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A hard rain falls

Posted on January 12, 2016 by

Joan McAlpine, SNP MSP for the South of Scotland, extensively documented at the weekend the obstructiveness of Labour councillors in Dumfries and Galloway, who in an attempt to score some SNP BAD points were refusing to inform their constituents about the Scottish Government’s £1500-per-household flood relief grants to help people cope after recent storms.

The councillors eventually backed down and informed hard-pressed householders and businesses of the help available, but today the issue was debated on the floor of the Holyrood chamber, and when Labour once again tried to make the issue party political, the Deputy First Minister ran out of patience.

We had a lot of requests for the footage, so there it is.

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    A hard rain falls | Speymouth

256 to “A hard rain falls”

  1. bobajock says:

    Hell yeah. Labour branch office member squirms for the camera.

  2. fletch49er says:

    That’s her telt!

  3. cynicalHighlander says:

    About bloody time as well.

  4. Steve Bowers says:

    Get in there Swinney, whit a skelpin

  5. Laverock says:

    Thanks I was just trying to find the link. Ooh we don’t often see uncle John swinney angry, I like it. Labour deserved a slap down for that.

  6. One_Scot says:

    I am sure that will be shown on tonights Scottish news, ah, I forgot, Reporting Scotland, maybe not.

  7. Lenny Hartley says:

    I think I have been waiting all my life to see Mr Swinney get angry and give it to these
    non entities, brilliant.

    Whilst I’m commented, Panel Base just sent out a poll asking the Indy question, how you would vote in GE, SE ,EEC, if England voted to leave would we then support Indy etc.

    strange lot of Labour questions, asking for example who would you prefer to be leader of the Labour party, Corbyn or Dan Jarvis, never heard of him !!!!

  8. jimnarlene says:

    About bloody time, I’m getting fed up with the nicey nicey approach, get in to them and expose them for the lying shysters they are. Guid on ye Sir!

  9. John D aka Ecosse-Nkosi says:

    I’ll have to watch it when I get home, no sound on work PC, och I can’t wait, I’m bursting to watch it.

  10. James B says:

    Wow! Not often you see Swinney laying down the verbal smackdown like that, but good to see.

  11. galamcennalath says:

    I have no idea how SG ministers and SNPs have the patience to put up with the petty, negative, and destructive behaviour of Labour at Holyrood. I take my hat off to SNP politicians in admiration.

  12. Louise says:

    Wow…that was amazing, well said Mr Swinney!

  13. If roused to anger, beware a quiet man.

  14. Lesley-Anne says:


    Don’t you just love it when Labour are slapped down … HARD! Gawn yersel John! 😀

    The best bit about the clip is that it was the Poisioned Dwarf herself who asked the pathetic and stupid question and to see her mug as she is put down byJohn was BRILLIANT! 😀

    One other wee note.

    As far as I can tell there has been NO sighting of Fluffy during the recent floods in D & G. Well to be honest is ANYONE really surprised at that? 😀

    There has also, as far as I am aware, NO sighting of the Poisioned Dwarf during the recent flood problems. 🙂

    However, on the bright side, oor Joan has been here, there and everywhere as well as attending our village meeting about the Post Office closure/relocation AND canvassing as well. Now SHE is a politician to be well and truly proud of, in my view! 😀

  15. Rob says:

    Nice one! I hope he felt the better for that, I know I did. Thanks for posting it.

  16. ahundredthidiot says:

    Aaah, Dumfries and Galloway

    Not really worth getting worked up for

    But nice to see a bit of mettle

  17. Chitterinlicht says:

    Mr Swinney is 100% right in how council funding works.

    Glad he got angry. I am angry too watching.

    Just pathetic from SLAB.

    If councils don’t act properly in extremes such as this I would only imagine the case for reorganisation advances.

  18. Big Drone says:

    So much for ‘mild mannered’ John Swinney!

    Well done Sir – it’s about time that the SNP showed a lot more bite and bark! I wonder if this was a wee bit missing during the referendum campaign!

  19. Margaret Pollock says:

    About time SNP socked it to them at Holyrood!

  20. Socrates MacSporran says:

    WOW! The Quiet Man just got angry and SLAB didn’t like it up ’em.

    What a pity the wider electorate will be unlikely to see this footage, since it will be more than his/her job is worth for any BBC or STV News Editor to allow John Swinney’s put-down of that SLAB harridan to be broadcast.

    Gaun yersel’ John, Gerrintaerum

  21. John Walsh says:

    Not like Swinney to lose his cool , but the level of ineptitude and lies by the opposition is beginning to get to him. Keep getting them telt John.

  22. Grouse Beater says:

    Zap! Pow!! Kerrsplat!!!

    That’s one way of getting the message across to hard-pressed flood victims, so long as the media pick up the rebuke and broadcast it.

  23. Lesley-Anne says:

    Just for information here is the page that Dumfries and Galloway have had to add to their website after Joan McAlpine’s leathering they recently received.

    The page only went up yesterday.

  24. msean says:


  25. Xaracen says:

    Hah! Now that’s the tone we want to see more of.

    Pussy-footing around these spiteful weasels just encourages them, and gives the wrong impression altogether to onlookers, that the weasel has scored a point.

  26. Lollysmum says:

    About time! That was refreshing to see John Swinney hit back at Labour’s crap.

    All local authorities throughout UK are sitting on massive cash reserves whilst cutting back services everywhere on a whim. They have the money to pay it up front to the people who need it now & should do so.

    Also the link to that video needs to be circulating on Twitter Stu

  27. ArtyHetty says:

    Great to see J. Swinney not let her get away with more lies. He must be at the end of his tether with the unionists in Holyrood who would rather obstruct proceedings and lie, than help their constituents out who are in dire need.

    It would be extremely concerning if liebour/tory councils are found to be deliberately not inforning those affected, about the financial support thats been made available. Should that not just be a teensy bit illegal?

  28. Breastplate says:

    Well done Mr Swinney

  29. Croompenstein says:

    That was so good I watched it again, and again, and again.. 🙂

  30. Fran says:

    Go on big John, you get them telt.

    Lets see if that makes the news, doubt it.

  31. mike cassidy says:

    So that’s what its like to savage a dead sheep!

    (reverse joke for old wingers!)

  32. Bugger (the Panda) says:

    It really is just time to get the gloves off.

    It takes a lot to rile mild mannered John Swinney but boy did just have enough of Dr Murray.

    She really does seem to be a foot in the mouth idiot; sadly so for the electorate.


  33. Good.
    I’ve been waiting for a long, long time for a response like this.
    Short, concise and targeted straight at the jugular.
    The Slab woman looked genuinely taken aback – and so she should. Opposition is one thing, impediment is quite another.
    Maybe they should have thought about the predicament of their constituents instead of ill-thought out attempts to try and discredit the government.
    Thankfully, those same constituents are now fully aware of what they are capable of and are also aware that the government are on the case.

  34. Macart says:


    Oh, they really didn’t want to press that button.

    Well said Mr Swinney.

  35. Murray McCallum says:

    Labour just don’t care. They can’t be arsed getting £1,500.00 to someone whose house has been flooded.

  36. JLT says:

    Well …that’s her told! (and all the councils too!!!)

  37. dakk says:

    Long overdue passion and assertiveness from John Swinney.

    Magnificent to see.

    Slab and the other unionist parties behave like spoilt errant infants in their political posturing regarding the governance of Scotland,and that is being very kind to them.

    Time the kid gloves came off and everyone made to realise the governance of this country is a very serious matter,and no more obstructive,treacherous bullshit will be tolerated from any of these Westminster puppets.

    The Scottish unionist parties are truly the enemies of the good governance of Scotland and that message must be made clear for those still unaware.

    Well done John Swinney.

    Scottish Labour,you should be thoroughly ashamed of yourselves.

  38. Helpmaboab says:

    John Swinney usually has the demeanour of a mild-mannered accountant who also serves as a Kirk elder. He may well tend to stray kittens at the local SSPCA centre in his spare time…

    So when he loses his temper we can be certain that it’s inspired by genuine outrage at the bone-heided idiocy of his fellow human beings.

    The Labour party in Scotland, clearly, will never be short of bone-heided idiots.

  39. ScotsCanuck says:

    … now that’s more like it !!! more of the same please Mr.Swinney … go’oan yersel big man !!

  40. Lesley-Anne says:

    Can I just add my tuppenceworth about this wee clip?

    I think we may very well see the clip on the Labour Broadcast Channel (LBC) tonight. Mind you there will be one wee itsy bitsy teeny weeny little adjustment to it. The first part where the Poisioned Dwarf stands up and LIES will be broadcast, however, John Swinney’s reply will be … erm … lost so no one will see what he said in response to HER lies!

  41. Hwanofbute says:

    I thought Elaine Murray was going to have to reach for the Kryptonite as the mild mannered bespectacled Mr Swinney tore her a new one!

  42. ian says:

    I believe there is also 12m available from the EU for people affected by the floods but like the 22m fund to help countrys who are struggling to feed some of their citizens Cameron has chosen to deal with it without their help.Scotland cannot obviously axcess the money directly.Cameron has done this for political reasons he does’nt want it to appear that the UKOK needs charity ,which it obviously does.

  43. Valerie says:

    Well done, Mr Swinney, and not before time these A’holes got a good slap.

    I seriously don’t know how SNP seniors keep their temper most of the time, in the face of such inane provocation.

    They have to be called out more.

  44. MJack says:

    Gon yersel John.

    BTW I think D&G should be a focus in the elections, as David Mundel only won by about 800 votes which was a suprise to all so its not the safe seat many thought.

    I think if we can persuade voters here we can win anywhere things like writing letters to the local paper etc helps.

  45. ashortbread says:

    Now thats what i call a total spanking well done mr swinney

  46. Lesley-Anne says:

    Here is some info on the aid that the U.K. can apply for Ian. There is of course a time limit.

    Under EU rules, a country has 10 weeks from the first damage caused by a natural disaster to request aid.

  47. Hamish McTavish says:

    I find John Swinney’s obfuscation disgraceful.

    He needs to take a leaf out of Slab’s “Wee book of how to be helpful” and simply be clear.

  48. call me dave says:

    Kinda broad at the shoulders and narrow at the hip and everybody knew ya didn’t give no lip to ‘Big John’ ‘Big bad John’

    Aye right! 🙂

    For younger viewers:


    For circumlocution big Brian, when in the mood, can run rings round that Herald chappie Torrance. 🙂

    Here’s his take on the BBC in Scotland at MSP questions today.

  49. Clootie says:

    Labour yet to learn the old saying – “never underestimate your enemy”.

    The Labour wingers will now never be sure if their guff will pass or be hammered…keep them on their toes John. Always a good idea to show how pathetic they are now and then.

  50. Walter Scott says:

    It was great to see Swinney giving it back with interest. Will there be any clever editing by bbc etc to show the angry face of Scottish nationalism. We see angry Unionism all day long but this was new. We should stop hiding behind well mannered argument & start laying into Labour dead head cretins. Could it be a new strategy?

  51. Colin Church says:

    So will be wall to wall SNP on news tonight then.

    FM press conference, Swinney’s exocet to Dr Murray, Wishart’s EVEL denouncement.

    Jackie, Jackie? Hello?

  52. Hamish McTavish says:

    @call me dave 5:46pm

    wrt the Wee Brian article, I didn’t see any mention of why we are subjected to English Football coverage instead of Scottish games on BBC “Scotland”. Any idea if that was raised?

    I’m not a great follower of football but, THAT does rile me whenever I see it. And, yes, I am aware that BBC Alba does carry some matches but, for goodness sake, how about a fair shake.

  53. KillieBoab says:

    O/T but I thought you might be interested that I’ve just completed a Panelbase poll. Subjects covered were how I would vote in UK, SG1 and 2, and in the EU referendum. I was then asked about six versions of pairs of Labour leaders as to which of the pair would make me more, or less, likely to vote Labour. Those involved included Corbyn, Miliband and Blair, as well as Dan Jarvis (Who?). It each instance I replied that it made no difference.

    I suspect it is an in-house Labour survey and was surprised not to be asked for my age group.

  54. Gary45% says:

    What type of doctor was Murray??
    Obviously not a very good one.
    She probably got her doctorate in the fusion of tea bags.
    It was good to see Mr Swinney doing what the whole SNP should do, putting the boot in. “Mr Bunny formerly Mr Softy”. Mr Softy no more.
    Its time the unionist parties are shown for what they really are, useless, pathetic and totally incompetent.
    The SNP ARE the only party capable of doing this.

  55. Suzanne says:

    Both barrels, right between the eyes. Honestly, I don’t know how he keeps his temper week after week with the kind of pish the opposition comes out with.

    Wouldn’t be bad if they had something of substance to say, but sheer ineptitude isn’t politics, it’s a waste of everyone’s flippin’ time.

    No doubt the corporate media will splice and dice to try and make SNP-Bad, but that tactic is wearing very thin. They need a rocket up ’em too.

  56. Les Wilson says:

    Lesley-Anne says:

    Oh your so wrong about fluffy at the floods here is the evidence

    Scrolldown the JPG’s and you will find it!

  57. Macandroid says:

    More of the same please John.

    And it would be great if the only soundbites available for the media were hard hitting riposts every time which they would have to use or appear completely one sided and biased.

  58. Les Wilson says:

    Well done John Swinney, more please.

  59. Neil Cook says:

    You have to give it to the people of Dumfries, first they elect Humpty Dumpty Mundell and then vote in a Labour council !!

    Unbelievable there must be a village idiot in most households in the Town.

    Bet you most of them when on holiday say they are from somewhere else now !!

  60. Ken500 says:

    The Labour/Unionist liars would test the patience of a saint. They just annoy most people. The majority are totally fed up of them and can’t wait to vote the useless troughers out. May 2016. They support severly disabled people being bathed in a paddling pool. Sanctioning and starving the vulnerable. £10Billionns a year going from Scotland for illegal wars, tax evasion and banking fraud. HMRC is nt fit for purpose. Westminster Oil & Gas take 60% losing thousands of jobs in Scotland.

  61. heedtracker says:

    “Local authorities are sitting on £1.8bn cash reserves.

    Wait what?!

  62. louis.b.argyll says:

    John Swinney has been on top form
    for a while now..

    He has won his arguments and laid out
    his cards at every turn.

    Nice to see his character and
    emotion being applied.

    Having to explain basic local
    government financing to the
    opposition front bench
    (to counter political manipulation
    of flood compensation!) is beneath
    his obvious other talents.

  63. Ghillie says:

    So proud of our Mr Swinney!

    Perhaps now the good folk of Dumfries and Galloway will appreciate who REALLY has their best interests at heart.

    That’s put a wee skip in my step! 🙂

  64. Tam Jardine says:

    Neil Cook

    Dumfries did not vote for Mundell- Dumfriesshire skirts the East of the town. Richard Arkless (SNP) is MP for Dumfries.

    The rest of your post is bollocks as well by the way.

  65. Calum McKay says:

    Nice one John, hope there is more of this to come, from all ministers!

  66. Brian McHugh says:

    Heedtracker, that is standard practice to deal with Cash Flow and for any emergency etc. They are not really sitting on the money… it keeps rolling over. It is a bit like your bank account… if you are lucky enough and don’t live in debt, then you get to your next pay packet before your account is empty… just for emergencies etc.

    Well done Swinney.

  67. Carl Jenkins says:

    We need much more of this hard talking when opposition MPs and MSPs try to twist the truth in a deliberate effort to show the Scottish Government in a bad light.

    They are effectively lying or they are incompetent and incapable of understanding the facts, either way they need some ‘tough love’ to get them back onto the right track – if only for the benefit of the people they are supposed to serve.

  68. Capella says:

    That was a tonic!
    I’ve circulated it on twitter to my small band of followers. Let’s hope it goes viral – in Dumfries and Galloway.

  69. Orri says:

    If we can tap into money put aside for natural disasters then it sounds like an insurance payout. Just the kind of spin someone who was any good at PR would put on it. Either Cameron is piss poor or he secretly wants out of the EU.

  70. Jimbo says:

    Gaun yersel, Honest John Swinney – and no before time.

  71. alexicon says:

    I enjoyed that oh so much. More please.
    Councils sitting on £1.8 billion of assets eh.
    Nope didn’t see this reported on misreporting Scotland, Jackie Burd was
    Too busy telling us that it was now Scotland’s oil & gas industry now.
    I thought it was the uk’s?
    Well it was when the price of oil was high anyway.

  72. Socrates MacSporran says:

    Rev, how very dare you – making-up and posting a load of nonsense like that clearly faked clip of an angry John Swinney.

    I have just watched Reporting Scotland – no mention of this exchange, indeed, apparently nothing happened in the main chamber at Holyrood today. How dare you try to fool the electorate.

    I mean, if such an exchange really had happened, the BBC would have shown it in full – wouldn’t they?

  73. Dorothy Devine says:

    Three cheers for Mr Swinney!
    Skelpt and telt!

  74. Grouse Beater says:

    Anybody know anything of a ‘Donna Hughes’? Her twitter account says she hopes to see Scotland out of the Union, and she’s a ‘cat lover.’ She crops up on women’s twitter accounts and invites me to join her, but her site is blocked.

  75. Dunks says:

    Surprise surprise not a peep on BBC Jackie abut Rambo John. Lots and lots about the oil job losses with the usual underlying insinuation that armageddon is just around the corner for an independent Scotland. I worked offshore for 20 years and at one time, on a BP rig, when oil dropped to approximately $17 per barrel. Oil is a commodity like many others and price can be volatile. A bit off piste but how it makes my blood boil.

  76. Francis Mooney says:

    Absolutely, bloody beautiful!

  77. Lesley-Anne says:

    Les Wilson says:
    12 January, 2016 at 6:23 pm

    Lesley-Anne says:

    Oh your so wrong about fluffy at the floods here is the evidence

    Scroll down the JPG’s and you will find it!

    Damn it Les … I actually thought you were SERIOUS there. 😀

    If I recall, correctly that particular photograph was taken during one of Fluffy’s regular pot hole spotting tours. 😀

  78. seanair says:

    I was always amazed to see Dr Murray sitting near the front of the Labour ranks at Holyrood, shaking her wild hair and looking like some demented nutter. She and MSP Kelly(also near the front) must be vying for the Idiot of the Year award. Why does SLAB think they are assets?

  79. Capella says:

    Update – it’s had 100 views since I posted 20 mins ago. It was at 360 views at 16:45.
    Spread the news!

  80. heedtracker says:

    It is a bit like your bank account… if you are lucky enough and don’t live in debt, then you get to your next pay packet before your account is empty… just for emergencies etc.

    Well done Swinney.

    Thanks! And its just for emergencies like flooding, what unionists are trying to use to attack SNP and on it UKOK goes…

  81. yerkitbreeks says:

    Oh John, that was so lovely – glad to see him with his birse up.

  82. One_Scot says:

    From the above comments, I gather that the clip has not been shown on national news channels, which I believe is genuinely news worthy to the public.

    This is why we need a neutral Scottish news TV station/programme as Reporting Scotland, the BBC and others present their bias by omission.

  83. KenC says:

    Wow! Haven’t seen Swinney in this mode for a long time.

    A friend of mine, during the referendum campaign, told me Swinney was too mild mannered for his taste. Not enough fire.

    I found him a link, from about four years ago, where Swinney took on the opposition, during his budget statement, in a similar manner.

    My friend changed his opinion after viewing it.

    As Christian Wright has already posted, “If aroused to anger, beware a quiet man.”

  84. bjsalba says:

    You know what really drives me totally friggin’ nuts?


    How do I know for sure? Well, I worked for the Countryside Commission 1975/76.

    There was a study done at that time on the time which showed the time it took for water to run off depending on the land usage. The report indicated that rain which fell on forested land TOOK FOUR HOURS LONGER to get to the river system than rain which fell on grass or crop land.

    What does that say for the Labour and Conservative governments that have ruled since then?

  85. Robert Kerr says:

    I checked her out and am amazed at her CV. PhD in Chemistry from Cambridge but at 61 years of age probably dementia has set in.

  86. No no no...Yes says:

    Take a bow John Swinney! Man, that was rock’n’roll politics, if there is such a term. It was a right dose of medicine for the doctor too.

    The gloves are off… at last.

  87. Flower of Scotland says:

    I loved that John Swinney!

    It was a fantastic tonic on an otherwise grey day!

  88. Wullie says:

    Well done Mr Swinney. I do hope that you will now instruct the rest of SNP MSPs on how to conduct themselves in the chamber and elsewhere when confronting the yoonionist anywhere at any time.

  89. frogesque says:

    Oooohhh! SNP reeaally bad . . . but I like it!

    Puir wee sowel, did’nae ken whur tae pit herself!

  90. heedtracker says:

    C4 BetterTogether news right now, sticking the UKOK boot in over BP cutting 600 jobs in Aberdeen. They don’t say out of how many but pluck 1 job in every 5 out of the UKOK ether. Maybe they mean 1 in 5 BP Aberdeen jobs, maybe they dinnae, such is their creepy brand of vote NO, your safer under England Project Fearing.

  91. heedtracker says:

    There was a study done at that time on the time which showed the time it took for water to run off depending on the land usage.

    The Dee and the Don flooded really badly but these rivers drain the Grampians/Cairngorms, which have been almost completely denuded of forestry for the blood sports estates, like Balmoral.

    Its not a coincidence or it is.

    Like much of the Highlands, finance or ecology, they have absolutely nothing to do with the people of Scotland. SNP really letting Scotland down on the whole issue of land reform in the Highland, or maybe just taking it slow, very very slow.

  92. Orri says:

    Wonder if some of these councils are “investing” the cash in a modern equivalent of Icelandic bank account Seem to remember quite a few in the UK lost big time at a cost to their constituents. Bit risky and ties up contingency funding. Not as if they’d be making interest free loans to their pals or parties or anything.

  93. Joemcg says:

    Wow! Gaun yersel John! Proves once and for all we are living in a goebbels like state when this is not broadcast to the people of Scotland.

  94. Jeff Todd says:

    I’ve known John for a number of years. He is a highly intelligent man who deals with problems in a rational, calm manner.

    He is also a passionate, committed MSP who represents a rural area which has suffered badly in the recent storms.

    Mild-mannered? Not when what he cares about is traduced. We are better, because we are far more committed and competent than the rest. Scotland needs the best, we have got it!

  95. John Moss says:

    Guess Labour wont be running Dumfires & Galloway after the May elections then….

  96. Robert Kerr says:

    @John Moss

    May 2017 surely ! Parliament elections this year, Council next year. Speed the days.

  97. yesindyref2 says:

    That was wonderful.

    I met him once, at the opening of the Largs SNP shop, really nice switched on guy. Good to see him lose his rag with – a rag.

  98. MajorBloodnok says:

    Hah! Telt.

  99. Petra says:

    WELL DONE John. Not only did you put Dr Murray in her place and expose her and her partys hypocracy you enlightened me too, and no doubt many others, about the workings / funding for the Councils.

    We have to see more of this, from all SNP MSPs, at Holyrood and on TV. Unmask these people at every turn and get the true facts out there.

    And by the way (if you’re reading!) I’ve got no idea how you put up with having to deal with such people. You have the patience of a veritable saint. Thanks for all your hard work John and just to let you know that we all love and appreciate you very much indeed x

  100. yesindyref2 says:

    @Robert Kerr
    Elaine Kildare Murray was elected Labour MSP for Dumfriesshire in 2011 with 12,638 votes, to Con 9,468 and SNP 8,384 – a gain from Con from 2007. The seat Labour held was East Lothian. Labour got 2 on the list, SNP 4, LibDem 1 for South of Scotland.

    This election could see the SNP with all constituency seats, but Labour having 3 on the list rather than 2, a nett loss of 1 seat.

  101. onelessday says:

    A few years back I had an exchange of emails with Ms Murray I don’t remember exactly what it was about, obviously something she had said annoyed me, anyhow when I told her to bear in mind the taxes I paid helped to keep afloat the gravy boat on which she sailed the exchange stopped I’ve always wondered if it was something I said

    Well done J Swinney

  102. Francis Mooney says:

    No grandstanding, no smirks and no cheap jokes. Absolutely, bloody brilliant! More accountability and less political speak. Brilliant John!

  103. Croompenstein says:

    Another good performance in the other place today by Pete Wishart. Worth watching if you missed it earlier..

  104. Fred says:

    John is one of the good guys!

  105. jdman says:

    Gain yersel Johnny! whohoo
    right o/t
    listen up everybody, I need evidence to prove Cameron had the big supermarket bosses in to get them onside before the ref, any evidence out there that will prove it actually happened , I have a guy a work who thinks I’m a conspiracy nut!

  106. Iain More says:

    Now that is bloody more like it! Take the effin gloves off with the quizzers! Brilliant!

  107. Petra says:


    I hope that no-one minds me posting this here. This song, sung by Joan Baez, reminded me of the title of this article. A 1963 Bob Dylan song thats meaning is as relevant today as it was over 50 years ago.

    A Hard Rain Is Gonna Fall …….

  108. ronnie anderson says:

    @ Orri 7.50pm Thats one for campain leaflets Councillors/Heads of Depts with Intrest Free Loans.

    Cmon Lads n Lassies FOI requests, get them to make the case for us.

  109. Dan Watt says:

    Holy hell that was some ass whooping. He should speak more often.

  110. gerry parker says:

    I wonder who put her up to asking that question? Someone on the front bench perhaps?
    She’ll Ken next time.

  111. Dcanmore says:

    Labour’s North British branch is only about obstructiveness now, they can’t even govern their constituences effectively without resorting to political point scoring first, the people second. Incompetence on every level is shining through on a daily basis. Yet some Labour muppet somewhere will be cock-a-hoop that somebody got Swinney riled up a bit, these days in SLAB that’s known as a successful days work.

  112. Bugger (the Panda) says:

    seanair says:
    12 January, 2016 at 7:10 pm

    = She and MSP Kelly(also near the front) must be vying for the Idiot of the Year award. Why does SLAB think they are assets?

    Have you seen and heard the rest of the Slabour gene pool?

  113. One_Scot says:

    Jdman, found this but it looks like you have to register for the full story,

    I do recall Alex Salmond stating publicly on a news programme that Cameron pulled the Big stores in to ask them to put out the No message. He also said that one or more of them told him where to go but I cannot recall the names.

  114. ewen says:

    Thanks John. That made my day.

  115. scotspine says:

    I think that’s what our American cousins refer to as being “owned”.

  116. yesindyref2 says:

    Just to add to that South of Scotland thing, Ettrick, Roxburgh & Berwickshire is a constituency seat from that pre-Xmas TNS poll, that the Conservatives are expected to hold. The SNP would take two list seats, 6th and 7th, but the 7th they’d just beat Labour by a handful of votes which shows the perils of the nonsense tactical voting, as Greens should win 1 list seat but have no chance of 2, and RISE couldn’t win a seat.

    If the SNP did win Ettrick from the Conservatives, they’d probably have 1 list seat instead of 2, and the Conservatives would get 2 instead of 1. So no change in totals, but the prestige of a constituency as opposed to a list.

  117. jdman says:

    Gerry Parker (hiya Gerry)
    “She’ll Ken next time.”

    At least she got a new perm out of it #hairdryer

  118. The Rough Bounds says:

    If only we had seen more of that sort of justified anger during the referendum we might just have done it. Dignity of manners conveys a sense of reserve strength, but sometimes you just have to let rip and send the buggers to hell.

    Don’t let it be too long before you extend your claws again Mr. Swinney; it was most enjoyable watching you savage Labour.

  119. jdman says:

    Thanks for that One_Scot, behind a paywall though. seems like you have to subscribe for a year or something.

  120. Cadogan Enright says:

    Scottish people contribute £327m to get a part-time TV service and some mediocre radio all of which broadcasts demeaning attacks on everything Scottish

    In Ireland the National Broadcasting Company can produce 3 National TV stations and a host of local and National Radio Chamnels for just €200M of licence fees plus about another €100M commercial income and there are several commercial stations too.

    That’s about £200 M in colonial money.

    Another £20M delivers a full time Gaelic TV station which is also strongly follwed in NI

    Seems to me Scotland can aspire to manage its own media affairs and should make no bones about demanding it using Ireland as an example.

  121. yesindyref2 says:

    Anyone remember the leaked memo from Swinney, photocopied and done as a pdf, the one the Unionists and media presented as “new” but which was a year old, the one with ridiculous and inaccurate yellow postits all over it with the usual Labour nonsense?

    That was I think a big mistake of the ScotGov, I had to laboriously type out bits of it to post in the Herald to make a point, rather than being able just to cut and paste. And anyone wanting to read the whole thing had no choice but read the Better Together’s pdf, along with the yellow postits with their silly comments.

    GERS 2011/12 had shown that Indy Scotland would have had £4.4 billion more to spend (£825 per capita), and what happened was that all ministers were gleefully spending the whole £4.4 billion.

    What that memo was doing, was Swinney telling them all that there was £4.4 billion TOTAL, not each. They really should have made that point, as having a careful precise Finance Minister for an Indy Scotland was and is very neccessary, and having one that keep the rest of the enthusiastic cabinet under control!

    I think that openness could have swayed a lot of the undecideds who liked the idea, but were afraid of the economy.

  122. Graeme Doig says:

    Watched it twice. Even better the second time.

    Don’t mess with the best finance minister we’re ever likely to see.

    Well done Chancellor Swinney.

  123. Bob Mack says:


    The story about supermarket bosses meeting Cameron then insisting prices would go up was in most of the media. I actually saw it in the Daily Record (sigh) on 11th sept 2014.
    I am sure you will be able to access a cpoy of the story on the internet of that particular publication without the need to subscribe.

  124. Claire says:


  125. One_Scot says:

    Jdman, found this,

    Apparently the stores were happy to take direction from No. 10

    ‘There’s no conspiracy – it’s called agreement’

    ‘He said it was “well known” that the Prime Minister had asked businesses to speak out but he and his colleagues had decided separately to do so.’

  126. Robert Peffers says:

    If John Swinney has a fault it is that he is just too much of a gentleman, too much of a nice person, and too clever for the opposition.

    Having said that the actual fault is not John’s but that of the total arses that attempt to play upon John’s niceness.

    I few more swipes like above, administered in public, just may see him treated with a damned site more respect in future.

  127. Ken500 says:

    IR have their own produced x Factor and Cowell x Factor. Two for the price of one.Why are the Unionist complaining about broadcasting etc. it’s a sham. They voted NO.

  128. Wellreadned says:

    A demolishing by Swinney. But even he shat his breeks when Marwick shouted “order!”

    I don’t want to get on her wrong side in a hurry.

  129. ben madigan says:

    well done mr swinney – bout time people started standing up to Unionist bullies and the “not an inch”mentality.

    here’s some advice for people who are faced with renovating flooded homes. It was written for Ireland but the principles apply wherever anyone is flooded or thinking of buying/renting property. I hope whoever needs it finds it helpful. My heart goes out to each and every person in the awful predicament of losing house, furniture and very personal items like photos, certificates etc

  130. peter says:

    Robert Kerr 7.33 says she has a PHD in chemistry,

    Dont know about that Robert but she certainly looks a couple of electrons short of a stable configuration!

  131. Robert Peffers says:

    @msean says: 12 January, 2016 at 5:16 pm:


    My wee pal isn’t really into computers and his wife is a real TV soap opera addict. So when I visit I take along my big laptop and play him clips and show him bits of the on-line comments.

    His reply on watching that clip was, “Sae noo they aa ken”.

  132. jdman says:

    @Bob Mack
    thanks Bob
    I found a link to a comment in the grocer magazine that makes a comment about a meeting in which Cameron “lobbied” the big six to campaign for a no vote

  133. frogesque says:

    @ jdman


    Chuffin’ brilliant!

  134. Lesley-Anne says:

    peter says:
    12 January, 2016 at 9:54 pm

    Robert Kerr 7.33 says she has a PHD in chemistry,

    Dont know about that Robert but she certainly looks a couple of electrons short of a stable configuration!

    The problem is Peter, she will just not listen to me. I am sick to the back teeth telling her to STOP putting her soaking fingers in the plug sockets! 😀

  135. Joemcg says:

    Onescot-jeez reading that article is like reading a master class in BT lies and double speak also the over usage of the word separatists. It’s out of an MI5 handbook! Fair got the blood boiling. Indy2 will be up against it with any repeat of that bullshit.

  136. Rock says:

    I hope John Swinney has set a precedent to be followed by all SNP politicians during live interviews by the hostile and biased BBC and STV interviewers.

    I hope finally the gloves are off.

  137. Petra says:

    @ jdman says at 8:46 pm ”listen up everybody, I need evidence to prove Cameron had the big supermarket bosses in to get them onside before the ref, any evidence out there that will prove it actually happened, I have a guy a work who thinks I’m a conspiracy nut!”

    Jdman someone posted something on here recently about journalists running in and out of number 10 in the lead up to the Referendum. I’m sure that they mentioned supermarket bosses too. Maybe someone else on here will know where to find the info?

    I’ll post the following. Don’t know if it’ll help at all. This is about the Celtic League complaining to the United Nations about Cameron’s ‘manipulation / interference’ during the Referendum Campaign.

    ‘Manipulation’ and ‘Interference’ in Referendum Campaign UN Notified

    ‘The general secretary of the Celtic League has written to the new United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights, Zeid Ra’ad Al Hussein, expressing his concern over breaches to an international covenant during the run up to the Scottish referendum on Thursday 18th September 2014.

    In his letter, Rhisiart Tal-e-bot, stated that he would like to make a formal complaint to the Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights on behalf of the Celtic League – an NGO with roster consultative status with the United Nations – about the manipulation and interference of United Kingdom State parties in the referendum campaign. In the letter the general secretary referred to several “well documented” complaints, which were: “obviously designed to ‘manipulate or influence’ the outcome – a clear violation of the HRC guidance.” The full text of the letter is set out below:

    “United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights, Zeid Ra’ad Al Hussein


    Dear United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights, Zeid Ra’ad Al Hussein

    Complaint: UK in Breach of International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights (ICCPR) regarding Scottish Referendum (Friday 18th September 2014)

    I am writing to express my concern about clear breaches by the UK Parliament of the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights (ICCPR), in relation to the Scottish referendum for independence.

    As you will be aware the UK has signed and ratified the ICCPR, compelling it to agree to uphold the Covenant. However, in a number of instances leading up to the Scottish referendum, UK State parties seemed to renegade on the terms of the Covenant, in relation to the accepted procedure of how referenda campaigns should be carried out.

    We would like to draw your attention to Article 25 of the ICCPR and section 19 in particular, of the Human Rights Committee, General Comment 25 (57), General Comments under article 40, paragraph 4, of the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights, adopted by the Committee at its 1510th meeting, U.N. Doc. CCPR/C/21/Rev.1/Add.7 (1996). I have copied below the relevant section 19 in General Comment 25 (57) mentioned above for your convenience:

    “In conformity with paragraph (b), elections must be conducted fairly and freely on a periodic basis within a framework of laws guaranteeing the effective exercise of voting rights. Persons entitled to vote must be free to vote for any candidate for election and for or against any proposal submitted to referendum or plebiscite, and free to support or to oppose government, without undue influence or coercion of any kind which may distort or inhibit the free expression of the elector’s will. Voters should be able to form opinions independently, free of violence or threat of violence, compulsion, inducement or manipulative interference of any kind. Reasonable limitations on campaign expenditure may be justified where this is necessary to ensure that the free choice of voters is not undermined or the democratic process distorted by the disproportionate expenditure on behalf of any candidate or party. The results of genuine elections should be respected and implemented.”

    In relation to section 19 in particular, there are a number of instances where State parties actively sought to manipulate and interfere with the freedom of voters to express their choice fairly under the democratic process. Specifically, and most significantly, these actions include:

    1) The UK Government (although having stated the decision was for the Scottish people) solicited foreign governments and senior officials of International bodies such as NATO and the EU to attempt to influence the process

    2) UK State parties actively solicited businesses i.e. Supermarkets and banks to influence the process.

    3) Three UK political parties outlined additional powers (‘The Vow’) to voters after the electoral process had started i.e. after postal ballots had been cast.

    All these steps taken by the UK government and the three political parties were obviously designed to ‘manipulate or influence’ the outcome – a clear violation of the HRC guidance.

    These matters are well documented and on the public record. In our view these issues form the basis of a potential complaint and that is what I would like to do on behalf of the Celtic League as a registered NGO with Roster consultative status with the United Nations.

    We look forward to hearing from you soon.

    Rhisiart Tal-e-bot
    General Secretary
    Celtic League
    M: 07787318666

    The General Secretary will determine the appropriate branch or General Council Officer to respond to your query.

    ISSUED BY THE CELTIC LEAGUE INFORMATION SERVICE The Celtic League has branches in the six Celtic Countries. It works to promote cooperation between these countries and campaigns on a broad range of political, cultural and environmental matters. It highlights human rights abuse, monitors all military activity and focuses on socio-economic issues.’

  138. Mark says:

    Ooft! #Telt

  139. Cameron durie says:

    Having been a nurse for 40 years NHS and offshore have to say nurses have been a political football for years.Unless you have done those shifts you have no idea what it’s demands are.
    I have had the t
    anks nurse don’t know what I would do without you stuff after a major attack.

  140. Kenny says:

    Another goodie is Hosie really schooling a BBC drone who was reporting from Aberdeen — I think it was around the time of the Smith commission, when the BBC were really going for the Godzilla-sized “fiscal black hole” line, which would swallow up Scotland and take us all to a parallel universe.

    Hosie really took the BBC drone to task and she ended up looking like a silly little girl in front of the headmaster (which, in intellectual terms, she was). Yet even when he calmly explained with the help of facts and figures, she kept flustering “but surely…” because she only had this one line given to her by her controllers and nothing else of any weight to offer.

    I am quite willing to bet good money that there will be a “SNP good” report on Mars before there is ever one on BBC Scotland.

  141. schrodingers cat says:


    wrt southern Scotland, I have already conceded that tactical voting in this region is a fools idea, it has to be snp 1 and 2 there. um….are you unaware that there are other regions in Scotland? if you are :), then your post is trolling.

  142. schrodingers cat says:

    re john swinny


    lol, on yersel’ bungalow bill

  143. Gary45% says:

    A wee bit O/T.
    Having just watched last nights 2016 and the STV version, I have come to the conclusion, that Slab simply do the 10% calculation from the UK funding to get their Scottish equivalent . (or am I missing something?)
    The 50 pence tax rate for people earning over £150,000, for example, It might have been Glumbo or Kelly who said it would raise £70 million, where did that figure come from? probably 10% of the £700 million raised in the whole of the UK, from the said tax.
    So do Slab actually cost finance, or do they still believe if they make it up, and say it enough the punters will buy it?
    Should we tell them those days are long gone? No
    Yer man Kelly looked like he was hanging onto the carpet, in case he fell off.

  144. David Beckett says:

    Mr Swinney and I don’t always agree, (I work in Education), but this response was wholly appropriate, balanced and considerably more reserved than the points hungry politicians deserved. Is it any wonder the Scottish Labour movement is dying.

  145. Capella says:

    Update 2: 999 views! up from 360 at 4:45. So approx 100 views per hour. Keep up the good news, especially to viewers in Dumfries and Galloway who won’t know anything about this.

  146. arthur thomson says:

    Good to see John Swinney being assertive. I think we will see more of this from John and other SNP reps but it will be measured. It is the fact that John and others in the SNP react with such patience in the face of unreasonable behaviour that gives impact to the occasional show of teeth.

    Fun to watch when it happens.

    Watched Pete Wishart as Croompenstein recommended. A good, strong performance. It must take guts. We should never underestimate how difficult it must to be assertive in such a hostile environment.

  147. Capella says:

    OT for those of you deprived of Ruthie’s Party postcard, Scot Goes Pop has posted it online for you.

  148. chossy says:

    I got extremely emotional watching that. Good on you John. He has been an incredibly patient man, he works extremely hard, I’m happy to see him show a tougher side. I’m proud of the level of restraint he normally shows and this display of anger is quite welcome and very understandable.

    Keep up the good work.

  149. Lesley-Anne says:

    Just in case anyone, and I do mean ANYONE, thinks that the RED Tories a.k.a. Labour are electable then perhaps they should talk to this lovely Labour candidate. 😀

  150. galamcennalath says:

    For the EU referendum … I assume everyone in the media is going to refer to those who want good old Blighty to leave the EU as Separatists ?

  151. Thepnr says:

    O/T responding to a post on the last thread but relevant no matter where it’s posted I think.

    Very few know what goes on and what is involved in running an election or referendum for that matter.

    I was involved in the checking of postal votes, there both at the opening and the counting. I can categorically state that at that process at least all was above board from the observations I made.

    One thing I won’t say is that there was skulduggery, I witnessed none. Any voting system can be tampered with, of course that is a fact. Did it happen in the referendum?

    Possibly, but if you believe that then you also must believe that even the most recent polls are being tampered with since Yes has still not taken an absolute lead.

    My own view is that we lost so better get our act together for the next time. For their will be a next time.

    No use crying over spilt milk, just shows we need to work harder in order to win. It’s our failure, not the voters. Realise that and then we may actually have a chance. After all we are the activists, blaming the voters or a “rigged referendum” will get us nowhere.

    Let’s take the defeat on the chin and lets get right back out there and show them we mean business. There will be no let up.

    No going back in the box for me, I’ve a reputation to protect as a Winger and we won’t lie down or turn the other cheek.

  152. potter says:

    Labour council withholding cash from flood victims while Unallocated General Fund Balances were maintained at the recommended minimum level of £6.8 Million. Nice, using flood victims to try and play SNPbad card

  153. Bert says:

    Whit happened to generate the ‘Order’ shout at 0:59?

    The trumped up flannel that the Slab’er’er came oot is worth watching time again.

    Thanks Stu for providing the vid.

  154. Morgatron says:

    Well done John, for an encore you should have paint balled that Leo Sayer look a like with her own shite .

  155. Gerry says:

    We are way past the point where the policy of constant flow “SNP BAD” stories are being manufactured to the direct loss and harm of our citizens. Enough is enough, SNP + SNP. No alternatives until we are free of this scourge on our nation and fellow citizens.

  156. Marie Clark says:

    Well, well. I’ve been busy all day and just catching up.

    Chapeau, Mr Swinney. Gon yersel son. About time somebody slapped these SLAB eejits good and hard. Ye ken whit they say, it’s the quiet yins ye hae tae watch.

    Elaine Murray is, and always has been a total waste of space. I think oor Lesley-Anne wid agree as she seems ae belang tae her side o’ oor region.

    Three cheers for John Swinney.

  157. Robert Louis says:

    Well said Mr Swinney. It beggars belief the way in which Labour have behaved over this matter, just to score some cheap points.

    Every day I am astounded at the childish way in which the Labour party behaves. Snipe, snipe, snipe, bitterness and spite, is all we get from Labour.

    Had I been John Swinney, I may well have vaulted over to the Labour benches and shook the morons sitting their.

    This clip is remarkable, as John Swinney is a very mild mannered man, and it takes a lot (or just Labour stupidity) to cause such anger.

    Labour are behaving as though it is student politics, withholding hard needed money from people in D&G who desperately need help.

    It is verging on evil what Labour run Dumfries and Galloway council are doing. The Labour party, truly the lowest of the low. Then they shake their heads and wonder why they just lost all bar one of their Scottish MP’s. Unreal.

  158. Lesley-Anne says:

    Marie Clark says:

    Elaine Murray is, and always has been a total waste of space. I think oor Lesley-Anne wid agree as she seems ae belang tae her side o’ oor region.

    Sadly … for my sins I have agree with everything you say there Marie. 😀

  159. Ian Brotherhood says:

    Anyone have anything on what was reported this evening’s flagship progs re EVEL and exclusion of Scottish MPs?

    It’s a constitutional ‘first’, intit?

    Just asking…

  160. Robert Louis says:

    You know, the fact is, that John Swinney is the bedrock of the SNP Scottish Government. He has turned managing Government finances into an art. It could easily be argued, and in my opinion it should, that Mr.Swinney is the secret of their success. Time and again, he has performed miracles with the Scottish budget, and Scots are all the better for it. He is the ultimate canny man.

    My only disappointment in that exchange, was that John didn’t manage a ‘So ye ken noo.

  161. Lesley-Anne says:

    Ian Brotherhood says:
    12 January, 2016 at 11:38 pm

    Anyone have anything on what was reported this evening’s flagship progs re EVEL and exclusion of Scottish MPs?

    It’s a constitutional ‘first’, intit?

    Just asking…

    I think it was a debate in the House of Commons tonight Ian about housing covering England and Wales …. surprise surprise!

    I think this from Pete Wishart might explains things.

  162. Marie Clark says:

    Aye a’ feel fur you Lesley-Anne. When you hear her being interviewed on the radio, even hubby ask ” whit in the name is that stupit wummin oan aboot”.

    Noo that’s surprisin coming frae him, cause it’s usual me doin ma nut at these numpties. Am aye bein telt tae calm doon or I’ll get yer soap boax oot.

  163. Thepnr says:

    @Marie Clark

    And if they get the soapbox oot Marie, then I’d hope you’d hop on it and gie them what’s what!

  164. Col says:

    Yeah it’s a blow for Scotland according to BBC 3’s 60 second news bulletin talking about the oil industry job losses. I wonder how many of those jobs are English folk? Scottish oil bad, UK oil good.

  165. Marie Clark says:

    Thepnr, damn right I would. I think that’s what worries the auld man. He’s feart he micht hae tae come an bail me oot.

  166. Lesley-Anne says:

    All I can say Marie is she had better no turn up at any hustings I attend cause she’ll get a right mouthful fae me! 😀

    I can NOT stand the wummin!

    I don’t care what certification she has she is STILL thick as a short plank! 😀

  167. Thepnr says:

    @Marie Clark

    There are at least 100,000 here who would gladly come and bail you out, tell the auld man that 🙂

  168. Ian Brotherhood says:

    @Lesley-Anne –

    Thanks for the links.

    That’s powerful stuff from Pete Wishart – very much looking forward to seeing the footage.

    Have a wee sneaky feeling (but rather warm all the same) that Cameron will come to regret saying what he did on the morning of Sept 19th, 2014. He thought he was seeing-off the Nats? Mibbes, aye – must’ve felt like that at the time, sure – but he’s made the cardinal sin of not watching his back.

    Today, EVEL was shown to be an unsquareable circle, and Wishart’s own account includes dissenting voices from the Tory backbenches. Cameron’s very own nearest and dearest will do for him, just as they did for Thatcher.

    Hell mend him. Nice thing is, NS/SNP, ‘Cybernats’ and Scots generally needn’t (indeed, won’t be ‘allowed’ to) lift a finger – so, let’s just sit back and watch them implode.

  169. Dave McEwan Hill says:

    Capella at 10.56

    The Tory leaflet says “Vote Ruth Davidson for your list vote” which is a lie unless she is on the list in every region in Scotland

  170. mike cassidy says:

    Murray happy to retweet a bbc journalist reporting her ‘attack’ on Swinney.

    She didn’t bother retweeting his next tweet about Swinney’s response.

  171. frankieboy says:

    Labour don’t do Opposition. They have no idea what responsibility lies with this position. Instead the see ‘opposition’ as disagreement for the sake of it. They see argument for the hell of it. Opposition is a vital part of government that should help to get the best out of every situation for the betterment of the people they represent. Sadly, it looks like Labour represent themselves first, their party second and Westminster rule third. Unfit to govern and unfit to oppose.

  172. Breeks says:

    Pity Mr Swinney wasn’t so exasperated and animated when dealing with my grievance with an indolent council. I might have had a bit more time and for the SNP.

    Then again, there is Fergus Ewing and Paul Wheelhouse to make a sorry trio of Scottish Government Ministers who cannot answer a question between them, and are each in turn content to turn a blind eye or a deaf ear to important grievances which still fester yet.

    I have no plans to join the Swinney fan club any time soon.

    Does that make me sound bitter and disgruntled? Good, because I am.

  173. yesindyref2 says:

    Are you posting to the wrong thread? My comments about South of Scotland were in reply to Robert Kerr / John Moss, who were discussing South of Scotland – which is where Murray is an MSP for – who Swinney put down – which is in this article!

  174. Thepnr says:


    Fair point, in the grand scheme of things though it’s maybe irrelevant at this moment in time.

    Independence is the goal, you know that probably better than I.

    Patience is all I ask for.

  175. call me dave says:

    All SNP maybee bad, but…shit! well nothing illegal or anything, in the Herald today. 🙂

    Meanwhile the Hootsman gives Jim Leishman etal a shot at fishing for a seat in the lifeboat… Photo too…braw chain.

    labour! We need a bigger boat…Yer right!


  176. Tackety Beets says:

    I noticed Joan McAlpine’s tweets at the weekend if any Tweeters missed it.

    JS a wee bitty vexed , woo hoo , brilliant.

    Even My younger brother , a long time winger, text me about it.

    My only critical comment on JS . I would have liked him to have reminded SLab that it’s a bloody good job he manages the books so diligently and keeps a wee bit in reserve ( Remeber how they criticise him for NOT spending every penny every year). This is a very good example why a wee bit needs to be in reserve!

    Council Banking , many here will remember how Western Islands Council lost £23m , which they had invested in BCCI when it went tits up . Was it way back in early 90’s ? No matter the point is YES they invest their money and access as required.
    There is a strong rumour in the Highlands that Tesco Town (Inversneckie) is know as such not because there are at least 4 T’s but THC have actual Tesco shares , I’d like to think it’s a myth . Yea nivir keen.

  177. Dave McEwan Hill says:

    Too good to just be on O/T. Mind blowing and fabulous.
    Where the rain is welcome

  178. Lesley-Anne says:

    You are right DMH … that is an absolutely amazing and fabulous rendition of Toto’s “Africa”. 😀

  179. Chic McGregor says:


    Thanks for that. Gareth Malone eat your heart out.

  180. Jim says:

    Tackety Beets says:

    There is a strong rumour in the Highlands that Tesco Town (Inversneckie) is know as such not because there are at least 4 T’s but THC have actual Tesco shares , I’d like to think it’s a myth . Yea nivir keen.
    It has been said and by those in the know!

  181. BenInsular says:


    I’ve seen plenty of politicians act angry for effect. This was the real deal. My hair was standing on end. Swinney just went up in my estimation yet again.

    Loved the ending shot of the Presiding Officer peering over her specs. I’m not sure whether it’s a shame they didn’t cut to Murray at that point (had she had a liquid lunch or does she always sound like that?). Probably looked like she’d been plugged into the mains.

  182. Eddie Munster says:

    @ Tackety Beets

    Back in 2007 the press and journal reported that the Highland Council had bought shares in Tesco, apparently councillors “knew nothing about it”, can’t find a link to the story but did find a forum post about it with a link to another internet article about it, but since I’m on my tablet I can’t copy and paste it.

    ill leave the forum post link here. With an added note from the Highland news that it is possible HC have invested 4 million quid in Tesco.

    “Under the Freedom of Information Act, Highland Council have previously intimated that investment fund managers acting on behalf of the Inverness Common Good Fund have invested £4,000,000 in Tesco”

    Highland council pension fund as of 2014-2015 have many investments with tobacco company’s, pharmaceutical company’s, including Monsanto, various banks and companies based in the Cayman islands, even possible that the council has investments with weapons manufacturers

    Hopefully my many links haven’t upset anyone, and as I have said I’m on my tablet so do forgive any spelling mistakes or auto correct substituting words.

  183. Eddie Munster says:

    I think my first comment has gone to moderation for the amount of links in my post so here’s some more on Highland Council pension fund investments.

    “The Highlands and Islands are in urgent need of high-quality affordable and social housing, and pension fund members would be among those who benefited from that. It makes sense to invest their money in ways that will do good now as well as growing strongly to provide for their retirement.

    “The Housing Fund shows that there are socially useful alternatives to bankrolling destructive industries like fossil fuels, weapons and tobacco. I’d like to see us all using our investment power to grow the industries that we need instead of those that harm us.”

  184. Eddie Munster says:

    BTW I really love this site 😀

  185. Capella says:

    @ DMH
    Ruth has become “omnipresent”, she is standing in all regions. Notice her leaflet doesn’t say what the party is. Only that it is Ruthie’s party. But the web address for the petition is a bit of a giveaway – the scottishconservatives – or STories.

    Suggests that they know they are toxic but Ruth with her BBC background is an acceptable PR face to front the campaign.

  186. jdman says:

    “Ruth with her BBC background is an acceptable PR face to front the campaign.”


    Well Aa suppose…

  187. Ken500 says:

    The Councils were warned to take the money out of Icelandic Banks, before the Crash. The Icelandic Gov paid the investments in the crooked Icelandic Bank’s back. All the Councils eventually got their money back. Goldman Sachs etc were writing Report’s guaranteeing and supporting the (crooked) Icelandic Banks. Some of the writers are now employed in US Academia as economic specialists. They have actually changed the titles of their Reports from ‘stable’ when they were written to ‘not stable’ now. When they had vouched for them, and written favourable Reports. ‘Inside Job’. A Documentary/film on Banking fraud. or ‘The Wolf on Wall Street?’, etc.Leo De Caprio. (where did he get that name?). Genuine or false?

    The Icelandic Gov (1/2Million pop) paid the money back and put the Bankers in jail. There was a warrant out for one banker but he was protect by the financial sector in the City of London. A politician was held resposible and out in jail. The Icelandic people bore the brunt. Their mortgages and interest payments became were increased. Brown/Blair should be out in jail. They do no want Scotland to be Independent because they could be held accountable for their crimes against humanity. Along with the other criminals. Chilcot Report has taken 7 year. A disgrace. Cameron is still illegally bombing and killing innocent people in the Middle East and denying it. Even Tories are complaining.

    Tesco’s was one of the companies who refused to speak out against Scottish Independence when Cameron illegally broke the agreed Purdah rules (like a GE election agreement but with 16/17 year olds getting a Ref vote). Some of the Execs had ben fiddling the books previously and were arrested. They were using suspect accounting methods and over inflating future profits. it has never come to court so far. A cover up? Tesco’s has a new Exec.

    M&S Chairman has stepped down. Markies food profits were up over Christmas but their overall sales/profits were down 5%. Not a good outcome for the Management. Stuart Rose the previous failed Chief Exec is an advisor to the Tory Gov, appointed by Cameron. Most of the major British companies sales are down over the Christmas period, when they are supposed to make their most money. Christmas sales can account for 70% of their business and keep them profitable throughout the year.

    It can be difficult with portfolio management. Sometimes they can opt out from certain unethical shares if they request. Local Authorities are required by Law to get the best returns from their (pension etc) investments. Or taxpayers have to make up any shortfalls. Local Authorities do have, and are required to have, contingency funds. For obvious reasons. They complain about having ‘not enough funding’ or ‘no money’ for political reasons when they have vast reserves. Some thry can’t touch but some more flexible. They can waste taxpayers money on grotesque projects, that no one wants. While not supporting essential services, which are well funded from Scottish Gov.

    £10Billion+ a year is going to Westminster from Scotland, to support Trident/illegal Wars, tax evasion and banking fraud. Policies the majority in Scotland do not support. Monies which could be better spent on essential services and investment in the economy. HMRC is not fit for purpose. Westminster take 60% of production/tax in the Oil & Gas sector, losing thousands of jobs in Scotland. Too tough a regime when prices are low. More fuel and energy has to be imported in the rest UK putting up the Deficit and the debt, which Scotland has to pay off. (£4Billion a year) Scotland does not benefit.

  188. Dorothy Devine says:

    Dave McEwan Hill, thank you for a great start to my morning.
    I have passed it on to a parched friend in SA.

    jdman, fortunately I was not drinking my morning coffee at the time of clicking the image.

  189. Ken500 says:

    The forces that are faced need a united front to achieve the Indepencence goal. Everyone has a petty or substantial grievance. (Another £200,000 being spent on cycle lanes for minority or none use. When there is no overnight homeless provision).

    Once the goal is achieved everyone can vote or do what they want, in an improved democratic more equal society. The majority will get government they have elected in Scotland.

    The Courier? P & J, EE. – D. C. Thompson – Unionists Printing Co. Football Club (profits) going down.

  190. Ken500 says:

    Local authorities were warned to withdraw investments from Icelandic banks. Gave a higher interest rate. Thrybwere vouched for by Goodman Sachs etc. Icelandic Gov paid back all the Local Authorities who lost out. Bankers and politicians were held reponsible and put in jail in Iceland. (1/2Million pop). The Icelandic people took the brunt, There mortgages and interest rates went up.

    Portfolios – there can be some opt out of unethical investments. Local Authorities are required by Law to get the best return from investments for pension funds etc. Or taxpayers have to make up the difference.

    Tesco’s refused to back Cameron’s call against Independence. The majority of the major British firms have lost profits over Christmas, their busiest trading period. M & S etc. All the companies who said vote NO. Westminster governance is not helping them. Difficult trading conditions. Austerity.

  191. Ken500 says:

    # there – their

  192. Ken500 says:

    @ Jdman

    That’s a laugh. { ; > ) }

    ‘Do like you but you are awful’ @ Comedian.

  193. Macart says:


    😀 LOL

  194. Christian Schmidt says:

    I work in local government (though not in Scotland anymore). There are plenty of grants to councils (directly or to be passed on to third parties) where the UK/Scottish/Welsh government makes a commitment, that is send a letter to the council, with the cash following later. Sometimes the cash comes in the next payment run (which as Swinney say happen weekly), sometimes the cash comes quarterly, sometimes after the council has send proof of spend (copy of invoices) back to government. That is how the system works, that’s how it worked under every single Labour government. And it works well – I mean are they expecting that any grant letter comes with a cheque attached? It’s so stupid.

  195. Kenzie says:

    Ken 500

    Doesn’t Walmart own both Tesco and ASDA?

  196. Ken500 says:

    Considering the SNP Scottish Gov have built 30,000 affordable houses, 6,000 a year, and intend building 50,000 more. Labour built 6 when they were getting much higher funding, pro rata.
    The Local Authorities should be the last people to criticise especially when they hold large reserves.

    It is difficult for Local Authorities to invest in public housing stock as a pension investment. The investment could decline. How would it be valued as stock. It would be difficult to sell off, to raise Capital to pay pensions etc. Tenants have to stay long term in the houses. The capital return rent payments might not keep up the amount required to pay out for pensions etc. There could be a housing value crash. Cycle. It might require more flexible, easier to sell investments. Local Authorities are required by Law to keep investments and reserves safe. Or taxpayers/gov funds have to make up the difference.

  197. john king says:

    “Doesn’t Walmart own both Tesco and ASDA?”

    Not my knowledge, they own ASDA but not TESCO.

  198. ronnie anderson says:

    @ Eddie Munster Pension Funds & Councils investments are other areas, the we Wingers can request a FOI to see how much is invested in our names.

    Remember To Wee To Poor,most of those Investments will go via the city of London.

    Squeeze Squeeze OOCH.

  199. john king says:

    “Local Authorities are required by Law to keep investments and reserves safe. Or taxpayers/gov funds have to make up the difference.”

    like this you mean?

  200. Capella says:

    @ jdman
    What an improvement! Are you her publicity guru?

  201. Ken500 says:

    Building Companies don’t make vast profits. Many just tick over, once they pay their costs. They do carry land reserves. The Chief exec get well remunerated. In hard trading conditions they strip down, cut prices and concentrate on core business. Small Investors don’t always make vast profits. Thousands/Millions who bought into housing/building lost £Million/Billions in saving and pensions etc. People went bankrupt. Especially in the South. Other people have covered their losses, indirectly.

    Banks illegally put businesses out of business (deliberately). So the Banks could cover their losses Some of these legitimate claims have never been met or are outstanding. Mis-selling products etc. Some businesses are still affected. Carrying too much debt makes it harder to carry on. Osbourne just abandoned another scheduled Bank Inquiry. That could have bought answers and responsibility.

  202. Ken500 says:

    @ 2016 still pursued with interest. It might takes wee bit time. Icelandic £40Million.

    Westminster take £4Billion a year for debt not borrowed or spend in Scotland. £1/2Billion for Trident, + illegal wars, tax evasion (£3Billion) and unregulated banking fraud (£Billions). Take 60% of Oil & Gas, costing thousands of jobs in Scotland.

  203. john young says:

    Don,t know why the SNP in Holyrood do not expose these liars at every turn,put the spotlight on the MSM/BBC and expose their lies.

  204. gordoz says:

    Interesting tack taken by BBC on GMS re funding when they report today’s comments by a ‘social care activist and former Labour & BT advisor’.

    Acivist comment about issue raised – “surely as a country we are better than that ?” which is a paradox of “Better Together” (interestingly)? So did BBC cover this point ?

    No lets get the Health minister on and avoid examining the interesting ‘better together’ aspect all together. Good old BBC.

  205. Brian Powell says:

    Interesting when a couple twitter comment making a positive statement about Scotland and how we should try improve our country can cause a 25 to 50 twitter exchange between folks like Historywoman and a whole bunch of Unionists absolutely adamant that we are crap and dead without England.

    They hate themselves so much!

  206. Almannysbunnet says:

    First EVEL now MP’s are going to vote on an English National anthem, Jerusalem is favourite. The union is crumbling before our eyes and at their own hands. They should be encouraged.

  207. One_Scot says:

    Does anyone know the correct name for those wishing to leave Europe, is it EU Separatists or British Separatists.

  208. Les Wilson says:

    Saw an article on ticker on Sky news this morning, there has been a proposal for an English anthem to be used at sporting events, instead of god save the queen.

    After EVEL english nationalism on the rise.

  209. Colin Church says:

    Broke News Year resolution and ventured onto GMS hoping for Swinney, 1.8 billion in council reserves, EVEL, Cameron in front of ECC committee, Syria vote evidence unravelling SNP right all along, escaping NHS disputes because of good relations here, etc.

    But no oil bad, oil is Scotland’s problem when oil price low, renewables too difficult, targets and ambition not worth it, council tax freeze bad, councils underfunded, social care killing people before they get a package to die, Queen Street closing IN MARCH.

    Peak GMS. That will teach me.

  210. Ken500 says:

    Asda Walmart – US. If Asda shares are traded on London stock exchange, Asda in UK must be a subsidiary of Walmart (US. Where do the profits go? Do Asda declared and pay tax on profits made in UK? Look it up.

    Tesco’s is British. Traded on UK stock market. Tesco’s bosses were arrested for fraudulent accounting. Inflating future profits to put up share prices. Embezzling. They have never come to court. Some were sacked. A cover up. There is a new chief Exec. Hevwould not support Cameron on opposition to Independence, breaking Purdah rules. Tesco’s is too big. People spend more. More waste. It is a marketing ploy.

    If Companies are registered in US. Shares can’t be traded on London Stock Exchange. . Only as a separate subsidiary, i.e. separate entity. There are Company trading rules. Different country rules. It depends where the Company is licensed (by gov) to trade. Shares of different (countries) companies can be held but it must be by a ‘holding’ arrangement. There are more difficult, restrictive rules.

    That is how (foreign) businesses can evade tax, say they are not registered to trade in the country where the business is transacted. A total dodge. Or Have a separate billing office in a country where they pay little or no tax for business transactions taking place elsewhere. In Europe countries are starting to make the tax dodging firms pay up. Not happening in Britain. Still procrastination. Lin Hom head of HMRC to step done. Made a Dame with more remuneration. Getting paid off – for secrets kept?

    There is a new Chief Exec on register interest committee rules. A failed, fraudulent Banker. A Head of the BBC is failed, fraudulent Banker appointed by Cameron. Worked for Lord Green (Quaker), another failed, fraudulent Banker (Swiss accounts) who is a Gov adviser appointed by Cameron.
    MacPherson stepped down with Honours. Presided on the worse financial crash advising Gordon Brown. Honoured for financial mistrust and secrets kept. Broke Civil Service rules.

  211. One_Scot says:

    From what I can see the only way EVEL will ever be fair is if Scotland becomes Independent.

  212. galamcennalath says:

    One_Scot says:

    “Does anyone know the correct name for those wishing to leave Europe, is it EU Separatists or British Separatists”

    On the basis that we are called Scottish separatists because we want Scotland out of the UK, the best description might be UK Separatists, ie UK out of EU.

    Colloquially, UK = Britain, so I also think British Separatists is good.

    An EU Separatist might be someone who wants the whole EU to adopt an isolationist stance relative to the rest of the world. Although, that’s really not the same.

    One thing is certain, if we are Separatists for wanting out of the Union, they are also Separatists for wanting out of the EU.

  213. Andrew McLean says:

    Hello Dumfries and Galloway councillors,
    so let me get this straight, as a council your first priority, actually the reason you exist, is to serve the local population,. In fact you swear an oath to that fact, “… to represent the people of Dumfries and Galloway, to best of my ability, without fear or favour”

    So as the local government representatives sworn to assist your constituents why did you deliberately withhold financial assistance, assistance that would help relieve the stress, pain and suffering of the good people you are servants of? Before you answer we’ve no money were too poor!
    Given an estimated £ 1 million, is needed urgently, given you, despite whatever the Scottish government promised you, have £ 6.8 million in cash reserves earmarked for emergency works, not immediately and with due regard to your vow, not let those affected know of your ability to assist them in their hour of need?

    Now it could be you like to keep £6.8 million nice and snug in the bank for a rainy day, you know for when things get bad like an asteroid strike or a plague of locusts, but you also have a £2.3 million under spend in unallocated reserves also sitting in your bank account, you could have used these surely.

    Or perhaps closer to the truth is that you really don’t care if you’re political posturing cased upset, continued the stress, and were a disservice to your constituents; maybe you believe politics comes first and to hell with the people, the good people of Dumfries and Galloway!
    Sorry in that, you are mistaken; the people of Scotland demand and deserve better treatment from their representatives, than this pathetic example of financial incompetence that this council exhibits!

  214. One_Scot says:

    Thanks galamcennalath, I think I will go for ‘British Separatists’.

  215. Anagach says:

    Tokyo Kaye is on social care and how awful it is, and of course whos fault it is. Is it odd that the Herald is also running attacks on social care ?.

    Again no comparison of before/after or other parts of the UK, or alternatives.

  216. Graham MacLure says:

    Still searching for any trace of this act of treachery against the people of Dumfries and Galloway by their elected unionist representatives in The National!
    Can Anyone point it out to me?

  217. orri says:

    EVEL isn’t fair simply because the legislature making the decisions has a more direct control over funding and the devolved assemblies only powers to vary whilst keeping a fixed budget. At the same time the devolved assemblies are elected on a more proportional system than Westminster.

    It’s also worth remembering that Scottish MPs have as little say in devolved issues as any other MP. If anything up until 2011 the Conservatives had more say in issues devolved to Scotland than the SNP had in the same in England and Wales.

  218. Iain says:

    Better not tell all the youn’s that England without Scotland’s resources is Greece without the sunshine.

  219. schrodingers cat says:

    eu ref dead line getting close, bill still needs to pass through wm, if this year, it looks like September, anyone seen any opinion polls lately?

    if the eu ref is in sept, what is the earliest indyref2 could be called?

    I watched ian murray, on sunday politics Scotland, avoid the question, if England votes to leave eu and Scotland votes to stay, would you support Scotland being dragged out of the eu against its wishes?

    It strikes me, that if the above scenario were to happen, unionists like murray would not be able to avoid that question.

    not all 45% yessers are pro eu just as not all nos are anti eu, I would love to see an opinion poll of scots on indyref2 if the eu ref were to produce the above result…

  220. Papadox says:

    With regard to EVEL. Are the Lords constrained in the same way as Scottish MPs with regard to English legislation?

  221. schrodingers cat says:

    Graham MacLure
    Still searching for any trace of this act of treachery against the people of Dumfries and Galloway by their elected unionist representatives in The National!
    Can Anyone point it out to me?

    sure, the 55% who voted no, did so on the promise of devo max, ffa, home rule….that’s what saved the union.

    mundell and westminsters failure to produce this is a betrayal of the no voters (the yessers never believed or expected anything else)

    mundell and the unionist D&G councillors are deliberately with holding payment and along with Westminster are deliberately trying to damage the Scottish economy, the people of Scotland and Scotland in general and then trying to blame the snp SG. I disagreed with thatchers policies, all of them, but she at least believed her own rhetoric, that her actions were, in the long run, good for Scotland.

    the britnat unionists in Westminster, aided and abetted by the “useful” stooges, like mundell and the unionist controlled councils, in D&G and the rest of Scotland, are deliberately trying to harm the people of Scotland in a way that thatcher never did.

    The betrayal….the nos did not vote no for

    1. their elected mps to be excluded from the hoc and turned into 2nd class citizens

    2. control over income tax limited by the inability to control tax bands

    3. …… I’ll let the others list the rest of the betrayals

  222. Dave McEwan Hill says:

    The possible EU referendum is a distraction that could be very bad for us. I suspect it is a factor in the SNP’s sensible reticence on the next Independence Referendum.

    We might have been wise in my opinion to take no position at the moment and point out that an independent Scotland would have the power to remain in or come out otherwise we could be facing an independence movement divided dangerously on this issue

  223. schrodingers cat says:

    captain marvel…. told ya


  224. call me dave says:

    @Colin Church

    Tsk! Colin never listen to BBC Kaye alone, always have some other person supporting you, otherwise try wearing a fresh garlic necklace or tuck a lucky rabbits foot in your pocket with a picture of Nicola, works for me!

    As my partner says, when I have it on in the car,… “Dave FGS”! “Scotland is a rotten place to live, try Kingdom radio”… I grimace and think…Geez! Between the devil and the deep blue sea.

    So I put on a Bowie CD… Aye right! 🙂

  225. Ken500 says:

    ‘ABZ & Big OIl’ Jeremy Cresswell

    Gordon Brown on 5 December 2005 caught the Ool industry on the back foot by doubling the SCT surcharge on UK North Sea profits to 20% against a backdrop of plummeting domestic oil and gas output.

    ‘Brown moved swiftly, implementing the surcharge in January 2006 with the expectation that it would rake in an additional £2.3Billion into Treasury coffees that year and possibly more if oil prices held above $60 per barrel’

    ‘The shock move drew immediate protest from UKOOA, and Shell announced 10 days later that it was scaling back North Sea drilling for 2006 by reducing its requirement from three to two rigs.

    Others such as BP said they would of course review their Porfolios in the light of the overall Corporation Tax burden jumping from 40% to 50% of which 29% was surcharge UKOOA had been confident that the Treasury would leave well alone and be content with having already siphoned twice as much tax off the industry that fiscal year alone, because of the sustained high oil price run.’

  226. Mosstrooper says:

    Brian Powell @8.54

    What you are observing is an instance of Ethnic Self Hate or loathing. It is a recognised psychological disorder and is usual in persons with low self esteem. To my mind this pretty much sums up the Ukokers. They suffer from a psychological disorder and because they cannot turn their ire on themselves they transfer it to others. It can also be called internalised racism. They hate themselves. Understandable when one reads their comments.

  227. schrodingers cat says:

    Dave McEwan Hill
    The possible EU referendum ……

    I think we need to accept that it is now a certainty

    Cameron has no choice but to legislate for an eu ref now, thing is, any bill brought forward, and time is running out for him to do this and have a referendum this year, will require him to name a date.

    brown and blair delayed announcing a date for an eu referendum, until the conditions were met(cant remember now what those conditions were) until the time was right etc. what they really meant was, when the polls showed convincingly that an IN vote would win.

    Cameron no longer has that option, an object lesson to those amongst us who call for an unconditional commitment to indyref2 in the snp manifesto. before I would support indyref2, I would want to know the result of the eu ref.

    The snp will not share any platform with any unionists, their slogan will be ” independence in Europe” It will be a short campaign and much lower key than the eu ref.

    Im not a big fan of the eu and wont campaign for either an in or out vote.

    but if England votes to leave and Scotland to stay, I see an opportunity for indyref2 arising and will seize it with both hands.

    voting to leave the uk is irreversible, a no going back choice, voting to stay with the eu is not a permanent situation.

  228. Karmanaut says:

    Yet another example of how thoroughly rotten Scottish Labour is.

    Actually keeping quiet about flood grants. Actively withholding cash from people who need it in order to create the impression that the Scottish government is doing nothing, and, presumably, so they can keep that money for their own projects.

    Deliberately hurting their own constituents, so they can blame it on the SNP.

    At the end of the day all these Labour councillors care about are their own jobs. They would run Scotland into the ground if they thought it would help their careers.

  229. schrodingers cat says:

    much lower key than the eu ref.

    should read

    much lower key than the indy ref.

  230. Charles McGregor says:

    @Mosstrooper, Brian Powell

    Which makes them victims rather than perpetrators in a way.

    If people are told they are crap often enough, some will end up believing it.

    The abused wife who refuses to take her husband to court may infuriate the police yet at the same time, invoke sympathy from them.

  231. Ken500 says:

    ‘Ian Suttie is reportedly trying to offload his North Sea oil and gas production venture as the slump in crude prices continues. Multi-millionaire Mr Suttie, 68, is thought to have put First Oil up for sale before the Chridtmas holidays after a request from lenders to sink more funds into the firm.

    First Oil, which describes itself as the largest privately-owned UK company producing oil and gas in the North Sea, recording a turnover of £138million for the year ended April 2014. The Oil price had climbed to $110 per barrel in summer 2014 to less than $35 today. Leaving First Oil in difficulties, along with many of other North Sea companies. Mr Suttie’s decision not to put up extra funds for Firdt Pil has stopped any attempts to restructure the company.’

  232. As the actions of Labour councillors in Dumfries and Galloway, who didn’t inform their constituents about the Scottish Government’s £1500-per-household flood relief grants to help people cope after recent storms.

    Has shown there are simply no depths Labour at local or national level will no not plumb to undermine the SNP Scottish Government.

    In my opinion the Scottish Government have been too soft and reasonable with these Labour scumbags.

  233. Graham MacLure says:

    schrodingers cat 11:21
    Thank you for your reply and the very valid points you mention. From Rev Stuart’ posting above I conclude that Mr. Swinney the Cabinet Secretary for Finance in the Scottish Government is of the opinion that councils should do what they are supposed to do ie. serve the people who elected them.
    Whilst this should not in itself be news the manner in which he delivered this message to Unionist Councils and the fact that they appear to be obstructing compensation payments to possibly destitute people should surely have been worthy of a mention in a supposedly Independence leaning newspaper like The National?

  234. Ken500 says:

    ‘Most of tycoon Ian Suttie’s personal wealth of £350million came from First Oil which was founded in 2001. First Oil is trying to divest its share in a number of UK developments, including Kraken. One of the North Sea’s largest fields holding reserves of 136million barrels worth of oil. Mr Suttie’s company owns a 15% stake in Kracken worth £68million.

    The firm is part of Mr Suttie’s Aberdeen based holding company First Tech. First Tech’s construction branch had planned to a £50million redevelopment of Aberdeen Broadford Works. It would have created 500 homes on the derelict site and commercial units. No work had take place on the site since First Construction was granted planning permission. The city council is considering a proposal from Ferness Investinh Holding to build 890 units on the site which has been empty since 2004.’

  235. Fergus Green says:

    After these revelations, should the councillors in D&G not be considering their positions?

    Is there any mechanism whereby these individuals can be called in by the Scottish Government to explain their actions?

  236. gordoz says:

    Rev : Really think you should have a listen over the John Beattie show today BBC Radio Scotchland.

    Is this not a blatant Unionist political broadcast re Council Tax & Moray Council ??

    Only speakers / ranters – John Beattie / Lindsay McIntosh (Times) / Michael Kelly (Yesterdays Yoon Zoomer)

    Spectrum of opinion ??

    Its getting more blatant by the day – come on yoons defend this garbage !!

  237. Robert Peffers says:

    @Colin Church says: 13 January, 2016 at 9:30 am:

    ” … council tax freeze bad, councils underfunded, social care killing people before they get a package to die … “.

    That’s the best laugh for a month, Colin. Even if it is a bit macabre to consider it.

    These numpties, both Labour and the BBC, either think Scottish voters are really, really stupid or, more likely, they are really, really stupid.

    In the first place the Council Tax only provides a tiny percentage of Local finance. An average of 85% comes from Scottish Government grants, Business Rates and council charges for Council services.

    In effect well run councils will have very small percentages raised from Council Tax and badly run councils will have much larger percentages raised from Council Tax.

    So the freeze only applies to a tiny proportion of the well run council’s income. Thus, If a Council is daft enough to raise council tax, then they will get a much smaller Scottish Government Grant. That means them then raising the Council Tax even higher and then not even being better funded.

    The second daft claim this morning, (about the larger percentage of people popping their clogs while waiting for a care package), also proves these councillors, and their friends at the BBC, are rather innumerate.

    The care package claimants are obviously claiming a care package because they are unable to care for themselves due to either illness, disability or old age.

    In all three categories there is bound to be a very high rate of deaths from the very basic reasons they had to apply for a care package in the first place.

    God only knows how these councillors minds work for it is way beyond the reasoning of we normal folks.

  238. Jamie says:

    That was impressive by Mr Swinney. I have never seen him angry before, but I think it helped here to make his point pretty clear, that Labour don’t half talk gash at the best of times.

  239. Chic McGregor says:

    “The possible EU referendum is a distraction that could be very bad for us. I suspect it is a factor in the SNP’s sensible reticence on the next Independence Referendum.

    We might have been wise in my opinion to take no position at the moment and point out that an independent Scotland would have the power to remain in or come out otherwise we could be facing an independence movement divided dangerously on this issue”

    Agree. See my post on last thread.

  240. Robert Peffers says:

    @galamcennalath says: 13 January, 2016 at 10:06 am:

    Colloquially, UK = Britain, so I also think British Separatists is good.

    An EU Separatist might be someone who wants the whole EU to adopt an isolationist stance relative to the rest of the world. Although, that’s really not the same.

    One thing is certain, if we are Separatists for wanting out of the Union, they are also Separatists for wanting out of the EU

  241. Robert Peffers says:

    @galamcennalath says: 13 January, 2016 at 10:06 am:

    ” … Colloquially, UK = Britain, so I also think British Separatists is good.”

    Try telling that to the non-UK British People of the Republic of Ireland, The Non-UK British Manx folks or the Non-UK British citizens of the two Non-UK Channel Island Bailiwicks.

    Everyone in the British Isles are British but they may not be governed as part of the United Kingdom.

  242. Almannysbunnet says:

    Just recieved my copy of Demanding Democracy, The Case for a Scottish Media by Christopher Silver. So on with the reading specs and we’ll see how long I can last without wings.
    Any loons or quines from Aberdeenshire West out there? Your MSP is in need of a few bob for the the upcoming election.

  243. Chic McGregor says:

    OT trivia. Moggy on TV just now saying the Jacobites were tr@itors.

  244. Almannysbunnet says:

    Ok one more and I’m off.
    Just heard Toby Perkins, the Labour MP pushing for an English national anthem, and I quote “we are not British we are English”
    Tick tock

  245. Anagach says:

    Fluffy is out of the closet – according to the Guardian.

  246. Greannach says:

    To be fair to Elaine Murray, she IS a fairly useless clown.

  247. schrodingers cat says:

    Chic McGregor
    OT trivia. Moggy on TV just now saying the Jacobites were tr@itors.

    um, he also said jesus visited surrey which is inconsistent with the words of jerusalam….

    im not sure what say about that

  248. heedtracker says:

    Another day of no news is no news in rancid Graun

    “Role models like David Mundell also inspire young lesbian, gay, bi and trans people by letting them know they are not alone and that they too can feel proud of their identity.”

    Fluffie’s 54, he’s spent his whole life in the closet, how’s that inspirational etc?

    England national anthem same as Northern Ireland but

    “Opposing Perkins’s proposal, Conservative MP Jacob Rees-Mogg said: “What greater pleasure can there be for a true-born English man or true-born English woman to listen to our own national anthem?

    “A national anthem for our whole country, for our whole United Kingdom, of which England is but a part, but an important part. And to listen to those words that link us to our sovereign, who is part of that chain that takes us back to our immemorial history.”


  249. David S. Briggs says:

    Watched that seven or eight times now. It get’s quite addictive.

  250. Neil Cook…The village idiots of Dumfries actually elected Richard Arkless SNP.
    David Mundell is the MP for Dumfriesshire (separate constituency).
    So who’s the numpty now?
    You didn’t let us know where you’re from….probably for the best, everyone must be mortified.

  251. Eckle Fechan says:

    I thought he was still quite restrained whilst showing his indignation. There’s more headroom there for a bigger roar.

  252. gerry parker says:

    It would be interesting to know on a weekly basis, how much money is transferred to each of the 34 local councils by the Scottish Government, and the current (unspent) money the local councils are sitting on.

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