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Posted on February 26, 2017 by

It’s important to note, firstly, that the version of Sadiq Khan’s speech to the Scottish Labour conference he tweeted on Saturday morning simply flat-out said that Scottish nationalists were the same as racists and sectarian bigots. Its meaning was as clear as crystal to the Daily Record, a newspaper which is hardly hostile to Khan’s party.


“No difference” is a stark and unambiguous phrase. The speech did not contain the hastily-added qualifiers about “in this respect” and “of course I’m not saying the SNP are racist” which suddenly appeared when he read it out onstage that afternoon.

But which version did he really mean?

That question was answered fairly comprehensively when he gave an interview to the BBC’s Brian Taylor shortly before delivering the speech.

Taylor gave Khan numerous opportunities to expressly state that he did not count the SNP among the list of racist and “narrow nationalist” parties to whom he repeatedly referred and likened to the politics of Brexit and Donald Trump. He declined every one.

And the message he was sending out was picked up loud and clear in the hall. When Taylor also interviewed a pair of smirking young conference delegates – including Billy McCauley, the party’s Communications Manager in the Scottish Parliament – they denied Khan had made any allegation of racism, yet in the very next breath McCauley said that the SNP “do come from the same strain” as what Taylor had called “racism and religious bigotry”.

Meanwhile regional branch manager Kezia Dugdale, in the latest of a series of train-wreck interviews this week (at one point halfway through her encounter with Colin Mackay of STV he looked so angry we feared he was going to get up and punch her to the floor), insisted at length to an incredulous Andrew Neil on Sunday Politics Scotland that Khan simply hadn’t said any of it at all.

Labour have tried to handle the allegation and the justifiably outraged reaction it caused by mumbling that they don’t officially think the SNP and half the population of Scotland are racist, but doing so with a giant stage wink to their own supporters that says “Of course, we all know they are really”.


And just in case there was still a tiny sliver of doubt about that, Anas Sarwar made an audaciously cynical attempt to play the race card this afternoon by suggesting that anyone upset about being called a racist (a group that included a lot of brown-skinned people of both sexes) was in themselves racist.


It’s the worst sort of weasel-worded, cowardly politics from a party that doesn’t even have the courage to stand behind its cheap and nasty smears. We suspect Scottish Labour’s poll ratings will hit single figures sooner than even we were expecting.

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137 to “The Weasel”

  1. hamish says:

    May elections are coming. Why should we pay any more attention to the mayor of London than to the Burgermesister of Berlin or the Governor of Minnesota ? They are irrelevant to Scottish politics and to Scottish voters.

  2. annie says:

    When they do reach single figures it will be well deserved. In the words of a well known Lord, “but they’re doing it deliberately”.

  3. Martin McDonald says:

    Billy McCauley won’t be smirking about anything when we see the next set of polling figures. This Scottish Labour conference has been gold dust for the independence movement.

    Dugdale, Khan, Sarwar and those others we see in the videos here are morally bankrupt and pondlife intellectually. It is tempting to pity them but I resist.

    When we achieve independence it will be all the sweeter for the malice the people of Scotland have endured from the remnant of the Scottish Labour Party. I hope it ends them. Who in an independent would ever trust anyone attached to old Scottish Labour not to keep taking their orders from London.

  4. Dan Huil says:

    Just when you think britnats can’t sink any lower…

  5. Arbroath1320 says:

    I guess the memo telling Labour, London HQ or the wee branch office, that now would be a good time to STOP digging has not been received by anyone yet!

    The more they open their mouths the more they put their feet in their mouths to stop the draught coming out of their mouths! 😀

  6. Arbroath1320 says:

    Talking about their polling figures I saw a tweet this morning that had SNP on 49% and Labour on 11% for Westminster elections. 😀

  7. Thepnr says:

    Together We’re Stronger.
    Not for much Longer.

  8. scotsbob says:

    What puzzled me is that when struggling to win back Scottish voters the Scottish conference was addressed by the Mayor Of London. I had to look up Wikipedia to find out who David Anderson is. It seems he is the MP for Blaydon in the north of England and Shadow Scottish Secretary. I’m surprised they didn’t bring Eddie Izzard up to lecture us again.

  9. M.Grant says:

    why’s Kez dressed as a penguin.

  10. GrahamB says:

    Not long back in from a wet afternoon’s canvassing where the elected representatives – 1 MP and 4 councillors – were saying that Khan’s speech had been written by Sarwar. However Khan was not absolved of blame as the onus was on him to read what Sarwar had written for him before standing up and spouting its nonsense.

  11. heedtracker says:

    He is the most influential Muslim in the UK and it is SLab playing the race card. His “good relationship with Nicola and Scotland’s government,” after calling them racist should be interesting though.

  12. Flower of Scotland says:

    I’ve been following this today and can’t get over Kezia smiling and delivering the same mantra over and over even when folk are speaking. Is she a robot?

  13. Macart says:

    They don’t deserve to remain in Scottish politics after their actions this weekend.

    They’ve proven beyond any measure why they aren’t fit in any way, shape or form to either govern or represent anyone. Who does this? What kind of creature alienates, quite willingly and with full knowledge of the accusation they are making, over half the population of their own country?

    It’s not just Sadiq Khan who has shamed himself this weekend, it’s the entirety of Scottish Labour leadership. They’ve brought shame to themselves, to our politics and to those they represent.

    Spring cleaning can’t come quickly enough at this point and the sooner we’re done with the head office in London shortly thereafter, the better.

    Scotland’s population should have no part of the xenophobic, isolationist and ever more intolerant politics of the ‘United’ Kingdom.

  14. heedtracker says:

    Not even clear what his, “post Brexit, post Trump” stuff means, Brexit’s not yet begun, Trump’s only been in the White House a few weeks. All just more cheap sleazy SLab FUD rhetoric.

  15. jim says:

    we will be free and as a snp member I find it offensive our party being called racist

  16. galamcennalath says:

    It’s all a reminder, if any were needed, that there is no ‘Scottish’ Labour, there is only a London centric UK Labour with a branch office in Scotland.

    Someone said here the other day that Scotland is a small far way country of which the Tories know little and care even less (or something like that). Well, after Khan and Corbyn I think we can say the same of Labour.

  17. ScottishPsyche says:

    Oh dear, Khan comes across really badly in that interview.The bit where he smirks and says, ‘I understand perfectly why Nicola admires me…’ Eww!

    Kezia doing that steamrolling, talking over the interviewer without pausing for breath and then exaggerated smiling is so weird.Then the Slabsplaining about what everyone actually meant although we know now exactly what Sarwar meant and it is is utterly cynical of them to suggest otherwise. He needs to be reminded of this sorry episode at every opportunity.

    Jezza muddling his words and shouting randomly as if he was reading an Express headline was priceless. I look forward to the rewriting of the proceedings tomorrow by the usual suspects.

    This has to be the worst SLab conference in history.

  18. Arbroath1320 says:

    Stu just put this up on Twitter.

    Another excellent example of the RED and BLUE Tories working together.

    We need out of this deplorable broken racist xenophobic union. How much longer must we read about such disgusting upsetting stories?

  19. heedtracker says:

    Every time you look,

    Independence, of course, would mean an end to the British Broadcasting Corporation, duly dismembered after the vote. But the more separate programming you give the Scots, the less they feel part of the UK. News is a cocoon that wraps around them – and, equally, muffles awareness down south.

  20. frogesque says:

    I take nothing from Khan/Sawar/Dugdale/Corbyn debauchal

    What I do take away is the Pound-shop Davidson comment from Liam. A cracking one- liner from one of her own.

    That is going to stick and it will hurt.

  21. Khan’s all over the place congratulating India and Pakistan on their Independence from Englerland. The hastily drawn Border by Mountbatten caused countless sectarian deaths.

  22. Bruce L says:

    To be fair to Sarwar* he’s maybe smarting a little cos the speech he wrote for Khan went down like a neutronium balloon and now Khan isn’t speaking to him any more.

    * I know, I know. Let’s call it a rhetorical device.

  23. heedtracker says:

    Every time you look, look, Exclusive, Mayhem on her throne commands don’t vote SNP in May council elections, shock,

    May said: “The EU referendum also exposed an underlying sense that people felt they have been ignored by politicians, at Westminster and Holyrood, for too long.”

    She added: “That feeling is as strong in Scotland as it is anywhere else in the UK, and after nine years as the establishment party in Scotland, the SNP needs to accept its share of responsibility.”

    And you’re racist too, unless you vote SLab, Mayor Khan.

  24. taysider says:

    Just when I thought Dugdale couldnt get any more puggled,She has just taken fuckwittery to new heights.

  25. Robert Graham says:

    The two clowns in one of the clips , you know the ones with the broad accents , representing Labour in Scotland aye i can see that playing out well , i wonder if these two ever come into contact with eh real people , cant place either of them have they been bussed in for the weekend ? .

  26. K1 says:

    They (the Labour Party) are now reduced to this level of coordinated smear just to maintain the ‘last unionist bastions’ in Scotland. Clearly desperately signalling that they will indulge in literally all manner of racists and xenophobic rhetoric to be aired freely in what will be a failed attempt to keep their tiny base moving to the Tories in the upcoming council elections.

    The Labour Party just destroyed the last vestiges of human decency in political discourse within Scotland. The Labour Party just destroyed any possibility of ever becoming a viable political party in Scotland post Scottish independence.

    Their brand is toxic. This will never be forgotten. Kezia Dugdale mark my words, you have signalled there is no depth that you will not sink to in your arrogant pursuit of power. You would sacrifice the people of Scotland to slaughter at the hands of the Tories rather than fight for what is best for Scotland’s future in the face of brexit.

    You have placed ideology above people…you are a moral coward without principle. Join the Tories and be done wi it and gies aw peace. Your party is over.

  27. Robert J. Sutherland says:

    Interesting that Sadiq Khan seems to equate self-determination for all in Scotland with crude racial stereotyping. As if, come independence, all “foreigners” (including all English-born) are somehow going to be deported overnight. Only in Labour’s nightmarish BritNat imaginings. Which they are obviously preparing to foist upon us in the nextindyref.

    Khan’s typical arrogant and careless Labour virtue-signalling may serve to bolster their insufferable communal self-entitlement within the confines of their own little party bubble, but when aired in public, it unintentionally reveals a much nastier underside.

    (Just who was it again who produced those red-coloured anti-immigration campaign mugs?)

    Followed up yet again by UKez blankly denying that what everyone saw and heard for themselves never actually happened. In UKezWorld, maybe, but in the real world it just takes the breath away.

    Alt-fact Kez speaks again!

  28. Jim Arnott says:

    Please forgive me for reposting this from the previous comments article on Sadiq Khan. I am still A angry and upset as I was previously.

    A wee note for Mr Sadiq Khan.

    Your comments about Scots and racism both offended me and saddened me. Trying to roll back from your comments in yesterday’s Daily Record sickened me.

    I am 78 and have been in favour of Scotland as an independent nation for most of my life. I am a Member of the SNP, that’s the Scottish National Party, not the Scottish Nationalist Party that you Mr Khan and your ilk are so wont to refer to.

    I have been thinking of all the friends I have, or have had, outside of Scotland:

    Japan, Hong Kong, Bangladesh, India, Pakistan, Iran, Sweden, Finland, Norway, Ireland (North and South), France, Germany, Switzerland, Italy, Greece, Spain, Portugal, Cote d’Ivoire, Ghana, Nigeria, Cameroon, Tanzania, Malawi, Angola, USA, Canada, Australia and New Zealand.

    I wonder if Mr Khan could guess where the vast majority of my friends outside Scotland are? Yes Mr Khan – England. These friends include two sons-in-law and their parents as well as cousins and their spouces.

    When Scotland gains its Independence all these people will still be my friends.

    Shame on you Mr Khan for daring to suggest that people who support an Independent Scotland are racists. You do the Labour Party in Scotland no favours with your irresponsible comments.

    The friends I am talking about are from many, many races, religions and colours – including amongst others Muslim and Shinto.

    Again apologies for reposting this.

  29. Robert Peffers says:

    So, “Bitter Together”, was indeed a well chosen name for them. Can I just say also that calling the Westminster Establishment the Blue/Red/Yellow Tory Party is a wee bit cumbersome. How about, “The Rainbow Tories”?

  30. Clive Scott says:

    How many bothered to turn up for the Perth conference? I read somewhere a figure of 1,000 – if that was Labour’s press officer then it will be an exaggeration by at least a factor of 4.

  31. Arbroath1320 says:

    Clive Scott says:
    26 February, 2017 at 6:11 pm

    How many bothered to turn up for the Perth conference? I read somewhere a figure of 1,000 – if that was Labour’s press officer then it will be an exaggeration by at least a factor of 4.

    I read that figure in the National Clive. They were saying they were “expecting” 1,000 to turn up. The trouble is they never qualified the figure. By that I mean did they mean 1,000 actual members or did this figure include all the media hanger ons as well? 😀

    Another factor they obviously did not take into account was the high number of Auchenshoogle OAP club members who would be visiting Perth for their monthly week end away. 😀

  32. Greg Beekman says:

    Well, I wonder if this is the taste of what’s to come when New Indyref is called – or, indeed, in the run-up to it.

    If they’re going to push the anti-English race card, I guess we need to heavily promote English Scots for Indy (or whatever their official name is). It’ll be hard for them to say the English are racist against themselves!

  33. Iain More says:

    Khan is Brit Nat Labour Party so I didn’t expect anything better from him. In fact it is pretty much the same bile that the Brit Nats have been spewing out for the whole of my 50 odd years. Jock bashing comes easy to them.

  34. Portjim says:

    There are none so blind as those that will not see!
    It can’t be made any more plain that Scottish independence is about the population of Scotland governing itself, irrespective of the “national” origin of that population, be it Scotland, England, Poland etc. Unionists will continue to misrepresent this truth because, to accept it would remove one of their easiest sound bites – one which I think is quite effective with the uncritical and lazy thinkers.
    It should come as no surprise that the Mayor of London is an ardent imperialist – what part of the U.K. Is the major beneficiary of the ongoing theft of Scotland’s resource’s?
    As to whether the speech was written by Sarwar, what does it matter? Khan read it, so he is responsible, and the sentiments fit Sarwars previous form, and he is Londons man, body and sole – I dare say he sees a “Lord Anas of Pollockshaws” in his future.

  35. sinky says:

    Hopefully English For Yes will write to MSM and phone BBC on their SNP experience

  36. DaveL says:

    @ Flower Of Scotland If she’s not a robot then she’s definitely a drone, her capacity for going on and on and on has no limits. I fear that should she ever see herself as others see her she’ll wind up in a straitjacket.

    Re the interview with Colin Mackay, his frustration falls just short of steam coming out of his ears and understandably so. In situations like that I sometimes wish that the interviewer would just cut them off dead and let them know that if they’re not prepared to answer (or even attempt an answer) then interviewing them is pointless.

  37. handclapping says:

    This event must have been organised by a believer that there is no such thing as bad publicity. Or maybe Kez is a fast learner and saw the Donald in action on her trip to the States and told her people lets be outrageous like Trump as he won.

    Certainly we have been reduced to calling this deplorable

  38. Arbroath1320 says:

    Attention all you racists on this site.

    Sadiq Khan, Jeremy Corbyn and wee Kez sayz go fund me … NOW! 😀

  39. Bob MACK says:

    Brown guys ? It would not matter if they were pink with blue poka dots. They were both bang out of order. Funny how he never mentioned the criticism they were getting from fellow Muslims.

  40. Roboscot says:

    scotsbob says
    ‘What puzzled me is that when struggling to win back Scottish voters the Scottish conference was addressed by the Mayor Of London.’

    Because Khan is the most prominent and powerful non-white Labour politician so the ideal person to deliver Scotlab’s message that support for independence is racism.

  41. Karmanaut says:

    Labour have a new mug out.

    I’m not convinced its a vote winner.

  42. joannie says:

    I can’t even bear to watch those interviews after reading the descriptions of them in some of the comments. I think I’ve had my quota of stupid for the day after listening to Jeremy Corbyn this morning.

  43. Tinto Chiel says:

    And so BLiS_______d continue their slide down the razor blade of their lies and deep cynicism.

    When even Andrew Neil calls the notion that the SNP is racist “absurd”, you can see the size of Labour’s own goal.

  44. Tom Donald says:

    Note that Khan uses “dividing us on the basis of whether we are English or Scottish”
    So it’s about national origin, not residence. A fundamental misrepresentation of the SNP’s whole approach.
    But he calls US racists.

  45. velofello says:

    Just meaningless words strung together by insincere people, as best I can describe SLAB.

  46. Arbroath1320 says:

    If you don’t mind Karmanaut I’ll borrow that for a wee tweet. 😉

  47. Robert Graham says:

    O/t but not much, so Kezia wants her Labour Party to join with the Tory party to stop the SNP indeed Mayday is endorsing her and has commented on it in the Hollyrood magazine, so all pals together then , This at a time when a Tory aid in their policy unit instead of being embarrassed by the condemnation by The United Nations over their treatment of disabled people wants a fresh onslaught to weed out all but the most disabled who claim any benefits, most people would call this for what it is , it’s a Cull , So this is what your Labour Party stands for Kezia, is this what you want people to endorse ? . Is this what you will endorsing and backing during the Council Elections.
    The outcome should be interesting, we all look forward to the results.

  48. jfngw says:

    Meanwhile the Herald website is reporting that Theresa May wants to turn the council elections into some sort of referendum. So not only voting for your bin collections but independence all rolled into one.

    I’m not sure that council turnout is normally a good reflection of the public mood, plus as it’s STV how the decision will be ascertained.

    If the Tories do well they will demand no referendum, if not they will ignore it.

    As for Dugdale, Andrew Neil who is usually fairly kind to Union supporting individuals, but even he could see this politician was delusional.

  49. ScottishPsyche says:

    Kezia’s aim supposedly was to promote togetherness and heal division this weekend. Could she have failed any more spectacularly?

    Instead we have been shown rejected SLab in all its shrieking bitterness, railing at the SNP and their voters. Raging and bawling at them to tell them how nasty and racist they are and they just don’t understand the ideological purity of SLab’s message. Using every divisive trope and device to try to make Indy voters feel bad about their motives.

    Apparently if you get angry at being miscalled a racist it shows you are a racist. If you point out hypocrisy or someone playing a cynical race card then you are a racist.

    Derek Bateman is the latest to have his ironic potshot at Khan’s double standards deliberately misconstrued and so Daisley has his column for tomorrow.

  50. clan rossy says:

    First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win Mahatma Gandhi.

    im a great believer in the above quote and think it fits perfectly with whats going on in our country .

    where into the fringes of the then you win stages
    they have now come out with the race card which has blown
    up in there faces.

    now all they have left is the fight and violence stage
    which i truly think will come during indyref 2.

  51. Gary45% says:

    As said many, many times over the years on Wos, it doesn’t matter how well Scotland is being run by the SNP, Lab,Slab Blis Blab, or whatever reincarnation they are, their derision for the SNP will overcome any serious thought for Scotland.
    The current SNP government are genuinely holding back a tsunami that is flowing daily from Westminster, and yet the so called “party of the people” will never accept a warm hand of friendship from the SNP to steer the country on a steady course of social wellbeing.
    If they could only get their heads out of their ar8es and realise there is a seat at the Indy table for any party who is genuinely interested in Scotland’s future.
    Sadly I personally know many old Labour supporters who have a total hatred for the SNP, who will probably side with the Tories!?, they will NEVER be forgiven.
    An Independent Scotland is more than one Party, yes I vote SNP but when, yes WHEN independence comes I will vote for any party who has the best direction for our country, if only the Scottish Yoon parties could see the future.
    Then again the Yoons are only interested in their promotion to £300 a day “kerching” for the HOL.

  52. Liam says:

    jim says:
    26 February, 2017 at 5:37 pm
    as a snp member I find it offensive our party being called racist

    As an SNP member if find it offensive that my party is labeled as ‘right wing’ when in policy after policy it’s more left leaning than Labour.

  53. Dr Jim says:

    Don’t think this is an accident or mistake by Labour
    Remember Murphy, he used to spit out crap on a daily basis in the hope of hitting the old the vulnerable and the less informed, basically everybody who doesn’t own a tech device

    SNP racists, EU don’t want us, forced to join the Euro, pensions will stop, border guards, banks will leave, business will leave, dependency on oil, no trade with England, NHS will fail, Barnett formula, subsidies, thousands may die of poverty for Sturgeons obsessional hatred of the English

    And my pet favourite was Jackie Baillies increase of lice in children hair
    Yes Yes she actually did say that

    So for me this is no accident this is the campaign Dugdale wants to lead for the defence of the Union it’s her last ditch attempt to save her disasterous political career by touting herself for a job elsewhere in the political firmament because she knows if Scotland becomes independent she might as well commit Hara Kiri following a Yes vote and It’s likely she wont even get a job as a dinner lady (apologies to dinner ladies everywhere but I think you get my meaning)

    Think of what else Dugdales been saying, she is dead set against Ruth Davidson leading the opposition campaign against Independence, why, Davidson is the opposition leader and second party at Holyrood, it’s because Dugdale thinks she sees an opportunity to spotlight herself

    Because just like Davidson it’s to hell with the country and career opportunity first

    But then again what do I know I’m just a racist, separatist, ultra, cybernat, English hating, all pensioners must die scum SNP voter
    so best not listen to me eh look at my record (or is it Daily Record)

  54. John H. says:

    M.Grant says:

    “why’s Kez dressed as a penguin.”

    I thought it was a bib. I had to really struggle to endure that full interview. I think Andrew Neil did too.

  55. Glamaig says:

    OT UK Foreign Secretary put in his place in a hard-hitting opinion piece from Ireland

    ‘While the 1916 Rising was commemorated in Ireland, Johnson made a speech to the Conservative party’s conference, which asserted: “The world needs Global Britain more than ever as a campaigner for the values we believe in.”
    That assertion needs to be rejected emphatically, especially by those who were subjected to British imperialism.’

  56. Phil says:

    BBC has spent the whole day offering to the public the words “SNP” and “racist” always in the same sentence. Modifiers, flat denials, refutations, misinterpretations, misconstructions, false impressions, mischivious perversions, and more, have been offered as further excuses to repeat the sentences – to repeat these words for the edification of the public that these two words belong together.

    And we want a separate BBC channel devoted principally to Scottish affairs?

  57. Meg merrilees says:

    I think this is quite a novel take on an old question, turning it round completely…
    If we were being asked to join in a Union with the Kingdom of England today how appealing would it look?

  58. Clootie says:

    When you play the race card KNOWING the claim to be false in an attempt to cause political damage then you are unworthy of electoral trust for any political position.

    They are unworthy of trust in any theatre of society. It is THEY who damage relationships.

  59. katherine hamilton says:

    I tried to e-mail Mr Khan about his outrageous speech/ newspaper article. It seems he cannot be contacted. Ms. Dugdale and all the rest can go to hell. I am not a racist, in fact spent my whole adult life fighting it. 2 sore faces for it! He and all his ilk can just **** off. What an insult, I mean what an insult! Idiots.

  60. Brian Doonthetoon says:

    What I found interesting about the Sadiq Khan interview above, was that he constantly referred to our First Minister by the familiar “Nicola”.

    It would seem that whoever was briefing him (Sarwar?) for his Scottish gig, neglected to instruct him to always refer to Nicola by her surname.

    Bad planning and lack of foresight by BLiS’s media peeps – but what else would you expect?

  61. chris kilby says:

    Did Khan seriously say he looks forward to Kezia Dugdale being First Minister of Scotland? He must have some eyesight!

  62. Hamish100 says:

    When Anwas Sarwar’s daddy formerly BRITNAT MP – and a patriotic one at that ripped his British Passport up because he had a better offer in Pakistan did his dad become a foreigner at that point?

    I think Sarwar should be told.

    Not that he cares – private schooling, took over daddy’s seat.Life is fair after all for those that obviously deserve it.

    Sarwar should apologise to the Scottish Parliament and to the people if he drafted that speech. His attempt to become the next labour leader has backfired. Never mind though –“..In January 2013, Sarwar was awarded the Politician of the Year award at the British Muslim Awards. In January 2015, he was awarded the Spirit of Britain award at the British Muslim Awards”.from wikepedia. What a talent in our midst.
    I have a cycling proficiency award from 1968 -so there.

  63. Vestas says:

    Nothing else but the complete annihilation of SLAB will do now.

    Double down on the local election efforts & lets see if we can put an end to the red tories at a council level.

    Once that’s done its a straight fight between yes voters and blue/orange tories.

  64. Kupo says:

    I just watched that video with B.Taylor and Khan with only one thought in mind afterwards: I don’t have a clue what he was on about. He must be getting Kezia’s syndrome the way he refused to answer a simple question.

  65. Hermodr says:

    Spot on, Dr Jim.

    It’s almost hard to believe (for me anyway) but we’re already at the stage when this isn’t about arguments anymore. At least in 2014 there was genuine debate to be had. That’s done: there is absolutely no reasonable argument for voting against Scottish independence, other than the straightforward one of identifying as British, not Scottish. So there is no debate to be had.

    From now on, it’s only mud-slinging from the other side. We shouldn’t expend too much energy on refuting their absurd claims; we need to reach people in other ways.

  66. John H. says:

    Meg merrilees 7.36pm.

    I asked that question often when canvassing in 2014. Not one person said that they would vote to join this union.

  67. heedtracker says:

    Phil says:
    26 February, 2017 at 7:35 pm
    BBC has spent the whole day offering to the public the words “SNP” and “racist” always in the same sentence.

    Oldest “when did you stop beating your wife,” trick in the book.

    Donaldo MacKinnon’s all new and exciting BBC in Scotland, impugn we’re all racists regardless of the answer, keep on asking it til we, I don’t know, start voting SLabour again, shut up, go away and let the BBC get on with running their Scotland region in peace?

  68. Brian Powell says:

    I hope the Asian community has something to say to Sadiq Khan. There was the Asians for Yes movement.

  69. chris kilby says:

    Alternative facts or alternative reality? Kezia Dugdale, First Minister of Bizarroworld!

  70. BBC Scotland Tells Lies says:

    Scottish Labour’s new logo should have read:


    Because together they are one strange outfit.

  71. Arbroath1320 says:

    For anyone who is interested there is a fund raiser going on to raise funds to bring Irene back from Singapore where she has just been deported to with no change of clothes, no place to live and £12 in her pocket!

  72. Giving Goose says:

    Scottish Labour – the last refuge for the Sociopath.

  73. BBC Scotland Tells Lies says:

    And here’s hopin that Sadiq Khan misses the “Haste Ye Back” sign as he passes the Scottish Border.

  74. David Caledonia says:

    Mr Khan had a little reception for a few hate preacher in his capacity as lord mayor of London
    These preachers are well know haters of everything that is not muslim or sharia law
    The people of London have a viper in their midst, i cannot see Mr Khan lasting as mayor, he welcomes people who are racist and then has the audacity to say that scots are racist, and so is Donald Trump, this guy is a dangerous man to have in charge of London, get rid as soon as possible, London you deserve better than this radical apologist

  75. joannie says:

    Okay, I know I said I’d filled my quota of stupid for the day, but curiosity has gotten the better of me.

    @Dr Jim – please enlighten me how Scottish independence would lead to an increase in lice in children’s hair!

  76. Marcia says:

    Oh dear, listening Labour folk saying white is black and left is right. My late Grandmother who was active in the Labour Party from the 1920’s to the 1960’s will be birling away in her grave at the state of it now.

  77. Kupo says:

    Ms Kezia Dugdale says, No he didn’t, no he didn’t, no he didn’t, no he didn’t, no he didn’t, no he didn’t, no he didn’t, Andrew, you stop saying that Andrew, you’re being a bad man Andrew for saying that, thats no nice, no he didn’t, no he didn’t.

    Thats it am calling ma mammy on you, Andrew, for saying that.

  78. Giving Goose says:

    Let’s for the sake of argument introduce the idea that Labour in Scotland are a seperate political party and not just a vehicle for the British Establishment.

    It takes a lot of effort for me to even type this but, again..just suppose..

    Can someone actually articulate for me what exactly it is they want?

    Kezia & co – “What do you want?”

  79. BBC Scotland Tells Lies says:

    There’s only one Ermine Robe up for grabs, so Kez and Ruthie will have to fight it out to the death.

    How about a best of three wrestling contest on the floor of the Scottish Parliament to decide who the biggest Yoon in all the land actually is.

  80. call me dave says:


    Thanks for the link.

    Shocking story.

  81. BBC Scotland Tells Lies says:

    joannie 8.12pm
    “Okay, I know I said I’d filled my quota of stupid for the day, but curiosity has gotten the better of me.”

    A weekend of Scottish Labour bullshit really does take it out of you.

    They are a hard watch.

  82. Brian McGrath says:

    Every time I hear Kezia Dugdale speak I thing how would Mahatma Gandhi deal with her and to be honest I think even he would just snap and tell her to stop lying and go away.

  83. Donnie MacGregor says:

    I want my country to govern itself so that all the peoples of Scotland, old, young, poor, rich, highlander, lowlander, white, black, Asian, Catholic, Protestant, Jew, Muslim, Hindu or none decide our joint futures and we are not governed by anther country whose politicans have little or no interest in our peoples wellbeing and wishes for a more equal and inclusive society.

    I want my country to be a member of the United Nations, EU, Olympics, European Court of Human Rights and even the Eurovision Song Contest so that the voice of my country can be heard beyond our borders and we are not known as being an adjunct for a former colonial power. I do not wish my country to have others nuclear weapons stationed on its land mass, you want them, house them in Hyde Park!

    I don’t want your country to rule my country mr Khan, believe me I am not a racist, I’ve lived abroad for many years in far flung countries. Variety is the spice of life, mixing with others is enjoyable, your country wishes to prevent Acotland socialising as an equal with other Europeans countries – why?

    I am absolutely disgusted at you and your labour party playing the racist card, cheap beyond belief, seen through by both Scottish and English media, you should be ashamed of yourself!

    You may think it acceptable to brand more than half a country racist for party advantage, but that mojority of people don’t! My advice to you is to shut your mouth about Scotland until you have something pleasant of factual to say!

    In conclusion to Scots, your nationalism is the problem, not ours, go live with yours and we will live with ours!

  84. stewartb says:

    Clootie @ 26 February, 2017 at 7:38 pm states:

    “When you play the race card KNOWING the claim to be false in an attempt to cause political damage then you are unworthy of electoral trust for any political position.”

    Spot on!

    Some posts have implied that what was written/said by Khan comes from his lack of knowledge and understanding of Scotland – of having a mistaken view.

    He and his advisors, in Lab central and in Lab Scotland, know very well what the true situation in Scotland is like. The race card was played knowingly and deliberately as a tactical ploy to denigrate a movement for political advantage. As well as playing to the audience of their own members, their purpose in my view was to use the resulting press coverage to sustain doubt and fear in the minds of the ‘soft no’s’.

    “Look even the Mayor of London – and he must be a honourable man, a true internationalist – says these Nats are bad, dangerous people, just as my newspaper has been telling me every day for ages.”

    Those that must be condemned most for accepting this racist accusation are not the soft no’s in the general public – although I trust they too will reject this nonsense – but rather the members/activists in Scottish Labour who must know it to be a (despicable) political tactic.

    It may well have backfired but we have seen recently the pincer movement of Unionist tactics – the race card and Ulsterisation.

  85. crazycat says:

    Sadiq’s little smirk when he read out the bits that weren’t in the original version of his speech was quite revealing, I thought – though of course I can’t know what impression I’d have got if I hadn’t known they were additions.

    And as has already been mentioned – “I fully understand why Nicola admires me” – priceless!

  86. Legerwood says:

    jfngw says:
    26 February, 2017 at 7:15 pm

    “”Meanwhile the Herald website is reporting that Theresa May wants to turn the council elections into some sort of referendum. So not only voting for your bin collections but independence all rolled into one.

    I’m not sure that council turnout is normally a good reflection of the public mood, plus as it’s STV how the decision will be ascertained.””

    Scottish voters are well able to distinguish between elections for Westminster, for Holywood or for Local Councils and will not take kindly to any party that tries to hi-Jack them for a purpose other than the one for which they are meant.

    Any party that tries to turn the local elections into some sort of referendum about a referendum as the Tories seem to be planning is likely to come a cropper.

    Across Scotland there are many local issues that are important to local communities who see the local elections as a chance to have their say and a chance to change the direction of their local council by changing its make-up. Any party trying to insert another purpose into these local elections is not going to be popular. And as you say, with STV drawing any inference from the results is not a simple straight line extrapolation.

  87. Arbroath1320 says:

    A wee thought provoker, perhaps 😉 , for all you budding Psephologists. If this is correct then all the shouting over Copeland may not yet be over after all.

  88. Centurian Oooyab'bass says:

    Just cannae cannae cannae wait …. May 2017 .. The Labour Clearances

  89. Arbroath1320 says:

    Sorry folks … the country that is run by the “caring” RED/BLUE Tory party just can not stop giving these days. If anyone is still fuming over the deportation I linked to earlier will be best advised to ensure they have no object capable of being thrown within easy reach before reading the second article. 😉

  90. heedtracker says:

    Arbroath1320 says:
    26 February, 2017 at 9:03 pm
    A wee thought provoker, perhaps

    Tory’s brushed aside the 2015 general election 31 constituency expenses fraud accusations, like they were nothing.

    Why did Lab not go after them on it all? Because they all do it, their own electoral laws are flouted by both English parties.

  91. Swiss Perspective says:

    Khan: “I love Scotland”, and then later on, “I look forward to seeing Kezia as First Minister of Scotland”.

    That kind of jars.

  92. clan rossy says:

    gee whiz

    i managed to watch five minutes of labours conference
    what a load of guff what are they like eh.

    a bunch of soul sucking fukcin union vampires eh
    just nae life in them what so ever i looked
    at the audience my god how fukcin boring

    they all had faces like burst ballons thats how
    deflated they are my god what a let doon

    then we had count duckula dugdales speech wafting a
    load of utter diabolical shit no bite to it what so ever
    absolutely toothless.

    then they bring out spiderman khan eh he could nae spin a fukcin web let alone awe they lies he spewed oot aboot
    the snp eh.

    well thats labour for you just a bunch of gumless


  93. heedtracker says:


    What is the Tory election expenses story and why isn’t it bigger news …

    13 May 2016 – Spending by the Conservative party on the 2015 general election campaign … A Channel 4 News investigation claims to have uncovered receipts that show … People do go to prison for straight electoral fraud, when it can be


    Whatever happened to the #ToryElectionFraud investigation? | Politics …
    › Politics › Conservatives
    29 Jul 2016 – Ongoing investigations into Conservative spending at 2015 general election … that the revelations could lead to prosecutions, to MPs losing their seats, … Channel 4 News claims to have uncovered thousands of pounds worth …


    Did the Conservatives steal the election by failing to declare their local …

    6 Jun 2016 – The Tory election expenses story started in January this year when Crick … granted the Kent police more time to investigate claims of illegal spending. … her full election costs, but her conviction was overturned on appeal.

  94. artyhetty says:


    Absolutely my thoughts entirely. Not only that, these unionists realise that Scotland is now visible as a viable country outwith rUK, internationally, especially within the EU. They are attempting to portray Scotland as racist, insular, and even xenophobic and of course we know that nothing is further from the truth. and that in actual fact the unionists are much more inclined in that direction.

    It is fake news from unionists, and has been going on since 2014, and prior to that.

    They are using the race card, even deporting people from Scotland, (I saw someone on twitter be cry that it’s on ‘Scottish soil’) attempt to portray Scotland as anti immigrant. We know that immigration is reserved to Westminster, but some, especially those not in Scotland, may not. The likes of Sadiq and his pals know that, it is all orchestrated. There is no ignorance here, just pure SNP, anyone pro independence bad.

    Still, I hear a friend is moving to Scotland from Newcastle, she is French and says that Scotland is more welcoming and not racist. So not all take the britnats at their lying words.

  95. Ed t head says:

    We want indipendance and not to be governed from 500 miles away so we are raving racists and nationalists, but when it was the brexit vote, with leave saying we don’t want to be governed by Brussels 300 miles away and it was patriotic. But I do know why we are the bad guys as msm have got the SNP bad to save them writing about what is going to hit the fan when brexit really starts, at least when it starts SNP bad might have to be dropped to make way for how bad Brussels is, not giving in to Mays demand that she wants it her way as Westminster is right, (far right).

  96. Arbroath1320 says:

    Aye funny how the “alleged” investigation into Tory election fraud has slowly died a death with no one in the media pressing questions about it.


  97. Meindevon says:

    It looks like Indyref2 is going to be fought on the same basis as the first one. It’s going to be ALL about the nasty bad SNP. Nothing to do with what is best for Scotland. Nothing. Just because they threaten their Unionist ermine.

    They are out to discredit and bad mouth them at every turn. The members of the Unionist parties in Scotland must be asked to look past the present and see the future for Scotland. Tell those that are unsure of the SNP that it’s not about them it’s about the future. Tell them we have a democracy and the SNP won’t be the party of government forever. Would they feel different about self government if that government was their preferred party? Do they really want to be ruled by Right wing Tory/UKIP governments for the forseeable? The future is bleak. Scotland will be bottom of Westminster list for anything. I’ll bet deep down they know it. They surely must.

    In an independent Scotland Labour and the Tories would have no option but to re assess and you never know they might end up being reasonable opposition parties. ( ok a long shot I know but they might believe it)

    Ok so it’s not a great thought to us but they need to see past this nano second of the present day and look to the future for Scotland.

  98. Meg merrilees says:


    Sorry, just so disgusted at SLAB I went looking for info on how the Right-wing candidates are doing in mainland Europe.

    Couldn’t resist copying this link …

    Is this where we’re going wrong in the YES campaign…

    “Mr Muskos, a councillor in a small Swedish town, hit the headlines this week after proposing that municipal employees should be allowed a break from their working day to have sex.

    He is confident his proposal will be approved when put to his fellow councillors in a couple of months’ time.”

  99. Dr Jim says:


    Hi Joanie, Ms Baillie had worked out that because of our povery following a Yes vote there would be much less money to fund healthcare so the evil SNP would cut budgets which included Nit checking in oor kids nappers
    I have to confess at the time to not knowing we had specific healthcare for such jobs in existence any more
    When I was at school there were such people but that was in the 50s

    But it did make me laugh and furious at the same time when she came up with it

  100. Robert J. Sutherland says:

    Dr Jim @ 21:52,

    Well, we still have one anyway. Jackie Bailey is a specialist in nit-picking, is she not? =grin=

  101. joannie says:

    @Dr Jim – there comes a point at which reality is so ridiculous its hard to distinguish from satire. Jackie Bailie threatening an epidemic of nits in Scotland’s children if people vote for independence sounds like something from The Onion.

  102. Artyhetty says:

    I see Sadiq said, ‘it’s to lead in a different direction, the right direction’. Hmm, what does he mean?

    He talks about ‘opportunities to be successful’. What does he mean, and who is he referring to! What kind of success? Who for?

    Talking of ‘direction’, I once had the misfortune to be hear a strange announcement on the Edinburgh/Labour party tram, tannoy. It said, ‘ and due to, one direction there will be delays’.
    I thought, huh? Typical is it just going in one direction now! Of course the tory band, not saying their name here, were playing along the tram line somewhere, that did make me laugh when I realised! Lol.

  103. ronnie anderson says:

    Kezia the High Octane user will blast of soon .

  104. Maria F says:

    As usual, the message from Labour HQ is a condescending one: the Major of London comes to lecture the members of the branch in what Scottish Nationalism really is, because somebody that lives in London obviously knows best.

    Mr Khan failed to explain why Scottish independentism is racist while the most recent expression of British nationalism (Brexit) for which Labour MPs gave a blank card to the Tories, is not. Also, while Kezia clearly states that ‘Brexit is really bad for Scotland’, she fails to address why this and being dragged out of the EU against our will doesn’t justify another referendum.

    I don’t bite it. I find impossible to believe that a politician of Mr Khan’s profile could be so ridiculously shortsighted to infuriate half of the Scottish electorate and unwillingly trigger a backlash of olympic proportions. So I think this has been done on purpose to attack londependence and to take SLab out of the race for the Council elections so as they don’t divide the unionist vote: the attack is directed to the SNP, while the Tories escaped unscathed.

    Labour has been the British establishment’s handbrake to Scottish independence. Hiding the McCrone report, the 6000 sq miles of Scottish waters job, devolution and ‘the vow’ are proof of this. Now they are doing it again: there is nothing remotely political of substance in Kezia’s interviews. Her one and only message is that she wants to stop the independence referendum: is it a coincidence that Ruth’s party wants the same?

    Forget about dodgy newspaper polls: the council elections are going to be the best poll to assess support for independence. It seems that today’s handbrake to Scottish independence is SLab falling on their sword to avoid dividing the unionist vote in the council elections. I await impatiently for the handbrake of tomorrow: the LibDems falling on their sword too.

    It is both exciting and terrifying:

    1. Scotland’s political arena is not longer multiparty but bipartite: independence vs London rule (ironically London is precisely what Mr Khan represents)

    2. When the Scottish unionist branches are ready to fall on their swords to defend unionism you know this battle for independence will be a dirty one. We better prepare ourselves for the worst.

  105. yesindyref2 says:

    The big problem for Labour in Scotland is that Kezia Dugdale is their only hope, yet they hamstring her by allowing the likes of Ian Murray and in this case, Sadiq Khan to say what they want, do what they want – and too many support that.

    She needs to get a backbone and stand up to them, the divisions are there anyway, she should tell them all to get lost and let her do the job – or fire her. In this case very clearly she should have accepted that Khan’s speech was totally unacceptable, and have disassociated herself from it.

    Sad thing is she does want to work with the SNP herself which is the right thing to do, but it’s rare she’s able to. But if she fails, as looks likely, who will it be – Anas Sarwar? He will terminate the Labour Party in Scotland, and very quickly at that.

    Not all of us want that. Scotland needs representative politics, whether with the Union or Independence, but Labour now increasingly only represents itself.

  106. Hermodr says:

    Da ken how they’ll find the time to demonise SNP, Brussels & immigrants all at the same time; they’ll need to get creative when IndyRef2 and the harsh realities of Brexit line up!

    Saw a good point, either on here or Twitter, how Scotland isna really divided at all, because every No voter has Yes voting family and friends and vice versa. Scare stories are gonna be less effective this time, the more the general public learns about the very real horrors which are appearing down south.

  107. meg merrilees says:

    Khan compares Scottish nationalism to Racism and now we have a DUP MP, Sammy Wilson, agreeing that there is no difference between Sinn Fein, the IRA and ISIS…

    These people are forgetting that with free speech we have to be aware of the consequences of our utterances, as well as our actions.

  108. HandandShrimp says:

    Given Sadiq Tweeted Happy Independence day to Pakistan and did a #Freedom to sign it off it is clear that he has nothing against celebrating national identity.

    So the question once again is why is it OK for everyone else but not us?

    However, I guess we should thank Labour for their latest car crash conference. There may come a day when SLab have a turning point but it is not this day (with apologies to Tolkein).

  109. yesindyref2 says:

    The thing is these people live in a political bubble and can’t see outside of it. They see them – and us. But what are we all? We’re activists, we’re people who read, research, post, tweet (I don’t do twitter), blog, argue and debate.

    That takes care of 1% at most of the People of Scotland if that, quite frankly, most people don’t spend much time on it.

    So yeah there’s division between the activists – we’re on opposite sides! Meanwhile the rest just get on with it, and will vote either YES or NO, hopefully a YES.

  110. Welsh Sion says:

    Why is Kezza Dudfail dressed like a waitress (or a penguin) in her interview?

    Yours, aye,

  111. Karmanaut says:

    Of course! Welcome.

    I see Labour have a new website which appears to have been set up to boost Theresa May.

    They’ve named it “To get her stronger” or something.

  112. meg merrilees says:

    Paper review on the radio – The Times tomorrow says

    The cut-off date for EU citizens living here will be one and the same day as article 50 is triggered. 3.2 million will no longer have rights to live here ‘for much longer.’

    Then another Tory guy speaking says that the important thing to worry about is that another 200,000 Rumanian and Bulgarians could come here in the two years before the UK leaves…

    They just don’t give up on immigration do they?

  113. Arbroath1320 says:

    😀 😀 😀

    Nice one Karmanaut!

  114. stu mac says:


    No need to apologise to Tolkein, he didn’t write that…pure movie add-on.

  115. HandandShrimp says:

    Cheers Stu

    Read the books about 40 years ago but the films have been superimposed on top of them 🙂

  116. Arbroath1320 says:

    SKY news running “breaking news” that Gerald Kaufman has died. Another by election looms folks this time in Manchester, Gorton.

  117. Meg merrilees says:

    “Political institutions cease to have value when they do not reflect equality, mutual respect and parity of esteem, and have become detached from the lives of citizens they are meant to serve.”

    Declan Kearney, National Chairman of Sinn Féin.

  118. Robert J. Sutherland says:

    yesindyref2 @ 22:19,

    Maybe you know more, but I don’t myself see any evidence that Kezia is “hamstrung” by anything other than the Labour Party policies with which she is anyway in complete agreement.

    She glibly talks now about “autonomy”, but it’s a fiction of her own making, a deliberate false prospectus (eg. “remove Trident” or “UK federalism”) invented merely in order to attempt to salvage votes in any referendum or election, knowing full well that UK Labour will summarily bin them all afterwards. We had a preview of that very thing during the 2015 UKGE with Chuka Umunna’s immediate put-down of the hapless Jim Murphy.

    UKez isn’t a mere hostage of SLab determination to face all ways at once, she is thoroughly complicit in it.

  119. yesindyref2 says:

    @Robert J. Sutherland
    Was trying my best, but to be honest I think I just gave up. If she can condone what Sadiq Khan said and not disassociate herself from it totally, absolutely and without any prompting or hesitation, she’s worthless, and so are all those in Scottish Labour who share his view.

  120. yesindyref2 says:

    I must admit to a slow fuse burning over this, that Dugdale doesn’t condemn such a slur by the Mayor of London outright and unequivocally, and that the Labour conference accepted it and even cheered his speech.

    It’s disgusting, and so are those in Scottish Labour who go along with it, or sat there quietly at that conference and said nothing.

  121. Az says:

    As others have said, and for me BY FAR the funniest thing that happened, was Mr Khan saying:

    “I look forward to Kezia being th First Minister of Scotland”

    Laugh? I spat out my tea. I laughed a few times, even had to rewind slightly – “did he really say that?”

    Oh yes, oh yes he DID.

    Ha ha ha ha ha ha. Aha ha ha ha ha ha ha hahahaha…

  122. Jamur says:

    A couple of richt roasters. Khan can do one back to London.
    As for kezia being first minister?
    You’ve embarrassed yersel pal. What a load pish….

  123. Truth says:

    Pure ignorance. Britain is not a country. The United Kingdom is not a country. They are political constructs.

    Dividing a political construct is not racist. It’s no different to organising yourselves into different political parties and gathering in a parliament to discuss differences and formulate law and policies.

    I am English born and my wife and kids are all born outside of Europe. We all see no difference between Sadiq Khan and a complete and utter buffoon. What he said was deeply offensive to me, my family, and a whole host of people. And for what? Cheap political points, all of which he lost.

  124. annie says:

    What is even more galling is the fact that during the recent election for Mayor of London Khan himself was the victim of racist and sectarian abuse. He may have forgotten he was well supported by the Scots he now labels racists and bigots.

  125. John says:

    Lookout Kez , Sawar is right behind you with the knife . He wrote Khan’s speech raising the race card and the nationalism card because he thought that would please the faithful .He was hoping for a standing ovation for Khan then he could take the credit , glad it all exploded in his face .Think he has gone into hiding now , like any coward should !

  126. Scott Borthwick says:

    So, from all this, I take it that Labour are now standing by impatiently, waiting for our apologies.

    Bunch of rockets.

  127. stu mac says:


    Worth reading the books again then. Will be like new novels that vaguely resemble films you saw recently. 🙂

  128. nodrog says:

    How often does Kezia need to be told that the founder of the Labour Party was a Nationalist.

  129. clipper says:

    When do I get to spit on slabs grave?

  130. Andy-B says:

    Watching Dugdale in her disasterous interview with Andrew Neil brought a whole new meaning to the phrase “Gish Galloping.”

    Neil couldn’t get a word in.

  131. Sandra Huner says:

    I’ve come to the conclusion that there is a great deal of deafness in the ex Better Together parties.

    During the 2015 referendum, the Brexit Referendum, Theresa May and various Tories and Westminster grandees, and now Sadiq Khan – they all in that loveable brassnecked haven’t looked in the mirror lately characteristic that they display – have casually adopted so many of the ‘Yes’ Campaign’s authentic and original messages. They’ve been churning out Hope Over Fear for the last two years and adopted many other ‘Yes’ campaign messages and – in that awful luvvie type description – attempted to ‘make it their own.

    If this isn’t lack of self-awareness, we need nothing else as evidence of both their hubris and illusion of entitlement. Struth!

  132. Weechid says:

    Can that bloody Dugdale woman not get through one interview without using “clear” or “clearly”. She’s so damned irritating.

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