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Quoted for reality check

Posted on February 11, 2014 by

Labour Uncut, 11 February 2014:

“In the main race between Labour and the Tories, these figures mean the Tories have a higher core vote than Labour.

Applying the defection rate to the Tories 2010 total gives a core vote of 23%, 1.5% ahead of Labour. It could well be that the generational churn identified by the Fabians evens out this Tory advantage, but in terms of actual voters who participated at the last election, YouGov’s analysis shows us that the Tories have a clear core vote lead.”

It may be worth remembering that these figures also don’t, as far as we can ascertain, factor in those UKIP voters likely to return to the Conservatives when it comes to the crunch of a UK election that might install Ed Miliband as Prime Minister rather than a Tory leader promising to hold a referendum on EU membership.

Don’t come crying to us in May 2015, No voters. We keep telling you what’s coming.

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39 to “Quoted for reality check”

  1. Cath says:

    Even if Labour do win, it’s more austerity, ruling like Thatcher and well, we’ve all seen what the Scottish Labour MPs are like now, and their reaction to any further devolution. The only thing more depressing than the thought of a Tory victory in 2015 is looking at the alternative, and realising it really isn’t one.

  2. gordoz says:

    I think this is really what they mean by British Together.

    Hey Labour voters you heard it hear first from Your Leader.

    Vote for Britain > Get Tory

    Vote Labour in Scotland > Get Tory for Britain

    Labour = New Thatcher (how ironic); thats what Gordon Brown started anyway.

    I think thats what they mean by choice. At least hey are now being honest.

  3. Ken500 says:


  4. Illy says:

    “Labour = New Thatcher (how ironic); thats what Gordon Brown started anyway.”

    Isn’t that what Blair did with “New Labour”?

    And since Labour (sic) have sold out to the right-wing Thacherites of “New Labour”, who do you vote for if you want a government that cares about the poor?

    There is no Westminster party with those values anymore. The choice is between Tories, Tories and UKIP at Westminser (Sorry, but the SNP and the Greens don’t have the funding or media support for Westminster elections).

  5. Croompenstein says:

    That’s the thing Stuart, they will come crying when they realise what they’ve done..let’s hope they do the right thing by themselves and their country

  6. Betty Boop says:

    @ Illy at 3.00pm

    Might be interesting throwing in SNP candidates in a couple north-east England constituencies in the next general election if the vote goes the wrong way this September! 🙂

    Would any votes they garnered be considered as “None of the above” on the ballot paper?

  7. Desimond says:

    @Betty Boop

    SNP MPs dont even vote on non Scotland related items in the House of Commons so would be a miracle to see them stand over the border.

    Probably much easier if we announce we are willing to extend the back garden southwards and ask the neighbouring counties to come on board the good ship Progress.

  8. Seasick Dave says:

    I can hear an owl.

  9. Eric McLean says:

    Labour know whats coming as well…. thats the reason for Milliband to get as far right as he possibly can. He won’t overtake the Tories, but the closer he can get, the more votes he can snatch.

  10. bunter says:

    Barclays boss says to BBCs Robert Peston regards independence, ”we can make it work either way”.

    That’s before spin is applied.

  11. MarkWot says:

    OT, Just on BBC news, Barcleys bank has just announced it will make it work either way if Scotland gains Independence

  12. Paul says:

    They don’t want to know call it ostrich syndrome or people are so disillusioned by politicians they don’t think that anything will improver their lot.

  13. Paul says:

    I hate hackers.

  14. bald eagle says:

    testing hello gchq and your sex buddie nsa howdie pardner get aff your donkey and eat your milky bar

  15. Mosstrooper says:

    Somewhere a dog barked.

  16. Mosstrooper says:

    Look, Look, it’s snowing.

  17. Papadocx says:

    Jane hill bbc news 24 Was amazed when Barclays boss reported whether Scotland votes yes or no we WILL make it work no sweat. Jane hill BBC ‘that’s at odds with what the BP chairman BOB Dudley told us.

    Jane: Barclays is a bank

    Bob Dudley is a tube ” he is the guy who got you all excited remember”

  18. faolie says:

    Depressing really, if you’re going to be living in rUK in 2015. If you live in Bury or Barry, who do you vote for? Tory: more of the same; Labour: Thatcher; Libs: no chance. One might think it would be time for the rise of new left-of-centre party, but given the English ‘battleground’ regions’ hold on the balance of power there’d be no point.

    Revolution, maybe? Application to join Scotland perhaps?

  19. Les Wilson says:

    Truth is that you do not even need to be bright to see it.
    (what’s coming)

  20. Peter Macbeastie says:

    Ah, I for one have been paying close attention to the Westminster shenanigans between Labour and Tory ever since I saw poll details that suggested that Scotland was more likely, by several percentage points, to vote for independence if it was believed there would be a Tory government returned in 2015.

    I have, as yet, seen nothing whatsoever to indicate Labour will return to power in 2015. Milliband is ineffectual; Labour policies are a case of ‘ape the Tories, just slightly (very slightly) less to the right’ and that, frankly, is not going to get them back in the driving seat.

    So keep it up, Ed. Just like Cameron, you are making giving Scotland a few more yes voters every single time you make a policy decision.

    If there are actually any no voters visiting this site; and I assume some like to see what their opposition are up to so there probably are some, you should be completely and utterly aware of just exactly what voting to keep Scotland a part of is going to mean if you win. I sincerely hope you will be able to reconcile your guilt if you win, because Scotland will suffer along with the rest of the UK if you do.

  21. ronnie anderson says:

    Watching the Fairness & Inequality Debate ( westminster )

    it must be one of they Apple n Pear debate,s 7 Labour

    members. Yes those great socialist,s sticking it to the

    unemployed / working man,woman.

    Would you vote for them.

  22. Desimond says:

    O/T – For Anyone in Central Belt :


    WHERE: SIRLING, Stirling Campus, Forth Valley College, Drip Road, FK8 1SE
    WHEN: Friday 28th February 2014
    TIMES: Doors open at the venue at 11am the show is on air from 12pm – 1pm
    The deadline to make an application is Monday 25th February at 5pm

    We will be touch to ask you some additional questions to enable us to invite a cross-section of people.


    As part of our ongoing coverage of the current constitutional debate, this week’s edition of Brian Taylor’s Big Debate will be focusing on issues relating to the forthcoming referendum. So the programme will give YOU the opportunity to challenge and quiz politicians live on air on BBC Radio Scotland.

    The programme will air on 28th February from 12pm to 1pm and we need YOU to ask the questions.

    Your questions should be brief and to the point. As the programme broadcasts to a Scotland wide audience, we look for issues that raise matters of genuine national interest related to Scottish referendum on independence and remember to keep an eye on the week’s news. Once you know what you want to ask, email your question to us at by 4pm Thursday 27th February. Audience members will have the opportunity to question and comment during the debate but please be aware we’re not able to guarantee that all questions submitted will be used.



  23. Robert McDonald says:

    I believe that Barclays is the biggest (net worth) business in the world. They could by and sell the UK (oh wait, I think they did – AND we paid them for the privilege!)

  24. Caroline Corfield says:

    please, please, please field SNP candidates in the NE of England…. you haven’t seen the choices on the ballot paper down here ; BNP, UKIP, Tories, Labour, we used to have a Green candidate but I think they gave up in the end. I had to spoil my ballot in the last vote ( possibly local council)

  25. Caroline Corfield says:

    if an SNP candidate got elected to represent a North East England constituency then they would have every right to vote on legislation that affected that constituency. They don’t vote on legislation which affects English constituencies only because they do not represent any of those. My experience of SNP councillors in Clydebank when I was wee, and the vast majority of what I hear about the SNP MSPs and MPs these days is that they’d be a big improvement in a few places. Ronnie Campbell, my MP, and Chi Onwurah aren’t too bad, but they still toe the line.

  26. Clootie says:

    We will have a right wing government in 2015. The only question is what colour of rosette they will be wearing.

    I wish people would stop judging the Labour party in Scotland by their claims and promises. Judge them by their deeds.

    How can any “socialist” accept a seat in the House of Lords. How can anyone standing for a party, that once represented the people, state that it will adopt the Tory Financial policy.

    Unfortunately Scotland may never get this chance again – please don’t waste it – please ! 🙁

  27. joe kane says:

    please, please, please field SNP candidates in the NE of England…
    – Just to say Caroline Corfield, Rev Stu has written something on that idea. In the event of a NO vote it is worth considering given the unorganised and fractured nature of centre and left politics in the rest of the UK which is devoid of any credible, viable alternatives on the horizon.

    Why the SNP should run in England

  28. Seasick Dave says:

    Just listened to James Cook (BT’s little helper) on Newsdrive trying to diminish the importance of Barclay’s as a bank and boost the status of BP so that today’s statement by Barclay’s was therefore not worth listening to.

    Donald Trump, of course, has been given top billing.

  29. bunter says:

    Michael Settle of The Herald just asked Cameron live on the BBC as to why he wont rule out a currency union. Another opportunity passed up as Cameron gives the usual oh well erm but eh, Gideon will have something to say on that another time.

  30. IG says:

    BBC been busy today, in addition to unsuccessfully soliciting unionist support from Barclays they also tried Iberdrola…….

    “During a news conference at La Muela, the chairman of Iberdrola, Ignacio Galan, rejected suggestions that Scottish independence would threaten any plans to invest in Cruachan.

    And he declined to comment on the referendum campaign.

    Mr Galan said: “I will not interfere in respect of the decision the British will take on that one.

    “We will serve British citizens, Scottish citizens, and Welsh citizens because that is our duty.”

  31. IG says:

    P.S. I’ve just re-read the Iberdrola comments and see that not only did BBC solicit his opinion they appear to have made “suggestions that Scottish independence would threaten any plans to invest in Cruachan”.

  32. IG says:

    P.S. I’ve just re-read the Iberdrola comments and see that not only did BBC solicit his opinion they appear to have suggested that independence would threaten any plans to invest in Cruachan.

  33. Seanair says:

    Although she announced Barclays’ statement briefly, she felt obliged to go back to the BP pro-union stance and spell it out again for those who had missed it.

    Would it have happened the other way round? Answers on a postage stamp.

  34. HandandShrimp says:

    The BBC are transparent and a joke. The sad thing is they still think they occupy the same affection with the public that they used to enjoy. A lot of people are fed up with them, not just independence supporters, they are skating on thin ice.

    However on the plus side Barclays and did Iberdrola did boot their shenanigans into touch. Win!

  35. Bill Walters says:

    Ignoring for a minute whether we’re still part of the UK or not, I just don’t see the UK leaving the EU. We’re talking about something so monumentally stupid from an economic perspective – basically giving the rest of Europe the power to determine all of the rules in the single market without the UK getting any say – that it would be completely idiotic to follow through with it.

    YouGov have been running a poll for a few months in which they ask how people would vote after Cameron’s “renegotiation” (even if the renegotiation amounts to nothing of any substance) and it’s consistently come out with about a 2 to 1 lead for the “stay in” side. If you have both Tories and Labour supporting staying in I just don’t see the “leave” side winning that referendum, if there even is a referendum in the first place.

    Let’s also be clear that if we were independent we’d have a stake in the rUK remaining in the EU – they would be one of our key allies given how similar our economic interests are (non-euro members, interdependent economy, compatible regulatory systems in services, etc.)

  36. CameronB says:

    Did someone mention oor Anas?

    Well I just found out I am not cracked up to be a politician. I just popped out to the shops and almost ran into a couple of guys cumming out of SLabour’s HQ. I hadn’t had my dinner, so was taking a chance when I told them they were going to loose and loose badly.

    Leaving them both shacking their heads and looking at each other in puzzlement, I thought I had better go back and check I hadn’t just made a complete plonker of myself. Luckily hey were, assured Fraser Nelson’s younger brother. It least he looked like him and had exactly the same silly, twisted accent. Anyway I asked for a positive case for the union, which was (as near as I can remember);

    “We are better together because we can pull and share our resources to the best advantage of everyone”.

    I am afraid that one or two expletive may have escaped me as I asked once again for a substantive positive case, or a reason why no. The reply was that Scotland is not economically capable.

    I left him at this point, while he was still vertical, followed by a street-full of expletive and a prophesy of SLabour’s doom.

    Oops. :).

  37. CameronB says:

    I forgot to mention SLabour think Scotland could not cope because oil prices are volatile.

    Perhaps you see why I turned the air blue

  38. Peter Macbeastie says:


    Well done on leaving him upright. You can get in to trouble for punching politicians.

    Which is strange, because they do seem to go out of their ways to deliberately annoy you to the point of violence. Surely if you flatten one you should be allowed to use the defence of ‘extreme provocation?’

    I am, of course, not being serious. You shouldn’t need a defence for punching a politician. You should be commended.

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