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Not long now!

Posted on October 01, 2023 by

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  1. Graeme says:

    Ah’ve got ma coat. Hoping she’ll get an orange jumpsuit

  2. AnneDon says:

    Well, the NuSNP haven’t told us it’s NOT happening. And Humza told us this was the “Summer Of Independence”.

    I could weep.

  3. Graf Midgehunter says:

    5th Oct. Rutherglen
    19th Oct Referendum
    26th Oct Murrels arrested for fraud

    Now that would be a month to remember… (Dreaming..)

  4. Patsy Millar says:

    Haud me back

  5. John Thomson says:

    I have no words except hope still lives deep within us all.

  6. Stoker says:

    “SAVE THE DATE – 19th October 2023”. LOL!

    I’ve got more chances of winning the Euro Millions.
    And i don’t play the Euro Millions.

  7. sarah says:

    Unbe-bloody-lievable. And there’s still folk who think the sun shines out of her….

    Sorry but I’m angry – I and others have told MPs and MSPs for years the truth and they have done absolutely NOTHING to learn or resist the malign controllers of the party.

    Our parliamentarians have betrayed every single person who voted for them on the basis that these parliamentarians would take Scotland out of the Union, and take back the reins and purse strings so all our social and cultural ills could be cured.

  8. Stoker says:

    I put this on the previous thread so reposting it here as it’ll get a bigger audience. 🙂

    I see the BBC in Scotland are promoting an up-and-coming fly-on-the-wall documentary mini-series called “The Firm”, all about the SNP’s “famous Scottish Human Rights Lawyer” Aamer Anwar and his law firm and their involvement in some high profile cases.. LOL! It’s due to start on Sunday 8th October at 9pm on BBC Scotland.

  9. auld highlander says:

    I burst out laughing at that.

    How I hate the sight and mention of that creature and I hope the snp get absolutely thrashed on Thursday.

  10. robertkknight says:

    I sincerely hope that the City of Edinburgh Council have got overtime planned for street cleansing on the 19th… the amount of tumbleweed that’ll be blowing around the northwest corner of the King’s Park is expected to be biblical.

    Perhaps Humbug Yousless should consider changing the logo and branding of the party from the letters SNP and a stylised thistle head to MIA and a question mark.

  11. Red says:

    Perhaps Humbug Yousless should consider changing the logo and branding of the party from the letters SNP

    The “S” and “N” are now sadly redundant, but they’re still taking the P.

  12. Stephen O'Brien says:

    The Murrell’s decided to go on a second honeymoon, instead.

  13. Red says:

    I see the BBC in Scotland are promoting an up-and-coming fly-on-the-wall documentary mini-series called “The Firm”, all about the SNP’s “famous Scottish Human Rights Lawyer” Aamer Anwar

    It doesn’t get much more Scottish than that!

  14. Antoine Roquentin says:

    I’ve never met Colette Walker, but I know she could use all the help she can get from Yes-minded people with the time to spare, over the coming days.

  15. John Main says:

    Haud oan.

    It’s nae happening? Has it been called off?

    When did that come about? Why weren’t we told?

    Has somebody been lying to us?

  16. Dorothy Devine says:

    Auld Highlander , we all hope they will be thrashed but sadly it is going to be by the equally useless Labour Party, unless the good folk of the constituency vote for the only hope for Scotland.

  17. PhilM says:

    Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes…(sigh)…
    All very well this politics malarkey
    but when will we be told the identity of Sparky?

  18. Stoker says:

    @ Red (12:42 & 12:46). LOL! That gave me a good laugh, especially your 12:42. 🙂

  19. Graeme says:

    AnneDon says:
    1 October, 2023 at 11:46 am
    Well, the NuSNP haven’t told us it’s NOT happening. And Humza told us this was the “Summer Of Independence”.

    Well, they kinda have, as mentioned in this communication from ScotGov…

  20. David Hannah says:

    I was listening to Fergus Ewing. He said the SNP used to be a special party that put the people of Scotland first.

    They’ve kicked him out to keep Lorna Slater who’s blown £85 million on DSR and the rest.

    Meanwhile ordinary Scots have to pay £27,000 to fund chemotherapy in England.

    The SNP are a disgrace to Scotland. Save the date? I’m counting down the date until we get to remove them office.

    We used to be the oldest nation in Europe Scotland with our ancient history. And now we’re the dying nation of Europe under the SNP.

    Sturgeon out. Humza out. Independence now.

  21. John C says:

    We must have this result in the bag as I’ve not seen anyone from the SNP campaigning for independence. I’m still waiting for my postal vote as well. Can’t wait to wake up on the 20th to an independent Scotland!!!!

  22. Sven says:

    Scotland truly is the sick man/woman/indeterminite of Europe.

  23. Anton Decadent says:

    @Stoker and Red

  24. John C says:

    To be serious for a second, the chances of an independence referendum are as distant as they ever have been in the devolution era.Labour will come to power next year (or perhaps next month if rumour is true and Sunak calls a snap election) with a huge majority & the SNP won’t have any leverage at all in Westminster.

    Assuming the SNP are decimated in the election (which seems to be what the polls are saying) then the activists may well start bailing to Labour as after all, all these people really want is being close to power. They don’t care about independence, socialism, social democracy or anything which might help most people. They want power and control.

    We’ll see soon what’s going to happen but I hope the general election sends a serious message to the SNP. What will be interesting is watching every single SNP candidate (or indeed, every candidate of every party) trying to answer the question ‘what is a woman?’.

  25. Stoker says:

    @ Graeme on 1 October 2023 at 1:06 pm.

    Good link, Graeme, and it should be shoved under the nose of every self-serving SNP trougher when they’re looking for our votes, especially when they start spouting their carrot-mantras in relation to referendums and voting for them to deliver one etc.

    They’ve now made it abundantly clear that they stand with the UKGovs take on matters, that only Westminster has the power. So any future claims of ‘vote for us to deliver another referendum’ etc should be immediately shot down in flames and the liar spouting such deceptions exposed for the fraud that they are.

    It’s only a matter of time, though, before they (SNP & Greens) start dressing it up in a different tone of excrement that, when we cut through all the waffle, amounts to the very same outcome. They will ask for an S30. But this time they will beg a bit harder. They will send the UK Prime Minister 2 requests instead of just one. That should really do it, eh! 😉

    On a more serious level, the contents of that letter in your link should be put on A6 cards and distributed widely. This would expose the SNP & Greens for the fraudsters that they are and it would, at the same time, expose just how weak & impotent Scotland’s voters truly are under Westminster control.

  26. Wee Chid says:

    So what excuse are they giving? Or are they just hoping we will forget they said it in the first place?

  27. Mark Beggan says:

    The Day has come!

    1. Organization List. Checked as packed.

    Autograph book:Check.
    Clydesdale Bank currency:Check.
    Sleeping bag:Check.
    V for Victory face mask:Check.
    Telescopic flag pole:Check.
    Porridge Oats:Check.
    2. Wait.

  28. Captain Yossarian says:

    I reckon a strong showing by Scottish Labour would be the worst of all results this week. They are inevitably going to win, but let it be as narrow a win as possible. I listened to Collette Walker for 10-minutes earlier in the week and she sounded OK to me and so the Nationalist vote would be better transferring to her than staying at home. Let the Labour Party voters stay at home.

  29. Stoker says:

    19th October 2023? Instead of it becoming our “Independence Day” perhaps we should be looking to set that special day in memorial? How about we officially name it “Indictment Day”?

    Indictment: “a thing that serves to illustrate that a system or situation is bad and deserves to be condemned.”

    Or better still: Sturgeons Indictment Day.
    Never let her forget how she royally screwed Scotland.

  30. Ruby says:

    Done it. Date saved now can we go back to talking about Scotland being a colony or not.

    Is devolved & colony the same.

    Wales – colony
    N.Ireland – colony
    Scotland – colony
    England – not a colony.

  31. John C says:

    Wee Chid says:
    1 October, 2023 at 1:43 pm

    So what excuse are they giving? Or are they just hoping we will forget they said it in the first place?

    The latter.

  32. John Main says:

    To be scrupulously fair …

    Sturgeon set the Indy Ref date as 19th October 2023.

    Yousaf took over (flawed and fraudulent election, but as nobody wants to talk about that any more, lets pretend it was all above board – it’s only Scotland, eh?).

    Day 1 in office, Yousaf set his desk calendar year to his one, which is 1445.

    578 years to go!

    If Yousaf steps down before the 19th, and the desk calendar year gets set back to 2023, the Indy Ref could still be on.

    But get real and get serious folks. Yousaf’s going nowhere. Whatever happens at Rutherglen, most of Scotland will see it as the storm in a teacup it truly is.

  33. Republicofscotland says:

    We were played by Sturgeon the betrayers SNP government, and now we’re being played Humza Yousaf’s SNP government.

    Vote Alba, Join Alba, or vote for the ISP.

    Craig Murray has a fairly positive article on Scottish independence.

  34. 100%Yes says:

    Lets be grateful we don’t have a referendum but we do have the next best thing, Sturgeon is no longer FM.

    My positive thinking will be on Thursday For Colette Walker winning the seat.

  35. Republicofscotland says:

    A rough outline of Robin McAlpine’s plan to get us out of this rancid prison of a union.

  36. 100%Yes says:

    What I’d like to see happen on the 19/10/23 is a headline in The Rag saying this is our last publication of The Rag good bye.

  37. Robert Hughes says:

    Expect a statement from NSNP+++++++0 HQ stating the date of the proposed Ref has been moved to 31st Oct . The idea here is that people don’t really want a referendum , but will be so pleased to have a halloween party instead .

    I see their point , I mean , c’mon , a referendum is just too complicated , too divisive , too risky : in fact , the superhuman effort that would be required is almost – but not quite – on a par with dualing the A9 . Dooking for puberty blockers will be much more fun .

    And it won’t even cost NSNP much money , they can just dress-up in the clown suits they’ve been wearing since Oct 2014 . Sorted

  38. robertkknight says:

    John C

    “& the SNP won’t have any leverage at all in Westminster.”

    Sorry, but I had to chuckle at that. You sounded as though the SNP has leverage now and may not post the next UK GE.

    I simply wasn’t aware that the SNP has, or has ever had, leverage in Westminster. I must’ve blinked and missed it.

    Let’s face it, the only reason anything happens in Scotland is because Westminster is…

    a) Assured of it’s preferred outcome

    b) Happy for Scotland to be used as a testing/proving ground for controversial policies

    c) Couldn’t give a shit either way and don’t need the money for something else

    What the SNP bench-warmers at Westminster do, other than warming their benches and being made to look like amateurs by Speaker Hoyle, is neither here nor there.

    If they all buggered off home back up the A1/M6 neither you nor I would notice anything different. The remaining MPs at Westminster might get served at the bar quicker…

  39. chossy says:

    I’m pretty sure you made a bet for any amount of money there would be no referendum on that date, I wonder if anyone took you up in that bet…

  40. Northcode says:

    The Scotian Chronicles

    The exciting, heart-pounding saga of a people’s desperate fight for survival against a seemingly unstoppable evil.

    * Based on real events
    * Soon to be a major BBC production


    Friends, kinfolk, fellow colonized. Lend me your eyes, for I have the most terrible of tales to tell.

    It is a tale centuries in the making. A tale of cruel loss and of heart-breaking despair. A tale of how a once great people were brought low; a beloved people, a good and honest people; a naïve and innocent people tricked into the service of a monstrous evil.

    Long centuries had that people lived in harmony with the land; with the creatures of the air and the beasts of the forests and of the plains. Long centuries had they lived in faithful and loving devotion, each to another in peaceful tranquillity; keeping to the laws of their God, the God of all things.

    Blessed were the Scotians, for that was their name. Blessed and held high in the eyes of their creator were they… until their feeble chieftains succumbed – oh, the unending shame – to the allure of a foul incubus, a fell dark power. A dark power the Scotians named, The Scourge.

    Out from the murky gloom-grey of the claggy southern lands it crept. Slithering its way across the sunless borderlands, all the while mumbling in its course and whispered wormtongue a mindless mantra, its creed, the chant of its most elevated prayer to the highest of its gods – “Oh, Mammon, beloved Mammon, reveal unto us the pelf…Oh, Mammon, beloved, Mammon, reveal unto us the pelf…” – so went its incessant and dreary appeal.

    It was plain to all with eyes to see that The Scourge was a pestilence, a plague, a contagion; the voracious embodiment of covetous greed; its countenance joyless and grim and coated blood red; a cursed hue in the eyes of the Scotians and a grim portent of those things yet to be.

    It came to pass that the ruling body of the Scotians known as the ‘Pertendit Cooncil’ sank into disrepute under the foul influence of The Scourge; it became a shamming place; a chamber of echoes charged with gormless blether and filled with the choking, acrid air of hollow promises; a place tasked with deceiving the trusting Scotians; the powerless servant of a cruel master, a servant in the service of The Scourge bent on the subjugation of its own kin.

    And so, an entire people were condemned; cast from paradise to wander without purpose the empty barren wasteland of the place called in the ancient Scotian tongue, Thonunion. The avarice of a few, those who had gleefully embraced Mammon forsaking their own kind, had brought ruin upon the star-crossed Scotians.

    This, then, is how The Scourge enslaved the Scotians in the guise of friendship and with succour from the Scotian chiefs and set about looting all that the Scotians possessed and would ever possess.

    By and by the Scotians were consumed; enveloped in the cold, clammy embrace of the thick and murky brume of The Scourge; cast far from the sight of their creator; their blest light extinguished; a generous, kind and noble people forever lost from the world…or were they?

    Would the Scotians be saved from the darkest of dooms by a great warrior; a mighty and noble Scotian; a Scotian of unsurpassed intellect named, Yonbaird Braue?

    Discover the fate of the Scotians in the next exciting episode of ‘The Scotian Chronicles’; the epic tale of a brave and honourable people’s stand against an ancient evil, and their heroic quest to rekindle their divine light.

  41. Republicofscotland says:

    Re Robin McAlpine’s plan for indy, he mentions it as a ten year plan, in my opinion we don’t have another decade to waste, already Westminster is rolling back devolution by funding Scottish councils.

    It would be very foolish not to think that Westminster has other plans in the pipeline within a ten years timeline to further roll back devolution, until Holyrood becomes nothing more than a Stormontised talking shop.

    McAlpine’s plan relies on Westminster holding its hands up and saying the games up, I doubt Westminster will do that its got too much to lose.

    No, UDI at Holyrood on a 50+1% of the vote, is the way forward, we MUST take control of the indy cause Westminster should not have any say in it whatsoever, Scotland shouldn’t have any MPs at Westminster they have no power at all and can’t change anything they are just there to give off a faint notion of democracy.

    Also there shouldn’t be any Westminster branch office political parties at Holyrood, the likes of Labour the Lib/Dems and the Tory parties at Holyrood answer, their party HQs in England, and take their lead from them.

    First off we need a REAL indy minded party in government at Holyrood.

  42. Ruby says:

    Is Scotland in a voluntary and respectful Union of equals, as claimed in 2014, or are we hostages in a territorial British colony?”.

    No answer from Sunak

    Gove & Jack look angry

    This question seems to anger Unionists.

    It was the colony question that got Captain Yossarian in trouble.

  43. David Hannah says:

    The Scottish Government defence lawyer Aamer Anwar will make the case for retaining juries in rape trials in the show.

    It sounds like he won’t be a Scottish Government defence lawyer for long. When the authoritarian cult decide to jail their political opponents on fake rape charges. Using the same nut jobs as previous.

    The scheme is meant to get round “rape myths” – damaging and ­inaccurate views about sexual ­violence – and increase conviction rates. Anwar doesn’t see it working that way.

    Aamer Anwar: “Judges are white, ­middle class, university educated. Are they somehow immune to rape myths? Somehow are they not prejudiced, homophobic or racist? Are they robots?

    “If police are being sexist and violent and abusive to women ­officers, what hope is there for women who have been raped or assaulted when they come for help? And the same applies to judges, with the greatest of respect to the esteemed profession of the ­judiciary.

    “The reason we have a cross-­section of society, 15 men and women, is their ­experience of life. We bring them together and they sit in judgment. The jury is most definitely out on this.”

  44. David Hannah says:

    I fully support the legal profession in their opposition to the alphabetty act.

    I hope the law courts tear up the Government’s case on GRR. 1 million Scotland will never get back.

    Hopefully we can sue the bastards for every penny. We should bankrupt the green politicians and repossess their houses.

    In fact, I’d love to deport Lorna Slater back to Canada. She’d be more at home in Justin Truduo’s nazi applauding Parliament ahaha.

  45. Republicofscotland says:

    So that useless SNP turd and leader of the SNP group at Glasgow City Council Susan Aitken, is set to fly out to Dubai in December to attend a COP28 summit, it will cost the Scottish taxpayer £1,660 bucks, add to this, that at least another two or three grifters from Tammany Hall will accompany her on her holiday, sorry important climate trip, this too will be paid for by the Scottish taxpayer.

  46. David Hannah says:

    We need the nationalist party in Scotland the SNP to be loyal to the people of Scotland.

    Not to the self serving interests of the fake global green agenda. Lorna Slater’s bottle company in administration.

    Meanwhile, North Lanarkshire council has to close all the sports centres due to lack of money from central government.

    They don’t give a fuck.

  47. David Hannah says:

    Deport Lorna Slater. Send her back to where she came from. Outer space that is. Her politics are alien to the Scots.

    It’s time we also jailed the Swindlers of the missing 600K.

    Siezed. Stolen. Trousered. We want to know. Where the money is. I suppose the honest officers of Manchester Police Force will be more honest than the Scottish cops.

    Time to get rid of the SNP. Time to get rid of the corruption. They don’t care how badly things are for Scotland.

    One more mandate. Get to fuck Stephen Flynn. You dirty cheating lying bastards. The lot of them are a disgrace.

  48. David Hannah says:

    Deport Lorna Slater. Back to Nazi Canada.

  49. Ruby says:

    But in that case, the court held that the right to self-determination under international law only exists in situations of former colonies,

    You can understand why the idea of Scotland being a colony wouldn’t be popular.

    This is all very confusing.

    Is Scotland a country, a colony, a region or something else?

    It can’t be a country. What kind of country doesn’t have the right to self determination.

  50. Ian Brotherhood says:

    This is from btl on Craig Murray’s latest:

    Vivian O’Blivion
    October 1, 2023 at 11:45

    Humza Yousaf was inducted into the US State Department’s, International Visitors Leadership Program while in his second year as a humble parliamentary aide to his uncle, MSP.
    The IVLP identifies “future opinion leaders”.

    Jenny Gilruth was in Washington as part of an IVLP delegation, 35 working days after being sworn in as a rookie MSP.

    MPs Patrick Grady and Angela Crawley were on the same IVLP trip as Gilruth. Neither declared the State Department gratuity in their HoC register of interests. The trip took place while Westminster was sitting. Apparently their constituents didn’t need to know what they were up to while “on the clock”.

    MP Stewart McDonald attended a 10 day “conference” at the Woodrow Wilson International Centre for Scholars. The WWICfS is a rather obvious State Department front.

    In November, Kate Forbes will attend the Liverpool conference of the British American Project. This Thursday to Monday (inclusive) event takes place while Holyrood is in session. Forbes is unable to be present at an AUOB march she promised to attend (Glasgow) or one on her doorstep (Skye), but she can arrange childcare and traipse to Liverpool to attend a State Department / CIA front.

  51. David Hannah says:

    What is wrong with the Western political class?

    “An example of this could be CO2. The narcissist it made to believe it is a threat and that the Earth must be saved from it. This belief turns him into a crusader for good with special understanding that lesser people don’t have – which then receives reinforcement from other narcissists. The programmed response is to shut down energy production and ban cars. Methane is also a threat, so cows must be banned. LGBT people are being persecuted, so free speech must be banned. Russia is a threat, so Russians must be persecuted and killed, and Russia broken up. Because destruction is a solution to a dire problem, destruction becomes a virtue for the narcissist. The more destruction, the more the self is reinforced and elevated – and the more powerful the narcissist feels.”

    Good read. Sounds like a class in Sturgeon and Humza 101.

    I’m sorry to hear Kate Forbes will be soon be corrupted by the American Globalists. They must ensure she is contained and doesn’t get ideas above her station. I hope she declines the invite to their grooming gang.

  52. David Hannah says:

    It’s quite obvious that the Americans are meddling in our politics. They’ve got their military bases in every country in the world. It is their extended empire in all but name.

    They are targeting Scotland because we want Independence. We don’t want to play your game anymore. We don’t want your ideology imposed on our country. It’s not our faith. We don’t want to wage your wars.

    If Kate Forbes had any ambition for Scottish Independence. She’d turn down the invite to the CIA lobby. And fight to free her country. God knows why she’d want to be like anyone in the John Smith Institute working to destroy Scotland from within.

    And badly disgusting it. I suppose that’s why Kezia Dugdale is a lecturer.

  53. Breastplate says:

    Unfortunately, there are still too many that believe our so called representatives work for us, they absolutely don’t.

  54. Republicofscotland says:

    David Hannah.

    Of course the Star Spangled hand plays a role in guiding Scotland via its BAP politicians BAP is funded by the CIA.

    Our current FM is a BAP member as is the current BLiS manager Anas Sarwar. The USA has deep interests in making sure we never leave the union.

    “BAP is a Trojan horse for American foreign policy, recruiting Britons of liberal or left-of-centre inclinations and political talent and connections when they are young, indoctrinating them with propaganda about the virtues of American capitalism and America’s role in the world, and then watching them approvingly as they steer British politics in an ever more pro-Washington direction.”

    Off the top of my head I can think of at least two-African nations that don’t have US military bases Eritrea and Zambia.

    England is swarming with US military and Nato personnel spread out over several bases, only Japan and Germany hosts more US military personnel.

    Here’s a wee nugget to get your teeth into, it shows just how much the US sees the dis-united kingdom as the 51st state, the unsinkable aircraft carrier.

    “US Air Force has more active-duty military personnel in Britain than 40 US states”

  55. Grouser says:

    Republic of Scotland at 3.59 said that Susan Aitken was flying to Dubai paid for by Glasgow tax payers.
    The Council has told their taxpayers that they will no longer collect garden waste unless they pay an extra £50 per year on top of council tax. They justified it by saying that people in flats don’t have garden waste, so why should they pay for the collection? (This, of course is patent nonsense. As well as local flat dwellers paying less council tax than me, many do have gardens.) Well, I don’t swim, so why should I pay for swimming facilities? I know people who don’t use libraries, so why should they pay for them?
    Susan Aitken’s contempt for the people of Glasgow (Glasgow isn’t dirty!!) is shocking; spending money on a jolly while cutting services is unforgivable. When are next Council elections?

  56. David Hannah says:

    “They shout at people, insult people, make up delusional explanations, and then retreat into absolute denial. Everybody can see this – including the leaders of the non-western world. Nobody wants to talk to our political elites these days, because a narcissist who is losing control is not pleasant to be around.”

    This guy has got it down to a T.

    The globalists aim is to destroy democracy to control us. They’ll take us into war. Unless we stop them.

    If you see a Judith Butler fiction novel anywhere in a charity shop. Make sure you pick it up and destroy it an fire. Although it may produce toxic gas. But we must deport the toxic politics that have contaminated Scotland from across the pond. Such as Canada.

  57. Republicofscotland says:


    I think the next Scottish local council elections will be held in 2027, apparently there was only a 44.8% turn out for the 2022 council elections, Glasgow is in a terrible state under the SNP led council, I was shocked at the state of Sauchiehall street, shops closed buildings boarded up homeless and hungry lining the sides of it near the Savoy Centre.

    We thought that the SNP would run the city better than the previous unionist lot, but that hasn’t happened, it would appear that they are grifting careerists looking for money making schemes, such as the LEZ, it will probably expand to cover most of Glasgow, the brown bin charge is deplorable another rip off.

  58. Republicofscotland says:

    David Hannah @4.53pm.

    Kate Forbes couldn’t contain her jubilation when Humza Yousaf “won” the SNP leadership fit up I mean contest, you’ve heard the phrase an heir and a spare, well Forbes was the spare, incase something happened to Yousaf, only Regan had a plan for indy, Forbes wants to go down the S30 begging route, and Yousaf said at one of the hustings, Nicola Sturgeon is the smartest person I know if she can’t obtain Scottish independence no one can.

    Disgraced SNP chief Murrell, called in GCHQ the mortal enemy of Scottish independence to oversee the fit up, I mean contest to make sure Regan didn’t win.

  59. George Ferguson says:

    I am so excited about an Independence referendum on the 23rd October. Gearing up my resources to help. What can go wrong this time. Europe win the Ryder Cup, Scotland beat a strong Romania side. And now Tonga will beat South Africa. Even Dundee United and Aberdeen won. The signs are there for a victory on the 23rd.

  60. Merganser says:

    “Not long now” until something else :

    A court case is due to take place in December to decide whether the SNP Government have to disclose documentation relevant to the Salmond affair which they have so far kept secret.

    I think this is an appeal by them against a decision by the FOI Commissioner ordering them to publish it.

    Until all the facts are known (including the legal disclosure of the identities of Salmond’s accusers), this persecution of Alex Salmond and the conspiracy to have him jailed will continue to taint the perception of Scotland’s ability to conduct itself in a fair, legal, and transparent way.

    It is a stain which simply cannot be washed away. It will remain and be brought up for ever unless and until the travesty is put right by full disclosure of who was in it, who was behind it, and what the purpose of it was.

    If Scotland cannot get this issue sorted what hope is there of people having any confidence that it is capable of running a fair independent country?

    The SNP have managed for too long to keep the lid on this sordid affair. The public need to see them for what they are really like
    in the dirty tricks department before continually voting for them in a state of ignorance.

  61. Captain Yossarian says:

    Merganser – All agreed on that. Coincidentally, Branchform is due to report on or around December, too. Ministers have private sector lawyers covering their backs and it’s about time that fandango was ended. Lawyers are paid to protect the public, not to protect Ministers from the public.

  62. George Ferguson says:

    @Meganser 8:20pm
    I thought Stu put this post up as a comedy piece. However we seem to be in serious mode. So let me respond. The available evidence shows the Judiciary are not Independent of the Scottish Government. If they were, juryless trials in rape cases wouldn’t proceed because that needs Public Consent. The Scottish Information Commissioner as already been successful in flushing out whether the SNP Government claim of being able to hold a Referendum at any time was false. But now we are talking about criminality of actions taking by the Scottish Government and their World Class Human Resource procedure. I am not holding my breath on that issue. An Independent adjudicator failed to find any wrongdoing. Operation Branchform is 50/50 in not finding PF standard evidence. We as a people have constantly underestimated the deviousness of the SNP.

  63. Beauvais says:

    The 19th is not the October date that should make us think of Sturgeon. That should be October 31st.

    That’s when weans dress up as pirates and ghouls and run riot in parties. Since Sturgeon is both a big wean and a ghoulish pirate who ran riot in her party… then it’s October 31st!

  64. Merganser says:

    George Ferguson @ 9.01 says ‘an independent adjudication failed to find any wrongdoing’

    Everything has been a failure so far in connection with investigating this affair.

    What we need is for all the facts to be made public so those not in the know can make their own judgement. I believe this will happen, but it needs to happen quickly to expose the wrongdoers and let Scotland move on.

    Until then, it will be a millstone arounds Scotlands neck, and hold us back from demonstrating our fitness to run our own affairs.

  65. George Ferguson says:

    @Merganser 9:30pm
    You are speaking to the already converted. I merely offer the real politik and based on past events. But I do have information inside operation Branchform. Everybody blaming everybody else. Evidence shredded or behind a untraceable burner phone. Difficult for the Police and the Procurator Fiscal. In an ideal world this information would already be publicly available. But the wrongdoers won’t put their hands up. Criminality has occurred proving it is another matter. And remember Kirsty Wark et al response soon after the Salmond criminal verdict? Carry on with the narrative regardless of a innocent verdict.

  66. socratesmacsporran says:

    Which Tory is the more stupid – DRoss or Jackass?

    I ask after watching clips of their speeches at the Tory Conference. Yes, their claims that the SNP government is incompetent. We have to respect their views, after all, if there is a political party which knows all about political incompetence, it is the Conservative and Unionist Party.

    However, they cannot claim the SNP is more-incompetent than they are themselves. So, instead, they again play the Independence card.

    It has clearly bypassed both DRoss and Jackass, the SNP never mentions Independence, indeed, the only parties which ever raise that subject are the Unionist ones.

    And still, Scotland remains the last colony of England.

  67. President Xiden says:

    Imagine someone , in the law, got a BBC programme made about them and it turned out that their evidence which they gave in a Scottish court a number of years back in a careless driving case was thrown out by the judge due to it being unreliable and not believable. Thankfully that could not happen in real life. Clownworld.

  68. Confused says:

    as a bit of political theatre would it not be grate to have a mass march on oct 19 down to holyrood where everyone can “ceremonially”


    and the punchline is : we lose again because 6M postal ballots were counted (then destroyed for security reasons) in an raf hangar at high wycombe

    this announcment is made by someone wearing a RUTH DAVIDSON costume

    in other news, exclusive sources tell me the orca, basking sharks and common seals of EX REGIO are forming their own secession movement, say they don’t feel scottish and want closer links with the sargasso sea and davy jones locker

  69. SNP Corruption:

    It is well know that the SNP HQ has been destroying potential evidence for the current police enquiry for several years. Named individuals have been involved and copies of certain material can be found elsewhere.

    Why not extend that to the current Scottish Government where the same mentality exists?

  70. Effijy says:

    This garbage by DRoss at the Tory Party conference going to level up Scottish Cities.

    Is that an admission that Scottish Cities have never had their share due to London and South East continually filling their pockets with our revenues.

    Now if money is to go to areas such as Greenock to revive the high street to make it more shopper friendly how is he going to give the money to the people who might open shops their and to the people who would shop more if they had the money.

    People who live in cold damp houses that have to miss meals due to poverty created by 14 years of Tory Rule that they never voted for can go shopping for extras even if the shops were gold plated and wrapped in pink bows.

  71. A Scot Abroad says:

    Meanwhile, as always, it’s always bonkers BTL at WoS, all sorts going off on their pet theories, and nobody making any real sense.

    And nobody political going off on any actual Indy action.

    All good. This Indy thing seems to be just a chattering club, without real purpose.

  72. stuart mctavish says:

    Dave Hannah @ 4:53pm

    If the organisation is indeed a CIA front Kate can put the opportunity to excellent use and interrogate them over Gina Haspell’s involvement (or not) in the shenanigans relating to our former business ambassador’s most recent presidential election.

    Given concerns about trident’s role in the highlands/ donbas, she’ll also do well to discover who they think Macron was talking about when he announced the brain death of NATO and what issues they might have with Robin MacAlpine’s rather promising 10 year plan in event they get cold feet, or lose faith, in Humza’s most seats/ UDI alternative.

  73. Dorothy Devine says:

    I detest the loathsome shower – so busy destroying Scotland.

    I think a mass demonstration at Holyrood is an excellent idea.

    I would wish that the blindfolds are removed from the police and the judiciary so that charges can be made.

  74. Dorothy Devine says:

    It seems that this ‘indy thing is just chattering with no real purpose’ – yet your sneering interest diminishes not one jot.

  75. Luigi says:

    I see NewCo have sacked yet another manager. What a shambles.

  76. TURABDIN says:

    Scotland & England a hell of a bad union..
    suppression, abuse, depopulation and asset stripping.
    Open and shut «case».

  77. Old John says:

    Peter Murrell will be charged.
    Colin Beattie will be charged.
    Nicola Sturgeon will not be charged.

    You heard it here first.

  78. holymacmoses says:

    When people realise that the price of freedom, democracy, humanity and progress cannot be bought with a packet of crisps and a coke; then, and only then, will America cease to control 9/10th of the Governments on this planet

  79. Alf Baird says:

    stuart mctavish @ 7:33 am

    “Robin MacAlpine’s rather promising 10 year plan”

    Scotland does not have another 10 years to waste. And a proper strategic plan needs a strategic environmental analysis, which this one doesn’t have.

    Here’s an astute analysis of Robin’s ‘plan’:

  80. Den says:

    That Peter Bell hit piece on Robin McAlpine absolutely reeks of “not invented here” syndrome

  81. Republicofscotland says:

    Alf @9.28am.

    Correct Alf we don’t have another decade to waste, we’ve got this coming 2026 elections, and possibly the 2031 to get it right, I fear after that Holyrood will be no more than a Stormontised talking shop.

  82. sarah says:

    @ DEn: I haven’t read the Peter A Bell piece but reading Robin’s I was very disappointed. So many of his articles have been spot on but I think this one isn’t his best, by a long way. It isn’t focussed enough and as Alf Baird says, we haven’t got 10 years to wait.

    If we had politicians with strength of principle, purpose and intelligence, we could be on the move out of the Union now. But we haven’t.

    However something could be done immediately by the 9 who supported Fergus Ewing – if they resigned the whip at Holyrood it would make life very interesting indeed.

  83. Bortwhiskels says:

    Sarah @ 10:40
    I have wondered the same thing, the SNP have bent over backwards to accommodate just 7 MSPs, how much support has that lost the SNP, how much public confidence and public money has it cost the Scottish Gov?
    Surely among the 64 there’s a significant enough number of SNP MSPs who object to all that to nullify the Greens’support by leaving the party, and as you say, that would be very interesting.

  84. Jack murphy says:

    Testing, testing.

  85. fruitella the hun says:

    “First, assemble a network of around 150,000 activists…”

    A tall order for sure. But that represents only one in thirteen of the voters required to support independence, either in an election/referendum or the polls, or some bootstrapped manifestation of Scottish sovereignty. Maybe not so tall if the campaigners are really serious about the objective. I think it’s a gauntlet to the splintered “movement”.

    That many barefoot activists would dilute the marxists to homeopathic strength. It’s not the way they do things. Of course Commonweal’s strong marxist genetics might imagine some form of control over the activated. They do talk about feeding them.

    Rather than all selling each other constitutional miracle cleaners, they could usefully concentrate on building some of the structures an independent Scotland will need anyway, like local credit, building schemes (self build especially), energy production and food supply.

    Think I could join in with that, for what it’s worth, been waiting a long time.

  86. sarah says:

    @ Bortwhiskels: “Surely among the 64 there’s a sufficient number of SNP MSPs who object..”

    One would have thought so but they’ve sat through the criminal conspiracy against Alex Salmond, the repeated postponement of action on independence, the smothering of any debate on any topic including Plan B, the strange disappearance of £600,000.

    Reading that paragraph I am losing any hope at all that any of them will ever do anything at all for Scotland.

  87. TURABDIN says:

    In a fast changing world Scotland cannot afford to just tread water until 2026.
    Something seismic must happen or be engineered well before then.
    The wasted Sturgeon/Yousaf years should indicate that things need to speed up.
    I do not understand the wait and see mode of «action».
    Opportunities are made ad hoc.

  88. stuart mctavish says:

    @Alf Baird

    Adttedly I’ve only read the preamble

    And the summary in the National

    but that already means I’ve seen more of it than I have of ANY SNP plan to date (which alone tends to make it 1000s of times better from a personal perspective!)

    Impression I got was that not only did it poke the eyes of the binfire elephant* but the finished article would have key dates and targets replete with progress reviews and opportunity to make improvements along the way – just like the plans employees, subcontractors and other minority interests might hope to encounter on a smaller design & build projects like ferry boat & new nuclear installations (voracious legal interests notwithstanding)

    Accordingly I see it as being a compliment to Salvo’s work rather than anything that might detract from it – but fully understand the sense of urgency/ despair it might invoke (lucky for armchair supporters like miself, the next decade looking to be brilliant on the rugby/ football pitches regardless)

    * ie if this is (really) where we are (FFS 🙂 ) and that is (really) where we’re going, this would have been a good way to get where we wanted to be 10 years ago, and it remains a good way to get there now (all things considered)

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