace “Vicky” Ford MEP for middle England and The chairwoman of the single market committee in the European parliament has warned that a Norway-style trade arrangement would not work for a complicated economy like Scotland.

      see us, see complicated,
      not complicated is this her desire that migrants only being able to access health if they are registered on a list.

      Not to complicated is her desire to continue in a well paid job after she has to quit the EU, so stab Scotland in the back for a cosy little solid conservative seat, that the plan.

    105. One_Scot says:

      Glad to see John joining in. I have to say I have a lot of respect for people being willing to put their neck on the line to further Scotland’s cause.

      I have said this in the past or words to this effect on another blog to John, but I think it is worth repeating.

    106. Robert Peffers says:


      Robert Peffers says: December, 2016 at 3:25 pm:

      “As one who has been an armature film maker and then videographer … “.

      Now that’ll teach me. I reinstalled MS Edge and never thought to turn of the app for predicting text.

      Mind you I, as an apprentice Electrical fitter, have indeed re-wound quite a few, “armatures” too.

    107. Glamaig says:

      Moira’s a star! how often do ever hear a Fawkirk accent on the airwaves?

    108. mealer says:

      My thanks to all those involved.

    109. heedtracker says:

      John Robertson.

      Its a really amazing production. 2 thumbs up. Its going all over the world right the noo. So hopefully there’s no geographical blocks. So far, reviews from as far away as Methlick, “we’re stunned,” Vancouver, “Just drives me crazy with exasperation!” San Diego, “Thought Heil Trump was bad.”

    110. K1 says:

      ‘Armature’ that’s true Robert 😉

      (Coats oan)

    111. K1 says:

      *Waves at Prof….lookin’ guid Mr R…well done you lot* 🙂

    112. Mark Russell says:

      Looking forward to this, but fear it will simply reinforce what I really suspected in the first place. The same bias has been demonstrated with the Supreme Court hearing this week (apologies if this has already been discussed). Arguably, the most important thing we’ve learned this week is the importance of the word “normally” in legislative terminology. The inclusion of the term in the Scotland Act effectively negates the political position on devolved powers as it presumes there is an alternative scenario. This revelation was delightfully conceded by James Wolffe on Wednesday afternoon and it was illuminating to note that the opening response from the government on the final day was by Lord Keen who sought to downplay the implications exposed by Wolffe – no doubt to mitigate the political fallout from the devolved governments, once they have digested what the legislation actually means.

      Nadda from the BBC or any MSM commentators. Only the FT had any real commentary –

      “Curiously the reply came in two parts. The government QC who started speaking was not their main barrister, James Eadie QC, but the Scottish government minister and advocate-general Lord Keen QC. He wanted to respond to various devolution arguments. The impression was that it was devolution that had rattled the government most, not general arguments about the prerogative or parliament.

      If devolution was a problem then the government can only blame itself. The submissions in respect of Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland were considered by the Supreme Court only because the government chose to appeal against the high court decision. The worst result for the government would be a decision that adversely affected the royal prerogative generally and limited the power of both government and parliament in respect of the devolved administrations. That would be a severe and partly self-inflicted constitutional wound for the government.

      To meet the devolution arguments, Lord Keen put forward the view that the devolution legislation — including the “Sewel convention” — did not stop Westminster and Whitehall from doing as they wished. The rule was merely a self-denying ordinance. That may be a good argument to meet the problem in court but it will not go down well in the devolved administrations.”

      The simple fact is you can never trust liars. There really isn’t any another argument. Get a move on up there – bugger another referrendum. What’s wrong with a unilateral declaration of independence?

    113. heedtracker says:

      Graun Friday 9 December 2016 12.16 GMT

      Sleaford proves Labour isn’t connecting with the 52% – or the 48%
      John Harris

      John Ruddy ?@jruddy99 1h1 hour ago
      John Ruddy Retweeted Roberta Buchan
      They may take our democratic structures in a delegated federal system of Governance, but they’ll never take my membership database!

      Roberta Buchan @RobertaBuchan1
      Aim to democratise Labour? You & Momentum are helping JC to kill it off!

    114. Thepnr says:

      Moira Williams is a hero in my book for starting the BBC Bias protests having never been involved in anything before she successfully had others follow and it WAS noticed.

      No doubt Prof John Robertson was “encouraged” to retire after publishing his research, so another hero for publishing in the first place. Wee Ginger Dug and Craig Murray are also hero’s in their own different ways. Great wee film, I will get No voters to watch this and despite it’s flaws the overall message is clear.

    115. heedtracker says:

      Graun Friday 9 December 2016 12.16 GMT

      Sleaford proves Labour isn’t connecting with the 52% – or the 48%
      John Harris

      Duncan Hothersall Retweeted
      Alan Roden ?@AlanRoden 2h2 hours ago
      Gordon Brown supports Dugdale’s call for new Act of Union

    116. heedtracker says:

      heedtracker says:
      9 December, 2016 at 4:17 pm
      Graun Friday 9 December 2016 12.16 GMT

      Sleaford proves Labour isn’t connecting with the 52% – or the 48%
      John Harris

      Scott Arthur Retweeted
      Scott Arthur ?@DrScottThinks 19h19 hours ago
      My letter in the Edinburgh Evening News today on the SNP’s STEM failings:

      Apparently Dr Scott thinks, SNP bad, very bad, very very bad, very very very bad. You can see it all tonight, on BBC Scotland vote SLab Scotland news.

    117. heedtracker says:

      Actually you dont have to wait to watch what Dr Scott Thinks today’s BBC Scotland’s SNP bad stuff.

    118. Dorothy Devine says:

      I have only watched 15mins worth and I am already wanting to kill somebody.

      I know I lived through it but seeing it collated concentrates the ire I feel for BBBC Scotland and its presenters.

      To be reminded of the shite dumped on Alex Salmond by some nobody who reads cue cards has got my blood pressure soaring – and I include that arrogant, ignorant bastard Paxman .

    119. Ian Brotherhood says:

      This is a good opportunity for BBC Scotland to explain what is so ‘flawed’ about John Robertson’s methodology, with specific reference to the examples provided in the film.

      And perhaps GMS would care to make a statement, seeing as they’ve been, quite plainly, traduced?

      Or perhaps The Burd will protest about damage to her professional standing?


      Will we just get the same old knackered bit of BBC tumbleweed rolling along the waterfront?

    120. Capella says:

      I clicked on the video at 10.00 this morning and it had been viewed 4,152 times. Click count is up to 4,967 at the moment. Not bad for one day I would say (bearing in mind that youtube doesn’t update it’s click count every time). So maybe a permalink somewhere on WoS front page would be a good idea?

    121. Glamaig says:

      …and thats the problem. Our media is not from us, its imposed on us. Great film. no real criticism except maybe there could be more of the clinical analysis of the type in the book. However it could be 12 hours long and still cover only a fraction of the material.

    122. ronnie anderson says:

      @ rmfbrown 2.15 Richard O’Brian (ur you cruisin fur ah bruisin) weil ah big chunk oota yer erse at least. Thats none other than Wee Ginger Dugs (Daddy) & btw Gingers no that WEE. LoL.

      Big HUGS John Robertson Welcome to Wings , btw we need more Bbc protests if you could convince Moira to get active again.

    123. Free Scotland says:

      I got home early (before 3:00) and was planning to go out for a training run. Then I sat down and started watching this – and couldn’t tear myself away. (Training will have to wait till tomorrow.)

      As I was watching, I was thinking of several No-voters who might be likely to think again after seeing this.

    124. Vestas says:

      I’m really not a fan of the inked-in effects.

      Frankly whoever came up with that idea needs to watch some MPEG3/4 video where data corruption occurs between key frames with a long interval because this looks very very similar. You’ll all have seen similar on digital TV when a mainly static scene (like an interview) has interference and static areas of the picture don’t get updated.

      My intial thought was there was something wrong with the data feed from youtube 😀

      This film isn’t going to work for the (presumably) target audience of (mainly) elderly people who still believe the BBC. It needs to be a lot plainer without superfluous visual/audio effects.

      Whoever commissioned this did it for the wrong audience – the only people watching this all the way through are already part of the (indy) choir.

      Sorry but it needs remaking for an older audience if its intended to have the desired effect.

    125. Joannie says:

      Paxman didn’t emerge well from that film at all, did he? Comparing Alex Salmond to Robert Mugabe is the type of thing you’d expect from The Sun or The Express.

    126. Kupo says:

      I didn’t think there was anything wrong when I first watched it.
      So I did so again, and these are minor niggles but, the first 1min30sec could have the music & the edited parts of that section at the end of the film and the beginning could show clips of the bbc in its trusted heyday with music from its many “introducing the news where you are” themes thrown in throughout the years.

      Then when the audience goes through a cheery round of nostalgia, and naturally their guard will slip, as is the intention.

      Then bring the 2011-2014 news bonanza in for full effect. Then build it up to the inevitable Vow moment.

      My final wee issue is with the speed at which the text prompts disappear on screen far too soon ( now I know that could be with saving precious editing minutes, costing more money in turn).

      Over all though the guys did a great job, and I emphasize they did a great job, so respect goes to them for having the motivation and belief to do this out of their free time.

    127. Frann Leach says:

      The subtitles are TERRIBLE. How can I contact them and offer to get them into shape? Whoever did it doesn’t understand the Scottish accent (or even English as a languate), seemingly.

    128. Frann Leach says:

      The subtitles are TERRIBLE. How can I contact them and offer to get them into shape? Whoever did it doesn’t understand the Scottish accent (or even English as a language), seemingly.

    129. galamcennalath says:

      heedtracker says:

      Gordon Brown supports Dugdale’s call for new Act of Union

      Aye, and AoU2 would end up like the first. Scotland’s input, if any were allowed any at all, would be from those who had been … bought and sold for English gold, such a parcel of rogues in a nation! , as Burns puts it. Imagine the Smith Commission as the model for the deliberations!

      I can actually imagine a confederation of sovereign nations of the these islands agreeing to work together on many issues. However, a new AoU would be a stitch up achieving the exact opposite and putting London in absolute charge of the Union. I don’t want a federation with Scotland as one wee state within a larger federal country.

      As I far as I am concerned we are already in a stronger position with the existing AoU. The Supreme Court’s ruling will let us know just how strong that is, or whether London is actually in charge of everything.

    130. galamcennalath says:

      heedtracker says:

      Gordon Brown supports Dugdale’s call for new Act of Union

      Alternative comment …. and I support the reintroduction of wild unicorns into Fife 🙂

    131. Dunks says:

      From Fawkirk (Town of the fallen Kirk – shame we’re not called Fawminster!) myself, I can’t say I’ve had the privilege of meeting Moira but a huge well done to her and all concerned for making the documentary film. It is very hard hitting. Well done especially to Professor Robertson.

      Trying hard to put on a yoony hat and seeing the film from their point of view, I can just see the shrug of the shoulders and hear the, “It’s all fair in love and referendums” smirking response. Makes me puke.

      PS. Is there a wee bit of the Dundee accent there Moira?

    132. ronnie anderson says:

      Ah dont believe it two of the most lovely wummin Wingers Nana Smith/ Dorothy Devine threatening violence , they’ll be arming themselves wie RollingPins next LoL.

    133. heedtracker says:

      galamcennalath says:
      9 December, 2016 at 4:43 pm
      heedtracker says:

      Gordon Brown supports Dugdale’s call for new Act of Union

      I tune in to Dr Scott Thinks, twitter wise now and then and that list of who other yoonster what twitter connects to the slacker, from Duncan Doughnut, via Kevrage and Euan Macspanner, usually landing old good old Bliar MacDoofcukall. Its not pretty. Bliar’s wrapped himself or his tweets rather, with Syria’s civil war but its clearly just his politics games. Ooh Blair, such gravitas, from one so world weary and sage.

      There’s an odd sneery malice at Scots, and Scots accents, in all their time lines though, a lot of Scots things really get sneered at, by the Duncster in particular. Which is what chimed a bit with that Graun dude’s,

      Graun Friday 9 December 2016 12.16 GMT

      Sleaford proves Labour isn’t connecting with the 52% – or the 48%
      John Harris

      TGIF 😀

    134. ronnie anderson says:

      @ Dunks its no ah Dundonian accent its a couple of miles outside of Fawkirk accent.

    135. john robertson says:

      Too many have said kind things to thank individually. Really appreciated. I’ll have something on soon about BBC Scotland’s hypocritical use of freedom of information requests to malign SNP. Thanks the Rev for use of his space.

    136. James says:

      99% of it already known by followers of this blog.
      Crucial to begin to use Video/TV/Cinema media in campaigning.
      Useful first attempt, would benefit from professional production and editing to enhance mainstream appeal.
      Expected debunking by GraphMan and Whytey should be amusing.

    137. Capella says:

      OT – worrying situation with Craig Murray being “ghost banned” from Twitter. Apparently your account is suspended but you don’t know about it. Similar maybe to WoS twitter disappearing a few weeks ago?

    138. Conan the Librarian™ says:

      Wings only had a fleeting mention in this. Which is shite.

      I realise the schwerpunkt of it was the BBC bias; but this site uncovered/publicised a hell of a lot of that, thanks to *alert readers*.


      The British establishment and its media whores ignores us, understandably.

      YES people shouldn’t.

    139. Tinto Chiel says:

      *Pedant Alert: look away/scroll on now if of nervous/easily bored disposition*

      Falkirk is from Scots “faw kirk”, speckled kirk, which is just a translation of its original Gaelic name,” An Eaglais Bhreac”.

      The ‘l’ in Falkirk is just an Anglicising thing.

      Fallside near Cambuslang is another example: “faw side”, speckled side.

      *Pedantry over. Come oot fae ahint the couch.*

      I still think the video can make Soft Noes reconsider the veracity of the BBC. I didn’t enjoy it ‘cos I just got angry, but that’s good.

    140. Robert Peffers says:

      @heedtracker says: 9 December, 2016 at 4:20 pm:

      ” … Gordon Brown supports Dugdale’s call for new Act of Union”

      I would speculate that, “Dugdale supports Gordon Brown’s call for a new act of Union”, would be closer to the real truth.

      For me I would settle for the Old Treaty to just be honoured properly by the Yoon Goons but would far prefer it be torn up and disposed off with all due funeral rites.

    141. Nana says:

      Ah well Ronnie, I can’t speak for Dorothy but my weapon of choice is a well sharpened tairsgear!

    142. Vestas says:

      @ Capella

      Craig has had a lot of problems over the years – recently being banned from entering the USA (they relented & let him in). Rev Stu isn’t exactly popular with the great & the good but Craig Murray is despised by the great & the good because he was once one of them. Then he blew the whistle on murder & torture and named scum like Jack Straw as being responsible.

      Its not a comparable situation as AFAIK the USA isn’t actively targeting Rev Stu as they do Craig Murray.

    143. Rev. Stuart Campbell says:

      “I’m pissed to hear you winced. I’m biased of course but the video’s argument is well-based on the way elites interlock to control thought and to manufacture consent. As Noam Chomsky has shown, liberal market-based ‘democracies’ do it so much better than authoritarian regimes where everyone knows they cannot trust the media. BBC Reporting Scotland had a huge elderly, voting, audience utterly scared into voting NO.”

      That wasn’t what I winced at. I’ve got no problems with the film’s overall argument at all, or I wouldn’t have posted it.

    144. yesindyref2 says:

      @John Robertson

      The importance of this project can’t be underestimated in my opinion. I came to support Indy somewhere around 1972 because someone just said to me how badly treated Scotland was by the BBC and I realised what I should have already noticed – the patronising provincial bias. I’d already known about the Cold War bias myself, just didn’t pay attention to the constant put down of Scotland. B*t*ds.

      During Indy Ref 1 a pal of mine who was a NO, I pointed out the papers were biased and he said yes, they are, I said and the BBC and his reaction was “what, the BBC?”. After that he paid attention and it turned out he not only voted YES but angrily so as well.

      So don’t take criticism badly, it is constructive but you can always ignore it! Rev’s 123 seconds in is good with a bit of tidying up and I like whoever’s suggestion for a rename

      London Calling – How the BBC Saved the Union

      That will appeal to NO voters, the “Referendum stolen” one will only appeal to YES voters. It put me off way back when I first heard of the project “yet another conspiracy theory”.

      As a general note, we do all need criticism at times – perfection just ain’t good enough!

    145. Liz g says:

      Galamcennalath @ 4.41
      OT sorry..
      The new act of the Union’s already been sort of written.
      Was reading through it most of last night.
      Wrote about it on the previous page @ return of the vortex 1pm

      Sorry can’t do links..found it Googling…. Constution Reform Group New Act of Union.
      Ming Campbell and other’s have an act all written up.
      As I said on the other page if that gets into a Queens speech as it’s written and we can’t stop it ,we can forget Indy ever.
      Don’t want to disrupt this page any further so if you need to reply please go back to the other page.

    146. Capella says:

      @ Vestas – I was really talking about the fact that Twitter suspends your account without notice. On the other hand, has Stu TRIED to get to USA recently!
      Maybe he could do a lecture tour on – say – “Supporting Liberation Movements in Oil Rich Small Countries”.

    147. Vestas says:

      @ Capella

      Its a USA company whose services are free.

      What do you expect?

    148. Robert Peffers says:

      @Dr Jim says: 9 December, 2016 at 2:52 pm:

      ” … Maybe we should be screaming at our own Parliament to fight for our own place and laws in broadcasting instead of this feint hope that the BBC will somehow either change or a sink hole will open up and swallow them it’s never going to happen”

      Oh! Come on, Dr Jim. I’ve been telling you all ever since I came to Wings that this whole thing is dependant upon the legally sovereign people of Scotland believing in themselves and asserting their legal sovereignty.

      The SNP, as the SG, have no other option than play by the Westminster rules that any reading of the history of how the Union came about proves the actual terms of the treaty are of two equally sovereign Kingdoms agreeing to unite.

      From that point onwards the way things went was entirely down to Westminster assuming we had granted them sovereignty over us and them taking it.

      It isn’t written down anywhere – they just assumed they were the masters and we the slaves.

      The only way they could get away with that is by the Scottish MPs not just allowing them to do so but encouraging them wholeheartedly to do so.

      Even then they could not have got away with it unless the legally sovereign people had allowed them to get away with it.

      And thereby hangs the tale: The SG can only be more forceful in their demands if they get a decent majority of the legally sovereign people of Scotland giving then clear mandates.

      In fact, even if we were not legally sovereign they could do so. It is not opposing political parties that won independence from Westminster for the former colonies and Commonwealth countries but public demands – sometimes backed up by either civil disobedience or outright revolt.

      Westminster has only ever handed down powers when it was clear to them that if they didn’t then there would indeed be a revolution in Scotland. I’m glad to say that, to date, the revolution has been bloodless and via the ballot box.

    149. Robert Louis says:

      Lizg at 538pm,

      Haha, I’ve just out of curiosity had a look at the documents you mention. Clearly written by people who THINK they know about the current treaty of union, but in reality know nothing.

      Throughout they make reference to things like UK law (their is no such thing), and then they talk of building on the current treaty of union, seemingly oblivious to the actual nature of that treaty.

      I think it would be fair to say, none of the people behind those docs has actually read the two acts of union from the Scottish and English parliaments.

      Oh, and they cite the tory, Libdem and Labour manifestos, but oddly, no mention of the current governing party of Scotland, the SNP. Badly written rubbish. Not worthy of serious discussion.

    150. Ruby says:

      I didn’t find a single thing to complain about!

      I thoroughly enjoyed watching the documentary and learned things I didn’t know.

      I suppose if you wanted a very slick, highly professional film and you had enough money you could employ the same PR that was behind vote NO borders!

      Personally I think it’s better if it looks as if it has been created by a grass roots organisation with a very small budget especially because of the subject matter of the documentary!

    151. Dan Huil says:

      Why do we continue to play by Westminster’s rules?! Sometime soon, perhaps very soon, the Scottish government has to rip up the Westminster rule book as it is undemocratically applied to Scotland. Time for some political martyrs.

    152. mike cassidy says:

      Constitution Reform Group link.

    153. Ruby says:

      How many groups are there writing New Acts of Union?

      The Herald – New Act of Union planned to kill off independence

      Grouse Beater did a good article about the Lord Salisbury, Peter Hain lot a few months ago . I can’t find it at the moment.

    154. Robert Louis says:

      I think the really useful aspect of this film, is that it sets out some of the most blatant examples of BBC bias during the referendum. It is easy to tell people of such things, but when they actually SEE the exact news reports compared to the REAL verifiable truth, then people get it.

      This is why this film is so important. Get it to your soft No’s, and let them finally see just how they were lied to by the BBC and some others during the first independence referendum campaign.

      I can’t think of many, aside from a few unionist idiots who would not be outraged when they see this for the first time. The BBC motto in Scotland: ‘Nation (England) shall speak lies unto nation (Scotland)’.

    155. galamcennalath says:


      EU negotiators will offer Brits an individual opt-in to remain EU citizens, chief negotiator confirms

      Here’s an idea. Why doesn’t the Scottish Government ask for everyone resident in Scotland to allowed to retain their EU citizenship en masse at Brexit? Unless they specifically apply to opt out, as secessionist isolationist BritNats.

      This would be especially appropriate if IndyRef2 had occurred and achieved a Yes majority, but Indy hadn’t actually happened by Brexit day. Although the UK would have left, the Scots as a nation would not.

    156. schrodingers cat says:

      bravo Prof Robertson

    157. Ruby says:

      Found it!

      Here’s Adam Tomkins giving evidence to the Constitution Committee

    158. Thepnr says:




    159. Breeks says:

      Kinda curious Prof Robertson, what would your suggestion be for combatting this BBC propaganda?

      Don’t mean to put you on the spot, but more ask whether you think there more that certain people could be doing. Is it a watchdog we need, a media regulator / standards agency, or simply an alternative broadcasting outlet? The obvious answer is all three I suppose, but be good to hear your thoughts.

    160. gus1940 says:

      Are STV not a deadly rival to BBC Scotland in the battle for viewers?

      Just a thought but I appreciate that it might be a totally optimistic one.

    161. Ruby says:

      Ooops missed the link:

      Here’s Adam Tomkins giving evidence to the Constitution Committee

    162. Macart says:

      Neatly done and I agree, this should be a must see.

    163. Ruby says:

      Ooops missed link in earlier post

      Here’s Adam Tomkins giving evidence to the Constitution Committee

    164. Nana says:


      Jon Worth has a few thoughts on individual opt ins.

    165. Thepnr says:


      Sorry, but despite who is proposing (Guy Verhofstadt) this I just can’t believe it’s remotely possible unless the UK grant the same rights to other EU Nations to come to live in the UK.

      It’s all just a big game of Snakes and Ladders.

      “European associate citizenship for those who feel and wish to be part of the European project but are nationals of a former member state; offers these associate citizens the rights of freedom of movement and to reside on its territory as well as being represented in the Parliament through a vote in the European elections on the European lists”.

    166. Rock says:

      The BBC is and has always been Scotland’s enemy number one.

      Scotland will not be able to become independent as long as the BBC is there.

      And as long as English settlers, the vast majority of whose loyalty is to England not Scotland, are allowed a vote in a referendum seeking Scotland’s independence from England.

    167. Thepnr says:


      Be better if the Rev asked Prof Robertson for an article maybe. He also has his own blog as I’m sure your aware, though I’d like it here.

      Maybe he could stick his ideas on combating BBC bias there first 🙂

    168. Marcia says:

      I saw this film when it was shown in Dundee. My takes from then was it was a good revelation about the BBC but the music got on the nerves of some of the audience. The volume of the music needs to be toned down a tad.

    169. AuldGranny says:

      The only way I would be able to get any of my No voting friends or family to watch this would be to retitle it, otherwise they will just completely ignore it as being obviously part of the Yes campaign.

      London Calling – How the BBC Saved the Union

    170. Ruby says:

      Thepnr says:
      9 December, 2016 at 6:30 pm



      Ruby replies

      Easier said than done! Well at least with the NO voters that I know!

      How about the documentary being entered into film competitions?

      It could end up being shown at the Edinburgh Film Festival or something similar.

    171. manandboy says:

      Watched Prof Robertson’s film today and thought it excellent. Obviously the Rev’s amazing forensic talent would not allow him to award dix points, nevertheless it is a great honour to have him on the blog, and I hope he is greatly encouraged by what he has read here. His film will surely have a lasting impact on Scotland’s struggle to be Independent.
      Bravo, Professor!

    172. Thepnr says:


      The BBC is here to stay until we ARE Independent, are you suggesting we just give in now then?

      The English settlers are here and under the SNP WILL be allowed a vote, are you suggesting we give in now then.

      I really do wish you’d stop gurning and get behind a POSITIVE vision for Scotland

    173. Ruby says:

      “When the student is ready the teacher will appear.”

      I’ll keep an eye on all my NO voting ‘friends’ and when I think they are ready I will show them the video.

      At the moment they are not ready! They are all very angry and can’t believe what is happening re Brexit!

    174. Iain More says:

      Well I didn’t wince but then after two and half minutes I am wanting to bring back the maiden anyway. The stuff that was new to me just made my blood boil more. I have shared it anyway but getting the Naw bags to watch it is another thing entirely.

      I have nothing much to add to what others have said. Music grated on me a little bit as well. I also think it needs to be retitled. The message is clear though even to a half wit Naw Bag I think it would be pretty clear.

    175. asklair says:

      Read the first few comments and got totally bored with this post, not seen the video but would like to thank them for doing something constructive. Theres doers and then there’s the whingers……..

    176. Joemcg says:

      Rock-that’s very old ground! You well know that annoys people on here! It’s a point I have sympathy with though. I’d just like to reverse it though and say if hundreds of thousands of Scots in England voted against English independence and denied them would they just shrug and accept it? No danger. I would stop all foreign nationals voting actually.

    177. Ruby says:


      When I read your post re voters who are here to stay I thought of the EU citizens.

      Should the referendum be held before Brexit the EU citizens will have a vote after Brexit they won’t.

      Another good reason to have IndyRef2 18 months after article 50 is triggered.

      Tuesday 18 September 2018

    178. Dan Huil says:

      When you think about all the sacrifices made by men and women in the past to secure and sustain Scotland’s independence can it be so scary to tell the bbc you will not pay their britnat tax anymore?

    179. Dorothy Devine says:

      Ronnie , thank you for the compliment- unlike Nana ( who obviously is a really lovely lady ) I have become nastier with age towards those I consider warrant a bit of ‘nasty’!

      I am steeling myself to watch another 10 minutes ,now that my blood pressure has gone down , but I may watch it with an exocet missile primed and ready to go!

    180. Thepnr says:

      Yawn, I’m off to bed too.

      Just watched the first two minutes again and there was nothing at all wrong with them in my opinion.

      Just another opinion though innit.

      By the way, actions speak louder than words. Consider this when giving your own opinion. Just a thought.

    181. mike d says:

      Aye Joemcg and there would be no cries of racism either,just like they banned europeans from voting in Brexit. It’s only racist when it goes against the jingoistic brit nats.

    182. Thepnr says:

      @Dorothy Devine

      Watch it ALL Dorothy, it played with my emotions too. Mostly making me want to cry rather than anger.

      The anger comes later, like today!

    183. Breeks, a new station responsible to Holyrood for quality, balance, impartiality. As for the current RepScot let it continue and see how it competes.

    184. Thanks manandboy, kind words appreciated. Maybe the Rev didn’t like the graphics? Bourgeois ‘professional’production values needed? Not for me. See South Park!

    185. Ruby says:

      If a persuadable voter refuses to watch this video after seeing the first 123 seconds I doubt if you would be able to get them to watch any of the video because that voter is simply not ready!

      I find there is often too much emphasis on this website about persuading NO voters. When the NO voters are ready they will seek out the information for themselves.

      It’s pointless wasting time trying to persuade people with a closed mind!

    186. Ruby says:

      Perhaps I could have phrased my earlier post better

      A ‘persuadable voter’ who refuses to watch this video after seeing the first 123 seconds is not a persuadable voter

      Shame the Rev did elaborate more as to why he thought the first 123 seconds would put off ‘persuadable voters’.

    187. Joemcg says:

      Mike-they would fight tooth and nail to stop it happening because they know Scots DID actually vote yes last time. We would win easy.

    188. Cactus says:

      Seasonal greetings..

      A most excellent top quality production, gripping, start to finish.

      This is the kind of informative television that I would pay a TV license for, in an independent Scotland. Ask Catalonia.. they know, we know.

      Cheers to all of those involved in its making.
      Now it’s your turn to help get it out into social medialand 🙂

      It’s Friday night people! Go for it! Do it! Yes! (and in general too)

    189. harry mcaye says:

      manandboy – Prof Robertson isn’t behind this film. It was made by Alan Knight and based on GA Ponsonby’s book London Calling.

    190. Robert Peffers says:

      @galamcennalath says: 9 December, 2016 at 6:23 pm:

      “EU negotiators will offer Brits an individual opt-in to remain EU citizens, chief negotiator confirms
      Here’s an idea. Why doesn’t the Scottish Government ask for everyone resident in Scotland to allowed to retain their EU citizenship en masse at Brexit? Unless they specifically apply to opt out, as secessionist isolationist BritNats.”

      There is no need for the SG to do anything. There are no EU rules, laws or other mechanisms to force anyone, or any member state, to lose their EU citizenship. The only way out, as the Brexiteers soon found out. Is for a formal request. Which is why Ms May was told to make such a request and there would be no discussions until that formal request is made.

      Unless the EU parliament changes EU law, (not an easy thing to do as every member state has a veto), then no citizen can be thrown out. As I keep pointing out the EU has a very simple way to make life extremely difficult for Ms May and it really is foolproof.

      The EU just accepts that the United Kingdom is exactly what its title says it is a bipartite KINGDOM, of which one partner kingdom does not want to leave.

      The proverbial twa spuges wi ae stane. Neither of the two partner kingdoms parliament is the Kingdom of England Parliament as there is no such parliament. Westminster is the joint parliament and Scotland’s EU citizens do not want to leave and Scotland does have a parliament who have already staked their claim to remain.

      So there it stands. Scotland remains as the successor member state and England/Wales/N.I can then choose what to do but while Wales and N.I do have parliaments where is England’s? Then the entire World can see the scam that Westminster has worked since 1707.

    191. Dan Huil says:

      Britnat media increasing the anti-Russian rhetoric today. Better hope Scotland gets independence before being dragged into another arms-dealer war.

    192. manandboy says:

      The Supreme Court – where are they when they’re needed?

      For four days this week, the finest legal minds in these islands have gathered around the Government’s appeal against the finding of the High Court in the matter of the Government’s wish to apply the Royal Prerogative in the triggering of article 50. All well and good.

      Much of the content of the submissions referred to legal principles and to the fundamentals of the Law. Again, so far so good.
      My point is, where were the same legal minds when the UK Government sought, successfully, to materially influence the result of IndyRef14, and in a manner which would not be acceptable in any other country in the EU.

    193. Cactus says:

      The clue’s in the name, the..

      British Broadcasting Corporation

      or reversively,

      Corporation Broadcasting British

      The clue is in the name.

    194. Brian Doonthetoon says:

      Hi Robert Peffers at 5:53 pm.

      You typed,
      “It isn’t written down anywhere – they just assumed they were the masters and we the slaves.
      The only way they could get away with that is by the Scottish MPs not just allowing them to do so but encouraging them wholeheartedly to do so.”

      That reminded me of the quote from MacCormick v Lord Advocate 1953. I quote here from the link below:-

      “Who actually exercises control of the ‘considered will of the people of Scotland’ in the UK Parliament, Lord Cooper suggested, was purely theoretical and unlikely to be tested within the UK wide party system then in place (1953) across the UK, as any Scottish representation was beholden to their main UK party’s manifesto.”

      That’s from:-

      The difference NOW is that we have almost all MPs from Scottish constituencies NOT “beholden” to a UK party’s manifesto. One could be tempted to suggest that the ba’s on the slaties…

      My thanks also to Prof Robertson, for all the work he did during 2014, and continuing…

      O/T – if you want to see Billy Kay’s speech at the Traditional Music Awards ceremony at the Caird Hall last Saturday, the programme is being repeated on BBC Alba tonight, between 9pm and 11pm.

    195. Lenny Hartley says:

      Fairly substantial politics poll on Panelbase, looks by some of the leading questions that it was sanctioned by bLis .

    196. CameronB Brodie says:

      Indeed, bravo Prof Robertson, GA Ponsonby and all those involved in the production. Hope you didn’t think I was putting the boot in, simply as a matter of taste. My perspective is that of an enabler, so I’m primarily concerned with the removal of barriers. I also have a rudimentary understanding of how human minds work and what is needed to bring about change.

      Thanks for all your hard work and insight, I’m sure it will have a significant impact.

    197. Stoker says:

      WOS archive links now over on O/T.

    198. Paula Rose says:

      Anyone got the 123 missing seconds – just asking like.

    199. Cactus says:

      Also good to see Wings Over Scotland getting a men-chey in the film.

      Keep that dial turned up to eleven and beyond all you bonnie POS.

      Library corner:
      ‘Men-chey’.. a Glasgow sounding word for the word ‘mention.’

    200. manandboy says:

      harry mcaye says:
      9 December, 2016 at 8:05 pm
      manandboy – Prof Robertson isn’t behind this film. It was made by Alan Knight and based on GA Ponsonby’s book London Calling.

      Thanks, harry, much appreciated. I obviously wasn’t paying enough attention. Cheers.

    201. Taranaich says:

      I have to say, I didn’t have the problem a lot of you seem to be having in regards to the first 2 minutes: a bit challenging to No voter, yes, but not to the point where I would wince. The graphics & music, I thought, were evocative of 1980s journalism like World in Action or Global Report. *shrug*

      Nonetheless, if it’s only really the first two minutes of a 109-minute documentary, then I’d consider it quite the success. I’m sure the team will take it on board for the DVD.

    202. CameronB Brodie says:

      Re. English incomers. I appreciate you’re talking about the hybridisation of Scottish cultural values but others might perceive you as a narrow nationalist. Tone is as important as content, as it sets the mood and context for understanding. See my earlier posts. 🙂

    203. Cactus says:

      A howde ma’am, you may get the 123 at 812 😉

    204. Cactus says:

      I understand you now Paula Rose. The 123 seconds are missing..

      I’ll go and check Lost & Found.

    205. Dr Jim says:

      The SG has transformed Scotland with amazing building works (Big stoatin bridge) road works, rail, hospitals, they’ve brought in trade and tourism from around the world saved steelworks, shipyards, built more houses than any other party ever and are still building, the First Minister is highly regarded world wide on climate change work, her personal profile also around the world has put Scotland on the map for folk who never paid attention to us before…and yet

      They don’t have the power to switch off an anti Scottish propaganda outlet located in our biggest city, by some means or another
      We can’t just pull the plug and say tough exactly in the same way we don’t have the power to switch off the Daily Record or the other newspapers who print garbage and outright lies or worse just don’t report the truth or all the good stuff happening
      because if they did have that power they still couldn’t use it or they’d be accused of that which they aren’t doing at the moment and that’s being a dictatorship

      So what’s the answer? well that’s going to have to come from us, and some are having a go but unfortunately at a level that wont be enough no matter how hard they try
      So we need another edge, now I don’t know a lot about all this new fangled computery malarkey but it seems to me I’ve heard of very clever folk in our country who develop all this new technological stuff for the rest of the world, aren’t any of these folk of a similar mind to us and could they not be developing a free App (if that’s the correct young folk talk) in order to stream all our information directly to our young peoples phones, as I hear that’s where the young ones get all their info

      Is that breaking the law or does that need a licence
      I’m just probing around here for folk who know more about tech stuff than I do, but at least if that were possible we go straight to where we need stuff to go under one umbrella
      (given that we’ll never reach the oldies anyway) it’s got to be better than sharing on facebook

      Natapp or Natnews, Scotnews or whatever
      C’mon clever tech folk can it be done and how much will it cost, we know we can raise a good bit of dosh when we need to

    206. Robert Peffers says:

      @Iain More says: 9 December, 2016 at 7:14 pm:

      “I have nothing much to add to what others have said. Music grated on me a little bit as well. I also think it needs to be retitled. The message is clear though even to a half wit Naw Bag I think it would be pretty clear.”

      I would hazard a guess, Iain, that your assessment of the average, “half wit Naw Bag’s”, attitude has been misread.

      I believe they already know fairly well what the score is but adopt a quite different attitude than us because of it.

      They believe that we Scots non-Yoons get all we deserve and more. They probably hope the BEEB will ramp up the lies, omissions and prevarication.

      Let’s face it, some of the stuff the NAW hecht heid anes, like Broon and Darling, came away with were so transparent that no sane person could be fooled by it.

      These people are not driven by intelligence, logic and reason. Their hate is blind, dumb and much like the avid football fans loyalty to their club even when that club is playing like a pack of Brownies with the mumps.

    207. CameronB Brodie says:

      manandboy @7:12pm
      You speak of the “normative” bias of the law, which values ‘British tradition’ over moral universality and the inalienable human rights denied to Scots, apparently.

      “The right to development is an inalienable human right by virtue of which every human person and all peoples are entitled to participate in, contribute to, and enjoy economic, social, cultural and political development, in which all human rights and fundamental freedoms can be fully realized.” (Article 1.1, Declaration on the Right to Development)

      “The human right to development also implies the full realization of the right of peoples to self-determination, which includes, subject to the relevant provisions of both International Covenants on Human Rights, the exercise of their inalienable right to full sovereignty over all their natural wealth and resources.” (Article 1.2)

    208. CameronB Brodie says:

      manandboy @8:12pm

    209. Robert Peffers says:

      @Dr Jim says: 9 December, 2016 at 8:52 pm:

      ” … it seems to me I’ve heard of very clever folk in our country who develop all this new technological stuff for the rest of the world, aren’t any of these folk of a similar mind to us and could they not be developing a free App (if that’s the correct young folk talk) in order to stream all our information directly to our young peoples phones, as I hear that’s where the young ones get all their info.

      Actually, Dr Jim, there is no need to do a special app for the clever phones we have these days can access YouTube and the video is already on YouTube.

      Some of the points being made on Wings hinted at this. Those young folks, and even we auld bodachs, would not watch an overlong video on a mobile phone.

      However, a series of short, and maybe humorous, clips would go down a lot better. One point being made in each clip perhaps.

    210. The Rough Bounds. says:

      I don’t really know what your beef is about the first two minutes. Perhaps your ‘Scottish Cringe’ is showing a little. I reckon it is fine.

    211. Stoker says:

      “BBC film censored?”

      ““The B.B.C. has decided that it will not broadcast the War Game, a film on the effects of nuclear war in Britain, produced by Peter Watkins. This is the BBC’s own decision. It has been taken after a good deal of thought and discussion but not as a result of outside pressure of any kind.”

      Aye, right!

    212. Capella says:

      I didn’t actually notice the music. I heard it in the background but it wasn’t distracting. Maybe my volume settings are different?

      Views are now 7,741. That’s more than 4,500 since this morning’s post went up. Excellent for day 1.
      I had a look at the Profs blog too and there are good articles on media bias in reporting current issues such as PISA tables and hospital success stories.
      That’s two eagle eyes being focused on the media.
      Many thanks to everyone creating an alternative source of info.

    213. Paula Rose says:

      I give up I really do – please READ THE FUCKING POST.

    214. Stoker says:

      Corporate Media & BBC Propaganda Debunked

    215. Fran says:

      Learnt a couple of new things. Good stuff

    216. Stoker says:

      And for those who missed it first time around:

      A fresh scandal at the BBC

    217. bookie from hell says:

      two good comedy moments – but truthful

      wee kid BBC shouting “aliens”

      nick robinson totaly losing it Poor not War sign

    218. ArtyHetty says:

      Well, just watched this and it is excellent, imo. I guess it could have been more slick, and more polished but it gets the message across very well. Just the tip of the iceberg, and so many thanks for all the hard work put into this. Not an easy task, taking on any mega powerful, mega rich establishment.

      Music? only heard a bit at the end. Only one thing, it was probably too lenient on the BBC.

      Next time will be no easier to say the very least.

    219. fionan says:

      I stopped watching just a couple of minutes into the video, because it was so boring. Later I decided to watch right through and must say I became sufficiently absorbed in it to forget the constant twanging. In a few places the images moved too quickly to see them properly which was annoying, and I felt that sometimes a clip was stopped too soon, and didn’t quite push the relevant point far enough. But overall, it was quite good.

      Just one more complaint though! A lot of grassroots blogs and publications were mentioned. But no mention at all of one of the most professional, eye-catching and widely appealing publications of our new Scottish media, iScot magazine, which has just celebrated its second birthday.

      Unlike many of the blogs and blatantly political publications, iScot strongly promotes and talks up all things Scottish, all aspects of achievement, history, culture, innovation and initiative at home and abroad, showing clearly that we are not too small, too poor, too useless and stupid to run our own country after all, in a way that can appeal to non-political people who are just feart because they have swallowed all the propaganda. The perfect publication to leave in the doctors or dentist surgery or office tea room where it can be read by Nos who are only No because of the brainwashing they have received. Something that cant be done with online blogs.

      The more people who provide copies to their local gp/dentist/office coffee room etc, the more soft nos can be reached and treated for their propaganda overdoses.

      The biased media problems wont be solved with a single solution, there must be attack on all sides, and constant Scottish chatter to counteract the BUM constant chatter – dvd, billboards, WOS, WGD, radio broadcasting ventures, glossy mags in waiting rooms and coffee venues, and hopefully eventually our own tv channels.

    220. Fred says:

      This clip was shewn “with all faults” so pointless yappin aboot faults. Shocked n stunned nevertheless.

      I was at the Pacific demo, a great day it was too.

    221. one of the amazing things about the referendum was that even after being bombarded by negativity and lies from not just our own tractors but UK and world media,

      45% of Scots still had the confidence in our country to vote for Independence,

      if the media had only been unbiased and equally critical of both sides Scotland would now be free,

      after Independence I would like to see an investigation into the conduct of the Scottish media,and if proven guilty, they should suffer the consequences.

    222. heedtracker says:

      Everytime you look. Who else has been left out, blended into teamGB nothingness? Apologees, if there are no S_____s in Wales.

      Senedd equality form criticised for no non-white Welsh option

    223. christine says:

      My eureka moment happened at the time of the fukushima disaster.
      Independent self financing french lab criirad revealed radioactive rain had fallen over half of france bringing a risk to pregnant women and babies.
      For the next 6 months discussions raged over there.But hardly a peep from the british media.Evidently the radioactive clouds never crossed the channel.

      btw the criirad is now in financial difficulties.Fukushima is not at all sorted either.

    224. Ken500 says:

      BBC News jobs in Scotland are going. They are losing their jobs for telling lies. Losing viewers like a sieve loses water. No knee watches or listens any more. Cook and Smith to the US. Renton and Campbell to London. Brewer contract is cut. They don’t release their viewing figures they are so dire. A complete waste of money. The budget is being cut further. They should be ashamed. Donalda ? has now even appointed. A Labour MSP (ex BBC) presiding officer doesn’t want Scottish voices on BBC Scotland. Despite Scottish taxpayers paying his remuneration.

      Could UKIP ignorant supporters be aware. UKIP candidates stood in 600? plus seats and got 4million votes. The SNP stood in 50+ seats and got 1Million + votes. Proportionately the SNP got much more votes in less seats. UKIP only gained a few seats because they didn’t get enough to win more seats.

      Divide 1milliion by 56 seats. To give the average number of votes per seats the SNP received.

      Divide 4 million by 600+? Or how many seats that UKIP stood a candidate. To get the average number of votes per seats UKIP received. Not enough to win the seats.

      UKIP have been committing electoral fraud for years. Not putting in accounts and funding a Political Party with public EU money. Illegal. There are reports UKIP are in massive debt

    225. scottieDog says:

      Really enjoyed London Calling.
      Some billboards advertising this would be good!

    226. heedtracker says:

      There’s no Scots oil left anyway and if there is, its not enough to fulfill deluded Salmond’s wildest dreams of even a Norwegian half a trillion dollar oil pension fund, is classic Pacific Quay vote NO gimpery.

      UKOK frighteners write themselves really.

    227. Brian Powell says:


      Of course the Guardian is heavily supported by the BBC, buying 75,000 copies/year.

    228. Andrew Mclean says:

      Many were put off by the ridiculous statements, Brexit has shown people not to believe the hype.
      Deciding to end the union was a major decision for some, genuine heartache and soul searching, but once the rubicon is crossed then there’s no going back.
      Many could not make the decision and regretting that, will not make the same mistake twice.

      The unionists know they have lost. It’s all over bar the last acts we have to dance too.

    229. Andrew Mclean says:

      KEN 500
      I said this week, in January and February major job losses will be announced.
      Things are going to get rough starting 2017.

    230. Fran says:

      @ manandboy 8.12

      Your post could bring us to the question of what does Scot Law really mean to Scots lawyers. During Indy1, Scots Law wasn’t under attack, it was safe in the status quo. But now we have a blatant attack on Scots Law by WM politicians and lawyers who regard our judiciary system and the Treaty of Union with unveiled sheer contempt.

      Maybe, just maybe we have witnessed certain persons of our country being aggravated enough to assess what is really at stake and dear to their hearts where the “British constitution” is concerned.

      I posted on here a few weeks ago about our Law Lords requirement to address the UK legal set up or become irrelevant, I am hoping after this weeks display by the Lord Advocate that sands are starting to shift.

      A full frontal assault on Scots Law by the WM parties ( tories, labour, lib & ukip all hold it in the same low regard) just might be a tad too much for some.

      Like I said, I’m hoping

    231. Stoker says:

      Brian Powell (10:29pm)

      Thanks for that very pertinent point, keep the facts coming.
      BTW, a source would seal the deal mucker?

    232. heedtracker says:

      Brian Powell says:
      9 December, 2016 at 10:29 pm

      Of course the Guardian is heavily supported by the BBC, buying 75,000 copies/year. pumps several hundred million in ads into tory press every year. Its nothing near the £3.5bn paid to BBC for its endless vote tory grot but its keeping an awful lot of tory liggers going. Its a UKOK state subsidy that no doubt Krapped the SKY network into its now UK domination, all those Snatcher Thatcher years ago.

      We get shafted by our imperial master baiters in all kinds of UKOK ways.

      Rancid The Graun, Wednesday 14 May 2014 11.09 BST

      The government is to increase its advertising spend by more than a fifth to almost £300m over the next year.

      Major campaigns will be focused on the explaining deficit reduction, the Scottish independence referendum and “improving public confidence” in Britain’s role in Afghanistan.

      The government will spend £289m on all marketing activity until March 2015, including a significant increase in the digital and social media budget.

    233. Grouse Beater says:

      I appreciated every minute of the documentary.

      Every minute.

      The main on-camera speakers are honest, informed and erudite.

      Am surprised to see my essay site featured; I’m so used to the opposite. It certainly emboldens you to carry on when somebody out there thinks you are an effective voice.

      It would be a good thing if the documentary could be seen by all of the electorate.

    234. heedtracker says:

      Near on half a billion in 2010, spent on our relentlessly ghastly newspapers, no questions asked, through Central Office of Information. Even halving that half billion keeps thinking right in teamGB.

    235. heedtracker says:

      Its just that, you watch perfectly decent anti fascist campaigns like,

      and yet, red or blue tory, showers exact same press hard core conservative outfits like the Heil, Express, Torygraph etc, with taxpayers money, all for UKOK neo fascists and perverts that like looking at little girls in their underpants.

    236. Fran says:

      @ Andrew McLean

      Aye, once people have crossed to Yes, then there is no going back for them.

      You summed it up, it wasn’t an easy choice for some. But when they made the decision, none that I have spoken to regretted it.

    237. Stoker says:

      heedtracker at 10:48 pm and 10:52 pm

      Keep the facts coming Heedy, they all help to build a picture.

    238. frogesque says:

      Very o/t

      Heads up for possible aurora just now, maybe as far south as Cumbria/Newcastle. I’m trotted out in Fife with mist and low cloud so can’t confirm.

      Know we have one or two aurora nuts on the board.

    239. frogesque says:

      ? grotted out!

    240. Gary45% says:

      Sorry haven’t had time to watch this yet, so I shouldn’t make comment, but as the Sneering Burd from Reporting Shortbread was mentioned, she was one of the MAIN Reasons I stopped paying for the TV licence, the Flipper/ Salmond interview at Indy Ref was blatant bias. FACT. (sue me)
      Like many people on this site, I watched and paid for the service oblivious to the underhand agenda that the Empire was producing, Indy Ref woke me up,and as I have said before, I will NEVER pay the BBC another penny as long as I live.
      Had a wee look at last nights Q/T on Ya BawBag( ah the beauty of the tinternet), classic Louise Minge (Brexiteer who now lives in the USA) AR*EHOLE and TRACTOR.

      The only decent thing the Empire Broadcaster produces is a certain Radio Music programme, I won’t say what it is in case they start charging for that also.

    241. Dr Jim says:

      Just in, beep beep beep

      Donald Trump just phoned Nicola Sturgeon!!

      The news made up the conversation so we don’t know that yet
      if ever

    242. Fran says:

      @ Heedtracker

      Come on gadgy get with the programme, that’s why they are exempt from the snoopers law.

      But I know 56 who wont be.


    243. CameronB Brodie says:

      “Style is the correct omission of the unessential” – Anselm Feuerbach

      What can you do to consciously reduce the nonessential?

    244. Fran says:

      @ frogesque

      Clear sky in Aberdeenshire , plenty o stars but no aurora.

    245. Joemcg says:

      This has jogged my memory of something, remember the buck passing when English fans rioted at every football tournament for decades and the BBC called them “British” fans constantly even though none of the other home nations were involved? It’s been going on for a LONG time this brainwashing shit. At least even our nae backbone Scottish press took them to task over that.

    246. Proud Cybernat says:

      The New Flag for Dugdale’s New ‘Act of Union’:

    247. Fran says:

      @ Grouse
      I was pleased to see you got a mention.

      I like to read your blog, keep up the good work.

    248. Fran says:

      @ joemcg

      At the World Cup 2016 it was “Russian thugs” and “English fans” that was reported on MSM.

      As far as I’m concerned a thug is a thug no matter the nationality. In Scotland we have more than our fair share.

    249. Cactus says:


      That’s us.


    250. Fran says:

      Proud Cybernat says:
      9 December, 2016 at 11:34 pm
      The New Flag for Dugdale’s New ‘Act of Union’

      I like it, seems fitting after Ref2.

      Do you think Dug will get a seat in the New United Kingdom? Or will it be the New Kingdom or just Theeee Kingdom?

    251. msean says:

      Informative documentary. Didn’t know Rory the Tory was so steeped in that stuff,remember the astroturf story well,they only needed a few to believe it for it to work,and it did. Still finding out stuff about indyref two years later.

    252. We are intending to show it in the cinema in Dunoon

    253. Tackety Beets says:

      Fran @ 11.23

      @ Heedy

      “Come on gadgy”

      You missed out “cov” Dingwall style .

      “Gadgy Cov or coff ” is regularly used.Often a conversation will end with “Chersshh Cov”
      These are the little ditties of Scotland that makes it so brilliant.

      Grousebeater keep up the good work , like many I read most of your work. I’m confident you enjoy composing them as much as we do reading them.

      Trump has Tel FM ….. Bet NS played just right , no sookey sookey that’s for sure.

      I’m in the “not so sure of the very start of the video” camp felt it became “less cringey” at Craig Murray , yet to watch it all.

      IScot Mags in waiting rooms …… Now that’s a wee exercise for next week . Great idea.

      Pity we couldn’t discretely put the video on their TVs too.

      Still we progress.

    254. Cactus says:

      Donald calls Nicola..

      Has he got her moby or summin..?

      Good morning Chris Cairns, it’s Saturday..

    255. Flower of Scotland says:

      I got very upset watching London Calling. The tears were flowing because we could, so easily, have had an Independent Scotland.

      We still can. Thank you Mr Ponsonby for all your hard work and thanks to the Rev. for allowing us to watch it on his site.

    256. Training Day says:

      Just finished watching. Thought it was a good enough baby steps introduction for the wavering to what this leviathan really represents. Of course, of necessity it couldn’t catalogue the full litany of lies that the BBC is guilty of perpetrating. Brian Taylor’s ‘Labour’s knife crime pledge is going down well on the doorsteps’ lie immediately prior to Labour’s humiliation in 2011; Glen Campbell tearing up the SNP manifesto on Reporting Scotland; Sally Magnusson saying ‘what do we do now, Margaret Curran’ to the latter on election night in 2011 when the scale of Labour’s rout was becoming apparent.

      The BBC’s schtick is actually pretty formulaic and predictable. Independent think tank says Scottish independence bad; SNP ‘under pressure’ over some manufactured nonsense; and the some arsehole says the SNP are bad mantra which the Rev has documented. Repeat to fade.

      Are we yet in a position to have the majority deride and despise this pernicious organisation? Gut says no. But commendations to the makers of the film, it is a laudable step in the right direction.

    257. Grouse Beater says:

      Fran: “Grouse, I was pleased to see you got a mention. I like to read your blog, keep up the good work.”


      Two more essay just published for this weekend.

      Unless Saint Theresa May announces Scotland must be independent and the Tories will assist, that’s me taking a break over the festive period so I can avoid in the in-laws and gluttony. Christmas? Humbug!

    258. Ian Brotherhood says:

      @Grouse Beater –

      Aye, we should call you Grouchy Grouse.

      No-one can beat that, surely?


    259. Meg merrilees says:

      Nana @11.03

      O/T New Brexit challenge in Ireland

      Interesting find!!

      Irish lawyers are claiming that the process of withdrawal is commenced by a decision to withdraw, taken by a member state within it’s constitutional requirements.

      They then claim that the result of the referendum vote was the decision to withdraw and that the EU was informed of this between 24th June and 20th October.

      TM was asked by Donald Tusk to explain remarks she made at the Tory Party conference and at a meeting of the European Council, in Brussels on 2nd 0ctober, TM declared that ‘The UK is leaving the EU’
      They believe that Brexit should happen between 24th June and 20th October 2018.

      Hmmm. Why did they wait till the SC was finished before they started this case and there is a press embargo on the announcement until 10pm GMT 9th December???

      Curioser and curiouser!

    260. Meg merrilees says:

      It continues:

      Crowdfunding part is to discover if the withdrawal process can be revocable.

      If it is, then we actually have some choice re the deal the gov gets in negotiations and parliamentary discussion would have some effect. i.e. we could vote to accept or reject the deal.
      If not, then we have no option but to accept the deal the gov negotiates for us.

      The second point is interesting though, if we leave the EU do we leave the EEA?

      We were asked only if we wanted to leave the EU, so, is it possible to leave the EU but stay in the EEA, inside the single market?

      The claim is happening in Ireland because they believe that the Irish gov and the EU have colluded to breach EU treaties by wrongly excluding the UK from meetings of the European Council.

    261. Fran says:

      @ Grouse

      Hae a gid ane. See ye in the new campaign season.

    262. yesindyref2 says:

      As we all know the only true defence for the Unionist against the Wiles and obvious attractions of Independence for Scotland is Anger, with Alistair Darling being the prime example of that, the master, a man who was so angry he even got angry with the BBC when they constantly interviewed him for heaven’s sake, asking him such very tricky questions as “would you like another glass of water?”.

      Whereas Independentistas love humour, music and hugs. And T-shirts.

      I was just looking at K***n H***e’s twitter and he’s developing a sense of Humour! No, really! He is!

      Won’t be long now …

    263. Still Positive. says:

      Not yet watched the video but have read the book and lent it to my neighbour.

      Will watch tomorrow.

      Good news yesindyref2 re Kev.

    264. yesindyref2 says:

      @Still Positive
      Even Darth Vader turned out to be a good guy in the end.

      The Force is strong in this one 🙂

    265. Robert Louis says:

      Being reported the land rights campaigner and green MSP is being sued for defamation. Reported in n the National. Supposedly because of something on his blog.

      Freedom of speech?

    266. Robert Louis says:

      OOps. Andy Wightman, in post above.

    267. Capella says:

      National story about Andy Wightman defamation suit. No info on who is suing him. Perhaps a crowd funder will be needed to defend the case.

    268. Nana says:

      Paris makes all public transport FREE to cut polluting traffic after worst smog in 10 years

      Sweden’s recycling is so revolutionary, the country has run out of rubbish

      Geert Wilders, Dutch Far-Right Leader, Is Convicted of Inciting Discrimination

    269. Smallaxe says:

      Nana:Good morning,

      Links for breakfast,Kettle’s on

      Peace Always

    270. Nana says:


      Lots of reading material for you this morning! Make lots of coffee.

    271. Smallaxe says:


      Lunch as well,great stuff

      Peace Always

    272. Grouse Beater says:

      Capella: “National story about Andy Wightman defamation suit.”

      If the British establishment is prepared to kick Scotland into submission, the landowning class is sure as hell prepared to censor individuals.

    273. Maria F says:

      Thank you for this outstanding film. It made my blood boil.

      While I had noted myself the bias in the BBC at since the indiref campaign, this film takes the BBC well beyond the concept of simple bias and moves it into the territory of a deliberate and expensive weapon for manipulation of public opinion with the aim to undermine democracy, and all in collusion with the government and certain political parties.

      And the worse of it all? They are doing it with our money. Paying the TV licence is consenting on this.

      Those who represent what antidemocratic weapon the BBC has become don’t deserve our money. They don’t deserve our attention. They don’t deserve our trust. They don’t deserve our respect.

      Those self-serving hypocrites like Darling or Brown or the useful idiots, presenters of that broadcaster, who were only too happy to be used as the hands to hold the knife and stab the people of Scotland on the back acting on behalf of the UK government deserve nothing but our contempt and disgust.

      I wouldn’t change a thing of that film. I find the music dark, but the film is dark and the message is darker than black: we are being blatantly manipulated and our democratic right to choose our future is being abused by an allegedly impartial national broadcaster whose corruption we are forced to fund.

      There is only one way out of this and that is hitting the BBC where it hurts it the most: starve it of funds, get your news from elsewhere and open the eyes of others to its deception.

    274. ScottieDog says:

      “I was just looking at K***n H***e’s twitter and he’s developing a sense of Humour! No, really! He is!
      Won’t be long now …”

      You reckon he’ll cross over? I doubt it. I have only visited his blog a couple of times and would be very surprised. He’s an attention seeker and no doubt enjoyes being invited onto GMS to spread rubbish. His graphs are akin to star maps pre-Copernicus.
      It’s no accident that the BBC gives centre stage to those proponents of phoney neoliberal economics.

    275. Marker Post says:

      Loved the video, yes, clunky in places, but shows the depth and breadth of the BBC campaign against the Yes campaign the SNP, and in particular, Alex Salmond.

      It could have included other examples. The BBC’s misreporting of Irish Minister Lucinda Creighton springs to mind.

      And it wasn’t just during the referendum, this had been going on against the SNP for years, but especially when they got into government in the 2011 elections. Anyone remember how they treated Iain Gray with kid gloves for his entire tenure, and then Lamont.

      But a great reminder towards the end that it’s still going on, in anticipation of the next referendum.

    276. Andrew Mclean says:

      Andy Wightman

      His blog is mostly about land and who owns it, given the statutory defence if he is accused of saying something about land or property rights, would be public interest or honest opinion based on fact, so that would discount land owners. It is not defamatory to say you own or do not own property, neither is it defamatory if you use off shore vehicles to lessen your tax liability, and this is pointed out. If it were then the persons named in the panama papers could sue every newspaper that published their names.

      No sometime in the last four years he must have made a serious allegation, for instance of a criminal nature, if not the person serving the writ could be charged with vexatious litigation. Not to mention seriously perturbing the Sheriff, and they don’t like to be perturbed!

    277. Andrew Mclean says:

      Three years for defamation, giving an opinion without reading the act is a schoolboy error.

    278. yesindyref2 says:

      @Andrew Mclean
      From the Herald: “More than one party has joined in the action against Wightman, which was issued by one of Scotland’s largest legal firms.

      Bit of a surprise, I don’t know what to make of it.

    279. Fred says:

      Could be for the High Court this case!

      “The Poor Had No Lawyers” a superb book by Andy, should be taught in the schools!

    280. clipper says:

      Maria F

      “And the worse of it all? They are doing it with our money. Paying the TV licence is consenting on this.”

      The SS had the Jews paying for their train fares to the camps.

      Haven’t watched the film b/c I know what to expect, in other words no real need for me to see it but invaluable if seen by enough soft no’s. One thing I do think the suggestion about changing the title to “London Calling – How The BBC Saved The Union.” should be seriously considered.

      Prof Robertson and everyone else involved – Respect.

    281. McBoxheid says:

      I won’t comment on content, there are far more eloquent people doing that already, but rather on length.

      I think it is actually quite a daunting thought to know the political video you are a bout to watch is an hour long and could well be off putting for some.

      If a series could be made, a mini series to begin with that includes everything in this video, say 5 or 6 episodes, this would show by viewer numbers how much people are interested.

      There is far more material out there, the BBC have been going a long time, so a follow up series could be made growing in intensity as Indyref 2 aproaches if the first mini series takes off.

      Thanks to the people that have got involved and spent their time and effort on something that is very important and definitely well worthwhile.

    282. The Broadcast and Dead Tree Scrolls hacks will show this video at their next Annual Appraisal meeting with their bosses.
      Job done; Christmas bonuses all round.
      Some have already been ‘promoted to the BBC Washington desk.
      They see themselves as part of the elitist Oligarchy, the Upper Class Scottish Branch, the Edinburgh Set, of the London Establishment.
      They don’t give a flying fuck about Scotland, or the well being of their fellow citizens.
      I have nothing but contempt for the Fourth Estate Fifth Column.
      They hanged Lord Haw Haw, didn’t they?

    283. donnywho says:

      I think that the BBC has just run another silent jibe, a wee error for us chippy jocks.

      Three Brits won the Nobel prize today all of them live and work in the USA.

      The BBC Scotland described one as an Englishman (and the English should be proud of him).

      But the two others they could not bear to give any credit to nor mention their nationality.

      They described them as “Scottish born” but dared not refer to their nationality. So i suppose Alexander G Bell is also Scottish born, along with Fleming, Baird and Macadam.

    284. Andrew Mclean says:

      Yes Indy ref 2
      It will all come out in the wash.
      Can’t understand it myself, took some time to read his blog, but so no accusation that would merit bothering matron, nevertheless our judiciary.

      Perhaps it’s an old fashioned legal threatening letter. Unfortunately for them we live in Scotland, lawyers have been replaced with real gangsters, it was once said if a barrister should demand your watch on the street, be glad, give it freely and be thankful it’s all he ask for.

      In Scotland they have been removed. It’s gangsters drug dealers, who will demand your business and low betide you if you refuse. The lawyers. Laugh at them. Most are fools, believers in their own importance.

      Interested to see if Andrew will fold, or do as I would and tell them to fuck right off, with bells on!

    285. Andrew Mclean says:

      Read my own post,
      To clarify, lawyers most are fools. However we are truly blessed with some absolutely amazing minds, cannot name names, least I reveal my own identity.

      one or two spring to mind who’s arguments have been actually, well God like.!

    286. Ruby says:

      Brilliant video. I am still thinking about it 24 hours after watching it!

    287. Stu Mac says:


      If you use YouTube you can do both: have the complete video up and also have a subdivided version of several shorter videos.

    288. Col says:

      We should do what we should have done during the first indy ref. I hope this documentary has enough power along with a campaign to not pay the license fee so as to bring them down for good. They could be mutually beneficial. The end game is in sight!

    289. Cuilean says:

      What ‘stuff’ did you not know about before Stu? Just wondering.

    290. Ian Dolan says:

      Great watching this!I think they missed something though:

      It is clearly now inappropriate for the BBC to maintain its “suspended membership” position in public, even if in practice that means you have left with the intention of re-joining. Likewise, it is clearly inappropriate for BBC Worldwide to maintain its membership of CBI. Otherwise, the BBC will place the fairness of the referendum process into question and risk being considered an active participant itself.

    291. Wee Jonny says:

      My and me just watched it and loved it.

      So glad I chucked in a couple o quid towards it.

      Well done all involved.

    292. TorrENS not TorrANCE says:

      Well worth the watch, although did think my screen and/or eyes were going with the fuzzy inky shots.
      The highlight for me was the brief appearance of Jim Murphy. Seems like an eternity ago he vowed to restore Labour’s fortunes. I miss that guy.

    293. philip maughan says:

      A really good watch. A number of things struck me. If the Beeb, Better Together, Scotland in Union etc. come up with the same type of scare mongering on Indy2 as that deployed in Indy1, they’ll get laughed at (particularly post Brexit). That Nicola Sturgeon can’t be demonized in the way Alec Salmond was and that there are NO big beast Unionist politicians left in Scotland – they’d all have to be shipped up from England, which will definitely not help their cause.

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