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A short documentary

Posted on April 19, 2015 by

Countless thousands of words – indeed, even an entire book – have been written by commentators and pundits right across the political spectrum about the long demise of the Labour Party in Scotland.

It remains to be seen whether the coming election will deliver the coup de grace that pollsters are predicting. Meanwhile, though, readers searching for an explanation but short on free time could do a lot worse than sit through this interview with the Scottish branch office deputy manager, Kezia Dugdale, from today’s Sunday Politics Scotland.

Given 15 minutes of prime airtime to lay a positive case for Labour before the Scottish electorate, Dugdale instead spends almost every second attacking the SNP, and in particular two policies – Full Fiscal Autonomy and a second independence referendum – which have absolutely no chance of happening as a result of this election.

She treats every question from an increasingly-exasperated Gordon Brewer as an opportunity to launch into another scripted machine-gun diatribe against the dreaded Nats, gabbling frantically over the top of him any time he attempts to drag her back to somewhere in the approximate vicinity of what he’d actually asked her about.

She spends much of the interview demanding to know what’s in the SNP manifesto for 2015, which seems odd as it’s published tomorrow and she need only wait a matter of hours to find out. Somewhere deep in her brain, we must assume that despite all experience and logic she imagined that that was the best use of the precious TV exposure, and a surefire vote-winning strategy.

The low point comes when Dugdale tries to explain away Scottish Labour’s catastrophic poll ratings by claiming that the election campaign has “only just started”, as if the events of the last six months have merely been a series of pre-season friendlies that don’t count for anything and the arbitrary line on the calendar that is the “official” campaign will magically bring about a complete reversal in public opinion.

(She may be in for an unpleasant shock on that score – she appears to think there are “three and a half weeks” to go and that what’s known as the “short campaign” begins tomorrow. There are in fact two and a half weeks to go, and the short campaign started on 30 March and is now more than halfway through.)

But enough spoilers – we’ll leave you to watch it for yourself. You may like to while away the quarter-hour with this handy Scottish Labour Bingo card. We suspect that if you print it out and laminate it, you’ll be able to wipe it clean and re-use it for every interview that Dugdale, Jim Murphy or anyone else in the regional department gives between now and the 7th of May.


Have fun.

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    233 to “A short documentary”

    1. aitchbee says:

      Yet again I’m left wondering why Kezia Dugdale is regarded as one of Labour in Scotland’s major talents.

    2. Grouse Beater says:

      Having no parliament for so long it was a certainty a new Scottish parliament would be populated by Shallow Halls and Shallow Helens, and others not fit to be a temporary, assistant toon coonsillor for a day, and so it has come to pass.

      In time, people of high intellectual ability will supplant the pig ignorant.

    3. Paul D says:


      That Kezia IS one of the branch’s “talents” is half their problem!

      There is a total dearth of any talent in their Holyrood contingent. Mind you, their Westminster lot are not much better.

    4. stonefree says:

      Dear goodness What a dire performance!!

    5. JLT says:

      Bloody hell Rev ….you’ll be turning us into alcoholics at this rate if you keep chucking us the Labour Bingo Card.

      In fact, we should do it in reverse style. At the end of the interview, and for every word that they didn’t say that was on the card …then have a drink! You’ll be lucky if you end up with a couple of shots.

    6. Andy Borland says:

      Her only answer – and there was one – where she didn’t mention the SNP, was where she was paying tribute to the passing of Tom McCabe.
      To use the JoLa vernacular, astonishing!

    7. JLT says:

      Ah!!! …Just seen the card. Seems I will be tee-total today!

      And no …I ain’t watching the interview either. Stuff that! Life is too short. All I know is that Kezia will mump about the SNP (as pointed out by you, Stuart) and give ridiculous ideas about what Labour may / could / would / and can’t do (which is a lot).

      So nah! …back to the studies. LOL

    8. Fiona says:

      Oh god. Why did you do this to us, Rev? I am losing the will to live watching this clown. I cannot decide if anyone can be this stupid. She seems to have set out with a mission to appear both shifty and vindictive.

      Notice how impressed she is by the IFS, except when the IFS says that the SNP policy is viable.

      Thick as two short planks

    9. Iain Gray's Subway Lament says:

      Bang goes any lingering hope of a SLAB “Plan B” if Murphy gets the boot.

      She’s toecurlingly awful! 😮

      She also has about as much chance of appealing to those who are now voting SNP as Murphy or Brown do going by that eccentric and hysteria filled performance.

    10. The_Duke says:

      The one thing that went through my mind as she kept repeating

      “People in this country want rid of the Tories…”

      and you spent two and a half years campaigning along side them in the indyref.

      Seems their hypocrisy knows no bounds.

    11. Andy Borland says:

      Her only answer – and there was one – which didn’t mention the SNP, was when she paid tribute to the passing of Tom McCabe.
      To use the JoLa vernacular, astonishing!

    12. Thepnr says:

      Ah, Rev. the only problem with that Bingo card is that everybody playing it must win!

      Except poor Dugdale and Labour of course who are doomed to lose.

    13. r esquierdo says:

      Any body listening to her for the first time would think she had escaped through a hole in the fence from a mental institution

    14. Capella says:


    15. Graham says:

      What a nasty nasty woman she is !!!!! U would think a snp supporter must of dumped her when she was younger cause of the hate she has u have to just feel sorry for people like that

    16. Norma Ballingall says:

      I am gasping for air just watching that! She doesn’t draw breath when she is ranting.

    17. Patrick Roden says:

      The best line from Kesia:

      ‘Jim Murphy and Ed Balls have been very clear from the start, that we will have to make some cuts’


      What a howler, and why oh why didn’t Brewer pick up in this?

      The whole ‘Murphy Slap Down’ in the past week, was because he had claimed in the televised debate, that there wouldn’t be any cuts in Scotland, if Labour got into power!

      Now Kezia tells us it didn’t happen and that Jim has made it clear from the start!

      Kezia – I know you are probably reading this blog, because we all know you have a history in on-line politics, so listen:

      People are not stupid! if your leader has told us something quite dramatic in a televised debate, which causes the MSM in England to question Ed Miliband, Ed Balls, and Chuka Umunna on national TV about it…

      And every one of them tells the broadcaster that this claim by Jim Murphy is not true…

      And the MSM in Scotland call it the Murphy slap down…

      And Jim Murphy goes into hiding for a day, refusing an interview with the STV,

      You then claiming that all this didn’t happen and that Jim Murphy has been very clear from the start that there will need to be some cuts..

      Will achieve one thing and one thing only, it will destroy your credibility! and accelerate the demise of the Labour Party in Scotland.

      So keep it up 🙂

    18. mary docherty says:

      You were right about no difference between her voice and your hoover.It did so go on in the same tone that Iwondered were the off switch was.Content similar too.

    19. Honesty is the Best Policy says:

      Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned. She has lost the plot.

    20. Edward says:

      Having watched that interview and allowed my ears to be numbed

      Can honestly say the only description I can come up with for deputy Dugdale is MORON, make that COMPLETE AND UTTER MORON!

      What was she on? Too much coffee? She came across as completely deranged with an agenda of not answering questions but to speak rapidly attacking the SNP, including making statements that were untrue (even Brewer found her wanting in the truth dept)

      All she could do was attack the SNP and repeat what the branch offices manifesto contained.

      Interestingly she mentioned that something was ‘reserved’ and said something along the lines of it not what she was there to talk about.

      Hold on, this is the UK GENERAL ELECTION

    21. craig says:

      Does she automatically become Leader when Jim loses his seat?

    22. stewart fae stoney says:

      Oh dear Oh dear Oh dear,

    23. Alastair says:

      Dear aitchbee.

      Kezia Labour Talent.

      The talent (Latin: talentum, from Ancient Greek: ????????, talanton ‘scale, balance, sum’) was one of several ancient units of mass, a commercial weight, as well as corresponding units of value equivalent to these masses of a precious metal. The talent of gold was known to Homer, who described how Achilles gave a half-talent of gold to Antilochus as a prize.[1] It was approximately the mass of water required to fill an amphora.[2]

      In this case substitute water to fill an amphora to PISH.

    24. call me dave says:

      Thanks but ‘no thanks’ Got the T-shirt.

      Where’s Dim Jim? I want to listen to him explaining all the lies he has been telling us …”I take orders from no-one” “I’m in charge of the ‘Scottish’ labour party”.

      But no, he has already passed into semi obscurity as Ed, the real chiefy high heid yin of the Scottish labour party but living dawn Sarf, contemplates what to do…Sturgeons got the key to a nice London property and it’s up for let…for a wee while.

    25. Iain Gray's Subway Lament says:

      “Labour politicians get up in the morning to fight poverty and inequality”

      LOL 😀

      Tony Blair is facing fresh accusations of a conflict of interest over his business affairs after it emerged he signed a controversial contract overseeing mining deals in Latin America.

      Mr Blair is being paid to advise the Colombian government on how it spends £2 billion earned from mining deals.

      The contract reveals that the Colombian government does not pay any fees for his services. Instead, the fees owed to Tony Blair Associates (TBA), Mr Blair’s consultancy firm, are paid for by an oil-rich Gulf state where Mr Blair has developed close links.

      The deal raises questions over Mr Blair’s role as a Middle East peace envoy and whether he has used that position to befriend wealthy rulers in Abu Dhabi, the capital of the United Arab Emirates (UAE), who are now funding his private consultancy work in Colombia, among other countries.

      The disclosure will add to pressure on Mr Blair to quit as envoy. According to one well-placed source, he is expected to announce his resignation from the role in the coming weeks.


    26. Martin D. says:

      There must be a book out there somewhere “Debating for Idiots” with Jim Murphy as the author and a whole mess of followers running around carrying it in their pockets at the ready should anyone ask a simple question. Rule #1: Do not answer question. Refer instead to the manifesto. It is better to look like you don’t have the answer but the manifesto does.
      Rule #2: Talk over top of whomever is host or is currently speaking and do not come up for air lest they ask another relevant question. As long as you are not coming up for air they will not be able to either. Rule #3: At all costs paint the SNP as the root of all evil in the political world. Even at the expense of truth and reason.
      I must find a copy as I am getting low on kindling for my fireplace.

    27. Rmac says:

      Well she’s right about one thing, I do wish the election was tomorrow. But only to see an end to this delusional slab diatribe that is never of the airwaves.

      I can’t remember any SNP politician being given the amount of “elbow room” that Gordon allowed Kezia so continue spouting this nonsense, but having said that I don’t think they would need it as they are usually on the money.

    28. Chitterinlicht says:

      Good god. That was awful

      Watching it I was thinking ‘who is coaching her to be like this?’

      And the answers are probably all the reasons to vote any party but labour.

    29. Macart says:

      Mr Brewer isn’t having much luck with interviews these days. That was breathtaking by the asst. branch manager. 😮

    30. Ken Waldron says:

      I hear words…meaningless words…endless…meaningless words.

    31. almannysbunnet says:

      Kezia! Where’s ma glue!? SorryJim, Ithoughtyousaidwecoulshare, beep beep.

    32. HandandShrimp says:

      I almost pressed play but I didn’t. I feel a wee bit sorry for Kezia. Shooting fish in a barrel isn’t a lot of fun.

      I feel even sorrier for Stu that he has to endure all this pish on our behalf though.

    33. Tackety Beets says:


    34. fred blogger says:

      sorry, but i have to listen to some jimi hendrix right now, but on the other hand after listening to her, plunging head in to a bucket of iced water has now become a priority.

    35. Sandra says:

      Where’s Jim? You couldn’t get him off the media until a week ago.

      Kezia Dugdale is like one of those yappy dugs nipping at your heels.

    36. Roy P says:

      She’s the Duracell bunny of Scots politics…

    37. Bill McLean says:

      Martin D, – I suspect the author of “debating for idiots” is McTernan. Look how he reduced the Australian election to farce with the sort of behaviour we now see from Labour in Scotland. This performance from K. Dugdale is the easiest way she knows to avoid answering questions. McTernan the only Briton known to have been deported out of Australia.

    38. Cuilean says:

      She’s a dreadful speaker. But she clearly was up all night memorising her lies, sorry, lines, as she speaks like an automaton with no ‘Off’ switch.

      Where is Smurfy, BTW, since Ed Balls cut him loose? Probably compiling his final expenses list.

      Aye, just wan last big sook aff thon gravy train, from Lurch The Labour Butler comedy/horror show.

      Make it last, Jimbo, because no-one is hiring you, post 7 May 2015, for so much as a Burns Night ‘Address to the Lassies’!

    39. EddieMunster says:

      IFS against the SNP good.

      IFS supporting the SNP bad.

      You can’t roll out the IFS when it’s saying something you like, then dismiss them as being irrelevant, in the same breath when they don’t.

    40. Effijy says:

      I watched that train crash of an interview.
      It was good to she has given up on using make up as last time she tried she looked like Clown.
      This interview endorsed her actions to be that of a Clown.

      Ans: SNP Bad

      Same Question:
      Ans: SNP Bad

      Last Change to answer the actual Question asked:
      SNP Bad

      Next Question:
      Ans: SNP even more Bad lol

      Absolutely Pathetic Series of Rants in the style of the Smurph!

      Dear Deputy Dug, were you still at school when Gordon Brown’s Labour policies wasted fortunes and lives before driving the UK
      economy into its biggest recession in 80 years?

      Don’t answer, as I can hear it now- SNP Bad perhaps?

    41. BrianW says:

      I’m still in shock that her Faither was my English teacher..

      ..and I can tell you, if I acted as Kezia did in that shocking bit of telly (in a class with an audience of about 30 – not on national telly), with me deflecting the merits of ‘Of Mice and Men’ I’d have been shown the door, marched to the Heads/Deputy Heads Office and been telt in no uncertain terms to wise the f up and act like the young adult we’re trying to turn you into..

      ..not a rambling fool.. Good Job Kezia. Good Job..

    42. Camy says:

      But isn’t it a ‘Good Thing’ if she’s considered a major Labour talent?

    43. Thomas Valentine says:

      B-Team Dugdale pushed forward now Murphy seems to slipped to the back. Perhaps the younger fresh face was thought better than more of the creepy cadavarous Murphy. With his low menacing loan shark debt collector’s voice.

    44. David S Briggs says:

      Dugdale is dismally awful in this interview, as she is in everything she does.

      I can imagine that her Dad will be tutting watching that.

      Using the Thatcher gambit of failing to answer a direct question and instead answering one she wasn’t asked, is so old hat. It looks and sounds devious.

      Pathetic stuff Kezia. Doomed and you know it.

    45. Feil Gype says:

      I feel sorry for her dad …. he surely canna watch that without getting angry. He should tak her ower his knee and gie her a hot erse.

    46. Dal Riata says:

      Her appearence on Newsnight was in the same vein.

      She performed like an automaton, or one of those dolls that speaks when you pull a string in their back, to every question asked.

      A quick dodge of the actual question itself, followed by a “but the SNP…”, or, “to stop the SNP letting the Tories back into power, Scottish Labour…”. Absolute blah, blah, blah, wiffle, wiffle, blah.

      Loads of people in Scotland shouting at their TVs, “Answer the bloody question!”

    47. dooglet says:

      They just don’t understand how politics works, it’s terrifying. If we want another referendum, WE’LL LET YOU KNOW DEPUTY DUG

    48. Liz says:

      Dear god why did you make me go through that? One track pony SNP bad! Hope polls are right and then I can laugh at her trying to ekplain it on 9th may.

    49. Valerie says:

      Hmmm, well your invite to watch this is enticing, Rev., but these toenails ain’t gonna pull themselves.

    50. galamcennalath says:

      May we all be eternally grateful that at this important period in Scottish history, THIS is all that is standing in our way 🙂

    51. paul gerard mccormack says:


      What a truly unlikable, nasty, lying, manipulating foghorn leghorn Max Wall dead ringer she is. What is more, she is clearly taking the pish and she knows it. Is there any point to this politicking?

      On the referendum issue, it was merely a personal opinion of Alex Salmonds at the time, and not SNP policy. She knows this, but deliberately lies about it.

      It is extremely unfortunate that we’ll still have to endure Kezia after all this is over and once they’ve bumped dim Jim.

      There has to be a solution to this vileness. It is shameful to say that this is what the labour party in scotland have become.


    52. Lesley-Anne says:

      I’m sorry but I am not genetically programmed to figure out what this eejit was garbling on about! 😀

      I’m astonished! No I really am … this is the SECOND best that Labour can put up for a T.V. interview. We all know what the BEST is by the way … don’t we? 😛

    53. Iain Gray's Subway Lament says:

      For those who don’t see the subtext to all this, from Deputy Dugdale’s glum face and Brewer’s continual needling about Murphy not being on this was probably an interview where Brewer thought he was getting Murphy but Murphy bottled it and booted on a clearly reluctant Dugdale to take the flak after the cataclysmic Ashcroft poll.

      Hence the half-hearted parroting of mindless Labour spin/babbling lies and nonsense about the SNP and Nicola. Not once did she sound like she meant any of it and she could hardly have been less interested in how it came across to an audience and the voters.

      If that was seriously an attempt to actually engage with voters it was shockingly bad. Far more likely Dugdale just wanted it over with so that Murphy could be centre stage and the fall guy once. That performance sure as hell doesn’t help her chances of replacing him. SLAB might have lost their mind once by making Eggman Murphy leader but even they would be hard pushed to justify making Dugdale leader if that’s how she intends to ‘win back’ all those now voting for the SNP.

    54. jim watson says:

      At 1.00 “He was the First Finance Minister in Donald Dewar’s Government”

      Ermm sorry Kez but no he was not. That was actually Jack McConnell (whatever happened to him?) who covered the period up to Mr Dewars death.

      My thoughts and condolences are also with the McCabe family at this time but surely the deputy leader of that party should have been better briefed on the contribution the man made to politics in Scotland…

    55. Findlay Farquaharson says:

      that is sheer utter torture, rank rotten to the core

    56. MrObycyek says:

      They just don’t get it. This tactic of constantly harping on about the SNP and their nefarious schemes just does not work. Here is hoping that they never get it and come May 7 they get wiped out.

      I saw Kezia speaking on the TV a few days ago and she was close to howling at the moon. This performance was along similar lines. She comes across as demented. At times I feel sorry for her but then I remember she is an adult and is supporting the continuation of a party that has long since sold its soul and is only trying to keep the old status quo. Scottish Labour can offer the people nothing but more of the same and people want something different, something better.

    57. Fireproofjim says:

      But who is their best?
      I really can’t think of anyone in the Slab ranks who can hold a candle to anyone in the SNP.

    58. Ian McGeechan says:

      It was ever thus. Attack the SNP and don’t answer anything.

      It’s the tactic that has taken us from a fringe party to the only legitimate party in Scotland today and they’ve only got themselves to blame.

    59. Andy-B says:

      Kezia Dugdale,just couldn’t hide her contempt for the SNP.

      I find that rather pathetic.

    60. Ken500 says:

      Angela Eagle says Ed will talk to anyone for the needed support. ‘Scottish’ Labour out of the loop again.

      Dugdale has a list to get through.

    61. Luigi says:

      In 2014, the red tories made a big mistake of running their referendum campaign like a general election one. Result? They lost over a third of their base to the other side.

      Now they are making an even bigger mistake of running their 2015 general election campaign as a another referendum one. Result? We shall find out soon enough.

    62. gordoz says:

      Saw Revs tweets about this earlier-
      Only had a chance to watch this just now.

      Have to say what that whole response to Brewer about ?
      She must know he is no friend of the SNP, so she should just have attempted to formulate usual Labour rubbish about pooling & sharing, but that manic all over the place gibberish did not come across well at all.

      You could laugh, but she is considered the best of Labour North. At times she was verging on the deranged spurting a maniacal mantra (or even akin to someone spurned in a relationship), incoherent answers to questions and bilious guff about SNP proposals, repeated again and again. Then she would retort with that’s what I was going to say before you interrupted me before reset to default SNP BAD, SNP BAD, nonsense. That wont wash with post Ref electorate.

      Best described as the ‘gibberish of current Labour North Dogma’


    63. Mosstrooper says:

      Just came in from the hustings in Renfrew.
      Asked to watch the above. What did I hear?

      Gordon, SNP rabbitrabbitrabbitrabbitSNPbadrabbitrabbitSNPbaaadrabbit rabbitManifestoSNP Baaad.

      There’s 15 minutes I wont get back, you cruel person you.

    64. heedtracker says:

      I blacked out at 3.19. Fact is, red Ed has to get at least some blue tory middle Engerland to vote Labour, thus the Bliar/Brown/Darling red tories. Rancid old The Guardian has “Milliband is the tory friend” headline today. Even if SLabour MSP’s like Dugdale did want to ease off austerity slash and burn in Scotland, its completely out of the question in red and blue tory England or, the middle England that actually bothers to vote.

    65. Clootie says:

      I watched it live ((((shudder))))

      Political karaoke!

    66. awayanbileyerheed says:

      On the same video on BBC iplayer the subtitles say Kezia Dugdale said Nicola Sturgeon was in charge of a NAZI party

      selection from Video here: (on iplayer at 1:07:11)

    67. donald anderson says:

      Is she replacing the lovely Maggie Currant?

      Wot an anti SNP ranter. Does she have any real thoughts in head?

    68. Lesley-Anne says:

      Fireproofjim says:

      But who is their best?
      I really can’t think of anyone in the Slab ranks who can hold a candle to anyone in the SNP.

      I have no answer to that question FPJ sorry. However I think I know who the next *ahem* interim leader will be until the next *cough* leader is announced … Jackie Baillie. She is always up for one of those interim position thingys. 😛

      Ye Gawd’s!

      I think I have just figured it all out!

      With the almost extinction of a certain James Francis Murphy B.A. Politics and European Law (FAILED) oor wee Kezia is being positioned to become the NEXT *YAWN* leader of the branch office in Scotland! 😀

    69. Mosstrooper says:

      God, I feel for her Dad. Puir soul.

    70. muttley79 says:

      I can’t watch that interview. I have heard as much from Kezia Dugdale and SLAB in general as I can bear already. I now actively avoid listening to them. All they do is SNP bad, SNP bad constantly. They are like automatons. Dugdale are Murphy are uber careerists, I doubt they have one real or core political belief or principle beyond their own self advancement.

    71. John Moss says:


      Okay, if someone is going for a job interview hoping to become an MP with a good salary and a generous pension to boot then you’d think that the applicant would actually answer questions about their compitencies and explain how they are going to manage public affairs. Reasonable, n’est-ce pas?

      Kezia and chums don’t seem to think that normal job-hunting rules apply to them. They don’t even view the public as their employers, people who have to be convinced to give them the job.

      I think it fair to say that the candidate failed the interview and though she may still be an MSP after May 7th, I rather think many of her Westminster chums will be out of a job. Quelle dommage.

    72. Robert Lois says:

      Dear oh dear. A serious question, was she on something?

      Her behaviour towards the interviewer was exceptionally rude for a starter. In fact her behaviour was possibly the rudest I have ever seen towards any main TV interviewer in the UK within my lifetime. What a truly odious individual. She also failed to answer a single question.

      Just one big long SNP hate rant. The venomous hatred was there for all to see on her face. Truly beggars belief.

      And Labour have the temerity to wonder why nobody likes them anymore. good grief.

      In future, political analysts will write entire books on this kind of behaviour by Labour in Scotland, and how it lead to their downfall.

      I DID actually expect better of Dugdale. Not any longer.

    73. Johnny says:

      Quite aside from anything else, she doesn’t seem completely clear on when the election actually is. More than once, she stated that it was three and a half weeks away. Is this the latest dastardly scheme to try and ensure people don’t turn out? Haha.

    74. muttley79 says:

      Dugdale and Murphy that should be.

    75. Barry says:

      She’s a student union debater, and not a very good one at that. Scottish Labour only have one tune and it is now played to death. It’s time they realised that have lost the popular vote in Scotland by sleepwalking into bed with the Tories during the referendum. Electoral credibility went out the window with that one. Her whiney, nasal voice is a total turn off as well…loser.

    76. Effijy says:

      You will see a link below to a Labour Speak Training session given by McTernan himself!

      Now I understand what Deputy Dug is barking at!

    77. Alastair says:

      Brilliant new game Wingers. We are trying to speak word of word faster than Kezia .

      We have discovered that unless your are speaking complete PISH its impossible.

    78. JLT says:

      galamcennalath says:

      May we all be eternally grateful that at this important period in Scottish history, THIS is all that is standing in our way 🙂

      Sorry mate …if only it were just her and Murphy, then it would be fantastic, but as we all know, this goes way beyond just the Labour and the Tory parties.
      There is the Establishment and they are far more subtle, dangerous and insidious, and will move heaven and earth to stop us taking their absolute power. That we all know.

      Dugdale and Murphy; they’re nothing …Nothing!

      If we force Miliband to acknowledge us on the 8th of May, then I think we will see the true faces of the Establishment move against us. They are going to do their damndest to stop us getting access to the books, and the rooms that hold those books, that we are all dying to have a peek in.

    79. YESGUY says:

      WOW Now that’s a train wreck .

      The scale of stupidity has just risen a huge leap . I can now consider myself “smart” :O

      That was ssoooo hard to watch Rev.

      I am numb !

    80. Jock says:

      The fact that Kezia and Murph are considered to be the best SLAB has to offer speaks volumes about why the party is regarded as a laughing stock.

      Look forward to her being acting leader after Murph looses his seat and has to sign on

    81. Alastair says:

      Wingers .
      Correction to my last post.
      It appears if you speak complete SHITE it could be faster than PISH.

    82. FergusMac says:

      She mentions all the Labour activists who are out there campaigning tirelessly blah blah blah. All what? All how many?

      I suspect that she wouldn’t need a very large auditorium to take every Labour activist in Scotland.

    83. Kenny says:

      My, she is no just as thick as mince (perform like that in an O Grade exam and you will get an “E”), but she has no media savvyness at all. Her mean, whining little voice goes on and on… after skirting the question five times, she has the affront to tell Brewer: “Ah winted to anser that question at that start but ye cut me aff!”

      My god, what an advert for the SNP!!! If you had never heard of the SNP, you would want to know (1) why does this harpie keep mentioning them when Brewer asks questions about the Labour manifesto and (2) how can I vote for them because I cannot take the sound of her mean little voice a minute longer!

    84. muttley79 says:

      @Lesley Anne

      I cannot see Dugdale ever being leader of SLAB, she just completely lacks the drive, determination, talent and nous to lead Labour in Scotland. If Murphy, Alexander and others get defeated next month, they could do a lot worse than trying to get Jeanne Freeman to stand for Holyrood. She is a far better speaker than Dugdale and co, and seems committed to Labour`s original values. I reckon she would be a great addition to Holyrood.

    85. Footsoldier says:

      I am sure I heard Emily Maitlis say on the BBC that Kezia Dugdale’s father is an SNP supporter. Quite unbelievable if it’s true.

    86. YESGUY says:

      Still numb 🙂

    87. orri says:

      Poor we lassie. Did she no realise that she was picked as a place holder until Murph the Messiah could descend from the celestial city of Westminster to the desolation of Holyrood in order to enlighten the masses. Wonder if the First Minister to Be will be heard of again this side of polling day?

    88. Naina Tal says:

      The Lassie’s just anither Gish Galloper. Lab schule of public speaking training.

    89. Nana Smith says:

      Abject drivel, just what I have come to expect from slab. They have the nerve to go on tv and spout like this.

      Does she really believe she comes across as rational, appearances like this just proves how utterly devoid they are of any sense.

      I feel sorry for her poor parents, really I do.

    90. Footsoldier says @ 6:13 pm

      I am sure I heard Emily Maitlis say on the BBC that Kezia Dugdale’s father is an SNP supporter. Quite unbelievable if it’s true.

      Go to BBC i-player, Newsnight 17th April – She gets asked about it directly..

      something along the lines of ” how can you convince the country to vote Labour,if you can’t convince a family member?”..

      her response .. ” We’ve all got embarrassing fathers”

    91. FergusMac says:

      Mutley, remember you are talking about a party that elected JoLa. They don’t have very high standards (considering their talent pool, they couldn’t afford them).

      Anyone committed to Labour’s original values doesn’t belong with this shower. They couldn’t stand being in the same room as Murphy and Dugdale.

    92. Wulls says:

      A wee heads up Kezia.
      There is a thing now called the internet.
      Every word politicians say gets bandied about on it, dissected, and judged.
      Please don’t bother telling us how clear your branch manager was on cuts.
      You see the entire MSM heard him, knew it was all pish, went and asked the real bosses…..who told them he was talking pish.
      Now you are telling us it was all pish.
      That itself is a load of pish.
      That clear enough Kezia.

    93. Robert Kerr says:

      I listened to the show and am convinced that Gordon Brewer was taking the urine!


      Kezia Dugdale said that if the SNP voted against a labour Queen’s speech then the Tories would be in.

      That concedes categorically that she that there will not be a sufficient number of labour MPS to form a majority!

      Sad sad sad.

    94. Mark Russell says:

      The only shame is that it’ll be another year before this inept and deluded youngster finally collects her P45 and join the ranks of disgraced ex-politicians like Murphy, Alexander and Curran on the dole queue.

    95. Paula Rose says:

      Rev sweetie – dispense with the hammers, paragraph breaks a go go if anyone were forced to listen to that!

    96. Robert Kerr says:

      Oops missed out “believes”

    97. george says:

      here’s a fun one:

      turns out David Cameron discussed Outlander with the Sony CEO

      Take a look at @wikileaks’s Tweet:

    98. michaelc says:

      She then compounded all this by going on to twitter and getting into a clusterf*** of an online argument. Watched it happen live. One of the biggest meltdowns I have ever seen. the totality of her argument apart from SNP Bad was that politicians not voters drive policy…. Clearly has not being paying attention to what has happened in Scotland in recent years…

    99. Fiona says:

      The saddest thing about all this is this. I used to be really embarrassed by Johann Lamont, thinking that the rest of the world would see her performances.

      After seeing some of this, I have revised my opinion. Johann Lamont may have been a woman caught by the necessity (as she saw it) to read from a script she did not believe in. It is hard to sound either clever or sincere when you have to do that, and after her resignation I developed a wee bit of sympathy for her (while not forgetting she should never have put herself in that position in the first place)

      Kezia Dugdale may be in the same position: but if she is she must have seen Ms Lamont in action and she should have learned from that. Instead she does the same thing in spades.

      Whatever the truth, I am at a loss to understand someone who carries on with a job she is so very clearly unfitted for. It must be torture for her. It is certainly torture for the rest of us. Like watching very, very bad amateur dramatics.

    100. Lesley-Anne says:

      muttley79 says:

      @Lesley Anne

      I cannot see Dugdale ever being leader of SLAB, she just completely lacks the drive, determination, talent and nous to lead Labour in Scotland. If Murphy, Alexander and others get defeated next month, they could do a lot worse than trying to get Jeanne Freeman to stand for Holyrood. She is a far better speaker than Dugdale and co, and seems committed to Labour`s original values. I reckon she would be a great addition to Holyrood.

      Thing is though Muttley I was always under the impression that the more LACKING in drive, dtermination, talent and nous you had the MORE likjely it is that you will become the *ahem* branch manager. 😛

      If there is ONE certainty about the after effects of this G.E. Muttley it is, in my opinion, that Jeanne Freeman will run 25 marathons back to back rather than touch the branch office with a 10 mile barge pole! 😀

      In order for Jeanne and many, many other EX Labour members to return to the branch office a complete clear out would need to happen and that will not happen any time soon.

      Footsoldier says:

      I am sure I heard Emily Maitlis say on the BBC that Kezia Dugdale’s father is an SNP supporter. Quite unbelievable if it’s true.

      No need to wonder FS cause it is indeed true. 😛

    101. Croompenstein says:

      Kezia’s curtain like hair should be fitted with a draw string so we can draw the curtains when she starts waffling her utter inane pish..

    102. Iain More says:

      I lasted 3 minutes. Brutal!

    103. Cag-does-thinking says:

      It’s worth remembering that the delightful Kezia was lined up to present a flagship BBC Scotland show during the referendum period as a “neutral” broadcaster until the howls of anguish became too loud even for the BBC to ignore. I think we all escaped lightly…….

    104. WGM says:

      Bad case of verbal diarrhoea.

    105. Cadogan Enright says:

      Some of u will b familiar with the way traditional mainstream parties work.

      She is not doing this to display her ignorance or stupidity, but because the apparachnicks told her to.

      They would only do this with an objective or audience or votergroop in mind.

      What we have to ask ourselves is “what or which is it?”

      B careful of groupthink

    106. dakk says:

      Scottish Labour in a nutshell.

      Footsoldier 6.13

      On the contrary,Kezia may be one of the main reasons why her father is an SNP supporter.Imagine having had to listen to SLabour guff like that every night when ye get in fae yer work when she was growing up.

    107. donald anderson says:

      If you want reminded of the kind of gene pool that she comes from, try and force yourself to read Brian “Scotland is British” twitter and bisted column in the Hootsmon.

      Seems money does’t buy happinesess.

    108. Robert Kerr says:

      I noted that her eyes stared continuously ahead, never deviating from a fixed point. She was reading a script surely?

      Further she believed it all, or at least wanted to believe it all.

      Fast forward twenty years and the scars of embitterment shall dominate her looks. May we have sympathy!

      Or not!

    109. auldmcintosh says:

      Oh meh goad this Kezia Dugdale, has a few medical problems and has not only used all credibility she may have had, and is an embarrassment to herself her family and Glasgow and to Scotland.

    110. Garry says:

      I think she knows the game is up. Not just SLAB’s Westminster game but her own career.

      She is now toxic through her association with Murphy’s leadership both inside and outside the party and you can see in her eyes that she knows it.

      I wouldn’t be surprised to see her slope off to the backbenches shortly and remove herself from Holyrood completely next year.

      Beneath it all I think she is a hopelessly fragile, insecure human being who is desperately trying to impress someone. But the harder she tries the worse it seems to get.

      Time to stop Kez.

    111. Dr Jim says:

      What are you all talking about

      She’s “GRATE”

      Her faither shoulda hud a knighthood

      He did, but he jist widnae wear it……Boom,Boom

    112. Lollysmum says:

      I find Kezia Dugdale difficult to listen to at the best of times so now only tend to watch FMQ’s just for the fun of watching Nicola wipe the floor with her.Once I’ve stopped laughing I get on with the rest of my day.

      What an apology for a politician-she doesn’t have the wits to stop digging when she should & she’s clearly been listening to Murphy too much because she’s got worse recently.

      There is a pattern developing here though. First it was JM spouting absolute rubbish, then last week whilst he was in hiding, up popped Curran doing exactly the same & now this idiot is following suit. If this is the best they can do then I feel sorry those who still believe in Labour-to my mind they are deliberately going for political suicide.

      I also feel for her parents-surely they brought her up to be better than this. I know some parents say their kids have got into bad company but there’s just no excuse for her-she’s a grown woman in an adult world which is clearly too much for her to handle.

      What is it about the branch office in Scotland? Are they all numpties because that’s my perception of every one of them I’ve seen so far. JoLa, Baillie, Marra, Dugdale et al-they all seem to be brainless morons.

      Mind you, the MP’s are no better 🙂

    113. steveasaneilean says:

      Absolute car crash – I almost feel sorry for her being put up for a part she just can’t handle.

      “Labour gets up every morning to fight poverty and inequality” – since when? Like when Gordon pilfered billions from the public pension purse?

    114. paul gerard mccormack says:

      Interviewing a slabber must feel like being force fed a bowl of cold tripe.

      Interviewers must have to well and truly gird their loins before undertaking having to swallow that lot.

    115. BOB Mooney says:

      Kez today admitted on the Gordon Brewer show that the SNP must vote for Labour at Westminster if Labour are in front after the election.

      But apart from that sensible statement she ranted and raved from a pre-prepared script no matter what the question was.

      Poor Lassie

    116. Kenny says:

      Dugdale’s father is not only an SNP member, but I think Kez applied for a job as a researcher for the SNP and was rejected!!!

    117. Alastair says:

      Got to say it Wingers we are all now talking about Brown and Dugdale and not Murphy.

      Have we fallen into the blackhole?

    118. Anne says:

      The performance was drop jaw awful and I could hear Brewer giving up very early in the interview. Kezia is clearly out of her depth. I know teenagers who would perform much, much better. Sounds like she doesn’t know what to do next as her leader seems to have truly and finally lost the plot.

    119. galamcennalath says:

      @Lesley Anne

      Although Jeanne Freeman has a background with Labour, she is thoroughly committed to independence and was of course a leading star of the campaign. (I love her Andrew Neil interview.)

      She would be great in Holyrood … But I can’t think of an appropriate party for her. Perhaps after independence. 🙂

      As for London Labour’s North British Sub Branch – the PR system in Holyrood will no doubt keep them alive into the future – sitting twisted in the corner in a permanent huff.

    120. Dewar says:

      Did she say “three and a half weeks”? She doesn’t even know when the election is…

      Good luck to them in the final week of the campaign.

    121. msean says:

      I think Scottish voters will let you know when we want another indyref,THIS election is about other issues.

      After this election,might Kezia, as Deputy Leader, be left in charge of Labour in Scotland if the Scottish Labour Leader loses his seat?

    122. ailsa craig says:

      Really didn’t think anyone could be worse than Jackie Baillie, but it is a toss up.

    123. Dan Huil says:

      Hysterical. In all senses of the word.

    124. scott says:

      Having listened to that rant from Dugdale reminded me of Fifa something who used the same type of language about the SNP,any connection I wonder,not seen that name used lately,??

    125. Clydebuilt says:

      Kezia is getting pushed on air as McTernan has finally worked out that Murphy has been rumbelt by the Scottish electorate……..So we now have to forget about Skelator and think Dugdale

    126. CM says:

      IF I were an undecided voter, she really made me want to vote Labour.


    127. Lesley-Anne says:

      galamcennalath says:

      She would be great in Holyrood … But I can’t think of an appropriate party for her. Perhaps after independence. 🙂 ,/i>

      Perhaps she could do what the late, great, Margo McDonald did and stand as an independent candidate. At least that way she would be able to keep her options open which would help her gather votes from traditional Labour voters. 😉

    128. carjamtic says:

      Q: What kind of wood is thicker than two short planks?
      Choose one from the list
      1. Quebracho
      2. Lignum Vitae
      3. Gidgee
      4. Snake wood
      5. Slab wood

      1-4 are the hardest woods known to man
      5 is the thickest (see video above) 😉

    129. liz says:

      So the campaign is only starting tomorrow? Well that will be news to folk who have been bombarded by Labour, ‘Scottish accounting branch’ Royal mail delivered mince.

      Kezia Dugdale and her ilk drive me nuts, full on verbal diarroria.

    130. AlbertaScot says:

      Pretty far down in the thread so I reckon it’s OK to go OT.

      Has anyone seen anything from barking mad Conkers lately? The last piece up on the Telegraph site is April 2.

      I know Our Allan loves his hols (he writes a 10 minute column in the infamous freebee mag Scottish Field) and he’s pretty averse to heavy lifting when on the job.

      But this is THE MOST IMPORTANT ELECTION IN BRITISH HISTORY (TM) and he’s supposed to be a political journalist where you usually only get a game story every four years or so.

      The last piece he filed is dated April 2.

      So why has he gone AWOL? I hope the old fella is OK. And I say this will all sincerity.

      Either that his book was a blockbuster, soar-away success and he can afford to put his muck boots up for a spell.

    131. Capella says:

      Remember this is the person BBC Scotland thought should front a politics programme on the radio, “Crossfire”, in the run up to the Referendum, instead of Ken MacDonald’s “Headlines”. Appalling.
      But no wonder her dad supports the SNP.

    132. A Smith says:

      That is one of the best adverts for a forthcoming SNP manifesto that I have ever heard. Well done Kezia.

      I think a few undecided (and maybe some Labour!) voters will take an active interest in what is released tomorrow.

      I am sure they will like what they see. 🙂

    133. maureen says:

      WGM says:
      Bad case of verbal diarrhoea.

      I got belted over the backside for that by a teacher in the 70s.
      it fair shut me up, do you think it would work on Kezia!

    134. galamcennalath says:

      Lesley-Anne says:
      “Perhaps she could do … stand as an independent candidate. ”

      An excellent idea. I wonder if anyone has suggested that to her?

    135. Gary45% says:

      Just watched the dugmiester on I player.
      Thank god she never joined the SNP,
      we definitely dodged a bullet there.

    136. Juan P says:

      Dugdale is representative of an ever diminishing number of people in Scotland whose hatred of the SNP derived solely from a hatred of Alex Salmond.

      The difference is that many voters who didn’t like Salmond do, at the least, respect Sturgeon and are willing to listen to what she has to say and are finding themselves in strong agreement with at least some SNP policies.

      I met Dugdale types (thankfully not the real one!) every day during the referendum who were unable to articulate their reasons for voting No and invariably got flustered and just went off on a mad rant about how much they hated Salmond.

      I knew at the time that once Sturgeon took over these same people would be forced to actually think beyond their hatred of Salmond and actually apply some reason as to why they should continue voting for the traditional big three.

      I think the surge in the polls for the SNP is partly a result of those Salmond haters now finding it within themselves to vote for a Sturgeon led SNP.

      Dugdale and co persist in talking about the referendum because it is inextricably linked with Salmond and they want to revive that irrational hatred in No voters who are now set to vote SNP in May.

    137. Alex Waugh says:

      Jon Moss says:
      “Okay, if someone is going for a job interview…you’d think that the applicant would actually answer questions about their compitencies”

      Colleagues and I interviewed someone for a post not long ago and we rejected them for doing exactly this: droning on and on without actually answering a question or, it seemed, pausing for breath. I hit the stop button on Kezia after about 2 minutes; I couldn’t stand her dodging and whining any more.

      Her delivery is robotic, poorly inflected and combative and I cannot fathom why a young woman who is in a well-paid job (unlike too many of her Scottish sisters) and supposedly speaking about heartfelt beliefs should look so miserable all the time. She obviously does not understand that there is a difference between being serious and adult and just being greetin’ faced.

      But what can you expect from a career politician – maybe it should be a criterion for standing for election that a person should have actually worked in the real world, not just gone from student politics into a Party office somewhere. God help her when she has to find a job after getting her books, as she inevitably will. I wouldn’t hire her. Would YOU want to work with her?

    138. Big Jock says:

      Liz : ” The campaign has only just started”.

      I agree with deputy Dugdale. There’s at least another 2 weeks for Labour to lose another 5%! Lol.

    139. Joemcg says:

      Jeez..that’s gave me a splitting headache listening to that harridan. You would not dare take a broken pay packet home to that max wall lookalike. World record for mentioning the letters SNP in 15 minutes.

    140. Robert Peffers says:

      I just had a terrible thought. Can you imagine Ms Dugdale becoming a Westminster MP and making her Maiden Speech in the HOC?

      We could start a book on how fast she could clear the chamber and fill the bars. Mind you she could be a Labour Party secret weapon. She wouldn’t sway the house by her arguments but would win the vote by the entire house, including the speaker just surrendering in self defence.

    141. Clootie says:

      She did a smear on her own father to undermine his SNP credentials!
      Extract frm the Daily Record.

      “…I’m delighted he’s politically active like thousands upon thousands of fellow Scots.

      There was barely a family in the land that wasn’t split across the dinner table at the referendum.

      …After all, he used to be a Tory when he was a student…”.

    142. thedogphilosopher says:


    143. dakk says:

      Donald Anderson 6.50

      Sorry Ronnie.One dose of Slab bile a day is more than enough,so I’ll decline reading Wilson’s hootsman piece.

      I know all about his wealth,land ownership and Brit Nuclear Fuels interests,I can imagine his Brit Nat diatribe.

    144. Robert Peffers says:


      I posted a reply to you on the previous thread.
      (19 April, 2015 at 6:34 pm).

      It included information on the members of the Privy Council and might come as a surprise to many posters on WoS.

      These members are, perhaps, the power behind the throne.

      This is the Link to the membership of the Privy Council and its top guy is, (surprise! Surprise!) The Rt. Hon. Nick Clegg.)

    145. Part of her hatred of the SNP will because they refused her a career path into politics, standard Labour political material will do anything for power.

    146. Lesley-Anne says:

      galamcennalath says:

      Lesley-Anne says:
      “Perhaps she could do … stand as an independent candidate. ”

      An excellent idea. I wonder if anyone has suggested that to her?

      The oft doffed hat is once again doffed to you sir! 😀

      Big Jock says:

      Liz : ” The campaign has only just started”.

      I agree with deputy Dugdale. There’s at least another 2 weeks for Labour to lose another 5%! Lol.


      Only 5% BJ?

      I posted the other day after the 52% for SNP poll came out a question about the possibility of the SNP hitting 60% in the polls. 😉

      I think you may be a wee bit *ahem* conservative with a small “c” with your 5% BJ. 😀

    147. Big Jock says:

      I can’t watch these things they make me too angry! I feel like its a form of torture for the crime of being Scottish!

    148. Stevie boy says:

      Bloody numpty hied!!

    149. Alastair says:

      Apologies to all Wingers.
      We have had a review of the Dugdale rant and although she speaks with all the authority of a ( nobody completely voted for me) list MSP. I can confirm she was only talking Pish and not Pish, Shite and Bollox. But here are a couple of weeks to go. Sorry for getting it wrong.

    150. Capella says:

      Another awful thought. Imagine if, by some disaster, Labour won the Holyrood election, this person woukd be First Minister! How embarassing would that be.

    151. Mealer says:

      Personally,I think Labour were a bit feart to give the job to Jenny Marra in case she wised up like abody else in Dundee.Kezia comes over as being dull,boring and an old fuddy duddy.Appealing to a certain section of our population,but a rapidly declining one.We,as a country,really need to be moving on from the world of Kezia.Moving on from a “cannae dae that” attitude.Take a look at how they do things now in Scandinavia,rather than what was tried in 1970s Britain.
      However,the Labour Party will carry on,ever diminishing and Kezia might be able to get a living out of it for another twenty years.Sad really,because I think she could do better for our country if she had the guts to really look at what’s around her.

    152. Wuffing Dug says:

      I feel a strange compulsion to watch this. Glad I read the thread first. Where is pterodactyl heid hiding?

      (Sorry, ripped this description off from another poster, love it).

    153. Lesley-Anne says:

      cynicalHighlander says:

      Part of her hatred of the SNP will because they refused her a career path into politics, standard Labour political material will do anything for power.

      If my solitary brain cell is working correctly CH I believe that she is only following in the footsteps of the one, the only, the GREAT Clunking Fist himself. 😀

      I seem to recall reading he tried to join the S.N.P. in his younger days, did he actually have such a thing? 😉 , before not getting HIS way and he left to rake it in over at Labour. 😛

    154. Graeme Doig says:

      Nope. You can’t make me watch it!

      Kids have just gone to bed and have had enough of listening to pish today.

      PS Hoping to bump into Broonie sometime soon in this neck of his old constituency. Might take Ian B’s advice and hunt him out.

    155. muttley79 says:


      That was my point though, that Labour in Scotland need a complete clearout, and be replaced by people of ability, who would pursue a more radical agenda, whether it be independence or real Home Rule.

    156. John D aka Nkosi says:

      If Dugdale was “dug” ye wid hae takin’ her tae a vet to be put down, terminal illnesses are incurable.

    157. Tam Jardine says:

      I worry for Kezia’s mental health in the coming weeks. She seems unhinged, completely obsessed with the SNP and turns every question asked into an opportunity to discuss policies that are completely irrelevant.

      If she had wheeled every question around to criticising Nicola Sturgeon’s kitchen it would have been as relevant. FFA? We are so far from getting FFA we may as well be talking about what side Strachan will play in final of the World Cup in 2022..

      As for another independence referendum, no-one ruled it out, or promised or guaranteed anything. It would have been ridiculous to do so. Just as Westminster can’t tie the hands of future government’s, no-one, absolutely no-one, not Alex Salmond or Cameron or Miliband or indeed Nicola Sturgeon can rule out a future referendum. Its an issue for next year anyway as the SNP are hardly going to table a motion for one at bleedin Westminster!

      Anyway, if Kezia’s right and labour have a late surge and secure a majority, Nicola Sturgeon would be mad to table another referendum. Surely after a few years of wonderful, competetent labour government living standards will be high, the deficit will be under control and Scotland will have all the wonderful new powers Gordon promised us! You don’t turn your back on the land of milk and honey so what has Kezia got to fear from another referendum anyway?

      Anyway, I hope she is well and takes some time off to try and straighten herself out. Jesus – if she was talking on the same terms about 15′ lizards a trip to the Royal Ed would be on the cards. If she is so fucking monomaniacal now, the election itself could prove to be something she can’t bounce back from. her party has a duty of care – I suppose we all do.

    158. maxikerr says:

      Going on like that is so unatractive Kezia,you are just cannon fodder hen! they have lit your blue touch paper and they will stand back when the flash goes off on the 7th, and then its bye bye and good riddance to you and your chums.

    159. Legerwood says:

      Robert Peffers @ 7.56 pm

      Nicola Sturgeon is also a member of the Privy Council by virtue of her position as FM so is a Rt Honourable

    160. I find that Dugdale interviews are best experienced with the Mute button in the on position. You end up just as informed without the headache, and you still get the message. SNP bad. Slabber desperate.

    161. Paula Rose says:

      Kezia darling – I think its time we did some knitting.

    162. Mealer says:

      PaulaRose darling,
      surprised you’ve time to comment.Thought you’d be tied up,it being Brechin fashion week.

    163. john king says:

      Oh God
      how do you get the batteries out of this thing?

    164. Blackhack says:

      I feel sorry for her wee da…..”The wain’s talking pish again”

    165. GrahamB says:

      Tam at 8:22
      ‘Fraid poor wee Kezia is not going to get a well-earned(?) break as Holyrood is back from recess this week so she’ll have to be in for FMQs on Thursday.

    166. dakk says:

      Wuffing Dug 8.15

      Re Pterodactyl Heed. It was me. Lol

      Spread it far and wide.He’s one of the last of the Labour dinosaurs – literally 🙂

    167. chris kilby says:

      Poor wee Kez. Shrill, hysterical and hopelessly out of her depth. The Anti-Sturgeon in every way imaginable. Pure electoral Kryptonite.

    168. Dave McEwan Hill says:

      Mealer at 8.14

      Absolutely. Kezia is doing her best for the organisation that she is loyal to. She has no case and neither has the Labour Party in Scotland but loyalty is a required condition in a political party which makes it so difficult to cross the floor even when you know your arse is oot the windae.

      I remember Jim Sillars increasingly strident ranting against the SNP as he sought to stiffen his own resolve in a case he no longer could believe in then the Rubicon.
      Leave the lassie alone

    169. chris kilby says:

      And that voice… Jaysus!

    170. pussy nancy says:

      I have a dream…….To see Kezia Dugdale fired from Mons Meg at 1pm on the 8th May…… (preferably out to sea!)

    171. Grouse Beater says:

      Gary45% says:
      Just watched the dugmiester on iplayer. Thank god she never joined the SNP; we definitely dodged a bullet there.

      Winning post, for my money! Still laughing. 😉

    172. chris kilby says:

      I’m confronted by something of a dilemma and maybe you guys can help me out. I can’t decide if listening to Kezia Dugdale is like fingernails on a blackboard or someone scraping the bottom of a pot with a fork.

      Also, here’s another fun game you can play. Re-run the recent TV debates in your head and try to imagine Deputy Dugdale getting the sort of reception UK-wide that Nicola Sturgeon got.

      It can’t be done, can it?

    173. Now's the Hour says:

      I lasted 2’30”. Shaping up as the most excuciating TV interview of all time. ‘SNP…SNP…SNP…’ Deputy Dug is truly obsessed with us. The only insight it provided was into how unable Labour are to answer questions, and how they think the shouty-shouty school of politics is effective.

      Anyway, I knew KezDug was bad, but jeez…

    174. I see the Scottish branch is peddling the same myth that the Welsh branch is peddling.

      If there is a hung parliament the only way that Plaid or the SNP can vote against a Labour minority is after the Tories have first failedwith Cameron resigning. And then after Labour had told the other parties to sod off.

      Also, ‘astonished’ needs adding to the bingo card. Maybe in time for the second general election?

    175. @Lesley-Anne

      IT could be as I am sure quite a few left the SNP because they didn’t see it as a short term viable option of getting on the political gravy train whereas Labour weighed their votes.

    176. Paula Rose says:

      @Mealer – I know darling and a little election thingie, gosh so glad I can multi-task xx

    177. ArtyHetty says:

      My god I lasted 2.37 mins when her insincerity and fudging became all too much. Slab really are an embarrassment, goodbye and good riddance to the lot of them come May 7th.

    178. john king says:

      I watch that I think of this

    179. Lesley-Anne says:

      Aye I think you could be right there CH. 😉

    180. Dr Ew says:

      To be fair to the lassie, she really had fuck all else she could have said.

      When you’ve got nothing positive to offer, what else can you do but smear the opposition?

    181. Mealer says:

      Chris Kilby 9.09
      Granted,Kezia mightn’t exactly be a PR mans dream and we always must remember that we compare,even if subconsciously,Kezia to Nicola.So Kezia has a hard row to hoe.When compared to Wendy Alexander and Johan Lamont she’s really not any worse.I just don’t understand why she,or anyone else with the people’s interests at heart,are flogging this dead horse.I could understand Kezia clinging to Labour for a well paid career if that’s all she’s about,but I don’t think that’s all she is about.I really hope she’ll do what’s right and move to the side of her people.Our people.THE people.Rather than the Tories.

    182. Alex Munro says:

      May I tentatively suggest that possibly a job switch with Jackie
      Bird could be a possible solution here.Kezia could then interview “First minister in waiting ” Jackie ( after Jim ” re emigrates” to South Africa on May 8th ?

    183. donnywho says:

      Professor John Curtice still in the dark about the Ashcroft poll, must been on holiday, or dazzled by sheer brilliance of its contents. Perhaps he just cannot bring himself to spin its data, or maybe its a truth too awful for him to utter. Still his silence cries louder than words.

    184. Bingo Wings Over Scotland says:

      Surprised at the lack of comment to the previous post by awayandbileyerheid at 5.50pm.
      Have checked for myself on iPlayer and it’s genuine. At 1:07:55 the BBC subtitles have Dugdale saying Sturgeon in charge of a “Nazi” gov’t instead of “minority”. Something she clearly did not say.
      No surprise to see this filth hurled at the SNP by our state broadcaster, but they don’t usually drag Labour into it.

    185. Anagach says:

      Its painful to watch – she has a set of scripted answers and seems incapable of responding to the questions. No ability to think on her feet or do anything other than select a numbered soundbite. Do people feel she is actually a good representative ?.

    186. john king says:

      Croompenstein says @6.37
      Kezia’s curtain like hair should be fitted with a draw string so we can draw the curtains when she starts waffling her utter inane pish..

      Like this you mean?

    187. scotsbob says:

      Remember when you were at school and had to learn a poem, then you regurgitated it far too quickly out of a fear of forgetting your words? That’s what Kez is like in interviews.
      She spews out her rehearsed script irrespective of the question asked, it really is a very amateurish performance.

    188. Lesley-Anne says:


      Even the good old Guardian seems not to believe wee Murph the Smurph any more.

      Guardian has S.N.P. on 55 seats, 18 days to go I think we really can turn this 55 into 59 S.N.P. M.P.’s. Wouldn’t the Sunday Politics programme be a hilarious programme to watch after May 7th! All those “new” politicians harping on about how bad the S.N.P. are and how disastrious it will be to have 59 of them in Westminster House of Commons! 😀

    189. Ian Brotherhood says:

      And she didn’t even mention the SSP once. Typical.

    190. AlbertaScot says:

      Keep it in mind folks, that, post May 7, if everything stays the same and the polls hold Deputy Dug won’t be deputy anymore.

      She’ll be TOP DUG!!

      It’s pretty certain Creepy Jim won’t have a seat. And even if he squeaks one, he won’t have a party to lead at WM.

      The Slab pogrom will be vicious, nasty and a pleasure to watch.

      The Jimmer will be done like a dinner.

      Will he convince a sitting list MSP to fall on his/her sword so he can score a soft seat at Holyrood?

      Are you kidding me!

      He’s a consummate looser. Nobody owes him anything.

      So that leaves Kezia on the brake handle.

      Smooth sailing for SNP and Nicola. Especially since Labour will in all likelihood be beholding to her to keep them in expense accounts in London for the next five years.

      It will be the Dug Days of Summer.

    191. Free Scotland says:

      Did the branch office pledge 200 million quid for spending on mental health in Scotland? I assume a load of that will be spent on labour members such as Krazy Kez and Creepy Psycho Jim.

    192. Mealer says:

      Donnyhoo 9.43
      Prof John Curtice? Aye.Is he not exactly the type that so many Scots these days ignore,or hold in utter contempt? He and his like are only relevant to a dwindling band of old codgers.Who is going to be paying any attention to John Curtice and his like when the next referendum comes round?

    193. Robert Peffers says:

      muttley79 says: 19 April, 2015 at 8:21 pm:

      “That was my point though, that Labour in Scotland need a complete clearout, and be replaced by people of ability, who would pursue a more radical agenda, whether it be independence or real Home Rule.”

      Would it be overly controversial to claim there are some really good people still in the Labour Party but they are being held down by the present Labour Party hierarchy, both Scottish and London?

      I’ve listened to some Labour for Indy folks and they, one and all, stood head and shoulders above the London Proud Scots Buts.

      What is more Scotland needs a really good opposition but frankly I wouldn’t want any of the present London Labour Scots to even be toilet attendants at Holyrood and wouldn’t want the Scottish Branch Office management outside the Parliament doing the gardens, walkways and cleaning the windows.

    194. K.A.Mylchreest says:

      It’s a good while since I read ‘1984’ but didn’t Orwell coin the word ‘duckspeak’ for this sort of rapid-fire zero-content quacking? One was then supposed to apply ‘doublethink’ and view duckspeak in a positive light if it came from The Party and as the utter pish it really is when it came from anyone else.

    195. Louis B Argyll says:

      Maybe they’ve got Professor Curtice in a bunker somewhere…
      Extracting, data to find a chink in the armour of reason itself..

      But he is probably having a few days leave…

    196. CameronB Brodie says:

      Have the Fabian Society just published Northern Discomfort? Double plus ungood. 🙁

    197. Lesley-Anne says:

      Stand by yer beds, drink, pop corn or whatever folks. Lord Ashcroft has tweeted that he has a full National poll coming out on Monday. Stand by for a full frontal attack by the BBC and the London centric MSM. 😀

    198. @Bingo Wings Over Scotland

      Don’t be surprised about anything here as the site refreshes for different people at different rates and content. I have refreshed at 5 comments reducing it to 2 and next refresh goes to 30 comments and this happens randomly depending on user. This is a problem and needs addressing by the the Rev and until that happens it is only people like yourself pointing to specific comments others become aware of them so thanks for that.

    199. Ian Brotherhood says:

      @Bingo Wings Over Scotland –

      Cheers for heads-up. Had missed that one. Bizarre!

    200. Katie says:

      @bingo wings over scotland: OMG! Cant believe what I just saw there. Didnt thing even the bbc would stoop to such a level in the subliminal message stakes!!!!

    201. Ian Brotherhood says:

      My granny stayed with us in her final years. She had two budgies, called Bingo and Joey.

      One of them used to ‘talk’ non-stop pish all day, and t’other had a deep voice and spoke very softly. She didn’t seem bothered by them, but they did my head in. I used to yearn for the big bongs of News at Ten to sound – that’s when she chucked a cover over their cage, whereupon they instantly STFU.

    202. muttley79 says:

      @Lesley Ann

      Please do not believe these predictions that the SNP are going to win 55 seats, lets wait until all the results are declared before reacting. Many people on here were convinced that there was going to be a Yes vote last year.

    203. Louis B Argyll says:

      If a subtitler/writer EVER had to issue an official apology it would be for that nazi jibe/mistake.

    204. woosie says:

      Murferatu has obviously been sent home to Hotel Transylvania, but if Rabid-Dug is his replacement, it can only get worse for slab.

      Continually referring to FFA is a red herring; everybody knows that’s a long-term SNP policy which won’t be realized during the next parliament, unless 100 trillion barrels of oil are found near Basingstoke!

      Also annoying to hear the old “Salmond promised once in a lifetime referendum” chestnut. We all know that was rhetoric; anyway, it wasn’t on official Daily Record parchment, so it can’t be a real vow.

      Ref the “will SNP agree lab queen’s speech”, I hope we are strong enough to oust lab if they try to bully us on this; if we aren’t we will achieve nothing positive from this GE.Another spell of tory cuts should finish the union.

    205. Before anyone goes over the top on “that alleged Nazi slur” the author is awayanbileyerheed who might be worth checking out, just saying.

    206. Barbara McKenzie says:

      ‘another scripted machine-gun diatribe’ Well said, that’s exactly what she does – this isn’t even the worst example.

      More votes for SNP …

    207. Thepnr says:


      He had a small article in todays Hootsmon about the Ashcroft pollsw. Probably wanted paid for that before putting his views on What Scotland Thinks.

    208. Croompenstein says:

      @john king –

      LOL john, Cousin Itt makes more sense than Kezia 🙂

    209. Lesley-Anne says:

      I just look at these polls Muttley from a position of thinking what they are doing to all those Labour, Lib Dem and Tory supporters. Every time there is a new poll the S.N.P. goes up the rest go down and so must their supporters heads. Let’s not forget either that the bigger the numbers for the S.N.P. the more unbelievable the BBC and MSM become in their scare stories. 😀

    210. Edward says:

      What a couple of comments above have pointed it

      Dugdale HAD memorised a scripted answer, starting from the stilted ‘respect’ to the late Tom McCabe, which for me came across a s a box ticking exercise and not that genuine.

      To all through the interview in which she made every effort to talk over Gordon Brewer and not provide straight answers to question. Basically as she was sticking to her script, that she rattled off at ‘Caffienne’ induced speed.

      She no doubt WAS hoping to please someone in Labour (McTernan?)

      The other clue of her sticking to a script was the point that she rubbished what Stuart Hosie had just stated earlier on the programme. We all saw the interview, obviously who ever wrote Dugdales script had not. How could they it was done well before the programme!

    211. Kevin Evans says:

      Complete credit to her obvious stupidity – does she not realise her boss dim Jim is looking at a compensation claim if he loses his job and he is using her to front his bullshit. Please take note of this next sentence Kez.

      Your boss and all your pals are like rats deserting the sinking ship and there using you to make a break for the lifeboats no there gonna leave you stuck on the sinking ship.

    212. Wuffing Dug says:

      dakk @ 8.57


      Pterodactyls and jim murphy. Fly creepy bastirts. 🙂

    213. Robert Peffers says:

      @Legerwood says: 19 April, 2015 at 8:31 pm:

      “Nicola Sturgeon is also a member of the Privy Council by virtue of her position as FM so is a Rt Honourable”.

      Yes, Legerwood, that was just one of the surprises I mentioned for anyone who never knew or had not considered how the United Kingdom is designed to run. Thing is you had better believe that Nicola will have very little say in anything they do.

      Like Westminster itself, the odds are always stacked in favour of the Establishment. Look at the numbers of MPs – 533 England, 59 Scotland, 40 Wales and 18 Northern Ireland. That is 533 Anglos vs 117 A.N. Others. In the very unlikely event of the Others all ganging up it is still 533-117=416 clear majority of Englanders.

      Then we have the Lords stacked again for a start there are no other church Lords than CofE and the Hereditary Peers are all Establishment. Yet the Establishment are so terrified of losing it they are set to debar other than Anglos from voting on what are without doubt still United Kingdom matters.

      There is no such thing as an English only matter in a United Kingdom Parliament that legislates using English Law, finances England as the United Kingdom using United Kingdom Treasury funds gathered from United Kingdom Resources and United Kingdom tax payers but has no elected members of an English Parliament.

    214. Martin says:

      That was awful. She is completely inept, didn’t answer a single question and cried about the SNP for the whole thing. They deserve what’s coming

    215. JGedd says:

      The Labour deadheads in the selection process would have been impressed by Kezia’s facility in being able to cram so many words into a minute without a breath or hesitation. So much confidence in so little, so many words signifying nothing much. As they glazed over, it would be not so much the quality, listen to the sheer verbiage.

      Unfortunately, this attitude is quite embedded in society in general, so much so, that Kezia might well have sailed past many an interview panel today, for other positions, where the ability to sell yourself is all that matters and to demonstrate a facile confidence in what you are saying without any real substance, will secure the job in question. PR values appear to have crept in just about everywhere. It used to be called flannelling.

      Someone I knew many years ago who had interviewed candidates for academic positions and civil service used to call this ability to talk without great depth but with aplomb and assurance “public school razzle dazzle”. He said that the Scots in general were not good at this, appearing hesitant and less certain.

      Perhaps, modern Scottish education has addressed this difference in perception and Kezia is one of its successes. Johann Lamont coming from an older generation maybe had greater deep-seated unease in this trade of politicking and verbal flimflam, which might have been expressed in the stiff body language and lack of assurance. At heart, she might have been slightly more honest than the more loquacious Murphy and Dugdale. It appears that Ms Dugdale would have been willing to glibly sell herself to either SNP or Labour. It’s as well she ended up in Labour.

    216. robert graham says:

      well straight from the Murphy book of how to win friends and influence people you should be trying to win over voters ms dugdale i think that’s the whole point of your existence,if anyone needs reminding Scottish parliament building 10 times over budget-Edinburgh Trams fiasco estimated final cost one billion pounds -PFI well who knows -Glasgow rail link fiasco – broon in charge when the bankers were having a party we cant afford Labour and she has the bloody bare faced cheek to question the SNP yet to be announced manifesto

    217. Listening to Kezia today reminded me of a talking doll I had when I was wee.
      You pulled a string in her back and she said the same few phrases again and again and again…..

    218. tartanpigsy says:

      Hi folks,
      Just a quick point. I know the polls are great, and I also know that no one (after last September) is getting complacent, or taking anything for granted, BUT, I still need to say this. Postal Vote fraud is a real possibility, Labour know exactly how it’s done, they’ve got the experience after all.
      Craig Murray had a post up about this yesterday

      My worries centre round the care homes and OAP’s. They might not be our strongest area but I do believe we need to put some extra effort into this demographic to make sure, not just that we don’t lose a number of marginals due to defacto vote rigging this time around, but also so that we cut off this avenue of abuse long before we get to Indyref 2, whenever that may be.
      Be interesting to hear what differnt campaign teams are doing to combat this.
      personally I’ve not been able to be as involved as I wanted this time around due to work pressure.

      Any sage words out there to calm my nerves?

      BTW, I still am convinced that postal vote tinkering had a lot to do with us not waking up to the result we wanted last year.

    219. desimond says:

      Scottish Labour Manifesto 3015


      We are not THEM.

    220. Jim McIntosh says:

      O/T – If we do send a shed load of SNP MPs down to WM the disruption we cause could annoy the Tory and Labour voters down south such that it’s not inconceivable that an English National Party could be in place for the following GE. With the same goals as the SNP for their country.

      Oops, have I just leaked Alec Salmond’s master plan 🙂

    221. john j says:

      Anyone help me with this?

      Maybe three or four years ago I remember watching a young woman student leader being interviewed on some subject or other (I can’t remember what it was), but she had the same technique as oor Kez. She just opened her gob and out poured this monologue without pause for breath or punctuation. I remember thinking at the time that she must have had a big clockwork key in her back that somebody had wound and set in motion.

      Could this be the same woman?

    222. CameronB Brodie says:

      Jim McIntosh
      Is he standing in Croydon?

    223. Jim McIntosh says:

      CameronB Brodie

      No, but he might rent a flat there to travel to his job in the HoC until the ENP ask Scotland to leave the union. 🙂

    224. CameronB Brodie says:

      If only. 🙂

    225. Crash says:

      I’ve got to say that was excellent. Like a hurricane of nonsense. Not one word did I take in. I now feel stunned into stupidity. God help us all.

    226. John Moss says:

      English Votes For English Issues – David Cameron was big on that, wasn’t he?

      Perhaps we should explore that.

      Does he actually mean establishing an English Parliament restricted to looking after the affiars of people living in England? If so, where will he establish this parliament – at what locartion – Hastings, Brimingham or Manchester?

      How will it be funded (assuming for the English people, their assets only etc..)?

      These are questions we should be asking don’t you think?

      Perhaps we Wingers should be asking these soft questions that demand hard answers over the next few weeks.

      I think it’s only fair don’t you?

    227. CameronB Brodie says:

      John Moss
      What would you ask then John, as a question?

      I hope that isn’t bad grammar. 🙂

    228. Michael McCabe says:

      Breaking News. Kezia Dugdale’s Dad has asked her for his Jacket Back.

    229. lobbey says:

      rather than bingo, I would suggest the old ’24’ style drinking game, with a shot for every mention of ‘…biggest party…”, ‘…. full fiscal autonomy ….’ etc, but I suspect we would pished within 5 mins…..

    230. Stoker says:

      Just looking at that picture of Deputy Dug at the top of this article, has she been helping herself to DimJims glue.

      What a pathetic excuse for a human being!

    231. Kenny Campbell says:

      Remember that Labour in Holyrood is stuffed with list candidates that no one thought would get in…..and Willie Rennie.

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