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A mixed day for Johann Lamont

Posted on February 04, 2014 by

There’s both good and bad news for the embattled Scottish Labour “leader” in today’s newspapers. But before we get to that, we’d like you to watch this.

The gent posing the rather lengthy question is Sean Clerkin, the man Iain Gray hid from in Subway. We must admit we’re not quite sure why he thinks Johann Lamont has anything to do with Atos sponsoring the Commonwealth Games – something which would presumably be a matter for the Scottish Government and/or Glasgow City Council, neither of which she controls – but the Labour MSP’s reaction is remarkable.

We watched in amazement as Lamont, with a face like thunder, refuses to look Clerkin in the eye throughout, either staring straight ahead, looking the other way or actually closing her eyes. Her “minder” shields her both metaphorically and sometimes physically during the short clip, in a live demonstration of the way the party hides her from view whenever there’s anything difficult in the media.


On the strength of the video, and not for the first time, we invite our readers to picture Ms. Lamont as Scotland’s First Minister during any sort of national crisis, and wish them good luck in the endeavour. But onto the news.

Glasgow South West Labour MP Ian Davidson puts the boot into his notional superior not once but twice in today’s papers. In the Daily Record he savages her proposals to devolve income tax to Scotland in the event of a No vote, echoing this site’s warnings that the price of such powers would be the ending of the Barnett Formula, costing Scotland billions of pounds without control over North Sea oil revenues to compensate.

We welcome Mr Davidson’s confirmation of our analysis. But he wasn’t quite finished with Johann yet. Over in the Herald, Davidson, who lost the election to be Scottish Labour’s deputy leader in 2011 to Anas Sarwar, calls for the election to be re-run in the light of the UK party’s proposed changes to leadership election rules.

As “deputy leader of Labour in Scotland” is an essentially meaningless role, we’re going to credit Ian Davidson with slightly higher motives than a second shot at securing the position for himself. (He is, after all, chairman of the Scottish Affairs Committee at Westminster, a rather loftier perch in the Labour hierarchy.)

The only plausible reason for making the suggestion would therefore appear to be a thinly-veiled vote of no confidence in Johann Lamont’s stewardship of the Scottish branch. The new rules would almost certainly see her ejected, as she was elected primarily by the trade union vote whose influence would be diminished by Ed Miliband’s reforms, and we’re sure Mr Davidson knows that full well.

(By far the greatest bulk of Davidson’s votes in the deputy leadership election came from the trade union faction, making it even less likely that he’d be calling for a re-run as an opportunity to secure the deputy’s office.)

So, one of Scottish Labour’s most senior and prominent MPs has just rubbished the main policy platform on which Lamont is contesting the independence referendum (backing Wings Over Scotland, no less, in doing so) and issued a barely-coded public statement that he thinks she’s useless. What sort of good news could possibly cheer Johann up after a couple of body-blows like those?

Well, at least today she finally gets to see the Falkirk report for the first time.

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    178 to “A mixed day for Johann Lamont”

    1. jpfife says:

      That’s a huffy face fe Johann if ever there was one.

    2. Grant says:

      I would of thought Johann Lamont and Scottish Labour are “Better Together”.
      … could not resist.

    3. alexicon says:

      Not only was there an elephant and a Gorilla in the room, their was also a sour puss.

    4. Erchie says:

      As Glasgow are running a lot tp do with the games maybe he thought, as LoLitSP and wife of GLc Dep Ldr, Johann Lamont might have some clout.

    5. alexicon says:

      Excuse the wrong “their”.

    6. desimond says:

      “He is, after all, chairman of the Scottish Affairs Committee at Westminster, a rather loftier perch in the Labour hierarchy.”

      A position which will hopefully soon be abolished. Me thinks Mr Davidson playing the long game here.

      First law of the Jungle, protect Thyself.

      At the very least he is covering his bases to ensure any future outlays can still be filed under expenses!

    7. Lindsey Smith says:

      That was it? That was her reply? “I don’t agree with you” was NOT an answer to the question! And defensive did you say, with her pressed closed lips and folded arms. Such a pathetic performance suggests an inability to debate without pre-prepared speech.

    8. Toshtastic says:

      Ive always had this concern that devo max is basically like independence BUT with added costs to WM.

      Is that too simplistic?

      In my mind, it would give all (assuming complete 100% devo max) tax powers to the Scottish Government, which is what Independence does, but we would still have to pay for things like HS2, Trident etc etc

      A bit like moving into your first flat and paying full rent to your parents

    9. Marker Post says:

      “I dinnae agree wi ye”

      Debater of the year material, right there.

    10. Doug Daniel says:

      Wow, that’s a remarkable display of passive aggression. You just can’t act like that if you’re a politician, never mind the supposed leader of a party. Politicians have to be open to other people, even if they’re giving criticism – not looking at them sideways, thinking “shut up ye dick.”

      Labour need to get a grip and stop electing useless idiots who couldn’t lead a conga line. Ideally, folk should be electing the person they think will best represent them at constituency level, but they should still be able to count on the party leader being a capable politician. It’s insulting that Labour keep asking people to vote for them when they offer us people like Iain Gray and Johann Lamont as their would-be First Minister (and Ed Miliband as the would-be Prime Minister.)

      Where’s that clip from? I take it it’s not a Labour constituency meeting?

    11. tartanfever says:

      She’s absolutely horrendous. A look of sheer disgust. There is another video from that night that shows our intrepid questioner following Lamont and hubby, Glasgow Council’s no2, husband Archie Graham from the venue to their car still asking about Atos.

      Of course, he still gets no response or answer from them.

      Oh, and the end of the video above is sheer genius. I won’t give the plot away. but watch it to the very end.

    12. fergie35 says:

      …and she is Scottish parliamentary debater of the year. Who decided that?

    13. Betty Boop says:

      How can anyone take Johann Lamont seriously. Is this the best that can be expected of the Labour Party, dumping incompetence in Scotland? When she doesn’t have the party approved script, she simply ignores anything challenging.

      I listened to her give her “something for nothing” comment at First Minister’s Questions when she complained about the provision of free prescriptions, tuition fees, universal benefits for the elderly, etc., etc. That was bad enough, but, then months later, I happened to see her on a television interview deny that she had ever said it.

      She loses the plot often when she hasn’t quite got the latest, message running in the opposite direction from the previous one, from Westminster Labour. Disingenuous is the kind word for this type of political jiggery pokery. Their current “new” direction is aimed at the general election in 2015 and the promises will end up in the bin afterwards or in Scotland’s case, in the event of a no vote.

      Why would anyone want to continue with this disrespectful service from UK party politicians. We are all paying the price. Wake up, especially Labour supporters. You have the chance to have some real democracy and work for the benefit of Scotland through taking control of our own affairs.

    14. kalmar says:

      Gorilla @ 2:30

    15. Conan_the_Librarian says:

      Was the ape a prospective Labour candidate?

      I couldn’t see if he had a red rosette on.

    16. Flower of Scotland says:

      Frightening thought ! Useless Johann ! Or very nasty Davidson for FM ! It’s absolutely imperative to get a YES vote !

    17. Conan_the_Librarian says:

      @tartanfever, missed the ATOS logo. Brilliant.

    18. Roland Smith says:

      Read This Rev and you will see why Johann is involved for family reasons if nothing else.

      Archie is Johanns husband and if you read the article you will see he is up to his neck in it.

    19. Barontorc says:

      I listened to Sean Clerkin’s piece twice and JoLo’s reply – ‘I don’t agree with you’ – and for the life of me I cannot figure her response out. Is she against what he is saying about the suffering of the disabled subjected to ATOS? Is she against his proposal that Labour force Glasgow CC, which is run by Labour to drop disgraced ATOS as sponsors – on the world’s stage – of the Commonwealth Games? Is she against Sean Clerkin personally?

      Just what the hell is she about? She sits as Labour’s leader with a face like a burst purse as her constituent makes a very strong socialist point and all she says is ‘I don’t agree with you’ without expanding on her position.

      The inevitable and only conclusion to draw is that she is content personally and philosophically with ATOS and what they’re about. She sits on her hands and utters not a word of explanation or condemnation as her constituents in particular are left out on a limb and now the odious Davidson is even going for her throat! She won’t see past Easter.

    20. Peter Macbeastie says:

      The funniest thing about Johann Lamont is not really anything she says, or anything she does.

      It’s that in the whole hierarchy of ‘Scottish’ Labour SHE came out of the rammy that is a leadership election as the best person for the job.

      Err…. What? How? Is it the case that there’s no one else better, or is it the case that no one who is better actually wanted the job? It is noticable that Labour in Scotland (that Scottish Labour thing; no such entity when you go looking for party registration details) seem to be attracting a metaphor; talented people are much like water in the Sahara, a long way in any direction to any reliable source, and very hard to find.

      @ Fergie35… Parliamentary Debater of the Year… I can only think of two possible reasons. No one else was considered, or someone thought that giving it to Alex Salmond would look a bit pro SNP…. I jest, obviously, but like you I cannot comprehend how that woman got that award. She is to debating to what Muffin the Mule is to showjumping.

    21. orkers says:

      Why was the man’woman wearing a gorilla costume?

      What a chaotic shambles where questions just aren’t being answered.

      A banner with ‘Penilee’ and ‘enough is enough’ behind Johan.


    22. SquareHaggis says:

      Love the monkey moniker, fits right in with this zoo…

    23. desimond says:


      Seems to be a People For People ( not a Depeche Mode tribute Band sadly), event.

      Theres a few Anti-Bedroom Tax Facebook links ( cant access from work) via quick search on Google

    24. Ken Mac says:

      ”one of Scottish Labour’s most senior and prominent MPs”

      That, incredibly, is true but being criticised by an ****hole doesn’t really count, does it?

    25. SquareHaggis says:

      OMG it’s the fancy dress labour party

    26. Taranaich says:

      The presence of the gorilla reminds me of the infamous Selective Attention test:

      That said…

      We must admit we’re not quite sure why he thinks Johann Lamont has anything to do with Atos sponsoring the Commonwealth Games


      ATOS are sponsoring the Commonwealth Games? ATOS!?! Really? You might as well have George Osborne attend the Paralympics.

    27. Red Squirrel says:

      Reminds me of something…

      Where sits our sulky sullen dame.
      Gathering her brows like gathering storm,
      Nursing her wrath to keep it warm

    28. Craig P says:

      Who let Johann meet members of the public? Deary me.

    29. Gordon says:

      Interestingly Johann Lamont used to work closely with Iain Davidson in the days of the 1992 election.

    30. MajorBloodnok says:

      The thing about Davidson’s bayonet is that it likely cuts both ways.

    31. Ken500 says:

      Vote Yes

    32. ronnie anderson says:

      @Cona10.19, the Ape is the ATOS examinor,( large print on the back of the white coat,they were at the launch of the
      White Paper, that Sean guy shouting for Nicola Sturgeon
      to sack ATOS,a wee word in their collective ears, they buggered of,the man,s a danger to his cause.

    33. Mosstrooper says:

      Just back from the Co-op getting some messages. Get to the checkout and the woman clocks my yes badge and says “votin’ yes”? of course say I. ” aye me tae, Dae ye think we can make it work? Of course I reply and give some comments about the Financial Times report. “aboot time” says she. “Aw the young yins are votin’ yes. My weans and nephews an nieces are aw fur it and so ‘am votin yes” Then with messages packed up I came back up the road with a light step. This is a village in rural renfrewshire. We are winning this people. Wear your badges and make it normal. We’ll defeat the scaremongers.

      Now for a cup of tea and a listen to Caledonia with a wee greet.

    34. SquareHaggis says:

      This one’S GONE VIRAL in the office, fair livened up the canteen this dull and dreary mornin. Everyone says HI (5) Rev.

      Definitive word for today ” Bosker “

    35. MekQuarrie says:

      Sean Clerkin has always been a big grassroots activist. He used to phone me up all the time in Springburn about meetings discussing the GHA selloff. Johann must have had him in her ear many times. It amazes me she doesn’t have a smile and a ‘set’ answer prepared for him. I was at a meeting in Glasgow when Dewar was FM and he was interrupted before he could speak by a number of ‘council cuts’ protestors. He let them have their moment and made a joke. That’s all it took and the audience were on his side…

    36. Scott Minto (Aka Sneekyboy) says:

      Of course the Gorilla in the room that no-one was talking about was ATOS…

    37. Flower of Scotland says:

      Good news ! Pete Wishart seems to be getting an apology from pupils at strathallan School for abusive tweets !
      The story in the Courier is a bit LIGHT on the truth about what Pete said at the debate , but neverl the less a good result from comments from you people on Wings And Newsnet

    38. Benjamin Rae says:

      It was an interesting response alright. It shouldn’t have been difficult to put distance between herself and the issue. The guy was a bit muddled. Labour do have a history with Atos but not quite in the way the guy was suggesting.

      It does look like Lamont may be struggling to cope with whatever demands are placed on her by her role. She always looks a mile out of her depth in holyrood but she even looked out of her depth there. Another good indicator for the yes campaign

    39. Patrick Roden says:

      The Gorilla had a ‘trained ATOS emplyee’ or some similar slogan on the back of its sweatshirt. lol.

      Would it be cheeky if we had a ‘Wings Costume Drama’ force, who would turn up at BT/Labour events dressed up as donkeys with a red rosette or Labour Kippers (two faced and spineless)

      would certainly put them into ‘Evil Cybernat’ mode.

    40. desimond says:

      Lib-Dems to announce promises (non binding!) of more devolved powers in a future unioned Scotland.

      World holds its breath.

      “All Nursery kids to get a vote” says Wullie Rennie

    41. scaredy cat. says:

      Lord Freud’s refusal.
      Apologies if the link doesn’t work. It’s my first time using the archive thingy.

    42. Seasick Dave says:

      I’m still chuckling at the gorilla!

      It maybe thought that JoLa was a female silverback.

    43. scaredy cat. says:

      Hmmm. Thought it would do an automatic hyperlink.

    44. Lanarkist says:

      Nice video. The bit I found intriguing was the Chair stating that ” the problem is that the Tory representative was not there to take the brunt and that one person couldn’t answer everything”.

      Lament did not answer anything. Is this the same tactic used at public gatherings, where Yes could not have a presence unless BT was also present.

      Strange way to win over voters and be seen to represent your parties views on any particular issue.

      Thanks for sharing the unvarnished version of our possible future FM.


    45. They had the 800lb gorilla because there was no elephant in the room.

      It’s to do with mixed metapho . . . never mind.

    46. Arthurg says:

      Not the best of days…but the MSM will not highlight this, it will continue to accord her a level of effectiveness she does not deserve.

    47. Gillie says:

      Just one of these “wee things”.

    48. Macart says:

      Johann Lamont is to diplomacy and stately conduct what the Krankies are to the movie industry.

      If you can’t meet and greet under even difficult circumstance, in fact especially under difficult circumstance, then you’re not fit for the job. Representation requires communication and service. Its part of the job.

    49. edulis says:

      There is a whole different aspect to this as we move inexorably towards the disclosure of Johan’s Devolution Commission. Ken MacIntosh on Scotland Tonight, last night,has compounded Johan’s problems – he who used to be her Finance spokesman- declared that he didn’t want full tax raising powers because Scotland would lose out, given that all the rich people are in London. Eh! How does that work? Scotland provides more money to the Exchequer than she receives and yet Ken says we would lose out if we can’t tax the rich in London. How pathetic. Somebody better than me can do the sums but this has to be one of the stupidest remarks from somebody who used to be their Finance spokesman with, you’d think a grasp of the detail.

      Anyway if my memory serves me the Labour Party’s last Scottish Conference in Inverness saw a whole host of time-served Labour MP’s , Davidson and Sheridan amongst them, rubbish the whole idea of full tax raising powers for the Scottish Parliament.

    50. yerkitbreeks says:

      o/t I see BBC Democracy Live is preferring the Health and Sport thingy rather than the Education and Culture Committee today where Dr Robertson’s work on MSM bias toward the NO campaign is to be discussed

    51. Dcanmore says:

      This is what happens when Paul Sinclair isn’t around to provide the words.

    52. Morag says:

      Just back from the Co-op getting some messages. Get to the checkout and the woman clocks my yes badge and says “votin’ yes”? of course say I. ” aye me tae, Dae ye think we can make it work?

      EXACTLY the same thing happened to me on Sunday afternoon, pretty much.

      I’d just finished delivering some Yes newspapers, though I’m not sure if my Yes badge was showing. The Co-op checkout woman asked me if I was doing anything exciting in the summer, because she knew I went to the arctic last summer. I said no, I was staying here, a referendum to win you know. She said, “do you think we’ll do it?” I said yes, I thought we had a very good chance.

    53. Robert Louis says:

      You can be sure, that if Ken Mackintosh and Iain ‘ye’ll get a doin’ Davidson are making comments in public like these, then behind closed doors, there is total meltdown in Labour. Poor wee Lamont, running round getting a report on more powers, only to have Davidson put the boot in – in public. Ahh..You know johann, it’s almost enough to make you vote YES, so you can be a REAL leader.

      Is it not clear as day, that promises by Labour or the Libdems for more powers are not worth the paper they are written on. Any new powers short of independence, puts the decision firmly in the hands of Westminster.

      Just like in 1979, when Scotland was promised ‘jam tomorrow’ by Alec Douglas Home, the night before the referendum on devolution, such new powers will NEVER happen.

      As soon as Westminster gets a NO vote, it will be business as usual, which may well include the closure of the Scottish Parliament – which Westminster still claims it has the power to do – although I should add, such a move by Westminster would be done over my dead body.

      For more powers, there is only one option, vote YES.

    54. The Man in the Jar says:

      @Major Bloodnok
      To paraphrase John McLean

      “The trouble with the bayonet is that it is a weapon with a Labour politician at both ends”

    55. liz says:

      Why on earth did the unions ever vote her in?
      She is by far the worst of the worst and that’s saying something.

      She is the most unpleasant, least articulate women – who has been promoted way beyond her capability – that I think I have ever seen in a public position.

      God even Jackie Baillie can smile – whilst lying through her teeth of course.

    56. Weedeochandorris says:

      Aye, Weegate gets mair and mair complicated.

    57. caz-m says:

      Scottish Labour are an absolute shambles. So I have to ask the question,

      After Independence, who will be left in the Scottish Labour Party that people would vote for.

      I can see the SNP being in power till the 2020/21 Scottish General Election, Then I can see Nicola Sturgeon taking over a newly named party for that election.

      I think the new party will be a mixture of views from around Scotland.

      So the question is, what will Scottish Labour do in that general election. I for one would hope that Labour supporters have got rid of the dead wood that is in the present party.

      I don’t want any of those bastards that are trying so hard to run Scotland down, and trying to contaminating our new Country to be re-elected. Not one of them should be allowed anywhere near the new Scottish Parliament.

      So please can I have a reply from one of our Labour Party supporters who use the Wings site.

      Do you want these people representing you in the new Scottish Parliament.

      If not, then who do you replace them with.

    58. Lewis Holleran says:

      She’s like a petulant teenager! What an embarrassment.

    59. maybe Davidson is thinking ahead to an independent Scotland. Maybe Davidson thinks quietly a full Parliament with real power, is worth his spite of his rubbishing the concept right now..who knows

    60. Appleby says:

      She is absolutely pathetic. How can anyone support that huffy baby? It is the very picture of an ill-tempered child with the pettit lip. Arms folded, fixed frown of disgust and deliberately refusing to look at him and even facing away – when he’s asking about an important topic! This shows her and likely all Labour leadership’s contempt for the public. The handler was almost as pathetic too. Shame on that woman. How can anyone still support Lamont at this late stage and after this performance?

      Can you imagine if Alex had done this and the media reaction?

    61. Gillie says:

      Here is an interesting question.

      Now that the Falkirk report has been leaked will Johann Lamont refuse to read it?

      After all it was Ed Miliband’s decision that she should not see it.

      I can’t wait for the next FMQs. Bedroom Tax blocked by Westminster, the Cuts Commission debacle and get-tae-Falkirk fiasco.

    62. Greannach says:

      I’m looking forward to Lamont’s slip-of-the-tongue this week. I wonder what she’ll go for: Bring back the birch for benefits scroungers? Death penalty for people wanting wee things for nothing? Eat the disabled?

      The world’s her oyster. Go for it, Johann!

    63. Les Wilson says:

      This was all about Lamont, yes she is a walking disaster, but Davidson is a self seeking moron. Over that, the whole thing just shows the state of the “Scottish” labour party in general.

    64. Murray McCallum says:

      I think it unfair to ridicule Johann Lamont because one of her aides had not supplied her with the script to answer Mr. Clerkin’s questions regarding OneNation New Labour Tory cuts and ATOS.

      A Scottish New Labour person could not possibly debate such things on principles alone.

    65. Aikenheed says:

      “Not for the first time, we invite readers to picture Ms. Lamont as Scotland’s First Minister during any sort of national crisis, and wish them good luck in the endeavour” that’s it Rev she’s BT’s secret (very) weapon – OMG if we vote Yes she might be giving a speech for Scotland at the UN!!! The embarrassment!!!

    66. westie7 says:

      Bob Dudley of BP now a confirmed FUD, apparently not read the white paper hence comes out with “uncertainty” over the scottish vote and what currency Scotland will use

    67. ronnie anderson says:

      REV,Better Together, Bias by the SG,on English University Student,s haveing to pay Full Fee,s in a Independent Scotland. Bbc Panaramma proggrame last night,the FCO funding a Elitist University in NTH VIETNAM, where,s the Student Protests on that issue, the Eletist Dictatorship,s childer being Educated FREE by the british TAX PAYER.

      Worth a story or not.

    68. caz-m says:

      @Dcanmore 10.57am

      Had to laugh at wee Johann trying to manage without the help of Paul Sinclair.

      Paul had a dental appointment last Thursday and didn’t have time to write wee Johann’s usual FMQs tirade, but she re-assured Paul that everything was under control and she would write it instead.

      And the rest, as they say, will go down in Scottish Parliamentary Folklore.

    69. Greannach says:

      Better To Get Her

    70. G H Graham says:

      Lamont displays a staggering & disturbing lack of ability, acumen or decorum.

      She dresses with a complete lack of grace or style & wears on her face the unhealthy, pasty, emotionally weathered look of a tenement fish wife. And when mentally tested she either refuses to engage because she isn’t capable or makes a complete fool of herself when she does.

      Ian Davidson is right to take a coded stab (a doin’ if you will) at his North British Leader of Labour in Scotland. He knows that there is the real possibility that his career in Westminster has only a few years left to run & that the only way to maintain a tax funded lifestyle will be to consider a role for himself in Holyrood.

      For once, I’m with Ian Davidson & am struggling to imagine the depth of my cringing embarrassment if this woman is ever elevated to the role of First Minister of Scotland.

    71. cjmasta says:

      OMG, that face. Please don`t offend thunder by comparing them both. Her body language is guarded and defensive with the tightly folded arms and she clearly cannot think of anything intelligent to say whether it`s BS or not. Without a script writer she can`t even muster up a reply.

      This is what happens when you promote someone well above their abilities thinking you can get away with just pulling a few strings, hiding her away from sight when the going gets too tuff and peddling myths that she is a real challenge to her opponents.

      I know conspiracy theorists think this is a deliberate ploy to back up the too stupid part of the attack on Scotland but it surely is just one of the biggest cock ups the Labour Party have ever made. Where are you LFI? We need you now more than ever.

    72. Gillie says:

      Is this Ian Davidson bayoneting Labour’s wounded?

    73. Gillie says:

      Greannach says: “Better To Get Her”

      Spot on

    74. msean says:

      Wouldn’t a leadership purge at this time look like panic?

    75. desimond says:


      There will be no Scottish Labour Party, least as we know it.
      We cant have a party that is controlled from London, which current Scottish Labour Party is at present. It will be very interesting to see if it can be franchised after independence and to see who will step up.

      The Battle between the Kezia’s and the Jim Murphy’s for control of a Labouresque Party could be very interesting ( i.e bloody) and there is also the question of the current elder states-persons( Darlings, Davidsons etc) expecting their House of Lords elevation, will that still happen with removal of all influence..I doubt it.

      Interesting Times indeed.

    76. Brian Hill says:

      Rev Stu’s invitation to try and imagine Ms Lamont as FM should come with a health warning. People have had a stroke doing much simpler mental tasks. It’s hard enough saying it never mind trying to visualise it.

    77. Rev. Stuart Campbell says:

      “She dresses with a complete lack of grace or style”

      Och, let’s not have all the other legitimate criticism devalued by going down that road.

    78. HandandShrimp says:

      To be perfectly honest I do hope they keep Johann as leader. I quite like things they way they are. They can pick somebody competent for a post Yes election.

    79. pa_broon74 says:

      The problem here is, if that was a press conference involving a Yes supporting politician and he or she behaved similarly, the press would be all over it.

      But, it wasn’t, it was Johann Lamont – a Labour politician which is – as a party – an official BBC/MSM protectorate.

      Alex Salmond answered a question about Europe and legal advice in the context of every day advice requested for leaflets and publications, the press twisted it around to mean legal advice on a particular topic (EU membership) and the press go mental for weeks.

      Meanwhile, Johann Lamont – within days of each other – calls nuclear weapons on the Clyde, the Bedroom tax (in which people are in real trouble) and much more besides as ‘wee things’ and then this performance…

      Will any of it be reported? Nope.

      Could people living in Scotland be so disinterested that they’d sleep walk into penury, courtesy of a Tory coalition none of us voted for?

      If there is a no vote, it’ll be the biggest example of society by lowest common denominator in my life time.

    80. desimond says:

      @Brian Hill

      There’s a million “People imagining Johann Lamont and having a stroke” punchlines there, but for once, I will abstain!

    81. msean says:

      It’s about the leadership qualities,not how they dress.A snappy dresser doesn’t always mean a good leader.It’s about more than image.

    82. Murray McCallum says:

      I’m digging out my pitch again for a TV documentary – “The Scottish tidal report”, feat J.Lammont.

      Johann will talk listeners through the tide coming in, will debate the point at which she thinks the tide has turned (“is it going out or coming in?” – the possibilities are endless), and will end with a brief talk on when the tide is clearly going out.

      Jonann will obviously be supplied a detailed script but I personally think she will get the hang of it after a few years in the role.

    83. heedtracker says:

      From vote no Guardian report on Falkirk Labour report- “But a subsequent party investigation has cleared anyone of any wrongdoing on the grounds that the party memberships were bought as a gift, which is within the rules.” or

      Beware of Greeks bearing gifts:-) The gift that keeps on giving, until 19th Sept 2014

    84. Scott says:

      I see that BBC is pluging away Americian chair of BP saying that he has worries about iScotland spin being put on it by BBC.

    85. scottish_skier says:

      RE the end of British Labour in Scotland… The red thistle of (Scottish) socialism has already been taken and is waiting in the wings. Growing stronger every day.

      Davidson vs Lamont? I wonder. I always figured Lamont was shoe-in for Davidson’s MP seat once he got his ermine robes. Essentially the same constituency. However, now Davidson’s gunning for Lamont. Maybe it’s the other way around and Davidson is looking for an MSP constituency? Hedging his bets… Well, the chance of ermine is melting away like snaw off a dyke.

      Now if Lamont lost the leadership, maybe she’d stand down as an MSP (for family reasons etc too), opening the door for Davidson…

    86. Jamie Arriere says:

      “She cannae deal with everything…”


    87. Papadocx says:

      BP’s chief executive Bob Dudley. Interviewed by a sneering Hugh Pym and Johanna Gosling.

      These people in conjunction with the BBC are just rubbing our noses in the shit and love every minute of it.

      Fear Factor They think it’s funny, very immature and childish. Just what you expect from


    88. fergie35 says:

      Labour have not had a respected leader in Scotland since…erm..mmm, no sure when, but fine by us if they keep selecting the numptys from their cleechs.

    89. chalks says:

      Lib Dems in shock home rule proposal.

      Why do they even bother, the next election they are going to be lucky to have 10 MP’s.

    90. G H Graham says:

      Bill O’Reilly used to run a segment on his show, The Factor on the Fox channel during which, he invited a professionally certified body language expert to review & attempt to explain, the behaviour of the rich & famous.

      It provided a penetrating & fascinating revelation of mental processes & the significance of facial, hand & body actions.

      Johann Lamont provides all the material we need.

    91. Ananurhing says:

      Highandshrimp. “To be perfectly honest I do hope they keep Johann as leader. I quite like things they way they are”

      I’ve been saying that repeatedly since Union Jack McConnell. When the Herald publish a piece saying Lamont has lost all credibility after last weeks FMQs, she must know the games a bogey.

      Scottish Labour leadership battles. The sack of ferrets that just keeps on giving.

    92. liz says:

      O/T dont you think the SG have played a blinder re the bedroom tax – which is a disgrace so I’m not gloating.
      I’m just commenting on the hipocrisy of Lab, Scottish branch.

      The Slab lot agreed with the SG to mitigate it – the DR ran the story that the BT was axed – despite CiF trying to tell them it needed the support of the UK – and lay most of the credit with Baillie and Gray, only to find that the condems refuse to allow them to do it.

      Gray and Baillie are now going to have to explain why ‘we are better together’.

    93. scottish_skier says:

      Davidson-Mackintosh coup d’état?

      They should be able to tell the way the wind is blowing by now.

      If the SNP do well in the EU elections (which polls suggest they will, possibly taking another seat), then the boot for Lamont?

    94. anton le grandier says:

      goodness me.Lamont is so awful she is hardly with commenting on but this takes the custard cream.Its always worthwhile seeing politicos outside parliament as many flaws are often in evidence but this is just an extension of her daily pisspoor performances at Holyrood.Its testimony to the lack of class in the Labour MSPs that this woman is allowed to carry on regardless etc etcAny politician worth their salt,and with an eye to the main chance,would,ve put the boot in by now and put this woman out of her misery.Cue Davidson et al I suppose.Im not nor have I ever been a supporter of Labour but I cant help feel a degree of sadness when I reflect this is the party that has went from Donald Dewar to this.Dewar was no saint but he did have a measure of “standing”.He was clearly a figure of respect.This present lot,on the other hand,………….ohh boy.

    95. Robert Louis says:

      Bob Dudley, the boss of BP added: “My personal view is that Great Britain is great and it ought to stay together”

      I do hope he isn’t letting his personal political views interfere with good corporate governance – otherwise shareholders might not be too happy.

      As is typical of blatantly biased BBC reporting on the independence debate, the item on the BBC news website, contains NOTHING in response from the pro independence side, or indeed the Scottish Government.

      One sided reporting – exclusively and freely available on the BBC for those opposed to Scottish independence. It’s getting to the stage where I can’t tell the difference between BBC Scotland and BBC Scotlandshire.

    96. HandandShrimp says:

      I actually think the BBC have got worse or more desperate depending on how one views since UWS report. There is almost something unseemly about how partisan they are now. I don’t know why they don’t just put up UKOK banners at the start of the news.

      I do not trust BBC News at all these days.

      Watched Paxman on WW1 last night for a bit but turned it off when he labelled the conscientious objectors as cranks. Not in a fit of anger but simply because I don’t enjoy watching taloid TV bilge. There are plenty of decent historians out there who can place ideas, religon and politics in the context of their own time. Why the hell they had him presenting the programme is beyond me.

    97. MochaChoca says:


      I’m sure it’s just personal income tax that they were referring to, so Ken Mackintosh is correct, it doesn’t make any sense at all to transfer that alone, as it’s one of the taxes where Scotland generates less than the average. Of course in overall taxation we generate significantly more than average.

      So Ken’s logical argument should have been that Scotland should receive all the taxes generated here, but for some reason he omitted to say that.

    98. chalks says:

      I’m of the belief Labour in Scotland would like us subsidised.

      Get rid of the Barnett Formula, no hint of oil revenues, less money for public services, bringing everything in line with how things are in England/Wales.

      One nation


    99. Barontorc says:

      So the only place we can see this latest Lamont howler is on YouTube, which is how we nowadays get to see the true nature of what our elected representatives get up to? Forget the BBC/STV/MSM – they are a collective total disgrace, which is all familiarly ‘par for the course’.

      For instance, is it true, the BBC is actively suppressing the UWS Bias report?

      The Holyrood committee meeting to discuss that report is scheduled for 25 February according to Stewart Maxwell – its Convenor, so the BBC Editorial Guidelines are quite a handy resource for those of a democratic mind.

      As to whether the BBC’s ongoing avoidance of these, its very own Chartered guidelines, makes for interesting reading:-

      ‘Impartiality lies at the heart of public service and is the core of the BBC’s commitment to its audiences. It applies to all our output and services – television, radio, online, and in our international services and commercial magazines. We must be inclusive, considering the broad perspective and ensuring the existence of a range of views is appropriately reflected.

      The Agreement accompanying the BBC Charter requires us to do all we can to ensure controversial subjects are treated with due impartiality in our news and other output dealing with matters of public policy or political or industrial controversy. But we go further than that, applying due impartiality to all subjects. However, its requirements will vary.

      The term ‘due’ means that the impartiality must be adequate and appropriate to the output, taking account of the subject and nature of the content, the likely audience expectation and any signposting that may influence that expectation.

      Due impartiality is often more than a simple matter of ‘balance’ between opposing viewpoints. Equally, it does not require absolute neutrality on every issue or detachment from fundamental democratic principles.

      The BBC Agreement forbids our output from expressing the opinion of the BBC on current affairs or matters of public policy, other than broadcasting or the provision of online services.

      The external activities of staff, presenters and others who contribute to our output can also affect the BBC’s reputation for impartiality. Consequently, this section should be read in conjunction with Section 15: Conflicts of Interest.’

      One would have thought that any independent academic report which raised cause for concern particular to the BBC’s Charter, would have been the MAJOR item on the BBC’s radar. So make your own mind up and let’s see what happens on 25 February.

      Will the house of cards, at last tumble?

    100. Chic McGregor says:

      “But, it wasn’t, it was Johann Lamont – a Labour politician which is – as a party – an official BBC/MSM protectorate.”

      I guess if the above vid does make it on to the MSM that would confirm it is ‘Julius Caesar time’ for Lamont.

    101. ronnie anderson says:

      @Desimond 11.50, Whit,s your address,am sending a cleaning bill fur ma PC,if your gonna post this like that, please
      in BOLD a health warning,wit a waste of a coffee,

    102. TheGreatBaldo says:

      I may be wrong but isn’t Bob Dudley an American ?

      The previous guy was a Brit….Tony something or other….got replaced after the Deepwater fiasco….

    103. benarmine says:

      I predict poor Jackie’s best doom face this evening reporting BP uncertainty on future investment in an independent Scotland. Also a backtracking statement from BP soon thereafter. But that won’t be reported of course. That’s the way it works, right?

    104. Alfresco Dent says:

      That’s an incredible response from her eh? I’d like to hear what her constituents think of that performance. I haven’t really been face to face with that many politicians but all have displayed better people skills than she does here. And she was a teacher too? I fear her former pupils may now be her constituents.

    105. TheGreatBaldo says:

      “I guess if the above vid does make it on to the MSM that would confirm it is ‘Julius Caesar time’ for Lamont”

      Et tu Baillie ? 🙂

    106. HandandShrimp says:

      I think the corruption at the core of the BBC is too ingrained. I am not sure what the answer is. I like the idea of PSB but the BBC have taken something good and destroyed it. It seems to consider itself untouchable in Scotland at least.

    107. Jimbo says:

      Good news that Davidson wants a re-run of the Scottish leadership and deputy leadership elections.

      Isn’t that what’s known in Labour circles as a vote of confidence in the leadership?

    108. Kendomacaroonbar says:

      Poor wummin, tough crowd !

    109. Chic McGregor says:

      “this is the party that has went from Donald Dewar to this.Dewar was no saint but he did have a measure of “standing”.He was clearly a figure of respect.”

      Someone invoked a great image recently, FB I think, where they compared the SLAB leadership from Dewar to the present as being like the human evolution image in reverse, you know the one where the Ape gradually changes into a human.

      Would make a great cartoon. Chris?

    110. chalks says:

      BBC in Scotland are under no obligation to attend the Scottish Parliament, such a matter is reserved for Westminster.

      Nothing will happen.

    111. Gillie says:

      Firstly, “BP HATES Scotland”

      then belatedly, “BP LOVES Scotland”

      Bo Dudley, BP CEO seems to have a love/hate relationship with Scots.

      Perhaps a BP press release may clear up things.

    112. Ian Davidsun says:

      I’d vote for the Gorilla.

    113. Davy says:

      I am sorry for going OT, but check out the story on the BBC Scotland site about the Russian Navy 2011 check out the two pictures ? has HMS defender had an update. Or is Hammond telling more porkies.

    114. Appleby says:

      I’d like to hear Duncan and other Labour defenders renounce Lamont and co. Just how much does it take for them to take the blinkers off?

    115. cjmasta says:

      Well Scott, they got their negative headline and they have those immortal words bunched together in the first sentence- “warned”,”uncertainties” and “independent”.
      There are just two sentences at the top of the article relating to the headline and the rest is all about investment and falling profits.
      This is classic BBC Scotland in action trying their very best to show independence in a negative light.

    116. heedtracker says:

      Political corruption at the BBC in Scotland is not really an issue for the lads that think they own it but that study from the University of the West of Scotland seems to have got their attention. So why not crowd source/fund more academic studies like this? The UWS study only seemed to cover BBC teatime news but BBC Scotland radio morning news for example has been so anti Scottish/Holyrood democracy for years it cant getting anymore vote no biased.

    117. ronnie anderson says:

      @fergie 11.56, ah hud wan o they cleeks,but mine hud a

      gird attatched,maybe give the Slab gird,stae go wie their

      cleeks,then point them in the direction of high cliffs.

    118. msean says:

      Don’t worry,nobody listens to reporters/broadcasters who have the same last names as one of Thatchers’ ministers.

    119. Gillie says:

      An early BBC report featuring a young Bo Dudley.

    120. Ian Kirkwood says:

      OT but the beeb are at it again, see their BP “uncertainties” article on Scotland web page. Unbelievable stuff. Do they not know that quite a few of us have read Dr. Robertsons report and his follow up. Blatant disregard for their purpose in life.

    121. Moujick says:


      Good call re crowdfunding more academic study

    122. HandandShrimp says:

      At the end of the day I am not sure why I would care if an American oil executive thinks it would be a shame if Scotland gained independence. It isn’t like they would not want the oil. FFS! BP goes off to some pretty scary parts of he world to drill for oil.

      On Lamont, would they really try and ditch her before the referendum? They have, over the next 15 months, the EU elections, the referendun and a general election. There is no opportune moment for a blood letting because the next election is up on their heels before they can get another leader bedded in. Logically they should wait but then Flakirk defied logic.

      Maybe George is pitching for the job 🙂

    123. proudscot says:

      Personally I hope North British Labour Branch keep torn-face Lamont as their Shop Steward. Be aware there’s another equally torn-faced probable replacement lurking in the wings to maybe replace her – Kezia Dugdale. From her various performances at FMQs, she also qualifies as yet another Salmond/SNP hater, complete with venomous glances, curled upper lip and intemperate delivery.

    124. heedtracker says:

      BBC threatens Scotland once again today with head of BP who says vote no and he’ll continue to invest in Scotland but they don’t invest in Scotland now. Check out latest £4.5 billion production jackets built by Kvaerner Verdal Norway for their North West Scots deep water Atlantic Clair fields.

      2 multi billion jackets alone could and should have been built in Scotland on the Clyde, Forth, Moray Firth. Instead BP invest in Norway, investing in full employment, high wage, high tax Norway with Scots oil revenue then flowing to London and Scotland “given” Barnett handout, bed room tax, soup kitchens opened in the Highlands etc. We are so BetterTogether or what a bunch of mugs we are.

    125. Papadocx says:

      THE BBC (aka English Broadcasting Corps. Or EBC)


      Who says so the EBC (aka BBC) and the establishment.

    126. Alba4Eva says:

      Bob Dudley…

      I guess he is doing fine thankyou very much… why would he want the boat rocked?

    127. msean says:

      Another day,another shrill uncertainty alert.Every one believes every word a vested interest says,of course we do. :-l

    128. Jamie Arriere says:

      BP – the company that operates in Egypt, Iraq (does he lecture the Sunni and Shia to stick together?), Indonesia, Angola, Georgia among others. I wonder how Dudley copes with the “uncertainty” in these places, or does he just change his underwear every ten minutes?

      We are the worried ones – the uncertainty whether BP is going to pollute our coastlines from Shetland to Berwick a la Mexican Gulf.

      You just do your job, and we’ll help you – leave the politics to us.

    129. Boorach says:

      Just another example of the woman’s ineptitude.

      However, there is one huge plus to be taken out of this and every appearance of Johan at FMQ’s; this woman no longer stands in front of a classroom full of impressionable children.

      Let us be thankful for small mercies!

    130. Ananurhing says:

      I remember years ago the large oil companies puffing their chests and trying to bully another country that was too wee, too weak, and too poor to manage it’s own assetts.

      That country’s response was Statoil. The rest is history.

    131. Calgacus MacAndrews says:

      Did ye get the video clip aff THE INTERNET OF WEE THINGS?

    132. A2 says:

      That’s the first time I’ve actually got angry so far

      ” not going to allow you to focus on one person”
      She’s the fucking leader of the Labour party in Scotland ffs if she can’t answer for the party who can?

    133. alexicon says:


      It looks like were about to enter the sentiment and tradition stage.

      “Don’t leave us”,0,4556305.story

    134. desimond says:


      Amen to that.

      Friends wife was in a class of Lamonts. She says the lasting memory was Johann dismissing her with a sweeping “You, You’ll amount to nothing”

      Those who can, do!
      Those who cant, teach!
      Those who cant cant, rise within the Labour Party!

    135. Craig P says:

      Since Lamont became Labour leader they have won nearly everything. Glasgow in the council elections, most council by-elections since, Cowdenbeath and Dunfermline Holyrood by-elections – clearly Johann is an election winning machine and on no account should Labour drop her.

    136. Dan Huil says:

      Looks like BBC “Scotland” is going to town with opinion expressed by an American oil exec. Surprise surprise.

    137. Training Day says:

      ‘Certainty’ would mean no great art, music, literature, philosophy, physics, in fact anything that wasn’t on a sodding balance sheet would be described as ‘uncertainty’.

      That’s the drab and dreary world of Unionism.

    138. NorthBrit says:

      Re BP. Dudley has played the BBC. He (or his PR/IR) knew that if he made a (very mild) pro-union comment the BBC would make a huge meal of it and not mention this:

      Hats off to the man – the results are buried in a single innocuous line.

      The BBC ought to be a little embarrassed that they’ve been so easily gamed.

    139. HandandShrimp says:

      Craig P

      I like your thinking 🙂

    140. Seasick Dave says:


      With all that uncertainty about BP’s poor performance, I think that I shall switch to another supplier.

    141. Papadocx says:




    142. Richard says:

      Is the Chaichoob trying to cement his position as one of the negotiators following a YES vote? That can be the only reason for his dodging about. JOLAs coat must have been shifted to the shaky peg. Unfortunately for the Chairchoob, he can’t manoeuvre himself into the Scottish Parliament although Brown has a place man there now and they appear to share the same moral fibre (or lack of it).

    143. X_Sticks says:

      Surely she’s the wrong way up.

    144. rabb says:

      caz-m says:
      Scottish Labour are an absolute shambles. So I have to ask the question,

      After Independence, who will be left in the Scottish Labour Party that people would vote for.


      I may be shot down by the SNP folks on here but I genuinely believe there are still a number of real socialists left in Labour in Scotland capable of progressive thought.

      My hope is that after a Yes vote those real Labour people will be freed from the shackles of London Labour.

      I don’t necessary think that Labour MSP’s are stupid (There are some exceptions abviously!). Not by a long shot. I believe they are being pulled from pillar to post by a polarised party. On one hand they have to keep up with SNP but on the other hand they must stick to the UK “middle England” party line. It’s tearing them apart from the inside. Scotland has changed now. We are politicaly miles apart from England. It can’t work much longer because somethings going to give way.

      I put two and two together and concluded that this is why we are seeing the capitulation of Labour in Scotland. They are being tied up in knots every day of the week trying to be all things to all men. It makes them look stupid and disorganised.

      The only way to save them is with independence. I just hope Labour supporters and ex Labour voters like myself see it and do the right thing by voting yes.

      The way things are going just now Lamont is not the only one who’s position is on a shoogly nail.

      The momentum is with Yes and Westminster Labour know it. I fully expect all of them to start positioning themselves into the running for a Scottish parliament seat.

      Beware the ides of March!!

    145. jingly jangly says:

      Seasick Dave

      I concur re BP, I will not be buying there products again.

    146. Luigi says:

      For those wondering how Scottish Labour ended up with such a useless leader (and front bench), just remember that the party was effectively decapitated in 2011. Pre 2011, the Labour B team ran the show at Holyrood (there never was an A team in Edinburgh). After the rout, little of the Labour B team was left. If we are kind, we can say that Lamont, Gray and Ballie are the dregs of the B team.

    147. Jamie Arriere says:

      I wonder if Dudley told Cameron to stay in the EU?

      I guess we’ll never know!

    148. Jamie Arriere says:


      I presume you mean as a negotiator for Westminster! There’s no way I would let someone prepared to bully and blackmail his own constituents before the referendum anywhere near our side of the table.

    149. HandandShrimp says:


      I agree, once independent the ridiculous emnity towards independence will be gone. A Labour party freed just to be Labour for Scotland would be a different beast and would not be looking over its shoulder at Westminster’s constraints and paradigms.

    150. Barontorc says:

      Jingly – me neither – BP can go and jump in the Clyde – I’ll get my petrol always elsewhere.

      I hope Bo Didley gets a huge kick in the haw-baws from a BP somebody above. Cheeky bugger should mind his own business – it’s suffering apparently.

    151. I have serious worries for the future of the Labour’s Scottish Region even in the light of Labour for Independence.

      The most likely result on a ‘yes vote’ is Alan Groggan and Alan Wylie will be rapidly dumped, as the current Jim Murphy ‘cabal’ seek to retain hegemony and control over what will be a ‘New Party’.

      They will claim it is because only they have the political expertise to mount a serious challenge to the SNP. The run up to 2016 will see a mass of Labour MSP de-selections in favour of the Westminster deadwood – especially in Jim Murphy ‘cabal’ controlled CLPs like Falkirk.

      Lamont may well be the first to go in this ‘Night of the Long Knives’ but many other over rated Labour MSPs on their way out will be lucky to even get a seat in their local council. Watch out for Lord McConnell and other skulkers appearing on the Labour List Vote nominations for 2016.

      I feel sorry for those in LfI who think they are going to get their party back – I can not see the likes of Murphy allowing it.

    152. Another Union Dividend says:

      So an American who doesn’t have a vote is hailed as some expert on Scottish affairs ignoring the fact that BP anticipates operating in wee Norway for another 50 years.

    153. Barontorc says:

      Mad Jock – and that’s the problem for true labour supporters in Scotland. What is needed is a new party that will embrace the values and aims of what Labour used to be.

      The torags in the present set-up likely to try and get a position in Scotland have long since abandoned these principles and they are totally undeserving of putting that socialist cloak ever again around their puny shoulders.

      Those who share the vision of all that Scotland can be, such as Alan Grogan, really do need to completely split from the tragedy that is present-day Labour and found a new party in Scotland, much as the right wing is currently doing.

      Watershed time.

    154. Iain says:

      It does not take much imagination to conclude that Lamont must have been a very poor teacher. Apart from the difficulty of believing her being in command of the knowledge she was required to impart, there is a marked inability to communicate with any fluency or sense without a prepared script. So it is no surprise that she was never promoted, and finished her career in a truancy unit: dead wood, shifted sideways.

    155. Capn Andy. says:

      Awww, Hey, Macart.. That’s just not fair on the Krankies. Leave the Krankies alone.

    156. RoughMan says:

      @ alexicon

      “It looks like we’re about to enter the sentiment and tradition stage.”

      Not a chance, too many angry greedy bastards out there, from Cameron down, who’re afraid they’re about to lose their comfortable sinecures; too much panic for sentiment and tradition IMO.

    157. Ian Mor says:

      In the interest of balance, I’m assuming Sean Clerkin also put the same question to Nicola Sturgeon. For those who would like a reminder about the issue, see the links.

      Though, the answer from either Johann or Nicola should be that in September 2013 the SNP/Green Party proposed a motion to G.C.C to debate and vote on Atos’ involvement with the ‘games’

      At the end of October 2013, a vote was duly held, and every Labour councillor voted against the motion. Amidst angry scenes.

      Again for balance, a point was made that the ‘Atos’ running the games is a different ‘arm’ from the medical assessors. I’m unclear what Nicola’s current stance is.

    158. SquareHaggis says:

      Maybe the gorilla was her autocue but as usual she cluelessly missed the moment. Ye gorri la-ff though ;-D

    159. deewal says:

      ATOS are also the BBC’s IT Partners so they would have to be involved otherwise the BBC would not be able to cover the Games. This photo though has been buried but there was nothing at this point that Sturgeon could have done but i would expect any SLAB leader worth her salt to be carrying a poster of it for occasions such as this one.
      BTW. Has anyone noticed that the Channel 4 weatherman has stopped using the word Scotland and only refers it to Northern Britain ?

    160. joe kane says:

      A quick note about the Labour Government and its enthusiastic 13 year support for developing a system of medical pseudo-science intended to deny sick and disabled patients the welfare benefits they need to stay alive. Labour planned to disappear 10,000 sick and disabled patients every month, for ten years, from the welfare rolls –

      Work and Pensions Secretary John Hutton has unveiled plans to get one million incapacity benefit claimants back into work, saving £7bn a year.

      Atos, along with corrupt and criminal American medical insurance giant Unum, actually sat on the Labour Government committee which put together the current iatrogenic quackology used by the DWP which is killing thousands of disabled people and harming hundreds of thousands more. Both of these parasite companies, in their different ways, expected to make fortunes out of denying disabled people state social security. See Annex C on page 47 –
      Transformation of the Personal Capability Assessment

    161. Iain says:

      Isn’t Ian Davidson Johann’s MP..!? I wonder if he treats all of his constituents with the same level of disain.

    162. Morag says:

      “Iatrogenic quackology.”

      I am SO stealing that.

    163. A2 says:

      “After Independence, who will be left in the Scottish Labour Party that people would vote for.”

      Unfortunately the majority of hardcore Labour voters don’t actually follow what they are doing once elected. the old vote is too ingrained. Of course the plus side is that they may not notice Labours support for the union either.

    164. Croompenstein says:

      Please stop slagging her off we need her and back off Chairchoob she’s one of our greatest assets

    165. Calgacus MacAndrews says:

      @Seasick Dave says:
      With all that uncertainty about BP’s poor performance, I think that I shall switch to another supplier.

      Every time I see a BP filling station now I’m going to see a big question mark.
      … and the uncertainty will make keep on driving until I find a non-BP filling station.

    166. Calgacus MacAndrews says:

      In an independent Scotland will there still be Question Marks?

      Or Exclamation Marks?

      Or scary Semi-colons?

    167. HandandShrimp says:

      I have just watched the video and all I can say is Johann is not a people person. Why the hell is she putting herself through that? She would clearly rather be anywhere but there.

    168. call me dave says:

      Michael Matheson, MSP for Falkirk West, said:

      “Despite the fact she is supposed to be leader of the whole Labour Party in Scotland, Ms Lamont just waits and watches as Labour go from crisis to crisis in Falkirk and across Scotland without doing anything – she can no longer leave this matter to her party bosses in London.”

    169. paul thomson says:

      changed days indeed john smith an donald dewar an the like would be revellin in the indy fight. that poor wee dear should just quietly pack up her desk an get a job out o harms way

    170. callum mcswan says:

      Can anybody confirm what she mouths off at during this? I have slowed it down and it appears to be Just Bugger off! Could be wrong anybody got any other idea what she said?

    171. callum mcswan says:

      Can anybody confirm what she mouths off at during this? I have slowed it down and it appears to be Just Bugger off! Could be wrong anybody got any other idea what she said?

    172. Croompenstein says:

      ok fuck it slag her off..who does her fucking hair..Lego?

    173. John Lyons says:

      I take your point about it being the Scottish govt or the Glasgowcouncil decision, just like abolishing the bedroom tax is nothing to do with Labour, but it didn’t stop Anas Sarwar promising they’d do just that in a televised debate.

    174. Travelady says:

      @ Croompenstein – now that made me laugh!!

      As for Johann, the lady has no presence, she doesn’t act like a leader and argues and responds like my sullen 15 year old. My old dad worked on the Clyde from 14 to the day he retired 20 years ago. If you put a red rosette on a wheely bin he’d vote Labour and I doubt he knew or understood any of their manifesto. However, the only red he sees now is when Johann is on the TV – the poor old guy nearly levitates out his armchair, frothing at the mouth while shouting at the TV – his hatred for Slab is a slight to behold.

      Seriously, SLAB need to get someone who is credible and can hold a debate without throwing their toys out their pram.

    175. Taranaich says:

      If it already hasn’t been made clear that Lamont’s only in the job because she takes orders and has no initiative of her own, it’s clear now. I’m pretty sure that’s why she was voted in: not to perpetuate the “Scots are too stupid” theory of Scottish Labour politicians, but because she’ll take orders.

      All these demands for her to take the lead are folly, because that’s not why she was put forward. Nobody actually expects her to be in charge of a single thing, and nobody wants that: they just want her to spout off her lines and frown at the First Minister.

      @Ian Mor: At the end of October 2013, a vote was duly held, and every Labour councillor voted against the motion. Amidst angry scenes.

      Ah, now I remember. Of course they did. But at the same time, it would be extremely strange if every Labour councillor felt that way, yet the “leader” of the party didn’t, wouldn’t it?

      Again for balance, a point was made that the ‘Atos’ running the games is a different ‘arm’ from the medical assessors. I’m unclear what Nicola’s current stance is.

      Appreciate the offer of balance, but it isn’t much of a point. Different arm of the same body. Just shows how tied up in the system Atos is:

      ATOS are also the BBC’s IT Partners so they would have to be involved otherwise the BBC would not be able to cover the Games.

      Just another reason we need shot of the BBC – and the UK. God, is it any wonder the BBC conform to the “benefits cheats” narrative when they’re actively colluding with the company which thrives on the lie?

    176. Helena Brown says:

      @Taranaich, That would be my take on the woman. I watched her the day in 2011 that the SNP creamed Labour, she did the rounds of all the studio’s, you could see she was screaming to be leader but that she wasn’t up to the job either so the only reason she is in post can only be that she follows orders. She certainly has no passion or ideas of her own.

    177. Jim Monaghan says:

      she is quite right to ignore Clerkin, he is an agresssive, self appointed racist who intimidates people, I know an SNP politician who has faced his bullying, we shouldnt give any time or space to this man. Selective tolerance doesnt help any campaign

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