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All you need to know about the budget

Posted on March 16, 2016 by

…but were probably genuinely afraid to ask.


Tories, there. Thank goodness we’re better together, eh readers?

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    1. 16 03 16 18:43

      All you need to know about the budget | Speymouth

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    1. Arbroath1320 says:

      Job done … sealed … delivered!

      Can someone remind me again … why is this guy NOT the Chancellor?

      I believe he may have worked for BBC at some point but that ONE tweet makes a million times more sense than ANYTHING wee Georgie Porgie the Towel Folder has EVER said since birth!

    2. Daisy says:

      Cuts for the poor.
      Tax breaks for the rich.

      I also wrote a blog post on this, feedback would be much appreciated! 🙂
      Osborne’s Budget: Austerity to the Max

    3. Grouse Beater says:

      In voting No and getting inhumane Tory policies, we dodged a bullet, as they say, but got hit by a train.

    4. Daisy says:


      I also wrote a piece on this, feedback would be much appreciated! 🙂

      Osborne’s Budget: Austerity to the Max

    5. jimnarlene says:

      Bastards! I need add naught.

    6. Arbroath1320 says:

      Don’t hold back now Jimnarlene. 🙂

      We all know you really REALLY want to have an outburst. It’s O.K. you are amongst friends here. 😉

    7. galamcennalath says:

      Clearly a NO voters’ budget. Thanks guys 🙁

    8. Still Positive. says:

      What jimnarlene said @ 5.30!

    9. Arbroath1320 says:

      *ahem* Comment left Daisy. 😉

    10. Macart says:

      Well who’d a thunk? 😮

    11. Golfnut says:

      Grousebeater ” dodged a bullet, got hit by a train ”

    12. geeo says:

      So what if there was a £1.2 billion cut to disability benefits, so the better off could have tax cuts at their expense, there was a SUGAR TAX worth £500million ish…!!


      Nothing to see here….move on folks..!

      Gie’a a break !!

    13. Bugger (the Panda) says:

      I was waiting for that, thanks.

      Never disappointed here in the fog of War.

      B le P

    14. WP says:

      Corbyn not fit for purpose. He should be ripping Osbourne to shreds and shouting every day sbout the £1.6 trillion debt costing £60 billion a year in interest. The deficit was supposed to be half what it is now and wiped out by 2018. These criminals are getting away with murder with nobody prepared to oppose them. Hope all you no voting cowards are proud of yourselves.

    15. Quentin Quale says:

      The fact that the phrase ‘cutting benefits to disabled’ has entered political discussion in 2016 is disgusting but a perfect reminder of what Tory politics is all about.

    16. One_Scot says:

      You would be forgiven for thinking, ‘surely Scotland cannot be stupid enough to vote ‘No’ next time’.

    17. heedtracker says:

      Thank you so much Proud Scot Buts. Another triumph of unionist reason.

    18. heedtracker says:

      BBC r4 liggers says the capital gains tax cuts are to encourage people to put more money into shares, y’see.

    19. galamcennalath says:

      One_Scot says:

      “You would be forgiven for thinking, ‘surely Scotland cannot be stupid enough to vote ‘No’ next time’.”

      There have been four big changes since Sept14.

      The Tories unexpectedly won the GE. Yes boost.
      Labour have disintegrated. Yes boost.
      The Vow hasn’t been honoured. Should be a Yes boost.
      Oil prices have fallen. A No boost.

      … Net effect … A small swing to Yes. Personally, on balance, I can’t see why it’s not more!

      Still add EngExit, then a renewed Indy campaign and maybe we will get there.

    20. Dave Hansell says:

      The Sherriff of Nottingham chancellor. Taking from the poor and giving to the rich.

    21. Almannysbunnet says:

      And then of course there is this:

      We need to act now for the long term… backing this key Scottish industry and supporting jobs. A low oil price has slashed jobs in Scotland’s oil-rich northeast and sapped Scottish public revenues.”

      “We are only able to provide this kind of support to the oil and gas industry because of the broad shoulders of the United Kingdom. None of this support would have been remotely affordable if … Scotland had broken away,”

      Osborne had the nerve to stand up and say this in the house of commons. I thought Chris Law looked like he was about to burst a blood vessel.

      Never forget folks.

      SNP x 2

    22. Nana says:

      Ian McDougall FCCA is the Managing Director of McDougall Johnstone and finance spokesperson for Business for Scotland.

      Here’s his take on the budget

    23. bjsalba says:


      Why would anyone put money into shares when the companies are run exclusively for the benefit of large shareholders (IE the elite)?

    24. heedtracker says:

      BetterTogther Irn Bru must be so happy and glorious to be UKOK today.

    25. gus1940 says:

      I lost count of the number of times he mentioned the OBR.

      He must be one of the very few people who believe any of the figures/forecasts spewed out by that laughing stock of an organisation which was created by the tories as a tame lapdog to pump out propaganda favourable to the Bulingdon Boys. .

    26. alexicon says:


      Mis-reporting Scotland in full UKOK propaganda mode tonigh, opening up with how grateful we should all be that westminster has helped out the Scottish oil & gas industry.
      Note; nothing about cuts to disability benefits.

      I’m working on a brand new platform, overseas, for the north sea and the vast majority, well over 90%, of the workers are from south of the border.
      I wonder if many people actually realise that the north sea has kept the north east of England’s economy ticking along.

      Also heard a strong rumour the other day that BAE systems is lobbying the Scottish government hard to help them in trying to stop the UK Government from getting 5 of their new type 28(?) destroyers built in South Korea.

      Anyone else hear anything on this.

    27. Dr Jim says:

      Disabled people don’t contribute, they’re a drain
      It’ll be special housing for them next, you know all in the one place like a centre or a….( camp )

      Tories aren’t keen on “Others” who aren’t them

      Like I said before, we might speak the same language

      But we don’t

    28. heedtracker says:

      bjsalba says:
      16 March, 2016 at 6:50 pm

      Why would anyone put money into shares when the companies are run exclusively for the benefit of large shareholders (IE the elite)?

      Nice BBC man said its because “they’re” worried about people cashing their pension pots and going ISA only, with their standard or lifetime ISA project. That’s a far as I got, the nasal upper class twit twang got the off switch.

      Its fantastic watching pro toryboy BBC led propaganda nifty dodging the complete failure of Toryboy austerity UKOK style. Its Thatcherite BBC pro tory propaganda not seen since yesterday.

    29. Dr Jim says:


      Somebody told me only two in ten oil workers are actually Scottish, is that accurate, or close even

    30. heedtracker says:

      Dr Jim says:
      16 March, 2016 at 7:12 pm

      Somebody told me only two in ten oil workers are actually Scottish, is that accurate, or close even

      Two in ten professional oil workers are Scots. Beneath that, its 50 50.

    31. HandandShrimp says:

      I can’t help feeling that Osborne has merely done a bit of fiddling while Rome burns. A don’t frighten the horses budget with a bit stealth cutting and few gifts to the Tory shires to get him past Brexit.

    32. Alan Mackintosh says:

      WP, all is not what it seems with the 1.5 trillion debt. A large amount of this is held by Bof E and pays interest to the treasury (from memory around 800 or 900 Bn) Bus for Scot did an article on this pre indyref. We have part of this debt allocated to us as part of the block gran, yet, the interest that accrues goes to treasury and doesnt get credited to Scotland Block.

      As for the deficit, dont look forward to the days of a surplus. That surplus can only come from one place. Our pockets.

    33. Papko says:

      “Dr Jim says:
      16 March, 2016 at 7:12 pm

      Somebody told me only two in ten oil workers are actually Scottish, is that accurate, or close even”

      I would say thats true for about everything in Scotland Dr Jim , save the Councils and Universities .

      I delivered to a Farm in Laurencekirk today and there were foreign pickers doing the Daffodils (farmer said he has 200 for 5 weeks a year ) , Portugual , Poland ,France , even a few Cornwall and Lincoln , its £70 – £100 a day on price .

      Did you see a Yoon anywhere ? not a chance, they would sooner take dole money than work , in Dundee .

    34. Tinto Chiel says:

      “Steals from the poor to give to the rich, stupid bitch’, (Monty Python).

      Except he’s actually a talentless, heartless inadequate who probably finds it a mental challenge to cross the road.

    35. alexicon says:

      It depends what trade it is Dr Jim.
      I was told I was lucky to have a job here as it had been said by the lead engineer that only people who have a Middlesbrough postcode would be getting a start.
      When I arrived here there was only 1 other Scot and 1 Irish out of a department of around 50.
      It is indirectly discriminating against Scots by only choosing people from their own area. This has been the case since oil was first found in the north sea.
      These tax payments and the spending power to our economy is a great loss in revenues to Scotland.

    36. Papko says:

      DrJim , re two in ten

      I was delivering to a farm Laurencekirk today and the Farmer has up to 200 foreign pickers there for the Daffodils , they come form all over Europe , Portugual , France , Poland , a good few Irish , and British pickers from Cornwall ,and Lincoln .

      the one thing you don,t see is a No voting Yoon , from Dundee , makes my blood boil to think they take benefits and will neither work nor want .

    37. Almannysbunnet says:

      Every cloud has a silver lining. In 2014 Barr’s (Irn Bru) openly supported the No campaign. The mad Murph was their front man. In September 2015 Barrs announced a slump in sales, they blamed it on the weather. Today Georgie boy slaps on a sugar tax. Barr’s is now in a better together tizzy at the news. Their drinks fall into the higher tax brand (more than 8% sugar per 100ml) so the chancellor will snaffle 8p from each can sold.

      Kinda poetic dontcha think.

    38. Scott says:

      Sugar Tax.
      I must be daft but my take on this is that companies have two years to conform to reduce the sugar level so if they all do it there will be no tax on them so no extra money.
      Could someone please explain this for me or is this just another crap idea from the chancer.

    39. Almannysbunnet says:

      On non Scottish workers in the oil field. There is nothing unique about this. It’s an international business. There are thousands of Scottish oilies working overseas. It’s usually the ones with a bit of get up and go that head off. Houston alone has a huge Scottish expat oil community. You will find the saltire in every single oilfield community around the world. Scots have never been afraid to travel.
      They will come back with better cooking skill, dinnae worry 🙂

    40. Bob Mack says:

      Even the harsh Victoriana had the Enlightenment. It truly seems that socially, this country is heading backwards to the days when you died if you were poor. We have homeless on the streets,many ex soldiers wounded and abandoned by those in whose name they fought. Creeping privatisation of the NHS, and money for the socially acceptable ,who are already comfy.

      The harsh lesson boils down to this.Succeed or perish

      I hate this.

    41. X_Sticks says:

      I think jimnarlene summed it up quite succinctly.

      @GB “Dodged a bullet, got hit by a train” Was that HS2 by any chance?

    42. liz says:

      Nicola saying she will not reduce tax for the top earners.

      The guardian

      Plenty of Yoon insults BLC

    43. liz says:

      @alexicon – I used to work with a lady in the 90’s whose hubby was from the middle east.

      He got a job with the Clyde coast guards and told us that the guy in charge said- this is a jock free zone so your OK

    44. alexicon says:

      “On non Scottish workers in the oil field. There is nothing unique about this. It’s an international business”

      What is unique is that we could have less to no unemployment with Scots spending their hard earned cash in their local communities boosting Scotland’s economy.

    45. Iain More says:

      Aye voting No we sweaties dodge the bullet all right but we get nuked by Osborne and Tories instead. Barely a peep in the obsequious Brit Nat Press and Media about the extra £3.5 Billion in cuts per year that he needs to find to balance those dodgy books. Oh cuts over an above those he planned to have already.

      THE IRN BRU TAX budget! Whilst BP and Shell get a boost to their already astronomical profits.

      Well at least we have seen and the whole world has now seen that the OBR isn’t Independent and nor is it impartial.

      Oh and Global Oil Prices are apparently rising as Oil Markets are getting ahead of the barely advertised OPEC meeting next week.

      But hey Ingerland is too wee and too poor and too whatever to leave the EU and it will be the end of Ingerlish Civilisation if they do!

    46. Iain More says:

      Oh and aboot that Sugar tax. Well I see plenty of obese Brit Nat MPs made obese no doubt by all that Champers they swig as they guffaw at the peasants that put them there in the first place!

    47. call me dave says:

      Scottish Government condemns ‘£1bn spending cut buried in Budget’

      Can’t archive (says invalid url)

      The Scottish Government has said the Chancellor’s Budget – which provides support for Scotland’s oil industry, armed forces, cities and regions – contains a “hidden” £1 billion cut to spending north of the border.

      George Osborne said his Budget demonstrates “we are better together in one United Kingdom” and is backed by “the most radical devolution of power in British history”.

      Major tax cuts were announced for the oil and gas industry, which has been hit by falling global prices.

      A decision to cut the supplementary charge on oil and gas from 20% to 10% prompted Tory MPs to gesture wildly at the SNP benches, urging them to support the move.

      But Scotland’s Deputy First Minister John Swinney said the Budget “conceals a cut of £3.5 billion in public spending across the UK” and “will see a real-terms reduction of £1 billion in Scotland’s budget”.

      He welcomed the oil tax reforms but warned more action is “urgently required to address the short-term challenges facing the sector”.

      Mr Swinney said the spending cut was “buried in the detail of the Treasury Budget document”, leaving Scotland “in the dark about how much will fall on public services north of the border”.

      He added: “Scotland will see a billion pounds real-terms cut in the day-to-day budget that pays for public services – and that is before the hidden £3.5 billion further cut to public spending across the UK is applied.

      “The Budget statement today will deliver very little for Scotland – the modest consequentials that Scotland will receive are almost certainly wiped out by the increase in public sector employer pension contribution costs from 2019.”

      Duty on whisky, one of Scotland’s major exports, was frozen but shares in Scotland’s “other national drink” – Irn Bru -plummeted as the Chancellor announced a sugar tax on the soft drinks industry.

      The tax will raise an estimated £520 million a year and Scotland will receive a share of the revenue through the Barnett formula. Mr Osborne urged the devolved administrations to follow Westminster’s lead and spend the money on school sports.

      Mr Osborne said: “We are also opening negotiations on a city deal with Edinburgh, we backed the V&A Museum in Dundee, and in response to the powerful case made by (Scottish Tory leader) Ruth Davidson, we are providing new community facilities for local people in Helensburgh and the Royal Navy personnel in nearby Faslane, paid for by Libor fines.”

      He said none of this spending “would have been remotely affordable if, in just eight days’ time, Scotland had broken away from the rest of the UK as the nationalists had wanted”.

      He added: “Their own audit of public finances confirms that they would have struggled from the start with a fiscal crisis, under the burden of the highest deficit in the western world.

      “Thankfully the Scottish people decided that we are better together in one United Kingdom.”

      Scottish Secretary David Mundell said the Budget “shows the UK Government has listened and delivered”.

      He said: “There will be an additional £650 million available to the Scottish Government through the Barnett formula, as a result of action the UK Government is taking on education and business rates in England.

      “This, along with the power to set income tax rates and thresholds which the Scotland Bill delivers, will allow the Scottish Government to invest more in schools and hospitals in Scotland if it chooses to.

      Scottish Labour leader Kezia Dugdale said the Chancellor has “delivered tax cuts for the better off and spending cuts for everybody else”.

      She added: “This is the last time a UK Chancellor will set the income tax rates for Scotland.

      “With the new powers we will soon have in the Scottish Parliament, we will reverse George Osborne’s tax cut for the top 15% and invest in our public services.”

      Scottish Liberal Democrat leader Willie Rennie said: “When Scotland receives the Smith powers to set tax bands, our priority is a zero-rate tax band, which will effectively extend the personal allowance and lift thousands of people on low incomes out of tax altogether.”

    48. Molly says:

      Interesting that the prediction from the above link, reckons both the Chancellor and the OBR are wrong.

      The EREP ( and I don’t know if they are any more accurate tbh) estimates the deficit is nearer 30b than 18b which will mean lower growth in the future etc , all created by George Osbournes shonky economic plans.

    49. ArtyHetty says:

      Re; heedtracker et al

      Regards oil workers, during the Indy ref when we were constantly being told the oil was a disaster for Scotland, I saw an ad in a Newcastle paper. It was for anyone interested in working in the booming and expanding oil industry, with fairly high level skills. Not for our eyes, no.

      Regards the budget, maybe the nawbags are happy, but no doubt will blame the SNP when cuts are made here.

    50. Valerie says:

      Mhairi Black tweeted there is a £1B cut to Scotland’s budget??

      Was Giddy not crowing about giving the same sum to oil & gas?

    51. Arbroath1320 says:

      I have to admit I just LOVE this story.

      A guy who has been a Tory voter for 50 years, WTF??? 😉 , and is wheelchair bound with diabetes has I believe handed in his Tory party membership. Oh and he has closed down his website too. 😀

      A Tory disability campaigner has quit and sabotaged his own party’s website in a dramatic protest against George Osborne’s benefit cuts.
      Wheelchair-bound diabetic Graeme Ellis – who has voted Conservative for nearly 50 years – handed in his membership in disgust after today’s Budget.
      And he took the entire website of the Conservative Disability Group with him – replacing it with a statement saying: “This website is temporarily closed owing to Disability Cuts”.

      Gawd don’t you just love t when a plan comes together. 😀

      When even Tories are quitting the party then you really do know they have hit the wrong people once too often!

    52. Stoker says:

      Sugar Tax? I see A.G.BARR are not amused! Suck it up ya bunch of girdles, yous supported a ‘No’ at the Scottish referendum and i stopped buying or drinking yer pish yonks ago. GIRFUY!

      North Sea taxes cut? One question – Where’s our oil fund?

      Bank fines to be used for Helensburgh community projects and for nearby Naval personnel at Faslane. Talk about buying votes, eh!

      That’s yer boney-lot, peasants. Now…..((((( FETCH )))))

      SNP x 2

    53. Papadox says:

      Why is Osborne glad Scotchland voted to stay with Londiniums broad shoulders. This cretin who is planning on balancing his books, reducing his deficit and creating a surplus is delighted to have a basket case like Scotchland sucking the blood out of merry Engerland. He is only too happy to fork out £15b to help out a bankrupt country that he and his rich friends detest. NOW THAT IS SICK OR EVIL Which is it Georgy EVIL or STUPID? Is balancing the books just a bullington larf?

    54. T.roz says:

      A budget designed to help wealthy people buy more Scottish land. Let’s hope a land tax one day will reverse all of this.

    55. Glamaig says:

      From Georges own lips today during the budget speech:
      ‘Scotch whisky accounts for one fifth of the value of the UK food and drink industry’.

      Explains some of UKGovs enthusiasm for retaining the Union.

    56. Shane says:

      This is an ideological War, a Tory cleansing of the undesired and the most vulnerable.

    57. Dr Jim says:


      Many thanks for all the responses to my enquiry, the reason I was asking really was The State Broadcaster is constantly telling us about the Mega thousands of jobs vanishing from the North East and it struck me that there must be a lot of workers who returned to their countries of origin or other countries for work….and..

      I couldn’t square it in my napper that we were creating and filling more jobs but where are all these unemployed folk from the oil jobs because if they were all claiming support that would be massive

      I don’t want to quote numbers because as we know the North Britain broadcaster isn’t trustworthy on anything it mis reports they just make it seem like there’s a mile and a half queue outside the job centre with starving people pounding on the door, and garage sales selling off their childrens toys or even their children (Oh no that doesn’t sound right) you know what I mean

    58. galamcennalath says:

      Stoker says:

      “One question – Where’s our oil fund?”

      In the M25 and Channel Tunnel, among other southern infrastructure projects.

    59. Stoker says:

      I knew things were bad throughout the Dirty Redcoats branch office, but resorting to suicide via IED’? I had no idea life for Slaberites was really THAT depressing. Anyone know where i can get a couple of tickets for the show?

      Link courtesy of the Rev’s Twitter feed – Where he reliably informs us they started theirs at the same time we started ours.
      Away and ask for a refund on that lavish fancy Glasgow meal you all had right under the noses of the poverty stricken.


    60. Arbroath1320 says:


      They really are pushing us hard on the cash raising there aren’t they Stoker? 😉

      I mean there is not THAT much difference between £60 and £67,571 now is there? 😀

    61. X_Sticks says:

      Nana says:

      “Evel buried in the budget”

      One of the replies to Pete’s tweet was “It’s almost as if they’re trying to force SNP to walk out and boycott WM.”

      Now that would be an interesting scenario would it not?

    62. Legerwood says:

      Item from STV News doing the rounds on Facebook by Mr Daisley berating Ms Sturgeon because Scotland does not have these wonderful things called Academies. He thinks she should be introducing them here and follow the boldness of the Chancellor making all schools in England Academies. Because Scottish children deserve the better education that they would get in academies. So there. Thank heavens he is not Secretary for Education here.

      There may be a case for removing education from local council control but academies, at least the English version, are not the answer.

    63. Arbroath1320 says:

      Not wanting to open up old wounds here but wouldn’t that be a load of fun X Sticks?

      If everyone of the 56 walked out of Westminster and refused to return as a result of recent events could we then count this as step one in a move to declaring U.D.I.? 😀

      No need to get all hot and bothered folks just a wee laugh about possibilities here nothing serious … much! 😀

    64. dakk says:

      Let’s face it.

      If Scotch Yoons were happy enough to continue to be governed by Westminster war criminals and paedos,then tax breaks for the rich paid for by a wee cut to disability likely wouldnt raise as much as a yoon eyebrow.

      These policies would match their British values very nicely indeed I have to say.

    65. Stoker says:

      @ galamcennalath (9.07PM)
      Aye, you’re not wrong, and far more besides!
      @ Lady Arbroath 1320 (or whitever)
      Ah canny keep up wae yer multiple personalities ya dafty!
      Aye, ah know, the competition, eh, am sweatin buckets!
      Ah canny cope! Help ma boab! They’re gaining on us Scotty!

    66. Effijy says:

      Can I put forward my slant on the new ISA situation?

      The Corrupt Banks have dropped the ISA rates below their low interest rates for the first time ever.

      For example my ISA rates are at 0.5%,
      My Santander Current Account, not established or promoted by
      government, pays 3%.
      Unlike the ISA, I do have to pay tax on the interest, so 3% pays out at 2.4% after giving a 0.6% cut of my interest to their pals in government.

      We are being diverted away from the main savings accounts, ISAs, that gives no interest to the government to an account that does!

      A santander loan starts at 4.9% for £5,000, so plenty of margin
      for the Banks from people with good credit history.

      What can the government do to help their Banking friends?
      How about a New ISA were the government tops up the ISA accounts of those with spare cash, with a 25% bonus made up with cash from the Low Paid, Disabled and the unemployed.

      The Banks can then use the individual’s savings, and our top up bonuses, for up to 40 years.
      Using the funding to finance higher rate loans to the Low paid. Disabled and Temporary Unemployed, and any other mugs available.

      Soon you can expect the standard OAPs pension to be discontinued,
      as you should be dripping with wealth at retirement age with this
      wonder offer, and if not- Go Starve!

      A similar savings offer can then be rolled out for your medical bills. Failed to save while on a low income- then Go Die!

      There we are now. Happy Politicians, Happy Bankers, Happy Rich.
      Lets not talk about the Plebs.

    67. MJS Dundee says:

      Hmmm, playing around with some of tax calculators that tell you who is better and worse off I’ve noticed something else.

      Up to about £41K a year everyone’s ‘better off’ by about £4 a month from the tax changes.

      From £41K to about £44K, there’s a few pennies more per month.

      At £45K the gain jumps to £9 more per month. And stays at that way way up (I gave up checking @ ca. £100K).

      It’s all pretty piddling really in the detail but entirely the wrong way around. e.g. fits perfectly with Osbeggar’s policy of hammering the poor and disabled and padding the pads of his pals – who of course are the ones also helping themselves to the capital gains tax cut etc..

      I’ll give him credit for being consistent – a consistent tosser.

      Same old Blue Tories. Same old Red Tories. Same old crap UK inc.. Stop the UK, we need to get off – and back into the world as ourselves.

      SNP x 2.

    68. Marie Clark says:

      As far as AG Barr is concerned, I believe the phrase is ” hell mend them”. Better thigither, aye right.


    69. Arbroath1320 says:

      Stoker says:
      16 March, 2016 at 9:51 pm

      @ Lady Arbroath 1320 (or whitever)
      Ah canny keep up wae yer multiple personalities ya dafty!
      Aye, ah know, the competition, eh, am sweatin buckets!
      Ah canny cope! Help ma boab! They’re gaining on us Scotty!

      Curtseys 😀 😀 😀

    70. yesindyref2 says:

      A must watch. BBC2 – Brendan O’Carroll: My family at war. The story of the Easter Rising of 1916.

    71. Phronesis says:

      Professor Danny Dorling asks the question

      “Now consider what politicians could have done and could do in future to help you, to reduce your problems and the risks you face, and even to make your happier. Will living in the most economically unequal society in Europe help? Economic inequalities affect what happens to us and also how we deal with the outcomes of those events. What would a better, more caring, kinder, and less stupid politics look like?”

      Thankfully north of Hadrian’s Wall we do have a less stupid politics unlike UKOK which is reaching the limits of neoliberalism through Mr Osborne’s economic experiment and recrudescent financial instability.

    72. ScottieDog says:

      Just reading the GA Ponsonby piece and listening to come of the question time coverage…

      It’s infuriating stuff. From the selection of comments about Scotland’s deficit etc, there is one common denominator that no one talks about (or got to mention for that matter). That thing is the £.

      That WAS and still IS the weakness of the pro YES movement.

      Only a move away from the £ means a definite move away from austerity and the pro Indy movement and indeed the SNP needs to shift the argument to just that.

      It will also allow us to expose the myths that have been used to run the UK into the ground for the past 4 decades.

      Just think, in 2014, in a poll of MPs who were asked where our money supply comes from only 1 in 10 got the correct answer.

    73. heedtracker says:

      BBC Newsnight budget thing on now,discussion panel, OBR smirker, Treasury wonk, BBC gimp, toryboy minister, bish bosh vote tory.

    74. MJS Dundee says:

      Aaaargh, listening to clip of Osbeggar actually bragging about people being taken out of tax altogether and pretending that’s social justice.

      Pish it is. We want everyone paying tax – because they earn enough to pay tax.

      What he’s actually bragging about is the number of people he and his pals have managed to crush into penury.

      Red Tories also brag about same kind of thing, so many assisted by tax credits … . Same Tory crap really, we want to be able to get rid of tax credits because folks don’t need them, because they earn enough that they don’t need them.

      I am so sick of the lot of them bragging about the colossal bloody mess they’ve made of things and treating us like idiots. It is so obvious that they have no idea what they are doing. Do they really think that we don’t know that not paying tax or needing tax credits actually means there are far too many crap wages/rubbish jobs?

      We have just so gotta get out of this place … .

      … And it won’t be the last thing we ever do, it’ll be the first best thing we ever do.

    75. Vambomarbeleye says:

      @Dr Jim
      Numbers are about right.
      Scandinavia is well represented.
      Eastern Europe especially Lithuania. All though some from Lithuania have their roots further east.
      Portugal and Spain.
      England. Especially the swampy’s.
      It is pretty international.
      Not so many Americans any more.
      Plenty from arse hole land but they are in management.
      Hope that helps.

    76. heedtracker says:

      Pish it is. We want everyone paying tax – because they earn enough to pay tax.

      What he’s actually bragging about is the number of people he and his pals have managed to crush into penury

      Now come on, be realistic, UKOK tax threshold up to £11.5k per year. Your BBC Scotland management make nearly £20k a month. And they are worth every penny, British penny.

    77. Valerie says:

      Endorsing what yesindyref2 says above.

      Excellent programme from BBC2 with Brendan O’Carroll (Mrs Brown), who is a proud Dubliner, walking through the Uprising, and the part his 2 great uncles played.

    78. ScottieDog says:

      Fascinating on origins of monetarism – the economic myths that ruin the economy..

    79. Nana says:

      Gideon’s big black hole

    80. Valerie at 11.03

      Indeed, Valerie. Going through another hour or two of wishing I was Irish.

      I wonder how many of our proudScotbutts were watching that

    81. Arbroath1320 says:

      So Nana wee Georgie Porgie the Towel Folder has a £56 BILLION Black Hole does he?


      Well I guess we had all better get the popcorn and Irn Bru in. (before the sugar tax comes in 😉 ) Sit back and watch the BBC/STV/SKY/MSM go all hell for bananas trying to have a serious go at explaining how THIS Black Hole is better than Scotland’s alleged £15 Billion Black Hole! 😀

    82. louis.b.argyll says:

      There are too many people who just can’t
      be arsed looking to the future, never mind trying
      to imagine how alternative currency arrangements
      can bring great strategic advantage.

      They like the pound like the Second World War (and how Britain was so great).

      Sorry folks but our”victory” seasoned all subsequent reasoning-
      leading to…more wars. The last 50 years has been a cruel era for civilisation
      and the environment, the expansion of greed given legal protection.

      They like the pound like poppies and the Top of The Pops.

      There is no real sadness at the Cenotaph, just a “remembrance”
      that the Government is boss and will keep the stiff upper lip while
      it sends people to die on our behalf…FOREVER.

      They like the pound – the folk who were Labour in the 80s – and now

      have respect for Thatcherism – just like many who still, seemingly, have a soft spot for Jimmy

      Saville or the Royals, or oil barons or sheiks or oligarchs or cheats or liars and murderers.

    83. heedtracker says:

      And Newsnight rounds off it garbage budget show with 5 ferocious tories, including Horatio Nelson of the Spectator oozing toryboy criticism.

      Its a regressive budget apparently but not for far right types like Horatio.

    84. Brian Doonthetoon says:

      Even Dan Snow did a decent review of the programme on ‘The One Show’, declaring that all the British (army) had done at the Easter Uprising was to create martyrs and turn people from ‘British’ to ‘Irish’, thus bringing on the Irish Republic.

      Which begs the question; Why was he so myopic during indyref 1?

    85. Nana says:

      Lesley-Anne dear, at this rate I’ll be like the side of a house scoffing all the popcorn! It’s not every day Javid is speechless

    86. Arbroath1320 says:

      Don’t worry Nana … you won’t be alone in that department! 😀

      I keep promising my partner that I’ll start a diet … tomorrow. Unfortunately tomorrow never comes! 😀

    87. CameronB Brodie says:

      A whiff of eugenics about this budget and government?

    88. Ken500 says:

      The Scottish Gov might be able to mitigate it now there are tax powers to Holyrood. The cut in AIrport tax is to raise money to cover the cost and raise further revenues to mitigate the welfare cuts. The Scottish Gov can take measures to mitigate the cuts to disable benefits in Scotland.

      Once the tax system is set up. A Scottish Gov can negotiate on Trident, oil tax, tax on ‘loss leading’ alcohol, paying £Billion repayments on money Scotland doesn’t borrow or spend and another Independence Referendum when the time is right. Setting up the tax system is the first priority, then everything else will follow. Especially if people vote to continue for Independence.

      Jon Snow was one of the few journalists who got it at the last Referendum. Unlike his pathetic nephew Dan Snow.

      It is unclear how much Oil sector tax has been cut, but will be looking it up. Looks like too little, too late to help recovery.

    89. Still Positive. says:

      Totally O/T but maybe not!

      In February 1971 I was a teller in a bank when decimalisation was brought in. For the elderly, it was something they neither needed or wanted, they were scared of it. But they survived it – even to my Gran giving me a tea-towel she had with conversion tables to help my eldest son (born 1972!) to understand the ‘new’ money when he started school!

      I did hear, in my village, that they should have left decilimalisation until all the older people were dead!

      Basically, the older generation (of which I am one and a committed Yesser ) will have to adapt as they did in 1971.

    90. yesindyref2 says:

      Interesting bribe for Helensburgh and Faslane in the budget, £4 million. Helensburgh is in the West of Scotland region, and the conservatives according to two recent polls get 1 on the list or 2. Perhaps an attempt at a bribe to get one more Conservative into Holyrood.

    91. Dr Jim says:

      If wee Kim Jong Ruthie says we should be exactly the same as her beloved Westminster Tories in the big England once more
      I swear..
      They’ve got new Ticks coming into England killing the dogs really quickly and are highly infectious with the Lymes Disease thingy, very dangerous these new bugs

      I’m getting some to send to Ruthie so she can be the same
      It’s a Tick (Kick) in the Arse she needs

      Re the Bung for Helensburgh I’m no sure Ozzy’s looked at his map right surely you would bung the area she’s actually standing in
      At least she’s got her strategy right

      Kim Jong Ruthie for the “Against the SNP Party”

      She used to be a Tory you know

    92. Still Positive. says:

      Aye Dr. Jim @1.00.

      But they are negotiating a city deal with Edinburgh. Aye right – I would steer well clear of that!

    93. Connor McEwen says:

      Dan Snow waants a better joab wae the Union channels

    94. Derek Henry says:

      Once you accept the accounting fact that ….

      The government deficit = the non govermental sector sectors savings to the penny.

      Non govermental sector being – Every individual and entity that is not part of the UK government. That includes households, businesses, residents and nonresidents, as well as foreign corporations and foreign central banks.

      Then you can see right through this budget. It is very clear what Osborne is trying to do and how he is going to do it.

      Let me explain as simple as I can and as short as possible.

      The monopoly issuer of £’s always spends first and then collects taxes later. It is impossible to do a reserve drain (taxes) before doing a reserve add ( government spending). Any central banker will tell you this fact. This is not political or ideological it is an accounting fact and you need to learn to deal with it.

      The government spends ( reserve add) which then gives everyone the £’s needed to pay their taxes. If the government stoppped spending at midnight tonight forever. it wouldn’t take long before we were all going to jail for non payment of taxes.

      The commercial banks are instructed to credit accounts and thus given an overdraft with the Bank of England and this overdraft is called the reserves or reserve accounts each have with the bank of England. Government spending increases these reserves ( a reserve add) and taxes reduces the reserves ( a reserve drain). Once the government has spent for the day the reserves are back filled by HM Treasury every night in the overnight interbank market. The Bank of England is just one big clearing house.

      They offer bonds ( political choice). The reason they do this is because deficit spending, not offset by borrowing, would cause the overnight interest rate to fall to zero.

      Can Taxes and Bonds Finance Government Spending? By Stephanie kelton Covers this in more detail.

      So let’s say the monopoly issuer of £’s spends ( reserve add) £600 billion in a cycle but only collects £550 billion in taxes ( reserve drain) after this original spending.

      Where is the other £50 billion where has it gone to ?? It is still in the economy of course in all of our pockets it is government spending that has not been taxed yet. We have it.


      The government deficit = the non govermental sector sectors savings to the penny.

      The government spends and it is taxed before becoming somebody’s income. That person spends it again in turn, that is taxed and it becomes somebody else’s income. Again that person spends, and it is taxed, to become a third person’s income. And so it goes on and on and on and on until the spending is entirely taxed away. It is a zero sum game overtime. That is how any positive tax rate works in reality. The higher the tax rate the quicker it returns to the government. They don’t need it and infact it is all destroyed in the reserve drain process in the overnight interbank market – see the link above by Stephanie for more detail..

      However, what stops that zero sum game from ever happening in the real world is when just one person does not spend everything they earn, or in otherwords saves. Then if millions of us save that means a huge chunk of government spending never returns to it’s source. Just over £1.6 trillion in fact has never made it back to the source over time because it is all in our savings, our financial assets, houses, our pensions etc etc because it has not been taxed yet. It can only be taxed when we spend it.

      So when Osborne says he wants to run a surplus or reduce the deficit. He’s actually hoping to persuade all of us to borrow more and save less. He can only destroy the deficit if he destroys our savings that cause it in the first place.

      There are only 2 ways Osborne can destroy our savings. That is destroy the savings of the wealthy or force the not so wealthy to use credit cards or other forms of borrowing for day to day spending. After today we know which one he has chosen.

      Never forget that all QE did was lower the yields ( returns) of 30 year bonds which is our pensions vehicle. From 4.6% to less than 2.5%

      Most of our savings had been destroyed long before today.

      And not an ounce of gold or household budget in sight.

    95. Proud Cybernat says:


      ‘Gallas’ – The Theft of Scotland’s Oil

    96. Robin Barclay says:

      Dr Jim @ 9.04pm

      Many thanks for all the responses to my enquiry, the reason I was asking really was The State Broadcaster is constantly telling us about the Mega thousands of jobs vanishing from the North East and it struck me that there must be a lot of workers who returned to their countries of origin or other countries for work….and..

      I couldn’t square it in my napper that we were creating and filling more jobs but where are all these unemployed folk from the oil jobs because if they were all claiming support that would be massive

      When the downturn started to kick in and I had my contract terminated in Aberdeen, I was out of work for 4 months before getting a contract job outside of London, was there 11months and now work overseas on a Caspian Sea Project.
      You will find that most Oil Workers tend to be Global Nomads.
      The problem in the main that I can see is that when the Oil Prices go back to a reasonable level and the Construction Projects start again, the remaining service companies (WGPSN, AMEC, et al) will struggle to entice these workers back because of “why should we trust them”.
      Incidentally, one thing that hasn’t been mentioned anywhere is the assault on Contractors from this Budget – It hasn’t hit the Private Sector yet but to calssify contractors as employees in the Public Sector will be detrimental to any projects that are going on e.g. HS2
      I would say that they can call it a shiny train line that will no doubt have been built using the cheapest materials with the cheapest of labour and trains will likely be falling off tracks here, there and everywhere.

    97. Robin Barclay says:

      Dr Jim @ 9.04pm

      Many thanks for all the responses to my enquiry, the reason I was asking really was The State Broadcaster is constantly telling us about the Mega thousands of jobs vanishing from the North East and it struck me that there must be a lot of workers who returned to their countries of origin or other countries for work….and..

      I couldn’t square it in my napper that we were creating and filling more jobs but where are all these unemployed folk from the oil jobs because if they were all claiming support that would be massive

      When the downturn started to kick in and I had my contract terminated in Aberdeen, I was out of work for 4 months before getting a contract job outside of London, was there 11months and now work overseas on a Caspian Sea Project.
      You will find that most Oil Workers tend to be Global Nomads.
      The problem in the main that I can see is that when the Oil Prices go back to a reasonable level and the Construction Projects start again, the remaining service companies (WGPSN, AMEC, et al) will struggle to entice these workers back because of “why should we trust them”.
      Incidentally, one thing that hasn’t been mentioned anywhere is the assault on Contractors from this Budget – It hasn’t hit the Private Sector yet but to classify contractors as employees in the Public Sector will be detrimental to any projects that are going on e.g. HS2
      I would say that they can call it a shiny train line that will no doubt have been built using the cheapest materials with the cheapest of labour and trains will likely be falling off tracks here, there and everywhere.

    98. Ken500 says:

      UK assets are said to be £8.5 Trillion. The wealth is unfairly distributed. Gov costs and taxes are higher because of higher borrowing costs.

      The Oil workers who work overseas are tax exiles – non Doms. They pay no UK tax which increases their earning. Only come back to the UK for less than ninety days a year. Their families go with them. International schools etc.

      People will work anywhere for the money. The oil jobs are being lost all over the UK. More Oil & Gas is being imported. The point is it is not the Oil price but the tax. If Osbourne had taken down the tax there would have been no job or production loses. It was so ignorant it was unbelievable.
      The tax should be relative to the price. Many Oil workers are just leaving, renting out their houses they can’t sell and clearing off. Rents and property prices have fallen but they were higher in any case. The whole of the UK has lost Oil & Gas related jobs but it has a major effect in Scotland NE.

      How can any sector bear 60% tax when prices are low. The Oil companies slowed production in 2011 when Osbourne/Alexander increased the tax 11% (£2Billion) in the Budget. The Oil producers stopped new exploration and continued with present projects. With no other adequate alternatives.

      The Tories have banned onshore wind turbine in England. They have cut investment in solar, stopped coal/steel production. Reneged on CCS projects.

      HS2 is a total waste of public money and will make journey’s in Britain longer. Hinkley nuclear station is a disaster waiting to happen. A total waste of public money when there are much cheaper credible alternatives. HS2 – £70Billion and Hinkley power station £25Billion = £95Billion = the UK Deficit.

      People want to ban fracking but fracked Gas is already being imported into the UK because it is cheaper. They are using it to boil their tatties.

    99. Ken500 says:

      Many workers don’t get support if they have assets or their partner works.

      A young couple sold up to transfer to Houston. The job was cancelled. The wife is a teacher. They can’t get a mortgage because the husband is unemployed. They are staying with relatives.

      A couple with children. The wife is still working. They are borrowing on credit cards or borrowing from relatives to pay the mortgage.

      How much has the tax been lowered. It was 30% corporation tax and 30% supplementary tax. There are reports it was 20% and it has been cut 10%. It wasn’t 20%.

    100. Ken500 says:

      Average price for an acre of land in Scotland is £5000. A house can be built on 1/4 acre of land = £1250. With planning permission the value increases to average £100,000, depending on location.

      Or £1250 for a hut base. Could become dwelling property?) Set a precedent.

    101. gerry parker says:


      Well, I didn’t go as far as wishing I was Irish, but what I thought was really interesting about the Easter uprising is that it was done by relatively few people.

      What caused independence to a great degree was the UK governments reaction to the uprising which effectively turned the majority of the Irish into republicans, and as we seen in the program,republicans and proud of it.

      Never could understand the proud Scots but.

    102. Another Union Dividend says:

      Down in Engerland to-day where Daily Mail front page splash proclaims “A Budget for Middle England” which sums up the Budget.

      While the sweaty jockstraps won’t get the equivalent funding that is being spent on London Crossrail and the High Speed Rail Link to Manchester.

      After 20 years we are still waiting for the Eurostar coming to Scotland with direct links to Europe.

    103. One_Scot says:

      ‘Scottish’ Labour complaining about the effect Tory polices on Scotland after Labour stood shoulder to shoulder with the Tories during their ‘Better Together’ campaign, must be one of the most hollow and empties gestures ever.

    104. Anagach says:

      Lots of smoke and mirrors on Northern Powerhouse and ‘H3’, while going ahead with the next big London boost, spending of £30bn+ on Crossrail 2. No doubt with a direct draw down component and no Barnett money.

    105. David Anderson says:


      just to say thanks for the links you post. Don’t stop as they ARE very much appreciated.


    106. Ken500 says:

      @ Lallander Peat Worrier

      ‘SNP taxing problem’

      Or a majority of people in Scotland could vote for Independence and more prosperity. The yoke could be thrown off and the Scottish taxpayer could decide how Scottish revenues are spent.The fearties could decide for Independence. For a better future.

    107. starlaw says:

      Easter Rising Dublin, was the trigger for the Irish war of independence but the deaths of thousands of young Irishmen at the Somme and Gallipoli both 1916 seen by the Irish as having died for nothing was the real catalyst. The words of the song The Foggy Dew makes mention of this
      Their lonely graves are by Suvlas waves
      or the fringe of the great North Sea
      Oh had they died by Pearces side
      or had fallen at Cathal Brugha
      their graves we’d keep where the Fenians sleep
      in the shade of the Foggy Dew

    108. Ken500 says:

      Westminster were already spending £42Billion electrifying the rail lines in the North of England, It was stalled because of value for money concerns. It could be going ahead as planned. Regurgitated policies. Double announcement over the same spending. The North want their rail travel between cities joined as a priority.

      HS2 is a total waste of money it will make journey’s throughout Britain take longer. A complete waste of money with a flawed business case. Fraud. It will put up the deficit and the debt.

    109. Sinky says:

      Hootsman reports that Scotland’s councils are facing a funding black hole of £228 million next year as Scottish Government cuts continue to places services under pressure, according to the Accounts Commission.

      Therefore I fully expect that BBC / STV will challenge Labour the next time they claim there are £500 million cuts.

    110. heedtracker says:

      Loads of crap pouring out of BBC r4 how Osborne’s saving the Scottish oil and gas industry. Hard to listen to the great lie machine but when did the UK oil and gas industry actually become Scottish and why have all North Sea oil and gas revenues flowed directly to London, the City, the Treasury and never once to Scotland?

    111. Martin says:

      I’m usually quite polite on here, but I must say: fuck this shite! That budget was an absolute clusterfuck of toriness.

      I’m genuinely livid about parts of it. The public face of closing tax loopholes…by reducing the tax these c*nts would have to pay. Cutting money from disabled people, great message for the world there. Gah! It’s this sort of thing that makes me angry with 55% of the people who voted in September 2014 (NB NOT 55% of the people of Scotland- many didn’t vote). My own right thinking vote is scant consolation.

      This budget is actually pretty good for me personally but seriously who gives a fuck about that? We should be showing the world a caring face, not a fist.

      As a GP I should, in theory, be in favour of the sugar tax…but it does seem to be heavily weighted to fizzy juice, whereas middle class sugar fixes will see little price hike. Fucking the poor again, Gideon. Also…free will and all that. I enjoy fizzy juice, but I know that drinking hunners is bad for me, so I don’t. Does anyone know if cider will be affected (not good cider that you don’t get many places outside the West Country, the fizzy sugar rot like magners etc)?

      Angry about all of this, and sleeping on it hasn’t helped. Well done to Peston though for actually doing his job as a journalist- a few of his colleagues could learn from that.

    112. ScottieDog says:

      The irony in all of this is that at the aggregate level, spending IS income, yet the Tories still don’t understand why GDP has fallen. What a waste of a very expensive education.

    113. heedtracker says:

      Happy St Patrick’s Day everyone!

      Today we celebrate the incredible accomplishments of the Republic of Ireland.


      Wrong tiny Celtic nation, the other one that’s too small, poor, stupid and has to get its neighbour to save it from black holes n shit.

    114. Effijy says:

      Watched the EBC news where they dared as Gideon about the £Billions in welfarecuts for the Disabled, and he has the nerve
      to suggest that they will actually get more than ever in history,
      in real terms.

      They tried to get direction from him on how the cut actually delivers more?
      He repeats the same crap, and the reporter gives up.

      Unbelievably, the news headlines follow within 2 minutes.
      Headline news: Chancellor Clip of him explaining that the
      Disabled are getting more than ever before.

      We are living in 1984, we are listening to Double Speak,
      we are treated as fools who don’t understand English nor Arithmetic, and we have No one other than Wings who can tear apart the garbage that they spout.

      Most regrettably, 99% of the UK take him and the media at their word.

    115. Sinky says:

      When Labour go on about cuts to the poorest don’t let the abstainers forget that the last Labour MP from Scotland, along with the vast majority of his colleagues, abstained on 20th July 2015 rather than vote against the latest round of Tory welfare cuts which meant 67,000 disabled people in Scotland losing up to £1500 a year under the Tory benefit caps.

    116. Nana says:


      Some of the drinks affected listed here

    117. Gross underestimation of the effect of cutting Capital Gains Tax – check it out! It is how the rich will half their tax liability! (on the income they actually declare!)

    118. galamcennalath says:

      I assume Osborne’s sugar tax is England and Wales only?

      If not, is Scotland’s share going to be given to Holyrood?

    119. Robert Peffers says:

      @WP says: 16 March, 2016 at 5:59 pm:

      ” … These criminals are getting away with murder with nobody prepared to oppose them.”

      That is in fact a literal truth, WP. There is actually more than enough evidence for criminal proceedings to be taken against the Tory Government.

      Statistics amply prove, beyond any reasonable doubt, that in the aftermath of each of the Tory Austerity cuts against the disabled, sick, old and the just plain poverty stricken members of our society there has been an increased death rate in those specific groups.

      Many of these groups have paid into the system all their working lives and, due to indirect taxation, are still forced into paying more than their fair share of their disposable incomes in indirect taxes. Yet in that same time the richest 10% of UK society have more than doubled their riches. “All in this together”, who the hell do they think they are kidding?

      The government’s own statistics prove that with each of the Tory austerity cuts the gap between the rich and poor widens and the death rates among those directly suffering the cuts increases proportionately. That is indeed sound proof this Tory Government are directly responsible for killing people.

      I believe, and this is a personal belief, Ian Duncan Smith is directly responsible for killing large numbers of old, ill, disabled and poor people by the application of the cuts he has made on behalf of the Tory Government at Westminster.

      At the very least, if it is not murder, then it is Culpable Manslaughter.

    120. galamcennalath says:

      Capital Gain Tax … the other thing to remember about this is it has its own tax free allowance of £11,100. So those fortunate enough to make money through capital gains get the first £11,100 tax free.

      IMO money you make, by whatever means, is just money to then do with as you choose. It should all be taxed in the same way. Everything should be income and pay income tax – earned, bonuses, capital gains, and perhaps even inherited,

    121. The message of the Irish Easter Rising is that in the final analysis the case for independence is a case built on national self respect, national emotion, national identification. As the programme last night vividly pointed out there were lots of proudIrishbuts, particularly in Dublin in 1916.

      It is always easy for the establishment to keep the people in a maze of political confusion on lots of tiddley issues like variable taxation and who’s better of with what and better safe than sorry and we wont let you and so on.
      That’s the battle we have been too much engaged in and it is the wrong battle in the long run.

      The YES campaigns success (and it was a success) was due to its aspirational element and the way it raised peoples’ eyes to a vision of a better society and a better country. The Better Together campaign survived because through its control of the media it combatted the vision and obscured the vision of the people it targetted -and it continues.

    122. Valerie says:


      Im sure the war deaths was a factor in bringing more on side for an Irish Free State.

      However, it was very telling that the small group involved in planning the Uprising said their motto to be –

      England’s disadvantage, is our opportunity.

      Pearse and others saw England being on the cusp of war, as being a brilliant distraction for them, even buying guns from the Germans. The ship carrying the guns to the Uprising was captured by the British.

      Those men were prepared to die, as their final letters showed as well.

    123. call me dave says:

      Hardly a mention on the disability cuts this morning on radio shortbread even though Mr Hosie did mention it but was brushed aside twice, as Auntie had the usual aganda.

      Oh and Mr Hosie weren’t we lucky to have the UK broad shoulders to save the Oil and Gas and will you be voting against all this help and the extra money for Faslane, Edinburgh and Inverness eh! eh!

      Tell us immediately what you will do with the consequential money from Barnett and when are you going to tax the rich eh! eh!
      When is the right time to alter taxes eh! eh!

      Mr Hosie seemed to be having a problem in getting any message across because it’s not easy to accept bungs even if they force them on you

      I heard I Murray earlier on the same programme for ‘Scottish labour’ saying they’re going to oppose the budget.

      Hark McWhirter in the Herald says similar.

    124. carjamtic says:

      Robert Peffers @ 09:20

      Well said sir,100% in agreement.

    125. Stravaiger says:

      Aberdeen & the North East is fucked.

      My department had 40 staff 14 months ago, now we are going down to 15 and I’m not one of the lucky few. There are thousands of offshore guys sitting at home with no work and no pay. Technically they are not unemployed but they sure as hell aren’t earning any money.

      Osborne has done far too little and far too late. It wouldn’t surprise me if he’s secretly hoping the North Sea will go totally down the pan to help damage the argument for independence. He’s quietly asset stripping Scotland, particularly in the energy sector. Scottish power stations due to close with no planned replacements. Enormous feed in tariffs to cripple onshore wind.

      Open your eyes people.

    126. heedtracker says:

      Nice example of UKOK deception and fraud,

      “The Scottish Government has said the Budget contains a “hidden” £1bn cut to spending north of the border, despite providing support for Scotland’s oil industry, armed forces, cities and regions.”

      When has the Scottish Government ever had anything to do with NOT Scotland’s oil industry? Maybe its a new oil industry that’s been hidden from UKOK view.

      “Scottish Secretary David Mundell said the Budget “shows the UK Government has listened and delivered”.

      We’re fcuked.

    127. Ken500 says:

      The Unionists in NI were the first to start importing illegal weapons aid by the British Army command based in NI.

      An Irish Home Rule Billwas passed in Commons. It was delayed by the HoL until September 1916.

      ‘In April 1914 Major Fred Crawford’ s efforts to obtain arms on behalf of the Ulster Volunteer Force finally succeeded. He had obtained over 200 tons of arms, comprising 25,000 rifles 5 million rounds of ammunition. These had been sourced in Germany, Austria and Itsly by an arms dealer named Benny Spiro, assembled in Amburg and sailed through the Keillor Canal to the Danish island of Langeland. There the cargow transferred to SS Fanny, with the intention of sailing her to Ulster’.

      The Danish customs service intervened. They though, wrongly, the arms were bound for Iceland then under Danish control,which has a nationalist movement.

      Crawford and the ‘Fanny’ made a run for it, but the Fanny’s cover had been blown and would be captured once she entered Irish waters.

      Crawford solved this problem by going ashore at Glasgow.and buying an old rust bucket the SS Clyde Valley and transferring the Arms. On Saturday 25th April the cargo was taken adore at Larne, Co Antrim.

    128. carjamtic says:

      Stravaiger @ 09:41

      Sadly everything you say is spot on,maybe my imagination ? but For Sale/To Let signs on houses increasing every day,it would be interesting to read any data on this.


    129. One_Scot says:

      You would be forgiven for thinking, ‘How much more shit does living in the UK have to become before you question having children’.

    130. galamcennalath says:

      The road to an Irish republic was a long one, over 60 years from widespread backing of home rule through to full republic in 1948.

      Focus is often on the 1916 Easter Rising thought to the declaration of Free State in 1922.

      However, the civil war which followed caused deep splits in Irish society …

      In some respects, you could say the proud-Irish-buts won.

      I think there is very little of the ‘Irish experience’, we in Scotland want to repeat!

    131. Nana says:


      All areas are seeing job losses and the knock on effect to local business is grim.

      Some folks at Isleburn Easter Ross have already lost their jobs.

      Remember when the bbc had Ian Woods on almost every bulletin. I’m so angry I could bloody explode. I think everyone on here had their eyes open long ago, it’s the no voters who are blind.

    132. Dr Jim says:

      Too much sugar’s bad we know that everybody on the planet knows that every health organisation has been telling the government for years it’s bad and they did nothing, so apart from the fact that children have no income so cannot decide what to spend on anything if their parents don’t give them any money to do it in the first place

      But all of a sudden a TV cook says so and it becomes policy to make a fuss about, so the Media joins in with the TV and the papers and the Radio phone in

      Meanwhile under the radar slips by that disabled peoples income is being slashed to the bone in one of the worst attacks on the vulnerable anybody has ever seen because of the Tories ideology

      Job Done! Osborne with the help of the Media buried the really important story under a bag of sugar

      I decided to call (not Kaye) and point this out but they didn’t want to talk about that because that’s not really the topic

      It’s the bag of sugar wot counts

    133. Ken500 says:

      The Irish Volunteers (Nationalists) landed a small cache of arms at Howth a fishing village on the northern arm of Dublin Bay, on Sunday 26 July 1914. A week before the start of the 1WW. The cache was fewer than a thousand rifles, obsolete Mausers. The Volunteers marched back into the City.

      Assistant Commisioner Harrell of the Dublin Metropolitian Police (DMP) mobolised as many police as he could supported by troops,the King’s Own Scottish Borderers to cut them off.The Volunteers got away. The soldiers made their way to the Royal (now Collins) Barracks at the end of the Liffey quay. They were jeered at by crowds forming in the City. The Troops opened fire killing three and injuring 85. There was outrage in Dublin. The Lord Lieutenant was advised his personal safety.
      could not be guaranteed.

      In Europe Austria had declared war on Serbia. WW1 started.

      On 3rd of August Redmond (Irish Nationalist) offered in the House of Commons the Irish Volunteers support in the War. The Volunteers would join the war effort with the Ulster Volunteers in common case. The price for the Ulster Volunteers was the suspension of Home Rule and a separate division. The formation of the 36th (Ulster) Division was made in 3rd September.

      On 18th September 1914 the Home Rule Act was finally passed but was suspended for the duration of the War. Redmond’s offer was not totally supported, the Movement was split.

    134. Fred says:

      Nana, the fog’s arrived early!

      Barr’s are wringing their hands 0ver the sugar tax & since they scrapped the refund on empties, abandoned glass bottles are all over the shop. Do they give a f***? too early fur swearin. Hell slap it intae them.

      On a lighter note Prince Andrew found the gates to Windsor Great Park locked so the half-wit rammed them open with his £80,000 landrover causing considerable damage. Why is the bastard not in the jail?

      Happy St Pats folks! 🙂 Off intae the toon for a drink.

    135. Ken500 says:

      Ian Wood has a lot to answer for supporting Unionist propaganda to protect his personal fortune. .

      The decommissioning is for old rigs quite have outlived there life span. 30/40 years. The Oil is still there in abundance. New construction is neededto replace eroded structures. It just brings more jobs. It is Osbourne irresponsible tax regime when price has fallen, That is causing the problem.

      Scotland has lost at least £20Billion over the last 5 years because of Westminster Oil mismanagement. £Billions more has been lost on tax evasion, banking fraud, Trident/illegal wars and debt repayment on money not borrowed or spent in Scotland. £Billions have been lost because of no tax on ‘loss leading’ cheap alcohol.

    136. Valerie says:

      That story about a 56 year old ‘royal’ has to sum up this shitty Union, and the state of society.

      The gulf continues to grow at an alarming rate, between those like me, that would drag his ass into court, for malicious damage, and the other side, who will just smile at his high jinks.

      Utterly repellent.

    137. Stravaiger says:

      @carjamtic 09:55

      Estate agents trying to put a positive spin on it but it’s not good, and only just beginning.

      The rental market is crashing too, with rents dropping quickly.

    138. Peter Clive says:

      And we will have the usual hypocrisy so blatant as to verge on amnesia from the yoons about this …

    139. nodrog says:

      Lest we forget the 1.2b Sterling Man.

      Carbon capture cancelled project £1.2B
      Money to fight ISIS £1.2B
      Money taken from disabled £1.2B
      Capital Gains reduction £1.2B

      It’s like the old fashioned vinyl record when the needle gets stuck in the groove. No wonder they are saying he is indulging in, as we used to call it, CREATIVE ACCOUNTING!!!

    140. yesindyref2 says:

      The BBC is quite strange. While BBC1 supports the establishment, hides and distorts the truth, BBC2 has quite a few open, explorative and even anti-British programmes. Previously there was one, Secret Millionaire I think, which had some of the Irish history, not very complimentary about the Brits!

      There are those that say the Irish don’t mind being called British. Don’t try that one on my wife, you’ll be sorry.

    141. yesindyref2 says:

      What Padraig Pearse and the othres wanted to do was awaken Ireland to the thought of Independence rather than Home Rule under the British. It was their deaths that did that to start with, shot after having surrendered as prisoners of war. Then the “internment” of over 1,000 Irish people many of whom had nothing to do with the uprising.

      The parallel with our Independence is the peaceful Referendum. It might not have succeeded in getting a YES, but it has awakened 100% of Scotland to the possibility of Indy, something we won’t forget for years to come. It means the undecided, the devo-maxers, even others of a NO persuasuin will be able to see current and future events through the prism of “We could have voted YES and been shot of all this”.

      So every budget with Osborne, every time they show a shot in the House of Commons of Conservatives or anyone else sneering at the SNP MPs – who are elected representatives of Scotland – every time one of the UK Government maks some sort of patronising remark about Scotland, they’ll take note.

      The Referendum was our Easter Rising, a 21st century version with no martyrs.

    142. gerry parker says:

      @ Stravaiger.

      They call themselves Journalists? they don’t even have a good command of written English

      “Property experts last night blamed the oil and gas downturn on the falling property values and sales across the north-east, but insisted the market was not as “gloomy” as people may fear.”

      Property experts last night blamed the oil and gas downturn FOR the falling property values and sales across the north-east, but insisted the market was not as “gloomy” as people may fear.

      Does make a difference to the meaning of the sentence when it’s written correctly.

    143. Ken500 says:

      The only thing wrong with the Oil industry is the Tories 60% tax when the price has fallen. It has cost Scotland at least £4Billion+ a year. Over five years £20Billion+ and has caused the lose of thousands of jobs. The taxes raised in Scotland has stayed the same £54Billion. With the Oil revenues (stopped by the Tories), a tax on ‘loss leading’ alcohol and cutting Trident it would be £60Billion. Scotland should not be paying £4Billion repayments on money not borrowed or spent in Scotland. Scotland can’t develop the Oil field on the West coast because of Trident,

      Northern Ireland (2 million pop) raises £28Billion and get (50% more) £14Billion from Westminster = £42Billion on par with Norway. Norway (5 million Pop) raises £80Billion + Oil Fund.

    144. Ken500 says:

      In Ireland there was not Universal Suffrage. It was 1928 until Universal Suffrage was intoduced in Britain, The Irish people could not vote for Home Rule or not. Partition was in 1922.

      Demographic changes mean Ireland could vote to reunite.

    145. carjamtic says:

      Stavaiger @ 12:12

      Aye Project Fear did and good job.

      As in vote for us we will look after you and they fell for it (scared ?),assisted as you know by the EBC/MSM,although I am sure many were simply unaware they were,for want of a better term,Sleeping with their Enemy.

      The no voters surely must be as mad as hell now,there is nothing I can say except whatever they are feeling now,yessers felt it 100 times more on the morning after Indyref1.

      UKOK Better Together was and still is,simply a LIE… consolation to those famillies being driven to despair by all of this.

      We need to redouble our efforts to persuade the naysayers for Indyref2,(if all of these sick Yoon policies/events since,hasn’t made the penny drop surely nothing will),I am not giving up on them.

      Good luck in the job hunting,fingers all crossed you find something quickly.


      SNP x 2 Eu in

    146. Let’s be honest we had the chance to have freedom and we voted no to a thing that people all over the world gave their lives to achieve I for one feel ashamed and will continue to do so untill we man up and and take the gloves off i mean we can blog untill we are blue in the face ,, deeds not words

    147. ahundredthidiot says:

      With respect Rev, year on year budgets like this, surely the good folks of england will not keep the Tories in power for the next ten years or more?

      I mean, are they that right wing, or have so little faith in an alternative or just simply brainwashed. I fear not.

      People outside of Scotland can’t be that stupid – surely?!

      Care to review your prediction? Otherwise I despair for our neighbours.

    148. Bill Fraser says:

      He really is a CHANCE-ellor

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