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We are Spartacus

Posted on April 02, 2012 by

In the light of the hoo-ha about the referendum consultation, we thought it was about time we submitted our own response. We couldn't really be bothered going through the whole palaver of the detailed questionnaire on the Scottish Government's website, though, so we thought we'd avail ourselves of the handy one-click form thoughtfully supplied by Scottish Labour for that very purpose.

Weirdly, despite asking for "your views" Labour had already typed out some views for us to have into the message box, but we weren't sure we wanted them to speak for us so we entered something else. And since we wanted to be sure it wasn't dismissed as a fake, we decided to use the name of someone trustworthy who knows that a name and email address provides foolproof identity verification and democratic accountability.

We clicked the Send button, and the rigorous monitoring process which the Scottish Labour deputy leader spoke of on The Sunday Politics Scotland yesterday duly authenticated our submission, and then asked us to get our friends to join in.

That's you, readers, so why not do your democratic duty and have a go too? (We had a practice run while pretending to be one of our friends, just to make sure it worked, and Labour's watertight security safeguards also ratified that submission, so you can rest assured that you shouldn't have any technical problems.) We owe it to Scotland.

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12 to “We are Spartacus”

  1. MajorBloodnok says:

    No! I am Sarwar!
    And so is my wife!

  2. RevStu says:

    I did ponder whether to go with the headline “We are Sarwartacus” 😀

  3. archie guevara says:

    Looks like it works.  I am Spartacus as well.

  4. anas sarwar says:

    can i have independence please

  5. On reflection, I'm thinking it might not be so bad to let the jocks go.

  6. Seasick Dave says:

    Its all bollocks.
    I let the fragrant Johann know my views a few weeks ago and no, I didn't use her pre prepared hogwash.
    Vote YES.

  7. David Dailly says:

    The referendum on Scotland’s constitutional future is hugely important, and I want to have my say on how the referendum is run. I want it to be legal, fair, and decisive.

    I voted for the Scottish Government to deliver the referendum.  Outside interference is undemocratic and abuses my human rights.

    I want the referendum to be supervised by the Council of Europe.  Political parties in Scotland and England have disgraced themselves repeatedly over the decades when it comes to decisions on the future of Scotland.
    My choice on this matter will be made apparent when a political party outlines the alternative to Independence.  This has not happened so I cannot answer this question.  I cannot understand why people keep referring to the break-up of the UK.  That is not what is being discussed here.  We are discussing the union of Parliaments.  I want the people to be consulted on the topic of how many questions should be asked.  This is democratic.  It is what I voted for.  
    I think that the Scottish people need time to hear the debate about their future.  2014 is a very sensible timeframe.  I think pushing a vote before the people have had time to hear the argument and examine the evidence is extremely undemocratic and naziesque.  I will NOT vote for anyone who pushes the agenda of an early vote.

    Please take my views into account.

  8. Sarwartacus says:

    Nay, I am Sarwartacus!

  9. MajorBloodnok says:

    Interesting that the banner headline on Labour's site is written in crayon.  Now, what does that tell us?

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