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And finally…

Posted on January 24, 2013 by

In case you missed it on Twitter, we reveal the No campaign’s Head Of Graphs:

There, that should cheer up those grumpy The Rangers fans from last night.

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9 to “And finally…”

  1. Seasick Dave says:

    That’s a belter of a graphic, Ally.

    You’d think that you’d sold twice as many tickets this season as two seasons ago.

    In fact you have sold 96 more.

    You gotta laugh. 

  2. Holebender says:

    It must be the Lib Dems’ influence.

  3. Cyril Matvech says:

    Ha ha. If devolution was an option for the Indy ref, it would be on the ballot papers. Not one single Unionist is suggesting Holyrood will retain it’s current powers post 2017 EU referendum! Both Labour and their Tory coalition have said that Powers to raise & lower taxes must be kept at the UK level. Powers to restrict the road transport of WMDs should be withdrawn from Edinburgh along with the extra tier of government once Lords is finally reformed. You see, it all depends on who asks the question. That’s why calamitous Professor Curtice has been 100% WRONG in every single election since 2007 shocker! Even if the bbc rely on his every prophecy. 

  4. Seasick Dave says:

    By my Excel aided reckoning, season ticket sales are up by a mighty 0.65401% on last year.

    Just wait until they get into the Second Division.

  5. Peter says:

    Nothing can cheer up Rangers fans.  Their club died.   

      Nothing short of smeltic also ceasing to exist that is.    


  6. Doug Daniel says:

    Genius, Stu.

    Incidentally, according to the size of the bars on the BT graph, 72% is only about twice 23%. With mad maths skillz like that, perhaps it’s understandable that they accidentally included 11% of “NO DEVO AT ALL!!!!” in their “Devolution” figure.

  7. Rev. Stuart Campbell says:

    In fairness, I edited the middle bar to its correct size, hence the quotes around “72%”.

  8. Doug Daniel says:

    Ah, but a quick glance at the original reveals it was inaccurate in the first place 😛 

  9. John Lyons says:

    On the season tickets why does a drop of 151 from the first season to the second look smaller than the increase of 96 from the first season to the third? is this an optical illusion? Is the fact they sold 96 more season books than they did two years ago a big story? Isn’t this probably just due to a reduction in price for third division football? What paper was that in? It’s really crap.

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