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Appointment to view

Posted on October 28, 2013 by

For those of you who – inexplicably and frankly rather hurtfully – STILL don’t follow us on Twitter and may therefore not have heard the news yet on your gramophones, this evening’s Scotland Tonight promises to be a real treat.


Not so much for the fact that they’ll be referencing our poll, but because they’ll be doing so as the jumping-off point for a discussion between Dennis Canavan (chairman of Yes Scotland) and Ian Davidson MP, on the subject “Are undecided voters in the independence referendum more socialist, more republican, & more green?”, which should be like watching Rab C Nesbitt give David Bowie fashion tips.

We’re not bothered about our cameo role, because the mere fact of our poll being mentioned has kicked off the most entertaining Twitter shriekfest from outraged Unionists we’ve possibly ever seen. We might bring you some more highlights later. In the meantime, STV, 10.30pm.

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154 to “Appointment to view”

  1. antmcg says:

    Grats Stu, good job all round 🙂

  2. Morag says:

    I always read your tweets.  Does it matter that I haven’t actually clicked the “follow” button?

  3. This is mair like it.

  4. Bugger (the Panda) says:

    Define a catalyst?
    Scientifically speaking
    a substance that increases the rate of a chemical reaction without itself undergoing any permanent chemical change:
    Wings is THE catalyst in 2014

  5. Calum Craig says:

    Looking forward to this!

  6. Bill C says:

    Simply superb! I think British Nationalism is unravelling before our eyes. Legend comes to mine Stu. LEGEND!

  7. Morag says:

    I have to say I almost wet myself when I read Euan McColm’s tweet.  They are absolutely shit-scared of our wee Stu.  It’s the purest and most classic example of argumentum ad hominem I ever came across.
    One of them actually tweeted to people to go read that sad blog written by Stu’s deranged stalker to have the scales removed from their eyes and understand that Stu shouldn’t even be mentioned in polite society.
    It’s totally delicious, actually.

  8. Derick says:

    This Mccolm fellow appears to be a bit of a knob, eh. 
    Twitter: never.  Not unless at the point of a gun, and even then probably not.  like sheep it has no useful purpose. Unlike sheep it’s not even edible

  9. Morag says:

    I saw off Magnus Linklater last week with three tweets.  It was a lot of fun.  Don’t knock it.  And reading Stu’s twitter feed is freaking hilarious.

  10. Rev. Stuart Campbell says:

    “Does it matter that I haven’t actually clicked the “follow” button?”

    Well, it means you don’t count in my follower numbers, and follower numbers are good because they make more people follow you and that way you can reach more people.

  11. Morag says:

    What’s in it for me?  😀

  12. kininvie says:

    But you are missing so much!  Every demented Unionist in the whole world is piling into Wings, and making utter knobs of themselves…..
    Twitter has its downsides because it tempts you into incontinent frothing. But provided you have the self-discipline to refrain from that, it’s actually pretty useful. Why not try it? You can always junk it again.

  13. lumilumi says:

    Oooo wow! Should be interesting. And I won’t get to see it as live in a foreign country 🙁 Keep me posted, all of you, on how it goes!
    I don’t do twitter (don’t mean to hurt you, Rev) but I hear a real storm has kicked up about the WoS poll being included in a MSM outlet programme! 😀
    The objection seems to be that it’s been commissioned by a nasty radical separatist with the money his the deluded readers gave him in a crowdfunding campaign! Because all the other polls, funded by good unionist MSM, are of course much more impartial and unbiased…
    I wonder if Prof Curtice is going to be as fair and balanced on screen as he was in his blog earlier today.
    In the blog, I get the impression the Prof is very, very happy to get his hands on such a wealth of properly polled data to chew on for days, if not weeks to come. What really struck me was this bit in the opening paragraph:
    In terms of the number of questions asked at least, it is one of the largest commercial public opinion polls to have been conducted in Scotland in recent years. It is doubtful whether any newspaper or even broadcaster could afford so large a project nowadays.
    There you have it. We, the WoS community, have shown the MSM that where there is a will, there is a way! We wanted to know what Scots think, and we might’ve not liked alll the answers, but thanks to our money and the Rev’s efforts, the Yes campaigners now have a wealth of empirical data and information.
    The No campaign, of course, now have the same data & info but are they going to be stupid enough to dismiss it because it was financed by “cybernats”? They just might. 😀

  14. tartanfever says:

    Well done Rev on getting the poll mentioned – obviously it’s construction has thrown some light onto some otherwise overlooked areas of interest. Really impressed with what you have done.
    As for twitter, I think the above image shows exactly why many think it’s a waste of time.
    I do look on your feed, today for example I saw you having a spat with some tory chap called Keith Steele who, on reading your complaints regarding continual BBC news coverage of the ‘hurricane’,  try to make some personal argument about you not condoning the deaths that have occurred due to the weather.
    I haven’t heard ‘discussions’ like that since Primary 5 playground time.

  15. Paula Rose says:

    Perhaps someone could give a quick tutorial on twitter over in quarantine?

  16. big_al says:

    Is mccolm really a journalist that works for a national newspaper. An absolute disgrace to be behaving like that. Should be sacked forthwith. 

  17. kininvie says:

    Rev, you’ve got 5,000+ followers. So don’t complain. Many of us are quite happy with a tenth of that number. You are just power-crazed.
    Morag, I salute you – it’s pure ego-building, and you are right to steer well clear of it!
    PS You can follow me if you want (@BreichSNP) 🙂

  18. Luigi says:

    Rev Stu,
    I think you have just been moved to the top of Ian Davidson’s bayonet list.
    Well done!

  19. Bill Fraser says:

    RESULT!  A wee bit of attention and the devil incarnate is invited to comment.

  20. gordoz says:

    Stu : Excellent
    Now this is a bridgehead ! Fantastic they can’t ingnore WoS anymore.

    Loving the petulant aggro of British Unionism, what a hoot.

    ‘Classic Batshit craziness from the No side ‘

  21. Colin Dunn says:

    I can’t help but feel that the wails of outrage from the usual suspects at WoS being mentioned on TV stem from the same source as the Labour shrieks of outrage at the SNP running Scotland: a baulked sense of entitlement. How dare an amateur blog be reported on TV and get the same treatment and respect as real, professional members of the press?

  22. Camilla Kaczinski says:

    I just got myself a Twitter account.
    And now it suggests I follow Harry Styles. And Taylor Swift.
    Just how old does Twitter think I am?

  23. Daughter of Evil Reindeer says:

    Can’t wait! I love the Twitter endorsement.
    Epic poll, so much essential info here, exactly what’s been needed. Also relevant to the No’s whether they acknowledge it or not.
    Some yes radio…

  24. Norrie says:

    Did a cartoon of McColm once he commented that ” it was now personal” wonder what he meant?

  25. Camila
    The Rev did an article about using Twitter, he listed a selection of people to follow, will help to get you started off 🙂

  26. Marcia says:

    I liked the put down by Greg Moodie a couple of weeks ago.
    EM – Do you do comedy?
    GM – Do you do journalism?

  27. pmcrek says:

    I’d give him a break, he’s obviously jealous because you’re able to fund your journalism from people who want to read it.

  28. HandandShrimp says:

    It was received wisdom that internet blogs like Wings were where deranged cybergnats came to validate their existence. Some of these blogs, like Wings, were particularly evil because they didn’t shy from confrontation and spewed their cybergnats out into the wider blogosphere like radioactive isotopes to contaminate all right thinking people.
    That Wings has increasingly become mainstream, has a readership in 6 digits and is read and discussed by the mainstream media, is the world turned upside down. For people like Euan it is the equivalent of Galileo suggesting to the Pope that the Earth revolves around the Sun. “Fetch me the thumbscrews” is the response.

  29. Holebender says:

    Me me me… everybody should follow me!

  30. gordoz says:

    Hey check this out : What a laugh
    Here’s desperation for you – Ian Smart pomoting increase in support for Tories ?
    What is he  smoking ?

  31. david says:

    the more wos is discussed the more people will read it

  32. Morag says:

    Don’t follow me.  I never say anything.  Unless I’m smacking down Magnus Linklater.  Did I mention that was a lot of fun?

  33. gordoz says:

    Think Scotland – joke website ?

  34. Craig M says:

    This is about losing control. The Unionist and Scottish Labour puppeteers are seeing their strings being cut.

    Putting the emotion to one side for a moment, this is actually a small victory for democracy in Scotland. For far to long the flow of information has been controlled.

    That control is being taken back by ordinary people and the puppeteers don’t like it.

    Well Puppeteers, you know who you are; get used to it, because when the ball starts rolling then nothing is going to stop it.

  35. Dcanmore says:

    HAHAHAHA … just came back and I saw McColm’s reaction, brilliant! Aw man this website is something else! 🙂
    Congrats Stu you’re now a celeb 🙂

  36. scottish_skier says:

    Just downloaded what must be the biggest set of poll data tables ever.
    In excel format too. Bonus.

  37. Great line from Die Hard 4 and has Mccolm down to a tee, He is a Timex watch in a digital age 🙂 I think you could say the same about Scottish Labour and most of the MSM.
    Johan Lamont’s I’m not lying lie and deleting web pages, oh dear…Timex !

  38. Camilla Kaczinski says:

    Oh, this interview with Alistair Darling is absolutely hilarious.

    A bit OT, in a sense, but I just stumbled upon it.

  39. Bugger (the Panda) says:


  40. Brotyboy says:

    Just signed up for the Twitter thing, and thereby confirmed for myself why didn’t do it before.  

  41. DMW42 says:

    For want of a relevant post to say it (there’s been so many since I went away for the weekend), well done Stu.
    Some amazing results from the poll, and brilliant analysis and commentary. Kudos to you mate.

  42. SteveW says:

    Not a regular poster but have to say these poll results and analyses have been briliant. Fantastic job Rev.
    Worth the donation for the fun seeing unionists like OBE and McColm spontaneously combust.
    (Hope you had a great day yesterday. It was well and truly deserved).

  43. Nation Libre says:

    My God, this last week and the work from Stu really has been a real boost and reinforced my belief that a Yes vote is coming.  Is it right to be so excited about politics? Can’t wait until 10:30, this should be fun, it almost feels like a set-up, Canavan against Davidson, really?  Well done again Stu, belated bithday greetings, I’m so proud of being part of this.  More funds at the ready, just say the word

  44. Dearie me. You’ve almost got me wanting to own a tv again to enjoy the spectacle.

  45. Dcanmore says:

    Perhaps Stu (just looking at your Twitter) a good time to drop the BT illegal lottery bomb onto @STV’s lap maybe? Just a we suggestion.

  46. Dunphail says:

    The dozen or so Twitter  “Union Jocks” are shell shocked lashing out like their master of ceremonies Chairchoob. Most entertaining evening on Twitter since Smart last made an ass of himself  

  47. Bill C says:

    I fish for salmon, sea trout and brown trout. However at this time of year I always need a substitute hobby. Bring on Twitter, it’s brilliant fun fishing for demented unionists who usually take any bait offered to them. A bit like mackerel really.

  48. Peter Stark says:

    Now this time it was an interesting poll asking sensible questions and thus, it doesn’t get ignored by MSM. Scotland Tonight is on too late for me to watch tonight, but I will make sure I watch it in the morning.

  49. Xander says:

    Rev Stu, how dare you show up the so called professional journos, like a modern day Prometheus bringing the fire of truth from the gods. Didn’t you know that only the pros have the divine right to inform us how the world really is? 😉

  50. kininvie says:

    I can’t follow you until I know your username – so there’s no point in asking me not to 🙂

  51. Morag says:

    Don’t follow me anywhere!

  52. twenty14 says:

    Anyone taking bets on how many minutes into tonight’s programme before I Davidson implodes – Monday night shattered but I’m staying up for this 🙂

  53. Betsy says:

    I cannot describe what a rotten mood I’ve been in all day. That is until I read that the Wings poll is getting a wee mention on Scotland Tonight. I’d have been happy enough with that but the reaction of our unionist chums on Twitter has been outstanding. Every tweet an unwitting comedy turn. Is someone at Better Together telling them all to act like this? Or did all the most petulant, grumpy whiners in Scotland all gravitate to the NO camp by coincidence? It’s a puzzle. Would I be asking the comedy gods a bit too much if I prayed that Davidson makes an extra special effort to make an utter clown of himself on Scotland Tonight? 

  54. john king says:

    SteveW says 
    “Worth the donation for the fun seeing unionists like OBE and McColm spontaneously combust.”

    Ha ha ha dont be a stranger Steve

  55. HandandShrimp says:

    Had a look at Stu’s twitter lunch or whatever and I see there is indeed dismay that there is consensus amongst the media that Wings is part of the human race. Duncan Hotandcoldtaps is peeved that Yes Scotland have decided we are not too cool for school after all and are in fact the good guys.

  56. Delia says:

    Dearie me. You’ve almost got me wanting to own a tv again to enjoy the spectacle.
    ….then get a TV licence just to cancel it in disgust at the BBC pro-union bias. I’ve not had a telly in fifteen years and the only thing I’ve missed is not being able to cancel my licence in disgust. Says quite a lot really.

  57. Alabaman says:

    I’d love to be alive come say in 2060, and to read ann account of “The Fight For Scotland’s
    Independence “, 
    I am sure that you Rev, and your site “Wings over Scotland” would certainly get a mention.
    I do beleave that you, your site, and all your followers are helping to shape Scotland’s future,
    Keep applying more and more pressure Stu. 

  58. Bubbles says:

    @ Paula Rose
    I’d definitely appreciate some pointers to get started with Twitter.

  59. velofello says:

    @Morag -Twitter, what’s in it for me? – The dawn chorus?

  60. Morag says:


  61. Morag says:

    I’ll probably get to hear that anyway.  Am trying to proof-read an actual book peppered with silly mistakes, I’ve got to page 133 (of 222) and I keep turning back to Stu’s twitter feed for another giggle.

  62. gordoz says:

    A must see for all undecided voters visiting WoS; please watch Ian Davidson MP Labour in action on Scotland tonight 10.30 pm STV,  for true representation of Unionism in Scotland.
    Possibly the best case for Scottish independence on the planet, Ian is ‘the gift that keeps on giving’ to quote Chevy Chase / Christmas Vacation.

  63. John Gibson says:

    I’m sorry, I don’t mean to be hurtful OR inexplicable, but my phonograph ( never liked them new-fangled gramophones) just can’t establish a connection with Twitter.

    I’ll definitely watch the show, although I think Dennis Canavan will struggle with Davidsons immoveable wall approach he used on Isobel Fraser.  Hope I’m wrong.

  64. kendomacaroonbar says:

    Twitter is just too hard…why can’t we stick with ticker tape or telex? …I can play these wans.

  65. John Donaldson says:

    Will be interesting to see if this leads to a spike in Wings’ readership – although Wings may well already reach more people than Scotland Tonight does… does anyone know?

  66. David Martin says:

    McColm has form. Didn’t he call us f*cking idiots for crowdfunding the Rev? To borrow from the chairchoob himself, they don’t like it up ’em, as Corporal Jones was wont to say.

  67. call me dave says:

    John Gibson
    Me too not on twitter.
    Anyhoo!  Canavan will do well and if  he directs his words beyond the tv studio into the hearts of the DK’s all the better.   As I said on Sunday where’s Darling has he gone to Lamont’s bunker to hatch up another plot.

  68. The Man in the Jar says:

    Just tryed twitter on my phone. Jeezy peeps you guys must have eyes like shithouse rats I cant make out F. all.

  69. velofello says:

    Gramophone?- His Master’s Voice? (sorry cannae dae wee dug graphics). OK I’ve just ACTIVATED a Twitter account and I was really disappointed that upon succeeding to input my data a rich baritone American voice didn’t say “Congratulations, welcome to Twitland!”.

  70. lumilumi says:

    John Gibson & kendomacaroonbar above 😀
    I know what you mean. I only recently changed from my steam-powered computation machine to a new electric one. What a difference, but now I’m supposed to get more and more new-fangled machinery or techology or whatever they call it, social something?!?
    I’ll light my candle and toddle off to bed, I hope you WoSsers with the “sight-wireless”* are going to report how Canavan vs. Davidson turned out!
    *the old fashioned Finnish word for television, näköradio, literally sight-radio

  71. sneddon says:

    Bubbles – don’t post on twitter when drunk or  in anger, pace yourself and take a deep breath when responding to bampots and above all enjoy yourself.  It fair cheers me up twitter, especially looking through the bampot posts 🙂

  72. lumilumi says:

    call me dave @ 9.53
    Thanks a lot, I’m just off to bed and now I’ll have nightmares of JoLa and Darling hatching their young in their bunker.

  73. HandandShrimp says:

    I would agree that Dennis needs to connect with the viewers, There is little point in engaging with Davidson as he will piss away the minutes arguing the toss over something perceived grievance or spend the entire time saying the show and the poll is biased against Labour without addressing any of the issues raised.
    ..or he might surprise us and actually fire up a grey cell or two and participate…miracles can happen sort of….well it is St Jude’s Day patron saint of lost causes.

  74. GP Walrus says:

    What’s the difference between twitter feed and millet spray?

  75. Paula Rose says:

    Well I did suggest one of you savvy types explained to us on quarantine how to engage – can we just click on the link at the top (yes I’ve done that) and then what do we do?

  76. ronnie anderson says:

    David Martin is that where Jo hand gits it ( the wonky mooth 0 want /wont lol

  77. Andrew Morton says:

    The unionists are right. The independence campaign is all about one man’s crazed obsession, but it isn’t Alex Salmond. Step forward Rev. Stu, your name will live in history!

  78. big_al says:

    Bubbles – don’t post on twitter when drunk or  in anger
    Which is why I don’t do it.

  79. gordoz says:

    Will Davidson mention – 

    Bayonets ?
    Rangers FC ?

    Suggest giving a woman a doin’ ?

    Mention anti – Labour bias on TV ? 

  80. HandandShrimp says:

    You do realise that if he goes for all four we will all shout HOUSE!

  81. Kev says:

    This is huge, this could mean many thousands of Scots hearing of the site and checking it out, and well, it is pretty damn difficult not to get hooked!!

  82. gordoz says:

    @ Handandshrimp
    Please God!

  83. Morag says:

    Great stuff so far….

  84. kendomacaroonbar says:

    To all new visitors a Very Warm Welcome !

  85. Archie [not Erchie] says:

    Yeeeeeeehaaaaaaa Wings Well and truly emblazoned across my TV screen

  86. Indy_Scot says:

    I know that I probably cannot comment, but that does not change the fact that you are now officially Awesome.

  87. Macart says:

    Clearly Mr McColm studies the classics. 😀
    So worth it Rev, excellent news.

  88. kendomacaroonbar says:

    Fu Colm

  89. Pedro says:

    Davidson simply banged on about what the SNP wouldn’t tell ‘us’.
    At least he agreed with the Wings poll that showed that the majority of the undecided voters are further left wing than Labour and the SNP.

  90. bunter says:

    Good plug for Wings but Canavan v Davidson hardly got going.

  91. Jingly Jangly says:

    Great preamble to the debate between Canavan and Davidson.
    Lots of photos of the WOS site and many mentions, Davidson was his usual crap talking self,  Why does nobody take him to task for the lies he forever spouts.

  92. david says:

    bruiser davidson was not impressive at all. 

  93. Paula Rose says:

    But we can’t join Nato without nuclear weapons even though he is against trident????

  94. TYRAN says:

    Another #cybritnat 

  95. Alba4Eva says:

    I am definately wearing my WoS badge on my shirt at work tomorrow.  Huge respect to Stu and you all.  
    Democracy Rules 🙂

  96. Where did he get the 25 year figure from? 

  97. Dramfineday says:

    Twitter? No thanks rev, I’ll stick to the Radiogram. It’s fine once the valves warm up (a little bit like myself these days).

  98. HandandShrimp says:

    Davidson’s whole shtick is about shutting down debate and going down rabbit holes, he is not someone who articulates or communicates ideas. Not a great choice to partner Dennis.

  99. Expected it to continue after the break.  Was that it?

  100. twenty14 says:

    Very tame – most exciting bit was Wings logo – Rev  you must let us know the increase in hits after tonight’s viewing

  101. HandandShrimp says:

    The media exposure Wings has had recently is good for the souls of Grahamski, Euan, Duncan, Niclas, OBE etc.

  102. Alba4Eva says:

    Here is a useful video for any newbies visiting this site for the first time tonight…  enjoy 🙂

  103. The Man in the Jar says:

    Denis should have puled Davidson on the Trident / NATO statement. He missed an opportunity there. Apart from that good stuff but way too short.

  104. Jeeze-o – I go away for a long weekend for my wedding anniversary, and when I come back not only are there pages of polls results to get through, but you’ve managed to get a mention on the telly too! Well done, Sir!

  105. Kev says:

    Nowhere near long enough a slot for such an important topic, meant that Davidson was allowed to get away with spouting outright lies, what nato official has ever said that? Who in the mod has said it would take 25 years to move trident? How long is this crap going to keep going unchallenged?

  106. Marian says:

    Denis Canavan hardly got out of second gear thanks to Davidsons hogging/wasting of the interview time with garbage such as “yes i am against Trident but the SNP wont tell us the date when they are getting rid of it”.

    Curran, Lamont, and Davidson have obviously been told to talk over their opponents in order to prevent the latter from being heard, in the knowledge that the usually dimwitted BBC or STV interviewer is unable to keep up with the garbage being spoken in order to challenge it.

  107. Training Day says:

    Heh..just saw the reaction from McColm. ‘I’m the!..not him! I’ve sucked up to my betters for years and said exactly what they want me to say, and you reward me by talking about.. Him! It’s not fair, it isn’t, it isn’t, it isn’t! Bwaaaa..’

    Your helicopter awaits at the top of the building, Euan..

  108. Morag says:

    How long is this crap going to keep going unchallenged?
    About four weeks I think.  😀

  109. Keef says:

    I have requested that STV interview WingsoverScortland to discuss the poll findings and to highlight how crowd funding has taken social media into realms that could only be dreamt of a year ago.
    Wings (thanks to its readers) has become mainstream. Tonight’s show would have been on too late for maximum coverage of people who have not heard of the site. However, the mere fact it was there at all should be cause for celebration. Additionally, the apoplexy it caused amongst the ‘pretendy’ journalists is just icing on the cake.
    WoS is destined to mentioned with the prefix of ‘notorious pro-indy site’, or words to that effect when other MSM mention them. It serves to expose just how biased the rest of them are.
    It’s a few days late- but there is your birthday present right there Stu. from all the readers at WoS.

  110. FreddieThreepwood says:

    Wish I’d organised the spread bet before the prog … Q – How many times will Ian Davidson use the word ‘separation’ or any of its derivatives – rounded up or down to the nearest ten.

  111. Beastie says:

    I don’t do twitter. The wife says I’m incapable of keeping anything that short.

    Still, it’s a mark of immense amusement that a ‘journalist’ doesn’t like you. You must be doing something right, Rev, to gain the ire of a print journalist. I suspect it won’t cost you any great loss of sleep.

    It’ll likely keep him up all night, though. It’s really hard to get to sleep when you’re that angry.

  112. ronnie anderson says:

    from a high to a low whit a anti climax but the baws rollin fur WOS

  113. pa_broon74 says:

    Well done to all the wings contributors, hopefully this will be a springboard to yet more epiphanies for people living in Scotland. I keep saying, once you realise yes is the answer, there’s no going back.
    Hilarious response from McColm. Classy stuff right there.

  114. Doug Daniel says:

    This whole saga has been a lot of fun. The level of scorn poured on Scotland Tonight for daring to mention a poll just because of who commissioned it was hilarious. The only other person to get unionists so enraged is Alex Salmond, which is pretty much the biggest compliment that could be paid to an independence activist. Wings is becoming well and truly mainstream, and that scares the shit out of them. And it’s happened with Stu refusing to bow to the usual “how to become a media darling” rules along the way.
    As the caption says, the poll was worth the money for that McColm tweet alone.
    As for Newsnicht, the last question of the debate was “what one policy do you think would improve Scottish education?”, and Mike Russell, without flinching, just came straight out with it: “independence”. It was brilliant, because it was followed by the predictable groans, and he shut them up quickly by listing the reasons why independence is indeed the one policy that would do the most. Cue applause from the audience, followed up by insipid, rearrange-the-deckchairs ideas from Kezia Dugdale and Liz Smith from the Tories.
    We’re encouraged to think that it’s bad to say “independence” when asked for something that would make the biggest difference to certain aspects of people’s lives, because it then gets met with cries of derision that we’re promoting a land of milk and honey, or whatever. But we need to be loud and proud about it. After all, none of us* want independence just for the sake of it – we all see it as a means to a better society. We need to be completely bold about it and never allow the transformative effect of independence to be disregarded or talked down.
    *Maybe a small minority…

  115. Gallowglass says:

    Someone post a link when it is available please.

  116. Onwards says:

    lol, or the drinking game:

    One shot for ‘separation’,
    Two for ‘Alex Salmond’s obsession to break up Britain’

  117. big_al says:

    Calling all folks in Dundee

    Dalhousie Building
    Old Hawkhill 
    United Kingdom 
    Wednesday, 30 October 2013 from 18:00 to 19:00 (GMT)

  118. Oldnat says:

    Predictably, BBC Scotlandshire’s John Poultice has found the fatal flaw in the Wings poll.

  119. tartanpigsy says:

    Just watched on STV+1, great coup getting the full screen shot on the show. The attention this poll is getting can only get more folk looking online, and that is a result in itself.
    McColm is hilarious, if not in good way. A sorry soul that man.
    I reckon another spike in viewing figures should be expected.
    I remember discussing over a year ago with a mate that I thought we’d need pro-Indy sites to be up near the 250K unique viewers per month to seriously dent the MSM’s influence.
    I can see that figure being reached now, if not for a while yet perhaps, but it’s clear the establishment don’t have enough wool to keep us all blinded to the truth.
    I’m hoping that after New Year, when minds begin to focus, interest in the online media is going to spiral, and with it the YES vote.
    Big f**k off happy smiley thing

  120. a supporter says:

    I agree with Stu about Twitter. Get out there and join up and get in the debates on Twitter. Tonight has been one of my most enjoyable experiences of using Twitter. The hatred from the NO camp against Wings was palpable from tea time onwards which shows just how good a job Wings is doing for the YES campaign. It was really good answering these hate comments and to realise that Project Fear is now very much afraid itself. But more YES people are needed to match up the NOs who seem to have a headstart.
    And from some of the comments made I think a good few UNDs have been turned to YES as a result of the volume of attacks and the hatred shown by NO. And do not be misled into thinking that Twitter is a frivolous medium for useless Sleb info. It is NOT. It is going to be very important in the INDYREF debate later.

  121. Rod Mac says:

    John MacKay seems a nice guy ,however he just is not strong enough to keep these naysayers in check.
    This is the second time he has failed to interrupt lies by unionist guests.

  122. Papadocx says:

    The more I see of the unionist activists the more pathetic they are, they are past their sell by date, bitter and twisted with absolutely no ideas of the world that real people are trying to live in. They live in a bygone era when the Labour Party was full of decent people who had principals and honour. The Tories were toffs who expected the peasants would tug the forelock and do as they were told. The libs were toffs trying to be socialists. nothing has changed and they are still living in the 1930’s with the mindset of the time. selfishness, greed, deceit, lies, are the only modern values they pay homage to. The whole system needs gutted and replaced, along with the deadwood who take part in it. The system is rancid!

  123. Yesitis says:

    Today has been good. Thanks all.
    And thanks to you Rev, you have been superb these last few days.

  124. kininvie says:

    Unfortunately, the awards were based on an opinion poll paid for by a bunch of splittists forced to send their benefit cash to Dictator Eck’s Reichsfuhrer for Propaganda Rev Stu Campbell.
    Congrats on the promotion!

  125. Bill C says:

    @Papadocx – An excellent post. Well said.

  126. Keef says:

    A hearty welcome to all the first time readers of this site. Here are a few definitions that I thought new readers to this site might find useful. You will come across them almost daily in reports by the BBC and the daily tabloids.
    Readers may wish to add some of their own.
    Discredited – We found a technicality that allows us to ignore this pro-Independence view/site/comment/MSP/First Minister.
    Accused – as far as we know they/he/she did nothing wrong but it’s a great ‘catchall’ to make our viewpoint clear that there may not be a shred of evidence to suggest otherwise, but ‘we think they done it!’
    Dictatorship – Democratically elected but as we are not the ones who got elected it’s obviously a dictatorship.
    Separation – People wishing to express their sovereign right to make decisions for themselves, as opposed to a government they did not vote for. On no account will this be seen as Independent thought.
    Unavailable for comment – Does not wish to answer the question as it will expose their campaign as a sham. May also mean that the person in question has gone to ground, or in some cases that person has retreated to their bunker.

  127. Thepnr says:

    O/T Wow!
    “The Archbishop of Canterbury has risked inflaming the debate over Scottish independence by saying the English have mistreated the Scots for centuries.”
    ‘And there is a miracle. It takes a lot to make the Scots willing to work with the English. Understandably…we have spent about 800 years ill-treating them.’

    ‘On the richest continent on Earth we cannot devise an economic system that provides for the poor and yet forces the wealthy and the powerful to share equally the burdens of debt, and the heritage of materialism gone mad.’

  128. Bill C says:

    @Thepnr – Just told the Mail to tell the Archbishop, I am converting to the Church of England.  Interestingly, I am an atheistic, independence  supporting Scotsman. Funny old world.

  129. sneddon says:

    Bish of Canterbury what a plonker, the fool.  Why won’t they put their money where their mouth is and stop propping up the uk govt that’s killing the poor.  two faced bawbags.

  130. Bill C says:

    Ach sneddon, where’s your Christianity? I’m sure His Grace or whatever he likes to be called, will spare a few alms for the poor oot o’ the Sunday ‘plate’.

  131. The Man in the Jar says:

    While I find myself somewhat in agreement with the Archbishop (strange typing that!) The Mail as usual gets it all completely wrong yet again with this:
    “The 13th century figure of Wallace was mythologised into a nationalist hero by the 1990s Hollywood film Braveheart”


    Hmm Dont think so! The National Wallace Monument was built by public subscription (crowdfunding) in 1868/69. Braveheart was released in 1995.
    Oh silly me I wasn’t using unionist mathematics “sorry Daily Mail”  Aye right!

  132. call me dave says:

    Road to independence night classes criticised!


  133. Oneironaut says:

    It isn’t often you see someone telling it like it is in the Daily Mail! 🙂
    As for the Scotland Tonight thing, I couldn’t watch it, due to having no TV reception.
    Might see if it turns up on Youtube at some point during the week.
    Not sure if I’m following Wings on Twitter or not.  But my entire presence on Twitter does consist entirely of a rather loopy fictional character from a story I was writing for the National Novel Writing Month challenge a couple of years ago.  I created the account once when I was really bored and looking for something to mess with 🙂
    If I can remember my password, I’ll follow you if I’m not already…

  134. Thepnr says:

    The Mail has started putting comments up now on that article they are funny. A sample.
    “…all we have to do is get out of Europe to make us even GRATER, stick with us Scotland, we’ll get there with the help of UKIP, I HOPE.”

  135. The Man in the Jar says:

    @Call me Dave
    Re the Scotsmans article “Independence night classes criticised” looking at the comments all the complaining about people being educated regarding the referendum is being done by unionists. What are they trying to hide? What else would you expect?

  136. Seasick Dave says:

    Completely OT,,,
    Lonely Planet says Scotland is third best country to visit.

    Lonely Planet said Scotland’s “jam-packed schedule of world-class events” made it “the place to be” in 2014.

    The Commonwealth Games take place in Glasgow next summer. The Ryder Cup will be held at Gleneagles and next year is also Scotland’s Year of Homecoming.

    The book also cited Highland Games and the Edinburgh festivals as events that will draw travellers to Scotland next year, and it said the country’s cities were well worth a visit.

    PS There might be something else to look forward to in 2014 🙂

  137. The Water Beastie says:

    From CybergNats to BritNatTwits?  [BritTwits is more appealing phonetically – but more open to misinterpretation….. 🙂 ]

  138. Firestarter says:

    Yes, Seasick Dave …. just read that.
    Brilliant! 3rd best country to visit in the world, just pipped at the post for second by a deserted, hostile, frozen ice-cap! 😀

  139. john king says:

    beastie says
    “I don’t do twitter. The wife says I’m incapable of keeping anything that short.”
    Whit a bawheed?
    am sick o gettin ma coat 🙁

  140. john king says:

    Thepnr say O/T Wow
    Bloody clickbait and I fell for it,
     couldn’t you have linked to the archived piece?

  141. john king says:

    That link to the Daily Mail (spit) piece
    Thepnr gave us
    a few posts from “Taxpayers Alliance Scotland”?
    who the hell are they?
    I smell an astroturf campaign. 

  142. J. R. Tomlin says:

    I thought Euan McColm was going to have a stroke. Don’t think I have ever seen a supposedly grown man have quite such a temper tantrum. 

  143. Ken500 says:

    ‘Taxpayers Alliance’ right wing – Tories?

    Euan McColm – Who?

    Euan McColm another non entity, writing for the discredited journal, being kept afloat by printing untruthful Labour pamphlets. Going, going, Gone. Readership and share price falling like a stone.

  144. Ken500 says:

    Wings over Scotland will be getting a lot more visitors because of the Poll’s publicity

    Take a bow

    The only way is up.

  145. Ken500 says:

    According to Hammond the removal of Trident will take three years and cost £27Billion. (more lies not adding in what will be saved), and the UK Ministry of Defence/Treasury can’t afford it??. It will save £Billions.

    Trident will go. The US administration (can’t afford it?) doesn’t support it, but wants Scotland in NATO and the EU. Scotland has powerful supporters worldwide. Not least the 40million Diaspora, voters, in countries worldwide. A McAllister is second in command to Merkel. The Auld Alliance, ex-pats in Spain, France.

  146. Ken500 says:

    Hammond’s sneers at the Westminster committee considering Scottish Defence issues. The war mongering CS, ex Army Tory MP, the woman Tory MP for Devon and the LibDem (crash) from Fife all smirking discussing how ‘poor, stupid and wee’ Scotland is, while pocketing Scottish tax revenues and cutting disproportionately Defence force in Scotland. The UK can no longer meet NATO commitments in the Atlantic because surveillance Aircraft worth £Billions were sold off for £Million. No Aircraft carriers the UK relies on the French.

    One advantage of the EU is shared Defence costs.

    The £40Billion hole in Defence spending. Ordering weaponry, paying cancelling, ordering more and more. Cancelling ordering more. The redundant weaponry disposed unsafely. The illegal wars killing and maiming millions and £1trn of

  147. sneddon says:

    John King – The Taxpayers Aliiance has been around for a while it is run a tory neoliberal following a Daily Mail agenda as you can imagine. The real tax activists are 
    Taxpayers Alliance Scotland will be a tory unionist front.

  148. Ken500 says:

    One non gambler off to the bookies to put cash on A win. More newspapers to deliver.

    The tide has turned or is turning. The reactionaries are burning.

    Water, smoke, wind and fire. The future is bright.

  149. PRJ says:

    Wings Over Scotland on Tele! Project fear is in fear.

  150. Macart says:

    “The whole system needs gutted and replaced, along with the deadwood who take part in it. The system is rancid!”
    What you said.

  151. Illy says:

    Saw a *really nasty* advert for RBS today on the way into work.
    The tagline was RBYES, in blue and white.  They were advertising that they accept most morgage applications.
    Looks to me like they’re trying to muddy the waters for the YES campaign.

  152. theycan'tbeserious says:

    800 years of being used and abused……maybe we are being a bit rash, reactionary and this separation malarkey is a knee jerk reaction. People do change and therefore deserve another chance……Aye right VOTE YES in 2014!

  153. Moujick says:

    One of the things that struck me last night (that I tweeted about) was Ian Davidson saying that he was against Trident. I’m pretty sure that Anas Sarwar said that he was against Trident at that Clydebank meeting and there may have been at least one other Labour MP who has uttered similar remarks.

    I think this may be the start of a “muddy the waters” narrative from Scottish Labour whereby individuals MPs state their opposition, safe in the knowledge that the Party won’t change their policy of Trident renewal. The aim of this would be to sway potential Yes voters away on the basis of an (actually non existant) carrot of Trident opposition from Labour. We know from Dunfermline that they are more than willing to lie like this.

    Yes campaigners (particularly high profile ones) need to be aware re this and nail the likes of Davidson when this comes up. The only way Trident removal will happen is via a Yes vote.

    Interestingly, (as a wee aside) was visiting my partner’s parents a couple of weeks ago. My partner decided that she would test the waters with them re their intentions for next year. As lifelong Liberal Democrats (stretching back to Liberals prior to that) she wanted to find out how much work she would have on her hands to convert them to a Yes vote (her Dad was a Lib Dem Councillor).

    We were both pretty gobsmacked when they both said straight away that they would be voting Yes. The reason? Their long standing opposition to Trident.

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