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The technical plural

Posted on March 14, 2016 by

A significant groundswell of opinion, perhaps:


Oddly, the Scotsman’s report on the story contains not a single further piece of data about how numerous these opponents of a second referendum are.

So we had a look elsewhere.


Another mystery solved!

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    1. Grouse Beater says:

      It takes only 2,000 people and one Scottish newspaper to demand the process of democracy is halted.

    2. John McCall says:

      Ah, but how many people have signed a Conservative online petition in favour of a second indyref? Tell us that! Eh!

      (Just getting in before George Ffoulkes)

    3. Ranald Lithgow says:

      That’s about the same monthly circulation figure for the Hootsmon no?

    4. galamcennalath says:

      An interesting disclosure – a grand total of 2000 Scottish Tory voters use the Internet! Sounds about right.

      The headline of the second Express article was “Sturgeon back on breakaway trail despite £15bn deficit”.

      Does it not occur to them that, “Sturgeon back on breakaway trail BECAUSE OF £15bn deficit”, might be more appropriate!?

    5. Scotspine says:

      @ Grouse

      Let’s face it, it only takes one Tory MP, one Labour MP and one LibDem MP to subvert Scottish aspirations……

    6. JulesR says:

      “Tens of Thousands sign petition telling Gordon Brown to fuck off” – well only one and a bit ‘tens of thousands’ but why spoil a catchy headline?

    7. Democracy unionist style, I wonder how many of those anti-EU unionists will be demanding another EU referendum if they were to lose this one?

    8. Bob Mack says:

      As mentioned on the previous thread, support for independence has been on the increase for many years. The fact that 45% ,we’re willing to vote yes testifies to that fact. It will only grow through a combination of Tory government and demographic changes.

      Wonder what the figure for independence support was only 40 years ago?.

      It is coming.

    9. findlay farquaharson says:

      if they show the names of who signed, only bout 9 will be legit. i signed it as “snivelling wankstain”

    10. Bob Mack says:

      By my calculations that only leaves 5.million odd undecided!!

    11. Giving Goose says:

      What! It’s not accurate? The Scotsman is talking crap?

      Oh right. Business as usual then. Think I’ll use it to wipe my arse without feelings of guilt that I may have soiled a pillar of free speech.


    12. Hamish McTavish says:

      Does the Hootsmon employ the OBR’s margin of error?

    13. Ruglonian says:

      So 2000 is now the numerical benchmark for ‘opposing’ stuff?

      I wonder, for example, how many were outside the BBC ‘opposing’ it’s referendum coverage? How many complaints did the BBC garner in opposition to this weeks Question Time broadcast? – I’ll await a Scotsman (or Express) headline informing me 😉

    14. Breastplate says:

      If Carlsberg did comical newspapers…

    15. bobajock says:

      Painful working here at the Scotsman, watching the 5 year olds make up stories, all based on this mornings postman pat.

      Journalists? No, just whipping boys and girls for the Wesminster machine.

    16. mogabee says:

      Tories eh..whit they like?

      Can’t even get a petition energised. Or get the country back from the brink of a debt-filled hole!

    17. proudscot says:

      It would also have been illuminating if the Hootsmon’s article had broken down the result of the petition into how many of those 2000 who voted were English incomers.

      I encountered such a couple, elderly English incomers, just prior to the Independence Referendum vote, who stated that they “would not be voting for independence”. I’m afraid I reacted rather angrily and asked them what the hell gave them the right as incomers to dictate to native lifelong resident Scots such as myself, that we had to stay in thrall to an uncaring Westminster? I got no reply as they slunk away.

    18. Almannysbunnet says:

      Just a thought but if the infamous Dundee question time audience is truly representative of Dundee then surely Ruth Davidson should be standing there. She’d walk it.
      Go on Ruthie put yer money where yer mouth is, I dare ya.

    19. Arbroath1320 says:

      If I remember from the other night, Saturday actually 😉 , I think folks on Twitter were saying that most of those who had signed the petition were from SOUTH of the border. 😀

      I feel the need … the need for speed another cairny thingy in Gretna! 😀

    20. Ken500 says:

      How many support the Scotsman. That bastion of Unuonist fraud.

    21. Ruth has moved East and is hunkered down behind the Unionist redoubt that is Edinburgh.

      Murray, Mundell, Dugdale, JK Rowling and the like have retreated to the relative safety of Morningside and Corstorphine Tea Rooms.

      All those Unionist Money Lenders, Insurance Brokers, and Bankers give them a false sense of security, I’m sure.

      Ever wondered why the QT Road Show never pulls up in Glasgow?

      The Scotsman is on the verge of extinction; hence this desperate death rattle nonsense.
      I assume that the 60 or so Tories who turned up in Auld Reekie for the Spring Conference last Friday signed up.

      Ruthie and Dave in Zimmerland(Before you start, I’m 68. I can be as ageist as I like.So there.)

      FYI,ye Scots scribes, Scotland does not have a £15 billion Black Hole. But you know that anyway. You are mere Winston Smiths working for the Man.
      They couldn’t print enough money, guys.

      I sure hope I never get that hungry.
      Not long now.

    22. Proud Cybernat says:

      Just 2000? What happened to the other 2 million that voted NO? Guess they must’ve changed their minds.

    23. Bob Mack says:

      The Rev’s twitter feed is a hoot this morning. Apparently Mr Cameron has decided to print an open letter in regional papers declaring his “love” for each of them in turn.

      Where does he get the energy?

      Well good folks of various Englandshire regions, this much I can tell you. When you wake up in the morning he will be gone for good. Oh yes,your purse will also be missing!!

    24. Ken500 says:

      Where did the Oil Revenues go? To wee little poor NI to have a payment the equivalent of Norway. To support bigotry, sectarianism an apartheid feudal society, for Unionist votes in Wedtminster The Unionist secret masonics society, brainwashed since the day they were born to ruin their own society. The hypocritical, lying Tory Royals who give children mental health problems, sanction and starve the vulnerable to death.

    25. Papadox says:

      the yoonist confederacy has a terrible smell of shit surrounding it. Who is going to pay their £15,000,000,000 in their black hole? Sanctuary, mercy please. yooni tunes. the daft ENGERLISH TAX PAYERS WILL BE GLAD TO PICK UP THAT TAB. TOODLE PIP! Your a brick Ruthie.

    26. Brian says:

      Thanks Rev. I have left an appropriate comment on the Scottish Tory website.

    27. lewis wilde says:

      ‘Around 2,000’ could be 1800 or thereabouts. In which case it is not ‘thousand(s) is it?

    28. Jules says:

      Here’s a thought – wonder what people think…
      Has the creation of The National allowed the Hootsmon and Herald to become near-100% unionist?

      Prior to the referendum there was always at least some sort of pretence of balance – a willingness to at least entertain a pro-Indy perspective.

      But I wonder if the National has drawn away the most passionate Indy supporters from these two titles, leaving a veritable Yoon-fest.

      The letters page of the Scotsman is a
      good example. Used to be quite good. Now it may as well be the Express or Mail.

    29. Arbroath1320 says:

      Jack Collatin says:

      FYI,ye Scots scribes, Scotland does not have a £15 billion Black Hole. But you know that anyway. You are mere Winston Smiths working for the Man.
      They couldn’t print enough money, guys.

      Aye that is certainly true Jack. On day 1 of Scottish independence Scotland would indeed have ZERO debt. I know this to be true cause a wee birdie told me it was so. 😀

      The UK Treasury says that should Scots vote to leave the UK, it will honour all UK government debt issued up to the date of Scottish independence.

      The move, announced on Monday, is aimed at removing the risk of default from any debt-sharing dispute between Scotland and the rest of the UK.

      The Treasury said it will “in all circumstances” take responsibility for all UK government debt, should Scotland vote for independence in September.

      Don’t you just love wee Georgie Porgie the towel folder folks? 😀

    30. Almannysbunnet says:

      And every one a former QT audience member.

    31. The Lib Dums also have a similar petition. In the same paper Brian “Scotland is British” Wilson is attacking, guess who on “facts”.

    32. JillP says:

      Meanwhile 3,000 celebrated in Hall 5 of SECC.

    33. X_Sticks says:

      Maybe we should all go and sign the petition just o screw them up and make them think there’s a lot more support for their cause than there really is 😀

    34. Bob Mack says:

      I had a great weekend. Went to the local Social club and got into a discussion with friends about GERS. They had not a clue.

      It came as some surprise to them how GERS was “calculated” if that is the right word.

      The problem is that GERS are indeed all just best guesses. There are no guidelines in place to attribute revenues raised to any given country within the UK. Indeed there is no onus on any company or individual to state in which country revenues were raised. The only exceptions are council tax which is based on a fixed property therefore calculable and constant. There are no accurate figures for spending because of the same fact,

      Therefore the figures are calculated as percentage of population shares,much like the oil revenues.

      The end result is that Scotland could be raising a lot of money but it would not show up ,given it is divided on a per capita basis throughout the UK.

      I think it helped my pals with a new perspective.

    35. Macart says:

      Oh good grief.

      The laughably titled ‘Scotsman’ decides that a tory online petition means folk don’t get to judge whether they are happy with the outcome of the 2014 referendum.

      Unsurprisingly I’m not impressed with Westminster government’s record over the past eighteen months, but most especially their ‘delivery’ of the most powerful, devolviest, near federalist govt. in the whole of the universe.

      Perhaps in a country that predominantly didn’t vote for tory governments for decades and basically aren’t all that impressed with tories as a general rule, the Scotsman should have thought twice about that particular article?

      What am I saying…. thought? FFS!

    36. Arbroath1320 says:

      look out folks the Junior Viceroy of Scotland is going on tour. ?????

      Annan Community Centre 1800 – 1900 April 4th

      Eastriggs Social Club 1700 – 1800 April 5th

      Gretna Richard Greenhow Centre 1830 – 1930 April 5th

      I’m thinking that it might be time to warm up the old vocal chords and dig out some nice wee *ahem* cheeire wee questions for oor wee Viceroy. ????

    37. bookie from hell says:


      these jockeys TWITTER don’t SUE like JK

      answer with one-liners

    38. The Penman says:


    39. Arbroath1320 says:

      For those pondering the Leetle Tankette comander’s petition can I just advise folks that I have seen someone on Twitter admit to signing the petition as:

      Name: Margaret Thatcher

      email: MT [at] Hades [dot] com

      Phone/mobile: 666

      postcode: eh13 8fb

      I am thinking the Leetle tankette commander will be over the moon getting her “mother” to sign the petition. At least that puts her one up on Porky who is unlikely to get HIS mother to sign any petition he starts up! 😀

    40. G H Graham says:

      The Scotsman is Scottish in the same way that Kebia, a Bulgarian goats cheese is; both sold here but owned & crafted by foreigners.

      It’s unfortunate that it is the Scotsman which leaves one with a long lasting, unpleasant after taste.

    41. Clapper57 says:

      Has Kathy Wiles signed it using different surnames ?

    42. David Mills says:

      Just had an interesting conversation on Twitter thought I’d share the last line.
      This Union has served its purpose there will be no Scottish Catholic Monarch to claim the throne.The Unicorn chaffs in its chains

    43. Dr Jim says:

      The Unionist argument falls on it’s Arse before it even gets started

      If Scotland for sure and definitely wanted to be Unionist
      They’d vote for it, they don’t, WHY NOT?

      The ones who are Scottish who voted NO might just be a bunch of pragmatic wait and seers and are waiting for the definite proof because they’re a wee bit cowardy custard but kidding on they’re not

      The Football lot, and we know who they are just want to be assured they can get a game in the big England league and if they thought they could they probably would just say YES
      and worry about their Queenie later, hide the sash in the drawer and say they were never that keen in the first place on marching
      NO SURRENDER! This week, unless we get away games

      Once the FM gets the campaign going again I’m totally convinced her new strategy is spot on
      Do to Cameron what he did to us World leaders and known politicians from around the world speaking up for Scotland
      We’ve already had Mervyn King for goodness sake former Governor of the BOE saying WHY NOT perfectly reasonable for Scotland to be Independent

      This vote in May will define Scotlands wishes, because the FM has clearly stated the new drive for Independence is on
      That means a big vote for the SNP would be a mandate for the question put and a clear indication of Scotlands wishes

      If Scotland doesn’t want Independence everybody will vote for the Tories or Labour won’t they….Simples….

      It’s over to Yoo,ns, go on you know you want to

    44. Joemcg says:

      Jeez..apparently Dugdale is now proposing the oil industry goes in to public ownership!! So no oil for an independent Scotland now!! It gets better and better!

    45. scotspine says:

      When I think of Scotsman readers, I always have a vision of nasty, bitter folk, full of self loathing and resembling Harry Lauder in physique and dress.

      Folk who are happy to be a laughing stock and play the pet Jock.

      Hoots Mon, Stop Yer Tickling Jock, There’s a Moose Loose Aboot this Hoose. Its a Braw Bricht Moonlicht Nicht The Nicht eh? Oh, and A Wee Deoch an Doruis.

    46. Arbroath1320 says:

      Following the great example above I too have signed the Leetle Tankette Commander’s petition. 😉

      Name: David Cameron

      email: DCPM [at] Hades [dot] com

      Phone/mobile: 0800 666

      postcode: SW1A 2AA

      Use the space below for any additional comments:

      Only one way to move this petition forward … vote SNP X 2!!! The sooner we get rid of the MURDEROUS KILLERS that are the Tory party the sooner people in the REAL world can begin to breath a sigh of relief and begin to get THEIR lives back together. Only with Scottish INDEPENDENCE can REAL people live their lives without fear of dying or family members committing SUICIDE!

      I can only begin to think what must be going through the Leetle Tankette Commander’s head getting Maggie AND Porky to sign her petition. 😀

    47. karmanaut says:

      We should start our own petition. If democracy is to be suspended for the things our opponents don’t want us to have a vote on, then we may as well suspend elections too.

    48. call me dave says:

      Willie Rennie: Brexit vote will put future of UK at risk

      Wee Wullie cliping on us to the HoL and getting a dig in at the Tories. 🙂

      Another dismal diatribe from Torrance which I’m posting because he looks much more authoritative in his beard. Aye right! 🙂

      SNP x 2 on 5th May.

    49. Bob Mack says:

      @Joe Mcg,

      The revenues are already in public ownership. Just not the Scottish public.

    50. cearc says:


      I’m not sure that even the APT money would be enough for that!

    51. Jack Murphy says:

      The Scotsman—-the mouthpiece of Ruth Davidson,David Cameron,George Osborne and the Scottish Brigade of the “Broad Shoulders/Deep Pockets” Tory Party!
      Who on earth in Scotland would buy this nonsense from the Scotsman and Cameron’s Tory Party?

      Don’t bother answering that. 🙁

      PS—Ruthie’s Great UK Bettertogether Tory Party on Wednesday will be announcing MORE CUTS—-UK-WIDE.
      ….and Ruthie is asking for our votes in May!!!

    52. call me dave says:


      Just read that Gas and oil story and I hope Swinney and Sturgeon lay down a marker on that one.

      Deputy Deadwood will say anything that comes into her head if someone whispers it in her ear the day before.
      History (well it’s what they say in the kind version)
      Not posting the link:

      TONY BENN: a snippet.

      It was the start of the North Sea Oil era and I was privileged to serve with Tony on the Parliamentary Committee which set up the British National Oil Corporation (BNOC).

      Benn’s aim was to use public ownership to ensure that the benefits of North Sea Oil would not simply flow to multinational oil companies but would be shared by the people.

      He also supported the idea of putting oil revenues into a special fund for future investment.

      Unfortunately not everybody shared his vision.

      The oil fund never materialised and an emasculated BNOC was finally abolished when Margaret Thatcher came to power.

    53. Arbroath1320 says:


      I mean just WOW!

      Millions of low-paid workers who put aside savings could receive a top-up of up to £1,200 over four years, the government has announced.

      Employees on in-work benefits who put aside £50 a month would get a bonus of 50% after two years – worth up to £600.

      That could then be continued for another two years with account holders receiving another £600.

      I have just one itsy bitsy teeny weeny little question here for the gobshite morons who thought this great little wheeze up. Where the f**k are people on LOW PAY going to get £50 a month.

      If they are on LOW PAY, I think the clue is in the name there, they do NOT have much if ANY money to spare for things like saving £50 a month. If they are lucky they might have a fiver or even maybe a tenner left at the end of the month … occasionally!

    54. John Walsh says:

      All the Yoons squealing ” once in a generation” because they are crapping it.
      If I was them I would want a Referendum sooner. Because as the stats show we have still not persuaded enough people to vote yes. So they could have a Quebec situation and put the question to bed for 30 years or so. Or could they?

    55. onelessday says:


      Let’s consider someone manages the savings somehow and are able to build up a wee nest egg. The next step will be sorry you have savings so you do not qualify for x,y,or z benefit

      Sneeky or what?

    56. The petition isn’t so much a petition but a ploy to get people to sign up for info on the Conservative Party.

    57. Malcolm says:

      Absolute classic of o factually correct piece of Scotsman baw baggery.
      Love it!

    58. Karmanaut says:

      Nothing would guarantee Scotland’s independence more than banning indyref2.

    59. Dr Jim says:

      Ruthies petition doesn’t work very well
      I just signed it as David Cameron, email address davidcameron [at] hotmail [dot] co [dot] uk
      address and postcode I put 10 and 10

      My comments were Let the Jocks go
      so that we in England can get on with important stuff like cricket and war

      And “bing” off it went
      And I got a thank you, so that was nice

    60. mike cassidy says:

      Thousands sign petition blaming SNP for the water shortage.

    61. Molly says:

      Jack Murphy

      Ruthie is asking for our vote in May but will any of the media ask her relevant questions about her party’s policies.

      She’s doing a pretty decent dance routine somehow managing to distance herself from Westminster policies , preferring to shout ( or wave paper) shouting ” once in a generation ).

      Mare flaming squirrels.

      When do you ever hear any of our media ask about the impact of Tory policy on removing/ reducing motability for disabled people in her constituency or her party refusing to acknowledge the legitimate complaint about WASPi or even if she’ll vote for Boris?

      As for bribing ‘low wage earners’ with £600 quid of public money?

      How about Osbourne does something radical, like demand employers pay a decent wage ?

      After all he seems to have the Googles of this world on speed dial.

      This policy was covered in my history class at school 30 years ago, except then the mill or mine owners would bribe you ( hoho) with instead of £600 , it was you got the privilege of paying rent for the house or buy from their shop , which all went back to the owners of course.

      Strange both Labour , ( we’ll give you money toward your mortgage Dugdale) and now Osbourne seem to be keen to help out the banks rather than tackle the problem at source.

      Ask Asda or Next to start paying a liveable ( a proper liveable wage) George, they listened to your lot before , remember?

    62. seanair says:

      G H Graham
      At the east end of Princes Street the Scotsman has a stall at which you can buy the Scotsman for £1 with a hessian bag thrown in. Not many takers and I seem to remember the selling price was higher than £1 some time ago. What a comedown for what was once a a paper of dignity and truth.
      Can’t understand why Edinburgh Council allows this monstrous tent outside an A-listed building.

    63. Arbroath1320 says:

      onelessday says:
      14 March, 2016 at 12:23 pm


      Let’s consider someone manages the savings somehow and are able to build up a wee nest egg. The next step will be sorry you have savings so you do not qualify for x,y,or z benefit

      Sneeky or what?

      Thing is OLD most folk will not think like us and see this for what it is … a TORY con trick to CUT even MORE benefits from the poor, low paid etc.

      Tory scum at it’s very best WORST!

      Just been telt by my partner to shut up aboot the Leetle Tankette Commander’s petition. Why should WE have all the fun she wants in on the action as well! 😀

    64. mike cassidy says:

      Just signed the petition as Kezia Dugdale

      with the message

      “second place, my posterior”

      Well, you get to be more childish as you get older!

      Go on. You know you want to!

    65. Scott says:

      Just signed as Donald ducky I wonder if it will show up in her count
      Where can we see the result and names I might be temped to sign again as mundoll carmick.

    66. Nikkii says:

      That wiz a naughty wee experiment – the ghost of maggie thatcher signed it several times as did rather a lot of other other mischief makers…. Be nice if they released the comments as well as the figures

    67. One_Scot says:

      Tell them to stick their ‘once in a generation’ up their ass, and ask them where’s Cameron’s illegal ‘Devo Max’ intervention offer, and the £200 Billion pound oil boom he promised by voting ‘No’.

    68. HandandShrimp says:

      The tumble weed effect seems to be a recurring theme with Unionist crowd funders and petitions.

      It is cruel to laugh but hard not to.

    69. Beverley Knight says:

      Thousands of Scots? Where is evidence for this? By virtue of the internet, anyone, from anywhere in the world, can sign an online petition and never have to divulge their country of origin. To assume every signature comes from a Scot is lazy and ridiculous journalism.

    70. Arbroath1320 says:


      My partner has just *ahem* signed the Leetle Tankette Commander’s petition: 😉

      name: Ozzy Coke Osborne

      email: ozzy [at] hades [dot] com

      phone/mobile: 1234-565-4321

      post code: SW1A 2AA

      Boy those Tories frae dan Suff really are getting it together fur the Leetle Tankette Commander are they not? 😀

      I really must stop working on my computer … I have, apparently, just signed the Leetle Tankette Commander’s petition … AGAIN! 😀

      name: Oliver Mundell

      email: oliver [at] olivermundell [dot] com

      phone/mobile: 07502 502907

      post code: DG10 9RS

      Use the space below for any additional comments:

      I do not think it is right that I should be standing as a parliamentary candidate for the Scottish parliament whilst all my rich friends in Westminster continue to attack the poor, the disabled, the low paid and the pensioners. I want the chance to be able to so on my own merits so it will be SNP X 2 on May 5th followed by YES in the Scottish referendum!

      Erm … OOPS! 😀

    71. snode1965 says:

      On Osbourne’s savings top-up for the working poor mince….that will be the same folks that are getting their in work benefits cut by £1600 per year….aye, they can afford to save £50 per month nae probs…Osbourne trolling the UK poor.

    72. orri says:

      Personally I don’t see what’s wrong with respecting the rights of everyone who voted in that referendum to change their minds. For one thing some of them might not have believed Salmond or Sturgeon when they said it might be their only change at independence. Hell even Sturgeon at the time was forced to admit it wasn’t up to the SNP. There’s probably video evidence somewhere that’s not embargoed by copyright.

      The difference between me an some that voted no is that whilst I was tempted by the 300 year history to give Westminster one more chance to get it’s shit together I resisted based on experience. The kind of con the Conservatives pulled is something they can only get away with once in a lifetime. That said it’s worth remembering that we got exactly what Cameron said in the vow. A Bill before Westminster that may or may not be any damned use to Scotland.

    73. shug says:

      Can I suggest that after independence a museum is created to document the actions of unionists
      Possibly a statue or two of brown,darling,foukes and the Journalists like SPANNER and Co at the Scotsman

    74. If they do not allow us a second referendum then we will be forced to seek independence by other ways Nudge nudge no what you mean say no more

    75. K1 says:

      Queen Elisabeth 11 signed that Petition to:

      They are by their very nature an unruly tribe, these Scottish rogues really need to be taught a lesson by one. One does need their lands for ones castles and of course for the hunting and shooting, one can’t convey forcibly enough ones disapproval of those whom wish to tear asunder our perfect Union. Where will my extended family holiday if our Scotland is torn from the bosom of England’s balance sheet.


      Email: ochawayego [at] hotmail [dot] com

    76. BigMac says:

      Can anyone tell me of the last time Westminster made a direct investment spend in Scotland?

    77. gerry parker says:


      Yep – I can see the next move being.

      ” Well, if you can afford to save 50 Quid a month, you’re obviously getting too much from us”

    78. Iain More says:

      It is a bit of a stretch calling them, the 2000, Scots!!!! Of course was it actually 2000 as we know that the Hootsman has a history for escalating numbers. I didn’t think that many folk still bought into that Scotland hating rag.

    79. Davy says:

      I must confess, I was checking Ruthies petition when my fingers accidently slipped and I found I had signed it as “Jock McTadger of the Clan Tadger”, I may have added a comment or two by mistake as well.

    80. John Gibson says:

      I signed the petition in favour of independence though so how many others did the same!

    81. gordoz says:

      Rev :

      Is this not a case of the silent majorities democratic voice via our even handed media (?) 🙂

    82. Breeks says:

      Around 2000? Not even actually 2000…

      So isn’t the Scotsman lying to use thousands plural?

    83. Casper1066 says:

      I heard it was English signing it

    84. arthur thomson says:

      Come on, @ Arbroath, you and I both know that the poor are just a bunch of rascals who hide their wealth. Right now they are all busy planning to stash it away in big tax free contributions to their private pension plans. They can well afford to save a few bob, I know that because there were some very nice Tory people on Radio 4 telling me it is so. Unfortunately, I don’t think they heard my protestations on radio 4 or I’m sure I would have been locked up by now.

      How can anyone admit to supporting the Tory party? Feigned ignorance is not a satisfactory defence. These people are culpable.

    85. Cadogan Enright says:

      What about a petition saying how silly the Scotsman is for running this story.

      Set a target of double the number of signiures yhey have

      Then go to the Press Complaints commission if they don’t run a story on it


    86. Luigi says:

      I think we should all sign this – just to boost the numbers. Then the corporate media will be encouraged that they are on to something, and plaster in front of everyone for weeks before finally backfiring spectacularly in May. 🙂

    87. Sassenach says:

      Couldn’t resist, just signed petition as M’bosa Ritchie (girlfiend M’titsa Small )!!

    88. Arbroath1320 says:

      I’m shocked Arthur … no REALLY … I’m truly shocked.

      You, of all people, were making protestations at Radio 4. Surely not! 😀

    89. Andy-B says:

      We should start a petition to rename the Scotsman newspaper a complete misnomer, to the anti-Scotsman newspaper.

    90. T.roz says:

      2000 Tory signatures! No way…there was never that many in the ‘Question time’ audience the other night.

    91. Chas anderson says:

      Notice that the forensic fantasy girl from NCIS has signed as well.

      At least she would be my fantasy if I was still young enough too have the energy.

    92. Robert Peffers says:

      @Bob Mack says: 14 March, 2016 at 10:38 am:

      ” … Wonder what the figure for independence support was only 40 years ago?”.

      Dunnow The figures, Bob, but we were very, very, thin on the ground and very, very lonely. What’s more we were many, many times more than when I first supported independence.

    93. Ruby says:

      The Scotsman! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha!

      Online petition! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha!


    94. Ian Mackay says:

      The good news keeps on coming!

      Not only are staunch Unionists so insecure about the future of the Union that they create a petition – but that same petition has struggled to get a mere two thousand signatures.

      The zeitgeist is now firmly with the Yes support and Scotland’s independence.

      Has there ever been such a pyrrhic victory in the history of Scottish politics that Project Fear delivered on 18 September 2014?

      It’s obvious that many No voters are making their way to Yes – and it’s clear that the Westminster Government’s incompetence is a key driver in this.

      Will The Scotsman manage to survive till the next Indyref happens?

    95. Fraser Darling says:

      Rev. You should ask who signed it and what protection they had against multiple votes.

      The Ghost of Maggie Thatcher, at rotinhellscotland [at] hotmail [dot] com signed it half a dozen times from downing street postcode.

      I was just testing but there are loads of other wind ups on there. Ask for the evidence of the voters.

    96. Kevin Evans says:

      That’s not a news story – that’s just shite.

    97. tartanthing says:

      I managed to get a signing onto the petition as

      A R Sole

      pondfish (@) google (dot) com

      Made a comment about vile cybernats wanting to stop the sale of Yorkshire Tea and had a wee shout out to ma homies to find out who was going stag hunting at the weekend

      a cybernat’s work is never done! Tallyho!

    98. MJack says:

      Thats how many Tories are on the internet with knowledge of how to use it! Thankfully a dieing breed.

    99. MJack says:

      just signed, down with the SNP, up with tweed!

    100. Roadie says: let me sign it as Ruth Davidson!!..

    101. Roadie says:

      ..and there’s probably more responses here than names on the petition..

    102. John Edgar says:

      The misnomer, that is what the “Scots”man sadly has become, is getting worried. A mouthpiece for the “twiglet” Toey party in Scotland. It was a sad day for me when I stopped buying – it had become a fag-end Daily Mail or Wail.2000 Tory signatures – is that all? Scotlab and LibDem parties will accommodate members voting yes in future referenda for independence in Scotland. Ruth Davidson says so in a flier. The better-together-pulling-and-sharing cry of the yoonies is coming apart at the seams.

    103. VALERIE RETTIE says:

      Where is this so called ‘Petition’? all I can see in the Scotsman is mention of a Poll by ICM…and even on their website I cannot find any Poll done on sunday????

    104. VALERIE RETTIE says:

      I cannot find any such petition apart from a 10 month old one with just under 3000…and it stopped there 6 months ago! This is more newsworthy I think:

    105. Poor wee tankie, Ruth Davidson.
      Her uber-important poll has been signed by approx. 2,000 Yoons – that’s equivalent to 60% of the delegates that attended the SNP Spring Conference at the week end.
      I would imagine they think that’s a pretty worrying statistic for the reinvigorated ‘case for independence’.

    106. Bill Fraser says:

      Totally misleading usual from a misnamed newspaper

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