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The last of the monkeys

Posted on February 07, 2015 by


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  1. 07 02 15 07:42

    The last of the monkeys - Speymouth

99 to “The last of the monkeys”

  1. thewaterbeastie says:


    Nice one, Chris! I spy Glasgow Uni….

  2. Stoker says:

    Thanks, Chris.

  3. Boorach says:

    Absolutely incredible Chris… the detail is amazing.

  4. donald anderson says:

    When the last monkey leaves the terracings of Parkhead and Ibrox Scotland will be free.

  5. iheartscotland says:

    Your artwork is sublime and the concept is terrifying for labour,but it’s just what Scotland needs…(probably all of Britain too)

  6. morgatron says:

    Let the monkey drive? Brilliant Chris , just brilliant.

  7. Macart says:

    No more monkeys.


    Politics: which I think derives from the greek politikos ‘affairs of/for the citizens/cities’, though I prefer to shorten that to affairs of the citizens for obvious reasons.

    Politician: noun – a person who is professionally involved in politics, especially as a holder of an elected office.

    synonyms:legislator, Member of Parliament, MP, representative, minister, statesman, stateswoman, political leader, lawmaker, public servant, elected official, office-bearer.

    By any measure a representative of the people or more accurately appointed by popular mandate to represent a collective will.

    I think what I’m trying to say is that WE, shouldn’t be loyal to parties, they should be loyal to us. That monkey lying in the dust above is what happens when a party created by the people to fulfil a need, to become the voice and collective will of the people, turns its back on those it was created to represent. When that party attempts to direct and manipulate rather than serve and perform a duty of care, then by any definition they no longer serve and are no longer fit to serve.

    What has happened both during and in the period since the referendum needs to be absorbed by all the parties and serve notice that the electorate are heartily sick of the tail wagging the dog. An electorate will support those parties which accurately and faithfully reflect and represent their needs and aspirations and so long as those parties remains loyal to them, they we’ll get on just fine. If they don’t?

    The image above says it all.

  8. Dorothy Devine says:

    Donald , I canny wait that long!

  9. Ken500 says:

    Can’t wait for 7/5/15

  10. Caroline Corfield says:

    O/T, sorry it’s one of my *things*

    You spy Glasgow Cathedral, to the right is the Royal Infirmary, there’s no building like that next to the University building. The badlands are of course not the city centre and west end, but the East end,
    The East end where golden goodbyes are given to mates out of money allocated to deprived schools. The East end where male mortality rates exceed those of some parts of Africa. The East end where Labour truly believe they have a right to be in control, a beliefs that would put the mafia’s self righteousness in the shadows.

  11. Jamie says:

    Surveys done on pieandbovril football forum showed 80% of Celtic fans favour Indy 20% against. Rangers on the other hand showed 65% against and 35% for indy. The idea that Celtic fans are anything like Rangers fans politically speaks volumes about some of the punters on this site, clueless. I favour Indy and like this site but just goes to show there are plenty clueless people backing Indy too and I find the anti Celtic comments on this site alienating, so cheers for that.

  12. Wp says:

    Anti Celtic? Can’t say I’ve found that. Very slightly anti rangers due to some of their followers behaviour perhaps.

  13. Tam Jardine says:


    You make a good point. It was a daft comment. Don’t let it spoil your morning. We could do more on here to engage with folk rather than alienate at times.

    Anyway – have a good one.

    Fantastic drawing from Chris as ever.

  14. steveasaneilean says:

    Epic! Chris Cairns presents Planet of the Japes

  15. Rigmac7 says:


    Welcome to democracy πŸ™‚ – I’m a Rangers supporter and I think you’ll find Rangers fans get a lot more negative comments that Celtic fans on here.

    I tend to ignore any comparisons of people because of which team they support. It’s not about that when it comes to independence, it’s about you and your personal beliefs.

    Anyway, as for those Aberdeen supporters……

  16. Tackety Beets says:

    Followed Politics since late 60’s , I have never voted or supported Labour .

    Macart , exactly as you say , they ain’t following up on the needs of their people .

    That reminds me , has Skeletor told his constituent of his intentions ? Or did I miss it ?

    Caution tho’, lets not be over confident , even the kitchen sink is gonna be chucked our way before GE 2015 . You heard it this week on the STV news ” I’ll always support Labour …. They are the only party that looks after yer pinchen, an the wurker “. Said the man on the street . FFS , Jamie that’s real ignorance and cluelessness . Not that I’m defending any post above , just saying .

  17. Rigmac7 says:

    Nice one as usual Chris.

    Was there any temptation to have Hamish standing leaning on the signpost, gently cleaning his gnashers with a toothpick? πŸ™‚

  18. mumsyhugs says:

    A bit like Scrooge being shown the ghost of Christmas future! Mr Hi Jumpy be afraid, be very afraid – your Christmas is coming early this year! πŸ™‚

  19. MajorBloodnok says:

    Nail on head. And when Labour finally lose control of Glasgow CIty Council, that will be he end of them, and in time their influence at Pacific Quay.

  20. Morag says:

    What species is that skull? Oh it’s a monkey. Red rosette on a monkey. God I’m slow this morning.

  21. Mealer says:

    Excellent work.

  22. MajorBloodnok says:



  23. Albaman says:

    Why not submit this drawing to “The National”, it’s about time they were more direct.

  24. heedtracker says:

    Cracker! Looks like our old view from Queens park southside. What a week, “Scotland stay with us and vote EXACTLY how we tell you.” A deflating giant BBC blimp hovering over Glasgow wouldn’t be out of place.

  25. Tackety Beets says:

    Sorry OT but may amuse

    Mergrit C FB account has been hacked , aye right !

  26. davidb says:

    Its a cartoon. A stylised picture which is clearly of Glasgow. It is drawn looking North West across the East End from approximately Dixon’s Blazes. It is not meant to indicate anything other than the City Of Glasgow. As such the message is clear. I think a nice touch may have been Magritts spex on the skeleton.

    I think the early comment on the two football stadia is most unhelpful. Skeletor is trying to whip up sectarian division, and there is no place for it. We are all Scots. So can we bury any further references to the difficult past our imperial masters used here, in Ireland, and in places as far flung as Fiji, Sri Lanka and Uganda to divide and rule her subjects?

  27. MajorBloodnok says:


    It’s certainly looks like an early hominid, possibly Homo glasguensis kleptomanii or more likely Australopithecus mctierniensis.

  28. De Valera says:

    Fantastic Chris. Glasgow did us proud in September, so lets have a repeat in May.

    An excellent post on Munguin said that Scotlands’ poor had voted Labour for 90 years and are still poor.

    Time to boot them into the Clyde.

  29. aldo_macb says:

    Fundraiser to help……please consider giving if you can….

  30. Nana Smith says:


  31. Onwards says:

    Remember that Glasgow voted Yes.

    The trick is to keep these voters, while reaching out to No voters who want more devolution.

    The new SNP poster is fantastic with a simple clear message that appeals to all.


    Just wish they had used saltires instead of tartan to wind up Jim Murphy πŸ™‚

  32. Dr Ew says:

    Good cartoon but let’s not be counting monkeys just yet. There’s a gang if very frightened simians readying to play every filthy trick we can imagine (and a few we can’t) as they fight for their lives. Beware cornered monkeys.

  33. cearc says:


    Great cartoon as always. Mind-blowing drawing, just love it.

    Take care of your hand after a session like that .

  34. galamcennalath says:

    Great cartoon as usual! I certainly hope the depiction becomes reality in May!

    Never has a political party deserved to be removed as much as Labour currently does, IMO.

    My disgust with Labour goes right back to the Feeble Fifty just after a majority of Scots had voted for a parliament, but due to Labour’s treachery got Thatcher instead. Then illegal wars and a banking free-for-all. Then worst of all – BetterTogether and the DevoMax scam which Labour turned into Homeopathic Smith. Thwarting the democratic will of the Scottish people whenever they can.

    How can anyone support these people?

  35. One_Scot says:

    If there ever was a picture that did paint a thousand words, this is it.

  36. Snode1965 says:

    Apologies to Grendel, Patrician and the Rev for the use of the ‘ T’ word last night. What I cannot accept is the defeatist attitude of , ” we canny win Airdrie cos it’s full o Huns”. Speaking as a Rangers man fae Airdrie I find this divide and rule rhetoric from our own supporters extremely annoying! The Labour majority over SNP in Airdrie and Shotts is 12000, and has been roughly the same since Helen Liddell was our MP, so a 6000 swing is Not an impossible task. We have Alex Neil as our Holyrood cabinet MSP. Our sitting Labour MP is one Pamela Nash who is widely derided locally, has one of the worst voting records at Westminster and scrapped through her Labour re-selection vote by 4 votes. Oh and she’s also Jim Murphy’s assistant, and a Lord Folkes protege! So if anyone out there thinks we are going to give up due to the British Establishments Media driven sectarian divide…..Think Again !!

  37. The Man in the Jar says:

    I remember when I first started visiting this site “Glasgow” was perceived as a major problem for Yes. Proof (as if it is needed) that things can change for the better!

  38. RMAC says:

    A great cartoon Chris. Just how it jumps from the city skyline to football sectarianism from supporters of the two “old firm” clubs I don’t know.

    These clubs are like everything else that has any influence in public life, they have drawn the self serving to them who have clawed their way to positions of power and influence. They then turn them into vehicles for their own personal ambitions. If we look a little at Celtic (trust me I’m not sectarian on this as I have equal contempt for the manipulators that run both clubs and both have more than their fair share of nut cases). This club was founded amongst other things to support the poor, yet when they vote on paying the living wage the spokesperson for the board gives a press conference complaining this is politicising the clubs business. Yet the club is stuffed to the gills with former politicians who forget who a living wage would benefit the most… the poor.

    Any critisism of either organisation no matter how well justified seems to be taken as some sort of personal insult by a large proportion of fans from whichever side is involved. This completely ignores the fact that most of the decisions that are being criticised are being made by the self serving climbers that have forced their way to the top. Most of the sectarian nonsense could be stamped out on both sides if there really was a will to do so, however from my perspective this just isn’t there.

    Witness Murphy’s attempts to divide and conquer by appealing to the lowest common denominators of drink and secatrian songs. Only the most blinkered can see either as anything but a recipe for violence and disorder, in particular the latter. This is not “friendly banter”, I have witnessed this on a train with young families getting more and more fightened as the “friendly banter” grew less friendly as each minute passed and the whole thing was balanced waiting for just one of the protagonists to decide his club and his personal honour had been impugned beyond whatever limit he had decided required justified a violent response. Fortunately for me my stop came up but I felt sorry for those left behind that had to continue their journey with these nutcases.

    Look at who runs these clubs and the decisions they make and ask yourselves what do you really have in common with them and are they really there for the good of the club and supporters, or like the red monkeys, for themselves.

    I’ll get my tin hat on now.

  39. Works equally well for our valleys where Labour have had MPs in 13 constituencies for 93+ years. One of them for an astonishing 105 years!

    At least you guys have woken up and will end this madness in May.

  40. Dr Jim says:

    We shouldn’t be too hard on them, after all their DNA is almost the same as the rest of us
    They are our nearest relatives
    Except for Dolphins obviously which are smarter

  41. Snode1965 says:

    Great artwork again Chris. For me this could be the view of Lanarkshire fae the Blackhill Transmitter, where you can see the whole Clyde valley all the way to Arran! πŸ™‚

  42. Les Wilson says:

    Very intuitive Chris, very well done.

  43. Croompenstein says:

    Nice one Chris, Scotland has changed and the Labour Party haven’t changed with us so they deserve their fate.

    Loved your toon in the iscot magazine Chris excellent as always

  44. dennis mclaughlin says:

    Neanderthal man (Labour) failed to adapt and slowly disappeared into history. ..

  45. yerkitbreeks says:

    Maybe it’s apposite that today’s report on monkey behaviour could have lessons for politicians.

    Dutch monkeys added in equal number to the colony at Edinburgh zoo showed no change after a year, but by three years were talking like the locals.

    Obviously if Westminster de-camped we’d have to wait a while before they started to see things our way.

  46. alexicon says:

    Very well put Chris, as usual your sketches hit the mark.

    @ Rigmac7.

    Quite right. I have met some Ranger supporters who are for Independence and I have also met some hardened blue noses who are fervently against it, but they seem to be the OO type who follow along with the crowd and their grandmaster.
    It is people like you we need on board to spread the word amongst Gers supporters. Keep up the good work.

  47. Dan Huil says:

    Good cartoon. A bit reminiscent of Punch’s cartoons depicting the “Great Stink” of London in the 19th century.

  48. Some football/sectarianism issues have been raised on this thread. Let’s be quite clear, both halves of the Bigot Brothers have a considerable number of nutters in their support. To argue which side had the greater number would be to merely indulge in “whitabootery”, and serve no purpose.

    When you look at the people at the top of both clubs, I would categorise them as “Rangers” being the Blue Tories, Celtic the Red Tories – neither is particularly interested in Scotland, but, very committed to the continuation of their life-style and with a strong sense of being entitled to rule.

    Traditionally, the Rangers supporter was seen as a supporter of the old Scottish Unionist Party – I know my late father, even after he stopped going to Ibrox, continued to support the aims of that party. Then, when the SUP was taken-over totally by the Conservative Party, he continued to support them. This generation is dying out, thankfully.

    While the “Hun” supported the SUP, “Tim” was Labour voting fodder, particularly in the party’s East End of Glasgow, North Lanarkshire heartlands.

    Some SUP supporters, who couldn’t support the Conservative Party, became reluctant Labour supporters, but (anecdotal evidence suggests) found they were the wrong religion to get on in the Labour Party.

    I might say, at this point – there are a few Labour fiefdoms in Ayrshire, where being in either form of “Ludge” is a distinct advantage when it comes to advancement in the Labour Party.

    I would suggest, it has taken the SNP a long time to get there, but, now it is in a position where it offers a credible alternative to the Red and Blue Tories at Westminster – it became that some time ago at Holyrood.

    Thus, the Red Tories – who have the most to lose, are panicking. They will try everything and anything to prevent the coming melt-down. What they will not do, however, is as much as twitch a muscle to better the lot of the people they have taken for granted for years.

    The BBC, the mainstream media, particularly the Daily Record and the Catholic Church in Scotland will all be mobilised for this fire-fight. It will be nasty. It is, however, a fight which the SNP can and must win, for Scotland’s sake.

  49. Naina Tal says:

    I speak to lots of monkeys where I work. Before the referendum many of them used to tell me in the tone of voice with which most posters will be familiar: “Ah just dinnae like that Alex Salmond”… In reply to any point I put forward.
    Nowadays when I get the usual uninformed Unionist mince from them, I whine ” Ah just dinnae like yon Jim Murphy”.
    They don’t like it up em Captain Mainwairing. They don’t like it up em.

  50. Luigi says:

    steveasaneilean says:
    7 February, 2015 at 8:27 am

    Epic! Chris Cairns presents Planet of the Japes

    Yike! I just had an awful image of Margaret Curran wearing a monkey space suit (I’ve been reading too many Greg Moodie cartoons).

  51. Mealer says:

    It’s some time since I was at the zoo,but I don’t remember the monkeys being particularly creepy.

  52. Valerie says:

    Fantastic cartoon. Evokes a real reaction seeing that splash of red where the heart should be!

    Off topic, but related. Some English FB friends have this morning been sharing one of those daft quizzes which asks you how common your name is. It’s from the Labour party harvesting your email!!!

    I’ve told them the begging letter will follow shortly.

  53. starlaw says:

    The catholic church always has an eye on which way the political wind is blowing, and catholics will no longer blindly take instructions from priests or bishops, that went out the window with birth control. I expect catholic and other church’s to stay on the sidelines.

  54. ronnie anderson says:

    Dem bones Dem bones

    Dem dry bones

    Blawn away on the Winds of Change

    Great Toon Chris, Deeded & Unburied.

  55. CameronB Brodie says:

    What a load of fantastical nonsense. That skeleton displays evidence of significantly more evolution than is realistic. πŸ™‚

  56. handclapping says:

    Should the hand not be clutching the Last Brown Envelope?

    Fantastic detail, Chris, brill.

  57. Thepnr says:

    Great cartoon this week Chris. Thanks.

    O/T Just starting LIVE STREAM: RIC Summit against Unconventional Gas Extraction (UGE)

  58. The Rough Bounds says:

    I think the ‘monkey’ looks more like a baboon; exhausted from displaying the red callosities on its buttocks to other baboons in order to attract them and hopefully follow it.

    Life expectancy is around 45 years at most, which is just about right.

    Goodbye to you Labour. You have been rotten to the core for decades and you are due for the chop. You won’t be missed.

  59. caz-m says:

    Is that skeleton of Gordon Matheson, leader of Glasgow City Council, two years after getting kicked out of office and finding it hard to survive once the “back handers” have dried up.

  60. Jim McIntosh says:

    I keep staring at the picture expecting to see oor wullie and fat boab, sporting their YES badges, come over the brow of the hill with their bogie kart.

  61. Helena Brown says:

    I can see how this took the 5 hours to begin with, the detail is immense. The sentiment is excellent, used to think it would take the demise of the last Church of Scotland Minister strangled with the Sunday Post, I now think the last Labour MP toasted with a load of Daly Retards. I long for the day.

  62. manandboy says:

    @ Snode1965 re: pamela nash MP – I’m with you, Snode.

    I have nothing whatsoever against PN personally.
    But she is a fully paid up member
    of the notorious Labour Mafia in west central Scotland.

    They slept with the Tories during IndyRef.
    Well now they can sleep with the Tories out in the cold.

    Bye Pam.

  63. Joemcg says:

    If Rangers are not a unionist anti-Indy club as some posters on here claim can you please explain the entire stand sized vote no banner unfurled at Ibrox before the vote? ps I’m not a big football fan and only watch the national team.

  64. “When the last monkey leaves the terracings of Parkhead and Ibrox Scotland will be free.”

    The comment noted above from donald anderson comes across as lazy, smug, cliched, narrow minded and ill informed.

    If you knew anything about the “monkeys” who visit Celtic Park, then you would be aware that there are many many thousands of these “monkeys” who dream of Independance.

    You seem like a “two sides of the same coin” type of character (these types get their info from the daily record) and you do yourself no favours coming out with this nonsense comment.

    This kind of tosh does nothing to engender a feeling of inclusion to the Indy debate.

  65. Hopefully on the day after the GE you can post the same picture except with sunlight breaking through the clouds. Perhaps a rainbow too and the words hope spray painted over the sign.

  66. Ricky says:


    Very apt and bang on the money as usual.

    Love Saturdays with the toons. πŸ™‚

  67. Yesitis says:

    Darkly beautiful, Chris.

    I see a lot of the 1980s when I look at that image.
    It`s amazing how some people can radically change, while others become increasingly anachronistic and resolutely stagnant.

    I might watch ‘Dawn of the dead’ tonight.

  68. PictAtRandom says:

    “MajorBloodnok says:
    7 February, 2015 at 8:52 am


    It’s certainly looks like an early hominid, possibly Homo glasguensis kleptomanii or more likely Australopithecus mctierniensis.”

    It looks like a nasty “Hobbit” (from Flores)– One that’s just been kicked

  69. Croompenstein says:

    I might have been Murphy that did it as I heard he spanks the monkey quite a lot.. πŸ™‚

  70. manandboy says:

    Socrates MacSporran says at 10.20am

    The BBC, the mainstream media, particularly the Daily Record
    and the Catholic Church in Scotland
    will all be mobilised for this fire-fight.

    Let’s convert to the facts shall we.

    The Catholic Bishops in Scotland will not speak on Constitutional matters.

    Nor, do they ever advise the Catholic faithful how to vote.

    The majority of Catholics are Yes voters – and with a passion.

    Where you find No voting Catholics,
    you will find the exact same voter profile
    as with any other group of No voters.

    The idea that the Catholic Church will be mobilised
    to support the Labour Party,
    may play well in the Daily Record,
    and in the amazing imaginations
    of those who live only in the world of their fantasies.
    But, it is a ludicrous idea and totally unreal.

    Catholics are no different from the majority of the population –
    they can think for themselves.
    Unless of course, they are avid but uncritical TV watchers.

    Independence is a serious business – but it is business.
    It will be the better for it, if Independence is conducted
    on a strictly business basis.
    Allowing religion and football to mix with politics is a folly.
    You end up with poisoned politics – and a poisoned society.

    We are in the business of getting Scottish Independence.

    If anyone sees anything else,
    they should go to Specsavers –
    at least twice.

  71. alexicon says:

    So the whole stand, indeed the whole ground, voted no?

    Have you ever heard of Rangers for Independence?

    35% of Ranger supporters voted for YES on the pieandbovril website.
    It’s something we need to encourage not draw a dividing line between.

  72. velofello says:

    Peer says polling is being “manipulated” and polling companies are being “corrupted” by money from newspapers intent on affecting the general election result. He called for polls to be banned in the weeks running up to 7 May.

    Yup, Foulkes is the peer in question.

    He is a slow thinker it appears, how many years has he been a Labour politician? Why has this revelation visited him now ? Bad polling results for Labour perhaps?

    I wonder if in his revelation he saw Chris’s cartoon above?

  73. manandboy says:

    To split an already split hair –
    Politically, Labour’s traditional heartland is the West of Scotland, of which Glasgow is but a part, albeit a very important part.
    Indy Glasgow 364,000 voted
    Indy N&S Lanarkshire 447,000 voted.

  74. Grouse Beater says:

    Galloway protested in that One. Word. Over-Articulated. At. A. Time staccato delivery of his, saying England should not be dictated to by someone in ‘Monaco.’

    Irony is wasted on him.

    You’d think he’d be satisfied with that exposure. But no.

    And now I hear him moan he was stitched up by BBC’s instant punditry panel show, Question Time.

    He reminds me of fast-fading celebrities who exploit their health and anxieties to stay in the limelight.

  75. Onwards says:


    I was looking at one of the Rangers boards before the referendum, and from what I gather, many of the loudest voices for a NO vote were Rangers fans from outside Scotland.

    Many of the local guys were relaxed about it.

    There is a vocal section of extremist fans called the ‘union bears’ who probably set up that banner, and were likely involved in the George square commotion.

    Rangers supporters are a harder sell than most, but many average fans weren’t as anti-independence as you might think, especially as the monarchy was going to be retained.

    And even a club officially took a position, it’s patronising to assume that a football club is going to influence everyone’s vote. It’s just one factor.

    This election is also about more powers for Scotland, not just independence.

    Remember Govan has voted in SNP MP’s in the past.
    HMRC really screwed the club too, so loyalties have been shaken.

    Labour has let down just as many Rangers fans as anyone else in Glasgow.

  76. Bill McLean says:

    manandboy – hear, hear! Let’s keep Old Firm rivalries and any type of name-calling off these pages. Our cause is noble – let’s behave that way!!!

  77. Grendel says:

    Snode1965 @0934
    Apology accepted. If you read the ’tiser you may know me as one of Ms Nash’s loudest critics (JC ;-))
    The woman is as useless as they come.

    Which is why to those voters in certain areas (staunchy orange/unionist) this will be portrayed not as Labour vs SNP, but the Union vs Independence. Because without that cover story she might be exposed to real questions such as “what exactly do you DO?”

    The breakdown of the vote shows that this is probably their best tactic for those voters. They don’t care about issues, they care about the flag. All else comes second.

    Tom Clarke apparently tried to play the catholic bigot card in Coatbridge during the referendum, without success. I’m sure he’ll try it in the election as well. I doubt it will be any more successful there, and it really depends on Coatbridge SNP electing a strong candidate as to how this one will be played out.

  78. Patrick Roden says:

    @ Onwards,

    Yes I noticed that Rangers fans from N Ireland/England were very vocal in on-line media about how Rangers fans should vote No, but the Rangers fans from Glasgow/Scotland, tended to say that it should be each persons own circumstances that determines their vote, rather than their football team.

    Further to the comments about ‘old firm fans’ I think people who comment on Wings, need to stop using the facility to insult any group within our society, I am thinking of Christians, Celtic/Rangers, Catholics, etc.

    We know there’s ‘black opps’ operating in this debate, so lets not give them an open door.

  79. velofello says:

    i’d imagine that the newly formed British Army division to engage in cyber sorties will be eager to keep Scottish football supporters vs independence debates featuring often here and elsewhere. Best not to contribute nor respond. Let any such attempts wither.

  80. ronnie anderson says:

    I see the Murphy McTearnan Galloway sectarian message is coming across loud & clear ( without the swally ) why dont you,s give it ah rest or better still take your comments on to a Unionist site.

  81. ronald alexander mcdonald says:

    To be honest I’ve always thought the comparison insulting to monkeys. Snakes would be more appropriate.

  82. manandboy says:

    Scotland has baggage.
    It weighs us down.
    Holds us back.
    The worst of it is the sectarianism.

    And you know what?
    Westminster has no better tool
    for division in Scotland.

    Independence would be a chance for a fresh start for Scotland.

    Think of the possibilities.
    All our negative divisive energy channeled
    into a positive national force for unity –
    but with diversity.
    As a nation, is it really beyond us
    to accept the differences between us,
    while celebrating our common humanity, nationality and purpose?

    Better Together failed to make a positive case for itself.
    I challenge anyone, to make a positive case for sectarianism.

  83. Valerie says:

    @Grouse Beater, QT was quite hairy for Gorgeous George, and he tweeted to his followers, to complain to the BBC, about him being stitched up. A lot of the audience jeered, and shouted ‘not welcome’.

    Dumbledore struggled to keep control, the other panel members looked smug.

    I think George is his own worst enemy, because he does sometimes make good points, then ruins it, by going off on one.

  84. Paula Rose says:

    Lay off the snakes – they have some very charming attributes.

  85. Grouse Beater says:

    Valerie: I think George is his own worst enemy, because he does sometimes make good points, then ruins it, by going off on one.

    Yes, he doesn’t seem to have a standard to which he holds. Whatever punch wins the match, use it.

  86. David says:

    Batten down the hatches, stormclouds are gathering for The Party Formerly Known As Labour.

  87. Betty Craney says:

    Referring to Tom Clarke – in this weeks Advertiser he’s advising that we stop whinging but he sneaked in the lie about SNP letting Thatcher in . Me , being the cynic that I am , decided to write him a wee letter pointing him to Jim Callahan’s memoirs where Callahan himself put the blame , squarely , on the Labour Party itself .
    Gerry Parker is also writing to the paper putting him straight … Tom will not be pleased as he’s had his way too long in the Brig but , Hell mend him ….his ‘entitlement ‘ to our votes has run out !
    Maybe I’ll get an answer this time as my last missive was ignored .

  88. galamcennalath says:

    Simple OT thought. The turnout at the referendum was, we are told, a record 84.59 percent.

    Has anyone thought of asking a representative sample from across Scotland, “Did you vote?”

    Any jiggery pokery, of which there has been much discussion, would show immediately.

  89. Grendel says:

    @Betty Craney, Gerry’s letters are spot on. I noticed he has a wee FOI request in about election posters. I’m looking forward to his letter on that!

  90. A monkey skeleton with a red rosette would still get most of the Zombie Labour vote as has been written a thousand times Zombie Labour supporters would vote for a donkeys ass if it had a red rosette pinned to it.
    Take a look at the `talent` that they have voted for,you would be better of with the ass of a donkey.

  91. ronnie anderson says:

    @ manandboy 1.09 I have a admiration for atheists, they dont carry crosses on their backs.

  92. Muscleguy says:


    If it’s creepy you want, think of the gorillas in Planet of the Apes (original series/films). You could discuss things with the Orangs or the Chimps but not the gorillas and there were no gorillas in the resistance.

  93. manandboy says:

    @ ronnie anderson says:3:54 pm
    I have a admiration for atheists, they dont carry crosses on their backs.”

    A Scot with no Saltire across his shoulders?
    what’s to admire ?

  94. Chic McGregor says:

    Nice one Chris?

    The extinction of Homo Electus?

  95. gerry parker says:

    @Grendel, and Betty.
    Submitted one for publication this week. Great one in last week by Jim Brown.
    Seeing as how Tom Clarke managed for one of his constituents πŸ˜‰ to get Ed Milibands office to admit the Vow was just a Daily Record “mock up”, I was going to write to him and see if he can get Ed’s office to flesh out the home rule details. Just so his constituents can vote from a informed point of view that is.

  96. Connor Mcewen says:

    I noticed on Sunday politics N.I. beeb discussed SNP growth without SNP participation and beeb Scotland discussed SNP with a unionist place man “Academic” to degrade the SNP and scottish government

  97. Oisean says:

    People insisting that football nonsense should stay off these pages. Much as I agree it would seem an odd stance given Stu’s own outpourings on the subject. Football is just football. If you want to mix it up with politics then you’re doing Jim Murphy’s work for him.

    One other thing on the cartoon (which is great, btw). As Morag has already said, it’s a play on the long-standing idea that Glasgow was so Labour that a monkey with a red rosette would get in. It’s NOT suggesting that Labour candidates are somehow sub-human, an ugly notion that invokes some pretty appalling ideas from WWII.

  98. Mike says:

    I have it on good authority that Red Rosette will continue to be the official Labour candidate competing for every seat in Scotland at the next GE and SE.

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