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Target location repositioned

Posted on September 13, 2015 by

This happened last night:


Despite having only raised £5,470 of its £50,000 target, the fundraiser set up by a veteran Lib Dem activist (or, in BBC language, an “Aberdeen woman”) was suddenly closed down, with no explanation offered.

So what do we know?

It’s known that several people had complained to the fundraising platform GoFundMe that the money was being raised under fraudulent pretences, namely the claim that the court action against the former Scottish Secretary had been undertaken by “the SNP”, an empirically false and potentially defamatory statement against the four petitioners from Orkney, only one of whom has any links to the party.

It’s also known that Carmichael had refused to disassociate himself from the false statement. Instead, the so-called “bruiser” had complained to the Press & Journal newspaper about intimidation from “cybernats” in the wake of the appeal, threatening behaviour which he took seriously enough to run to a newspaper with, but which he curiously “had no plans to report to the police”.

At the moment it’s not possible to say whether the appeal was ended voluntarily by the instigator, or under pressure from GoFundMe, or at the behest of Carmichael himself, or all three. We don’t know what will happen to the money donated so far.

All we can say for certain is that Carmichael’s reputation has taken yet more blows – not only was the sum raised embarrassingly low, especially given the widespread press coverage (this site’s appeal yesterday for iScot magazine has raised almost three times as much in less than 24 hours as Carmichael’s did in several days), but the MP has failed to distance himself from a potentially defamatory and fraudulent money-raising action, and has gone whimpering to the press about bullying but not informed the police in order to protect the staff he claimed to be concerned about.

Not since the expenses scandal can a Member of Parliament have acted with so little dignity. Should he survive the court action, the people of Orkney and Shetland will be condemned to be represented for five more years by the lamest duck in Westminster, having been denied the chance to make that decision in the full light of truth.

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84 to “Target location repositioned”

  1. X_Sticks says:

    Whatever happens in the court case the noose is tightening for Carmichael. His reputation has been shredded by his own intransigence.

    This self-serving bully doesn’t like it when it is happening to him (in his eyes).

    His downfall can’t come soon enough.

  2. galamcennalath says:

    Unionists have real problems with the concept of ‘grassroots’. They now have very few themselves and therefore it’s not something they really have a grasp off.

    They just can’t get their heads round the reality that the Scottish pro democracy movement is widespread and comes in many forms – the SNP only represents one section.

    It’s not all about the SNP or, even more crudely, about the leading personalities. It’s about many individuals getting together and working towards what they know is right.

    There could not be a greater contrast between the Orkney four and the Establishment personified in Carmichael.

  3. Stoker says:

    More filthy Unionist lies and deception exposed. Whoever was responsible for the wording should find themselves facing charges.

    Rev wrote:
    “the MP has failed to distance himself from a potentially defamatory and fraudulent money-raising action, and has gone whimpering to the press about bullying but not informed the police in order to protect the staff he claimed to be concerned about.”

    Should those facts not be entered into the current case against him? They at least can speak for his character or lack thereof!

  4. Craig says:

    You reap what you sow

    Couldn’t happen to a nicer man

  5. Lenny Hartley says:

    HELP ME Rhona 🙂

  6. G H Graham says:

    I was one of those who filed a formal complaint using the arguments

    1. the fundraiser was based on a fraudulent premise
    2. many of the claims expressed were just opinions, rather than material facts

    I noticed that a Jill Stephenson gifted £25 yesterday. Is this the same frothy, rabid, BritNat zoomer who has made a name for herself on Twitter?

  7. Curiouser and curiouser

  8. louis.b.argyll says:

    He’s a nasty piece of work..
    A Tory, in reality.

  9. Geoff Huijer says:

    Surprised he hasn’t asked his Better Together pal at Vitol to cover his expenses.

  10. One_Scot says:

    On the upside, Alistair Carmichael is a constant reminder to all of Scotland of a corrupt British State and corrupt union that protects and rewards the likes of him.

  11. Marcia says:

    Carmichael reminds of the old quote, ‘If you keep telling lies then I will be forced to keep telling the truth about you.’

  12. Stoker says:

    @ G H Graham (11.01am).
    Well done! Hope your recovery is going as well as can be expected.

  13. Robert Louis says:

    Carmichael will come out of all of this damaged.

    No matter the court outcome, he has displayed the utmost contempt for both democratic process (with his self admitted lying), and his failure to dissociate himself from the above mentioned, somewhat dubious, fundraiser.

    Had Carmichael been smart at the outset, he would have stood down and stood again for election. I think many would have thought better of him, had he done so, and as a consequence he may well have been returned. Either way he could have regained a modicum of respect.

    Now, however, with each passing day, it seems he makes one bad judgement after another.

  14. Nation Libre says:

    I think Carmichael should have a read through ‘To a Louse’. Hopefully he may discover ‘some Power’

  15. heedtracker says:

    P&J is pro Carmichael in the extreme, so running to them makes sense. What is weird is how little money the fundraiser actually got. Just shows the gulf between what right wing unionist press try to force on us and what’s really happening around them in Scotland.

  16. JBS says:

    @G H Graham 13 September, 2015 at 11:01 am

    “I noticed that a Jill Stephenson gifted £25 yesterday. Is this the same frothy, rabid, BritNat zoomer who has made a name for herself on Twitter?”

    I hope so. The Jill Stephenson you refer to is, apparently, a former senior academic – and is also a complete fool.

    I suppose you could say that the tide of history is running against her…

  17. shug says:

    (or, in BBC language, an “Aberdeen woman”)

    ha ha ha ha

    best statement in weeks

    BBC caught out yet again

    Just the people to broadcast to North Korea

  18. stonefree says:

    I complained on 3 separate occasions each after more of the “It’s the SNP” shite, When the petitioners were cross party ero it was a lie .I also questioned what was going to happen if there was an excess(little chance of that)
    and that’s without mentioning the 30 year old photo and the fact that Fatty Arbuckle trousered just shy of £200K in expenses but “he’s not a wealthy man”…. Aye Right

  19. Cuilean says:

    Is it not correct that both Carmichael & the person who set up this fund, Sheila Jardine, are or were on the Scottish Solicitors Roll? There are standards of conduct which all Scots lawyers must abide by, and these rules apply to all areas of personal conduct; not just in a lawyer’s relations with clients or other law firms. e.g. one Scots lawyer breached the conduct rules of the Law Society of Scotland as he had entered into a public fracas at a wedding, where he was a guest, and the polis were called. It may be that the Society or their legal advisors have had a quiet word in the shell-like of the fund’s instigators vis-a-vis the erroneous but very public statements and the strict conduct rules applicable to all Scots lawyers conduct in every area of their conduct. The ‘Standards for Scottish Solicitors’ can be found on the Law Society of Scotland website. I am frankly amazed that some of the unionist social media zoomers, who are also lawyers, have not been reported to the Scottish Legal Complaints Commission – the gateway for all conduct complaints against Scots lawyers. The Law Society of Scotland conduct rules state, ‘You must be trustworthy and act honestly at all times so that your personal integrity is beyond question. In particular, you must not behave, whether in a professional capacity or otherwise, in a way which is fraudulent or deceitful’. As a lawyer, is it not the case that Carmichael has, very publicly, and by his own admission, brought the reputation of all Scots lawyers into disrepute and breached the rules of his own professional regulator?

  20. I think Orkney and Shetland is among the many beautiful places in Scotland, its history is astounding. I have to be honest and say I once considered moving there. BUT and its a big but, there seems to be a political layer just under the surface of these communities which will protect this man at any cost. Its clear from the many comments in favor of this man and many of its funders that politics on these islands is very severe and is what keeps these communities together, many of these comments are utterly disgusting and without any integrity. I can in all honesty state that I could not ever move to a community that will be so distasteful towards others whom have a differing view on politics. Id go so far as to say Orkney and Shetland is showing colours that can only be equaled by Northern Ireland. Shame on you the people whom have shown utter disgust for their fellow community citizens.

  21. Pam McMahon says:

    Was one of those eho made a complaint to GoFundMe about this silly fundraiser.

    Yes, if I were Alastair Carmichael I would be worried, but if I happened to be a client of the Aberdeen law practise this woman apparently works for, I would be sweating above and beyond the remit of any strong anti-perspirant.

    If I were a Scottish Lib Dem, I would be sitting in a wee puddle of perspiration, wondering how my party ever managed to attact so many incompetents under one banner.

  22. Ken Johnston says:

    I emailed Go Fund Me on Friday and received a reply saying they would look into it.

  23. Cuilean says:

    To Joseph Robinson –

    I have not read these comments but is it not the case that Shetland voted SNP in the GE this year and only Orkney were duped into remaining loyal to Carmichael, whom they voted for thingking he was an honest man with integrity?

    That loyalty was of course ignorant of the truth about the true nature of Carmichael; that he lied to the press and Channel 4, during the GE election campaign, that he ‘knew nothing’ about the leak, when he had, in fact, given the green light for it to go ahead.

    Carmichael should have resigned from politics entirely and allowed another Liberal Democrat candidate to stand in his place in a by-election. Of course, such action would only be undertaken by someone who gave a damn about his party or his constituents. Carmichael is only concerned about keeping his very large neb in the public salary & expenses trough, for the next 5 years. How the man can look anyone in his party in the face or any of his constituents in the face is beyond me. He is utterly bereft of all ethics. His ‘moral compass’ is a washing machine set permanently to ‘spin’.

  24. Colin Church says:

    I formally complained on fraudulent case put forward which was slanderous. It was nothing but a POUTER front and from the donating comments most wanted to stop the SNP getting “total control” of Scotland. Mad. mad logic.

    Any future elections in those islands will become a them and us issue now and could be a POUTER gift. Adding to their other safe seat of Red Morningside.

  25. ronnie anderson says:

    @ Joseph Robinson And your refferances to Nth Ireland are utterly equaly Disgusting & Distasteful.

  26. Daisy Waker says:

    Re Carmichaels fundraiser, just had a wee laugh at the intro…

    ‘They are using a vague law to try and overturn the election result, EVEN THOUGH WHAT HE DID IS NOT RELATED AT ALL TO ALL HIS HARD WORK ON BEHALF OF HIS CONSTITUENTS.’

    Not exactly helping his case any, are they? Given his entire defence case is resting on the… I never lied in a personal capacity, it was purely a professional lie your Honours.

    And given its the Representative of the People Act (or something similar) you’d have to think, public perception of his actions might just have bearing on the outcome of this one, wouldn’t you?

    Vague laws… always such a pisser.

  27. Capella says:

    Meanwhile, the Indiegogo fundraiser for iScot magazine is now 42% funded at over £19,000.
    Still some way to go though!

  28. scott says:

    Maybe they could use the money raised to pay off some of the £800,000 the Libs owe Police Scotland.
    I don’t see BBC reporting on this why I’m I not surprised.

  29. Camz says:

    Confucius say – “Man who speaks shit should step out of hole, or stop speaking.”

    He’s some cookie.

  30. G H Graham says:

    Thank you Stoker,

    The 34 (yes, thirty four) pharmaceutical drugs & supplements I take every day are beginning to work.

    But you know, even when I was at the lowest physical & mental point I could have ever reached, my brain was still able to detect main stream media bullshit, especially when it was prefixed by the acronym, BBC.

    As the brain fog slowly evaporates, I can see that there appears to be no end to it, any time soon. But I do have the psychological comfort of not funding the BBC or indeed any newspaper titles. And I will continue to withhold my money until such time there is a fundamental rebalance of media ownership, content & balance in Scotland.

    Meanwhile, I remain unconvinced by the “Sunday Herald” & “The National” titles because I suspect that their revenues are partly diverted to prop up their dwindling pro BritNat Zoomer sister titles.

  31. ronnie anderson says:

    @ Cuilean 11.44.As I posted on Scot2 scot ,lets get Emailing the Law Society & complain about Sheila Richie making False representation on the GoFunding site.

    Carmicheal wont go quietly, but is showing total disregard for his friends ( sheila richie)both are Lawyers & are well aware of the laws ( to be used & abused by the learned).

    Lets demonstrate some Learned Laymans legal knowledge. or /for-the-public/what-the-society-can-do-for-you/making-a-complaint-against-a-solicitor/.

  32. HandandShrimp says:

    Weird scenes inside the treacle mine.

    The Lib Dems are nothing if not wacky. Perhaps Willie Rennie could spare some time from his anti-police agenda to speak words of comfort to Alistair.

  33. Big Drone says:

    Stop Press, Stop Press.

    It’s just been announced there’s to be a stage (staged?) version of Liar Liar!

    Any suggestions for the part of Fletcher Reede??

  34. Fireproofjim says:

    Orkney and Shetland are gorgeous and the people are great. They have come a long way towards YES in recent years and Carmichael just scraped in. Next time there is no doubt they will be firmly for Independence.
    Joseph Robinson, better to encourage rather than disparage.
    OT I repeat a comment on the last thread – Today’s Sunday Herald is great. Articles and interviews by Nicola and Alex. Unmissable!

  35. Onwards says:

    He really is a piece of work.
    Personal reputation is important in the Highlands and Islands.
    That’s why they have so many independent councillors.

  36. Robert Peffers says:

    @louis.b.argyll says: 13 September, 2015 at 11:04 am:

    ” … A Tory, in reality.”

    The reality, Louis.b, is that Carmichael is just one more member of that well known species, “The Greater Spotted Establishment Bottom Feeder”. This common,(s), species can be subdivided into three sub-species. Tory, Labour and LibDem.

    There are no outward differences in the sub-species. Indeed there are many cases of them moving between the sub-species and the only clues are often only from the colours of their interchangeable plumage. The best well known identifiers of the three sub-species is that they all claim to be different but all seem identical.

    Many twitchers claim that there is actually no sub-species and they are indeed all just Establishment Bottom Feeders and the claimed sub-species is nothing more than a self-defence mechanism to preserve the entire species.

  37. louis.b.argyll says:

    No Voters,

    Grow up, this is a modern world we’re living in.

    We’ll be left behind by the corporations if we don’t stand up for ourselves.

  38. louis.b.argyll says:

    No Voters,

    What the hell are you doing?

  39. Jimbo says:

    Unless I missed it, the newspaper article does not say where the online abuse can be seen in order for Carmichael’s claim to be verified.

    For all we know this is just another Susan Calman type smear against the folks who support independence. Perhaps he’s trying to deflect the news away from him being associated with a dishonest money making scam.

  40. Liz White says:

    Surely all the donations raised should be given back to the donors as it amounts to receiving money through deception and fraud if it is found that his court costs were already fully covered at the time the fundraiser was launched.

    Can this man stoop any lower, let’s wait and see.

  41. JLT says:

    You honestly couldn’t make this up! If this had been in a Hollywood movie, we would have deemed it as complete nonsense.

    But after Stuart’s wee summary above, one can only look at the mudslinging that surrounds Carmichael, and wonder at the end of the day …will he keep his job as an MP?

    To be honest, I couldn’t give a monkeys about the dogs abuse that he gets, nor what fundraising is going on for him …the only thing that matters now is the final result from the courts. He appears to be as guilty as sin, but will the Courts agree? God help them if they say he hasn’t, if it smacks completely from the evidence that he has!

    Ah well …you would have thought London would have all the scandals …not in the most northerly and furthest outposts in the British Islands!

  42. gerry parker says:

    @ Stoker.

    THE SNP media centre seem to have stopped posting direct links to Herald, Daily Record, Grun and BBC for now.

    Maybe we did make a difference,
    thanks buddy.

  43. call me dave says:

    Two articles from the Sunday Herald. 🙂

  44. louis.b.argyll says:

    Robert P.

    Indeed, those political sub-species, and the no-voting pseudo Scots who blindly follow them must adapt.

    Failing to change will make them an irrelevance, extinction will follow and they’ll contaminate our very hopes.

  45. arthur thomson says:

    Good to see that social media has the power to put a stop to a fundraiser designed to support a self-confessed liar. The lies about the SNP being behind the Carmichael court case provide more evidence, if any more was needed, that the fundraiser was politically motivated.

    Fighting back against corruption is top of the list in the pursuit of genuine democracy. The British establishment is corrupt at its core and used that corruption during the referendum to put fear into people. Carmichael is only a starting point – Iraq and establishment paedophiles, the abuse of the House of Lords, rendition etc etc. They all have to be addressed. The establishment is and has been effectively a mafia taking a bigger and bigger share of the power and resources that ordinary citizens should have to enjoy a better life.

    Where’s the untouchables when you need them?

  46. Robert Peffers says:

    @Onwards says: 13 September, 2015 at 12:47 pm:
    ” … Personal reputation is important in the Highlands and Islands. That’s why they have so many independent councillors”

    Very insightful observation, Onwards. The thing that strikes me is that in these areas, where everyone knows everyone else, there are still those who would defend such a self-professed bare-faced-liar. It must be clear to all that Carmichael is a dis-honest and deceitful. Personal loyalty is a great virtue but there are quite distinct limits.

  47. louis.b.argyll says:

    Failing to adapt is a human nature.

    Failing to adapt – once the truth exposes a danger, is conservatism.

    Failing to recognise conservatism- is caused by failure to adapt.

    Protecting conservatism is what ALL No Voters are doing right now.

  48. Lollysmum says:

    Talking of bringing disrepute to the Scottish Law Society & its members, didn’t I read a few weeks ago that Ian Smart is also a lawyer? If so, I wonder what the law society would think of his actions in recent months/years 😉

  49. heedtracker says:

    Joseph Robinson, all that’s really being asked for, is a rerun of the May 7 election. Unionists say forget it and shut up but it all has to go through expensive legal action.

    If Orkney and Shetland voters think Carmichael’s a good guy, he’ll keep his seat.

    Online britnats try to compare Carmichael with Salmond, the Scottish indy and EU status legal advice issue. Fair enough, was there, wasnt there, BBC went after Salmond via Andrew Neil and their Daily Politics show. This kind of BBC attack may have been vote NO effective Sept 18 2014 but the fact is, Salmond’s electorate decided for themselves May 7 2015.

    Like it or not, its what democracy is all about Joseph Robinson

  50. Iain More says:

    My clients who are but a poor besieged Orkney man and a poor Aberdeen woman only committed a political fraud milord so that makes it okay milord. I think my clients should have a restraining order against those evil Scot Nats milord because they are clearly being victimised by them.

    Oh and my clients have the full support of the P&J milord and is probably being read by your Brit Nat neighbours as nobody else reads it now or buys it milord.

  51. walter scott says:

    Now with Corbyn in charge of labour the Scottish unionist establishment (inc labour) will have to smear on two fronts

  52. Andy Ellis says:

    I was one of those who complained formally to GoFundMe. I also contacted Sheila Ritchie both via twitter and via the GoFundMe site, to give her an opportunity to respond and change the misleading statements in the fund raiser introduction. Since I received no response from her I lodged a formal complaint with GoFundMe, and pointed out the coverage in The National relating to the misleading nature of the statements made by Ms. Ritchie, the fact that these appeared to breach GoFundMe guidelines, and that they were simply factually inaccurate.

    I imagine the fact that quite a number of people appear to have done the same is behind the decision to pull the plug on the fund raiser. Ms. Ritchie meanwhile appears to have gone incommunicado. I have not yet had a formal response from GoFundMe since their “we’re looking into it” holding email, but will update this with any developments.

  53. Roll_On_2015 says:

    OT – Breaking News

    Over the last few weeks I have seen speculative comments on WoS relating to the SNP and iref2, many centered on the upcoming SNP party meeting this autumn and their manifesto for next years SGE… But it appears that Nicola has voiced her party’s solution .

    “Our manifesto will set out what we consider are the circumstances and the timescale on which a second referendum might be appropriate, but we can only propose,” she said.

    “It’s then for people in Scotland, whether it is in this election or in future elections, to decide whether they want to vote for our manifesto and then if there is in the future another independence referendum, whether that’s in five years or 10 years or whenever, it will be down to the people of Scotland to decide whether they want to vote for independence or not.

    Yesterday she said that if Labour was unable to win a general election at Westminster independence could be the only solution to Scotland’s problems.

  54. Happyscot101 says:

    Whilst her politics will never be mine, I just want to put it out there that I knew “Aberdeen woman” very well at Aberdeen University, and she is a thoroughly decent human being. I can only assume Sheila has had some kind of giant brain fart. So, misguided yes, wrong, yes, but not a horrible person.

  55. X_Sticks says:

    Slightly O/T

    Artist Taxi Driver @chunkymark nails it in one.

    “It’s not Jeremy Corbyn they’re (the establishment) afraid of, it’s YOU”

  56. Lollysmum says:

    Roll_on_2015 at 1.50pm
    Thanks for that post.Good news indeeed. Well there we have it folks.You want independence then vote for it is what she is saying. No doubt as to the message-there’s nothing in that statement that can be used against Nicola-she is being a leader, leading from the front & telling it like it is. Leaving all of us in no doubt that everyone has to do their bit from now on if they want to achieve that ultimate goal.

    As an outsider (currently)I just hope it doesn’t happen before I can move to Scotland but if it does I shall become an early migrant into Scotland the newest independent country on the planet 🙂

    Doesn’t that have a nice ring to it 😉

  57. Iain More says:

    Robert Peffers says:

    13 September, 2015 at 1:26 pm

    @Onwards says: 13 September, 2015 at 12:47 pm:
    ” … Personal reputation is important in the Highlands and Islands. That’s why they have so many independent councillors”

    Very insightful observation, Onwards. The thing that strikes me is that in these areas, where everyone knows everyone else, there are still those who would defend such a self-professed bare-faced-liar. It must be clear to all that Carmichael is a dis-honest and deceitful. Personal loyalty is a great virtue but there are quite distinct limits.

    I would dispute that in part in relation to local councillors now because the STV voting system overrides that concept of personal reputation. Oh and everybody no longer knows everybody else. Clearly no account is being taken of migration.

    I know one councillor who is an Independent but his political loyalties are to UKIP. I know another Independent Councillor who has Tory loyalties. I am in Moray presently controlled by an inept and corrupt Independent Tory Coalition that everybody knows is inept and corrupt but they keep clinging on like fleas on a dug by voting for each in the STV system. Helped by a good measure of political apathy spread by those self same inept and crooked councillors and their cronies.

    The Brit Nats are pretty much voting for each other whatever their political label or lack of one and no matter how slimy and dodgy the other guy or woman happens to be.

  58. ClanDonald says:

    Sadly Carmichael’s supporters would rather have a lying fraud to represent them than someone honest from the SNP.

    They are so blinded by hatred they just can’t see how corrupted they have become.

  59. manandboy says:

    Indy 2 – The Court of Appeal

    Every decision by every court in the land is subject to Appeal. So too with IndyRef14, and particularly since there were aspects of the entire process which were either illegal or which demanded closer scrutiny which was never given. The No verdict in 2014 was not secure.

    The Unionist side do not want Indy 2 because it will put Westminster and the British Establishment under threat once again. Bear in mind that Westminster has always sought to prevent Scots from finding out the truth about the industrial scale secret exploitation of Scottish assets.

    To this day, one of Britain’s biggest and most important industries, Oil & Gas, is almost NEVER spoken of by the Westminster Government. Why? Because it all comes from Scotland. How can the Westminster Gov. keep up the myth of Scottish dependence on England, if everyone knows all about Scotland’s VAST oil and gas reserves. The English are not stupid. In the English mind, the Barnett Formula and Scottish Oil have to be kept far apart. Cameron speaks often about the Barnett Formula, but NEVER about Scottish Oil & Gas.
    Even his flying visit to the BP Claire field west of Shetland prior to Indy, was kept as quiet as possible so as not to have the country talking about the massive oil fields in that area.

    So all those who say ‘get over it’, should brush up on the judicial principles in operation here in the UK.

  60. yesindyref2 says:

    But apart from that Rev, you think Carmichael is a good lad!

  61. louis.b.argyll says:

    No Voters,

    The British Establishment is afraid, yes afraid, of the future.

    They have also made you, feel their fear, as if it is yours.

    Wake UP…


  62. Robert Peffers says:

    @louis.b.argyll says: 13 September, 2015 at 1:16 pm:

    ” … Failing to change will make them an irrelevance, extinction will follow and they’ll contaminate our very hopes.”

    Just after posting my reply to your comment I had a cup of tea and sat thinking. My thoughts were about the Corbyn win and how the former Labour shadow cabinet were resigning in droves. Then I thought of the many MSM and Tory/LibDem/Labour claims that Corbyn’s leadership would be a disaster.

    Now I’m not perhaps the sharpest knife in the cutlery drawer but it looks to me that these beliefs and resignations indicate a very obvious fact.

    These Corbyn detractors demonstrate to their electorate that the Labour party, including the resignees, are so very much out of touch with their own ordinary party members. They cannot now understand it is they who have become so insulated within the London Bubble as to be blind to the fact their own membership and voters are not on the same wavelength as these leading Red Tories.

    Yet the many former Labour stalwarts in Scotland who almost all claim, “I didn’t leave the Labour Party – the Labour Party left me”, have been telling them they were out of step for years.

    They are a bit like the fond mother at the regimental passing-out parade who turns to the proud father and says, “a’body is oot o step bit oor Jock”. That lady could see no other marchers clearly as she was focused upon her own son.

  63. stonefree says:

    slightly O/T
    any idea where the exact phrase when AC admits lying but not in private life is ?

  64. Robert Peffers says:

    @arthur thomson says: 13 September, 2015 at 1:19 pm:

    ” … Where’s the untouchables when you need them?”

    There’s a bunch of 56 of them down at Westminster just now and another bunch of them at Holyrood too. Hopefully this later bunch will be increased greatly soon.

  65. Robert Peffers says:

    I’m sitting here in my pal’s house in kinks. I’m watching Andrew Neil’s political programme. The French Farmers are being shown protesting in France. The French Riot Police are using Water Cannons on the protesters and the Farmers are using Dung Spreaders on the Riot police.

    Comedy genius – I’ll be laughing about that for the next few days. The sight of the helmeted, face guarded and riot shielded police with the dung hanging on them is unforgettable. My sides are really sore but I cannot stop laughing.

  66. Macart says:

    And so the Carmichael clusterfudge gathers pace. His and his actions alone, placed him in the position he currently finds himself. The actions of his party throughout the five year period just past have resulted in their catastrophic fall from a position of trust with the public and still they seek to blame others for their actions.

    Who knew?

  67. gerry parker says:

    @ robert,

    give us a link?

  68. Gary45% says:

    The noose may be tightening on the Carbuncle, but as he has a brass neck it won’t effect him.
    His bleating’s about cybernat abuse is truly pathetic.

    When the establishment and media start to do honest unbiased reporting, then perhaps the likes of Carbuncle and his sorts may stop being targeted for the parasites that they are.

    Mr Carbuncle, just be honest and own up to the fact you are FINISHED.
    As a nationalist supporter, if one of our politicians behaved the way he has, I would make the same comments about them. Its called being accountable to the electorate.

  69. heedtracker says:

    I’d give anything to hear how the judges are debating this out.

    Actually pulling a Westminster MP like Carmichael in to court, up in the Dock, hand on bible, getting him to swear to tell the whole truth and nothing but the truth could see some interesting answers to questions like, who else knew about this Scottish office leak Mr Carmichael? Or, were you told to leak Mr Carmichael and if so, who by? Or, did you inform other members of the ConDem coalition government cabinet that you were going to leak Mr Carmichael? Or, did Fluffie know about your leak Mr Carmicheal and if so, what did he say? Or, did PM Cammers know you were going to leak Mr Carmichael, or why did you leak this report despite later admitting you knew it was false, even?

  70. Al-Stuart says:

    G H Graham @ 13 September, 2015 at 11:01 am

    Confession time – like you, I too had my fill of this LibDem lawyer who set up a fundraiser on what can be described as a dubious prospectus.

    So like many, I merely emailed the GoFundMe owners in America and highlighted the other allegedly dubious fundraisers that they had already had struck down by U.S.A court proceedings, and asked if this needed to go to a similar court in their jurisdiction?

    Not sure how many folk from Scotland emailed the GoFundMe people about this fraudulent fundraiser, but it would appear logic, fairness and a shred of decency won over.

    As to the Shiela Ritchie, the LibDem “lawyer” who put this highly inaccurate fundraiser up – if it is the actual “Shiela Ritchie” who is a LibDem lawyer – she should have know what obtaining money under false pretences means.

    News for the LibDem lady – any more of these dirty tricks, and I for one will be onto the Law Society of Scotland to ensure they independently audit your actions.

    For anyone wishing to have the original archived page if required for evidential purposes, a copy can be found at…

    Reassuring that those who lie for pecuniary and/or political advantage like Alistair Carmichael and his acolytes will find their dodgy practices exposed for all to see.

    To think this lot of LibDem liars actually got their hands on the levers of government for 5 years.

  71. Al-Stuart says:

    Hi Stuart,

    I just coughed up a mouthful of coffee with an involuntary laugh looking at the photograph’s your link led to…

    Is that a deliberate irony showing a photo of a LibDem headless chicken standing next to an actual headless chicken !!!

    I know which one of the two I would trust more 🙂

  72. Gary45% says:

    Just a thought, Does anyone know if Carbuncles party have paid Police Scotland yet?

  73. K8tie says:

    Stonefree@ 2.46 pm

    You can read about Carmichael’s “political/personal” porkies in Lallands Peat Warrier at

  74. Stoker says:

    G H Graham wrote (12.26pm) – you wrote:
    “Meanwhile, I remain unconvinced by the “Sunday Herald” & “The National” titles because I suspect that their revenues are partly diverted to prop up their dwindling pro BritNat Zoomer sister titles.”

    Ditto for the EXACT same reasons!

    I often wonder why they have never just changed The Heralds stance to supporting Scottish independence, it would have been far simpler than investing money into a new title when:

    (a)-They already have a very well known and established title which, under its current political direction, is going down faster than a lead balloon.

    (b)-The Herald made a statement, pre referendum, that their stance at that particular time was to support the call for more powers within the UK set-up and then announced that if “The Vow” was not delivered they would be changing their position.

    That rag is still in existence, spouting and spreading Unionist tripe as it continues to lose readers. I remain utterly convinced The National and its Sunday stablemate are being used to help prop up The Herald. I will never purchase or promote any of them until there are no struggling Unionist rags in that stable.

    You have got to ask yourself why the owners never opted to go down the simplest and most appealing route – to change The Heralds stance as stated – and end up being the owners of Scotland’s two most successful newspapers.
    @ gerry parker (1.09pm): Great news Gerry, here’s hoping!
    Gary45% wrote:
    “Does anyone know if Carbuncles party have paid Police Scotland yet?”

    Nope, not as far as i know and i’d put money on it!

  75. Jim Thomson says:

    @Gary45% 4:30pm

    I had this link supplied to me a couple of weeks ago.

    Not sure who actually ended up footing the bill but suspect it was the SG.

  76. CameronB Brodie says:

    Though my interaction with the Scottish Law Society has been extremely limited, my disappointment is 100%.

    The professional body that represents Scottish lawyers, who practice Scots Law solely as a product of Scotland’s national status, was unable to comment on Westminster’s claim the Scotland was extinguished in 1707. As far as I’m concerned, the Scottish Law Society’s failure to engage during indyref, undermined the justification for their continuation existence.

    I’d settle for a name change. 😉

  77. Brian says:

    A familiar scenario in politics. The more desperate the situation, the more desperate Carmichael becomes.

  78. Gary45% says:

    Jim Thomson@5.39pm.
    Cheers had a look at it.

    By chance, just watched Andrew Neil interview Danny theBoy Alexander on yatube.

    Its titled “Danny Alexander car crash interview with Andrew Neil”, it’s from 11 months ago, about 14 mins in Neil askes him about the money owed to Police Scotland.
    Watch him Squirm.
    And this twatt was knighted?!?!?!

  79. tartanarse says:

    Graeme at 12.26

    I too am suspicious of National and Sunday Herald. Cynical and obvious ploy to take money from daft nats to partly replace the money lost from falling weekday sales.

    All they do is tell nats stuff they already know so they’re not damaging the unionist cause.

    I suggested to the editor of Sunday Herald that he is pals with nats on a Sunday then lies to them the rest of the week.

    Response? Blocked. Some folk simply like to ostrich their way out of things.

  80. stonefree says:

    @Gary45% 4:30pm
    I’m at a loss as to the current status of bill for Police Scotland there was a mention about 4 weeks ago by the Police over the bill still being outstanding, not withstanding this old post

  81. stonefree says:

    The latest I can find that the 800,000 is still owed is in June 2015 by Cristian Allard MSP
    another earlier SNP News Page said
    “Lib Dem leader Willie Rennie has come under renewed pressure to ensure his party pays back the reported £800,000 it owes to Police Scotland – after claiming in a media interview today that they owed no such debt.

    Mr Rennie made the comments when pressed on Good Morning Scotland today on whether his party would be pay the outstanding debt to Police Scotland from its UK conference held in Glasgow– despite the fact that it has been widely reported that the party are now considered ‘bad debtors’ by Police Scotland.”
    I would suppose that a commercial credit check (as opposed to a personal one) would show if still owed

  82. Mark says:

    Look who’s donated £25:

    “Jill Stephenson
    1 day ago
    This ‘case’ should never have reached a court of law. It makes a farce of the Scottish judicial system.”

    The case (no need for quotation marks – it is a legal case) was taken under UK law and was heard by a UK Election Court. It has nothing to do with the Scottish judicial system per se.

  83. Raymond Loughran says:

    A fool and her money are easily parted.

  84. David McDowell says:

    From Carmichael’s newly-worded funding appeal:
    “Not admitting he knew what his SPAD had done was a mistake”

    Comments welcome!

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