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The growing consensus

Posted on June 14, 2014 by


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141 to “The growing consensus”

  1. geeo says:

    As usual, that is brilliant !
    This will be a good day.

  2. Tom Platt says:

    Yes, 3 empty promises not yet rolled into one, indeed. They’re fighting over them now and, in the unlikely event of “No”, you can be certain that they will make fighting over them afterwards an excuse for not delivering..and that’s before their Westminster bosses have had their say. Look at poor Gordon too..struggling to be heard. His are the best proposals of the lot but Westminster and the London media have destroyed his credibility and now even the Labour Party won’t take him seriously. Pathetic. We can’t afford to vote “No”. “Yes” is the only sensible vote IMO.


  3. geeo says:

    Got a mortgage ?

    From the guardian,

    “Campaign groups such as Citizens Advice have warned that many households will struggle to pay their mortgages after even a small rise in interest rates, because high living costs have left them little room for manoeuvre. They also warn that higher borrowing costs will come as a shock after more than five years of near-zero rates”.

    Time for some “pooling and sharing” ?

  4. Jim Marshall says:

    Your cartoons keep getting better Chris. Good to start a Saturday with a laugh.

  5. Dan Huil says:

    How can the people of Scotland believe in unionist promises of more devolution when these unionists can’t even agree on the sort of areas to be devolved?
    Unionist politicians are deceitful.

  6. Devereux says:

    O/T but am I the only one thinking the Scotsman story on the BBC is a set- up to take the sting out of the BBC demonstration. Ie some Yes Scotland stuff made there. Paranoia setting in, I know.

  7. Dr JM Mackintosh says:

    Yes pretty well sums up the No campaign.
    Devomax assured No thanks !
    Really funny.

  8. goldenayr says:

    Succinctly put Mr Cairns.Their problems neatly wrapped in one little picture.

  9. Ken500 says:

    The Unionists in disarray. The trougher’s egos

    What a slogan – ‘No thanks’. It’s unbelievable.

    They attack the NHS/Education, both of which has massive recognised, public support.

    Their PR company must be closet YES supporters.

  10. Gordon E says:

    Love it!
    This is going straight into my shop window.
    Got to keep up with the Naw window up the street!

  11. manandboy says:


    DO CLICK on the cartoon to magnify it

    it is so much better when blown up

    Gordon’s hand round Danny Alexander’s neck is priceless

    Ruth Davidson is certainly in trouble

    But the best for me is Johann Lamont

    In real life she’s actually not that good looking!

    Chris’s depiction of JoLa is right on

    she is not only on the edge of things

    she is rather small in the context of the big picture.

    And no, you’re right,

    no mention of Alistair Darling.

    Surprised ?

  12. call me dave says:

    That’s spot on and so well drawn too.

    Now, at last, we are back to one of the main issues after a necessary interlude of pig wrestling.

    This is a major weakness in the NO campaign, who’s in charge of the jam? Who can we trust, none of the above!

    Readers, especially the undecided, will be interested in this aspect of the debate and will be convinced that their best interests lie with a YES.

  13. Ken500 says:

    The Scotsman (bad management) ‘might’ be moving over, as the YES intentions increases and NO tanks.

    Sales, share price plummeting. £300Million of restructured debt.

    E.g. Sunday Herald selling well.

    Who know’s, who cares. No thanks.

  14. goldenayr says:


    I usually put myself down as the most paranoid person due to my cynicism.

    Although,over the last few days I’ve had a feeling of something building and it doesn’t feel pretty.It feels like a full blown SiS attack on a leading member of the YES side.I expect some made up expose of even greater proportions than the one just experienced by Gunn.And by a lesser extent the attempted discrediting of Stu and WoS or worse,a physical attack blamed on us.

    I just hope it’s my paranoia.

  15. Ken500 says:

    What a rammy. Poetic justice. It would be laughable, if it wasn’t so pathetic.

  16. Clootie says:

    Once again an outstanding summary in one sketch!

    However I would argue against them being empty promises. At first they seem to be aimed at convincing the DK’s that DevoMax awaits a NO vote. The very dangerous part of these “extra powers” is to use that gift to justify tearing up the Barnett formulae.

    The English newspapers have convinced the public that Scots get much,much more than their fair share. The cuts that both the Tories AND Labour have promised will be compounded by further reductions in the Scottish Holyrood budget.

    The promises bring a two fold risk
    a) fool people into trusting them and voting NO.
    b) it justifies ending the Barnett.Formulae

  17. Ian Kirkwood says:

    Best yet, absolutely brilliant. A keeper!

  18. Croompenstein says:

    Aahh Willie Rennie, not even important enough for oor Chris’s cartoon 😀

    Nice one Chris

  19. john king says:

    Danny Alexanders got a grip of his own throat, love it
    the embodiment of self destruction. 🙂

  20. heedtracker says:

    Cracker! Hope Crash Gordon takes over completely though. Wonder what they say to each other after stuff like Darling’s “blood and soil” attacks.

  21. goldenayr says:

    John King

    It’s Broon that’s got a hold of Beekers throat.Danny/Dougie Alexander twins have a grip of Darling.

    Enlarge it and you’ll see.

  22. Seasick Dave says:

    Should there not be a squirrel in there somewhere?

  23. Dai O'Gineese says:

    Och wee Wullie’s there. it’s just that he’s hidden up the back of Darling’s jaiket

  24. john king says:

    Yea your right Goldenayr

  25. goldenayr says:

    heedtracker says:
    Cracker! Hope Crash Gordon takes over completely though. Wonder what they say to each other after stuff like Darling’s “blood and soil” attacks

    Probably something along the lines of..

    “I bloody soil myself every time he speaks”

  26. Derek M says:

    great cartoon Chris fair cheered me up so it did 🙂

  27. jim arnott says:

    Ferrets fighting in a sack have nothing on this lot

  28. Croompenstein says:

    @goldenayr – I think that’s meant to be Ruthie not Dougie in the blue suit 🙂

  29. TheItalianJob says:


    My thoughts too. Because WOS has been so successful in the Internet medium and has become mainstream so to speak, including the good Rev being interviewed both on Radio and TV attacks, on this site, and by the msm and certain individuals including the Rev himself was immenent.

    The Clare Lally event was orchestrated well in advance for maximum exposure and hit on all of the Yes campaign and more so the SG vis-a-vis FMQ this week.

    The vast majority of the Yes supporters are decent honest people who feel they are doing their best for their country and people of Scotland.

    For the rUK the Union is more important than little old Scotland and it’s people, who are standing up for their democratic rights. This is irrepective of the wanton problems we have in Scotland ref poverty, ill health, foodbanks etc, etc.

    The better together mob fronted by Alisatir Darling, Broon, Danny Alexander etc are pushing the Union beacause it has rewarded them well with their Westminster roles. The are all part of this big UK/Westminster/elite entity, which a great many of us want away from.

    Do they care about the ordinary man in the street. I really doubt it given their past history in Westminster.

    I can understand the average Scottish person is disillusioned by politicians, hence poor voter turnouts at elections. We must get the positive message over to everyone as we have being doing over the past year or so.

    But as you highlight, we need to be carefull in the next few months as the vitrol will increase against us.

  30. Grouse Beater says:

    Three women in one day – think it was planned?

    Am jist Ah ordinary punter.
    I am a rich cybernat hunter.
    I’m a Yank whose mind is blank.

    (Lally’s metal alley, Rowlinginnit, and Clinton – no cigar. Expect Mother Theresa next, raised from the dead.)

  31. goldenayr says:


    Dougie-Ruthie easy mistake to make.Although I reckon wee Ruthie would have the sister back stabber in a straight punch up.

  32. Grouse Beater says:

    Expect Mother Theresa next, raised from the dead.

    Hold on a minute! They’ve roped in the Pope!

  33. TheItalianJob says:


    I would go further. What we will have, folloing a No vote, is the total destruction of the politcal strength that has been built us since devolution in Scotland.

    The Barnett formula will go, we will raise a certain amount of our own taxes, but little revenues as most of this will still be controlled by Westminster. When the austerity cuts kick in big time and this will definitely affect us, leading to cost savings etc. Outcome. The present SG will be blamed, labour will be seen as the rescue party and hay, what do you know the devolved parliment is seen as being next to useless and backwards we go to pre 1999.

    Just think about it. I may be wrong but just my observation.

  34. goldenayr says:


    I’m not sure that I should be glad it’s not just me being paranoid.And I hope it’s the expose as that can be argued against and ultimately dismissed.

    However,the increasingly vehement and violent attacks on social media by right wing nutjobs,the orange order and the loyalists in NI is becoming increasingly worrying.

    It wouldn’t be the first time people like them have been used by the state to further their own agenda.

    I really hope I’m wrong.

  35. Grouse Beater says:

    Our special relationship with the USA involved the UK controlled by the US.

    (What? But that means England is not independent!!!)

    And more nukes on the Clyde – now under hush hush discussion.

  36. bunter says:

    Re the Popes statement, I came across a Google translation of it last night and when you read it, it was actually a fair and carefully crafted statement and was not a NO to Scottish indy, but was along the lines of each case must be studied on its merits. I think all this devisive stuff was in relation to the Catalonian case, which does not have a legally binding agreement with the Spanish. Oh and then there is the BritNat press version, which looks like spin central!

    I wish I had kept the translation, but beer goggles and footy got in the way Doh!

  37. The Man in the Jar says:

    Best cartoon yet!

  38. Flower of Scotland says:

    O/t @ Grouse Beater, have you not seen YES Facebook pages! I shared Jesus Says NO! And the Devil says NO!

    Chris,s cartoon is so clever. Humour gives people a rest from the daily bombardment from the British establishment! It relaxes my brain for a wee while!

  39. Grouse Beater says:

    Dear J K Rowling – grousebeater.wordpress.

    Italy to win 3-1.
    Are yi naw supportin’ Englan’, Grousy?
    Gie-uz a brek. Ah’m Scottish, ‘n Sicilian, ya bass.

  40. Croompenstein says:

    @goldenayr – the sister back stabber Ha Ha 😀

  41. Grouse Beater says:

    I think all this devisive stuff was in relation to the Catalonian case, which does not have a legally binding agreement with the Spanish.

    No one expects the Spanish Inquisition!!!

    (Incidentally, it STILL exists, only under a different name. Dissident South American priests and Catholic academics are the first to feel the crack of its whip.)

  42. seanair says:

    An absolutely brilliant cartoon, which reflects all the rifts in the alleged Union. I don’t seem to have seen any analysis in the MSM /BBC/STV about the lack of coherence in the opposition to YES. Is there such an analysis anywhere?

  43. Wp says:

    Breaking news!!! Just in. “God says no”

  44. Flower of Scotland says:

    I was confronted by a group of NOs last night who whined that Scotland wanted democracy but were denying rUK their democracy by not allowing THEM to vote. That’s 62 million people against Scotland’s 5.3 million. They reckoned that it was going to affect rUK big time! So that’s a different slant from ” too poor we don’t matter” to it’s going to affect England massively. They are definitely getting worried.

  45. Grouse Beater says:

    Breaking news!!! Just in. “God says no”

    Aye, but will he go on television to debate with Salmond?

    I. Don’t. Think. So.

  46. goldenayr says:

    “God says no”?

    The omnipotence always says no.

    Hae ye naw scried thon “Commandments”?

  47. goldenayr says:

    I just wish I had a neighbours wife worth coveting 🙂

  48. Grouse Beater says:

    They reckoned that it was going to affect rUK big time!

    Tough. Eh?

    They don’t appear to recognise Scotland is a separate country.

    International law does not recognise independence imposed from without the nation undergoing change. It must rise from within.

    Putin knew that – hence he welcomed a plebiscite to prove the region most populated by Russians wants to stay Russian.

  49. TheItalianJob says:

    @Grouse Beater

    I enjoyed that letter. Well put over.

    Regarding Italy score, I hope so too.

  50. ronnie anderson says:

    @ Chris Cairns, five of them there in your cartoon

    & not one of the has the Authority to strike a safety


    Chris you surpass yourself every time, par excelenty.

  51. Liquid Lenny says:

    O/T seen this on Tom Prides Blog

    Vote No and get a taxi instead of an Ambulance staffed by fully trained Paramedics.

  52. Grouse Beater says:

    I enjoyed that letter. Well put over.

    La ringrazio molto, senore!

    Great shame for Spain. What a stunner.

  53. Jim Thomson says:

    Errmm, I not sure God has a position on this. I’ve checked with the Westboro Baptist Church twitter feed and there’s no mention … yet.

    I did see that someone has asked them to find out what the Big Fella thinks though. That was a while back and no response yet.

    If I see anything relevant from them (the ONLY reputable source btw) I’ll let you all know.

  54. Jim Marshall says:

    Woke up this morning with strange symptoms. I have started speaking with an Italian accent, you know the sort of thing “scatter da peasa dall over da counter”. I had a hot pea special for breakfast and now have a compulsion to head for Nardinis to eat ice cream all day. Asked my wife to make lasagne for lunch and a salad with Bertolli oil. Phoned NHS24 and been advised I”ll be back to normal at 1.00 am.

  55. Josef O Luain says:

    Up there with anything Hogarth might’ve produced.

    The political cartoon – ye canny beat it – pure eloquence.

  56. john ferguson says:

    Goldenayr, I’m with you on the paranoia ,have been for some time now. I can see a serious crime being planned on some high profile YES supporter. There are a lot of troughers who stand to lose massively and they are not about to let it happen whatever the cost. I think history will back this up.

  57. John H. says:

    O/T, and I hope this hasn’t already been mentioned. I listened to the paper review on 5 Live at around 7.30 this morning.

    It seems that a Commons committee is considering whether to add the BBC licence fee onto our council tax bills. That way you’ll pay whether you like it or not.

  58. TheItalianJob says:

    @Grouse Beater


    How Italian Scots will watch the game. Saluti a tutti.

  59. Croompenstein says:

    @Flower of Scotland – I feel your pain, was talking to no’s last night and wheeled out all the usual crap about Alex and Nicola but the clincher was when I explained about WMD he said but we need them in case we’re attacked, attacked by who I asked, terrorists he said, so your reaction to 2 guys driving a vehicle in to Glasgow airport terminal is to release indiscriminate death and destruction?

    Aye but there would be nothing to stop the Russians he said! Said that FM is rail roading Scotland in to indy and thats why he has given to vote to 16 year olds, he will force schools and colleges to screen Braveheart the week before the ref.

    Honestly it does get you down that some of our fellow Scots are so ignorant and thick and will not listen to reasoned argument.

  60. Kalmar says:

    Jim, you know the UK government shut down NHS24, right?

  61. goldenayr says:

    Did any of you catch the end of GMS this morning?

    An English/Italian,in Bedford I think,was promoting the Italian communities in Englands support for Italy tonight and how they hope it will be a celebration.Very positive message,I hope for them it’s not a complete drubbing England get.

  62. Kalmar says:

    Re my previous comment – OOPS! It’s NHS Direct that’s closed, NHS24 is indeed still going (the Scottish version). That completely passed me by, wonder why!

  63. john king says:

    “Hold on a minute! They’ve roped in the Pope!”

    The Pope and Scotland don’t seem to have a lot to say to each other,
    The last time we spoke we read him the declaration of Arbroath and he told us to bugger off,and all we wanted was a wee bottle o holy waater.
    Is it still the same Pope?
    weeell you know how long they live. 🙂

  64. Jim Marshall says:


    I know 2 nurses who work there, based in Clydebank.

  65. Grouse Beater says:

    The Italian Job: How Italian Scots will watch the game

    I enjoyed that! Aren’t Italian folk sooo very handsome?

    You might like Scots Are Mean? Never! and The South City Mob both on my blogsite.

  66. goldenayr says:

    john ferguson

    I’m getting worried now.Too many people agreeing with my fears.

    I don’t think it will be a YES supporter that’s attacked though.That wouldn’t further their cause.Far more likely to be a high profile,and compliant,no figure.The spurious tales of “cybernat” abuse are just the build up to the big sting.

  67. Grouse Beater says:

    John King said> The Pope and Scotland don’t seem to have a lot to say to each other,

    We wrote to him, a deputation, in 1705, twice I think, to join us in resisting the Act of Union. According to the book of that date ‘m currently posting up on my blog I think he did support Scottish autonomy. I’ll know better when I decipher that page, some of it in Latin.

  68. ronnie anderson says:

    @Flower of Scotland ,next time you meet those Nos remind

    them it was Cameron that was negotiating the Edinburgh

    Aggreement on behalf of HMG with the Alex Salmond

    the FM of the Wee Pretendy Parliament,that will realy get

    their goat.

  69. NODROG says:

    I shifted this from first timer area – hope that is OK the comments are more appropriate here.
    NODROG says:
    11 June, 2014 at 2:07 pm
    What nonsense a joint agreement with 3 parties on more power for Scotland. Firstly there are 4 No parties – lest we forget UKIP. Secondly the LibDems will be gone in 2015. Thirdly Labour have to win in 2015 to meet any promises. Fourthly the Tories will only win in coalition with UKIP in 2015. Which will give the Tories all the excuse they need to renege again on more powers for Scotland. Vote YES.

  70. Flower of Scotland says:


    It’s all that Alecsummin,s fault! He,s planned this for years! He’ll do anything to be President of Scotland!! Blah, blah

    So Chris,s cartoon was really welcome relief and so clever!

  71. Harry McAye says:


    I was at the YES/NO debate at Hillhouse Parish Church in Hamilton on Thursday night. Our local SNP MSP Christina McKelvie spoke very well and at one point actually mentioned the oil that we currently can’t get at off the Ayrshire coast. She was unequivocal and this was the first time I can recall anyone in the SNP stating this. It’s a bugbear of mine that it has not really been mentioned thus far. I would not like them to wait until the last minute in September before making it more widely known as I fear it won’t be believed – “Aye, they’re getting desperate now”, “do they expect us to believe that” sort of thing. We need to get the experts rolled out soon and get this in the public domain, in the Yes paper, on leaflets, why hide this? Not to mention the supposed “biggest oil discovery in the world” that seems to be off Lewis.

  72. JGedd says:


    The same disquieting scenario sometimes plays itself out in my head. I hope we’re wrong too.

  73. goldenayr says:


    6 pro-union parties.You forgot BNP and Britain First.

  74. cynicalHighlander says:

    Pay more tax and get back less. No thanks vote Yes.

  75. Grouse Beater says:

    “I’m sorry. We don’t do God.” Alastair Campbell when, Tony Blair was asked about his Christian faith by a magazine reporter.

    For those that ‘don’t do’ football, there’s always religion.

    Ah, I smell the rich aroma of real coffee. My Nespresso coffee machine is ready. Time for my first cup of the day. And no dolly lady to shout, “Grouse Beater is in there!” and steal it.

  76. Krackerman says:

    BT lads are out and about pounding the streets in Alloa again to today. Had one at the door and politely asked him to leave and not come back.

  77. goldenayr says:


    If you’ve got a glass pane on your door,it’s worthwhile putting a YES car sticker on it.

  78. mr thms says:

    “Following on from a similar survey conducted in April and May 2013 a team of Edinburgh University researchers, funded by the Economic and Social Research Council through its Future of the UK and Scotland Programme and working under the umbrella of the Applied Quantitative Methods Network (AQMeN), has conducted a new survey of 14 to 17 year olds in Scotland.”


    “There has been a substantial swing to Yes in referendum vote intentions as compared with 2013. Amongst the sample as a whole, 30% now back a Yes vote compared with 23% in 2013. In contrast, the proportion saying they favour a No vote has fallen from 58% to 52%. This means that once the Don’t Knows have been excluded there has been a nine point swing to Yes, from 28% last year to 37% now.

    The results for those who will actually be eligible to vote in September are, at 29% Yes, 52% No are almost identical. Once the Don’t Knows are excluded, 36% say they will vote Yes.”

  79. fairiefromtheearth says:

    Bye bye Rev no point being here if i cant communicate in real time, i hope your happy turning yes supporters away [EDITED]

  80. ronnie anderson says:

    Oh decisions decisions will it be Nardini’s or Visochi’s

    wie ma Ambrosia custard, na I’ll cut oot the Ambrosia ah

    hiv h/dozen fresh Scottish eggs,kin ah borrow a electic

    whisk ave got athritic arms.

  81. Grouse Beater says:

    Yes will win by 63% of the voting electorate.

    If God didn’t want Scotland to regain its independence he would have invented Mel Gibson.

  82. Grouse Beater says:

    Correction: wouldn’t.

  83. Stoops says:


    You should engage them; see if you can make them see the light!

  84. Marian says:

    There’s an article in today’s Scotsman claiming that a recent ‘Better Together’ cinema advert that pulled by the cinemas, was made in the BBC’s Glasgow studios under some commercial arrangement – see

    Can anyone clarify if this film that was made in the BBC studios and pulled by the cinemas was really made for ‘Better Together’ or was it actually made for the ‘No Borders’ astroturf organisation that received so much unwarranted publicity from the BBC on the day of its launch?

  85. Grouse Beater says:

    There’s an article in today’s Scotsman claiming that a recent ‘Better Together’ cinema advert that pulled by the cinemas, was made in the BBC’s Glasgow studios under some commercial arrangement

    Not a surprise.

    Since the BBC tossed away its Charter it has conducted itself as if a global profit making corporation.

    Somebody at the Beeb had to know the content. First thing you ask. There are forms to fil in. It could be a porno company trying to shoot digital out of the rain and have a nice canteen nearby.

  86. galamcennalath says:

    Great cartoon.

    In the 1930s the New Zealand cartoonist, David Low, invented the Colonel Blimp satirical character. According to Wikipedia, Low saw British politics as being riven with reactionary attitudes of isolationism, impatience with the concerns of common people, and a lack of enthusiasm for democracy.

    Sheesh … 80 years later and not much has changed!

  87. ronald alexander mcdonald says:

    I actually think Better Together is a good slogan. Their problem, as we’re all aware, is there is no substance to it. Now their slogan has the ultimate negative i.e. NO!

    Who provided the marketing for that? Alex Salmond?

  88. Grouse Beater says:

    A timely reminder, galamcennalath

  89. heedtracker says:

    Its just the nightmare vision of Crash standing up next to cheering thugs like Ian Davidson in the Commons on the 19th Sept going “Mr Speaker I saved the world, from Scotland” here here here here, ordah ordah ordah…

  90. galamcennalath says:

    Grouse Beater says:
    Yes will win by 63% of the voting electorate.

    I’ve been guessing 58%. Now I like yours better 🙂

  91. Grouse Beater says:

    Galamcennalath said: I like yours better

    And I’ll be just as joyful accepting yours.

    Mine is based on the NO campaign hush hush calculation of a potential 58% Yes win, hence you are closer to them, and why their campaign is ferociously smear and slander.

    I then added the percentages the statistic sages keep asserting will slide from their category to Yes on polling day … and it adds up to 63%, which coincidentally …

    … is exactly the number who voted for Devolution.

  92. galamcennalath says:

    @ronald alexander mcdonald

    Indeed. Which appeals to basic human instincts more?

    ‘Yes, Please’ or ‘No, Thanks’

    However, it wasn’t the slogan BT got wrong, it was the cause they chose to try to defend!

  93. Liquid Lenny says:

    Harry McAye

    Re Oil, No drilling has been carried out in the Clyde Basin only seismic surveys which suggested that there was hydrocarbon bearing deposits. The Mod blocked exploration drilling, so we don’t know if there is oil down there, Arran where I live is on top of a massive artesian well.

    I worked in the industry for over 30 years, in the early eighties I guy joined our company who told me that he had worked on the seismic ships in the Clyde estuary and they signs were promising.

    However It could be water that’s down there so don’t let us get too carried away with the Clyde. Its possible that there is commercial quantities of oil/gas there but until exploration drilling is carried out nobody knows.

    Same for the so called biggest oilfield in the world, due to seismic activity much of the potential oil/gas bearing areas have been shattered, this could cause any oil/gas to have “escaped” many years ago. So we cant promise the people that the Clyde is full of Oil and we have the biggest Oilfield in the World, both may be true but until proper evaluation is conducted both are just possibilities.

    We have enough proven reserves which will make a big difference in our economy going forward without fantasizing on something that might not exist.

  94. Liquid Lenny says:

    Grouse Beater

    The 63% figure is what Scottish Skier has been forecasting for several months if not years, since he started forecasting the 63% which is based on a variety of factors I have taken an interest in the votes at public meetings, often the figure post meeting is 63% Yes.

  95. Weedeochandorris says:

    Interesting video and read the comments. The people south of the border have been fed propaganda for so long they believe everything they are told by the media just the same as up here. When you listen to them it’s like they live on a different planet, but they’re all right Jack because all the wealth is flowing South. It’s digusting what social engineering and media manipulation has done to this country. Divide and conquer, truly. We need to get our own country back to take care of ourselves. Anyone who doesn’t want to be a part of it, move to where you are more comfortable.

  96. Jim Thomson says:

    @Stoops & @Krackerman
    you’ll probably find out that they are in the couldn’t-give-a-toss-ahm-jist-bein’-paid-to-deliver-the-stuff demographic. I’d bet they weren’t REAL volunteers.

  97. Auld Rock says:

    Whatever the three unionist parties agree to here in Scotland and while they might well have the support of their London bosses there are three bogeymen that must not be overlooked. The London bosses might agree but the trouble is that already there are rumblings in the ‘back-benches’ saying, “It will be over our dead bodies to give all these new tax and other powers to those b****y Scots” and the second bogeyman is who will form the next UK Govt after the 2015 election and the third bogeyman is, what representation might UKIP get?

    So, no matter what the unionists promise they can not guarantee to deliver whereas on the other hand a ‘YES’ vote does guarantee delivery of a Government of the peoples choosing.

    Auld Rock

  98. Helena Brown says:

    Great cartoon, I imagine they are exactly like that, rats in a trap of their own making.
    Apologies to the nice rats at Stu’s.

  99. galamcennalath says:

    Liquid Lenny says:
    So we cant promise the people that the Clyde is full of Oil and we have the biggest Oilfield in the World, both may be true but until proper evaluation is conducted both are just possibilities.
    We have enough proven reserves which will make a big difference in our economy going forward without fantasizing on something that might not exist.

    There’s also a lot of suggestions of oil west of Lewis.

    Perhaps the Scottish Government should be saying that on Independence, more unexplored areas to the west will be opened up with a batch of new licences.

  100. Grouse Beater says:

    Liquid Lenny said: often the figure post meeting is 63% Yes.</i.

    Many thanks for that update, Lenny.

    I began screwing my courage to the mast early last year, after recalculating a dozen times, and then like Charles Darwin and the 'Origin of the Species,' sat on it for ages in fear of ridicule.

  101. goldenayr says:

    Lewis McLeod on Off The Ball,brilliant.

  102. goldenayr says:


    I’ve still got it at 75%.Only a quarter of folk I talk to are no.And I talk to a lot.

  103. TheItalianJob says:

    Ref estimates/predictions of a Yes vote.

    Sounds good and hence the current onslaught on the Yes campaign.

    We just need to keep resolute in the coming months and counter all they throw at us.

  104. TheItalianJob says:

    Decisions, decisions.

    I work overseas (in the oil and gas industry) and live in a compound. Do I watch the Italy vs England game, in our clubhouse, with 98% English supporters or do I watch on my own, in my bungalow.

    PS If I watch it in my bungalow, the commentary is in German as its ZDF.

  105. TheItalianJob says:

    PPS I don’t have any knowledge of German.

  106. Grouse Beater says:

    Golden Ayre said: And I talk to a lot.


    Trooping the Colour Day all over BBC – to remind us we are joined at the hip by the Union of the Crowns and will be after independence. (But not to remind us somebody okayed £2 million for a new gold coach for Her Aging Majesty.)

    This ritual is followed by England’s version of footie to remind us that we are weak and useless at sport and need England to fly our flag for us.

    English sports commentator: “England is great at lots of sports. We invented a ton of them: football, table tennis, tennis, golf…”

  107. Croompenstein says:

    @TheItalianJob – I learned some from the Warlord – Gott im Himmel Englander scum, die Tommy Englander!

  108. Schrodinger's Cat says:

    goldenayr says:
    14 June, 2014 at 10:44 am

    “God says no”?

    but Jesus is still undecided

    btw, ian brotherhood predicted 62-64% in a you tube video way back

  109. Grouse Beater says:

    Th Italian Job said: I don’t have any knowledge of German.

    Might I suggest you turn off the sound and watch while listening to a Giuseppi Verdi’s (Joe Green’s) ‘La Forza Del Destino’ – The Force of Destiny.

  110. goldenayr says:

    Grouse Beater

    One of these days,based on the odds of probability,I’ll say something sensible.

  111. Grouse Beater says:

    Golden Ayre said: I’ll say something sensible.

    I would not concern yourself. I enjoy your bon mots.

    Look at the ridicule Rowling-innit attracted for her ill-considered half-written by Brown opinion, and her attempt to dehumanise all opposition as evil Death Eaters.

  112. MIdgehunter says:


    I work overseas (in the oil and gas industry) and live in a compound. Do I watch the Italy vs England game, in our clubhouse, with 98% English supporters or do I watch on my own, in my bungalow.

    PS If I watch it in my bungalow, the commentary is in German as its ZDF.

    PPS I don’t have any knowledge of German.

    It’s on the ARD channel at 23.30 German time not ZDF.
    Have you tried turning the volume down to just a bit of background noise and then just watched the game?

    BTW in Germany, on SAT 1 TV at 20.15, the blockbuster film of the Weekend is “Braveheart”. Just nicely timed to finish when the England-Italy game starts. 😉

  113. Schrodinger's Cat says:

    stop press
    pope comes out in favour of same sex marriages

    as long as it is between a consenting adult……
    and a choir boy


  114. goldenayr says:

    Grouse Beater

    Cheers,I know I’m not perfect but on a par with JK?


    Strange thing,she’d offered me a job with her, a couple of years ago,but declined.That was when I still had some pride.

  115. Grouse Beater says:

    Goldenayre sid: Strange thing,she’d offered me a job with her, a couple of years ago,but declined. That was when I still had some pride.

    Good one.

    You’d be doing penance for accepting held behind 40 feet leylandii hedging screening her off from the world, while watched eternally by her permanent live-in security guards, and her children play on their Disney-style tree extravaganza.

  116. TheItalianJob says:

    @Grouse Beater

    Thanks for the tips. Looking forwrd to the evening now, even if I am on my own.

  117. goldenayr says:

    Grouse Beater

    Wasn’t her Edinburgh residence.

    Although the odd night in civilisation would’ve been welcome.

    Gotta go now,see ye later.

  118. MIdgehunter says:

    @ Italianjob

    “Thanks for the tips. Looking forwrd to the evening now, even if I am on my own.”

    Your never alone with a good malt whisky…

  119. Liquid Lenny says:


    The stuff west of Lewis is in the same basin as whats being described as the “Biggest Oilfield in the World”

    Time will tell we just have to ensure that we the people of Scotland benefit from it this time and its not squandered by Westminster like the North Sea until now has.

    BTW One of my mates worked on a rig miles west of Shetland in the early 80’s they struck gold but the well was capped and has not been touched since, how many more wells have been capped that we don’t know about?


  121. Clootie says:

    I thinkk the work Radical Independence is doing will deliver many voters who do no figure in most polling database calculations.these are a large unknown at present.

    However about 120,000 votes should now clinch it.

    If every wings reader talks and convinces one person to vote YES it will be well over.

    Don’t debate with hard NO’s. Put your effort into those in the 6/7/8 ranking. Just ONE each in the next 3 months. You don’ have to stop there of course 😀

    Have info on the economic case / NHS / Pensions / the Pound etc all to hand. The Aye Right cards are great but some people like to read a print out (those in my age bracket!)

  122. Rev. Stuart Campbell says:

    “Bye bye Rev no point being here if i cant communicate in real time,”

    You’ll be taken off moderation if I can trust you not to post threatening and abusive comments. Look where it gets us.

  123. Grouse Beater says:

    Geeo said: This will be a good day.

    I just love that comment.

  124. geeo says:

    @the italianjob

    Watch the game with your english colleagues.
    If england score 1st, slink of quietly to your room.
    If italy score 1st, stand up and ask if anyone wants to order a pizza

  125. geeo says:

    As an aside to my last comment, i was in majorca a few years back on holiday with a whole load of family and friends and my brother in law and his best pal found a bar to watch the celtic v hearts game. Problem being his pal was a celtic fan and dared him (bro in law) to wear his rangers top to the bar.
    I persuaded him by wearing a falkirk top.
    There was genuinely brilliant banter because of this, but especially when hearts got a dubious penalty. Me being me of course, shouted YAAAAAASSSSS..then rapidly shut up. You should have saw the look on my brother in law’s face when the entire bar turned and stared at him sitting there in his rangers top !!

    After a fleeting moment of sullen silence, the entire bar burst out laughing…with everyone laughing and joking about it.

    The most profound thing said that day came from the guy who looked the biggest ned in the bar, “its a real shame that stunt could never have happened in Scotland, absolutely made my day, cheers guys”
    Lots of photos taken of my brother in law with hordes of celtic fans surrounding him ensued.

    For me it shows that without the Scottish media driving the sectarian divide, Scots are able to be Scots.

  126. Schrodinger's Cat says:

    Bye bye no point being here.

    at last, something i agree with you about faerie

  127. Bugger (the Panda) says:

    I was in London when Scotland and England were playing, at the same time in some Euro or World Cup. It may have been a qualifying round.

    Anyway the hotel was, naturally stuffed with England supporters, showung the England game in the bar and lounge area.

    The Hotel was French owned and arranged, somehow, to get a feed through on some French illegal (?) channel and set up a TV in a wee corner of the entrance area.

    We won and England lost, I was hoarse and the French management loved every 90 minutes of the two competing games.

  128. Grouse Beater says:

    Is kick-off 9 or 9.30pm? That’ll clash with Wallander. Damn.

  129. handclapping says:

    Thanks Chris, another wee gem.

  130. Ken500 says:

    Fairyfromtheearth? (bye bye?) Just gets carried away some time, Everyone gets a bit disgruntled now and again. A wee rant clears the air and restores self respect.

    Don’t get too respectable Rev. That doesn’t serve the purpose. The success is based on irreverence.

    Deleted and banned too many times to mention. The hypocrisy of ‘liberal’ independent Guardian and the MSM Westminster controlled, ‘free’ Press. They want freedom of speech for themselves, but want to censor everyone else.

  131. Rock says:

    Brilliant cartoon Chris!

    Would be great if it could arranged for Royal Mail to deliver a copy of this cartoon at the same time as the Westminster government’s leaflet.

  132. Rock says:


    “Bye bye Rev no point being here if i cant communicate in real time, i hope your happy turning yes supporters away”

    As a Yes supporter, why do you want to alienate yourself from the great Yes community here at this historic moment?

    Why don’t you have your say without making violent comments?

  133. BuckieBraes says:

    I’m intrigued by this new ‘NX THANKS’ concept dreamed up by ‘Better Together’.

    As a railwayman I know that ‘NX’ is a type of (now rather out-dated) signalling apparatus. What this has to do with the campaign to save the union I am at a loss to imagine.

  134. Liquid Lenny says:

    Bugger (the Panda)

    That would be the Euro Qualifiers in 1999, we lost out on away goals or something, I was in Buenos Aires and had a choice of watching the game on TV or have a day out in Uruguay and took the latter.

    Well done to Scotland tonight playing rugger against Canada , a close game but at least we won 19 points to 17

  135. Grouse Beater says:

    By the look of the Italian team the driver of England’s coach should keep the engine running.

    “We have great expectations for our country’s team”

    And which nation would that be?

  136. Grouse Beater says:

    “I’d be sorry to see you lose Scotland”
    Hillary Clinton

    Her howler of a remark altered by the dishonest British press to read, “I’d be sorry to see Britain lose Scotland.”

  137. Chic McGregor says:

    Great toon but there’s something missing. 🙂

  138. Chic McGregor says:

    While I have every sympathy for the poor English physio dislocating his ankle in the celebration of England’s goal, it does have its funny side.

    A bit like when the head of safety where I worked had a chip pan fire in his house.

  139. Patrician says:

    @ronnie anderson,10:49 am.

    too true ronnie, it is something that should be repeated often. The people making the promises of more powers have absolutlely no authority to implement them.

  140. Grouse Beater says:

    The poor English physio dislocating his ankle in celebration of England’s goal has its funny side.

    One would think it’s emblematic of the way Unionist politicians treat Scotland only to injure themslves.

    Hearing the collapse of the RBS some Westminster MPs were seen to punch the air with glee, until a few realised that’s where they kept their savings.

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