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The leader meets the gang

Posted on February 25, 2017 by


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    1. 25 02 17 07:56

      The leader meets the gang | speymouth

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    1. “Socialist” wimp savaged by Clearances sheep.

    2. winifred mccartney says:

      I almost but not quite feel sorry for labour – JC paying the price for the non-socialists/red tories who ruined the party and continue to do so. But voters are just not buying it – labour did not quite win one bi-election in England – it was more that Paul N lost it because of his lies and the anti-labour vote was split. The idea of the union and its sharing as KD says – that’ll be why London get 50% of the infrastructure spend!

    3. mumsyhugs says:

      Just five in the queue – that’s probably about right! 🙂

    4. Free Scotland says:

      Skinny guy: Whit? Just wan tomato each?

      Fat guy: If yer gonnae carp, get in there an carp fae the sidelines. We’ve got tae allow fur the poasabillity that the entire Scoatish membership o’ three hunner turn up.

    5. Smallaxe says:

      Wot! no eggs? 🙁

      Spot on as usual Chris, Thank’s

      Peace Always

    6. Muscleguy says:

      Good point Smallaxe. I expect SLAB have a phobia of the thrown egg now. The horror! the horror!

    7. It is a rare gift you have, Chris. There is nothing remotely funny about this cartoon, yet it is the work of some genius.
      Like RFC, the Labour Party in Scotland needs to appoint a strong leader now, and not wait for the final humiliation in May.
      Dugdale, and her ‘circle’ are clearly not up to the job.
      It is surely time for Labour in Scotland to endorse Self Determination.
      The mere fact that an Islington Militant is coming North to address the Colonials says it all for me.
      Corbyn is a rabid Militant who is out to destroy the Labour Party.
      A waste of a delicious fruit, if you ask me.
      I lurv tomatoes, and can eat a bag of them at one sitting, like others wolfing down grapes.
      I am actually saddened by this decline.
      No, not RFC, Labour.
      Super Caly go ballistic, Rangers are atrocious, apparently.
      Bread and pointless circus doubtless dominates the Dead Tree Scrolls this morning.
      There are some strange Yoon headlines. ‘Fight against independence’?
      What’s not to like about Independence?

    8. galamcennalath says:

      Great cartoon. Just about everything that could be wrong with Labour, is wrong with Labour!

      The Times on the Labour conference ….

      The delicate relationship between the Corbyn leadership and the Scottish party was a common topic of conversation. “The people around him don’t understand Scotland,” said one activist who had observed the Corbyn machine up close. “They think Nicola Sturgeon is wonderful. They just don’t get it.”

      I find that hilarious! 🙂

    9. Les Wilson says:

      ha Ha, I suspect a lot of reality there Chris.

      O/T I see Trump has refused to let the BBC and other suspects into an interview for using false news about him.

      I wonder if he will have sympathies for Scotland due to getting similar treatment himself. That would be a good thing. Especially if he made that known.

    10. Les Wilson says:

      The Slab conference will be boosted today with English politicians
      coming up and getting a BBC coverage for SNP baaaad!

    11. Grouse Beater says:

      I presume that’s the entire number of delegates to Labour’s Scottish conference, Chris! No longer pool and share, but rather stocks and share.

      Your weekend reading

      BBC’s Jock Channel, spin or spit?:
      Damon goes for a kerry oot:

    12. N Chidwick says:

      Sort of O/T, but relevant.

      I’ve just read the speech from Sadiq Khan on the Record website. He says:

      “There’s no difference between those who try to divide us on the basis of whether we’re English or Scottish and those who try to divide us on the basis of our background, race or religion.”

      He’s right but the only people who raise the English vs Scottish ‘argument’ are Unionists who are obviously trying to stir things, to create that division where it does not exist. This seems to be the Unionist strategy: to provoke division and chaos. That’s all they can do: they have no reasoned arguments left.

    13. Effijy says:

      I’ve got it!

      Labour, the party of abstention, are counting door step Don’t knows as party members as they have the same viewpoint

      The plan that cunning Kez has includes exponential growth for party members next year when “No one at home’s” join the party.

      Action man deserter is apparently a new SLab member, as is Nessie?
      The Abominable Snowman couldn’t make the conference due to adverse weather conditions.

    14. robertknight says:

      What Labour, and wossername in particular, don’t get is that Federalism isn’t wanted by anyone but Labour’s North British branch office.

      It’s like Brexit… nobody knows what is meant by it. A USA version, or Canadian, or German, or Swiss, or whatever. It’s merely a phrase banded about to grab the attention of a few news hungry hacks.

      Like Brexit is employed by the Tory’s to keep a muzzle on UKIP, Slabber are no doubt hoping Federalism will have the same effect here on Yes/SNP.

      Poor, misguided fools. Did McTernan have a hand in this I wonder? It has all the hallmarks of being cooked up by someone who clearly demonstrates the Dunning-Kruger effect, so you never know…

    15. Giving Goose says:

      Trump excluding the BBC!
      Well he’s correct about them being purveyors of fake news.
      If the BBC is annoyed about being excluded and tarred with the Fake News brush, then tough shit – they only have themselves to blame!

      As for Labour, well Sadiw Khan is going to ” paint” Scots as racists because we want to have a an inclusive society and we want to gain the levers of power to lift 1 in 5 kids from poverty; poverty caused by his beloved London Establishment.

      Labour and apologists like Khan simply have no concept of irony.

      La La Land right enough!

    16. galamcennalath says:

      robertknight says:

      Federalism isn’t wanted by anyone but Labour’s North British branch office.

      It’s like Brexit… nobody knows what is meant by it.

      Indeed. Not only does no one want it, nor know what Dugdale has in mind, but it is the last thing Westminster would could ever agree to. I suspect Dugdale has just latched on the word hoping the less savvy will think it simply means more devolution.

      It certainly isn’t more devolution. I posted this extract from wiki the other day……

      “Federalism is the mixed or compound mode of government, combining a general government with regional governments in a single political system ….. defined as a form of government in which there is a division of powers between two levels of government of equal status.

      Federalism is distinguished from devolution within a unitary state, in which the regional level of government is subordinate to the general level”

      Westminster would never entertain handing over powers and sovereignty permanently down to the next level of government. Federalism is a complete NoNo.

    17. HandandShrimp says:

      A while ago on some nature programme I saw a giant centipede rather horrifically eviscerate a mouse. This morning I hear the radio equivalent as Lesley Brennan tried to defend the Sadiq Khan interview in the Record and then went on to talk about winning the 2020 election.

      I was still dozing a bit in bed as I listened and was wondering if it was actually a some strange dream but I suspect it actually happened. The tomatoes are tame compared to what Lesley endured.

    18. wull2 says:

      Trump excluding the BBC, that is what the SNP should do to make news across the world, while it is a hot topic.

    19. Thepnr says:

      Wonder how long it will be before Labour start handing out rotting tomatoes with Kezia Dugdale in the stocks.

      Can’t be too long I would think. Another question will they run out of tomatoes before they run out of supporters willing to throw them?

      Ignore that last question. Truth is does anyone care?

    20. galamcennalath says:

      SECRETIVE right-wing Unionist organisation …. evangelically being for the Union and selling its benefits to Scotland, and Scotland’s benefits to the rest of the UK. If there is to be a second independence referendum the next pro-Union campaign needs to be a ‘better Better Together’, talking about how Scotland benefits from its place in the Union, how we’re progressive, outward looking people and how there’s a positive future for the United Kingdom

      Good luck with that approach! The positive case for their Union was weak, now it is non existent with hard Brexit loaming. The Scots are a “progressive, outward looking people” which is exactly why so many are rejecting Brexit Tory UK.

      The positive talk is probably bull and they will in fact fund some sort of Project Fear 2.

    21. Croompenstein says:

      You say tomato I say tomahto
      You say Kezia I say Keezia
      You say Sadeek I say Sadick
      Let’s call the whole thing off.. 🙂

    22. Capella says:

      @ Handandshrimp – it wasn’t a dream but a nightmare. Lesley Brennan takes “car crash interview” to a whole new level.

      Sadiq Khan is reportedly calling all nationalists racist. That’ll boost Labour popularity in Scotland – not. Perhaps Neil Findlay has been advising him, badly.

    23. Calum McKay says:

      dugdale is promising not to join a better together Mark 2.


      A divided no movement and a united Yes movement!

      dugdale has also pledged to fight for the union with uk above everything.

      What dugdale struggles to comprehend is that union means tory rule for next 20 years out of The EU, but under tory austerity where the poor become poorer.

      It seems to be a feature of dugdalle’s life that she gets on the wrong bus and backs the loosing horse, is she related to mcternan, I think we should be told!

    24. Les Wilson says:

      I do not feel sorry in any way for Kez, (unlike plenty other who are) she is a compulsive liar and nothing more than a useful idiot for yoonery.
      She does not reflect on how slab has taken Scots for granted for 70 years or so. A lot, if not most of Scotland’s problems came from their governance in both government and council level.

      She says she will work tirelessly for the Union, regardless of what the ” Union” has done to Scotland for hundreds of years.
      No matter they constantly steal our assets. No matter they want to make life so unpleasant here that many many thousands have left for a life elsewhere. No matter …….

      So I have no pity for her or her cabal, they are treacherous and NEVER to be trusted on any level. Just the same as their Tory friends.She is happy for Scotland to remain occupied by subversion and propaganda by our overlords from another country.
      Feel sorry for her? NOT A HOPE!

    25. Bob MACK says:

      He came ,he saw, he lied. Some diehard Labour types might listen to him, but not the majority.
      This guy has systematically destroyed his own, as well as his party credibility.

      If Paul Nuttall can be punished for lying then Labour will be similarly chastised at the ballot box.

      The end game is almost over for Labour. Liars ,cheats, deceivers. Trump was right in that fake news and the perpetrators and suppliers of such are the enemies of the people.

      They most certainly are our enemies and oppressors. Paid in cash to rob us of our ancient entitlement to freedom through lies and innuendo.

      The statement from the London Mayor has me incandescent with anger. How dare he comment on Scotland from his perch in London. Biased,bigoted ,ignorant.

      I hope he and his party are consigned to the rubbish bin of history ( tomato optional)

    26. Ian McCubbin says:

      They are in a zone of what’s our cause now and who do we try and attract. They appeal to really very few.
      If they identified with Indy then they might and a big might gain some members and credibility.

    27. Breeks says:

      After Brexit, they won’t be throwing tomatoes, they’ll be trying to smuggle them through customs as contraband.

    28. HandandShrimp says:

      I am more bemused than angry at Khan’s intended speech. He might as well have just some up and said all Yes voters are Martians. It would make as much sense, be equally relevant and just as inaccurate.

      What I would like to know is what drugs Scottish Labout are on if they think this will help their cause or indeed any prospective No vote….even if they are starting from a base of 85% 😉

      If anything was need to prove that Labour politicians just open their mouths and talk absolute pish it has been the recent utterances of Kezia and Baillie and their inability to quote even remotely accurate numbers.

    29. Tinto Chiel says:

      Nice detail in the drawing as usual, Chris. Make mine a beef tomato.

      The Perth Wake for BLiS______d is utterly irrelevant and you can only shake your head at the espousal of Federalism. If it were a horse, it would be an over the weight non-starter, with the extra disadvantages of having three legs and Jackie Baillie as its jockey.

      Mr Khan has obviously been instructed to fire the old “blood and soil” salvo ‘cos it’s pretty much all they’ve got left apart from “there will be no money in an independent Scotland and there is no oil and besides it’s of no value”.

      And what arrived half an hour ago on my hall mat? A nice letter from Ruth Davidson urging me to vote Tory from “the convenience of your own home” with an enclosed application form for a postal vote.

      The game’s afoot, Watson: lies, smears and pochling.

      It’s the Yoon way.

    30. HandandShrimp says:

      Perhaps Labour are desperate, like the weird Unionist guy on Stu’s Twitter, for us to become enraged and abusive about Khan. Some sort of organised media trolling?

      I am not angry or abusive. I was delighted Khan beat Goldsmith and I am just very disappointed that he could get Scottish politics so wrong.

      I fully expect Findley and Co to spin this out with their usual ineffective SNPbaaaad mantras but as they don’t seem to have noticed that they are killing their own party I don’t really care.

    31. Robert Graham says:

      Anyone who is under the impression that this is a Labour in Scotland conference is being naive, this is one big party political broadcast paid for by us through the BBC .Nothing i watched yesterday came remotely close to the truth , almost every delegate and MSP were strangers to the truth it was a desperate attempt to shore up what support they have left up here .

    32. Marie Clark says:

      Perhaps I should get mad at this rubbish from Sadiq Khan, but I just can’t be arsed. We’ve heard all this pish the last time round from Darling and company. It’s just so much white noise now.

      Why the BBC and the MSM give this bunch of lying chanty wrastlers the time of day is beyond me. They are of no relevance to Scotland. They have no ideas to come up with, nothing fresh to say. The sooner that they disappear the better.

      They will have no place in an independent Scotland.

    33. jfngw says:

      Labour have basically given up and are trying to not lose any more support by just targeting the Britnats in Scotland. They know they can’t attract back the voters lost to SNP, so they are trying to stop any more defections to the Tories. This can only be done by becoming even more UK nats than them.

      Good luck with that Mr Khan, if I were a Brinat then the Tories would seem to be my natural home. They are at least consistently on message.

    34. galamcennalath says:

      Khan, how much is ignorance and cockup, versus how much is contrived and conspiracy, it’s always hard to tell!

      I suspect the former is used as an excuse for the latter.

      Myths abound about Scotland in South Britain – We are anti English, we are therefore racist, we a leeches on the ever generous English tax payer, we aren’t serious about independence, we are just trying con more out of the UK system.

      Clearly perpetuating those myths is in the agenda of some.

      I’m surprised about Khan. I genuinely thought he would have seen through the myths. Even if he believed them, I wouldn’t have expected him to make political points of them.

      However he has, and as with many attacks on Scotland, they can cause more harm to the Unionist cause.

    35. McDuff says:

      It would be nice to see the National defend the SNP and independence supporters against the filthy accusation by Sadiq Khan that we are all right wing racists, but I won`t hold my breath.

    36. Sinky says:

      McDuff it would be nice if MSM pointed out how inclusive the SNP is.

      It was Labour and their BT allies who demonised foreigners by saying that our relatives in England would become foreigners,as though that was some kind of stigma, if we voted for self government.

      btw This has serious implications for IndyRef 2 funding and strict rules required.

    37. Tam the Bam. says:

      Shereen…now…BBC RADIO SCOTLAND.

      Darren (Loki) McGarvey

      Why say in twenty words when 184 will suffice.
      The wee luvie sure loves a word-salad.

    38. McDuff at 11.15


      We have all got rather better things to do with our time and efforts than give oxygen to the rantings of an insignificant London politician.

    39. gordoz says:

      Genius strategy from Labour.

      Send up London Labours Citizen Khan to preach sense & truth to the Brits of the far North.

      That’s gonna work wonders.

      Who’s in charge of this stuff ? Ohh fair enough.

    40. ScottishPsyche says:

      The usual suspects are delighted about Khan. After horrible Jill’s appalling retweet and the evidence building that some NO voters hold very strong anti English beliefs, they had to hit back.

      There are some core beliefs that are more important than others though and who you associate yourself with are indicators of the values you hold. Yes, Slab are correct, deep divisions do exist and I am glad. I am happy to not be associated with certain groups of people.

      I could never vote with people like Jackie Baillie or Anas Sarwar. Neil Findlay has shown himself to be duplicitous and manipulative in his dealings with London Labour. Could I ever agree with Jill Stephenson, Spanner or Kev the Radge? As for the remaining dregs of Slab, vote for them? Never.

      Kezia Dugdale is one seriously misguided person in her values if she condones Khan’s speech today. If I did not know her better I would suspect she was being set up, but experience shows she really is as nasty as she is thick.

    41. robertknight says:

      Hey Mr Metropolitan Mayor type person. I’m a European citizen and am on the verge of being divided and separated from my fellow European citizens by a bunch of little-Englanders.

      What exactly are you going to do for Me?

      I’ll tell you – the square root of bugger all!

      So get back in your box and carry on doing whatever it is you think you’re good at. Which apart from winning elections, probably isn’t very much. Enjoy your trip home.

      PS My English wife doesn’t think your charge of our being racist holds much water.

    42. Croompenstein says:

      Baillie defends Khan… unbelievable.. listen up the FM is not responsible for arseholes on our side any more than Dugdale is for arseholes on yours


    43. jfngw says:

      Sadiq Khan next revelation is no doubt

      ‘Political Parties are the same as racism’.

      They spread division amongst the population, trying to divide us on background, race or religion.

    44. Re the Sadiq Khan racist slur on Self Determinists.
      In life, there are people who can, and there are people who can’t.

      Which category does Sadiq fall into?
      He’s a Khan’t, a right Khan’t, if you ask me.

    45. galamcennalath says:

      I’m not racist, I am not anti English.

      People’s of different countries have the right to take different paths if that is what they chose.

      I expect Canadians are not anti American however I also reckon they will feel very happy there is an international border separating them right now. It’s an open border and citizens of each country and trade can pass easily. The two nations do things quite differently, as it should be if they wish.

      All I want is for Scotland to have an international border to our south so we can do things differently. Half arsed setups haven’t worked, and won’t now.

      Scotland and England have already moved down our chosen routes. In 2015 55.1% of English voters chose hard right parties. That is unthinkable in Scotland. 53.4% in England wish to leave the EU.

      Scotland is a different country and Scots have different views. We and our English partners need to separate and do our own thing. Racism doesn’t come in to it at all.

      However if you are a blood and soil BritNat who deep down believes the UK is Greater England of which Scotland is one region among many, you will see things somewhat differently!

    46. The Rough Bounds says:

      Sadiq Khan? More like Sad Dick Cannae.

    47. Gary45% says:

      Another cracker Chris, nice one.

      Thank you Mr Khan, you have just helped the Scottish Independence cause.
      Perhaps you have never been to one of the most friendliest, welcoming countries on the planet, if you have? it has probably been in the “comfort?” of the insular confides of Slab, who have been shown to be totally clueless in the real qualities of Scotland.
      Take yourself a wee trip north of Watford, even with your bigoted comments you will find real Scots will welcome you with open arms, but I suggest you leave your blikered bigot stick at Kings Cross.
      Meanwhile have a wee look across your “friendly, welcoming?” London, which would be nothing without us “racist Scots?”, funding it.

    48. Famous15 says:

      The Mayor Of London and Baroness Chakrabarti also on the evidence of her foolish comments on Question Time comment on Scottish politics not just from ignorance but from a clear wish,perhaps inspired locally in Labour, in an endeavour to smear the SNP.

      I once admired both these people but no more.

      Project fear is being overcome by project smear. Disgraceful Unionist politics unworthy of the peoples of Scotland.

    49. Robert Graham says:

      Right on Cue the BBC national news and mr Khan who would have thought that now , anything to publicise their conference, they will do anything. Say anything the Truth doesn’t matter, who is going to question them , oh I forgot our media Aye Right.

    50. LadyBlaBla says:

      Yes HandandShrimp,

      I heard the same piece on BBCScot Radio this morning about the future of Labour in Scotland. Embarrassing ‘performance’ by Leslie Brennan. Brewer asked how putting Federalism on an Indyref ballot paper was possible, as surely Scotlands people can’t make the rest of UK become a Federal state anyway. Apparently Kez has suggested this!?

      Leslie couldn’t even bring herself to apologise for Sadiq Khans remarks; infact kept this new party line going by continuously referring to Nationalism.

      It will be interesting to see if Mr Khan’s speech is altered in anyway. Judging by the response on twitter this morning he has hardly done Labour a favour!

    51. Famous15 says:

      Dan Huil at 12.20 please repeat the words you link just in case some cannot open your link.

      Brilliant quote and still very pertinent.

    52. ScottishPsyche says:

      Expect more of the same from SLibDems and ScotTories at their conferences as well. Lots of dog whistling to the Loyalists. All 3 BT main parties seem to have decided their tactics, although we did get a hint of this from Blair McDougall earlier this year, so expect the rhetoric to be at full volume soon.

      Thankfully some are willing to call this out but the aim is to get ‘go home’ quotes to prove their point.

    53. Dan Huil says:

      @Famous15 12:27pm

      “Violent nationalism, otherwise known as imperialism, is the curse. Non-violent nationalism is a necessary condition of civilized life.” M Gandhi.

      Here’s another: “When a tiger changes his nature, Englishmen will change theirs.”

    54. jfngw says:

      I think we can now see what the tactics of the no side will be at the forthcoming referendum.

      We haven’t taken up arms (yet)

      There is a menacing underlying threat in all these statements. They fear a yes vote and it would seem the underlying hint of violence is their next strategy. I believe they may stop at nothing if they feel a yes vote may happen, it may even allow them to stop any ballet.

    55. Karmanaut says:

      I feel like that about JC myself. I thought he was a principled guy, even if he was never going to win an election. But since he’s taken the position that Scotland is not and should never be a country, he can jog on.

      But I can’t remember feeling quite so angry as I do today reading Sadiq Khan’s “supporting independence is the same as racism” comments today.

      What it shows is that there’s no half way house with Labour. It would be foolish and dangerous to trust a party that regards you with such contempt.

    56. Clootie says:

      Why over complicate the debate, it is simple. It is right wing Labour MPs against left of centre members. This division scares “Liberal/centrist” voters.

      We will therefore have a Tory Party in power at Westminster for decades to come OR the Labour MPs win and bring back Red Tory “New Labour” values.

      Scottish voices will continue to be drowned out by the electoral views via numerical dominance of English voters.

      …that leaves one option if you seek a fairer society.

    57. JLT says:

      Just saw Tom Watson speaking at the Conference while watching the news. He spoke well, but offered nothing. He utterly refuses to have any dealings with the SNP (…so be it), but he told the Labour delegates that they need to create a much better relationship with the Scottish electorate.

      OK that’s fine …but you have to offer them something to believe in.

      And in that, Tom fails completely here. He offers nothing (at least, Kezia offers us the barking mad-idea of Federalism). Not one new idea. Not one new concept. Not one new proposal that will benefit the Scottish people.

      For Tom, being in Perth today is just a jolly. A day out in ‘North Britain’ where the usual Labour language of universal welfare and unity can be found in the British State. Like Kezia’s Federalism, Tom giving us the usual Labour concept of a unitary Britain where we are all one and equal is also a fantasy. Simply …it doesn’t exist.

      But for Tom, he’s done his job here. Saw the natives, spoke the language of the British State and then later, back down to London where a nice meal at a restaurant and then feet under the table watching a movie will probably take place.

      But simply put …Tom’s not really that bothered about Scotland. It’s just another ‘region’ of the British State. He’s done his duty for party and country. He’s helped Katie …or was it Kaz …well, something like that while quietly shaking his head at Jeremy screwing up some more. Maybe things will be better for the Party next week …but at least, he doesn’t need to see the ‘northern region’ for another year or so.

    58. galamcennalath says:

      Dan Huil says:

      “Violent nationalism, otherwise known as imperialism, is the curse. Non-violent nationalism is a necessary condition of civilized life.” M Gandhi.

      I like that one! Haven’t heard it before. Will use. Thanks!

    59. galamcennalath says:

      Federalism is Labour’s biggest lie yet.

      Since its become quite fashionable to make offers you have absolutely no intention of ever honouring, I propose free wine and pizza forever, for everyone.

    60. Robert Graham says:

      Dan Hull thanks for the link, any of you folks on Twitter and not blocked by Misss Ballie , this answers her stupid rant at SNP supporters. Even she can’t respond to this fine quote by Gandhi .
      Oh f/k I forgot it was her , I guess she will turn her phone off then.

    61. galamcennalath says:

      jfngw says:


      That sounds like standard Great British colonial policy!

      Is it any surprise that is the prism through which they view the world?

    62. jfngw says:

      ‘stop any ballet’

      should be ‘stop any ballot’

      I’m not sure what their stance on dance is.

      But to add, the yes side must retain a cool head, the provocation is being increased in the hope of someone lashing out, the MSM is waiting with baited breadth. After all who can forget Jim Murphy being ‘mobbed’ by two people in St Enoch Sq.

    63. Phronesis says:

      ‘Ignorance is always afraid of change. It fears the unknown and sticks to its rut, however miserable it may be there’ Jawaharlal Nehru

      Ignorance is fuelling the crisis of democracy in the UK and the crisis is only deepened by ill judged remarks by a public figure who should have insight.

      Scotland desiring its independence is a unifying, normal aspiration shaped by shared learning, understanding within a forum of deliberative politics. The YES movement would not have survived to this point if it had been the racist, bigoted campaign that those who continue to live in ignorance have suggested.

    64. Lochside says:

      Kezia Dugdale is a barefaced lying hypocrite…and a stupid one at that. If we had a halfway independent media she and her unionist pals, Harrison, Rennie, Baillie etc. would have had their reputations and credibility eviscerated for the duplicitous scum that they really are.

      Sexism also plays a role….sweet faced, girly voice, plays to the stupid . She is despicable in her cringing and servile oath to preserve the ‘union’ at any cost to the Scottish people. In years to come surely students of history will be incredulous at the total treachery displayed by the swathe of the Scottish political Unionist class?

    65. HandandShrimp says:

      Kezia seems to be nailing her colours to the mast as Ruth’s mini-me

      “No Surrender – Scotland will never ever ever be independent”.

      At least it makes it easy for us to nail the Labour leadership down at last on this issue. Unionist first and foremost even if it means a 100 years of Tory rule. No wonder Ian Smart was never censured. It is what they think.

    66. Robert Graham says:

      Judging by some of the reaction to the Khan racism thing, Labour in Scotland have again made a total f/k up of this attempts smear on half of Scottish people as all being racist.
      This has Mc Ternans prints all over it, he was invited to leave Australia over the same type of shenanigans, I believe a certain Ms Gillard is still on his tail over the loss of a Premiership.

    67. Thepnr says:

      Sadiq Khan should be targeting his rhetoric at two of the biggest racists in politics, namely Theresa May and Donald Trump who’s policies are causing havoc worldwide and not just in the UK and USA.

      EU citizens here don’t know where they stand re Brexit and racist hate crime spiked 60% after Brexit in England. He should also took a good hard look inside his own party who sold anti immigration mugs during the last GE and his MP’s who voted overwhelmingly to bomb Syria alongside the Tories. Hilary Benn being given a standing ovation from the opposite benches by calling for the bombing of Syrians.

      Sadiq Khan should go back to London and lecture some there, not us Independence supporters who oppose racism and bombing of the Middle East.

    68. Robert Peffers says:

      @Jack Collatin says: 25 February, 2017 at 8:20 am:

      “There are some strange Yoon headlines. ‘Fight against independence’?
      What’s not to like about Independence?”

      Re those, “Strange Headlines Jack.

      I found it more than a little funny that Kezia Dugdale was, pledged to ” work ‘tirelessly’ in support of the union”. While the London Labour Accounting Unit in Scotland have invited the Labour Party’s London Mayor to speak at the Scottish Accounting Unit’s conference. While
      Sadiq Khan is to tell their conference that, “nationalism is as divisive as racism”.

      He is to say that, “the world-wide trend towards, ‘narrow nationalist parties’, needed to be fought off”, is perhaps the most hilarious statement I’ve heard this year.

      Do not these Labour, (a.k.a Red Tories), realise just how ironic and laughable is the Lord Mayor of London, of all places, condemning, “narrow nationalism” actually is?

      There can be no-where else on old Planet Earth where Narrow Nationalism is so obviously prevalent than in London.

      A London that houses the parliament that has taken the legally bipartite United Kingdom of two equally sovereign kingdoms and turned it into the country of England that is the master country and thus has disunited the once united kingdom.

      This while devolving small bits of the country of England’s claimed master sovereign powers to the English Kingdom’s erstwhile equally sovereign Scottish Kingdom partner. As if that former legally sovereign partner were just another English dominion like N.Ireland and Wales as mentioned in the actual Treaty of Union preamble.

      There is absolutely no doubt that this is the present actual status of the Westminster Parliament.

      There is no other Parliament of England.

      Westminster legislates under English Law and then only adds little codicil-like bits to the ends of Westminster Acts to accommodate the independent Scottish legal system.

      Westminster funds the country of England as, “The United Kingdom”, directly with, “United Kingdom”, wide raised revenues.

      Westminster then decides the levels for the block grants that Westminster will allow their three, “United Kingdom”, Dominions to have and further regulates those block grants by use of, “Barnett Consequentials”, calculated in relation to the direct funding of that directly given to the country of England under the guise of being the United Kingdom. However, Westminster frequently fiddles the books by funding London infrastructure as being, “National”, (a.k.a. United Kingdom”, projects. Not to mention the other, “National”, assets like the, “National Museum”, National Ballet, National Opera, et al.

      Then, to cap the openly fraudulent abuses they introduced, “EVEL”, (English Votes For English Laws), but when they fund England as, “The United Kingdom”, with revenues collected from all four countries there cannot be a single thing that has not at least a financial implication for Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.

      Yet this London Mayor has the temerity to come to Scotland and lecture us about, “Narrow Nationalism”. There is nothing narrow about Scottish Nationalism for the whole movement is inclusive and outward looking and dedicated to such as the EU and UN. while this London clown is dedicated to robbing the rest of the former united kingdom to support the city of London which is in the process of dismantling the former agreements with the EU.

    69. Cactus says:

      Yeah, looks like they have indeed upgraded their campaign from Fear to Smear.

      They should just form a single party with their long-term pals and be done with it..

      SLAP – Scottish Labours Angry Party becomes,
      SCALP – Scottish Conservative & Angry Labour Party

      When they’re getting in your face with all that suggestive and inciteful hatred, turn it back against them, no more need you say “Talk to the hand”, try a 21st Century solution and whip out your pocket mirror and place to their face..

      “When yer talkin’ to yerself,
      And nobody’s home,
      You can fool yourself,
      You came in this world alone..”

      Aye, these people are SO “estranged”

      Yer right CC, their ‘Welcome’ mat is a bucket of fusty fruit.

      Enjoy your weekend amigo’s & amiga’s.

    70. Les Wilson says:

      The Yoons are outraged that Scots might choose Independence.
      Yet with Brexit, their Independence is all they rave about.
      Curious that they do not think of us as they do about themselves, Scottish Independence is just soo bad.

      As their cash cow escapes from their greedy grasp, that must be their reasoning. Nothing is Scotland’s, it is all ours!

      Think again.

    71. Robert Peffers @1.44 pm
      The sad thing, Robert, is that Khan, the son of a bus driver, cannot see the Imperial nature of Westminster Rule.
      I take it that Roden wrote this Scots hate the English ‘will say’ nonsense.
      You summarise the whole sorry mess to a T, Mr P.
      No more, no longer.

    72. Les Wilson says:

      When Sadiq Khan speaks, he should remember London accounts for half of UK subsidies for one thing or the other.

      London is draining and stifling progress across the UK.
      It is the pearl in the elitist English mind, how come Scotland has to contribute to it?

    73. Paula Rose says:

      Lots of folk have been making art for Lindsay Jarrett who inspired us all with her climb up the castle rock in Edinburgh to place a giant Yes sign at night. You can view them here –

      and some of them on twitter #Art4Lindsay

      If you would like to paint, draw, design or write something please do.
      My twitter handle is @PaulaHoneyRose tag me in if you post a pic and I’ll post it on the page.

    74. clipper says:

      My fantasy for today –

      It was actually McTernan who persuaded Khan to make his idiotic comments about it being only racists who support self-determination b/c McTernan reckons that’ll cause some independence supporter to threaten his life or something thus enabling the corrupt criminal media to have a field day.

      Unfortunately it doesn’t work and the only result from anyone not already Yes is first, bemusement, then contempt then a firm decision to sever any existing ties to Scotch Labour and start to consider independence as an option.

      McTernan, flush from this latest successful prediction then announces that he’s going to front the unionist campaign at indyref2.

      Well I can dream can’t I?

      O/T Saw a tweet somewhere recently from someone looking to start a crowdfund for billboards featuring verifiable anti-Scottish statements and tweets from unionists etc. Don’t have or want a Twitter account so couldn’t follow up on it at the time and also had to log off at the time as something came up.

      Anyone know anything about this? I’d very much like to contribute and help out by placing links to it here and there.

    75. Rock says:


      “It would be nice to see the National defend the SNP and independence supporters against the filthy accusation by Sadiq Khan that we are all right wing racists, but I won`t hold my breath.”

      Dave McEwan Hill,


      We have all got rather better things to do with our time and efforts than give oxygen to the rantings of an insignificant London politician.”

      How much does The National pay you?

      Apparently the Rev. Stuart Campbell did not have any better things to do:

      “For Sadiq Khan”

    76. Robert J. Sutherland says:

      I hear that London is quite a busy place, so that Mr. Mayor Sadiq Khan, instead of all that divisive constitutional wrangling, shouldn’t he be getting on with the day job…?

    77. stu mac says:

      @Les Wilson says

      Don’t be so silly as to think that Trump is anything other than a devious lying sonofabitch who is trying to destroy proper coverage of what he gets up to. Just because Clinton wasn’t much better doesn’t mean Trump is the good guy. He twists facts when he doesn’t deny them and in a different kind of way is just as dangerous as Clinton would have been.

    78. stu mac says:

      @McDuff says

      With comments like that I don’t believe you are an Indy supporter. Just a troll or Yoon trying to stir up feelings against pro-Indy sources.

    79. McDuff says:

      stu mac
      What a sad wee man you are .
      I am an SNP member and have supported them for thirty years.
      The National does wee soft articles and avoids any hard hitting stuff at a time when we need it. You should know as you probably work for them.
      I`ll stick with the Rev as he is the only one who exposes and counters the constant stream of Unionist lies.

    80. defo says:

      Off the shoulder
      Fi..oops, Lord fou’s mentee party pics un-flattering.
      She no need Wings, she got her own 🙂

      What ball? What man?

    81. Rock says:


      “The National does wee soft articles and avoids any hard hitting stuff at a time when we need it. You should know as you probably work for them.

      I`ll stick with the Rev as he is the only one who exposes and counters the constant stream of Unionist lies.”

      Well said.

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