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The End Of Hate

Posted on March 20, 2024 by

As of last night, the Hate Monster campaign page on the Police Scotland website looks like this:

(Archive version here.)

The campaign had been subject to growing mockery and ridicule, not least on this site, and the Monster’s “official” Twitter account accumulated 2,000 followers in under 24 hours, so it may already be too late to stop him becoming a Scottish cultural icon like the Duke Of Wellington’s traffic cone and the Willy Wonka Experience.

But while Police Scotland might be trying to genocide their embarrassment by killing off the Monster, the much worse joke that is the Hate Crime Act remains all too alive.

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0 to “The End Of Hate”

  1. Cameron Lochiel

    “Beware that, when fighting monsters, you yourself do not become a monster… for when you gaze long into the abyss, the abyss gazes also into you”


  2. Luke Warm Dave

    This was Police Scotland’s ‘shut up eat yer cereal’ moment.

  3. la demoiselle sauvage


  4. Frank Anderson

    Meanwhile the training will continue and the legislation will be enacted. This waspnly ever a diversionary tactic, that blew up ( can I say that) spectacularly.
    Meanwhile we have the SNP zealots telling us this is old legislation and all a plot of the Daily Mail to discredit Independence.
    I have breaking news for these zealots, Independence is doing quite well despite your next efforts to hinder it and the Daily Mail and the MSM don’t need to look far for any riculpus legislation/statements, you keep supplying them with own goals almost on a daily basis!

  5. Lorna Campbell

    Oh dear. Nice one, Rev. The parliament of radges continues on its merry way making life hell on earth for its citizens.

  6. Bob Johnston

    That road sign is fantastic. Sir, you are the Jonathan Swift of this sad, febrile age. You keep a mocking, and they can all go to hell.

  7. Bortwiskels

    Let’s hope the law goes the same way – introduced, mocked, quietly pulled.

    I wonder if it’s been the police or the government who have pulled this to save face. Is it possible that the public could lightly tease the police into not enforcing hate crime laws or force the government to remove it by humorously taking the piss out of it?

  8. Stuart MacKay

    I guess this means there won’t be any t-shirts?

  9. Astonished

    Sadly, I can’t see this idiotic legislation being stopped.

    So, we will all have to bide our time and serve our revenge cold.

  10. John C

    I’m amazed that someone in the government or police didn’t realise it’d be mocked. It’s 2024, we live in the age of the internet and people were going to do this but they still put out materials ripe for pisstaking.

    Though sadly this is law in a fortnights time. It’s going to happen even though the overall bulk of the national, and even international, reaction is overwhelmingly negative. Even some of the most ‘progressive’ types are querying why this is needed, not to mention the fact it excludes misogyny is providing a massive red flag to people that this isn’t in fact a law to deal with hate crime, but a law to weaponise hate against women speaking out in support of reality.

    That hasn’t stopped SNP & Green politicians, as well as those who blindly support the SNP, coming out supporting this with the incredibly Tory line ‘If you’ve nothing to worry about, you’ll be fine’ which is as chilling a line as I’d expect from people who I’m completely sure will be leaping to report people for the slightest thing come the 1st of April.

    Apart from those who’ll be hit with reports, I feel sorry for the police and the courts who have to deal with this & try to interpret this mess of a law. It’ll end up being badly interpreted, especially from those police who are also TRA’s which raises the point that how does this law stop activists in any walk of life making endless vexatious complaints that may not end up in a courtroom, but wrecks someone’s life which is the point of this. The process is the punishment.

    And again, I sit here thinking that a decade ago we were talking about creating a new Golden Age for Scotland and now we’re fighting to stop activists send people to prison for calling men, men.

  11. John C

    I wonder if it’s been the police or the government who have pulled this to save face. Is it possible that the public could lightly tease the police into not enforcing hate crime laws or force the government to remove it by humorously taking the piss out of it?

    A friend of a friend is a social worker working in the criminal justice system. They’re dreading what’s going to come in April, so I can only assume there’s going to be the same dread in the police and the courts. Considering there’s backlogs of cases & the police basically don’t deal with low level crime anymore so imagine how bad things could get if they’re being clogged up by report after report?

    I don’t think this is going to go quietly but I do think it’ll be repealed. What I see happening is they’ll be several high profile cases, including I imagine some wee prick will report J.K Rowling not realising she’s got the money to throw the best lawyers in the country at this. There’s also a number of KC’s who’ve said they’re up for pushing this in the courts. Though I’m concerned by activist police and judges using this to criminalise people, especially women, who they hate.

    Also, there’s some movement starting to form in the comedy community to stand against this so this year’s Fringe is going to be interesting yet the damage will be done to people’s lives.

  12. Geri

    Obviously a party pooper & already taken a strop.

    Just another fine mess.

    What an idiot mascot. Are we all 5 yrs old?
    Looks like an angry knob…

    PMSL at the rainbow dildo on the end of a gun..

    *Spits out coffee* LOL!!

  13. Mark Beggan

    Let’s have a hate march starting and ending at Bollywood.

  14. Peter S.

    The odd thing is, that on the ‘Campaigns’ website of the Scottish Police, there is a ‘Hate Crime’ campaign with the Hate Monster logo – and the logo is linked to the Black History Month. Very confusing that!

  15. John Main

    Could we get a new law to force all “furries” to wear HM costumes?

    That would make it a lot easier for everybody to understand what they are about.

    And another thing.

    Why’s thon black-haired lassie in the pic posing with a HM knitting a Palestinian scarf?


  16. Anton Decadent

    It will continue and the law will be used to silence adults as the children are brainwashed hence the choice of a cartoon character.

    This has not came out of the blue but been generations in the making.

    Re the post above about social work, I have witnessed ideological capture across the public sector including social services. I have spoke to people within these sectors who were against what was happening but were careful in their choice of words and only opened up when they were sure that I was not going to name them as allies against cultural apartheid.

  17. Dorothy Devine

    Love it! And Rachel’s poem should win a prize!

  18. Anton Decadent

    With regard to the law being used against people outside Scotland, a few years back Private Eye published an article on the English based Muslim victimhood group Tell MAMA. When reapplying for funding it was found that it was trawling the web and collecting microaggressions typed thousands of miles away and recording these as hate crimes against British Muslims in the UK. These numbers were then published by the likes of the Guardian and others to create an exaggerated impression of the UK being a hotbed of out of control anti Muslim racism without mentioning that many of the supposed hate crimes were comments typed by people in other countries, not real life incidents occurring on the streets of the UK.

    The funding committee decided that Tell MAMA was using this slight of hand to be given a platform from a compliant media which was more than willing to repeat the figures it was being handed by Tell MAMA and that Tell MAMA was using these figures to receive funding at a level which it was not actually entitled to and reduced its funding. At this point its representative did his nut and security had to be called as the panel felt physically unsafe in his presence.

    This law has the potential to be used in the same way, to create an exaggerated problem to keep the money train stopping at the front operations and abusers of charitable status etc and to create and over exaggerate hate crimes and to use these to introduce more restrictions on our freedoms.

  19. Robert Hughes

    So then , when is the expiry date – on HATE ?
    How long will we have to wait , ’til we see the end of HATE ?
    Will it maybe be late , this much-anticipated total extermination of …
    … yip ….HATE ?

    Look at Child Poverty , it only took , what , 2 weeks ? for Humzy that curse to eradicate …..
    — whatcha mean there’s still Child Poverty , shut yr fckn mouth ! that’s pure HATE !
    This vile untruth we won’t tolerate ; if ye know what’s good for ye , get back behind yr gate , ya unprog reprobate
    Humzy’s on a mission , look ! he’s waving the mandate , On April Fools Day ’24 oor man’s gonna end all HATE .

  20. robertkknight

    Do the Keystone Cops get the same training as the Johnstone Cops? Asking for a friend.

    The most hate-filled individuals I’ve seen recently being the “kill terfs” brigade, who appear to have friends in Police Scotland given they can punch females in the street, in full view of Plod, and get off scot-free.

    A banana republic minus the bananas.

    Thanks SNP…tw@ts!

  21. Antoine Roquentin

    That this won’t work-out as intended needs no saying, even if it all seemed really right-on with the wholesale-priced cocaine up their noses. I wonder if any of them considered the fact that most citizens don’t do coke and, in ever diminishing numbers, will vote accordingly at the very first opportunity.

  22. Gav


  23. sam

    From Murray Blackburn Mackenzies’ letter to the Criminal Justice Committee 10 th March 2024.

    “Before the Act comes into force, there are several areas we want to draw to the
    attention of MSPs.

    Lack of reassurance on freedom of expression protections

    Many women are concerned that some people who object to women talking in plain
    language about how sex can’t be changed, and why and when this matters to them,will make complaints to the police, using the stirring up hatred provisions. During debates on the Bill, the then Cabinet Secretary sought to provide reassurances that it was not the intention of the government that the extension of the scope of stirring up offences should for be used to draw people into the criminal justice system simply for making statements that other people disagreed with or found offensive. What systems and internal guidance Police Scotland has put in place to ensure that it is not drawn into acting on such complaints remains unknown, however.

    Contradiction between policy and law

    Under existing Police Scotland policy, officers are required to record all ‘hate
    incident’ reports, even if there is no evidence of a crime, based on the perception of the person reporting an incident to them.
    1 Following a successful legal challenge to a very similar policy, police forces in England and Wales must not record anything that is ‘trivial, malicious or irrational’.2
    Police Scotland has stated that it intends to review its own policy in response to this development; but that any changes will not be made ahead of the 2021 Act coming into force.3

    Unless immediate action is taken, this means that officers will be required on the one
    hand to regard all reports of ‘hate’ as subjectively true on the perception of the
    complainer; and on the other, to apply what Ministers described as a ‘high threshold’,
    for whether a ‘reasonable person’ would regard the material as ‘threatening or
    abusive’, and whether it is intended to‘stir up hate’ under the 2021 Act. This is
    clearly contradictory, and it is unclear how officers are being guided to manage that

  24. sam

    More from MBM’s letter to the Criminal Justice Committee.

    Lack of information on training

    Police Scotland have provided no detail or assurance on how it will protect freedom
    of expression. We understand that training for frontline officers largely consists of an online package.

    We have tried to meet Police Scotland twice since Christmas, most recently at the end of last week, hoping to use this to obtain further information on how it has
    approached protection for freedom of expression in its training. However, Police
    Scotland has had to cancel both meetings shortly beforehand. We currently have a
    meeting rescheduled for Tuesday 12 March.

    Lack of promised post-legislative engagement
    During the passage of the Bill the then Justice Minister Humza Yousaf promised that
    the Scottish Government would allow some concerned stakeholders, including
    ourselves, post-legislative input on the explanatory notes.

    “I will end by making an offer to those who would like to see more specific detail in the bill. I will continue to engage with stakeholders and members of the committee. The convener asked about my next steps. I have several phone calls lined up over the next two days with most, if not all, members of the Justice Committee and a number of stakeholders. If the Government does not go down the path of putting more specific detail in the bill, I suggest that I engage with stakeholders to see where we might be able to give them some reassurance in the explanatory notes that sit alongside the bill. That detail is not in the bill but, as the name suggests, those notes are there to explain how certain provisions in the bill work.

    We might need to insert some more specific examples—perhaps some of the examples that Lucy Hunter Blackburn mentions about the belief of some people that sex is immutable and that people cannot transition from male to female and vice versa. If stakeholders would like some examples in the explanatory notes, I am keen to discuss that with them and with the Equality Network, the Scottish Trans Alliance and others to see whether that might be a common-ground compromise”.
    (Humza Yousaf MSP, 22 February 2021)

    The Scottish Government did not honour that promise, despite repeated assurances over the following months that it would. Instead, it told us a year later that it had
    finalised the Explanatory Notes. Our correspondence with Government is appended
    to this letter. We draw to the Committee’s attention the comments made by the Law
    Commission for England and Wales about the need for freedom of expression protections specific to this issue, when legislating in this area, which we shared with the Scottish Government on 9 December 2021.

    Given the points above, we would strongly urge the Committee to seek urgent
    reassurances from Police Scotland about what measures it has put in place to ensure that complaints made to it under the Act cannot be used to exert a chilling effect on lawful freedom of expression, including sight of the training material and guidance material being provided to officers. We would also ask that the Committee seeks an explanation from the Scottish Government as to why it reneged on theundertaking made to the Parliament by the now First Minister to engage further with
    stakeholders concerned about the Act, after it was passed.

  25. Debatable Lands

    Did he say the wrong thing?

    Though no surprise that the first victim of the new law was an Orangeman.

  26. Owen Mullions

    As the late DI Taggart might have said, “There’s been a misgender”.

  27. Matt Quinn

    John C says: 20 March, 2024 at 12:50 pm

    “I’m amazed that someone in the government or police didn’t realise it’d be mocked. It’s 2024, we live in the age of the internet and people were going to do this but they still put out materials ripe for pisstaking. ”

    They do that because they hold the public in contempt… and have no idea that there is a huge difference between becoming skilled and competent to a professional level in something; and attaining the sort of superficial competence that might be achievable through self-teaching via the internet etc.

    Very often – more often than not in my experience – organisations are run by Rote Managers who, whilst extensively educated in ‘nothing of any real use or relevance’ – are essentially unskilled and incompetent people who imagine they are (a) well educated and wise and competent enough to pass judgement upon others. – Including but not limited to what is ‘right’ for the general public.

    …Clearly, no-one with a legitimate grasp of graphic design, animation, communications and public relations etc. – was involved in the creation of this travesty. It’s not unique in that respect; materials produced by the Scottish Government and its offshoots (and the UK one for that matter) are often output to a level which might be expected of a schoolchild.

    This happens mainly because of cronyism – coupled to an inability on the part of those commissioning such things to recognise incompetence. – Rote Managers are generally slaves to what C Northcote Parkinson called ‘injelitance’; that is to say the fusing of incompetence and jealousy – couple that to nepotism and an endemically corrupt mindset; and you have a picture of much of modern ‘management’ culture within large corporations and so-called ‘public service’.

    Rote management sits at the heart of the chaos, waste, corruption and misdirection of resource in public service. Joined-up-thinking and the public good are anathema to those who only seek to assure their own place at a trough and pauchle whatever vacuous statistic is required of them to attempt to fool the proverbial ‘some of the people’.

    There is no doubt that ‘someone (or several) in the government or police’ did recognise the stupidity both of the ad and the campaign it underpins. – But this is where ‘ENC syndrome’ kicks in; ‘Emperor’s New Clothes’… where they keep quiet and put their whistle in the back of the draw to maintain their own fat salary and pension rights.

    Those further down the monkey tree might look up and see the proverbial ‘annular output ports’… but what voice do they have; they are even more susceptible to losing their livelihood and being bullied in the workplace – even if they weren’t easily dismissed as ‘not of the edgy-macated class’.

    People within those organisations would know what they were producing was dross… even those within the project group would know it; but when there’s a fat cheque to be posted; sctumm is the word!

    The worst of it is… that level of contempt for the general intelligence of the public; that shared delusion that the great unwashed are all infantilised fools – is nothing more than a reflection of themselves. They make the dangerous assumption that the world is entirely inhabited by Candy Crushed Moron who send their days glued to mobile phones through which their entire lives are lived. -That everyone is a manchild/womanchild like them.

    The thief thinks everybody steals, I’ve heard it said.

    They won’t have hired anyone competent because (a) such people are likely to be outside the clique and are decried by the claqeurs anyway and (b) such people are likely to call out the naked Emperors; which in the world of the injelitant is something that must be avoided at all costs. – Any residual grown-ups will have been effectively bullied into silence.

  28. Matt Quinn

    Owen Mullions says: 20 March, 2024 at 5:07 pm

    As the late DI Taggart might have said, “There’s been a misgender”.

    Would that be Lady DI Taggart?

  29. Breeks

    Not 100% sure, but the sixth picture might have been photoshopped…

  30. Johnlm

    Jo Farrell is a great match for this administration.

  31. Stoker

    LOL! My personal favourite is the “Welcome To Scotland” one. Top class! Love it!

    Here’s a thought: Wingers could use this as a launching pad to get this farce into the public domain. To get the wider public talking about it and asking questions such as: What’s that all about?

    I think the T-shirt idea is a good one. Another way would be for individuals to get their own posters made up and stick them in your windows. They could be any size you see fit. Or as big as you dare. From basic A4-size to A1, or even bigger if you can afford it.

    There are folk on here suggesting this may have been pulled due to the mockery it has rightly attracted. I think there probably is a touch of that involved but i’ve a feeling it’s more to do with the backlash inspired on here and social media. Something Sturgeons Nasty Party don’t want in the run up to a big general election.

    We could help them with that, 😉 by keeping it in the public eye. Get folk talking and asking questions. Guaranteed sudden death for the Wokerati in the SNP. Oh how we will laugh.

  32. Stoker

    BTW, Chris Cairns’ work of art last Saturday is also a brilliant idea for an awareness poster. That would not only get folk talking and asking questions but laughing too.

    It will also give us the opperchancity to promote Cairnstoons and Wings Over Scotland. Oh the SNP are really going to love us. Mega LOLZ!

  33. Buchan

    The end of hate? More like the End of Scotland.

    Who’s gonna change the signs at the Borders from Welcome To Scotland, to Welcome To North Korea.

    Time to start reporting them MSP’s for hate crimes as well.

  34. Dan

    @ Matt Quinn

    Incompetence or deceit seems to be the norm in far too many other aspects of Scotland.
    I’ve just reported Scottish Water to SEPA for them utterly failing to properly address and deal with an issue in a timely manner.
    Scottish Water were informed on the 1st of March and given a detailed report of a broken sewer pipe discharging a village’s effluent into the wrong watercourse.
    A case number was generated and 3 SW engineers visited the site on 2 separate occasions which I also attended to explain what was happening to them.
    They lied to SEPA saying they had carried out dye and pressure tests of the pipe and stated there was no issue and the job required no further work.
    There is no way they got satisfactory results from tests (if they even carried them out) because the pipe is completely broken 500 meters from where it is meant to terminate into the river flow, and is therefore still discharging sewerage into the wrong stillwater watercourse.
    I sent video evidence to SEPA which proves there is still a fault and off the back of that Scottish Water have now created a new case / job number.
    So the best part of 3 weeks has been wasted and they willfully continued to pollute a watercourse further wrecking fish spawning grounds.
    They must think of and treat the public as idiots if they believe they can get away with this because all the communications are logged.

    Humza Yousaf and other politicians need to open their eyes and instead of blowing taxpayers’ cash virtue signalling on global matters, and flawed and unwanted policies, actually spend some of our limited finances on improving our supposedly bonnie Scotland’s infrastructure so that in this day and age we aren’t still pumping our piss, shit, and washing detergents into our rivers.
    All that cash spaffed away on crap like Deposit Return Scheme could have gone to much better environment improving initiatives.

  35. Stoker

    @ Dan on 20 March 2024 at 7:20 pm

    Good luck with your complaint, Dan. I’ve absolutely no faith in any “Scottish” complaints system. They are all as corrupt as Sturgeon’s Nasty Party. I don’t subscribe to the childish ACAB school-of-thought, never have done, but i do include Police Scotland in my expressed lack of faith. All the best, Mate, you’re going to need it.

  36. David Hannah

    Jo Farrell is a fucking toss pot. She’s been bought by the SNP. They own her and pull her strings now she’s been given the lift back to Durham.

    She’s thick as a fucking plank. THAT IS CLEAR. THAT IS ABSOLUTELY FUCKING CLEAR!

  37. David Hannah

    Crystal Clear that Jo Farrell and the hate monster – she’s thick as a plant.

    She’s blind as a bat. She obviously let Dominic Cummings off the hook as he drove 100 miles to Barnard Castle to test his eyesight.

    She’s corrupt to the core.

    Angela Constance hired her. She’s been hired by an SNP FRUIT CAKE. That looks like an insane art teacher which a god awful fashion sense. These people are unhinged. Our country deserves better than their woke poison.

    100 per cent. Time for a Hate Crime Bill protest. We’re going all in. We will fight this to the death.

  38. David Hannah

    Scotland deserves better. All of the top Police Officers in the World. And the SNP gives it to some fucking stupid fruit cake from Durham. That can’t even drive her FAT FUCKING ARSE Home.

    You make me sick Jo Farrell.

    Include my message in your affirmation cards. You stupid fucking bint.

    Stick your hate crime bill up your fat arse! And fuck off back to England and don’t come back!

  39. McDuff

    This is not your ordinary Bobby this is the hierarchy who are either sucking up or are gutless for not speaking out.
    Its the rank and file cops who are going to have to deal with this madness.

  40. David Hannah

    The Irish Prime Minister resigned. Because he was woke as fuck. He didn’t build houses. And he let all the immigrants take over Donegal and Letterkenny.

    They call it Letter Kenya now.

    Our country has the same problems. We must sack our corrupt woke leader. Humza Yousless. He’s got to go.

    We must take our country back boys and girls. AND WE WILL NEVER APOLOGISE. FOR BEING SCOTTISH. FOR BEING MALE. NEVER.

    MALE ME TOO! JO FARRELL’S LEGACY! Take our country back for the native SCOTS!

  41. David Hannah

    Irish Prime Minister. SACKED.

    Time to sack our woke globalist. WEF loving. NATO war mongering disgusting leaders in the UK. That includes. SIR Kier Starmer. God Save the King.

    He’s got to go. Humza. Our ten time by election loser is giving our country away. And he’s criminalising us. He’s given democracy away. So that Johnny Foreigner rules supreme. And we native Scots are second class citizens – Hate Monsters. Here’s you’re hate right now.

    Scotland. Fight back. Take our country back. The police must rise up and stand up against the woke ARSEHOLES at the top of their corrupt. BENT police force. Sturgeon’s Stasti. NEVER APOLOGISE. SPEAK THE TRUTH.

  42. Hatuey

    Why is Obama going door-to-door all of a sudden?

  43. Matt Quinn

    Dan wrote:

    “All that cash spaffed away on crap like Deposit Return Scheme could have gone to much better environment improving initiatives.”

    The DRS was/is nothing more than an blatant attempt by a foreign industry insider to (Slater) hive off a potentially profitable part of the waste recycling industry, for the benefit of her cronies. – It’s nothing remotely like the old ‘ginger bottle’ or ‘milk bottle’ schemes or anything they might have in Europe. – And it’s not for the public (or environmental) good.

    Reduced to its essence it means forcing the public to sort potentially valuable waste for very large privately-owned companies, from which they will make vast profits; it’s as blatantly corrupt and dishonest a scam as can be! Meanwhile, while her cronies grow fat; the public purse will be left to deal with that which is less easy to monetise.

    Like Stoker (20th March at 7:58pm)’I’ve absolutely no faith in any “Scottish” complaints system. They are indeed all as corrupt as Sturgeon’s Nasty Party.’ …Your formal complaints will by ‘wrung through’ the sham of a ‘model complaints procedure’ by SEPA. Ranks will be closed, the law will be ignored – lies will be put forth and ultimately SW and SEPA will close ranks to bury the issue.

    Your ‘final recourse’ will be to the Scottish Public Services Ombudsman; the SPSO is supposedly the final stage for complaints about public service organisations in Scotland. In practice, they are there simply to ‘rubber stamp’ malpractice on the part of public service organisations and defeat the ends of justice by making any court action (even if the money can be found to support it) pointless.

    The courts – even if the law is broken and the evidence is strong – will default to blindly upholding Ombudman’s decisions

    “Incompetence or deceit seems to be the norm in far too many other aspects of Scotland.”

    These things are the norm!

    Nobody in public service is interested in truth or justice… the system is rotten to the core; and that applies throughout these septic isles and beyond. – Actually; this level of dishonesty and corruption has been the norm for generations; it’s simply less-well hidden these days.

  44. Robert Hughes

    I don’t always agree with Brendan O’Neill ( most of the time I do ) but this is an absolutely brilliant dissection of the recent Irish Referenda and evisceration of the * Woke * elite that brought it about – getting their baws kicked in the process

    Everything he says here about the Irish * Progressive * Socio/political mindset and it’s calamitous effects is mirrored exactly in the Green/snP .

    What’s happening in Ireland should be taken as a cautionary example of how disavowing your past , being shamed by your History , only ever seeing the negatives – seeking them out , is essentially , attacking peoples’ sense of who they are , what gives them meaning , kinship with their predecessors , and will only be tolerated for so long and up to a certain point .

    Rather than taking heed of the Irish Ref results , the GREEN/snP menagerie are hell-bent on continuing on the same road to ruin .

    I’m sure they’ll get there .


  45. Alf Baird

    Robert Hughes @ 10:44 pm

    An excellent synopsis, demonstrating how ideologically distant today’s pampered and privileged neoliberal political elites are from colonially damaged yet still breathing national culture, the latter the only bulwark defending against oppressive forms of Cultural Imperialism such as wokery, which seeks to obliterate national cultures and hence undermine nations and weaken national sovereignty. And which reveals the true purpose of the hate crime and other woke legislation.

  46. Jason Smoothpiece

    Police Scotland closing Police Offices, not answering the phones, not patrolling.

    How ashamed they must be really very sad.

    Time for a new Policing set up under local control.

  47. Willie

    Authoritarian bad legislation together with a politically sectarian and increasingly selectively abusive Police Scotland and prosecution service is and will continue to be a cause of hate.

    People, ordinary people have no faith, no trust in the police. That is a bad situation for any society.

    Selective arrests and oursuance of political opponents, the non prosecution of politicos commuting crimes whilst others are pursued, the increasing hostility to ordinary protestor, the policy decisions not to address big commercial crimes are now all too clear to see.

    It is not to understate things a cause of dissonance, a cause of hate even. People don’t just dislike sectarian apartheid police forces but can actually hate them.

    The RUC of old, the old apartheid police service of South Africa, all now look like what Police Scotland has become.

  48. Lulu Bells

    John Main at 2.04pm on 20th March says:

    ‘Why’s thon black-haired lassie in the pic posing with a HM knitting a Palestinian scarf?


    The Hate Monster in this picture is knitting a scarf in the WSPU suffragette colours of green, white and purple.

  49. Stuart MacKay

    Robert Hughes, Alf Baird

    An interesting read, though a little too focused on the present. Instead they author should be putting Liberalism in the dock. Wokeness is just an intolerant version of a process that’s being going on since the Enlightenment, where elites, not the church or the monarchy, get to decide what’s best for everybody. The whole idea of “improvement” is what brought us The Clearances.

  50. Johnlm

    Day twelve since Genocide John’s ceasefire started. Lol.

  51. The Flying Iron of Doom

    Hatuey says:
    20 March, 2024 at 9:05 pm

    Why is Obama going door-to-door all of a sudden?

    I dunno man – perhaps he’s collecting Avon orders?

  52. Alf Baird

    Stuart MacKay @ 8:09 am

    “Wokeness is just an intolerant version of a process” portrayed as ‘progressive’ that is being used to destroy national cultures. Thankfully Irish folk have figured this out and rejected via constitutional referendum the new ideology and its dubious values.

    The question is, will the Scots reject it, and how are we going to reject it? The problem we have is that Scots won’t be offered a referendum to allow us to decide if we want this new ideology which is intended to alter our society fundamentally, and all main UK political parties are promoting only an intolerant woke policy future.

  53. Robert Hughes

    Stuart Mackay

    Fair point/s .

    Not sure if Wokeness is * just * an ” intolerant version …….. ” etc

    I mean , it definitely IS a modern version of ( imagined ) Elite superiority , the same vinegary wine in a fancier bottle . It something else altogether too .

    Never before in History has a group of people tried to promulgate – by * force * & judicial imposition – the idea that humans can change sex ; that children – some of pre-school age – can * know * their ….zzzzzz ” gender identity ” and should be * affirmed * in this fantasy by life-altering , irreversible physical surgery , leading to – among other unpleasant conditions – permanent sterility .

    Even by historical standards , that’s taking the human propensity for delusional self-harm to unprecedented levels .

    The other aspects of the * Woke * agenda/mentality may be puerile , SELF-serving garbage – they are – but this State Endorsed/Promoted Cult of Mutilation is by far the most dangerous , seriously unhinged part of the entire * Project * .

  54. Rab Clark

    @Alf Baird –

    Alf, if you happen to see this, could you please consider endorsing what we’re doing with our Scots translation work? It would mean a lot to us.

  55. Dorothy Devine

    Barrheadboys podcast from Dundee was great and the panel were wearing Hate Monster badges.

  56. PacMan

    Whether intentional or not, the result of HCB will be silencing political dissent as per the analogy of Havel’s Greengrocer.

    I can’t help but feel another unintended consequence of this legislation is that it will be abused by those it is trying to protect.

    To use an example, say a landlord is trying to evict a Trans individual due to anti-social behaviour which is perfectly acceptable under the leasing agreement. That Trans person could report the landlord to the police as a hate crime by arguing the landlord is trying to evict them due to being Trans rather than due to breaching the letting agreement.

    The eviction would probably go ahead because it isn’t a hate crime but like politics, the word will get around and there will be the fear amongst landlords of being reported to the HCB and they will be walking on egg-shells with Trans tenants for fear of being involved with the law.

    I am using Trans people as an example but this equally applies to all protected characteristics.

    That may sound absurd but remember the Rev’s case against Kezia Dugdale. The rev was found both guilty and non guilty because Dugdale perceived his comments as homophobic even under the law it wasn’t.

    It also occurred to me that this legislation could also be abused in other ways.

    Say I had an ongoing feud with a neighbour. What would stop me from putting on eyeliner and polish on my nails then phoning the police and reporting a hate crime accusing the neighbour of Transphobia?

    With this TRA ideology, gender is not linked to biological sex but identity. I know all the focus has been on guys in dresses but under this ideology, any individual can identity as the opposite sex even if they are don’t have any for of surgery or change their outward appearance of the sex they identify with.

    Whether that will work in practice with the HCB legislation remains to be seen but ultimately if say a man identifies as a woman then under this flawed law, they will be treated as a woman and any crime against them has to be investigated?

    It could be used as a way to protest against this legislation and is absurd but if you are dealing with such absurd legislation, is this the only way to oppose it by treating it as such?

  57. Tommo

    All a bit rich coming from the SNP whose first minister said she ‘loathed the Tories and everything they stand for’. On that basis she hates somewhere around 25-33 percent of her countrymen (and women, of course).

  58. Bortwiskels

    Alf asked how are we going to reject it. Democratically it is basically impossible to reject it, the hate crime bill passed with cross party support.

    Culturally we can reject it, though, by talking about it and mocking it -i don’t think the hate crime bill is covered in the hate crime bill. Expect to see the fringe awash with acts goading it and the Muppets who wrote and passed it.

    If it’s seen widely as a massive joke, where we all acknowledge that the police and government want to control our thoughts, it loses its assumed credibility. The media ought to join in, the snp are the badguys to them too, and this has to be the easiest black eye to give them in an election year.

    If people actually make a concerted effort to directly oppose it too, petitions and contacting any and all elected members, surely at some point the penny will drop.

    If it doesn’t, I can only hope that once the police are overwhelmed with spurious and vexatious reports (probably from a tiny number of people), are seen to be investigating them selectively (as directed by government) or pursue a high-profile case that highlights the idiocy of the law, the hate crime law will show itself as a millstone round Police Scotland’s neck and a massive target on their back. The pressure to drop it will, I think sooner or later, come from the police force itself. Police Scotland won’t want the optics of arresting a comedian at the worlds largest arts festival, or lifting an electoral candidate in a national election, but maybe that’s what we all need to show the hate crime bill for what it is, increase public awareness of it, and force Holyrood to bin it.

  59. Ruby

    Thanks Robert for the link to

    Ireland and the terrible truth about wokeness
    I archived it just in case

    That was a very interesting read.

    I didn’t fully understand what the Irish referendum was about. I guess it was about whether people want the country to be super woke or not.

    Well done Ireland for voting NO.

    If I was given the choice between voting for a constitution that stated ‘a woman’s place is in the kitchen’ or ‘a mans place is in female only spaces’ or ‘your ma can be your da’ I would vote for being in the kitchen.

    Nobody would want me ‘in the kitchen’ but if they did I fortunately have a very modern kitchen with a list of take-aways that sends a guy on a bike to deliver the dinner. Also there’s a comfy stool, a good internet connection and a nice wine rack. So if that was the price I had to pay for woman’s rights I would be quite happy in the kitchen.

    Sexism or Wokism?

    No contest.

  60. Ruby

    21 March, 2024 at 10:18 am

    Alf asked how are we going to reject it. Democratically it is basically impossible to reject it, the hate crime bill passed with cross party support.

    I know folk don’t like me saying this but both the HC bill and the GRR Bill was supported by all parties (for the most part 1-2 exceptions) except the Tories.

  61. Ruby


    I am using Trans people as an example but this equally applies to all protected characteristics.

    Good point!

    I often thought that the
    ‘Race Relations Act 1965’ made people of ‘colour, race, or ethnic or national origins’ into a protected species.

    The weird think I find about references to race etc is that everyone has a race, ethnicity & national origin.

    I am White, White, White “Caucasian” ethnically Scottish from Scotland.

    I am a person of colour but I don’t think I am covered by the ‘Race Relations Act 1965’

    I don’t know if I’m covered by ‘The Hate Crime Bill’ or not. It’s all so bonkers I can’t even be bothered to find out.
    I reckon it will probably be repealed but even if it is it is important to focus on the intention behind Humza Yousaf’s Hate Crime Bill and why ‘our’ politicians voted for it, same for GRRB.

  62. Alf Baird

    Rab Clark @ 9:27 am

    Awfu braw an vailuable speirins thair, an nae bather tae unnerstaund aince ye ken a wee bittie o yer ain langage. Tho oor Scottis schuils an cooncil heid bummers an Government Meenisters shoud aw be black affrontit thay dinnae lairn Scots bairns thair ain braw langage, oor human richt tae; thay aye anely hiv Englis garred doon Scots bairns thrapples tae mak thaim inta wee Anglophones an gie thaim the blaflum thair aw ‘British’ an no Scots at aw. Whit we ken as ‘Linguistic Imperialism’. Tak awa a fowk’s langage, ye tak awa thair identity, imperial job duin!

  63. Bortwiskels

    Indeed it was Ruby, but I’m not giving up hope yet. You see, I don’t think very highly of the people who wrote and passed that bill.

    Firstly hey are not smart, were they bright enough to defend their position on those bills they wouldn’t have had to make expression of dissent illegal.

    Secondly they are thin skinned (see first point) and vain, they will not like having their opinions and laws publicly (and lawfully) ridiculed.

    Thirdly they have no spine or morals. Seeing that the position they took will eventually lose them support, credibility or their job, they would, I hope, change that position when it becomes unsustainable.

  64. Rab Clark

    @Alf Baird –



  65. Robert Hughes

    @ Ruby

    Buenas dias hermana mia

    Yr kitchen sounds great – well-equipped n angst-free 🙂

    Yr hypothetical is well-made , though I’m sure you don’t believe the choice is as starkly … ( damn the hijacking of once neutral words ! ) binary as ” Sexism or Wokism ” being the only * choices * available to women .

    I was not and am not against gay marriage , but it’s inception completely altered what that ritual/tradition had meant for 1000s of years ie the union of a Man & a Woman . Time will tell if the Pros outweigh the Cons .

    That change will be as nothing in societal impact compared to the reality-warping effects the TWAW/TMAM psychosis will create if allowed to wrap it’s tentacles even tighter around the necks of every Institution/Service/Business/Government – as is currently the case .

  66. Spartan 117

    Oink oink. Your “representatives” hard at work for you:-

    2 and a half grand on a chauffeur bill and 12 grand on a jolly to the US for a 15-minute speech. The same cnuts that preach about cLiMaTe cHaNgE to us mere peasants.

    Also in oinker-related news, Lord MemberInPigMouth (our unelected Foreign Sec) has racked up a fair amount of all-expenses-paid airmiles all over the Globe, presumably to thump the war drums. Another cLiMaTe grifting cnut as well.

  67. Ruby

    On re-reading my post I got the following the wrong way round

    ‘your ma can be your da’

    I don’t think that is too much of a problem atm


    ‘your da becoming your ma’ is.

    Oh shit is that right? I’m honestly getting very mixed up with all this ‘gender swapping’

    Sexism or Wokeism?

    I’m sticking with good old fashioned sexism.

    I know how to handle that!

    It’s the misogynists with the pink & blue baseball bats and the fetishists in women’s spaces (all supported by the Scottish Government & Police Scotland) that is difficult to deal with.

    What is the difference between a chauvinist and a misogynist?
    Sexism: discrimination against women. Male chauvinism: belief in male dominance and supremacy. Misogyny: hatred of women.

    Misogyny ‘included’ in HCB but only when it applies to transwomen.

  68. Stuart MacKay

    Isolationism, North Korea Style:

    It is a well-established principle in Scots law that anything published on the internet, which can be read in Scotland, is deemed to be published in Scotland. The act of publication is not deemed to be the person actually publishing the item, let us say in Tahiti. The act of publication is deemed to be the reader opening the item on their device in Scotland.

    Except for viewers in Scotland is on a whole new level. Looking forward to the Scottish Government building Hadrian’s firewall.

  69. BLMac

    Another great piece of legislation from the Stonewall Nonce’a Party (SNP)

    What’s that Boomer?

    You thought SNP meant Scottish National Party?

  70. James

    Awwww….does this mean the “Tory Scum Out” banner won’t be on proud display on the next Scottish independence march?
    (Glasgow, May 4th). Us Scotch proles love to see it.

  71. Bortwiskels

    Thanks Stuart for posting that link to Craig Murray’s article, it’s some read! Terrifying stuff!

    CM raises the notion that someone in England communicating with someone in Scotland could fall foul of Scottish hate crime. This would affect the human rights of people in England. That would on turn breech the terms of the Scotland Act, putting the hate crime bill in the same bracket as the GRRB. Is there a hope that the UK government could again overrule the Scottish one, again saving us from shite law and again humiliating the SNP/Greens?

    I agree with him that it’s a stick on that some of the first reports to be made will be against Humza for antisemitism.

  72. Republicofscotland

    So the Keystone Cops have taken the page down, its the Streisand Effect in action.

    Meanwhile I heard the SNP careerist and MP Stephen Flynn at PMQ’s yesterday say that there’s no difference between Labour and the Tories in many policies.

    Flynn and his grifting crony SNP MPs know there’s SFA that they can do at Westminster to affect change, yet they’ll need to be dragged kicking and screaming out of Westminster’s gravy train when we eventually dump this bucket of shit forced union forever.

  73. Republicofscotland

    Manky Shirt and his vile crew being allowed by the Electoral Commission (a captured body) to move in on the Scottish Greens vote.

    I don’t know which party I loathe the most out these two, the first wants to destroy Scotland right to dissolve this bucket of piss union, the second wants to mutilate it weans and completely f*ck up its young peoples minds with gender shit.

  74. Ruby

    I was not and am not against gay marriage , but it’s inception completely altered what that ritual/tradition had meant for 1000s of years ie the union of a Man & a Woman . Time will tell if the Pros outweigh the Cons .

    Muy Buenas dias Roberto.

    If the choice were sexism or wokeism sexism would win.

    I’m just wondering if the ‘radical feminists’ maybe just didn’t push too hard and it’s backfired and we’ve ended up with wokeism.
    Weird that radical feminist to her finger flipped easily from being against sexism to supporting wokeism.
    Anyway that’s a whole other discussion.

    Same sex marriage came about in 2004 when Labour passed the GRA 2004 bill as did sex change resulting in men in women’s spaces /TWAW TMAM )

    Maybe I’m wrong but it seems to me that all passed without comment. Might be interesting to do some research into what was said re same sex marriage back then.
    (I think same sex marriage was all tied up with the decision re GRA 2004. Basically they couldn’t say TWAW/TMAM and then not allow them to get married or something)

    I got the impression that a lot of commenters here believed it all started with Sturgeon’s GRR bill.

    My question is why has it all suddenly exploded now? Is it all down to it having been decided that all fetishes are perfectly normal and not a mental health issue or was it Sturgeon and her GRRB?

    I don’t know why people want marriage and not a civil partnership. I’m guessing it’s because the church services are much more aesthetically pleasing, what with all the flowers, big dresses, bridesmaids, ring bearer toddlers/dogs, congregation with fancy hats, music da da da daaa da da da da daaa da da…and all that stuff. You can’t exactly have ‘A Big Fat Gay or Straight Wedding’ in a registry office.

    Maybe I’m being too cynical and everyone getting married in church is in fact very religious.

    You can probably tell that I haven’t done much research and everything I say is just coming off the top of my head.
    Not sure it would be much better if I did research but at least there would be some links.

  75. Republicofscotland

    Of course Sarwar can’t really say anything he’s just a f*ckin puppet branch manager in Scotland, there is NO party registered with the Electoral Commission called Scottish Labour.

    A vote for BLiS isn’t a vote for Scottish Labour for its a branch office of London in Scotland, as is the Lib/Dems and Tory parties in Scotland.

    Re my previous comment that Grifting careerist and MP (SNP) Stephen Flynn at least got it right that there NO difference between Labour and the Tories now.

    “SCOTTISH Labour have entered their second day of silence on their UK colleagues praising Margaret Thatcher – despite demands they make their position clear.

    Anas Sarwar’s party has refused to comment on a slew of top Labour figures praising the divisive former Tory prime minister as a “visionary” who oversaw “national renewal”.”

  76. Stuart MacKay


    For all the talk of breaking down barriers, the progressives in the government don’t seem able to add two and two, and realise that the judiciary needs a good spring cleaning in these modern times too.

    I take Murray and Dunlop at their word and that the notion of “published in Scotland” is in fundamental opposition to the existence of the internet. So who is right, Scotland vs Rest of the World?

    First they came for the feminists, and I did not speak out…
    Next they came for the police, and I did not speak out…
    Then they came for the judges, and I did not speak out…

    It’s an absolute tyre fire which is going to either consume everything or leave everything in such a state of chaos that nothing works, at all.

    Pol Pot must be birlin in his grave with envy.

  77. Ruby

    The bit in Craig’s post about extradition from England is something I have been wondering about.

    Also that those outwith the UK who have committed a hate crime can only be arrested if they come here.

    This is not going to help our tourist industry. What with that and all the performers in the Festival/Fringe being watched closely I reckon August in Edinburgh will be like ‘lock down’ all over again.

    The prediction that Humza’s Hate Crime Bill would result in another S35 could well be accurate. It’s no wonder he wants Scotland to be Tory free.

    Roddy Dunlop KC is the best. I really like him.

  78. Anton Decadent

    Follow the money. Look at the board of the Tavistock and then look up the three judges who overturned the initial findings against it. Look up the funders of the John Smith Institute which is on a mission to change the entire civil infrastructure of Scotland from white to brown/black. Look at the board of Unbound Philanthropy which funds organisations which peddle white supremacy/minority victimhood even in the face of statistics. Look at the WEF which, last time I looked, still had Ghislaine Maxwell listed as one of its Champions Of Technology. Look at who owns TIME magazine and who its chief editor are, the magazine which had Yousaf on its cover as a Future Leader. Do all of these and you will find which group is tutoring hostile elements to have permavictim status baked into law.

    None of this would be happening without almost complete capture of politics, finance, business, advertising, publishing, the media in all aspects, written, visual and social, entertainment, academia from nursery to university, law, health and especially large pharmaceutical companies, civil service/infrastructure, the armed forces and emergency services, the Arts and the charity sectors. To do so needs access to an almost unlimited cash flow and a fear factor against standing up to them. Even if all of what I wrote is true the main crime is speaking out loud about it, not whether or not it is true, that is irrelevant to them, it is speaking out for the interests of yourself, your family, culture and country which is the greatest crime hence the law.

    Those of you read the papers will be wondering WTF happened to the Herald and the answer is its ownership and over representation within it. See also the Guardian, given cash injections by George Soros and Bill Gates and has the brass neck to have a blurb under every article saying it is not funded by billionaires. Pay attention to its photos and illustrations of males and females together, particularly if the subjects are relationships and sex, the same as advertising every couple in Britain are apparently mixed race. This is not being done by accident. Pay attention to the GFT in Glasgow and its rota of black and brown power/victimhood, bad whitey and jewish victimhood then have a look at what building is across the road from it a block or so up.

    I am someone who has spent decades amongst the useful idiots of the far Left but from there went into the culture of nepotism, cronyism and political favouritism practiced by the people who are pushing everything which I wrote above and it changed my worldview and got me researching. Which takes us back to my first line, follow the money.

  79. DaveyTee19

    As I understand it having read Craig Murray’s latest synopsis, if anyone anywhere in the world posts something on the internet that is not aimed at Scotland or at anyone in Scotland, but someone in Scotland nevertheless reads it and finds it offensive, then an offence has been committed by the original poster who could find him or herself arrested if they ever set foot in Scotland, or England for that matter. Absurd, absurd, absurd. Labour seems disappointingly quiet on the matter.

  80. Spartan 117

    To be quite blunt, any vote for the current malaise – Uniparty Blue, Uniparty Red, Uniparty Yellow, Uniparty Green or Uniparty Tartan – is a wasted vote and an endorsement of the current schichtshow of Nuts Zero, weirdness, culcha wars and the continued kicking-down of ordinary people by their Lords and Masters.

    Voting Uniparty Tartan in the hope that it will achieve Independence is about as nonsensical as thinking that voting Uniparty Blue will lower taxes, or voting Uniparty Red will improve worker’s rights.

  81. Frank Gillougley

    I cant even remember that snp msp nonentitie’s name on the newsnight clip re the hate crime bill. But thank God I remembered this quote that sums up him and all his other bureaucratic legislators in that ridiculous place.

    “Those who boggle at strong language are cowards, because it is real life which is shocking them, and weaklings like that are the very people who cause most harm to culture and character. They would like to see the nation grow up into a group of over-sensitive little people–masturbators of false culture…”

    ? Jaroslav Hašek, The Good Soldier Švejk

    Fuck them all.

  82. George Ferguson

    The Hate Crime Act featured heavily at FMQ today. Was the intervention by SNP MSP McKee sitting near Kate Forbes the distant rumble of a SNP leadership campaign.? It looked liked it to me. With the exception of Fergus Ewing strong criticism from the SNP backbenches is rare. Anyway I am thinking about starting a book for the first public complaint of the HCA. Favourite at odds on of 1 to 20 J K Rowling, 2nd Favourite at 9 to 4 Rev Stu Campbell and finally at 5 to 1 any white working class male between the ages of 18 and 30.

  83. Stuart MacKay

    Anton Decadent

    I think we’d all be shocked at how little money was paid to supplement the income of internet-ravaged publishers and journalists in order to get favourable outcomes. Once groupthink took hold, the rest, as they say, is history – assuming it doesn’t get rewritten.

  84. Viscount Ennui

    In all seriousness, has the current administration managed to pass any competent legislation?

    Named Persons?
    Gender recognition?

    All of these flagshit policies have failed spectacularly.

    Also, asking for a friend, has the current administration shown competence in any area of governance?

    It is almost as if the SNP do not want independence and are attempting to be as incompetent as possible to ensure that it can never happen.

    Finally, what is the average IQ of a ScotGov minister?

  85. Confused

    Good literary reference there; Schwejk (I can’t do all those accents) survives in a culture of insane rules and vicious punishments because he uses his wits to subvert them to his own advantage, by knowing the rules better than his superiors. Thus he survives. Likewise a lesson for today – maybe do not fight the woke – embrace it and tailor it to your own needs.

    – e.g. everyone should declare themselves “trans” and – get your accusations in first; accuse your accusers of what they will accuse you of. On April 1 I would like to see a mass reporting, at least 1 million complaints of hate crimes from half the entire Scottish populace against the other half, and vice versa. Stodge it up, destroy the system with its own tools; think like a judokan.

    According to my cousin at a college, some of the students changed their gender on a day to day basis – imagine how annoying that would be, even just the IT guys having to change your profile every day; odds on you will get a misgendering sooner or later, then you can get your boss fired, or a low 6 figure compo claim. Or you can work hard, like a sad sack cubicle mole, forever, like a “schmuck”.

    Also, anyone going for a job should claim to be disabled as they are likely compelled to interview you.

  86. Sven

    Viscount Ennui @ 15.04.

    Hope it’s not “Hate Crime” to suggest that not only would none of them know how to pass water, it seems many of them wouldn’t even be sure of which orifice to use should they ever discover how to do it !

  87. Republicofscotland

    This anti-Scottish pr*ck is on the English state broadcasters political propaganda shown tonight knows a QT- why anyone in Scotland would watch QT is beyond me.

    “We previously told how Liddle came under fire for promoting anti-Scots “hate speech” when he wrote a piece on how he discovered his Scottish ancestry.

    It was published under the headline, “Help me, I’m Scottish” with Rod Liddle writing: “The only consolation is that henceforth I shall expect everybody else in England to subsidise me through their taxes, while simultaneously demanding total independence from them.”

    Liddle added.

    “Liddle also previously attracted criticism when he suggested the 2019 General Election be held on a Muslim holy day to deter them from voting.

    “My own choice of election date would be a day when universities are closed and Muslims are forbidden to do anything on pain of hell, or something.”

  88. Anton Decadent

    On looking at the list of MP’s who supported the bill it includes both Fergus and Annabelle Ewing. The latter of the two is also a member of Shelter which has rainbow flag logos in its shop/office windows with All Love Deserves A Home written under them.

  89. Republicofscotland

    I should say that anyone who finds themselves on the wrong end of this disgraceful bill (Hate Crime) wrongly, or unjustly, should sue the f*ckin shit out of the Scottish government for allowing the preposterous HC to become law.

    All legal correspondence should be directed to Bute House.

  90. Republicofscotland

    George Ferguson @2.17pm.

    I’m no big fan of J.K. Rowling, she against us dissolving this illegal union, however she knows what a woman is when so many politicians and folk is the foreign MSM that passes as Scottish in this day age don’t know or do know but won’t answer withe the truth for the fear of recrimination (what a f*cked up society we live in).

    Anyway I hope that Rowling gets to the stage where she sues the Scottish government over the Hate Crime Laws, Christ knows this useless f*ckin SNP government under Yousaf the Puppet and previously Sturgeon the Judas wasted (greased palms etc)God only knows how much of Scottish taxpayers cash on things such as two-ferries (millions over budget) which are still not ready (FIVE YEARS LATE) to using the then Lord Advocate to try and stop Martin Keatings from finding out if we actually needed an S30 to hold an indyref.

    Its the SNP that’s stopping us from dumping this bucket of sick forced union.

  91. Bortwiskels

    Now here’s a thought.
    Hate crime week 1 – multiple complaints raised against a hypothetical blog hosted in England by a journalist resident in England.
    Complaints raised against the first minister for comments on gaza.

    Week 2 – UK gov takes exception to Scots law being applied in, for example, Somerset, moves to withdraw royal assent. First minister doesn’t argue.

  92. Republicofscotland

    This is the Brexit party with a new name only the die-hard House Jocks will vote for them.

    Lets ditch this rancid shithole of a union and be done with it.

    “A candidate in the right wing party set by Nigel Farage has been sacked after claiming Scotland is like a “turd that won’t flush”.

    Beau Dade, who was set to stand for Reform UK, also derided the Scottish economy by saying “smack” is one of the country’s exports.

    Reform UK, led by Richard Tice, intends to field candidates throughout the UK at the general election.”

  93. Republicofscotland

    For once Ivan McKee (SNP) gets it right when he says the Hate Crime Laws will demonise a certain section of society, the FM Yousaf the Puppet agrees with him, with the Keystone Cops aka Police Scotland already lining up that section of society for special attention.

  94. Ruby

    Frank Gillougley
    21 March, 2024 at 1:50 pm

    I cant even remember that snp msp nonentitie’s name on the newsnight clip re the hate crime bill.

    BBC2 Newsnight, Lucy Hunter Blackburn, 20Mar2024

    He’s called Fulton MacGregor! I’ve never heard of him.

    This video is trending. Might be worth watching from the beginning

  95. Republicofscotland

    The ruling body in Niger that kicked-out its ex-colonial masters the French, (could be a lesson in that for us) has suspended military agreements with the Great Satan (US) after (US) bigwigs told Niger’s leaders not to be friends with the RF or Iran.

  96. Ruby


    I wonder why Ivan McKee omitted to use the word white and used Scots instead.

    The police are talking about white, white, white working class young men Ivan.

    McKee asked: “The First Minister will be aware the Police Scotland hate crime website explicitly stereotypes young working class men from constituencies, like mine and his, as most likely to commit a hate crime.

    On the Police Scotland website, it states: “We know that young men aged 18-30 are most likely to commit hate crime, particularly those from socially excluded communities who are heavily influenced by their peers.
    “They may have deep-rooted feelings of being socially and economically disadvantaged, combined with ideas about white-male entitlement.

    (my bold)

  97. Dan

    @ George Ferguson

    What do you make of this Burnistoun Quality Polis stylée “engineering” from Scottish Water, and scrutiny by SEPA.
    Further to my post last night, I received a response from SEPA who I’d asked to furnish an explanation as to why Scottish Water stated they had satisfactory results from their broken sewer pipe tests.
    Get this, the tests were fine because they didn’t test as far as the broken section! That will be broken section which was the very reason the fault was reported in the first place, aswell as being pointed out to the 3 SW engineers in 2 site visits!
    “Aye, lets just test up to a point before the fault that was pointed out to us, then everything will be fine and we won’t have to do anything and can just ignore that we’re pumping effluent into the wrong watercourse for several weeks”
    What a bunch of absolute melts.
    Scottish Water and SEPA, doing their bit to put the shite in “It’s Shite Being Scottish”…

  98. George Ferguson

    @Dan 5:44pm

    I have been following your Herculean trial with the Nemean Lion regards SEPA and Scottish Water. My angst is mainly reserved for SEPA as the Regulator they have Statutory Powers to enforce action. When Government Ministers do not accept their responsibilities and nobody ever resigns that malaise filters down to our Public Services.

  99. twathater

    Who decided that police should ONLY attend specific crimes, what is the definition of CRIME, WHY are the judiciary not up in arms at the selectivety of whether certain crimes should be pursued or ignored
    WHY are politicians not OUTRAGED that certain crimes are not deemed important enough to be investigated
    I stomached 5 min of debate night last night and it is more than obvious that the bbc is deliberately trolling Scots and Scotland
    The 2004 equalities act was the start of the slippery slope and it will continue the downward spiral until the civic nationalist do gooders and the so called progressives fuck off

  100. Anton Decadent

    @Ruby, thank you for the link. Lucy Hunter Blackburn made an extremely interesting point with regard to being told that the group she represented would be involved in the process of creating this bill then completely bypassed. Also I really liked that top she was wearing, hares? Fulton Macgregor, on the other hand, came across as a jabbering popinjay.

  101. David Hannah

    Listening to First Ministers questions right now. I’m a nationalist. But I want to vote for the Tory Party. Because they are opposed to this bill.

    I might just do that. Seeing the SNP clap like seals. Including Ivan McKee. I seen him clap.

    And Marie Todd. She didn’t want to hear from Roddy Dunlop. She didn’t want to hear it!

    Disgusting. Our muslim racist false minister is an absolute disgrace. a piece of human filth.

    I’ll vote anyone that oppposes the Hate Crime Bill. It looks like the Tories. Unless the Alba Party come out swinging.

  102. John Main

    @DaveyTee19 says: 21 March, 2024 at 1:27 pm

    As I understand it having read Craig Murray’s latest synopsis, if anyone anywhere in the world posts something on the internet that is not aimed at Scotland or at anyone in Scotland, but someone in Scotland nevertheless reads it and finds it offensive, then an offence has been committed by the original poster who could find him or herself arrested if they ever set foot in Scotland

    I’ve read CM’s post and I agree with your assessment (sadly, CM’s initially excellent post rather goes off the rails at the end when he dives into his usual antisemitic rabbit hole).

    But I digress.

    As of 1st April, Scotland really is going to be the nicest, friendliest, cuddliest wee online country in all the world.

    Not so much as a boo to a goose will be posted, from Gretna to John o’ Groats.

    I’m thinking Rev Stu is gonna have to find himself a real job.

    I’ve run off 1000 T-shirts. Good reductions for bulk buys:

    I Agree With Everything You Are About To Say

    CM writes too about the doctrine of “continuing publication”. Basically that mean that something that was posted ages ago, if it is still available online, and if it gives offence to somebody reading it after 1st April, is covered by the legislation.

    We all know the regulars who reveled in posting material as offensive as they could come up with over the years – they should probably put their affairs in order PDQ, just to be on the safe side. Unless Rev Stu takes his entire site offline before the end of the month, all those offensive posts will still be sitting there, being speed-read by the grievance-mongers, on April 1st.

    People believing the use of internet pseudonyms gives protection against real-world identification have a steep learning curve to negotiate!

    It is hard to avoid the conclusion that if the SNP set out to pass legislation that would shut down blogs like this one, then that legislation would look very much like the Hate Crime Act.

  103. David Hannah

    Ash Regan will get my vote. But in my constituency there is no Alba.

    I’ll have to spoil my ballot. But depending on how the next few months go. If the Tories are the only person willing to repeal the hate crime bill.

    Then I’ll vote for Douglas Ross. And Not Labour. You’ve heard it here first. I hope they read this!

  104. David Hannah

    Humza is saying Douglas Ross is “stirring up hatred.”

    Humza is a piece of human filth. He is trash. He is garbage. You will not STEAL OUR FREEDOM.


  105. David Hannah

    Here was me thinking this was Sturgeon’s Hate Crime Act.

    Humza has his filthy pawprints all over this one. He said he brought out the Hate Crime Bill during his time as justice secretary.

    They don’t want to hear from Scottish Legal or the Police Federation.

    They don’t give a damn. Joe Farrell is to give the cops 2 hours of woke indoctrination training.

    They want to police free speech. They want to destroy our country.

    On April the 1st. We take our country back. By reporting the virtious ones. We report Every SNP politican for a hate crime.

    We take them down on April the First.

    We take the SNP DOWN!

  106. David Hannah

    We take our country back on April the 1st. We report the SNP for Hate Crimes against the people of Scotland.

    We hold our noses and vote for the conservative party.

    And we get rid of our corrupt. WEF loving globalists who are loyal to the false green agenda and Ukraine.

    We take them down. And we take our country back from the woke ideology. We take our country back from the child groomers. THE SNP.

  107. David Hannah





  108. David Hannah


  109. George Ferguson

    @John Main 7:47pm
    A good post John. I doubt the Rev Stu will shutdown his blog. Although perhaps Stu should start his legal fundraiser now. Unless a friendly KC like Roddy Dunlop offers his services free gratis. For me it’s the last bastion of free speech in Scotland. The consequences of HCA has concentrated minds. A small example being the standard of posts today. Scotland has superseded New Zealand as the experimental ground for the Woke ideologies. In fact we are leading the World now.

  110. Mac

    The first thing that should be obvious is that hate is not a logical thought it is an emotion, a feeling you have in your body, not a thought you have in your mind…

    No one logically hates anything. It is meaningless word.

    Hate is something you feel and it is transitory like intense anger. You can never define it, just like anger. Its an emotion.

    indeed hate is just a word for intense anger, an emotion.

    So to legislate against people feeling emotions is an interesting move by the already joke Scottish judicial system.

    I fully expect the next bill to be the ‘Anyone looking at you funny Bill.

    Or the Hurt Feelings Bill.

    Or the I woke up in a bad mood Bill.

    You might as well call it the Angry Bill.

  111. Republicofscotland

    Come April 1st, it will be no fools day as the Keystone cops will have had their orders on who to arrest, targets that certain big wigs in politics have longed to shut up for years, especially those who write gender critical articles that expose this madness, and those who point out that the union is a sham and independence is the way forward for Scotland.

    Craig Murray’s article explains the madness that’s about to descend upon Scotland its aimed at shutting up dissenters.

  112. shiregirl

    “Scottish Parliament staff are no longer allowed to wear rainbow lanyards – or other accessories that show support for social movements.”

    But NHS staff are.
    Around their necks and in their emails.

    Can we complain?


  113. Mac

    Yeah I think I may have hit on it there… this bill is to shut up angry people.

    People who are rightfully angry.

  114. Viscount Ennui

    Just trying to arrange my diary and need to know the date for the forthcoming kristallnacht.
    Has this been announced yet?

  115. Viscount Ennui

    I assume that the hate crimes committed by various SNP grandees against Kate Forbes during the leadership campaign are time-barred.

    I am now trying desperately to make myself the first person to be tried under the new legislation but according to the FM it is really very simple.

    Criticise him and it is a race hate crime.
    Criticise any air-head minister like Jenny Gilruth and it is a misogyny.
    Criticise Shone Robison and it is a crime against the disabled.
    Criticise Harvie or Slater and it is a crime against vegetables.

    We are about to enter an Orwellian dystopia.

  116. sarah

    The Rev is taking legal advice on whether he will be able to continue Wings from April 1st, he is saying on twitter.

    This would be disastrous. Wings is where we find the truth on a whole range of subjects. If they manage to shut Wings down we will never be free nor safe from political tyranny.

    Unless we get a different type of person elected.

  117. Viscount Ennui

    It would be a terrible shame if large numbers of people were to self-report crimes on 1st April.
    All must be investigated.

  118. Ruby

    Anton Decadent
    21 March, 2024 at 6:37 pm

    @Ruby, thank you for the link. Lucy Hunter Blackburn made an extremely interesting point with regard to being told that the group she represented would be involved in the process of creating this bill then completely bypassed. Also I really liked that top she was wearing, hares? Fulton Macgregor, on the other hand, came across as a jabbering popinjay

    It turns out Mr MacGregor is just a backbencher. Weird that he was on Newsnight. This was surely an interview Humza should have done.

    I agree it’s a great top. I was thinking rabbits but that is maybe due to me thinking about Peter Rabbit when Fulton was introduced as Mr MacGregor.

    Not sure what that has got to do with anything but there might be in joke in there somewhere. I’m probably more of a Peter Rabbit than a Mr MacGregor what about you?

    It turns out ‘Mad Maggie’ is ragin’ about the ban on rainbow lanyards

    Greens: Scottish Parliament rainbow lanyard ban ‘regressive’

    She could always wear a pink & blue outfit.

    Would Maggie look ‘pretty in pink’?

  119. Johnlm

    Social media must have seemed a good idea for them at first, a way of harvesting personal information, monitoring the populace for AÍ predictive programming, and getting us used to our digital feudal future.

    Unfortunately, the downside for them is that we started talking to each other without an MSM filter:
    MSM and politician opinion has become irrelevant, we started comparing notes, working out how the world works for ourselves.

    This is deemed dangerous, freedom of speech and thought must be censored, ordered restored.

  120. Viscount Ennui

    21 March, 2024 at 9:14 pm

    “The Rev is taking legal advice on whether he will be able to continue Wings from April 1st, he is saying on twitter.”

    Doubt it.

    He will be asking what he can say. The groups listed in the law do not include ‘brain-dead treacherous SNP politicians’ which was probably an over-sight of those who drafted the legislation.

  121. George Ferguson

    @Sarah 9:14pm
    I still don’t expect Stu to give up especially now when it is obvious the Scottish Government no longer serve the people that voted for them. The one thing in Stus favour. The last thing the Security Services want is for a political movement to go underground with ‘radio silence’. They like this blog. They gather information with their slippers on. And considering a most frequent user of this blog is the Scottish Government they will be blind as well. The Scottish Government don’t meet people on the doorsteps anymore.

  122. Dan

    Dr John Campbell vid on benefits of Vit D (12 mins)

    Guess what cereal is a great source of Vit D… Unfortunately as I’m in Scotland and I’d be going against Scottish “Government” recommendations I can’t tell you because the first rule of #OatClub is not to talk about…

  123. Mac

    What the actual fuck is going on in Scotland…

    But not just in Scotland.

    We’ve watched the decades long brilliantly neutral and stoic Nordic states completely trash themselves over the exact same ten year time scale…

    Ireland another woke citadel following a course repellant to its own electorate.

    Woke = Traitor

  124. Sven

    David Hannah @ 19.48

    I’m not quite getting why you say you’re voting for Ash Regan, David, when you seem to be against this Hate Bill. Ash Regan (voting as Ash Denham) voted for this Bill, so surely her views are totally against yours on this legislation.

  125. David Hannah

    I can’t vote for Ash Regan then.

    Drain the loch.

    we need to DRAIN THE LOCH.

    Aparently yousless has been attacked verbally on the Robert Peston show. Audience members jumped up and said. Why haven’t the police arrested Nicola Sturgeon?

  126. Ruby

    Lucy Hunter Blackburn
    Scotland’s new Hate Crime Act is fraught with danger

    I haven’t read this yet. I really like the image.

    The Spectator always have good graphics

  127. David Hannah

    I might have to vote conservative. DRAIN THE LOCH!

  128. David Hannah

    Humza’s been heckled on the Robert Peston show. Why hasn’t Sturgeon been arrested?

    Drain the loch. The audience cry! DRAIN THE LOCH!

  129. John

    Things get desperate. Times can be hard . Those that consider voting Tory remind me I will become cannibal if needed.

  130. David Hannah

    Check out the new England Football Kit. They’ve changed the St George’s Cross to an LGBT flag.

    Ahahaha. “A playful update inspired by fashionistas.”

    England has been captured. Sir Kier Starmer. Coming out and saying. It’s the wrong fucking fleeeg.

  131. Geri

    This will be reversed.

    Its unwanted & unworkable.

    The Police would simply be inundated with bullshit reports on an hourly basis. They already can’t implement serious crime with a fcking flash light & a roadmap, now they wish to add *she said, he said, I thought, I felt* bullshit to their daily brief.

    It’s the Gestapo inside people’s homes & it simply won’t be tolerated by the public for very long? Surely this must go the same route as the offensive behaviour at football & be thrown in the bin.

    I fcking despise the SNP & Greens. I hope Sturgeon & Harvie burn in hell but until then, may their demons torment their every future endeavour to amount to hee-haw. Bastards. I hope yer 40 pieces of silver we’re worth it & it’s all you’ll ever earn again. Pair of April fools.

    Hark at Genocide John.. 7:47

    “I’m thinking Rev Stu is gonna have to find himself a real job.”

    Cheeky barsteward. Investigative journalism is a REAL job, ya roaster.

    Stu could monetise his site. Have the freeloading MSM, politicians, security services, 77th & general yoon arsewipes pay to view. Go behind a paywall. If they have something to report at least Stu gets a bag of sweets for his larder out of it LOL.

  132. Geri

    Tories are silent but deadly.
    They always load the guns & have someone else fire them.
    Better Together was a prime example. Load the guns & let Slabber fire them.
    They have their grubby mitts all over this which just so happens to fit neatly into their own bill of a police state next door.

    No protests. No marches. No talking. No dissent.

    Tories are supposedly the party of law & order yet they have let this bullshit fester unchallenged through every organisation & workplace.

    Cause they’re in on it. They’re playing Good cop, Bad cop.

  133. Geri

    Ruby 4:50

    Yer link…FFS at that eejit. Whit a car crash.

    We’ve all to have faith that the police will act in the spirit intended. Phew! I feel so much better now. We can all rest easy. It’s not like the police are ever facetious if it comes up their humph when someone has interrupted their doughnut – like #lesbian Nana recently demonstrated with eight other cops, or the six or so that turned up to investigate a meme shared on x recently.

    Dumbza should have been on news night defending his shit. His handlers obviously told him to avoid. He’d have been a train wreck.

  134. Geri

    Mac 9:34

    It’s the bullies.
    Comply with America, via the EU, or yer cut off financially, economically etc.

    Von Der liar is a reptile acting on their behalf.

    The whole EU has gone insane & on a suicide mission to crash their own economy. They’ve lost their mind to please America.

  135. stuart mctavish

    Ruby @5:25

    That is a truly shocking observation from Police Scotland.

    Assuming it’s not agenda driven dogma, or the public manifestation of internal competition for additional resources, the inference is that Scots have been discriminated against EVEN MORE since the reopening of Parliament in 1998 (otherwise those with deep rooted feelings of being socially and economically disadvantaged by the 70s, 80s and 90s could be expected to be of equal, if not greater, concern).

    No idea if it is still in force but it also implies that the smacking ban has been an unmitigated disaster, albeit additional research may be needed..


  136. John Main

    @Geri says:22 March, 2024 at 3:44 am

    Von Der liar is a reptile

    The whole EU has gone insane

    Do us all a favour and find something to help you sleep through the wee, small hours.

    And answer us a question. When the sun finally wakes you of a morning, do you have any memory of what you posted the night before?

    Cos I’m remembering your endless pro-EU posts, and your constant denigrating of those opposed to the EU as racists.

    BTW, the police don’t “implement” serious crime. They may “investigate” it though.

  137. Mia

    A thought has just crossed my mind.

    The British state is the undisputable master at throwing dead cats on the table to distract voters attention from something nasty they will be passing on the quiet.

    The SNP is no longer a party of independence. It is an empty shell. It has been since 19 September 2014 actively working to preserve the union, not to end it. It has disenfranchised members and voters. It is obvious it has been infiltrated and it is acting as labour under a different flag. It is therefore reasonable to conclude that the SNP of today is nothing more than another political arm of the British state acting on its behalf and for its benefit.

    This hate bill is the mother of all dead cats. Unworkable, unfair, authoritarian, repressive, stupid. Neither Alistair Jack nor the hopeless Lord Advocate nor the Crown Agent have lifted a finger or issued a sound against this bill, heaven forbid make a move to stop it. It is obvious they think this aberration will serve a purpose for the British state. So here is my question:

    What are all those bastards trying to hide? What is going to happen around the 1st April? Is Operation Branchform finally going to wake up and make some progress? Or are we in for some other nasty surprise?

  138. Mia

    Is the “Hate Monster” hungry today?

    Some comments appear to be disappearing into the ether…

  139. Geri

    Genocide John

    *Cos I’m remembering your endless pro-EU posts, and your constant denigrating of those opposed to the EU as racists.*

    That’s because they were & still are. Brexit had fck all to do with war crimes & genocide & everything to do with the wrong colour of skin.

    There was no Von Der Grese either – cheering on war criminals & buying countries silence with €8 billion to help clear some prime real estate.

    14,000 dead Palestinian children, ya prick.

    I sleep just fine. I don’t know how you do. We all remember yer fake shit of concern for ONE 2 year old hostage . Fck all concern for 14,000 though as you deny or wish to redefine what a genocide is. Fck off, ya auld duffer.

  140. Alf Baird

    stuart mctavish @ 7:29 am

    “Scots have been discriminated against EVEN MORE since the reopening of Parliament in 1998”

    Colonialism shifts easily from ‘direct rule’ to partial ‘indirect rule’; i.e. a second layer of oppressive laws to keep the racket going and the fowk haud-doun, meantime offering the natives a few sweeties along the wey.

    ‘Devolution’ is therefore just another form of colonial administration and hence oppression. And ‘whenever colonialism is imperiled’ such as by the rise of an independence movement the colonizer ‘will reveal his fangs’.

  141. Stoker

    @ Geri 22 March 2024 at 2:35 am:

    Couldn’t agree more. That’s why i don’t get those encouraging folk to hold their breaths and vote Tory or Labour or Lib Dem. They are all as guilty on various policies. They do what they can to keep that from us thick Jocks.

    I’d *NEVER* vote for any of them. I’d rather spoil my ballot paper every single time with: “Not Fit To Govern” or something more catchy. *ANY* vote for a Unionist party, at *ANY* level is, whether folk like it or not, an endorsement of that Unionist parties actions and policies.

    There is no way of registering the reasons for our votes, it’s the same the world over. Therefore a vote for the BritNats is an endorsement of BritNat policies, tactics and everything they have ever done to Scotland. That’s *EXACTLY* why i can never vote for the current crop of self-serving “Greens & SNP” too.

    I have never missed a chance to vote, but not anymore. My vote has to be earned and most importantly it can only go to those who represent my beliefs, and those who endorse my beliefs by their actions. Until i get that opportunity it’ll be a case of spoiling my ballot. Leave the Unionists to their beloved Westminster.

  142. Robert Hughes

    @ Mia

    ” This hate bill is the mother of all dead cats.” Yes , but one that will produce no ” bounce ” .

    Or , maybe , it will produce the mother of all bounces when it lands with great force on the trampoline of public awareness ; causing more people to wake-the-fuck-up and see the wrecking ball that’s being used to demolish everything of value in our country .

    I seriously doubt it will . It seems the Scottish public have a limitless capacity for passive acceptance of abuse . Maybe through having been betrayed so often by those who purported to be our defenders.What more will it take to produce a fightback ?

    Whatever the * side-effect * , the * cat * will , nonetheless , still be dead . And so , potentially , will the last vestiges of Free Speech and the right to protest .

    In the same way the Farage/Brexit goons were promoted in order to say the things the Tories agreed with but for tactical motives – never stated explicitly ; stretching the ” Centre Right ” much further in that direction – not so much ” shifting ” the Overton Window , as smashing it into 1000 pieces – the SNP are being used to bring-in Laws , Bills , Policies that would have been unthinkable even a decade ago .

    Oh the fckn sulphuric irony of the the SNP’s monotone mantra …ie… ” MAKE SCOTLAND TORY-FREE ” whilst the morons inflict outrages on us the Tories themselves would hesitate to impose .

    Not that the Tories give a single fuck about Scotland – other than as a resource to be endlessly plundered – but they have no need to be seen attacking us . The SNP are doing that job for them .

  143. Ruby

    John Main
    22 March, 2024 at 7:37 am

    @Geri says:22 March, 2024 at 3:44 am

    Do us all a favour and find something to help you sleep through the wee, small hours.

    And answer us a question. When the sun finally wakes you of a morning, do you have any memory of what you posted the night before?

    That is seriously very creepy!

    He’s now checking the time stamp on Geri’s posts. Why?

    He reminds me of the guy who went after JK Rowlings kids.

  144. Stuart MacKay

    John Main

    The rot in the EU on started becoming visible with the imposition of austerity on Greece. You could argue it’s been accelerating since then.

    People’s perceptions / attitudes always have a degree of inertia, due to accumulated experience. In the case of the EU the regional development funds and the likes of telecomms regulation were likely successful in painting the EU in a good light. It just takes a while for attitudes to catch up with the present.

  145. James Che

    So the hate crime bill is classed as Scottish legislation whilst the FM and the devolved government of Scotland is under Westminster Statues and legislation.

    Nice back door access to changing SCOTS LAWS UNDER UK law, and blaming Scotland for having crazy legislation.

    Juryless kangaroo courts and laws finding entrance into Scotland that come under the UK statues and legislation Scotland Act.
    Westminster can and does control wether they will allow a law to be made or pass in Scotland. Saying no to a referendum for Scots in Scotland and refusing the Scottish people the Right to self determination is a prime example,
    This hate crime legislation is no different, just because the veil of who runs and controls the devolved government is disguised.

    Would this have passed as “Scots Law ” or be upheld in Scottish Courts in Scotland.that are not crown Sovereign,
    The people are.

    All parliaments are only Sovereign for as long as “the people lend them their sovereignty” , it can and should be withdrawn from a devolved government that is acting against the interests and freedoms of people living in Scotland,

    Our Sovereignty, Our Choice,

    The SNP sitting in a Westminster legislated parliament in Scotland are not only acting as thieves of the Scots “Right to Self Determination,”

    but also ignore where and with whom Sovereignty rests.
    This attempt started with old labour and the nuSNP stating that the devolved parliament in Scotland should hold Sovereignty like Westminster does.
    Over the people in Scotland,
    Thus we see their attempts to stymie the “Sovereignty of Scots voices and Right to Self Determination” through the passing of this all encompassing Hate crime bill.
    And walking roughshod over ECHR laws,

  146. McDuff

    Interesting that Yorkshire police are rightly investigating Frank Hester over racist comments he made about Diane Abbot yet the authorities find it acceptable for Boris Johnson to happily publish a so-called poem which referred to Scots as “vermin” and should be “ exterminated”.
    Think about these words and the fact that the English are not outraged.

  147. JockMcT

    A way of fighting back and gumming up the pipe with thousands of complaints…Report every MSM Article or presenter or TV show you don’t like or agree with as something that causes you fear and is to you essentially hate filled. Let’s use their tool against them, and of course any MSP or statement in Bollywood that can be asserted as hate filled. It won’t take long to bring the hate monster crashing down. Rage against the Machine. Oh and Ruby, the best parties are in the kitchen!

  148. James Che

    Two parliaments both controlling Scotland passing two tier sets laws and legislation over Scots,

  149. James Che

    Why do Scots have a Westminster UK government parliament passing laws over Scotland,
    An A Devolved parliament in Scotland passing laws over Scotland?

    Scotland and its people have two controlling Parliaments both passing double sets of laws over Scots.

    The management of Scotland and Scottish people is double-fold, Colonialism at its height

    This breaches the treaty of union,

  150. Ruby

    Robert Hughes

    It seems the Scottish public have a limitless capacity for passive acceptance of abuse

    The French don’t accept any shit we on the other hand just turn to drugs & alcohol.

    Psychologists would have a name for this condition or maybe veterinarians would know better.

    One thing politicians miss when it comes to excuses for drug & alcohol abuse in Scotland is colonisation.

    That could also account for our passive acceptance of abuse.

    300 years of colonisation has seriously damaged our psyche.

  151. Hatuey

    “The Hate Crime and Public Order (Scotland) Act was passed three years ago, but it has been delayed as the authorities prepare for what’s to come…” (from the spectator article linked to by Ruby above)

    I don’t understand the timing of this. Was it intended to compliment the self ID/GRA stuff? I’m guessing it was, so that both pieces of legislation together would amount to; “if this guy says he’s a woman then he is a woman and anyone that disagrees or complains will be committing a crime…”

    All other forms of “hate” (racism, etc.) are already covered in criminal law, making it safe to assume the “hate crime act” is above all else about bolstering ScotGov’s slant on gender.

    Given Wings’ prominent role in the gender debate (not to mention the Salmond scandal), I don’t think it’s paranoid to suggest he probably “inspired” this legislation, that it was probably concocted in Sturgeon’s dark tormented mind as a way of neutralising Wings.

    My conclusion is that they are going to use this to go after and try and close down Wings. That, it seems, is the primary purpose of the legislation. They’ll use it once to attack Wings, just as The Procedure was used once to attack Salmond, and then they’ll let it rot in the background.

    Time to get lawyered up, Wings. Shake the can if you need a chip in.

  152. Ruby


    Oh and Ruby, the best parties are in the kitchen!


    Very true!

  153. Dan

    Yay! for Scottish environmental protection dynamism in action (slo mo styléé)
    3 weeks on from my initial reporting of the fault and suggestion that surely Scottish Water have contingency plans in place for these sort of incidents which would be to switch off the pumps and collecting waste with tankers till the issue is sorted…
    We finally have tankers collecting the waste.

    Yet Scottish Water said everything was fine, and SEPA’s response to me questioning SW’s antics was effectively covering Scottish Water’s arse rather than going after them for negligence. How (not) unexpected…

    It will be interesting to observe the frequency with which the tankers attend to empty the holding tanks, because that will highlight just how much effluent has continued to have been pumped into the wrong watercourse since the fault was reported 3 weeks ago.

  154. Ruby

    When it comes to election time I think I’ll just stay in my kitchen and drink wine and take drugs.

    The idea of not voting or spoiling my ballot paper seems like very ‘weak sauce’

    The only drugs I have in my kitchen are antacids not sure how they mix with wine but I’ll give it a try. Drugs are drugs!

  155. Vivian O’Blivion

    Yousaf’s jaiket is on a shoogly peg.
    Kate Forbes signals her intention to stand for the Leadership again.
    Stephen Flynn is rumoured to be less than enamoured with Yousaf’s piss poor GE campaign sloganeering and is putting up proxies to broadcast this.
    Fools both. Why fight over a poisoned chalice?

    Cambridge educated Forbes has presently unexamined baggage. Leaving aside her recent enrolment in the British American Project, Forbes visited Wheaton College “For Christ and His Kingdom” Illinois to deliver a series of paid lectures (October 2023). Wheaton requires all prospective students to sign a covenant declaring homosexuality to be immoral.
    Should Forbes be elected Leader, the hyper-woke, Jackson’s Entry payroll will spontaneously combust. Same applies to many of the identity politics obsessed elected representatives.
    Forbes is of course Wee Free and existential schisms hold no fear.
    Quite why Thames House would plot to destroy an irrevocably weakened and devolutionist SNP puzzles me.

    Flynn’s conundrum is different. Seeing himself as a Machiavellian genius (evidenced solely on his Palace coupe against Blackford), Flynn apparently regards temporarily running Holyrood from Westminster as a surmountable challenge. In this he is chronically naive. The Lavender Ceausescus operated a scorched earth policy. There’s no one capable of being deputised as acting First Minister. One glance into the vacant eyes of Shona Robison confirms this. The backbenches have been systematically purged of anything remotely resembling intelligence and individual agency.

  156. Ruby

    From the above article:

    There is another uncomfortable and important aspect to how the police are approaching the law. According to Police Scot-land, the people most likely to commit hate crimes are young men with ‘deep-rooted feelings of being socially and economically disadvantaged, combined with ideas about white-male entitlement’. It sounds like a long-winded way of saying ‘white working-class’.


    According to this article Ivan McKee did not use the term

    ‘white working-class’ he said Scots & young working class men.

    I suppose Ivan is SNP and wouldn’t wanted to embarrass his leader by saying:

    “The First Minister will be aware the Police Scotland hate crime website explicitly stereotypes white, white, white young working class men

  157. Ruby

    It’s great article. Very well done Lucy Hunter Blackburn.

    The SNP’s vision appears to be that you should build a more tolerant society by calling the police.

  158. John Main

    @ Stuart MacKay says: 22 March, 2024 at 10:27 am

    The rot in the EU on started becoming visible with the imposition of austerity on Greece. You could argue it’s been accelerating since then

    Of course, but as you can see upthread from Geri, it’s possible to simultaneously be anti-EU, pro-EU (dragged oot agin oor will), and wildly ranting that everybody else anti-EU is a kiddie-murdering racist.

  159. John Main

    @Hatuey says: 22 March, 2024 at 10:54 am

    My conclusion is that they are going to use this to go after and try and close down Wings. That, it seems, is the primary purpose of the legislation

    It’s a rare day that I find myself almost agreeing with Hats.

    Of course, the problem isn’t Wings and/or Rev Stu. Rev Stu is critical, but he generally employs facts, reason, logic, satire and relatively gentle mockery.

    The problem is the BTL comments. They are replete with lies, OTT exaggerations, outright lunacy, baiting and frankly, hate.

    I expect Wings will survive, but the unmoderated comments won’t. TBQH, that will be an improvement.

  160. Ruby

    “Let’s do that in a way that doesn’t pit communities against each other. The entire point of the Hate Crime Act, and indeed all of our endeavours around tackling hate crime, are around so we can have a more cohesive society, as opposed to one that pits one community against another. Humza Yousaf.

    I can’t see how you can have a ‘cohesive society’ with a ‘million’ different communities each one with ideas as different as night and day.

    Multi-culturalism & the GRA 2004 makes it impossible to have a ‘cohesive society’

    Humza’s solution to this problem:

    All the white, white, whites & women should just shut-up. Sorted.

    Katie Forbes – No thanks. We don’t need any more Holy Joes.

  161. Ruby

    John Main’s total focus seems to be on BTL commenters.

    What is that all about?

    What hate is he talking about?

    Is he thinking he’s not liked on this forum?

    Cause & effect pal!

  162. Alf Baird

    Vivian O’Blivion @ 11:19 am

    “Fools both. Why fight over a poisoned chalice?”

    Yes, and it looks like the split in the SNP is Left/Woke and Right/Christian, a Lowland and Highland ideological fault line.

    But, what really matters here?

    Neither are nationalists. Hence neither are liberators. And neither knows the economic price of colonialism they enable as its local administrators:

  163. Johnlm

    Genocide John says:
    “ The problem is the BTL comments. They are replete with lies, OTT exaggerations, outright lunacy, baiting and frankly, hate.”

    Physician heal thyself.

  164. Mark Beggan

    Why would Kate want to board the sinking ship. Will she win back the trust? Undo the damage? Explain the mess? Put right a decade of conspiracy against the Scottish people? Why would Kate Forbes want to be the figure head of filth and failure. she must have a cunning plan.

  165. Anton Decadent

    @Ruby, re whites shutting up, I was talking to people I know last night. They live in an area which is reserved almost exclusively for people of or close to retirement age. It is majority owner occupiers and about twenty percent of the homes are council owned and usually after about twenty years on the waiting list people get a house as they get closer to retirement and/or have an older relative living there who now needs care. When a council owned house becomes available it is visible on the council website and people can check their points to see how close to the top of the list they are but this has now changed. The last two houses were let without going on the council website, locals knew that they were empty and had family members on the longterm waiting list so were waiting to view the houses on the website but with the first house an Eastern European couple were moved in and with the second a Roma couple in their early twenties with a baby were moved in. Locals phoned the council to ask why a parallel system has been put in place to fast track foreigners into these houses and were told that the Roma couple were fleeing, and I quote “a war torn country”. The locals pointed out that Romania is not war torn and were told to like it or lump it.

    In my opinion this is going to gather pace at a rate of knots and this law will be used to silence any protests at the loss of agency and relegation to fifth class status of the white, working class. See Green friend of Peter Tatchell Roderic O’ Gorman across in Eire, he said that people have no say in who lives in their areas as Ireland adopts a Brits Out, Africans In policy. I do not believe that Westminster is solely responsible for this attack on the cohesion of our communities across Western nations.

  166. John Main

    @Mark Beggan says: 22 March, 2024 at 12:47 pm

    Why would Kate want to board the sinking ship.

    Why would Kate Forbes want to be the figure head of filth and failure

    Why not?

    Somebody has to.

    It’s an order of magnitude easier task to turn around and repair a “sinking ship” than it is to build a new one from the keel upwards.

    Just ask AS and Alba.

  167. John Main

    @Alf Baird says: 22 March, 2024 at 12:28 pm

    neither knows the economic price of colonialism they enable as its local administrators

    I do wish you would show some consistency about this, Alf.

    When I call for Indy support to be grown by showing us the money, you tell me that prosperity is of secondary importance compared to freedom, and that my insistence on the cost benefits of Indy is just me showing how I have absorbed the foreign value system of the coloniser.

    Seems crystal clear to me that if Indy will defo make us better off, then that’s the key to growing support for Indy.

    Seems crystal clear to me that’s what your post is claiming too.

  168. Luigi

    Mark Beggan
    Ignored says:
    22 March, 2024 at 12:47 pm
    “Why would Kate want to board the sinking ship.”

    To rearrange the deckchairs?


    With reference to HATE, a Wiki article on the Roma, a nomadic people no one wants.
    They do not do originate from Romania, mere coincidence of name, but the Indian sub continent.
    Why a 96% old «white» stock Scotland with a population problem should have issues with new blood is a mystery.
    Too much in-breeding is bad for the worldview.

  170. Hatuey

    “It’s a rare day that I find myself almost agreeing with Hats.”

    Rarer still that anybody gives a… nobody cares what gets said BTL, it’s self-aggrandising delusion to suggest otherwise. We are a bunch of nobodies (except me obviously).

    Anyway, I think it would be more descriptive to call it the “Hate Wings Act”. Its primary purpose is to destroy Wings which has been a major thorn in the SNP side on several issues, especially the gender stuff.

    On a certain level, of course, it’s a huge compliment to Wings.

    I noticed people talking about Stu getting involved in politics recently but when you stand back and look at what he has done in the last few years alone, never mind the 2014 campaign, he’s undoubtedly the most influential person in Scottish politics today.

    If it’s not broke, don’t fix it. I’d hate to see him in politics, needing to put up with those asswipes. Politicians are mostly total weirdo asswipes. I’d say that covers about 99.9% of them. Anybody that wants to be a politician is probably a dangerous crackpot.

  171. turnbulldrier

    Hey Stu..

    You mentioned on “X” about getting legal advice on whether Wings can exist after the 1st…

    Presumably it would be due to the interpretation of this:

    Specifically, the nature of the publishing of material when it is opened by an internet user.

    But, one thing that I’m not sure of…

    If you were to take down Wings, there would be no available links to “republish” old posts which some may find “offensive”, and then report to the polis.

    However, what would the deal be with the WayBack machine, or some other source of these articles which could be “republished” when a punter opened them via this route? i.e. your material, but from another source.

    Has anyone considered this?

  172. Anton Decadent

    @TURABDIN, you are assuming that I am not aware of the background of the Roma.

    With regard to inbreeding if you want a look at that check out Bradford.

  173. Republicofscotland


    From Robin McAlpine’s blog.

    On how officialdom in Scotland is in many cases, trying to destroy the community spirit and activities to better folks lives.

    We’re under attack from multiple directions.

    “I write often about how Scotland is an oligarchy of unelected officials who preside over the nation and its communities while barely being touched by democracy or the interests of the communities.”

  174. Republicofscotland

    Vivian @11.19am.

    Lets not forget that Forbes worked hand in glove with Michael Gove to force freeports (nothing green about them) on Scotland.

    Forbes is also of the Yousaf camp that we MUST ask Westminster for an S30 in order to hold an indyref. Forbes ISN’T interested in Scottish independence, and Yousaf the Puppet is on record saying that if Nicola Sturgeon can’t couldn’t deliver Scottish independence NO ONE CAN.

  175. Anton Decadent

    A headline in todays Guardian “Puberty makes teenagers armpits smell of cheese, goat and urine, say scientists.” Subtle message to pre teens there.

  176. Alf Baird

    John Main @ 1:32 pm

    “Seems crystal clear to me that if Indy will defo make us better off, then that’s the key to growing support for Indy.”

    Economics is a big part of this, yes, but political science and postcolonial theory both tell us that people do not necessarily vote for what is in their best interests.

    The colonial reality also has other aspects to consider, not least the ‘colonial mindset’ which is based on an oppressed group absorbing and upholding the colonizers values and ideology, often ‘at any cost’ to the people. Which helps explain why the more assimilated native groups become colonialism’s biggest cheerleaders.

  177. Robert Hughes

    @ Alf B

    ” Economics is a big part of this, yes, but political science and postcolonial theory both tell us that people do not necessarily vote for what is in their best interests. ” .Indeed .

    No better example of that than Brexit . That fiasco was not * won * on any economic argument – did it’s advocates even make that argument , other than the total lie that the NHS would receive more cash – hahahaha . It was * won * on EMOTIONAL appeals of utter garbage like ” Taking back control ” . Another total lie that only bams like wee Mainy would attempt to justify

  178. twathater

    @ ROS 2.27pm Robin McAlpine’s article is bang on the money, cooncillors just like msp’s and mp’s believe it is THEIR money that they are dealing with, they are very adept at explaining why they have to close libraries,pools and other services,they are dreadfully sorry but we CANNOT afford these extra costs and charges, but we CAN afford exorbitant pay rises and outrageous expense claims for carpets, wallpaper,tv’s and even homes,for NO SHAME politicos

    The whole political system is fucked and the HCB is just another example that a revolution of sane, NORMAL people needs to take place to SAVE Scotland and Scots from this lunacy
    I have watched people being interviewed on television CELEBRATING tax cuts and at the same time COMPLAINING that services are suffering from under investment, Roads,NHS,education,schools the list is endless yet they cannot compute that their saving of £100 means that a tory donor will save £hundreds of thousands of pounds, the TAX CUT is NOT for them it is for rich bast Ards
    They CELEBRATE their own suffering

  179. John Main

    @Bob 5:45

    It’s Big Mainy to you.

    On several measures.

  180. Stoker

    @ turnbulldrier on 22 March 2024 at 2:10 pm:

    I see and get your point in your comment but surely they will not have the power to go way into the past to prosecute folk? Afterall, we’re not talking rape, paedophilia or murder here.

    If they truly have the power to open that particular can of worms they had better be ready for a shitstorm of complaints that they will *have* to deal with.

    Is anyone able to clarify what the position is on this issue? I need to know if i have to start compiling a load of complaints for submission. LOL! Starting with Hoozat Useless’ venom-laced tirade on white folk and working backwards through time, right back to the BritNat pish merchant who wanted to bayonet pro-indy folk.

    And just for good measure i will throw in Boris Johnston’s anti-Scottish racist poetry etc. Yes! Let’s see these agents of the State (Police Scotland) go down this route and try to damage WOS. Especially since they’ve been moaning about having to make serious cutbacks in every department etc.

  181. Stoker

    Sorry, folks, i put this on the other (wrong) thread by mistake. Makes more sense on this btl thread:

    “Just thought of another one for my complaints list if they try and prosecute WOS. I know who the piece of filth was who vandalised the Catholic church in Ardrossan, back in the 1980’s, with white paint in 3ft-high lettering FTP.”

    “For those not in the know that stands for F@ck The Pope. My list is growing by the minute, and i’m just one person. Don’t open that particular can Mr. Plod. Because the warnings on that can are very clear and pretty much self explanatory. Like a Dybbuk Box, once opened, all hell will break loose. LOL!”

  182. Ian.Maclaren

    The Hate Monster lives on!

    But you seem to have to go now to the National Records of Scotland Archive for the one scotland / police scotland snarly youngsters …

    What has happened to ‘One Scotland’ – has it melted like snaw aff a dyke?

  183. John McGregor

    If a march in Glasgow say for people in support of Gaza could the Israeli’s/Jews say that offended them everybody on the march could face the possibilty of getting charged under this stupid law??

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