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Murphy’s law

Posted on January 25, 2014 by

38 to “Murphy’s law”

  1. The Man in the Jar says:

    Reminds me of the song “Stuck in the middle” when used in Reservoir dogs (torture scene). “Clowns to the left of Me. Jokers to my right “

  2. Lou Nisbet says:

    MWAO – Murphy Was An Optimist

  3. Here’s the Daily Hate Cybernat expose in full. I’ve spent 69p so you don’t have to.

    Cybernats continue to perform valuable public service

  4. Rev. Stuart Campbell says:

    I’d already retrieved the text without giving them a penny, Roddy. But cheers anyway.

  5. It’s more the formatting that’s the pain in the jacksie! It means you really have to read the tosh in slow time. Anyhoo you’ve certainly earned a free Proud Cybernat badge. Hopefully they’ll arrive next week. E-mail me your address if you want one. No cybersex required, Oh worshipful master! ;o)

  6. Ken500 says:

    What are they going to do put all Pro Indepence tweeters in jail in the rest of the UK. Good luck with that one Murphy. They haven’t even paid off any of the deficit, in fact by all reports it us getting higher. Now £100Billion+ more gets spent in the rest of the UK. While Scotland pays off the debt. (Pro rata £10Billion). £7Billion has been taken from hardworking people in Scotland. £4Billion in loan repayments (Scotland didn’t borrow or spend) + £3Billion+ Scotland’s share of the Roal Mail sell off) Along with the rest. Not a penny has been paid off the Deficit. Westminster is spending £700Billion+ Westminster, elected to protect Education and the NHS, is trying to privatise them both.

    The anti Independnce tweeters are the worse. Illegal door stopping DM ‘reporters’. Leveson verdict had the solution for them. Why are the recommend not being implement? The right wing tax evading Press above the Law.

  7. Pedro says:

    Would the Mail rate the term ‘Union Jock’ (a Scots person planning to vote No, or a non Scotland dwelling Scot who by means of untruths, distortions and fear would look to encourage others to vote No) offensive?

  8. Ken500 says:

    The DM circulation 1.5million. (pop 62million). An extremely unpopular publication. Along with the Sun and most of the MSM. Boycott the lot.

  9. Rod, what’s yir email address? Yie better put it on Quarantine, yie know whit he’s like on a Saturday.

  10. Indy_Scot says:

    Excellect cartoon. Sums up the situation perfectly. You can almost hear Murphy’s voice when you read it.

  11. kininvie says:

    The Mail’s journalism (sic) deconstructed and discredited:

    A good find McV

  12. Jim Murphy is clearly afraid of good old honest debate, he’s scared of independent thinkers like me, give our 2 pence worth & disagreeing with his Tory masters opinion.

  13. panda paws says:

    Thanks Logic for posting that. My favourite bit is “Campbell who lives in Bath, Somerset (with his pet rats)” like that is somehow relevant to internet abuse. I know rats are supposed to be intelligent but I venture a guess they don’t have an ECDL yet.

    As for “it is the cybernats who shout the loud­est and of­fend the most.” Actually no it isn’t. Academic research presented to Westminster Select Committee demonstrated it was the unionist side that was most offensive. Still facts and the Mail, two ships that never meet.

  14. G. Campbell says:


    A brief history of Alan Roden’s Scottish years, via Google.

    Alan P Roden in Edinburgh, EH**
    Age Guide: 31-35

    People who were on the Electoral Roll at the same address in the same year(s):

    Alanna M Notman in Edinburgh, EH**
    Age Guide: 31-35

    Give us a kiss and I’ll get your name in the papers, luv.

    Published 22/01/2007
    Source: Alan Roden, City Council Reporter, Evening News

    Parking mad: 10,000 passes for 7800 bays

    CITY leaders are facing growing demands to free up extra parking space for residents who say they are being squeezed out of their own streets.

    Finance worker Alanna Notman, 26, moved from Newington to Liberton, partly because of parking problems in the south of the city.

    “I had a zone three pass, but there were only eight residential parking spaces on Buccleuch Terrace, where I lived,” she said. “With 40 individual flats on the street, it was hopeless finding a space.

    “I couldn’t park on the streets in Sciennes, because that was zone seven, even though it was just a few minutes’ walk away. I felt it was a scam paying 80 a year for something I could rarely use – it’s blatant robbery.”

  15. G. Campbell says:

    Fringe acts facing ban over muddy Meadows

    Published Date: 17 May 2008
    By Alan Roden

    Are there too many big top events in the Meadows?

    Alanna Notman, 28, financial administrator, the Inch: “No, the Meadows are here for everyone in the city, not just local residents. And anyone complaining about noise should have thought of that before they moved to the area.

    Source: Edinburgh Evening News

  16. G. Campbell says:

    Heritage trust tries to show how hotel will spoil skyline
    Evening News, 11 Jun 2008
    Alan Roden, City Council Reporter

    Alanna Notman, 28, financial administrator, The Inch: “There can be some truly awful modern designs, but this isn’t one of them. The hotel looks fantastic and would be a great addition.”

    Heritage groups rail against plans to demolish Haymarket
    Evening News, 19/05/2007

    Alanna Notman, 27, financial administrator: “The one that stands out is the option to demolish Haymarket, but for all the wrong reasons. It is huge and far too overbearing for the space, it’s hardly an improvement on what is there already.”

    Parking zone starts to spread
    Evening News, 26/08/2005

    Alanna Notman, 25, financial administrator: “It’s absolutely scandalous that people have to pay to park outside their own homes in this city. The council is just raking in millions from law-abiding people who only want to leave their cars outside.”

    Alan Roden, the Edinburgh Evening News years: July 2004 – October 2008

  17. G. Campbell says:

    Published in the Scotsman Publications on 28th September 2009

    Happy 30th Birthday
    Alan Roden
    Love Alanna xx

    I think I prefer Yorkshire schoolboy Alan to Scottish Daily Mail Alan. What a little sweetie he was. WTF happened?

  18. G. Campbell says:

    Penniless, Unionist and angry: Alan Roden threatens piper

    Who is left to fly the flag for Scotland?
    Published: 20 December 2009

    Alanna Notman was looking forward to her last Christmas as a single woman. With her summer wedding booked and paid for, the financial administrator from Edinburgh was hoping for a peaceful and relaxing time with her fiance, Alan.

    With the collapse last week of FlyGlobespan, Scotland’s biggest airline, their plans are now in chaos. They had booked their honeymoon through the company: now they are without a holiday and are hundreds of pounds out of pocket. “I was devastated when I heard the news,” said the 29-year-old. “We are on a tight budget.

    “It means we’ll have to make some cutbacks. Perhaps we’ll have to buy cheaper flowers, do away with the piper or live band, or spend less on bridesmaid dresses.

    “Just days before Christmas, it’s really upsetting to be making these kinds of changes to my dream day. We’re both distraught – and angry as well.”

    Angry? Alan? You do surprise me. And complaining about cutbacks, too. How on earth did he ever pass the Daily Mail entrance exam?

  19. G. Campbell says:

    The bloated face of pissed-up Unionism

    Alan’s favourite things are Better Together, alcopops, Chris Moyles, Andrew Lloyd Webber musicals containing beards, and women with names as similar to his as possible.

  20. Haha – I see Roden is listed as being at the same address in the Inch at the same time. I may well have put a Yes Scotland newspaper through their letterbox last Sunday.

  21. richard says:

    remind me again of Stu’s ‘circulation’ figures. this paper makes money from advertisers who buy a profile. the Roden guy is a labour supporter (possibly card carrying). Cybernattery represents a threat to the old world order and the Labour party hegemony.

    smell the fear

    ‘then they come to fight you’

    the campaign by the paper is, in itself, a form of trolling.

    don’t feed the troll

  22. Looks like he may have an unconventional time in the boudoir gymnastics department as well

    @victoriabeckham defo Bradley Cooper. I love these books #fiftyshadesofgray.— Alanna Roden (@AlannaRoden) June 19, 2012

  23. Papadocx says:

    The politicians want and need the Press and media to spread their propaganda and misinformation and bad mouth, discredit their opponents and muddy the waters if the truth gets to close to the surface.

    The MSM can then rake their nasty personal muck and declare its in the public interest and their profit line. The politicians cover their back because they need each other.

    No harm in that, just truth, fairness, honesty, and justice are determined by the politicians and editors and their prejudices & and pockets.

  24. Croompenstein says:

    I totally agree with Jim’s high time something was done about these cyberbrits and their online abuse, especially the abuse towards our duly elected First Minister.

  25. jingly jangly says:

    They are getting desperate, were winning!!!

    Now that Labour are saying they are going to put into law that they have to reduce the deficit to zero by 2020 excluding “investment spending”

    The Con-Dems are reporting the current deficit as around 80 billion per year, but that’s only due to sale of 4g licences and Royal Mail pensions (28 billion) bizarrely being included as income despite a 10 billion shortfall. So even including sale of Lloyds and RBS which would take in about 30bn they still will have around 80 – 100 billion to cut mainly from public services in the term of one parliament.

    Excluding so called investment spending which are things like PFI that is still a lot of money to be cut in one UK Parliament term, they had a bit of growth due to the property bubble they started in the south east, whether International Investors see London as a good property buy post YES is debatable.

    I think the international markets are getting a bit nervous regarding the rUK’s ability to pay its rising debt post YES and these announcements are a signal to the markets that they are serious about reducing the deficit. How they are going to pay off the over 1.4 trillion debt is another story.

    If its a NO vote, it doesn’t matter which party leads the Scottish Government , there will be massive cuts in public spending leading to part privatisation of NHS Scotland, end of free prescriptions, end of free bus travel for elderly and infirm, end of free personal care, end of free university education etc.

    We have to get over to the people the consequences of a NO vote!!!

  26. Murray McCallum says:

    “Campbell lives in Bath, Somerset (with his pet rats), which means he cannot even vote in the independence referendum.”

    Top notch investigative journalism from the Mail there. Who knew?

    More importantly, I didn’t know that caring for small furry rodents excluded you from voting in the referendum. Scottish independence just became an animal welfare issue.

    Can’t wait for the Wings fundraiser.

  27. GrahamB says:

    As ever there’s a fine piece on Derek Bateman’s No. 2 blog at

  28. david says:

    just been reading about this blogs vile comments towards our right honorable members and fellow dependance supporters. im now sending a donation to this blog and hope it keeps up its good work.

  29. Dal Riata says:

    @ G.Campbell

    Thanks for those insights into the ‘doings’ of the despicable A. Roden(t) (the ‘t’ is silent), the (Scottish) Daily Mail’s Better Together Project Fear Goebbels’-like Propagandist-in-Chief.

    Since the SNP won the right to govern, and especially from the announcement of the referendum, the Mail’s Propagandist-in-Chief has made a mockery of the journalistic code of ethics. When it comes to Scotland, the upcoming referendum, the SNP, Alex Salmond, etc. the professional journalist’s standards that should be respected – such as truthfulness, accuracy, objectivity, impartiality, fairness and public accountability – have been rendered obsolete, to be replaced by dishonesty, inaccuracy, bias, partiality, misinformation, unfairness and non-public accountability.

    The Leveson Inquiry… remember that?… What was the point again?

  30. Bugger (the Panda) says:

    Murphy is the reincarnation of Nesferatu.

    Short trailer of 1 minute

    Frightening, but not as much as the real Murphy.

  31. liz says:

    Don’t know if folk are aware that Jim Murphy has the dubious distinction of being the only non MP – that I’m aware of – to have an early day motion – 991 – passed against him in parliament for intolerant and dictatorial behaviour of fellow NUS members when he was head of the NUS at Leeds Uni.


    Don’t know how to post live links on the new format – where’s the wee paperclip thing?

  32. liz says:

    OK sorry it does it automatically.

  33. Seanair says:

    These cybernats get everywhere! I’ve just found a clue in today’s Herald crossword—-“…& Murphy junk coated with excrement”.
    Obviously this is an attack on oor Jim, cunningly camouflaged by its presence in a Unionist paper.
    Have not managed to decode the message yet, But “Murphy” and “excrement” in same sentence must mean it’s Alex Salmond’s work.

  34. Norrie says:

    Fantastic toon hits the nail right on the head.

  35. Murray McCallum says:

    To be fair, it was nice of Jim to pose for that drawing by Chris.

    A powerful portrayal of the man.

  36. mogabee says:

    Excellent Chris, you seem to have the measure of the man!

    Jim Murphy…more to be pitied than laughed at.

  37. Luigi says:

    This is a sinister development. By “naming and shaming” this way, there is almost an invitation for every union jack waving retard to do something about these evil cybernats. Almost, but not quite – deniable of course but the suggestion is there to those with serious brain wiring abnormalities. The message taken will be that ordinary people who use computers to promote Scottish independence are threatening the union and are therefore fair game.

    It is interesting that the Mail’s attacks come on the heels of Jim Murphy’s attempts to silence supporters of independence. Amazing coincidence, you could almost believe it was coordinated!

  38. ronnie anderson says:

    @Luigi,1.29, ah hiv brain abnormalities,but mine must be the Adorable kind,ahwiz jist promoted, tae the Rear end Admiral of Vice yesterday,by the Cybernautical squad,sorry ah meant Rear Admiral,but ah hud tae turn it doon in the End.So dont lump me in wie the ither lot,or a,ll be roon chapid yer door(whit,s yer address) lol.

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