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The short straw

Posted on February 18, 2012 by

A little while before the Prime Minister’s visit to Scotland this week, several newspapers ran a competition to find the Scottish people who liked him the most in the whole country, who as their prize would get to meet him on his little jaunt north of the border. In this chill winter, warm your hearts at the beaming faces of the lucky winners, and feel the love that binds our United Kingdom together.

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    8 to “The short straw”

    1. Bill Cruickshank says:

      As the old saying goes "Every picture tells a story"!

    2. Shodan says:

      Gold. He couldn't look any more out of place. It's like someone dropped him off out of a spaceship. If that is the best he can hope for it's time to give up.

    3. farrochie says:

      Jon Snow started his C4News with a comment about it being like a visit to a foreign country.

    4. redcliffe62 says:

      And they got the only person in the company prepared to sit with him, and even he looked pretty unhappy and wanted to get back to packing oats into boxes.
      Had he come with Louise Mensch they might have shown a bit more interest, he says cynically.

    5. tartanfever says:

      Picture 3: the caption on the box be changed to
      'Oaf, so simple'..

    6. Morag says:

      A nationalist poster on another forum said her daughter works at that factory, and the staff who were going to meet Cameron were hand-picked.  They didn't do a good job on the "bright smiling faces" check-box, that's for sure.

    7. Shodan says:

      Every one worth a thousand words.
      I'm guessing the boss was a Tory and he's twisted some arms to get this lot to sit down and behave themselves for their chosen party. They certainly don't look like they are pleased to be there or happy volunteers meeting their hero. Even that handpicking of a chosen few out of the best location they could find still ends up with it looking like an unwelcome visit to a foreign country.
      Surely the fact he looks so out of place, that people are noticing it's like a visit to a foreign country and that the London media are treating it like a foreign nation when they bother to notice it all indicates that the union bond is nowhere near as strong as Dave would like to pretend it is. The media reaction and treatment of Scotland alone makes it clear it's considered almost a far flung foreign territory:

    8. Dorothy Devine says:

      I just love this soooo much that whenever I feel down and depressed by the media and its twisted reporting I visit this !

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