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The delay phase

Posted on March 14, 2020 by

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  1. Dr Jim says:

    Prime Minstrel Bojo the clown addresses the CEOs of several large companies asking them to manufacture ventilators for the sick decides to make one of his famous jokes about the dying and says “We could call it operation last gasp”

    This idiot is so far removed from the human condition of people who are not of his kind that he thinks it’s funny to joke about the possibility of a human being’s last desperate attempt to breathe air before they die

    Everybody laugh now and remember this is the leader England wanted and voted for in overwhelming numbers

    Anybody still unsure about Independence?

  2. Mist001 says:

    Everybody in Scotland could be 100% sure about independence but unless they’re willing to take direct action, then it doesn’t matter a jot because Mrs. Murrell is on record as saying that she won’t do anything without a section 30 order.

    Apart from the fact she’ll never get one, she and her pals aren’t all that keen on independence anyway so we’re stymied.

    I mentioned the other night about the dream team for Scotland of Tommy Sheridan, Alex Salmond, Joanna Cherry and Craig Murray but instead, Scotland are stuck with the dynamic duo of Mrs. Murrell and Alister Jack, both peas from the same pod.

  3. JaMuR says:

    Do you just sprout the same pish daily mist001?

    Everyday its Mrs Murrell does not want independence. We get it. Your not happy you misrible bastard.

    Thank fuck you moved away.

  4. Chic McGregor says:

    Now, for once, is actually not the time.

  5. Willie says:

    In epidemiological terms R0 is a measure of how many people and infections individual will cross infect.

    In an outbreak an R0 > 1 means the outbreak continues. R0 < 1 and it peters out.

    Seasonal flu had been reported as having an R0 of around 1.3.

    Covid 19 had an R0 aseesed at between 2.0 and 3.11. Covid 19 is therefore notably more contagious than seasonal flu.

    The death rate for Covid 19 could be six times more than seasonal flu. It could in fact be even many more times so beyond that.

    Location,proportion of elderly, healthcare resource availability – they all play a part.

    So tell me. With data like this was HM Government in Public Health Adverts only five weeks ago telling us that everything was under control and that the biggest thing we could do was sneeze into hankies and wash hands.

    Certainly hadn't turned out that way – so what's our government being doing.

    ( And in that we should ignore Sturgeon who is effectively only jogging alongside Johnson's Westminster Tory government )

    Dulce et decorum est, in p to patria mori.

    As true today as it was all those years ago. Take it on the chin. (© Boris Johnson 2020 )

  6. Robert Louis says:

    So Sturgeon wants the indy campaign to be a force for good by helping with the coronavirus. Sorry Nicola, but you have NO SAY in what the indy movement says or does anymore. You threw that right away on 31st January 2020. Toom tabard. So far as I am concerned, from what I have seen over the last few months and read about how the leadership of the SNP has behaved, Sturgeon has zero credibility.

    The sooner she is out of office the better.

    I simply no longer trust a thing she says. Not after what has come to light over the last year.

    In my opinion, the SNP are no longer a party of independence, they are a party of occasionally mumbling about independence. Those at the top, have made nice very well paid careers and have been corrupted by their personal greed. The cloying, viscious antics of those who seek to join their gravy train are now apparent for all to see. Their are a few honourable exceptions, like Joanna Cherry and Angus McNeil. Those right at the top, have forgotten all about independence and why they were elected in the first place. Rotten by corruption, envy and greed, and taking their core votes for granted. Just like British Labour in Scotland did. They will suffer the same fate.

    The desire for independence wil never die, but this rotten corrupt SNP leadership will not be the ones to deliver it.

    The indy movement needs to foget the SNP, until such time as its current leadership is changed. WE need to forge our own path to independence instead.

  7. sassenach says:

    Surely this site is no longer “Wings over Scotland”, but “Whinge over Scotland”?

    By his absence and lack of any control the ‘Rev’ has allowed this once great armoury of information to be infiltrated.

    Apart from a few posters, this is now a cesspit of hatred of our FM and her party.

    mist001 is obviously the Rev!

  8. Golfnut says:

    @ Willie.

    The FM has little choice about whether she jogs alongside Johnson or not. She doesn’t control the fiscal levers to ameliorate the almost complete shut down required, that should really be pretty obvious.

  9. Breeks says:

    sassenach says:
    18 March, 2020 at 7:51 am

    …this is now a cesspit of hatred of our FM and her party.

    Seems the FM and her party were more than content to foment a cesspit of hatred and smear for Alex Salmond, one of our finest statesmen and so nearly the father of our Nation, who did more Scottish Independence than Nicola and her dud Wokist all-stars ever have, combined.

  10. Sensibledave says:

    Dakk 10.50

    “ They could start by admitting the death rate is likely to be around 7% unless appropriate initial measures are taken in like say South Korea.”

    Once again, you pretend to be serious, sensible and a speaker of truth … and then you write that!

    Let’s record that phrase for posterity and revisit it when this is all over. We will then be able to determine whether you are indeed a serious individual, or just another nut job with a grievance that will do anything or say anything if they believe it will help their single issue cause regardless of whether it has any basis in truth (which I consider to be quite important). Also for the record, I will state that I believe the death rate will be less than 1.5%. That figure isn’t based on anything I “hope” will be the case or because I think it may help me in some political goal. It’s based upon data that I have seen and read.

  11. Breeks says:

    Actually makes you wonder what they’re plotting for Joanna Cherry… beyond trying to change the rules to keep her out of Holyrood.

    We should have a sweepstake:- bullying, misogyny, sexual impropriety, expenses, or being a vampire… any old groundless smear will do, just as long as they keep it secret amongst themselves where they can whisper from the shades on anonymity eh?

    Watch your back Joanna.

  12. Pete says:

    People on here keep talking about Sheridan and Salmond in reverential tones.
    I’m sorry, these two are really horrible individuals who now have no credibility within any civilised society.
    You have no chance of winning any election with either of those two at the helm.

  13. admiral says:

    Pete says:
    18 March, 2020 at 8:45 am
    People on here keep talking about Sheridan and Salmond in reverential tones.
    I’m sorry, these two are really horrible individuals who now have no credibility within any civilised society.

    Keep taking the tablets, Pete, and do what nurse tells you.

  14. Rm says:

    Speaking to two people yesterday in their late thirties, didn’t vote for Independence in 2014, but seeing how little say and power we have to control something like this virus which is fearing lots of folk especially people with kids and elderly parents, they don’t believe anything the english Government say, anyway their Awfa keen for independence now, pity they didn’t think this way before, lots of people are starting to think a different way it’s going to come.

  15. Maolbeatha says:

    I haven’t been too immersed in the Corona virus drama, I swung between “don’t lose any sleep over it, its over hyped” and “you’re not taking this seriously enough” in almost equal measure.

    Reading about it gives no clear irrefutable practicable guidance.

    Too many differing points of view, like I was not the only one moving from one view to the opposite.

    Now I am spending a bit more on the “you are not taking this seriously enough” side. I went to get some supplies last night, nothing out of the ordinary, and saw scenes that reminded me of news reports of soviet era supermarkets, No fresh fruit or veg, no bread, frozen foods and pasta cleared out.

    Reinforced the “not taking this seriously” side.

    See I do understand that if we keep to our normal patterns there are no shortages, but how does that balance against feeding the family for up to 14 days if we were forced into lock down?
    It could happen tomorrow, in theory.
    Logically that suggests that we each have at least two weeks food in the house just in case. Doesn’t it?

    “That is silly, overreacting, selfish.”
    Is it?
    Is is so hard to understand the base drivers in human beings? To expect a person to take a chance on not being able to feed their children, because they are convinced they may confined for two weeks?

    I haven’t decided on that just yet.

    Herd immunity: “The need of the many outweighs the needs of the few” That too is possibly a logical statement, or a convenient one. Its fine if you are one of the many.

    I am one of the few.

    That’s ok, my life is of less worth that yours due to some genetic quirk it seems. I understand, it makes sense. to you.
    Its an odd decision, in some respects. There may be a person in the few fulfilling a role of great importance, to other individuals, to an organisation, to society, to a family.

    but “the needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few”

    The herd immunity name doesn’t really tell what it entails, how many have heard the word and fully understand what it means?

    The SNP: I am becoming disillusioned with the lack of progress, criticism of Nicola Sturgeons leadership is resonating more, the “woke” brigade irritate me. I have no personal experience of this. only what I read. Are my sources impartial?

    Is any source impartial?

    The reports of the Alex Salmond case as a political move orchestrated, or at least facilitated by some in SNP is troubling.
    If proven to be true.

    Sickening, if true the SNP are no better than any other political party worse in that I was naive enough to put my faith in them.
    If true.

    A thought is not an idea, it may only be a wish. It is only idea when there are practical steps to achieve it.
    The SNP should:
    Declare UDI
    Close the border,
    Hold a referendum without section 30
    Fine thoughts indeed, wishes, hopes to achieve our shared objective.
    But not yet ideas.
    But do we know and understand the steps to reach the goal? To know the legislation, the processes, needed to turn the wish into an idea? Do we know how to put them into effect?

    Strange days.

  16. BEIJING, March 18 (Xinhua) — The Chinese mainland for the first time reported zero new indigenous suspected cases of novel coronavirus disease (COVID-19) on Tuesday,

    all of the 21 suspected cases reported Tuesday across the mainland were imported cases,

    Hubei Province, the region hardest-hit by the virus, has reported no new indigenous confirmed cases for 13 consecutive days in areas outside its capital city of Wuhan.

  17. Jockanese Wind Talker says:

    Coronavirus Bill, scheduled to become law by end of month.

    It is claimed to be aimed at keeping us safe. But is the transfer of unchallengeable power to the state (UK) for up to two years!

    Neo Fascist ‘One Nation’ Tory Martial Law coming our way soon.

    No IndyRef2 for the foreseeable.

    Could BawJaws use this legislation to shut Holyrood ‘in the National interest’?


  18. Republicofscotland says:

    What an absolute prick of a man Boris Johnson is, with his latest plan called Operation Last Gasp, is this buffoon deliberately trying to instil fear and panic into the public, or is he so inept he cannot even see that such a inflammatory title is idiotoc to say the least.

    Put this together with his disgraceful comment live on tv recently of telling millions of folk already on edge that their loved ones will die, and any fool can see that this punchinello, is likely to cause mass rioting.

    I know Sturgeons betrayed us on independence but at least her language on Covid-19 is a little bit better measured.

    Johnson isn’t a statesman, he’s a chancer.

  19. Breeks says:

    Maolbeatha says:
    18 March, 2020 at 9:29 am

    …The reports of the Alex Salmond case as a political move orchestrated, or at least facilitated by some in SNP is troubling.
    If proven to be true…..

    The Alex Salmond case reeks of something being not quite right, but it’s very tricky to put your finger on it. It’s a tune on a piano where every sound is a bum note. The more you learn, the more questions you have. For a start, setting aside the question of guilt, when it seems so credible to doubt whether some of these events even took place, how does this entire scenario even make it to a trial before a jury?

    I’ll make no bones about it, I have faith in Alex Salmond, and I certainly want him to be proved innocent because I earnestly believe that’s exactly what he is, but for me, his own testimony in defence was refreshing for its sincerity and spontaneity.

    I have known deception and conspiracy first hand. I have seen and heard testimony from a Planning Committee brazenly rewriting the truth of events which I was there to witness myself. No shades of grey or ambiguity, a quite deliberate bold as brass lie. The conspirators focus on making their own narrative consistent with their own conspiracy, and this delivers (in my case) five narratives which are remarkably similar in tone, composition, and agreed deception, almost as if one hand penned them all. Add to this, typically, not one of the conspirators will comment beyond what they’ve said for fear of deviating from the narrative, because any departure from their script risks the undoing of the whole conspiracy by simple cross reference.

    But I’m going to repeat again the BTL comment I read on Craig Murray’s blog… because I think it’s quite possible that it hits the nail most squarely on the head.

    Hattie McTattie
    March 16, 2020 at 17:58
    It wasn’t meant to come to court. It was, we know from evidence, an internal SNP matter meant to – in the words of the witness herself – to keep AS from returning.

    Unfortunately someone leaked to the Daily Radar – and hence to the police – who have considerably more powers than Mr McCann. That’;s when it got out of control – and they had to hang together – as the old saying goes – to avoid hanging separately…

    Suddenly a lot of the boxes are ticked. It isn’t a high stakes smear campaign by Mission Impossible Security Forces from a masterful Tom Clancy conspiracy. Apply the principle of Occam’s razor, and suddenly it’s revealed as a grubby and amateurish attempt to undermine someone’s integrity, and a rotten, fetid, clique mentality which you will find throughout Local Authority fiefdoms all over the country.

    I hope you win Mr Salmond. Then I hope you burn them out of their crevices with fire. Then I hope you take command of Scotland again, finish what you started, and bring forward the Constitutional Independence of our Sovereign Nation.

  20. jackie says:

    Holyrood is nothing more than the Toon Hall of Scotland.

    It is a glorified Cooncil Chamber.

    It is given a budget to work with on an annual basis and told to do it’s best, because that is all the money you will get until next year.

    And like all Toon Halls across Scotland, it can raise taxes if it wants more revenue.

    The leader of the Holyrood Cooncil is becoming a Patsy for her english masters and increasingly self serving.

    She is not fit for the purpose she was elected, which was to lead Scotland towards becoming an Independent State

    Therefore, for the sake of the people of Scotland, SHE HAS TO GO!!!

  21. Dr Jim says:

    If the FM wanted to nail the former FM wouldn’t she have made a complaint against him herself which would have carried far more weight with the public along with the other fake complaints that are mostly from people within the civil service and as it turns out on the same social media group, and why would the current FM still have been phoning the former FM after charges were made but before an investigation took place

    I know it’s convenient for the folk who’ve taken to disliking the current FM for everything and anything they can think of but in this case had she wanted the former FM crushed as people accuse her of she could have achieved his end a lot easier and more efficiently than this trial with the weakest of circumstantial evidence which is crumbling by the day

    Everybody has their beliefs but they’re basing them on personal preferences without evidence, my own belief is still that this is a UK led smear that looks like the usual Brit style amatuerish attempt just like when Alistair Carmichael and Mundell attempted Frenchgate on the current FM and even then they had help from the journalist liar James Cook and the BBC and they still couldn’t make it stick

    All of this ridiculous trial had to proceed on was *she said he said* in part of a building where nobody else was present and in a couple of cases the complainant had zero evidence she was even in the building

    I really don’t believe the current FM isn’t a tad cleverer than to invent this pile of flimsy nonsense

  22. mike cassidy says:

    Reading material for that’Planet of The Apes’ damn-you-all-to-hell moment.

    Inside the Pro-Trump Facebook Group Where First Responders Call Coronavirus a Hoax

  23. Dr Jim says:

    The Ministry of Justice in Westminster replied to a letter from Jackson Carlaw and three other Tory MSPs but the MoJ replied to the Scottish government for clarification on “Who is Jackson Carlaw and what is a MSP”

    This tells us an awful lot about an awful lot

  24. Effijy says:

    Had to turn BBC Biased Breakfast news off-
    I only watch to update their propaganda tactics

    Tory Minister Ashok Sharma asked about business’ going
    Bust and redundancies- when can they expect government
    Financial help?

    Answer- Tories will pledge £350 million to help.

    When will they get it?

    Answer- Tories sympathise and are speaking to business leaders.

    When will they get it?

    Answer- Never before has so much money been dedicated to support business.

    When will they get it as they need it now.

    Answer- We are working very hard and they will get the rates rebates from their local council.

    When will the Council have the money?

    Answer- We are pledging mire money than ever, we are speaking to business leaders, we are working very hard, we sympathise with business at this time. We undersatand.

    When will they actually get the money.

    Answer just as soon as we can?

    What a farse! Tell the clown to F**** Off if he can’t answer a simple question.
    Useless piece of Tory double speak given Air Time while people die and masses are made redundant.
    If the Tories hadn’t cut 17,000 beds in England they would be better placed to deal with epidemics
    That will always crop up.

  25. Dr Jim says:

    When the Tories say £350 million it immediately sounds like a lot of money to ordinary folk but to businesses within the UK serving 65 million people they might just as well have said 35 pence

  26. kapelmeister says:

    Sturgeon says in a Holyrood debate that she is a politician “to her fingertips”. Yes she is. And there lies the problem.
    Incumbent political office holders, and their significant backers and salaried supporters, have too much of a vested interest in ensuring the political situation does not revolve in a major way.

    Professional politicians and their hangers on will not lead Scotland to independence. That is becoming obvious.

    A political party that is focussed on freedom and is not interested in office, and the trappings of office. A party that does not seek its own long term perpetuation, and therefore avoids professionalisation. An independence party that does not cringe with embarrassment when accused of being a single issue party….that on the contrary, says ‘yes we are a single issue party and unashamed about it’.

    That is the need.

  27. pussy nancy says:

    I wonder if the illustrious House of Lords whose occupants are mostly multi-millionaires covered with cobwebs and spiders, will be made to close down soon? Lords should, therefore, be unable to claim their £300(?) per daily attendance fee. No?

    We await with bated breath!

  28. K1 says:

    The trouble is our SG is not going to kick up a fuss about the loans adding significantly to our debt burden in Scotland Nana, because they ‘are all in it together’.

    Really fucking disgraceful for loans to be the go to option at a time of global health crisis, and people/businesses lumbered with debt while their businesses go bust, also what’s the point of a 25 grand grant to keep your premises opened if under the 51K mark when you’ve no customers to buy your product?

    I just don’t understand why anyone could welcome this as an economic response of any maturity, dignity or care.

  29. Dr Jim says:

    If only there had been a way for Scotland to have been already Independent and to have saved an oil fund like Norway to protect its people from economic and health shocks

    Maybe some people might be thinking about the time they were told the oil in Scotland was *the wrong oil* *worthless oil*
    *oil that won’t last long* and failed to look at Norway jumping up and down with excitement at the prospect of having the same *worthless oil*

    Now we’re all going to get sick and some will die and Scotland must depend on England *borrowing money* to create debt in Scotland because the English government pissed away every penny of the money Scotland would have had to buffer us from this shock just like Norway is doing right now with their Trillion dollars of savings

    Even if there is a cost to Independence, whatever it is must be worth paying to divorce ourselves from English governments who impose year after year of ideological austerity on Scotland so that London can become richer and now must charge Scotland more money and saddle us with debt that England creates all culminating in denying Scotland the ability to grow or prosper

    So after ten years of austerity we now have a further probably ten years of it again because the English government can’t hold on to a penny in the piggy bank without spending it on crap nobody in Scotland voted for or wants

    Every Unionist in Scotland should be hiding their faces from the public and permanently self isolating themselves for what they’ve done to each and every one of us and our children in the name of their sectarian bigoted racist loyalty to their English Union

  30. Breeks says:

    Hello Nana! 🙂

    Long time no see.

  31. Daisy Walker says:

    Thanks for the links Nana ( missed you – hope you are keeping well ).

    The Corona Virus Bill is deeply worrying – as David Alan Green points out.

    Many/ most of the powers needed are already contained in the Civil Contingencies Act – which requires a rolling 28 day review. This new power lasts 2 years – during which time Elections can/will be cancelled.

    For those of us who thought the plan was a no deal Brexit, followed by chaos, followed by implementation of the Civil Contingencies Act – and closure of Holyrood – this new act overtakes this big time.

    The Civil Contingencies Act – has specific rules with regards the Devolved Administrations – not sure what this new act has. What is suspicious is how quickly they’ve managed to draft it – normally legislation of this importance and magnitude takes (literally) years to draft and fine tune.

    This is probably the easiest way by which Westminster can neuter Holyrood. They will grab it with both hands.

  32. Golfnut says:

    It was Rees Moggs father who said something along the lines of ‘ there are opportunities to make money even from disasters ‘ not the exact words but you get the point.
    The banks will no doubt be tasked with this, and they were so good at this the last time,not. A loans useless if you aren’t trading, it doesn’t help staff unless the loan is used to pay wages, so the business will still have costs but no income and still have to start repayment six months after receiving the loan. What evil bastard thought this up.

  33. Pascal Meier,MD

    The super spreaders of #COVID19 are probably not the old, coughing, obviously ill,

    but the asymptomatic, young undetected.

  34. Tackety Beets says:

    Thanks for posting Nana.

    Really pleased, as I have missed your contributions.

    Wishing all our readers & scribers the very best in the coming days/weeks/months

    It’s a beautiful day here in the north, fairly lifts yer spirits.


    Smiley thing & a thumbs up.

  35. Nana says:

    “I just don’t understand why anyone could welcome this as an economic response of any maturity, dignity or care”

    No, me neither K1

    @Breeks, I’m never to far away 🙂

    @Daisy, I pop in from time to time to see who is misbehaving and to share anything important I come across.
    Hope you are well too.

  36. Nana says:

    @ Tackety Beets
    Best wishes to you too and all wingers past and present, take care.

  37. Nana says:

    Schools to clos on Friday.

    FM live right now

  38. Nana says:

    Coronavirus: Joanna Cherry calls for ‘Macron-style’ measures from UK ministers

  39. jackie says:


    Some on here obviously like you, but can I put this as kindly as possible,,,if you return to posting your links, would you not go overboard with them.

    Last time you were a bit OTT with the links and I think you were starting to piss people off.

    So my advice would be to go easy on the links,,,,or as someone suggested a while back,,,why not start up a blog entitled “Nana’s Links”

    Just a thought.

    No offence intended Nana,,,just friendly advice.

  40. Effijy says:

    I’m being informed that all schools will be closed this week.

    Also to expect the virus peak in Scotland to be 2-3 weeks away?

    That of course doesn’t mean it’s finished at that point by any means!

  41. jackie says:

    “School’s out for ever” as someone once sang about.

    Hundreds of noisey, cheeky wee bastards coming to a street near you.

    Cannae wait!!!

  42. Mist001 says:

    Mrs. Murrell has recieved permission from the UK government to announce that all schools will close on Friday until further notice, exactly what I said would happen.

    I don’t care what the UK government, the Scottish government, or anyone in the UK says, forget this ‘herd immunity’ nonsense, they WILL have to follow Europe.

    All the bars, clubs and social outlets will be the next to be ordered to close, after that it’ll be the shops. It’ll be like France with virtual house arrest and police checking your papers if you have to go out.

    I’m warning those who are reading this to be prepared, because at some point soon, it’s going to be power cuts, no electricity, no internet, nothing. Get a radio AND batteries.

    There’s a three hour queue to get into the supermarket here but I’m going to have to try and go because I’m going to get a camping stove, gas and lots of candles.

    For people here that live in remote areas, because I know some of you do, I would suggest to you now that you get in touch with friends and neighbours whilst you still can and try and get a wee bit organised for what’s coming.

    Don’t shoot me, I’m only trying to be helpful here.

  43. Fireproofjim says:

    Nana take no notice of those who wish you to curb your enthusiasm.
    I always looked for your links and was always amazed at how comprehensive they were.
    More please

  44. Effijy says:

    Great to see Nana back with us!

  45. Pete says:

    Would it not just be better to let this thing rip and get back to normal life?
    My wife and I are over 70 and quite happy to take our chances.
    This new way of (not) living is going to kill more people with over eating, idleness and boredom.
    Just read a paper by a Prof in Stanford who disagrees with the statistics and reckons the death rate is likely to be much lower than forecast.
    Any opinions?

  46. Dorothy Devine says:

    Nana , lovely to see you here ,hope all is well with you and yours.

    Ms Sturgeon was excellent in the press conference.

  47. Effijy says:

    Now hearing Boris intends imposing UK lock down this week.?

  48. Liz g says:

    Hi Nanna..hope this finds ye well….don’t leave it so long next time 🙂
    Give Norman my best and wish him a speedy recovery from his latest episode ( Ronnie said )XXX

  49. Liz g says:

    Nana….I know you know enough to know the type…total ignore’ll as a wise winger often said x

  50. Republicofscotland says:

    A couple of sections from the Coronavirus bill, that could be open to abuse.

    “Remove the Coroners and Justice Act 2009 requirement that any inquest into a COVID-19 death must be held with a jury. Other notifiable diseases will still require an inquest with a jury”

    “Ensure that the Treasury can transact its business at all times, by making it possible for a single commissioner or a single Treasury minister to sign instruments and act on behalf of the commissioners”

  51. Dr Jim says:


    I’ve missed you

  52. jackie says:

    Nicola Sturgeon is morphing into Mrs Bucket by the day,,,next will be the big bauble neckless.

    Designer clothes, limousines to transport you wherever you go, free meals, free luxury Mansion, everything you could think of is free.

    Why the fuck should she push for an Independent Scotland,,,,and bring all this to an end,,are you fuckin crazy???

  53. Tatu3 says:

    I live in a very remote part of Spain (Extremadura), we are also like France, on lockdown. Unlike the stories you may have seen or heard about from the costas, here everyone is taking this very seriously indeed. The Spanish here (there are VERY few foreigners) are keeping isolated, looking after their elderly and vulnerable. The shops are well stocked with orderly queues, and most definitely not three hours long!
    They are proud of their hospitals and healthcare workers and the job they are doing. The Spanish supermarket chain, Mercadona, has given their staff a 20% pay rise for the duration of this lockdown.
    The Spanish PM on Tuesday afternoon announced a relief package of €200 billion to fight the economic fallout of the coronavirus crisis, including delaying mortgage payments, easing social security contributions and allowing employees who need to care for dependent relatives to reduce their workday by as much as 100%. This could last between one to three months. He also said he’d help with electricity payments. (Although this doesn’t affect us as our house is solar powered).
    Today in our nearest town they have had the Military Emergency Unit disinfecting as a preventative measure, infrastructure such as train and bus stations.
    The schools, bars, cafes etc are closed and no one is complaining as they understand this has to be done for the health of everyone.

  54. Stuart MacKay says:

    Pete @2:03pm

    I seriously doubt you want to spend your last moments fighting for every breath, alone in a room, with every available doctor and nurse attending to people with a better prognosis.

    Sorry for being bleak and I wouldn’t wish that on anybody but that’s the experience of way too many people in Italy and certainly elsewhere in the world as the medical services struggle to deal with this.

  55. A C Bruce says:

    ‘Would it not just be better to let this thing rip and get back to normal life?”


    Nor would it have been a good idea to allow polio, smallpox, ebola, malaria, HiV or a myriad of other nasty, contagious diseases rip through the world’s population unchecked. The Spanish flu a hundred years ago cost the lives of more than 40 million people. Who would want to see such a thing happening in the world again.

    All we are being asked to do is be a bit bored for a few weeks or months.

    Governments, on the other hand, are going to have to step up and make sure their people still have a roof over their heads, heating, food, etc., whilst this thing hopefully runs out of hosts and dies away. Does anyone think BoZo cares enough about anyone other than himself to do that?

  56. jackie says:

    Liz g

    You are one of those annoying bitches who think they have to get involved in everybody else’s arguments.

    You play to the gallery, you are a coward really.

    You only open your mouth if you think you have numbers at the back of you.

    If you were a guy your Chuckies would have been well and truly kicked,,,and you would have been told in no uncertain terms to fuck off.

    Without a crowd you are a nobody.

    Just post what you have to post and in the future mind yer ain fuckin bizniss.

  57. Dr Jim says:

    Nothing Nicola Sturgeon the First Minister of Scotland or every First Minister before her has the use of is free

    I pay for it, and I’m more than delighted that she make use of the instruments of government that she and her predecessor have done to represent me and my country

    If the FM was in the job for the money then why would she reject a UN position two years ago at what would have been a major increase in salary and one of the most prestigious positions in the world

    If you had really ever been a SNP member you would have known that

    When you set out to lie learn to lie better

  58. Mist001 says:

    As an aside, something that I find curious about the Alex Salmond case is that he allegedly tried it on with all these different women and yet he would have had ample opportunity to try it on with Mrs. Murrell and didn’t.

    I’m not wondering why BTW.

  59. jackie says:

    Dr Jim

    I have been an ex SNP member since 1st February 2020.

    And I think I am right in thinking that Nicola Sturgeon is the highest paid politician in the UK.

    Add in her man’s salary, and add into that again every material thing you could wish for will be free,,,, why the fuck would she want to give all that up?

    All for being leader of a Council Chamber in Edinburgh.

    Not bad work if you can get it.

  60. jackie says:

    Two days will stick in my mind during my political journey as being the most depressing days of my life.

    One,,,,19th Sept 2014

    Two,,,,1st Feb 2020

  61. Nana says:

    @ LizG, yep we sure do know the type 🙂 I will pass on your good wishes to him indoors.

    Hi Effigy, Dr Jim, Dorothy & Fireproofjim, I’ll be dropping by now and then when I’ve got anything to share.

    Check here each day at 2pm for updates re Cornovirus in Scotland

  62. Effijy says:

    Army convoys in England heading North.

    Lane full of Tanks of all things.

    School closures too late, Closed Borders too late,
    Funding the NHS Properly too late, stop stock piling too late,
    Help business from bankruptcy too late-

    Send in the troops and no one will be allowed to challenge Bojo’s Circus.

  63. Dan says:

    A C Bruce says: at 2:46 pm

    Governments, on the other hand, are going to have to step up and make sure their people still have a roof over their heads, heating, food, etc., whilst this thing hopefully runs out of hosts and dies away.

    Does anyone think BoZo cares enough about anyone other than himself to do that?

    The majority of folk reading this site probably think he won’t, and that he doesn’t care, but the situation is that the approximately 10 times larger electorate of our southern partner in this supposed equal Union continue to vote his party into power.

    So, until something fundamental changes and full powers return to Scotland, all our current wee Scottish “Government” can do is attempt to mitigate the negative aspects of the big UK Government’s policies, with the limited powers and fiscal controls we have.
    There is an argument we might consider stopping calling Holyrood our Scottish Government because it is misleading to less well informed folk that have no idea what powers are actually devolved to it, and what are reserved to Westminster.

    They say that voters get what they vote for, but because of the complete electoral clusterfuck and unequal power structures that make up the UK, voters in Scotland have no such luxury to influence the big important stuff and determine our own future.

    So us Scots can just suck it up when we lose things like our EU Citizenship with all the freedoms and positives that gave us, and also just suck up whatever ill thought out pish Westminster rolls out in relation to the Corona lurgy.

  64. Sarah says:

    @ Nana and all: you know what to do – tell the Rev about obnoxious btl-ers via Contact button on menu bar.

    Just about to do it myself.

  65. mike cassidy says:

    Fun seeing Joe transgender into Jackie!

  66. twathater says:

    Like others on here I am pleased that you posted your links , I was always pleased that you posted your links and I am happy that you have seen fit to take the time and effort to inform and educate people , it has always taken time and effort to SOURCE those links and I and many others thank you for doing so
    The link to the macalbasite article is one that is worthwhile spreading , as many people ( yoonionists ) will point out the good ( ha ha ) governance of bozo and chooms yet will FAIL to point out or consider the ramifications or impacts of these LOANS especially to the finances of Scotland

    We don’t always agree with the actions taken by our politicians to get us to independence or indeed their popularity or credibility but one thing we ALL do agree with is the DESPERATE NEED for Scotland to be independent

  67. Republicofscotland says:

    “As an aside, something that I find curious about the Alex Salmond case is that he allegedly tried it on with all these different women and yet he would have had ample opportunity to try it on with Mrs. Murrell and didn’t.”


    Craig Murrays recent post on the trial, points to no real evidence against him, even the Crown prosecutor is coming from an emotional angle, with regards to questiining rather that a evidence based one.

    This what I posted.

    Its the political side of this that I find intriguing, those women are all close allies of Nicola Sturgeon, and by default Peter Murrell her husband, both control the SNP with a vice like grip.
    This in itself completely negates the young naive learning her trade persona first used by Sturgeon as Salmonds sidekick, to a ruthless cold political beast who knows how to implement the darker Machivellian side of politics.

    I accept that political skullduggery upon opponents is a unpleasant side of the political game, and because of human nature it probably always will be applied.
    However when this skullduggery is disguised as a promise of independence via a referendum, which in light of this and of Sturgeon’s actions and deeds over the past four years, which have basically been non extistant with regards to independence, serious thought need to be given as to whether or not Sturgeon actually wants independence.

    Given the above and the past four years of inaction by Sturgeon on holding a indyref when the UK government was in utter turmoil over Brexit. It is reasonable to think that Sturgeon has misled us all on the independence front.

  68. Capella says:

    @ Sarah – done 🙂

    Hi Nana, great to see you posting your links – keep them coming.

    @ Liz g – “the ignoral it deserves” (actually a quote from George Brown, former Labour politician) very handy.

  69. Mike d says:

    Scot finlayson 1.04pm. Also food for thought. Look at dr vernon Coleman on utube.

  70. Republicofscotland says:

    Effijy says:
    18 March, 2020 at 3:36 pm
    Army convoys in England heading North.

    According to Sky news, deployment isn’t that far off.

    “The plans, codenamed Operation Broadshare according to army sources, were originally due a few weeks ago but have been delayed so they can be altered to reflect the rapid spread of the virus.”

    Its in extreme situations like this and the coming lockdown, that British Security Services have a free hand to carry out their nefarious covert ops in Scotland, or anywhere else in the UK virtually undetected.

  71. Mike d says:

    Pete 2.03pm. See my 4.08pm post.

  72. Dr Jim says:

    If Boris Johnson is the Prime Minstrel of stupid then Donald Trump is definitely the King

    He constantly refers to the Corona Virus as the Chinese virus in the insulting way that he does as though to imply that China somehow did this deliberately

  73. Mike d says:

    Utube. Dr vernon coleman.’ Coronavirus scare- the hoax of the century

  74. Baldeagle58 says:

    Hi Nana. Nice to see you posting again!
    Take care of yourself at this time. Avoid the Coronavirus “lurgie”.

  75. Pete says:

    Mike d
    Just watched it.
    Not sure about the reasons he expounds but his statistics make a lot of sense.
    I really don’t see that the numbers are building up to anything much but I’ll be carefully watching over the next few weeks.
    One of today’s deaths was a chap with motor neurone disease. Maybe he would have died with ordinary flu?
    Please all, watch the video.

  76. Republicofscotland says:

    “He constantly refers to the Corona Virus as the Chinese virus in the insulting way that he does as though to imply that China somehow did this deliberately”

    I’m not defending Trump he’s a plonker extraordinaire, but what’s wrong with calling it the Wuhan virus, its place of origin?

    The Spanish flu did not originate in Spain, The Ebola virus is named after the Ebola river in the DRC.

    Of course after reading that China tried to cover up the outbreak, (but brave Chinese doctors warned of the virus last year one of them subsequently died from the virus, I think his name was Li Wenlaing, as did Dr Ai Fen whose courageous attempts to alert the world of the Wuhan virus were stifled) I think if the Chinese government had been more open about the outbreak in Wuhan sooner, this current situation might not have unfolded as it is we’re in the middle of a pandemic.

    China is currently being hailed for its quick actions on curtailing the virus, however, the truth is the virus could’ve been coralled much earlier if those doctors warnings were heeded.

    As if a sign of a guilty conscience if that’s the right word, China is despatching thousands of ventilators, masks and bio-hazards suits to Italy.

  77. Pete says:

    Golly, I actually agree with you!

  78. Mist001 says:

    One of Donald Trumps staff called it ‘Kung Flu’, which I though was pretty funny actually!

  79. Giving Goose says:


    Where are you getting the information about army convoys?

  80. Mist001 says:


    Craig Murray wrote this:

    “Crucially he described Ms A, whom he accused of orchestrating the fabrications, as extremely close to Nicola Sturgeon, and did so in terms so graphic and detailed that I cannot repeat them as it would identify Ms A.”

    I think I know what he’s alluding too and that’s why AS didn’t try anything on with Mrs. Murrell because he knew…

  81. HYUFD says:

    SNP confirm in writing to Gove they have abandoned any plans to push for indyref2 this year

  82. Republicofscotland says:

    “Pete says:
    18 March, 2020 at 5:08 pm
    Golly, I actually agree with you!”

    Don’t go making a habit of it.

  83. kapelmeister says:

    Mike Russell announces that because of coronavirus, the SG’s indyref2 plans have been shelved for 2020. How convenient.

    Dr. Vernon Coleman is saying that doctors in Italy are probably putting coronavirus as cause of death on the death certificates of the elderly, when in many cases it will be influenza. That would explain why the mortality rate for coronavirus in Italy is so far in excess of other European countries.

  84. Republicofscotland says:

    “I think I know what he’s alluding too and that’s why AS didn’t try anything on with Mrs. Murrell because he knew…”


    I have an idea where you’re coming from I’ll say no more, except to say, if correct, now I know why she’s pushing the feminist angle and GRA.

  85. Willie says:

    Republic of Scotland.

    Re the Spanish flu of 1918 and its origin there is a line of medical thinking that believes the outbreak started in the USA.

    Of course being on the winning side of the war the allied powers could not allow the impression to be created that the devastating influenza outbreak arose in the good old USA – ergo it became the Spanish flu.

    Quite why all of these devastating disease outbreaks occur, or are described to occur in any other country than the USA or the UK is quite clear to see. Bad Chinese, just like the bad Spanish but let us remember, the USA does not have a national health service.

    Something like 11,000,000 residents are undocumented migrants who dare not go near a doctor for fear of being reported and deported. Another 27,000,000 USA citizens are without any healthcare whatsoever whilst maybe another 100,000,000 or more struggle to pay and or are underinsured. Against that background, the USA looks like a country where an epidemic could absolutely let rip – as it did in 1918 with a huge American death toll.

    Anyway, only a few weeks ago President Trump decried COVID 19 as a hoax. Some hoax ad th3 country now looks set to go into epidemic overdrive.

    Ah well, a plague on their right wing nor liberal free booting economy. This virus will be no respecter of wealth and status. Septuagenarian Trump and his equally aged presidential backers will be every bit as exposed as everyone else with his age profile.

    Have a nice day Donald. You deserve it.

  86. Sandy says:

    Just watched a live interview with Nicola on STV news.Completely down to earth & pragmatic. Imagine Boris in the same situation. Where are you, Boris?

  87. JGedd says:

    Boris Johnson got the position of PM which he had longed for – but he doesn’t look too happy now. He certainly does not give the appearance of enjoying the situation. Remember the old saying, “Be careful what you wish for”?

    This pandemic has all the makings of a seismic event – the world turned upside down. Trying to maintain the old political certainties will prove to be difficult.

    Those oldsters who continually hark back to the Second World War as a time of solidarity and unity might find that the government then had to use rationing as the fairest way of managing food stocks in the face of the Nazi embargo. It was also political pragmatism. Social order would have broken down completely had the government followed the laissez-faire of pre-war times. That was a form of socialism after all which was imposed for the sake of fairness and the maintenance of unity.

    Having to confront an invisible enemy in the form of a new virus is proving to be much the same as total war against an aggressive enemy. We might find that we are in the preliminary stages of a phoney war.

    If the government is going to avail itself of huge new powers in the interests of security without adequate care for the provision of food and shelter for all its citizens it is in effect going on a war footing. Johnson should look to his avowed hero, Churchill and realise that you have to earn the approval of the governed in that situation or you lose all social cohesion.

    Slogans like “We are all in it together” can only succeed if people’s actual lived experience experience is of the majority’s welfare being the first priority. Johnson had to be reminded that in making concessions for mortgage holders he had not made provision for those who rent. He looked pained when that was brought up. He was revealing his Tory instincts, to look after those he regards as his voters.

    It remains to be seen whether Johnson and his cohorts can learn pragmatism. Their big majority is not going to stand them in good stead with this new unexpected global event. Evolution has returned with a vengeance and I don’t think ordinary people are going to meekly accept social darwinism. As Richard Dawkins observed, the main ambition of medical science was to free human beings from the culling effect of evolutionary forces, or “Darwinism is not for human beings.”

  88. HYUFD says:

    JGedd The government confirmed today no evictions for non payment of rent for 3 months

  89. Pete says:

    J Gedd
    I like BOJO but you are correct in saying that he doesn’t look comfortable.
    I think his instinct is to let this thing rip, as I do, but he’s being forced by the people around him and society in general who believe that every disease can be defeated,

  90. Breeks says:

    kapelmeister says:
    18 March, 2020 at 6:08 pm
    Mike Russell announces that because of coronavirus, the SG’s indyref2 plans have been shelved for 2020. How convenient.

    Precisely nobody asked, so why did that actually need to be announced?

    What’s the point, if NOT to strengthen a highly tenuous link that provides a handy excuse for yet more SNP prevarication.

  91. Republicofscotland says:

    “Re the Spanish flu of 1918 and its origin there is a line of medical thinking that believes the outbreak started in the USA.”


    I’ve read several accounts on the origins of the Spanish Flu, some say France, due to the media of the day reporting cases in Spain the name stuck, some say it even originated in China, I can’t say for sure where it popped its head up first.

  92. Ayeright says:


    If you “let things rip” and do nothing as you describe, then according to the report by Imperial College, that was released on Monday on behalf of the government and their advisors. Then we will have in excess of 550,000 additional deaths in the UK this year, solely attributable to the virus.

    You might want to educate yourself now, as those numbers might include you and yours. Be careful what you wish for in search of your preferred political ideology.

  93. kapelmeister says:

    Breeks @ 6:32pm

    You said it! The SNP leadership have jumped on this as an excuse. It means they can prolong the fiction that they are still pro-independence.

  94. JGedd says:

    Back to attack my own comment. (My fault for nearly burning the dinner and having to hasten to save it.)

    Before someone else comes in to correct, I realise that, of course, evolution only has that effect if it is bearing down on the young, those who are likely to procreate, the producers of future generations. This virus, which appears to affect mainly the old, is by definition, not Darwin’s cruel sculptor.

    Sorry, if I hadn’t rushed to finish that last paragraph..

  95. jackie says:

    Nicola,,, once the darling of the Yes Movement.

    Now, a self-serving closet Unionist.

  96. Terry says:

    Hurrah – Nana is back.

    Robert Peffers – if you are reading I hope you come back too?

    Thanks as ever to Breeks – keep nailing it and I love your posts.

    We cant comment too much on the trial but i find it odd that the charges all relate to a 6 year span at Holyrood – what about those 20 years in Westminster and the six years since Alex resigned his FM role? Whatever the outcome it was clear the knives were out after he went to RT and also said in 2018 he wanted to return to politics.

    I donated for three years via direct debit to the referendum fund. Last year I cancelled it. I wrote a few weeks back asking for the money to be returned to me as there is no ref happening. I said this was on the guarantee that i would redonate it if the mandate was used by 2021. The answer from Ian McCann was they will have a referendum when Boris grants the section 30 order – i kid you not! And who said this? Ian McCann. (They must think we button up the back)

    Wouldn’t it be interesting if we all asked for our money back from this “ring fenced” fund? And/or an FOI?

  97. Sinky says:

    Corona Virus will last for at least six months and will fully occupy our government dealing with the lack of preparation by Westminster.

    No one in their right mind could knock on doors until the virus is killed off.


  98. Dan says:

    Now if everyone had taken up my suggestions to buy Sumo Suits and Strutter Bubbles, people could have increased their personal diameters / space* so that the distance between two people met the recommended minimum criteria to limit the spread of the contagion…

    * With the added bonus of the artificial barriers these items would give reducing the chances of any physical contact with others which could leave oneself open to accusations of sexual assault many years later.

  99. mike cassidy says:


    Coronavirus: Hearts ask players to take 50% wage cut

  100. jackie says:

    Channel 4 News is so fuckin english.

  101. manandboy says:

    I couldn’t resist. John Crace on BJohnson in the Guardian.

    “And on Tory faces there were growing flickers of concern. Choosing Boris Johnson as their leader suddenly wasn’t looking like such a good idea. Boris is a good-time party guy. The sort of man who can be the life and soul of the Olympics and be relied on for any upbeat bollocks about Brexit.

    But Boris just can’t do the serious stuff. He is levitas incarnate. A man with an unbearable lightness of being. At a time of national crisis, the country wants a man who is willing to put in the hard yards. Who can be bothered to read briefing papers longer than two sides of A4.

    What’s more, deep down, Boris knows he is floundering. That he is hopelessly out of his depth. Up till now he’s always got away with somehow coming up with the right words. The master of the glib. A catchphrase for every occasion. Now though, those same words are dying in his throat. They don’t even convince him, let alone the other members of the cabinet. Rishi Sunak and Michael Gove could barely look at him. Liz Truss was lost in a world of her own. But then she often is.

    The pantomime clown with the pantomime hair has morphed into a pantomime villain. Someone even children can identify as inherently untrustworthy. And it’s taking its toll. Over the last few weeks – since he first got round to taking the pandemic seriously – he has aged years. His eyes are red and puffy, his complexion pallid and the bags deepening into furrows. At night he weeps, though mostly for himself. Of all the gin joints in all of the towns in all of the world, why did he have to walk into this one?”

  102. Dan says:

    @mike cassidy

    Yeah, first world problems of “the elite”, totally tough gig for the players if the average salary is is as suggested.

    Footballer Folk songs…
    I’m a Hearts player, strugglin’ tae survive
    On 138K a year it’s a miracle I’m still alive

  103. Effijy says:

    Bojo’s Clowns cannot be serious about this at this time!

    Laughter at ITV Propaganda news service.
    Scotland bad as Ayrshire take kids to school for the last time

    Then it’s an interview with a supposed Scottish NHS Nurse with hidden identity
    Saying that she is put in danger by the shortage of masks, visors and anti bacterial gel.

    I understand this is true right across the Tory bled NHS.
    If she is a nurse she may be grateful that we in Scotland pay for nurses to train
    They get free University education, a higher rate of pay, better ratio of patients to nurses
    and they haven’t seen Doctors forced to strike like Tory England NHS.

    Strange their isn’t a different more relevant story here for UK media?

  104. Has anyone from Scot Gov been in touch with the Chinese regarding how they fought and eventually got the better of the virus,

    why are we asking `experts` that obviously have no actual direct experience in fighting a pandemic except from reading books written by `experts` that obviously have no actual direct experience of fighting pandemics,

    the Chinese seem all to happy to help anyone that asks for help.

  105. Dr Jim says:

    Morrisons the anti Scottish supermarket:
    Morrisons supermarket strikes again with empty shelves and miserable staff who are now all wearing plastic gloves that are no protection whatsoever in the transmission of Corona virus considering the virus lives on hard surfaces for many hours and on the plastic gloves the staff are wearing as they handle food and money at the same time plonking your change from their infected gloves

    I picked up the last copy of the National and a staff member rushed over to give me row for touching it whilst at the same time the store has people walking around picking food up and putting it back down again, like fruit and veg and moving tins to and fro, but it seems that behaviour is fine but touching the wrong newspaper in not fine

    Washing hands regularly is more effective than wearing the same plastic gloves all day
    My fault though, SNP badge wearer, your allowed to stick fruit up to your nose and smell it and give it a squeeze if you’re not in the SNP

  106. jfngw says:

    GRA still on track, independence, coronavirus yeh know. Little point remaining a SNP member now, they are the party of devolution it seems. I really need an independence party to vote for in 2021 now.

  107. Golfnut says:

    2016, the UK gov runs an exercise to check preparedness for an epidemic/pandemic. I don’t know which one the ran it against, Ebola, flu or whether it was just generic, but complete failure. The exercise highlighted the complete inadequacy of operational procedures and guess what, no where near enough ventilators. I’m sure it probably highlighted the lack of beds and emergency service capability but the point is they were absolutely aware that they were unprepared to cope with a pandemic. Not only have they failed to increase the number of ventilators, they haven’t even upgraded or am ended the procedures. I would call that criminal negligence.

  108. Golfnut says:

    The SNP are the party of independence, if you believe that’s changed, leaving it, won’t help to get it back.

  109. Dan says:

    “Great” British spirit seeing our own step up to the plate asking wider society to cough up their hard earned to charities in these dire times.

    William appeals for donations for small charities tackling coronavirus.

    The Duke of Cambridge has launched an appeal for the National Emergencies Trust, to raise money on behalf of local charities working with those most at risk during the coronavirus crisis.

    Soz mate, nae money spare as too fuckin busy doing unpaid voluntary work around my locale to make life bearable for the ones struggling to get by in this wonderful Kingdom of yours.
    Be a good lad and bung a few quid in for me will ya?

  110. Dr Jim says:


    This website long gave up on anything political with regards to Independence, it’s all about the hate now, invented and spewed out to do the opposite from Independence, if the sky turned purple it would be Nicola Sturgeons fault

    We’ll be hearing from George Galloway shortly I’m sure

  111. Mist001 says:

    I’m brainstorming with myself (not very successfully at the moment) for a good, recognisable brand name for a party to stand as an alternative to the SNP, since they’ve lost all credibility to deliver independence, at least in my book.

    So, I’m thinking ISP.

    For the computer literate, we know this as Internet Service Provider.


    Independent Scotland Party.

    It’s algorithmic. Unambiguous, precise, and finite.

    Like I said the other night, the ruling party in France is called ‘En Marche’. They went from start up to French presidency in just THREE years.

    If they can do it, I’m bloody well sure a Scottish party could do the same, if it put its mind to it.

  112. Ayeright says:


    “If they can do it, I’m bloody well sure a Scottish party could do the same, if it put its mind to it.”

    You could even return from France to lead it, a guy with an attitude like yours is bound to go down well with voters in Scotland and it’s sure to be a smash LOL

  113. Republicofscotland says:

    “This website long gave up on anything political with regards to Independence, it’s all about the hate now, invented and spewed out to do the opposite from Independence, if the sky turned purple it would be Nicola Sturgeons fault”

    What a bunch of bullshit, this site didn’t give up on independence Nicola Sturgeon and the SNP gave up, and now folk are recognising that so the criticisms are aimed at her and her party and rightly so.

    If you’re looking for someone to blame start here.

  114. Italy reports 475 coronavirus deaths in one day,

    cases top 35,000,

    wash your hands when you get somewhere and wash your hands when you leave,

    take a bar of soap and a towel with you and some water and if there are no facilities you can still wash,

    and keep your distance.

  115. jackie says:

    The english empire establishment has been bullshitting the world for over a century.

    In WW1 they were using ships that were out of date, there soldiers under equipped, it was all a show of bravado by the englanders.

    Then in WW2 the same shit,,, out of date equipment and badly trained soldiers.

    If it wasn’t for the english channel, the Germans would have walked into england.

    Then the Gulf wars under the desert sun, again, shit equipment, not fit for purpose uniforms and boots, in the end families were sending their loved ones proper boots and other equipment to try to help their sons daughters survive the war.

    And now we are in another war against this virus and surprise surprise, our front line troops fighting this war are under equipped and badly prepared for it.

    What the fuck is so Great about Britain?

    The only nation left that has any faith left in the english empire are those stupid bastards to the South of the Scottish border.

    Yes, the little englanders. And if you are looking for proof that thus is the case then look no further than the Btecit vote.

    They still believe england will rule the world again.

  116. PacMan says:

    Military conveys heading out of England up here. Saw the video and as fake as the one about the Aussies fighting over bog rolls filmed ages, if not years ago.

  117. Mist001 says:

    @ Ayeright

    And you have better ideas? In fact, do you have any ideas at all?

    Let’s hear them.

  118. PacMan says:

    Joe/Jackie I saw you down the local supermarket with a trolley full of bog roll. You’ll be restocking in a few days with all wiping of your mouth due to the amount of shit that comes out it.

  119. Ayeright says:


    “Nicola Sturgeon and the SNP gave up, and now folk are recognising that so the criticisms are aimed at her and her party and rightly so.”

    “her and her party” are what have got us to where we are and that’s above 50% support for Independence in the polls.

    What have YOU done other than moan like all the other moaners on here. Dr Jim is right because it’s a fact that most posters here now are jeopardising support for Independence by continuously undermining Nicola Sturgeon and the SNP.

    The very thing that this website fought against since 2012 with it’s fight against the MSM with it’s continual SNP BAD. No need to bother now as people like you are doing their job for them.

  120. John Jones says:

    Karma at last! It seems that the infection tolls in London are outstripping the rest of us. result of all the trips to the continent on ski-ing trips. what a shame that the herd immunity is seemingly affecting the top predaters instead.
    I’m not really being flippant I feel really sorry for all the ordinary folk who are having to suffer for all the numpties who are doing very little to get on top is this epidemic.
    Even after all the warnings thats been given out over the last few years.
    to all on this site keep well for the big fight later.

  121. sassenach says:


    Good to see you back again. Many happy memories!

    What do you make of “Wings” nowadays? And what do you reckon has happened to the Rev?

    Dr Jim, absolutely correct about what’s happened to the site.

  122. Dan says:

    @Ayeright 8:32 pm

    You seem awfy sure that the Indy polls (as much as they can be trusted) are where they are because of the SNP, and not because of the continuous industrious volunteer efforts of the wider YES movement.
    Or of course considering we could be where we are now purely because of the behaviour of the electorate and resulting Governments and “Brexit” south of the border.

    Just a heads up that in my constituency there’s been effectively heehaw Indy from the SNP but there has been a great deal of committed activity from multiple YES groups that have been setup across the area.
    Whether the activities of those YES groups explains a significant increase in turnout for the SNP in last December’s election, who can say with any certainty.

  123. Mike d says:

    Dr Jim 7.42pm. You should have told that staff member to ‘go forth and multiply ‘.

  124. Ayeright says:


    Nothing is certain of course, there’s no doubt that Yes groups have had a huge impact in increasing support for Independence. A great many of the committed members of these Yes groups are also SNP members as I’m sure you yourself could testify to.

    It’s not difficult to understand though those demoralising active members of either organisation is to the advantage of our Unionist opponents. So why do their work for them?

    Continually attacking the leader of the SNP is also an attack on the idea of Independence. We’re not trying to win over the support of Yes groups or SNP members and voters but of those that voted NO.

    You do not do that by telling them that the leader of the SNP is a harpy, that wee Krankie is useless.

    That’s what the Unionist opposition wants you to believe that’s their message constantly. Just watch the Reporting Scotland news and see the shite they pollute Scotland with.

    So why would any Independence supporter work with the likes of the BBC and do their best to undermine the support for the SNP and it’s leadership? It will not gain votes and can only demoralise those that are trying their best.

    We’re supposed to be winning Independence and if anyone thinks some “new” Independence list party is going to do it for them anytime in the next 50 years then they need their heads examing. Let’s keep it real.

  125. jackie says:

    The plan is to vote,,,

    SNP first

    Indy Party second

    What is so wrong with that?

    But serious changes are needed at the top of the SNP

  126. Mike d says:

    Effijy 7.32pm ‘ gavin Williamson, the UK military is a force for peace around the world’ they really dont do irony do they.

  127. jackie says:

    Sassenach, you are Cubby in disguise

    You fuck up every website you get involved with

    You and the rest of your gang
    Hamish 100
    And the rest.

    All paranoid nutters

    Its after you lot appeared on the scene that Wings started going downhill.

    You chased all the 2014;gang away.

    With your constant paranoid comments

    And here you are again,, still at it.

  128. jackie says:


    Cubby in disguise

  129. Republicofscotland says:

    “her and her party” are what have got us to where we are and that’s above 50% support for Independence in the polls.”


    That’s a crock of shit as well, it wasn’t Sturgeon that saw the rise in the polls, far from it she did nothing in four years to lead us to an indyref.

    I can’t even recall her going on a AUOB march, see went to a demo in George Sq in Glasgow to stop Brexit, but that was it.

    No it was the Tories and Brexit that helped see the polls rise into the 50+ percent.

    Since 2016 Sturgeon has wailed, moaned and groaned over Brexit, even touring Scotland in her yellow stop Brexit bus, when she shouldve been planning our exit strategy instead.

    On independence she’s been found sorely wanting.

  130. Mist001 says:

    “Continually attacking the leader of the SNP is also an attack on the idea of Independence.”


  131. Ayeright says:


    There are many more posters on Wings exactly like you, much more happy to criticise Nicola Sturgeon and the SNP than they are the real enemy Boris Johnson and the Tories.

    He is the enemy of an Independent Scotland and be assured it is not Nicola Sturgeon.

    The tories are the ones responsible since 2010 for the austerity that devastated our public services with their cuts. I know who the real enemy to the people of Scotland is and it’s not Nicola Sturgeon and the SNP.

    Unlike Johnson, Sturgeon is not a clown and she will lead us to winning Independence.

  132. Ayeright says:

    A few more anti-Boris posts would be nice hahaha

  133. cynicalHighlander says:

    Oh dear the sycophants of the SNP ‘leader’ are out in force a leader who gives her personal backing to a liar as adjudged by a judge, who has claimed that the last election success of the SNP was support for Independence a complete lie as the election leaflet for the SNP does not have that word in it at all.

    Dr Jim’s assertion that Morrisons are capitalising on Coronavirus unsubstatiated anywhere else. You guys really must take us as idiots. And ayeright is wrong again how many of the 50.4% of Scotlands population are going to vote SNP so that their hard won rights to safe places is thrown into the gutter.

  134. Republicofscotland says:

    “He is the enemy of an Independent Scotland and be assured it is not Nicola Sturgeon.”

    You don’t get it do you? Its not Johnson that’s stopping Sturgeon from holding a indyref its Sturgeon herself.

    All those mandates now mean nothing wasted over the last four years. Sure Johnson could refuse the S30 from now until kingdom come, but its international recognition that counts, yet Sturgeon refused to go ahead and hold a indyref.

    Next year is the Scottish elections lets see if Sturgeon includes an indyref in the SNP mandate. If the last three to four years is anything to go by she will, but she wont use it.

    Sturgeon is no Alex Salmond, and that’s why they want him out of the picture for good.

  135. Ayeright says:



  136. jfngw says:


    What’s the point in talking about Boris Johnson, he’s an arsehole, we all know he’s one, what could we add to our knowledge of him. It would be like trying to have a debate with HYUFD, futile.

    Nicola Sturgeon is not an arsehole and I expected more from her. If I can’t criticise when I feel I have been let down then when can I?

  137. twathater says:

    @ RoS 8.21pm Hear , Hear , why is it that when bozo REFUSES a sect 30 order , and Teresa says NOW IS NOT THE TIME and Nicola says OK and just walks away , then Nicola TELLS the Scottish people that we can’t hold a referendum unless we get a sect 30 order and introduces language such as illegal or wildcat refs for yoonionists to use against us

    So Dr Jim Why is that the fault of people who have supported NS and the SNP who have lied and mismanaged opportunity after opportunity , why is highlighting the lies and broken promises , the failure to capitalise on wastemonsters weaknesses ,the stupidity of alienating at least 50% of your voter base why is that the haters fault , and is it also the haters fault that Mike Russell has contacted the sleazeball Gove to tell him not to worry master we won’t be having a dreaded indy ref anytime soon , also he has told the EC to cancel testing the indy question , they can do it when a ref is next raised and that will waste even more time

  138. Dan says:


    OK, so you admit nothing is certain and acknowledge the efforts of YES groups, so there’s no need to continually push that we are solely where we are because of the SNP.

    Some of the most committed and active YESers I know are not political party members, and I only currently hold membership because I rejoined to assist with the last election and data protection regs. meant I couldn’t campaign properly without being a member.
    That campaigning task I felt compelled to do due to the lack of local activists stemming from the SNP’s rather unfortunate failure to develop and build a strong fresh activist base in the 5 years since over 100k new members joined after the 2014 Indyref.

    I don’t sell the concept of Independence as being tied to any particular politician or political party.
    I’m not a natural nationalist, but I am an anti-corruptionist, so I want my politicians wearing reins so that the electorate can directly hold them to account.
    The only effective tool we have to begin to fix the endemic corruption and resultant inequality across the UK is through our limited political means, which are currently severely handicapped by the democratic deficit we suffer from within the UK.

    Some folk appear to make the mistake on here that the discussion and critique of what the SNP are doing with little criticism of Unionist parties is an issue.
    The reality is the Unionist parties are pretty much beyond dealing with now because we have all seen the perpetual stream of pish they run with over the years.
    We do however have a keen eye on keeping our current vehicle running straight and true towards our preferred destination.

    To finish, can I ask how you feel about losing your EU Citizenship when we were told we wouldn’t be taken out of the EU against our will?
    And what do you make of the machinations and actions of some in the SNP that have resulted in Mr Salmond finding himself in court?

  139. call me dave says:

    Travelling to Oban this morning listening to the radio and after getting fed up with ‘Your Call and Kaye’ dialed into Radio 5 on the virus debate.

    Two lengthy interviews with doctors about lack on protective equipment ‘darn Sarf’ basically calling for urgent action and more testing.

    “Fighting an invisible enemy…fighting a fire with a blindfold on and our hands tied behind our back” I quote their words.

    Later on on the main evening ITV News (after the Scottish News) they run a 5 minute video story about ‘Scotland’s NHS Ambulance staff operating without protective gear.

    No mention of what should have been an English NHS story about these two doctors I mentioned above. Make of that what you will!

    PS: Partners parents in Oban Lib/Dem and Unionist love Queenie…I have mentioned them in dispatches before.
    Scotland too wee, too poor and too stupid no too sick!

    Said I would not be back to see them again but… they are too old now to cope now… what can you do?

    They think the £330bn being spent is shared throught the Uk on an equitable basis as per the Daily Mail I got him from Tesco’s in Oban.

    Shocked when I told him £1.9bn to Scotland.. 🙁

    Just got back to the hotel about half an hour ago that we have booked for two nights.

    Pissed off and more so now I have checked the stock market!! 🙁

    Hi Nana! 🙂

  140. Effijy says:

    PacMan says:
    18 March, 2020 at 8:25 pm
    Military conveys heading out of England up here. Saw the video and as fake as the one about the Aussies fighting over bog rolls filmed ages, if not years ago.

    What you don’t believe the link to the government of England’s web site?

  141. Mike d says:

    Not just Morrison’s capitalising on this crisis. I’m sure everyone else has noticed the big rise on food costs by the big 4 supermarkets exploiting the situation. They could have clamped down on this ‘panic buying ‘ sh**e a week ago. But hey let’s not stop a virus getting in the way of a good months profit.

  142. Brian Doonthetoon says:

    I type as an SNP member.

    What has increased the support for independence is nothing that the SNP has done, rather it has been the efforts of the grassroots YES movement that has kept the kettle boiling.

    You all know who you are – from Dumfries to Wick, from the Western Isles to Aberdeen.

    YES Scotland is no longer centrally controlled – the people are acting, without central control.

  143. Mist001 says:

    Mrs. Murrell is NOT the one to take us to independence, that’s for sure. As far as I’m concerned, she’s a charlatan, a con-woman who is hoodwinking the people of Scotland. This Coronavirus has been very fortuitous for her, she’s escaped the SNP conference (meeting) and she’s been able to renege on her intention to hold Indyref2 in 2020 (which BTW, the Rev pointed out months ago, wouldn’t actually happen this year anyway).

    She knows that she has to talk up independence to keep the membership onside and more importantly, the money coming in because without funds, they’re finished.

    She’s at the level of regional administrator, nothing more and as I’ve said this past couple of weeks, she’s definitely not a leader.

    Having said that, this Coronavirus has proven that none of the people that we call ‘leaders’ in the UK are actually leaders. Every single one of them has been found to be out of their depth and exposed as the lucky amateurs that they are. With this virus, Boris Johnson is being given opportunity day after day, after day to show that he’s a leader and he hasn’t risen to the challenge.

    I said here over the past week that health was a matter devolved to Scotland. Mrs. Murrell also has had the chance day after day after day to stand up and take sole control of Scotlands situation but like her paymasters in London, has failed to do so. None of them are leaders.

    I have a good friend of over 20 years standing, so I’m reluctant to name names and involve her in the stuff that goes on here but earlier tonight, she has PROOF that Mrs. Murrell KNEW five days ago that the schools would be closing in Scotland. Contingency plans were already made and in place prior to the announcement.

    Now, why do you think Mrs. Murrell didn’t take action then? Why didn’t she tell the Scottish people as soon as she knew, that the schools would be closing?

    It’s because she’s dancing to Westminsters tune and is only making announcements to Scotland when she’s permitted to do so.

    She invites attacks on her herself and the way I see it, by me having a go at her at every opportunity that I get, I might play a small part in assisting her removal and then we can get a decent leader, or group of leaders to take over the independence mantel and get things moving in the right direction.

    in other words, I’m helping the independence movement, not as ‘ayeright’ claims “Continually attacking the leader of the SNP is also an attack on the idea of Independence.”

    By accepting things as they are is doing more damage to the independence movement than anything else.

  144. Ayeright says:


    I’ve never been a Nationalist, just someone that would like to see Scotland as an Independent country.

    Neither am I an SNP member and the party political position is not of any interest to me. However, even I can see that our best chance of becoming Independent in the near future is totally tied to the success or failure of the SNP in the near term.

    I won’t be doing anything that undermines them, I’ve left that to the majority posting here but fortunately, the ordinary punter thinks otherwise and in Scotland Nicola Sturgeon is still the most popular politician and the SNP the most supported party.

    Ever think that you and the others complaining loudest might be “out of step” with the sovereign people of Scotland?

  145. Republicofscotland says:

    Ayeright says:
    18 March, 2020 at 10:01 pm


    Justcwhat I expected from you.

  146. Ayeright says:



  147. Dan says:

    Ayeright says: at 10:18 pm

    Ever think that you and the others complaining loudest might be “out of step” with the sovereign people of Scotland?

    Eh, with polls supposedly being about 50 / 50 re. Indy / Union it’s pretty fuckin obvious I’ll be out of step with at least some of the sovereign people of Scotland…

    I’ve been a member on and off and been quite involved at times so have a bit of firsthand experience of party machinations. If you are a not a member then you are not really in a position to critique others that have more effective knowledge on how the party operates.
    I notice you didn’t answer my simple enough questions so little point in us interacting further. Ciao.

  148. Ayeright says:

    Many here seem to think the “sovereign people of Scotland” are all Yes voters and that the result in 2014 doesn’t count.

    They don’t believe it’s 50/50.

    You ignore my posts and I’ll happily ignore yours, it was you that first addressed me. Ciao.

  149. Mike d says:

    ROS I dont think even an indy ref mandate in 2021 would change anything.
    Personally nothing other than a dissolvement of the union mandate would in my opinion be acceptable. Strike while the iron is still (just about hot) . Given the fact that in another 20/25 yrs what with Scottish youth emigration and elderly southern (see what I done there) daily mail retirees yearly moving to Scotland, along with their little helpers in the native pet house jocks, Scotland will constantly be outnumbered and outvoted, thereby constantly returning a vichy government. That’s if it hasn’t already been abolished. Ah well what can I say but, you brought it all on yourselves. And to the last educated Scot leaving Scotland, turn out the lights.

  150. Ayeright says:

    Dissolve the Union when support is 50/50.

    That’s what I’m talking about, totally deluded many of you posting here are.

  151. peter says:

    I will be amazed if the Salmond trial is able to finish. Another day of evidence, two days of final submissions and at least a day for the Judge’s summary and instruction to the jury. That is into next week. The crowd of people in the courtroom and juryroom with inadequate space, washing facilities or ventilation – The trial will be called off and have to start again from scratch at some future date.

  152. Robert Louis says:

    In her time (which will hopefully end soon) as SNP leader, Nicola Sturgeon has done sweet f all to assist the move to independence. Anybody disagree? Then name what she has done. List all the work she has done to ensure independence happens in Scotland.

    She needs to go.

  153. Ayeright says:

    All you Nicola Sturgeon haters will have to JOIN the SNP if you want rid of her as leader.

    Hahaha bit of a dilemma for you then eh 🙂

  154. Breeks says:

    eright says:
    18 March, 2020 at 10:38 pm
    Many here seem to think the “sovereign people of Scotland” are all Yes voters and that the result in 2014 doesn’t count.

    They don’t believe it’s 50/50.

    You’re not understanding Sovereignty.

    Sovereignty does not require a majority, because 100% of the people are sovereign. It makes no difference if they are split 50/50% on Independence or 95/5% for or against it, they remain 100% sovereign.

    Democracy is not a prerequisite of being sovereign.

    Being sovereign is binary and absolute, and a legal status. It is not subject to the ephemeral whim of a democratic mandate.

  155. Republicofscotland says:

    “Dissolve the Union when support is 50/50.

    That’s what I’m talking about, totally deluded many of you posting here are.”

    Jesus if we leave it to likes of you to say when we’d be waiting forever. Once a dates named the polls will rise. Your plan is to wait for the magical unicorn thinking, that don’t do anything till we reach X amount in the polls.

    But you know what, of course you don’t, it doesn’t matter whether it’s on 50+ or 60+ Sturgeon ain’t gonna call it.

    But hey Im wasting my time telling you this, because you’re oblivious to it.

  156. Ayeright says:

    I’ll give you this, you guys do try hard.

  157. Breeks says:

    Ayeright says:
    18 March, 2020 at 10:51 pm
    All you Nicola Sturgeon haters will have to JOIN the SNP if you want rid of her as leader.

    Or just impeach Holyrood for selling out the Scottish Sovereign Constitution.

  158. Ayeright says:


    Typical, more total fantasy and delusion. Why don’t YOU do it then?

  159. Mike d says:

    Nobody’s deluded. A dissolvement of the union mandate returning an SNP majority is a f**n democratic decision. End of. Thatcher said so.

  160. Ayeright says:

    “Nobody’s deluded.” Hahahahahahaha Oh YES they are 🙂

  161. jackie says:


    Would you be in favour of Joanna Cherry taking over as leader of the SNP?

    Don’t you think she has more drive than Nicola regarding Independence and would also increase the membership.

    That’s a good thing, is it not?

  162. JGedd says:

    “Darwinism is not for human beings,” a remark made by Richard Dawkins was said as a rebuttal of the kind of beliefs which people like Pete hold.

    “Let it rip,” declares Pete meaning, have no consideration for the lives lost and the misery caused to those who lose loved ones. This is illogical as well as unethical if you consider that the logic of Pete’s remark is that he should resist any medical attention himself.

    The young Pete was a beneficiary of the welfare state set up to make sure that everyone should have access to good health care from even before birth. Health care for mother and baby, vaccination and medical care throughout the rest of life ensured that little Pete grew up to adulthood and even to collect his pension.

    i used to walk occasionally as a child through the Glasgow Necroplolis and marvelled at the old tombs and mausoleums which brooded there. One mausoleum I remembered particularly as it was elaborate in the style of a small temple and obviously no expense had been spared in its construction. It was a family memorial with the names carved on either side of its dark doorway and every one was that of a child.

    There were about nine names inscribed there and I remember being horrified then, as a child myself, that each of them in that gloomy family tomb, had died before their teens. As I later learned, they were probably victims of the many waves of scarlet fever, diphtheria, typhoid etc., which regularly ravaged the city, irrespective of social class, mainly carrying off the young.

    Natural selection, driving evolution, was at work there and preserved in stone were recorded those who had not survived to procreate and pass on their genes. The only difference between the classes then was that the well-endowed could erect elaborate tombs to record their loss.

    In the Necropolis, natural selection thus could be seen at work. Often described as an elegant system it still seems, to human beings, one of its creations, a cruel and wasteful system. Darwin, himself, who lost a beloved daughter and recognised that all the wonderful forms around him in nature were the results of the natural selection which had carried off that child, knew also that much that was wonderful was also lost.

    The kind of harsh social Darwinism which Pete boasts of and ascribes to Johnson also seems not to recognise that the human species has also acquired altruism as a result of that human evolution and while, through its advanced brain, knows that it must die, has striven to save other human beings from the harsh exigencies of natural selection. It was against that kind of harsh, negative attitude to others which hides behind the claim that evolution is all about the survival of the fittest, which justifies lack of empathy, lack of compassion – that Dawkins made his remark that Darwinism is not for human beings.

  163. terence callachan says:

    A majority of Scottish people in Scotland voted for independence in 2014
    But nearly all English people living in Scotland voted against

    Baltic countries with large populations of Russian people had a similar problem
    So they just declared independence

    In contrast, Lithuania granted citizenship to all its residents at the time of independence redeclaration day willing to have it, without requiring them to learn Lithuanian. Probably the main reason that Lithuania took a less restrictive approach than Latvia and Estonia is that whereas in Latvia ethnic Latvians comprised only a small majority of the total population, and in Estonia ethnic Estonians comprised about 70 percent, in Lithuania ethnic Lithuanians were about 80 percent of the population. Therefore, as a matter of voting in national elections or referendums, the opinions of ethnic Lithuanians would likely carry the day if there were a difference in opinion between Lithuanians and the larger minority groups (Russians and Poles), but this was less certain in the other two Baltic countries, especially in Latvia.
    Some representatives of the ethnic Russian communities in Latvia and Estonia have claimed discrimination by the authorities, these calls frequently being supported by Russia. On the other hand, Latvia and Estonia deny discrimination charges and often accuse Russia of using the issue for political purposes. In recent years, as the Russian political leaders have begun to speak about the “former Soviet space” as their sphere of influence,[17] such claims are a source of annoyance, if not alarm, in the Baltic countries.[citation needed]
    Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania have since 2004 become members of NATO and the European Union (EU) to provide a counterbalance to Russia’s claims to speak for the interests of ethnic Russian residents of these countries. Furthermore, to satisfy a precondition for their admission to the EU, both Estonia and Latvia slightly adjusted their citizenship policies in response to EU monitoring and requests. Claims of discrimination in basic rights by Russians and other minorities in the region may have less effect now than they did during the years when the Baltic countries’ membership applications were still pending with the EU.[citation needed]

  164. Capella says:

    Lots of sage advice on here tonight from our political analysts.

    Nicola Sturgeon should just call the referendum now. All those YES activists can get out in their hazmat suits, knocking on doors to Get Out The Vote.

    Never mind that every public event has been cancelled for the forseeable, that the schools are closed, theatres, cinemas, sports events, party conferences, Branch meetings, Constituency meetings, MP surgeries, all suspended indefinitely.

    Just get out there. We can’t have rallies, marches or big speaking events, obviously. We could Skype though.

    Probably Nicola Sturgeon brewed up this virus in her kitchen to create a diversion from her other nefarious activities, plotting the downfall of her rivals and shoring up the union.

    Brilliant move!

  165. Ayeright says:


    I very much appreciate that long post and I know others will. When I lurked here in the past there were a lot more thoughtful posts like that, unfortunately, they are few now.

    Politics isn’t everything, so I’m off again. Ciao.

  166. Mist001 says:

    It’s my belief that this Coronavirus will eventually bring about civil unrest fairly soon.

    I stress that it’s only my belief, but……

    Suppose I’m right. Troops are going to be deployed on the streets. Who’s going to be running the show? Westminster or the Scottish Government?

    Mrs. Murrell is being given chance after chance to take control of Scotland but she’s not up to the job. Holyrood will be ordered to close soon and it won’t be reopened, mark my words.

    And it could be prevented except…

  167. jackie says:

    Sky News tells us that the “Capital” might have to go into lock down.

    It might be your Capital hen, but it sure as hell is NOT my Capital.

  168. Liz g says:

    Anybody hearing anything about Army activity at Glasgow Airport?

  169. Liz g says:

    —- Just Because —Scotland 🙂
    Edinburgh Brewer Robert Disher launched Edinburgh Pale Ale today March 18th in 1821…
    It was an instant success,turns out the city’s hard water produced a particularly good Pale Ale and by the mid 19th century with over 40 establishments, Edinburgh was one of the major Brewing centres and Pale Ale was exported all over the world,it was nicknamed “lifeblood of the Empire” !

  170. Liz g says:

    JGedd @ 11.17
    An excellent and informative post… Thank You
    I like to remind people, that Darwinism stops where medicine begins and how the world would have lost Steven Hawking much too soon if this was not so,and,that Hitler’s eugenics would have robbed us of Einstein…But as Hitchens once said “some people would rather die, than think, and often times they do”

  171. JGedd says:

    Ayeright @ 11.24

    If you are still lurking there, Ayeright, thank you for your comment.

    What is happening now has come very close to my home. A loved one is quite suddenly, in more than one of the risk categories.

    Some things are too big to be expressed in a few sentences. Thank you for taking the time to read.

  172. mike cassidy says:

    For your amusement.

    Fox news in America.

    Its a conspiracy.

    Oh, feck. People are dying.

  173. mike cassidy says:

    This will shock some on here.

    An Englishman who likes Nicola Sturgeon.

  174. Capella says:

    @ Liz g – love your little snippets of Scottish history. I often arrived in Edinburgh by train at night and the smell of yeast brewing hung in the air through the city.

    Some of the breweries were set up by the landed gentry who cleared the peasants from their land and when they flocked to the cities put them to work. Caledonian brewery was one example.

  175. JGedd says:

    Liz g @ 11.49pm

    Thanks, Liz. Never came across that quote from Hitchens before. It’s very true.

  176. Dr Jim says:

    JGedd 11:50pm

    Me also. my sister in law is down with my brother caring for her, both in their 70s and the nearest shop is 20 miles away, and my entire daughters household, that’s two adults and 4 kids are in total isolation because my granddaughter is severely disabled and has lack of immunity issues so all groceries and medicines must be delivered to outside the front door

    There are bigger things going on and only when one is affected does it come home with a bang
    When I was a kid there were no phones we couldn’t afford such things they were for posh people and there was only the radio because tellys weren’t yet a common item

    Thank goodness for all the tech and phones we have now

  177. mike cassidy says:

    Christopher Hitchens

    What can be asserted without evidence can be dismissed without evidence

    Maybe he was anticipating the rise of the transactivist!

  178. Liz g says:

    Capella @ 11.59
    Thank you Capella x

  179. mike cassidy says:

    How coronavirus measures have worked around the world

  180. Liz g says:

    JGedd @ 11.49
    Your welcome:-)
    And don’t be shy about sharing yer trouble with us if you need to talk…
    There’s always someone decent about who will offer some comfort.
    Or just pick an idiot and set them right it can be very cathartic if yer in the mood 🙂
    I wish ye all the best going forward JGedd x

  181. Capella says:

    @ JGedd 11.15 – good comment. It eventually filtered into the wealthy Victorian brain that rich people in their mansions were just as much at risk from epidemics of infectious diseases as the poor. All their servants and tradespeople come from the mean streets where disease spread through poverty, hunger and poor housing.

    There’s a scene in “Death in Venice” where a band of travelling musicians come to entertain the guests sitting out on the hotel verandah in the evening. They move in close and breathe over them, laughing, spreading the pestilence over the unwitting guests.

  182. Dr Jim says:

    The Yoonworld is overjoyed in their minds that they think if Scotland had been Independent we couldn’t have afforded to see this difficulty out but as usual with the Yoonbrain they omit the fact that had Scotland been Independent when we should have been Scotland would have had a similar amount of cash in the bank just like Norway does but the United Kingdom of Bringland stole the oil and then spent every penny so that now they have to borrow money to apply debt to Scotland to pay back

    Norway won’t have to borrow a brass farthing because they have a trillion dollars to tide them over any emergency that comes their way, what does Scotland have? hate bitterness sectarianism racism loyalism to the pretendy crown of another country that stole every industry Scotland ever built up then moved it to England where the votes are, and they’re still doing it along with calling us insulting names to our faces like *Verminous Scots* and that’s the Prime Minstrel of that country

    Every Unionist in Scotland should Isolate their heads up their own Arses and breathe deep

  183. Liz g says:

    Dr Jim @ 12.08
    You too Dr Jim keep us informed, especially about yer wee granddaughter….she seems to have a wonderful family round her xxx

  184. Liz g says:

    How I’m hearing that the Army is in Strathclyde park…
    The people on Twitter are either high….or the Army is… 🙂

  185. JGedd says:

    Dr Jim @12.08pm

    So sorry for your relatives’ situation. It seems cruel that just when you want to reach out to those in need that you love, a virus comes along which makes physical contact difficult, even dangerous to them. I, too, have reason to thank technology for maintaining some kind of contact. But suddenly the world has changed.

    The past is another country and things were very different there. It seems like it was only yesterday yet there also seems like a gulf of years between yesterday and now. Everything is changed utterly.

  186. Famous15 says:

    For those wondering why the prosecution laboriously had evidence of age difference in each case been confirmed on record against AS should refer to the Moorov doctrine where evidence showing a course of conduct of similar events by the accused can sustain conviction in seeing that course of conduct as being its corroboration. The Moorov doctrine has been straightjacketed out of all recognition but it still remains the case that each event must be criminal. Remember rape and the attempt thereat is still among the worst crimes recognised by the Common Law of Scotland. Social clumsiness and age difference will not cut it. The jury will be instructed on the law by the judge. The jury then decide on the evidence led whether a crime has been committed.

  187. Dr Jim says:

    Thank you so much for your kind words Liz and JGedd, I guess before long many of us and those who it hasn’t dawned on yet will be affected one way or another
    For myself even though I’m 71 and supposed to be at risk I don’t worry I’m built like Captain America and tough as a tank, It always seems to be you worry most about the youngsters like my wee one who couldn’t ward off a gnat let alone a thing like this, but we put on the don’t worry act while we panic inside, it’s what us grown up folk are supposed to do, because as adults we’ll live forever until they grow up and realise we wont

  188. Liz g says:

    Dr Jim @ 1.07
    Yes…I know it….I’ve been attempting this being an adult thing for quite some time too but the panic is,as ye said Dr Jim just right below the surface… 🙂

  189. Effijy says:

    Yesterday a Pub chain that I have dealings with paid off all staff and locked the doors.

    A local Travel Agency that has been in business for decades locked the doors for the final time.

    The travel industry is particularly affected as over the winter months business was very good and
    Most people had booked up at least one Summer Holiday.
    Months of hard work had set up a lot of commissions that would be paid out when the client pays
    Their holiday in full before travelling.

    Now that no one can travel anywhere for the foreseeable future the is no commission coming in
    And no one dares to buy a holiday in the coming year.

    They don’t know if the virus will be with us for months or a year and even if they
    Will still be employed next week.

    Where is the pie in the Sky money promised Boris?

    Thousands lost their jobs this week and they can now only dare to buy essentials which of course leads to more redundancies.

    Of course the virus is the biggest problem but it feeds on the decision to cut the NHS budget to the bone, zero hours contracts the removal in England of nursing study bursaries and Thatcher Capitalist war cry that greed is good.

    The wind will always blow and Westminster continues to build this house of cards in a gale.

  190. robbo says:

    That House Jock twat bastard just on Sky news insulting our FM again.
    Good hard kick in the stains he needs the fecker!

  191. Dorothy Devine says:

    When I was young I used to think when my kids grew up that I would stop worrying about them – wrong.

    Then along came the grandchildren to add another layer of fretting.

    My wee granddaughter will be 7 on Monday and I was planning a visit which is upsettingly now cancelled. When I spoke to her she said , ‘see you in August Granny’ which upset me even more!

    But as you say Dr Jim we have to be adult on the outside at least.

  192. robbo says:

    They’d rather see this twat out of his depth

  193. jackie says:

    Where is Cactus these days?

    You still out and about mate?

  194. robbo says:

    This is what you voted for England, a fecking chancer.

  195. jackie says:

    Will foodbanks close?

  196. Breeks says:

    Ayeright says:
    18 March, 2020 at 11:01 pm

    Typical, more total fantasy and delusion. Why don’t YOU do it then?

    Which part’s the fantasy? That Scotland has a sovereign Constitution?

    Or that the SNP don’t believe in that Constitution, and have ”cleverly” driven themselves up a Section 30 Cul-de-sac, and now can’t even hold a referendum without permission from their Westminster overlords? And bizarrely, the SNP membership is cock-a-hoop about it. “We’re winning!” they cry, as they forfeit more power to London.

    The Vichy SNP are eroding Scotland’s Constitution faster than Boris Johnson can keep up, yet I’m the one who’s delusional because I object to it?

    Nicola Sturgeon has been an absolute and unmitigated disaster for the cause of Scottish Independence, but she’s gotten away with it because the SNP membership is constitutionally illiterate, and worse, it is absolutely determined to stay that way.

    It doesn’t matter how many times you explain sovereignty, the SNP acolytes react like children who haven’t the faculty to understand what sovereignty actually is. There are none so blind as those who refuse to see.

    In 2014, even after defeat, I felt as though Scottish Independence was inevitable It was just a question of time. We would win on a recount, and when Brexit came along, that opportunity for a recount fell from the heavens into our laps, and better yet, Scotland seized that opportunity, returning an emphatic democratic mandate to stay in Europe. WE WERE THERE! We had Independence in our grasp… until Sturgeon pipes up, Hey, let’s accept Brexit on condition it’s a soft Brexit…. Own goal? Why not forfeit the whole fucking match? Three cheers for the situational awareness and constitutional genius of the SNP.

    As for Independence? That 50%+ in the polls is core momentum from 2014, flattered by a small swing in voters disillusioned by Westminster, NOT won over by Sturgeon. The future of Scottish Independence has never seemed so bleak, because it is our own “leadership” which has squandered our strengths and forfeited every advantage, marched us into darkness and led us away from the light.

    IF the SNP has a future, it is under Joanna Cherry, or perhaps even a resurgent Alex Salmond, but frankly, I think the SNP needs them much more than they need the SNP that’s been trashed and emasculated by Sturgeon.

  197. Jockanese Wind Talker says:

    “Will foodbanks close?”

    I know there will be no need for them in a SociallyJust Independent Scotland

    @ jackie says at 7:57 am

  198. robertknight says:

    If I were an agent of the British State and had managed to reach the highest echelons of the SNP, I’d do three things:

    * Participate, either directly or indirectly, in the destruction of the reputation of any public figure seen to be effective in the furtherance of Scottish Independence.

    * Seek to dissuade, through legislation of a controversial and divisive nature, as many of the electorate as possible from being inclined to vote SNP.

    * Continue to kick the IndyRef2 can down the road by any and every possible means – whether legitimate or contrived.

    Just saying…

  199. `Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi said China will provide assistance within its capacity to countries in need,

    and share its experience in epidemic prevention and control,

    in the spirit of a community with a shared future for mankind `

    Has Scot Gov been in touch with China ?

  200. Pete says:

    Your piece was beautifully written and the points made were, of course, absolutely correct.
    I haven’t bothered to go back to what I actually wrote but it has obviously come over in a particularly brutal way.
    I am battling with the problem of how to continue paying wages to staff in my retail shops with next to no cash coming in. The help from Government appears to be coming but when and how is still not clear.
    I can assure you that such a responsibility does colour ones judgement.
    However, you are correct in stating that it is encumbent on man to do all in his power to look after his fellowman in times of crisis and that will happen.
    I still feel that there has to be a balance struck between the welfare of a tiny minority and the well-being of whole populations and no doubt there will come a time when it will be deemed correct to lift all restrictions. After all, some of the old diseases like scarlet fever,measles and mumps still pop up now and again.
    Anyway, I think it must be one of the few occasions on a forum when a contributor (me) can admit that reading another contribution has made one realise they were wrong.
    Thank you

  201. jockmcx says:


    good luck to u all…

    p.s get and keep at least 1 months supply of food in yer hoose!


  202. jockmcx says:


    good luck to u all…

    p.s get and keep at least 1 months supply of food in yer hoose!


  203. Old Pete says:

    If Alex Salmond is admonished of all charges then a few folk at the top of the SNP are going to be in soapy bubble.

  204. kapelmeister says:

    Sturgeon calls for “patience” to “build the case for independence”. She also patronises the people who put her where she is. We who want action are, according to her, the frustrated, the hotheads, the folk who would foolishly take the indy movement down a blind alley etc etc.

    The case for independence is built. It’s the confidence of the people that needs to be built. You do that by boldness. Not by anything else.

    For the SNP to preoccupy itself now with patience would be to accustom the Scottish people to the constant humiliation doled out by Johnson and his gang.

    I don’t know if the SNP can be brought back to its real task, or if it’s now too far gone as a slick and self-serving party machine. Either way, Superficial Sturgeon is no longer the leader of the movement for independence.

  205. mike cassidy says:

    If you thought Johnson is looking weird

    Have a look at Jeremy Hunt.

    I regret that slashing health and care budgets has led to a reduction in health and care capacity.

  206. mike cassidy says:

    BBC’s James Cook goes all ‘end of the world as we know it’

    UKaye Adams thinks he’s not helping!

    That’ll be Mother’s Day on Sunday in the blue bin then.

  207. TJenny says:

    Does anyone know whether it’s ok to go to the hardressers? I’m not 70 (quite yet), and I have no underlying health probs.

    I have had no less than 4 offers of help with shopping dog walking (I have cats) etc from neighbours 2 of whom I don’t know but live in the street and who posted the wee ‘can I help you card’ that someone posted on twitter. Which is really lovely of them and who knows, I may have to avail myself of their offers in future.

    Sometimes bad things brings out the best in people.

  208. kapelmeister says:

    mike cassidy

    What a load of utter rubbish there from Cook of the BBC.

    We’ll have to start calling him Jeremiah James.

  209. mike cassidy says:

    Craig Murry’s latest from the trial.

    Wee Ginger Dug’s latest from the apocalypse.

    Eurovision being cancelled is a very big deal, as it’s basically the Olympics for Gay People…

  210. Pete says:

    If your hairdressers is open, go and get your hair done.
    The average mortality rate in Italy is 79.5 so your chances are quite good.
    It’ll make you feel better and it’ll give your stylist some cash.

  211. TJenny says:

    Jings, just read on Grousebeater’s twitter, that he has terminal cancer. 🙁

    Knew he’d been a doc’s/hospital recently but had no idea of how grim his diagnosis.

    If you’re reading Grousey, I’m so very sorry for your situation and really hope you can hang on in there until indy. Whenever that may be. Clearly not within the next 2 years given that SNP are going to vote through the Coronavirus Bill.

  212. K1 says:

    James Cook is a total fucking attention seeking wank socket. Who the fuck does he think he is? Melodramatic piece of shit.

    As for Jeremy Cunt, what is it with that weird grinning demonical expression on his face when he says half heartedly that he kinda regrets being a total cunt and destroying the NHS down south, he was told repeatedly what those cuts would do by thousands of campaigners, medical staff et al?

    He demonised any naysayers and attempted to get the public onside against the NHS, blood on his hands and everyone of those in the Labour Party who voted through the destruction of the social security system. They are all at fault…now it takes a pandemic for one of the slimy Tory bastards to admit ‘mistakes’?

    Shower of shit the lot of them.

  213. mike cassidy says:

    Why isn’t there one of those download campaigns to get this to Number One?

    Terrific song as well!

  214. robbo says:

    James Cook = wee weasel yoon.

  215. Willie says:

    Just been informed that there will be no more funeral services in crematoria in Glasgow.

    From tomorrow attendance save for one or two relatives is banned.

    All quite different from the reassuring HM Government public health adverts in the Sun only five weeks ago saying that the UK Government was well prepared and that the biggest contribution that could be made was to sneeze into a tissue, dispose of same and regularly wash hands.

    How things have changed as we have been led a grim dance by our elected politico’s who have sold us short. One thing for sure is that life and politics is going to change. But the days of electing representatives to take up well paid sinecures whilst selling us out to corporate masters is going to end.

    Things will be bad. There will be economic ruin. There will be the loss of life. How we live our will change. There will be martial law and the suspension of human rights. But things will ultimately change for the better. People will not accept the restoration of what has gone on before.

    The NHS was only set up after the horror of the second world war. Many of the essential industries like steel, power generation, railways, coal mining, ports and more were nationalised in the national interest. Many after they had failed. We may see this again, and long overdue because in the midst of this human crisis, it has become increasingly clear the part that politicians have played in facilitating the chosen few who have been making huge money in the markets as the economic impact becomes clear.

    Yes we have been led a grim dance, and our politico’s allowed it to happen.

  216. carjamtic says:

    Brexit, Corona and the ‘Fourth Industrial Revolution’

    We usually stereotype because it enables us, the so-called ‘smart monkeys’ to boil down a very complicated set of data into some simple rule (s).

    This can be helpful and adaptive when we understand the rule (s) is just a schematic or an oversimplified representation of a much more complicated reality.

    However, accepting our oversimplified version of reality as reality, leads to bigoted mindsets.

    Brexit has not developed to England’s advantage, while the general trends of the real world have turned against them and as their latest version of Posh Clowns attempts to minimise their financial losses (under the deluded title of negotiated trade deals) along comes a Global Pandemic, which highlights (in the saddest of respects) exactly how ‘exposed’/bankrupt’ they really are and not just financially.

    And as the advances of the ‘Fourth Industrial Revolution’ become more embedded in our everyday lives, the world as we know it, has vanished in the rear view mirror.

    And if their is any civil unrest south of the border, Scotland must not get involved, their burden is of their own making, they must carry it alone, they have shitted in their own bed and must clean it themselves, we have some ‘spring cleaning’ of our own to do.

    ‘That England that was wont to conquer others
    Hath made a conquest of itself’

    And when they look to Scotland to save them, these evil clown dream crushers, must be reminded of the words of Jaurès:

    “It is we who are the true heirs of this ancestral hearth : we have taken it’s flame while you have kept the burning cinders”.

    For Sale:

    The Complete Works of William Shakespeare

    Two Bob, ono

    (No time wasters)

  217. Dr Jim says:

    That’ll be James (I’ve seen the email that doesn’t exist) Cook who was subsequently sent to America until the heat died down over his giant better together lie, now the BBC have brought him back to do his act all over again

  218. The rodeo Cowboys have a saying .,.there was never a horse that couldn’t be rode and never a man that couldn’t be throwed just saying like

  219. Effijy says:

    But Mr Wee Slimy Lying Cook
    Who would listen to a word you say after your
    Unfounded Avalanche of diatribe and aggression
    against Scotland’s First Minister.

    It’s wee Jock House boys like you that keep the Westminster Tories
    Hands in our pockets lying, cheating and abusing.

    For services against Scotland you were sent away to America
    As a reward and to stop people attacking you on the street.

    I’m not a violent person but if I catch sight of you the street will know what a little
    Shit you are.

    SNP Politicians should be refusing to be in the same room as him.

  220. Capella says:

    @ TJenny – I went to the hairdresser last week. We have standards to keep up! But mine is relatively spacious and so no need to be close to anyone other than the hairdresser.

    AFAIK this virus is not contagious. You have to absorb droplets. So if nobody coughs or sneezes near you then you should be fine. Wash your hands when you get home obviously. The hairdresser is washing her hands all day long and for more than 20 seconds.

    No cough or fever so far.

  221. Capella says:

    FMQs in 5 mins (for those of you who aren’t allergic to Nicola Sturgeon). RScotland no longer broadcasts it at noon. Instead they will tell you what she said (edited) and broadcast Jackson Carlaw. BBC doesn’t like her either.

  222. TJenny says:

    Capella – thanks (again?) I rang them up and asked about coming in. They said they have had a lot of cancellations and didn’t expect to be open by the weekend. Thought I would just go in but they have a couple of kids due for haircuts and staff are all in 20s. Think I might just hand in cost of haircut and say the can owe me one when things get better, if/when they do.

  223. carjamtic says:


    When confronted by the uniforms in the street or anywhere else remember the words of late great Jimmy Reid.

    “The rat race is for rats, we’re not rats”

    Also sergeant Phil Esterhaus

    “Let’s be careful out there’

  224. mike cassidy says:

    Well worth a read.

    Despite everything we have been told for four decades or more, western capitalist societies are far from the most efficient ways of organising ourselves. That will be laid bare as the coronavirus crisis deepens.

  225. Breeks says:

    Alex Salmond’s Defence has concluded…. I presume it’s over to the Jury now… Unless the judge throws it out.

  226. mike cassidy says:

    And this underlines the quote in my 12.30

    Scientists have been sounding the alarm on coronavirus for months. Why did Britain fail to act?

  227. Willie says:

    Just listened to Nicola Sturgeon as she speaks in Parliament paying wholesome tribute to the Westminster Government working very hard to deal with the crisis.

    So that’s it, Sturgeon is a cheerleader for Johnson and his right wing fascist government. Tells you where her allegiance actually lies.

    She’s still talking as I type and dodging the questions asked of her. Example she was asked about parking charges and sh3 refrredcto the cancellation of hospital parking cancelled about seven years ago.

    Asked about support to families and response was business, business and then families but no detail of how people who will be left canonically high and dry will be supported.

    Fucking ("Quizmaster" - Ed), no ifs, no buts. Time this wee woman and her Vichy Government was gone.

  228. Willie says:

    OK Nicola Windbag, how are folks in the gig economy or folks who earn less than the minimum wage entitling them to SSP going to get money to live.

    Go on Windbag. The Tories are working very hard, tell us.

  229. Willie says:

    Ok Nicola. As jobs and incomes dry up, and as folks struggle with the universal benefits system how about telling parliament how the million or so households that are on pay as you go power meters are going to top up their power and gas.

  230. Willie says:

    And right now Windbag has just been asked about army units being set up in Strathclyde Park.

    And did Richard Lyle get an answer. No, she’d look into it, but was able to say she’d take help from wherever it would come from.

    I think we can all understand where this is all going and the Scottish Parliament and Windbag have no say in it.

  231. Capella says:

    @ TJenny – I went last week before the more gloomy advice was out. But everyone will just have to weigh up their chances. I will have to get to the supermarket soon but I now have a natty Buff (blue and white Saltire pattern) which I can pull over my mouth and nose should anyone come near me. Will probably get arrested!

    Will be handy for the marches once they resume.

  232. dakk says:

    We’ve been mobbed for last three weeks in salon, with people getting pre lock down hair dos.

    Been working till 9 and 10 every night except Saturday.

    Beginning to thin out a bit now with older people asking if they can be only ones in shop or can do house visits.

    We expect to be shut down next week and banned from doing home visits like in other countries.

    Made own sanitizers with 99% isopropyl and aloe vera gel to clean door handles and card machines etc.

    Been saying on here for weeks what was about to hit while folk talking about transgender and indyref2.

  233. Willie says:

    Ah well it’s been announced on the BBC news now that the army are in to provide support to the police.

    And why do the police need military support. And who made that decision. And if Sturgeon couldn’t answer a question about if she knew about the army setting up in Strathclyde Park, who instructed them to go in.

    And who informed the BBC.

    The Scottish Parliament is a joke.

  234. Mist001 says:

    Like I said last night, this Coronavirus will cause civil unrest, that’s why the troops are on standby.

    I’m hearing that in Scotland and you go into a supermarket, a lot of the shelves are bare.

    Suppliers have to supply the supermarkets but as soon as the shelves are stocked, they’re empty again. Soon, they won’t even have time to stock the shelves before it’s gone.

    So, the supermarkets are going to have to ration items and if they can’t control it by themselves, then the troops will be brought into play to support them.

    Food supply is critical now. If that fucks up, then we’ll see civil unrest.

  235. manandboy says:

    Special Powers – for two years, and the Army assisting the Police?
    Name just one other country which is doing this.

    You would need to be a dyed in the wool Unionist to believe these are genuinely needed steps.

  236. Famous15 says:

    Derek Mackay totally innocent.

    Mackay’s childhood was cruel and it has been suggested he did no more than try to help a young adult with a similar upbringing. The “poor” mother went to the red tops rather than the police.Says it all really.

  237. Mist001 says:

    “Special Powers – for two years, and the Army assisting the Police?
    Name just one other country which is doing this.”


  238. Pete says:

    Famous 15
    You on another planet?
    I’ve heard of party loyalty but, wow, that sure takes the biscuit!!
    You’re obviously not a parent.

  239. Famous15 says:


    I am not a member of the SNP but did spend a lifetime dealing with people in crisis and can tell the difference .

  240. Fireproofjim says:

    And Italy, Belgium and China, as well as France. Probably several others.
    There is no conspiracy to unleash a military takeover, despite what you seem to think.

  241. Famous15 says:


    I am a parent and grandparent but know that parenthood alone does not confer any particular virtue.

  242. Capella says:

    FYI – troops – In Greece I hear that there is a 100,000 Euro fine for failing to comply with regulations e.g supermarkets must limit customers to very few at a time, have hand sanitiser at the door. If no compliance then jail.
    Armed police or troops are patrolling the streets of all towns to enforce the regulations.

  243. Golfnut says:

    There was a Pandemic resilience exercise carried out by the uk gov in 2016. It tested procedures and equipment. It was a disaster on both counts. There have be no updates or changes made to the procedures, nor were the deficiencies in equipment made good, i.e. ventilators. Shortages and procedural failures are down to the uk gov, not the FM.
    The FM doesn’t control the fiscal levers required to mitigate loss of jobs, loss of income, gas and electric supplies, nor does she have any control over the army, the idiots who run the uk. Nor does she have any control building societies, or the banks, mortgage repayments, loans or credit cards. She doesn’t control food distribution or the fucking weather.

    Hope that helps with where you should be directing questions and of course your ire.

  244. Mist001 says:

    But health is a devolved matter, so she has control over that but failed to do so. What we’re seeing here is the idea of Holyrood, the Scottish government and talk of devolved matters being nothing more than a meaningless sham.

    She can’t even announce the closure of schools without Westminsters say so and now there are troops in Glasgow that she knows nothing about?

    Any idea of powers to Scotland is meaningless, designed to fool the people.

  245. Jockanese Wind Talker says:

    “Derek Mackay: ‘No crime committed’ by former finance secretary who messaged teen.”

    @ Famous15 and @pete

  246. TJenny says:

    I remember the rationing in the Winter of Discontent in the 70s. Everone was on strike and everything was rationed. Toilet rolls were rationed to one pack of 2 per person and one of tea, sugar, jar of coffee, almost everything was rationed.

    And unburied bodies piled up outside mortuaries and green goddesses called in to empty the bins.

    Then your electricity was cut off at different times for each area for about 8-12 hrs at a time for weeks. The areas for power cuts were listed in the Edinburgh Evening News and my guy at the time and I would check out which areas had power and pubs to go to for a hot meal and a drink when the house power was off. It was that or cooking on wee calor gas camping stoves and reading by torchlight. I can foresee power cuts if lots of workers are forced to isolate, stay home to look after kids or are hospitalised and that option of going to the pubs/restaurants isn’t going to be open to us now what with isolation and distancing an all.

    Can you imagine the young being confined indoors with no leccy and ergo no netflix, streaming or social media. I predict riots. Think I can see why the army have been called in. Eek.

  247. Famous15 says:


    Military aid to the Civil Powers has a well rehearsed procedure and would be surprised if the Scottish Government was unaware of arrangements.This could only happen if the Secretary of State for Scotland was acting foolishly. Surely not?

  248. Ian Foulds says:

    Pete at 9.19am.

    Well said.

  249. mike cassidy says:

    Supermarkets are already limiting.

    Three on some items.

    Two on others.

    No civil war.

    Nobody even panicking as I bought two packets of cheese oatcakes at Aldi in Cowdenbeath yesterday.

    As for Strathclyde military activity

    One of the strangest myths circulating during the Covid-19 pandemic originates in the west of Scotland.

    My armycaptain neice says they’ve even stopped having staff meetings at her English base to limit exposure.

  250. kapelmeister says:

    James Cook tweets that he just can’t imagine the U.S. Presidential election now taking place. With no new cases in Hubei province and a summer between now and the election in eight months time. Nevertheless Cook thinks it’s “unimaginable” that it will go ahead..

    And the public has to provide the salary of this BBC idiot.

  251. Tatu3 says:

    Went to Lidl here in Zafra (Extremadura,western inland spain) this morning. There were maybe 5 or 6 customers, hand sanitiser and disposable gloves as you go in the door. Shelves fully stocked. Got everything you’d want/need. All very calm.
    Only saw one police car on my half hour journey to town. And none on the way home. No army.

  252. Robert Kerr says:

    mike cassidy

    The dogs in the street know who Ms H is.

  253. TJenny says:

    I have no idea who any of the alphabet women are. And I’m not any the wiser from reading Craig Murray’s blog.

  254. Effijy says:

    I wonder if we have the English Army up here
    and the Scots regiments dispersed across England.

    Much easier to have foreigners shoot us if we demand anything.

  255. Tony Hay says:

    I’ve no idea who H is…..

  256. Ian Brotherhood says:

    ‘Coronavirus’ Bill.

    For anyone who is familiar with this type of thing, can you give us a guesstimate regarding how long it must’ve taken to draw up?

  257. call me dave says:

    @Ian Brotherhood

    329 pages a weighty time 🙁

    Maybe power to cancel election in Scotland 2021.

  258. call me dave says:

    Tome tablet speak!

  259. Liz g says:

    Ian Brotherhood @ 3.46
    I think we’re on the same page here Ian….. This had to be put together well before the Heard Immunity plans were announced.

  260. Republicofscotland says:

    It looks like Craig Murray has been banned from what’s left of the Alex Salmond fit up, oops I meant trial, from what I can see its for fair and unbias reporting.

  261. Ian Brotherhood says:

    @Liz g –

    It seems scarcely believable that a hefty % of adults in this country weren’t even alive when 9/11 happened – what’s happening right now won’t have the same resonances for them.

    One of the most striking things about that whole period was the utter shock and panic. This, right now, doesn’t come close. It really felt as if nuclear wipe-out was going to happen at any moment. Within a few weeks, The Patriot Act was made law in the US.

    Very few US politicians knew what was in it. They just nodded it through because ‘it had to be done’. Even now, most Americans have little or no idea what it was all about and how it impacts their lives on a daily basis.

    This ‘feels’ like our Patriot Act. It’ll be interesting to see how Ian Blackford handles it all because I can’t imagine that Alex Salmond would’ve given its architects the time of day.

    I’m posting link to the Wiki page because it’s pretty conservative in tone and has a god selection of references. (Not that I care a toss about charges of tinfoil-hattery – got the t-shirt for that years ago!)


  262. Breeks says:

    Liz g says:
    19 March, 2020 at 4:11 pm
    Ian Brotherhood @ 3.46
    I think we’re on the same page here Ian….. This had to be put together well before the Heard Immunity plans were announced.

    I wouldn’t read too much into it. This might be a quick COV 19 rehash of COV 02 protocols and contingencies drawn up to address the SARS virus in 2003.

  263. John H. says:

    Robert Kerr 3.15pm.

    I don’t have a dog anymore. Could you drop us a wee hint? I googled “Alex Salmond team 2013” last night, but the only thing that came up was about the trial. It didn’t matter what I asked about Alex Salmond, it was always the same stuff that came up, which seemed strange.

  264. Pete says:

    New cases today in UK is 66.
    Seems very low?

  265. Confused says:

    good point about the patriot act – that was just waiting on the sidelines
    – too massive for anyone to have actually read it before it was passed
    scary, suspicious and reeking of foreknowledge
    – also, 911 is much forgotten – there was an attached bioweapon angle, the anthrax scares

  266. Breeks says:

    mike cassidy says:
    19 March, 2020 at 2:57 pm
    Craig Murray removed from court.

    After grumbles from the prosecution I’ve read… I wonder if they’re lining up grounds for an appeal or mistrial when if they lose.

    Or maybe Craig has simply stood on somebody’s toes.

  267. Beaker says:

    I’m a regular lurker who likes the articles and loves the debates. I don’t want to get involved but some people are talking crap about military aid to civil powers. There’s no conspiracy and aid has been used many times. Clear up at Lockerbie for example. Don’t start posting bollocks – there’s enough out there already.

  268. JGedd says:

    Pete @ 9.19am

    Thank you for your response which I must admit, moved me and surprised me.

    Quite often when I write on forums like this, there is no expectation that it has any significance to anyone except me.

    It often is just formulating my own thoughts, a therapeutic exercise in trying to process my own reactions and trying to make sense of the baffling experience of being alive.

    Something like this new virus reminds us of our own human vulnerability, as if it had been a necessary corrective to our comfortable certainties, living as we do in a country fortunate enough to have access to advanced medical care.

    Perhaps the gods of nature are punishing us for our hubris?

    Yours was a very sensitive reply and it is humbling that my post, which could be described as a self-indulgent ramble to try to resolve internal turmoil, actually made a connection. Human empathy, gifted us by our human evolution to enable our own survival as a species, was demonstrated in a personal way by your reply.

    I also empathise with you in your stressful situation which is having to be endured by so many in our society, my own family included. I know that ordinary people are undergoing extreme financial worry and hardship in order to protect the most vulnerable.

    Their situation should not be a penalty for doing the right thing. Your own government, Pete, should not be allowing that to happen. We are wondering why they took so long to confront the gathering storm.

    Anyway, Pete, we are all in this together, one way or another, just because of our common humanity. Wishing you good luck and health and that a way is found through our troubling situation. On the other side of this, let’s hope that we have not lost too much. Re-thinking some of the old certainties might even be a benefit to be won from this nightmare. Who knows?

  269. John H. says:

    Ian Brotherhood

    You obviously weren’t around at the time of the Cuban missile crisis in 1962, I was 16 at that time, and had to try to come to terms with the strong possibility that my, and everyone’s time was up. It’s worth reading up on. A terrifying time.

  270. Still Positive says:

    John H @ 5.13

    I remember it too. I was in S1 and I remember my young RE teacher telling us to think about it. She was probably as terrified as we were. I remember it was a beautiful sunny day and I thought how unfair it was.

  271. Golfnut says:

    @ Liz g & Ian Brotherhood.

    Why bother upgrading your pandemic resilience planning when its easier, cheaper and much more fun to give yourself unlimited power to do what you want. Westminster, what are they like.
    I’m guessing that the herd immunity garbage was thought up as a means of deliberately overwhelming the NHS conveniently hiding a multitude of government sins. Financial planning has been limited to just creating more debt, but you know, its Nicola’s fault.

  272. Dorothy Devine says:

    John H , as was I and we all went to school ,at 3 o’clock we all said fond farewells to each other and the teacher as we expected to be blown to smithereens.

    It has always puzzled me why we young ladies went to school thinking that the end was nigh . Why did we not stay with our nearest and dearest.

    T.Jenny , you and me both – absolutely nae idea who the alpahabet ladies are .

    I do hope Craig gets back in for the closing spiels and verdict.

    Ian , I’m with Breeks .I suspect it is a rehash of previous contingency plans.

  273. Robert Kerr says:

    John H.

    Go back through Craigs blogs.

    Read the one on Yes Minister, a satire, but the Fiscals office threatened contempt.

    Hint is “marmalade”

  274. It seems that fair play and fair trials are a thing of the past Craig Murray being removed from the court for reporting the truth and the media not in court for telling lies ??? Mass murderers walking the streets Blair Campbell Straw etc ., and honest decent people in jail Assange etc., what a dirty rotten corrupt world we live in but the worst part is us who allowed it to happen by doing nothing we are condoning it I feel ashamed

  275. Sinky says:

    Dictor friend of John Beattie complaining about lack of hand sanitisers at Glasgow Queen Vic. main entrance atrium. Some have been pinched. She thinks Scotland has Health Trusts. The ignorance of numerous people is down to BBC and other London broadcasters.

  276. mike cassidy says:

    Sometimes you just have to put the work in

    And read what the experts are saying and doing

    Let’s talk about what happens if you get COVID19 and recover. Are you immune to the disease? How long does the immunity last? And what does that mean for your life and for the public health and economy of our society?

  277. North chiel says:

    Having watched the usual nightly press conference from Downing st. , I have noted the blue flashes ( previously hidden) within the “ union” flag appear to be reappearing gradually . Is this a “ signal” from the Junta that Scotland is being carefully edged away from Independence and “ the precious precious union “ is ever so more precious when there is a “ national” crisis ?? ( “ Better together 2 theme post “ the crisis” ?)

  278. John H. says:

    Robert Kerr 5.42pm.

    Thanks for jogging my memory Robert.

  279. Tony Hay says:

    Has the CM blog (Yes Minister) been taken down as cant seem to find it.

  280. Robert Kerr says:

    You’re welcome John.

    Let’s say no more,

  281. mike cassidy says:

    Robert Kerr


    That reread of Craig Murray’s satire does suggest there may be more than the obvious about Joanna Cherry’s move to get a Holyrood seat.

  282. John H. says:

    Got it Robert.

  283. Republicofscotland says:

    “The people of the United Kingdom have a unique ability to pull together” said the parasite Prince William, as his parasitic mother (and probably her gold piano) f*cks off to Windsor castle.

    I’d hope an independent Scotland would bin these leeches.

  284. Robert Kerr says:



    Plausible deniability ahead.

    Alastair Campbell and Nicola together, selfie published

  285. Liz g says:

    Golfnut & Ian Brotherhood
    It’s the 2 year duration that really bothers me… Why? China is returning to normal!
    And you’re right about the Patriot Act Ian….Those “emergency measures” that drove a coach and horses through the US Constitution are still in force almost 20 years and 3 Presidents on!
    Not one of the new candidates has ever, or is currently, campaigning on ending it.
    A lesson for the writers of our Constitution,I think !

  286. Robert Kerr says:

    The two year duration takes us through the EU exit and potential chaos.

    The pestilence is an excuse for fascist legislation.

  287. frogesque says:

    Ahh! The Cuba missile crisis.

    Fond memories. Take a door off and hide under the kitchen table per Civil Defence advice.

    5 minute warning to get in the house, find a screwdriver, scrape the paint off the hinge and screws, remove nine screws, break the door off the door post that’s had 20 coats of lead based paint and the lift the door into the kitchen for a temporary shelter while the house evaporates around you.

    Those were the days!

  288. frogesque says:

    Not sure why last post is in moderation but heyho!

  289. John H. says:

    If only one charge against Alex Salmond sticks, say, brushing some hair off of a woman’s face, then that will be enough. The newspaper headlines the next day will dutifully scream in giant headlines “GUILTY”. That will be it. Job done. They think.

    There is a lot I would like to say about that, but better not while the trial is still on.

  290. Brian Doonthetoon says:

    I’ve just re-read,

    I was able to place Marmalade but what stood out for me were the references to “More of” and “no smoke without fire”. Of course, this was written as a satirical fan-fiction so cannot possibly relate to anything factual.

    In other news, I found Philip [BBC] Sim’s tweets this afternoon interesting. He was quoting from the prosecution’s summing up. He tweeted,

    “Alex Prentice running through the charges one by one urging jury to look at the context around the circumstances. Of young women alone late at night at Bute House. He asks if claims of each complainant chime with the others, suggesting there is an “emerging pattern””
    “Alex Prentice says there is an “ongoing course of conduct” through the indictment, “a common theme of a sexual predator with escalating gravity””.


  291. Clydebuilt says:

    Being reported today that deaths in Italy at 3400 has exceeded deaths in China

    This week England’s chief Science Officer Vallance said 20,000 deaths would be a good result

  292. Clydebuilt says:

    Being reported today that deaths in Italy at 3400 have exceeded deaths in China

    This week England’s chief Science Officer Vallance said 20,000 deaths would be a good result

  293. John H. says:

    Brian Doonthetoon 7.43pm.


  294. Brian Doonthetoon says:

    Hi John H.

    You may suggest that but I couldn’t possibly comment.


  295. Dr Jim says:

    Yay! Boris the Prime Minstrel says it’ll all be over in 12 weeks, so why legislation giving himself more power than Vladimir Putin then

    Two women in Asda, one woman passing the clothes rails says *you should try thay oan, you’d suit that*
    Second woman says *New claes ur ye daft ah could be deid in a week a’m headin fur the Vodka isle*

  296. Liz g says:

    Robert Kerr @ 6.56
    That’s a very good point…they’re doubling it up as Brexit legislation too!!
    Whit a shower…

  297. Dr Jim says:

    Priti Patel makes a public apology to the Windrush people in the commons immediately after signing documents ordering more deportations

    She will be sad about it though, y’now the injustice an that, pure terrible so it is

    This generation of Tories are terrifyingly terrifying

  298. Breeks says:

    Brian Doonthetoon says:
    19 March, 2020 at 7:43 pm
    …. He asks if claims of each complainant chime with the others, suggesting there is an “emerging pattern”…

    Nope. Wouldn’t impress me if I was a juror. It is impossible to deny from their own testimony and texts the witnesses were comparing notes, discussing plans, and scheming to abuse anonymity on WhatsApp, so once you have evidence of such collusion, you cannot exclude the possibility people have coached in a common narrative to get their story straight. They will literally stick to their story like limpits because they cannot deviate from the agreed narrative because there is a high risk the whole charade would unravel.

    I said earlier, I have first hand experience of a Planning Committee colluding in a brazen lie, and the five different narratives all followed the same pattern, and the five letters could easily have been written by the same hand. Nobody would thereafter discuss the issue because they knew they’d be tripped up by inconsistencies in spontaneous remarks.

    There is more than one way to interpret an “emerging” pattern.

    Strikes me he is using the emergence of patterns to invoke the Moorov Principle to cite a common behaviour as evidence in itself. But the Moorov Principle, to my mind, seems completely unsound given the degree of collusion and sharing of information between the witnesses. You cannot exclude the possibility of the evidence being contrived to creatively resemble a pattern which doesn’t actually exist.

    An adroit comment I saw on Twitter I think, said the evidence of the witnesses sounded very “Mills and Boony”, with Alex Salmond the powerful alpha male who turned into a monster with a drink in him, and the poor damsels being helpless because they were frozen in fear, unable to flee the moment like so many fainting goats. Now I don’t know, but I suspect genuine sexual assaults don’t get remembered like a Barbara Cartland novel.

  299. Jason Smoothpiece says:

    Okay some good news for a change regarding the virus:

    The Queen today urged Britain to come together amid the coronavirus crisis and assured the country that the Royal Family is ready to ‘play its part’ in beating the deadly infection.

    There you go the Royal family are going to play their part in beating the lurgy by…………..

    By doing what exactly?

  300. John H. says:

    Of course, everything we write here is pure speculation.

  301. manandboy says:

    Covid-19 Pandemic. So, after 9000+ deaths worldwide, we’re told that all anyone needs do is punch the air and declare ‘we can beat this in 12 weeks’, and all will be well again.

    I just hope the Covid-19 virus is paying attention to the Prime Minister of England. Or is that the stuff of fantasy.

  302. Mist001 says:

    Well, the Edinburgh Festival obviously has faith in Boris Johnson because they’re selling tickets for this years festival.

    Or they’re getting the money as quickly as they can and when it’s cancelled, punters can whistle for their refunds.

    How come these people, the organisers of the Olypmic Games, the Derby, they all know something that the rest of the world doesn’t?

  303. Liz g says:

    Mist 100 @ 9.05
    That’s just business as usual….
    Even if they have to give a full refund….the money rests in their account long enough to accrue interest…
    The Power Companies and Council Tax pull that on the poor all the time!

  304. Liz g says:

    —- Just Because —- Scotland 🙂
    The First Time Lord ?
    Kirkcaldy born Sandford Fleming,said no Dr Who fan ever.
    But this Scot did indeed change time!
    Up until the early 19th Century time was kept locally by the movement of the Sun….Which was fine till a distance was travelled.
    The train journeys “Another ” Scot made possible rendered this discrepancy,a tad inconvenient..
    The UK introduced “Railway Time” in the 1840’s,but this was hardly suitable for major land masses!
    Fleming, who had emigrated to Canada to work for Canadian Pacific Railways as Chief Engineer,proposed “Standard Time” with worldwide time zones to harmonise time table’s which would make travelling easier….
    His idea was accepted and implemented,today
    …March 19th 1918…

  305. shug says:

    looking at the AS trial
    It is interesting at a time when the trial has moved onto the defense case the BBC headline is “AS branded a sex predator

    No mention is the evidence pointing the other way

    Misreporting I think

  306. Gfaetheblock says:


    Not commenting on the verasity of the claims by the accusers, but they did not feel Mills and Boonsy to me. They felt terrifying. The defence (again with claim of their accuracy) just made them sound creepy.

    Brian et al, pushing Murray’s potentially contemptuous blog does not feel that clever, do you want th PF office after you as well?

  307. Gfaetheblock says:

    *without, not with in the above post

  308. Elmac says:

    Re the Salmond “trial” I cannot accept the legal or moral position of granting accusers anonymity whilst the accused has to face the full glare of public scrutiny. How can that be justice? For a kick off it is quite possible that the abusers have “form” for similar accusations in the past which have proved false or have less than trustworthy characters, or an axe to grind, which publicity might bring to light. Either the whole case should be held in camera to protect all involved, or it should be totally out in the open. The current situation is a total abuse of what is fair and just.

    At the very least, if the charges against Salmond are dismissed, then the Procurator Fiscal must consider whether charges should be brought against the accusers for perjury and bearing false witness. I would hope that in those circumstances he would sue the arse off them and their identity and misdeeds would be plastered all over the unionist press (some hope!).

  309. Elmac says:

    Re Sug @ 9.39

    We all know what the BBC represents, and it’s not Scotiand. The SNP should have been demanding a Scottish broadcasting service. They should also have been publishing the many BBC lies contrasted with the truth backed up by factual references. Too little, too late, and too stupid I fear.

  310. Brian Doonthetoon says:


    With all due respect to our blind friends, you are ‘gibberin Broil’.

    I was merely repeating stuff in the public domain. Your card has been marked from other blogs so don’t try to inveigle yourself in here. You are a known tractor.

    (Watch from 39 minutes onwards.)

  311. Elmac says:

    Re my comment at 10.01

    Line 4. For abusers read accusers. Bloody predictive text! – or is there a BBC mole on here?

  312. kapelmeister says:

    Influenza causes around 40 000 deaths a year in the USA. The coronavirus has caused 160 deaths in the USA. Influenza causes infant deaths. Coronavirus does not appear to do so.

    We are accustomed to influenza and are therefore not, by and large, scared of it. We have talked ourselves into a disproportionate fear of coronavirus.

  313. kapelmeister says:

    I’ve said before on this blog that I’m convinced that our occasional Lib Dem visitor Gfaetheblock is Alex Cole-Hamilton. I see he didn’t spell veracity correctly. So that only strengthens my belief.

  314. Gfaetheblock says:


    Rather a ‘tractor’ that a zoomer getting done for contempt.

  315. Effijy says:

    Good old Betty and hangers on.

    They are going to play their part in getting England through this virus.

    As they are all being holed up in 6 Star luxury in Windsor Castle for the duration
    She must be opening up a couple of her palaces as temporary hospitals, sending
    The Household Cavalry will be delivering essential shopping goods to pensioners
    On horse back and she is going to pawn a couple of spare crowns and tiaras to give
    The money to Foodbanks.

    You stay safe now Betty you have done enough! FFS

  316. kapelmeister says:

    I see he didn’t spell Brian correctly. That only strengthens my belief.

  317. Gfaetheblock says:


    Soz for the typo, I am not ACH, but don’t live that far from him.

    There are significant differences between novel Coronavirus and flu, re spread, newness, understanding of post infection response, level of infectiousness and the fact that you can spread whilst showing no symptoms. We are scared of flu, hence mass use of flu jabs every year, and we should be more scared of this less understood but rampant virus.

    FWIW, think the FM is doing well onto this, and that’s me a tractor saying that.

  318. Al-Stuart says:

    Just been studying…

    The Coronavirus Bill

    And came across something that may become a THING or possibly a meme that will likely assume significance to Scotland…

    Ban Section 58

    In fairness, we do need to make best efforts to get rid of Covid19. Reducing crowds and social contact is a very pragmatic way to ameliorate the nasty little bug.

    But when the U.K. Government gifts itself the explicit power to STOP IndyRef2, I get a little prickly. Actually more like a Thistle on steroids sort of prickly.

    So there you have it. Yer teas oot. Naw IndyRef2 in 2020.


    P.S Chris/Stuart, gonnae nae dae that? Please can you delete that effing Coronovirus cartoon at the top of this page? It is brilliant, but I had a nightmare in which it featured. Admitedly the most scary looking part was Boris, but that green skeleton creature dripping with Crappyvirus gunk is horrendous.

  319. Willie says:

    Troop movements also spotted in Inverness today. Saracen type vehicles moving through the town.

    Seems that the army are being put into position. Under whose orders. And what are they to do. The BBC says they are to support police.

  320. Elmac says:

    Re kapelmeister @ 10.19

    I think you are correct to question some of the hysteria around covid 19 but I also think it has to be pointed out that covid 19 is new and starting from a base of zero whereas the common or garden flu has been around for decades and is well established. We do not yet know what the full effect of the virus will be but there is a suspicion that the it’s effect has been exaggerated and possibly used as an excuse by the UK “government” to introduce legislation by the back door which would greatly increase their power and give them virtually carte blanche to do what they want, including neutering Holyrood. We live in evil times under the thumb of evil people.

  321. Just heard Sally making an erse of herself on BBC Scotland news. Thought her mic was off but blatantly portraying their mantra about telling them pish often and enough and they will take it in.

  322. Liz g says:

    Elmac @ 10.01
    I don’t think that is quite how the system work’s…
    And quite rightly so…
    It would be horrendous if anybody who made a complaint and couldn’t prove it beyond a reasonable doubt then faced charges themselves.
    The only outcome of such a thing would be that very few would make a complaint in the first place.
    Unfortunately….. Both sides in this thing know that fine well,and just because they do….doesn’t mean it should be any different for them…… That any one can accuse,but they’d have to prove it,is about the best we can do.
    I don’t see any real reason to change it at this point.
    While I do agree that in certain cases the anonymity of the accused should be held back too,to seek to punish a potential victim (all of them ) for lack of proof is a step backwards.
    Equal before the Law includes any and all people by default.
    We must call for consistency for all not exceptions for some.
    I can never forget that while Capitol Punishment is indeed richly deserved by some….. That giving the State the Power to Kill a Citizen means giving the State the Power to Kill me….Would I be so stupid to think circumstances would not find me in a dock….!!
    While an extreme argument,I know,the thing is,we never really know….and I’m not about to trust the State with such a power…. So absent a fail safe,I’d stick with anyone can accuse but it must be tested,unless and until we make a better system.
    Looking back should never be the answer,the old ways are only to learn from not to repeat,don’t ye think,Elmac?

  323. mike cassidy says:

    Mike Robertson

    Need to hear that.

    Presumably 10.30 Reporting Scotland

    Up on iplayer soon.

  324. Elmac says:

    Liz @ 10.52pm

    Hi Liz. Good to get some feedback.

    I did not suggest that anyone who could not prove an accusation beyond a reasonable doubt should themselves face prosecution. What I said was “if the charges against Salmond are dismissed, then the Procurator Fiscal must consider whether charges should be brought against the accusers for perjury and bearing false witness.“ Perjury and lying are totally different to making an accusation which cannot be proved or refuted. I would expect that such a charge would only be brought if there was clear evidence to support it. I am not suggesting that a complainant should be punished in any way for lack of proof, only for proof of lying in court and to the police.

    I agree that our legal system should not discourage complainants to come forward, but it must be fair. Either we have anonymity for all or none. The current system is a joke, totally unfair, and must be changed in any decent society.

    That said, it was good to hear from you. I do not contribute much, only lurk

  325. Yip Mike it was the first VT clip up about bairns no getting a chance to sit their exams. Hope they miss it and it’s not edited out.

  326. IAB says:

    I haven’t been on this site for a while and I’m surprised at how much hatred is expressed towards the SNP and the FM especially when the subject is as serious as the pandemic.

    I am marooned abroad in Oman with around 25 cases. All educational establishments are closed, gatherings are banned, malls are closed apart from food shops and pharmacies, bus services are stopped, taxi services are restricted, salons are closed as are restaurants. No cinemas, no social events, no weddings, no flights out. Testing if any symptoms are shown and monitoring of those in quarantine. People accept it because they are frightened of what might happen otherwise. This is what the bozo should have done. In Oman, the situation will be reviewed after 14 days. I am optimistic they will contain it until either vaccines or treatment is available.

    This is what you should be commenting on. We have to be community minded and kind to those in need now.

  327. Elmac says:

    HRH Eliabeth I has pronounced on the virus threat:

    “We are all advised to change our normal routines and regular patterns of life for the greater good of the communities we live in and, in particular, to protect the most vulnerable within them.”

    How dare this cosseted, privileged, tax dodger pronounce on matters relating to plebs like us. I assume changing normal routines might just lead to to her eldest son pulling up his own flies for fear of contamination and protecting her most vulnerable son from the clutches of the FBI.

  328. JGedd says:

    Got a comment stuck in moderation. Just bin it. It’s been a taxing couple of weeks. Shouldn’t post when overwrought. Thanks, make it vanish.

  329. Capella says:

    @ IAB – well said. Some people have lost all perspective. This is a time to rally round the leadership to maximise our response to the Corona virus. It is life threatening. We must do everything we can to save lives. Nothing is more important now.

  330. Robert Louis says:


    Your post is well intentioned, and you are absolutely entitled to your view, but I will never rally around the current SNP leadership ever again. I did, previously, even to the point of being in George Square at the indy event last year orgnaised by the National. I was also at The Hydro when she first took over as leader. But sorry, no, the wrong doings and complete capitulation to Engish rule, will not simply vanish, due to the virus. When she failed miserably to even try to assert Scotland’s consitutional rights at brexit, she betrayed the indy moevement and Scotland.

    Scotland will NEVER be independent with NS in charge, we won’t even have a referendum. They will talk about it every now and then however, which some might prefer.

    The Virus will evrntually pass, but the wrongdoings by the Scotgov and its leadership will not. I feel totally betrayed by NS, regarding Scotland’s place in the EU and independence – and some other things we cannot comment on. So it comes down to the seemingly American saying as regards how I feel about NS; ‘fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice, shame on me’. No more.

  331. kapelmeister says:

    Robert Louis @ 7:41 am

    Well said Robert. Sturgeon has so done a number on the indy movement.

  332. Effijy says:

    Matt Hancock Tory Excuse for a Cabinet Minister on BBC
    just said he understands how poor people have to go to
    Work during this epidemic?

    Suppose it’s legitimate if you and your millionaire colleagues have
    Never needed to do a days work in their lives.

    No holding to account as expected from the BBC.
    If they have massive stocks of masks, gloves coveralls etc
    Why have all the hospitals ran out?
    Why can Amazon deliver next day and you take weeks.
    Notice when you say across the country your number of hospital given are all English.
    150 trucks delivering supplies over the next 24 hours-
    Is that with all supplies requested? Is that enough to last a week only?
    When can they expect the next delivery and will that have all supplies requested.

    I’m beginning to miss the crap Tory Ministers spouted about Brexit.
    If only their stockpile of lies and deceit was medical supplies.

  333. Dorothy Devine says:

    Wouldn’t it be good in this time of corona crisis ,if we could rely on accuracy from the media? As opposed to headlines which tell half a tale.

    I see that a young Australian has died in Iceland with the corona virus – reading the rest you discover that the Icelanders are not giving that as cause of death as his symptoms were atypical, presumably they will do a post mortem which will NOT be headlined.

    Similarly a young lad who died here was headlined as the youngest but also had leukemia – a fact which escaped the headline.

    I also have Salmond was ‘a sexual predator’ highlighted by My Feed as a piece in the Guardian and no doubt in many others .

    Since those are taken from the prosecutors summing up I wonder if we will be headlining the defence summing up?

    I wonder if there is any honesty left in the world of journalism
    or are we suppose to accept the twisted opining as fact and continue to tune in to devious news and buy odious newspapers.

  334. Breeks says:

    Gotta admit, I scratch my head a bit with ordinary flu versus Coronavirus flu. The former being a familiar killer we are perhaps complacent about, and the latter being the new kid in town with unknown potential.

    The evidence seems to suggest COV19 is more contagious than ordinary flu, but so far, less fatal in terms of the % who survive infection.

    But even in the best case scenario, ordinary flu plus Coronavirus flu equals two flues rather than one, with the new flew flu having dreadful potential if it’s lethality mutates into something much grimmer, when it already has such effective capacity to spread amongst us.

    I suppose one crude analogy is the WHO being a sentry defending his post when an unknown contact approaches and won’t identify itself. You don’t want to overreact until you know their strength and intention, but at the same time, you are the defence, and you have to react and put out the alert.

    With a virus however, it’s a little worse. You maybe don’t know how hostile the threat is, but you do know it is not benign. I suppose in the above analogy, that might mean the unknown contact ignoring the sentry’s challenge being something like a bull elephant approaching your bivouacked troops. It’s not hostile as such, but adequately dangerous just for what it is, and there might also be a herd of them as yet still unseen.

    The bottom line is, you cannot ‘not’ react. You need your sleeping comrades awake and alert to the risk, hoping it passes you by, but alert and ready if it doesn’t.

  335. Marydoll says:

    I do not understand why the coronavirus has to stop the SNP stopping you g for independence.not everyone in the SNP organisation is fighting the virus .THey should be still researching,getting statistics, reporting,planning for the minute the crisis is over so that they are ready . AN own goal Im afraid

  336. Capella says:

    @ Robert Louis – I understand your anger with Nicola Sturgeon for not producing independence already. I am also furious that the GRA has been allowed to dominate the political agenda, at least, on social media. I get the disappointment and impatience. But on the wider issues which we can’t discuss – “innocent till proven guilty” is still the best approach IMO. Someone is up to no good. But who and, specially, why?

    Meantime, I’m hearing that China has banned the sale of wild animals for food. Bats, snakes and pangolins are off the menu. As a vegan who likes animals, that is very good news.

  337. Graf Midgehunter says:

    When the AS farce trail is over and the plot to discredit him falls apart, AS will probably have a fine list of people to sue for the defamation that they thought they could get through cos they thought he would definitly be found guilty.

    High on the list must be this blatent piece by Severin Carrell. Distortion and character assasination.

  338. Almond Chutney says:

    MaryDoll: Possibly, but how would a political party be representing themselves if they didn’t address the current issue of the virus. The SNP are trying to convert No voters to Yes voters, so banging on about independence where people are more concerned for their health and loved ones, with the country pretty much almost on lockdown, maybe it’s not the best practice to force it down people’s throats just yet. But then again, the SNP promising indyref2 every year since 2016 and failing to deliver just proves their incompetence anyway, so who knows.

  339. Breeks says:

    Marydoll says:
    20 March, 2020 at 8:56 am
    I do not understand why the coronavirus has to stop the SNP stopping you g for independence…

    Correct, and why announce it?

    The SNP are just stalling for time, and want a convenient excuse for yet more dithering and procrastination. On the face of it, COV19 gives them an excuse until you try working out the connection, and find there isn’t one.

    Boris however, is 100% going for Brexit. No delays.

    Once again, the only live wire is Joanna Cherry, proposing the use of digital channels for parliamentary business conducted online.

    I think the disgruntled SNP folks need to invest their time with Joanna, but I ache to see Joanna Cherry embracing the Constitutional ramifications of Scottish Sovereignty, and either in or out of Parliament. That is where the fight has to be, and be happening right now, arguments put before the UN and Council of Europe disputing UK Sovereignty and Scotland’s unlawful subjugation, either with or without the SNP’s endorsement.

    If the SNP wants to make themselves irrelevant and unelectable, then Hell mend them. Scotland needs to find another route to Independence, and find it fast. By ignoring Scotland’s National Constitution and grovelling beneath the Scotland Act constitution of a devolved assembly, the SNP are making a gift of one constitutional precedent after another which Westminster will grasp with alacrity and hold fast like a one-way cable tie, while Scotland will have to overturn every one of them in due course. It’s mental.

    If I had one message for Sturgeon, it would be stop conceding Scotland’s Constitutional principles, or stop being Scotland’s ‘Government’. The constitutional illiteracy on display is thoroughly inexcusable.

  340. Salmond has a chance `cause the case will be decided by a jury if it had been down to the deliberations of a panel of judges he would be f@cked,

    i think you need a majority not unanimous in Scottish trials which would mean 8 out of 15 for verdict.

  341. John H. says:

    Several times a day now I check myself to see if I feel alright. I think I feel alright, but I don’t really know if I’m okay.This thing is making me paranoid.

  342. Vestas says:

    Capella says:
    20 March, 2020 at 9:42 am

    “Meantime, I’m hearing that China has banned the sale of wild animals for food. Bats, snakes and pangolins are off the menu. As a vegan who likes animals, that is very good news.”

    No its appallingly BAD news – if true which I seriously doubt.

    The Chinese tried to ban “wet” markets after the 2003 SARS outbreak then again in 2013 and it was an unmitigated disaster. All the markets went “underground” making them impossible to police in any way. is a decent read for those stupid/racist enough to think “anything goes”…..

  343. Famous15 says:

    Is there ONE unbiased witness to witness the trial of Alex Salmond or will we be served up the lies and biased opinions of the media.

    Btw I dug out my copy of Gordon’s Criminal Law and looked up “rape” and “ crimes and attempts thereat” and seriously wondered why the judge has not intervened and declared “no case to answer” on at least the two most serious charges. The remainder are What they are,you decide!

  344. Republicofscotland says:

    So the billionaire Richard Branson with cash stashed away in offshore taxhavens, whilst residing on his private island, is asking for taxpayers cash to help his company through the Coronavirus,he of all foklk should be told to get lost. I’m sure Branson sued the NHS over lost contracts previously costing the taxpayer even more cash.

    The taxpayer bailed out the banks to the tune of over £500 billion pounds in 2008, now I read theyve to pay at least £516 million pounds to clean up the Thomas Cook mess.

  345. K1 says:

    Ian Duncan Smith is a piece of excrement.

  346. Republicofscotland says:

    Meanwhile as Scotlands tourist and fishing industries begin to collapse, no ones coming to visit, few overseas orders for fish. Ex-Finance secretary Derek Mackay will face no police charges. Mackay is still a MSP, and is entitled to a quarter of his ministerial salary almost £12,000 pounds on May 5th.

  347. Willie says:

    I commented yesterday about Nicola Sturgeon paying tribute to the hard work of the Westminster Government and I commented about how she would not give any real answers to questions of concern.

    Yes we will look after business, look after business, and of course look after people.

    And today the news emerges that Britannia Hotels in Aviemore have just sacked 30 staff on ‘ government advice’ whilst at the same time requiring them to vacate their tied lodging facilities.

    Out a job, homeless and with some EU citizens with no way home, wee Sturgeon’s keech rings loud and clear.

    But it’s bigger than that. A Vichy first minister, a ("Quizmaster" - Ed), a lady Haw Haw, what else can you say because you really don’t need to think too hard to understand why we’re out of Europe with Scottish independence off the table.

    Scotland’s own Gauleiter – who has also just signed off on Boris Johnson’s two year emergency powers bill which allows Westminster to suspend human rights, imprison without trial, lock down communities, imprison dissidents, stop any vehicle, boat, train, plane, close any port, suspend internet and telephone communications.

    Yep, Gauleiter Sturgeon. Without a doubt.

  348. kapelmeister says:

    The smart thing would have been to have got all people with health problems to isolate themselves and everyone else of all ages to continue going out and about. But we live in a world where scientists, doctors, politicians and journalists are not encouraged to think clearly. And if they do, they’re enouraged to keep their thoughts to themselves.

    The opioid epidemic is killing far greater numbers of people than influenza and coronavirus. And that same opioid epidemic was partly caused by WHO groupthink stupidity.

  349. K1 says:

    Ubiquitous Chip in Ashton Lane, off Byres Road has let all their staff go and shut their doors, possibly permanently this morning, another business gone immediately, staff paid till end of the month and that’s them all out of jobs, if this repeats throughout the sector, it’s utter destruction.

    They claim they can’t take on any more loans as they were already up to the hilt. In essence the governments 330 billion and the paltry amounts sent to Scotland will do nothing to stop the domino effect.

  350. Republicofscotland says:

    Ex-SNP Director of Communications, and still confidant of Nicola Sturgeon, along with the Growth Commission architect Andrew Wilson, have persuaded the FM to kick the GRA into the long grass until after the 2021 Scottish elections.

    Now the question is, is she doing this because she finally realises the GRA is badly flawed, or because her party’s chance of holding or gaining new seats next year might be impacted on, if she pushes ahead with it.

  351. Dorothy Devine says:

    There will be vultures buying up ‘defunct’ businesses and when this ends , which it will , make loadsadosh.

  352. Tony Hay says:

    I think that’s called Politics republicofscotland.

  353. Republicofscotland says:

    According to the FM currently 780 tests for the virus from Edinburgh, Glasgow and Dundee can be carried out each day, plans are afoot to bring this up to 3000 per day.

    Shortly a new quicker way of testing, a dipstick instead of a swab will be implemented, this should boost the amount even further.

  354. Republicofscotland says:

    “I think that’s called Politics republicofscotland”

    Yes Tony it is, but its insight we’re looking for.

  355. Nana says:

    Forgive the direct link but this is important but I warn you it is difficult to watch.

    A foretaste of what is coming if the Westminster clowns don’t act and fast. Social distancing needs to happen now

    I leave you with this and wish all wingers the very best

  356. SilverDarling says:

    So many things to take stock of during the next few months.

    Covid-19 and the effect on our population thereafter. The flu and covid-19 are often compared but we have a vaccine every year for flu and still many thousands die.

    Covid-19 is an unknown, will it mutate and come back stronger next year? Is it among us now for ever. We don’t know if those who get pneumonia and survive will be left with long-term problems.

    The NHS and economy may be changed forever. The concept of open borders is now anathema. Maybe the SNP see an opportunity to again establish themselves as the people best able to lead during this crisis. Certainly Holyrood seems happy to let them take that role. The safe pair of hands approach worked in 2011 after a period of showing what they could do in 2007.

    Sadly, however, that time was filled with hope about what might be possible on our own. Now we are restricted by what Boris Johnston’s government deems is our share of the knowledge and resources to look after our people. Petty political point scoring is apparently suspended for now but it will be resurrected when we get through this. Better Together back with a vengeance.

    Maybe this will show we can do it on our own for those in doubt. Maybe NS and the SNP got to bogged down with stuff like the the GRA in the absence of a cause – although we were telling her wanted .

    NS wants us to suspend campaigning for now. I think we should all be keeping note how different it could be if Boris Johnston wasn’t in charge – the pound shop Churchill with no plan. Information, strategy and communication are all under scrutiny. Distribution of food and ports of entry may become a problem with travel restrictions. Funnelling everything through the SE of England puts us at such a disadvantage.

    We should keep that thought.

  357. TJenny says:

    I hear that now you are supposed to self isolate if you are 60 or over. It was previously 70. So how does someone who is in their sixties and still having to work ’cause their state pension doesn’t kick in until they’re 65/67 exist with no income?

    And yet they are calling for all retired health care workers to come and work in NHS. Surely many of those will be over 60. Disnae make sense.

    One good thing to come of all this is that, thank god, they’ve kicked the GRA into the long grass, for now.

  358. Dr Jim says:

    Any political party caught playing politics right now will suffer for it later so they are all forced to work together looking focussed in a joint endeavour to save us all and play the role of statesman/woman even though they are still playing politics by looking like they’re not

    It’s a show within a show and so far there’s only one winner and it’s not Prime Minstrel Johnson, because he just doesn’t remember his lines and ad libs so he blows every scene

  359. kapelmeister says:

    Nana @ 11:07 am

    The Po Valley in northern Italy is just about the most densely populated area in Europe, with nearly half Italy’s population. And it’s an aging population. The authorities there are also obviously lumping all seasonal pneumonia and influenza cases in with coronavirus cases. Factor in too our Italian friends tendency to dramatise.

    That report by Sky’s Stuart Ramsay is a sensationalist, light on fact piece of journalism which is downright irresponsible.

  360. Tony Hay says:

    In response to Republicofscotland 11.04

    I’m but a simple guy and I’m afraid I have nothing insightful to offer on the GRA stuff,which is well above my pay grade so to speak.

  361. frogesque says:

    @Dorothy Devine: 10.57

    Not just buying up good otherwise viable businesses but getting ultra low 0.1% base rate interest loans to do so.

    The vulture capitalists are circling.

  362. Effijy says:

    Tory plea for retired doctors and nurses to return?

    Perhaps if they did chase so many Europeans away from the NHS with
    their Brexit policies, perhaps if they didn’t force Doctors to have their first
    Ever strike before imposing new contracts on them, perhaps if the didn’t impose
    A pay freeze on the nurses giving them a 15% pay cut due to inflation and
    Perhaps if they hadn’t stop nurses training bursaries they might not be in this trouble.

    The Tories and their 10 year long Austerity measures have lead us up this dangerous creek
    and they have sold out paddle to one of their supporters.

  363. jackie says:

    Does anybody remember when John Swinney was leader of the SNP?

    No, didn’t think so.

    He was the worst leader any political Party could ever wish for.

    He was uninspiring, dour, and his speeches sounded as if his batteries were about to run out.

    He is now number two at the head of the SNP.

    Is it any wonder the SNP are going backwards, with Sturgeon and Swinney at the helm.

    They are capable of running the Council Chamber at Holyrood, but that I’m afraid is their limit.

  364. Graeme says:

    Jackie you and Mist are like that extremely irritating car alarm that goes off every 20 minutes in the middle of the night, same droning shit over and over again

  365. Jockanese Wind Talker says:

    Union Jackie talking shite again!

  366. Capella says:

    @ Nana – thx for those links. The Spice links are very useful for anyone with questions about the current covid 19 advice.

    The video is certainly a warning of what may come.

  367. Bob Mack says:

    My goodness. What a fortnight this has been. Boris has used all his cash designated to create infrastructure to trade with the world, and diverted it to keep the UK healthy and functioning at a bare minimum.Some hope of becoming a major trading nation now methinks.

    Of course further austerity will pay the bill eventually, which will affectyou and me directly.

    Meanwhile the media present Alex as a bleary eyed sexual predator in an attempt to blacken his name, despite overwhelming evidence that these charges were the result of some type of conspiracy hatched among members of the SNP hierarchy for whatever reason.

    I appear to be self isolating from Monday like it or not, but I cant help but feel that even a few thousand cases on Coronovirus among a population of 60 million is not something which I see as an epidemic.

  368. Dr Jim says:

    In our previous topsy turvy world before Corona Virus when the twisted minded entertained themselves by attempting to use the internet to twist everybody else’s minds, those twisted minded people are now trolling the internet begging for people to talk to

    There are more important things happening, the twisted minded will just have to wait till later, if they live

    Perhaps they should think about that for a second

  369. jackie says:

    For some reason the Nicola Sturgeon fanclub are totally oblivious to what is happening right in front of them

    They want to shoot the messenger who is trying to tell them what is happening in the real world

    To get labelled some kind of enemy of the people is just fuckin crazy.

    The SNP really have lost their way, they are leaderless and out of control.

    Not what you want when you are fighting to regain your Independence.

    I bet all those having a go at me also thought John Swinney was the most inspiring leader the SNP has ever had.

    Wake up and smell the fuckin coffee.

    Independence is becoming more of a distant dream with Swinney and Sturgeon in charge.

  370. Pete says:

    You are certainly correct on Swinney.
    He is also useless as Education Secretary as the previously world renowned Scottish education system has been going backwards at a great rate of knots.

  371. Effijy says:

    Bob Mack

    The country I’m concerned about has 5.4 million people who have
    Never voted for a Tory government in my 60 years.

    England wants Tory Governments and Tory policies knowing they sell off
    Every government owned body at the first opportunity.

    BT, Gas, Electricity, National Laboratory Engineering, Royal Mail, National Grid, etc
    I’m for England getting just what they voted for and what they deserve.

  372. Stuart MacKay says:

    I know this is news to absolutely nobody here but the BBC website, has to be seen to be believed.

    On the home page there’s the title “Global Coronavirus deaths pass 10,000” with a picture of the First Minister.

    Guilt by association clearly at work here. No, this wasn’t accidental. Anybody who knows anything about framing a position or an argument knows how to sully good by connecting to bad. Trump does it all the time.

    Then, on the UK home page there’s we can see a picture of Alex Salmond with the title: Defence says Salmond claims ‘don’t make sense’.

    What’s your first reaction to this? Mine was “Alex Salmond’s claims don’t make sense” You can be sure that was the intent.

    And, on the Scotland home page we have the main story with a photo of the First Minister with CORONAVIRUS in big letters next to her.


  373. Famous15 says:

    Every time i see the word “FACT” on the internet I immediately know it is BS.

  374. Famous15 says:

    Stuart MacKay 12.40

    Had a look at the BBC website to see what you were on about. Wow ,you are spot on.I will never pay the licence fee. Never!

  375. Dorothy Devine says:

    Famous15, spot on about ‘FACT” and those associated with it .

    I ain’t going near the BBBC website , I am angry enough with the prurient headlines elsewhere

  376. Mist001 says:

    It says in the Edinburgh Evening News that the number of confirmed cases of coronavirus in Scotland has risen to 322 – an increase of 56 cases in just 24 hours.

    But it’s OK, don’t worry. Instead of grasping the nettle and taking control of the devolved matter of health in Scotland, Mrs. Murrell allowed Westminster to control it on Scotlands behalf, so ‘herd immunity’ will begin to kick in soon. Johnson reckons it’ll be under control in 12 weeks time and no doubt, Mrs. Murrell agrees with that assessment, so relax, everything will be alright soon.


    Have you ever seen such an incompetent bunch of leaders (and I use the term very loosely) in your life as the UK has just now?

  377. Ottomanboi says:

    The fondness of some Chinese for exotic live meat is only one facet of the current health issue the supposed epicentre of SARS CoV-2, Wuhan is rather an unhealthy place to live on many counts.
    The industrial regions of Italy are equally unpleasantly polluted with public hygiene in some locations low.
    The ‘scare’ over novel Coronavirus disease ought not to be used as a convenient smokescreen for pre-existing problems which have been causing infection and death for decades.
    However a sense of proportion is necessary. Virology is after all a developing discipline and a rather under funded one at that.
    Fact: there are 7.8 billions on planet Earth.

  378. Scozzie says:

    I haven’t checked into Wings for a while. Some thoughts…
    Craig Murray excluded from Alex Salmond’s trial for his reporting from the public gallery on ‘possible’ contempt is truly disturbing. His account so far is so very different to that of the MSM.

    If it’s true NS is kicking GRA reform into the long grass for now, it’s nothing more than a cynical move in an attempt to keep hold of SNP votes. I wouldn’t trust them not to bring it right back in if they securely win the 2021 election. It needs to unequivocally be dumped and stated so in the 2021 manifesto.

    Any hint that the SNP will use COVID-19 to kick independence into the long grass – I’ve got news for you – it wasn’t on their radar to begin with. Don’t be fooled that it’s just postponed due to COVID-19. We still desperately need a true independence party or a new SNP leader with some backbone and grit to take us to independence.

  379. Dr Jim says:

    This morning Sky News presenter Adam Boulton actually said “Please keep tuning into Skw news for all the up to date news*

    It’s as though the media is desperately touting for business when they start using the word *please*

    Sky news switched to a briefing from Scotlands FM and her team for two minutes then got bored with listening about Scotland and just cut away, I switched to channel 9 the BBC Scotland new channel for the rest of the much more informative information than we ever get from the UK team because they never include anything about Scotland because of course Scotland is only in the UK when they’re discussing property ownership

    The rest of the time we are the *Scotrush generation*

  380. Republicofscotland says:

    “Jockanese Wind Talker says:
    20 March, 2020 at 12:06 pm
    Union Jackie talking shite again!”

    Jackie and Pete, the establishment talking to itself, I wonder if Reeves enforces social distancing in Denison.

  381. kapelmeister says:

    Ottomanboi @ 1:16 pm

    Thanks for the links. Very interesting that Turin and Milan are the two worst cities in Europe for atmospheric pollution. That partly explains the dramatic photos in the Sky report.

  382. robertknight says:

    Jackie @12:31

    Correct! Biggest obstacle to Indy is the current SNP leadership.

    Trend for the day…


  383. Liz g says:

    Just watched Nanas link ( thank you nana ) @ 11.07
    It’s Forehill Primary School South Ayrshire in their playground with their teachers singing ” Lean on Me ” on their last day of school till this is over….
    If you haven’t already, go watch it….
    It’s so moving and inspirational.
    Sitting here in tears but also more determined to do what I can to step up for those weans and all the other’s just like them XXX….
    A special thought to all the P7 pupils today,for whom this is a real goodbye,as they will not go back to their primary but will go straight to high school in August XXX.

  384. vlad (not that one) says:

    Re Covid: A relative in Germany tells me that they now have controls not just at the international borders, but also between federal states (Länder).
    Time for controls at Coldstream, Gretna and airports?

  385. Capella says:

    Some interesting insights on Covid19:

    Today’s Topic: What Do We Know About Exactly How Coronavirus is Transmitted?

  386. Liz g says:

    Graham @ 12.04
    LOL…bloody well said 🙂
    Aren’t they just!!!

  387. Mist001 says:

    Just a thought but this would be an ideal time to establish a hard border between Scotland and England.

    If only we had a leader………

  388. Ian Brotherhood says:

    The jury has been sent out to consider its verdict…

  389. Andy Ellis says:

    O/T but as Covid19 begins to bite, and following my twitter exile I’ve been exploring alternatives to the random moderations, bannings, toxic idiocy & purity spirals of “traditional” social media platforms and signed up for “Patchwork” on the federated Scuttlebutt social network.

    At present there are a lot more geeks and coders than ordinary members, but looks like it might be a useful antidote to twitter, FB & Mastodon for those after something different?

  390. Mist001 says:

    I’ve just been reading Mrs. Murrells latest public announcement, urging people to stay out of pubs and clubs, and that it’s not optional. Of course, she’s in Holyrood surrounded by others but that’s by the by.

    My point is, since this Corona thing blew up, when was the last time anyone heard anything from the Secretary Of State For Scotland, Alister Jack?

    He’s the governments official spokesperson for matters concerning Scotland but he’s been strangely quiet.

    On the otherhand, Mrs. Murrell has no problem whatsoever standing up and parroting whatever she’s been told to say by Westminster.

    So, is this her true calling, is she the new Secretary Of State for Scotland? The titles ‘First Minister’ and Secretary Of State For Scotland are one and the same?

    She’s fucking Westminster establishment through and through and every day, this should become more and more apparent, even to her most ardent fan club members.

    Stop letting this woman fool you!

  391. Effijy says:

    Alistair Jack nods his head as Master Bojo Speaks.

    That is his job!

  392. Fireproofjim says:

    God, you’re tedious.
    But then your purpose is to drive independence supporters away fro this site.

  393. Marshall Adair says:

    Ha! Now I know Pete, Jackie and Mist are one and the same. Coming on within a few minutes of “each other”, just enough time to post some twaddle, log out and back in again with the next act. Pathetic!

  394. Republicofscotland says:

    Its disgraceful that Britannic hotels has sacked its staff and thrown them out of their accommodation immediately without remuneration in Aviemore. The hotel chain has been voted the worst hotels to stay in for seven years consecutive.

    The directors are Alexander Langsam and Robert Ferrari are themselves very rich men Langsam landed a £14 million pounds contract from the Home Office to house refugees in his shody hotels.

    To sack and evict his staff during these very trying and difficult times is appalling in my opinion, and businessmen like him should be held to account, financially, that’s the only thing that men like them sit up and pay attention to.

    A boycott of Britannia hotels should be a no brainer, hit them in the pocket even after the Coronavirus is no more than a distant memory.

  395. Republicofscotland says:

    First person in the UK (Well the Isle of Man) arrested for not self isolating for fourteen days after arriving on the island. The person could be fined, or even jailed.

  396. Republicofscotland says:

    Meanwhile a Scottish scientist working along side others says, a million Coronavirus vaccine injections will be ready by the end of 2020.

  397. James F. McIntosh says:

    Hope there is a massive explosion in the S NP after this AS trial is over and we can gather in candidates from the S NP to start a new party who really want independence for Scotland within the next Year.

  398. callmedave says:

    AS: Jury dismissed for the weekend.

  399. Breeks says:

    Scotland, Scotland, Scotland… You be crazy.

    Shelves are 65-70% bare…. except for the fruit and veg counter that’s still loaded to the gunnels with all the vitamins, nutrients and minerals that fortifies the bodies defence mechanisms if it does have to fight off a viral infection.

    Ok, maybe you can’t stockpile fresh fruit, but lots of the minerals you get in fruit are water soluble, and you’re body can’t retain them longer than a couple of days, which is why you don’t need much fruit, but you need it regularly. It’ll do a lot more for you than 2 month old pasta and processed sauce.

    Eat the fruit Scotland. Fortify yourselves from the inside out.

  400. SilverDarling says:

    @Capella 1.56 pm

    Thanks for that – really informative.

    One of the things that is emphasized regarding the frontline staff who get ill is the huge viral load they have in their blood compared to other patients.

    The young Ophthalmologist in China who died was literally face to face breathing in huge amounts of the virus from affected patients. So despite being young, healthy and knowing what to do, the lack of PPC in the early stages could be devastating as no matter how great your immune system is it can be overwhelmed in an onslaught.

    That article says Covid-19 accumulates in the throat and lungs so avoiding coughed droplets is crucial. The NHS staff need their protective clothing and we need to avoid coughing near them.

  401. Dr Jim says:

    To follow on from what @Breeks said

    Red cabbage, Beetroot, lots of it, natures natural soldiers against bad stuff, they won’t kill all the bad stuff but they’ll help your body manufacture more tools to fight with

  402. Liz g says:

    RE…. Food….
    Potatoes are really nutritious…

    To store them for longer
    Buy a bag of play sand (sterilized sand) and a plastic box with a lid….

    Stored in a cool dark place Potatoes will keep for ages

  403. Liz g says:

    And to follow Dr Jim…
    Vitamin D3 boosts the immune system.
    Which again won’t do anything to the virus it’s self but a better immune system can help fight it….
    No need for fancy,expensive ones either.
    They are £1 from most wee independent chemist’s.

  404. PacMan says:

    The pubs shutting?

    I know they said we were heading into the roaring twenties, didn’t realise they meant the 1920’s. Feck me, they’ll be running about with tommy guns now.

  405. JaMuR says:

    See mist001 previous post above finding Donald Trumps ” kung flu ” statement as funny .

    People are dying all over the world you moron.

    Its the same pathetic patter every day.

    Mrs murrell bla bla bla. Tells lies about being able to vote.
    Has nothing positive to say.
    Heavily reeks of pish.

  406. PacMan says:

    Breeks says:
    20 March, 2020 at 5:04 pm

    Shelves are 65-70% bare…. except for the fruit and veg counter

    Aye and the slimfast meals.

    Heard the takeaways and chippies are staying opened which accounts for all the long queues at the hole in the walls.

    Only in Scotland LOL.

  407. Dan says:

    Ideal time of year for folk to get into the garden and prepare a veg bed for planting out once soil temps rise.
    I spent the morning making two large raised beds out of recycled timber for a neighbour.
    You don’t need a huge area to produce a decent amount of scran. Plus the food you do grow will taste way better and won’t have the plastic packaging or carbon footprint of the stuff in supermarkets, with the added bonus of enabling you to boycott the corporate profiteering bastards.

    Just scoffed my dinner which was made from produce I grew last year, namely homegrown spuds made into air fried chips, homegrown carrots, homegrown chard, homegrown beetroot (pickled), to go with the first fish of the year I caught.
    Pretty healthy meal and cost effectively fuck all other than my time.

    There’s aspects of the current situation that might offer an opportunity to reboot how we think and live, because in my view our “developed” society needs a right big boot up the arse as it has been burning the wick from both ends with its rampant progression of inequality, consumption and waste production.

  408. Mist001 says:

    So, Johnson has announced that all the pubs, clubs and social venues are to close tonight at the end of business.

    This will be relayed to the people of Scotland by our acting Secretary Of State For Scotland, Mrs. Murrell.

    Holyrood will shut if not this week, certainly within the next couple of weeks and it will not reopen, ever.

    If anything, this Coronavirus has proven that the Scottish Parliament was nothing more than a talking shop, just a branch of the Scottish office and it has shown how ineffective Mrs. Murrell was as a leader and how ineffective the SNP are as political party.

    There’s no point in me saying how much Mrs. Murrell has blown it because it’s fucking well obvious to me now, if not anyone else, that they had no powers anyway to actually do anything effectual. This Section 30 order nonsense was just a smokescreen. This is why they never challenged it in court, because they knew they’d be beat.

    We have been duped all along by Westminster and the SNP.

    People can be easily duped, it happens all the time but to dupe an entire country? That takes some balls.

    So there you are, for those that can see, the Coronavirus has exposed the entire sham.

    So the question is, where do we go from here?

    Seriously, I think our only chance is civil unrest because nothing else will change the status quo (yes, yes, insert your tiresome jokes here).

    But, are the Scottish people happy to be duped and play along with the game or do they really want change?

  409. Dorothy Devine says:

    Jeezo! There’s some right long winded , tedious, repetitive crap being dumped on this site.

    What usually happens when someone swamps a place with repetitive crap folk stop listening and it becomes counter productive.

  410. Tony Hay says:

    What a fucken arsehole you are……your kidding no one.

  411. Ottomanboi says:

    You’re welcome. SARS CoV-2 is not a ‘plague’ virus. Plague is bacterial not viral. Do wish the overexcited media and politicians would acquire some rudimentary knowledge on this subject. More people die annually from bacterial infection complications than viral.
    Viruses do not kill the host, poor health and bacteria, usually linked to poor hygiene, do.
    Fever as you may know, is the body’s defence mechanism, it is the worst enemy of pathogenic viruses.

  412. Golfnut says:

    I have to admit that it has crossed my mind on more than one occasion, and more so recently, that the AS trials intended target is Nicola Sturgeon.

  413. Sandy says:

    Mist001 @ 1.16 pm

    You are sick & it’s not the current virus.

  414. robbo says:

    Folks don’t feed the troll cunts.They aren’t indy supporters ,we know this.

  415. mike cassidy says:


    While Mist001 continues to get paid by the word to bore us to death before the virus kicks in

    We’ll just get on with it.

  416. North chiel says:

    “ callmedave @ 0503 pm “ yes jury considering their verdict over the weekend ( individually? I assume at home ?) I suppose they can also have a leisurely read of the Sunday papers ? Or are they “ holed up somewhere “ together” ( 2 metres apart ) with no access to the media until they reach their verdict ?

  417. A friend who is a rabid yoon and hates everything to do with SNP/Independence was actually very complimentary about Nicola and the way she has/is responding to this global disaster,

    this guy is more yoon than Sarah Smith,Ian Murray and Muriel Gray put together,

    strange days.

  418. Mist001 says:

    I keep hearing all this about how ‘British Agents’, ’77th Brigade’ and all the rest, about how they get paid for posting on independence sites like this.

    Does anybody actually know anybody who’s been paid for this?

    Nope. Didn’t think so.

    For everybody’s information and just to be clear, I only post here and occasionally on Craig Murrays site. Nowhere else and you can trawl all the independence groups and boards that you wish.

    The problem here is that this blog has far too many posters with their heads so far up their arses that they can’t see the fucking obvious when it’s slapping them right in the coupon.

    Anybody that attempts to enlighten them is immediately branded some kind of British spy, for fucks sake! Get yourselves a fucking life.

    Even the The Rev, the man who set up this site and has ‘Scottish Independence tattooed on the inside of his forehead, has been called a ‘Britnat’, ‘British Spy’ and all the rest of it.

    Don’t you people realise how fucking ridiculous you are?

    I think you people are harming the independence cause yourselves, because you’re absolutely uncritical of anything Mrs. Murrell does or says. You’ll accept any old shite. Well, I don’t.

    You sit back in your office chairs, sipping your ‘single malt’ whiskies, thinking how fucking Scottish you are and how that prick Mist001 is a British agent.

    I have news for you.

    By posting my opinions on this board, I’m bringing to light the quite obvious failings of Mrs. Murrell and the SNP. Some people agree with me, some don’t but I’m actually doing MORE for the cause of Scottish independence than any of you gullible idiots.

  419. Pete says:

    I don’t know why we need to suffer an NS press conference when all the important stuff comes from Boris and Sunak.
    It just highlights the waste of money and resources in having duplication in Holyrood.

  420. Jock McDonnell says:

    @Scot Finlayson
    ‘this guy is more yoon than Sarah Smith,Ian Murray and Muriel Gray put together’

    Orange Jacket man – you’re buddies with Orange Jacket from bbcqt !

  421. Dan says:

    In a different yooniverse Pete says: at 7:24 pm

    I don’t know why we need to suffer an Boris press conference when all the important stuff comes from our FM and Finance Secretary.
    It just highlights the waste of money and resources in having duplication in Westminster.

  422. Col.Blimp IV says:


    I’m as unconvinced as anyone else here is regarding the authenticity of your separatist credentials, but I am inspired by your desire for civil unrest.

    What we need most urgently is a coup, the purpose of which would be to elevate my good self to the position of High Heid Haggis of Scotland.

    This would expedite swift the resolution [in Scotland at least] of the current manufactured “global crisis” in a manner that would involve :

    1)Less Fatalities
    2)Less strain on the NHS
    3)Less impact on the economy
    4)Much less cost to the public purse
    5)No disruption of the education system
    6)No undue hardship to the masses

    My strategy is based on the same assumptions about the severity of the virus that the government claims and has the same objective … To avoid the NHS collapsing under the strain of a rapid and devastatingly high peak infection period.

    The “flaws” that prevent it’s implementation by the UK government is that … No megga-bailout of big business will be required, and the workforce will not be terrified into welcoming poorer wages and conditions when the last cough is coughed.

    Fear of reproach for posting “long winded , tedious, crap” prevents me from expanding further.

  423. Pete says:

    Hi Dan
    Loved your post about producing your own food.
    Please keep giving us tips on gardening and food production.
    Really important in these coming months.

  424. callmedave says:

    Back home from Oban a few minutes ago. Lump in throat watching partner saying goodbye to her parents. Oh well!

    Promises made to return in June. 🙂

    Heard all the coronavirus new measures from the chancellor on the radio and lost count of all the money that’s getting coughed up.

    Still too late with help to low paid with no savings. Many will be hungry before they receive any.

    Helicopter money from a Tory government…Jings.

    Changing of the guard stopped.

    Latest there.

    ‘With a heavy heart’ UK scales down VE commemorations
    The UK government has announced that it will be scaling back its VE Day commemorations including cancelling the veterans’ procession down the Mall in central London.

    Culture Secretary Oliver Dowden says he has taken the decision with “a heavy heart” but added that amid the coronavirus outbreak “our key priority now is to protect their [the veterans’] health and wellbeing.”

    I’m getting confined to barracks I’m told no more shopping for me
    cabin fever time.

    Anyhoo! There’s always the internet for Wings and on-line chess so I’ll try not to weary.

    Stay well folks and “Be careful out there”.

    Will I watch Braveheart? (never seen it) or Play Misty for me.


  425. ahundredthidiot says:

    Mist 001 at 7pm

    Does anybody actually know anybody who’s been paid for this?


  426. Dan says:

    @mike cassidy at 6:39 pm

    Haha, I’m acutely aware my veg patch exploits could be conflated with Britain of yesteryear. But times change and the environmental aspects of modern farming and food production really need to be considered. Eating seasonal and locally produce food is something that really should be considered for many sensible reasons.

    We’ve now got big global corporates like Monsanto holding copyrights on seeds which enable them to effectively control food production across the continents of the planet, and legislation in place to protect their interests too.

    @Pete at 7.38pm

    Food production in Scotland in the coming months / years will be interesting without the added uncertainty of the lurgy, what with Scotland being taken out of the EU against its will.
    The small hill farmers that produce our fine Scottish lamb are going to be in a tight spot as a lot of their produce went to mainland Europe, and they also received that CAP funding to assist with the running costs of their businesses.
    Veg producing farming utlise EU workers so it remains to be seen how this will play.
    Oh, and not forgetting the fishing industry utilises access to the EU market to sell their produce, and EU workers in the processing of the fish.

  427. Dan says:

    To add to my 8.03pm post…

    Food production in England is going to be really interesting because unlike Scotland that is a net exporter of food, England has to import around 50% of it’s food to feed its population.
    It’s all going to be a huge disappointment and waste of effort for those dumb fuckers that fought each other in the battles of the isles to buy months worth of loo roll if they end up without any food to make a poo.

  428. Dr Jim says:

    Asda today:
    Where are all these supermarket raiding shoppers storing all this meat, beef lamb chicken bacon, today it was eggs as well, all gone, what kind of freezers do they have, it must be the same folk who seem to need all the toilet rolls, you can certainly tell there can’t be many vegetarians amongst them they don’t touch the fruit and veg, there’s tons of that, suits me

    Morrisons is feeling the pinch now, they decided to have a sale to reduce all the food to the same price as other supermarkets, that’ll teach them for their no Scottish nationalists welcome policy, I still won’t shop there

  429. Dorothy Devine says:

    Colonel Blimp IV, dear sir ’twas not you to whom I referred – heaven forfend!

  430. dakk says:

    For the front line hospital workers who choose to turn up to meet the hell which is about to consume you,my thoughts are with you.

  431. Brian Doonthetoon says:

    In Lidl, South Road, Dundee this afternoon, the veg section was almost empty. The fruit section was a wee bit better. There was NO ‘microwave in the bag’ rice. No bread at all. No chicken, 2 packs of pork steaks, although the fish section of the chilled cabinets was well stocked.

    And the killer… only half a dozen half bottles of whisky. No 70cl, no litres – and no vodka, as another customer pointed out to the checkout operator.

    Hopefully, things will be back to normal, panic buying wise, by the end of next week.

  432. Ian Brotherhood says:

    Craig Murray’s recent posts have been drawing some top-notch comments from folk who are familiar with court proceedings, the intricacies of ‘contempt’ etc.

    I’ve asked a couple of them if they would mind me copy/pasting their comments in here. Just as a courtesy, mind – if they don’t respond within an hour or so I’ll do so anyway and hope they don’t sue!

    In all seriousness, it’s no exaggeration to say that the result of this trial could determine the future of the Yes movement and the prospects for indy generally. How it might affect the SNP specifically isn’t something I have an informed opinion on but others (i.e. those ‘in the loop’) do, and many will be champing at the proverbial to spill what they knew but couldn’t share. (Rev Stu has openly stated that he’s been unable to share what he knows – we can be sure he’s not the only one.)

    Craig Murray is very probably close to exhaustion. He was ill not so long ago and in his latest post he sounds deflated, nay depressed. He’d probably be the first to admit that he isn’t very good at banging his drum when it comes to asking for help, so if anyone is in a position to do so, this might be a good time.

  433. Republicofscotland says:

    El Salvador suspends payments of all utility bills for three months among other things including credit card bills and mortgages.

    Not bad for a Third World country.

  434. Ian Brotherhood says:

    Copied, (with permission) from comments on Craig Murray’s post:


    Mr Murray,

    as others on this site have mentioned, I’d challenge the matter of your exclusion due to an alleged possible contempt.

    Contempt of court, at least under English law and I’d be surprised if it is different in Scots Law, arises where there has been a breach of an order of the court. Now, to be bound by an order of the court, the order needs to have been served on the person to be bound. From your narrative, the first you were aware of the order preventing you from entering the court, was when a police officer removed you from the queue.

    Were you ever served with the court order?

    Were you present in court when the prosecution’s motion to prevent you entering the court as a result of your alleged breach was put before the judge?

    Were you or your legal representative allowed to hear the allegations of your alleged breach and respond to the allegations?

    Absent these, I would suggest that preventing your accessing the court amounts to a breach of natural justice and was probably unlawful.

    If the court is unable to provide you with a copy of the order, I would contact the police to get the details of the police officer who prevented you entering the court and make a complaint to the police. If the police acted without a court order that will itself be an offence.

    Although the trial is over, this appalling fascistic behaviour, if true, demands to be publicised and those responsible, put to account. Silence only permits this type of behaviour.

  435. dakk says:

    I seen it in the eyes of the elderly on Monday.

    I seen it for the fist time in the eyes of the newsreaders tonight.

    A mixture of fear of death and fear of the death of their comfortable lifestyle.

    Maybe my eyes are the same.

    Bearing in mind comfortable lifestyle is all relative.

  436. kapelmeister says:

    The Church of England is limiting its weddings to 5 people because of coronavirus. The bride and groom, the vicar and just two witnesses.

    There’s Princess Beatrice’s chance to get hitched without having her embarrassing auld paedo dad present.

  437. Brian Doonthetoon says:

    I know, I’m being pedantic and I accept that all of us must be able to post our comments here but I find my teeth grinding at some of the appalling grammar and use of words – and apostrophes – btl on this blog.

    I always thought that English, as a language, was always well taught in Scottish schools.

    It would seem that some weren’t paying attention.


  438. Pete says:

    Our education system has declined abysmally.
    Very sad.

  439. Al-Stuart says:

    Ian Brotherhood, well said. Craig Murray’s coverage of the Alex Salmond trial has been riveting reading. On a forensic level Ambassador Murray knocks nine bells of Hell out of any MSM journalist with his own calm and measured manner of writing.

    One telling comment in his Blog was that the Sheriff might not even know that some random spook had instructed some Yoon plod to ban him from court. The clueless cop was just following orders.

    Contempt of Court principles apply here on WoS too. So I will hold my wheesht on comment regarding the internal A.S. trial .

    However, I do believe we will see an effect similar to that which happened after 18th September 2014. The contrary nature and bone-deep sense of natural justice of Scots with the thrawn DNA means that if an injustice happens, a seismic event follows.

    Some random examples…

    > Following the loss of IndyRef1 who would have predicted the voter tsunami that followed? The rest of 2018 saw a mega and inspirational increase in SNP membership (unlikely to happen again whilst Nicola Sturgeon is First Minister).

    > On 30th June 2007 at the Glasgow terror attack, Scot, John Smeaton QGM kicked murderous ba$tard Kareem Ahmed in the testicles and brought him down.

    > Between 1964-1974, Calum Macleòid BEM in the very definition of the word “thrawn” built Calum’s Road on the Island of Raasay to access Rona Lighthouse.

    Bitterly ironic that Calum’s sister Bella Dolly died in the 1919 Spanish flu pandemic.

    The point? Whatever happens this year, we will eventually emerge from Coronavirus and the IndyRef/AUOB movement will transform. Either with Alex Salmond at the head or Joanna Cherry.

    The reason? A LOT of us are fucking angry and we will remedy that by directing our incandescent energy, democratically working to make our country independent. Even if the Dreghon office manager doesn’t want to.

    Am now off to make a donation to support the work of a VERY good man who has had a couple of bad nights. Anyone care to join me…

  440. a way to stop stockpiling ,

    1 pack of toilet paper £2.50
    2 pack of toilet paper £10.00
    3 pack of toilet paper £50.00

  441. dakk says:

    Yes yoor being pedatlntic 🙂

  442. Mist001 says:

    Right, so have we cleared the air then?

    As you may have worked out, I’m highly critical of Mrs. Murrell, the Scottish Government, and the SNP.

    I’m not a ‘British spy’, a ‘Britnat’ or ’77th Brigade’ or anything like that.

    I’m simply someone who wants to drive Scotland to independence sooner rather than later and can’t be arsed with the charade of Holyrood pretending to be something that it’s not.

  443. dakk says:

    Must remember to talk proper Queen’s English like him Doonthetoon.

  444. dakk says:

    ‘I’m not a ‘British spy’, a ‘Britnat’ or ’77th Brigade’ or anything like that.’

    I think it was Burns who said :

    ‘thou dost protesteth too much’

    Couldn’t finf right pronunciation for that so oh dear full stop

  445. Ayeright says:


    He’s a big Bowie fan originally from Edinburgh who now lives in Marseille, also has right wing tendencies.

    So not a spy haha. Too thick for one.

  446. Grey Gull says:

    We live in strange times. Agree with Ian Brotherhood and Al Stuart. Have a look at Craig Murray’s blog. Thank goodness we still have that and Rev Stu to give us another perspective on what’s going on. I hope that will never be shut down.
    Like pubs tonight, places where folk could talk about everything and nothing and nobody took offence, or maybe rarely, but if they did it was sorted out over a dram or a week or two.

  447. jfngw says:

    Just watched a prog about Ready Steady Go, Mick Jagger singing I can’t get no (satisfaction). He still sings this but it’s about enlarged prostate and bladder control now.

  448. dakk says:

    @ Ayeright

    That explains that jaiket at least 🙂

  449. dakk says:


    Aul’ Misty, or better I say old Mist 001
    would indeed look the part in the old port of Marseille.

    Selling his wares or maybe putting a line down to catch his supper.

  450. Dr Jim says:

    @Brian Doonthetoon 10:25pm

    To be fair Brian, English is an imposed second language on Scotland, and also to be equally fair the English people themselves neither speak or spell it properly either

    Thank goodness for ABBA

  451. Ayeright says:


    I dedicate this song to you, think you’ll like it 🙂

  452. Ian Brotherhood says:

    From the comments in response to Craig Murray’s latest:

    Leonard Young
    March 20, 2020 at 18:28
    There can only be one valid reason for being barred from a court in these circumstances and that is a breach of the Contempt of Court Act 1981 whose principle conditions for contempt are as follows:

    “The strict liability rule applies only to a publication which creates a substantial risk that the course of justice in the proceedings in question will be seriously impeded or prejudiced.”

    Note the word “substantial”.

    The act also provides leeway:

    “A publication made as or as part of a discussion in good faith of public affairs or other matters of general public interest is not to be treated as a contempt of court under the strict liability rule if the risk of impediment or prejudice to particular legal proceedings is merely incidental to the discussion.”

    Under this Act, it is implied that a reason ought to be given for any claim of contempt of court. Either contempt was perpetrated or it wasn’t. If it was then you would be subject to fine or imprisonment. You cannot just be barred from entry on the loose assumptions that someone court official doesn’t like you. You cannot just prevent someone from entering a court gallery on a whim. You have to be given a reason, and if there is contempt then you would normally be heavily fined, arrested or imprisoned.

    If the court simply doesn’t welcome your presence, that is not a valid reason to bar you.

    After reading the MSM’s assessment of the defence case, it is clear many of them give undue prominence to the prosecution and scant attention to the defence, or describe proceedings in a different way. For example the Guardian on March 19th headlines with the following: “Alex Salmond trial: Scotland’s former first minister ‘was sexual predator’. Jury hears that Salmond preyed on younger women for nearly eight years.” Except for the small quote marks, the impression given is that these allegations might be seen as established facts.

    Whereas the defence’s claims are described with a completely different emphasis, thus: “Defence lawyer says ‘scary’ pattern of allegations shows former first minister must be acquitted”

    Note the completely different emphasis, where the prosecution’s claims are presented almost as fact, whereas the defense claims are clearly couched as quotes from the beginning, not facts.

    One might fairly conclude that the Guardian’s different style of reporting between prosecution and defence cases is, while not in contempt, certainly is biased as to emphasis.

    I’ve read Craig’s reporting several times and I cannot see a single sentence that is not a fair observation, the most telling one being an unassailable fact, that the prosecution’s case is entirely dependent on uncorroborated statements absent of any third party evidence or confirmation.

    I cannot recall a single MSM report that points this out. So who is “in contempt”?

  453. Grey Gull says:

    Ian Brotherhood. We all know it’s not right
    . Unfortunately the MSM will never report it.

  454. Ian Brotherhood says:

    @jfngw (11.07) –

    It must be really hard to watch Jagger doing anything ‘live’ now.

    Last time I did, it was some BBC ‘special’ and he looked like he was going to fall to bits at any second. It did add a certain ‘frisson’ to the whole performance, I suppose…

    (That must’ve been, ooh, six or seven years ago. And if he was the inspiration for the Memorex ad, FFS!, how long ago was that?)


  455. dakk says:

    Him Doonthetoon asked for a discussion about English and grammar and then fucked off for at least an hour.


  456. Dan says:


    I noticed I have used a superfluous apostrophe in an above post which I always try not to do. I therefore apologise profusely to those I have offended.
    In mitigation, I had quaffed a couple of Guinness with my dinner in an attempt to bulk up as I was beginning to have a physique like the gable end of a pound note, and didn’t want to be mistaken for that Haunted Victorian Pencil man, aka Mogg.

    That said, not everyone is educated to the highest standards of writing / grammar / language use, yet they may excel in other areas that are arguably more important in everyday life.
    I certainly know a load of “highly” qualified people that are fuckin numpties.

    Nobody should feel put off posting for fear of being judged on how they write.
    I failed my English O grade as I was an immature and hyperactive little shit at school. I imagine I would have been diagnosed with ADHD had tests been done back in the day like they are now.
    Like many other people, my talents are in more practical vocations which are arguably more important in keeping our society functioning.

  457. dakk says:

    And while I’m here.

    You created a flock which funded you, Reverend Stuart.

    Shouldn’t you be tending them just a teeny bit in these troubled times.

    You were all GRA, and that’s been shelved.

    Are the mounting deaths of Sars/Cov2 not worthy of at least a comment or even some research and insight.

    Hope to fuck I didn’t miss a comma somewhere in there.

  458. Ian Brotherhood says:

    @Al-Stuart (10.30) –

    Sorry, meant to respond to your comment earlier…

    Totally agree with your take on it all.

    No matter what that jury decides, the outcome is a potential tipping-point for the indy movement.

    Alex Salmond looks properly gubbed and you can tell it’s not Weinstein-style acting. He’s exhausted, possibly even heartbroken.

    But who would put it past him, to come back again?

    I wouldn’t.

    We can’t see ‘heroes’ as-such when they’re alive, contemporary, touchable. But in terms of ‘Scottish’ history, this man is surely right up there.

    The haters and doubters and scandal-merchants can get tae fuck – for what it’s worth, I’m with Big Eck all the way.


  459. dakk says:

    Anyway comma off to bed stop

    Got another day servicing coughers tomorrow to pay the bills stop

  460. Ayeright says:

    @Ian Brotherhood

    Alex Salmond will be a legend when the history is written of the struggle for Scottish Independence. It really is entirely down to that one man that we got as far as we did in 2014.

    People believed in him and were inspired by him to do their utmost to achieve his dream of an Independent Scotland. Along with thousands of others, I was one of them

    Unlike others here I believe that when he stepped down as leader he handed over to the most capable person able to continue that dream and that was Nicola Sturgeon.

    I have no particular opinion for or against her, I do know she’s very capable as a political leader as can even be seen now when compared to Johnson in her updates on the Coronavirus situation.

    I do think though that our opponents in our struggle for Independence would LOVE to see the back of Salmond and Sturgeon. Not hard to reason why as the both of them are the most effective and leaders that are currently in the UK.

    Call me a “fanboy” if you like all you Sturgeon haters but I’ll bide my time and look forward to seeing the egg on your face when she leads us to Independence.

    We will not LOSE next time, it might be time to bide our time.

  461. jfngw says:

    @ian brotherhood

    I wasn’t being serious, I’ve no idea if he still sings this. The comment fitted in with my age, unfortunately I probably watched the original around 1965, my sisters always watched it (they were older).

  462. dakk says:

    Alex Salmond is ‘aight’ if I am permitted to say so.

  463. Mist001 says:

    There’s something wrong in the trail of Alex Salmond, something that we don’t know about and probably something that was spoken about when the prosecution were presenting their case which we weren’t privvy to.

    the reason I’m saying this is that if you’ve been following the progress of the trial as I have, on Craig Murrays excellent blog, then you’d be pretty certain that Alex Salmond has been stitched up and essentially, had no case to answer.

    Well, if it was as clear cut as we think it is, then the jury would have easily reached a decision today but no, despite their deliberations, there’s something that they don’t agree on and so have been sent home for the weekend to reconvene on Monday.

    So I’m wondering what is the missing piece that we don’t know about but which is causing some difficulty for the jury to reach a decision?

    Why do we think Alex is innocent, but some of the jury don’t?

  464. James says:

    We loved Alex…’Mr.Scotland’… And we always will.

  465. Ayeright says:

    Here’s how I feel about Wings today compared with the past.

    That was for Misty boy, hope you enjoyed.

  466. Ayeright says:

    I’m being flippant and just winding up that Mist001 who is the most depressing person you could imagine if you’re actually a supporter of Independence.

    I what to say though that we need to forget all about that for now, what we’re in now is a far far more serious situation with Covid-19.

    You have to put your doubt aside about how serious it could be or if it could affect you because the consequences of ignoring it mean that you will be much more likely to get the virus.

    If you’re young then the statistics say you’ll have mild symptoms and it won’t be an issue, however that is not the case for mum and dad and especially granny and grandad.

    Take heed of the advice to restrict social contact, for your elder’s sake if not for yours.

    I’ll admit to being a believer of how this was an overreaction to something not much more than than the flu.

    Now I know I was absolutely wrong in my cynicism and it will likely turn out to be a great deal worse than I could imagine.

    We all need to restrict contact as best we can, by doing that we will reduce the rate of infection and like China hopefully bring it down to zero after a couple of months.

    If we don’t then we could end up looking like Italy. So it really is that serious and it’s up to us to do our part not to spread it by restricting contact as best we can with others.

    We’ll do our best and help your neighbour if they need it.

  467. cynicalHighlander says:

    Ian Brorotherhood

    Well said Alex will always be there as this is a stitch up from start to finish.

  468. PacMan says:

    Brian Doonthetoon says: 20 March, 2020 at 8:57 pm

    And the killer… only half a dozen half bottles of whisky. No 70cl, no litres – and no vodka, as another customer pointed out to the checkout operator.

    People have got it in the minds that they are stockpiling the bevy for a 12 week emergency. Lying in the house, the stuff they buy won’t last two weeks.

    The real pandemic in Scotland won’t be coronavirus, it will be alcohol poisoning.

  469. PacMan says:

    I know this a trying time but don’t get glued to the TV or social media trying to get the latest information about the coronavirus. Just keep popping into the Wings and other indy friendly sites who will keep you informed when things do happen.

    In the meantime, just take a step back and think about things you have always wanted to do and put off because you had other things. You can learn to play an instrument, learn another language, learn more about computers and technology. There is so much you can do to occupy yourself in the weeks to come.

    If you are stuck for something to do and is safe to do so, get a tube of glue and some felt tips pens, visit some of those nuts who had bought packets and packets of pasta and help them make creative making things out of it. With patience, arts and craft is a very rewarding experience and give them something to do with all that stuff they aren’t going to eat.

  470. PacMan says:

    Mist001, Jakie, Pete. Very selfish people. They come on here and spreading about a lot what is coming out of their mouths. They should be going down to the allotments and spreading it to help people grow vegetables for them to eat.

  471. twathater says:

    Petition to complain about Craig Murrays exclusion from the AS trial

  472. Dorothy Devine says:

    About the trial , I am bothered that the jury will be home in time to read all the ordure in the press – none of which cares about honesty , justice nor anything which Craig reported.

    I doubt that there is a ‘missing piece’ alluded to by some and I too am with Mr Salmond.

    He looks utterly exhausted thanks to those determined to destroy him.

  473. mike cassidy says:

    jfngw and ian brotherhood

    Jagger still sings this!

    Very clever move to turn yourself into your own tribute band.

  474. Dorothy Devine says:

    I see that Coylumbridge Hotel has suffered an appalling administrative error in sacking and evicting its entire staff.


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