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Approaching Election Alert

Posted on September 19, 2023 by

Tonight an SNP MP tweeted this:

“Desperately”, eh?

We wonder why it hasn’t been achieved in those nine years.

Oh yeah. Now we remember.

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0 to “Approaching Election Alert”

  1. Karen

    Carrot season.

  2. Stephen OBrien

    Desperate to keep her job!

  3. Andrew Morton

    I’m sure Kirsty is desperate.

  4. Casper1066

    Brass ones. eh

  5. Chris Avery

    This is probably her way of identifying folk to block.

  6. Dan

    Ach it’s to be expected when rocket meets rebel

    It’s got their mother in a whirl ‘Cause it’s not sure if it’s a boy or a girl…

    Seriously, is this the sort of individual and performance we want to see from those we elect and pay well to be our politicians?

  7. Captain Yossarian

    A sand-dancer.

  8. duncanio

    Phony fucker

  9. Donald B

    And to think that those touting the ‘ScotlandUnited’ mantra would insist that you vote for her in an election… The Scottish political scene is bad enough at the moment, but the Independence Movement is a total binfire and badly needs a total reset. Anyone clutching at an ALBA straw needs to cop-on, the SNP are iin full-on self destruct mode and ALBA can’t poll double digit numbers nor muster/afford sufficient numbers of credible candidates to put forward, there’s a message there for anyone who can be bothered paying attention.

  10. Republicofscotland

    Why Tweet then that Scotland desperately needs independence if you’re not going to talk about it at Westminster. Blackman must surely realise how bad this makes her look to those voters who elected her to talk about independence at Westminster.

    Its no secret that obtaining independence is the first step on the road to a better Scotland, Blackman by saying Scotland desperately needs independence is telling the truth, she knows the union is bad for Scots, but her second comment clearly shows that she has no intentions of pushing the indy case in the House of Commons.

    I see no reason why we should re-elect Blackman at the next GE, she’s clearly shown us in her own words that she’s not that interested in Scottish independence, which is the first step in making Scotland a better more prosperous nation to live in.

  11. Ian McCubbin

    More carrots from a member who does not get that she is gone next election.

  12. SteepBrae

    Beggars belief that someone paid to represent folk doesn’t grasp the connection between ‘desperately’ needed independence and the daily lives of these very folk. In the wrong party.

  13. Effijy

    She is going to find it very hard to find employment next year.

  14. John Main

    There’s me thinking that one of the bigger concerns of the people of Aberdeen is Yousaf’s wish to expedite shutting down the North Sea.

    Maybes Oor Kirsty could have a wee word in his shell-like.

    Preferably on a day when she can work out if she’s a man or a woman. If she gets that right, she will probably deserve more credibility when she manages to get an audience with the anointed continuity incompetence candidate.

    Double the credibility I reckon, up from 1% to 2%.

  15. Ian Brotherhood

    Just so shameless.

    It’s the type of thing that makes you feel embarrassed for them.

    Then you remember that they don’t even feel that embarrassment themselves.

    They claim to represent ‘us’?

    I’m not the most sociable person in Scotland. I don’t have many close friends, but I honestly don’t know *one* person, nationalist, unionist or whatever-else, who can’t see this for the bare-arsed shite that it is.

  16. Morgatron

    Shes a bampot. Another incredible bullshitter.

  17. 100%Yes

    Is It finally dawning on the Sturgeonite elite that being re-elected back to Westminster isn’t going to happen without the Indy supporters.

    The SNP is still losing membership and donations to the party is all but stopped. The party is getting more and more in the red, there isn’t one of them who wants to be re-elected will put any of their own money to be re-elected so who’s going to pay for it, it isn’t going to be the SNP because they haven’t got the money to do it.

    The SNP had 50% of the population wanting to vote for the party after 2014 to now they’d rather see the demise of the SNP than go out and vote to safe it.

    At leased Kirsty Blackman can hold her hands up to being one of the so many in the party who’s destroyed the SNP at leased she’s achieved something, well done lass the unionist couldn’t do it.

    I wouldn’t be surprised by the time Westminster election comes the SNP is all but finished.

    When in need I’ll turn to mentioning Indy that always works, aye lass in the past, no one being fooled by that old chestnut anymore.

  18. robertkknight

    Like a bunch of unruly brats who realise that it’s December 1st so they’d better start playing “nice” or mum and dad might just forget to do the Xmas shopping… or in this case, turn out on polling day.

    Bad news SNP brats… Xmas is cancelled!

  19. Robert Hughes

    Behold ! The Hour of Shadows cometh . Ecce Carrot !

    The purple-haired oracle has spoken . Alas , in a language foreign to humankind , intelligible only to certain species of tits and the ghosts of halfwits past .

  20. Ian Brotherhood

    @George Ferguson (8.56 on previous thread) –

    Swinney has been using Sturgeon, ever since his calamitous spell as FM finished, as a human shield.

    When she finally goes down the lavvy, he should be right there alongside her.

    Two wee nasty smelly jobbies sooked intae that final u-bend (and out of sight forever!) simultaneously – result!


  21. Astonished

    You think that’s daft ?

    Wait ’till you ask her about chromosomes ?

    P.S. She thinks women can have a penis – So not worth a single vote.

  22. David Hannah

    No to congestion charges.

    No to lez.

    No to gender self ID.

    Self determination not self identification.

  23. charlie

    from same article “We have got this massive opportunity to change culture now. We can change culture in the House of Commons, we can change culture across society, if we take this opportunity – so I don’t think we should let this go quiet,” says Blackman, perched on a green leather chair in her Westminster office.

  24. George Ferguson

    @Ian Brotherhood 10:11pm
    All things come to an end. Blessed be the Fruit. Ideology will wither without the consent of the people. Sturgeon and Swinneys reputation is in tatters already. They have wasted billions of pounds on their daft ideology and mismanagement. The people will determine that Times are a changing.

  25. PhilM

    No, these numbskulls will find a way to land on their feet. I think there’s little doubt now that some SNP MPs like Pete ‘Stylophone’ Wishart will take up a HoL’s seat.
    The rest of the SNP rejects from next year’s election will also be fine. They’ll get their winding-up payments, recently increased from 2 to 4 months by IPSA and also their loss-of-office payments if served more than two years. That should tide a few SNP rejects over until 2025 at least, then they’ll have the pick of Third Sector jobs, which will only help the gradual spread of utter f***ing uselessness throughout civic Scotland.
    I don’t want to single out anyone but it will be interesting for people to see some of these post-WM careers. Like desperate depression-era hobos, the spectacle of these people trying to jump aboard the next available gravy train will be quite a sight to behold.

  26. Mac

    Kirsty thought she was on safe high ground after surviving 2017 relatively comfortably.

    But she now realizes that given how much her comfortable majority was slashed in 2017 it is now in mortal danger.

    When it goes Kirsty, it goes. Your rancid time is up.

  27. PacMan

    You know when there is an election coming up when the SNP talks about independence.

    Going O/T, I came across a YouTube content creator called thairivera. He’s a gay man and he doesn’t pull any punches in calling all the Transgender movement which is harming not only the LGB community but also Transsexuals.

    Here is clip of him commenting on the recent NYC Pride march where they were trolling about going after the children.

  28. Robert Hughes

    @ PhilM

    ” That should tide a few SNP rejects over until 2025 at least, then they’ll have the pick of Third Sector jobs, which will only help the gradual spread of utter f***ing uselessness throughout civic Scotland.” ‘kin cracker 🙂

    Spot-on post

  29. charlie

    from same article “We have got this massive opportunity to change culture now. We can change culture in the House of Commons, we can change culture across society, if we take this opportunity – so I don’t think we should let this go quiet,” says Blackman, perched on a green leather chair in her Westminster office.

    You are not there to change the culture in the HoC. You are there to let it worry about itself.

    She also goes on about her dislike of hugging. Fuck that. Tonight I saw a friend and asked about his wife because I haven’t seen her for a while. She now has breast cancer, I said to give my love and when I left gave him a hug, he’s obviously upset. It’s just what you do. Fuck this for a world where you need a form filled in triplicate to show that love or friendship is consensual.

    Feel free to copy and share that para because we are going down a dark road. The other side is that men who dress up as parodies of women can do whatever they want. This appears to be SNP policy.

  30. Iain Hamilton

    Some women have penises – Yeah, sure.
    The SNP are the party of independence – Yeah, sure.
    Kirsty Blackman is tweeting from Earth – Yeah, sure.

  31. Breeks

    It’s a tragedy, but Kevin McKenna nailed it.

    The SNP need to lose, and lose big, before Scottish Independence can be rescued.

    If Humza Yousaf picked up the phone to Alex Salmond later today, and said, “Hey Alex, let’s talk about Scotland United,” the call might actually mean something. “Gulp.”

    But, after Rutherglen, when the turnout is dismal and the SNP recognises the process of losing big has actually begun, Humza’s phone call to Alex will be less than worthless.

    The problem for me is, IF Humza does make the call, that suddenly risks putting all the troughing c#!ts I despise; dingers like Kirsty Blackman, Mhairi Black, Karen Adam, Shona Robison, Wishart, Grady, Hosie, Stewart MacDonald, and the whole bus load of lunatic charlatans, – back on “our” side, and WGD blog put back in the bookmarks. L

    I haven’t even mentioned the legacy of toxic associations with the actual crooks; Sturgeon, Murrell, Foote, Beattie… and the fallout from the Alphabetty scandal which WILL come out eventually.

    The Phoenix needs to burn before it can rise from the ashes.

    Don’t take that call Mr Salmond. I mean, I don’t think it’s coming anyway, but just be ready to dingy the clown. If you wanna do something constructive, phone Sara Salyers instead.

    SALVO is the Wolf we should be feeding, not the SNP.

  32. David Hannah

    Kirsty Blackman on hugging in 2018:

    “Somebody that I met, we had a conversation about whether or not they would give me a hug – and actually I don’t particularly want people to hug me.

    “If somebody goes to hug me and I don’t want them to hug me, I should say: ‘Excuse me, I’d rather shake hands.’ If we keep talking about it when it comes to more minor things like hugging, then maybe they will check themselves and they will think more carefully before they lunge in and snog someone.”

    I woundn’t go near her. She’s the kind of woman that would destroy your life in a second. Cold Ethyl.

  33. David Hannah

    Shocked to read that Charlie. But she’s not alone believe it or not.

    What’s really rather sad, which I found was a Muslim colleague of mine after a lovely coffee and afternoon in the town – no alcohol – that she wasn’t allowed to hug me goodbye. I imagine because of her faith. I said don’t worry about It, I won’t say anything about it! After she apologised.

    Crazy world we live in.

  34. David Hannah

    *I’d hugged her first, before she said I’m not allowed to hug.

    That’s what I found rather sad. That’s what I mean.

    But Kirsty Blackman must have made those anti hugging comments to push her man hating agenda.

    That’s of she knows what a man is.. Having failed standard grade biology.

  35. Ruby

    Be kind folks the lassie is no right in the heed!

  36. Ginger_Golfer

    Not very bright is she

  37. Michael Laing

    @ charlie at 11.56pm:

    Have you seen all those posters that have gone up at railway stations saying things (not in these precise words) such as, “No looking at women”, “No looking up women’s skirts”, “No touching women” and “No cat-calling”. I don’t know what that last one is supposed to mean exactly – I’ve never known anyone but woke feminists to use that expression – but I presume it’s something to the effect of ‘No expressing admiration for or complimenting of women in public’. What next? No smiling? No saying, ‘You look good today’? No ‘Hello’ or ‘Good morning’? Where does this insanity end?

    On one hand, none of this garbage is going to have the slightest effect on anyone who is intent on doing any of those things. Creeps and perverts have been creeping and perving since time immemorial – and after all, we now live in a time when the internet is awash with explicit sexual imagery and the legitimisation of prostitution in a way that didn’t exist even ten years ago. If there is an issue in society with regard to men’s attitudes to women and sex, perhaps we should do something about idea that exploiting and profiting from the loneliness and social isolation of men is a legitimate career option.

    On the other hand, it’s clearly directed at men and it’s tarring all men as perverts, voyeurs and gropers. I find that offensive. This is what happens when hateful, bigoted people get into positions of power with their divisive woke agenda. It’s clear to see where their priorities lie, and it’s certainly not with independence.

  38. John Main

    ‘We are not going to save the planet by bankrupting the British people.’

    All over the MSM this morning. Somebody else belatedly realising that in politics, it’s all about the money.

    “It’s the economy, stupid!”

    That’s another good one. Expect that to be rediscovered soon.

    Meantime, if the rumours that the forced uptake of Chinese electric cars and useless air-source heatpumps are to be postponed turn out to have any truth to them, expect a political realignment of some significance.

    Too late for Rutherglen, but in good time for the UK GE, probably next year, and the HR GE, probably in 2026.

    A week is defo a long time in politics.

  39. Ruby

    I haven’t read anything about the tram inquiry but I’m guessing ‘lessons were learned’.

    We need politicians who don’t need no education.

    It’s very costly to have people just learning on the job.

    They say ‘lessons were learned’ but they never are. Maybe if a few of them got fired they might learn their lessons.

    What happened as a result of

    The Iraq Inquiry
    The Leveson Inquiry
    The Alex Salmond Holyrood Inquiry

    Lessons were learned and that’s about it.

    We’ve got to find politicians who don’t need £billion taxpayer funded higher education.

    We’ve got to find a way to discourage ‘the inexperienced’ from not entering politics by holding politicians responsible if they screw up.
    Either fine them or send them to jail.

    The fine for Nicola Sturgeons screw up would be enormous.

  40. Johnlm

    She can’t use the line
    “I didn’t mention the weather in the Himalayas either” (Kinnock)
    That would be unWOKE

  41. Dorothy Devine

    Michael , indeed it might even encourage others – like smartarsed teenagers to have a go.

  42. Dan

    The only lesson I’ve learned is that the old lessons will be learned trope is pish.
    A timeline of examples including the Holyrood Parliament Build, Trams, Ferries, DRS, Solar PV on north facing roofs, ASHPs on unsuitable properties etc, etc kind of show that lessons in how not to piss away taxpayer’s money have not actually been learned… Oh wait, unless these lessons were actually on how to piss away even more money.

    And seeing as it’s been pissing with rain all night I can’t help but wonder if the ground has got so soft that the kids in Brimmond, Aberdeen are walking about trying to find flotsam and jetsam from their sunken school.

  43. David Hannah

    I have seen the posters on SNP Rail Michael Laing.

    I’ve also seen the poster on the train.

    “No lithium powered battery micro devices…”

    I.e. Scooters, electric skateboards all the things teenage boys going to the park have. I said what the hell is this sign about? I’ve been told laughing at it. Can I take my phone on the train jokingly?

    The ticket collector with the pony tail and lgbtqia+ rainbow mask said its –

    “Because these things are not regulated and could catch fire… ”

    Mon the teenagers. That’s all I can say.

  44. David Hannah

    I use SNP Rail all the time. And I’m not lying about that guy with the RMT Union rainbow bogie mask… Crazy how people still wear masks. Someone get this man a booster.

    I see that in other news, SNP Rail are not able to electrify the Inverness railway line. But they are contracted to run the inter city 125 until 2030.

    But were going through mental gymnastics – Fyona Hyslop – pretend that they will try to deliver it in 7 years. Until being asked the question about breach of contact.

    Just another day in the hell hole woke tartan kingdom of Scotland.

  45. Luigi

    “Nine years on and I am rather accustomed to this cushy lifestyle. I desperately need your vote!”

    (don’t expect anything in return though, except for a few woke soundbites and a wee bit grief perhaps).

  46. Republicofscotland

    “SNP DEPUTY Westminster leader Mhairi Black has urged young voters in the forthcoming Rutherglen and Hamilton West by-election to back her party with the message “Westminster has shafted you”.”

    I found the above by Black rather amusing, yes Westminster has shafted Scots for centuries, however the SNP that includes Black shafted Scots on independence, Black and her SNP MP colleagues will soon find out (at the next GE) that there’s a price to be paid for shafting the electorate, and that price will be losing their places on the taxpayers gravy train.


    In public life it has always been about the money, surprise? Not really.
    Principles, are priceless. People with principles likewise.
    Why does even democracy favour the money and the dubious?
    You’d think that after >2000 years humanity would have got the message.
    Hugging is an American thing in the same was as first name calling. In my culture, which is not Muslim, physicality of that kind is only within the immediate family.
    Men kissing is common usually accompanied by a hand shake. The former is a matter of judgment but is usually a sign of respect. If done to you, respond in kind.
    Unless a woman offers her hand, a hand on heart and nod of the head is sufficient for greeting and farewell.
    Some American practices do not travel well.

  48. Effijy

    Police for the last 50 years has all about lying your party into power.
    Next fill your pockets by telling family and friends what to invest in.
    Who is about to get the next government contract worth billions and your friends then look after you.

    Churchill praised like a God was close to bankruptcy when world war 2 broke out but somehow on a merger PM’s salary was worth £4 Million at the end.
    He even set the army on the British people for protesting.

    Blair spent British money and lives to back Bush in an illegal war in Iraq but he was then
    able to know the key areas of investment in the US.
    The Bush family are rolling in it and they get richer by the day.

    Even Nelson Mandela who came out of prison penniless left several million to his family although his salary suggested that would be impossible.

    The only way to break this tightening noose is to stop the formation of political parties.
    You can only vote for an independent candidate and they can only discuss policies in parliament with every independent member and persuade independent minds who won’t be whipped to back corruption or continue with failed policies and any attempts to meet other members outside of the public gaze or be found to give contracts or information to others for profit will lead to imprisonment.

    I want my money back from the useless PPE contracts handed to Tories.
    I want the emergency blank cheque contracts handed out to Tories examined for fraud.
    I want Grayling’s assets arrested for the Millions wasted on Brexit ships that never existed
    and sought from a Tory who didn’t know the blunt end of a ship from the sharp one.

    Major pharmaceutical contracts from the NHS handed to companies with share holders like Zahawi and Handcock.

    You can’t be an MP with shares in companies who are then awarded government contracts.

    Prison is too good for these crooks.

  49. David Hannah

    This will be the last moan. Listen to this.

    Lorna Slater, wants to cull deer all year around to reduce tape tape for the crofters with eyes too close together – quite possibly Ian Blackford.

    The irony. Of Veggie Lorna Slater, wanting to slaughter Deer all year round for the the crime of eating tree shoots like her!

    If the deer don’t get a rest period. Their bodies will be in a permenantly diseased state where they collapse and die at the side of roads. Traumatised all year around!

    She wants to Elmer Fudd terrorise deer all year around!

    So much for caring about animals, like the wild mountain hare, ranked higher in the Scottish Green manifesto than Scottish Independence.

    Limousine Lorna, Lady chauffeur really has NO IDEER does me?

    MON the deer!

  50. JockMcT

    David Hannah @10:54 pm


    Breeks @3:26am

    Salvo is the way, for sure. Hope AS does nothing with the busted flush that is the remains and the dregs of the SNP. Once they oust Fergus Ewing they are done, over!

  51. David Hannah

    Lorna Slater. The Vegggie Killer *she has no I deer!

    Noble stags all over Scotland, terrorised. A diseased state of permenance until their once proud bodies collapse like jelly and die.

    The Adolf Hitler. Genocide of the deer lorna Slater. Male deer that is. They better find a way of identitying as female to avoid being served up ON LORNA SLATERS PLATE.

  52. Ruby

    Michael Laing says:
    20 September, 2023 at 8:11 am

    Have you seen all those posters that have gone up at railway stations saying things (not in these precise words) such as, “No looking at women”, “No looking up women’s skirts”, “No touching women” and “No cat-calling”.

    This will be men probably Alistair Heather putting up these messages. It sounds very much like the video he posted to tells his mates how to behave in the gym

    You say these are not the precise words did they include the word mate or maate by any chance?

    Is this all to protect transwomen?

    No looking at the Adam’s apple too closely
    No looking up the skirt to check for a penis
    No grabbing crotch to check for penis
    Perhaps cat calling means no calling Cat Jimmy. No dead naming ‘women’.

    I’m not fooled into thinking these posters mean that whoever put them up actually cares about adult human females.

    So mate if you want to put up posters perhaps you should be encouraging women to do it for themselves.

    Oh wait a minute they can’t because they are not allowed to speak.

    No looking at women you say mate. OK I’ll just put on some pink clothes and go into the women’s changing room and have a really good look I might even show them that I do have penis.

  53. Dan

    Power to the People Corporations!

    Generating enough for oorselves and still punting a *fair bit south at the moment.
    *Fair bit = Significantly more than the entirety of Scotland is using.

    Whilst re-saving some twitter links to nitter so folk can see stuff I found this export figure from a couple of days back. Scroll down to second post to see 74GWHs from Scot to Eng.
    Be interesting to see what today’s figure will be when it appears on the timeline. Winter coming so more generation as the weather alters and grid demand rises.

  54. willie

    Is this the very same Independence Warrior who stood up in the House of Commons and wittered on about not knowing what he genitals looked like.

    Blackman is as the Rev has just pointed out is no independence warrior. She acts like a waste of space, dresses like a waste of space, and quite frankly is a waste of space. But you know what, at £86k a year, fabulous expenses, super generous pension the girl is doing well for herself delivering nothing.

    But with an election coming up she’s found her political purpose again and contrary to previous inclinations, is now back on the independence trail.

    Maybe we should add cynical and opportunist liar to her accolades desiring another mandate to squander?

    Blackman however, like the rest of the wasters know the axe is coming and the gravy train to an end. Just wait till you see the panic that will set in post the close of the vote on 5th October 2023 in Rutherglen and Hamilton.

    And to Rev Stu a big thanks for reminding readers of this prior anti independence pearl from Blackman. Like the elephant Sir you never forget!

  55. John Main

    An innarestin article on Unherd this morning: “Why is oil demand so high?”. Here’s a wee quote:

    The next few years will most likely demonstrate that we are still far from peak oil demand or supply. Whatever the price of the resource, its value to modern civilisation will be almost irreplaceable.

    Somebody needs to tell Yousaf, pronto. Is he back from his “Great Scottish Taxpayer’s Dosh Giveaway” in New York yet? Maybes naw, cos he must be travelling by pedalo or something similar. Using a kerosene-fuelled plane would be just so wrong for him.

  56. Ruby

    “HoHumza has suggested if men can’t stop looking at women he’ll introduce obligatory burka wearing for women.” 🙂

    All black down to the ankles with only a slit for the eyes.

    No pink burkas and no exceptions for trans women, AGPs or drag acts.

  57. Dan

    @ David Hannah

    If a deer is being shot it will nearly always be a clean kill. Way more deer will have lingering deaths by being hit and injured by traffic on the roads.
    With no natural predators the numbers do need managed as they can cause extensive damage.
    Last year a rogue roe deer was routinely raiding my veg garden destroying my crops. This year there were half a dozen much bigger ones trying to get in but I regularly lobbed small pebbles onto the corrugated iron shed roofs to make a noise that would scare them to the point they stayed away.
    The ticks they carry are everywhere now and they can host Lyme disease which can really screw you up. Nature isn’t always a lovely thing, it can be a brutal battle to survive. That seems to be a reality many don’t understand very well.
    A couple of pal’s work in deer management and control on various estates. It’s tasty and healthy meat we could be eating more of instead of importing lamb from New Zealand.

  58. Red

    If Mensa member Kirsty Whitewoman wasn’t a Member of Parliament, she’d be wiping tables at Stracathro services for minimum wage.

    Stracathro’s loss is also our loss.

  59. desimond

    Somewhere in a Modern Studies Class, kids are puzzled after looking at the whiteboard and seeing the questions:

    What exactly does an SNP MP do?
    What impact do they have?
    What influence do they wield and yield?

    Its the biggest con in the world.

    The “We are are on very important committees!” chant seems to only actually give them more money ( quite why an MP should need extra money for actually doing a job when in The House of Commons, I dont really know to be honest with you)

    Would love if an SNP MP could demonstrate in any way how Scotland has physically or monetarily benefitted from their residence in Westminster…the acquisition of second and third and fourth homes for themselves dont count.

  60. Lorna Camp[bell

    So many of these people are just spare parts, and some not even a spare part. The way of the world – and always has been – is for experienced people to pass on their knowledge to the inexperienced. The SNP, over the past nine years, has done it all back to front: they have quite knowingly put up for election and hired people who were grossly inexperienced, steeped in virtue-signalling ‘wokism’ (of the modern variety, not the original black civil rights meaning of the word) and, often, too young for all of their synapses to have finally connected. A recipe for disaster.

    Remember those westerns where the Indian chief says: “white man, my elders and I are unable to hold back our young men…” Then the film cuts to a slaughter field and then Indian women and children are seen being marched off to a reservation. That is what happens when you deliberately try to cut out a generation who have the knowledge and ability to keep a cool head and who see through all the ploys.

    Not having a go at young people. They are our future. Just want them to understand that there are no shortcuts. You cannot be distracted by bilge water if you want to reach your goal, your destination. If you want independence, you have to do what it takes to get it. Kirsty Blackman suffers from extended teen hood. Never managed to grow up despite having children which would normally catapult most females into reality. Kirsty Black similar, albeit no children. Wads of ready cash at an early age, and not sense along the way. I would not vote for them if they threatened me with a firing squad. Too much betrayal. They could redeem themselves by joining a United Scotland campaign. They won’t so no more to be said.

  61. Ruby

    Michael did you notice any posters saying ‘NO MAN SPREADING’?

    This is a fine example of man spreading.

    Why does Humza have his legs wide open?
    It doesn’t look good.
    Is this sexual assault?

    What is the difference between a man putting his knee on your thigh while sitting with his legs wide open to a man putting is hand on your thigh?

    This man spreading is pretty annoying when you have to share a seat on the bus with a man spreader.

  62. fruitella the hun

    “still far from peak demand…”

    Funny thing about demand, it doesn’t cause a viable supply to materialise out of the ether. Of course the blessed folk want their 20th century toys and favours to continue. The wretched want a taste too. It’s a shame. As the cruel are quick to gleefully point out, reality can be a real bummer.

    If only we had done the smart things, like insulate our houses and let those who would be up for it manage their own food production – reducing the two biggest CO2 sources then we would not be facing such difficulties, difficulties we have to deal with whether “the people” support it or not.

    Maybe Russell Brand and George Galloway know how to bring people with them? Or maybe “the people” are alredy ahead of “the shills”?

  63. Colin Alexander

    Scotland will NEVER gain independence by electing politicians who swear allegiance to England’s King.

  64. President Xiden

    Dan says:
    “The only lesson I’ve learned is that the old lessons will be learned trope is pish“

    I have never yet heard a single journalist with the gumption to follow up that oft trotted weasel worded statement with….and what lesson would that be?

  65. Ann

    If Blackman believes most Scots don’t care a “ hoot” about Independence and she doesn’t think its her DAY JOB to mention Independence , she is a fraud. A blatant fraud!!

    The Party and the constituents she claims to represent AND, more important, IS PAID from the public purse to represent, are Pro SCOTTISH INDEPENDENCE !
    its been the prime objective of the SNP since the Party initiated decades ago.

    If she tried to join any other Party claiming to care for other folk’s problems they would laugh !!

    She, like THE rest of the ‘Murrell Monopoly,’ is brazenly deceiving the constituents who voted for her and is only milking what she can.

  66. Penvelope

    Independence will never happen until a substantial majority of people know( not feel)that they will be better off financially breaking away.
    You lot banging on about Claims of Right & other arcane bollocks associated with the supposed repression etc don’t cut across with the electorate.
    Things were generally good for most folk in 2014 & oil prices were sky high – Salmond told everyone they would go higher still- the second oil boom was imminent.
    Uncertainty reigns for most folk now & trying to persuade a further step into the unknown- lead by Captain Useless & the crew of the good ship SNP is fucking laughable.
    Time to regroup – the future is NOT A Salmond- his time & ideas for an independent Scotland come from the last century.
    New ideas required – not new or old political types spouting shit.

  67. David Hannah

    I agree with you on the venison. Tasty meat. We shouldn’t be importing the Kangeroo beef from Australia! I wish the deer well. Born free as free as the wind blows!

  68. John Main

    @Penvelope says:20 September, 2023 at 5:27 pm

    Independence will never happen until a substantial majority of people know( not feel)that they will be better off financially breaking away


    You lot banging on about Claims of Right & other arcane bollocks associated with the supposed repression etc don’t cut across with the electorate

    Here endeth the lesson.


  69. Brian Doonthetoon

    Discussing “meat”.

    One year, my sister invited my wife and me for Christmas dinner. The two meats on the menu were home-grown roast duck and roast leg of goat.
    Both were great but the roast leg of goat was wonderful. I learned from them that the new-born nannies are kept for milk and the billies are disposed of at 6 months old for meat.
    There are goats all over Scotland. Maybe we have to adapt our taste buds to more home-grown meat, like goat and venison (tasty, which I know a lot of is imported from New Zealand around Christmas for some reason) – and duck.

    A varied diet did no harm to onnybuddee.

  70. twathater

    Kirsty I cannot wait to celebrate when you yooseless incompetent embarrassing clowns are SACKED by your constituents, TBQH I don’t care what Alex Salmond says I couldn’t vote for ANY of these SCUM

  71. DickieT

    Surprise BLACKMAN has not change her name given how obsessively woke she is.

  72. Mike d

    Penvelope. ‘ until a substantial majority of people know( not feel) that they will be better off financially breaking away’

    So they are living in the land of milk and honey already?
    Foodbanks,fuel poverty, rising energy prices,long snhs/nhs waiting lists for priority treatments, crumbling infrastructure ie potholed shitholes and crumbling schools,
    I think even taking a leap of faith is a no brainer rather than go down with the sinking brexiteer ship ‘Hms uk titanic’

  73. covidhoax

    Was just reading about Dame Caroline Dineage trying to de-platform and asset strip Russell Brand on sites like Rumble, she is also married to the deputy chief of the 77th Brigade, Mark Lancaster!

    This reminds me of the Salmond stich up and one of its architects, Liz Evans, appointed as top Scottish civil servant in 2015 by Sturgeon, and also married to former Mi5 boss, Jonathan Evans.

    Such a cosy wee club of treacherous turds.

  74. PeedoffScot

    Mind the gap on you way out and don’t slip on the gravy stains all over the platform!

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