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The lion’s share

Posted on March 11, 2017 by


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    1. 11 03 17 07:56

      The lion’s share | speymouth

    62 to “The lion’s share”

    1. Lollysmum says:

      How dare NS cause division in Scotland when WM have been doing it for 300 years?

      I do like the overly dramatic hand to the brow Chris. Think we’re going to be seeing more of the drama queens from now on.

    2. Cuilean says:



      *Wee Happy Dances to Toaster*

    3. paul gerard mccormack says:

      Genuinely hilarious!!! The faux indignation of it all. wonderful! and the patience of the lion is noted. (love the lions eyes)

      slightly O/T but related, is i just woke up thinking of harrison and dugdale as the two panto ugly sisters and our saint nicola as cinderella – must have been suggested by the liberating theatrical performance of John Swinney.

      there is a great deal of truth in fairy stories.

    4. mumsyhugs says:

      Yay! Hamish is back! Love that wee guy! And I suspect we’re going to be seeing a lot more of him before the end of 2018! 🙂 Keep yer eyes on that pizza folks and how it’s divvied up!!

    5. Macart says:

      The establishment doesn’t like a fair fight?

      Who knew?

      Neatly done Chris. 🙂

    6. Effijy says:

      Division is it, coming from the fascist parliament of Derision.

      They portray that we are all equal and happy together,
      well we are equal other than we can no longer have Scottish Prime Minister with Evel, the British Dependencies are actually English, Foreign Embassy’s are in fact English, Scots must pay to support major English Sporting events such as the London Olympics, but Scots can find their own money for events like the Greatest Commonwealth Games ever in Glasgow,
      The £Pound of course, the UK currency, is nothing to do with Scotland, I get access to every English Football match on terrestrial TV, even their woman’s football, but the only game in which I can watch play in is against England, our national broadcaster is actually the state propaganda channel for England, flights abroad cost more in Scotland than England, even when we are nearer to that destination, Scottish Police and Fire Services have to pay VAT to the Westminster Government, unlike every other Service in the UK.

      I could spend all day Saturday adding to this list, but let’s just say that I want to have as little to do with Westminster as is humanly possible.

      If it wasn’t for the fact that they will hit skid row when Scotland parts company with them, I wouldn’t even allow their name to be mentioned on Scotland’s International News Channel.

    7. Les Wilson says:

      Usual standard Chris, you are unbeatable with these political toons.

      O/T, We all have reservations about postal votes, and rightly so.
      There WILL be attempts to cheat us in Indy2.

      However, we are not paying attention to another problem,
      proxy votes.
      It was well known that Unionist parties were obtaining proxy vote from lazy people on the doorsteps, and may even have pretended to be YES people to hoodwink them.

      Also, old folks homes were targeted.” Just sign the mandate her please we will make sure you vote correctly, just sit there, we will do it all for you! Labour was big on this one, although others did it too. This type of deceit and manipulation should be banned.

      We need to pay more attention as they pull other such dubious tricks.

    8. MajorBloodnok says:

      Hahaha, brilliant.

    9. Brian Powell says:

      The thing I continue to struggle with is that the basic political beliefs of the Unionist 50% isn’t interchangeable or uniform.

      About half of that 50% shares common beliefs with the 50% for Independence rather than the Tory Unionists. Yet they are willing to tie all of that 75% to a Tory belief system.

      So far I can get no explanations from Labour on that. If the UK is their only ‘country’ they are making a really shit job of it.

    10. Marie Clark says:

      Spot on Chris. Well done. I just love to see oor Hamish. I think we might be seeing more of him in the near future.

    11. Gfaetheblock says:


      Re postal votes, do you believe that was fraud by both yes and no, or just one side?

      Also, do you have an alternative to propose that doesn’t disenfranchise voters?

    12. yesindyref2 says:

      If you go to dinner with John Bull, make sure you have separate plates or you’ll go away hungry.

    13. yesindyref2 says:

      and you’ll end up paying the bill while being accused of not paying your share.

    14. Lunks says:

      Ah but what about population share cries Bully? ” Hamish, you are only entitled to 8%”

    15. galamcennalath says:

      Och Hamish, is it not time you just grabbed your share and left?

    16. Muscleguy says:

      @Les Wilson
      RIC Dundee and Dundee Yes both tried to get access to old folks homes for canvassing etc but were denied.

      It’s one thing saying we have to do something, but if we are denied access what can we do? If it’s private property there is no automatic right.

      We are going to have to win our Independence despite the closeted old folks vote. Plenty of those in their own homes were Yes voters though.

    17. naina tal says:

      Regarding postal votes care homes etc. Don’t think political parties or activists should be allowed anywhere near people’s votes.

      I remember being appalled first time I came across this. Councillors were advertising in the local paper offering to come to your house and “help” you fill in your postal vote, then take it away and post it for you. Couldn’t understand at the time how that was allowed, and I can’t understand it now!

    18. ballevullin says:

      Looks like a pepperoni pizza. Not traditionally British enough fare for John Bull. He wants an empire biscuit 2.0 surely.

    19. Croompenstein says:

      Oh Chris have you put pineapple on that pizza ??

      Hammers being readied as we speak 🙂

    20. Hoss Mackintosh says:

      Think the Lion is going to get a bigger share after A50 declared!

      Happy Birthday Chris. 🙂

    21. asklair says:

      Nice one, worth more than a thousand words.

    22. galamcennalath says:

      John Bull looks as if he has just realised it’s a haggis pizza!

      But still wants to have it all to himself.

    23. Clootie says:

      Chris you made me smile as always. However it also made me sad to remember that in “dividing” the pizza we have to trust a Westminster/Whitehall machine which has robbed other nations blind at the point of independence. That and their other great legacy was to “poison the well” – e.g India Pakistan / Ireland / The Middle East / etc

      The monster awakened by Brexit will be used to try and “punish” Scotland. They still cannot grasp the positive aspect of nation status as they see only the grievance of reducing their Empire.

      …it is still worth the pain of a short term battle than to endure the slow destruction of Scotland and Scottish values year on year.

    24. X_Sticks says:

      Ah, so Hamish has returned. Must be things afoot then.

      There seems to be a bit of a panic in the unionist camp. It looks to me that the only way they would be able to claim a win in the next indyref is to cheat. As other have already said we MUST close down any potential avenues for this, be it postal, proxy or second home owners registering to vote.

      I have long said that we need oversight of another ref by independent observers such as EU or UN. I hope the SG is seriously considering this. Oh, and there will be NO excuse this time for not having an exit poll. Last time the excuse was that there was no previous polling data to reference. There is now.

    25. heedtracker says:

      Hand maiden Dugdale just out of shot, we’re so poor, stupid and small, oh yes we are, in the forever uk zone, of unity n shit.

    26. DisenfranchisedNaijaScot says:

      Re postal votes
      Open to vote rigging Westminster style
      Banana Monarchical Colony

    27. ronnie anderson says:

      These Councillors need sorting out roll on 4th May

      Note the request for a Wind Meter. Confuddled so’s am

    28. Bob Mack says:

      “All animals are equal, but some animals are more equal than others.” G Orwell

      Hamish in my book is totally unequalled. Brilliant Chris.

    29. dakk says:

      Brilliant Chris.

      Captures the Great British character perfectly.

      Strayed onto RT’s Sputnik/Galloway just there.Seen he had Brian Wilson on to ‘discuss’Scotland(SNP)/Brexit.

      Strayed back off again.

      I’m sure it must’ve been a good balanced discussion with those two Uber British Nationalists having a pow wow.

    30. Davy says:

      Did anyone hear that stupid libdem msp prick, the one with the triple name, tell Gordon Brewer on the radio this morning that all the eight libdem MP’s will vote against Scotland being allowed to have another referendum, but it was ok to have another referendum on the EU.

      Even Brewer was absolutely flabbergasted at his comment.

      Aye the “libdems” Scotland’s official backstabbers.

    31. mike cassidy says:

      OT – but a key concept in the Indyref2 campaign.

    32. The postal votes concern is not about care homes etc. It might be thought a bit unsavoury to visit care homes and solicit the support of the residents but it is entirely legal. It is more about the ability the system offers to give postal votes to any number of persons at addresses they are not resident in and to actually invent postal voters.

    33. galamcennalath says:

      X_Sticks says:

      It looks to me that the only way they would be able to claim a win in the next indyref is to cheat.

      We now 100% know that they cheated last time. The Vow, equal partners, the promises of SuperFederalHomeMaxRule … then EVEL, Smith, ignoring our views, sidelining our representatives, and ripping up Sowell. All crystal clear and established fact. No ambiguity.

      They may have cheated in other ways but nothing comes close to the reneged promises. They bought their win in the final two weeks of campaigning for IndyRef1, then they wouldn’t pay up.

      They will try this again. They will make appeals to the gullible, soft, and undecided. Make offers of jam tomorrow which some folks will use as an excuse not to vote YES.

      Beware of Tories bearing gifts!

    34. ballevullin says:

      Apparently Holy Willie is going to be offering up an “emotional” prayer for the union at the Lib Dem conventicle this afternoon.

      Should be some hilarious phrases for our delight.

    35. HandandShrimp says:

      Will they stop calling Westminster votes divisions


    36. heedtracker says:

      Graun latest rule Englandtannia joy. They did use the jocks as imperial henchman right enough, Empire 1.0.

      Trade and development
      Drive to replace UK-EU trade links with closer ties to Commonwealth
      In move dubbed Empire 2.0 by critics, trade ministers draw up integration plans as departure from single market looms

      Patricia Scotland at the meeting of Commonwealth trade ministers at Marlborough House, Pall Mall, London.

      Britain would harmonise regulations with its former colonies rather than the European Union under new proposals for trade integration that critics have dubbed Empire 2.0.

      At a meeting in London given fresh impetus by Brexit, Commonwealth trade ministers agreed to deepen economic ties on Friday by seeking some of the same standardisation that once frustrated eurosceptics in Brussels.

    37. Free Scotland says:

      Noo’s yer chance, Hamish – his eyes are shut and his heid’s turnt. Knock the fat git aff his seat and take the lot.

    38. Breeks says:

      yesindyref2 says:
      11 March, 2017 at 8:36 am
      “If you go to dinner with John Bull, make sure you have separate plates or you’ll go away hungry.”….

      I was told the protocol was to have a long spoon…. 😉

      Nice job Again Mr Cairns. What about this billboard idea? I think Hamish toons on billboards is a thoroughly excellent idea. Have I mentioned that being an excellent idea before? Well, whether I have or not, being an excellent idea to see Hamish on billboards is something everybody should mention whenever they can. Hamish. Billboards.

      Hamish communicates such scything observations with his merest expression, but he is very disarming at the same time, and puts a smile on your face into the bargain. I feel sure every “neutral” will very soon feel a natural empathy with our wee hero.

      Especially if he’s on a billboard. Regularly.

    39. Capella says:

      There’s Hamish being racist again. Dividing things. Division is bad, especially long division. You must only multiply. Never divide.

      The UK is the only country in the world that can look back on the 20th Century with a clear conscience. So say the Brexiteers as they promote Empire 2.0. The UK never divided, only partitioned. In India/Pakistan, Palestine/Israel, Eire/ NI. Beacons of peace and hope for generations to come. Not.

      Is that the meme they are promoting? If you declare your right to self-determination, we will poison the well as usual. At least the Europeans are wise to their divide and rule tricks.

    40. Fred says:

      Anybody else notice Gordon Brewer is morphing into Stanley Baxter these days?

    41. heedtracker says:

      Also in Graun, should be interesting watching planet toryboy Rule Britannia types trying to get their Empire 2.0 going again, in British colonies like South Sudan, Nigeria, Somalia, let alone UKIPer roasters.

      United Nations
      World faces worst humanitarian crisis since 1945, says UN official
      Twenty million people face starvation without an immediate injection of funds in Yemen, South Sudan, Somalia and Nigeria, warns Stephen O’Brien

    42. Bill McDermott says:

      Been listening to GMS this morning on the LibDems.

      Firstly, what is it with the BBC that they give such a lot of airtime to an insignificant group in Scottish politics as opposed to the Greens who topped them in the last election although only standing on the list.

      The piece de resistance surely though was the explanation of Alex Cole-Hamilton on why he is for another EU referendum but dead against another Scottish Indyref.

      This was proof positive that some people can live in an alternative universe without logic or proof.

      To support his cause, he lies to himself in several ways, viz. that there is no support for a new Indyref; that we don’t want to go back to the division of 2014 as opposed to the shining light of the Euroref in 2016 or that the UK has been the best possible arrangement that Scotland could ever hope to have, notwithstanding that we are still waiting on the federalism that the LibDems have been advocating for 100 years.

    43. ScottieDog says:

      Folks, it’s conference season so we have been hearing all about Scotland’s ‘deficit’. Rather than argue about this we should be throwing short videos like these back in their face.
      The presupposition amongst unionists is that the deficit requires austerity. This short video blows that away…

      So do we want to run by diddies who don’t understand aggregate economics?

    44. Marcia says:

      Regarding postal votes, there were concerns raised during the last referendum of holiday homes suddenly having postal votes where the owners don’t live in Scotland and never been permanent residents. Postal votes should only be given to those living in Scotland and subject to Scottish Income Tax under the latest devolved settlement. In a nutshell if you live here you get a vote.

    45. starlaw says:

      I’m sure Alex Cole-Hamilton would really like to be in the Tory party. But Lib Dems offer easier route into Holyrood.

    46. sarah says:

      I agree with Breeks – Hamish is so appealing that I’m sure most Scots would get to feel “Hamish is me – I want to stick up for Scotland too”.

    47. Scott says:

      Former First Minister Alex Salmond has been compared to Nigel Farage and US President Donald Trump by Scottish Liberal Democrat MP Alistair Carmichael.

      This from the man who’s party prostituted themselves to the Tories and then was found out to be found to be lying but got off with it.

    48. Scott says:

      Former First Minister Alex Salmond has been compared to Nigel Farage and US President Donald Trump by Scottish Liberal Democrat MP Alistair Carmichael.

      This from the man who’s party prostituted themselves to the Tories and then was found out to be lying but got off with it.

    49. Proud Cybernat says:

      Now Chris – I’m sure if Carmichael was sitting there with them, he’d be having the lying’s share!

      Okay – I’ll get me coat.

      Ringing in the changes…

    50. Scott says:

      Sorry for doubling up but was distracted by grand child.

    51. ballevullin says:

      The Cameron government started the legislative process for the EU Referendum Act in June 2015 and the opinion polls for that month showed an average for Leave of just 35%.

      So 35% in opinion polls can get Westminster agreeing to a referendum but 50.3% isn’t enough if it’s not the referendum that unionist parties want.

    52. Dan Huil says:

      Independence? Pizza cake.

    53. Effijy says:

      Carmichael calling our Duely elected First
      Minister names is breath taking.

      Carmichael the Liar, Fraud, Conman, who
      Watched £1 Million of scarce Scottish funds
      Being wasted on an enquiry, before admitting
      His Guilt.

      He should be writing his corrupt thoughts down
      On Prison Note Paper!

      In the Daily Hail, Hamza is a disgrace as Train
      Delay figures have improved, but do you know that
      They are currently a massive 1% behind their target!!!!!

      No need to encourage Scottish plebs by adding that, like NHS
      Scotland’s figures, we are performing in a vastly superior fashion
      To our English Counterparts!

      Hail Scotland!

    54. Golfnut says:

      O/t sorry if this is already posted.
      Relevant to yesterday’s discussion.

    55. Dr Jim says:


      Yep! Every day in the House of Commons the speaker yells “DIVISION” and nobody gets hurt, nobody dies, nobody even gets irritated

      Coz it just means they don’t agree so they have a wee votey and come to a wee decision on their wee division of opinion

      So division actually is the basis of democracy
      It’s how we decide, it’s how we deduce it’s the very essence of fairness we learned it from oor Mammys
      dae ye want mash or whole totties, and we made a decision


    56. Ian Mackay says:

      On election / referendum monitoring –

      After article 50 is notified to the EU the UK essentially becomes a third party to the other EU member states. While technically still being an EU member till the negotiations are concluded as a third party it would then be up to the EU27 what rules still apply to the UK.

      Last time the EU refused to formally have election monitors in the 2014 Indyref as they said that for EU matters the request would need to come from the member state…

      This time round after Article 50: with a rUK wanting out of the EU – and the UK treated as a third party – and a pro-EU Scotland on the line…

      …will the EU’s position be quite as rigid as before?

      Perhaps some feelers should be put round in EU quarters.

      If the EU can highlight to the world what biased Unionist coverage the media is portraying in Scotland then it could be very embarrassing for those concerned.

    57. Milady says:

      Today Facebook suggested I “might like” the Scotland in Union Facebook page. I went on for a second or two…it was exactly like this!!

    58. Meg merrilees says:

      Carmichael is another one of these MP’s who is Lord of all he Represents.

      Just posted about Tavish Scott erstwhile Lord of Shetland on another thread.

      Carmichael erstwhile Lord of Orkney, or in Viking terminology -Alasdair the Untruthful,
      is another one of these career MP’s who is a big fish in a little sea and thinks his opinions count.

      Charles Kennedy must be birlin’.

      A ‘paircel o rogues’ is the perfect description.

      Great cartoon again, Chris.

      (Smallest criticism – would a small half and a much bigger half not be a better representation of the division we all experience?)

    59. Of course John Bull’s share of the bill for his half of this Italian delicacy will have a 10% tariff slapped on it come the Ides of March.
      I hope there aren’t pineapple chinks on the topping,
      Chris, or you may well be killed with hammers.
      Like two spoiled little brats, Davidson and Dugdale, the Whining Sisters, shriek that the country must not be divided any more.
      Their solution, half the country, and counting, should just shut up and do what they want, or they’ll shriek and shriek until they have worn us down.
      I genuinely believe that the three Unionist leaders are heading for a collective nervous breakdown.
      BTW I make the best pizza base in the woild!

    60. Grouse Beater says:

      The division, Chris, is us and them – we are the Precariat.

      I have more to say about that in this weekend’s essay.

      Your weekend reading

      When banks were banks:
      A monkey of a movie:

    61. Ghillie says:

      Hamish is back!!!

      Wee wave = )

      Hamish would be brilliant on billboards!

      Hamish’s eyes and posture say so much more than mere words ever could = )

      Oh, and thanks too to our clever talented Chris 🙂

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