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Thanks, Alex

Posted on November 15, 2014 by


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    1. john king says:

      Its not the end, it cant be.
      excuse me I have something in my…

    2. john king says:

      I’ve never cried over the departure of a politician in my life, until now,
      Chris, that took me by surprise,
      and tears rose unbidden,
      I had to take a few minutes to compose myself
      your a rotter. 🙂

      Alex will (if I can stop sobbing)
      go on to be the leader of an independent Scotland or at least be pivotal in its emergence,
      I can feel it,
      we’ve become unstoppable because of the 18th sept,

    3. john king says:

      I reckon he’ll just round himself up a posse and mosey on down to Dodgy city and tackle those varmints in their own home.

      I cant wait for the next episode. 🙂
      get some popcorn,
      this should be good. 😉

    4. Clootie says:

      Keep going – I haven’t heard Jackie Baillie singing yet

    5. Bugger (the Panda) says:

      He is Dr Who and will metamorphise very soon.

    6. tam says:

      I was not and am not a fan, i did not support the Devo road to Independence, but he was right and i am glad to be wrong,I got in my life time the opportunity to vote for independence , I think the snp is more than any one person . But the ant-political statement often uttered at doors in the past “they are all the same” is clearly something that could not be said of his snp and the new leadership must make sure it can nerve be said.

    7. john king says:

      I just wrote an email of appreciation to Alex Salmond and (hopefully) encouraging him to stand for election @ Westminster,
      Im pretty sure he’s already made up his mind on that anyway. 🙂

      Be afraid Westminster be very afraid.

    8. jimnarlene says:

      Thanks Alex and give them hell, in Westmonster.

    9. Mealer says:

      That’s an excellent piece of work Chris.People look at it.They see Eck riding off into the sunset.They say “I don’t think so”.

    10. Ghillie says:

      That’s just our Alex watching the sun set on the British Empire.

    11. Wee Jonny says:

      Watched Alex’s speech from Perth yesterday. Wow what a man. What a politician. Thought he was gona greet after the huge round of applause and he went back to his lectern, I thought “If he greets, I’m gona greet” but he held it. I think everybody woulda get if he let it go. Thanks Alex.

    12. Marie clark says:

      Thanks for everything Alex. What a politician, head and shoulders above the rest off them. A true statesman.

      When he says that he will see an independent Scotland in his lifetime, I believe him cause that’s what I feel too. Things have changed here in Scotland and will never go back to how it was before. This man has shown all of us how to think big and want the best for our country and its people.

      Lang may yer lum reek Alex, I think that the best of you is yet to come.
      He aint riding off into the sunset yet. Not by a long chalk. There’s still work to be done.

      Very poignant cartoon Chris.

    13. Ghillie says:

      Perhaps ‘OVERSEEING the sun set on the British Empire’ would be more accurate!

      Haste ye back Alex.

      Toes to be toasted!

    14. mumsyhugs says:

      That’s not a sunset folks – it’s a sunrise over an independent Scotland in the distance he’s watching! (First post btw ?)

    15. bugsbunny says:

      That’s not a 59 year old Alex looking to the west. That’s a future Alex at 65 looking east towards the sunrise on 1st May 2021, on the first dawn of an Independent Scotland. He might not be Prime Minister, but he will be remembered as the real Father of Scotland, and not that faker with the Eric Morecombe statue in Glasgow. Pull it down and replace it with one of Alex.


    16. AuldA says:

      As he said himself, people change but the dream shall never die.

    17. heedtracker says:

      Nice. It has been an incredible ride for all Yes voters. History’s written by the winners and we will win, thanks to truly extraordinary people like Alex Salmond. No war, no debt, no scandal and fraud, no knighthoods, no lordships, no seats on the board from super rich frightfully grateful CEO’s, just graft.

    18. Famous15 says:

      “And as the sun slowly sinks in the west,we say goodbye to the British Empire.May it never darken the shores of Scotland again.” (Alan Wicker accent)

    19. Scotspine says:

      Whatever you choose to do Alex, I believe you will see an independent Scotland. Thank you.

    20. Lollysmum says:

      Great piece on AS by James Kelly (ScotgoesPop)posted by Sandra above.

      No 11 in that list-he showed the rest of the UK what an honourable politician looks, sounds and acts like. Not once, not twice but repeatedly & each time they think he’s gone, up he pops again (Chris Cairns cartoon last week anyone)

      That scares them because they don’t do honour, integrity & all that stuff.The current crop of red, blue, yellow & purple tories are merely seat-warmers spouting hot air but actually doing nothing but line their own pockets.

      People like Alex & Caroline Lucas are the exception rather than the rule in Westminster. Both are squeaky clean-they have to be otherwise they would be ruthlessly destroyed by their inferiors in Westminster.

      Nicola looks to be cut from the same cloth & that’s brilliant for Scotland’s future. Encouraging YES members to stand for WM has the potential not only to change Scottish politics but WM politics as well by introducing a new breed of politician that their voters can rely on.

      Everyone says Alex is divisive-I don’t agree. He has a brain, he uses it to best effect, he doesn’t deal in doublespeak and he knows how to get his opposition riled (with the truth) & they have no answer to that and they know it.

      I certainly hope that he goes to WM leading a sizeable bloc of Scottish MP’s because he will shake things up a lot & yes it urgently needs it.

      Brilliant man & a master tactician-he’s no’ done yet:-)

      Thank you Alex-great man!

    21. Tackety Beets says:

      I cannot think of any Scot of recent times who can come close to Alex .
      All Of Scotland’s people should be upstanding ” applause”

      Come Alex ” Keep ‘er chaappinnn ! “

    22. Macart says:

      “You can’t win, Darth. If you strike me down, I shall become more powerful than you could possibly imagine.”

      Star wars best quote for me y’know. But when it was re-released they called the film Star Wars IV ‘A New Hope’. 😉

    23. Nana Smith says:

      Stars when you shine
      You know how I feel
      Scent of the pine
      You know how I feel
      Yeah, freedom is mine
      And you know how I feel

      It’s a new dawn
      It’s a new day
      It’s a new life
      For me
      And I’m feeling good

    24. hopper69 says:

      Wee eck. Strode British politics as a giant.

    25. Truth says:

      Thanks Alex.

      Giant shoes to fill. We will never see your likes again.

    26. Luigi says:

      Riding off to the sunset, or about to rise again?

      Is Salmond another Wallace figure, whose personal defeat will lead, ultimately to Scottish independence?

      If so, does that mean Sturgeon will be Bruce? LOL!

    27. dramfineday says:

      Cheers Alex. Thanks for the last exciting chapter – I’m looking forward to the next one! The esteem in which you are held by the thinking public is well deserved. I hope you and your good lady take a well earned rest then – charge! And so the next chapter begins.

    28. Dan Huil says:

      Alex Salmond: a great man; a great Scot.

    29. Capella says:

      Just went to the BBC iPlayer site to watch Alex’s speech as I was out most of Friday. Unfortunately, “this item will be available soon”.
      So Nicola’s address yesterday was “no longer available” and Alex’s is not yet available.

    30. Taranaich says:

      This isn’t farewell, it’s “see you later.”

      Our modern day Robert the Bruce is on his way to Raithlin Island, to reflect and regroup, making ready for his return. In his stead, the people of Scotland continue to resist the rule of Westminster’s neo-feudal lords, even as they believe they have settled the matter of Scottish independence for at least a generation. I bet that’s what Edward thought in 1306 after the Battle of Methven.

    31. Linda McFarlane says:

      @ Capella

      Yeah I watched it live on BBC Parliament – no sound during video presentation whilst on BBC news, two “presenters” talked over it all. BBC we ain’t stupid we know what you’re up to.

      We won’t forgive your bias, we WILL remember.

    32. Capella says:

      @ Nana Smith
      Thanks Nana it is still there. Just off to watch cup of tea and box of tissues to hand!

    33. Valerie says:

      I had leaky eyes when Nicola was referring to him yesterday! I haven’t watched the whole speech, as I’m putting off my upset!
      I feel a bit daft, as I’ve never met the man, but it shows his effect, as I can do cynical for Scotland!

      I can’t bear the thought of him not being around, but really hoping this is his new chapter, he has so much drive, honour and energy for this country.

    34. cearc says:

      Definitely sunrise on a new day and he’s up and off scouting for new routes.

    35. manandboy says:

      Alex has in fact handed over the reins.

      He himself, together perhaps with those he listens to, will decide what to do next.

      For my part, I wish him well in whatever he chooses.

      As for retirement. It’s not what it’s cracked up to be and a change of pace is better for some than stopping altogether. But each to their own.

      Whatever the future brings for Alex, his past is set. With so many others, I hope he receives the honour that is his due, for in the past he has done a great service to Scotland.

      When will we see his like again?

    36. izzie says:

      A Scottish Churchill whenever we are down he ignites hope and off we go again

    37. Chic McGregor says:

      Feeling really guilty now I never finished the golf marker in time for conference even if it was for a reason (family bereavement).

    38. Jim McIntosh says:


      Not sure likening Alec to Churchhill is good. I can’t see our Alec sending troops and tanks to George Square, ordering them to fire on the welsh miners at Tonypandy or ordering the troops to fire cannons at the buildings during the Sidney Street siege. Churchhill was an opportunist who was ruthlessly on the side of the establishment.

    39. heedtracker says:

      Rancid hypocrites giving SNP advice now. Satires not dead, its just currently own by freaks, creeps and UKOK weirdos, aka Bell, LibbyCarrell, phoney tories, red tories and rule Britannia britnats etc who’s mask’s been pulled off by people like Salmond. They are currently our imperial masters but you can see why Alex Salmond wants to get back in the ring. Go get em Alex!

    40. Marie clark says:

      Welcome mumsyhugs, nice to have a new poster. Sometimes we are all too busy with the content of the post to remember our manners.

    41. If Chris had put a stetson on Eck – the caption could be: “Me finished – the Hell I am”.

    42. Barontorc says:

      If things go to plan there’s gonna be one helluva SNP team heading Wasteminster’s way after the GE next year but they’ll be met by a stout UK establishment defence using every procedural dirty trick in their grubby pockets to take the wind out of our sails – and then – (pass the popcorn again, please) – along saunters oor Eck! Whooops!

    43. yerkitbreeks says:

      And the one who has done more than anyone else in living memory for this Nation has every right to look down and across the land.

    44. Croompenstein says:

      Nice touch Chris, I too would like to add my thanks to Alex Salmond as without him we wouldn’t be anywhere near to self determination as we are now. But Alex is a fighter and will fight on for the betterment of Scotland and the Scottish people and we are all here to help him in that fight..Go get em Alex.

    45. No no no...Yes says:

      Another memorable work from Chris Cairns, it took my breath away.I was fine until I started reading the comments,and tears followed. How can a man, a politician, have this effect on others?

    46. Clootie says:

      mumsyhugs says:
      15 November, 2014 at 8:19 am

      “Welcome to the team”

    47. Alex has just spoken on the podcast with Brian Taylor, about the possibility of standing for Westminster. He said, while he loved Scotland, and the North East and its people, he is considering whether he can further Scotland’s cause one more time by standing for the other place, although he has no wish to return to Westminster – he’s been there already! He will decide in the next week or two apparently.

    48. Capella says:

      Just watched the speech. Thanks Alex indeed! Sound of clattering as several gauntlets were thrown down. It’s going to be a very interesting few months. Thanks again Nana for the link. STV do have the speech in full although they end it very abruptly.
      And thanks Chris for the cartoon.
      That’s three thanks in one post!

    49. Croompenstein says:

      OT A young man has died after falling at the Scotland game last night. God bless him and his family..

    50. Vronsky says:

      The referendum was supposed to be the end, but looks like it was actually the beginning. Likewise, Alex’s resignation looks more and more like another beginning. Go Alex!

    51. Swami Backverandah says:

      Just adding a tribute to the above.
      Thanks for showing the way, Alex Salmond.

    52. ScottieDog says:

      Looks like he’s on his way to find the three amigos….

    53. Quinie frae Angus says:

      Can’t add any more to what people have said above.

      Thank you Alex, from the bottom of my heart. A political giant, a true statesman, and a Scottish hero.

      We will definitely achieve Independence in the next few years. And I would like you, Big Eck, to be held aloft on the shoulders of the people you have served faithfully throughout your life, as we march through the streets of Edinburgh on that historic day.

      We Wingers will supply the badges and much merriment.

    54. StevieMcB says:

      Thanks Alex, you have set the trail ahead. the Redskin Tories are on the way out.

    55. Juan P says:

      Met him once when he visited my work.

      He was very polite and courteous and took time to shake every single member of staff’s hands and say a little something to everyone as he did so.

      He’s a great man who loves Scotland and all its people.

    56. BillDunblane says:

      ‘Shane, comeback!’

    57. Snode1965 says:

      Watched Alex speech last night, with tears welling, not of sorrow but pride. Same feeling you get when your kids are in the school show or collecting an award. It is a real shame that many Scots still do not see what Alex has achieved for us all. Perhaps now that he is no longer the focus of hate by the State Media , the blinkers will fall and Alex will be held in high regard by everyone.

    58. Fred says:

      Keep picturing the rear view of Jackie Baillie trying to catch up astride a Clydesdale.

    59. fred blogger says:

      Juan P
      apparently he has RSI through shaking so many hands.
      great man, full of passion for scotland and the people of scotland.

    60. SquareHaggis says:

      The hills have Ayes.

    61. Grouse Beater says:

      I get the distinct feeling Salmond has not fulfilled his historic destiny for Scotland … not yet.

      There’s more effort to come.

      But for all he has done so far I owe him more than thanks.

    62. onelessday says:

      Only one thing missing.

      A belt with all the scalps he has taken hanging from his belt

    63. R-type Grunt says:

      Alex has been and continues to be Scotland’s greatest. I am privileged to have lived in his time. I hope future generations award him the respect he has earned.

    64. John says:

      Hi all. I’m Irish, but living in Wales, and with a Scottish wife. As you can imagine, our household was a bit tense last night. But, congratulations on your victory. If Ireland don’t make it to the Euro finals, I certainly hope Scotland do. What’s the odds on Scotland winning the Euro Championship AND becoming independent in 2016? Stranger things have happened. We’d be ecstatic if it did. I would like to pay tribute to Alex Salmond, one of the greatest leaders in Europe of our time. I particularly admire how he has led the struggle for independence while at the same time winning support among the religious/ethnic Irish Catholic minority for that goal. This didn’t happen in Ireland. Mistakes were made by the nationalist leaders, with the result that the UK establishment was able to whip up fears among the religious/ethnic minority in Ireland that they’d be persecuted in an independent Ireland. I feared at one time that something similar would happen in Scotland. And the UK establishment and their hangers-on certainly tried. George Galloway has continually tried to whip up fears among the Irish Catholic minority in Scotland that an independent Scotland would persecute them. But, Alex eradicated those fears and it was gratifying to see that the highest ‘yes’ vote on September 18 was among the minority Catholic community (I’m using the term here as an indicator of ethnicity rather than religious belief). This wouldn’t have happened a generation ago. That it happened this time is largely due to Alex. What a star.

    65. Yesitis says:

      Alex Salmond can do whatever he wants now.
      I`m looking forward to some very creative and productive mischief.

      When it comes to the machinations of the British state, I think he has the right idea.

    66. Capella says:

      Noticed a bio of Alex’s political life narrated by Michael Portillo. It’s very good with some interesting archive photos and video. In 6 x 10 minute parts.

    67. Helena Brown says:

      Thank you Alex, you are one of the best, you are a Patriot and an honest man. Get back into Westminster and stick it it to them.

    68. handclapping says:

      Great cartoon, Chris, thanks.

      Just as the pony has been overtaken by the quad bike and the helicopter, I hope Alex will consider a wider Scotland to contribute to now he has stepped down from the SNP trench warfare of beating Westminster at Westminster’s game.

      How about political commentary for the new Scottish media? Or promoting Scottish golfing holidays? Lets let Alex choose what he wants to do rather than us burden him with our expectations of what we want him to do.

    69. EphemeralDeception says:

      Alex is simply a living legend, the right person, the right time and the right place.

      His story is not ‘history’ yet, much more to come.

    70. Bill McLean says:

      Alex Salmond – the finest politician in my long lifetime.
      Inspirational and honest – that’s what the unionists can’t stand about him – damn them all for their dishonesty, greed and lack of any aspiration for the Scottish people.
      My wife and I were fortunate enough to meet Mr Salmond twice – a fine, warm, straightforward man. God bless him and his wife.

    71. Croompenstein says:

      @Fred – Jackie Baillie trying to catch up astride a Clydesdale

      A bit like this Fred….

    72. Arthur says:

      Is this riding off into the sunset? I saw it as you can lead a horse to water but you can’t make it drink……

    73. Jack Murphy says:

      Conference LIVE LINK.
      Conference will break for lunch at 12:30pm and re-convene at 2pm. 🙂

    74. The Rough Bounds says:

      Deuteronomy. Ch.34

      ‘Then Moses climbed Mount Nebo…There the Lord showed him the whole land…as far as the western sea.
      Then the Lord said, ”This is the land I promised on oath…I will give it to your descendants. I have let you see it with your own eyes, but you will not cross over into it.”

      It’s almost like that for Alex isn’t it?

      Well not quite! Let’s all just get our independence and carry him shoulder high as we cross over into the promised land. He certainly deserves no less.

    75. Jim Thomson says:

      @ScottieDog 11:09

      El Jefe has a plethora of penatas.

    76. Kenzie says:

      Comparisons between oor Alex and Churchill is grossly unfair. Alex is neither an alcoholic nor a manic depressive. And, he disnae smoke.

    77. Betty Boop says:

      Welcome to Wings mumsyhugs

      I wish Alex Salmond well in whatever he decides whether he continues in politics or simply decides to take up the golf clubs. I hardly think there is any question that he will continue in politics though.

      This man is the giant of politics in Britain. He has changed the face of politics throughout these isles. Kay with an e asked on radio yesterday for one word to describe the man; the first one that sprung to my mind was “human”, but, one word is not enough.

      What an inspiration! I am enjoying the unfettered utterances of Alex Salmond. If he goes to Wesminster, I hope it continues and shakes up that grey, uninspiring den of charlatans.


    78. robertknight says:

      I hope he remembers to get his booster shots before setting foot back inside Westminster.

    79. Jim Thomson says:

      and if I could use photoshop properly, I’d have a few Westmonster faces on them (peñatas, that is)

    80. Jim Thomson says:


      he also acknowledges the presence of the foot soldiers rather than rushing past them to get to the officers’mess.

    81. Betty Craney says:

      Welcome to Mumsyhugs !
      Big Thank You to Alex Salmond for the awakening he inspired in Scotland ‘s people .

      In my opinion, he’s keeping WM guessing about returning there…I’d love to see him arrive with a large contingent of pro-Indy MPs and giving the multicoloured Tories the roasting they deserve…didn’t he always like to play the long game ?

    82. YESGUY says:


      Big welcome for your first post and hope many more M. Wings is a patchwork quilt of many different colours and shades but with one aim.Good to have you onboard.

      Alex Salmond is the best we have ever had. Thankfully he will still be around kicking arses in WM.

      A true Scot.

      Love him or hate him, he took as so close to independence and will be there when we achieve it. 🙂

      Good on you Wee Eck.

    83. Morag says:

      When it was first suggested that Alex might go back to Westminster I really didn’t think he’d do it. He hasn’t made a definite announcement yet, but the mood music is getting quite pronounced.

      I really don’t know how he can stand the idea of going back down there again. And Moira is some sort of saint if she lets him do it. We owe both of them a great deal.

    84. fred blogger says:

      no one can deny that the groundswell for indyscot over the last 2yrs dramatically increased, and is still increasing, making the external calls for us to go back into our boxes, irrelevant.
      the snp et al, have shown us what is possible, and that we are the change.
      the fight for social justice continues.
      indyscot is now unstoppable.

    85. ronnie anderson says:

      @ Fred 11.33 Jackie Baillie,s no sittin her erse on oor Clydesdales,she mair of ah new forest pony,canny see the woods fur the trees oonyhows a Clydesdales to high she reach dizzying hights am she,s dizzy enough on the grun.

      @ Mumsyhugs, Im better late than never Welcome to the circle of enlightenment ( no fae me btw ) hope to see you getting stuck in.

    86. snode1965 says:

      O/T, Just seen a link on Facebook about Douglas Alexander. Photo of him out canvassing in Paisley this morning. Game on folks!!

    87. Kevin meina says:

      Invalid e mail my last 4 posts have been blocked

    88. Grant says:

      Mr Salmond quoting from Bonnie Dundee said ‘And tremble, false Whigs, in the midst of your glee, You have not seen the last of my bonnet and me!’

    89. Chic McGregor says:

      Repeating this OT post here as the last thread seems to have entered an unhelpful phase and I would welcome comment on it.

      I would like to see a clear distinction drawn between domestic policy and constitutional policy by the creation of a constitutional manifesto.

      The constitutional manifesto would, duh!, deal only with constitutional matters which are independent from those domestic policies which may vary depending on political hue of the government of the day.

      As a minimum it would create a framework which defined the different mechanisms by which independence could be procured. The procedures and timeframes they would require.

      It would also have structural planning.
      For government structure. Electoral methodology, number of representatives, voting system, head of state,a mechanism for expertise engagement at both the draft legislation and final scrutiny stage. A legislation review period.

      For civil service structure, government departments, revenue collection system, accountability, transparency, welfare distribution system.

      It should be quite possible a basic transitional constitutional manifesto like the above, could be drawn up which most if not all pro-indy parties could sign up to.

      This would achieve two main things.

      First, it would smooth the way for some kind of alliance/pact between pro indy parties.

      Second, it would force the hand of London on the issue of self determination for Scotland. For example, even if they were they to denounce it and refuse any mechanism by which Scotland might become independent, at least then that intent would be out in the open. Otherwise they will be more than happy to say nothing on the matter until it suits them and probably after ‘legal rulings’ by the UK Supreme Court and other ‘constitutional’ shenanigans.

    90. ronnie anderson says:

      Any Wings ferrets got a livestream links the the Conferance today or are we dependant on our national broadcaster to give us uninterupted transmission,I cant complain as I dont pay a TV licence.

    91. mumsyhugs, welcome and don’t be a stranger.

    92. AuldA says:


      I think if Alex Salmonds makes the trip once again to WM, it is in the high hope of staying there just for a very short while…

    93. ronnie anderson says:

      @ Chris Cairns, noo a Winchester in his hand would have made that silhouette complete,he,s gunning for Westminster after all lets give Alex all the armament he needs.

    94. Kevin Meina says:

      A man with few equals best politician of a generation.This is not an obituary but a thank you he will be back the dream will never die

    95. Kenzie says:

      @Jim Thomson

      True. Very true.

    96. Paula Rose says:

      @ Chic McGregor – I certainly agree, I have said to many that we should be doing many of the things that a Yes vote would have led to. That way Independence and its benefits can be better explained to people as well as creating common areas for the various parties.

    97. Flower of Scotland says:

      I’ve been watching and listening to Alex Salmond for a long time and never once felt let down, the very opposite. He always makes me feel proud of him and also, Scotland. Yes, he gave a country their pride back!

      I met him this year at Bannockburn. He hotfooted it over to Bannockburn after turning up for the Unionist Stirling Council,s big Unionist War parade! He shook hands and cheerfully stood for selfies. It really made my day.

      I was feeling emotional yesterday about his standing down but I am sure that he has much more good work to do for Scotland. He is admired throughout the world. Thank you Alex Salmond!

    98. gerry parker says:

      @ Ronnie.

      Not broadcasting at the moment but should be available for Nicola’s speech.

    99. Morag says:

      AuldA, here’s hoping you’re right.

    100. ronnie anderson says:

      @ Croompenstein 12.03. Ha Ha Ha thank christ ah wizna eating or drinking at the time, very apt, muchos gracias Senior.

    101. Archie [not Erchie] says:

      @ Ronnie – I got this from SNP HQ earlier but haven’t tried it yet. It’s advertised as a live webcast. You will see the link.

    102. msean says:

      Welcome mumsyhugs,you’ll like it here.

      Thank you Mr Salmond.


    103. IAB says:

      Loved the yellow hues but not the depiction of Alex. He’s not riding into the sunset, he has many years ahead of him and we need him. I would have preferred to see him drawn as triumphant as the best politician of this generation.

    104. Philip Grier says:

      He’s no deid yet

    105. Alan McHarg says:

      William Wallace, Robert the Bruce and Alex Salmond…enough said!

    106. K1 says:

      Here is Archie(not Erchie)’s link outwith the facebook embedded one: Live right now;

    107. yesindyref2 says:

      That’s what I think too. With the false start in the 70s, from 5 to 11 SNP MPs, looking like going much further in 79 election but then the twisted referendum, then shambles in the SNP, slow recovery, devo in 1999, even then I didn’t really think it would come, not quickly anyway, but slowly perhaps.

      Then, suddenly, it’s on the agenda in 2007 as the SNP get in with a minority gov, the national conversations (I was busy on the forums), but blocked by the unionist parties.

      Then, like wow, a majority SNP gov and whoopee we’re going to get a referendum.

      We’ve had our Referendum, almost a lifetime ambition in itself for me. But it’s clear it won’t be the last, and it’s also clear we will be Independent not long for now.

      That’s Alex Salmond for you, he as the figurehead but with all the rest of them, gave us our first chance. We (well, they) weren’t ready yet. Next time. Won’t be long now.

    108. Fred says:

      Croompenstein & Ronnie, a lot less horny than that! 🙂

    109. Taranaich says:

      @Morag: When it was first suggested that Alex might go back to Westminster I really didn’t think he’d do it. He hasn’t made a definite announcement yet, but the mood music is getting quite pronounced.

      I really don’t know how he can stand the idea of going back down there again. And Moira is some sort of saint if she lets him do it. We owe both of them a great deal.

      I was thinking this myself, but then I wonder: if there’s any politician I can see actually dying for his cause – not through violence, or anything, but through sheer expenditure of energy – then that is Alex Salmond. And I don’t doubt Moira is just as dedicated to the cause as he is. No, I definitely think whatever Mr Salmond does in future, it’s through the lens of “how can this help the cause of Scottish independence”? If he thinks retiring to a quiet life will help, he’ll do it: if he thinks going to Westminster will help, he’ll do that.

      He’s getting on in years, and I honestly think as much as he might want a break from the world of politics, he won’t let himself rest until we get there – even if, like Moses, he will never set foot in the promised land. But we’ll be there to carry him.

    110. dramfineday says:

      Fred at 11.31

      A) what’s the poor Clydesdale done to deserve that?

      B) I hope you hadn’t Godiva in mind when you wrote that.

      Oh-er, no more red wine for me for even thinking that you could have been thinking about Godiva.

    111. Brian says:

      The Scottish people may not yet reached “the promised land”
      but they are very near to it, thanks to Alex Salmond,
      an outstandind Scot and a wonderful Politician………
      He cannot leave the ship entirely, which is so near the
      shore— He is needed, if not as Captain but as the Pilot
      to guide it into the desired harbour
      All good wishes for the future Mr Salmond

    112. Valerie says:

      This thread is making me even more emotional, and rightly. I’m afraid the SNP will be getting a bill from Perth Concert Hall, the way its bouncing, at the mere mention of Alex’s name!

      Our new FM gieing it laldy at the moment, very proud at thus party’s talent. Also, wanted to share my new party membership pack arrived this morning, so I have my card to see Nicola at the Hydro – It’s going to be mental!

    113. thoughtsofascot says:

      A true hero to us all. The dream will not die. It will take flight and soar.

      Im going to send a letter off to him, to personally thank him for pretty much everything that he is done for the past 2 years. Despite the defeat and the constant crowing from unionist commentators abour division, Scotland has never looked more united. Old sectarian divisions were mostly forgotten in Glasgow. Highlander and lowlander stood side by side. East coast and west coast cities stood together. The old divisions played up by Labour for a hundred years are fading quickly. His successors only have one more division to heal.

      That in itself is amazing.

    114. Kenny says:

      O/T very good interview with Lesley Riddoch over on Bella Caledonia. I would like to see an indy Scotland have a constitutional set-up rather like Ireland or Germany, and Riddoch would be simply wonderful to have as president, because she has such great insight into the Scots, is impartial, and would also be very good at tying us in with the Nordic nations, which is where I feel we should be looking and striving.

    115. Nana Smith says:

      Anyone know if its true there have been 800+ new members for the snp since yesterday.

    116. Valerie says:

      @nana Smith
      It was announced on Friday, that membership stood at 85,100. At the close of conference, they put it up on a big screen, 85,885

    117. mumsyhugs says:

      Thanks everyone for your warm welcome! Was lucky to catch both Alex and Nicola’s speeches live from Perth – 2 real trailblazers leading the way to an exciting new dawn for all of us.

    118. jacksg says:

      Yes Nana

      i am one of them..

    119. bald eagle says:

      Nana Smith

      i think its 883 new members in the past 24 hours and thats not counting the ones still to be registered

      hope this helps

    120. Davy says:

      Alex Salmond, a true “servant of Scotland”.

    121. Christian Schmidt says:

      A true servant of Scotland? Hmm, you do realise he is the only person that can save the union – and because he does what he says and is good at it, he may pull it off!

      I mean it is a fair assumption that if the Vow – as it is understood by the people of Scotland (i.e. “as close to federalism”, etc) – isn’t being delivered, then there will be another referendum after the yes parties’ victory in 2016, and that referendum will end up with the yes side winning.

      It is also a fair assumption that neither the Tories nor Labour are willing and/or able to deliver the Vow if they win the election outright.

      But if the election ends up with the SNP (+independent indy candidates+PC+Greens) holding the balance of power, then I think Salmond will have a pretty good chance to ‘fold their feet to the fire’ and deliver deco-super-plus/autonomy.

      And then what for the yes movement?

    122. AuldA says:

      Slightly O/T but I was wondering (since I have not received the SNP material yet, having officially requested to be amongst the last to be served) how were the delegates designed?
      If someone can enlighten me, thanks!

    123. AuldA says:

      Grumpf. Not ‘designed’ (sometimes French seeps into my English), but ‘elected’ or ‘nominated’. Sorry for the slip.

    124. yesindyref2 says:

      Christian Schmidt
      What Scotland does with Devo-Max is use the powers and the revenue, set up the ministries, the collection systems, the tax bands, and covers more than half of all those uncertainties that put people off voting yes, 47% of the 55% NO camp, who by inference probably were in favour of Independence. And builds confidence in the People.

      Then in 5 years, there’ll still be the appetite for Indy and there’ll be only a handful of scare stories left for Project Fear 2 to make hay over.

    125. mogabee says:


      Delegates are “delegated” from each constituency!

    126. mogabee says:

      Sorry, last comment not complete.

      Each constituency can put forward someone to vote or individuals can ask to be put forward. Advice is given by costituency of procedure. Voila!

    127. liz says:

      I think also that Alex Salmond is a great politician which is exactly why the BBC/MSM demonised him for 2/3 solid years.

      It takes a great deal of courage to put up with that.

      I think he might stand for WM & if he gets elected stay for 1 or 2 years until full devo is achieved and if not Indy ref 2 will be on the cards

    128. AuldA says:


      So that means that SNP members outside Scotland are neither represented in the convention nor able to join an existing constituency?

    129. Nana Smith says:

      Thanks Valerie, Jacksg & bald eagle

      Welcome to Wings mumsyhugs

    130. muttley79 says:


      Comparisons between oor Alex and Churchill is grossly unfair. Alex is neither an alcoholic nor a manic depressive.

      That is an really unfortunate comment to make about two horrible illnesses. I assume by the flippant nature of your comment that you have never had personal experience of them, either directly or indirectly. Other people have, and have seen the horrific results of these illnesses.

    131. Paula Rose says:

      I know its a minority view here – I regard the only hope for the British is for Scotland to lead the way.

    132. Morag says:

      So that means that SNP members outside Scotland are neither represented in the convention nor able to join an existing constituency?

      There is a Brussels branch, and I think people anywhere on the continent can be members of that. When I was membership secretary of London branch we had a member resident in Germany. (Prof. Christopher Harvie, in fact.)

      London branch certainly sends delegates to conference, I’ve been one myself several times. And so does Brussels branch as far as I know – in fact I’ve seen that branch’s name against motions proposed at conference.

    133. Valerie says:

      @AuldA, there are over 200 local constituency branches. We discussed the motions to conference that had been submitted by individuals or other branches and our delegates were then clear we were mandating them to support the motions.

      I suppose the only way you are represented is by being invited to vote? As with the Deputy position. I am a new member, and my pack just arrived today.

      There are helpline, and there are special policy networks you could perhaps get involved with? Might be best to get your info pack, and see if there is some way you can get involved?

      Think they are still going like a Fair!

    134. RenateJ says:

      Should it not be a unicorn, allowing Eck on his back, or does no one tame the unicorn?

    135. Rock says:


      “I saw it as you can lead a horse to water but you can’t make it drink……”

      That was also my impression as soon as I saw it.

      Alex Salmond is definitely NOT riding off into the sunset. He is preparing to take the fight to Westminster.

    136. AuldA says:


      There is a Brussels branch, and I think people anywhere on the continent can be members of that. When I was membership secretary of London branch we had a member resident in Germany. (Prof. Christopher Harvie, in fact.)

      So, I’d have to contact them (I mean, Brussels). As far as I remember, in the first mail I received from Peter Murrell – where he apologized for the delay caused by the massive influx of newcomers – he stated clearly that each new member ought to expect the local branch to contact him/her. Well, of course I’ve never expected that that included people outside of Scotland, but I was still somewhat disappointed that we received (I say ‘we’ because I suppose BtP is in the same situation) no indication of how we should proceed, no further mail explaining what we should do as ‘foreign members’. In fact, had I not written my question here, I’d have remained totally unaware of the existence of the Brussels’ branch. Thanks for that, Morag.


      there are over 200 local constituency branches […]

      Yeah, in Scotland it is fairly easy. My question was specifically meant as SNP members living outside Scotland. Even if ‘we’* are very few, I feel ‘we’* should be entitled to participate to internal debate as much as the others.

      *Here, I use ‘we’ in the sense ‘all the others but me’, since, living in France and being French and not British, I can hardly claim any other position than ‘involved observer’, especially in all the debates that will pepper the run-up to next year’s GE.

    137. AuldA says:


      Should it not be a unicorn,[…]

      100% agreed! 🙂

    138. Cadogan Enright says:

      I was hugely enthused by the Angus/Nichola motion – I hope they take it as far as they can and that local SNP constituency organisations focus on how we can get as near to 59 seats as possible.

      Another brilliant speech from Alex, the future first President of the Republic of Scotland

      My council computer does not do MSM – so hoping to borrow the wifes IPad later to see what Nichola had to say

    139. Defo says:

      Can I just add to the sentiments above re Scotland’s champion. It’s a pity the referendum came too soon for us, & Alex.
      Just because he won’t be FM WHEN we achieve our goal, doesn’t mean that he shouldn’t be credited with the lions share of the credit.
      And if he out lives Liz, then he will make a fabulous and deserving first president !
      Greetings to all from the French Alps, working over here for a bit. No place for brass monkey’s!
      BTW The French working class seem to despise their Parisian political elite every bit as much as we do Westmidden 😉

    140. Les Wilson says:

      Alex Salmond is a man who has stayed loyal to his principles, and to the betterment of the lives of Scots, his whole career.
      He is that rare thing in Scotland, a man, and politician we can be proud of. There are precious few of them in the history of this land.

      The sunset time is not here yet for this man, he still has work to do, and trust me, he will do what needs to be done, just as he always has.

    141. Chris says:

      Thanks Alex, you did your best and now I wish you all the best.

    142. Sandra Wilson says:

      Alex Salmond has dedicated his life to Scotland. He is undoubtedly the most outstanding politician of my lifetime. The Tories irrespective of their hue are not fit to stand in his shadow. I was greeting from the minute they showed the video before his speech. Naysayers you should have listened to this man, he really cares about Scotland and her people. The Unionist care about Scotland’s wealth.

    143. Rock says:


      “No, I definitely think whatever Mr Salmond does in future, it’s through the lens of “how can this help the cause of Scottish independence”? If he thinks retiring to a quiet life will help, he’ll do it: if he thinks going to Westminster will help, he’ll do that.”

      Yes, he will act according to his gut instinct for the best interests of Scotland.

      But it would please us all enormously if he took the fight to Westminster with a massive number of SNP MPs.

    144. De Valera says:

      A politician who has stayed true to his beliefs and who has shown us what we could be.

      Thank you.

    145. Morag says:

      AuldA, as far as I remember nobody told me about the London Branch either (I was living in England when I joined the party) and I found out by accident from something I saw in a letter in a newspaper. It’s one of the oldest branches too. (The Brussels branch is relatively new.) I had to contact Allison Hunter and ask for my membership to be moved from Headquarters where it had gone automatically to London branch. After that things got simpler and I found out where the branch meetings were. It was about six months after I first joined before I actually went to my first meeting – I remember it well, it was the day they called “Black Wednesday”.

      Membership has been totally revamped since then, with everyone joining through HQ then being assigned to their branch, which makes the life of a membership secretary much easier! But if a member moves house they don’t automatically move you to a different branch when they process your change of address. I had to go to the HQ table at Spring Conference a year after I moved (frogmarched by the treasurer of the branch I should have been in, whom I’d just met in the coffee queue) to get it changed.

      So if they’ve allocated you as a Headquarters member you need to contact them and ask if they can switch you to Brussels branch. Once they do that, Brussels will hopefully get in touch with you.

    146. Morag says:

      If he outlives Liz? Alex won’t be 60 till next month. Liz is 88. Give the man a break, he’s not that unhealthy!

    147. Defo says:

      Aye Morag, but we males got the short straw in the longevity stakes. Viva Eck !

    148. kininvie says:

      @AuldA says:

      ..The first mail I received from Peter Murrell – where he apologized for the delay caused by the massive influx of newcomers – he stated clearly that each new member ought to expect the local branch to contact him/her.

      While the rest of you have been sunning yourselves at conference :)) We’ve been out doing just that. Mind you, with 1,200 new members in our constituency, it’s not all going to happen at once…

      It’s heartwarming and upsetting at the same time – people are so happy to have some continuity, but so absolutely gutted that their dream of Yes has turned to dust. All say they will do whatever they can to help.

      There are stern times ahead. I’ve lived through too many election disappointments to believe that we can achieve a clean sweep of ScoLab overnight. But there’s a massive new sense of purpose, and as we tick off street after street where we never used to have coverage, but now have people willing to get out and help… well, it’s mighty encouraging.

    149. In terms of their seminal impact on struggle for Scottish independence, the list comprises but three names: Wallace, Bruce, and Salmond.

      In vision, cognition, and accomplishment the outgoing FM casts a giant shadow. One smart aleck whose work is not yet done.

    150. David Wardrope says:

      Remember how I felt after his last exit as SNP leader, it hurt and I was only still in my teens (I was brought up on Salmond lessons by my mum). This time I’m far more resolute in confidence, his effectiveness due to his mammoth standing amongst other politicians will ring far into the future, especially as he’ll still be in the mix with the lesser skilled dawnsauf

    151. Morag says:

      I remember when the news of Alex’s resignation came through I said, I thought he was Bruce but maybe he’s Wallace. Which kind of makes Nicola the Bruce. I hope.

    152. arranc says:

      each branch are allowed delegates depending on membership

    153. AuldA says:


      So if they’ve allocated you as a Headquarters member you need to contact them and ask if they can switch you to Brussels branch. Once they do that, Brussels will hopefully get in touch with you.

      Thanks for the piece of advice. I’ll let the excitement of the conference settle down and do that. Not that I plan to attend the meetings in Brussels anyway. Even though it’s only 1h20 away with the Thalys, it’s still not a journey I’d embark on frequently. It’s not really cheap neither.


      While the rest of you have been sunning yourselves at conference :)) We’ve been out doing just that. Mind you, with 1,200 new members in our constituency, it’s not all going to happen at once…

      I perfectly agree for Scottish constituencies. I was specially referring to the case of ‘foreign’ (i.e. non-Scottish) constituencies. While I agree the London branch can have witnessed a large bump in its number of members, elsewhere in Europe the tidal wave certainly was no more than a few dozen of people: some of the ‘Scottish diaspora’ and maybe a few kooks like me. Besides, we do not belong to the era of pen and paper and snail mail anymore; with the list of new members gathered under a proper computer format (Excel™ or whatever other spreadsheet), it’s a matter of a few minutes to extract the emails of each rookie and send a general welcome message to everybody around.

      Greetings to all from the French Alps, working over here for a bit. No place for brass monkey’s!
      BTW The French working class seem to despise their Parisian political elite every bit as much as we do Westmidden 😉

      Out of sheer curiosity, where are you in the French Alps? Savoy or elsewhere?

      You’re right as regards the French political elite. The political landscape in France is thus: we have the Front National and the UMP which correspond to the UKIP and the Tories, respectively. The ‘Parti socialiste’, which is only socialist in name, is the strict mirror of the British Labour: a former left-winged party that has progressively slid towards center-right. On the left, we have the communist party, more or less in the throes of death, and several small parties such as ‘la ligue communiste révolutionnaire’ (LCR) or ‘le parti de gauche’ (PG). The problem with both of these is that they are opposition parties, quick to protest, but rather lacking any positive plan, so they do not appear to be fit to govern, neither at the local nor at the national level; besides, their ephemeral popularity is often tied to the charism of one single person, namely their leader. For example, when Olivier Besancenot, the former leader of the LCR, resigned, his party slumped in the polls; in fact, it is now on the verge of extinction. Jean-Luc Mélenchon, the head of the PG, a former socialist that has revolted against his party, is the kind of tetchy and smug leader that does not support any kind of opposition inside his organization. He is brillant, but his party looks more like a court of devotees than anything else.

    154. Defo says:

      I’m working fitting out a new apartment for friends in a lovely wee place called Vaujany. It’s an hour up the road from Grenoble.
      Thanks for the brief on politics ala France. J’adore the country, but my grasp of the language is piss poor. I am trying though, and combined with smiling and pointing, it seems to get me by. I’m a ‘menusier’, apparently.
      What i have picked up on though, is the frankly racist attitude of the bourgeoisie. Most of the lads on site are either ‘foreign’, or of foreign descent, and they seem to accept that they are second class citizens in the eyes of the middle class.
      Similar to the UK, only much more pronounced.
      France really needs to get with the 21st century !

    155. Grouse Beater says:

      ‘Alex Salmond – an appreciation’: grousebeater-wordpress

    156. Kathlee McKechnie Skifjell says:

      Have you seen the videos of the scenes outside the conference in Perth on Saturday ? As Alex left a huge crowd gathered to thank him. Watch the videos on facebook site : “Appreciation Of Our First Minister Of Scotland Alex Salmond” amazing scenes, no Tv coverage… Quelle supris !

    157. Glen Garry says:

      I am getting a T shirt printed it will read




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