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A natural progression

Posted on July 16, 2015 by















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  1. 16 07 15 22:17

    A natural progression | Speymouth

214 to “A natural progression”

  1. R-type Grunt says:

    What a weathercock!

  2. hashtag bellend.

  3. Chic Thomson says:

    A chancer looking for the main chance.
    A tad pathetic really.

  4. call me dave says:

    Oh dear, something must have gone terribly terribly wrong!

    Not enough vim and vigour in the labour camp for him and he expects, as a mere child, to find it in within the grey haired tory fraternity.

    No more to be said! 🙁

  5. gordoz says:

    Adrian Mole – aged 13 & 3/4’s 🙂 ???

  6. call me dave says:

    ‘R-type Grunt

    A vain weathercock!

  7. Lanarkist says:

    When oh when are they just going to create the Scottish Unionist Party.

    SUP wi the de’il.

    Slab members principles have slipped and to move to Tory isn’t the distance it used to be by this illustrative article.

  8. McHaggis says:

    glory-hunters in politics?

    who knew!

  9. Stephen Bowers says:

    Bless, such a wee poppet

  10. Tartan Tory says:

    Blinded by unionism.

    Hard to understand a Labour person crossing sides to become a Tory, just because of a discredited union.

    Still, we were all young and stupid,…. once….

  11. Dinnatouch says:

    Woah, didn’t see that coming.

  12. Jim Gibson says:

    Stephen Anderson actually compared himself to Winston Churchill today in a tweet about him moving from Labour to Tory. What a chump!

  13. Croompenstein says:

    Ha Ha that was a real twist in the tale that last one Stu.. ah well everyone loves a happy ending 🙂

  14. Chas says:

    Hahahaha! You only sing when you’re winning.

  15. Doug Daniel says:

    Well, that escalated quickly…

  16. shiregirl says:

    Either the boy is confused or he is an opportunist, using any way, any party and anyone to be noticed? I see Ruth D has heaped praise on him for joining the dark side.

    But we are all entitled to a change of heart. And he is young. But from labour to tory??!!

    But why would you describe yourself on your twitter account as a ‘little smug belittling teenager.’? just why would you do that without people questioning you?

  17. frogesque says:

    Err . . . OK then.

  18. Some mixed up kid.

  19. Rmac says:

    Another conviction politician then, the outcome was predictable but I was really thought that when I got to the bottom of the post he would have been posting that he might have seen some sense and joined a party that was interested in people other than themselves.

    I wonder what the odds are that Hothersal will join him as he has equally flexible standards

  20. Andy Murie says:

    That is so poetic

  21. Clarinda says:

    Poor lad – not too sharp in picking winners.
    It appears that Richard’s Aberdeen hustings didn’t go too well then.
    If it’s a natural progression – downward – will he descend on the LibDems next?

  22. george says:

    20 days. just 20 days it took him, from full-on support of a deputy leadership candidate to leaving the labour party and declaring support for the tories. wow.

  23. Frann Leach says:

    So he’s decided to be a real Tory instead of a pretendy one. What difference does it make?

  24. john Smith says:

    I was in Labour party for 16 years. Should have done what I did and join the snp.

  25. Robert Peffers says:

    All that happened was his girl friend bought him a new blue tie and it was easier to jump the Labour Camp and join the Tories than to take the tie back and ask for an exchange. He didn’t even need to spend any bus fares taking the tie back and didn’t even need to change his right wing unionist principles.

  26. Tackety Beets says:

    What did we used to say ,

    “You change yer mind every time you change yer drawers”

    Now I remember why I call it ” Twatter”

  27. Tinto Chiel says:


    What an amazing slide down the razor blade of politics.

    Career path for all Slabbers?

    Just……wow! (shakes head ruefully).

  28. Dougal Cochrane says:

    Wonder if this is an indicator of pro-independence discussion in the Labour camp? He seems to value unionism over all else.

  29. Morag says:

    Dream on!

  30. Macart says:

    Yeah, you can see how that might work for him.

    Oh jeez. 😀

  31. FairFerfochen says:

    He’s young, experimenting, it’s fashionable to change from one bright colour to another when you’re that age.

    Red for a girl Blue for a boy Xx.

  32. thomaspotter2014 says:

    Let’s face it with the unofficial Grand Coalition going on mainstream in Westmidden is there really any difference?

  33. Tinto Chiel says:

    Hey, Tackety Beets, you should be concentrating on the Dandy Dons game.

  34. AndyH says:

    Forget the weather bit. He’s just a cock.

  35. Jim Mitchell says:

    An idiot looking for a village!

  36. donald anderson says:

    Lab-Con. Is that a change?

  37. HandandShrimp says:

    Has been Twapped or whatever the Twitter version of Fraped is? That is totally left field.

  38. Brian Doonthetoon says:

    “The king was in the all-together…”

  39. jimnarlene says:

    Going by both the Tory and Labour manifestoes, not such a great leap. Careerist politician in an embryonic state, but why back a losing side; independence is inevitable. I don’t think he’s though this through….

  40. Is it an Empire Biscuit? says:

    This guy’s a weel kent face among Aberdonian political activists, I have it on excellent authority that he used to be involved with UKIP so his latest defection doesn’t surprise.

  41. Inverclyde says:

    And yet Tory Boy will still believe he has Socialist values!

  42. Effijy says:

    Is this man still at Liberty?

    Anyone got the number of a psychiatrist that he could borrow?

    He was showing enough potential to be North British Labour leader too. Shame!

  43. galamcennalath says:

    It all makes sense …. he eventually realised he might as well go with the REAL Tories than mess around with the impersonating SLab ones. Why choose the cheap ripoff when you can just as easily have the original?

    That is … if Unionist rule-from-London is your thing!

  44. jimnarlene says:

    Just a thought, is he real? Is he a plant? Cybernats attack young unionist, type headlines in our obviously not biased at all media!? Just saying……

  45. Doug Daniel says:

    Incidentally, this is the guy who, at the Aberdeen count on referendum night, wondered out loud whether they would have enough champagne to toast their victory. I think every Yes activist in Aberdeen that came across him genuinely assumed he was a Tory – it certainly came as a massive shock to me when I found out he was a Labour activist. It’s not just because of the physical resemblance that some of us jokingly referred to him as Michael Gove’s Lovechild.

    I guess Labour have stopped being an attractive prospect for wannabe career politicians…

  46. desimond says:

    Reminds me of the old joke with the one partner reminiscing how the other partner has been there by their side throughout all the sad and terrible times..concludes with the Summation of “You know what?…I think Youre a Jinx!”

  47. Stoker says:

    Stephanny Anderson, deluded!

  48. Jonas Wunderman says:

    My coffee shot out my nose at the “punchline” …

  49. IvMoz says:

    At the risk of being shot down may I mention Tasmina Ahmed-Sheikh. She’s changed allegiances not once but twice.

    Or is it OK because she has ended up in the SNP.

    I personally don’t trust her convictions.

    People are allowed to change their views as they grow up & mature.

    But twice?

  50. Mealer says:

    Very amusing.Well spotted.

  51. John Mclean says:

    Unfortunatly for Mr Anderson stupidity is incurable…

    No one would have known until he let his brain type these ramblings ????

  52. Dal Riata says:

    It took all of nine months to go from:

    15 Oct, 2014 “#ToriesOut”

    15 Oct, 2014 “#Scotland wants change, this nation needs @UKLabour.”

    29 April, 2015 “@scottishlabour are up for it!”

    29 April, 2015 “I’m confident @scottishlabour can pull through!”


    16 July, 2015 “I’ve left #scottishlabour & will be voting @scottishtories in 2016.”

    Absolutely funny as!

    ‘Am pure gonnae suppor’ thon blue mob next time, so a mur – same team anywize eh, jus’ differen’ jerseys n’aw tha’ eh…’

  53. One_Scot says:

    Man, is there anywhere his tongue has not been.

  54. Joemcg says:

    O/T what a fantastic result for the dandies! They bust my coupon but so what!? The scots seem to have a hex on Croatian teams judging by recent results. Hopefully the dons can reach the group stages.

  55. joe macfarlane says:

    At least he came honest in the end not like the rest of SLab , acting tory and still calling themselves socialists. How long til the rest of them come out and profess their love for all things tory, their actions already do that , all they need do now is admit it to the world.

  56. dakk says:

    He was living a lie,just like all Labour supporters who pretend they believe in social justice.

    Champagne socialists the lot of them.At least the Blue Tories are a bit more open about their true motives and principles.

    Of more import, Rijeka 0 – 3 Aberdeen

    Great result for the Dons

  57. desimond says:

    You are not alone!

  58. Paula Rose says:

    One_Scot – please dear, that was most uncalled for.

  59. Anagach says:

    Please do not be cruel or mean spirited. Mr Anderson is on a journey, just as we are on ours.

  60. Luigi says:

    From Tory-lite to Tory-real. Aye, a natural progression indeed.

    Where next, Stephen?


  61. shiregirl says:

    IvMoz @ 1000pm

    Interesting. Never knew that. Who was she with previously?

    re people changing their minds – totally agree. He is young and people’s mindsets change as they grow and due to environment also – it’s the labour to tory change I can’t get my head around!

  62. Seoras McRae says:

    Absolutely hilarious!

    Key question regards wee Stephen and his desire to see his hero richard the Turd “ace it” on 26 June and him joining labour”s sister party the tories on 16 July?

    What happened?

    There is either a film, “to hell and back both ways, in a unionist tundra” or a book, “my awkward journey through pain, divorce and ridicule”

    That said who would believe it?

  63. Toby says:

    Re. Tasmina, not twice but thrice. Cons. to Lab. to Cons. to SNP. Like IvMoz I don’t trust her convictions. I watched her speech in the HoC debate the other night and though I had no complaint with the content I thought the delivery was more like amateur dramatics and therefore lost something in it’s effectiveness. She maybe needs to remember she is no longer acting and this is for real.

  64. Chossy says:

    Sheppard came from labour to SNP, I think the main point though is that this dude comes across as someone with socialist ideals, but it appears that his desire to keep the union together is an all consuming force, regardless of which party he is member of the union trumps all in its wake.

  65. ronnie anderson says:

    Christ boredom sets in quikly during school holidays.keep taking the Meds Stephen.

  66. Jimbo says:

    Obviously, when it comes to politics and political parties, he’s just a confused, impressionable kid. Hopefully when he matures he’ll see the Unionist parties for the useless shits that they are.

  67. IvMoz says:


    both the tories & labour.

    I think she’s an opportunist who will turn against the SNP if & when it suits her.

  68. Tackety Beets says:

    @ Tinto Cheil

    Ach , mighty mee I can multi task , dinnae tell Mrs Beets !

    3-0 away from home is a good start .


  69. Dal Riata says:

    Sorry, O/T

    At 3.08 pm, Donny McVitie left a comment about BBC Scotland acting as Labour’s propaganda voice… once again, so at 6.30 pm I thought I’d check out what was going on.

    And… dearie, dearie me. Now, I try not to find bias in every BBC Scotland report, but after watching their top story about a CRISIS IN NHS SCOTLAND!!! that was so blatantly biased that you couldn’t miss it, it’s getting harder and harder not to believe that they are no more than the SLBC – Scottish Labour Broadcasting Corporation.

    I mean, WTF! This ‘Scottish NHS in crisis – SNP BAD!’ created story had “Labour Survey”, or something like that (can’t remember the exact wording) at the bottom of the screen and out of the way, so to speak.

    That it was a Scottish Labour Survey’story’ should have been made clear in the first sentence. It wasn’t.

    There was an interview with Dr. Richard Simpson, who happens to be Deputy Party Spokesperson on Health for the Labour Party.” Riiiight, okay then.

    Then an interview with the SNP’s Minister of Public Health Maureen Watt, where she was made to defend SNP BAD. But was she even aware that the whole shebang is derived from Scottish Labour ‘research’…?

    And then, the wrap up, when we were told it was a story uncovered by “BBC research”… Like, whit? “Labour research” had now morphed into “BBC research”? Either a ‘mistake’ was made by the presenter, or… what, teamwork, two become one, maybe?

    I’d like to watch it again to be more sure of the details, but, as it was so mind-blowing, I’m not even sure if what I saw was real!

  70. Lesley-Anne says:

    Is it true that this individual confirms what WE all already knew … Labour in Scotland are STILL playing hand in glove with the Tories in Scotland? 😀

    As he is someone who loves his hashtags here is a couple of new ones for him to add to his list.



  71. Paula Rose says:

    Is this all about men in panties playing footie?

  72. Mealer says:

    I note the BBC are still looking for audience members for their Labour leadership hustings programme.They particularly want people who have left Labour.

  73. Chic McGregor says:

    TBF its a much less political jump from SLAB to Tory than it would have been to a genuinely socially progressive party like the SNP.

  74. Iona Brand says:

    Proof of the Rainbow-Tory-Alliance.

    They even have a song:

    “Red and Yellow and Blue Tories,
    Saying that they’re not the same.
    I can see the liars,
    Hear the liars,
    Rainbow Tory pals.”

  75. JaMur says:

    What is wrong with these people?

    As a farmer these tractors are tough work.

  76. BrianW says:

    ..and he looks like such a principled honest kind of.. erm.. eh.. Lab/Con out of the bottle, just add water type of activist.

    Very well suited to his parties of choice – being with Labour for a wee while will hold him in good stead for working with the Tories, or is he just there on an abstaining secondment?

  77. Dr Jim says:

    This kid’s a Liberal Democrat and doesn’t realise it yet

    2015 Just watched Anna Burnside and Stuart Cosgrove squirm and struggle to answer the question “What do we need the BBC for” and what’s its place in Scotland by thon (David Jackanory Henderson)

    The anguish on their faces was a treat

  78. Dinnatouch says:

    There was a time, back in the 80s when another hated right-wing Government was wreaking havoc on the poor, when a Labour activist would rather die than join the Tories.

    As has been noted above, people’s political views can change over time, and the SNP has several prominent ex Labour folk, and even a few ex Tories, but my mind boggles that a young Labour activist could switch to the Tories so quickly.

  79. Craig MacInnes says:

    Sorry, but who the fuck is he?

  80. John from Fife says:

    O/T re BBC Scotland. Now we are getting a SLAB leadership Hustings programme at the end of July and they particularly want former Labour voters for the Audience.
    Could the BBC be showing bias perhaps. Surely NOT.

  81. Bill Hume says:

    “is it an Empire Biscuit? says:
    16 July, 2015 at 9:40 pm

    This guy’s a weel kent face among Aberdonian political activists, I have it on excellent authority that he used to be involved with UKIP so his latest defection doesn’t surprise.

    I think the word you were looking for was not defection….more defecation.

  82. msean says:

    Basically transferred to a different department of the same unionist company. Rearranging the deckchairs will definitely work 🙂

  83. Tackety Beets says:

    @ Dal Riata

    Beeb and RS in particular are often quoting “……….. From Labour Part ” figures from Labour Party” etc etc

    I have posted here about it previously .
    I have also complained to Beeb, about this several times before.

    It has been going on for well over a year , probably since forever !
    BTW , Eleanor Bradford ditched ?

  84. Taranaich says:

    A couple of things have to be kept in mind in regards to Tasmina:

    – She was raised a Tory (active from the age of 10), and her father was a councillor, so it’s understandable she followed in her father’s footsteps. She stood as the Conservative candidate in the 1999 Holyrood election, but that’s as far as she got before she defected to the SNP.

    – She held a Labour membership card for 2 years, but didn’t seem to actually do anything with it. It’s a red herring, I think (ho ho, “red” herring).

    – The SNP only had 7 seats in Holyrood and 5 in Westminster when Tasmina joined: better than previous years, but seven years is a helluva long time for an opportunist to wait. Labour were the governing party in Scotland and the UK with the Tories a dim second and third respectively: you’d think she’d go with them rather than toil away with the SNP for seven years.

    I’m aware the SNP are no saints, just people like you and I, and none are exempt from criticism. But given the mistrust people put in anyone who switches political allegiance, I actually think it’s more likely that someone would only switch over if they were truly committed. Tasmina had to know she would be tarred with the “untrustworthy” brush not only for her Tory, but Labour connections: why would she risk it, unless she believed it?

    I do think Tasmina is one of us: I understand and appreciate others have their doubts. Considering this chap’s joining the Tories in an even *worse* state in Scotland, I think he’s a true believer in the Union too. Just my wee thoughts.

  85. caz-m says:

    As Craig asked above, who the f*ck is he?

    Should we know this guy.

    Feeling a bit left out.

  86. Kenny says:

    To be honest, at least he gave his reason. I think he is just a bit young and mixed up.

    I wonder what he will make of EVEL? The way the Tories are going about it they are the unionist party which is doing most to break up the union!

    It is good that Mr Anderson is interested in politics. But he should open his eyes and see that the Tories are just useful idiots for the 1%.

  87. HandandShrimp says:

    People do move politically and sometimes parties move politically and some people are no longer sure that is their natural home.

    Churchill moved parties a couple of times. Many of us here were Labour.

    I think what makes this funny, assuming his kid sister hasn’t posted this while he is off to the loo, is the incredible abruptness of the course change. I had a long period of ambivalence towards any party after becoming disenchanted with Labour.

  88. Clootie says:

    Regardless of Party he remains a member….think about it!

  89. Proud Cybernat says:

    Who gives a toss who this clown is? Well, I’m sure he cares and I’m also sure his ego will be having a multiple orgasm reading all these posts about the little opportunistic scrote. Fud.

  90. Ian Brotherhood says:

    Midnight Teaser(s) –

    A: Without checking elsewhere, do you know who the new leader of the UK Liberal Democrats is?

    B: Do you, or anyone you know, give a monkey’s?

  91. Valerie says:

    @Taranaich, well reasoned re Tasmina. I too think she is one of us.

    As a SNP member, I try to be objective, and agree, they are not saints, but they are head and shoulders above everyone else on the political field just now.

    We have formally confirmed our 2016 candidate, Jamie Hepburn, this week, so already starting to think ahead. Chatting to him, seems other branches are going through selection processes, as quite a few branches have multiple applicants.

    Seems SNP still have people putting themselves forward to serve, which must surely be good, and an indicator of local engagement.

  92. Throwaway says:

    He is autistic. It is easy to forget whilst sitting at a keyboard that people do actually exist.

  93. Ian Brotherhood says:

    …and no, ‘Willie Rennie’ is not correct. That’s what you take if your nob has indigestion. 🙁

    Try again…

    No-one know?

    (And don’t even fucking bother asking me, cause I don’t know either.)

  94. Dave McEwan Hill says:

    We are a party engaged in conversion. We wouldn’t have got very far if we hadn’t been so.

  95. Morag says:

    I’ve been ambivalent about Tasmina for a while, but I’m getting less concerned the more I see of her.

    These tweets are just a bit of a laugh. It’s the suddenness and the public announcement of it that’s so funny.

  96. Training Day says:

    Just wanted to add my congratulations to Aberdeen FC.

    Your fitba team showed more courage tonight than did your city on September 18th.

    Just leaving that there Rev 😉

  97. Cadogan Enright says:

    UKOK establishment and Blairite right wing establishment and BBC jumping all over Jeremy Corbyn as Labour leader as a cert for losing elections.

    Tories helpfully agreeing that a ‘left wing’ candidate who wanted public housing for working class people etc etc. would leave them in power indefinitely

    I suspect the Tories know what we know, that a red Tory party will always lose to a blue tory party and that a party that took the side of the people against the establishment will always beat both if u can get around the MSM

  98. HandandShrimp says:


    I think it is Fallon – although how he can do that and double up as Defence Minister I am not sure.

  99. Ian Brotherhood says:

    On this morning’s GMS they had a breathless intro to this, that or whatever segment, 8.00 a.m. or so, teasing us all with impending analysis of the ‘frontrunners’ in the race to become the new Lib-Dem leader.

    Within minutes, nay seconds, a co-presenter (inadvertently?) pointed out that there were only two candidates.

    ‘Frontrunners’ in a two-horse race? Huh?

    Orwell would have made a brilliant essay out of such insubstantial fluff. As it was, Menzies ‘I Am Ming Campbell Of The Clan Campbell And I Am Immortal’ Campbell appeared, and made an arse of it.

    So it goes…

  100. Iain More says:

    A Natural Progression?

    Uhmm I don’t see anything progressive about it!

    I thought evolution wasn’t meant to happen in reverse, can the Darwinists explain above?

  101. Ian Brotherhood says:

    @handandshrimp –

    ‘Fallon’? I’ll take your word for it, and if there were any prizes on the go I’d gladly give you one.

    As things stand, this ‘Fallon’ character may not have to ‘fall-on’ his sword right away, but he’s going to suffer a bit when people ‘double over’ hearing about his new position.

    Did I pack enough double-entendres in there?

    If not, I’ll come again, lest I leave you gasping for more.

    God bless the Lib-Dems!!

    We want Ming! We want Ming! 🙂

    Or David Steel! Bring back that dude!


    Down with Ming! 🙁

    Up with David! 🙂

    He has the ‘steely’ determination the party needs right now! 😉 🙂

  102. Chic McGregor says:

    Currently I’m with Morag and Taranaich on this. True her CV didn’t invoke great expectations but her performances have made the right noises and been reasonably competent.

    I think she might be what used to be called a one nation Tory. A now virtually extinct species which took a rather more holistic view of society.

    I would imagine old Harold MacMillan, a one nation Tory and believer in interventionism, would be well to the left of New Labour – Burnham, Kendal, Ummana and co. I wonder where he would stand today?

  103. Betty Craney says:

    New Libdem leader is Tim Farron and I only know because a helpful friend posted it on FB about ten minutes ago .

  104. Ian Brotherhood says:

    @Betty Craney –


    If I had a coconut going spare it would be winging its way to you right now. 🙂

    So, it’s ‘Farron’, not ‘Fallon’, and he’s a ‘Tim’?

    The plot thickens.

    Has anyone told this guy about his new job? Has he issued a statement/disclaimer/clarification?

    We should be told.

    Did Ming support this person? If so, does the latter have any right of appeal?

    Where’s Willie Rennie anyway? Rumours that he is to play the lead role in a tribute movie to the late Norman Wisdom have not yet been denied by Lib-Dem apparatchiks.

    So many questions, so little time, and so little interest…:(

  105. dakk says:

    Ian More 12.42

    ‘evolution was’nt meant to happen in reverse’

    There are exceptions to every rule and unionists are such in this case.

    In fact I believe they may be the missing link 🙂

  106. charlie says:

    Worst careerist ever! Mebbe he ought to move to Devon aand join the Lib Dems or possibly to Athens and stand as a pro-Merkel candidate. Good luck Andy

  107. dakk says:

    Strawberry Blonde Bombshell Timothy Farron for PM – Go Timothy ,Go Timothy !!

  108. Ian Brotherhood says:

    Here he is.

    Tim Farron, new leader of the Liberal Democrats.

    (Still struggling to locate any evidence that the man has been made aware of this development, let alone acknowledged it.)

    Going by this image, the LibDem high-heid yins may have elected him in the vague hope that some punters may mistake him for a de-toxed Farage.

    STOP PRESS: ‘Our Liberal voice is your Liberal voice, so if you want your Liberal voice to be our Liberal voice…’ etc etc.

    Hoo-rah, hoo-rah!!

  109. Wee Jimmy says:

    “Next week on How Tory Do You Think You Are, I lurch even further to the Right and join UKIP.”

  110. John Moss says:

    Stephen Anderson is young, possibly bi-polar and a latent serial killer.

    In any other country like the United States, he probably would be armed and killing innocent people by gunfire or by explosives strapped to his body.

    I think we can safely assume that he, fortunately for all of us, has Twitter as his main outlet and weapon.

    Given that he is going to vote fot the UK Conservartive party a.k.a. the scottish tories then we can all rest easy in our beds tonight.

  111. Rock says:


    “I’ve been ambivalent about Tasmina for a while, but I’m getting less concerned the more I see of her.”

    Have you become less concerned about the ex Lib Dem Craig Murray?

    I changed my mind about him when he revealed that Carmichael has been a close personal friend of his for a long time.

    Someone who wanted to be an SNP MP having as a close personal friend someone who lied about Scotland throughout the referendum campaign?

    Do elected SNP politicians have cosy personal relationships with our unionist opponents?

    I would be disgusted of anyone who did.

  112. tinyzeitgeist says:

    Uncle McTom to ground control….. Just another sad unionist shill.

  113. call me dave says:

    In the Herald & Scotsman

    Charm offensive and lots of luurvvve to South Britain. 🙂

  114. Barontorc says:

    Well somebody has to be the ‘patsy’ and this guy’s day is just ‘lucky white heather day’.

    Even ‘Oor Wullie’ didnae stick his heid above the parapet – or maybe he’s been coonseled-out by the ‘Magnificent Ming’ as not quite up to it but OK as an irritant in the ‘Scottish Parish Cooncil’.

    How many MPs / MSPs are sitting back in clover getting loads of dosh for doing SFA?

  115. john king says:

    “I see Ruth D has heaped praise on him for joining the dark side.”

    loved this response
    John Dickson ?@NkosiEcosse 8h8 hours ago
    @RuthDavidsonMSP @Stephen83442562 @ScotTories Tory, the darth vader of British politics
    Robert Peffers says
    “All that happened was his girl friend bought him a new blue tie and it was easier to jump the Labour Camp and join the Tories than to take the tie back and ask for an exchange. He didn’t even need to spend any bus fares taking the tie back and didn’t even need to change his right wing unionist principles.”

    I think this ideas better
    Ian ?@ArgyllAtheist 8h8 hours ago
    .@RuthDavidsonMSP @Stephen83442562 Big Idea! @ScotTories and @scottishlabour should print two sided reversible membership cards! save cash!

    She should have got his a reversible tie, one side red the other side blue, save even more cash. 🙂

    Doug Daniel says
    “I guess Labour have stopped being an attractive prospect for wannabe career politicians…”

    Cumon cut the kid some slack, he might have been waiting for a bus and it was raining. 😉

    Ronnie Anderson says
    “Christ boredom sets in quickly during school holidays.keep taking the Meds Stephen.”

    lets club the gither an get him a pair o inline rollerskates,
    it’ll get him oot o the hoose, mibbie he’ll some wee pals his age. 🙂
    Dal Raita says
    “And then, the wrap up, when we were told it was a story uncovered by “BBC research”… Like, whit? “Labour research” had now morphed into “BBC research”? Either a ‘mistake’ was made by the presenter, or… what, teamwork, two become one, maybe?

    I’d like to watch it again to be more sure of the details, but, as it was so mind-blowing, I’m not even sure if what I saw was real!”

    Your not wrong, they did indeed describe it as “BBC research”
    evidence for all to see that the acronyms SLab and BBC are completely interchangeable and a slack jawed comment by the reporter that will come back and bite them hard on the arse
    Did you get that one Professor Robertson?

    The arrogance of these people that they should let slip and show us their tackle every so often is a sign that they see no need to hide their allegiances,

    Reminds me of this
    Ian Brotherhood says
    “A: Without checking elsewhere, do you know who the new leader of the UK Liberal Democrats is?

    B: Do you, or anyone you know, give a monkey’s?”

    And if your answer was B you’ve just won yourself an all inclusive holiday in Greece, a state of the art gull winged De Laurean, AND a lifetime supply of shake and vac!

    its Tim Farron.
    “So many questions, so little time, and so little interest…:(”


    I better get this posted before Macart gets up,
    you know what he’s like if his morning post isn’t there with his toast. 🙂

  116. lumilumi says:

    OT – I was just trying to see if I could make archiving work on my lappy (it didn’t before) and it did.

    Daily Telegraph accuses the bad SNP of changing the Commons voting system:
    If you read the list at the end of this non-story, you’ll notice that the recent influx brought just 5 new “Mc/Macs” to the HoC (out of a total of 25).

    And Daily Star does its bit to destroy the Scottish tourism industry: Nessie’s just a fish.

  117. woosie says:

    A friend of mine has been interested in the number of former catholics now holding rank in the orange odour; he reckons there’s no money in being a catholic.

    The same clearly applies here; an aspiring career politician, aware that labour is extinct, changing horses. There’s no money in labour.

  118. Ken500 says:

    How many SNP rep/members/activists, have a background of allegiance to other parties. The majority of Johnny come lately’s. At least they have seen the light. What’s the problem? Most of them worked harder than anyone for Independence, and are well qualified for their role. It’s where someone comes from it is where they are going. What’s Angus Robertson doing?

    Tasmina campaigned endlessly for Independence and got many people on board. No one could have done more. She is an articulate, competent and quick witted speaker. A credit to the SNP and the Independence Movement.

    Aberdeen/shire was voting SNP when Glasgow was still embedded with Labour/Unionists. It was a majority of NO votes in the central belt which swung the NO vote.

    TTIP is an attempt to prevent US Multinationals dominated the EU (world) Market as it does now. It is to allow EU companies fair access to US markets. The majority of EU (countries) are left of centre (socialist).

  119. Ken500 says:

    It’s not where someone comes from, it’s where they are going. Progressive not regressive.

    UKIP is regressive and intransigent.

  120. IvMoz says:


    Next you’ll be saying it’s OK to change allegiance to Football teams multiple times. It’s not. It’s called glory hunting.

    (Once a Don always a Don. Great result last night)

    The point of Stu’s article was to show up Stephen Anderson. Tasmina is as guilty if not more in the same vein.

    I find it disturbing that Tasmina’s thoughts on one Alex Salmond, her colleague & her Foreign Affairs spokesman is that “he is hopelessly out of his depth in the arena of real politics, national, and international”

    Tasmina is a narcissist & she will turn on the SNP.

  121. Haggis Hunter says:

    He’s no leaving Labour, he’s just moving to a different faction of the unionist party. Maybe he is a member of British first also?

  122. Ken500 says:

    All the (Oil) companies who advocated voting NO have been shafted by the Tories/Unionists. Taxed at 55%. (Foreign) multinationals tax evade through the City of London (tax haven) for illegal, secret bribes and back handers to Unionists Parties and their associates,

  123. Simoh says:

    @Ken500 “TTIP is an attempt to prevent US Multinationals dominated the EU (world) Market as it does now. It is to allow EU companies fair access to US markets.”

    Nonsense. Go here and check the last infographic

    TTIP is an attempt by global corporations to tighten the noose and choke democracy so it doesn’t get in the way of profit making. Here’s an example from The Independent last year.

    “Philip Morris is suing Uruguay for increasing the size of the health warnings on cigarette packs, and for clamping down on tobacco companies’ use of sub-brands like Malboro Red, Gold, Blue or Green which could give the impression some cigarettes are safe to smoke.

    The tobacco behemoth is taking its legal action under the terms of a bilateral trade agreement between Switzerland – where it relatively recently moved from the US – and Uruguay. The trade deal has at its heart a provision allowing Swiss multinationals the right to sue the Uruguayan people if they bring in legislation that will damage their profits.

    The litigation is allowed to be done in tribunals known as international-state dispute settlements (ISDS), ruled upon by lawyers under the auspices of the World Trade Organisation.

    Such an ISDS agreement is also core to the EU’s planned Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) treaty being negotiated with the US. The critics of TTIP fear the tribunals will see US multinationals sue European governments in such areas as regulating tobacco, health and safety, and quality controls.”

    It’s a corporate power grab and something we really need to shout about. Go and look at the facebook link to find out more and sign the petition.

  124. john king says:

    Woosie says
    “orange odour;”

    WHoohahahahahaha love it

  125. Dorothy Devine says:

    Ian Brotherhood – this Tim Farron,

    Mr Farron described the party’s attitude to civil liberties as “terrifying”.

    “They are doing the worst and darkest things that people suspect nationalists to be in favour of anywhere in the world,” he said.

    “My take on the SNP is that they are avowedly centre-left and extremely authoritarian.”

    Obviously a man looking for a brain!

  126. john king says:

    “As of last Wednesday I am @Labour”

    I read that I think of this 🙂

  127. Martin says:

    This is logical. He liked the tory policies when labour were punting them. Obviously decided “why have splenda when I can have sugar?”

  128. Macart says:

    @ John King

    Right, cuppa in hand I’ll have a wee read of the daily John up thread. 😀

  129. Tackety Beets says:

    Morning folks , bias what bias .

    Andrew Pierce on GMS still rabbiting on about Denid Skinner ! DS himself has said “actually I have no problem with the SNP they seam like a good bunch of people….. Etc”
    What a venomous younger AP has, he is the same on his Paper review on BBCNews , gggrrrrr.
    DS was on Radio 2 , 6 or 7 weeks ago with J Vine.

    Does anyone know if Prof John Robertson is still monitoring the Beeb Bias ?

  130. Ken500 says:

    TTIP is an attempt to stop US Multinational dominance of the EU as happens already. It is to balance fair trade in the EU not destroy it. it. So EU companies can access US markets. They are blocked now by US patents (illegal) giving monopolies, (microsoft) tax barriers and artificial blocking Laws designed to give US based companies trade privileges. Microsoft broke US trade Laws. They were sued in the US by the US Gov. Paid a fine but nothing much came of it. The profits now go to help African States. You can’t take it with you.

    The rest is a red herring. The Uruquay gov has more power than any tobacco company. Elected by Uruguay electorate. If a tobacco company wants to waste it’s money (ie corporate) profits on law suits it will lose. That is a matter for the shareholders,

  131. heedtracker says:

    “Asked whether the plans made the SNP any more in favour of the union, Robertson said: “You know that we believe in a social union, that the home nations matter, that we have ideas about how we would wish to work with our friends and neighbours on these islands in a different way – we are in a position to do that now.”

    From Guardian who seem to likee this SNP, evolution, assimilation, appropriation, immigration, into England and Englishness, sorry Britishness.

    This is also very weird.

    “Robertson denied that this was an attempt to detoxify the SNP in English marginals, with the Conservatives’ aggressive pre-election messaging about the “SNP threat” seeming to have hit home, saying: “There’s no need to – take a look at my inbox.”

    Detoxify in English marginals seems like a load pointless nonsense.

    I don’t vote SNP to be governed by English marginals and so on…

  132. john king says:

    Dorothy Divine @7.48
    He cant possibly be talking about the SNP is he?
    does anyone recognise the description?
    because I sure as hell dont!

  133. Ken500 says:

    Switzerland is not an EU member. It is a tax haven. The EU will/is putting pressure on Switzerland to reform/regulate the dubious (secret), illegal business practices. Banks etc.

  134. Macart says:

    @ Dorothy Devine

    “They are doing the worst and darkest things that people suspect nationalists to be in favour of anywhere in the world,” he said.

    “My take on the SNP is that they are avowedly centre-left and extremely authoritarian.”

    This Farron fella said all this did he?

    And he can prove ANY of this complete fuckwittery how? Like most of these wannabe somebody types, the soundbite is ever more easy to form than a cogent, logical argument. So basically like most empty shells of politicians he fills the gap between his ears with the tried and failed Tory bumper book of smear, fear and flummery.

    What part of the past years events has this political giant failed to comprehend precisely, that he intends repeating the same catastrophically failed experiment time after time and expects a more favourable result after every attempt?

    But let’s look at the other side of the coin and see just what the LibCon alliance achieved in five years. Pain, hardship, scandal, public betrayal of trust, more overseas conflict, the othering and demonising of a not insignificant number of their own electorate, a marked rise anti Scottish racism oh and lest we forget A MASSIVE AND DELIBERATE ABUSE OF PUBLIC OFFICE in an attempt to smear and undermine the duly elected and mandated First Minister of Scotland in pursuit of electoral advantage. An act so obviously contrived between political partners it has dragged the parties of all who had a hand in the farrago, quite rightly, into utter disrepute and disgrace.

    This is what no doubt passes for acceptable democratic politics and behaviour for Mr Farron, but we have higher standards in Scotland now and we’re a work in progress to rid ourselves of his ‘acceptable’ brand. We certainly don’t find betraying your charge and duty of care for the people acceptable.

    You judge folk by their actions and when careerist soundbite merchants like Mr Farron perpetuate bare faced lies that harm people, spread hatred and mistrust? Then I’d say his actions mark him unfit to hold any office.

  135. CameronB Brodie says:

    19th century grassroots socialist agitation + Fabian Society = English Socialism (Tory-lite totalitarian authoritarianism, or British Fascism).

  136. Ken500 says:

    Tasmina and Alex Salmond are as one. Quoting out of context and out of date is irrevant, dubious and prejudist. No one is allowed to change their mind ever? It’s part of the human condition to change.

    Rev Stu is pointing out a Labour/Unionist became a Tory/Unionist. NO difference. The same shame.

  137. michael diamond says:

    Agree with jimnarlene, this buffoon(plant) does not merit the worthiness of a reply.

  138. Helena Brown says:

    Och the poor wee soul, searching for a cause to believe in, probably rebelling and trying something different because all his pals are SNP. The pity is he should stop posting until he finds it, probably now that nice Mr Farron is leader of the Lib Dems, he will be over there next.

  139. Nana Smith says:


    Angus MacNeil: If the Tories think they can disrespect Scotland, they’re wrong

  140. Albaman says:

    O/T,Sorry Rev,
    Yesterday I posted regarding the B.B.C.s I player , and how I wanted to listen to the first half hour of Stephen Jardine’s “Call Kay” on thisThursday’s programme, which the people who did phone in were very, very critical of B.B.C. Scotland,
    Every time I try to listen, up pops a notice telling me that there is a technical problem.
    Can the posters here, advise me, if it is just me, or is it Labour controlled B.B.C. Scotland?.

  141. Simoh says:

    The ISDS clause within TTIP will give power to corporations to sue govts if they attempt to put in place legislation that affects their profits. Full stop. That’s why the SNP has come out against it, ffs! It’s a global stitch up and nothing to do with the US/European question – that’s a smokescreen. Maybe you should actually have a look at the link I sent?!

    Your comment about Uruguay makes no sense at all. It’s already happening in Australia and other countries too. Of course anyone would think it would be self evident that countries would “have more power than any tobacco company” but that’s exactly why TTIP is so dangerous – it undermines that very idea.

  142. Ravelin says:

    Ken500 says:
    Tasmina and Alex Salmond are as one

    I hadn’t noticed that, but now you mention it, a good dollop of makeup (and an industrial strength corset)…you could be right!

  143. john king says:

    Nana Smith @ 9.19
    I looked at that link and the first thing I did was laugh, at this,
    “The British Establishment is notorious for seducing its detractors with a taste of the clubbable lifestyle. But it will surely be different with the SNP? They deplore the pomp. They laugh at the arcane. They subsist on chips.”

    Which I thought had more than a modicum of truth to it

    But what I didn’t expect was for Angus Robertson to wipe the smile off my face with this

    “Despite his concerns about the EU’s direction, he remains firmly committed to the idea of an independent Scotland taking up its place in Brussels. The SNP have been treading carefully around the idea of calling for a second independence referendum too soon, but MacNeil is clear that before long another vote will be on the table. “It’s coming. The question will be do we ask the Scottish people about full fiscal autonomy only, will it be independence only or will we ask the people the two questions and see what they want? I’m not afraid of asking the people what they want,” he says. – See more at:

    If FFA is in the next referendum I wont be alive to see my country independent,
    I need a moment!

  144. Ken500 says:

    It is not. Tobacco consumption in the West has gone down. Uruguay and Australa are competent enough to take care of their own affairs. Companies can sue governments all they like and lose out of their profits or get put out of business. It is governments which issue the business licences and regulate trade Laws. Companies biting the hand that feeds them will not survive.

    Government have more power than companies.They sustain them. In the US tobacco companies have been sued under US Laws having to pay vast compensation, which nearly put them out of business. In the US it is not cool to smoke or drink. Strict drink/drug Laws. Strict enforcement.

  145. Brian Powell says:

    On people masquerading as something else:

    “Three British pilots embedded with US and Canadian air forces have been involved in airstrikes over Syria for the first time.”

    Iraq was attacked during the Gulf war as the originator and sponsor of the New York towers atrocity.

    Is the UK Government behaving in the same way? MPs voted not take military action so UK forces are bombing Syria, illegally.

  146. Macart says:

    @John King

    “I need a moment!” 😀 LOL

    Steady John, he’s talking to a journo.

    Long spoons, don’t show your hand, options open an awe that. 🙂

  147. cearc says:

    John King,

    I agree. FFA as a referendum question would set back independence for a very long time

  148. Betty Boop says:

    @ HandandShrimp, 12:35am


    I think it is Fallon – although how he can do that and double up as Defence Minister I am not sure.

    Almost punny, HandS 🙂 although the two would probably be interchangeable and no one would notice.

    Just heard a Libdem on radio getting all gushy about him and saying “of course, he could be Prime Minister”. Oh well, we all have our little fantasies.

  149. heedtracker says:

    A n other Battle of Britain says The Guardian

    Mr Anderson’s twitter photo and its giant union jacks means many different things to say the least. UKOK drones spend? over £2 billion and they have to be used on something or other.

  150. Mealer says:

    John King 9.54
    We won’t get independence until it is the settled will of the Scottish people.At the moment the will of the Scottish people is unsettled.It can’t become settled in favour of independence until meaningful powers are shown to be undeliverable by Westminster.The FFA door has to be slammed in people’s faces before they’ll realise talk of more powers is a red herring.A trick.

  151. heedtracker says:

    Tis a long way from Herriot Watt Mr Anderson

    “Gen Sir Nick Houghton, chief of the defence staff, warned on Wednesday that the RAF was “at the very limits of fast jet availability and capacity”. He made clear that a significant part of the increased defence spending announced in the budget would be used to buy more spy planes and drones for the RAF.

    The government is unlikely to approve bombing missions over Syria until after the Labour party has elected a new leader.”

    So after the Labour party elects its new leader, we beginning the bombing of another hot country that can’t bomb us back, much.

    TeamGB’s not owned and run by maniacs at all.

  152. Ken500 says:

    Westminster Pantomine. The fancy dress. The pished Cameron, the darkness, sleekit creepy Osbourne, Ian Duncan Smith the hypocrites who starve the vulnerable. The pompous, arrogant and ignorant poseurs who could talk for England. No wonder nothing gets done. The illegal wars, the child abusers, killers, the tax evasion the fraud and corruption. What a bunch of lying Unionist parasites, who are above the Law. Most of them should be in jail.

  153. Nana Smith says:

    @john king

    Ah John I too have my moments believe me. Mostly my moments are spent silently screaming.

    I await the question being put to the ‘Scottish people’ and hoping it won’t be too long in coming. I feel there has been enough ‘material changes’ now.

    Frankly I’m getting impatient to say the very least.

    Off to bake a cake, feeling the need for comfort eats.

    Wonder where my earlier links post has disappeared to this morning?

  154. Robert Peffers says:

    @Kenny says: 16 July, 2015 at 11:42 pm:

    “To be honest, at least he gave his reason. I think he is just a bit young and mixed up.”

    I somehow get the feeling he probably supports rangers and is fond of marching. No evidence, mind, just a gut feeling.
    At very least he seems to be a dedicated unionist.

  155. ronnie anderson says:

    Scotland Tonight. Joe Swinson waxing liericle about Tim Farron being the leader to change the fortunes of the LibDems & & become Prime Minister Whooooharhar n har,lay doon Ms Swinson your time is truely over.

  156. All I can say is its absolutely hilarious

  157. Macart says:


    Like every statement you make to a journo, the real story can be in the smallest detail, but surrounded by acres of camo.

    “It’s coming. “ 😉

  158. Sinky says:

    o/t but Ian Murray was attacking Scottish government’s “glasgowisation” of Police Scotland in Edinburgh Evening News yesterday.

    Is Ian Murray is so out of touch that he doesn’t know that Labour supported the creation of Police Scotland when it passed the Scottish Parliament with 101 MSPs in support and only the six Lib Dems voted against.

  159. Chic McGregor says:

    ““A: Without checking elsewhere, do you know who the new leader of the UK Liberal Democrats is?

    B: Do you, or anyone you know, give a monkey’s?””

    With respect, it only matters if he has an affect on the LibDem support who defected to the SNP under Clegg.

    Here’s hoping he doesn’t.

  160. scott says:

    On Fallon this says it all about him and the Libs.

    New Lib Dem leader Tim Farron backs Alistair Carmichael,
    Lies and please help me Rhona Carmuckle must go I say

  161. Dave McEwan Hill says:

    I agree with other poster’s concerns. FFA is not a substitute for independence. It is a complicated impediment on the road to independence. It is not and cannot be some sort of expression of nationhood.
    Among other things it leaves two areas in which nationhood is extremely important – national defence and foreign relationships – in the hands of others and implies that we require the big boys to represent our interests in big boys stuff
    Anything it FFA is claimed to do independence does better and without the complications
    I wouldn’t lift a finger in pursuit of FFA. It will be offered to us as a last resort if we keep on increasing support for normal independence.

  162. CameronB Brodie says:

    OT. A bit lazy from Mark Steel?

    Is this not an example of outright Islamophobia, implying that Islam is somehow intrinsically violent and dangerous?

  163. Luigi says:

    ronnie anderson says:

    17 July, 2015 at 10:56 am

    Scotland Tonight. Joe Swinson waxing liericle about Tim Farron being the leader to change the fortunes of the LibDems & & become Prime Minister Whooooharhar n har,lay doon Ms Swinson your time is truely over.

    On GMS today, Farron was doing ok, saying all the right things…….until the Carmichael question.

    And then it was the same old guff “give him another chance etc etc”, refusing to acknowledge that a by-election would give him and his electorate another chance.

    You failed on the Carmichael question, Mr Farron, as did every single one of your party colleagues who has been challenged on this issue. You did not have to call for his head, only to encourage him to step down and stand again and let the people of Orkney and Shetland decide. The irony is that, IMO, if Carmichael had shown any courage and remorse, he may well have scrapped back in. Now he has put his party at risk of extinction in Scotland.

    Thank you Mr Farron. I’ve already heard enough. Goodbye.

  164. Glamaig says:

    Albaman, I can’t get that episode 16th July to play either. Just silence. Others seem ok. Maybe they’re busy editing.

  165. Col says:

    I don’t think Westminster would ever allow ffa anyway, they either control our resources or they don’t. In or out. Surely the clearest sign that they really don’t care for Scotland’s people but care a great deal for its money.

  166. Jack Murphy says:

    OT. For weeks there’s been Word on the Block about Alistair Darling being offered a seat in the House of Peers and Peeresses at Westminster. 🙁
    I’ve nailed this nasty rumour down to the Edinburgh Evening News.
    “A Labour Party source was quoted saying,”Blunkett and Darling are nailed on”.
    “The 61 year old led the Better Together campaign during the independence referendum”.
    Presumanly for services rendered.

  167. Edward says:

    Slightly O/T

    Noticed this morning good news regarding tourist figures for Scotland reported in the Herald

    However found on the Scotsman that they report that the figures are not good. Except when you dig down into the Scotsman article, they are being whimsical about figures

    So true facts and figures in the Herald giving a good picture, including I note a 31% increase in US tourists to Scotland, no doubt helped by the direct air links between the US and Scotland
    Crass reporting and playing down by the Scotsman

    Links are here
    Scotsman article

    (sorry archive not taking the Herald link)

  168. galamcennalath says:

    FFA is a demon which needs exorcised. We need to go through the motions to make sure it is well and truly off the table.

    We can take independence, however we must be given FFA and WM will never give it. That needs to be made crystal clear to soft NOs who still believe there is some middle ground.

    The Scotland Bill will end up as a joke. The SNP should run in 2016 on a ticket to negotiate on the delivery of what was promised by the Unionists to enable them to win last Sept. I think it almost certain that WM will not negotiate. That gets any serious devolution OFF the table once and for all. IndyRef2 can follow at a time which best suits.

    If there were a referendum on FFA, WM would just fudge and offer their interpretation which would still fall short. We need the SNP to run the negotiations and reject anything which falls short.

  169. Camz says:

    Backing the wrong horse since 2014…from the recently detested to the traditionally detested.

    Never mind. One born every minute.

  170. Chic McGregor says:

    Doing a mini Rev. here:

    14th March 2015 Guardian
    Tory coalition will tarnish Lib Dems for a generation, Tim Farron warns

    The Liberal Democrats could suffer for a generation as a result of the decision to go into coalition with the Conservatives, the former party president Tim Farron has warned. Farron, seen as a potential successor to Nick Clegg, said it was obvious that the party would be tarnished by the decision.

    23 Jun 2015 BBC
    Farron: Right to govern with Tories

    Typical LibDem trying to be all things to all people.

    They never seem to grasp the message of the old adage “You can fool all of the people some of the time and all of the people some of the time, but you can’t fool all of the people all of the time.”

    Both Tory parties have sussed that you only need to fool most of the people most of the time.

  171. Camz says:

    Not sure what’s comparable with Churchill. Churchill had seen a war or two, and actually lived a life outside of the hustings.

  172. Chic McGregor says:

    Oops forgot the quotation marks.

  173. Joemcg says:

    FFA on the ballot paper with control of the oil at stake? Cameron would do everything in his power to stop that option.

  174. heedtracker says:

    Hmmm. Stroking chin here

    Severin Carrell is unwell.

  175. GallusEffie says:

    Nana Smith @10.44

    I don’t know if it’s a natural lull/downer from the build up and excitement of the GE results but I feel flat as hell about the state of play between Scotland and WM.

    I feel Indy *is* coming, I can see why tactically we have to wait to show the ineffectiveness of WM for us, the 56 SNP MPs will either make gains for us, or show we never could. Then pick the date when the polls are in our favour. I get that.

    I need to keep reading here from like-minded people to steel myself against the continual dismissal and putting down of the SNP.

    But it’s a sair fecht right enough.

  176. Les Wilson says:

    On every BBCS news this morning on someone bleating that Carmichael, should be given another chance! “the Scots are fair people” blah blah.

    NO CHANCE, HE IS A SELF CONFESSED LIAR! trying to deceive his fellow Scots. However, we still need to find the origins of this lie and the others who were involved. How deep does this go, we really need to know. By withholding this information, he is still at it.

  177. a supporter says:

    Very good Stu,but many folk will not be bothered to read the crappy texts through to the end. You need a headline promising a punchline.

  178. Joemcg says:

    Nana and Gallus- I feel your pain. Seems we are in a hopeless and helpless situation right now. Those no voters have got a lot to answer for.

  179. thedogphilosopher says:

    Regarding Stephen Anderson’s sudden switch of sides. Shouldn’t there be a picture of him holding a blue and white scarf above his head and saying something along the lines of, ‘Becoming a Tory is a dream come true’.

  180. Chic McGregor says:


    “Severin Carrell is unwell.”

    Not necessarily. The plan may be to foster the ideas:

    That a fair and compassionate government is still possible in the UK.

    Therefore Scottish independence is not required to bring that about.

    That Scotland striving for normal levels of self government is in fact being selfish by depriving the rUK of that possibility of a fair and compassionate government.

    The reality is that Tory elitism cannot be removed by the pseudo democratic means available to the British people. It is too entrenched systematically in all the areas it needs to maintain its position – Government, Business and Media.

    An alternative, and crucially unhide-able, successfully functioning alternative in Scotland could force that change in the rUK (but would still requiring a revolution, peaceful or otherwise, there).

  181. Nana Smith says:

    @GallusEffie & Joemcg

    I get the down and dumped on feelings especially with the constant ‘hating’ from the unionists, and then I read a comment from Macart 11.01am and I get a lift.

    Actually if it wasn’t for this site I think we would all feel low too often. Thank you Rev Stu.

    I do think its time to get the Yes campaign back out, that would keep independence in people’s hearts and minds. Will also have the added bonus of pissing off the unionists.

  182. Ken500 says:

    A unionist controlled local authority appointed House (who supports bigots marching, ruining the local economy. A coincidence). Unionists supported a amalgamated Police Force to save public money. Helicopters, £5Million show trial, running about with guns, keeping folk in cells illegally, lying reports but can’t answer a call out. GCC and Police incompetence wastes public money.

  183. Luigi says:

    Chic McGregor says:

    17 July, 2015 at 11:42 am

    Typical LibDem trying to be all things to all people.

    Aye, one of Mhairi’s weather vanes, spinning in the wind!

  184. scottieDog says:

    @Dave McEwan Hill
    In terms of FFA and independence, you really have to add monetary independence to that. If you don’t control monetary policy you are wading through treacle. SNP have to wake up to that fact.

  185. Petra says:

    @ Albaman says at 9:25 am ”Yesterday I posted regarding the B.B.C.s I player, and how I wanted to listen to the first half hour of Stephen Jardine’s “Call Kay” on this Thursday’s programme, which the people who did phone in were very, very critical of B.B.C. Scotland. Every time I try to listen, up pops a notice telling me that there is a technical problem. Can the posters here, advise me, if it is just me, or is it Labour controlled B.B.C. Scotland?.”

    I’ve just checked it out Albaman. No sound at all. I checked a number of other episodes and they’re all fine. Maybe it’s taking some time for them to edit out the ‘unsuitable’ parts from yesterdays call-in?

  186. Albaman says:

    No “they” do not want the Scottish public to hear, once again the Torrant of scorn from those who phoned into the programme, (U.B.C. = Union broadcasting service.!)

  187. Derick fae Yell says:

    Tamsina has been in the SNP for 14 years.

    I went round the doors with her and she worked until she could hardly talk, or walk.

    On your bike

  188. Robert Kerr says:


    House was a place-man for Chief Constable Strathclyde Police. WM aided and abetted by Labour controlled local authorities.

    What’s not to like?

  189. One_Scot says:

    Love this picture,

    I had always assumed that their defence would have been – because that the size it would look. Turns out the BBC are basically liars. Who knew. Is there nothing the BBC won’t distort for their own agenda.

  190. ronnie anderson says:

    @ Nana Smith 12.28pm Feet on the ground ,Knuckles on doors, & get People up to date with Westminsters Incompetence & what their not being told by the British Media Propaganda Machine.

  191. frogesque says:

    On topic, Stephen Anderson is within his rights to change his mind if he wants. Hope he’s happy with his new masters.

    Politics is about changing minds, if it were not, why are so many good folk on here working so hard to change NOs to YESs?

    Win some, loose some, as long as the overall balance is toward YES then the rest is just fluff.

    Regarding Yasima, she is bright sharp an young. Her presentation skills are excellent and like the canny warhorse Alex, she can teach others in the party how best to get a message heard. We need everyone to play a part and now is not the time to be ripping into our MPs, enough others are already doing that without pressing a self destruct button

    I totally get the frustrations surrounding an IRef#2 but a lost vote or an extremely narrow win would be catastrophic and divisive. We need a convincing win and it will take both hard work and sensible policies to take Scotland toward. In the meantime we have to be patient. Mhairi Black’s maiden speech has reached 6.5M + people. Any Tory or Labour member would give their eye teeth and a couple of fingers for that sort of impact.

    We ARE winning and time is on our side.

  192. Effijy says:

    O/T Did anyone see Cameron squirming out of answering if he
    would take his double digit pay rise or award it to charity? Lol If you can read anyone’s expressions, he just shouted out are you joking? I’m taking every penny I can get for me and my lot and sod anyone who needs charity.

    He is especially miserable with money.
    It was all legitimate but when his young son was ill, there was no prospect of him using some of his £30-40 Million in the bank to helps his son while he can use the over stretched NHS, mobility car, free road tax, etc.

    Would you have spent your money regardless to ensure the best of everything for your child?

    He is the first ever PM to rent out their own home, while living rent free in Downing St.

    Miserable money grabbing Tory!

  193. GallusEffie says:

    Nana Smith & Joemcg

    I am going to take heart from Macart’s “It’s coming”

    Also just remembered that lying in bed last night, I burst out laughing whilst being kept awake by the wind and rain.

    I was thinking of Douglas Henshall’s character in “Scotland in a Day” saying “Fuck! he even looks English!” about the head of his being-born baby just short of the Scottish border. So ridiculously funny.

  194. heedtracker says:

    Chic McGregor says:
    17 July, 2015 at 12:24 pm

    “Severin Carrell is unwell.”

    Not necessarily. The plan may be to foster the ideas:Surge in

    Why on earth would one of the most ferocious opponents in teamGB media suddenly start farting out these headlines?

    “Surge in English SNP members: ‘the core message is very attractive'”

    Do we really need to go over Libby Carrell’s endless vote NO/vote SLab or else stuff, or their racist patronising goons like Steve Bell, or how the Guardian marched joyfully with the OO at their vote NO or else and we really meant it, rally pre referendum in Edinburgh etc

    British media are the biggest BBC led liars in the world right now and its all for the power and glory of England.

    If that kid up there has bought into to the power and glory of England, he may well have reached his limit in UKOK lying fraudsters, bleeding the socio economic life out of their Scotland region.

    And who could blame him. That’s what its all been about from the moment he was born.

  195. Robert Peffers says:

    @IvMoz says: 17 July, 2015 at 7:16 am:

    “The point of Stu’s article was to show up Stephen Anderson. Tasmina is as guilty if not more in the same vein.”

    Oh! For heaven’s sake! There is not too much difference between the SNP’s left of centre political place on the political spectrum and that of the old true Labour party pre-NuLabour. Tasmina is reportedly from a traditional Labour family background.

    I find quite plausible, and this is born out by the many ex-Labour party supporters who have been flocking to SNP membership of recent years, that it was Labour’s rightward movement that left them, and Tasmina, not Tasmina who has left Labour.

    I too came from a staunch Labour voting family but I moved to the SNP when Labour were at their peak and I’ll tell you why. Just across the street were I lived in Edinburgh lived the politician who was to become the first ever Labour Lord Provost of Edinburgh. At that stage of his career just standing to become a councillor after being demobbed from the WWII Royal Artillery.

    My parents had me deliver Jack Kane’s Labour Party leaflets as I delivered newspapers on my round. I thus met many Labour Party insiders and, quite frankly, was not too impressed as I was already following the early supporters of Scottish Independence. I had already found this : –

    A historic statement by Lord President Cooper, delivering the Opinion of the First Division of the Court of Session on the 30th of July 1953, that: “The principle of the unlimited sovereignty of Parliament is a distinctively English principle which has no counterpart in Scottish constitutional law.”

    It tells us that people of Scotland are legally sovereign in Scotland and, if we the people, say so then the Union is over.

  196. shiregirl says:


    re MP payrise – I assume all those MP’s who are disgusted and shocked with the IPSA 10% in their salary will be doing as the SNP are and only taking 1% so on line with public sector workers and donating the rest to good cause?

    But will Mundell? He will give to a good cause, surely.

    “A spokesman for Conservative Scottish Secretary David Mundell said that what he does with his salary increase is “a private matter”.

    Not a chance.

    I am disgusted by Cameron and will likewise all those who decide to keep the salary hike. Name and shame them.

  197. Chic McGregor says:


    I didn’t say the plan would work, just that that may be the plan.

    It is based on the premise that consensus benchmarks relating to fairness and compassion in Scotland and England have not diverged at the cultural identity level.

    I think that is wrong. I think they are different at that level, not just between Scottish consensus v English consensus but also between North and South England.

    At the cultural level, benchmarks are physically ingrained into the brain by the neural pathways that have been created during a long process and while not impossible to reverse would take years to do so.

    An independent Scotland which is successful enough not just to demonstrate that such an approach is possible but actually in the long run, financially better as well, could provide the motivation for such a change but even then it will still take years for Middle Englanders to painfully unpick their ingrained benchmarks of entitlement, superiority and intolerance.

    That is if they can ever be persuaded. Personally I think many. perhaps most, would rather go down waving their Union Flags rather than give up on their ingrained mythos.

  198. mike cassidy says:

    Maybe this move to the Tories is a planned step towards getting his snout in the trough.

    After all, if it’s good enough for Cameron… and Osborne… and Murphy…and Burnham… etc

  199. Dave McEwan Hill says:

    Ken500 at 12.30

    Rubbish. Extra 1000 officers on the beat (over the period in which England has lost over 10,000),removal of several layers of expensive duplication, lowest recorded crime figures in 40 years and you think it appropriate to regurgitate anti SNP tabloid shite.

    I get worried when our own support starts to swallow the spin against us

  200. Rev. Stuart Campbell says:

    “He is autistic.”

    Is that an analysis or a claim? On what evidence?

  201. dave the squirrel says:

    Hahahah. Fair-weather fuckwit.

  202. Petra says:

    @ Macart says at 1:57 pm Definitely worth reading.

    REALLY interesting Macart. Great how you can see how people like Murphy and Mundell have voted. I wonder if Rev Stu’s had a look at it?

  203. Taranaich says:

    Thanks all, though I really need to amend the Holyrood seats: the SNP only had 7 constituency seats, but they got an extremely respectable 28 regional seats, so even back then they were the second party of Holyrood. Even so, that success was not assured: the high wave of independence support in the late ’90s and the SNP’s subsequent 30% vote as the peak of the party’s success, and that they’d never achieve more than that. Certainly that’s almost certainly why the Prime Minister signed up to the Edinburgh Agreement in the first place.

  204. Will Podmore says:

    Thanks, Majestic12, for the info on the infamous TTIP. TTIP is being negotiated in secret by the EU and the USA. Opposition at first was largely to two particularly obnoxious elements, rather than to the treaty as a whole. The first of these was the so-called Investor State Dispute Settlement process (ISDS), which would allow multinationals to sue governments without national legal systems having any say.
    The second was the possible impact on the privatisation of the NHS, as TTIP could not only accelerate the break-up of the NHS but also make returning the whole service to public control impossible without repudiating the whole treaty.
    Two leading unions – RMT and Unite – have announced that they now opposed TTIP as a whole and its sister deal the Trade in Services Agreement (TiSA). The two unions have recognised that TTIP threatens to demolish all agreements negotiated by trade unions, including collective bargaining on pay.
    TTIP was a mandate to maximise the profits of the transnationals. To do this it must erase all the normal regulations on health and safety, labour and environmental standards – what the EU calls ‘trade irritants’. The British government and the City of London were complicit; the very banks which played poker with our money in 2008 were pressing for the removal of regulation under TTIP. A parallel Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) was also under way. The EU-US aim is a corporate-run world.

  205. crazycat says:

    @ Heedtracker at 1.28

    When I looked at the article you linked to, the by-line was Ben Quinn, not Severin Carrell. Unless that was not the case when you initially read it, there is no evidence that SC has changed his attitudes.

  206. Rock says:


    “She was raised a Tory (active from the age of 10), and her father was a councillor, so it’s understandable she followed in her father’s footsteps.”

    Robert Peffers,

    “Tasmina is reportedly from a traditional Labour family background.”

    Tory or traditional Labour?

    I have no problem with voters changing their minds.

    But it seems politicians changing parties are generally opportunists.

    They should not be allowed to stand as candidates by the SNP for at least five years.

    If they are committed to the SNP and their main goal of independence, they will remain.

  207. DerekM says:

    oh dear off to the tories in a hissy fit he should fit in well.

    cant help thinking it wont make a bit of difference for us,and if the Labour party still think they are fighting us for government they are howling at the moon,the tories have their eye on their voters and will now turn on their better together friends,well why wouldnt they its a perfect opportunity to pick up the scraps after we mauled Labour and left them broken and in tatters.

    As for folk moving back and forth from political parties dont be too quick to judge them for it please.
    It would have been easier for them to have got caught in the onion bubble big ride on the gravy train mob,but they did not they chose their convictions before party now that tells me they are clever and have a clue whats going on,and we need clever people.

    Plus im sure the party will keep them in line thats if they need to,so far they are all doing great working like the team we know they are and showing the UK what a real political party is all about, not like those pretend ones they have,as a politician why would you not want to be a part of that.

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