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Shortbread-tin nationalism

Posted on September 03, 2016 by

When you choose to declare to the world that you’re not actually a country but just a small region of someone else’s, this sort of thing will happen.







shortbread1 shortbread2




Still, at least they haven’t –








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247 to “Shortbread-tin nationalism”

  1. Iain More says:

    I still cant get over M&S in Elgin pushing “ENGLISH” Whisky.

  2. Grouse Beater says:

    Aye, the colonialist’s standby: a gradual acquisition and redesign of cultural icons and traditions.

    Make sure what the population hear is what we want them to hear, and what they see also distorts reality.

  3. Capella says:

    You are forgetting Stu that “Scotland went out of fashion in 2014” Alan Clements). Soon it will cease to exist entirely.
    British football teams are a logical next step.

  4. Luigi says:

    Scotland is but a region of Grande Bretagne, and don’t you forget it!

    It may fool a few American tourists, but nobody in Scotland is going to fall for that crap. 🙂

  5. donald anderson says:

    Bells and Scottish Distilleries was taken over, fraudulently by an English company, Guinness, who threatened to pull out of Ireland if they gained Home Rule. Lord Guinness was in the right wing Monday Club. Tell that to the Green, Green Brits of Parkheid. The Guinness Four rcd cushy sentences in cushy jails. One, Lord Saunders was released even earlier cured of pre-senile dementia.They promised to move their HQ from London to Perth and did the opposite, closing old distilleries such as Black and Whyte, Buchanans, etc.

    Shortbread, ‘aggis, tartan

  6. Portjim says:

    I see the M&S shortbread bus passengers seem to include Henry VIII, good Queen Bess (his daughter), Robin Hood and W. Shakespeare – they all make you think immediately of Scotland!

  7. One of the Hundred says:

    No teacakes?

  8. Luigi says:

    Post BREXIT there has been a terrifying upwelling of British Nationalism (on many levels). Well, Labour voters and soft NO’s: You will soon have to decide which side you are on, cos it’s going to get ugly. Real ugly.

    And, there’s more. Just in case you still harbour a wee bit of pride being a second class Brit, when they run out of foreigners to demonise, it will be Scotland’s turn. I kid you not.

  9. Proud Cybernat says:

    Get all your wee Yoony flags out folks and celebrate our wonderful Britishness/Englishness. It’ll make us recover from the cult brainwashing that is going on.

    Oh wait…

    Spread far and wide –

    Don’t get angry, get Indy.

  10. Neil Cook says:

    Thank God we have German supermarkets but I imagine the Westminster Government will start taxing them more soon enough !

  11. Kenny says:

    This is nothing new. Many years ago, the union establishment made Highland dress illegal and got Scottish schools to beat the Scots language out of kids while insisting that it wasn’t a language and that speaking it fluently (usually while also speaking English fluently) was a sign of stupidity and poor breeding rather than of bilingualism. Gaelic fared even worse, of course; speakers were either killed or driven off their land in the Clearances or told they were ignorant yokels and shamed out of their own culture. Meanwhile, the expensive private schools where the establishment’s kids went used O- and A-Levels rather than O-Grades and Highers, just to remind everyone that clever, well-off kids were English-British and only the mediocre Scots clung to their own (measurably superior, but who was measuring?) educational system.

    It all still carries on. Scots culture doesn’t even exist as far as the Union is concerned. No language, music or poetry, no food of our own, and a BBC that subtly tries to convince us that there’s no separate NHS, that our legal system is at best a quirk that ultimately must submit to English jurisprudence at the UK Supreme Court and so on and so on. We should all be a lot angrier about all of this. When we look back and see how white (usually English) settlers wiped out native cultures in the Americas, Australia and elsewhere, we call it genocide. When it happens here, we shrug and act like we probably deserve it. After all, who wants to be a porridge-eating subsidy junkie? 🙁

  12. mike d says:

    Those tins will be collectors items for the proud yoons.

  13. Bob Mack says:

    It seems the Scottish identity is to be airbrushed out of existence. I think this particular trick was tried post Culloden, and yes, by the same people.
    They cannot rob me of my identity any more. I am a Scot . This is worthy of any Propoganda expert who ever lived. It seems they are now aided and abetted by the manufacturers who sided with them during the referendum.

    I post now a warning to all who indulge in this erasing of culture. Do so at your peril. You exist because I buy your products, .but that can easily be changed. There are other outlets such as Ali who proudly advertise Scottish products. I will use them, and boost their profits.

    I am very very angry just now..

  14. Dave MacIntyre says:

    Tragic as this is, the question has to be, how do we fight back against this cultural takeover? If shopkeepers get this delivered, accept it and are making a good profit from these items then there is probably not much we can do. The anger we feel is as much about the hopelessness of the situation we are in.

  15. John Jones says:

    You missed Tesco changing the satire on Scottish strawberries to the the red white and blue stripey one. No more stawbs from there as well!

  16. brewsed says:

    We will just have to fight back:

  17. The Man in the Jar says:

    “Deprive the people of their national consciousness, treat them as a tribe and not a nation, dilute their national pride, do not teach their history, propagate their language as inferior, imply they have a cultural void, emphasise their customs are primitive, and dismiss independence as a barbaric anomaly.”

    Richard Heidrich SS Gruppenfuhrer

  18. BrianW says:

    @ Iain More 1:50pm

    Especially when Gordon McPhails is a stones throw doon & up the road.

    You think there’ll be a stall for it at the Speyside Whisky Festival coming up. Canna see the folk o Dufftown queuing up for it far less celebrating it.

  19. mike d says:

    Man in the jar. Ah but we all know what happened to heidrich.

  20. Arbroath1320 says:

    If ah telt ye’s once ah telt ye’s a million times … Git back in yer boxes! Ye ken it aw we’re guid fir! 🙂

  21. heedtracker says:

    It does really suck, UKOK style. Rick Stein’s got a BBC food, world food travel, thing that looks fantastic and fantastically expensive. Anyway oor Rick, was in India lately visiting Mahatma Gandhi’s now museum home near Nagpur. Chef Rick enthusiastically explained to us that Ghandi’s favourite was porridge, “British porridge.”

    I UKOK shit you not.

  22. Jockanese Wind Talker says:

    Proud Cybernat at 2:02 pm.

    Great work ?

    QR code containing the URL to the Revs “Junkie,tramps and thieves” article in the corner and that image would make a great A5 sticky to plaster about and help to get the facts out there.

    Especially around Aberdeen City and Shire.

  23. Wulls says:

    actually there’s an excuse for the “North British” whisky.
    It is a distillery in Edinburgh and has been since 1880 odd.
    As for the rest 🙁

  24. Richardinho says:

    Mixed feelings about all this. My concern is ultimately with the motives behind these things.

    The London shortbread tins I kind of like as least it’s tastefully done and is more just intended for the London tourist market – and they kind of mirror how I feel about myself as an ex pat living in London. (I don’t have any problem thinking of myself as a Londoner.)

    Where you get the sense that it’s someone with a propaganda agenda (the ‘North British’ whisky) it starts to get a bit offensive. You can just imagine the kind of pr1ck who came up with that.

    Then there’s the angle, exemplified by Tesco’s decision to ban Scottish branded products, where a business decision has been made on the basis of a rising anti-Scottishness in England. I find this one most troubling as it reflects an actual degree of prejudice which is likely to impact on my quality of life.

  25. mike d says:

    Scotland achilles heel is her uneducated bigoted yoon population.

  26. Jockanese Wind Talker says:

    ? in my last post should be a smiley face.

    No question it is great work.

  27. Grouse Beater says:

    Bob Mack:“The Scottish identity is to be airbrushed out of existence.”

    Worth repeating and emphasised.

    No doubt about it.

    Soon as we lost independence, just, the take-over began. We were warned.

  28. DaveL says:

    All of this made me wonder about that horrible Camp Coffee so I had a sniff round. It seems the kilties still on the bottle but apparently there was a race row about it back in 1999.

  29. Richardinho says:

    We also should remember that the ‘classic’ Scottish branding of tartan, thistles, kilts etc etc. is largely an image that was foisted on us from outside and for the convenience of whoever they were. When that image no longer becomes useful to those who promote it, is it any wonder that they would change it?

  30. Madcatwummin says:

    Amazing how these folk love to perpetuate the myth that Scotland is insignificant, unappealing, too wee, to small, too stupid, unworthy, a parasite and subsidised………yet they are breaking their legs falling over themselves to BE us, to live vicariously through us and to shower themselves in our glory!. Britain is dead……..someone wake up the British and tell them! The concept of ‘British’ whisky, shortbread, haggis, kilts or porridge is tragic in the extreme………but it serves to highlight their desperation to the rest of the world!. Face it Mateys – you will never be Scottish! You got the booby prize!

  31. Dave McEwan Hill says:

    Actually I believe this is all counter productive. It will persuade no Scot that he is not Scottish and will annoy most Scots.
    But they don’t understand. They believe we are a particularly stupid group of people

  32. Bob Sinclair says:

    This seems to be upsetting the Yooniratti somewhat.

  33. heedtracker says:

    There is something UKOK strange in the neighbourhood. When its my turn to get braaktime scoff, I buy Morrison’s filled doughnuts, and lately they’ve all been boxed in union jacks, deep rich union jack colours of union jack goodness (and not for the teamGB Olympics as there is never an Olympic logo on the Morrison’s union jacks.)

    Earlier this week, I asked the Morrison’s customer services lady why exactly it was pretty much only Morrison’s filled doughnuts that came in union jack boxes, while trying to keep a straight face. So yesterday, my turn again and only to find that Morrison’s filled doughnut range, was all boxed in pretty pink striped boxes, with NO union jacks at all.

    SO I went and asked the Morrison’s customer service lady, wow, why exactly Morrison’s filled doughnuts were now no longer packed in union jack boxes and not pretty pink striped boxes and she started laughing, again.

  34. ROBBO says:

    I don’t dislike the English but have always maintained that as they submerge themselves in their own increasing isolationism they see North Britain only as a means to escape the mediocrity that prevails English society. In essence Scotland is nothing more than an overspill carpark that can be used once life becomes so congested and intolerable for the white middle classes. I believe that the intention has always been to Englishise us heathens so that the eventual move will prove seemless. I’m nearing 70 and beginning to wonder if the idiots who still believe in the Union will ever see sense.

  35. galamcennalath says:

    British Haggis or Porridge!? Whatever happened to Johnson’s …. oats: ‘a grain, which in England is generally given to horses, but in Scotland supports the people.’

    Aye right. Dinna worry, it’ll never catch on.

  36. Martin says:

    I shop in lidl and aldi. They love punting how Scottish all their stuff is. Rare.

  37. Dcanmore says:

    Perfect identity politics for a place called North Britain.

    Most of this comes from Londen-centric decision-making. Take a look around the tourist landmarks in the city and you’ll see predominately Chinese and far-east visitors. Cafes (get your traditional fish and chips here) near these museums, theatres, palaces, castles and cathedrals have menus in Chinese and just about every little convenience shop and stall is bedecked with Union Jack embossed tat.

    Famously, John Cleese complained recently he couldn’t find a jacket in Harrods to fit him, only to be told they mostly cater to Chinese sizes these days.

    Scottish identity doesn’t exist here, it doesn’t sell in London when the tourist industry is pushing ‘British’, but what you actually get is ‘London British’.

    UK as a country is fast becoming ‘London and the rest’. Brexit negotiations will only favour London first, to protect The City. Commentators who write from their London office see a booming London (booming on debt mostly) so believe the rest of the country must be booming too. This post Brexit ‘Britain is booming’ mantra from right-wing newspapers is false of course, as we haven’t actually left the EU yet.

    Some Scottish producers are trying to capitalise on the ‘British flag tourism’. It won’t wash anywhere else outside London though. That’s why the marketing will always say ‘limited edition’, in other words if it’s a sales failure then the labelling will revert.

  38. heedtracker says:

    galamcennalath says:
    3 September, 2016 at 2:49 pm
    British Haggis or Porridge!?

    I know right! Stein had a cheeky smirk on his very unhealthy looking face too, when he smirked that one out. I’m not saying porridge is not an English food stuff but its known globally as Scots porridge, and its certainly sold in all UKOK stores as Scot’s porridge oats. So at a guess, I’d say Rick Stein is probably not that keen on Scotland’s journey to self determination. God only knows what Rick Stein’s colonial equivalent would have made of Mahatma Gandhi’s India. Try telling India it doesn’t exist, BBC UKOK style.

    Rick’s also a very successful fish chef but he looks awful, on a diet of fish, he’s not a great advert for it. Less the cooking wine, more the fish, Chef Rick:D

  39. Grouse Beater says:

    We’ll have to counter with tins of Scottish jellied eels “packed in Whitechapel, London.”

    And “Scottish Yorkshire Pudding” just as yer Barnsley granny made it.

    How about

    “Get your Morris dancing clogs from MacSmith, High Street, Edinburgh, maker of English clogs for over 250 years.”

  40. galamcennalath says:

    Dcanmore says:

    “This post Brexit ‘Britain is booming’ mantra from right-wing newspapers is false of course, as we haven’t actually left the EU yet.”

    …. especially the Telegraph. They seem to run a headline about how stable everything is after Brexit every other day.

    Just wait until Article 50, the hard leave plans become known, and the Scottish Government announces they want to end the Union …. then we will see how things are going in UKOK.

  41. Robert Graham says:

    yes its getting to the farcical stage now ,we are being assimilated eradicated not by accident but by design, it’s so easy when you have complete access to all print and broadcast media .
    The BBC for instance were running that programme “dont mention Labour and the Edinburgh Schools PFI scandal” on the news channel just now i bet it wasn’t broadcast south of the great wall .
    They must be getting worried even with every tool at their disposal even bribing other nations into rubbishing our quest for our country to be returned to us it still hasn’t worked .
    you jocks are a right pain in Englands arse why dont you just go away i mean haven’t we given you enough of our money ? LORD MONCKTON or what ever his bleedn name is who gives a f/k .

  42. Bob Mack says:

    As well, as Scottish products I also see the Rev coming under attack from that character Loki on twitter. This is stage 2 of neutralising opposition.
    This guy has been funded to write a book apparently by several major Unionists including JK Rowling to ” promote discourse” . Sadly he believes that sales pitch.
    They have selected their modern day Daniel Defoe, paid for him and bought his the page. He now has followers such as History woman and Effie Deans.

    That is the process. Find the weakest link who once supported everything you hate,and use them to convert others to your cause. The same methodology as the advertising.

    This will become more regular and more insidious

  43. shiregirl says:

    hmm. M&S.

    I haven’t been in an M&S for ages. I find them not very good value for money and their food way overpriced.

    Who makes their shortbread for them, I wonder. Minimum wage staff in a Moray shortbread factory?

    I suspect a vast majority of over 65’s get a tin at Christmas – perhaps this is one of the reasons there are so many over 65’s against Indy – it would jeopardise the look of their tin o’ shortbread at Christmas! It’s a form of subliminal brainwashing.

    Did Walkers speak out against Indyref1? Just interested.

  44. velofello says:

    I reckon the issue is wider than an assault on Scottish identity. The UK is facing a self esteem crisis.

    Team GB, did you note the gaudy shirts? Other teams content with a small emblem on a plain coloured shirt. And a massive investment to gain medals, in a country with food banks. How many of the Team GB athletes can you name?

    Brexit, I noted a comment, on Facebook I think “.. and following Brexit we can set up trade deals with developing countries”! -Whenever I am alone, whenever I am afraid, I whistle a happy tune….

  45. Luigi says:

    There’s a simple solution folks:

    Anything with a union flag on it – don’t buy it. Not that I expect any of you folks would anyway. 🙂

    As folks have said, this latest, little BritNat trick could backfire spectacularly. 🙂

  46. McBoxheid says:

    Scottish Shortbread in onion jock packaging has also reached the supermarket shelves in Germany

  47. M4rkyboy says:

    You lot are partly to blame. When you reduce Scottish identity to a value based, meme identity like we have in the civic nationalism oxymoron, you open it up for subversion. If anyone can be a Scot why can’t anything Scottish be British?

  48. panda paws says:

    As others have said don’t buy it. British haggis – nae chance. Scottish shortbread with a Union flag on it – will stay on the shelves as I pass by. Don’t like Tunnocks WATP attitude – don’t buy it. We are continually told indy supporters are in the minority so they’ll be able to make plenty profits – well won’t they???

    The German supermarkets Saltire the place out and are cheaper.

  49. Luigi says:

    velofello says:

    3 September, 2016 at 3:12 pm

    I reckon the issue is wider than an assault on Scottish identity. The UK is facing a self esteem crisis.

    Team GB, did you note the gaudy shirts? Other teams content with a small emblem on a plain coloured shirt. And a massive investment to gain medals,…

    Indeed, it’s all been tried before. You just cannot manufacture a national pride that doesn’t exist. I believe the old Soviet Union tried the same trick(s), just before it collapsed.

  50. Jimbo says:

    And, there’s more. Just in case you still harbour a wee bit of pride being a second class Brit, when they run out of foreigners to demonise, it will be Scotland’s turn. I kid you not.

    Anyone want to see how England will be years from now when out of the EU and the Union dissolved – Watch Schindler’s List.

  51. heedtracker says:

    Another weird UKOK phenomena this week was BBC r4 Any Answers politics show which didn’t mention anything Scotland whatsoever for debaterising, UKOK style. It’s an extremely weird UKOK BBC phenomena, in light of last weeks enormous UKOK BBC blitz on us all for daring to listen to our FM Sturgeon’s possible triggering of ref 2.

    Its probably an all new and exciting UKOK campaign trick from BBC gimps. Normally these Any Answer shows squeeze out a nasty SNP/Sturgeon bad question, as well as stamping out anything whatsoever Scotland and Scottish democracy. Now pretending all of Scotland no longer exists, like a BBC Twilight Zone, is jolly exciting, for yoon toryboys everywhere. Also, BBC r4 says, JC is very very bad too.

  52. shug says:

    If it has a union jack on it don’t buy it


  53. jimnarlene says:

    For fucks sake! Get tae fuck.

  54. Macart says:


    Far as I’m concerned NONE of that dross has ANYTHING to do with Scotland.

  55. heedtracker says:

    If anyone can be a Scot why can’t anything Scottish be British?

    Er, that’s what’s actually happening, duh.

  56. One_Scot says:

    One of two things will happen, either Scotland will become Independent, or Scotland will be destroyed/assimilated.

    The choice is yours.

  57. M4rkyboy says:

    The question was rhetorical.

  58. Sledger says:

    North British is the name of the distillery in Edinburgh, established in 1885. Probably reflective of the climate then and not part of the Tunnockfication of products currently happening.

  59. heedtracker says:

    The question was rhetorical.

    So’s the answer.

  60. Kenh says:

    Dave MacIntyre says:
    “Tragic as this is, the question has to be, how do we fight back against this cultural takeover?”
    Boycott M&S. There are enough Yes supporters in Scotland to hurt their profits.

  61. Charles Maitland says:

    This is the last straw. How can you not vote YES at the next independence referendum?

  62. Bob Mack says:

    Why can’t anything be British ? Like crepe suzette, or beluga caviar, or panettone or stroganoff ?
    Why can’t a curry or Chile con care ?

    They are things we have adopted as part of our menu but they come from another culture. The original creators of those edible products enjoy ownership and association with their creations. French cooking. German engineering . The list is endless. All identifiable with national traits.
    Scotland should not be an exception.

  63. Iain says:

    And unfortunately tourist shops (as well as M & S) seel this keech and the tourists buy it.

  64. Sharney Dubs says:

    Two things spring to mind. Was there not a case years ago when Japan named a small province “Scotland” so they could print made in Scotland on whisky that was distilled there. They were stopped by some international court or other if memory serves. So why can these bullies get away with this?
    Second is what China did and is doing to Tibet. Ok not on the same scale, or as brutal, but the result is the same. Nasty nasty people.

  65. gordoz says:

    Absolutely disgusting Scotland SHAME on display for all the world to see. WTF People ?????????

    Unionism at its ProudScotbut .. best.

    No doubt some form of Scots individuals responsilbe / involved in all this shameful stuff.

  66. M4rkyboy says:

    A rhetorical question isn’t meant to prompt a answer. Also, a rhetorical answer is a kind of hyper-oxymoron.

  67. Proud Cybernat says:


    Peep the Beeb Campaign Update.

    Number of distributors rising. Out and out favourite for sticky text is “BBC Misreporting Scotland”.

    Volunteers to distribute these still welcome – ESPECIALLY from Aberdeen area. Many hands make light work. Let me know your contact details – email at the bottom of the page in this link:

    Oh, and there’s this too:


    Get it out there. The UK is clearly bad for Scotland’s health. Get the soft NOs angry. And then tell them, “Don’t get angry, get Indy.”

  68. Comments in relation to shortbread and haggis I agree with but as some one who worked in the Whisky industry for more than a few years I have to say that although nominally the North British Whisky might appear to fit into the same category that is to take it out of context.

    North British distillery in Edinburgh has as any Whisky enthusiast will know been around for a very long time and the name portrays more of the Victorian attitude of the times in which it was established. For any Single Grain to be marketed without properly identifying the distillery wherein it was produced would be contrary to existing regulations.

    As much as it annoys us nowadays in modern times North British Single Grain Whisky can be a very fine dram. So for those that can afford it, lie back and think of Scotland. Don’t hold your nose just inhale a fine aroma.

  69. Arbroath1320 says:

    Thankfully we shop in Aldi’s … they do some right cracking good stuff and all clearly marked up with the Saltire to boot. We only make a flying visit to Tesco when we can not get something in Aldi … like the National. 🙂

  70. heedtracker says:

    I reckon the issue is wider than an assault on Scottish identity. The UK is facing a self esteem crisis.

    Well something’s got to the torboy’s. During the 2012 London Olympic games, not the 2012 UKOK Olympics, but still like an explosion in a union jack factory, I bought a beautiful and original London 1948 Olympics catalogue time table in a charity shop. What hits you straight off, is that there are NO union jacks whatsoever in the whole official 100+ page catalogue.

    A total lack of union jacks at the 1948 London Games is probably hard to work out. Maybe it was a reaction against the 1936 Summer Olympics in Berlin, that the Nazi party had plastered with the Swastika. Maybe it was just a very different UK back then, run by very different politics from UKOK today.

    “To outdo the Los Angeles games of 1932, Germany built a new 100,000-seat track and field stadium, six gymnasiums, and many other smaller arenas. The games were the first to be televised, and radio broadcasts reached 41 countries. Filmmaker Leni Riefenstahl was commissioned by the German Olympic Committee to film the Games for $7 million. Her film, titled Olympia, pioneered many of the techniques now common in the filming of sports.

    Reich Chancellor Adolf Hitler saw the Games as an opportunity to promote his government and ideals of racial supremacy, and the official Nazi party paper, the Völkischer Beobachter, wrote in the strongest terms that Jews should not be allowed to participate in the Games.”

    Have nightmares. Especially that 2012 London Olympics flame lighting. Holy fuck.

  71. Smallaxe says:



    Peace Always.

  72. Ian says:

    Just an example of the ‘great’ trading nation’s struggle to actually make anything that it can sell to foreigners. Clutching at straws for sure.

  73. Dave MacIntyre says:

    I can’t agree with Richardinho @2.33

    I wouldn’t object so much if these goods were only for the London tourist market.

    They are, however, on sale in shops up and down the Royal Mile, in our Capital city, giving tourists the impression that we are indeed a wee region of England.

  74. CameronB Brodie says:

    They’re pimping British nationalist ideology again. That’s cultural colonialism that is.

    How best to deal with pollution of the mind?

    Theoretical Advances in Critical Visual Analysis: Perception, Ideology, Mythologies, and Social Semiotics


    This article discusses how social semiotics is contributing to advancing the ?eld of critical visual analysis. First, the article introduces social semiotics as a discipline, by outlining its theoretical foundations, methodological principles, and scholarly agenda. Second, it discusses how established paradigms such as semiotics, iconography, and cultural studies have approached notions such as meaning and ideology in relation to visual signi?cation. Third, it discusses the distinctive nature of the social semiotic approach to ideology in visual analysis. The article ?nally argues that the critical ends of social semiotics can benefit greatly from a closer – critical and political – reading of Barthes’ Mythologies (1970/1990) as well as an increased concern with the role of perception in visual signification.

  75. Smallaxe says:

    Robert Peffers:

    Please see my reply on “Junkies” thread!

    call me dave:

    Same as above!

  76. Petra says:

    The drip, drip, drip of overt brainwashing seems to becoming a bit of a torrent now. Wonder why?

    It’s not just the obvious we should be aware of. I bought a punnet of ‘Scottish’ strawberries in Lidls last week. I checked to make sure they were Scottish before I put them in my trolley. Sure enough they were grown in Aberdeenshire. A couple of days later I decided I better use them and planned to make strawberry meringues. So much for that idea.They were mushy and covered in blue mould. I then took a closer look at the label to find that they were packaged in England. So it would seem that they are grown and picked in Scotland, sent to England for packaging and then resent back to Scotland.

    Surely we have companies in Scotland that can package foodstuff? Is this an English export ploy and how often does this happen?

  77. Ruby says:

    This is what is described in stories about abusive relationships as ’emotional violence’

    Joan McAlpine was spot on when she described Scotland as the abused partner.

  78. Bob Mack says:

    Sorry to disagree mate,but a rhetorical question is one in which you do not EXPECT an answer, but it clearly does not mean you will not get an answer.

  79. msean says:

    It’s all next years pound shop stock.

  80. Dr Jim says:

    Out of the EU and in to TTIP

    Every Scottish brand is protected by EU law from copy and substitution and cannot be reproduced anywhere else just the same as Parma Ham or Killie pies

    On Brexit NONE of these EU protections will stand and all, yes all Scottish brand protections will be up for grabs by anybody anywhere, especially in England where they will use the American laws of TTIP to protect the companies who can do whatever the hell they like that’s one of the reasons the EU rejected TTIP emphatically

    “Harris Tweed from Basingstoke Britain” with a Union flag stuck on it will sell well in the good old US of A so why pay Scottish prices
    Or how about a taste of Scotland style “Salmon from Sidcup” good British fare
    Get the authentic taste of Englands Scottish pies
    What I’m looking forward to most is our greedy Bastirt farmers faces when they realise that “English Aberdonian Angus” is tasty tasty, very very tasty, it’s very tasty

    A lot of these thick Scottish Yoon business folk thought they’d be selling more of their products under the new regime of all powerful TTIP England

    I hear the Welsh and Irish are rather proud of their branding too….GONE! just like us….GONE!

    Do we really believe David Cameron lost the EU referendum by accident or does it usher in the new wave of total American Capitalism that Englands failing economy was screaming out for because Scotland was not going to continue to be the cash cow it used to be bailing out that country
    Are we to believe that Barack Obamas concern for Scotland staying in the UK was because he cared about Scotland
    Bombs Bailouts and Billetes….Money and War = Profit

  81. Tinto Chiel says:

    Bob Sinclair @2.42: “May contain traces of nuts and fascism.”

    Most amusing. You seemed to have stirred up lots of hate from the amoeba-brained. Do Scottish cringers never read this anti-Scottish hate and get very uncomfortable?

    All this Establishment scent-marking of Scotland is really offensive but ultimately counter-productive.

    Whether it’s British Haggis or the “Edinburgh” festival it’s just a continuum of colonial cringey crap which more and more Scots get really annoyed at.

    O/T a bit. Presumably Ruth Davidson’s panic about the FM’s survey stems from her knowledge of voting intentions from private polling.

    By the way she popped into my head because of the image of the Union Jacks and doughnuts.

    Can’t explain why.

  82. mike cassidy says:

    Another one for the collection.

  83. Grouse Beater says:

    It took the Catholic church 300 years to admit Galileo was right, the Earth did revolve around the sun.

    It took Scotland 300 years to…

  84. Thomas Valentine says:

    The English kilt company one doesn’t bother me much.
    But the rest just look stupid. Is this more of the crazed right wing types who seem to dominate British businesses imposing politics on their sales department? Maybe its sales directors telling the board what they want to hear.

    This kind of English hysterical nationalism drove me to the SNP during the Falklands War. Not to seek a Scottish alternative but because I wanted no part jingoistic nationalism. Yet I’m the one who get to be the target of these claims.

    Surely they must see how crazed they look. Well Rhowleng keeps making her self look a complete nitwit on twitter without a hint of introspection, why not this bunch.

  85. Ruby says:

    Petra says:
    3 September, 2016 at 4:09 pm

    Surely we have companies in Scotland that can package foodstuff? Is this an English export ploy and how often does this happen?

    Ruby replies

    That’s interesting. Worth further investigation. I’ll be checking out the ‘packaged in England’ labels.

    A few weeks back I was in Lidl trying to find the best before date on some fruit and the staff informed me that there was no best before date. I asked how they know when to remove the fruit from the shelf I was told they just do it by eye & feel.

    So I decided if I wanted fruit that’s ready to eat Lidl is the place to shop or if I wanted fruit that takes 2 weeks to ‘ripen in the bowl’ then probably best shopping at Tesco. Buying rock hard fruit that I can’t eat for two weeks is pretty annoying so I go for the Lidl option.

    I noticed when I was in Tesco they had a stand offering free fruit! I thought that was a bit strange!

  86. Andy-B says:

    All cringe worthy products, but will we vote yes next time around, or will we as a people remain cringe worthy as well?

  87. Ruby says:

    Dave MacIntyre says:
    3 September, 2016 at 3:59 pm

    They are, however, on sale in shops up and down the Royal Mile, in our Capital city, giving tourists the impression that we are indeed a wee region of England.

    Ruby replies

    Oh dear the Royal Mile! I don’t suppose that is the worst impression tourists get from the goods on display on the Royal Mile.

  88. kailyard rules says:

    The simple solution is to BOYCOTT such goods and anything with the Union flag on it. Also complaints to managers etc..
    Let it be known as The Great British Boycott.

    There’s also the Great British MSM Turnover. That’s when the front page on the stand is turned to show the back sports page.

  89. Ruby says:

    Don’t forget this one:

    ‘England strips Scotland of title as ‘land which invented marmalade’

  90. Legerwood says:

    As a counterpoint to this it is reported in today’s Herald in the Business section that Waitrose in Scotland has recorded a growing thirst for Scottish Craft beers in their Scottish branches. Sales have doubled in the last 3 months.

    Throughout the UK Waitrose report that in its supermarkets Scottish craft beers are outselling their rival ales. Sales are growing six times faster. They are outstripping other premium beers.

    So there.

  91. Effijy says:

    Don’t worry!

    Soon you will all be completely brain washed and all this will seem natural, after all how could a wee stupid colony that is so poor ever invent or discover Whisky, Shortbread, Tartan, Golf,Television, Telephone, Pneumatic Tyres, Tar Macadam Roads, the Steam Engines for ships and Trains and Industry, etc, etc.

    Obviously it all must belong to our colonial masters!

    O/T Read someone else’s Dire Mail today, and you guessed it, both Scots and SNP are really BAD.

    One of the Bimbo’s that specialises in Anti-Scottish Diatribe, is called Emma Cowling.
    It seems Emma is very upset with the new survey put out by our duly elected First Minister.

    Apparently she was left exhausted by the survey, that took me 2 minutes?

    She also enquires why the First Minister would ask her thoughts on a 2nd Indy Ref when she has already made it clear to all her friends and colleagues that she is a true blue Unionist. She even make this clear in her Anti-Scottish columns, which is all of her columns.

    So there it is Nicola, rather than communicated with the citizens of Scotland, just keep in touch with Emma’s
    Columns and friends?

    What is it you do all day Nicola, if you aren’t monitoring Emma’s literary and verbal farts?

  92. galamcennalath says:

    Thomas Valentine says:

    “English hysterical nationalism drove me to the SNP during the Falklands War. Not to seek a Scottish alternative but because I wanted no part jingoistic nationalism. Yet I’m the one who get to be the target of these claims.”

    BritNats think ‘blood and soil’. It’s not just ethnic and territorial. With it come entitlement, superiority and exceptionalism.

    They therefore assume competing views must also think in the same manner. They can’t get their heads round civic nationalism. It seems beyond their understanding.

  93. velofello says:

    @ Petra: I posted on Wings way back – The Old Colonial Trick – buy in bulk, fluff up packaging of the goods, and then export, including back to the country of origin, with a useful profit.

    It really should be a Scottish government policy/initiative to package and export Scottish produce from Scotland.

    Scottish salmon exported to the USA from Heathrow! Heavens Almighty, the trucks must drive past Prestwick airport en route to Heathrow.

    And way back, I posted that my tax centre is in Reading, and so my income tax will be credited to England as tax income. Michael Fry raised this issue recently in the National. So, BBC Scotland, “Scottish Gas”,etc etc, what tax centre collects their employees’ income tax?

    Finally, in my pimpled youth at the Barras in Glasgow, my lasting memory is of English voices selling stuff at “amazing” prices. It is what they do, find a soft, trusting market and exploit. And takes me to my earlier post… “post Brexit we’ll have trade deals with developing countries”.

  94. Clootie says:

    …I try so hard not to swear in my posts…I have to go!

  95. Tinto Chiel says:

    That was a beezer of an article, Ruby.

    Ivan Day, attempting to reclaim marmalade from the Sweaties comes out with,”It does worry me when food becomes embalmed in nationalism.”

    Hope he’s enjoying the thread.

    Self-awareness and a sense of irony seem absent in Yoonland.

  96. Arbroath1320 says:

    kailyard rules says:
    3 September, 2016 at 4:36 pm

    There’s also the Great British MSM Turnover. That’s when the front page on the stand is turned to show the back sports page.

    There is also the alternative Great British coverup option available to most people as well Kailyard. This is where, if you have not already guessed, copies of The National are spread about on top of all the unionist toilet paper rags. 😀

  97. Macart says:

    This pish along with so much else in the media and in chambers is a distraction and an attempt to dictate the terms of the debate before it gets going.

    We need to keep the media and the political class on track.

    Its not about the SNP. Its Not about ‘Sturgeon’. Its about two years of better togetherness and a catastrophic failure on the part of HMG to deliver on the pledges and assurances THEY made to the Scottish electorate. The final and worst offence was their assurance that by voting no our continued membership of the EU would be ‘GUARANTEED’.

    They presented our electorate with a vision of Scotland within the UK. That Scotland, that UK, that vision is quite categorically NOT what has been delivered to our electorate. The unionist parties need to deal with this and hold their damn hands up to their collective failure to deliver on that vision. They have to own the economic and constitutional crisis their actions HAVE delivered and accept that the population DO have a right to have a say on this at this point.

    Ramping up union jackery across product branding and using the media to constantly attack a Scottish Government who did NOT have a hand in this clusterfuck is perhaps the worst abandonment and dereliction of responsibility I’ve personally seen in my lifetime. Not to mention the teeny fact that it is also insulting to the electorate on a biblical scale. Some folk might just be getting sick to their back teeth of being treated like cretins by this point and continuing along such a path of cack handed manipulation and othering ISN’T HELPING to solve ANYTHING.

    Just a thought like.

  98. Onwards says:

    M4rkyboy says:
    3 September, 2016 at 3:21 pm

    If anyone can be a Scot why can’t anything Scottish be British?

    It can, but the problem is that a union jack as a symbol for Britain is also the flag of the political union of the UK. Which is basically a greater England.

    A union jack which actually represented Scottish political influence would be a giant St Georges cross making up 90% of the flag, with a tiny little sliver of the St Andrews and St Patricks cross in the background.

    It wouldn’t be so bad if the symbol for ‘Britain’ was just a logo with a map of the British Isles.

    Britain as a geographical and cultural entity doesn’t have to mean Scotland being ruled from Westminster.

    The SNP make the same mistake with their National Survey. The question regarding the importance of voting issues includes a ranking for “Feel British / Believe in the Union”.

    It doesn’t have to be the same thing.

  99. desimond says:

    Whats with the ape and the teacup ( great name for a hipster pub btw)

  100. Legerwood says:

    The packaging of these products merely underlines how poor those companies are at marketing. Scottish products fetch a premium – see my post about Waitrose and Scottish craft beers above.

    Another similar story is the Hebrides Sea Salt company which has just announced a contract worth £180,000 to supply Sainsburys with their sea salt. The Co-Op already stock it. This latest contract means they will expand and hence employ more people.

    They are selling their product on its purity and eco-friendly production method. Many other Scottish companies do the same and benefit from the perception, well earned, that Scottish products are quality products.

    The Scottish Government have done a lot to help and protect Scotland’s food producers. GM ban comes to mind.

    The lot above have not got a clue what they are losing by this sort of thing. I also think tourists are a lot more clued up about this sort of branding than you give them credit for, and ordinary customers too.

  101. ” Oats: A grain which in England is generally given to horses, but in Scotland supports the people.”

    Source. Samuel Johnson’s dictionary 1755.

    We are surprised that we are still treated with such contempt by our neighbour to the South to this day?
    I’m off to the stables to hose myself down and will meet up with the lads at my local watering hole, and plot rebellion.

  102. william says:

    Bell’s Whisky, my father and uncles always referred to it as 2 star petrol. It is truly dire stuff, petrol taste better, let them label it as English. Get your self some good Scottish Whisky like Jura.

  103. william says:

    Bell’s Whisky, my father and uncles always referred to it as 2 star petrol. It is truly dire stuff, petrol taste better, let them label it as English. Get your self some good Scottish Whisky like Jura. comment jump the post.

  104. call me dave says:

    Aye a boycott. I’ve got a list from 2013-14 still using it.


    The word boycott entered the English language during the Irish “Land War” and derives eponymously from Captain Charles Boycott, the land agent of an absentee landlord.


    ‘Lead weight of separatism’ dragging Scotland backwards, says Ruth Davidson

  105. Inverclyder says:

    Here’s what to do if you must shop in these places…

    Any Scottish produce labelled with a butchers apron should be placed in your basket or trolley when shopping at any of these places.

    When you get to the checkout make sure you ask them why they have the butchers apron on the item and inform them you will not be buying it due to the misleading and Anti Scottish labelling.

    Then let the staff put the shit back on the shelves.

    This will cost these supermarkets time and money while keeping someone in a job restocking the shelves with their union jackery.

    At least they don’t have a drunken Scotsman (myth) on any of them.

    Come Independence there will be a lot of companies that will have to answer serious questions over their behaviour if they’re even still in business.

    After Indpendence all there should ba a law introduced that all Scottish produce should have a Saltire and clearly labelled as Produce of Scotland no matter where in the world the item is sent.

    Also if in Marks and Spencers make sure you turn the English Whiskey round so tha the label isn’t visible.

    British Haggis for fucks sake!

  106. ronnie anderson says:

    Big shout out for Kendomacaroonbar Cmon Peoples take out a subscription for a Quality Scottish Magazine.

  107. Robert Louis says:

    I just find it really f*****g sad, to see great Scottish produce, of which Scotland should be proud, shamed in this way. I think it should be classed as incitement to hatred.

    I recall the last time I shopped at Sainsburys (a few years ago), was when I spotted their cans of ‘British Scotch Broth’. I mean seriously, why not just call it Scotch Broth FFS! As for the ridiculously labelled ‘Great british haggis’ by a kirckaldy based food company, jeez. Why doesn’t the MD of that company not just get down on his knees tug his forelock, and lick Theresa May’s feet. What an utter cringing jock.

    Make no mistake it is creeping cultural imperialism. Thank god for Aldi, who still seem to have a modicum of respect for Scottish shoppers – AND OUR PRODUCERS.

    We cannot end this undemocratic, unwanted union with England soon enough.

  108. velofello says:

    @ Macart: “We need to keep the media and political class on track”

    The clue is in the term Perfidious Albion, the Establishment – media, political class – simply cannot be trusted.
    They crave power. they understand and exercise power, they will not yield up power unless forced. They are not concerned nor embarrassed when found short – look at Gordon Brown, defrosted to talk more pish. A Scot yes, signed up to Perfidious Albion. And why? just what has he gained from his Perfidious Albion embrace? Other than money, and our scorn.He, for sure, is no great political thinker, easily flattered I reckon.

    Regards independence.

    When the going gets tough, the tough get going. That’s where we are at now.

  109. CameronB Brodie says:

    Yoon pimps of British nationaist ideology simply can’t help themselves. Vile!

    ….All in all, there seems to be a growing need for the British to define the boundaries of their national identity. As Susanne Reichl (2003) states: “Although the debate goes back as far as Daniel Dafoe’s True-Born Englishman, it was given new impetus by devolution and other political developments in the late twentieth century, which seem to have made it important for the British to (re-)define themselves” (Reichl, 2003:177)….

  110. Robert Louis says:

    I agree with others, that England will carry on treating us with contempt, until we say ENOUGH! and do something about it. Being ‘nice’ for 308 freaking years just hasn’t worked.

  111. gus1940 says:

    On the subject of whisky here is some clarification on some of the comments above.

    The DCL HQ prior to the fraudulent Guiness takeover was in Edinburgh.

    Black & White and Buchanan’s were not distilleries – they were brands of blended whisky.

    The North British Grain whisky refereed to was distilled in and named after The North British Grain distillery situated next to Tynecastle football ground.

  112. CameronB Brodie says:

    British nationalist iconography not to your taste?



    This interdisciplinary thesis breaks new ground in the fields of food and media studies, in the specific areas of culinary capital and food TV. On food studies, this thesis theorises that the state plays the role of meta-tastemaker, legitimising some foods as a source of social distinction in order to support national ideologies and beliefs. The social prestige that citizens accumulate thanks to these foods is what this thesis defines as national culinary capital.

    On media studies, this thesis analyses how national culinary capital is represented on television, and how the media and the nation negotiate it. Only by merging the two disciplines has this thesis been able to catch the sense of the complex power relationships between the nation and the media

    Through the analysis of two national TV food travelogues, the Italian Ti Ci Porto Io and the British Jamie’s Great Britain, this work draws on Bourdieu’s concepts of statist and cultural capital, and on Naccarato and LeBesco’s theorisation of culinary capital. Cultural studies views of national culture and television, and theories on nation-building contribute to the theoretical framework.

    Methodologically, this study applies political economy and Bourdieu’s field analysis to Italian and British TV and food TV, and to the broadcasters and production companies of the shows. In addition, moving image and semiotic analysis of the travelogues clarify how the two shows represent national culinary capital. An interview with the Italian producer, and a failed interview with the British one shed further light on the national ideologies represented by the shows and linked to food.

    The results show how, in the two countries, national culinary capital supports different ideologies with similar aims. Moreover, while in Italy the state exerts its power over the media in a stronger way, in Britain the media prove to be powerful enough to shape an independent form of national culinary capital, embodied by the media invention of the celebrity chef

  113. Gary45% says:

    Iain More@1.50.
    No surprises about Elgin, we visited last weekend,( normally a few times a month).I posted last week that Elgin was basically an Empire region, its turning into a little yoon retirement enclave, “we drink scotch and live in Eljin”, I think you get the picture.
    The rest of the Highlands seem to be going the same way, the yoons from the shires have realised Mingerland is a shi*hole, and are trying to turn our glorious wee country into another empire colony, as they have pissed off the rest of the EU with brexit so its “lets buy up the cheap land in the north Colony, and give them our yoon KULCHUR”.
    As for M&S I haven’t given them a bean since 2014, and never will, if they shut down tomorrow, who cares.

  114. The North British thing is now celebrating its 200th anniversary as a revived suggestion – partly raised by Sir Walter Scott – that Scotland should be called North Britain (which it was in 1603 and 1707 in various acts…). If you like, there’s been over 400 years of concerted attempts to hang this handle on Scotland. Not worked so far, never going to happen, but some of the North Briton/British references are honourable (referencing John Wilkes, with a strong connotation of independence from London).

  115. Cactus says:

    @tourists of SCOTLAND

    Mon the Millport.. that’s the isle of cumbrae that is.

    Peace, love & i love SCOTLAND!


  116. Robert Louis says:

    With a few honourable exceptions, most of the stuff sold on the Royal Mile now is utter rubbish from abroad, masquerading as being ‘Scottishy’. Bought out, old Scottish brands liberally sprinkled along the road, creating the false impression of a Scottish heritage.

    Then we have the Scotland shops, full of model London buses, and assorted butchers apron branded cheap trash, all about England. An insult to all Scots.

  117. Suzanne K says:

    This blog article sums it up nicely for me.
    ‘There is no need to censor those who are happy to censor themselves’

  118. Rock says:

    Scotland is “North Britain” and will ALWAYS remain “North Britain”.

  119. Dr Jim says:

    Went up to Aldis for a Frasers steak pie because they are produced in Scotland and have a Saltire on them to show that as well, but lo and behold as well as the Saltire on the front of the box there has appeared a tiny Union flag at the bottom of the box with the legend adjacent stating made from British Beef….. Now I don’t know whether that’s Scotland British Beef or Ireland British Beef or Welsh British Beef or a combination of all of the above which put a picture in my mind I didn’t care for very much

    Are the Tory Bastirts trying to starve me to death coz I wont vote for them

    …I’ll be going to the chippy for my dinner

    Scottish fish Scottish chips and good Italian Vinegar all served up by an immigrant from Pakistan

    It’s like stickin yer finger in their Tory eye

  120. kat hamilton says:

    honestly believe of late that everything on telly has a great british …at the begining of it….think the mandarins of whitehall has got its claws out and is promoting gb for all its worth…the rio games are gone, but still getting being promoted every night, got to keep the sheep altogether they reckon or theres trouble at mill….m and s finished with me during indy when they gave out their pro union mantra, well as a consumer i say, ta ta and off to aldi where the saltire is shown throughout the store on the products..well done them, though they did have a whole load of team gb gear which has gone unsold..gutted.

  121. yesindyref2 says:


  122. call me dave says:

    Hark the Herald.

    Alastair..says “But Wait”! FGS 🙂

    Scotland benefits enormously from being part of the UK and we stand to lose out financially from independence. I do not agree with those who see this as some sort of subsidy.

    The dividend we receive can be seen as a “return on investment” on all that Scotland has contributed to the UK financially, culturally and politically over the long successful years of our

    🙁 Back to the golf for a while before the footie comes on.

  123. carjamtic says:

    Undecided’s Beware

    One perspective is,to think of yourself on a plane.The flight attendant comes down the aisle with the trolley and eventually parks it next to your seat.

    “Can I interest you in a meal,with fine,fresh,quality Scottish ingredients ?”

    “Or would you prefer a UKOK platter of shit,sprinkled with some broken glass ?”

    Seems like an easy choice,but to an undecided it can be confusing,they want to order the Scottish meal,but isn’t that just adding an extra step,I mean it’s all going to be chewed up and swallowed anyway,wouldn’t it just be easier to go for the UKOK platter of shit ? and why not just cut to the chase,anyway.

    “A platter of UKOK shit please”

    That’s when then the broken glass comes in.


  124. yesindyref2 says:

    “We are the borg, you will be assimilated, resistance is futile”

    Scotland: “Fuck that, we’re voting YES. Shove that up your collective.”

  125. shiregirl says:

    I want to comment and add to my previous comment, but I can’t. I’m utterly at a loss. English pishy shortbread?

    We so desperately need to be our own country. I fear we are at risk of losing our identity and the whole importance of what is Scottish.

    Anyhoo. I live in the middle of nowhere. I have a bottle of Goslings dark rum, Kim Wilde’s greatest hits (I wanted so much to be her when I was 15) and a bottle of ginger beer and a bottle of cherry cola. The biggest question facing me (I did my Murrell questionnaire earlier) is do I go bermuda styley and do dark and stormy or go cherry cola – ish…

    Have a good Saturday evening, friends 😀

  126. Capella says:

    James Kelly has made a start on demolishing the findings of the Yougov poll as misrepresented by the media pundits. More to follow:

  127. harry mcaye says:

    I shop in Aldi too but at the moment they have union jack emblazoned bags and were also selling Team GB crap. A women in front of me was buying two Team GB polo shirts just before the Olympics started. I assume so her and her hubby could sit on their sofa, stuff their faces (she was a size!) wearing their Team GB polo shirts in a patriotic display that probably no one else would see. More money than sense.

  128. G4jeepers says:

    I blame the royals.
    Just caught a glimpse of them decked oot in tartan at the highland games.

    Hailp ma sporran!

  129. Gail Hughes says:

    Morrisons have been quick to try and capitalise on the Tesco strawberries business. Their current promotion is ‘Scottish Favourites’ and, in our local branch, the promotions aisle is festooned with more saltires than a Yes rally.

  130. Murray Robertson says:

    I was in tescos in corstorphine today. The british strawberrrys were full as were the cheapo listeria strawberries. The lassie at the door was doing a damage limitatio irn bru promotion.
    fuck em

  131. yesindyref2 says:

    @call me dave
    From that Herald article:

    Scotland in Union recently asked an expert economic consultancy, Europe Economics …

    Europe Economics website: “Alexandros Iakovidis is Managing Director at Europe Economics” and half their staff at least.

    How many of them will be allowed to stay in the UK after Brexit? They’ll have to move to prosperous independent Scotland in the EU, they’ll be welcome.

    The irony of a UK supporting organisation using an organisation with so many EU citizens who could be thrown out of their precious UK, would be totally lost on Cameron.

  132. heedtracker says:

    Tory yoon’s go nuts at Scots wanting ref 2 but in England, they want a ref 2, too. Vote NO or else Scotland Izzard, hits UKOK headlines again, like he did at the great 2015 St Enoch Square riots with BBC style “incredible scenes” lies. Someone nicked his hat, with a union jack on it. Can we really not survive without being run by our neighbour?

    In London, a man was wrestled to the floor by police after snatching Izzard’s trademark pink beret when grappling with him in the street. The entertainer was appearing in support of the event.

  133. Ronnie says:

    We’re all just porridge wogs anyway – “whinging sweaty socks” as an English colleague told me in 2014.

  134. One_Scot says:

    The wife also noticed Morrisons taking advantage of Tescos Yoonism balls up.

    Nothing branded with a Red, White and Blue crosses my threshold. Good to see some of them are taking note.

  135. yesindyref2 says:

    @Gail Hughes
    I very rarely use Tesco’s anyway, only when away around Scotland, Wick, Ullapool or Stornaway. Their meat is rubbish, years ago we got put off when it tasted like EU mountain horsemeat, and it hasn’t really improved from what I hear.

    Morrisons do or used to do their own butchery, with meat from their abattoir near Aberdeen. Their own brands are vastly better and more tasty. During the Ref they said prices might go up – or might go down, at least they were honest about it.


    Tesco’s would be no loss to me, M&S food is expensive and full of e-numbers and their clothes were manufactured in the 19th century. Never did like Bells, for a blended Famous Grouse was far better (got a personalised bottle for my birthday recently).

    The North British whisky looks like a perfume bottle, the British haggis looks like the box is about to fall over and fall apart, the shortbread tins look like cheap tourist tat of the sort where cheap margarine is used instead of butter.

    Basically none of them are a loss, they’re even a disgrace to Britain.

  136. louis.b.argyll says:

    Blimey guv’nor..

    Look at all those English wonder the figures are skewed.

  137. yesindyref2 says:

    Oh, and the M&S porridge looks like regurgitated semolina.

  138. Golfnut says:

    I would hazard a guess that the marketing decisions were made post Indy Ref and pre Brexit vote. Diageo in particular, currently bottling Scotch in the north of England may well be already regretting this decision.

    Many Scottish companies are now owned out with Scotland, but putting their Scottish brand at risk particularly in the export market may well be deemed as cavalier by shareholders, their main interest of course based on return of investment and not political point scoring, may well see a cull occurring in some boardrooms.

  139. Luigi says:

    Well, if the yoons want a flag-flying competition, there’s only one thing for it:

    “Out with the saltires, brothers and sisters”

    Fly them high, fly them everywhere.

    (then buy some popcorn and watch the yoons rage). 🙂

  140. yesindyref2 says:

    Time to up the pace, peeps. Let’s go. Do this thing.

  141. Proud Nat says:

    Walkers Shortbread are completely neutral politically and only produce the UJ and Royal Family tins to flog in Harrods, Selfridges, Duty Free etc

    They have an even better Scottish centric range including the Saltire tin

    A very proud Scottish company with a saltire flying proudly outside their head office in Aberlour

  142. Cal says:

    English companies do the reverse. They label things so they look like they come from Scotland with tartan or a highland figure playing the bagpipes etc. Always check the label.

    Another trick I came across in Lidl just this morning – a packet of luxury crisps with a Saltire on it declaring “made with Scottish potatoes”. Turn over the packet and you are informed that the product was “made in the UK” ie in England. So the potatoes were transported 100s of miles down to some factory in England, turned into crisps then transported 100s of miles back to Scotland to be sold. Completely bonkers! If you buy them then you are condoning this practice – bad for the environment, bad for jobs in Scotland, bad for our economy. It’s pretty much certain that if something says “made in the uk/Britain” it was made in England. I don’t buy it.

    I’ve even come across English companies which just out and out lie about where their product is made. There’s one which boasts,”Made in The Borders of Scotland” – it’s made in Cumbria in the border area WITH Scotland. Sneeky eh?

    I don’t buy English made products not because I have anything against English companies (except the ones who cheat – see above) but because I want to support our own companies and in the process help to minimize damage to the environment. Better economic stats for Scotland help make the case for independence. I don’t have a problem with Scottish companies labelling their products with the UJ if it helps them to sell better. I have no desire to offend English customers who dislike the Saltire. Business is business as they say. But equally there are many in Scotland who are offended by the UJ. Sadly we must continue to endure this odious symbol on goods sold in our shops. Let’s be honest and label goods made in England with the St George’s cross. They seem to have no problem labelling German, French, Italian, Irish, Canadian, USA etc made products with the appropriate flag so why not English? Hell, I might even be persuaded to buy some in recognition of their honesty 😉

  143. Iain says:

    Once again the people of Scotland are being sold short by wastemonger, we have to refuse to lie down and take it up the posterior. We deserve better than being ruled by these fool’s, Scotland is better than that. Self determination is a fundamental human right and we need to exercise that right.
    The yoon msm would crush that right in an instant because it is fundamental to their existence that the Scottish cringe prevails. We are better than that.
    Freedom from wastemonger misrule is our right, exercise that right!
    We have chance to be a free nation again, make it happen.

  144. Vambomarbeleye says:

    This is the crap that RBS are putting in their apology boxes. Talk about taking the piss.

  145. Ian Brotherhood says:

    I’ve fallen for a few parody accounts on Twitter and am still not 100% sure about it all, but it looks, right now, as if ‘Brian Spanner’ has been fingered.

    A name is being bandied about – perhaps worth being ultra-cautious until/unless we get definitive proof that the correct dude has been found.

  146. Fred says:

    I’d be wary of so-called British beef in Scotland, it’s probably from a clapped-oot dairy coo domiciled in the Home Counties.

  147. Jon Drummond says:

    O/T – “Jeremy Corbyn pledges to pump £30bn into South East”

    I wonder which region of the Yookay is going to be further asset stripped should Labour gain power on the back of this bribe?

    Corbyn has clearly given up on wooing the Jocks.

  148. Cactus says:

    I’ll settle for independence plus!

    MON the Millport.

    X (the sign of Scotland)

  149. yesindyref2 says:

    “Jeremy Corbyn pledges to pump South East”

    Must be the Viagra.

  150. heedtracker says:

    More cringe. BBC gimps headline the English player before Wimbledon Champion Andy Murray. And its not showing any of the US Open either. On balance, it is a fantastic achievement for an English player to make it to the 4th round. How hard are our chums in the south praying Murray bombs out.

    They’re not showing the Scotland/Malta game tomorrow either. Proud Scot buts will like that. What country does not broadcast its national football matches? Fair enough BBC never broadcast Murray outside of Wimbledon but this is as mad as it gets, greatest public broadcaster in the world wise.

  151. Creag an Tuirc says:

    The Union flag stuff is for tourists in London and London airports-they slap the flag on any old stuff to flog it.

    North British is a fine distillery with a long history, so it just shows the OP is whining and knows nothing about whisky. Also give me that bottle!

  152. yesindyref2 says:

    Argentina qualifiers I was in the City of London working, looking forward to the Wales match on TV. For some odd reason I decided to check what time the match started on TV and saw some stupid friendly England v Poland or something scheduled instead. Straight to the train station (whichever)

    I was probably the only person at Anfield in a suit with a donated tartan scarf. Great great night, 0-2. What a great night after! Liverpudlians didn’t know what to make of us all but they liked us fine fu as a puggy and happy. Train back to London about 6 in morning.

    Nothing’s changed with EBC, nothing. It was always the same.

  153. robertknight says:

    All these images make me feel like pebble-dashing the wall.

    Off to find a spare $100,000 for my Dominica Passport…

    I fear waiting for a ‘Kingdom of Scotland – European Union’ Passport may be a wait I’m not equipped to undertake.

  154. mike cassidy says:

    Not as OT as you think.

    OK Its a Saturday night and I should have better things to do –

    but, at 64, sex and drugs and rock and roll tend to be a memory rather than a reality.

    So I’m reading John Preston’s “A Very English Scandal” , a new book about the Jeremy Thorpe affair.

    And therein I discover that one of his fellow Liberal Party mps was Alasdair Mackenzie (Ross and Cromarty 1964-1970).

    According to the book, when Mackenzie was first elected – at the age of 61 –

    he was refused entry to the House of Commons because he only spoke Gaelic – and had to have English lessons in order to take the Oath Of Allegiance.

  155. Ian Murray says:

    This is all part of the campaign against independence.
    It is a counter to all the saltire waving that goes on in Scotland
    Question does it have a negative impact on Scottish tourism
    Who pressured these companies into thinking this was a good idea after all buying something Scottish with British labels is not that special
    Try your local butcher for pies and such, Dunblane has two cracking award winning butchers

  156. mike d says:

    Robert knight.which makes me think, thank f**k ive got an Irish passport,as although Scots bor
    n. The cringe is not in my dna (irish dad). Unlike jockholm syndrome proud scot buts.

  157. call me dave says:

    Try this for Murray tennis. 3-2 Murray set 1:

    I’ve got ad blocker, and anti virus and everything so take your chances.

    Been working for me for about 4 years now.


  158. heedtracker says:

    yesindyref2 says:
    3 September, 2016 at 8:22 pm

    What a drag it is. They sent more BBC staff to the Rio Olympics than the whole of the teamGB athletic squad for gawds sake. It must have cost a freakin fortune and it was really boring after day two. Plus all the Britnat frenzy. You can watch Murray on eurosport for a few quid a month and the WTA Grand Slams are selling at £150 a year for all matches in all their tournaments, which is a great deal as you only need a pc not a tv.

    Even so, BBC sports is just not happening for Scotland at all. But that’s the whole point of a £4bn a year branch of the UK civil service, with the top guys earning a heck of a lot more than the Prime Minister, guzzle guzzle, trough trough, let them watch cricket, its not the most boring sport ever invented at all.

  159. Bob Mack says:

    Did my shopping for the week in Aldi today. Missed M@S and the others. No more.
    Also came across the article Craig Murray wrote after Frenchgate about the comingState attacks Scotland could expect from MI6 and the CIA. Interesting.

  160. Jesus where do those people come from we are a Nation who was robbed 300 years ago to make you great what the hell is great about tour peodophile government seems you haven’t got any respect for your children who are raped & murdered

  161. mike d says:

    O/t.young guy sitting on the pavement in Bournemouth today,asks me in an english accent,any spare change sir. When i turned and dropped some coins he says in broad glaswegian,where are ye fae up the road big yin.i knew as he explained he had to beg in an English accent, as the amount of abuse he got in his own accent was, well i’ll let you guess.

  162. tartanarse says:


    Steins chippy in Falmouth is overpriced pish too. Paying for the name when you can get better stuff across the road.

  163. cctxt says:

    That’s rather incendiary Stu – My blood pressure …….

  164. Weechid says:

    heedtracker says:

    3 September, 2016 at 3:04 pm

    galamcennalath says:
    3 September, 2016 at 2:49 pm
    ” British Haggis or Porridge!?

    I know right! Stein had a cheeky smirk on his very unhealthy looking face too, when he smirked that one out. I’m not saying porridge is not an English food stuff but its known globally as Scots porridge, and its certainly sold in all UKOK stores as Scot’s porridge oats”
    Actually it’s Scott’s Porridge – named after the founders A & R Scott. Having said that I bloody well hate this take over and refuse to buy anything sporting the butcher’s apron.

  165. heedtracker says:

    Weechid says:
    3 September, 2016 at 9:10 pm
    heedtracker says:

    3 September, 2016

    Point is, where ever you go across the world, there are some things are indelibly marked by one country, like porridge or Scotch or haggis for Scotland, roast beef and spotted dicks for England, burgers for America, sausages for Germany, sushi for Japan and so on.

    BBC’s Old Farts like Rick Stein etc know this but they are merely flexing their bigger English nation state cultural and socio-economic domination over Scots. If we’re not legally obliged to pay for this kind of cultural domination, it would only matter in what you buy. Also, cadaverous Rick Stein is a terrible walking ad for what is meant to be a very healthy food, fash:D

  166. Katie says:

    I noticed it even in the Lidl TV adverts, where an English customer goes to see a Scottish farmer or Scottish fisherman (farming or fishing for their product in Scotland) to check that the produce is really from UK. The Scottish Farmer or Fisherman then says, ‘Yes our beef/fish is 100% British.’ How much must they have been paid to say that? And also how much must it have stuck in their craw? OR to coin 2014 phrase… were they just ‘no-voting sh#tebags’?!!! I mean WTF!!!

  167. heedtracker says:

    Katie says:
    3 September, 2016 at 9:43 pm
    I noticed it even in the Lidl TV adverts, where an English customer goes to see a Scottish farmer or Scottish fisherman (farming or fishing for their product in Scotland) to check that the produce is really from UK. The Scottish Farmer or Fisherman then says, ‘Yes our beef/fish is 100% British.’

    Just right the now Katie, lidl tv ad there for Scottish mussels, great ad too, and now leaving out of the “Scottish” either.

    Lidl are really nice, just watch their Big Hits, or learn the Heimlich manoeuvre. Great sweeties, long story.

  168. Gary45% at 5.55

    This is an issue we face which is accelerating which is why we have to move fast to indy2

  169. Nicola Daniel says:

    Interestingly, I bought cherries from Waitrose (it’s beside my work) and they sported a Union flag – but also a separate sticker bearing a Saltire and the words ‘proudly Scottish’ (or something to that effect).

  170. Tam Jardine says:

    The way everything has gone in food and drink over the last 20 years has been that wankish term beloved of tv chefs “provenance” and in this the UK and Britain are meaningless.

    Would you look at something that says: “Made in the EU” or “Made in the British Isles” and think ‘I’m having some of that’? No? probably because it is meaningless and tells you nothing. You associate placenames with certain products and if the area has a name for quality then it becomes a big selling point. I doubt, for instance, if I could describe exactly where the “West Country” is in England but I know they make good crisps because I’ve had them before. A place produces high quality products and that place name, whether it be a country or a region or a town becomes the selling point.

    If you dilute that location by broadening it you suddenly find you are including areas that produce high quality products and areas that are churning out ordinary fare. So you are killing the brand.

    In areas like cheese, wine and whisky where countries have diversified their national products into highly developed and diverse regional products even the country is not enough. French Wine has a great reputation overall although not all French Wines are great. The same is true of cheese and the same is true of our whisky but even the national term is not enough- regions, islands, pockets of land define them and are selling points.

    I wouldn’t buy a wine sold as being “European Wine”- I want to know where it comes from and I am loyal through experience.

    So regardless of the political dimension which has been dealt with already by others, the entire concept of rebranding Scottish products as British flies in the face of the food revolution.

    Rather than appropriating our great products why doesn’t England get behind its own farmers and regional producers. Take the goods England produces well and slap a cross of St George on it. Learn from the success of Scotland’s food and and drink industry – replicate that success. England and Wales have about 500 vinyards apparently but I have barely tasted a drop. Why is that? What are the regions called? What are the household names that are synonymous with quality?

    On the website of the English Wine Producers you see how not to develop a brand. “The United Kingdom Vineyards Association, recognised by the government and the wider community as representing the English and Welsh wine industry.” That “United Kingdom” doesn’t work in general but particularly not in modern food and drink. I would try English Wine as I have heard good things about it and I always like the idea of reducing food and drink miles but would anyone in their right mind after the years of toil trying to establish “English Wine” as a brand, a mark of quality slap the butcher’s apron on it and call it British Wine? It would never happen but for political reasons we Scots are supposed to accept our hard fought Scottish brand success being eroded and replaced by some kind of naff generic term.

    Sorry for long post- a hideous shit of a day comes to an end and I will try to make it a little better by cracking open a bottle of Central American lager.

  171. mike d says:

    Ronnie Anderson 5.37 pm. Been getting my iscot magazine on subscription for nearly a year now to deepest Dorset Ronnie.

  172. Big Joxk says:

    It’s fecking scandalous. The flag of Scotland is blue and white. It’s false advertising. It should Say British if it has a,Union flag. First Tesco now this! Something is going on. Our identity doesn’t sit well with the English.

    But the London bus has no connection to Scotland. London is in England!

  173. Legerwood says:

    Tam Jardine @ 10.22pm

    Why not a Scottish Craft beer? They seem to be going down a storm in the likes of Waitrose. See my post at 4.41pm

  174. geeo says:


    Re free fruit at tesco, it is for kids to munch on while parents shop.

    Usually a tiny wee stand, often not advertised.
    Decent idea, very poorly delivered.

    Aldi is miles better for fruit quality, in fact, just miles better.

  175. defo says:

    A rush, and a push, and…

  176. Connor McEwen says:

    Whit a wind up, but caution the NAWS who voted NAW are in denial about their NAW THEY VOTED FOR. So will dig in their heels in denial of the fact that they were wrong in their pig headed , thick headed, scaredy custard tantrums. NAW means go with the BIG BOYS in WHEESHTMINSTER. They are rich so Whheeshtminster must be right. NAW VOTERS are timid by nature so CAW CANNY.

    Good quality M & S so must be right, RULE BRITTANIA. not not not

  177. Cactus says:


    That is all.

  178. Richardinho says:

    @Dave MacIntyre I was not aware that the London shortbread tins were also available on the Royal Mile. Then again, nothing would surprise me with the Royal Mile.

    As I said, it comes down to motives for me. If the motive is innocent – and what’s wrong with a bit of cross cultural pollination? – then that’s fine. It’s when the motive is bad: because of anti-Scottish racism or to promote propaganda.-That’s when the line is crossed.

  179. Patrician says:

    As has been said before Scotland is just the British lebensraum.

  180. Tam Jardine says:


    Indeed… I just happen to not have any and it is 11pm. The Scottish craft beer industry is on fire right now but what amazes me is the 20 or so Scottish gins distillers who are now producing the best gins in the world. That has happened in a relatively short period of time and is a wonder to behold.

    Here is a wee thought before I turn in.

    The world’s largest gin markets in 2012 (couldn’t find recent stats)
    1. Phillipines 265 million litres (eh!)
    2. USA 98.1 million litres
    3. Spain 31.9 million litres
    4. UK 31.2 million litres
    5. India 25.8 million litres

    So we have a foreign office- the UK Foreign Office and it suggests its role is as follows: “The FCO promotes the United Kingdom’s interests overseas, supporting our citizens and businesses around the globe.”

    We paid £161million towards the Foreign Office in 2014-2015 and what did we get for it? We paid £19 million for the Scotland Office and what did we get for it? I am still trying to work out what the Scottish Government actually spends on trade missions and boosting exports but I would think you could do a lot with £100 million on getting those gin producers to that massive market (and boosting exports in general).

    Maybe the UK gov are working tirelessly behind the scenes to boost Scottish exports and just being really modest about it but this just seems to me another area where we are charged for stuff we get no benefit from- and the costs are then used to beat us down.

  181. Smallaxe says:

    And we mere Untermench.

    Peace! Always

  182. ben madigan says:

    @ macart at 5.45
    “They have to . . . . accept that the population DO have a right to have a say on this at this point”.

    That’s the point though, isn’t it?
    Westminster won’t accept any point of view except its own blatant arrogance

    “It was a UK Referendum You have to abide by what the English majority decide because there are more of us”

    So how do we (scotland, N. ireland, Gibraltar) insist on our right to have our democratic vote to remain in the EU respected?

    There seem to be few alternatives beyond an independent scotland in the EU, NI linked to the republic of ireland and Gibraltar linked to Spain.

    all of which would benefit the EU as half a loaf is better than no bread, none of which would benefit Britain i.e. England+Wales.
    Get ready for high stakes poker once art 50 is triggered – if it ever is!!!

  183. Smallaxe says:

    Forgot that

    Peace Always

  184. Croompenstein says:

    It has been fun witnessing the total Yoon meltdoon since Nicola asked folks opinions, here is a lest forgotten yoonmeister the week before the ref… cybernats hahahha…

  185. Naina Tal says:

    How about “The One Blended British Whisky” made in Cumbria?

  186. Molly says:

    Ben Madigan

    Came across a thing today from the EU today.

    “In a joint letter from Tusk and Juncker to the Heads of State and Govt of the EU they highlight the key issues to be discussed”.

    “furthermore, they outline the EUs expectations for this G20 summit on policy areas like international tax transparency, financial regulatory reform, trade, sustainable development and climate change”.

    Apart from the fact , they’ve done away with the energy dept what can the UK honestly contribute to ‘financial regulatory reform or international tax transparency ?”

    Think Panama papers , Liebor etc – we may exit quicker than you think …

  187. heedtracker says:


    Peak toryboy Daily Heil. But if like me, you cant bear BBC Scotland radio news and all that’s left is BBC r4 Today etc, Nic Robinson and Jim Naughty were doing this all week, bettertogether pounding away Project Fear style, no opposition, no counters, certainly no SNP, in the most spectacular BBC anti Scottish indy attack propaganda possible. It really is them or us now.

    “Why are Scots who think they should run their own affairs considered romantic patriots, yet those of us who believe that Britain should be independent of Brussels are smeared as racists or ‘Little Englanders’?

    The dishonesty and vitriol coming out of Scotland right now makes the heart sink. If this campaign looks depressing and demeaning from south of the border, it’s even more acute for Unionists living in Scotland.

    If the vote is ‘Yes’ it won’t just be businesses getting out.

    There’ll be an exodus of Scots who consider themselves both Scottish and British heading for the high road to England.
    Refugees will be stowing away in the back of lorries crossing checkpoints at the new frontier.

    A giant transit camp will spring up outside Ecclefechan, and motorway service areas on the A1 and the A74M will start to resemble the dockside at Calais”

    And yet all my Aberdeen neighbours are now English, from once all Scots, to all English.

  188. Macart says:

    @Ben Madigan

    ‘How do we insist…’

    That’s easy.

    We fill in that survey and we ensure that everyone we know has access to that survey. We send the online link by email or post on open forums and we put the hard copy through letterboxes.

    Doesn’t matter whether they say yez or nay. People have to know that their opinion matters more than any politicians and that at least some politicians give a shit about that opinion.

    If people fill in that survey honestly and return it, then the results of the survey will be acted upon accordingly.

    If folk don’t fill it in? Then they’ll never know and they’ll remain powerless in their own minds. S’up to them though. The power to affect change can be in their own hands, but only if they want it.

  189. Graeme Doig says:

    I was gonna give the 18th a miss. Knackered with work and family and don’t quite feel in full indyref2 fighting mode.

    I now think it would be negligent of me not to take the chance to fly the saltire in the face of this onslaught.

    Hoping to drag the family through too.

    Their propaganda war just back fired in my case.

  190. Training Day says:

    @ Dave McEwan Hill 10.02

    Dear God Dave we don’t agree about the National/Sunday Herald but you are absolutely spot on with that post. Time is of the essence, and I worry we are already too late.

  191. CameronB Brodie says:

    Cultural identity is an extremely potent political force, which is why Yoon pimps of British nationalist ideology will stop at nothing to homogenize all peoples within the British isles. Of course, it must be remembered that British nationalism is the alter-ego of English nationalism. Get used to it porridge wogs, your identity is out of fashion. Has been since 1706.

    This is for those who don’t click links.

    Jamie’s Great Britain:
    The Creation of a New British Food Identity

    ….The Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English (1995) gives an interesting definition of the term ‘identity’ in saying that the term can be described as “[…] the qualities and attitudes you have that make you feel you
    have your own character and are different from other people […]” (LDE, 1995:706) The use of the word different is to be highlighted in this context. In this sense the building of an identity means to construct a picture of the self through the picture of the other. This binary concept “is perhaps one of the most basic theories of human consciousness and identity, claiming, […], that the existence of an other, a not-self, allows the possibility or recognition of a self” (Schalk, 2011:197).

    In the case of the British identity, there are several others that allow forming a picture of oneself. However, this also attributes to the difficulties of forming an
    identity on the British Isles. Robin Cohen (1995), who has done comprehensive research in the field of identity/alterity, gives a suitable example of this “impenetrability of a specifically British […] identity […]” (Cohen, 1995:1) by recognising “six categories of British nationality in Acts passed during the 1980s – British citizenship, British Dependent Territories citizenship, British Overseas citizenship, British Subject status, British Protected Person status and British National (Overseas) status” (ibid.). According to Cohen (1995), there are no clear boundaries of the British identity but various “fuzzy frontiers [that] can be ‘internal’ or ‘external’” (ibid.:2)….

  192. call me dave says:

    Former treasurer of Kezia Dugdale’s local Labour party pleads guilty to embezzlement

    Sturgeon right on independence argument, says Labour leadership contender Owen Smith

  193. Ian Brotherhood says:

    @Graeme Doig (12.38) –


  194. manandboy says:

    For as long as it takes, I will strive for Independence for Scotland. I will not give up. I will persevere. Only death or Independence itself will stop me.

  195. Meindevon says:

    On my recent fab wee holiday trip round Scotland I found myself talking to a very knowledgable guy in a whisky shop in Edinburgh who told me that ALL Smirnoff vodka (and Absolut?) was distilled in Scotland. There was some depressing news that there are only a couple of truly independent distilleries left in the country, most owned by Diagio and the like.

    Then I was investigating a very local new gin distillery (Maker) within spitting distance from brothers house to read on the Gin Scotland website that 70% of all UK gin is distilled in Scotland too.

    Wow. I never new that. So it makes me wonder if all these tax revenues are accredited to Scotland.

  196. Iain More says:

    re the Survey

    I have filled it out as honestly as I could and have posted the link to everybody I know. It will annoy the hell out of the Naw bags but feck them.

    re Gary45% at 5:55

    Unfortunately the mither likes M&S and that is one argument I cant win. I have successfully weaned her and the other old anes and most of the rest of the family off ASDA and Tescopoly and have them going to ALDIs and LIDLs instead.

    I agree with you about Moray being a retirement colony for the old Brit Raj types. They are utterly clueless and they do bray a lot. Even most of the ex RN boys hate them.

    There are a remarkable number of retired ex Brit Forces Lt Generals etc in Moray. They came crawling out of the gorse at the Referendum. I think some of them might be neighbours to one Eleanor Bradford. Plenty of vipers in Moray and these reptiles have twa legs.

  197. HandandShrimp says:

    Despite Moray’s somewhat unusual demographic, they still voted Remain in the EU referendum. A point that sticks in the craw of the more UKippy Yoon. If only one part of Scotland had voted out they would have had a glimmer of a hope with their “different parts vote In and Out nonsense”.

    However, the result in Scotland was unanimous.

  198. ben madigan says:

    here you go Wingers, especially macart and alharron over at a Wilderness of peace

    your thoughts, mine and a few pics. Enjoy!!

  199. CameronB Brodie says:

    @Severin McSpanner
    This topic is a gold mine for semiotic analysis, wouldn’t you agree? Of course, utilising difference as a means of highlighting similarity can be useful.

    The Talking Dog: Representations of Self and Others in Japanese Advertising


    Japan has one of the smallest immigrant populations in the world, and foreign others are represented on Japanese television in rates far exceeding their immediate presence. Representations have a profound impact on shaping imaginaries of selves and others, defining the boundaries of inclusion and exclusion. Yet, Japan, in its real and mediated spaces, marks foreigners with extreme and often self-Orientalizing difference, reflecting the influence of a long-dominant strain of ethos-nationalist ideology.

    Television advertising reflects this ideology in its representations of others. By representing others according to myths unchallenged by physical contact, advertising sustains ideologies of ‘Japaneseness’ that conflate national, personal and social belonging which aims to orient Japanese identity to group, rather than individual, consciousness.

    This qualitative study examines this ideology in two advertising campaigns featuring interactions with an Other. Barthesian semiotic analysis was applied to SoftBank’s ‘White Family’ campaign and Boss Coffee’s ‘Alien Jones’ campaign to reveal encoded associations within television advertising. A psychoanalytic framework was adopted to examine the point of symbolic exchange with the product: Was the product associated with stratified, individualized ‘lifestyles’ as in Western advertising, or toward group belonging, reflecting a particularly Japanese ideology?

    The campaigns revealed evidence supporting both hypotheses. Others were depicted following the lines of ethos-nationalist ideology as it has been theorized by Western and Japanese academics. Furthermore, the advertisement rooted associations to its product through group orientations of identity, matching an ethos-nationalist concept of a homogenous Japan.

    This methodology therefore suggests a fertile approach to reading Japanese advertisements through their ideological function.

    N.B. The representation of Scots in British media, tends to follow stereotyped myths and themes, which is all part of a British nationalist ideology of creating a homogenous ‘One Nation’ Britain.

  200. Dr Jim says:

    The Mail attacking the First Minister on being (in their words) “childless” and former FM Alex Salmond and they even brought Alex’s wife’s age into it
    Their attack is based on the notion that both don’t understand children or families and that’s their reason for wanting to destroy other peoples by wanting Independence

    If these people could get any more vile they manage to find a way

    I’ve just seen the FMs Twitter I don’t know how much more I can take let alone the FM
    I’m afraid if I were her Dad I’d have been taking names by now
    Every time I see stuff like this my determination gets stronger, Yoons are hateful people

  201. CameronB Brodie says:

    The commodification of ‘British’ culture won’t stop, “Till we have built Jerusalem In England’s green and pleasant land”. Remember, British nationalism is really English nationalism in disguise.

    Cooking Class: Ideology, Identity and the Commodification of New Zealand in Annabel Langbein — The Free Range Cook


    In the past decade reality TV genres, notably lifestyle television and makeover texts have been the focus of considerable academic analysis through a variety of theoretical constructs. On initial viewing, the Freemantle Media series Annabel Langbein — The Free Range Cook adheres to the conventions of a family-orientated cooking/lifestyle programme. However this text, like other contemporary examples, accommodates a number of readings. Alongside the argument that lifestyle texts function as governance, and operate with a range of policy and institutional mechanisms to create disciplined and self-regulating subjects, the Free Range Cook is equally informed by the phenomenon of nation branding and the quest for authenticity in the simultaneously local and global aspects of the mediatized world. Furthermore I argue that Annabel Langbein — The Free Range Cook is underpinned by neoliberal ideology. Here the text overtly constructed as ‘lifestyle’, represents an idealized aspirational environment where the constant markers of domestic and national familiarity serve as duplicitous features in a touchable but unattainable world.

  202. Onwards says:

    Gary45% says:
    3 September, 2016 at 5:55 pm

    ..I posted last week that Elgin was basically an Empire region, its turning into a little yoon retirement enclave, “we drink scotch and live in Eljin”, I think you get the picture.
    The rest of the Highlands seem to be going the same way..


    A lot of English people here do want the best for the place they live, and voted YES. More likely to be ex-Labour voters who want to see a more social democratic Scotland.

    Unfortunately, around 80-90% do seem to vote for London rule.

    One of my neighbours is English and says that many of his countrymen basically still have a colonial type of attitude. They say they want to keep common links with England as part of the UK, but the unspoken truth is that the UK is effectively just a greater England.

    I can understand the attitude, because if it was the other way around, and Scotland had 10 times the population and was the dominant country in the UK, then I am thinking.. “Would I feel the same way… Would I want Scotland to effectively have control over England ?”

    It’s hard to talk about because you risk getting tarred with the anti-English brush. But it is a large hurdle to overcome because right away you have 10% of the population who will never vote for Scottish independence under any circumstances.

    It’s why Wales has reached the point where it is very unlikely to govern itself, and why it is maybe better going for another referendum sooner rather than later.

    And why it might be beneficial to not just make a second campaign entirely about economics. But also about dignity and self-respect as a nation, and maybe even the final chance to save Scotland as a country in its own right.

    We could still be British too if we wanted, but that would be fine if ‘Britain’ was redefined as a confederation of real nation states.

  203. Proud Cybernat says:

    Yooniversally Challenged…

  204. Proud Cybernat says:


  205. Smallaxe says:

    Proud Cybernat.


    Peace Always

  206. Tackety Beets says:

    As ma al wid wurk teacher wid say “Aaaggghhh Gee whizz ……. ” Folk o the Vale will recal

    This UJ capers has made me quite low only lifted a bit “is mornin as Rad Shortbreed has a Doric / Scots language program on now just after news @ 7 ”

    A keen fine there’s plunty on here wid lug in !

    Many here too are on FB and every mornin I get a reminder post from two years back , 2014 when we are all working hard 24/7 . Despite our biggest disappointment , certainly of my life , these posts bring back how I felt Sept 2014 , hope & excitement etc etc ……. I’m hopeing that feeling will return again soon and the establishment can stick their “British Huggis”

    FFS ! What a sotter !

    OT Dave M Hill.

    Would a HD with about 250GIG / 40k tunes of all types of music nearly all @320 Be any help for your Radio

    You can Email me on

  207. gerry parker says:


    Anyone in the Monklands hospital catchment area? There’s a meeting in Coatbridge High School to discuss the implications of the orthopedic department closure.
    7:30 this Tuesday.

  208. Almannysbunnet says:

    I thought I’d dust off my rudimentary photoshop skills and do a bit of retaliatory product tampering. Couldn’t find a damn “British” product that I’d want the Saltire on. Do they actually make any unique food products that would be recognised as uniquely English? Lots of regional stuff like Yorkshire pudding and Cornish pasties, all fine foods but nothing that ties a nation to a food like haggis or a drink like whisky.

  209. Smallaxe says:


    Try Mrs Beetons “toasted English muffins!”

    Peace Always

  210. Ruby says:

    British gin promoted at embassies to boost exports

    I heard an interview the other day on radio 2 with Westminster’s gin distiller. Did anyone hear that and does anyone know about the UK Parliament having their own gin distillery?

  211. Golfnut says:

    We can maybe look forward to Coleman’s british mustard, and the full british breakfast.
    I remember the hairy bikers doing a program on british meals, they did breakfasts, the full english, the full Welsh and the full Irish, quite explicitly stated that Scotland didn’t have one, which surprised me, as I have eaten a fair number of them in hotels up and down Scotland.
    A couple years back in one the McDonald hotels in Aviemore, that’s right a full English.
    This has been going on for a few years now, can only assume they are slowly trying to eradicate anything about Scotland that is distinc.They had 300 years of trying that and haven’t succeeded, after all you can’t have Scottish planes bombing the middle east if the place doesn’t exist.

  212. Ruby says:

    Almannysbunnet says:
    4 September, 2016 at 8:09 am

    Do they actually make any unique food products that would be recognised as uniquely English?

    Ruby replies

    Faggots, Spotted Dick & Eton Mess! 🙂

    What about putting a kilt & C U Jimmy hat on the Great British Bulldog? Oh Yes!

  213. Smallaxe says:


    City of London Distillery:
    Google reviews

    Michael Peppler
    2 months ago
    I only went for the tour but it was a great experience. The place has a very cool vibe and you can see the distillery from the bar. There are other gin tours around but this one was informative and intimate. The distillery is actually all in one tiny room. I learned a lot and got to try some great gin in the process.

    They are making gin because they love gin.

    Peace Always

  214. mr thms says:


    Not sure if someone has commented on this before..

    “NHS Scotland is demonstrably the best-performing in the UK and among the best in the World: Look at the evidence.”

  215. Ian Brotherhood says:

    @almannysbunnet –

    ‘Bully’ beef?

  216. Breeks says:

    Sorry folks, can’t get worked up about this. I just see a retro ’50’s design which David Torrance might approve of, but frankly, I can’t imagine the Bolsheviks storming the Winter Palace or the French storming the Bastille would have worked themselves into a lather about foreign flags on a biscuit tin.

    And just for the record, from my time in London, I rather suspect that policeman is asking the young lady in the phone box to refrain from putting her business cards in there. That’s what first sprung to mind – I swear it.

    Whether this is good marketing, or poor marketing, will reflect itself in sales revenue before it concerns itself with our injured pride.

    This is not the same issue as protected status for regional foods recognised and protected by international trade agreements, but it is getting there I suppose. It rather depends whether the shortbread was made in Scotland, or made with Scottish ingredients, or made to a Scottish recipe. What is Scottish about it? I also wonder whether the tin was designed for a London market, but the decision to put Scottish shortbread in it came later..

    You could take the alternate view that this is a Scottish product, marketed for export, and producing limited edition tins to mark a foreign event. Would you prefer it if there were a handful of iconic Scottish stereotypes plastered around the tin? I suspect not. If you don’t like, don’t buy.

    And as for British Haggis? I’m laughing. I fear that might be an English haggis who is too shy to raise the flag of St George. Perhaps an English haggis is a timid little critter with a cringe, perhaps it hopes one day to have a career in journalism. And why is it wrapped in a skin rather than a sheeps stomach? Timid and a little squeamish perhaps?

    Fair play however, my cynicism does kick back in again when it comes to Supermarkets doing the same thing. I just don’t trust a stuck on label from a supermarket. Why such diligence over marketing when they can’t be precise about beef that comes from a horse? These supermarkets will sell to us whatever they can get away with, whether it’s beef, horse meat or porkies. Trust their neoliberal sincerity? Never. Ask a butcher. Or a greengrocer. Or a fishmonger… If you can find any left alive that is.

  217. Auld Rock says:


    Auld Rock

  218. G4jeepers says:

    Re: The National Survey

    Aims to speak to 2 million No voters.
    What if the 2 million can’t be found?
    What if the silent majority does not exist?

  219. Rachel says:

    The North British Distillery is over 100 years old and a massive producer of grain whisky.

    So hardly in the same ball park as the other examples.

    If you want to get offended about a “British” whisky branding, get offended about this “one”

  220. BigSteveChisholm says:

    UK=Britain=England. Interchangeable terms as far as DEFRA are concerned

    Great British this, Great British that, red wife and blue abound. But when it comes to grant funding…

    “Applications must be for projects principally delivered in England”

    So why not call it The Great English Food Camaign? They need us, but only to add a bit of blue to the Great British bunting.

  221. rachel says:

    Although, to be fair, “The One British Whisky” is sold by a new distillery in the Lakelands and blended from whisky from around UK eg English, Welsh, and Scottish whisky.

  222. Stoker says:

    Walkers shortbread is utterly honking anyway, give me a box of Paterson’s shortbread any day of the week.

    Another good article Rev showing just how our culture is being deliberately eroded whether we like it or not.

    Some people may class this sort of stuff as trivial and irrelevant but it is far from that.

    They do this simply because they can, they can get away with it because not a thing will be done about it. Jocko will accept it as per usual and whinge about it in some wee corner.

    I wonder how the situation would pan out if every time these businesses tried these stunts they were met by huge vociferous demos outside selected premises deterring possible customers from entering? Chanting ((( NO TO M & S ))) etc!

    Simple but effective!

  223. heedtracker says:

    The British blurb from BBC 2 11.30 am today, for all those hard-working great Britons, gobble down the backbone of Britain, because you’re a Briton.

    “Great British Menu

    Creative culinary competition. Three of Scotland’s finest chefs are competing to be crowned champion. All week, Ally McGrath has been keeping the veteran judge entertained with his very individual approach. His main course is called the backbone of Britain – a hearty dish for all those hard-working great Britons.

    The highly competitive Adam Handling has been showcasing the finest produce grown and caught in and around the UK in his menu. His main course is no exception – he is creating a modern take on a Sunday lunch by using premium-grade wagyu beef and combining it with langoustine and Asian flavours. It is an unusual combination that has got the veteran’s interest. Once again, Michael Bremner is out to show how inventive he can be. He is cooking mallard with his version of the famous Scottish dish of stovies. He is also being innovative by using beeswax with blackberries, but will it pay off?

  224. Tom Platt says:

    It is all about what sells isn’t it, or doesn’t sell? There will always be a market for BritNat tat with Scottishness bastardised into it in the tourist hot spots down South. This is harmless enough I suppose and is helpful for shortbread production. Let us no get too upset about it.

    Quality establishments in Scotland and elsewhere who value their reputations will continue to avoid such tat but might be tempted by lower costs of the merchandise if volume sales are achieved elsewhere in UK. They have always had this tension between authenticity and price and probably always will have.

    The big BritNat bublish relations push is certainly happening though but we can rely upon them to make their own errors. The “TeamGB” name for the UK team in the Olympics was a huge such error. The exclusion of NI was a monumental cock up as big as I have ever seen. “TeamUK”is just too honest for their sensitive stomachs isn’t it? What I am puzzled about is the lack of protest from Northern Ireland, especially from past and present Olympians. Has there been any?

  225. Tom Platt says:

    That second paragraph should obviously have said:- “The big BritNat public relations push is certainly happening though but we can rely upon them to make their own errors. The “TeamGB” name for the UK team in the Olympics was a huge such error. The exclusion of NI was a monumental cock up as big as I have ever seen. “TeamUK” is just too honest for the sensitive stomachs of marketing types isn’t it? What I am puzzled about is the lack of protest from Northern Ireland, especially from past and present Olympians. Has there been any?”

    Soory Folks!

  226. Truth says:

    If I were a manager in one if these stores, I’d return the goods back to the warehouse.

    If that were not possible, I’d mark it down immediately.

    None if that shit is gonna sell well otherwise.

    Head office would soon get the message, or else I’d get the sack. They couldn’t sack us all though.

    Standing together is what we need to do. Don’t pay the licence fee and don’t buy anything nonsensically branded British.

  227. Robert Louis says:

    This article, from granite and sunlight, linked below, sums up perfectly why this ‘British(English)ness’ nonsense is done, and why despite seeming trivial, is actually important.

    You do not see Belgian chocolates sold in Frankfurt airport, with a German flag on, they are proudly sold as BELGIAN chocolates. You do not see Dutch cheese, labelled with a Swedish flag, in order to be sold at Arlanda airport in Stockholm. Likewise for other European and global produce. Indeed in most international airports, such product diversity is emphasised and celebrated.

    The notion that ONLY Scottish products MUST be labelled without any hint of a Scotland flag, and bedecked with the butcher’s apron is an utter disgrace, and patent nonsense.

    Manufacturers who pander to this p*sh, should hold their heads in shame.


  228. Legerwood says:

    Tam Jardine @ 11.28

    Yes the Scottish beer seems to be taking off big time. Orkney has just brought out a new one: Orkney Gold.

    Gin. I knew about Scottish Gin. There is a farm shop in Perthshire which sells Scottish Find. I tried to count the different brands and gave up at 15.

    As to Embassies promoting Scottish goods abroad I doubt it if my experience in India is anything to go by. In the early enough ties I travelled to India 8 times in 3 years – Delhi, Hyderabad, Bombay Chennai and other places. Stayed in Taj hotels. Breakfast marmalade was produced Austria, butter in Denmark and bottled water German. Where were the Scottish companies eg Baxter’s etc.

  229. Ruby says:

    Did you notice that the Great British red bus is being driven by Punch & Judy?

    Great British red bus = UK
    Scottish shortbread = Scottish economy
    Love hearts = Love bombs from England with love
    Robin Hood = UK Treasury – robs rich Scotland

    Anyone want to have a go at what the cricketer serving tea to the ape might symbolise?

  230. Habib Steele says:

    Brit Nat Imperialism on display. Cringe you conquered Scots!

  231. Togra says:

    France bans the burkini and the British establishment bans the Saltire.

    I believe that it all part of a sinister process which I think of as Brexitfication.

    It involves a press and media that reports only state approved propaganda. Actually, I think the press controls government.

    I live in London. England is increasingly becoming a one party state. Jeremy Corbyn is making the Labour party totally unelectable and the Lib Dems have all but disappeared. A Tory state media makes this more likely.
    The Tory state is looking to increase Westminster centralisation. Annually inflate the size and importance of an unelected House of Lords. Create a larger Whitehall bureaucracy with new departments. Pass contracts to cronies within the establishment.

    Erase any trace of Scottish identity, perhaps by encouraging increased English settlement in Scotland through state sponsored employment e.g. defence work, etc. thus removing the possibility of independence through the ballot box. It is interesting comparing who could vote in the Scottish referendum against the EU one.

    I believe that labelling Scottish products as British with a Union Jack is just one part the Brextfication jigsaw.

    In my local Tesco store they have fish labelled as Cornish, how can Tesco guarantee that these were caught within Cornish territorial waters? At least with Scottish berries they should be able to ensure that they are grown and picked with Scotland.

    I also noticed they have Cornish Brie which I thought was a French cheese. Perhaps they should rename that British imitation Brie and slam a Union Jack on it.

  232. ka t hamilton says:

    pure joy, local aldis today selling the sunday herald..well done guys,very impressed…hope the national will be on display soon, crossed fingers…kudos to them, and lets buy them peeps to keep the support going.

  233. Uilleam_beag | Will Clem says:

    M&S Scottish Shortbread … featuring English police. I don’t think Scots polis have ever used that odd-shaped Bobby’s helmet.

  234. Ken500 says:

    Aye what they forget to mention in the Polls is Nicola’s popularity of 50% and Davidson’s part of 20%. Davidson 30% less overall before the start. More manipulation. The 2nd rate rejects.

  235. Clydebuilt says:

    Call KayE’s morning Moanin is now dominated by Better Together……… Time to get off the keyboards and call in between 9.00 and 10.00am

  236. bob says:

    yesindyref2 says:

    3 September, 2016 at 8:22 pm

    Argentina qualifiers I was in the City of London working, looking forward to the Wales match on TV. For some odd reason I decided to check what time the match started on TV and saw some stupid friendly England v Poland or something scheduled instead. Straight to the train station (whichever)

    I was probably the only person at Anfield in a suit with a donated tartan scarf. Great great night, 0-2. What a great night after! Liverpudlians didn’t know what to make of us all but they liked us fine fu as a puggy and happy. Train back to London about 6 in morning.

    Nothing’s changed with EBC, nothing. It was always the same.

    That will be the game where Jordan cheated his way to Argentina? I was 14 at the time and it was the first time I cried after a football match. Mind you, see you crash and burn in Argentina with a draw against Iran, losing to Peru (Peru? Ha)and Jonny Rep scoring 2 minutes after Gemill’s made up for it. Chuck in missed penalties, Ally with his head in his hands and Willie taking drugs it was fantastic, you bunch of cheating Scottish c*nts.

    I’ve hated everything Scottish ever since and I’m glad you bottled your referendum.

  237. Juteman says:

    Cheer up Boab. Erectile dysfunction can be helped with pills these days. You don’t need to use that bicycle pump thing all day. Unless you like it, you kinky wee rascal.

  238. Grouse Beater says:

    Bob: “I’m glad you bottled your referendum.”

    We didn’t. We missed out by 5% against 100% mendacious bastards, plus MI5 and Special Branch tactics.

  239. Meindevon says:

    I couldn’t resist (after seeing this article) so I had a moan at some poor woman in m&s Braehead yesterday about how I couldn’t take my neighbour in Devon back shortbread with London pictures all over. They would think I was mad and that m&s were off their rocker. Give her her due, she was mortified..corporate branding, blah, blah… So I declined and said I would look elsewhere.

  240. Legerwood says:

    Togra @ 4.40 pm

    You can get Scottish Brie as well. Click and various farm shops stock it.

    Even if they take the flag f the packets of Strawberries the packaging will still state the grower, location of the farm etc. Therefore they cannot obliterate the Scottish origin of the product.

  241. Tattiebogle says:

    The destruction of Scotland as a nation began centuries ago with the attack on the Celtic language. From Malcolm Canmore being aided by the meddlesome English, killing Macbeth and then allowing his English wife Margaret to replace the Scots native language with English in the royal court.
    Then we had the statutes of Iona in 1609 which threatened Gaelic speaking landowners with treason and the loss of their land if they did not send their sons to English speaking boarding schools where they would taught to be good little Englishmen.
    The general population in Scotland are to the outside world English. For example French speak French, Norwegians speak Norwegian, Hungarians speak Hungarian, the English speak English, what is the national language of most Scots?

  242. John Whiskyman says:

    For what it’s worth the North British Distillery has been running, in Edinburgh, for 130 years. It’s name dates back to the time of Victorian Imperialism.

  243. Fearchar says:

    A similar phenomenon to the Republic of China occupation of Taiwan.

  244. ElaineS says:

    Owing to the amount of Scottish products now being packaged in UNion Jack maybe this blog should be resurrected and more photos added. Its been talked about for a while now, butter, potatoes for starters and I’m sure we could all find in every supermarket what was once no Union Jack packaging when made in Scotland, there is plenty now.

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