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Unionist of the week

Posted on August 25, 2013 by

We haven’t had one of these for a while, but it’s a peach. Phil Welsh is an official of the Unison trade union in Dundee, though we notice he’s recently removed that fact from his Twitter bio. We’ve had to block him now for associating with our hate-crazed psycho stalker, but earlier this week we were having a chat about the bedroom tax and Labour’s evictions policy when this happened.


See below for the rest of the conversation.


Phil’s since deleted all of his comments that appear in that screenshot. We suspect it might be because the link he posted pointed to this Scotsman article.

ATHLETES taking part in the Commonwealth Games in Glasgow next year will be able to choose whether they represent Scotland or Great Britain, The Scotsman can reveal today.

Secret talks have been held in the aftermath of last year’s London Olympics, and every British sportsman and woman who qualifies for Glasgow 2014 will be offered the option of representing Team GB.

The decision means that for the first time in Commonwealth Games history, a catch-all Team GB will compete alongside the individual nations of Scotland, England, Wales and Northern Ireland that make up Great Britain. Individual competitors will be expected to choose.

The announcement means that Scotland’s top competitors, including Andy Murray and Sir Chris Hoy, could opt to compete under the Union flag rather than the Saltire.

Insiders said the idea was given the go-ahead after organisers agreed that the camaraderie and “strong” British label contributed to the UK winning 29 gold medals across the event.

Other sporting greats, including Mo Farah, will be given the option to represent Team GB or England.

It is understood that the measure was discussed with the Queen – head of the Commonwealth – in the weeks after the London Games.”

Obviously, the piece didn’t originally have “April Fool” in the headline. We can only assume Phil found an old link and didn’t bother to look closely before posting it. In what was a pretty bad-tempered week in the independence debate, it was nice to get a wee chuckle to lighten the mood. Bless you, Phil.

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54 to “Unionist of the week”

  1. HandandShrimp says:

    It is always a good idea to check that what you are about to say or quote actually makes sense. Unfortunately the internet, and Twitter in particular, seems to seduce people in thinking that they can talk pish and no one will check and that if it goes wrong you can just delete it…it doesn’t work like that.

  2. Beastie says:

    But of course, being the Scotsman and very few things apparently being too ridiculous for the Britnat persuasion I can just about see a lot of people taking that seriously…. I’ve pretty much reached the stage where I’d put absolutely nothing past them.

    But really, anyone arguing with you should really, really be paying very good attention to their choice of material because if they aren’t you certainly will be.

    The Commonwealth Games should issue a glimpse of future sporting events; Scotland as a separate team, and with a little bit of luck Wales doing likewise. After all, the argument that countries can be too small doesn’t really apply to anyone who’s heard of Monaco, Andorra, Luxembourg and Lichtenstein…..

  3. Murray McCallum says:


  4. sneddon says:

    You mean it’s not true?  Damn you April Fool!  I had my protest letter all ready. 🙁

  5. Caroline Corfield says:

    Apparently there is a comedian who has a “chav” alter ego and whilst in this persona was interviewed on some channel five Ed fringe programme where his character was apparently heard to suggest Scotland should remain in England. It was listed on the yahoo news page and I took a stroll down the comments without reading the article, it was there I discovered the persona and the guy behind it (who according to commentators is really smart because he has a degree). I just found it amusing that what is passing for ‘serious’ points from the Better Together campaign was being used by a comedic alter ego for shits and giggles. It kinda sums up the pro-union arguments for me if you can’t tell them apart from a Fringe show then that really makes them proper comedy. I’m afraid this now confirms it.

  6. Beastie says:

    Ah, yes, Lee Nelson. It is amusing that he’s chosen the standard Unionist line and with very little alteration is calling it comedy.

    I personally don’t really get why he’s meant to be funny, and that was long before he said anything recently.

  7. Training Day says:

    Unthinking Labour drone. Who knew?

  8. gillie says:

    We will still have more pandas than England.

  9. Richard Cain says:

    What a lot of PhilWelsh

  10. G. Campbell says:

    Phil Welsh @notphilwelshdundee
    5 bloody years and still no dinner from those spaghetti tree seeds I planted.

    Phil Welsh @notphilwelshdundee
    Hey Marvel, these sea monkeys don’t look like the fishy humans in the advert. I want my money back.

    Phil Welsh @notphilwelshdundee
    Some cybernat just tweeted that Orson Welles was making it all up #SNPlies #thetruthisoutthere

    Phil Welsh @notphilwelshdundee
    Just watched the Ghostwatch documentary on youtube. #scaryasbaillie #derekacorahistheman

  11. cath says:

    Yeah, the Lee Nelson stuff was funny because people on both sides took it at face value rather than a comedy character. Better Together have built a rod for their own backs in the fact that however far down the line of satire and piss taking you go, people will assume it really is what they’re saying. I was quite prepared to believe that Scotsman article too, for example.

  12. cath says:

    Bit of a shame you’ve alerted them to it in fact, Rev. The whole of Better Together were probably believing it and banking on it for next year. Now they might realise they actaully have to do it!

  13. ianbrotherhood says:

    This dude has a job?
    With Unison?
    ‘Oh dear, ‘ow sad, never mind.’
    Here’s hoping, for his sake, that he doesn’t have any colleagues who come here – could be a manic Monday for the man.
    Go on Phil: take one for the team!; warriors respect one another!; you’ll get through it!; come back and fight another day!; it’s always darkest before the dawn! etc etc…

  14. Jamie Arriere says:

    He’s not just an April Fool….he’s a January Fool, a February Fool, March Fool, May Fool, etc…

  15. Marcia says:

    I wonder if he is the son of the late Fred Welsh a former Labour Councillor in Dundee. I had many a sharp word with him during elections past. He even reported me to the Policeman at a polling station for calling him a’ Tory ‘ I kid you not. In the February ’74 election I wound him up on polling day. He had this megaphone and he said to voters going into the polling station, ‘Don’t throw your vote away!’ Implying not to vote SNP. We shouted back in unison (not the union) ‘Put it in the ballot box! That made him dart up and down near the gates getting more and more agitated. Happy times remembered.

  16. DMyers says:

    Oh what a complete idiot.  Hahahah!  G’night all 😀

  17. eddie says:

    stupid is as stupid does … or should that be idiot unionist is as idiot unionist does?

  18. Thepnr says:

    I remember Fred well from our days in Robb Caledon shipyard, could never have called him a tory though.

  19. AnneDon says:

    Is he the fud who wrote that dreadful article in their union magazine, full of Britrot nonsense?
    Doesn’t surprise me he’d believe that. Does raise a question about Unison’s standards of selection, though.

  20. Jim says:

    Poor guy.
    Poorer Unison members that the  dope represents!
    To some, ignorance is a virtue!

  21. big_al says:

    Got to sort out that other twitter account. Bang out of order.

  22. Dave Smith says:

    To be fair, it’s getting ever more difficult to ‘separate’ the spoofs from the bona fide unionist releases these days.
    That boy needs therapy!

  23. G H Graham says:

    Phil Welsh; as sharp as a wax crayon.

  24. john king says:

    I bet he feels like a right, oh whats the word? oh yes DUFFUS 🙂
    I remember thinking at the time,that story which was quickly apparent as an April fool was a bit of mischief making by those clowns 

  25. john king says:

    o/t does anyone else like me feel that Cameron’s cynicism knows no depths and as as such is maneuvering this spat with Syria into a shooting war as an opportunity to scupper the referendum?
    the unspoken (as yet) agenda being DO YOU REALLY WANT TO RIP US APART WHEN OUR BOYS ARE IN HARMS WAY?

  26. john king says:

    I was reading a post about the Westminster lot hijacking armed forces day for there own ends, 
    so Phillip Hammond says 
    “UK Defence Secretary Philip Hammond claimed the parades would serve as a reminder of the UK’s military power: ”
    which I felt not a little sinister, 
    when I went to look up an event my mother used to talk about with disgust, was an event which took place some time in the twenties when the jute workers came out on strike and Churchill (who was apparently mp for Dundee at the time)(just checked he became Dundee mp in 1908) sent the Black and tans out on the streets of Dundee and several (innocent ) people were killed by 303 bullets, 
    admittedly after a cursory search found not a cheep about that disgraceful episode on the internet,
    now I’m not one for taking things at face value (take note Mr Welsh) but I’m rather surprised that even wikipedia makes no reference to it, 

  27. Tattie-boggle says:

    Phil opens mouth to change feet …..
    hope this helps @ john king
    something stinks about it

  28. seoc says:

    The Black & Tans were an English terrorist force used against Irish civilians. Getting double the pay of a regular soldier, they were guaranteed immunity from prosecution for murder and robbery and were allowed to keep whatever they stole from the population.

  29. Tamson says:

    Plenty of Black & Tans were Scottish, in fact more than demographics would suggest (about 14%). Let’s face it, it wouldn’t have been difficult to find recruits from around Ibrox or down Ayrshire way.

  30. Seanair says:

    Ah Marcia, Dundee Cooncillors! Somebody should write a book on the breed and their actions, but only if the writer could show that no matter how mind-boggling, they are true……

  31. tartanfever says:

    My Unionist of the week ? – Eleanor-bloody-Bradford.
    Usually to be found in cahoots with Jackie Baillie or giving on screen time to Mrs Butterfield, or whatever her name is, from Dumfries who’s been so badly let down by Scotland’s NHS that she’s moving to England (again), her reports attacking the Scottish NHS have become a real staple of the twisted reporting we receive from Pacific Quay.

    Yet I’m pleased to see the week after we’ve been told yet again that we are ‘too fat, too old and our diet is the worst in the world’, Bradford has decided to put up a new ‘author’ picture to her articles on the BBC website – it’s tiny but you can just make out – she’s holding up a bloody cake !

    After last week’s Panorama about our shocking diet and mortality rate, is it really necessary for ‘our’ health correspondent to be taunting us in this fashion ?
    (If you zoom in your browser window you can clearly see it)

  32. Train Fares says:

    In all honesty how would you even know that article was an April fool joke even if you had checked the date. That story would fit right into a real press release from the Unionist side and no one would bat an eyelid.

  33. Albalha says:

    James McMillan, composer, Tory voter, known for his outspoken attacks on the Catholic Church in Scotland and Telegraph blogger (is he still?) is reported, in the Herald, as having said the folks at National Collective are like ‘Mussolini’s cheerleaders’.
    I remember when he was going on about the Catholic Church some time back and thinking he’d be better sticking to his composing. Not that there isn’t a good deal to criticise but somehow he just doesn’t seem to get it, imo.

  34. Tamson says:

    MacMillan used to claim to be a Communist – never knew he was a Tory now. The guy has a gigantic chip on his shoulder about his Catholicism.

  35. Albalha says:

    Indeed, yes, he came out as it were and said he’d voted Tory at the last election, he was a member of Labour too. As I say he’d be better off just sticking to his music.

  36. Albalha says:

    Here’s the Herald article

  37. Barontorc says:

    It must be insufferably difficult to be so insufferable, but then some folk are awfy good at it.

  38. Kenny Campbell says:

    What is interesting is the mindset of a unionist who thinks that option could even be considered….. It seems some folk have a slavish desire to be dominated by their neighbour….

  39. Ken Johnston says:

    Re John King@ 6.55.
    I remember years ago, in an article in the Scots magazine,  it was mentioned the that management at DC Thomson, publishers, had ordered revolvers for personal protection.  I seem to remember it was supposed to be about the time of the General Strike, but could be wrong.

  40. Phil says:

    Rev, nae problem have a laugh, it’s fine. however, don’t tag me as being associated with your stalker I had no idea who or what he was. 
    Phil, commonwealth games specialist, Welsh

  41. Iain says:

    ‘Here’s the Herald article
    I actually quite like the bits of MacMillan’s music that I’ve heard, but he’s certainly a fine example of the artist as holy fool (aka f***ing idiot). I note from his Wiki page that he sometimes works with the Whistlebinkies who are led by Eddie McGuire. He was the poor owld spinster up against Alan Bisset on Newsnicht a few weeks ago, talking up artists against independence. It’s all falling into place!

  42. gordoz says:

    I think  Unionists of the week should go to BBC Scotland; see below
    Sent / Complaint Summary: Bias emerging in Scot referendum reporting
    It is becoming clearer by the day that BBC Scotland no longer represents even handed scrutiny on the coming referendum in Scotland. Each statement from the treasury is presented as fact based and usually includes Warning etc in the headline of the article. Statements from the Yes side are presented by reporters in notional / suggestion (pie in the sky) format only which feels much weaker. Scrutiny of campaign reperesentatives on Newsnight Scotland, Good Morning Scotland & Reporting Scotland etc has recently deteriorated greatly – Brewer / Ewing last night; Thank god for Kemp & McCrone ? (missing presenters noted – what has happended to Derek Batemean / Isobel Fraser ?). As the No campaign have not said anything ‘post vote’ thus far, surely this should come under some scrutiny at least. Many feel Mr Darling and Mr Brown were the cause of our current finacial troubles so we would like to hear them grilled on what we can expect post vote – now; so we can start to make up our minds of whats best for Scotland long term and come to a considered decision. As recent polls show, your corporation is in ‘real danger’ of being seen as propoganda tool for the UK news machine if things dont improve. As an avid follower of Newsnight Scotland / Good Morning Scotland / Reporting Scotland, Im sorry but if things dont improve Im inclined to agree that the above is the case and will sadly switch the way I get my news in future as this particular oulet would be considered toxic & tainted.

    BBC Response 3wks later
    “Thank you for being in touch about our programmes and our online content. I am sorry it has taken this length of time to reply.You made a number of observations which I note. There is little or nothing to say as almost all of them are couched in general terms.You do, however, refer to a specific programme – Newsnight Scotland on BBC2 Scotland on 23rd July.
    I have watched it again and can see nothing in the interview with the Minister which was other than a vigorous pursual of answers to specific questions which the presenter asked. I am pleased to hear that you are an “avid follower” of news and current affairs programmes on both television and radio; I hope you are also taking the opportunity to avail yourself of the content on our website, with “Scotland’s Future” a particularly fast-growing part of our coverage, providing invaluable and, I believe, unrivalled material for informing licence fee payers of all the ramifications of next year’s referendum on independence.
    Thank you again for taking the trouble to be in touch.”
    Kind Regards
    Stuart Webb
    BBC Complaints
    Thats the problem sorted then ….Eh ?

  43. callum says:

    Instead of deleting all his tweets he should have come back with “HaHa, you got me! Can’t believe I fell for that! ” or something humbling and we would have had a wee chuckle and moved on with some mutual respect.  but oh no. the referendum has become an information war.  Long live the Alba Spring

  44. Phil says:

    Hey Callum, see above, if the Rev would get his arse in gear and post my previous comment.
    By jingo, We’re inseparable!

  45. Vronsky says:

    Don’t know if you noticed the Express headline about the 100,000 desperate souls who will leave Scotland when it becomes independent.  My wife read this out to me from her iPad.  I fell about laughing as I thought she’d got herself on to a spoof site.  But no – it really was the Express. It’s so hard to tell news from satire nowadays. 
    You need one of your fundraisers here, Rev – let’s make sure we can provide these unfortunate refugees with a single train ticket, some cucumber sandwiches for the journey, and clean straw in their wagons.  Create a fund, ask them to register and  assure them of our best offices in assisting their escape.  And let them pray that that the UN will not bomb them to save them, as seems to be the emerging plan in Syria.

  46. martyn says:

    To be fair, if he was the type of person who checked something out before spouting it to others he would probably be on our side.
    First Rule of unionism, dont ask questions

  47. Scotia Libre says:

    Re John King @ 6.55
    John, As is often the case with stories handed down, the facts sometimes get mixed up.
    My mother was born in Dundee in 1918 and said that when she was young Churchill was chased out of town. 
    Churchhill had been the Liberal MP for Dundee from 1908 until 1922. When he was famously defeated by Edwyn (Neddy) Scrimgeour the Temperance Candidate.
    Churchill was anti suffragette and this did not go down well in Dundee.
    The Dundee Courier and Advertiser also ran a campaign to get rid of him. 
    The story of the ‘Black & Tans’ is more likely to be a reference to the Tonypandy Riots in 1910, when Churchill (the then Home Secretary) sent in the troops to quell Riots by striking miners. No accurate list of casualties were recorded but it was suspected that there were about 500 injuries and 1 dead (by a policeman’s baton).
    Churchill was a hated figure in Dundee and in South Wales – even during and after WWII.
    Troops, with machine guns, heavy artlllary and tanks, were also sent in to Glasgow in 1919 – the ‘Battle of George Square’ – but this time it was down to Lloyd George and the then Scottish Secretary Robert Munro

  48. Juteman says:

    Like many cities after WW2, Churchill was offered the freedom of the city.
    He is reputed to have said he would see grass grow on the streets of Dundee before he ever returned.

  49. Albalha says:

    On Churchill and Dundee he was, of course, ousted by the only prohibitionist, irony of ironies.
    I remember some years ago one of the Tory Dundee Councillors trying very hard to get some sort of Churchill statue, commemoration, roundly defeated.
    Tourism or no tourism ……

  50. dundee dude says:

    im pro independence and phil welsh is not he is part of the better together, having known him for best part of 40 year i know he genuine and willing to debate which is the same as being willing to be proved wrong, and if this were to happen im sure he would be first to hold hands up, maybe we should focus on facts that matter and debate them even though we don’t like what we are hearing just a thought.

  51. Erchie says:

    MacMillan definitely won Unionist of the Week with his tweet
    @WeareNational Socialist
    Words fail me as to the crassness of the man

  52. Jeannie says:

    I’ve been puzzling over this article for most of the afternoon as I couldn’t make sense of it and finally drew myself a wee visual aid with lots of arrows and debt and pound signs.  Robert Bruce is right – you just wind up back where you started in the first place.  Think I’d be better just sticking to monopoly – it’s a lot easier to spot the cheats.

  53. Jeannie says:

    Oops posted last comment on wrong thread.  Ignore.

  54. Phil says:

    Never mind it could have been worse, I could have been a `girl or (indeed a) homosexual eh Rev??

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