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The Dishface Tapes

Posted on May 15, 2014 by

Watch (from 5m 50s) as David Cameron refuses to commit to having a bill for more powers for Holyrood in the first Queen’s Speech should he win the 2015 election.

Vote no, get nothing, and get it never.

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    147 to “The Dishface Tapes”

    1. Croompenstein says:

      The question actually is should Scotland be an independent country you dishfaced git..

    2. moujick says:

      The whole interview sounds as if Ian Davidson wrote it, separation blah, meh….

    3. moujick says:

      safer, stronger, meh…family of nations, meh, best of both worlds, meh……Jesus wept a litany of Bitter Thegither vacuous soundbite bollocks

    4. Albert Herring says:


    5. Salt Ire says:

      He’s getting as blinky as Flipper.

      Must be catching…

    6. Catherine says:

      He does that “look…” think just before telling a lie, just like Bliar used to.

    7. Lesley-Anne says:

      Well there we have it, straight from the horse’s mouth. Vote NO and after I’ve had time to screw your country some more and ripped your people off a great deal more then, and only then, I’ll have a think about possibly offering you pathetic little gutter snipes the possibility of a sniff of more, not much, powers!

      So there you have it folks. Vote YES and get a life, vote NO and you’re better off committing suicide!

    8. Sheesh! Is that it?

      Mind you – did catch a wee glimpse of Sally getting a bit ticked off at his responses …. I don’t think she is a fan!

    9. RosiePosie says:

      I KNOW I should watch this interview but I just can’t get past the first two minutes, so I’ll just take the Rev. Stu’s word for it.

      But Dave’s wrong about “the one question” – it’s simply about democracy and whether Scotland, as a country, should have its own elected government or continue to be told what to do by the government of another country.

    10. DanTDog says:

      Drivel, drivel and yet more drivel…enough!! Aye!!

    11. Thomas William Dunlop says:

      “Not what I hear from my MPs” snigger . How many Scottish MPs does the tories have. A few of them want to push Darling over the cliff (and Scotland to)

    12. Rockysboy says:

      A rabbit caught in headlights

    13. frankieboy says:

      Fanny merchant

    14. Indy_Scot says:

      The mere fact the David Cameron is sitting in the Reporting Scotland studio with a less than convincing look on his face speaks volumes.

      Something tells me that he has seen the results from his secret taxpayer funded poll, and he is none too happy.

    15. Nana Smith says:

      Who are the next day trippers coming to woo us?
      Looks like Willie & Katie with wee George.

    16. dunghurlersunite says:

      Hmmm. The Daily RecTurd seems to have difference of opinion about guaranteed powers coming our way.

    17. Ian Brotherhood says:

      We all try to be as civil and measured as possible, but sometimes you just have to say ‘fuck right off, moon-boy’.

    18. Capella says:

      “The secret of success is sincerity. Once you can fake that you’ve got it made.” (Jean Girodoux) I used to think this was a Hughie Green quote. Suits DC to a T.

    19. galamcennalath says:

      Saw it on TV earlier. An amazing political broadcast for Yes. Well, that’s how I saw it.

      How could anyone who watched Cameron’s performance, other than a true blue Tory Unionist, not vote Yes?

      Those people featured in the VNB ads (or real people like them), after watching that – how could they still vote No?

      Nice one Dave!

    20. Papadox says:

      Dave the rave: this pathetic tragedy unfolding before our very eyes makes my blood boil and shows this lying fraudster has absolutely no backbone and the morals of a slug with a forked tongue.

      He goes on about ECK just want to talk about process rather than specifics, well Dave on the subject of process I would appreciate if you would set the process in motion to put as much distance between my people and your corrupt and putrid parliament.

      Don’t drag this joke out any longer just process the divorce papers, it will be uncontested and final.

      If there is a NO vote we are going to be extinguished for real, and forever.

    21. James123 says:

      I was trying to think of something meaningful and rational to say but all I can come up with is what a c**t.

    22. Bob W says:

      What struck me, was his assertion, regarding discussion with the other parties, to build cross party consensus. When has any party in government, with a majority, ever bothered about consensus. As others have said, he really does think that we are that gullible.

    23. a2 says:

      “I’m sorry to press you on this…”

      dear god that’s what she’s supposed to do.

    24. Gregor Addison says:

      Labour will bring fudge to the table, the Lib Dems have fudge in abundance, and soon we’ll say what kind of fudge we prefer…then, once all the fudge has been gathered and the bland fudge chosen, we’ll bring that to the table and it’ll be…ready steady cook…

    25. Patrician says:

      and there endeth the Party Political broadcast on behalf of the haven’t got a clue about Scotland party.

    26. Ian Brotherhood says:

      Presumably Rev has titled this thread ‘The Dishface Tapes’ because the sock-puppet-in-chief is due to appear elsewhere, and all his Scottish MSM gigs will be gathered here?

    27. Defo says:

      How others see us.
      “At the same time, opinion polls have recorded a growing “English” identity that is challenging the status quo, both for the English relationship with Scotland and the EU, says Glenn Gottfried of the Institute of Public Policy Research who co-authored a report called “England and its Two Unions.”

      I particularly liked “Others, like Lord Williams, say far more is at stake than economics. In the worst case scenario, he says, a yes for both could call into question Britain’s permanent seat at the UN Security Council.”

      No wonder dishface is all a fluster.

    28. James123 says:


      “I’m sorry to press you on this…”

      dear god that’s what she’s supposed to do.

      He wasn’t challenged enough and was allowed to witter on at times uninterrupted, it’s a good job he was hanging himself. If that was AS in that seat he would barely have been able to get out a sentence.

      You will notice that his claims that we are “better together” or “more prosperous” was never challenged. Magnusson could easily have listed the awful poverty statistics we have in Scotland or the low life expectency or any other hideous table we’re at the top off, but she didn’t.

      The Yes campaign’s claims are constantly put under enormous scrutiny by the media, they’re asked “but if we choose independence this terrible thing will happen or that terrible thing will happen”, the No lot are never asked to justify their claims.

    29. geeo says:

      Is it me, or do the MSM not understand the issues ?

      Yes, the media have a clear bias to No, and make it obvious, but can they really be in it with the unionists as deep as it seems ?

    30. msean says:

      Please,send more tories,we’re fresh out of them up here guv.

    31. rab_the_doubter says:

      Couldn’t help but notice that Cameron was sweating like a (insert your choice of euphemism here). If thats what he’s like when confronted with a tame pre-coached interviewer its no wonder he’s terrified at the prospect of a debate with Alex Salmond.

    32. heedtracker says:

      We gave you your own EXTREMELY POWERFUL parliament but you’re safe and secure in the ukok, so shut up and vote no for separashun.

      Cameron said no to devo max option and now ProjectFear tries to con Scotland into thinking that’s what on offer. World class shysters, all wrapped up in a union jack.

    33. Croompenstein says:

      Aye you’re not just touching wood, yer touching cloth dishface.

    34. Ian Kirkwood says:

      I am really getting sick of hearing “the best of both worlds”. What exactly does that mean? Why is it never challenged by the MSM? What are the benefits for Scotland?
      I await with interest to hear all and various replies.

    35. Graeme Doig says:

      Was that his best shot. No wonder he’s running scared of AS. My 3 year old constructs better arguments over the benefits of getting another biscuit.
      Thanks Dave
      We’ll take it from here

    36. HandandShrimp says:

      Cameron clearly has no more intention giving us more control than he has offering a EU referendum. A complete chancer like his chancellor.

      So what is the score with Darling? Are they keeping him in reserve to blame if it is a Yes vote?

    37. moujick says:

      Looking at a couple of pictures from Pollok tonight, Sheridan and Sillars in another packed out public meeting and then watching Cameron…if this is the best Cameron can do then bring on 18th Sept!

    38. Free at 63! says:

      Interesting that his first photo-shoot was with the army. He obviously thinks that military prowess and power is important to the average Scot – aye right!

      Totally insincere on reporting Scotland and Sally just passed as impartial with her interviewing – just wish she would do the same with Labour members. Reckon she is a ‘Yes’ with her father coming from another small independent country.

      Clearly a ‘No’ vote means less than fu*k all.

      Wish there was a ‘like’ button on here!

    39. heedtracker says:

      “All the other parties have given their devo ideas. You’ll see our ideas for devo in the next few weeks”

      If Conservative party vote for more devo “ideas” are anything like the pointless Lamont tax devonano farce, there’s another hard round of BBC,ITV,newspaper bollocks on the way.

    40. James123 says:

      @Ian Kirkwood
      I am really getting sick of hearing “the best of both worlds”. What exactly does that mean? Why is it never challenged by the MSM?

      It’s to normalise the point. It’s the same as the interviewer going “HELLO!!! Of course we’re better off together, we already know that, so I won’t bother challenging you at all”

      When someone from the Yes camp claims that we’re “better off independent” there’s a very different response from the media.

    41. Tam Jardine says:


      Beat me to it! Brilliant. Did anyone out there in Scotland, even your dyed in the wool unionist, anyone watch that interview and think to himself/herself: there sits the leader of our country?

      O/T Do you think we could commission Andy Scott, creator of those magnificent Kelpies, to create a massive piece of public art to celebrate Independence? I was thinking of a lion rampant pinning down a snake with his paw. Or Alex pinning down DC with his paw? Any ideas?

    42. Lee Rogers says:

      Wouldn’t you just love to hear the cameraman, sound man, whoever, sotto voce, “ye’re talking pish Cameron”.

    43. Greannach says:

      For once two sensible newspaper reviewers on Sky News (1230am) giving very fair coverage to momentum of Yes as opposed to disaster of No. Also mentioned Cameron visiting army. ‘Where else could he go? He can’t relate to Scottish people on a human level’.

    44. Defo says:

      Coming to a headline near you soon… THE CONTINUATOR !

      The committee concluded that in the event of Scottish independence the remainder of the UK would be the “continuator” state and so retain its current international status and treaty obligations, as well as UK institutions such as the BBC and the Bank of England.

      Scotland would become a new “successor” state and would not have any automatic claim on those institutions, it claimed.

      Other conclusions

      The committee said there would be no constitutional or legal requirement for the UK government to adhere to the Scottish government’s proposed timetable for full independence by 24 March 2016, and that they should not do so if that would undermine the interests of the rest of the UK.”

      Now they seem to be making lots of last minute contingency plans, can we now say there has been a watershed in the campaign ? A tipping point. Watch which way the bookies go in the next couple of weeks.

      The real question of the day ? Is there a direct correlation between the unexpected shrinkage in Jupiters Great Red spot, and Camerons sphyncter activity, at the thought of being torn a new one by Eck, in front of the whole world? A sort of quantum supersymmetry type thingy.

    45. CameronB Brodie says:

      Third attempt. Have I just watched an apparently credible ‘world leader’ try to sell Britain as progressive, a 21st century audience? With t’internet, in the age of social media and web sites, where people can communicate? 🙂

    46. Kenny says:

      Slightly O/T, but if you ever do want to see how Scotland’s health really is a Union dividend, have a look at this:

      In short, the authors strip out all the other problems that Scotland has (poor climate, poor diet, cultural factors like stabbing each other etc.) and look at what causes the Scotland/Glasgow Effect of excess mortality, especially amongst working class men. They identify “political attack” since 1979. Interestingly, while towns like Liverpool experienced the same attack, they had local government which did more to mitigate the problems than Glasgow’s did.

    47. bookie from hell says:

      I don’t live in both worlds

    48. Kyle Mackay says:

      Cameron looks so out place and uncomfortable when he visits Scotland. I think the whole ‘cybernats just watched braveheart too many times’thing is projection and he’s been giving himself nightmares watching it!

      I reckon it’s projection that explains the likes of UKIP, BNP etc too. They’re convinced their countries being invaded by sinister immigrants because they can’t imagine living in another country without taking it over and imposing their values, laws etc on its people, so they assume others will do the same to them.

      O/T BBC saying they won’t suspend CBI membership now because CBI withdrew their electoral commision application so apparently they’re all fine and nice and neutral again, it was all just a misunderstanding…

      *unconvinced smiley thing*

    49. Lesley-Anne says:

      Well that’s it, I’ve really gone and done it now! 😉

      Following last weeks *ahem* entertainment courtesy of our local Riding of the Marches Standard Bearer elect I sent a letter in to the local paper. Some folks might recall I may have mentioned this earlier in the week. 🙂 Well the paper is now out and lo and behold my letter is in. Not only that but the whole incident last Saturday has made the front page…WHOOPS! 😛

      Apparently, according to the front page, under a picture featuring yours truly 😉 , our unionist *ahem* friend is claiming he was provoked! Erm no Bubba you were NOT provoked YOU were the one trying to do all the provoking!

    50. manandboy says:

      To paraphrase a bloke on Question Time last night –

      If Aberdeen was in England

      David Cameron wouldn’t be up here

      and we wouldn’t be having this conversation.

    51. Kyle Mackay says:

      Lesley-Anne, I saw you mention that before, thought it sounded beautifuly surreal and wished I’d been there for it. Did any one get photos or video?

      Fingers crossed that guy makes a regular appearance, you’ll be able to sit back and watch the Yes conversions roll in 🙂

      Good going getting it to a wider audience through your local paper by the way, that’s brilliant!

    52. Lesley-Anne says:

      Sorry Kyle I’m trying to put up a post but it keeps disappearing.

    53. Lesley-Anne says:

      Well that one went up all right I don’t understand why my other post did not go up. Let’s see what happens this time. Yes Kyle a few photos were taken, I’ve got a couple here and a video of about 60 seconds taken from across the road. The video actually took place before the photos which were taken just before he disappeared back down Annan High Street. Unfortunately by the time we had started taking the photos he was rather more civilised, sort of. Unfortunately the sound on the video is not great so you can’t really hear much if anything of what he says. Mind you the video footage is really at the end of the abuse he shouted so there wouldn’t be that much to hear I don’t think. To be honest, at the time, after he had shouted his abuse from the 4 by 4 earlier in the day we were not really expecting him to return and were concentrating on what we were doing. We were all a bit taken aback when he did return on horse back.

    54. Kyle Mackay says:

      Wow, he looks even more ridiculous than I imagined! Who does he think he’s impressing riding around on horseback with a butcher’s apron? Does he have any idea how that comes across to anyone other than rabid Britnats like himself?

      Couldn’t get the googleplus link to work but I got the idea from the other two.

      I’m sorry you guys had to take abuse from him but that’s got to be a bunch more Yes votes in the bag!

      He’s like a real life version of Chris Cairns’ John Bull character! Maybe your Yes group could crowd fund a ‘Hamish the lion’ costume incase he comes back. That would make for a beautiful peice of spontaneous street theatre 🙂

    55. Tasmanian says:

      But! He likes Aston Villa! See how down-to-earth and in touch he is. One of us! One of us!

    56. Ian says:

      O/T is this a spoof from the BBC or yet another scare in the making?

    57. john king says:

      Cameron says (the real one)
      We’ll have to get consensus with the other parties on the way forward (on further devolution)

    58. Roll_On_2014 says:

      Aye Dave and my father once told me ‘If you ever catch a weasel sleeping, piss in its ear and drink to my health.’

      Now get back to that stone you crawled out from under.

    59. Tattie-bogle says:

      This is someone elses
      If in theory England voted for Independence and Scotland Wales with NI stayed as the rest of the UK who would keep the pound ?
      of course in theory means once they have drained us dry

    60. Ken500 says:

      Ever time Cameron tells a lie his face goes red., which is every tim he opens his mouth.
      Red rag to a bull. PR Cameron just increases the YES vote. Haste ye back with the military guard politics sneed to protect the fro the people.

      Scotland has lost £5Billion+ a year in revenues, that it needs to feed the people, since 2011. Osbourne and Danny Alexander raise Oil tax revenues to 80% (same for tax evading Whisky Co). Increased 11% (£2Billion) a year and cut the Block Grant £1.3Billion a year. Still illegally (and secretly) defrauding Scotland out of £Billions a year, disproportionately.

      ConDems elected to protect NHS/Educationhave cut revenues for both.They have not paid off the deficit but taken the Royal Mail Pension (£20Billion) which now becomes a liability (more debt) They have transferred wealth from the poorer to the richer (them) and embezzled £million/Billions of public monies on projects to benefit their families and associates. Increasing their tax evading wealth while people starve in the UK/world.

      Sally should have quizzed Cameron about Thatcher’s secrecy and lies and total devastation of the Scottish economy. Cameron is just another bare faced liar.

      Vote YES.

    61. Ken500 says:

      Can’t believe the Annan hooligan went back and got a flag and a horse, to intimidate people. What loser or a boozer. Lots pissed, taking the piss. A bully. Giving the No vote lots of negative publicity.

    62. Ken500 says:

      @ Looks pissed. Needs counselling. Alcoholics make poor decisions.

    63. Vestas says:

      Ian I wouldn’t take any notice of that as it originates from East Anglia university. You may remember them from 2009 when emails were uncovered which proved that the scientists there had colluded to falsify empirical data over a 15 year period to fit their own preconceived theories on global warming.

      tl;dr the source of the article cannot reasonably be trusted based on previous behaviour.

    64. john king says:

      Hat tip to Patrician for
      “and there endeth the Party Political broadcast on behalf of the haven’t got a clue about Scotland party.”

      Capella says
      ” and there endeth the Party Political broadcast on behalf of the haven’t got a clue about Scotland party.”

      And I mean that most sincerely folks

      Greannach says
      ” ‘Where else could he go? He can’t relate to Scottish people on a human level’.”

      Bang on
      The only people who were guaranteed WOULDN’T give him a hard time were the army, fucking coward.

    65. Ian Brotherhood says:

      Have just seen Moonboy’s STV interview from last night.

      John Mackay had at least three opportunities to destroy Cameron’s ‘no FM/PM debate’ stance by pointing out that Blair Jenkins is leader of the Yes campaign – not Alex Salmond.

    66. john king says:

      Posts going missing again?
      I put up a correction to a misquote by me of Capella and its a no show, still under attack then?

    67. Ian Brotherhood says:

      Nice of the HOL to confirm that Scottish Lords will be placed on ‘pottering-about’ leave as soon as we’ve voted Yes, and will be officially released into the wild on Independence Day.

    68. john king says:

      How are they going to survive in the wild they’ll not know how to forage for food or anything?
      just as well we’ve got foodbanks eh?
      otherwise the poor souls would starve.

    69. john king says:

      What goes around comes around you bastards.

    70. fergie35 says:

      A friend of mine from Laurencekirk in Kincardineshire texted to say Better Together are paying Latvians sweetie money to hand out leaflets, he talked to one of them last night.
      So much for 30,000 boots on the ground then, do they have 30,000 Latvians, maybe some Bulgarians aswell (oops… forgot, they dont like the Bulgarians, for some reason)

    71. Graham Ennis says:

      Every time I look at UK politicians and their leaders, like Cameron, I remember the film “The Last Emperor”….which revealed that no matter how good a face you put on it, events, and historical forces, will crush whatever you try to do. The UK Government is now heading towards the edge of the giant waterfall. Over they will go, no matter what any UK Prime Minister says. If not this September, then eventually, inevitably, it will happen. Because the Referendum has fundamentally changed everything. Even if the vote is NO, nothing will ever be the same again. The writing is now on the wall.

    72. Croompenstein says:

      The House of perpetual pish stench has spoken. The deference to your lordships is a thing of the past, you will become a footnote in Scotland’s history and I cannot wait to rid my country of your arrogant undemocratic unworthy spunkbubble.

    73. Ian Brotherhood says:

      Cameron due to appear on GMS about 8.15.

      Hmm. Wonder if Naughtie will ask him about that poll?

    74. scottish_skier says:

      Cameron looks so out place and uncomfortable when he visits Scotland. I think the whole ‘cybernats just watched braveheart too many times’thing is projection and he’s been giving himself nightmares watching it!

      I imagine Cameron’s probably watched Braveheart many more times than your average Scottish medieval battle enthusiast has. You need to get to understand the electorate you know.

    75. scottish_skier says:

      What’s interesting is Dave is now head of the pro-union campaign. At least that’s the impression being give since Darling was sidelined.

    76. bunter says:

      Think Cameron actually told a lie when he referenced Carney as saying a CU wouldn’t work on GMS. There may have been other lies, but was running aboot getting weans ready for school.

    77. goldenayr says:

      Morning call on RS are discussing personality in the ref.

      A veiled condemnation of the FM in the pre prog ramble.

    78. Another Union Dividend says:

      Not once have I heard any broadcaster challenging the NO spokesperson on their assertions about currency union, austerity, trident. unrepresentative House of Lords, privatisation of NHS in England having a detrimental effect on Barnet consequentials, National Grid payments to Scottish energy producers, etc etc

    79. X_Sticks says:

      Cameron on BBC GMS:

      European legal advice LIE
      Currency Union LIE
      WM poll LIE

      Only cogent argument for the union was the sentimentality of WAR.

      How typically unionist.

      Loving the HoL report – lots of unemployed WM politicians and Lords after September. What’s not to like?

      We are winning this folks! I smell panic in the unionist ranks.

    80. Jimmybeardy says:

      So she was told to end by asking him about the Scottish cup just so he could respond by saying he is staying out of it?
      Oh and look how down to earth he is guys, he is just your every day Aston Villa supporter, what a great guy wee Davey is.

    81. Tam Jardine says:

      David Cameron on GMS asserts that the buried poll is in line with others which show BT are winning the argument. That is illogical – were that the case he would surely publish it in a heartbeat. It just doesn’t make any fechan sense to me.

      What is also curious is DC’s assertion that the current opinion polling shows that BT are winning the argument. So as the polls converge and Yes support creeps up, with No gradually diminishing, this demonstrates BT are winning the argument. Are they just winning it less well as time progresses? And are Yes losing the argument less and less over time?

      A curious analysis of the figures? I will go into my work today and ask for a pay rise but I’ll put it across as getting a wage that is less lower than his in the future. That ought to work!

    82. Edward says:

      Someone needs to go over the Cameron interview on GMS this morning as I think it was a ‘target rich area’ for the pro independence camp.

      There was so many things left unchallenged by Naughtie.

      One that stood out was, when asked why Cameron didn’t debate Alex Salmond, the Cameron excuse was that Alex Salmond was leader of the ‘separation campaign’ (his exact term).

      By the way was Cameron in Ecclefechan for a quick cross border get away?

    83. Training Day says:

      Aye, goldenayr, a smear on Salmond masquerading as a look at ‘personalities in politics’ looms on Morning Call. I am thoroughly sick and tired of Pacific Quay.

      One piece of light relief emerged in the Cameron interview with Naughtie though. Despite displaying epic levels of lickspittlery, Naughtie was rewarded, clearly and audibly, by Cameron calling him ‘John’.

    84. Ian Brotherhood says:

      Now that the Scottish Lords and MPs can see their jotters appearing on the horizon, suitable arrangements will have to be made for their official send-off…

      A couple of open-top buses leaving from Westminster, dropping them all back to their home towns one at a time. (And they all have to chip in to cover the petrol.)

    85. bunter says:

      Noticed a wee story on front of Daily Rancid, in passing, that loads of SLab MP’s caught employing folk on zero hrs contracts tut tut.

      I am sure GMS will run with that story next week.

    86. orri says:

      His main problem in this interview is that he chose to actually tell the truth at times. He says the important thing is what’s good for the UK and that Sterling has been a success.

    87. Kenzie says:

      There are a few who seem to believe that if there is a NO vote then, that’s it. Oor tea’s oot. I don’t think so; Pandora’s box has been opened and we have all had a glimpse of hope. There will be no going back.

    88. Tam Jardine says:


      No disrespect to Ecclefechan (and i really mean that) but I’m sure it was picked as somewhere fairly remote to avoid the public. In all the years I lived in Dumfries I can’t remember visiting Ecclefechan once. I will visit some day im sure.

      I would say it was a little like Hollande flying in for talks and remaining in and around RAF Brize Norton. Low key, and well away from the plebs, fitting for someone who is not involved in the debate, this matter for Scots to decide themselves.

      I actually think that there is no way David Cameron should be involved in a televised debate as it is not his country and the UN charter protects against outside interference in self determination.

      It would be nice if the entire Westminster Government, the entire machine of the UK state and almost the entirity of the foreign press and big business would leave it to the Scottish people to decide. Never mind Ecclefechan, where’s Kofi Annan when you need him?

    89. HandandShrimp says:

      Heard a journalist (Daily Record chap – Clegg perhaps) saying that if there is a yes vote that Westminster would have to pass a secessionist bill. It is a minor point but when places like Jamaica became independent did Westminster pass secessionist bills or independence bills? The Unionists simply can’t stop with the 1984 newspeak. They are the can’t part of this debate and no mistake 😉

      On the Lords I can’t say I have a great issue. Baroness Jay is correct, there may issues that require resolving but that doesn’t mean that independence cannot happen in March 2016. I can’t see Scottish MPs being involved in negotiations on the rUK side either. I can however see them involved on Scotland’s side…although who would actually want people like Alexander negotiating on our behalf is a moot point.

    90. fergie35 says:

      A friend from Laurencekirk in Kincardineshire texted to say Better Together are paying Latvians sweetie money to hand out leaflets, he talked to one of them last night.
      So much for 30,000 boots on the ground then.

    91. X_Sticks says:

      Pia on Call Kay(E)talking about snobs! What a hoot!

    92. orri says:

      HoL giving the usual half truths and hoping you’ll jump to the wrong conclusions. They don’t use the word continuing to describe the rUK but rather one which if you google get’s you the following meaning,,

      a person or thing that continues something or maintains continuity.
      “the popes succeeded as the continuators of Byzantine rule”
      a person who writes a continuation of another‘s work.
      “the narratives of Thucydides or his continuator Xenophon”

      So what they’re actually saying is that the rUK will not in fact be the original UK.

      They’re also factually correct in that Scotland won’t have an automatic right to continue in it’s present treaties without negotiation. What they are ignoring is that in many cases that will be as simple as a show of hands and that the same would hold for the rUK. Witness that the right of Russia to retain the place of the USSR had to be by agreement.

      As to the no need for the PM to conclude negotiations that ignores several things. One is that it won’t be just the PM needing to negotiate. Another is that regardless of whether negotiations are complete or not the basis of this referendum is that independence day will be as laid out in the White Paper. As that would be the settled will of Scotland under our law Westminster would have absolutely no authority from then onwards.

    93. Luigi says:

      Time for a debate, Mr Cameron!

    94. caz-m says:

      What it is with the Daily Record and BBC Scotland. More free publicity for the Glasgow comic.
      GMS had their political editor David Clegg on AGAIN. Why?

      Then by sheer coincidence, Call Kay(e)has a phone-in on political personalities, based on a poll carried out by, wait for it, the Daily Record.

      The Scottish government is never going to get a positive poll result in the Daily Record. It is a pro-union, Labour supporting newspaper.

      There is a bit of a trinity developing here. You have BBC Scotland, Daily Record and Scottish Labour.

      I think regular meetings are taking place between the three of them to plan the downfall of the YES campaign.

    95. X_Sticks says:

      caz-m says:

      “There is a bit of a trinity developing here. You have BBC Scotland, Daily Record and Scottish Labour.”

      The Glasgow Labour cabal.

    96. Joe M says:

      At the time (5m 50s) Cameron refuses to commit to further devolution he also throws in that tired old phrase “the best of both worlds”. Not once, but twice.

      We are, in fact, trapped between two worlds. One giving us self-determination and hope, the other falsely promising a few baubles under Westminster rule. The former is achievable, the latter is all smoke and mirrors. A no vote will prove disastrous for Scotland.

    97. caz-m says:

      Training day

      I also heard Cameron call Naughtie, “John”.

      Had a good laugh at that.

      I bet you Naughtie had been telling all his pals about how close him and Dave were.

      Naughtie was probably want to stop the interview there and then and shout, “it’s f**kin Jim ya f**kin pr**k ye”.

    98. Flower of Scotland says:

      Voting no means getting nothing and status quo means even less than nothing!

    99. Proud Cybernat says:

      5m 50s to 5m 51s — that’s plenty.

    100. Desimond says:

      Funny how the Museum of Transports rood looks like a sneaky wee submarine over Davids left shoulder?

      Smiled when boarding London Tube this morning, big advert for a Horse Guard Parades Pomp and ceremony event, come celebrate 350 years of Royal Marines blah blah blah..the name of the event..BEATING RETREAT 2014

      That should be the Better Together slogan

    101. Nana Smith says:

      Guardian headline

      David Cameron: Scotland and UK have more oomph together

      David Cameron has sought to shore up the faltering campaign against independence, saying that keeping Scotland within the United Kingdom gave both “more oomph” by making them both “stronger, safer, more secure and more successful”.

      So there it is the compelling, positive case for the Union: “Oomph!”

    102. handclapping says:

      Everytime they come out with the “best of both worlds” I’m old enough to remember that you can’t ride two horses at the same time. Just as the councils are always challenging Holyrood so Holyrood will always be challenging Westminster.

      Yes means we get rid of Westminster, No Holyrood. Its that simple.

    103. HandandShrimp says:

      I am sure John was close enough for Naughtie…after all Cameron is the lovely Unionist one in this debate. He can’t be expected to know a mere Jocko pleb’s name.


    104. Tam Jardine says:

      Anyone who has read Our Man in Havana will recall the Kaiser addressing the young Dr Hasselbacher on parade.

      Recalling the incident, Hasselbacher forlornly relates the Kaiser’s brief words: “I remember you. You are Captain Muller”.

    105. Lanarkist says:


      SLab, BBCScot, Daily Record Executives all interrelated through marriage, school, University and West of Scotland Clubs.

      BBC, Radio 4, Eton, Oxbridge, City of London, City Clubs.

      Jim Naughty’s side kick, S. Montague is married to friend of D.Cameron from Eton. Dinner parties and country weekends bring the Cabinet and media together, informally on a very regular basis, through work, school, Uni and extended family connections.

      The elite network is more widespread than is realised.

    106. scottish_skier says:

      Daily Record / BBC Scotland logic:

      Yes = 37%
      No = 47%

      36% voting No because of Alex Salmond

      So, replace Alex Salmond…

      47-36 = 11% No

      37+36 = 73% Yes

      Excluding DK:

      87% Yes
      13% No

    107. heraldnomore says:

      or is it 36% of the 47%?

    108. caz-m says:

      Did you see how Call Kay(e) ended the debate on political personalities by quoting someone who was an SNP voter but is so absolutely disgusted by Alex Salmond that he is now an Ex SNP voter.

      Why don’t you just put on a big pair of bovver boots Kaye and tell us to close our eyes while you proceed to boot us right in the chuckies, (males only).

    109. Joe M says:

      In the video above (from 1m 00s) Cameron spends 1 minute of the interview refusing to debate with Alex Salmond claiming, again, that it is Darling who should face that debate.

      As Cameron is PM of the current UK, it is his function to put forward the UK governments case, not a minor back-bench opposition MP. The very suggestion of this is an indication of the lowly status they perceive of both Scotland and our FM. This is not a union of equals.

      If Cameron does not have the backbone to meet Salmond in open debate (and he doesn’t), he should appoint a cabinet minister, at the very least, to debate their case. Anything less is an open insult to Scotland.

    110. Pat says:

      Re : “Best of Both Worlds”

      It’s the title of a Star Trek episode featuring The Borg of “resistance is futile” and
      “you will be assimilated” claims.

      Rather apt really, means they’re not hiding anything.

    111. ronnie anderson says:

      I had a bag of Waffle,s on my shopping list for this week,

      I like a couple of waffle,s with a fryup, that Feker

      Cammerons got a lot to answer for, never mind the breakup

      of the Onion, but nae cunart get between na mooth n ma

      belly,whit am ah gonna mop up the runny eggs wie noo.

    112. Ian Brotherhood says:

      Thought it might’ve shifted a bit after the Cameron train wreck yesterday, but Ladbrokes still offering 5/1 for a Yes win being over 55%:

    113. Bugger (the Panda) says:

      I don’t know about dishface but he is beginning to look like a Halloween cake me.

      He says that Salmond concentrates on Process, whilst avoiding talking substance. I would say to him, if I ever met him, where is your substance?

      Where’s the Beef!


    114. Schrodingers Cat says:

      “The independence referendum is a very straight forward question….do you want scotland to stay in the united kingdom or do you want scotland to separate itself from the united kingdom……that’s the question”

      no it isnt dave, the question is, Should scotland be an independent country

      i guess sally must have missed this eh?

    115. scottish_skier says:

      or is it 36% of the 47%?

      It’s the 36% of the total sample. Within MoE the 1/3 status quo people / those who have quite a strong British or Scottish + British identity.

      They just say they don’t like Salmond because they feel British and don’t want independence. They’re not actually basing their voting intention on him.

      It’s the same 1/3 that in SSAS that consistently say that they believe Scotland would be economically worse off if independent. It’s not actually that they really believe that (although they will have worked hard to convince themselves of it), it just gives them an excuse to justify saying No.

      If you feel British and don’t want independence you are not going to say anything positive about an independent Scotland when asked, e.g. in polls. It’s human nature.

      Very few people will vote based on personalities. A large proportion of unionists are however prepared to make fools of themselves and say they will though (i.e. vote No because of AS). It’s a sign of desperation (being clearly irrational).

    116. Bugger (the Panda) says:

      fergie35 says:

      Are they bussing the Latvians in from the Baltic to hand out the leaflet?

      I think UKIP need to be informed.

    117. caz-m says:


      Have you any thoughts on the “missing” UK government poll.

    118. Grouse Beater says:

      Having few newspapers and broadcaster sympathetic to self-goverance is a small part of the problem. It’s also none have the intellectual expertise available to question claim and assertion made by unionist opponents.

      They are continually two steps behind, drowning by a torrent of attacks on Scotland’s future. There has been a long-term removal of staff in the MSM in Scotland and we see the result.

      This leaves them in no other position than to publish press releases at face value, the best example the unbelievably benign report by BBC’s Esler on the phony grass-roots Vote No Borders.

      To the more astute, a single individual claiming he heads a “grass-roots” movement arriving out of nowhere overnight would be highly suspicious.

      Ponsonby running after Osborne to demand the chancellor answers questions leaves the impression of a lone figure angry more at the lack of back-up to his efforts than the arrogance of Osborne.

    119. X_Sticks says:

      @Bugger (the Panda)

      Are you in touch with (or have contact details for) Conan?

      Heard (in here) he wasn’t well. I do hope everything is ok, and others here including me would like to wish him well.

    120. scottish_skier says:

      Have you any thoughts on the “missing” UK government poll.

      It is unlikely to have shown Yes ahead or anything; MORI methodology favouring No. However, MORI were not yet showing a gap closure when they last polled in February. The delay (likely due to simple sampling variance) would likely mean when it did shift in line with all other polls, the shift would more likely be marked, i.e. sudden ‘surge’ for Yes and drop in No.

      The amount of cash spent suggests a lot of polling / lots of detailed questions and/or larger sample bases.

      We might also ask what happened to STV’s contract for regular polls with MORI.

      We should be due one around about now based on a one every 2 months frequency.

    121. Desimond says:

      Over at the BBC they are gleefully reporting the Lords Commitee saying “Tell them they will get what theyre given when we give em it”.

      In a recent Game of Thrones, after a royal wedding the Queen Regent says “Give all the leftovers to the dogs, do not give anything to the commoners”. Seems rather apt.

    122. The Man in the Jar says:

      I found this on “Should MPs stay untill seperation?”

      It is not so much the article itself but the rebuttal from Angus McNeil that stands out. Good on Alex he doesn’t miss. 🙂

      I cant imagine the BBC publishing anything like this.

    123. G H Graham says:

      Cameron looked uneasy & his body language revealed that his claims for more devolution were basically hot air.

      Anyone tuning into to the dreadful BBC Question Time or Westminster’s Prime Minister’s Questions will know immediately that cross party collaboration on more devolution simply won’t happen.

      If it was that easy, the Federal style of government that the Lib/Dems have been championing for about 100 years would have been at least partly achieved.

    124. galamcennalath says:

      Schrodingers Cat says:
      no it isnt dave, the question is, Should scotland be an independent country

      I don’t think Cameron used the words Independence or Independent at all. Part of the BT strategy. Independent is a positive word, separate is a negative word in the context of parting. There is no way anyone in BT is going to be drawn into saying anything which is actually positive.

      Cameron did actually use the word ‘positive’. The positive messages BT give are about security. This he repeated. What they don’t get is that a large chunk of Scots have moved on from the ‘big stick’ imperialist idea of being secure. So even their only positive message is actually negative too.

    125. faolie says:

      Well, and this is O/T I suppose, but the people at an Indy debate I attended last night in Edinburgh don’t agree with all this ‘best of both worlds’ crap. Show of hands at the end registered a clear Yes, which the chair (Ruth Wishart) acknowledged.

      I reckon at least a 60% Yes of c300 people, with actually very few DKs. And a show of hands at a local meeting has to be a reasonably true reflection does it not? After all, you may know others there and you’re nailing your colours to the mast. Plus there was no vote at the beginning so there was no warning of a vote at the end, which means that you only had a second to decide whether to put up your hand.

      I’m going on about this because Scottish Skier often remarks about people being unwilling to say their true intention to pollsters. At a public meeting therefore, it’s surely a reasonably true reflection of voting intention, no?

    126. Peter Macbeastie says:

      He is a pretty poor liar; if you can read it from a distance he’s not very good at all. He certainly can’t cover it when he’s lying to your face.

      O/T – just heard a pretty certain No singing the praises of whoever from the SNP that was on Question Time last night…. and giving an opinion of Esther McVey that absolutely no one argues with. I shall omit the rude words, which were quite surprising given the slightly prim woman they were emanating from. It does make the statement rather short, though.

      Horrible cow.

    127. Schrodingers Cat says:


      yup, in the same breath he said he wanted to make the very positive case for the union.
      of course sally fae the bbc let the hypocrite get away with murder

      even my 13yo son would have nailed him

    128. Roll_On_2014 says:

      bunter at 8:56 am

      Noticed a wee story on front of Daily Rancid, in passing, that loads of SLab MP’s caught employing folk on zero hrs contracts tut tut.
      I am sure GMS will run with that story next week.

      Aye bunter its HERE:

      MPs hire 151 people on zero hour contracts despite passing laws to protect pay and conditions

      A string of the casual contracts are with Labour politicians, who have campaigned against the exploitation of workers not guaranteed set pay or hours.

      Conservatives issued 77, Labour 62, the Liberal Democrats five and MPs from the other parties awarded seven. However, the watchdog didn’t name politicians who have used the deals.

      Come on guys you could not make this crap up even if you really tried.

      I wonder if a FoI can be made to get the names?

    129. Bugger (the Panda) says:

      X Sticks

      I have tried to contact him by e-mail but so far, 8 days, no response. I sent an e-mail to Moridura, who live not far from him but , as yet no reply (say 5 days)

      At the time of the March on the Hill he had just been discharged after a period in hospital for a serious stomach ulcer which was leaking blood.

      I don’t have his telephone number but think if anybody in Edinburgh can telephone his work, maybe they could help with information.

      If you want you can contact me at and after I am satisfied I’ll tell you his real name and where he works.

    130. Schrodingers Cat says:

      pass on my best wishes to conan please

    131. Lewis MacKenzie says:

      What a shiny, ham-faced quim-wiffle.

    132. cearc says:


      Thanks for that.

      Been a bit worried about Conan. He said he wouldn’t be at the CH as he had an hospital appointment and nobody seems to have heard anything since.

    133. kalmar says:

      The most accurate observation of Cameron’s glistening appearance I read on Twitter was “He looks like a freshly ****** ****”


    134. kendomacaroonbar says:


      Please pass on my regards and best wishes to Conan please.

    135. galamcennalath says:

      Could it be that BT are just as keen to roll back devolution as they are to stop independence?

      Just read Derek Bateman’s latest offering where he very convincingly argues that Darling is not keen of devolution at all, far less expand it. He used to be openly hostile to it. And of course the Tories were never keen.

      While BT pretend to offer jam tomorrow, they might actually be considering taking back the bread.

    136. Xander says:

      Dave, it’s so nice to see you again. It seems our destinies are entwined. I often wonder, why is it that someone who didn’t even vote in the 1997 devolution referendum is now politically engaged and active.

      Yup, it’s all thanks to you mate. I think it was when you popped round in January 2012 for tea, and to set the terms of our referendum. I was so enthused at your wisdom that I joined the SNP the very next day having never been a member of a political party before.

      It is good to see you, old friend. Distance truly does make the heart grow fonder. I’m so happy, I think I’ll have to do something – dumping a wad and some sweat into the local Yes campaign sounds like a good wheeze.

      Dave, dude, you are the man – you make things happen!

    137. orri says:

      From about 3:10 he starts off by saying the question is whether the UK is better together. He then does his waffle about whether Scotland will be better of inside the United Kingdom. Call me stupid but I thought the question was the simple one of whether Scotland would be better off outside the UK. He then goes on to say that we only get to keep Sterling if the vote is No and then almost tells us he’s bringing messages from Scotland. It’s almost a “we in Scotland” moment.

    138. Dorothy Devine says:

      For those anxious about Conan , he seems to be posting on the DT – for which I would give him an earful!

    139. Ian Brotherhood says:

      Apologies if this has already been discussed, but if you spent £46,000 on a poll, what would you be expecting to see for your dosh? (Are we sure that the cash was spent on just the one poll?)

    140. CU Tommy says:

      So Here’s the deal!

      Vote ‘No’, and we might lend Scotland some unspecified extra powers at some unspecified time in the future, But we will reserve the right to ourselves and our successors to remove any or all of these powers at any time in the future.

      Vote ‘Yes’ and you take all of the powers for the people of Scotland for all time.

      I wonder which way I should vote. Daaah

    141. john king says:

      Xsticks @ 10.22am

      Conans alive and well and posting on the telegraph 🙂
      saw him posting there yesterday

    142. X_Sticks says:

      @Bugger (the Panda)
      Fired you an email BtP

      cearc, Schrodinger’s – Dorothy recons he’s posting on the DT, I’ll have a look there and see if he’s around. Might be worth a trawl through the Gurdyun – though I’ve read a few articles and some comments in the last few weeks but I haven’t seen him there. Will make efforts to track him down, though difficult from Aberdeen.

    143. X_Sticks says:

      Ah, good, thanks John. I suppose I’ll have to sully myself giving that rag clicks and go check out. I don’t know how Conan puts up with it. Must take a perverse pleasure in winding up the onionists 😉

    144. Blair paterson says:

      They keep telling us that union has been a great success and so it has been for England but not for Scotland they have landed us with trident and all the nuclear leaks and god knows what else they have hidden the Macron report got us involved in illegal wars lied to us for over 300years o yes a great success for them but not for us time to set your country free vote yes

    145. Tony says:

      If there was going to more devolution offered I would think there would have been something put on the table waaaay before now. After all, they have known about this vote for years!
      It’s a repeat of 1979.

    146. orri says:

      Was searching for the Strathclyde Commission and found the above. Some of it sounds a bit familiar, the devolving powers to cities. If I was a gambling man I’d bet that the next step will be that as soon as there’s a compliant, or should that be complicit, administration in Holyrood the plan will be to further devolve powers to regions. Which would probably involve a cut in the funds under the Scottish government’s control. Not exactly reversing devolution but certainly a way of dealing with it.

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