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The Frightening Rabbit

Posted on April 20, 2019 by

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    1. 20 04 19 08:56

      The Frightening Rabbit | speymouth

    113 to “The Frightening Rabbit”

    1. Ken500 says:

      Two losers

    2. Ghillie says:

      WHOAH!! That is way too scary =(

    3. jimnarlene says:

      Farage’s face is bang on,his lunacy shines through.

    4. galamcennalath says:

      Excellent. Evil bunny infestation? A solution is at hand ….

    5. jfngw says:

      Wherever I lay my hat that’s my home, one of gorgeous G’s favourite songs.

      I see Mr Leask has his ability to deal with actual facts compared to what he wants to pump out as propaganda confused again. Is he the worst newspaper journalist covering Scotland, it is a crowded field though.

    6. mumsyhugs says:

      No good eggs there – all bad and addled!

    7. Capella says:

      Happy Easter to you too, Chris! A dystopian vision indeed. Fear, lies and hubris, the working tools of demagogues the world over.

    8. Breeks says:

      Is that Thug’s Bunny, the BritNat mascot for the EU Elections?

    9. Neil Mackenzie says:

      Aaaaaaaaaaaaaah! I wasn’t ready for that. Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!

    10. MajorBloodnok says:

      Galloway looking like a cowboy there, which, in a sense, he is.

    11. handclapping says:

      The Eyes have it. The Eyes have it! Unlock.

    12. Malky says:

      Best yet. Best ever.

    13. Clydebuilt says:

      Farage makes GG look perfectly sane even with his nutcase hat on.

      O/T Shareen Nanji’s BBC radio Scotland prog. is to discuss the court case starts 10am

    14. Muscleguy says:

      Vote for MEEEEE!

      Or else!

      This ends a party political broadcast from the Farage Promotional Ego Party.

    15. Orri says:

      The White Rabbit had a Mad Hatter.

    16. dakk says:

      Brilliant Chris.

      And that will be a straight arm salute from old britnat nationalist socialist fake left saint George.

      Won’t it fat George?

    17. Marie Clark says:

      Wow Chris, that should have come with a health warning. Stuff of nightmares, aaaaaaargh.

      Well done sir, great toon.

    18. Dr Jim says:

      The level of stupid in the electorate who vote for these people soars higher than the Himalayas, which is nearly as high as their egos

    19. Patsy Millar says:

      Thanks for another great cartoon which made me laugh out loud.

    20. robertknight says:

      The things you see when you’re out without your handy spray can of myxomatosis.

    21. Capella says:

      If you want to torture yourself tune into Shireen on RScotland. They are going to talk about Kezia Dugdale’s court “victory” soon.

    22. Welsh Sion says:

      Nigel Farage and George Galloway – A pair of Easter Eggos.

    23. @Orri,

      `The Mad Hatter`,

      like it 🙂

    24. galamcennalath says:

      Mad George displays that common, yet unfathomable BritNat-from-Scotland stance. They don’t want Scottish independence because they are internationalists and oppose borders. Yet in the next breath they want out of the EU so they can build borders.

      Their ‘Britain’ is a special place where the normal rules of logic need not apply.

      Farage is just a slimy spiv out to make a fast buck where he can.

    25. Capella says:

      Dearie dearie me. I listened to the Shireen discussion of the Kezia Dugdale “victory” in court. But the radio “journalists” were so tongue tied and incapable of saying anything of substance that it probably wasn’t worth it.

      Again, as on the John Beattie programme, they misrepresent the judgement. They fail to mention that the Sheriff judged Kezia Dugdale to have defamed Stu. No mention of her anti WoS tirade in Parliament and attempt to smear the SNP.

      One incorrectly said that Kezia had been proved correct!

      They are concerned to brand online journalists (and specially those who support independence) as an unregulated bunch of bandits. Proper traditional journalists, like them, are governed by rules. Bought and paid for IMO.

      From about 11.00 am for 5 mins if you want to listen on the iPlayer.

      For a more productive use of your time, listen to Jimmy Dore on the fact that Tucker Carlson, of FOX NEWS!, is telling the truth about Julian Assange. Why?

      The war against online “unregulated” journalism continues.

    26. I’m balding, and my stubble grows in a silver grey fuzz.
      I know, I’m so insecure about my appearance and the creeping dread of aging that I’ll tint my beard and wear a hat everywhere.
      Sorry, I was off on a tangent there.
      Nigel and Gorgeous George arm and arm in front of that famous billboard of an endless flow Johnny Foreigner migrants flooding into the Wunnerful YooKay and taking up hospital beds, council hooses and claiming the Social.
      Has George built in a dispensation for Palestinian refugees?
      How low can they sink for money?

    27. SilverDarling says:

      I don’t know what Galloway stands for anymore and I don’t believe he does either.

      On a related note, Lord Buckethead is standing against Farage in the EU elections. I don’t know whether to laugh or cry at British politics any more.

    28. Petra says:

      Another brilliant cartoon Chris that hits the nail directly on the head. What we’re seeing now is the beginning of the end for the two cheeks of the same LabTor ar*e. UKip (and others) haemorraging support to Farage’s Brexit party. A game of musical chairs at Westminster leading to some strange bedfellows, such as Farage and Galloway, uniting in an attempt to destroy the EU following destruction of the UK. Meanwhile many people in the UK have been left in the dark in relation to the motivations of the machavellian Farage (et al). Where will it all end, one wonders? A rerun, in the UK, of Germany in the 1930’s? The Scots have to exit this Hades, ASAP.

      ‘Labour’s David Lammy compares ERG to the Nazis and white supremacists.’

      Supported by Michael Heseltine.


      Carole Cadwalladr:- ‘Why Britain Needs Its Own Mueller.’

      …”Britain and America, Brexit and Trump, are inextricably entwined. By Nigel Farage. By Cambridge Analytica. By Steve Bannon. By the Russian ambassador to London, Alexander Yakovenko, who has been identified by Special Counsel Robert Mueller as a conduit between the Trump campaign and the Kremlin. The same questions that dog the US election dog ours, too. There is one vital difference on this between the US and the UK. America has the Mueller investigation. And Britain does not. With only months to go before Britain exits the European Union, there’s a rotten stench coming off this story.”…

      …”Britain sees none of this. All eyes are transfixed on the EU exit sign. Yet the skulduggery, mayhem, and amateur dramatics of the Brexit negotiations have become perfect cover for something far more chilling. From the corridors of Whitehall and Westminster to the studios of the BBC, Britain’s establishment has buried its head in the sand while democracy and the rule of law have been subverted in plain sight. The government is colluding with an omniscient surveillance superpower. A hostile foreign power has deployed a chemical weapon on our streets. However bleak and dark and troubled America seems right now, it’s not as bleak and dark and troubled as Britain. You have Robert S. Mueller. We don’t.”

    29. jfngw says:


      The other inference from the judges ruling is that only the rich and famous can be defamed, the rest of us have no reputation to lose in his view. That’s the Scottish elite for you, pretty much the same as the British elite, laws are there to protect only some in society.

      And the MSM is cock-a-hoop about this ruling, what does that tell you about them.

    30. Capella says:

      @ jfngw – And the MSM is cock-a-hoop about this ruling, what does that tell you about them.

      Bought and paid for IMO. That’s why the MSM is not worth listening to. This blog, and a few others, is where I get my information.

      By a strange co-incidence, virtually all the sources which I regard as trustworthy are smeared and harassed. Stu, Craig Murray, Grouse Beater, Alex Salmond, Julian Assange, RT and Tele Sur.

      In the case of Stu and Grouse Beater the same MO was used. Labour affiliated MSPs and Union officials take a phrase or word out of context or just make a blatant defamatory allegation.

      Allegations are made in Holyrood – preferably during FMQs which is broadcast far and wide. Statements in parliament are priveleged i.e. you can smear and lie as much as you like and nobody will charge you. The BBC broadcasts the proceedings.

      Kezia Dugdale boldly repeated her smear in print. The justice system denies a remedy. The press pretends this is a “victory” for free speech.

    31. Artyhetty says:

      Galloway wants on the band wagon, and Farage is given a huge voice by the likes of the BBC. Scary times where the far right are given a voice and a platform, and the public are forced to pay for it via the tv tax.

      Excellent image Chris, if absolutely terrifying!

      Have a good easter, I’m off to see what damage the rabbits have done at the allotment, easter bunnies, grrrrrr! 🙂

    32. Confused says:

      scientists may one day examine in detail the phenomenon of political opportunism

      – in order to measure such things, a system of units will be created, principally measured by

      the GALLOWAY

      – however, one GALLOWAY is a very large unit, and so for most ordinary situations milli and micro-Galloways will be used

    33. Bobp says:

      Jack collatin 11.20am. There’s no limbo bar set low enough, that those troughing scum wont slither under.

    34. Brian Powell says:

      When one considers the massive ignorance, ill-preparedness, sheer ‘I’m keeping my job who cares about the people’ behaviour of the WestminsterEnglish and some ‘Scottish’ MPs over Brexit then it needs to be all guns blazing defending Scotland’s right to become a an independent country.

    35. yesindyref2 says:

      @fngw “The other inference from the judges ruling is that only the rich and famous can be defamed, the rest of us have no reputation to lose in his view

      Not really, the judge’s ruling was that he who lives by the sword can’t complain if he gets cut by the sword. The Rev makes a point of insulting anybody and everybody [1], so can’t complain if he’s insulted back, hence the low low £100 damages if he had found for the Rev. Which in itself is kind of fair enough.

      The Sheriff DID find that the article defamed the Rev.

      [1] a good way of getting publicity for the blog 🙂

    36. Brian Powell says:

      Kezia Dugdale defamed Wings, not the article.

    37. Donald anderson says:

      When is a rabbit bot a rabbit?

      When it is a duck.

    38. yesindyref2 says:

      Mmm, my occasional browse round of twitter, and there’s this one as a pinned tweet somewhere: “LOOK AT ME:”

      Says it all, basically.

    39. starlaw says:

      Nice one Chris, George is following his nose.

    40. HandandShrimp says:

      George is just having a laugh. That or a nervous breakdown.

    41. CameronB Brodie says:

      You are bang-on the money about British democracy being hijacked by the Anglo-American far-right.

      Left, Right and Beyond: the Pragmatics of Political Mapping

    42. Capella says:

      The media rot spreads throughout the UK MSM. Someone called Artemis draws attention to Hadley Freeman of the Guardian misinforming readers about Julian Assange (from Craig Murray’s blog):

      Commenteers also point out that the Guardian deleted a Craig Murray comment on a Marina Hyde article within 60 seconds, but in such a way that there is no trace that the comment was ever made.

      There are many other similar examples cited in the thread.

      What on earth is happening to British MSM?

    43. Pete Barton says:

      Welcome to Orwellian GB.

      Is power accountable anymore?

    44. Pete Barton says:

      Give us deckchairs, a heatwave..

      Easter eggs by the millions..

      A six month extension..


      A political Punch and Judy show..

      Jeremy and Theresa, oh we’re bored with that now..let’s have a crocodile or two..

      Bring on Nigel (again) and Gorgeous George.

      C’est La Folie.

    45. Clootie says:

      It just makes me want to cry!

    46. Petra says:

      ‘Wee Ginger “Duckcast” – 19 April 2019.’

      ”This week in the Wee Ginger “Duckcast” Callum and I discuss the Kezia Dugdale vs Stu Campbell defamation case, and how this blog is now apparently legally the Wee Ginger Duck. We also talk about annoying the SiU trolls who infest the comments section of The National, and trail a wee teaser for some interesting developments in the coming week.”

    47. galamcennalath says:

      Capella says:

      What on earth is happening to British MSM?

      It senses the ‘British’ end time is nigh. It has given up up all subtly in a last defence of its precious UK. It’s like King Canute trying to stop the incoming tide. Meanwhile, the ill conceived creation of rampant English Nationalism, Brexit, is providing the coup de grâce.

      Their ‘Britain’ and Britishness are dissolving.

    48. Grouse Beater says:

      One of your finest, Chris. Galloway endorsing Farage – well, I suppose George has tried to commit political suicide a few times, perhaps he’s finally found the formula.

      Your essential Easter weekend reading:

      The Arrest of Assange:
      Readers Rediscover Her:
      Of Cars and Cycles:

    49. Giving Goose says:

      Galloway is just the reflection that BritNats in Scotland see when looking in the mirror.

    50. ben madigan says:

      O/T – just to remind you all that easter is a special time in ireland

    51. yesindyref2 says:

      @ben madigan
      My wife being Irish it’s a special time here too 🙂

      While I pressure washed the bins and “patio”, my wife cooked the turkey and ham. We eat tomorrow 🙂

    52. Mad Unionist says:

      Galloway is the nemesis of the Scottish Nationalist fascist movement. The Nationalists have no one to match his intelligence. Galloway was in the forefront of defeating the Nat Sis in the 2014 referendum. Galloway knows the Scottish Nationalists are capitalist lackeys and have nothing in common with working class people.

    53. robertknight says:

      Mad Unionist person thing…

      Are whatever you’re on obtained via prescription by any chance? If so, you need to adjust the dose.

    54. Mike cassidy says:

      For no reason other than it tickled me to learn he is still alive

      Happy 95th birthday to Leslie Phillips.

    55. Cubby says:

      Mad unionist @10.02pm

      The mad unionist determined to prove over and over again that he is the genuine article – a mad unionist.

    56. dakk says:

      The britnat electorate sussed out greedy George a long time ago.

      He is now fully exposed as a corrupt fraud on the make with bankrupt companies and all.

      Unelectable in his beloved Britain.

      Even the muslim population of Bradford have sussed fat George as a fake lefty.

    57. The Dog Philosopher says:

      Okay then, Mad Unionist person, who trolls a pro-Scottish Independence site.

      Can I ask, as a working-class mad unionist, which unionist party do you vote for?

      Also, you acuse the SNP and the Yes movement of fascism. Can you supply proof of one example of such fascism?

      Since you visit this site often, I think it’s only fair to ask.

    58. iainmore says:

      Mad Unionist has clearly forgotten to take his medication. The Loony Bin is also minus a patient.

    59. DCoi says:

      Farage (rhymes with garage) and Galloway: two cheeks of the same arse.

    60. Dave McEwan Hill says:

      Mad Unionist at 10.02

      Got it. You win the prize. I have never seen a stupider post on Wings in all the years I have been reading it.

    61. dakk says:

      Fat George got away with conning the dopey britnat electorate for a good long while.

      No more.

      Nowadays he makes his living working for what britnat dopey plebs like mad yoon would call enemies of britin – Iranian and Russian State broadcasters.

      British nationaist socialist porgie Georgie is so greedy he’ll take loadsamoney from any old where.

      But he’s a great working class socialist so he is.

    62. Mad Unionist says:

      The Dug philosopher. Two examples. You fascists do not accept the Scottish or British referendum results. Fascists do not accept democracy. And you want Scotland to be on her knees to the EU fascists. Anymore questions ("Quizmaster" - Ed)? Or are you just a naughty boy.

    63. Mad Unionist says:

      Dave McEwan double barrelled Hill Public School Boy. Depends how you measure stupid and how long you have been influenced by Wings!

    64. CameronB Brodie says:

      Mad Unionist
      As performance art goes, your no bad. 😉

    65. Mad Unionist says:

      CameronB.Brodie. Fur an Englishman yer nae tae bad yer self. But ye dae go oan a bit!

    66. Dr Jim says:

      The Orange Lodge have complained they’re being discriminated against by GCC by creating segregation of Glasgow’s streets thereby disallowing them their God given rights to spit on Catholics as is a vital part of their religious freedom

      They actually said that (except for the spitting part which they left out probably by accident but I thought I would remind everyone)

    67. ben madigan says:

      @yesindyref2 who said: “my wife cooked the turkey and ham”

      You mixed up your time lines, friend
      Turkey and ham is for Xmas

      For Easter we Irish move on to spring lamb with new potatoes,wild asparagus etc

    68. CameronB Brodie says:

      Mad Unionist
      Just for accuracy, only one of my grannies was English. 😉

    69. Mad Unionist says:

      Dr Jim. Perhaps the Catholic Church should embrace the Reformation! No spitting allowed on either side. No child abuse covered up etc!

    70. James Mills says:

      George Galloway is , to paraphrase one of his favourite lines, ” just an ego on stilts !”

      Galloway’s used to be famous for their mince – and George is keeping the family tradition going !

    71. Mad Unionist says:

      CameronB Brodie. My English granny was granted the privalege of being buried in the East End of Glesga. I am sure this was a relief for her hard work and arthritis.

    72. James Mills says:

      Mad Unionist .. I name you Ruth Davidson and claim my £10 bounty !

    73. Mad Unionist says:

      James Mills. That was a memory. Galloway butchers had a shop in St Enoch Square next to the old Railway Station. Right on the corner with Howard Street.

    74. CameronB Brodie says:

      Mad Unionist
      Hang on, you’re the only one that has had it tight and I’m part of an anti-social Scottish nationalist elite? I fell through the social safety net. I’ve managed to re-gain access to mainstream society but I’m still poor and vulnerable. That’s why the neo-fascist turn that contemporary British nationalism has been tasking over the last 40 years, scares the shit out of me. It won’t end well (see Brexit).

    75. CameronB Brodie says:

      Multi-threading. 😉

      To Have Done With Forgiveness: Capitalism, Christianity, and the Politics of Immanence


      This essay seeks to formulate a critical account of the genealogical link between capitalism and Christianity by interrogating the ontology and the processes of subjectivization which subtend these two apparently disparate social and political formations. To this end, I make use of the philosophical thought of Gilles Deleuze, in particular his readings of Spinoza, Foucault, Nietzsche, and Sacher-Masoch.

      The central themes of the essay—the identity of God and money, and the vicissitudes of the creditor-debtor relation—culminate in a theory of a theodicy of money, which deploys an apparatus of forgiveness in order to obscure and displace the stakes and the site of the game of guilt and innocence. In short, to produce, by means of the Christian logic of forgiveness, a subject of forgiveness capable, not only of standing guarantor for herself, but as the ground of the formal freedom and formal equality required of liberal democracy and the capitalist mode of production.

    76. yesindyref2 says:

      @ben madigan “You mixed up your time lines, friend

      Err, no. As I say, my wife is Irish. I think she’d know. She’s from Éire. Knows all her Irish history. I know a bit too. She also knows her cooking. Doesn’t have a lot of interest in politics, they did that decades ago.

      It amazes me how many people correct other people wrongly.

    77. Mad Unionist says:

      CameronB Brodie 12:06am. That was a fair bit of waffle.

    78. CameronB Brodie says:

      Mad Unionist
      I thought it was pretty straight to the point and in plain English, myself. What bit did you think particularly waffly? Are you comfortable with the narrow values of (white) British nationalism?

      Be wary of leaders spouting dangerous narrow nationalism

      Identified as a real threat to world peace was the rise of narrow nationalism, with an influence to spread globally if not challenged.

    79. ben madigan says:

      @ yesindyref2 who said
      ” amazes me how many people correct other people wrongly”.

      I do not intend to correct anybody – rightly or wrongly
      Each to his own taste!
      Cook and eat what you want/enjoy!

      I accept your wife is Irish and knows her cooking

      Then she also knows turkey and ham are traditional Xmas foods throughout our north atlantic archipelago

      While lamb and fresh new vegetables are traditional Easter foods

      Enjoy whatever you are having for Easter sunday lunch/dinner tomorrow

      all best wishes for a lovely day

    80. Jedburgh says:

      George! Time to renew the tinfoil lining on your ever present titfer.

    81. The Dog Philosopher says:

      Hey Mad Unionist, I know it’s late and you’ve probably had your medication and been strapped in for the night by those big burly attendants, but you didn’t reveal which Unionist party you support, or at least give your vote to?

      As for referendum results, most of us who recognise Scotland as a distinct social and political entity from the UK believe that Scotland voted democratically to remain in the EU. I would argue that to not recognise this fact in itself is quite a fascistic viewpoint.

      It is true that many on the Yes side want another Indy Ref as soon as possible to save us from the looming disaster of Brexit (you might find that your medication will have to be rationed if it does happen). Personally, I believe that in the fullness of time Scotland will become a normal, self-governing country when all the Daily Mail and Express lovers (that include you wee Maddy?) have been replaced by a much younger and more open-minded generation who will have no truck with the likes of Westminster and the House of Lords or even that bunch of parasites known as The Royals.

      Also look out for Ireland at last becoming unified. That too will be a great cause for celebration amongst people with a democratic outlook, like yourself?

      As for the EU referendum, are you suggesting that all those Remainers down in England are fascists, while working class heroes such as Boris Johnson and Rees-Mogg are shining examples of the democratic spirit?

      And why do you keep shifting linguistic register? Tae sound mer Glesga izit?

      I think I you need to up your medication!

    82. yesindyref2 says:

      Well Ben, here’s how it went preparing for Easter. There were no turkeys in the shops here, no crowns which is what we use these days, no full turkeys either. It was difficult last yerar too, but then there’s been a turkey shortage for a couple of years. So one of her family “back home” offered to post one to us, as there were plenty plenty in the shops back home.

      In the event after we’d trooped around half a dozen supermarkets in vain, I managed to spot a small crown in Lidl’s – in amongst loads of lamb. It’ll give us a couple of slices each, family around. The supermarkets don’t get many, and since turkey is fairly popular even in Scotland for Easter, they go very quickly.

      But it’s very kind of you to accept my wife is Irish, if you ever meet her which is exceedingly unlikely, don’t say that to her – she has an expression she uses for instance to idiots who think they’re clever taking off the Irish accent “They dingy people like you back home”.

      Substitute something else for the strange word.

      Anyway, enjoy your lamb, I like lamb too. We already had a sandwich from the cola ham, the turkey would have been cooked according to Darina’s Easter recipe.

    83. CameronB Brodie says:

      The Dog Philosopher
      I don’t think it’s Scottish, let alone Glaswegian.

    84. Kangaroo says:

      @Mad Unionist

      Do you do a stint as GWC on scotgoespop? Very similar style posting lots of factually incorrect drivel in a contorted scots lingo.

      Try to at least argue with facts on this site, preferably with links to back up your position.

    85. Ghillie says:

      Woah The Dog Philosopher! Contest the comments not the man.

      Referring to medication, required or not, is not cool.

      Apart from that, your comments are fair =)

    86. Ghillie says:

      yesindyref2 and ben madigan, your Easter feasts sound lovely!

      But I think ours might end up being chocolate, chocolate and mibee a wee bit more chocolate 🙂

    87. Ghillie says:

      Happy Happy Easter folks 🙂

      Have a really lovely day =)

    88. Robert Louis says:

      So, I see the SNP are being as timid as ever in their quest for Scottish independence. Over in The National, Chris McEleny says that if a section 30 order is refused, then we must let Westminster know ‘they are on notice’, and ‘we must then commit to QUOTE “we will fight the 2021 Scottish Parliament elections not for a mandate to hold a referendum but to secure a mandate from the people of Scotland to begin independence negotiations”.

      Does nobody in the SNP realise that the result will be the entirety of Westminster laughing their socks off?

      Seriously, we are up against an out of control, undemocratic, racist and anti Scotland rogue state in Westminster, and we are going to threaten them with an ‘electoral promise’ to NEGOTIATE??? Not even an electoral promise to declare independence based on the 2021 result, just to sit down and have a chat about it.


      All the signs are starting to show, that the SNP plans to continue its oh so meek and very, very timid preparations for ‘independence’ sometime soon….i.e never.

      Look at what is happening, look at how angry people are over brexit, and yet still the SNP are looking to 2021 to do something about it. I might as well have voted Labour, at this rate.

      I do hope the FM has a bit more of a grasp on things soon. This cannot go on, and on, and on ad infinitum. At some point the Scottish government needs to stand up and fight. Not just talk about it. Westminster recognises nothing else.


    89. Ken500 says:

      The Courts should not refuse a S30 because of how Scotland has been treated by the Westminster unionists. They do not have a leg to stand on. It does no problem to wait because of demographics. The more people will be in favour as the elderly keel over and the young ones come on board. It just gives a higher % chance of winning. It is a bit difficult finding a date in the chaos. With EU elections, a possible GE going on. It is better to fight one campaign at a time, for obvious reasons. Scotland is going it’s own way in any case.

      The Tories will be gone soon. A different political spectre will evolve. Corbyn was said to be in favour of another IndyRef. Labour will be gone in Scotland. Or just get a S30 and call one.

      Get rid of Labour take the fight to the Tories. The SNP and Independence will win.

    90. Ken500 says:

      ‘Now is the time First Minister. Scotland is ready.’ Chris McEleny

    91. Tatu3 says:

      Happy Easter to all Yessers. Enjoy whatever feast you’re having today, be it turkey, lamb, chocolate or whatever takes your fancy. We don’t really celebrate Easter now the children are all grown up so I’m cooking a chicken dopiaza and a tarka dhal.

    92. schrodingers cat says:

      easter crossword

      2 across

      what they nailed jesus to


    93. Capella says:

      @ cat – that’s cruel 🙂
      Happy Easter bunnies and chickens from a vegan. A salad day today with maybe some chocolate nice-cream. Sun is shining, daffodils are smiling, birdies warbling, cat sleeping, all’s well with the world.

    94. Dr Jim says:

      The *British* £ post Brexit will be worth around $80cents American

      Steve Rodgers @Bloomberg

      If Scotland takes its Independence it takes its oil with it leaving nothing for the rUK to trade with

      Steve Rodgers @Bloomberg

      Trump will nail UK to the wall over trade

      Steve Rodgers @Bloomberg

      Financial services isn’t much use to London outside of the EU

      Steve Rodgers @Bloomberg

    95. Capella says:

      If you want to hear what everyone except the SNP think of the SNP policy on independence in the run up to the SNP Conference, tune into RScotland and listen to Peter Duncan (Tory guru) Gerry Hassan (deranged guru) and Shona Craven (The National) discussing SNP plans.

      Sadly, nobody from the SNP was there, for unexplained reasons.

      Introductory piece on the currency issue by Douglas Fraser. 20 mins from 8:05.

    96. Graf Midgehunter says:

      Happy Easter from Frankfurt..!

      Friday, Sunday, Monday, everything closed. No shops, football or riots.

      Stocked up on Thursday with beer, water and meat/salad for the BBQ(s). Lamb, steaks, curly sausages, veggie or whatever tickles your taste. 🙂
      Chocolate, chocolate and even some chocolate..!

      Tempratures of 26C – practising for when it gets hot.. lovely.

      Not forgetting the yearly re-run of just about every Bibel film on the planet.

      Ah well, I’ll just nip out for a couple of hours on the mountain bike to top up the tan and wet the appetite for later..!

      Happy Easter from Frankfurt..! 🙂

    97. dakk says:

      Bit surprised no one has mentioned the terrible Easter Sunday massacre in Sri Lanka.

      It’s worse than the New Zealand horror.

    98. Graf Midgehunter says:

      Maybe that should be Bible and not Bibel..!

      The teutonic neurons playing havoc again…

    99. chicmac says:

      A year ago, as an April 1 prank, the Beano issued a cease and desist letter to Moggy claiming that he had usurped the persona ‘Walter the Softy’, one of their characters and was therefore in breach of copyright.

      This year, I was hoping they might do similar re Farage and their character ‘Jonah’. Sadly, they didn’t. Seems an even stronger ‘case’ to me.

    100. Dr Jim says:


      Nobody knows what the SNP plans are (they hate that) but they still have to do programmes and articles about how rubbish they’re bound to be before they know what they are

      It’s the Unionist built in phychic ability to know everything’s bad before it happens, even if it’s good it’s still bad

      Nicola Sturgeon cures cancer becomes Nicola Sturgeon forces doctors out of medicine

    101. Dr Jim says:

      I’m always struck by the anger Unionists have for Scots who won’t be forced to be *British* when those Scots aren’t trying to force the *British* not to be *British*

    102. Capella says:

      @ robertknight – and you have to access foreign press to get that information. Telesur was shut down when the US froze Venezuelan assets so that their station could not access their accounts. They seem to have overcome that for now.

      RT also has had to deal with numerous attempts to close it down. It is registered in the US ad a foreign entity which could be close down any time. UK is considering this option too. Saves on the number of OFCOM intrventions they are subjected to.

      If only the BBC was monitored by OFCOM we might have a decent broadcasting service. What do you think?

      Jimmy Dore is putting out some hard hitting material just now, specially in the wake of the Julian Assange arrest. (UK will slip down a few more notches in the league for arresting an actual journlist). He is clearly angry about the lies and mendacity which passes for journalism in the MSM.

      As with us and WoS, the state sanctioned journalists pour scorn on the online journalists in an attempt to delegistimise them and, if possible, close them down.

      Assange Exposes Democrat Fascists, Torturers & Warmongers. 27 mins–U3E

    103. K1 says:

      Think it’s worth posting Carole Cadwalladr’s Ted talk to the heart of Silicon Valley where she lays into Facebook et all for the their role in Brexit and the larger issues of democracy being thwarted across the world by the tech giants. This is the sort of exposure that should be all over the msm, needless to say the tech giants ain’t impressed with her socking it to them:

      Here’s Carole’s article in today’s Guardian discussing the Ted talk too and the wee bits of threatened fallout from her talk it so far:

    104. Confused says:

      -The *British* £ post Brexit will be worth around $80cents American
      -If Scotland takes its Independence it takes its oil with it leaving nothing for the rUK to trade with
      -Trump will nail UK to the wall over trade
      -Financial services isn’t much use to London outside of the EU

      good post Dr Jim

      – this is a great example of the kind of short, sharp, bullet points you should use if you are posting in enemy territory

      – no airy fairy bullshit about the history of scotland, the right of self determination – just hit the english with hard facts, it really triggers them

      – some might ask for “sources” – and you can them send them a pile of links, but mostly they wont – they all know what will happen, not some fantasy of a neo empire

      if you can post an image, then there is a cracker of jim rogers saying “little england has fuckall of worth to the world” (my paraphrase)

      I have mentioned before, the new campaigning should all be about money

      – if you can give someone 10 reasons to do something, it confuses them – just give them 1 good one
      – money – gets thru to everyone, even people you thought were beyond you – anglo financiers and sevco shirted benefits claimants
      – all the nationalist-by-principle are already YES; whats left is the fearties and the “unreachables”

      if you are comfortable and confident talking about “the money” it calms people – stress the robustness of the economy, the many options we have, the opportunities – make people believe you – plus you can also work in more historical arguments when you talk about “reparations” and you also stop looking like the money-stuff is a weakness for you

      once you have hammeted the points repeatedly, you build up a residual impression –

      a future in the UK is this
      – some guy hands you a union flag and says “hold this while we r4pe you”

      this brings in feelings of disgust and humiliation, which reach down very deep

      remind people, satirically –

      hey scotland, single track roads and ferries are FUN !!
      – ad paid for by LONDON CROSSRAIL

      it needs a longer post but choice of currency for us will be a massive weapon, a huge leverage in post indy negotiations

    105. Dr Jim says:

      @Confused……. Anybody can look this one up

      *If Britain is a country show me the British flag* and they can’t because there’s no such thing, the flag they mean is the Union flag which represents the same thing as the EU flag, a Union not a country, because there is not and never has been a country called Britain because Britain is a geographical land mass comprising of 4 countries each with their own representative flag, so when they claim to be a country they’re either lying or wrong

      English rewriting of facts to support propaganda

    106. robertknight says:

      Dr Jim….

      I hear the can of worms being opened whereby the many varied definitions of sovereign state, state, country, constituent country, principality, province, kingdom, nation, united kingdom, Ireland, Britain, Great Britain, Ulster, British Isles, etc. etc. spill out and wriggle all over the floor. Spaghetti sauce anyone?

    107. Cactus says:

      Hehe Farage as the mad bunny (he’d make a guid donkey frae Shrek 2 or)

      He’s recklessly thrown down and smashed open racism and hate everywhere in England, all he’s got left is lies and fear and one other hidden shell, SAIEWas

      Here’s the ‘infamous’ Georgey in times past

    108. Cactus says:

      But seriously, notice how the 2 eggs that Farage has intentionally smashed on the ground already have destroyed all that’s living around it, Farage is trying to kill-off human nature

      That’s in the background… NOW look to the foreground

      Don’t allow him or any of his type use lies or fear anymore and prevent them from trampling over Scotland’s Future

    109. Cactus says:

      Ah guess THIS is about as close as it comes to…

      August 17th 1969 like:

      We are 50 years in between…


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