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The decoy

Posted on April 14, 2018 by

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    1. 14 04 18 08:56

      The decoy | speymouth

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    1. Street Andrew says:

      Nice cartoon, Chris, but….

      I don’t think the current shitstorm is about Trump. He’s being played and has been since he arrived in office.

      This is the man who wanted to go and crack a bottle of stolly with Vladimir Putin and the entire military security industry had conniptions.

      The rest follows from that.

    2. Liz g says:

      Horrible news this morning.
      Picture says it all really,one man’s ego.
      They will never learn it seems,even when most rational people so clearly don’t believe their excuses.
      If we learn anything it can only be to never host another country’s military in Scotland!

    3. Luigi says:

      This whole thing was staged. No way Trump and Putin did not discuss this beforehand. Minmal damage but it will be portrayed as a massive strike by our compliant MSM. Both Russia and the US will be keen to analyse how many tomahawks the Syrians took out with their S300 systems. Quite a few, based on what happened last time.

      You have to understand that the west has been completely humiliated in Syria . The they have had their asses kicked and desperately need a face-saver. And a welcome distraction for Theresa May (although a growing anti-war response may yet finish her off).

      Putin probably saying to Trump = “Ok, have your strike, but I control Syria”. Trump was boxed into a corner – or was he?

    4. jdman says:

      How many times can they expect to get away with the same trick?

    5. Crackerjack says:

      This is another illegal attack on a Sovereign country.

      Not in my name Treeza.

      And she didn’t even bother to ask this time.

      UN inspectors are due to go into Syria today, so why the hurry to bomb???

    6. starlaw says:

      Well done Chris.
      I now no longer watch our main news programs. I know they tell little truth and nothing believable about Scotland, not even the weather forecast.
      This programme against Syria has only ever been about regime change, and the furtherment of American greed for power and oilwealth.

    7. Morgatron says:

      Great cartoon Chris, but a really sad situation. May and Trump desperate to move attention to what’s happening at home. Warmongers. OT , i see Nicola got her apology from The Herald. Only three months late, just like their news. !!

    8. Breeks says:

      “Waking up to the news that UK participating in military action in #Syria without clear objectives, without a parliamentary vote & in face of public opinion. Worst of all we learn about it first from that charlatan #Trump not our own PM #poodle…”

      Not a bad wee missile launched launched from our own Joanna Cherry though… A lot more accurate than most missiles launched last night.

    9. Robert Louis says:

      Great cartoon, and very, very timely. The crooked president, off to bomb some people, any people.

      Not in my name, Theresa. Not in my f*****g name.

      As usual we are told the bombs are ‘special’ and are targeted. They say they bombed a chemical weapons research laboratory, so does that mean it is ok for Putin to bomb Porton Down. I can see no difference.

      Nicola, call the referendum, and get us away from these murderous lying clowns in Westminster.

    10. Effijy says:

      Has there ever been a Prime Minister in England who hasn’t backed up any act of war that an American President wanted to initiate?

      We seen in the very long and expensive Chilcott report that Blair just lay down to Bush and promised to give him anything the UK had if he could just be given access to the $Billion investments that the Bushes have built up with insider information.

      Worked very well for filthy rich Blair, and not well for the UK treasury or the families of those who died looking to find the Weapons of Mass Corruption.

      Has anyone noticed how when a UK Prime Minster retires they head of to do after dinner speaking and book signings?

      I could never believe the alleged number of biographies supposedly sold in the USA.

      Often wondered if this was how bribery money was laundered by the USA to pay these Ministers for services rendered?
      The US Government buys them pretending to be book distributers and old Tony fills his pockets with off shore cash.

      Even that idiot Gordon Brown still goes over there and picks up a cool half million each year yet when I discuss politics in America with Americans, no one can recognise the name.

      Well at least it gives him funds to take £10,000 per week in expenses from his “Charity”?

      Sorry I forgot to add the UK Propaganda Line:
      “A very reliable source close to the US Administration tells us”

    11. Bill McLean says:

      These hypocritical swine are not doing this in my name – or the name of anyone I know! We must separate ourselves from these warmongers soonest!

    12. Alex Waugh says:

      “What kind of nation wants to be associated with the mass murder of men, women and children?” says Trump.
      My Lai? Haditha, anyone?
      The stink of hypocrisy is choking me.

    13. Bob Mack says:

      Speaks for itself really.

    14. Vestas says:

      @ Effijy 8:20 am :

      “Has there ever been a Prime Minister in England who hasn’t backed up any act of war that an American President wanted to initiate?”

      Harold Wilson refused to get involved in Vietnam – unlike the rest of the “five eyes” group. How much of that was payback from the English establishemnt for Suez is a different matter.

    15. Andy smith says:

      Any chance that some of these planes will be diverted to take out some Israeli snipers ?

    16. Donald anderson says:

      The RAF are bombing right now and the decision was taken whilst their MPs were on holiday.

    17. Abulhaq says:

      No high moral ground here…just more graves. The Vicar’s Daughter is one of the sextons.
      These western aggressors are criminals. Are they officially at war? No. Watch out Scotland. Dont do anything the big boys dont like.
      Over to you Vladimir. The field is yours.

    18. Grouse Beater says:

      Many thanks, Chris.

      Manufactured austerity is a class war, carefully designed to keep citizens in debt and docile. War is designed to take their mind off austerity, and if they get rebellious, to send them to fight in it.

      If you despise Trump then you have to despise Treeza, two failed politicians reviving their popularity by indulging in another internationally illegal act of war.

      And then there’s dim Etonian Dave I’m-really-Scots Cameron who called a referendum to save his party and only succeeded in resigning and leaving the UK to rely more than ever on the USA and psychotic Trump to do its thinking.

      A depressing day.

      If anybody wants to read something different:

      A Sharp Shooter:
      Goodbye Diesel:

    19. Bill McLean says:

      The boss and I are seriously considering leaving the SNP following the article by MP Martin Docherty-Hughes in today’s National. This is not the only reason. Not at all happy with Ian Blackford’s views nor Pete Wishart. Will always support the independence movemtn but very worried about the SNP>

    20. Highland Wifie says:

      Worth reading Craig Murray for a timeline of events leading up to this strike – ‘Just who’s pulling the strings?’ Puts it into perspective about why it had to happen now.
      Really fed up with the crocodile tears of TM over Syrian children. No concern shown for children in Yemen.

    21. auld highlander says:

      Ah, the flabby bully boy thug with his creepy little seconds May and Macron, how many rounds?

    22. Jomry says:

      From Craig Murray’s blog-

      March 4 2018 Sergei and Yulia Skripal are attacked with a nerve agent in Salisbury

      March 6 2018 Boris Johnson blames Russia and calls Russia “a malign force”

      March 7 2018 Crown Prince Mohammed Bin Salman of Saudi Arabia arrives in London for an official visit

      March 13 2018 Valeri Gerasimov, Russian Chief of General Staff, states that Russia has intelligence a fake chemical attack is planned against civilians in Syria as a pretext for US bombing of Damascus, and that Russia will respond militarily.

      March 19 2018 Crown Prince Mohammed Bin Salman of Saudi Arabia arrives in Washington for an official visit

      April 8 2018 Crown Prince Mohammed Bin Salman of Saudi Arabia arrives in Paris for an official visit

      April 8 2018 Saudi funded jihadist groups Jaysh al Islam and Tahrir al-Sham and UK funded jihadist “rescue group” The White Helmets claim a chemical weapons attack occurred in their enclave of Douma the previous day – just before its agreed handover to the Syrian army – and blame the Syrian government.

      April 11 2018 Saudi Arabia pledges support for attack on Syria

      April 14 2018 US/UK/French attack on Syria begins.

    23. Macart says:


      OFFS! We never seem to learn. ?

    24. yesindyref2 says:

      @Bill McLean
      I’d advise caution on this from everyone in Indy, lest we be caught on the wrong side of the argument. Unlike Skripal, it’s very possible the “evidence” actually is sound. But I’d suggest people take the time to see how it goes before going ballistic. Means that National article might be right.

    25. Breeks says:

      Syrian military reporting 110 missiles launched but “air defences effectively shot down most of them”.

      One hit on a scientific research building, and 3 people injured by a “derailed” missile.

      It’s just an early report, and from a partisan source, but if it’s true, 99% of US missiles are now ineffective. Think about that a minute. Right now there is Russian Wargaming Supercomputer recognising it’s upper hand and screaming “Hit them now! Hit them now”, and there’s an American Wargaming Supercomputer dropping it’s coffee cup and fumbling its lines…

      I hope Theresa May is chilled to the bone this morning. All that obscene amount of defence money squandered on Trident, while the Russian’s clearly spent their defence budget on defence, and the Saudis are suddenly wondering if they kept all the receipts.

      Come on Joanna Cherry and Nicola, make the warmongering Tory bastards squirm for this, and get the utterly reckless humiliation of these blundering gobshites sharpened into an effective Constitutional spearpoint. They could have started full on WW3 last night, but for the grace of Vladimir, we could all have woken up as dust in the outer atmosphere, as they charged into battle firing duds – Lady May’s fateful Charge of the Shite Brigade!

      We gotta get out of this place. No more appeasement of these bloodthirsty Warmongering cretins. These creatures do NOT speak for Scotland. Commence undocking procedures.

    26. yesindyref2 says:

      Anyway, after that well merited word of caution I’m off to the pit after a night’s solid work listening to The Hits which has no news and thank God had very little crap rap on it this time (some rap is good). Luigi’s comment above is a good one. The details of this strike have been public for days.

    27. galamcennalath says:

      The three Western leaders involved all currently have need of a squirrel to deflect public attention. Funny coincidence, that.

    28. Tam Fae Somewhere says:

      Why would anyone want to spend billions (trillions) on Trident when these “smart” missiles cannot even get to their target?

    29. Phronesis says:

      We should march in our thousands for Scotland’s independence on May 5th and at all Indy marches .A strong visual reminder that Indyref 2 is real and that the YES movement is very much alive and thriving.
      ‘Bairns Not Bombs’ are Scotland’s future.

    30. Abulhaq says:

      In Putin’s shoes I would play a long game, just wait for those three righteous leaders of western democracy to fall into their own political graves. Moral hubris is a lethal agent.

    31. Bill McLean says:

      yesindyref2 at 0916. I did say we are “considering”, which surely implies a degree of “caution”. I doubt that this SNP MP has any more evidence of what happened in Salisbury or the Douma “gassing” than we have. In which case he should have, given the lack of evidence, kept his mouth shout. We have felt for some time that the SNP, the best party we have, are still becoming too cozy at Westminster. We will continue to “consider” and of course fully support YES and the independence movement!

    32. Legerwood says:

      Morgatron says:
      14 April, 2018 at 8:11 am
      “”? OT , i see Nicola got her apology from The Herald. Only three months late, just like their news. !!””
      The apology printed in the Herald today relates to an article printed in yesterday’s Herald. The headline on the article was totally misleading.

      Ms Sturgeon rightly complained and the Herald has printed a correction and apology and, unusually, they have done so quite promptly.

    33. HandandShrimp says:

      Well hopefully, willies having been waved, they can all calm down to a convulsion. Most of Syria looks like a demolition site so quite what May et al think a few cruise missiles will do is moot.

      Syria had a weeks notice. Anything of value would already be moved. Drain cleaner warns you not to mix with bleach otherwise you will gas yourself with chlorine. It is hardly cutting edge weaponry that you can stop with “surgical strikes”.

      If we were genuinely worried about moral decency we would guarantee the Kurds their position but that might upset Turkey.

    34. Chick McGregor says:

      Parliament? What Parliament?
      Democracy? What Democracy?
      Morality? What morality?

      Medic on the scene of the alleged attack says a bomb hit a building and the people were being treated for smoke inhalation, then somebody started the chemical attack rumour and relatives panicked and started dousing sufferers with water,

      World War III will not this time simply provide a reset button for failed American and UK style capitalism but perhaps they realise that and prefer oblivion to admitting elitist exceptionalism is wrong.

    35. Capella says:

      Lucky that the OPCW inspectors start work today then. They can take a look at the sites bombed by “the West” and confirm that they were sites storing or manufacturing chemical weapons – which they no doubt inspected last time they were in Syria confirming that the chemical weapons had been destroyed.

      Leaving our foreign policy and defence in the hands of these cretins is sheer madness.

    36. Calum McKay says:

      One nation sends its forces into action in another nation’s civil war, all because a further nation’s leader could not keep his house in order or his zip up.

      Sounds like something from 16th Century Europe, but its the international communbity of 2018, five centuries on.

      This is what the uk is reduced to, a diversion for Trump’s zip.

    37. Chick McGregor says:

      Many people still think the cabal headed by May is just another bunch of Tories, they are not, they are psychopathic Nazis.

      Cameron was a Tory but he was still a democrat, he consulted parliament on military action, he agreed to the Scots right to decide on independence, he saw the merits of EU membership, he saw the merits of human rights protection by remaining in the ECHR.

      Every PM who was ever been pressed on the subject in the past said that independence for Scotland was up to the Scottish people. This lot are different, they believe in autocracy not democracy, they are a different animal, they are Nazis.

    38. Luigi says:

      This mad attack on Syria may be the final nail in May’s coffin.

      Bad Old Blighty exposed as never before.

      Now is the time Nichola. Go for it.

      A stake through the heart as the sun rises will finish em off. 🙂

    39. ScottieDog says:

      It’s all about resources. That’s why they must keep scotland.
      I’m sick to my stomach. Genuinely want to emigrate

    40. Bill McLean says:

      Calum McKay 1013 – That’s it!!!!! not wishing in any way to diminish the horror of this latest foolish Western game – let’s name this needless breach of international law –
      “The War of Trump’s Zip”

    41. Hamish100 says:

      Surely May, Davidson, Mundell, Rees-Mogg, Johnston, Gove, Corbyn could all be with Trump facing the other way shouting squirrel. How many weeks now and brexit is off the papers front pages. What diversion next? Comet approaching earth? Still we know who is to blame.

      FM spends £1/2 million ponds on her wee house (official residence) says bbc scotchland. Forgot to say whoever would be FM the residence wold need repairs.
      How much Westminster repairs?

    42. Hamish100 says:

      bbc shereen

      Why Mo Mowlon missed out of Peace Process in NI?
      You would think they would recall the background shenanigans between Mandleson and Bliar when the process was progressing. She got moved sideways Mandleson moves in. Strange that the bbc/itv lovelies don’t remember the programme made a numbe of years ago. Mo was getting too much good press. The Blair Mandleson ego’s couldn’t have that.

    43. Brian McHugh says:

      That hearing the both sides of the story thing is a real pain in the ass…

    44. Worth a read for future BBC/MSM misinformation and propaganda,

      Definition/understanding of Precision Bombing is different between civilians and army,

      `Lt. Colonel Jill Long of the USAF writes “the term ‘Precision’ does not imply, as one might assume, accuracy.

      Instead, the word Precision exclusively pertains to a discriminate targeting process”.

      She goes on, “By using a word that has such specific meaning in the mind of most civilians, it is easy to see how a gap in understanding and expectations has been fostered.”

      Indeed. When military spokespeople describe an aircraft or drone as undertaking a ‘precision strike’ it tends to get reinterpreted both in the media and in the minds of the public as being an ‘accurate’ strike, a misunderstanding that the military seem to have little interest in correcting.`

      Precision = discriminate targeting process = “we got the thing in the air”.

    45. gus1940 says:

      Is it not a fact that Agent Orange is a Chemical Weapon.

      How many thousands of deaths and deformities of innocent civilians was that responsible for?

    46. Dave McEwan Hill says:

      Lifted from a post on Facebook. Spot on.

      “You trust too much ‘The US, Britain and France last night expended more than £180m-worth of cruise missiles in a ludicrously telegraphed token display of “kinetic gesture” politics which is likely to achieve precisely nothing. The Russians in Syria were told of the target areas to avoid direct superpower confrontation. The Syrians had meanwhile moved the best of their aircraft – the one military item which gives them the decisive battlefield advantage over rebel groups – to Russian-staffed bases. Their key scientific and military personnel were also moved to safety. The huge application of high-explosive power caused, according to Syrian sources, just three injured civilians. Whether it destroyed or damaged chemical-weapon facilities is still unknown. Even if it did, any nation with the capability of producing insecticide is well on the way to producing nerve gas. Simpler chemical weapons like mustard gas – phosgene – are even easier to manufacture. This was not a body-blow to Assad’s regime. It was a one-off pin-prick brought on by Trump’s typical, big-mouth Twitter threats. Crucially, it was an attack launched in advance of the arrival of qualified UN inspectors to verify if a chemical violation had even occurred in the first place. The Mango Mussolini wants to appear tough on the world stage. He also wants to deflect from his growing domestic legal and political problems. Insiders say wiser military heads at the Pentagon, already horrified by Trump’s unqualified and uninformed threats, managed to limit the scope of the action. Britain had no business being part of this charade – albeit a distinctly token part – without Parliamentary approval. We don’t have a dog in this fight and should stay out of it. And this morning, Assad is still in power, the seven-year, multi-sided Syrian civil war rumbles on unchecked, and zero of importance has changed. As Shakespeare might have said if he’d been here himself, “It is a tale told by an idiot(Trump), full of sound and fury, signifying nothing.”” Ian Bruce

    47. Chick McGregor says:


      Agree, it was a disgrace how Mo’s achievement was hijacked by the narcissistic Labour leadership.

      BTW my description of Macron as Tony Blair mark II has been amply demonstrated by the events of the past 24 hours.

      Now let’s see if my prediction that the French people are too savvy and will rid themselves of him at the first opportunity comes to fruition.

      Similar fate for May? No chance.

    48. heedtracker says:

      “May said she would return to the Commons on Monday when MPs arrive back from the Easter recess to give a statement…

      “This decision was taken because I think it was the right thing to do,” she said.

      2 mins ago, stinky old The Graun rolling UK war stuff. Her right thing to do is fair enough, teamGB is certainly rignt, hard core.

    49. Breeks says:

      Chick McGregor says:
      14 April, 2018 at 10:07 am
      Parliament? What Parliament?
      Democracy? What Democracy?
      Morality? What morality?

      Aye Chick. And even when we’ve got a Sovereign democratic majority to formally contest the economic stupidity of Brexit and stand firm against our unconstitutional subjugation, we walk right past it and say “Ah yes, but we don’t want that majority, we want the compelling majority for action that we haven’t got”….

      If the Good Fairies of Scotland planted a little ring box for us to stumble across and find in the middle of the road, and we picked it up before it got run over, but then found it didn’t contain a precious ring but instead it contained a sparkling jewel that turned out to be Scottish Sovereignty, we’d “do the right thing”, close the box, keep it safe then hand it in to the nearest Police Station Lost and Found.

      Sometimes I despair at our National meekness. If the Tories have to bear their cross as unhinged psychotic, lying sociopaths, what is our cross to bear? Some kind of damaged, low self esteem and mealy mouthed infirmity? We mustn’t do anything which might possibly hurt somebody’s feelings. It doesn’t matter what they do to us, be thankful we have the stoicism to endure it???

      I don’t get it. I’m sick of it. What’s wrong with us? Are we institutionalised? Has the Union addled our brains?Have we been bullied so long and so often the damage is permanent???

      I’m not saying we should suddenly turn into Vladimir Putin, but I do believe if old Vlad was running Holyrood, we’d be a respected independent Nation by now. If Scotland was already an Independent country, I’d be more than content, ecstatic even, to have the liberal pragmatic progressive government we’ve currently got. I’m just not sure it’s the darker, grimmer, nastier government that we need to get us there. I’m not comfortable being nice all the time.

    50. gus1940 says:

      Another Oscar worthy display of how not to answer questions from May this morning.

    51. Stan Moore says:

      “staged chemical attacks” – “Petrodollar” & “Petroyuan” – USA picking a fight through the back door in order to keeping their monopoly of “dollars per barrel” – they know they are gonna be buried soon so go to War dragging the arse licking disUnited kingdom along with them… God’s Country as we know it is about to crumble before our very eyes & guess what – SO ARE WE…

    52. David Smith says:

      The fact that Rajoy has praised the strikes tells you all you need to know.

    53. Jomry says:

      Bill McLean
      Completely agree with your point above re SNP MP in National. No-one knows whether there was in fact a chemical attack in Douma – far less who was responsible if one was carried out. ‘Staged’ attack claimed by Russia is equally plausible to Western claims re Assad responsibility – to my mind, much more plausible, looking at surrounding events – but that is only my opinion. Similarly, for an MP to claim Assad ‘clearly responsible’ and to completely dismiss the claims of the Russian Ambassador as ‘disinformation’ seemingly as fact with no more justification than his own opinion, is quite irresponsible.
      What has been missing from this and the Skripal affair is evidence and hard fact. Missiles have been launched before OPCW has begun its investigation on Douma. Chemical weapons factories in Syria are being discussed as though they are facts – despite OPCW supervision of Syri’s destruction of all its stocks.
      Gratified that SNP position is opposed to military strikes, but appalled at the way in which they have readily aligned themselves with the UK evidence free narrative in both of these affairs. I even joined Twitter-something I vowed never to do- to tell both Nicola Sturgeon and Ian Blackford how appalled I was As an SNP member at their uncritical adoption of UK rhetoric.
      Really upsetting thing about all of this is the dishonest headlong rush into strikes, sanctions etc without any evidential basis in pursuit of a political agenda – without the slightest hint of outrage from any section of BBC or MSM – and virtually no challenge to the narrative. . Probably to be expected

    54. Dave McEwan Hill says:

      Bill McLean at 9.52

      Stay where you are. I know how difficult it can be, but stay where you are. All parties elect a strange cross selection of MPs. Being on the cross party defence body our naive young man probably believes all the shite. I had the same problem last year with John Nicholson who had swallowed all the rubbish about Assad and Syria.

      We must keep our eyes on the prize. The bottom line is that the SNP deplores this action without parliamentary authority which is the correct position regardless of the context and the post I made at 11.08 is very informative.

      Chris Cairn’s cartoon is bang on the money and respect steadily seeps away from May and Westminster.

    55. colin alexander says:

      Bill McLean

      Welcome to supporting independence but, no longer giving unquestioning support to the SNP.

      In 2014 there was a tremendous feel good factor, a confidence inspiring leadership from the SNP; an SNP that was on the way up. An SNP that promoted independence.

      The SNP were dominant.

      Now, the SNP are dithering, diffident, indifferent to indy.

      The feeling now is, the SNP are on the way out. A minority govt that have settled for cushy jobs for life as administrators of Westminster devolution and Westminster parliament.

      Four wasted years. Four years that could have been used to promote indy, spent promoting the SNP. Now, the indyref mandate has been achieved, wasting time supporting the SNP is the dead end of party politics.

      On a positive note, it’s good YES campaigners are no longer waiting for the SNP to lead them. No longer letting the SNP hold them back.

      Independent Scotland is for everyone of any party or none.

    56. heedtracker says:

      So most modern bombs hit their targets 30% of the time. Trident at least makes sense then for our imperial masters in their Whitehall war room.

      6m ago
      Russia claims Syria air defences shot down 71 of 103 missiles
      Peter Beaumont Peter Beaumont

      The Russian military has claimed that the Syrian air defences, whose most modern weapon is a three-decade old Russian-supplied anti-aircraft system, shot down “71 of 103” missiles fired by the US and its allies, the UK and France, Peter Beaumont and Andrew Roth write.

    57. Dr Jim says:

      Scotland, the country that never voted for Theresa May in England which is another country
      Scotland, which never voted for President Trump because that’s in America very far away
      Scotland, who never voted for President Macron of France, again because that’s another country

      Notice how Scotland has NO power, zilch, nada, over what these countries decide to do

      Yet between these three countries they decide to bomb another country Syria, again which is very far away, but in making that decision Scotlands name was attached to a decision Scotland wasn’t consulted on or even told about and the consequences of these countries doing what they’ve done is to upset yet another country Russia, which again is very far away and we don’t have a vote there either,and they’ve said in response to these bombings that Russia is considering banning…….. *Scotch Whisky*

      You know how when you throw your arms up in the air and shout *Whit the hell did we dae*

      Those are the consequences of being Scottish in Britain
      you don’t even get consulted or allowed an opinion

      If the Russians say decide to bomb Faslane in retaliation do we think the above countries will object by saying well Scotland actually didn’t get a say in this so would you please bomb somewhere in England instead

    58. Dorothy Devine says:

      Why can’t our MSPs just not ?

      Why do they have to align themselves with the second biggest bunch of devious liars ever to grace Westminster?

      I am horrified this morning and I want my country out of this mess and free of WMDs.

    59. Bill McLean says:

      Thanks all for replies – as I wrote before we are “considering”. We will not be swayed by ranting anti-SNP contributors but maintain our own standards of what we expect from our political representatives. Independence for Scotland, regardless, will always be top of our wish list. Thanks all again.

    60. heedtracker says:

      Now, the SNP are dithering, diffident, indifferent to indy.”

      Any excuse for your SNP Out campaign Coco.

      This is what Orange Hitler’s been up to last week. FBI raided President of United States lawyer’s office, special no warning raid too . It looks like Orange Hitler’s lawyer paid a porn star $130k in hush money, for obvious reasons.

      The timing of this payoff matters. It was made during the last USA presidential election campaign but was not declared as Trump election expenses. This is illegal. Also, it is illegal to lie to your bank about why your withdrawing $130k, under anti money laundering law.

      So yes Coco, SNP Out but you know, perspective…

    61. Robert Peffers says:

      @Hamish100 says: 14 April, 2018 at 10:51 am:

      “FM spends £1/2 million ponds on her wee house (official residence) says bbc scotchland. Forgot to say whoever would be FM the residence wold need repairs.!

      Utter pish! Hamish100 – The FM has spent nothing on repairs. Bute House belongs to Scottish Heritage and they are responsible for keeping Bute House in good repair. BTW: It also cost Scottish Heritage a bomb for Nicola’s temporary accommodation.

      The tax payer had nothing to pay for.

    62. cirsium says:

      @jomry, 9.07am

      There should be another date in Craig’s timeline

      April 13 Igor Konashenkov, representative of the Russian Ministry of Defence, states that Russia has intelligence about the UK’s direct participation in organising the hoax in Douma

      Remember the lies that were told to support the attacks on Yugoslavia and Iraq and Libya? So this time it’s different. Really?

      @Dorothy, 11.30am
      I am horrified this morning and I want my country out of this mess and free of WMDs.
      Same here, Dorothy.

    63. Valerie says:

      Chris, on the money, as ever, but a tragic comment on the world in 2018.

      @Bill McLean, I know you are a regular and rational poster. It is hard reading some of the SNP statements on Twitter. I just comment “not in my name”, and I want Scotland out of this shameful Union. I feel I’m at least making my feelings known. My profile is obviously pro independence.

      I was shocked that Sky showed a few quick shots of footage from central Damascus. Crowds gathering to celebrate, flags, cheering. Happy that anti missile cover seems to have worked.

      It’s also very telling when Russian armoured vehicles drove, quite fast, into Douma, the Syrians in the street are cheering them.

      You need to be fast to catch these snippets, as it obviously doesn’t fit the narrative. They generally run as a one off as well, no doubt to assert they they are balanced.

      Deeply ashamed to still be in this Union. I’m beginning to feel the longer we remain at the mercy of the Union, tarred with their filth, the more my Scottish roots are being pulled from the ground, no matter my love.

    64. Meg merrilees says:

      Dave Mc Ewan Hill @11.08

      Absolutely spot on, thankyou for posting that.

      I was just going to bed at 2.00 am when I heard Trump’s speech and realised it had kicked off. Could go in any direction now! Thank goodness Russia is trying to be patient.

      £180m in one night – of which approx 70% was just went up in flames so that’s £116m just chucked away – stupid, stupid stupid.

      I think Craig Murray’s timeline is no coincidence and Saudi Arabia of course has purchased so many arms from us. Aren’t they causing the problems in Yemen? Seems to me that Saudi wants to get access to the Med.

      Time to break away from these warmongers!

    65. Foonurt says:

      gus1940 (11-07am) – aye, 245-T.

      Saturatit Vietnam, Laos & Cambodia waeit. Basturts.

      Monsanto (?noo Bayer), wae thurr glyphosate (‘Roundup’,) killin wurr planet.

      Dorothy Devine (11-30am) – wae ye oan thoan. Wheiy kin wae noo jist caw thurr feet fae thum. Haud thum tae coont, in say wurr aff.

    66. Gary45% says:

      So when do the west “Take Out” Netanyahu. He IS a WAR CRIMINAL, guilty of Genocide, war crimes etc, the list is tooooo long of what this despot and his Zionist accomplices have managed to get away with for generations.
      The UN have stood back and let Israel get away with systematic murder and done FK ALL.
      They are a lot worse than Syria.
      This does not make me Anti-Semitic.

    67. heedtracker says:

      Deeply ashamed to still be in this Union. I’m beginning to feel the longer we remain at the mercy of the Union, tarred with their filth, the more my Scottish roots are being pulled from the ground, no matter my love.”

      This is what war does though, horrifies, frightens and dislocates decent people.

      Its easy to wonder if our masters in London considered if the Syrian regime could launch a missile attack back at London or Paris. They must do.

      But this is what the tories want. They want an escalation of war. They need war to keep people like you away from progress, peace and democracy.

      Scottish democracy is only 21 years old Valerie.

      300+ years of being British, UKOK, London rule, shithole beggar Scotland and all of it wrapped up in giant union jacks, is not going to up and leave us alone overnight or quietly.

    68. Chick McGregor says:

      If I was in the police team investigating the Skripal affair I would keep all possible scenarios under investigation until they are proven dead ends.

      Because of the danger to the public aspect priority would be given to scenarios where the outcome of danger was greatest (i.e. standard risk analysis) irrespective of the likelihood of that scenario, which would be a secondary consideration.

      There are many possible scenarios I can envisage and probably more which I have not but the one which poses the greatest risk to the public is as follows:

      Hypothesis, Skripal may have been involved in some kind of deal involving novichok.
      As a result of that activity, he could have inadvertently become contaminated. When symptoms first appeared he may in those circumstances have disposed of the novichok somewhere locally with enormous threat to public safety a high likelihood if that were the case.

      While this may be and I’m sure is, a very low probability, the output risk alone is sufficient to bump it well up the priority list.

      Some circumstantial evidence in support of that hypothesis which might nudge it up the likelihood scale a little is the past history of Skripal, he was certainly not simply an ordinary innocent member of the public and more importantly the fact that symptoms did not appear until 4 hours after they left the house simply does not equate with the almost instant onset of symptoms which would have occurred, or so I have read, if the doorknob theory were true. However, one can perhaps more readily imagine a scenario where sloppy inexpert handling of a container, even with gloves, could lead to a delayed onset.

      Having said that, I think it still remains in the very, very low probability category, who would be daft enough to handle such stuff even for a load of dosh? but nevertheless with such potentially very high risk consequentials, investigation of that possibility should still be high on any risk averse to do list.

      Therefore one of my top priorities would be to search the entire route for anywhere such a hypothetical container may have been dumped, waste bins, skips etc. and if any known collections were made, those should be checked as well.

      It is entirely possible that such an exercise by the police took place on the QT but that we have just not heard about it for obvious establishment narrative reasons, even if such a search proved fruitless.

    69. Gfaetheblock says:

      Worth remembering that NATO supports the bombings in Syria, the SNP is a pro-NATO political party and therefore an independent Scotland would have been supportive of this action.

    70. Croompenstein says:

      @Gfaetheblock –

      Who the fuck are you ? the Brahan Seer ?

    71. heedtracker says:

      Gfaetheblock says:
      14 April, 2018 at 12:59 pm
      Worth remembering that NATO supports the bombings in Syria, the SNP is a pro-NATO political party and therefore an independent Scotland would have been supportive of this action.

      There’s a big difference between 29 NATO member nation states and actually bombing other countries, that a couple of NATO members want to attack. Or the 3 that are doing it again?

    72. Legerwood says:

      Robert Peffers @ 11.57 am

      Bute House belongs to the National Trust for Scotland not Scottish Heritage.

    73. Gfaetheblock says:


      A commentator who enjoys spotting logical flaws in arguments about being pro NATO and anti NATO as and when it suits the mood of the 5he day is who the fuck I am.

    74. Gfaetheblock says:


      A commentator who enjoys spotting logical flaws in arguments about being pro NATO and anti NATO as and when it suits the mood of the day is who the fuck I am.

    75. heedtracker says:

      National Trust is just another clever tax dodge scam for the very rich, who become somehow unable to actually both pay their taxes and the upkeep of their palatial homes. So they get us to do it for them.

      It goes back to post war tax evasion.

      So Pollock House near us is a nice example of how the rich own their mansions, while we pay for it all.

      Its all in the language use of, National Trust “manages” the ancestral home of this family. How nice of them to allow this.


      Pollok House is the ancestral home of the Stirling Maxwell family, located in Pollok Country Park, Glasgow, Scotland; owned by the jardine family, it was gifted to the city council.

      The house – built in 1752 and designed by William Adam – was gifted to the City of Glasgow in 1966 by Dame Anne Maxwell Macdonald, whose family had owned the estate for almost 700 years. It is now managed by the National Trust for Scotland and is open to the public.”

      Is it even worth noting who they appointed as their Scot National Trust head lately.

    76. Pacman says:

      Apologies in advance as I am no expert in military matters.

      A few posters have made comments about the extent of America’s military might if reports about the number of missiles being shot down is true.

      For nearly 15 years, the US and UK have devoted a lot of their military might to fighting guys with Klashnikovs and heavy gun mounted Toyota’s who use Guerilla warfare tactics against them. I believe the term is Asymmetric warfare.

      This means they are focused on this type of warfare and it is reasonable to say that their priority is to that than on warfare against an opponent whose military power is the same or not far from theirs.

      The simple fact is if the US did try to get toe-to-toe with Russians in a limited confrontation, they would be struggling especially with the advanced air defence capabilities the Russians have.

      I’m sure the Americans are fully aware of that or if they aren’t, they soon will. Trump has had his 15 minutes of fame. Unless, he is really as stupid as what people make him out to be, this will fade from the news and be taken over by a new ‘crisis’.

    77. Hamish100 says:

      Robert peffers

      read what I wroted not what you think I writed.

      I quote bbc scotchland .

      I do not agree with them.

    78. Foonurt says:

      Gfaetheblock – whaur’s yurr hyphens?.

      Wullie, fae yoan scheme.

    79. Croompenstein says:

      @Gfaetheblock –

      So good you said it twice 🙂

    80. colin alexander says:

      Weapons deteriorate if stored too long. If you have loads of weapons already, you don’t have to buy more. That’s bad for business.

      Wars are needed to get rid of older weapons. War is good for business, especially arms dealers / defence companies.

      Killing / murder is good business.

      Furthering your political aims, testing weapons systems and your military can practise live firing, getting rid of old weapons stock,and your arms dealing companies will get new trade replacing the old stock.

      Wars are wonderful. That’s why they are so popular.

      But, when you are at the receiving end of the video of the impressive looking explosions: War is hell on earth.

    81. Bill McLean says:

      Valerie at 1217 – sorry for delay in reply. Thanks for your comment but worried that you think i’m “rational”!

    82. yesindyref2 says:

      @Bill McLean
      I didn’t renew in September, but it wasn’t for any reason other than I feel more comfortable being non-aligned, it means I’m not posting in places “as an SNP member”. And it’s worked, I feel more relaxed again.

      But must admit it did cross my mind to rejoin so as to vote for McEleny who I hope wins by a huge margin to tell the SNP “It’s all about the next Indy Ref, stupid”.

      Though apparently the bookies have Brown as favourite 🙁

    83. Breeks says:

      Gary45% says:
      14 April, 2018 at 12:30 pm
      So when do the west “Take Out” Netanyahu. He IS a WAR CRIMINAL, guilty of Genocide, war crimes etc, the list is tooooo long of what this despot and his Zionist accomplices have managed to get away with for generations…

      Nothing would change.

      I’m still getting my head around this… It’s hurting. There’s too much.

      Pardon in advance for the stroll through the sewer, but suspend your disbelief a second… What if the “ function” and object of Israel itself had precious little to do with Judaism? What if it isn’t “the Jews” doing all the using as Conspiracy theorists suggest, but actually the Jews being used; used to prevent the establishment of a one language, one religion Arabic people’s monoculture coming together as one Arabic Nation, and holding sway over the world through its strategic location, and it’s massive reserves of oil and natural gas. Such an Arab “Continent” would have a footprint in Europe, Russia, the Far East, AND Africa, and control ALL trade and custom through its heart. It’s called the “Middle” East for good reason.

      To the greedy and seedy Western Establishment, such a United Arab State is the ultimate nightmare; the irreversible seismic shift in the global balance of power, away from the stable, successful (for some), highly profitable Old World Order of European Imperialism which left so much of the World under the control of white, predominantly English speaking European diaspora. Nevermind China, nevermind India, nevermind Africa, the “Arab” Superpower if ever it emerged, would have oil, strategic positioning, and limitless, limitless, wealth. And “we”, the Anti-Islamic West, are already derided as infidels.

      I cannot comprehend whether it was planned that way, that really doesn’t bear thinking about, but modern Israel seems specifically to exist expressly to divide and antagonise the Arabic speaking World. But how do you reconcile the recent Israeli associations with Sunni Saudi Arabia? Dancing with the Devil perhaps? Israel, doomed to perpetual war with its visceral existential fear of rootless Palestinians and Shia Muslims, somehow finding common purpose with Sunni division of Islam in Saudi Arabia. Surely no coincidence that Saudi Arabia denounces Shi’ite Islam as heresy and bombs the living shit out of Yemeni and Syrian Shiites. It’s a kind of an extremist love triangle only in reverse…it’s a murderous self perpetuating hate triangle.

      Pulling strings in the blue corner you have “the West” , Uncle Sam, sometimes France, always the UK, arming and funding the Israelis, arming and funding the Saudi Arabian Wahabi extremist Sunnis, (yes, even the hijacking, plane crashing, head chopping, cage burning, chemical weapon using barbarous Sunni maniacs of the ISIS variety). Over in the Red corner, you have Russia, arming and funding the Shi’a division of Islam, rooted in Iran, Afghanistan, Yemen, Syria, and who are competing with Saudi Arabia for dominant sway over all of Islam. What’s that old imperial formula again? Oh yes, invade, factionalise the population, get them at each other’s throats, then hold the balance of power with minimal invested commitment.

      It’s not always easy to define the battle lines geographically however, because much like Catholic and Protestant sectarianism in our own back yard, Shi’a and Sunni sectarianism can peacefully intermingle indefinitely. Until that is some extremist nutter on a mission turns up, to tear up decades of peace, tolerance and tranquillity. When the battle lines are so blurred, you can’t really stand back and bomb it from orbit, but then you don’t need to. Just keep arming all the participants and stoking up the hatred and let predictable human weakness do the rest.

      “Sell us your oil, we’ll pay you in weapons, just not those nasty Nuclear weapons. We’re not giving them to a bunch of sectarian religious fanatics”. Correction, make that another bunch of sectarian religious fanatics. “What’s that? Chemical weapons??? Ah. They’re tricky… very, very nasty. They cost extra…”.

      The real kick in the head occurs when the fog begins to clear and you begin to have an epiphany. …that maybe all is not what it seems. I’m not an antisemite, so why do I feel like I might be? I’m tolerant, (actually indifferent and bored rigid) about anybody’s religion. So why do I catch myself thinking a particular prejudice when I see an Ayatollah on the TV?

      Here’s a big “what if” coming, a big Jim Carey Truman Show “what if”…. What if you’re meant to hate the murderous Israelis? What if you’re also meant to fear the spread of Shi’a Islamic fundamentalism complete with all its Ayatollah’s, Clerics, and Shariah Laws. What if you’re also meant to buy the idea that Saudis might be bad ba*#!rds, but they’re rich bad ba*#!rds and on “our” side? We all have these remarkably similar predispositions, and what if that is because we are all programmed to have these perceptions? What if we need to think like this, because otherwise the whole loathsome manipulative cynicism of it all would be exposed and collapse in an instant if we didn’t?

      The Jews are being used, the Shiite Muslims are being used, and the Sunni Muslims are being used, and they are all pawns in a dirty, nasty game on TV, being set up to hate and kill each other, while you, me, and “Little people” all over the world are being programmed to be docile and pacified by the treacherous scheming media. We are all groomed in what to think, feel and say about it all…. We fret with human concern about the children, some of the children anyway, but we feel utterly hopeless about doing anything, so for decade after decade we remain tolerant of our own hypocrisy and do next to nothing except tuning in to keep tabs on Truman.

      Just 150 years ago, the First Nation American tribes were still being partitioned into reservations, and manipulated into dependency upon the Colonisers of their country. The Buffalo were wiped out so the Tribes could either starve or embrace dependency on Colonialist handouts. They had to live by rules of occupation, where they were told, and how they were told. Fear, massacres, and intimidation were used as tools of control.

      The Middle East is just the same divide and conquer colonialism 21st Century style. Middle Eastern Countries are the Reservations; the friendly tribes get guns, the unfriendly tribes get blankets laced with smallpox. The Native Americans were monsters who scalped people alive. The Native Arabs are monsters who cut throats on live TV. Same difference? In the 19th Century, it was railroads, treachery, and mechanised slaughter versus stoneage axes, bows and arrows. In the 21st Century it is Aircraft Carriers and Tomahawk Missiles versus Ak47’s, pickup trucks and gas bottles filled with chlorine, and everywhere you look, one thing hasn’t changed. There is still the same treachery, lies, lies, and more lies…

      Maybe the Arabs are lucky. When the oil is gone and the mines are cleared, perhaps they will still have their lands.

    84. Rock says:

      Does Nicola agree with Saint Theresa and Boris Johnson that chemical weapons were used by the Syrian government?

      If she has kept her mouth shut this time, they will take it for granted that Nicola agrees with them.

      Nicola and the SNP made utter fools of themselves by standing “shoulder to shoulder” with Saint Theresa and Boris Johnson in condemning Russia.

      In sharp contrast to the gutless Nicola, Corbyn showed real guts in questioning the “evidence”.

      If blind faith in religion is bad, blind faith in politicians is worse.

    85. Simon Curran says:

      The handling of the Salisbury poisonings and now the attacks on Syria have been incompetently handled by a sabre rattling Government which appears eager to get involved in conflicts on the friendliest of evidence and has ministers who brazenly lie. Why on earth any Scottish voter wants to remain shackled to this nest of voters is utterly beyond me, particularly when UK subs are stationed just 30 miles or so away from its largest city.

    86. Cadogan Enright says:


      T May and Macon need to b in cartoon too!

    87. Hamish100 says:


      and lying is worse still eh rock.

      you can come out under yerself. Rock is a liebour brit supporter

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