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Taxi drivers wanted

Posted on April 22, 2015 by

Lord Digby Jones, formerly head of the famously politically neutral CBI, on the SNP.

We’re going to have to check what the CBI’s position on electoral reform was before First Past The Post threatened to elect a load of SNP MPs and became a democratic outrage in the process. We’ll get back to you on that one.

(We’re not sure where Bloomberg get the caption about the dastardly Nats being a threat to Europe rather than just the UK from, incidentally. As far as we can tell from the full clip Jones doesn’t mention Europe in that context. And to be honest, we don’t think his position was greatly in need of any exaggeration as it was.)

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318 to “Taxi drivers wanted”

  1. RogueCoder says:

    Another fat Tory decrying the system that has kept him and his cronies in power, all because the SNP dare to win democratic elections.

  2. Croompenstein says:

    Let’s hope Digby (Digby FFS) is on the British Airways flight the day after the election 🙂

    Who calls their son Digby? I mean that must have looked good in the local paper.. To Mr and Mrs Jones a boy… Digby.. 🙂

  3. Craig says:

    Holy Hell………………We are really getting to them here in Scotland aren’t we?

    Interesting how the Unionists parties are now squealing about UNFAIR the FPTP system is, well now you know what it feels like when we got governments that Scotland didn’t even vote for

    As the saying goes “Suck it up”.

  4. Edward says:

    Digby the biggest twat in the world, pisses on democracy

    Noticed the danger to England remark, what a complete pillock

  5. Donald MacKenzie says:

    Oh well, the economy is doing “really well”. That’s okay then. Not sure the people in the queue at the food bank agree, but, hey ho, who cares! So long as Digby’s okay and whoever is PM “can carry England”.

    Reality. Divorced from ..

  6. Norrie says:

    maybe he should apply his “look at their record” system to the SNP.

  7. ErinT says:

    What a waste of space.

  8. Brotyboy says:

    At least a year ago on Wings, someone posted a link to a site which was something to do with, or inspired by Mark Thomas.

    I have been sporting my badge ever since.

  9. Salt Ire says:

    Corpulent turd-juggling egregiousaur.

  10. robertknight says:

    The most glaring example of a “Fat Cat” to appear on T.V. since Robert Maxwell.

    Cream buns and fizzy pop anyone?

  11. Onwards says:

    Oh dear oh dear oh dear..

    Scottish votes might have some influence for once.. can’t be having that !

  12. Breastplate says:

    I thought everyone knew that the SNP are the biggest threat in the known universe…or perhaps that was in the alternate universe.
    I’m easily confused nowadays.

  13. Ken500 says:

    Lying Slob

  14. David Wallace says:

    The comment about purchasing British Airways shares is funny as and demonstrates the bankrupt, panicky business thinking of the Thatcher years FFS. Bad advice too, if we’re talking one time usage.

    A Tubthumping idiot, although an excellent example of why the House of Lords must be abolished.

  15. Paul McCabe says:

    typical self serving undemocratic britnat

  16. Fairliered says:

    Every time a Westminster establishment figure comes out with garbage like that, I.e. every 20 minutes, I know we are scaring the people who have got rich and powerful by shafting ordinary folk. And the happier I am.

  17. galamcennalath says:

    No wonder some of us want independence asap!

    Morons like him are one of the many reasons. Everyone is entitled to an opinion, but why is someone like that on TV?

    The Tories had a chance to introduce a democratic voting system, but they (and their red Tory mates) botched it. They also introduced fixed terms and two thirds majority confidence votes. Whoever forms the government has a good chance of staying for five years, and it probably won’t be the Tories!

    NOW they want to drop FPTP? He’ll mend them.

  18. Fairliered says:

    Digby Jones is just another numpty that will do anything for a weasel skin jaiket.
    I wonder whether rich and powerful weasels wear politician skin jaikets?

  19. Lollysmum says:

    O/T -sorry Rev

    You might like to see the latest version of the tactical voting wheel-it’s brilliant & funny

  20. Lesley-Anne says:

    You want a Taxi driver Stu? … never let it be said that we didn’t help you out in your houir of need! 😉

    Think I know the *ahem* PERFECT Taxi Drvier for this job … 😀

  21. desimond says:

    Must be Michelle Mone Leaving Threat time soon

  22. AndyC says:

    Jist anither zoomer.
    Must spread like ebola!

  23. Fiona says:

    He’s funny 🙂

  24. Iona says:

    Didn’t get past the Prime Minister of England comment. Knew there would be nothing of import coming out of that mouth.

  25. Eddie Munster says:

    Someone call him a waaahmbulance.

    The system is no longer keeping the british state under “Pure” british control, democracy is no longer to be trusted to the people “a la” tony blair.

    Time to change the rules to keep big buisness happy, neigh try and move the goal posts under the guise of PR?

    It will destroy the 2 party system and yet he thinks it will help lock out the SNP. It will only serve to help them, as well as the greens and the smaller uk wide parties.

    Or, reading between the lines, was he hinting that there should be a huge cull of MPs from Scotland as well, with the small percent of populous votes and 50 MPs to 2 or 3 Green MPs comment?

  26. liz says:

    One of the reasons I hate being part of the UK, is because a Fat cats like him.

    What the hell good as that fat cat done for the people of the UK?

  27. Now's the Hour says:

    Can we crowdfund to buy him his BA ticket to a remote destination of his choice on May 8th?


  28. AndyC says:

    Prime example of what’s wrong with the whole fekkin setup.
    Self serving Cretins.
    Beam me up, Scottie.

  29. JLT says:

    Now we no longer threaten just the parliamentary setup of the United Kingdom.

    (grim threatening revelation music) …duh duh DUUUUH

    We threaten the stability of Europe too! …Oh, the horror!!!

    Seriously …how long before one of these delusional clowns comes out with a statement on the lines of ‘The SNP is as big a threat to world stability as ISIS itself’.

    Now they are demanding changes to the whole electoral system. Let get rid of FPTP. It was good enough for them over the last 100 years, but now that the uppity Scots have the audacity to change a few things in the British political system, then it all needs to be changed. Don’t they understand that we are watching and listening to this drivel.

    People like Lord Digby Jones are making it clearer and clearer on a daily basis that ‘England’ won’t tolerate a party coming down from Scotland to change the way the system works. Folk like him are creating an ‘us’ and ‘them’ scenario, and it is going to create a nippy rift between both nations if they don’t watch. Any successful attempt in shutting a Scottish voice out of Westminster is going to be greeted in Scotland with a 1000-yard stare. It is going to lead to a lot of people pondering up here as to not only what does it mean and where are we going, but in their heads, a voice that now and again asks, ‘why are we actually in this Union’ …even if it means contemplating facing an alternative path that has a £7.6 billion black hole or no.

    Everyday just hammers home what a load of nonsense the whole ‘Better Together’ ideology was. This is all going to end in tears, one way or another. Either Scotland gets shut out of Westminster, slapped down which creates real bitter resentment, or the media noises England up so badly that the English electorate demand another election. And if that happens …who knows what may come next?

  30. Stoker says:

    I don’t know how you can do it Rev but i’m glad you do.

    Day after day, week in week out and year upon year.

    Listening to pompous, obnoxious and demented sphincters spouting ludicrous crap by the bucket load.

    It’s more than enough for me just to see their titles.

    Lord Digby Stoned – says it all really.

    Independence was our opportunity to bin these parasites.

    Lets give the lot of them a severe dose of the skitters – vote SNP.

  31. Dr Jim says:

    He doesn’t mind the Greens coz they’re not going to win much
    Just change it when the SNP are winning

    We get that

  32. Marie clark says:

    Whit an absolute tube.

    Funny when FPTP guaranteed tweedledum or tweedledee it was fine.Now when it look as though we bad nasty Scots might be able to use it to ensure our voice is heard, it’s nae use. It’ll have to change.

    Aye something needs to change right enough and it’s tubes like that who are speeding it along.

    Can we expect big queues at the airports on the 8th May then?

  33. Bob Mack says:

    He may well be out of pocket very soon if the Lords is abolished.How dare those uppity Jocks delist our exclusive club.
    Could we not make their severence package include a ticket to anywhere in the world courtesy of B.A.—– ONE WAY OF COURSE.

  34. Thepnr says:

    Arrrggghhhh! I’m fuming listening to this typical self righteous barsteward.

    No more Mr Nice guy, the gloves have to come off. These arseholes are the reason that we are in the state that we are in the first place.

    Fight back, show them we will not be put in our place but that we mean to put them in their place. It doesn’t matter whether or not you are a member of a political party.

    We can all speak to at least one person in these last two weeks and open their eyes. Take this video to your local pub or club and show people what we are up against.

    Please do it, a single voice carries much weight.

  35. Camz says:

    So the first time it’s something other than Con / Lab / Lib, they think the system should change.

    Deary, deary me. What a tangled web.

  36. Lollysmum says:

    Saw him on the London tube 2-3 weeks ago. Spent the whole journey looking at his reflection in the windows, adjusting tie, smoothing hair continually, pulling his stomach in etc. Shouldn’t have bothered Digby-waste of time, nobody noticed you except me & all I thought was ‘supercilious prick’ LOL 🙂

  37. Dan Huil says:

    Personal wealth and ennoblement is all odious people like Jones care about. Awful to think that unelected numpties in the house of lords still wield power over the people of Scotland. Not for long.

  38. David Martin says:

    Anyone associated with the CBI has zero credibility in the first place, especially since the referendum. Saying this as an SME shareholder and director..

  39. Craig Macinnes says:

    Digby, Boris, Nigel, Sir John…we thank you for your “sterling” services in recruiting people to the cause of Scottish independence.

    Keep up the good work chaps…perhaps a reference to the fact that Scots are indeed subhuman in your next assignment? That should add another few thousand to the ranks.

  40. Gary says:

    Carlsberg don’t do irony, but if they did…

  41. starlaw says:

    SNP has this lot frightened, wonder why Labour failed in this respect. Hope England’s downtrodden waken up to this and remove the lying labour party from the UK by finding or creating an honest party to support.

  42. Paula Rose says:

    CBI – is that the Collection of Bumbling Idiots?

  43. BornOptimist says:

    I wonder what Digby will say when Yorkshire First and the North East (of England) Party start kicking up the traces. Regional voices are beginning to be heard south of the border thanks to the fillip given to progressive politics by the supporters of the Yes campaign and SNP.

    Roll on the day all these fat cats actually do what they say they’re going to do – leave the country.

  44. sensibledave says:

    Juteman says: 22 April, 2015 at 5:17 pm (on another thread)

    “It’s an old tactic of trolls and wackos, Dog. Post a comment at the end of a dead thread”.

    Is this early enough for you?

    I am neither a troll or a wacko, or do you just mean anyone that has a different point of view to you?

    At the mo, I am struggling to understand the different meanings of politics and democracy in England and Scotland when it comes to the next Westminster Parliament.

    On the one hand, It appears that it is scurrilous and outrageous for say, Tory supporters, to try and convince people in Scotland not to vote for the SNP, and to want to try and keep them out of any position of control of the next government at Westminster. On the other hand, it is absolutely reasonable for Ms Sturgeon to try and convince people in England and the rest of the UK to vote for anyone but the Tories to frustrate the will of of 10 million Tory voters in England. Help me out here.

  45. jimnarlene says:

    I love annoying the likes of Digby, I really do.

  46. HandandShrimp says:

    I have to say the joy at watching these Tories keech themselves is most heartening.

    I wouldn’t trust him as far as I could throw him and as he clearly doesn’t stint on the foie gras that wouldn’t be far.

  47. EdinScot says:

    The Lords are certainly a leaping these days. The latest one being no different from the rest of the Establishment figures aka pompous, self-important, greedy, troughers. As if he actually beleives his own delusions and thinks his reputation holds sway in Scotland. Maybe it does, but not in the way he thinks. With the likes of them crawling out of the woodwork, its a good reminder to us of why we need to get rid of these no marks on may 7th. Aint religious but God does seem to work in mysterious ways!

    O/t, was watching the Taxi Driver’ video earlier (link supplied by Lesley-Ann) when had to put it on pause due to a knock at the door. Labour leaflet on my mat. Went out & walked over to the Labour canvasser, when asked if he had knocked at my door, he wouldnt even tell the truth that obviously it was him. I then proceeded to tell him that i wouldnt have Labour in a lucky bag, he stared as i then said very calmly that Labour are a bunch of liars. With that he turned on his heel as i threw it over my shoulder at him again. Very interesting that he didnt stay to try defent that allegation.

    It was only a short time later when i reaised that it most probably was Mark Lazarowicz of that im 95% sure. Ive waited years on Labour coming to my door which they never have until now. They must be really worried me thinks despite their msm carve up. As long as i can recall he has been in this Edin north & leith seat but he is getting one heck of a fight from the SNP. That he and Labour in Scotland cant rest on their laurels any more is changed days indeed.

  48. Barontorc says:

    Come, May 8th 2015, the votes will be in and no matter how many SNP ‘threats’ gather to go to ‘the mother of parliaments’, it will be fait accompli and no matter who, or whom spouts such dire tripe again, it means bugger all.

    These characters are getting airtime to push an agenda and this is acting contrary to what they hope to happen, so deep do-do, results.

    Let them while away with their poisonous crap, it’s doing no good, but what does irritate me; what does QE1 of Scots think about it all, if at all?

    Are we her people too, or are we mere subjects predominated by her larger QE2 of England role? It’s time to know if her ‘purring’ after the referendum result, was a Cameron faux-pas, or a point of fact.

  49. rongorongo says:

    BA is actually an interesting illustration of the culture of modern day organizations who go big on the “British” label. Buy an ordinary ticket on most airlines and then line up at the front of the queue for the gate. Before you can get on we will have to wait for those who paid through the nose for business class as well as for parents of young kids and those who need more time to board; fair enough. However on BA flights I have regularly waited while not just those categories but a bewilderingly large number of additional layers of privileged passenger categories. These extra categories comprise those who are given a place at the front of the queue by their loyalty to the airline rather than the price they have paid for the ticket or how long they have been waiting. This can be up to a third of all passengers. It is rather like flying with the House of Lords – and Baron Digby Jones of Birmingham would be right at home there as he fucks off somewhere hopefully distant

  50. Capella says:

    I LORD Digby Jones furious about Nicola’s promise to abolish the House of Lords?
    I hope she adds regulating tax havens, thus rendering his flight out of the country pointless.

  51. Tinto Chiel says:

    So it’s all our fault for using the democratic process called FPTP. We Jockanese are such fiends!

    The only Digby I had heard of before was Dan Dare’s tubby, dense, little side-kick (ok, I am of a certain age). At least he was quite funny, though completely incompetent.

    All these self-destructive Unionists remind me of a man sitting on a high branch and sawing through it frantically. Unfortunately both the saw and the trunk are to his right.

    More power to your elbow, Digby. And could you get some more TV exposure please when you talk such arrogant, patronising tosh?

  52. Wulls says:

    I’d happily give that fat insular bastard a lift to the airport.
    Seldom have I seen a clearer example of what’s wrong with the UK.

  53. a2 says:

    well if doing away with FPTP was the ONLY thing to come out of this, It’s progress indeed. There’s a real possibility that whoever does get into power will now think its a good idea and push it through for next time.

    We are going to need more popcorn!

  54. MD says:

    galamcennalath – he’s given a platform on TV precisely because he is known to speak for the rich and powerful.

  55. Illy says:

    @starlaw: that’s why I always felt that the SNP weren’t nessecarily the best vehicle for all this, precisely because they find it impossible to run candidates in England.

    You see all those people saying “I wish I could vote for Sturgeon, but I live in England/Wales/N.Ireland”? They’re supporting everything on the SNP’s policy list, except for Scottish independence, and they probably don’t feel strongly about that. (Hell, they probably appreciate the “We want out from under Westminster” angle of it)

  56. john king says:

    Croompenstein says
    “Who calls their son Digby? I mean that must have looked good in the local paper.. To Mr and Mrs Jones a boy… Digby.”

    I have a funny feeling that somewhere a Mr and Mrs Jones have an old English sheepdog called Peregrine and somehow the midwife got the name tags mixed up. 🙂

  57. AlbertaScot says:

    Can I rightly assume Diggers won’t be using RyanAir for his exit flight.

    Wouldn’t fit into the seat.

    Fat and sassy like a market hog.

  58. velofello says:

    Well he didn’t convince me. Nor years back convince Morgan Cars of his business plan. ” I’d go bust if I followed his advice”, says the Morgan CEO.

    To alleviate the concerns of Digby and his English chums what is needed is a politics compliance officer like exists in Scottish football so that if the result, or the referee’s performance – his decision is final, No? – doesn’t suit the big team they have the compliance officer to fall back on for satisfaction.

  59. john king says:

    Robert Knigth says
    “Cream buns and fizzy pop anyone?”

    Crumbs oh how jolly,
    I would love cream buns and lashings of pop, yummy 🙂

  60. Macart says:

    There’s the very definition establishment, entitlement and anti democracy. FPTP is appalling, but apparently its been a just peachy system so long as it favoured the established parties. Now though? Now for the first time in living memory it doesn’t favour those smug bastards? Now its anti democratic.

    They deserve the end of the union. They really, really do.

  61. No no no...Yes says:

    Is Corporate Digby Jones related to Dad’s army Corporal Jones? Must be, as they are both seem to be in a state of panic. What a buffoon.

  62. wullie says:

    The so called elites would be so happy if labour were to keep control of Scotland, this lets us all see how hand in glove Scottish labour [accounting unit] are with the powers that be in England.

  63. steveasaneilean says:

    Let’s follow Mr Jones’ logic through if you don’t mind.

    He’s clearly saying that as the SNP appear to be doing quite well FPTP needs to be replaced with something proportional (because it’s so unfair that this time around FPTP isn’t giving one party with barely a third of the vote carte blanche to do what it likes).

    So let’s do the maths for him. The SNP with 4% get 26 seats. The Greens and LibDems both on about 8% get 52 seats each. The Tories and Labour on about 34% of the vote get 221 seats each.

    Neither of the “big” parties can form a Government on it’s own. Now we know the LibDems are quite capable of being Tory when it suits them.

    But neither the Greens nor SNP are likely to support the Tories and if they both lend their support to Labour in some form Labour would be in Government.

    I presume that’s what Mr Jones had in mind. After all that’s the logical conclusion ofhhis expressed position in this interview.

  64. Graham MacQueen says:

    Surprising indeed Rev how the SNP have become the new ‘threat’ to Europe. For the last several weeks that title has been ascribed to SYRIZA in Greece.

    Jesting aside, I am baffled how these eejits claim the UK economy is doing so ‘really, really well’, when in fact national debt has surpassed the GBP 1.5trillion and increases at a rate of more than 5000GBP per second.

    My Home Economics teacher always taught me that debt was bad; glad I didn’t attend a posh school!

  65. Wee Chid says:

    Wasn’t there a referendum on proportional representation in the fairly recent past?

  66. jomry says:

    O/T Given daily proliferation of IFS predictions of dire financial consequences of potential FFA, I found the following article really useful in helping to strip away some of the premises on which these predictions are based.

  67. Finnz says:

    Wasn’t Digby the name of Dan Dare’s co pilot in the Eagle.

    Good name for a Space Cadet…

  68. Clootie says:

    I’m getting confused!

    When FPTP elects the feeble 50 Scottish MP’s to Westminster it’s OK and democracy is assured. However if Scotland elects (play horror music soundtrack) SNP MPs then the World is at threat.

    It appears that FPTP is OK if you elect the right people (a unionist party)

    I’m glad I spent the last two days putting field posters up!
    I want at least FIFTY MPs now.

  69. Michael McCabe says:

    I heard all the pish that Digby came out with. But did anyone catch what the male interviewers point was. Just asking like.

  70. Craig Wilson says:

    Watching such an unpleasant, sexist fool get so visibly angry makes me very happy indeed, not to mention extremely proud of our efforts. 😀

    And isn’t this what they told us to vote for all along? ‘A Strong Scotland, A United Kingdom’? All of a sudden the guys at the top seem to have cold feet about the whole thing.

  71. Dcanmore says:

    Would you buy a car off this bloke? *shudder*

  72. gordoz says:

    I think Mr Digby fits into the following category ‘Pompous Ass’ –

    Favourite description of such a person from my old primary Headmaster, his name was ‘Thomas Muir’ by the way; never new till I was much older just what a famous name he had.

  73. morgatron says:


  74. Iain Gray's Subway Lament says:

    A fat dimwitted stereotype of an out of touch corrupt crony capitalist foaming at the mouth about scotland’s right to democratically choose who represents it.

    Well that IS a surprise. LOL 😀

    The westminster establishment really do have their head up their arse when it comes to judging the mood of the public.

    Where was this greedy fuckwit ‘Lord’ Digby when the Banks and Labour crashed the economy and caused all this austerity in the first place? Hmmm? 😉

  75. paul gerard mccormack says:

    It’s only Great Britain because of the greatness of Scotland, and the thinkers, writers, artists, leaders, soldiers, and inventors who have made this country what it is. So a NO vote means faster, fairer, safer and better change. And this is a vital point: Scotland is not an observer in the affairs of this country. Scotland is shaping and changing the United Kingdom for the better … and will continue to shape the constitution.
    David Cameron 16th September 2014


  76. Nodrog says:

    Cry havoc and let slip the dogs of war!! David Cameron, Boris Johnson, John Major, Digby Jones, etc. are the kennels empty yet? Are there anymore rottweilers still to be released. Are these the calm considered leaders who have made such a success of Their Union , Their United Kingdom is there no place for a peacefully democratically elected opposition with different views to their own. Must we all believe and obey their rules and views? In my opinion they are all a disgrace to their positions in society and we would be well rid of them. On your airplane Digby!!

  77. Robert Peffers says:

    @ErinT says: 22 April, 2015 at 6:36 pm :

    “What a waste of space.”

    Aye! And doesn’t he take up a fair old chunk of it?

  78. Rolf says:

    Neck of the guy.

  79. AndyC says:

    Has ‘stoning’ been done away with?

  80. Gary45% says:

    Could you imagine Toodleoothenoo and Digby having a pie wrestling competition. NumNum

    Could make good TV.

  81. IvMoz says:

    Digby compares the Greens to the SNP complaining the SNP might get 53 votes with only 4% of the vote. That would be 4% UK wide, but the SNP are only standing in 59 seats out of 650!

    He then advocates that (if the SNP do well) that this will be the last FPTP election. Fine. In GE2010, the Tories received 36.4% of the votes but attained 47.1% of the seats. Labour 29% of the votes & 39.7% of the seats.

    Scrap FPTP & see more Progressive parties represented at Westminster. Is this what you want Digby? You didn’t think that through.

    Tell mw where you want to go on 8th May & I’ll happily pay for a first class one way BA ticket for you. See ya.

  82. Chitterinlicht says:

    Just a disgrace. Completely one sided viewpoint.

    How the feck do all the other wee countries get by?

    What I find most difficult to swallow is the complete absence of any spirit of entrepreneurialism, ambition and daring do. Surely a capitalist should see the opportunities of a new country/ slash market not just talk it down.


    Bring back the Romans that is what I say


    Getting good sick of this

  83. fred blogger says:

    so by implication in his opening statements, he’s admitting that scotland has never had a strong voice, not therefore real power until now.

  84. Robert Peffers says:

    Ah! Digby – “May the FEAR be with you”.

  85. Macart says:

    Lessons in financial carnage from a member of a political and corporate establishment that ran up a £1.5tr tab and helped create austerity Britain.

    Does that man look as if he’s ever felt the necessity to visit a food bank for sustenance? Do you suppose he’s ever had to wonder whether his income will pay for feeding a family, the leccy bill, rent or winter clothing in a given week?

    But its okay, ‘we’re (he’s) doing really, really well actually’.

  86. Marie clark says:

    Nodrog, naw the kennels are no empty yet. We await the entrance of the Great Gordo, coming to a place near all of us soon.

  87. Thomas William Dunlop says:

    We would well shot of all of them. “WEALTH”? What about the people.

    What about the Bra woman. Is she ever going to leave Scotland and gie us peace?

  88. Valerie says:

    I’m getting bored of the spewing of vitriol towards us on this side of the wall.

    It does make you wonder, tho’ that many of Digbys class just haven’t been paying attention to what was happening in North Britain.

    I suppose they only check what the weather is doing if they are coming up for the fishing n hunting.

  89. Robert Peffers says:

    @AndyC says: 22 April, 2015 at 6:56 pm:

    “Jist anither zoomer.

    Looks like Digby was the model for the one up there /|\.

    There really is a resemblance.

  90. Kevin Evans says:

    Arsehole – I could say more but I think that covers it.

  91. Effijy says:

    Old Digby is letting off more black steam that his brother Casey

    Is he Steaming and Rolling in it?

  92. broonpot says:

    An unelected member of Westminster clearly rattled by the threat of democracy being used to seriously change his status, lifestyle and income.

    I suspect the rumble of the tumbril and the swish of the guillotine are now a regular feature in his dreams every night.

  93. Had Enough of This says:

    Even as someone who followed the referendum closely and who was fully aware of the ‘project fear’ tactics employed by the establishment, I’m still aghast at this circus of a GE campaign aided and abetted by the establishment media. This was the same disgusting, monstrosity that was screaming about the minimum wage killing of business. Except it never.

    We really are in the last days of the union and I’m suspecting that in the aftermath we will see the familiar hostility of ‘no blacks, no Irish’ repeated with calls for ‘Jocks not welcome’ in England.

    And all because our country wants to exercise it’s democratic right and try to improve the lives of the people in it.

    Let’s hope good will, sense and determination wins out in the end 🙂

  94. msean says:

    Didn’t this former minister in a Labour administration, knighted under a Labour government in 2005, and member of the house of lords(making the rules for us along with his unelected mates,some ballot box rejects and assorted bishops), want us to stay and lead the UK last year?

    The House of lords does indeed need banished,it has no place in a modern democracy. If they don’t like our democratic choices,too bad. They had their chance to get rid of us and blew it.

  95. velofello says:

    The Dogs of War? More like Matt McGinn’s Polly had a Poodle, – “pishing on the carpet, pishing on the stair..”.

  96. X-Sticks says:

    Good grief. They’re queuing up to diss Scotland and the SNP.


    The thought of honest politicians with integrity getting into their cosy westminster club is scaring the pants off them. Until now ‘Scottish’ politicians have been easy to indoctrinate into the club. Their selfishness and greed have made them easy to buy. Scottish politicians that cannot be bought are a huge threat to their hegemony.

    The worry is how far they will go to defend their dominance and keep the threat at bay.

  97. Robert Graham says:

    halfwit alert sensible Dave just wants to wind you up him along with another nut barrowload who seems to have a full time encampment on bela out for fun after reading a few rants i wonder why they bother nothing else to do chaps ?

  98. Mealer says:

    On that basis it was absolutely disgusting when Martin Bell,the former independent MP,got elected to Westminster with only about 0.0015% of the national vote.Will Mr Miliband lead the charge to abolish the House of Lords if elected? And will Mr Digby Jones support him in the interest of democracy?

  99. manandboy says:

    When a population judges by appearances, then the rich will get away with anything; and the poor with nothing. Such is life in the British Empire.

    In the UK, anyone who is dressed well, is well groomed and who speaks well, will be treated like a Lord. Digby Jones would never have been allowed to appear on that TV show poorly dressed, as it would have robbed him of any authority.

    Aren’t we all well trained for exploitation. We are so utterly conditioned by the Class system, though we don’t realise it, and might well be upset to be told of it. But it’s true nevertheless.

  100. gordoz says:

    Just heard someone comment that together with smokin’ ‘Blair Drummond – McDougall’ old ‘Digs’ is forming the basis of an excellent Thrash/ Jazz /Umpah band combo called ‘Rools Britannia Fatherland’

    John Major is to front the lineup (stage name ‘Charisma’)

  101. ScottieDog says:

    Doggy Jones (unelected). Economically illiterate halfwit.

  102. Tam Jardine says:

    It makes me so happy that we have got folk like Digby Jones rattled. It’s a shame Jones and Major and the rest of the establishment get apoplectic about the SNP when they have not (to my knowledge) given a flying fuck about the real problems that are causing misery for millions of people on the UK.

    He is really pissed off. Just imagine how much good the ruling class of the UK could have done if they had been so angry about food poverty, or the plight of disabled people or the attainment gap in education. If they had expended all their energies in something worthwhile like creating a low carbon economy or improving infrastructure instead of demonising the Scots and immigrants and the unemployed.

    Instead these pillars of the establishment looked after their own. Poor old Digby’s getting all arsey because the sand is shifting beneath his feet. And still he and the rest of the imperial masters have not the wit or understanding to know that something like half the population of Scotland are having a great time! If Carling made General Elections and all that.

    Just imagine how furious Digby will be when he finds out we are actually planning to take over the entire UK and when we say we want to make Scotland stronger we mean militarily. And the modifications we have planned for the English breakfast are gonna to chill him to the bone…

    Bon voyage, Digby. Adieu. And Dinnae worry about the old UK. She’ll be in safe hands in your absence.

    Mwah ha ha ha….

  103. Papadox says:

    @X-sticks 8:59 pm

    Spot on they are terrified the incorruptible honest will spill the beans on the whole putrid sordid democracy we supposedly live in. Or so they tell us. The HOL cesspit for the mentally challenged, genetically damaged establishment mistakes.

    How can any decent person vote for this system to continue? Nowt as strange as folk!

  104. DerekM says:

    wow here comes another tory stiff with predictions of cataclysm,yea we know the moon will fall out the sky ,plagues of frogs and all that blah blah blah heard it.

    How can anybody in England be excited to have this lot run the UK they are bonkers the lot of them no wonder the UK is in a mess,and the other lot arnt much better either jeez
    cant we tell them both to get lost lol

  105. ScottieDog says:

    Funny, Tories were extolling the virtues of FPTP in the AV referendum.
    Surely that referndum is a once in a lifetime. Settled will of the people and all that?

  106. Robert Peffers says:

    @sensibledave says: 22 April, 2015 at 7:42 pm:

    “I am neither a troll or a wacko”.

    Oh! Yes You Are!
    Goodness – Panto time already. Don’t time fly when you’re enjoying yourself?

    ” … or do you just mean anyone that has a different point of view to you?”

    ‘Course not silly. We all know EXACTLY what a troll is and it most assuredly is not someone who disagrees with any of us. But then you knew that, didn’t you, Sensibledave?

    What is more I already explained that for you.

    Perhaps, when you grow up, you may learn to reason and present proper arguments and proper proofs to back them up.

    I even give you a dictionary definition of the term, “Troll”?

    And you are, aren’t you sensibledave?

    Stick around if you wish but be aware unsubstantiated statements, lies or failure to properly argue a point will be met with due disrespect.

  107. gordoz says:

    O/T –
    Just like a time out to dedicate a wee song to the Labour Party North Branch office.

  108. robert graham says:

    slightly off message been looking at a certain Jim Murphy’s links to the henry Jackson society who number in their ranks the most far right members of the Tory party along with labours friends of Israel strange appointment are labour really trying to win any Scottish seats with a leader like this seems to have been missed by the record and the bbc strange that

  109. John Sm. says:

    @ jomry at 8.10pm.

    A belated thanks (just in from a canvass) for the link to Thats a new site to me and well worth a read.


  110. Mealer says:

    Taxi drivers? You’d need a tractor driver to cart that load of shite away.

  111. neil says:

    Is that Eric Pickles in a fat suit?

  112. Swiss perspective says:

    Such a huge threat, and Europe is just sleepwalking into it. Nobody’s heard of the SNP as a threat hereabouts.
    Thank goodness we have the CBI to warn us!

  113. ScottieDog says:

    David Cameron’s support for FPTP

  114. Mark Coburn says:

    Fuck using a taxi, I’ll get him on my bike. Cheerio.

  115. Lesley-Anne says:

    Just back from the Victoria Halls in Annan. As usual Tommy Sheridan was on top form. Just like everyone else he can’t believe the polls have remained as solid as they have been, and, like others is a wee bit concerned about complaceny. There is only one solution to that … keep pressing folks! 😀

  116. Sooz says:

    I have a wheelbarrow. I’ll drab ’em along to the airport and tip them into the baggage hold.

  117. John from Fife says:

    If the link above on the GERS figures is correct then why when the unionist parties continually mention the “£7.6B” black hole don’t the SNP state that Scotland’s income does not include proceeds from whisky and oil revenue.

  118. ronnie anderson says:

    Re-worked version of Londons calling.

  119. Robert Peffers says:

    @Barontorc says: 22 April, 2015 at 7:45 pm:

    ” … what does irritate me; what does QE1 of Scots think about it all, if at all? Are we her people too, or are we mere subjects predominated by her larger QE2 of England role?”

    Well, Barontorc, whatever else you are you are not legally anyone’s subject. As one of, “The sovereign people of Scotland”, as long as you are in Scotland, you are sovereign and the monarch is not legally Queen of Scotland but Queen of Scots. In fact she is our subject.

    Here’s the history. When Bruce murdered the Red Comyn he did so on the alter steps of Dumfries High Kirk. He had eliminated his rival for the crown. He was thus King but at that time the law was, “The Divine Right of Kings”, and the Pope excommunicated The Bruce. Under divine right that meant all subjects were also excommunicated and as God couldn’t give Divine right to an ex-communicant Scotland was in trouble.

    In fact the Pope instructed all English church services to begin by cursing Scotland. This was what prompted, “The Declaration of Arbroath”. This not only stated that Scotland was an independent Kingdom but that the Monarchy of Scotland was not sovereign but only the appointed leader of the people and the people were Sovereign.

    The King was their appointed protector of the people’s sovereignty and if he abused his position they would drive him out. This has been the basis of Scots law ever since.

    There was no Union of crowns in 1603. In 1688 the English deposed the monarch who wore both crowns but that could not change the Scots Monarch. This caused the Jacobite Uprisings. It also prompted the Treaty of Union and part of that deal was the Scots law remained independent and thus you are still a sovereign person of Scotland and Lizzy appointed as your subject to protect your sovereignty.

  120. tinyzeitgeist says:

    I wouldn’t wait for Digby to leave, I’d throw the fu@@er oot. We don’t need these people in Scotland.

  121. Graeme Doig says:

    Wingman 2020

    Saw your post yesterday. You got room for one more wherever you are? Barstewards like this are really pushing ma buttons. This union has got to be finished. Never should have started. Hope you can return home someday mate.

    Someone posted earlier about things getting ugly. They don’t get uglier than Billy Bunter there.

    They’re terrified. Keep up the good work peoples 🙂

  122. Free Scotland says:

    David Coburn, Cyril Smith, Blair McDougall, and now Digby Jones – every one of them the antithesis of a healthy mind in a healthy body.

  123. Mealer says:

    Sorry to harp on about it,but a few months ago,Mr Miliband described the SDLP as Labours sister party.Despite the fact the SDLP wants to break up the UK.Yet Mr Miliband says he won’t even speak to the SNP because they want to break up the UK.So SDLP good (sister party),SNP bad (wicked and evil).Why do you hate us so?

  124. Chic McGregor says:

    Don’t know about ‘Corporal Jones’, more like ‘Corpulent Jones’.

    The biggest threat to Europe is the Tory referendum on the EU especially if they need UKIP support.

    OTOH the SNP are very pro Europe.

  125. Paula Rose says:

    @ ronnie anderson

    scotsriot I wanna riot scotsriot a riot of my own

  126. gordonbrownsbeard says:

    Lord Pigby Jones unelected House of Lards trougher seems to be getting worried…but i thought they said Better Together clearly that was just another massive lie no change there then! I think we should get away from these British/English establishment nutters asap!

  127. Natasha says:

    @Robert Peffers 9.56pm

    It also prompted the Treaty of Union and part of that deal was the Scots law remained independent and thus you are still a sovereign person of Scotland and Lizzy appointed as your subject to protect your sovereignty.

    In that case I want her sacked, because she’s done sfa to protect our sovereignty to date!

  128. thedogphilosopher says:

    Where can I buy some of this ‘Anti-Business Mood Music’? I’m intrigued!

    Will it be anything like ‘No Pussyfooting’ by Fripp and Eno, or more like Boards of Canada, I wonder?

  129. caledonia says:

    If he leaves now i will buy him his double seat

    what a plonker but as long as people are going to foodbanks it will leave the it will be ok for the likes of him and his fat cat friends

  130. Brotyboy says:

    Wasn’t it Sir John Harvey-Jones who went to Morgan Motor Company in an episode of the ‘Troubleshooter’ series?

  131. Paula Rose says:

    Canvass returns here in Angus show strong SNP support – BUT

    many areas that were pro Yes in the referendum are showing apathy as regards the GE.

    Work to do folks – get out there.

  132. Dr Jim says:

    Full Fiscal Autonomy, very very bad
    Oil Price, very very bad
    Independence, very very bad
    SNP, very very bad
    Everything Scottish, very very bad
    The Jocks won’t listen, there’ll be poverty

    They just don’t get it do they……
    We are who we are, tough to understand for them but they’re not us are they
    We are…………Ach

  133. caledonia says:

    wish we could crowd fund those imperial masters guys on the bike to go round Glasgow saying jim murphy is a liar and some of his lies to the same tune

  134. IvMoz says:

    Is it just me that is perturbed by the BBC national News/BBC website reporting the story of Alex Salmond’s joke, but they have not/are not reporting Cameron’s comment about pickpocket Alex on ITV’s This Morning.

    Where is the balance?

  135. scotspine says:

    @Lord Digby

    You still here?

  136. Big Jock says:

    The biggest threat to Europe is Cameron and his bloody referendum. The SNP want to stay in Europe and he wants to take us out. He is dancing to the right wing bigots tune of UKIP!

  137. Wp says:

    £5 million bail set for a guy who worked the markets to make himself a profit. Just like the large institutions have been doing for years. Funny old world.

  138. Doug Daniel says:

    Ah, Digby Jones. Can anyone remember which Prime Minister it was that put this complete dobber in the House of Lords, to allow them to make him a business minister in a “Cabinet of all the talents”? It seems to have slipped my mind.

    Must have been a Tory Prime Minister, obviously…

  139. Graeme Doig says:


    The balance is in the future when we gain our independence and GIRU the effin lot of them.

  140. Terry says:

    What a fat lummox. The snp are only standing in 8% of the uk. Ie Scotland. Can’t he DO THE MATH? Even if the nats won every vote going – 100% of the Scottish electorate – that would make 8%. What a tool

    But wait! Cybernats and wingers look out – the union has taken to social media with fawning tweets from teenage girls to milliband and Cameron. British egos on display. It’s all about them This is good as its basically shite. meantime any Indy tweets involve the wit and wisdom of @angry salmond.

    Such bile form dig by, Cameron and major at least have the silver lining that it’s unlikely now we will get love bombed. Thank f@ck for that.

  141. ian says:

    What can i say?I’m going to say nothing as its already been said.Good night

  142. shiregirl says:

    @ IvMoz
    I totally agree. Same on BBC news online – Salmond’s joke in the headlines but no sign of Cameron’s sly comment.
    It was the same on the BBc news earlier when they invited Boris on for his *perspective* on the tories change of tact (i.e. Snp pose a threat so let’s badmouth them). No counter point or alternative perspectives given, just Boris and his nutty rants.

    Amanda Holden showed clear bias on STV sooking up to Cameron, laughing at his cheap dig. But hey, I’m suprised she knew who he was (ok, she isn’t presenting newsnight, but still a presenter millions of daytime tv watchers tune in to)

    I can’t quite believe the anti-snp nonsense I am reading online. Can people be so daft as to believe this stuff?

  143. ClanDonald says:

    I wonder if the directors of Tesco have made the connection yet between their £6bn loss and the fact that the coalition’s austerity measures have removed billions of £s out their customers pockets.

    I heard a number of commentators on the radio today brushing off the loss as customers moving to Lidl and Aldi. Aye right. Given that the increase in turnover in Aldi and Lidl has been more like the £1.5 to £2bn range over the past few years it’s hard to see how this can be the case.

    This is why austerity has failed and why it ends up costing society and the public purse more, not less. You end up with a shrinking economy which struggles to grow along with all the associated job losses.

    5 more years of cuts means in 2020 we will be spending £30n a year less than we do now. This is the equivalent of more than one million jobs being removed from the economy.

    I don’t understand anyone in business championing theses austerity cuts. If you want your customers to be unable to afford your products or services then keep on cutting. Maybe Tesco is waking up to this now.

    It’s not difficult to see why so many economists are behind Nicola and the SNP’s anti austerity plans.

  144. Mealer says:

    Paula Rose 10.16
    Wann for Wankers ?

  145. Gary45% says:

    I think the reason Digby got his name was,
    the year he was born, FU*kwit was probably to controversial.
    Going by his size he is a typical Trougher.
    Diet for Fuc*wit.

  146. tammcgarvey says:

    Re. Digby on leaving the country on British Airways…I’ll pay for your flight ya fat bawbag.

  147. Robert Peffers says:

    @Robert Graham says: 22 April, 2015 at 8:59 pm:

    “halfwit alert sensible Dave just wants to wind you up him along with another nut barrowload who seems to have a full time encampment on bela …

    Yeah! Robert, we know.

    You do know about the UK Army 77th Brigade, don’t you Robert?

    This lot sure as hell fit the picture. Probably a group of squaddies on jankers – they certainly seem daft enough. They also seem to be following some form of crib sheet. They couldn’t debate with a two year old just learning to speak. The kid would probable win the debate – even without the aid of their Mummy, (that’s the squaddie’s mummies – not the weans).

  148. Terry says:

    @paula rose

    I’m finding the same in Aberdeen – apathy on the estates from first time voters who voted yes in Indy ref. they are saying , whats the point as we didn’t get independence. It takes a wee while to convince them the value of the GE. Coincidentally when i make the point that their vote has the equal weight of a lords they like that. Though the actual weight of lord lummox would always tip the scales This is where RIC were brilliant. It was true empowerment.

    So you are right. Hard work ahead.

  149. ronnie anderson says:

    @ Paula Rose As with the many Wingers who have spent time in your company, would agree you are a Riot lol

  150. fred blogger says:

    booming jobs market?
    apart from 1 in 40 new jobs being full time.
    1500+ que hrs for 40 jobs, ukok.

  151. Grizzle McPuss says:

    “Hello, Japanese Embassy…we have a Blue Whale problem spotted near the Thames…any chance of some harpoon help?

    Please be quick, I think it’s suffering as it appears to be spouting shite”

  152. ronnie anderson says:

    Trolling just Trolling

    by the light of the silvery moon

    & the Trolling LOONS

  153. ronnie anderson says:

    Rally details: This Saturday, 25th April, 11 am Freedom Square with feeder march from Glasgow Green at 10.30 am. The rally will run all day until 4.30 pm with live music, speeches and the Yes Bikers and pipe bands.

    Come to the press call. Come to the rally. Award winning actor David Hayman will speak at the rally on Saturday

  154. Robert Peffers says:

    @Mealer says: 22 April, 2015 at 9:28 pm:

    “Taxi drivers? You’d need a tractor driver to cart that load of shite away.”

    Och! We have a wee collie dug that can drive a tractor and trailer. That’ll do fine. Mind you it tends to drive over the central Reservation – but that’s a minor detail.

  155. DaveDee says:

    IvMoz says:

    22 April, 2015 at 10:21 pm

    Is it just me that is perturbed by the BBC national News/BBC website reporting the story of Alex Salmond’s joke, but they have not/are not reporting Cameron’s comment about pickpocket Alex on ITV’s This Morning.

    Where is the balance?

    You’ll not be surprised at the Daily Mail’s front page tomorrow


  156. desimond says:

    Sarah Smith shows mock up pictures and uses David Bowies Heroes cover for Jim Murphy

    Surely Low or Scary Monsters Super Creeps much more apt

  157. macnakamura says:

    Who will rid me of this corpulent beast?

  158. John D aka Nkosi says:

    What a f—wit, how do they get where they are with such little intelligence. Mr Jones I’ll by you a ticket to Timbucktoo

  159. Robert Peffers says:

    @Dr Jim says: 22 April, 2015 at 10:17 pm:

    “We are who we are, tough to understand for them but they’re not us are they
    We are…………Ach

    Perhaps the word you are searching for is, Thrawn.

  160. Proud Cybernat says:

    Tactical voting for dummies…

  161. West_Lothian_Questioner says:

    I’ll drive them to the airport personally in bunches of six…

    Am i the only one hearing “we will drive them to the airport,” spoken by Winston Churchill?

  162. Casper1066 says:

    Result – clear out Tories and ditch these greedy leeches….order the taxis…..take their passports at the end of the journey.

  163. Dafydd Williams says:

    Just amazed and inspired how the people of Scotland continue their support for their national party despite the barrage of pro-Unionist propaganda. Plaid Cymru is beginning to show a modest boost in our support in Wales. The link between Plaid and the SNP is a key factor is giving the party a timely boost.

  164. Iron Man says:

    Yaaawwwnnnnnnnnnnn. Anything new? Nope. Usual stuff. Night night.

  165. Maxi kerr says:

    Independence was our opportunity,and we let it pass. Im so bloody angry at the no voters who let creatures like Digby pass wind from hls foul mouth. We won’t forget these swine.

  166. HandandShrimp says:

    The video of Alex relaxed and entertaining a crowd with a bit of stand up will strike most sane people as tongue in cheek funny.

    David Cameron being utterly useless at anything approaching human interaction would have understandably been terrified at something so alien to him…connecting with the public using humour.

    In highlighting the video Cameron simply highlights his own inadequacies.

  167. Mealer says:

    Dafydd Williams 11.17
    Keep at it.

  168. Mealer says:

    HandandShrimp 11.27
    Yep.I just don’t think there are that many people in Scotland who would vot for an old Etonian.

  169. morgatron says:

    Perhaps a wafer thin mint?

  170. Schiehallion! Schiehallion! says:

    He’s auditioning for a part in Moodievision.

  171. Graeme Doig says:

    So GB seems to have been spouting forth in front of a private audience at East End Park, Dunfermline today.

    According to Laura K on Newsnight there will be a public appearance tomorrow. Anyone got wind of where this might be. I’ve got the day off and a few questions for lying bastard.

  172. Graeme Doig says:

    ‘The’ lying bastard to give him his full title.

    And aye, couldn’t risk guessing the spelling of Laura’s surname 🙂

  173. Big Jock says:

    Desimond\ It was deliberate. They could have chosen any Bowie song but they chose Heroes for Murphy! Sarah said:” Looking good!” Whit the ferk. He looks like an alien. Its also no coincidence that Bowie was a long distance no supporter!

    Any little chance BBC get they try and talk up Smurphy. Also the toffee nosed English journalist they have on.Katie something. She suggested there was more to Salmonds joke about writing Millibands policies. For ferk sake these people are in need of medical help if they can’t see a joke for what it is!

    Incidently that journalist represents everything that I despise about the middle class snobs that want to hold Scotland back.

  174. Robert Peffers says:

    @Dafydd Williams says: 22 April, 2015 at 11:17 pm:

    “Plaid Cymru is beginning to show a modest boost in our support in Wales. The link between Plaid and the SNP is a key factor is giving the party a timely boost.”

    Hi, Dafydd, I used to often watch Betsan Powys, BBC Political Editor when I could get BBC Radio Cymru.

    I always thought her a very good broadcaster and astute lady. I’ll have to search out my links again. We could do with an honest Political Editor in Scotland. Bryan Taylor is really very one sided and a real disgrace.

    I think if we can pool the SNP, Plaid Cymru and Greens in Westminster all three will make big gains. That’s three great ladies in my opinion.

  175. Big Jock says:

    Graeme GB will probably appear at a post office terrorising pensioners collecting their money. He’s like the grim reaper. Good God he has had more come backs than dracula!

  176. Dr Jim says:

    @Robert Peffers

    We don’t need to search though, we’ve got a word, and that in itself says everything

    It’s great being Scottish isn’t it, we’re just…..aren’t we
    I like the Glasgow expression “Some Team eh”

    Just had a thought about an awful lot of Scottish phrases i like Hmm….thanks for that Robert

  177. ronnie anderson says:–l1xHxiBgkgZ

    Muched loved Cameron LOL

  178. Tackety Beets says:

    So Scotland 2015 has a couple of Economist experts on tonight and at first it seamed to lead towards Labour plan is good but poor Ms Smith got a full explanation why what SNP ( altho’ they did not mention them ) Economic proposals were 100% correct ESPECIALLY at this time . YES !

    Clan Donald @ 10.34 , I’m not a fan of Tesco but you make a very good point.
    They are not the first , B&Q and there will be more yet I fear.
    I will add that in early 70’s as an apprentice my journey man always said that Retailers all get a turn at being popular and it all goes in cylces , seams to true.
    Tesco are on a dip .

    Back on Digby , he has in a few short minutes reminded and reinforced me why I felt so strong in ’79 and again in 2014 .
    I thought it funny how he has gone All Green , showing his COMPLETE IGNORANCE tho’ as he clearly is not aware that overall the Greens are mirroring SNP policies sliding them a wee bit further left and adding a Greenness to them.

    He clearly has no idea what any SNP policy is .
    He , like many we have heard before , is unable to appreciate their comments are only adding to SNP numbers .

    Of course he makes himself out as a baffooooon with the percentages as posted above.
    59 MPs is circa 9% of the 650.

    Aye , they just don’t get it !

  179. Dr Jim says:

    Cameron has a bit of a cheek making capital out of Ecks wee joke considering he was on National TV this morning being overheard likening Eck to a pickpocket
    Now i got his attempt at a joke and took no offence even though he’s not as funny as Eck

    Maybe that’s what annoyed him, he’s a crap comedian as well as a crap politician…boom boom…

  180. thedogphilosopher says:

    Just watched Newsnight: Kuenssberg report on Clunks With Fist’s ‘secret closed meeting’ (obviously open to her so she can fanfare on EBC) but Big Broon being wheeled out officially tomorrow.

    Otherwise, Kuenssberg’s report heaving with pity and sorrow for poor Branch Unit, because those bad SNP people have made life hard for Troughers United, so Gordzilla is stepping up (Once more unto the breach …) to put things back the way they should be!

    So it goes.

  181. Foonurt says:

    sensibledave – bricht iz ah blackoot.

    Ah foartnicht left, fur yoan sleekit,pauchlin,leein,pruchin basturts.

  182. James Dow A voice from the diaspora says:

    I wonder if the Queen is still purring over her Scottish subjects? Or maybe she’s got a Scottish fur ball caught in her throat.

  183. Mealer says:

    Mr Brown is yesterday’s man.He might hold some sway over yesterday’s people but that’s about all.Any intervention by him will be seized upon by the media but the trouble for him is,unlike during the referendum,the media aren’t all singing from the same hymn sheet.Thus,an intervention by him could do his own party more harm in England than it does the SNP in Scotland.He might well just keep his activities low key and off camera.

  184. ronnie anderson says:

    Lord Digby Jones staring in the remake of the Flight of the Dodos.

  185. Easwald says:

    Could someone tell these hypocrites that we are all, and always have been, ruled by minorities. The Tories won 23.5% of the total UK electorate in 2010 yet they have ruled for the last five years unchecked (the LibDems turning out to be lapdogs rather than a check – hence their support looking like going from 23% to 8%). Now they complain when a minority is going to have a big say – in other words, business as usual.

  186. icyspark says:

    Right on cue with 2 weeks to go, Gordon Brown enters the fray. No doubt all over the news tomorrow as the Labour Northern Accounting Unit’s saviour.

  187. ronnie anderson says:

    Wee Ruthie spouting pish to Bernard Ponsinberry about the figues of people useing foodbanks from the Tame Gov sponcer’d Trussell Trust, there are more than double there figure,s from the Independant FoodBanks

  188. Hoss Mackintosh says:

    Yeeeee Haaaaaaw!

    The BBC Bias Busting Bonanza is here…

    G. A. Ponsonby’s book – “London Calling – how the BBC stole the referendum” is coming out this weekend.

    It was delayed a bit due to being too long because of… BBC bias overload!

    Looks like he will need a sequel to keep up with recent developments.

    Get volume one here…

  189. Dr steinberg says:

    What a c*nt! Not a great loss if he fucks off on the next BA flight on a one way ticket. Apologies for the sweary words chums 😉

  190. FactChecker says:

    velofello say: 22 April, 2015 at 7:54 pm

    Well he didn’t convince me. Nor years back convince Morgan Cars of his business plan. ” I’d go bust if I followed his advice”, says the Morgan CEO.

    Brotyboy says: 22 April, 2015 at 10:16 pm

    Wasn’t it Sir John Harvey-Jones who went to Morgan Motor Company in an episode of the ‘Troubleshooter’ series?

    Indeed it was Brotyboy. The ex-ICI chairman and Pipe Smoker of the Year 1991 visited Morgan cars twice. Once in the original series of “Troubleshooter” (1990) and again in “Troubleshooter: Back in Business” (2000).

    I think the confusion arose by virtue of the fact that he featured as “The New Troubleshooter” which I haven’t seen, but suspect is some pale imitation reboot of the original.

  191. Tam Jardine says:

    Big Jock

    I think Sarah Smith is well aware of how her programme is received, in particular the support she gives the labour party in her role. I took it as a wee wind up for any yessers watching. Murphy simply being her hero (and hero of McQuarrie etc) is so obvious it’s positively dull.

    Great song – shame Bowie stuck his oar in. Could have been an indyref classic and it kind of summed up my thoughts at the time. Wonder what Bowie thinks about Scotland being endlessly vilified for daring to get behind our democratically elected SNP government? Better Together is it?

    He probably doesn’t give it much thought. Well – that day David Bowie lost a fair few fans. I saw him at the SECC years ago – canny imagine he’ll be rushing back anytime soon?

  192. Papadox says:


    Big Gordie, Major, Blair, Darling et al are terrified the truth of their past gets out into the sunlight before they pop their clogs and leaves them open to honest scrutiny. To many people in the establishment know where the bodies are buried so they have been told to get their arses into gear or they will be abandoned to their own fate.

    Concentrates the mind wonderfully, and keeps you regular very regular.

  193. Ian Brotherhood says:

    If you think Digby’s bad, just wait till you meet his big brother, Dow.

  194. The economy is doing well is more to do with the fall in oil prices. I suspect due to American influence if the stories about fracking are correct. Once they start to recover it will be a different matter as prices increase.

    A fortunate turn of events for the GE2015, don’t you think, but perhaps short term.

  195. Mr Haggis ta you says:

    Just watched a rich bam say the economy is doing rather well and that if austerity is reversed he is buying an airline and fucking off?

  196. icyspark says:

    Gordzilla gets a huge surprise from cross-dressing Murphy 🙂

  197. CRAIGthePICT says:

    This idiot was head of the CBI!!! Jesus wept.

    I was always aware that the CBI was not fit for purpose and now the reason has been contextualised.

  198. caz-m says:

    Ronnie Anderson

    I am night shift, stuck on an oil rig west of Shetland Ronnie until 1st of May. I am beelin that I will miss Rally.

    My son Martyn will be there and will probably come over and say hello to you.

    Have a good one and I will meet up with you a week later (If I get off the rig.)

  199. icyspark says: check out the main image on the homepage.

    Haha, how apt. Today of all days.

    Gordzilla vs Cameron. This will be the main headlines in the morning.

  200. Malcontent says:

    There was recently a referendum on PR and the position Digby is now promoting was soundly defeated.
    Why cant these people accept the settled will of the people?
    This should be settled for a generation at least.
    Are they trying to win PR without a referendum?

    This is like the Nazis in the 1930s, it must be resisted.

    Cant see the irony in that at all. 🙂

  201. charlie says:

    lost my long post – but hey ho – Mr Digby was an old school Tory who I think advised Blair’s govt (google it) but when push comes to shove, the possibility of the establishment being challenged, by communities, in whatever form, start challenging the UK establishment, they panic and reveal the face that says ‘you can say so much but no more’. Liberal Democracy by it’s nature.


    Vote for the candidate in your constituency who offers proressive change, whoever that may be.

  202. Grant says:

    Another fat cat from the Downton Abbey era.

    In his eyes the UK is not one.

    Listen to him HE clearly sees a divide.
    Us(England) and them(Scotland).

    … got an idea English independence.

  203. Malky says:

    The embodiment of the word ‘corpulent’.

  204. john king says:

    Desimond says @ 6.56pm
    “Must be Michelle Mone Leaving Threat time soon”

    Is she still here?
    I though she’d be gone by now,
    don’t let the door hit you on the arse on they way out moany.
    Thepnr says
    “Arrrggghhhh! I’m fuming listening to this typical self righteous barsteward.”

    Im not,
    I see clowns like that as raging against the inevitable change coming barreling down the tracks and they know there is FUCK ALL they can do about it, suck it up Digby old son. (there’s much more where that came from) 🙂
    Wulls @ 7.47
    “Seldom have I seen a clearer example of what’s wrong with the UK.”

    Stop the presses!
    Thats going on the front page!
    Alberta Scot says
    “Fat and sassy like a market hog.”

    Mmmmmm Hog roast.
    Graham MacQueen says @ 8.07
    “My Home Economics teacher always taught me that debt was bad; glad I didn’t attend a posh school!”

    At posh schools they teach that if you owe a bank a thousand pounds its your problem but owe a bank a billion pounds it their problem.
    Decanmore says @ 8.28
    “Would you buy a car off this bloke? *shudder*”

    I would,
    if his ankle was chained to the back bumper. 🙂
    Mrogatron says @ 8.24

    Paragraph breaks Morgatron
    paragraph breaks
    Gary45% says @843
    “Could you imagine Toodleoothenoo and Digby having a pie wrestling competition. NumNum”

    Gruuuw ma PORRRRIIIDDGE, what have you people got against my porridge for gods sake puty up warnings first before you post horrible thoughts like that. 🙁
    If Carling did posts on wings they would suspiciously similar to Tam Jardine’s post @ 9.17
    respec Tam 😉

    Btw Tam
    you didn’t tell us whats for breakfast in the brave new world?
    is it porridge?
    can we make the bastards eat it with salt?
    Oh btw Digby old boy,
    before I forget

  205. john king says:

    Sensibledave says @ 7.42
    “I am neither a troll or a wacko”

    Ever seen the film catch 22 Mr Sensible?

  206. Andrew McLean says:

    Digby what are you on! As a businessman you known piss all, first you dismiss the productivity problem, then later you condemn the fact Germany produces more cars, trains, will I tell you why, productive well paid motivated German workers. Plus German manufacturing didn’t get decimated by thatcher your old boss! She cut the over capacity out of ideology, not business acumen! You you idiot didn’t understand, and when demand got higher, the competition stole the lead!
    You don’t even understand statistics, each constituency is a unit, if a percentage of them have a higher percentage of whatever concentrated that dose not mean all of them do!
    Then you bemoan the market fluctuations caused by uncertainty! Are you kidding! How do you think London makes its money! Sorel made billions when a dick of a chancellor devalued his own currency, a conservative chancellor!
    Then you say trust, business depends on trust, the SNP have done wonders for Scotland, because they did what they promised, the coalition promised to cut the national debt, the bloody doubled it, if you appointed a group of businessmen to the board to cut a company’s debt, and they doubled it you would fire their ass!
    Then you slag of Branson, capitalisms golden boy, Digby you plonker, he made millions and is living on his own island!

    Next! Bringing on the next loony to slag us off, tell us we are to stupid and we are dangerous wanting control of our own destiny. And how we need the likes of Digby and his cronies so we may doff our caps at their superiority!

  207. woosie says:

    Who’s next to have a pop at Scotland? Chas & Dave? Former Blue Peter presenters? Lord Janner?

    Hopefully the SNP manifesto for 2016 will include provision for a referendum in the event of any change to Scotland’s representation in WM, ie, PR.

    Even better, we get 59 seats, and WM are forced by the City of Corruption to annul the union. Then the English people will watch on in envy as we emerge a fairer, wealthier, healthier nation.

  208. Croompenstein says:

    Happy St George’s Day to our good friends in England and Catalonia 🙂 ..and Georgia

  209. Les Wilson says:

    EBBC this morning reporting from Gordon, littered with sneaky innuendos trying to play up the opposition to Alex Salmond.
    And of course the obligatory ” business man talking up the union” (they always find their “proud” Scot somewhere.)

    I really, really hope we get all the seats in Scotland, the BBC should then be a main target in the firing line, they really are scum.

    Constant propagandists, of course all to steal votes and negatively effect Scottish Democracy.

  210. Kevin1 says:

    ill have another cake, Those Nationalists have stolen all the cream

  211. ronnie anderson says:

    If a gathering of Crows is called a Parliament,why are there some many Troughfin Pigs in it ?, & why have the Slab goat there ain Branch in that gathering,ur they, they Flying Pigs.

    Rook them oot Vote SNP.

  212. starlaw says:

    I think its about scare the pensioners time. Wheel out Broon to tell them their pensions will stop for one spurious reason or another should SNP do well in GE

  213. Tam Jardine says:

    john king

    I’ve said too much already John. There will be no modifications to the Full English breakfast. There is no “Project Lorne”. Everything will continue as it was… 😉

  214. Wee Alex says:

    I wonder whats its like looking in from another country?

    Is there another democracy in this world would demonise a region of its own population for using the democratic process to elect whoever they want.

    Ive been speaking to relatives in Devon who cant believe the press, politicians and business leaders openly condemning the SNP with jibes like Nazis, etc. Nicola is portrayed as a devil alongside the saintly Farage.

    I also wonder what the moderate NO voters make of all this.

    Any pretense of a fair democracy has been exposed for what it is, an utter sham.

  215. Martin says:

    When it’s delivering Labour or Tory candidates on 15% of the constituency’s vote- Wonderful system, strong government, no reforms, vote no to AV.

    When even it can’t stop the hugely popular governing party of Scotland- System undemocratic (irony alert), must be changed, holding England (never mention poor old Wales or NI) to ransom!!!

    Carlsberg don’t do fuckwittery, because WM politics has the patent.

  216. Roger says:

    Who is this…er..corpulent..Digby chap?

  217. Dorothy Devine says:

    Is this the fattest cat? Or does anyone know a fatter?

    I look forward to the demise of the BBBC in Scotland followed by most of the newspapers of Scotland.

    Hell mend ’em.

  218. ronnie anderson says:

    caz m 12.51 Aw fur ffs, whit a time to get shipped back of shore,ah wiz looking forward tae You n Martyn being introduced tae the usual suspect Wingers face to face,still works work. I.ll look out for Martyn, I,ll be there about 7pm.

  219. JaceF says:

    They don’t seem to be able to raise the flaccid member of Gordon to scare the pensioners, Murphy is the stand in and is due to claim we have two weeks to save the state pension.

    Maybe they are saving Gordo until the end, a glorious final first intervention to save the union – I mean scare the pensioners.

  220. ronnie anderson says:

    @ Tam Jardine Thank fek fur that, am ah Squareslice sausage man, did ah say Steak slice. lol

  221. gordoz says:

    Wowser :

    The return of the rodent – what a nutter.

  222. Capella says:

    @jomry 8.10 pm
    just got round to reading the article you linked to on the “black hole” subsidy junkie myth. It is as you say a very clear statement of the basics and one wonders why journalists don’t make this clear – not!
    Link for if you missed it above.

  223. Edward says:

    Murphy having a ‘street rally’ in Edinburgh today

    If anyone knows when and where, suggest going along and taking pics

    Then again probably has already happened as everyone knows Murphy just loves the early dawn light for his close in pictures

  224. Ken500 says:

    Why don’t Labour stop lying. Scottish taxes pay (UK) pensions in Scotland. £16Billion on Pension/benefits. Total (UK) pensions £72Billion. Total (UK) Pension in Scotland £6Billion. Scotland 9% of UK pop. (UK) Pension 12% of total. Less (pro rata) is spent on pensions in Scotland.

    The Deficit in Scotland is only because of Westminster economic policies. E.g Increased Oil tax in 2011, Trident/illegal wars, tax evasion, Corp tax paid through UK HQ’s. A tax on ‘loss leading drink. A reduced APT would increase direct flights and tourism. Why can’t Scotland have fiscal autonomy? If Scotland gets better off, so does the rest of Britain.

  225. gordoz says:

    O/T Apologies but many thanks to Craig Munro (from WoS twitter acc)

    Absolutely stunning topographic model of Scotland – take a look amazing stuff – only in Scotland would this be hidden from the people.

    Amazing watch and thanks to Jan Tomachzyk the Pole who commissioned it in the 70’s!

  226. ronnie anderson says:

    Catch you,s aw laters, ah hiv a date wie a load of leaflets that need stuffing, wie ither leaflets.

  227. sensibledave says:

    @ Robert Peffers 9.18

    I have read many of your previous comments Robert, so I know you are a learned and intelligent man. Try and use some of that brain power, just for a moment, and attempt a bit of empathy for (and this is a tough one for you) an english Tory voter. I am clearly not asking you for sympathy – just empathy.

    So, Nicola Sturgeon of the SNP, is all over my telly box talking to me, an english voter. She is telling me and my countrymen/women that she speaks on behalf of Scotland (just after the referendum) and she wants to stop my favoured party from being in government. She wants to form anti-Tory alliance so that everyone is in government – other than my favoured party. She will work with every lefty and loony to achieve her aim.

    Do have a democratic problem with that? No.

    Do I want her to achieve her aims? Of course not.

    With your “empathy” hat on, I assume you can, at least, see that the average Tory voter in England might not be quite so adoring of Nicola and the SNP as you guys are. Politically, we are on opposite sides. That’s all.

  228. scunnered says:

    can anyone please clarify something for me
    its probably already been mentioned on here already and if it has I apologise
    is the thought of a tory-ukip alliance leading the next parliament a no no for us?
    because im thinking its a sure fire way to get another referendum as 1 of ukips conditions will be a referendum on Europe….I will always vote snp no matter what but the thought of ukip-tory pulling Britain out of Europe is appealing to me….never thought I would be saying this but more appealing than labour getting in and no referendum

  229. dashingchap says:

    Ghastly chap but he’s Lord Jones or Digby Jones, not Lord Digby Jones. Lord Digby Jones would be the son of an earl or a marquess and he’s definitely not one of those.

  230. One_Scot says:

    OMG, lets have a corrupt political voting system for as long as it suit us, but as soon as it looks like someone else will benefit, lets scrap it and bring in a fairer system.

    Does he have any idea how much this makes him look like an absolute arsehole of a man.

    FFS, why are we letting these people run country and our lives, it has got to stop. Enough is enough. Just who do they think they are.

  231. Grouse Beater says:

    Sensible Dave: Do have a democratic problem with that? No.

    Actually, you do.

    Reverse the situation.

    If it is not right a Scottish party can stop an English party, (for that is what Tory and Labour have become) from taking power at Westminster, then it is not right for a Unionist party to take power in Scotland.

    Do we adore unionists telling us what is good for us? Do we hell!

  232. HandandShrimp says:


    It isn’t a no no in the sense that it isn’t under our control. If that is the way rUK votes there is nothing we can do about it.

    It isn’t my first choice because UKIP are viciously anti-Scottish and would push the Tories to not only pull us out of the EU but to try and scrap Holyrood. They could not be trusted to cede to another referendum. I think they could drag us all down into a messy, divisive and destructive divorce rather than a sane a democratic route to independence.

    I think the best way to look at is that with Labour we can look to sprucing Smith up and adopt federalism as an interim step and then see how the land lies. If the Tories with the Liberals win we will also have a clear strategy which will be different from the one that we will need if Labour win. Both are options have some merits but the Tory UKIP one is probably the one that is most fraught (for everybody on these islands).

  233. Dorothy Devine says:

    Gordoz I wish I hadn’t followed your first link – the man is deranged.

    Gordoz but you made up for it by posting the other one – bloody marvellous.

  234. Fireproofjim says:

    Yes, I saw that programme and I was amazed. The map is incredible.
    Grudging respect to the BBC for revealing it. I live in Edinburgh only a dozen miles away and never heard of it. Must visit.

  235. desimond says:


    Murphy at Edinburgh Street Rally

    “And the cry ‘You will have had yir Pish’ went up”

  236. john king says:

    Where was your empathy sensibledave when Scotland rejected wholesale Tory policies but got them anyway?
    and lets not go off on the “majority rules pish,
    in a country thats the case and the losers just have to suck it up but when we have a situation where one country of the “UK” rejects WHOLEHEARTEDLY the deeply offensive policies being foisted on it without a mandate we would have expected to see and acceptance that the average voter in Scotland might not be so adoring of David Cameron and his ilk.

  237. DerekM says:

    You know someone is missing where is Lord Robertson ,i want one of wee George`s tales of apocalyptic armageddon ,please Labour let wee George out the gimp box ,these tories are just no match at the old scary stories ,they are so boring wee George is always funny.

  238. Robert Peffers says:

    @CRAIGthePICT says: 23 April, 2015 at 12:49 am:

    “This idiot was head of the CBI!!! Jesus wept.”

    Memories seem to be rather short on WoS these days.

    Digby Jones was the numptie who registered the CBI as an official backer for a “no” vote. This caused the BBC, as a member of the CBI, to officially also be backers of the, “Better Together”, campaign. The BBC then transferred its membership to its commercial arm, BBC Worldwide.

    Then Digby cowardly blamed a minor official as mistakenly registering the CBI as an Official, “Better Together”, member and, of course, this was accepted by the UK authorities and the law breaking ignored. The proper action was to charge the CBI, Digby Jones and the BBC with illegal actions.

  239. HandandShrimp says:

    She will work with every lefty and loony to achieve her aim.

    Sensible Dave

    With your empathy hat don’t you think you could have phrased that better?

    Look, if the Tories with the Liberals and UKIP and DUP can reach the magic 326 they can lock out all the left of centre parties and most probably will. Will that be undemocratic? We all live in one constituency and we all get one vote. FPTP means that if party is popular in a particular area rather than spread across the board they can pick up a clutch of seats in those areas. Labour do that in the inner cities the Tories in the shires and the SNP in Scotland.

    There is an irony that Cameron, a defender of FPTP, could find himself tripped up by it but that is swings and roundabouts of politics.

  240. Kenzie says:

    A gathering of crows, Ronnie, is called a “murder”. You’re thinking of owls.

  241. Bob Mack says:

    Ms Sturgeon and the SNP have proved themselves to the Scottish people.It is as simple as that.You have never had the benefit of their governance,therefore it is an unknown quantity to yourself and others in England.Your opinion is formed by what you hear and what you are told in the main.
    I am not some outlandish revolutionary,but rather an ordinary person,like many others,who has weighed up the options available as to choice of candidates.
    Having traditionally voted Labour most of my life,the time has come to recognise that in spite of my hopes and expectations,they have serious shortcomings.I could never vote Conservative.
    Your choice is your own,as is mine,and therefore if the people of Scotland choose the SNP,to represent them, then Westminster and the Establishment just have to live with it, as I have done for many years when Conservative governments obtained election success.
    I neither hate or have any bad feeling towards England at all, bur would rather Scotland had the mandate to look after its’ own affairs. I am neither brainwashed nor deluded in my current choice ,and being a Clinical Psychologist (retired) ,I readily appreciate why the Scottish people now feel they must choose a different path.

  242. Ken500 says:

    What is Democratic about Scotland being outvoted 10 to 1 at Westminster and nearly always getting a Gov with policies it doesn’t support. The majority in the UK get a Gov with policies they do not support.

    ConDems elected to protect NHS/Education cut them both. Reduced the Deficit but the National debt has increased.

    The rest of the UK could afford to be right wing on Scottish Oil revenues.

  243. Macart says:

    Apparently Mr Humphries gave Gideon a bit of a facer on the Today prog on R4. This is only a second hand report, so I’d love it to be confirmed, but apparently Giddy went of on his scripted SNP/Nicola Sturgeon bad spiel only to be interrupted by Mr Humphries who then went on to state ‘That’s not what you said in the green room the other night. You were remarking how well Nicola did’. Excuse the paraphrasing, as I say a second hand report from a friend who still listens to BBC radio.

    Still, if true, Mr Humphries brought Osborne down a peg or two.

  244. Louis B Argyll says:

    Self titled “sensibledave”.

    You end with.. “.. Politically were on different sides….. That’s it….”

    No that’s NOT it.


    We have higher expectations, that our different CULTURAL AND POLITICAL identity CAN DELIVER a fairer and more representative system of governance.

    As part of the union we merely trim the fringes of inadequacy.. And will always flag up unfairness.

    Upsetting? Yes, to those who make profit from the status quo, but that is as far as your political differences reach.

    Respect all humans and their rights.

  245. Kenny G says:

    Starting to notice a lot of unionist voices on Wings these days, which is fine, it’s just the timing of them that’s got me suspicious.

    I wouldn’t be surprised if a lot of them are plants by or work directly for the MSM or some other shady organisations whose sole intention is to stir up hatred to give the MSM ammo in the run up to the election.

  246. Anne says:

    Says it all, he says at the beginning, ‘Prime Minister of England’.

  247. Dr Jim says:

    My relatives in Wolverhampton born and bred Midlanders always praised my late Mum for coming to Scotland and marrying my Edinburgh born Dad because he was an educated man and her kids (me and my siblings) would be lucky to benefit from a
    Scottish education which we did

    Now it seems we’re not educated at all, but stupid, and my aforementioned less well educated relatives (who i love dearly)
    have now become experts in Scottish politics, something of which they never paid a blind bit of notice to in their
    lives except at referendum time when i was stupid then as well

    Where and how did this new enlightenment take place you might wonder….Well…
    It’s in all the papers and on the telly down here, they tell me, so they can’t be wrong can they
    All my life my relatives thought well of us Scottish branch of the family

    Now, i’m afraid i have lost my intellect, intelligence and my once good Scottish education has been all for naught
    So before and until Armageddon strikes i’m welcome to come down to Wolverhampton where i’ll be safe from the outrageous machinations of that terrible S and P man Sammon
    and his wife that Nicola Surgin

  248. Louis B Argyll says:

    Actually it’s a PARLIAMENT OF OWLS..

    Currently.. That demeans owls..

  249. Wp says:

    Why do these interviewers who demand to know how Scotland would fill the phantom £7.6 billion deficit ask Osbourne this very simple question. If your policies of cutting billions from the welfare payments puting hundreds of thousands into poverty to get the deficit and debt down, how has the debt doubled to £1.51 trillion and the deficit hardly moved below £100 billion?

  250. Dr Jim says:

    I’m bigger than you politics
    The British solution in a nutshell, theres more of us than you, get over it
    Our best fighter against your best fighter
    Our bigger gun against……..

    Jeez…. why argue with these brain shrivelled dimwits
    You just get the feeling they bump into things a lot

  251. scunnered says:

    thanks for the reply
    yes I know it isn’t in our control all im saying is I find myself warming to the prospect of it but what you said about scrapping holyrood is terrifying I hadn’t thought about that.
    Nicola sturgeon has already said that pulling Scotland out of Europe against our will will likely result in another referendum…u say ukip cant be trusted but neither can labour or the tories
    all divorces are messy…bring it on because theres no way we will get out peacefully and without a struggle as long as there is oil on our land

  252. Fred says:

    St George’s Day folks, be nice 🙂

  253. David S Briggs says:

    A Digby Jones dartboard would sell like hot cakes.

    He really is a arrogant, corpulent, son of a bitch.

    Apologies to the ladies among us.

  254. Dave McEwan Hill says:

    Worth reading – as is Mcwhirter’s damning attack on the nawbags and their continuous insult to Scotland in today’s Herald

  255. Free Scotland says:

    Jim Murphy in Edinburgh street rally (i.e. his groupies are informed in advance of where they should meet).

    Edinburgh has both seagulls and pigeons.

    Edinburgh has chip-shops and shops which sell popcorn.

    Buy a bag of chips or a bag of popcorn, and get down to Murphy’s rally to feed the birds.

  256. Robert says:

    Before stating such unprecedented waffle,(Scotland is part of the Democratic political system set in place and encouraged and supported by Westminster- It´s called the Act of Union) but perhaps the said Gentleman should visit the food banks, out of interest as his appearance seems to imply otherwise!

  257. Lenny Hartley says:

    Deficit has only went down due to smoke and mirrors. Tories inherited 750 billion debt it’s now over 1.5 trillion call it a 750 billion increase divided by 5 years = 150 billion per year.

  258. Fred says:

    Murphy’s Flashmobs, gone before they get pelters from shopping grannies.

  259. Robert Peffers says:

    @sensibledave says: 23 April, 2015 at 9:08 am

    “I have read many of your previous comments Robert, so I know you are a learned and intelligent man. Try and use some of that brain power, just for a moment, and attempt a bit of empathy for (and this is a tough one for you) an english Tory voter. I am clearly not asking you for sympathy – just empathy.

    Yawn! I’m really becoming quite weary of your hokum, sensibledave. Matter of fact my replies to you are really aimed at the other commenters in order to expose you for what you are. I believe my comments have already done so but I’ll have one more shot at it before ignoring you.

    First of all you are falsely attributing to me something that is quite outrageously false. Whatever makes you imagine I have no empathy with the good people of England?

    (BTW: You insult the English people by typing the name of their country without an upper case capital letter.)

    Fact is I have nothing against any particular nation or country in the World and consider them all my kinfolk. It is hardly their fault that, like the Scots, Irish and Welsh, they have suffered the historic lies and propaganda of the South English elitist Establishments for as long as we have had recorded history.

    Seems you mistake my utter contempt of those who would continue to propagate and promulgate those lies and that propaganda, (as you have attempted to do on this forum), as some form of hate or dislike for another countries peoples. I have only disparaged your failure to make your argument in an adult and reasoned manner. I have now had to do so again.

    If you must continue to post, and I’ve never said you cannot, then at least do so in a logical and cogent manner and provide cites, arguments and fact instead of snears, lies and propaganda.

  260. Socrates MacSporran says:

    I have been a wee bit concerned at the way the Guardian has been covering this election, however, this morning, there is a piece on Nicola Sturgeon, by Ian Jack which has restored my faith in Guardian journalism.

    Worth checking-out on the Guardian website, at:

  261. starlaw says:

    louis b Argyll . . its a hoose oh hoolits

  262. Proud Cybernat says:

    @ sensibledave

    Do I want her to achieve her aims? Of course not.

    Well perhaps you should take that empathy and try and reverse it. Scotyland has ONE yes ONE Tory Mp and only 11 Lib Dems. We are being ruled by a party with a political ideology we have thoroughly rejected at the ballot box. We have had to ensudre decades of this form of ‘UK democracy’. Perhaps you are now beginning to feel how we here in Scotland have been feeling for decades.

    The thing is–in Scotland we accepted the situation. I am sure that you, as a democrat, will accept your situation after 7th May.

  263. Big Jock says:

    When English or any Tories start having sympathy for people going to foodbanks! Then they can seek sympathy from others.

    That and spending millions on Nuclear weapons, being planted in my beautiful country. You can all go to hell as far as I am concerned.

    If you are a Tory then you really need to take a good look at yourself and question your values!

    And you never won the referendum , you just scared a lot of people into voting no. There is a difference.

  264. Stoker says:

    Louis B Argyll wrote:
    “Actually it’s a PARLIAMENT OF OWLS..
    Currently.. That demeans owls..”

    Correct, Louis, a gathering of Crows is known as a murder.
    Hopefully come the 7th there will be many Unionist murders,
    metaphorically speaking of course, starting with Septic Meg.

    Fred wrote:
    “St George’s Day folks, be nice”

    Really, Fred, and there was me thinking it was just Thursday.
    Ah well, we live and learn, eh!

  265. Robert Peffers says:

    @scunnered says: 23 April, 2015 at 9:14 am:

    ” … is the thought of a tory-ukip alliance leading the next parliament a no no for us?

    I obviously cannot speak for others, Scunnered, but to my mind it doesn’t matter a jot who eventually manages to carry a vote of confidence at Westminster and forms the next Government. For the very good reason they are certainly going to be members of the Establishment.

    As Nicola has made it crystal clear, the SNP will not be in formal coalition with anyone but most certainly will do their best to prevent it being a Tory government or Tory led coalition government.

    In effect then, if the SNP gain a goodly number of seats, they will usher in a Labour Government then support ANY motions that are good for Scotland and for the whole United Kingdom.

  266. velofello says:

    Digby Jones,Harvey-Jones. Dammit, there’s two of them.

  267. Fiona says:

    @ Big Jock,

    I appreciate your frustration, but it is not correct to say that the No side did not win the referendum. They did win it, and whether you are correct or not in your view on why they won it, it is not helpful to deny the facts. They started with a massive lead and that was reduced very significantly over the course of the referendum campaign. To me that means that the arguments from the Yes side were being heard and accepted by increasing numbers. That is all to the good, and I see no sign of a reversal. Independence will come, I think, because the case for it makes sense.

    You direct your comment to sensibledave, but he has said repeatedly that he does not feel strongly one way or the other about independence for Scotland: I have no reason to disbelieve him. It does rather puzzle me why he posts here if that is his position, however. I have the impression that, at the outset, he imagined he was the voice of “sensible” England, and was on a crusade to counter the anti-english demonisation he perceived. He has been here long enough to know that it does not exist in the form he supposed, though he does suffer from a tendency to see it where it does not exist. But most of us can be blind in that way: it takes a great deal to overturn a prejudice: it takes only one apparent instance to reinforce it.

    As others have noted, sensibledave often displays the very positions he decries: and this latest foray is a case in point. He asks for empathy for a situation he finds unacceptable, completely missing the point that it is a situation we have lived with for decades. We have been patient and we have accepted the outcome without abandoning our aspiration. Over time we have developed a way of mitigating the effects within the existing political system. That is what all democrats recommend where people are unhappy, but have the vote. In fact it is an ideal demonstration of what democracy is supposed to be able to do, uniquely and effectively, in comparison with other systems.

    Seems to me that people like sensibledave should be celebrating that as the best advert for democracy seen for centuries. It can be used to defend what is sometimes attacked as a sham of democracy, because it shows that people can make changes within the system and without resort to violence or even passive resistance a la Ghandi. Or at least, that is what it would show if allowed to proceed as expected within the rules. Irish and Indian people tried it, and it failed them: and that leads many to think it cannot work. It may be they are right and that the british establishment have learned nothing from all their experience of empire. Some of what is currently being said tends to support that view, but I am still optimistic that this can be done within the rules of the present system, and I hope we will continue to try that unless it becomes obvious it will never be allowed to happen.

  268. sensibledave says:

    Grouse Beater 23 April, 2015 at 9:24 am Wrote:

    “Actually you do. Reverse the situation.”

    I don’t Grouse Beater. If the outcome is a LAB/SNP alliance then so be it. Id hate it, I’d look to join a movement that would ultimately change things, but I would accept the democratic will of the Union.

    @ HandandShrimp 23 April, 2015 at 9:35 am

    You quoted me “She will work with every lefty and loony to achieve her aim.” Ok, a little forthright on the “loony” comment but, as you know, I was referring to Natalie Bennett, the leader of The Greens, The party that despises the very existence of Scotland’s major revenues. And Leanne Wood, leader of Plaid, and who thinks Independence for Wales would be to the benefit, overall, of her country.


    On the generality, and asking you for a further stretch on the “empathy” thing, what is it that you would like the english to do with respect to with Scottish representation in Scotland and Scottish Independence?

    From an English point of you, there has been increasing demands over time for more self determination for the Scots. Over time more and more powers have been devolved. There is a Scottish Parliament. More devolution is on the way. As an aside, and as you know, the english have no such devolved representation

    There was a call for a referendum on Independence. The referendum was had and the majority of Scots wanted to remain part of the Union. People in Scotland know, because they have experienced it many times, that they might not get the government they voted for at Westminster, if they stayed in the Union – because that is the way the Union works sometimes (for both England and Scotland). That, I assume, was therefore factored in to their yes or no decision.

    However, it “feels” like the english are being held to blame for the Scots not voting for Independence – and that somehow, we should therefore respond by not wanting, or voting for, the party of our democratic choice and the government that we want.

    The frustration shown by many here often “feels” like it is clumsily directed at the english when, I accept, they mean the representatives that we voted for. But, as much as you may despise the Likes of Cameron, Miliband and Clegg, they are the only realistic options we have so, what you perceive as some oppressive “Westminster Establishment” is, actually, the only realistic options that the english have. We have to vote for one of them, and it appears that all three are despised by many here, and their very existence is perceived to be provocative anti-Scots.

    As stated before, it looks to me like the best chance of this being sorted out is a Tory based government on May 7th, followed by loud calls for another referendum sooner rather than later, and then a Yes vote. Again, as stated before, I would be less confident of a referendum call, or a Yes vote, in the event of a Labour based UK government.

  269. Socrates MacSporran says:

    Just a thought, but: when Tony B Liar agreed to allow the reformation of the Scottish Parliament, it was structured in such a way that the Westminster Establishment thought would prevent the SNP from ever controlling it.

    They got that wrong.

    They brought in proportional representation, mainly as they thought, as a check to any future SNP executive (they never agreed to “Scottish government” being able to get legislation through).

    They got that wrong, when the SNP minority government made the system work. OK, they had to compromise on the bills they wanted to introduce, but, they persuaded enough of the rest – but NEVER the Labour Party, to support their bills.

    Now, with that experience behind them, the expected bloc of SNP MPs at Westminster after May will seek to use it in forming a consensus to push through workable laws.

    It is to be hoped that, at long last, Labour will waken-up to the fact, you do not need the “elected dictatorship” of being the governing party at Westminster, to get their legislation through.

    Then, maybe, just maybe, they will accept the need for change to the Westminster system.

    It is to be hoped a strong SNP presence will finally give Labour the cojones to make the changes they have long talked about but not implemented.

    Otherwise – they are doomed, doomed ah tell ye.

  270. Helena Brown says:

    Dear sensible Dave, this is the wrong place to try and persuade people to vote ahem, Tory. We are all for the most part from the YES campaign which means this was tried before and failed to work. Here the only good Tory is a dead one, kind of how the MacDonald`s viewed the Campbell’s, sorry Stu.

  271. Robert Peffers says:

    @Kenzie says: 23 April, 2015 at 9:35 am

    “A gathering of crows, Ronnie, is called a “murder”. You’re thinking of owls.”

    “A pairliament o hoolets”, I think I like that, Kenzie.

    The HOC becomes, “The Hoose o Hoolets”.

    What about the Lords?

    Aiblins a, “Hoot o Hoolets”?

  272. mike cassidy says:

    Here are the fat cat’s thoughts on the General Election.

    And may I take this opportunity to apologise for the fact my mother has been inconsiderate enough to still be alive at 83.

  273. scunnered says:

    @ Robert Peffers
    Robert I know the snp will do everything it can to stop a tory government
    but ed miliband says the other day they wont allow the snp to hold them to ransom and if the snp doesn’t back them then they will be letting the tories in
    so I guess im just thinking does she prop up labour knowing theres no guarantee of anything just to stop the tories getting in
    or does she walk away,let the tories in and wait to be pulled out of Europe and a referendum
    Nicola isn’t daft and I do trust the snp to do whats best for Scotland….but what is best for Scotland
    propping up eedjits that cant run a bath never mind a country or waiting for ukip and the tories to light the blue touch paper that gets us our independence
    im getting to the stage I don’t know what outcome I want anymore

  274. Fiona says:

    Wouldn’t let me post an OT response to this thread so I have posted it here

    It is in defence of Gordon Brown, be warned 🙂

  275. sensibledave says:

    @ Proud Cybernat

    You wrote: “We are being ruled by a party with a political ideology we have thoroughly rejected at the ballot box”.

    I think the difference is, and this really isn’t meant as a provocative statement, Scotland had a referendum recently, where, unbelievably to you, there was a majority for staying in the Union and accepting the very situation that you, understandably, do not want.

    I can’t fix that for you Cybernat. The english can’t fix that for you. I am not your opponent on Independence (few english care either way). You need to convince a majority of your fellow Scots. In the meantime, people will vote they they want for the government they want. I cannot, with my one vote at the ballot box, factor in a solution for the Scots. You have to do that.

  276. heedtracker says:

    Still cant watch this bloated old Tory git but check out the UKOK size hypocrisy from The Guardian and its the same outfit that pinned swastikas on Sturgeon, gave us Salmond and Sturgeon as sado masocists/incestous Highand dancers, even said Sturgeon is Ken Dodd but I don’t see it. How rancid Graun has the gall to… ah what’s the point.

    The road to teamGB hell, farted along by great British hypocrites and liars.

  277. Barontorc says:

    @ robert peffers

    Sorry Robert, as much as it could quite clearly be that buffoon Lord Digby Jones, who got the farcical CBI to support BT and NO, he had long since departed the scene for the other gravy train in the HOL.

    The culprit is John Cridland. The common-denominator on the Scottish scene is, however, (from the Guardian); ‘…the director of CBI Scotland, Iain McMillan, who announced he was retiring after the independence referendum in the wake of the organisation’s disastrous registration as a NO campaigner.

    McMillan revealed that he planned to retire less than a day after the CBI revealed it wanted to reverse a decision to formally register as a no campaigner with the Electoral Commission….’

    (from the BBC); ‘…CBI director-general John Cridland said it had made an “honest mistake” and was now seeking to reverse its decision on the basis it had not been approved by the CBI board and was not signed by an authorised signator.
    He said the registration took place in order to ensure regular Scottish events, including its annual dinner and lunch, complied with regulations during the referendum period….’

    Oh well then, best move on, nothing to see here, eh?

  278. heraldnomore says:

    I have to say that I haven’t read all the posts by, or in reply to, the sensible one. However whilst the perception that the problem of a lack of an English devolved parliament may be sound the reality is that for generations Westminster has been assumed to be, and treated as nothing other than, an English parliament, and still is.

    Therein lies the root of the problem. Get a devolved parliament for English issues, rather than faffing about insulting the rest with all this EVEL nonsense. Four devolved bodies, with one upper chamber (elected of course) to preside over common areas.

    Go on sensible one, start it happening. Nothing we can do from here. And if it doesn’t happen, that federalism that was promised, then the writing is very much on the wall.

  279. Chic McGregor says:

    Hoolets are by folklore, wise birds. Might I suggest tits instead?

  280. sensibledave says:

    Helena Brown says:
    23 April, 2015 at 11:29 am
    “Dear sensible Dave, this is the wrong place to try and persuade people to vote ahem, Tory. We are all for the most part from the YES campaign which means this was tried before and failed to work. Here the only good Tory is a dead one, kind of how the MacDonald`s viewed the Campbell’s, sorry Stu.”

    …..Just brilliant Helena. A very helpful and thoughtful interjection. I know you are not too bothered with insight or accuracy but, could you just point out where I tried to persuade you to vote Tory.

  281. Fiona says:

    @ sensibledave

    I cannot speak for others, but in answer to your question, what I would like English voters to do is repair the democratic deficit they complain about. That means establishing an English parliament. They have to stop thinking of Westminster as an English parliament, because it isn’t. The fact that they believe it is in principle is clear: and the fact that to some extent it is, de facto, is also clear. But constitutionally it isn’t: and what the MSM and the unionist parties are now complaining about is a small shift in power which results from the fact that that that constitutional reality still matters.

    The solution is in the hands of English voters, and is nothing at all to do with us. Absolutely nobody denies the right of English voters to vote for the party of their choice. We have put up with governments we have comprehensively reject for much of the last few decades, and sought other ways to get effective representation within the system as it exists. You can do that too, if you choose. If you do not choose you have no cause for complaint, frankly.

  282. Big Jock says:

    Fiona – I think you have slightly misinterpreted my point about the referendum.

    My point was that the only way the corupt establishment of Eton Dave and co. Could win the referendum. Was by playing on peoples fears, rather than telling us about all the benefits of the UK.

    So when I say they didn’t win the referendum. I don’t mean that I don’t accept the result. What I mean is they used underhand methods to ensure the result they obtained. It was never a clean or honest fight. The lies that were told in collusion with the media, and all other Unionists parties. Was what won the day.

    They cannot be proud of the way they won the referendum,but we can be proud of the way we lost it. In other words we didn’t resort to their methods of frightening old people and talking down our nation.

    You can win a football match two ways. You play silky football or have a great defence. Or you can get played off the park and still win by buying the referee and cheating. The unionists bought the media, big businesses and cheated old people into thinking their pensions would be taken away.

  283. Robert Peffers says:

    @Bob Mack says: 23 April, 2015 at 9:41 am

    “Ms Sturgeon and the SNP have proved themselves to the Scottish people … “

    Great post, Bob Mack. Except perhaps the assumption this chap is just a random commenter who just happened to drop in.

    I have no real proof but you will note these dissenting commenters arrive in small batches. Indicating that at least they have been directed here.

    They are either the same person under several names or paid Establishment attack dogs. Perhaps new recruits from the new 77th Brigade. They also seem to work from some form of common crib sheet.

  284. Rev. Stuart Campbell says:

    “Ghastly chap but he’s Lord Jones or Digby Jones, not Lord Digby Jones. Lord Digby Jones would be the son of an earl or a marquess and he’s definitely not one of those.”

    I bow to your superior knowledge of peership protocol, naturally. But think of it like “Beatle Ringo Starr was seen at a BNP rally yesterday”. “Beatle Ringo Starr” isn’t his name or title, but that’s still how you’d capitalise it.

  285. Fiona says:

    @sensible dave

    You wrote

    I think the difference is, and this really isn’t meant as a provocative statement, Scotland had a referendum recently, where, unbelievably to you, there was a majority for staying in the Union and accepting the very situation that you, understandably, do not want.

    I can’t fix that for you Cybernat. The english can’t fix that for you. I am not your opponent on Independence (few english care either way). You need to convince a majority of your fellow Scots. In the meantime, people will vote they they want for the government they want. I cannot, with my one vote at the ballot box, factor in a solution for the Scots. You have to do that.

    This is a curious misunderstanding of the situation, IMO.

    Scots did indeed vote to stay in the union. But the polls suggest that they did not in fact vote for the status quo. It is reasonable to conclude that they voted for devo max, in the only way they could, given the either/or choice on the ballot, and in the legitimate expectation it would be delivered, following the “vow”. They continue to pursue that end, currently by supporting SNP candidates, if the polls are correct.

    Fact is that you are proposing a false dichotomy: you suggest that there is only a continuation of the current situation, or independence. But the history of increasing devolution which you refer to in an earlier post tells me otherwise. Some change can be achieved within the union. From my perspective it will never be enough, but that is a pragmatic position. I could wish it had never come to this and I believe that if the shift from post war consensus politics to plutocracy had not happened it probably wouldn’t have. We will never know. We are where we are.

    Yours is a doctrine of despair, for both Scottish people and for people in rUK. You appear to have no vision, nor any belief in the possibility of a fairer and more prosperous society. I do think that is possible, not least because we were moving in that direction before 1980, though to a far more limited extent that I would ideally like to see.

    Since that time we have changed the character of this country until we now live in a neoliberal hell, with not even the prospect of a change with a change of government. For they are all the same. Many have disengaged from politics, not through apathy, but through a clear eyed understanding of the reality of red and blue and yellow neoliberals, and their common prospectus. It has taken a long time for people to understand what has become of the labour party, and to understand that it does not have to be this way. But in Scotland they now have a hope of something different; something better.

    If you are a tory then you will not think it better, presumably. I do not understand how you can come to that conclusion, at all: but it is yours and you are entitled to it.

    What you are not entitled to do is insist that your “poverty of aspiration” be shared by us all. At the very least you should take responsibility for fixing what you see as your disadvantage in the event of your party being “locked out” of government through the outcome of this election. That is what Scottish people have been working to overcome, through the establishment of Holyrood and now through an intention to vote for a party which represents us, if the polls are correct. English voters would find it easier to make similar changes than we did, simply because there are more of you. Your “learned helplessness” is not impressive.

  286. Proud Cybernat says:

    @ Sensible Dave
    “I think the difference is, and this really isn’t meant as a provocative statement, Scotland had a referendum recently, where, unbelievably to you, there was a majority for staying in the Union and accepting the very situation that you, understandably, do not want.

    No–there was a majority who were bullied and terrified into voting No. And others still who voted No who were conned by ‘The Vow’. That is a hollow victory indeed and one that will never sustain the Union in the long term.

    “I can’t fix that for you Cybernat.”

    It’s ‘Proud Cybernat’ not ‘Cybernat’. There’s a mighty big difference. And I am not asking you to fix anything.

    “The english can’t fix that for you.”

    It’s ‘English’ (capital ‘E’). And neither am I asking the English to fix anything.

    “In the meantime, people will vote they they want for the government they want. I cannot, with my one vote at the ballot box, factor in a solution for the Scots. You have to do that.”

    And with my one vote at the ballot box, I can’t factor in a solution that will ease your discomfort. You’ll just have to accept UK-style democracy which we in Scotland have accepted for decades although through our growing independence movement we are hoping to resolve this ‘democratic deficit’ for both countries.

  287. Fiona says:

    @ Big Jock

    I get it: I just think it is important to be careful when you write stuff, because how they did it does not change the outcome. I agree that the campaign was dirty, and I agree there is no positive case for the union. I agree that the establishment has a great deal of fire power and no floor under them, which would put limits of truth on what they are prepared to say

    But I do not think people were necessarily frightened into voting No: at least not directly. I think caution prevailed, at least for some, and that is to some extent based on fear or at least anxiety, certainly. But I think that for many the existence of the union is in fact something to be proud of, and they would prefer to make a better union than to leave it. I think many have not yet concluded that cannot be done, and so they pin their hopes on devo max, or something like that.

    I cannot criticise that, though I think they are wrong. But this was our first shot, and we will have others in the future. The people are moving in the direction of independence, as the reduction in the No vote clearly shows.

    Westminster misunderstood the meaning of that, in the same way a sensibledave seems to. They though it was a straight choice of status quo or independence. Looks like the Scottish peopled did not mean that when they voted no, hence the surge in SNP support after the referendum, which seems to puzzle them

    At least that is how it looks to me. They did win, but they did not win what they thought they won. And now they are outraged

  288. sensibledave says:

    @ Fiona 11.47

    “what I would like English voters to do is repair the democratic deficit they complain about”.

    I am not sure were we are on the process, but I believe the Tories have put forward proposals to address the EVEL (not a helpful acronym methinks) issue. However, the Labour party and the LibDems are against the proposals (because, historically, they have always been more vulnerable in England). Somewhat by chance, and, I accept, only on this particular point, you find yourself getting close to a recommendation for the english to vote Tory. Such is politics.

  289. Fiona says:

    Och rubbish

    Cameron’s proposal is not any kind of solution, it increases the democratic deficit for Scotland by formalising it. You really don’t get this, so far as I can see.

    I believe that the lib dems, and labour, have proposed a constitutional convention to address the perceived problem, and there is some reason to believe they actually understand the complexity rather better than Mr Cameron, who just seems to be stupid (though he may just care about electoral advantage for his party to the exclusion of all else). Labour and lib dems (and I think some of the more intelligent tories) have at least recognised the need for, at the very minimum, a grand committee within Westminster if they are to consider EVEL. That is a daft suggestion but not so daft as imagining it can be done under existing arrangements: it is daft because it is not likely that we can all agree on what constitute English only matters: you only have to look at the treasury view on what constitutes UK wide expenditure to see that

    The English should have a parliament, with spelled out powers and areas of responsibility. Nothing else will do

  290. Big Jock says:

    Fiona -The only point I would disagree with you on is the old people not being frightened. It wasn’t called project fear for nothing.

    Pensioners and over 65’s in the main get their news from traditional media. In particular they get it from the BBC news. People like ourselves and the youth can check facts at the click of a mouse.

    The Yes media campaign was run online as a matter of necessity, not necessarily a choice. There were no pro indi media outlets before the Yes campaign started. So if you were older and not online you had to accept what the MSM was telling you.

    There are exceptions to this. But in the main people who are not political anoraks or don’t have access to sites like this. Will sadly never understand the truth. Fear worked on these people. The Vow worked for a few people but not as many as the fear campaign.

  291. Robert Peffers says:

    @scunnered says: 23 April, 2015 at 11:34 am:

    ” … but ed miliband says the other day they wont allow the snp to hold them to ransom and if the snp doesn’t back them then they will be letting the tories in”.

    I think you may not really understand the actual facts, Scunnered. It boils down to this. In all cases the Queen is advised who she should ask to form the next government. Her advisors are, “The Privy Council”.

    The convention is that the former sitting PM gets first crack to win a vote of confidence. He/she does NOT get an automatic crack at forming a government – only the chance to win a vote of confidence to do so. BTW: Her Maj has warned Cameron not to bother her unless he has won a vote of confidence.

    If neither big party has a clear majority of support they have blown their shot at government.

    “So I guess im just thinking does she prop up labour knowing theres no guarantee of anything just to stop the tories getting in or does she walk away, let the tories in and wait to be pulled out of Europe and a referendum.

    Well no, not quite. If neither big party can win a confidence vote with a clear majority then neither can form a government. If no one can win a confidence vote we get a new election and that goes on until someone can win a vote of confidence. Get your supply of pop-corn in early, Scunnered.

    “… Nicola isn’t daft and I do trust the snp to do whats best for Scotland….but what is best for Scotland
    propping up eedjits that cant run a bath never mind a country or waiting for ukip and the tories to light the blue touch paper that gets us our independence.”

    Nah! Can’t happen. Nicola has this well in hand – provided there are enough SNP MPs. Just as neither big party can form a government then neither can get anything passed in a hung parliament. There are two options, though. If the Tory & Labour members vote together they can force things through but by doing so they expose they are one and the same, “Establishment”, which, in the end, is cutting their own throats.

    The beauty of it is that, if the Establishment do gang up, then the smaller parties table a vote of no confidence and the government falls. Unless they form a coalition of Labour/Tory/LibDem and cut their own throats.

    It’s the catch 22 or Mexican standoff of politics.

    Now you now why I say to them MAY THE FEAR BE WITH YOU

  292. Robert Peffers says:

    @Barontorc says: 23 April, 2015 at 11:41 am:

    “Sorry Robert, as much as it could quite clearly be that buffoon Lord Digby Jones, who got the farcical CBI to support BT and NO, he had long since departed the scene for the other gravy train in the HOL. “

    You are correct, Barontorc. I plead guilty on the grounds of insanitary.

    Besides aw thae bloated CBI gadgies luk the same tae me. They are just like Cybermen = many, (big), different bodies but only one communal brain between them.

  293. scunnered says:

    @ Robert Peffers
    your right Robert I don’t understand the facts that’s why I asked for clarity on it
    thanks for explaining the process to me
    I think id still rather a refendum than a few crumbs from propping up a bunch of lying eedjits who think it is there god given right to Scottish votes

  294. sensibledave says:

    Robert Peffers says: 23 April, 2015 at 11:50 am

    You wrote: “Great post, Bob Mack. Except perhaps the assumption this chap is just a random commenter who just happened to drop in, etc, etc, etc ….”

    Clearly, there is nothing I can write that will address your concerns about my motives for being here. I think I am “flattered” that, such is the power of my thoughts and ideas, that you think that these must be the musings of a professional!

    I am interested to know, with you having read the comments I have posted, what possible objective you think that I might have? You will have read my “summaries” of my position on Scottish Independence and my stated preference of a Tory government. You are clearly interested in politics and ideas, as am I, and in these interesting times, I seek to exchange views and ideas with people that have a different point of view to me – rather than hang out on “me too” sites.

    May I recommend you visit some alternative party blogs and see what goes on. On the whole though, you will find far less “understanding” by either the “fors” or “againsts” and little room to develop a point beyond a couple of lines before the name calling, threats and abuse starts. With the odd exception, and you know who you are, whilst

    So whilst I do not expect, nor is it my intention, to attempt to convert anyone, it is interesting to be involved in conversations and ideas, examples of which can be found at @Fiona 12.08 and 12.19 above, . Clearly Fiona and I are unlikely to be found on the same political platform any time soon.

    But, if I am reading the situation correctly, she is fascinated by me and my mind and I think she fancies me a bit too – and my ultimate goal is revealed. I have tried but I don’t feel ready to settle for some fat, male, Ukip voter from Essex.

  295. Robert Peffers says:

    @Fiona says: 23 April, 2015 at 12:37 pm:

    “Och rubbish

    Well you got that right, Fiona.

    ” … You really don’t get this, so far as I can see.”

    Oh! He gets it all right, Fiona.
    He is just never going to own up that he does for he has a quite different agenda.

    There is no doubt that the Establishment has worked very hard to set up the situation we have today.
    They took a legal bipartite union of Kingdoms and morphed it into a quadratic set-up based upon countries but took great care to NOT make the country of England an equal partner in that set-up.

    Thus they ended the United Kingdom Parliament as the Union of two Parliaments but retained the actual, “United Kingdom”, which was/and is still a union the two realms of Her Majesty.

    By retaining Westminster as, nominally, The United Kingdom Parliament but actually the de facto Parliament of England and devolving powers to only three of the UK’s four countries they made England the Master Race with the rest of us the England’s underlings.

    Remember the government funded paper produced during the referendum debate from which the lone Scottish Tory MP quoted as follows, (and note that no government spokesperson has denied it) : –

    “The Treaty of Union EXTINGUISHED the Kingdom of Scotland and renamed the Kingdom of England as The United Kingdom”.

    Did you really imagine that Mundell though all that up all by himself?

  296. Fred says:

    There should indeed be an English parliament and it should be somewhere central like Birmingham. The Victorian monstrosity ao Westminster, built to run an Empire, should, as some sharp kid suggested, be leased to Wotherspoons who would doubtless do a bomb!

  297. revjimbob says:

    The surprising adventures of Sir Digby Chicken Caesar

  298. Fiona says:

    But, if I am reading the situation correctly, she is fascinated by me and my mind and I think she fancies me a bit too – and my ultimate goal is revealed. I have tried but I don’t feel ready to settle for some fat, male, Ukip voter from Essex.

    I do not think it is possible to block someone on this site. If it is can someone let me know how. Presumably the writer will claim that this is meant to be humour. They always do. To me it is beyond insulting. My own fault. Never, ever make the assumption that a tory is a decent human being engaged in honest debate. I should know that by now.

  299. Sensibledave says:

    For heavens sake Fiona, of course it was meant to be humour – with me as the victim of the humour. If I offended you then I apologise, but the ridiculousness of the paragraph was surely apparent as an attempt at levity and self deprecation.

    This, after earlier comments about “only good Tory is a dead one”

  300. Andrew McLean says:

    @ Fred says2:30.
    actually you may be onto something there? WM sewage system has being backing up, no pun intended, and parliament will have to relocate somewhere when this extensive and expensive work is started, so lets think, we could help out, Scotland votes SNP, as per, and we take over all power’s,just in the short term, 😉 that lets the rump uk hire a smaller hall!
    in time they will forget about us?

  301. sensibledave says:

    Do you know what Fiona, of all the things I have been called and all the things that have been said on this site, your comment at 8.50 above is the only one that has stopped me in my tracks. In that comment, I have to admit, you achieved something that no other comment achieved or provoked in me – that being real annoyance and true indignation.

    This has got nothing to do with Wings Over Scotland, the SNP or anything to do with politics – it is about an interaction between two human beings. To attempt to manufacture faux outrage out of a situation such is this reveals so much about you that, until now, was hidden.

    The Context: I wrote a response to Robert Peffers over his concerns about my motives for being on the site. I said my piece and, as an act of conciliation, friendship, call it what you will, I closed off the comment with a ridiculous proposition as to my “true” reasons for being on the site.

    Earlier in my comment, I had conceded to Robert, that I learned something from the exchanges, with particular reference to you and your comments – so I “used” you and the proposition that what you wrote, somehow (and completely ridiculously) indicated an “attraction”.

    It is absolutely beyond my comprehension, and frankly, anyone else’s, that any reasonable person could interpret that proposition as anything “insulting”.

    The only thing I know about “Fiona” is a name on screen. I do not actually know whether “Fiona” is 15 year old girl from Dagenham or 75 year old bloke in Aberdeen. I don’t know whether “Fiona”, whatever age or sex he/she is, is gay or straight. I know nothing and I don’t need to know anything. Similarly, you know absolutely nothing about Sensibledave other than whatever guesses you may have made based upon my writings. And “Fiona”, in the context of our interaction on WoS, it is completely irrelevant.

    You wrote: “the writer will claim that this is meant to be humour”. Do you know what Fiona, I am willing to suggest that every reader, other than you apparently, would have understood that it could be nothing but humour.

    It is, frankly, impossible for it to be anything but an absolutely clear attempt at some humour. It is slightly embarrassing to be dissecting this but, for reasons only you know, it seems it is necessary.

    You wrote “To me it is beyond insulting”. Really? Are you really serious? Then all of the intelligence, logic and reason that you had demonstrated up to that point, evaporated in a few presses of the keyboard. Or, as is far more likely, you took up a position of contemptible, faux outrage because you think you might see an opportunity to score some points – as is increasingly common these days.

    So, let me help you out here and I can’t believe I am having to write this. I don’t know you and you do not know me – other than what we have said are our stated positions politically. Any reasonable arbiter, would conclude that it is therefore actually impossible for someone like sensibledave, to reasonably infer that there is any actual “attraction” or whatever word you may choose, from “Fiona” towards sensibledave. Sensibledave could only be joking. There is no other, real world, conclusion that is in any way sustainable.

    The throw away reference to was a self-deprecating inference that sensibledave was unable to attract any potential “love” interest on the Internet – other than some male, fat Ukipper from Essex. If “Fiona” is actually a male, fat, Ukipper from Essex, then I apologise for the lazy stereotyping for the sake of an easy target for a self-deprecating joke. If you are not – then what on earth are you on about and how could you possibly be insulted?

    If “Fiona” is really outraged and “beyond insulted” then “Fiona” must spend her life being outraged and insulted by completely innocent acts, interactions and completely harmless humour perpetrated upon her by her fellow inhabitants of planet earth – and there is nothing that sensibledave can do, or could have done, to factor-in that apparent actuality.

    Finally, I am writing this from a “safe house” where me, and 10 million other Tory voters are currently in hiding – because of a comment made by “Helena” about Tories.

    Errr, for the avoidance of doubt Fiona, and just in case you are worried about me, it isn’t really true about me and the 10 million other Tory voters hiding in a safe house – I lied. I just said that as a sort of joke, in response to what Helena wrote. She was only joking wasn’t she?

    Given this missive will land at the end of a dead thread, I doubt that you or anyone else will get to see it. However, such is my real, heartfelt indignation, I am posting it anyway. And if your faux outrage was merely designed to provoke a reaction – then you will be delighted to know that you won and you scored a huge point.

  302. Paula Rose says:

    Now now, time to kiss and make up. Sensibledave your humour was a bit too familiar but I do hope Fiona will accept your apology – I’m sure I’m not the only one who enjoys your exchanges.

  303. Fiona says:

    @ Paula Rose.

    There will be no more exchanges with that poster, from me.

    There is no apology, in reality: there is the usual self justification of the “you have no sense of humour sort” which often accompanies such behaviour. I do not care if others do not see this the same way: I have no time for people who imply that the only reason to engage in debate with people of another gender is flirtation.

    I wonder if you considered the “wrecking ball” image of Nicola Sturgeon to be equally harmless? This is not of the same order, but to me it is the same thing.

    In saying that I understand you probably do not agree: your persona on this board suggests you will not. But your own use of humour which might be seen as similar never, so far as I have seen, reduces the argument in this way.

  304. Andrew McLean says:

    Fiona, sensibledave, harry the hedgehog, etall
    that’s why i don’t use a silly name, Bit O/T a question was asked how did the paper find out who the identity of the SNP candidate, this may come as a shock but it would only take a few seconds to find out the identity of everyone on this page, a few more especially if they had GPS enabled on their mobile device to get their exact location, you really don’t have to be GCHQ to do it!
    Just Saying.

  305. Fiona says:

    No idea what you are talking about, Andrew McLean. You saying my name is silly? My mother likes it!

  306. Andrew McLean says:

    Apologies Fiona, bad grammar, it should have read Fiona. then the rest. i have a cousin Fiona who would throw me down the stairs again!

  307. sensibledave says:

    @ Fiona You wrote

    “I have no time for people who imply that the only reason to engage in debate with people of another gender is flirtation.”

    Wow! So all my missives were a build up to “flirting” with you? All that stuff about the SNP, Tories, Independence – was chat up lines? And my joking with Robert was actually me flirting with you? OMG!


    “there is the usual self justification of the “you have no sense of humour sort”

    This suggests that this happens to you a lot Fiona? People accusing you of having no sense of humour I mean. Have you any thoughts on why that might be?


    “I wonder if you considered the “wrecking ball” image of Nicola Sturgeon to be equally harmless? This is not of the same order, but to me it is the same thing.”

    No – in answer to your first sentence.

    Then you have some very big “issues” – in response to your second sentence.

    I think Freud would have a field day with you Fiona.

  308. Paula Rose says:

    Fiona – you are right, that comment of his ^^^ beyond the pale.

  309. Paula Rose says:

    @ sensitivedave – away and grow up.

  310. Paula Rose says:

    and btw – I certainly did not think the ‘wrecking ball’ mock-up amusing, which is why I took the line I did.

  311. Fiona says:

    That is what I thought, Paula Rose, though I could not remember for sure. Sorry if you felt that question was a criticism

  312. Paula Rose says:

    You have nothing to apologise for – sometimes my “humour” is not subtle enough, your writing is superb and really the Rev should put you on the pay-roll. I am sure I speak for many when I say that headline posts from yourself would be totally welcome.

  313. Hamish10 says:

    Digny Jones pal of the the Tories and guess what ….”…. Gordon Brown, at the fag-end of the recent Labour government, appointed another bombastic CBI director-general, Lord Digby Jones, as minister of state for trade in his government. Jones zipped around the globe, banging the drum for British exports, and got sent to the House of Lords for his troubles.”

    At a wee doo in Edinburgh the then lib dem minister referred to Jones as a prat. About the only time I agreed with him!

    Jones and his comments are coordinated. I wonder if patriot Brown would wish to comment?

  314. Georgiana says:

    No miracle some of us hunger individuality asap!
    The Tories had a chance to present a self-governing elective structure.

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