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Some product

Posted on November 29, 2012 by

Keen-witted viewers may have spotted a couple of additions to the central links column, which will help to support the site without costing you anything. If you want to buy anything through Amazon, visiting their site via the button on the right will divert a few pennies from your purchase to Wings Over Scotland, which isn’t quite as good as them paying proper amounts of tax but at least it’s something.

GiffGaff, meanwhile, is a top-notch pay-as-you-go mobile-phone network we’ve been using for a couple of years now and highly recommend for its excellent-value packages (especially if you use the internet on your phone) and terrific customer service.

Commercial message ends. As you were.

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    9 to “Some product”

    1. Boorach says:

      Would that include purchase of ebooks for kindle?

    2. Rev. Stuart Campbell says:

      I’d have thought so.

    3. BigCheese says:

      We do a lot of purchasing for work from Amazon. I’ll make a point of going via this site to Amazon. The Chrissy Pressies too.

    4. balgayboy says:

      Do they stock a good laxative? was just about thinking about JL & RD to help their diarrhea come out the correct orifice!

    5. Tris says:

      I think it’s probably the least we can do to thank you for taking up so much of your time to write this blog, is to use these links. 

      I use Amazon and Kindle in particular.

      I’ll happily alert my nationalist friends to do the same. 

    6. mato21 says:

      Sorry to be O/T but thought you would find this interesting from Brian Ashcroft

    7. Elizabeth Sutherland says:

      @Rev. Stu.

      I use amazon also and I am happy to visit through this blog. 

    8. Rev. Stuart Campbell says:

      mato21: Many thanks for that link. Have dropped Prof. Ashcroft a line and he’s kindly allowed us to reprint it here.

    9. Aucheorn says:

      Great idea, I will spread the word.
      BTW new router ordered.  🙂

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