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The sideshow

Posted on March 09, 2019 by

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    1. 09 03 19 07:56

      The sideshow | speymouth

    50 to “The sideshow”

    1. Fergus Green says:

      If I answer ‘none of these’ do I win the prize?

    2. cearc says:

      Too kind.

      Is it the yogurt in the fridge?

    3. Sharny Dubs says:

      It’s the guy with the teddy!!

    4. Macart says:

      Oh, that’s a beaut! 😀

    5. starlaw says:

      The white one in the corner .

    6. Ian McGeechan says:

      Is it Will Smith inappropriately blacked up as a Zulu warrior?.

    7. Monica Worley says:

      oooh, tricky there with the bobbin’ guy….

    8. Sinky says:

      Fridge Freezer is more useful than the Tories little helpers.
      Brian Wilson and Tory Councillor John Mclellen spouting usual nonsense in the North British paper this morning

    9. manandboy says:

      While London is burning.

      Chris Cairns – political cartoonist par excellence.

      London Labour in Scotland – behaving as if they have a future in an independent country in the EU. Red & Blue Tories, oozing English entitlement and ownership of Scotland from every pore.

    10. But – we’ve had all these – – !

    11. Ken500 says:

      What about the coconuts. Hard men.

      The anti Semitic claims are originating from the Israeli Embassy a handful of people in the Labour movement are being paid and used to spread these malicious claims in the Press. It is documented and exposed in videos etc on the internet. There are Jewish people in the Labour Party who support Corbyn and deny tge claims. There are Jewish people worldwide and in Israel who denounce the Israeli Gov illegal apartheid actions and do not support it.

      Netanyahu is a crook and corrupt, At one time it was being reported he was being kept in Office by a migre Russian nazi, He is being charged with corruption and there is going to be a court case. Ongoing. He has been embezzling money and bribing influence. $Millions of dollars. Israeli is supported by $15Billion+ of US dollars and arms, aid a year. There would be a solution to the absolute abuses and International Law breaking, without this aid being paid, They would have to come to a solution to finally end the years of conflict. Illegal and otherwise. It is destroying the world economy and inflicting unecessary continued conflict. Since the illegal Balfour agreement by the British Gov. 1917. Another secret agreement between Lord Balfour and Lord Rothschild. Agreed by Lloyd George. A Liberal Viscount. PM. Universal sufferage, 1928.

      The Israeli economy is failing because of relations with its neighbours. Without US $Dollars aid and weapons Israel would not survive in it’s apartheid form. The US can’t afford it. There are now major debates going on in the US and in the Fed Gov. The lies etc are being pointed out to be investigated,. The illegal bribes and monies payments being found out and investigated. Plenty documentation information on the internet.

    12. Bob Mack says:

      Is the fridge called Steve? He was cool.

      The real answer of course is that a Labour leader could be all things to everybody ,so according to accepted logic the answer is “All of the above”

    13. Morgatron says:

      “None of them” yells a voice from the stalls, “Scottish Labour don’t exist” Chris, the head size you have given Dickie Leonard is fantastically funny, just spot on,like a big paper mache heid. A total tyre kicker waste of space opportunist.

    14. Hadrianswall says:

      The cabbage in the fridge?

    15. manandboy says:

      On Brexit, it seems like no one has been able to affect the course of Brexit.

      The force behind the British exit from the European Union is apparently impervious to any attempt to change it. The Prime Minister, the British Establishment, the Tories, the Government, Labour and the DUP, and the 17m Brexiters, all seem hell bent on leaving the EU no matter the cost.
      The relationship between England & the EU, from the point of view of the Brexiters, has become so toxic, so intolerable, so ‘can’t stand the EU’, that the cost & consequences of leaving the world’s most successfully integrated trading bloc, have become immaterial.

      With Brexit, reason has once again been eclipsed, this time in a majority in England, resulting in the UK State moving unarguably to the ‘dark side’.

      In the UK, the blind are now leading the sighted, who are seemingly powerless to do anything about it.

      Is the UK about to begin a long period of its history which will be akin to the start of life as an alcoholic?

      Independence – it is time.

    16. Hamish100 says:

      Can I pass on the prizes?

      KEN 500

      I agree not supporting the current Israeli Government is not ant-Israeli or Anti-semetic.

      The tories and those in the pay of the IG know this of course.

      Corbyn is manna from heaven to the tories but the problem with the labour party is the labour party. I mean MacDonald, Watson and here Leonard. Who could support any of them in a UK context.

      The Daily Record thought the SNP would be destroyed by them. They thought the messiah Jim Murphy, Kezia Dugdale, Wendy Alexander and the rest likewise.

      For a Labour supporter in Scotland it is clear.

      Vote for Scottish Independence or a Brexit tory government for the next 30-40? years.

    17. Robert Peffers says:

      @Sharny Dubs says: 9 March, 2019 at 7:25 am:

      ” … It’s the guy with the teddy!!”

      Naw! It’s the teddy wi the guy.

    18. Bill Hume says:

      Side show…..the Labour Party and it’s Scottish branch office in a nutshell.

    19. Muscleguy says:

      I am in awe at your artistry Cairnstoon, that wee dancer* on the stage is perfectly rendered and the Masai guy almost looks pasted in from elsewhere Moodiesque like. You even got the softness of modern soft toys right.

      Now back to enlarging it and enjoying it further.

      *Not Leonard, the wee girl.

    20. Street Andrew says:

      Robert Peffers says:

      @Sharny Dubs says: 9 March, 2019 at 7:25 am:

      ” … It’s the guy with the teddy!!”

      “Naw! It’s the teddy wi the guy.”

      So close, Robert, But no cigar! It’s just the teddy. 🙂

    21. HUGH KIRK says:

      No, I got nothing. Give me a clue.

    22. Ottomanboi says:

      I may presume you do not read Arabic. On Arabic language websites supportive of the Hamas or Fatah you will encounter anti-semtism of a type that makes the Labour party problem look anodyne. On that at least Hamas and Fatah agree.
      It is vicious, nasty and graphically racist and draws inspiration from the faked Protocols of the Elders of Zion and Nazi propaganda themes. The Qur’ân is often cited in support of it.
      State or systemic corruption is not confined to Israel there is a rising, Brexit exacerbated, money laundering problem in the British state hush! hush! Israel is a democracy and does have a free judiciary which is bringing miscreants to book, however high up. It has had its eye on Bibi for quite some time.
      Israel being financially supported by the $US is an urban myth. You may as well apply the same reasoning to Egypt. The exact official numbers regarding US investment in the region, including the Palestinian territories are difficult to determine. Much is shrouded in diplomatic mystery and published data cannot be counted on as ‘real’, however it is likely to be eye wateringly substantial. The US is generous in using the $ to exercise its influence. It’s a game; cynical, opportunistic and rewarding if played with sufficient skill.

    23. Bobnugent says:


    24. yesindyref2 says:

      The leader left the building and couldn’t decide which way to turn so he’s stuck in the Brexit.

    25. Dr Jim says:

      You’ve got to have a red tie to be in Labour so it’s the fridge standing next to the man in the tie

      Half a million members they shout but Gary Smith of the GMB Union says *Aye but they’re all cranks and nut cases*

    26. Giving Goose says:

      You should have included a toilet bowl.
      Labour Party content would have been swimming around in it.

    27. Ken500 says:

      These irrational non substantial opinion Polls are damaging the Scottish economy. The credit being given to them are unrealistic and ultimately damaging. Giving the second vote to the Green Party could prevent a SNP/SNP majority which is needed for Independence. It could split the vote. Support which the Greens could/would welsh on in any case.

      The Greens have been damaging the Scottish economy for years. Putting up emission billions%. Emissions have been higher in Scotland for years billions% because some Greens actions. They have reneged on Green policies for years, preventing developments that would have cut harmful emission. Then messing about with a poor car parking tax which is meaninglessly irrelevant by comparison.

      They have campaigned against necessary essential road building for years. Stop road building for years in some cases. At great expense of public money. Wasting £Billions of money in the economy which could have been better used. They are responsible for £Billions of waste by their totally illegal actions. There have been billions of journeys longer in Scotland because of this for years. Taking longer and millions of delays. Cars stuck in traffic spewing out extra, unecessary emissions. Journeys taking hours and miles longer. Courts actions cost £Billions because they blinkerly would not listen to any logic or relevant argument.

      The emissions in Scotland have been billions higher because of their irresponsible action.

      After ten years the Forth road and AWPR roads have been built because of the SNP great investment strategy. Now holding down emissions because of good conductivity and shorter journeys times. It is like coming into the 21th as far as travel is concerned. The public are totally appreciative. It will save billions of emissions in Scotland. Billions% of emissions would have been saved in Scotland for years. If not for the irresponsibility of the ignorant Greens action.

      The journey time for millions of cars have been cut with less emission. Hours have been cut from people’s working day. 2 hours is a common number. A far shorter working day time. 25%+ reduction in hours. A quarter less, enabling people to do other things or just relax.

      The AWPR finally being opened has cut journey time and delays by hours. Common journeys that took 1.30 hours now take under 30 minutes. Cutting emissions overall accumulating by billions.

      The Greens objected to this proposals for years and would not listen to how emissions could be cut and conductivity could Immensly aid the economy and cut hours off people’s working day. Blind ideology of ignorance getting in the way. Wasting £Billions which could be better spent. Same with the Trams. The Greens action was toxic. Reneging on green policies in total,ignorance. Leading to billions more emmission being spewed out. The economy and people’s more stressful lifestyles suffering. More anxiety, stress and people suffering mental health issues because of the Greens action. They are toxic.

      The Greens lie about the land issues. Scotland gains £Billion from land use through tourism and agricultural use. Whisky production and other use. The unique ‘right to roam’. Scotland earns £Billions from the land. A land tax could stop this, it could damage the economy but they will not listen. The unique Scottish landscape being in millions of visitors. £Billions from tourism and scenic film production. Literature, music and book readership. Fashion and industry. One of the most beautiful scenic landscapes in the world.

      The Greens are against direct air travel which brings many of the visitors and foreign students in to Scotland. Against reducing ADT which increases and expands the economy and brings in better, increased land use. Bring £Billions into Scotland. The Greens renege on good green policies which benefit the economy and encourage better use.

      Their knowledge and business acumen is infantile at best and destructive at worse. Totally ignorant only exceeded by their arrogance. They will never take good advice but totally ignore it. Believing to be always right. The emperor has no clothes.

      Getting more greens into Holyrood could ruin it. Damaging the economy. They could muck up Independence just like everything else. Especially when the SNP could still get in an outright majority. It looks highly likely. They have done it before and can do it again. It just takes a slight minuscule swing. It just takes a concertive, concentrative effort. Getting more greens in reneging on green policies could be just as bad as Brexit. Toxic.

      Oil production bring in £Billions as well. Especially rather than having to import it. It can only be curtailed when suitable alternatives are available to change public behaviour, All being put in place despite opposition from unionist Parties and others. Especially the unionists/greens at Westminster. Investment in renewables mean they are taking over especially in the immediate future.

    28. Ken500 says:

      @ doubt some people can read English on Middle Eastern policies. Or do a little research. Giving Aid after taking assets is a dishonest, dishonourable policies. Lies covered up. Liars always get found out.

    29. Socrates MacSporran says:

      Cruel Chris, very cruel. But, you know what – they deserve it.

    30. Republicofscotland says:

      I know them all except the guy next to the fridge.

    31. jdman says:

      Funniest one Ive seen for a while Chris!

    32. jfngw says:

      I see James O’Brien has compared the Brexiters promise to ‘pass the parcel’ which in the end contains no gift.

      Much too kind they are more like the male nursery spider which has brought its potential mate a worthless gift wrapped up in silk. The outcome is in the balance when the public spot the deception, will they be consumed or have to play dead to escape the consequences. They of course hope the deception works and can run off and escape the outcome we will be left with.

    33. Clootie says:

      It has to be the African warrior bouncing up and down!

    34. Cubby says:

      Nice cartoon. My take is that it is the fridge as it must contain Jeremy Corbyn the one and only true leader of the British Labour in Scotland Party.

    35. Hamish100 says:


      After the Art School fire is the fridge the only thing that was rescued with Muriel Grey inside?

      How the heck is she still in charge?

    36. mr thms says:


      James Kelly?

    37. Ghillie says:

      The fridge would certainly make a better than usual Slab leader as at least it is designed to keep its cool =)

      Is the wee girl ballerina Kezia?

    38. cynicalHighlander says:

      Can I phone a friend?

    39. Stick a red rossete on the fridge and you would still get thousands of british labour zealots in Scotland voting for it,

      in fact you could actually just have a red rossete attached to nothing and still the british labour zealots would vote for it.

    40. defo says:

      Sideshow Boaby indeed

    41. Ian Brotherhood says:

      Are we having a wee flutter on how many will be in the audience for Bouncy Dick’s speech?

      I’m plumping for…let’s see now…erm…


    42. Grouse Beater says:

      Your fine cartoon echoes a story from ‘Buster Scruggs’ Chris, travelling entertainer Liam Neesen and his limbless singer, entitled ‘Meal Ticket’.

      Prof Curtice says Labour is down to 20% in Scotland (even less than Wings poll) liable to lose seven of its seats.

      What a tragedy their unionism at all costs immobilises them from protecting the people they claim to represent, a simple matter of joining with the SNP to defeat opponents of democracy and equality.

      Your essential weekend reading:

      Repeated for the last days of freedom:
      Great stories well told and filmed:

    43. handclapping says:

      I can recognise Murphy, Kez and the sandwich shop but I haven’t the foggiest who the other two placeholders between them are / are meant to be 🙂

      Its also far far too colourful, there is nothing stand out about Scottish Labour. It would have been better in monotone like one of Kelly’s “speeches”

    44. twathater says:

      Spotted big frankie in the audience writing furiously on a pad I wonder if it was some dusky maidens details or some hints and tips from the exalted dick to win back GCC

    45. Jack Murphy says:

      It’s a quiet Saturday so here’s a wee 5 minute film for the people in Dundee’s Caird Hall today:

    46. Bobp says:

      I cannot for the life of me understand why a proper Scottish labour party doesnt come forward advocating Scottish independence. Why does it so much go against the grain with these people?.

    47. Bobp says:

      Should also have added, do they have absolutely no sense of vision, imagination or pride?

    48. Cactus says:

      Here is the news…

      Beko is actually quite a reliable range.

      Unlike Scottish Labour.

    49. cearc says:


      Possibly because last year they only £35k from donations and spent £36,000k.

      deposit of £500 for each of 128 seats = £64,500 alone. Presumably they also pay staff,

      They can’t afford to be anything but London’s lapdog.

    50. Cactus says:

      Ding dong… Liberty Films presents… avec subtitles right NOW.

      The Labour contestants are actually on a hovercraft float.

      That U-KIPPER will always be behind them… aiming.

      Just wait until that curtain falls frae their float:

      From The Fires of Aries:

      Oh George, oh George, oh George.

      Ding, dong.

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