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The evolution of truth

Posted on July 07, 2017 by

Hanzala Malik has been a Glasgow Labour politician for 22 years without anyone noticing. His Wikipedia entry sums up his contribution to Scottish politics over that time in a single 25-word sentence amounting to “served on some committees”.

But he got noticed yesterday.

Because so committed was Malik to the core ideological principle of Scottish Labour – namely that absolutely everything bad that happens anywhere is the SNP’s fault – that he somewhat overstretched himself and blamed them for the closure of six Jobcentres in Glasgow, despite the startlingly obvious facts that responsibility for the decision lies solely with the UK government and the closures have been opposed consistently by every SNP MP in the city, two things Malik can’t possibly have not known.

After an outcry on social media when an alert Wings reader spotted the falsehood, Malik quietly amended the Facebook post twice, first from an attack on “the SNP” to the rather ambiguous “Government” and then finally to the accurate “UK government”. But “SNP BAD” will always be Labour’s instinctive default reaction.

Well, that and posting pictures of themselves.

Good luck, Glasgow.

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    1. 07 07 17 10:56

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    86 to “The evolution of truth”

    1. jdman says:

      Anybody ever watched The Walking Dead?

    2. Fairliered says:

      In the last picture, is Hanzala Malik the one on the left or the one on the right?

    3. starlaw says:

      Look at me … look at me …look at me … What a geranium (-:

    4. Capella says:

      Well it’s an easy mistake to make. The Scottish Government SHOULD be responsible for making all the important decisions in Scotland.

    5. Doug Daniel says:

      “Out and about in Hillhead getting the massage out.”

      From anyone else, that would be classed as “treating”, but I don’t think anyone would class a massage from that guy as a treat.

    6. Holebender says:

      Good to see he was getting the massage out in Hillhead on March the 2nd.

    7. Sinky says:

      That’s what you get for believing the BBC who regularly fail to say UK Government giving the impression that there is only one government.

      Article in Edinburgh Evening News featuring Labour deputy council leader complete with his Union Jack mug. Who is obsessed with flags now?

      Great article in The National by Alex Salmond on BBC.

    8. heedtracker says:

      Slabour in Wonderland. Aug 2016, Why anyone would bother to hack his email account then email his contact list, “suggesting I needed help,” is another mystery.

      If SLabour ever get back in…

    9. David Mills says:

      When will SLAB end their “SNP BAD” obsession & gerontology with the day job of actually representing their constituents!

    10. Jim says:

      He was out and about in Hillhead getting the massage out, lol.

    11. Dr Jim says:

      He should have stood as a MP with his Tory pals who couldn’t wait to get out of the Parliament that represents their country
      Much easier to hide at Westminster while you’re sooking the gravy and doing nothing, people in Scotland don’t notice you down there in Yoonsville Inglind

    12. The Isolator says:

      SNP bad… default position for the Labour Party in Scotland,the Tory party in Scotland and the other lot.

      Absolute roasters every single one of them.

    13. galamcennalath says:

      Apparently this guy has been a councillor, an MSP, and is now an MP. Never heard of him before now. Your traditional Labour placeholder – say little, do little, vote as they are instructed.

    14. galamcennalath says:


      No, not an MP.

      My defence – google implied by he was.

    15. Sandra says:

      Surely this is Jackie Baillie in a rubber mask?

    16. Gary45% says:

      The one major problem with this is some of the Scottish electorate will believe his every word.
      I think I posted this a while back, but its kind of similar, I know a businessman in Glasgow and last year had a conversation with him regarding Indy Ref, his words went along the lines of “Sturgeon can’t even look after her own constituents (Govan) and look at the state of Glasgow”.
      When I pointed out it was Labour who controlled Glasgow I got a very dim stare, “what do you mean? its the SNP who are the government” was his reply, to which I returned, “you had a council election and the majority of Glaswegians voted for a Labour council, hence its Labours problem”.
      HE STILL DIDN’T GET IT.(And this is a businessman!!)
      This is the kind of garbage that Labour and others have lived on for decades and will continue to do so, they get away with it because we have one of the worst examples of state run bias anywhere on the planet.
      As said before the SNP could find the cure for all cancers and would still get the usual abuse. Fact.

    17. Joemcg says:

      This is truly cringetastic. If David Brent was a Glasgow labour politician…

    18. Ken500 says:

      Alice in Wonderland right enough. Is this fantastist, liar worth losing £20Billion a year for Scotland. In mismanagement and misappropriation. Illegal wars, financial frayed and tax evasion. Typical Labour unionists. Killing and maiming millions of innocent people. Imagine even being in a political party, like that. Totally hypocrites unionists.

      Why are the OAP’s from other cities not allowed to use the under subscribed Edinburgh trams. Using their off peak (bus) travel passes. They paid for it.

      Edinburgh the wealthiest City in Scotland has public subsidised transport. In some rural areas there is an inadequate bus services.

    19. Street Andrew says:

      A man with a penchant for pork pies

      Looks like he ate them all aswell. Or at least a lot more than his share.

    20. Sinky says:

      O/T Hootsman this morning with its regular article from Scotland In Union.

      Is it worth Business For Scotland or some other pro Indy grouping to get a regular article as part of Scotsman 200? Must be a vacancy since Jill Stephenson was ditched.

      Meanwhile Brian Wilson tells us that we dodged a bullet by voting NO due to negative oil income.

      He rightly blames the Tories for scrapping BNOC but Labour had 13 years to re-nationalise (when prices were low ….although perhaps not as they managed to sell off gold reserves at lowest possible price) or at least ensure all future fields were in state control.

      Successive UK governments blew Scotland’s oil revenues.

    21. Sinky says:

      Sorry Brian Wilson article here

    22. Tinto Chiel says:

      Funniest bit: “A Labour Councillor will always put Glasgow first.”

      And remember the wise words of Bugs Bunny: “What a maroon!”

      Another Low-Flying Jimmy who just lost more altitude.

    23. Morgatron says:

      Sandra @9.08am
      I too thought that they were one of the same person. Yes their gurth around the waist is identical, from what appears too be caused by to many free lunches and their insatiable appetite for pies and bhajis.
      But on closer inspection, i noticed that Bailies moustache is slightly thicker and more in the style of the Death Wish anti hero style of Charles Bronson.

    24. Well, Mr Malik got there in the end. His complacent appearance made me think he was a Conservative. Give him credit, as he did change his post. A fully fledged Tory wouldn’t have.

    25. Big Del says:

      Bo selecta !! Have a good crimbo,,,,,

    26. galamcennalath says:

      Sinky says:

      Sorry Brian Wilson article here

      What a nasty individual with totally twisted views he is ….

      ” It is impossible to avoid the conclusion that Scotland avoided a devastating financial bullet …. This week’s confirmation that tax revenues from North Sea oil and gas have gone into “negative” territory for the first “

      …. I wonder how Norway’s current tax revenues from North Sea oil are doing? I’d wager they are far from negative.

      Wilson does not have the wit to realise that London rule and mismanagement are the problem.

    27. Calum McKay says:

      The dead hand of labour personified!

    28. Ken500 says:

      Not comparing like with like. Apples and pears.

      Catalonian and Scottish Independence cause is totally different. Not to be compared without qualification. At all. Catalonia more rights, autonomy and privileges. Than Scotland supposed to be in an equal Union. It is not.

      2.2million voted Yes to hold a Referendum in Catalonia. Out of a population of 7.5Million. Not a majority? Out of an electorate of 5,2Million? Do EU citizens resident get a vote? Lower turnout?

      In Scotland more people pro rata support Independrnce. 50/50. Ever Increasing. The Tory boys have mucked up the economy. Unionists useless articles. The lot of them.

    29. Famous15 says:

      Jackie Baillie being adulated on GMS.

      Is she being groomed,yes groomed, for greatness?

    30. donald anderson says:

      Must be the same Red Arrows that Labour got to fly over Bannockburn on Godzilla Broon’s “Armed Forces Day” against the Bannockburn Rally in Support of the Plantagenets to the Mrs Windsor Saxe-Cobergs.

    31. McDenster says:

      No the brightest is he but he can fair put the pumpadoms away.

    32. What is it this Labour nonentity has he actually achieved for Glasgow in his time as a Cllr and MSP?

      You would have thought he would be listing everything he has done to improve the lives of the people of Glasgow.

      As for his lie that is the Scottish Government which is closing job centres, the truth and the labour party has always been strangers to one another.

      And if Labour are so wonderful as he would like people to believe, then shouldn’t he be explaining to the people in those areas which are seeing job centres being closed.

      What it is Labour are actually doing to prevent their closure by the Westminster Tory Government.

      I suspect he wouldn’t like to be asked that that question because the answer would be nothing.

      Meanwhile I read Dugdale’s big idea is an outright ban on employees working more than 48 hours a week.

    33. The Dog Philosopher says:

      Just had a wee look at that Wiki entry. I think someone has been doing some ‘creative’ editing, ie “Nationality – British Nationalist” & “Party – British Labour in Scotland”. Check the last paragraph which summarises his contribution to local politics.


    34. heedtracker says:

      SLabour only really make any sense if you think of them as another country’s politics, in Scotland. But then another country’s politics tend not to make any sense anyway.


      Ian Murray?Verified account

      Often asked why I resigned from Shadow Cabinet. Ladies & Gentlemen I give u Jeremy Corbyn. He’s destroying the party that soo many need.
      8:43 AM – 11 Mar 2017

      to, Dr NO’s a plant but SLab dudes marching together with far right roasters like CapX?

      Cllr Scott Arthur? @ProfScottThinks 21m21 minutes ago

      Is Scotland sick of Sturgeon? via @CapX

    35. Ken500 says:

      The tax of 40% since Jan 2016 by Westminster Treasury, when prices had fallen. That is the reason for the decline in the Scottish Oil sector. Osbourne and the Tories. Losing £Billlions and thousands of jobs in Scotlanf. Westminster Unionist criminal mismanagement. The Tory/Unionists boys. Useless. Now Brexit criminals. They can’t count or read a balance sheet. Total greedy losers. Lying their own pockets on people’s misery. Disgusting people.

      Scotland could have had full employment and been in total surplus. Not dragged down by the Westminster unionists lying criminals. Squandering and wasting Scottish resources. Most of them should be in jail. Scotland loses on average £20Billion a year to Westminster mismanagement and misappropriation. A disaster.

    36. Proud Cybernat says:

      Unfortunately, the lie is already halfway around the world and the truth has only just got off the mark.

      And they know this. And their lies will only ever be ‘corrected’ if they are caught. All part of the SLabour strategy of mis/disinforming the electorate. If the truth won’t work then lie your fecking arse off.


    37. sassenach says:

      Great, I see, also, that he tells us “Glasgow is TWINED with Lahore” – perhaps Malik is just ‘stringing us along’!!

      What an illiterate plonker (apart from all his other woes).

      With that and ‘massage’ is he really saying education is at an all-time low just now, God help what it must have been like in his day if this is the best a politician can do!

      But, he takes a lovely picture, don’t you think!

    38. John Bell says:

      Some time ago a relative in Edinburgh was complaining about standard of personal care given to a friend. Despite telling her it was a Labour Council problem she insisted on writing a long rambling letter to Nicola Sturgeon.Every problem in Scotland is the SNP’s fault to diehard Yoons

    39. Proud Cybernat says:


      They call it ‘culture’…

    40. Az says:

      Not a fan of punctuation, I see.

    41. Inside Hanzana Malik is a David Coburn bursting to get out.
      What a worthless tool of a gravy trainer this man is.

    42. Stoker says:

      Just one comment from me on this corrupt liar – A very deep and widespread investigation needs to be held into Mr.Malik and certain members of his close circle of friends and family.

      That’s all!

    43. jfngw says:

      Labour in Scotland have simple message, Scotland is shit, they repeat the mantra ad finitum. It is drummed into our children from an early age who have consumed the media in Scotland. Unionist MP’s are on the gravy train that may allow the goal of a lordship, if they play their cards right.

      The public are so fooled they will even elect LibDem austerity Swinson, casting aside that from 2010 to 2015 she supported a right wing government that has devastated the country. Now they are poised to once again jump in with the Tories, they can almost smell the limousine leather.

      Are the Scots too feart to run their own country, I sometimes wonder, it’s easier to blame others than grab the opportunity.

    44. scotspine says:

      Looks like a sack of shit, tied off tightly in the middle with thin bailer twine.

      Utterly sick of these lying gravy train riders of the Labour Party in Scotland.

    45. Brian Adams says:


    46. Alexander Anderson says:

      His Wikipedia page also suggests that his “contributions in the council chamber are minimal, where he excels at checking his watch and staring out the window.” Just about sums up the value of both Malik and Scottish Labour.

      It seems to me that this kind of blatant lying is all that Labour have nowadays, and I would suggest to any Labour suporters watching that this is not going to win you votes.

      It is also worrying that Glasgow has elected a politician that is so blinded by an SNP bad obsession that he cannot be bothered to look up the difference between reserved and devolved powers; a topic which is covered at Nat 5 Modern Studies!

    47. Sandra says:

      @Morgatron Good point. Moreover Ms Baillie doesn’t strike me as someone with the energy to live a double life.

    48. Duncan MacLaren says:

      I looked up his Wikipedia entry and it says he went to the University of Paisley but that doesn’t exist. There is the Paisley campus of the University of the West of Scotland which ‘educated’ another SNP- bad politician, Willie Rennie, and is not known for producing geniuses.

    49. Dave McEwan Hill says:

      Absolutely excellent National today as it continues to expand. First class double page spread from Alex Salmond.

    50. scotspine says:


      Inform the relevant authorities.

    51. Snode1965 says:

      Always assumed this bloke was infamous, but dim, slab facebook troll Del Rashid.

    52. mr thms says:

      Sinky @ 9.24 am

      Scotland’s production of oil and gas is soaring as a result of several new developments coming onstream.

      “In financial year 2015-16, oil and gas production in Scotland (including Scottish adjacent waters) is estimated to have been 70.0 million tonnes of oil equivalent (mtoe).”

      Typically 1 tonne of oil has a volume of 6.8-7.5 barrels.

      A lot of people don’t realise there really is a magic money tree if you are an oil or gas company involved in the UKCS.

      The Westminster Government over the period from 2015 to 2021 is providing tax breaks.

      “The Office for Budget Responsibility estimates that the Treasury will hand oil and gas companies a net £4.8bn in rebates between 2015 and 2021.”

    53. ronnie anderson says:

      Was there not a issue with Malik owing money for a loan from GCC.

      Malik was re-elected as a Glasgow City Councillor in May 2017. It is said that contributions in the council chamber are minimal, where he excels at checking his watch and staring out the window.

      Why o why do people elect these waste of space to public office.

    54. Proud Cybernat says:


      New Panelbase poll out today puts Indy at 51% (the National).

      Getting there but still much work to do.

    55. Proud Cybernat says:

      Scrub that – just noticed it’s an old issue of The National (1st May).

      Still work to do though.

    56. Dr Jim says:

      The case for the Union:

      They came to Scotland and killed us then the ones who were left alive were thrown off their lands and deported to other countries, then they banned the use of our language and ban even the clothes we wore, and you know what, they’ve never stopped taking our stuff and calling it theirs, and if we complain they threaten us with more of the same

      Eh? I mean Eh? Are folk completely not right in the head
      Why? Why would anybody with a functioning brain want any part of a country who does that?

      Unionists are mentally irregular!

    57. Walter Scott says:

      Who ate all the pies?

    58. galamcennalath says:

      The Tories and Brexit would be hilarious, it it wasn’t all deadly serious!

      From the Independent …

      ” Brexit: Theresa May fails to guarantee new deals will make up for lost EU trade

      UK business fears losing out from Brexit despite the Government promising new trade deals

      … the funniest aspect of all is perhaps the faux surprise everyone tries to claim. ‘Gosh, you mean this might all be a bad idea?’

      From a human, social, and business perspective Brexit will be bad. The only consideration is how bad. Anyone who ever claimed other wise is a liar.

      It’s not about trade, or deals, or finance … it has always been about unbridled English Nationalism. Jobs, businesses, and lives are just collateral damage in this ideological NatFest.

    59. you no who i am says:

      Bathgate bully you had better watch out by try to make a full of me. If you pull stunt like this again i will come through with friends and snort you out.

    60. peekay says:

      There’s also something dubious about the website his twitter account links to. A quick whois on it got my spidey senses tingling

    61. yesindyref2 says:

      Shame on the SNP for getting the weather forecast wrong, it’s supposed to have cleared up and be sunny now.

      Sturgeon must resign.

    62. Andy-B says:

      Malik is a useless trougher, similar to Baillie and Sawar.

    63. clipper says:

      Proud Cybernat 12.32

      Might be a good idea to try checking these things first. Thanks for spoiling what might have been a badly needed little glimmer of good news.

    64. Robert Graham says:

      Scotland – A land where we have Idiots in abundance only surpassed by the Liars who who have convinced them the SNP will lead us to Armageddon and never ending Pestilence . Sometimes our own people in their stupidity are the biggest impediment , cant we change the electorate ? , this one is bloody useless and brainwashed .

    65. crazycat says:

      @ Duncan MacLaren at 11.05

      There used to be a University of Paisley (upgraded from Paisley College of Technology in 1992); it was merged with Bell College, Hamilton to form the UWS in 2007.

      When Malik attended it will either have been the University of Paisley, or perhaps even Paisley Tech, given his age. His Wikipedia entry, which sadly has been returned to its earlier wording, doesn’t say when he graduated.

    66. mike d says:

      Would you buy a used car from this man?

    67. yesindyref2 says:

      @Robert Graham
      My feeling is we’ll benefit from a pause in the Indy Ref constant debate, and let people “reset” themselves! The odd gentle blether doesn’t go amiss, backing off if they get heated. I find in a non-pressure blether, people are still sympathetic to the whole idea. My kind of opening line is “It’s good not to be hearing about Indy Ref 2 all the time”.

    68. Morgatron says:

      Mike d @ 4.30
      I wouldn’t buy a second hand popodum and spiced onions from mr Malik as hes probably fried them in the fat of his lardy belly. What a horrible nasty trougher . Funnily enough he reminds me of the governor of the prison in midnight express.

    69. mike d says:

      Sandra 9.08am. Pmsl(Jackie Baillie in a rubber mask)

    70. mike d says:

      Ah God love him!it’s not his fault he’s a fat b*****d. (Apologies to heavily challenged people everywhere)

    71. johnj says:

      Everybody knows that jobcentres are not a Scottish government responsibility.

      How stupid is this guy?

    72. Robert Peffers says:

      Who actually is the biggest idiot?

      Hanzala Malik for thinking his voters are all gyte or those of his voters who were gyte enough to vote for him anyway?

    73. Robert Louis says:

      O/T for those who want to get to grips with the nonsense called Brexit, then this report, linked below (to the actual PDF download link), is a great resource.

      In particular page 18 of the PDF;

      QUOTE “The Scottish Government has reaffirmed its commitment to Scottish membership of the EU but various routes have been suggested. At the time of the 2014 referendum, the No side suggested that Scotland might not be able to join the EU. Commission President Barroso said that it would be ‘difficult if not impossible’ for Scotland to join the EU. There seems no basis in EU law for the assertion that membership would be impossible, as Scotland meets the criteria and not since de Gaulle’s veto on UK membership in the 1960s has a democratic country respecting the rule of law been refused admission. The Scottish Government did accept that it would have to apply for membership and suggested two ways: by treaty amendment and by the normal accession route. No member state suggested that it would veto Scotland’s membership and none has done so since. The crucial point is that if Scotland were to become independent as a result of an agreement with the United Kingdom, it would be recognized by the UK and there is no reason for any other government to refuse recognition or EU membership. 13 Some opponents of independence have said that Scotland would have to join a ‘queue’ behind the Balkan countries. EU accession has never worked on the basis of a queue. Applicants are accepted when they are ready, not on the basis of when they applied.

      [my bolding].

      Well worth reading all of the section on Scotland, since it contains a few wee things I did not know were going on, but which might explain the ‘soft’ approach currently being taken by the Scot Gov (something which I disagree with btw, we should simply stay in the EU, and stop all this pointless, ‘getting a good brexit deal nonsense’).

      Anyway, here is the link to the pdf;

      I should point out, that I am wholly indebted to the below linked website for ALL of this information, I just decided it might help to highlight this report here too.

    74. Robert J. Sutherland says:

      galamcennalath @ 13:59,

      I have come to the belated conclusion that the whole Brexit thing is nothing more than a gigantic social experiment designed to re-enact in real life the old fable “The Emperor’s New Clothes”, just to see how people will really behave.

      So far it has been working out just as predicted by the tale, not least in the mainstream media.

      Some of us are busily pretending not to notice, and some of us are muttering and silently rolling our eyes, but sometime in the very near future, somebody is going to pipe up very loud…

    75. heedtracker says:

      Some of us are busily pretending not to notice, and some of us are muttering and silently rolling our eyes, but sometime in the very near future, somebody is going to pipe up very loud…

      Well it wont be UKOK media gimps. Look at how devastated BBC Scotland reprobates were over the non slump in economy Scotland.

      BBC r4 Today show this morn has a huge thing on the empty Trump/Putin meeting today, minute after slimy BBC r4 minute rolled by on Trump/Putin waffle, not once did any of these tory gimps even mention Putin/Russia hacking of the last USA pres election, not a peep.

      We’re in very dark times, UKOK media wise.

    76. Reluctant Nationalist says:

      Glasgow is twinned with Lahore in the same way the sea is twinned with a sewage pipe.

      Rough sea, mind.

    77. fletch49er says:

      He’s a barrel of laughs!

    78. Seon Caimbeul says:

      Fuck’s sake. It’s bad enough publishing a series of unflattering photos of a hapless Labour puppet as if that could offer some kind of twisted entertainment. But then to read the comments makes you wonder what sort of twisted, cowardly fuckwits get off on that sort of thing. Arseholes the lot of you. Revealing the lies of the Unionist media is great. I hope you continue to do that. But stirring up shite like this is worth nothing. ‘Reluctant nationalist’ seems like an especially disgusting sort of tosser.

    79. Rev. Stuart Campbell says:

      “Fuck’s sake. It’s bad enough publishing a series of unflattering photos of a hapless Labour puppet as if that could offer some kind of twisted entertainment.”

      You make out that WE somehow maliciously selected these pics, rather than Malik posting them on his own Facebook page.

    80. Seon Caimbeul says:

      You did select them. Your purpose was to provide entertainment and to invite ridicule.

      That the Labour Party have people in position who maybe aren’t as proactive as we might expect is not news. That some Labour reps aren’t great at using social media isn’t any big surprise either.

      Neither is it any wonder that some Labour people are too ready to blame anything and everything on the SNP. That, after all, has been the Labour Party’s only electoral strategy for a long time.

      Kezia Dugdale, Jackie Baillie, Murphy, Brown, Darling and the like are surely fair game. But why expose someone who seems one of the least objectionable of Labour misfortunates to the collective gaze of your readership, which must outnumber his intended Facebook audience by many times? Judging from the personal content of the pics, his assumed audience must be of family and friends.

      To draw unnecessary attention to his personal circle really is a sort of triumphalist cyberbullying. Just because you can.

      It risks offering Unionists and others the possibility of conferring victim status on Labour politicians generally.

      It detracts from the truly excellent work that you do in revealing the horrible truth about the British media. Today’s work on the BBC’s overt support for Orangeism, for example. Where else would we get a spread like that with commentary like yours? You have shown us an evil that we must all know exists but don’t really believe it because it is hidden from us in Scotland by the BBC who celebrate it elsewhere. Divide and rule right enough.

      For so many people your site is the only place to get facts. The piece on Mr Malik is just the sort of thing that will put people off engaging with the facts.

    81. Rev. Stuart Campbell says:

      “Kezia Dugdale, Jackie Baillie, Murphy, Brown, Darling and the like are surely fair game. But why expose someone who seems one of the least objectionable of Labour misfortunates to the collective gaze of your readership, which must outnumber his intended Facebook audience by many times? Judging from the personal content of the pics, his assumed audience must be of family and friends.”

      The name of his Facebook page is “Hanzala Malik – Politician”.

      I’m completely mystified as to what’s supposed to be evil about printing some of his own Facebook posts to show that what he seems to be chiefly concerned with is getting his face into photographs.

    82. Seon Caimbeul says:

      “I’m completely mystified as to what’s supposed to be evil about printing some of his own Facebook posts to show that what he seems to be chiefly concerned with is getting his face into photographs.”

      No, you’re not “mystified” and I didn’t say it was “evil” for you to publish Mr Malik’s pics.

      You can easily understand that it’s not so much evil as just stupid and schoolboyish. You have many more readers than he does. You seize on a mistake he made on social media then offer a series of pics with the intention of ridiculing the man. The pics include his close family.

      You expose him to comment from people who offer nothing except abject hostility.

      I used the word “evil” to describe extreme right wing sectarian thuggery supported by the BBC.

      It’s great that you draw attention that evil but it’s piss poor that you go to the same effort to draw attention to someone whose only offence is to be part of a Labour party machine that doesn’t work very well.

    83. Ken500 says:

      Greer is lying again. Hypocrite. The Scottish Gov does not support arms sales to Saudi or Trident. He knows full well Defence and Foreign policy is reserved. Now trying to encourage a teachers strike just to cause trouble. Trying to make people’s lives harder. Parasite using SNP voters second vote to cause trouble. (for the SNP). What a hypocrite. Third rate loser. Just annoying people.

      Why are OAP’s from other places not allowed to use their travel (bus) passes on the undersubscribed Trams. The management was a criminal unionist catastrophe. The SNP had to sort out the mess. Hotels charging £300 a night in Edinburgh, especially at busy periods. Tourists overcharged. Edinburgh Airport staff do not tell non European travellers they have to get their boarding pass stamped to travel. (Ryanair). They can miss their flights. Leading to more time and expense.

    84. Ken500 says:

      The Labour bombed the Middle East to bits. Supported Brexit etc Causing pain chaos and death. Yet someone wants to protect a Labour rep from what they freely post on social media. Ridiculous.

    85. Ken500 says:

      Malik is just getting some publicity for all the effort. Including blaming the SNP which was called out. Was there not some questions about voting fraud in some of the constituencies. Another element? Fraud and corruption. Financed by gangsters donations. Cash for ‘honours’ on the wider stage. Line dancing politicians with £1/2 property companies finabce from public money. With poverty all around.

      Electoral fraud, financial fraud, tax evasion and illegal wars. Westminster unionist criminal conspiracy.

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