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The last throw of the dice

Posted on March 30, 2019 by

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    47 to “The last throw of the dice”

    1. Malky says:

      Yes, but those necklaces…

    2. Breeks says:

      Go tell that long tongue liar
      Go and tell that midnight rider
      Tell the rambler, the gambler, the back biter
      Tell ’em that God’s gonna cut ’em down.

      Johnny Cash – God’s Gonna Cut You Down Lyrics.

    3. Les Wilson says:

      Desperation itself Chris.Historians looking back to this Bexit debacle will shake their heads and think, no wonder this was the end of the “Union”.

    4. INDEPENDENT says:

      Suppose thats why it’s called CRAPS ??

    5. jimnarlene says:

      Aye, she’s been playing a crap(s) game.

    6. starlaw says:

      Nice one Chris.

      The can kicking game goes on, perhaps she will ask the EU for an extra two weeks then another until the EU says no more. EU can then be blamed for all old Englands troubles.

    7. Breeks says:

      Chris Mason BBC : “Leaving it (the EU) was a Conservative manifesto commitment, and an about-turn on that could tear apart the party from the cabinet down.”

      Yeah, but what’s the down side?

    8. Essexexile says:

      If one of the options on Monday is to have a simple coin toss, heads – no deal, tails – revoke and remain, I reckon MPs and the nation would go for it just to end this sorry saga.
      Until the losers say ‘best of three?’ that is.

    9. Hamish100 says:

      Surely Gove , Rees-Mogg , Johnston are just out of shot waiting to push once they stop fighting.

      ot with the extreme right wing ukip making an appearance yesterday in London you cannot help but think they will be fighting for the English Council elections in May.

      This hard right wing are the basist of any seen over the past few years. Sadly a hard core will vote for them.

      Watched the Channel 4 report on the right wing fisherman from Troon. Lets hope BBC Scotland, the Daily Record and others do a follow up on the fishing right wing mafia and their role and who pays them?

    10. Giving Goose says:

      Brexit won’t be cancelled. Too many English constituencies are now marginal in favour of Brexit. The demographics and the FPTP system are working against common sense.
      How do you explain to a WW2 channeling, Empire nostalgic voter that their term of reference is flawed, without destroying their Rule Britannia construct? Answer – You can’t!

    11. Breeks says:

      Giving Goose says:
      30 March, 2019 at 7:50 am
      Brexit won’t be cancelled. Too many English constituencies are now marginal in favour of Brexit. The demographics and the FPTP system are working against common sense.

      From the EU perspective too, how do you reconcile the UK having a mental breakdown? Do you draw it close and support it? Or do you keep it at arms length for the risk it poses to you and your family?

      The diagnosis is the UK is afflicted with right wing populist xenophobia. It remains to be seen whether the condition responds to treatment, or whether the pathogen mutates into something more virulent and nasty, potentially even life threatening. The condition however is highly contagious, as European of all people fully understand from first hand experience. Furthermore, Europe already has Spain in an observation ward.

      No. I don’t think Brexit will be cancelled either. Europe managed to isolate Mad Cow Disease through exclusion and isolation. I think they’ll adopt the same strategy for Mad C—t Disease, and monitor it from a safe distance.

    12. The Conservative and Unionist Prime Minister stood at the dispatch box in the House of Commons and told Parliament and the citizens of the UK 108 times that the UK would leave the EU on March 29th 2019,

    13. Muscleguy says:

      @Giving Goose
      Now when there are TV channels which show war programmes 24/7 allowing them to indulge. The Germans show war films as cautionary tales, we make heroic propaganda movies. Frederick Forsyth has a lot to answer for in that regard as well, though he was just catering to the demographic.

      I grew up on Victor comics and was close to getting into that mindset. I was cured by the Falklands war, living in NZ. Pissed at Rob Muldoon sending a NZ frigate to relieve a UK one for the fight (it wasn’t our fight).

      I can enjoy The Guns of Navarone or Where Eagles Dare but I don’t buy the bullshit elements.

    14. yesindyref2 says:

      She gets snake eyes.

    15. Grouse Beater says:

      Quite remarkable, Chris, how May was promoted so many times way beyond her ability. Each time, like Grayling, she left behind her a trail of disasters. We live in the age of dim politicians and the absence of the statesman.

      Not much to write about this weekend; maybe a pifling insignificant court case.

      Your essential weekend reading:

      ‘Wings v Dugdale’:
      “Cute 500 Goes Leccy:

    16. orri says:

      The age profile for Brexiteers is not as simple as made out.

      The generation that actually remember rationing and war or simply the lead up to the UK finally being allowed to join the Common Market are more in favour than younger, to them, voters.

      To paraphrase somebody, the average Brexiteer is someone who doesn’t know they’ve never had it so good.

    17. X_Sticks says:

      Spot on Chris. Looks like that precipice is getting ever closer and May desperately rolling the dice again and again in the hope of keeping everything up in the air until time runs out.

      BTW I am now blocked by Chris on twitter and I don’t know why. I hope it’s in error. If you’re reading this Chris can you please remove me from the naughty step.

    18. Davo says:

      If May had agreed a deal with the Scottish Government, her deal would have passed yesterday with the SNP votes. Instead, she treated us with contempt with her power grab.
      As they say, “What goes around, comes around”.

    19. Giving Goose says:


      I agree that the delusion is not restricted to a certain age profile. Breeks & Muscleguy express it closely. It’s a psychosis caused by excess misinformation.
      It can’t be cured without a massive injection of reality. No English politician would dare do that.

    20. Tom Kane says:

      You gotta know when to hold email
      Know when to fold email
      Know when to walk away
      Know when to run

      If only Kenny Miller had been singing that one more time before she headed up to the White cliffs of Dover for one more roll of the liar dice.

      You’re a star, Chris.

    21. Tom Kane says:

      Okay my stupid phone faffed about with that … And my stupid brain faffed about with Kenny Rogers, buy here it is one more time for Treasa…

      You gotta know when to hold em
      Know when to fold em
      Know when to walk away
      Know when to run

      Never count your money
      When your sitting at the table
      There’ll be plenty of time for counting
      When your time in parliament’s done…

      Ah, Kenny….

    22. misteralz says:

      Thanks, Tom Kane, that’s me got Cherlene’s cover of Danger Zone stuck in my head now…

    23. Tom Kane says:

      Sorry Misteralz… But that’s another classic too…

      And very catchy.

      At least we’re singing…

    24. Ian McCubbin says:

      It’s the death throw of an out of touch dejected dangerous politician

    25. Jockanese Wind Talker says:

      For those fools (mostly South of the Border) who think Corbyn and Labour will prevent Brexit.

      “Jeremy Corbyn describing the EU as a “massive, great Frankenstein” and “21st Century Empire the UK want out of”:

    26. Clydebuilt says:

      Great toon Chris.

      I’ve got an old Aunt brought up in a cooncil scheme who would vote for Theresa tomorrow . Because she likes yer clothes haircut and necklaces etc. and what she calls her resilience some would say intransigence. “Shes had such a hard time”
      And that’s politics for you. Theres more to it than winning the argument.

    27. Bob Mack says:

      They will probably land on their corners.

    28. call me dave says:

      I see ‘The National’ has two stories in it this morning.

      1. Andrew Learmonth.
      Sturgeon has hinted at a softer Brexit deal if CU and SM were on the table.

      2. Kirsty Hughes
      SNP must fight a soft Brexit. But proffers the idea of a ‘temporary’ government of National unity to guide us through.

      FGS! 🙁 That will go down well.

    29. Calum McKay says:

      No doubt Mrs May has Scotland forefront and centre of her mind!

      Sarcasm aside, English tories cite following the direction of their constituents at the referendum, whereas the Scottish tories take direction from tory HQ in London.

      tories are rightly termed, enemies of the Scottish people!

    30. galamcennalath says:

      Theresa-no-mates has been out of her depth for years. Hopeless Home Secretary and a inept PM of epic proportions. How could it come to a situation where an executive negotiates an international treaty then can’t get it through their own parliament?

      May’s nights will be disturbed by two recurring nightmares. Firstly that she fails to deliver Brexit and secondly that she provokes the dissolution of the UK Union.

      With the former she fears an EURef2 and/or revocation. She want’s to achieve a Brexit, any Brexit, and soon.

      The latter hangs threateningly in the background. Significantly the DUP are now saying they prefer revocation to long delay. As über unionists they see the wrong Brexit as a threat, when naively they had previously thought the right Brexit might somehow strengthen their union. And Scotland awaits the right moment to fire the starting pistol in our race to leave.

      The odds of success are certainly stacked against May. Loaded dice indeed.

    31. aLurker says:

      call me dave says:
      30 March, 2019 at 9:58 am

      I see ‘The National’ has two stories in it this morning.

      1. Andrew Learmonth.
      Sturgeon has hinted at a softer Brexit deal if CU and SM were on the table.

      2. Kirsty Hughes
      SNP must fight a soft Brexit. But proffers the idea of a ‘temporary’ government of National unity to guide us through.

      FGS! ? That will go down well.

      thinks “Don’t throw me in that briar patch Brerr May” 😉

    32. defo says:

      Tom Kane. I’ll see your Rogers, and raise ye a Lemmy.

      “You know i’m born to lose
      And gamblings for fool’s
      But that’s the way i like it, baby
      I don’t want to live forever
      And don’t forget the joker”

      Nod to ‘light/soft touch’ Broon.

      Morriseys ‘National Front Disco’, describes brilliantly where it’s at. A descent into outright fascism.
      “England for the English”

      I actually heard that phrase yesterday, on one of aunties favourite ploys, the ask a mong vox pop.

    33. Ghillie says:

      Hey there Chris =)

      How ever the dice may fall, Scotland is walking away from that fool’s game.

    34. Artyhetty says:

      Aye dicing with death, but not her own.

    35. tom kane says:

      another classic!
      lyrics that sum up TMay… can now see her robo-dancing onto a Eurovision song contest, picking up a guitar and letting rip… the ace of spades.
      and lemmy, rolling in his grave, splintering up the sky with lightning

    36. Auld Rock says:

      Clydebuilt. I find myself agreeing with Ken Clarke’s summation of May, “STUBBORN.”

    37. Cactus says:

      Here, May, you have no roll of the dice left to roll

      SO try tae roll yer craggy bones

      What a Rush

    38. Cactus says:


      Is May throwing OR receiving the dice

      Many answers

    39. Clydebuilt says:

      Auld Rock

      “Stuborn” . . . . To the Nth degree. Poor personal skills. . . . . Good clobber but.

      Call Me Dave

      Aye The National . . . . The FM says Soft Brexit . . . .next page an Expert says we must fight a Soft Brexit. . . . Undermining the FM . . . The Editor agreed to this
      The BBC in their paper reviews now cover stories in the National.

      Must keep supporting it , but keep it on side. . . . The front pages are pretty good these days as is the paper.

    40. Cactus says:

      The last throw of the dice, desperate stuff eh, the conservative politicians have nowhere left to go

      If May played poker, she’d bet blind with the shittiest of hands, she could try to bluff, or double bluff, or triple bluff, mibbies an MV4 quadruple bluff

      It’s another bonnie Scottish Sunday, the last of March ’19

      Cheers March, ye’ve been a hoot!

      The rangers have just scored

    41. Cactus says:

      Today is going to be a movie duvet day, be continental if you please

      The fitba’s on, the tchai tea is on and the heat is on

      Can you feel it?

      Let’s do this!

    42. Cactus says:

      The celtic score, Glasgow goes mental

      “The title’s within the champions grasp again”

      Said the commentator

    43. Hamish100 says:

      Old firm

      Old bigotry

      Not interested.

    44. Cactus says:

      Aye, so, Glasgow Glasgow Glasgow, ah Love ye dear

      The shows are back in on The Glasgow Green, go check it out… ah was haverin’ about it last night… they have a Ring of Saltires all the way around the carnival, it’s Scotland on The Green and it’s changed days when they did the carnival and the circus at the Kelvin Hall

      12 days remaining to go

      Drama drama drama!

    45. Cactus says:

      Afternoon Hamish how ye doin’ mate, ahm no intae the bigotry the same maself, ah guess it all stems from misguided religion which then seeps intae the fitba, although it does help to dampen a selection of a certain society’s unionist spirit

      Have a cracking sunny day Hamish, we’re almost there bud

      The celtic WIN btw

    46. Cactus says:

      Choose a room, any room, there are four at two seventeen

      May is The Diceman

    47. Cactus says:

      When ahm out and about in public places, aye shout out “GLASGOW!” & “SCOTLAND!” on a regular and frequent basis, ah’ve been doing it since ’14, it’s the Wings empowerment 🙂

      It’s excellent seeing the reaction from The People, the feeling is amazing, some join in

      Nobody ever says “Why are you shouting about Glasgow and Scotland?”

      Cause the question would already know the answer

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