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The truth will out

Posted on March 23, 2013 by

We can only assume that Scottish Labour member and “Better Together” campaign director Blair McDougall somehow got lost in the blizzards sweeping the country and accidentally stumbled into the Scottish Conservatives conference this morning.


Warmly applauded, apparently. That’s nice.

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    26 to “The truth will out”

    1. Holebender says:

      Was he there to receive his (unholy) orders?

    2. The Man in the Jar says:

      Perhaps he mistook it for a public phone box.

    3. Juteman says:

      Looking at his hand positions and expression, i would say the Tory funders of the No campaign have just exposed their (war) chest. 🙂

    4. Amanayeman says:

      He might at least have worn a tie. I mean people will think he’s Lab—What? Really?
      Hermione the smelling salts.

    5. mato21 says:

      He looks like Gordy Broon  

    6. johnnypict says:

      Better Together indeed …red tory, yellow tory, blue tory, (Labour, Lib Dems, Conservatives) I can’t really tell them apart at the moment.

      It’s a good thing you know …having all these tories to contend with.

      Two choices, independence and a new political landscape or tories!

      Another mistake from the Better Together campaign.

    7. lumilumi says:

      Why shouldn’t he be there? He’s Better Together with the Tories, isn’t he?
      BTW, that new Tory Scotland logo, I remember when it was unveiled and many commented how appropriate it was: doublecross.

    8. Richie says:

      One Nation, One Party.

    9. Matt says:

      Well we can’t say they didn’t warn us; they have told us many times that they are all in it together.

    10. TYRAN says:

      Seems one can vote without SMS and vote multiple times.

    11. Arbroath1320 says:

      Is he preaching to the afflicted by any chance? 😆

    12. muttley79 says:

      Blair McDougall was no doubt only attending the Scottish Tory Conference because he is a Keir Hardie buff, and was spreading the socialist message.  😀

    13. orkers says:

      You bugger Tyran ……….I’m going to be bombarded with Better together shit till next September. Hopefully they have an unsubscribe button.

    14. Bob Howie says:

      The SNP has brought off this coup brilliantly, they will go down in history as the only party,k after Hitler, to bring the UK parties to work together for a common goal…….keeping the Scots in line!!!!

    15. Famous15 says:

      Watched the SNP conference report and BBC2 “anchor”   Andrew Kerr interview SG Ministers on Mr Salmond’s speech and had confirmed for me what I always suspected as he read his questions from what he let slip was a Labour Press Release. 

    16. Morag says:

      Did he now?  I saw he was reading the questions, but he had a pen in his hand, and I innocently imagined that he’d been taking notes during the speech and had written his own questions.


    17. muttley79 says:

      Does BBC Scotland actually do any political research, or do they just read Scottish Labour press releases instead?

    18. Arbroath1320 says:

      Come on now Muttley, I thought we all knew the answer to that one!
      BBC is the mouthpiece of Labour, they can only report from and ask questions from  Labour leaflets after all as we all know Labour do not tell lies they always tell the truth!

    19. mato21 says:

      Since I’m sure the F.M didn’t give Labour notice of his speech I thought they must be on speeddial to Mr Kerr with their girning comments that he read out

    20. Arbroath1320 says:

      No doubt Keiza Dugdale will be asking questions in Holyrood as to why she didn’t advance notice of the First Minister’s speech!

    21. muttley79 says:

      The fact of the matter is that absolutely nothing the SNP do will ever be good enough for the diehard Unionists in Scottish Labour.  They have opposed minimum pricing of alcohol, which would almost certainly have saved scores of lives in Scotland.  This was done simply because it was an SNP proposal.  Another example was this week.  They were complaining that MSPs did not get advance notice of the referendum date.  We all know that they would have leaked it to their media buddies as soon as possible.  Also, if the S.G. had gave MSP’s advance knowledge, and it was duly leaked to the press, Scottish Labour MSPs would have complained that the SNP was disrespecting Holyrood!     

    22. Craig Dunain says:

      No surprises here – jus another Champaign socialist wanting to be a tory

    23. Tris says:

      The Tories are paying the piper, they have the right to get the man to come along and dance for them.
      They, remember, are all in it together.

    24. Jeannie says:

      Looking at the picture of Blair McDougall’s pantomime performance standing in front of the Scottish Tories’ new logo, I feel like shouting, “Behind you”, as whenever I look at the logo, all I see is a wee,nasty, fu-manchu-like face with downturned mouth staring back at me.  I’ve just counted 9 of them staring at Blair McDougall’s back.  Are the Tories trying to give him some kind of subliminal warning to watch his back?

    25. Jeannie says:

      Looking at the Tory logo again, it just tells you all you need to know about the character and mind-set of Scottish Tories that they recognised, at an sub-conscious level, that a  nasty, malevolent, sneering face not only appeals to them but best represents their underlying attitudes.

    26. The Man in the Jar says:

      At a sub-conscious level it is also a Double Cross!

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