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Send three and fourpence

Posted on June 04, 2014 by

We’re going to the IndepenDance.


An alert reader at a scanning shop in Falkirk found this today, left behind by the previous customer. Click the thumbnail above for the full majesty, as it were.

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    141 to “Send three and fourpence”

    1. john ferguson says:

      Would that be the clash of cymbals?

    2. jim watson says:

      Thank God spelling will be preserved…

    3. Croompenstein says:

      Has that nasty Alex Salmon stealing their drums noo..

    4. Nana Smith says:

      The cymbals will be lost….haha looks like they have lost the entire drum kit.

    5. Alfresco Dent says:


    6. Jock McDonnell says:

      oh good grief

    7. DocFin says:

      Boom, tish.

    8. rab_the_doubter says:

      What do you call someone that hangs around with musicians?

      The Drummer.

    9. Dr JM Mackintosh says:

      I like the cymbalism. Is that a flute band thing?

    10. Croompenstein says:

      But, but just look at the flag..Just look at ittt..

    11. heraldnomore says:

      You would think they might get an up to date picture of Her Maj for their little comic strip. It would look so much better with an octogenarian.

      But seriously what are these folk on? Mind you I witnessed some football memorabilia being auctioned at a wee do last week. Unbelievable what the Larkie boys want for their front rooms and the price they’ll pay for it.

      No parades thought – what’s not to like?

    12. Marker Post says:

      I don’t think that’s a recent photo of Betty either.

    13. Jack Beck/Scotus says:

      It’s amazing what oil of Ulay will do ;0)

    14. Craig says:

      Cymbals lol. I’m a proofreader and I’ve just had a field day.

    15. heedtracker says:

      Its not bad really and there’s nothing particularly offensive like what you get in open sewers like the Daily Mail/Express/Press and Journal/Sunday everything and so on.

    16. Dinnatouch says:

      We mustn’t allow a YES vote to deprive us of the Orange Lodge, Scotland wouldn’t be the same without all those cheery marching bands every summer.

    17. Croompenstein says:

      It’s amazing what oil of Ulay will do ;0)

      She must have got a haud of Marcia’s

    18. Ian Brotherhood says:

      Cymbalism, with Dom Jolly:

    19. That reminds me that:

      THE Orange Order is planning a huge parade through the Capital in support of a No vote days before the independence referendum.

      The Grand Orange Lodge of Scotland hopes to attract up to 15,000 members to the streets on the Saturday before the historic vote. (Edinburgh Evening News)

    20. bookie from hell says:

      Alistair Darling has triggered a storm of criticism from angry separatists after likening Alex Salmond to a North Korean dictator and accusing the SNP of “blood and soil nationalism”.

      blood and soil is different league

      darling denying he said it

    21. Jack Beck/Scotus says:

      Before we get too carried away, let’s just remember that there are already folk with this name doing a great job –

    22. Calum Craig says:

      If this was a battle of spelling and grammar it’d be in the bag.

    23. Paula Rose says:

      Do they really want their botties spanked?

    24. alexicon says:

      Funny that Alistair Darling said something similar in today’s Reuters article.

      “But he said those opposing secession needed to deliver a healthy win to close the question for a generation and let Scotland move on to tackle other issues.”

      And again

      “They only need to win once, by one vote, and there is no going back,” Darling said. “We need to win well to put the thing to bed for a generation.”

      Could Darling be a secret member of the OO?
      The words are very similar.

      He also said this which made me laugh.

      “Darling said some voters were now taking more notice of celebrities than politicians, for example singer David Bowie, who in February urged Scots not to leave the United Kingdom in a statement delivered at an awards ceremony by model Kate Moss.”

    25. Jack Beck/Scotus says:

      What’s that really weird blob behind Betty – The Chookie?

    26. heedtracker says:

      The real worry is chancers like the Flipper or a thug like Ian Davidson trying to start trouble.
      Flipper goes mad in Korea

    27. Luigi says:


      Sounds like a serious attempt to drum up support.

    28. Ian Brotherhood says:

      The leaflet itself is quite ‘cute’, in the same way that drawings done by one’s own small children end up being framed, no matter how unsightly they happen to be.

    29. alexicon says:

      “The words are very similar”

      Not the words, but the use of the word ‘generation’ 🙂

    30. James Sneddon says:

      THE only way to help that man with his spelling is to send him to a spelling night class at Our Lady’s Secondary school 🙂

    31. Ian Brotherhood says:

      @bookie from hell –

      re: the Darling ‘blood and soil’ quote.

      Did he say it or not? Anyone have a definite source?

    32. JGedd says:

      I tend not to comment on someone’s spelling because making those mistakes doesn’t necessarily mean lack of intelligence, just as the opposite isn’t always true either. I prefer to judge on content.

      But this is really strange. There aren’t very many loyalists around despite George Galloway’s nightmarish predictions and the one person I ever remember meeting who pronounced themselves a supporter of the Orange Lodges, also could not stand the Royal Family!

      This content is weird. To what era do these people belong?
      However, it isn’t really anti-democratic in that they’re proposing to use the same methods used by Yes camapigners, talking to people. No threats of violence, so I suppose that’s something.

      I think it’s just sad. These are working class people supporting a system that exploits them and their mindless loyalty.

    33. Luigi says:

      This leaflet is brilliant. We should make loads of copies and help to distribute them.

      Should be good for a couple of thousand YES votes.

    34. Adam Davidson says:

      It’s the well thought out reasoning and arguments against indy that impressed me. We shouldn’t really mock the bad spelling etc. If anything the illiteracy of so many after generations of Labour Party control is an argument for Indy.

    35. Jamie Arriere says:

      Which kind of cymbals?

      Sex cymbals? You have to be careful with those…

    36. Nana Smith says:

      @ Ian Brotherhood

      Meant to add they are saying it was the interviewer who said the phrase.Seems strange other newspapers are reporting it as being said by Darling…who to believe?

    37. bunter says:

      The queen is very popular here. Who can forget the jubilee street parties and bunting in every village, town and city in Scotland.

    38. Gordon says:

      Living in England now I sometimes forget you have to suffer those misguided fools who seem to live in some sort of bigot’s mindpalace.

    39. Croompenstein says:

      WTF is Loyal Orders of The Street? We have orders spray painted on our pads it’s a picture of a wee dug dain a shit with pick it up sprayed under the picture. Is this the loyal orders of the street?

    40. Drunken Hobo says:

      Sorry Stu, but no matter how funny your jokes or how biting your satire, nothing will ever be able to compete with the likes of this.

    41. HandandShrimp says:

      It looks like something that was typed up in 1953…for many lodge members it still is 1953.

    42. Free Scotland says:

      Danger – pending coalition between Vote no Borders and Scotland’s lodges as Jean with her tenor horn forges links with threatened cymbals. Something fishy about this professionally produced flyer.

    43. Oneironaut says:

      Dammit, it’s like this was created just to mess with my OCD.

      Who made this? I need to send them a list of corrections to it!

      Can’t wait to see the MSM get hold of that one.
      “Independance wil meen Alex Salmon steels al yur cymbals!”
      (Yes, I really have to concentrate hard to write like that!)

    44. M4rkyboy says:

      Has Scotland not been a Kingdom our entire existence?
      The suggestion that 1000+ years of tradition is at stake is at odds with their accusations of us being Tartan Tory Brigadoon revivalists.
      Vote Yes.And long live the Kingdom of Scotland

    45. geeo says:

      To be fair, imagine the song going..”the cry was YES surrender”…lol.

      I live in falkirk and the place is rife with rabid bigots.

      There is zero chance of changing this type and would be a waste of time and resources trying.

      O/T…Watching Scotland 2014 and wondering why, anyone?

    46. eezy says:

      The smallest things. That thumbnail’s brilliant!

    47. Marcia says:

      ‘Salmon’ – it this part of the austerity cuts?

    48. Ian Brotherhood says:

      @Nana Smith –

      Thanks for the New Statesman link – they appear to be cupping their editorial hands in front of their Albert Halls, and rightly so. Nasty stuff, and no amount of smoke, mirrors, humming, hawing or Flipperish mumbly-jumbly decreases its toxicity.

    49. bookie from hell says:


      Alistair Darling has triggered a storm of criticism from angry separatists after likening Alex Salmond to a North Korean dictator and accusing the SNP of “blood and soil nationalism”.
      The leader of the pro-UK Better Together campaign compared Mr Salmond to Kim Jong-il, the former leader of North Korea, over a recent attack on the BBC.
      But Mr Darling’s “blood and soil” comment attracted even more SNP outrage. Although the phrase refers to nationalism based on ethnicity and territorial borders, it was popularised during the rise of Nazi Germany.
      Fuming nationalists took to Twitter to insist that Mr Darling had compared them to the Nazis and express their outrage over the comments, made in an interview with the New Statesman.
      Mr Salmond and other leading nationalist politicians demanded he apologise for the “pathetic, puerile remarks”.

    50. Papadox says:

      Was the old tolly motto not: “play your orange card.” rather play the joker.

    51. Catherine says:

      I needed a laugh, this did the trick! The cymbals of our country… That’s genuinely funny. I love how they always use capitals and can’t spell, lol.

    52. Chic McGregor says:

      Must have been the same spell checker used for the OOL Govan banner (seperation).

      I remember once seeing a picture of the Queen on the wall of a semiconductor engineer’s desk in Inverclyde. O.K. I knew he was a big Rangers fan, but I was still rather gobsmacked.
      I stood there open mouthed, he caught me and I thought ‘Oops!’. But all he said was “Yeah, I would too.”

      Flashbacks all day.

    53. Ian Brotherhood says:

      On the Wings Twitter they’re asking what Darling meant to say, or didn’t say, or was misinterpreted as saying etc etc.

      If he didn’t say ‘blood and soil’, what was it?

      ‘This sodding boil’?

    54. Grouse Beater says:

      As ever, Stuart, you have a gift for topic titles.

      Send reinforcements, indeed!

    55. Lesley-Anne says:

      Hmm, cymbals of our country…does this mean they have given up banging their drums then? 😉

      Get word to your family and friends! Erm are we reading this cause the Loyal members are currently located in a location that is NOT their home… like PRISON perhaps? 🙂

      Alex Salmon?

      Methinks someone has been watching too many programmes about Salmon fishing.

      Loyal Orders of the Streets?

      Is this the new Labour council names for street sweepers then? 😛 (No offence intended to honourable street sweepers everywhere.)

    56. CameronB Brodie says:

      Should we not be commending the open honesty, leaving aside the short-sighted selfishness of the message?

      P.S. I wouldn’t have spotted the mistake.

    57. Calgacus MacAndrews says:

      @HandandShrimp says:
      It looks like something that was typed up in 1953…for many lodge members it still is 1953.

      Today is a day of miracles and wonders.

      The IFS can see clearly 50 years into the future, while Falkirk Scannerman is still seeing 1953.

      Reminds me of the recent excellent Indyref time-travel video :
      (Back to Independence)

    58. It’s not for nothing that LOL has two meanings with the same result.

    59. Nana Smith says:

      @Ian Brotherhood

      This comment from the new statesman article intrigued me,who do you think fifi is…

      Some of the BTL comments in the Scotsman, from a group of Unionist regulars can be particularly nasty and witless. One of the nastier commenters used to post under the name of Fifi Le Bon Bon. That name stopped appearing but she now appears to occasionally post under the moniker of Rear Admiral Sturgeon.
      The person behind these nom de plumes is, apparently, an ex Labour gopher and now MSP. She is supposed to be a rising star in SLAB and a possible future leader

    60. Chic McGregor says:

      This one’s worth a watch. Some sub BTW.

    61. Squirrel Towers says:

      OT regarding mumble gate, Why did the Better Together spokesperson response to BBC on the Darling New Statesman article not raise the issue that he was misquoted?

    62. Marcia says:

      The No side backtracking as fast as they can.

      Lets annoy them even more by getting Yes posters all over the place.

    63. Ian Brotherhood says:

      @Nana Smith –


      Dodgy topic. We have to tread carefully, but I think most if us can make an educated guess.

      But meanwhile, Darling/New Statesman are now in deep shite – the interview will have been recorded, so they should now let other people decide whether Flipper’s ‘blood and soil’ comments are inaudible or not.

      I’m not sure if what he said (and what they published) constitutes incitement to ‘racial’ hatred, but it can’t be much more than a ba’-hair away from it.

    64. mai parks says:

      Gosh , I remember that one! Send three and fourpence we’re going to a dance!
      Meanwhile , the sergeant double checked the orders…..send reinforcements , we’re going to advance! Lol

    65. SquareHaggis says:


    66. Nana Smith says:

      @Ian Brotherhood

      Reading between the lines I believe I guessed correctly.

    67. Murray McCallum says:

      Regarding inaudible mumbling Nazigate, I’m sure the New Statesman will put the tapes online for us all to listen to and make up our own minds.

      The No campaign seemed very happy with the original “blood & soil” article. They were happily sending it out.

    68. Sonja Cameron says:

      Going by the spelling and general eloquence this poor misguided person must have had Johan Lamont for their teacher. I bet they’re also astonished at the cymbal-smashing nats.

    69. Indy_Scot says:

      If anyone needs just one reason for Scotland to be Independent, surely it must be to ensure every child gets a decent education.

    70. hammett96 says:

      Man alive! I was travelling home today from work and entered the town where I live (smallish place not far from Hamilton, you might have heard of it) to find that the annual draping of the union flag had taken place on every streetlight on the main street…

    71. davidhk says:

      Googled loyal orders of the street, closest I could get was loyal order of moose , strangely founded in 1888, same as Celtic fc . They shouldn’t worry about Scotland losing its cymbals, another Google search shows there are plenty for sale on Gumtree

    72. Flower of Scotland says:

      I remember about 35 years ago my late husband and I ended up( not knowingly ) at an Orange Order dance! They all stood up at the end of the dance to ” God save the Queen” and as we had never ever stood up for that , we remained seated. We were informed, that people were extremely annoyed with us and we were never invited back! Thank God!

    73. Murray McCallum says:

      The Telegraph’s N. Korea and “blood and soil” story for posterity

    74. YesAllTheWay says:

      A big orange march on the eve of the referendum for no .. that will surely win votes for Yes! 🙂

    75. Jim Bo says:

      Great title Rev! Very apt with language such as “biggest enemies” and “kill this for generations”. Seems par for the course for BT these days.

    76. Cactus says:

      Jings, crivens, help ma boaby!

      If this is an official document, I wonder how far their distribution of it goes..? If anyone’s interested there’s a regular printed publication in Scotland called “The Digger” ~ worth a look.

    77. steviecosmic says:

      People may laugh and sneer, but this is an accurate portrayal of where our country is at; a nation, in part, unable to express even a simple idea cogently, a nation, in part, able only to parrot an age old lie. I am utterly ashamed to be Scottish at this juncture. The British State is responsible for this vomnit.

    78. Morag Graham Kerr says:

      Now I see the context!

      I was glancing at Twitter during a choir practice, where we were rehearsing Alexander Nevsky.

      Peregrinus expectavi pedes meos in cymbalis

      So the word didn’t surprise me and the context didn’t register. Now I’m killing myself laughing.

    79. Soda says:

      Looks like the Queens English was the first thing to go. Shouldnt be too difficult to find who left this behind, we just need to look for some one with no skin left on their knuckles.

    80. Dr Ew says:

      Cymbals will be smashed…

      The ghost of Keith Moon still crashing away, apparently in support of Scottish independence.

      Pete Townshend has seemingly encouraged Scotland to “go fot it”.

      That’s the plan, Pete – we won’t get fooled again.

    81. Tamson says:

      In my more paranoid conspiracy theory moments, I do sometimes wonder if the British security services would try a false flag operation. If they were to try something, I reckon it would involve the OO or Loyalist groups in some way – either a staged attack on an Orange Walk, or a firebomb incident on an SNP MSP constituency office with Loyalist clues conveniently left behind.

      The object of such an attack would be to create a climate, maybe provoke some responses. Not to swing the vote, of course, but to make the situation seem so tense that Westminster stepping in and suspending the referendum would look sensible, to people outside Scotland at least.

    82. Rock says:

      “In my more paranoid conspiracy theory moments, I do sometimes wonder if the British security services would try a false flag operation.”

      Has any country been ‘given’ independence without false flag operations by the british establishment?

    83. Suzanne says:

      If there’s one thing guaranteed to lift the spirits it’s a frisky post by the Rev and the ensuing comments.

      Must dash. I must tear cymbals from the fists of the servants of the Queen.

    84. Alan says:

      Well i was wondering when the Loyal Order would bash the sectarian cymbals and if they march you know they are going to pick a sensitive area. And no doubt that community will respond as would I if they came down my street – and before you know it someone will arrange a nasty incident. As some of you people have alluded too i believe the closer the vote gets then i expect the UK state to attack us especially if things are close in the polls.

    85. Tattie-bogle says:

      out of control those cymbolnats

    86. Tattie-bogle says:

      simplenats of the martian variety there will be nae martian going down this road

    87. David MacGille-Mhuire says:

      A Lambeg of post by the Meenister, yet again; recording, for posterity,the discordancy of the Unionist ensemble.

      I wonder if herself of the V-NOBS astro-turf campaign tenor-horned this particular piece of verbiage?

    88. Alba4Eva says:

      Spot on JGedd; “I think it’s just sad. These are working class people supporting a system that exploits them and their mindless loyalty.”

      …Like all organised religions, the Order, The Lords, Royalty etc are just more forms of ‘Establishment’.

      These organisations all use lies and peddle division as a control mechanism.

      Those of us who are awake naturally oppose all these things… we do it subconsciously for the majority of the time. The author of this propaganda (and I give him credit for his cute ‘cymbals’ play on words), is ‘ironically given the song’, a slave to those lies.

      Note: I also stated above, it was a ‘him’ and not a ‘her’… I have no clues other than the flyer as to the gender of the author, but I fully stand by my choice.

    89. Ken500 says:

      ‘Guardian’ Monarchy Poll – 50/50

      Alistair Darling and yesterday’s men are the joke.

      Orange men secretly living in the past, with the window’s darker. A cell.

    90. Thomas William Dunlop says:

      Very cymbolic

    91. caz-m says:

      Opposition leaders at Holyrood are demanding to know how much it will cost to set up departments that are needed to run an Independent Scotland.

      Did Alex Salmond not say just a few days ago that he agrees with the LSE Professor’s estimates of about £200 million pounds.

      Did these opposition leaders not hear the First Minister?

    92. bunter says:

      MacWhirter today seems a bit puzzled/frustrated as to why YES and the Scot Gov seem happy to be pinned to the ropes and taking a battering from right wing think tanks like the IFS and NO leaning academics, all telling us how poor and rubbish we are.

      I can only assume that it is a tactic, but this failure to respond risks reversing the gains made by YES over recent months.

      Last few days have pissed me off, and fed up with the media negativity so gonna get away from forums and TV and spend more time helping the local YES group.

    93. caz-m says:

      And BBC Scotland’s word of the day ladies and gentlemen is,


    94. JLT says:


      So the Lodge is slowly getting involved. Pity that the first symbol that they hold up …the Queen …will still be our Queen also.

      So, what is it that the Lodge and the Orange Order are really trying to save here. If Independence comes, Scotland will still be here, the Queen will still be here, and even the Union Jack will still be here (I really can’t see the rUK dumping it! They’ll continue to use it for historical purposes and because, Scotland is still part of Britain overall).

      So, what is it that the Lodge and the Orange Order are trying preserve?

      It’s their traditions that they are trying to protect. This is nothing to do with the Queen, Independence or the Flag. They want to hold on dearly to things such as their songs, their marching, their denouncement of Catholics or anyone else who isn’t …them.

      And as each day goes by, their traditions weaken all the time. The world moves on, and the future envelops around us …but for them …they can only fixate on the past, and no one can change that. You either move with the world or you slowly fade …and they are slowly fading. Their hold on Scotland is weak now. The membership is down, and in time, they will become a footnote in history..

    95. caz-m says:


      I feel your frustration, but don’t you think that there have been a couple of good positive stories that have come out in the last 24 hours.

      I think the announcement yesterday, by the Scottish Government, about raising the minimum wage to £7.65 and other welfare benefit changes was very positive and got headline news on STV and even BBC Scotland.

      Also, again headline news on BBC Scotland, about how the Oil and Gas Industry are looking favourably at Scottish Independence.

      Only negative is BBC Scotland’s habit of throwing in words like “uncertainty” and “warning”.

      Put the Alastair Darling comments into that mix and overall, you have not a bad 24 hours.

      Plus, I have just noticed Ken500 posted info about a 50/50 poll.

      It’s early yet, so no doubt the enemy will come back with something negative. After all, wee Johann needs ammo for her FMQs rant.

    96. Ken500 says:

      The SNP/YES will be reputing the claims (IFS etc). It will not be reported. The Westminster establishment controls the Press/MSM. That’s why Wings, Bella, Bateman etc are so important. A higher readership than the MSM.

      Don’t get angry, get even. Don’t let the No opposition divide and rule. Stand United and give your time/money to support your views. Give the NO campaign enough rope etc. That is what is happening. The tide has turned. Keep up the YES Campaign, right will win over might. Justice. Vote YES.

    97. Ken500 says:

      The £Million coach while the vulnerable are starving. It’s disgusting.

    98. TickTock says:

      Sorry o/t but just spotted this on the RT News ticker:

      “Uk Govt plans to allow fracking without land/home owner’s permission”

      If the Yes campaign’s not too busy not doing much then they might want to take note of this and USE IT.

    99. fergie35 says:

      Wow what a brainy leaflet, written by a knuckle dragging paranoid elitist.

    100. geeo says:

      @ken 500

      Correct, and notice all the simpering, dribbling servitude from the media over it all.
      Between that and the jingoistic bollocks it was enough to make the foodbank queue throw up..

    101. Ken500 says:

      The sicking socket puppet coach. Throw up from the past. Disgraceful.

    102. geeo says:

      @tick tock

      Yet another sneering dig at Yes tactics ?
      Some might say, hmmmm….!

      Remember the mantra, never interrupt the enemy when they are making a mistake.

      This fight will not be won today, it will be won in september, this is not about joining in and portraying an image of 2 sides as bad as each other.

      When the 18th comes it will be a simple question of who do you trust your future to.

      If as a country we vote No, it will not be because of unionist lies etc, it will be because overall, we WERE “too wee, too stupid” and frankly deserve all we have coming.

      Keep the faith, we are already ahead, going by the increased desperation of BT/westminster.

    103. heedtracker says:

      Flipper is only protecting the BBC in Scotland, BetterTogether’s biggest propaganda machine. He’s warning off any direct BBC criticism from anyone and especially SNP If they criticise BBC bias again, bettertogether will attack them even harder again.

    104. mike says:

      Even more reasons for YES.

      I hope millions of those leaflets are posted. It can only help!

    105. Les Wilson says:

      BBC Scotland, usual start of the day, the tidal wave against Scottish Democracy continues unabated.
      Just shows the E/Commission is’nt worth a tosser!

      It is also time the whole of the YES campaign started to be heard more loudly we are to nice to the point of being subdued. All I am saying here really we need to double our efforts and decry all the lies, manipulation and insults vigorously!

    106. caz-m says:

      BBC Scotland are asking if Scottish Hospitals are in “Melt Down”, because the Victoria Infirmary in Glasgow ran out of blankets for a couple of hours in their A&E dept.

      Project Fear, scaremongering, you can always rely on the good old Beeb.

    107. Robert Louis says:

      So, this morning on BBC news at 0755, we got more anti independence propaganda from the BBC, courtesy of their children’s presenter ‘stephinscotland’ (except she’s not in Scotland). Interviewing the owner of the Gretna bakery, which does cross border business, she said ‘I suppose if they get independence, then crossing the border will get much more complicated’. That is what is called a leading question.

      The fact is however, that BBC presenters keep on chugging away with the same bare faced lies, despite being told and shown, it just isn’t so. Right now, today, famrers work on both sides of the Irish border, one is in the UK, one is independent. TWO different currencies are in use. Across the EU, bakers, builders, whatever, work across borders. When will the BBC stop reinforcing these bare faced lies????

      Then there is the BBC mantra that ‘there is uncertainty over which currency would be used’. NO THERE ISN’T. The currency that will be used by an independent Scotland will be the pound Sterling, as set out quite clearly in the Scottish Government’s white paper ‘Scotland’s future’, pages 109-112 (print version)


      There is a ‘debate’ over a currency union, but not over currency. How freaking difficult a concept is that for a BBC journalist to understand.

      As for the BBC’s ‘stephinscotland’ (except she’s not in Scotland), judging by her complete lack of knowledge of the key issues, she would be well advised to perhaps seriosuly move into children’s TV.

      The BBC, state funded propgandist for HM Government, Westminster.

    108. Robert Louis says:

      As for Alistair Darling, the point is, you know you have lost credibility, and the argument, when your core point is to smear an elected democratic leader like Alex Salmond as a dictator.

      In his spectator interview, Darling demonstrated how to single handedly destroy your own personal credibility. Childish.

      Mind you it can’t be easy knowing that you have spent the last 12 months with untold resources, including the state propagandist BBC on your side, and have achieved bugger all.

    109. Training Day says:

      Quick summary of GMS this morning for those unlucky enough to miss it:


      Scotch NHS in meltdown!

      12 per cent of oil and gas firms think separation is bad!

      British militarism is great!

      Those folk at Pacific Quay are just not listening to Derek Bateman when he urges them to address the Keystone Coppery which inadvertently makes them run with a deluge of anti-independence stories day after day..

    110. caz-m says:

      Alistair Darling, the loneliest guy in the world, nobody loves him.

      He gets laughed at by the YES campaign and has been kicked out of the NO campaign.

      Then to top it off he gives a car crash interview to a newspaper saying his fellow Scots are being ruled over by a mad dictator.

      Stop digging Alistair, or you will never get out of that hole you are in.

    111. HandandShrimp says:

      Has anyone else noticed that during Darling’s absence from the scene over the last couple of months there have been very few accusations of activity from nasty cybergnats and name calling. The moment the chap comes back it is straight back into allegations (devoid of evidence) of bullying and intimidation and, frankly, barking name calling.

      There is a problem in this debate and I am beginning to think it is called Alistair. It says something that Better Together are trying to say that that dictator references were a joke and that the Blood and Soil reference was a mistake by the New Statesman and it was the interviewer that said that….Given the Kim Jung reference I am not so sure it was a transcription error or a joke…more like a repair job by Better Together to mitigate the damage. Unfortunately for them the print version is already out there.

    112. Helena Brown says:

      @Training Day, you missed out the wee man who was worried about crossing the border which from his Gretna Bakery he does time and time again, and of course funny money. Did not know whether to laugh or cry at the stupidity. How do they function in this world. Surely the answer is that we ALL join the Euro and then there will be no funny money.
      I am really grumpy this morning, utterly fed up with my intelligence being insulted day in and day out and God Help the first Mason to get in my road today or a member of the Orange Order, they will get squeezed.

    113. Helena Brown says:

      Sorry Robert Louis, had not read the comments fully before commenting.

    114. heedtracker says:

      Vote no Severin Carrell stoops this low quoting Flipper yesterday which is as bad as gets in teamGB silly propaganda attacks on Scotland

      “It’s not just the cybernats and what they do and the things they call our supporters. People in business are frightened to speak out. I was speaking to a senior academic who told me he’d been warned by a senior Scottish nationalist that if he carried on speaking like this, it would be a pity for him. It’s a real, real problem for us. We ought to be able to express our views without fear of the consequences.”

      So Flipper calls Scotland’s FM a dictator, ok, but he cant even name his senior Scottish nationalist warning also unnamed senior academic? Funny that Guardian.

      Wont be buying the Guardian creep show for a very long time.

    115. GrahamB says:

      Les Wilson at 8:34
      BBC must be the most negative broadcaster in the world, at least their’Scottish’ operation is. However they are not subject to scrutiny by the Electoral Commission as most people probably assume, myself included until I contacted the EC. Their reply was that the broadcast media are regulated by Ofcom in the case of commercial broadcasters and the good old BBC Trust for the BBC, and we all know how effective they are at regulation!

    116. Robert Tyler says:

      Well off topic but…
      Wales’own Ukipper, first to be rumbled.

      It has emerged that Mr Gill, who lives in Anglesey, was a director of a number of family businesses that owned property and provided care services on contract to Hull City Council in Yorkshire.
      He yesterday confirmed he had employed “dozens” of immigrants from new EU countries like Poland and others from the Phillipines. He also said he had provided “bunkhouse” accommodation for employees and others who had migrated from eastern Europe.
      One of Ukip’s major campaign policies at the recent election was its opposition to unlimited migration from other EU countries.
      Mr Gill said: “We employed people from overseas because we could not find local workers to do the jobs. We had a care home of our own, but mostly our workers were employed on home care contracts we had with Hull City Council and other organisations. The workers were paid more than the minimum wage, but not massively more.
      “The amount we could afford to pay was determined by the amount of money we received from the council.
      “Working in care is quite tough and we had a big turnover of staff. The bunkhouses were temporary accommodation we offered to people coming from overseas until they could get something more permanent. We charged £50 a week inclusive of electricity to people who would be earning between £200 and £300 a week. I wish I had that proportion of spending money left after paying my mortgage.”

    117. gordoz says:

      Alistair Darling to be moved to ‘Undead with Labour’ to buddy up with his former best bud once again // for the good of North Britain surely ??

    118. call me dave says:

      Have you caught the story of Glasgow yet. There’s a programme on today about it. The UK’s sickest city.

      It seems that statement about Scotland dying from a broken heart might be truer than we think.
      A brief snippet here.

      Harry Burns, who until recently was the country’s chief medical officer, has his own theory. He raised a few eyebrows when he compared Glaswegians to Australia’s Aboriginal people.

      Yet he believes deindustrialisation in a city where tens of thousands once worked in the factories and the shipyards has deeply wounded local pride. As a result, people here have much in common with demoralised indigenous communities.

      “Being a welder in a shipyard was a cold and difficult and dangerous job,” he says. “But it gave you cultural identity in the same way as native peoples in Australia once had a very intense history and tradition.”

    119. Brotyboy says:

      @ callmedave

      I remember reading years ago about the concept of subjugated peoples/cultures and the association with alcoholism.

      The Aboriginals and Canadian Indians were mentioned. Not sure if Scotland was associated by implication or I made it myself, but I’ve long wondered.

    120. Ally says:

      to be fair to Auntie Beeb – a positive story (Wonder how long it will last!)

    121. @ Caz-m

      Wasnt it pillows they ran out of? Far more serious.

      Ive noticed Reporting Scotland,delighting in telling us each night this week how shit our Scottish NHS is.

      They should try the English NHS,like my relatives have had to,my Dad says he is thankful he now lives in Scotland!

    122. ronnie anderson says:

      Ah thinks Alistairs up the Pole On the Pot,maybe it a medication, after all it does have certain properties,like Alistair bought & payed for from the Public Purse.

    123. john king says:

      Im, puttin on my top hat 🙂

    124. john king says:

      “It’s amazing what oil of Ulay will do ;0)”

      When did the young Liz Taylor become Queen what was in that wine I had last night?

    125. On a lighter note, my friend Newry singer Finbar Magee has proffered the basis for what could be an indyref reconciliation between the LOL and the SGP: When Orange Men Go Green.

    126. Bigdrone says:

      Dyslexia lures ko!

    127. SophiaPangloss says:

      Ah’ve hidden the cymbals of our country so’s the Oranges cannae find them. Unfortunately everytime ah sit doon oan the settee ah get a bum-tish!

    128. Proud Cybernat says:

      Flute off!

    129. Lochside says:

      Orange cymbals? not apeeling. Men who snare at goats? Boom! Boom!

    130. TickTock says:

      geeo @ 8.10am

      Fuck you and your “sneering dig at Yes tactics” and “hmmmmmm”.

      A lot of people on the ground are trying as hard as they can to get the facts out there, but I don’t see or sense any particularly robust effort coming from the SNP or Yes senior strategists. Fed up with hearing about “Oh, they’ll have something up their sleeve”.

      They need to start thinking outside the box and stop assuming that because the MSM is completely corrupt that they have to rely solely on activists on the ground.

    131. Famous15 says:

      Well that’s the rain off so out I go to deliver more leaflets and papers. Remember keep smiling and try not to swear as it frightens the horses.

    132. john j says:

      “get word to your family and friends, get them to vote No, MAKE SURE THEY VOTE.”
      with the threat of a doing perhaps?

    133. Andy-B says:

      I wonder if Orange Order master Henry Dunbar, dropped his crayons after completing this child like poster, apparently they’re 50.000 Orange men in Scotland, surely they’re not all stupid enough to vote no, then again?.

    134. mo ramone says:

      considering i once witnessed a buffoon in bowler hat and sash carrying a rolled up brolly shove an old lady back onto the pavement for daring to attempt to cross the road at a zebra crossing in front of a parade in glasgow, i’d say they’d be the first thing we should ban. outlaw the masons and orange lodge as terrorist organisations. might not go down well with senior policemen as we know its almost a requirement in Scotland to be a mason if you want to get ahead in the service but in my eyes they are every bit as bad as the orangemen, they just roll up the trousers in private.

      och, why not go the whole hog and ban the whole tory party in Scotland, i am quite sure there will be room for a right wing party for all those tory and ukip supporters to follow, oh and ban the BNP too, over 150 voted for them in Argyll and i would throw the lot out of the county if i could, not allowed to get rid of the 3030 ukip voters but since they’ll all be white settlers who live in Scotland but still think england and great britain are one and the same thing, they’ll all be voting no.

      a sad day when they rewrote the boundaries and dumped helensburgh into Argyll, same way they now had you a housing application for here as you are walking out the gates of any Scottish prison, fact. well nearly, housing ass. built nearly 100 new houses while having 60 empty homes on their books and guess who is filling them? the local “loyal” supporters bus has plenty more passengers filling the seats for home games and no i am not of the opposite persuasion, i’d just scrub the word “monarchy” from a new constituation

    135. Paula Rose says:

      Darlings, some of you are getting a wee bit fractious – now don’t be silly, we are going to have a grand party soon.

    136. Nick says:

      Ba Dum Tish?

    137. Footsoldier says:

      Not a good exampel of Scottish edukation givn the atroshus spelling.Also someone should tell him the Queen is a little older than the picture shown

    138. Parky says:

      Jings! No more orange marches?! Whatever shall we do?

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