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As others see us

Posted on January 14, 2012 by

Too many words to take in this week? Then try the referendum debate in pictures. Here’s a collection of cartoons from the last week, from mostly non-Scottish publications (so prepare yourself for a lot of haggis and bagpipes and stereotyping the like of which were last seen in the 1970s), showing the outside world’s digested take on events. It appears to be clear who’s generally seen to have come out on top.

The Independent (Thursday 12th Jan)

The Huffington Post (Wednesday 11th Jan)

The Guardian (Friday 13th Jan)

The Week (Saturday 14th Jan)

The Scotsman (Friday 13th Jan)

The Mirror (Saturday 14th Jan)

The Independent (Friday 13th Jan)

The Sun (Saturday 14th Jan)

The Spectator (Saturday 14th Jan)

The Guardian (Wednesday 11th Jan) [We don’t really get this one]

“‘It’s the question on everybody’s lips. Do we really want to break away from that nice Mr Churchill?’
Daily Mail (Thursday 12th Jan)

The Huffington Post (Thursday 12th Jan)

The Guardian (Tuesday 10th Jan)

But of course, best of all, in moving pictures:

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9 to “As others see us”

  1. An Duine Gruamach

    I like the one of Cameron desperately trying to trip up Salmond.
    This really has been in the news everywhere – Canada, Germany – a friend of mine even spotted it in her local paper in what is basically the Finnish Dingwall!

  2. Clawd Baws

    I'm surprised they've not done a Chicken Licken type cartoon.  Perhaps something like Chicken David and Ducky Johann berating the sky that refused to fall. Okay a carreer in cartoon caption comedy may not be the way forward for me…

  3. Angus McLellan

    The Steve Bell cartoon: the Bannockburn monument with DC and EM as the pantomime horse. The significance of AS having a knife and fork is a mystery to me. So where's Brian Sewell when you need him?

  4. RevStu

    Yeah, I identified the Bannockburn monument and Dave and Ed as a pantomime haggis, with Eck as some sort of Humpty Dumpty. But what it’s getting at I have no idea.

  5. nixon

    I love the video.  I can't decide if "Salmond hopes to hold the referendum on the 700th anniversary of Mel Gibson's death" is intentional or not, but it's amazing either way.

  6. Morag

    Oh, it's intentional.  The tongue is stuffed so far into the cheek it's out the other side.  If there's a cliche they've missed, it's not for want of trying, and the wronger the better.
    It's hilarious.

  7. RevStu

    Cheers, added.

  8. David McCann

    Wee Eck The Goose. Clearly the Bannockburn statue, and (I think) Alex laying the Golden Eggs.

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