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More crowdfunding required

Posted on April 30, 2014 by

Can we please buy the Telegraph a new picture to depict “Scottish people”?


In fairness, they mix it up with slight variants sometimes too.


We assume they must have misplaced that Braveheart shot with the spears.

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  1. 30 04 14 19:08

    More crowdfunding required | FreeScotland

86 to “More crowdfunding required”

  1. haud on the noo says:

    Simon (vomit) Huffer….odious turd of a man.

  2. CameronB says:

    Will you accept a picture of my arse, if I paint a Saltire on it? 🙂

  3. Gizzit says:

    I’d much rather crowdfund for some high profile defamation and libel lawsuits.

    The closer the referendum gets, the more frantic and ill-considered the Unionist response becomes.

    It could be fun (and profit) for all – with “shares” in the settlement being the reward/dividend for the funders.

  4. GrahamM says:

    Or that boy from the Yes March. taps aff!

  5. Bugger (the Panda) says:


    How would we know it was your erse though?

    Smiley face thingy

  6. Bugger (the Panda) says:

    Where do I get a list of these bleedin buggers?

  7. Greannach says:

    The Telegraph – as imaginative as ever! Does anybody buy it in this country apart from that nutty General Commanding Galloway Home Guard who made a fool of himself a few weeks ago?

  8. Doug Daniel says:

    Pretty much just writing the same article every time, too.

  9. Jimsie says:

    How about my picture here. They treat us like monkeys anyway.By the way ,this flatters me,I am much uglier than this,when it rains I get puddles on my face.

  10. ronnie anderson says:

    Rev am gittin pissed aff hivin tae Sign In every 5 mins

    whits up with the site.

  11. Rev. Stuart Campbell says:

    “Pretty much just writing the same article every time, too.”

    Pics 3 and 5 have the same captions.

  12. Steve B says:

    So Stu – that wasn’t how you got dressed up to go to yesterday’s UKIP meeting? 🙂

  13. heedtracker says:

    We all have Scotland flags painted on our faces and EU flags on our backsides, according the twerps that hired the twerps that think we’re all Scottish morons

  14. X_Sticks says:

    CameronB says:
    “Will you accept a picture of my arse, if I paint a Saltire on it?”

    I’m not sure you’d need the Saltire Cameron! 😉

  15. kendomacaroonbar says:

    Ah tell you what rattles my cage !

    Any Scottish football game on national TV is invariably topped and tailed with jockrock music.

    I’ve yet to hear an English premiership game start with pearly King & Queen Cockney Rock.

    Disgruntled of Helensburgh 🙁

  16. Davy says:

    Just shows the depth of talent and inovation the Torygraph has.

    PS. I bet the second person in the background is getting pissed off always being out of focus.

  17. gordoz says:

    Yeah accuracy is the thing – we all dress like this every day. I wonder what ‘Jonnie foreigner’ feels wakward when visiting UK to see such shite in the press (repeatedly)

    Pretty much how the British press has depicted the Irish people until recently, (just with ‘little people’ hats & ginger beards). No offence meant… really we love you scotch folks!

  18. CameronB says:

    Have we met? 😉

  19. Peter Macbeastie says:

    Aye, we’re all in Jimmy hats wi fake red hair and Saltire painted faces in Telegraph land.


    Some of us don’t need fake ginger hair.


  20. gordoz says:


    Calm down man – you’ve got way enough on yer plate wi’ that Jackie Baillie down your way.

    Bet she rattles yer cage more !

  21. goldenayr says:

    Could be worse,they could show a picture of Neanderthals.

    Would be in line with their thinking of anyone not daft enough to live in London and just own a Highland estate so they can claim “Scottishness”[whatever that is].

  22. Bugger (the Panda) says:

    @ Gordoz

    Bet she rattles yer cage more !

    The Earth moves.

  23. TheItalianJob says:


    I’ve been opening up Telegraph sites for the past few weeks, and when I saw this picture I’ve been thinking I’ve already read this. So in effect I’ve not read them thinking it was an article I’ve already viewed. Hadn’t noticed they used the same photo each time.

  24. Alfresco Dent says:

    I think you’ll all find that casual racism is a Union dividend. Don’t we all feel special.

    If we genuinely were considered valued by the English wouldn’t they bend over backwards to try to appease our rancour?

  25. goldenayr says:


    Gie it a brek!

    I’m still digesting breakfast.Any thought of Baillie is liable to gie me the boak,especially thoughts of an intimate nature.

  26. yerkitbreeks says:

    Actually, it’s rather a good piccie – it’s just overused and the DT doesn’t realise it has a different effect on us in ” North Britain “

  27. a supporter says:

    Gizzit says at 10:47am

    “I’d much rather crowdfund for some high profile defamation and libel lawsuits.It could be fun (and profit) for all – with “shares” in the settlement being the reward/dividend for the funders.”

    I’m for THAT.

  28. ronnie anderson says:

    @ TheItalianJob, you must have been wan of JoLo,s pupils,

    pay attention at the back of the class.nae winky thingy,s

  29. goldenayr says:

    ronnie Anderson

    That’s why you sit at the back of the class isn’t it?

    To do winky thingys?

  30. goldenayr says:

    Anyhoos,time to go.Hae fun Nit bashing[unioNit that is]

  31. Billy Manson says:

    What are you lot talking about? That is my wedding photograph, my engagement photograph, my graduation, my birthday and my wife’s birthday…

  32. bunter says:


    Salmond interviewed on launch of Euro election campaign by James Cook on news 24 and of course Putin was brought up. Good response and interview and salmond made the point that his comments followed the Sochi Olympics which restored Russian pride and that there was criticism too in what he said was a fair and balanced comment. No apology and quite right.

  33. ronnie anderson says:

    Jim Murphy on Daily politics.

  34. Dave says:

    OT, but if you want to wind up the enemy within, then go to this page

    Scroll down to the bottom of the page, click on ‘Is there anything wrong with this page?’ and set them right.

  35. ronnie anderson says:

    @goldenayr, do you want tae borrow ma boney comb
    tight tyne,s catches a lot mair Nits.

  36. TheItalianJob says:

    @ronnie anderson

    That’s why I was aye getting telt, by the teacher’s, I widnae amount to now’t in this world.

    PS I was a bit of a joker in the classroom. When asked what career I would like to pursue, I replied “Manager o’ Inter Milan sir”. Needless to say I got nowhere near that one considering I wasn’t that good at football anyway.

  37. misteralz says:

    Dave, you mean something like:

    What were you doing?

    Attempting to find good information on the Independence referendum.

    What went wrong?

    I clicked on a link that brought me here.


  38. Bugger (the Panda) says:


    Thanks Gerry, the problem was that I use a Mac but there is aback door

    for any other Mac user on Mavericks OS

    control command and space all togther opens the new emuji thingies


  39. Bugger (the Panda) says:

    or no it doesn’t

    OK in preview window but on post it give question marks


  40. seoc says:

    Their wee crystal ball needs a new battery. A better solution for them is for Scotland to run UK PLC for the next 300 years, but the embarrassment of it showing an annual profit is more than they could stomach.
    Probably best we just run oor ain place.

  41. gerry parker says:

    @bugger, thanks for that Jim, I use a Mac too, that was a helpful hint.


  42. Robert Peffers says:

    Here’s a photo of a Scottish resident they already have in their archives.

  43. Les Wilson says:

    Gizzit says:

    Crowd fund a lawsuit, hmm,I really do like that idea, probably the BBC where there is plenty evidence.However, it would cost a fortune as they have all that lovely Westminster cash behind them,there are very many possible targets though!

  44. iheartscotland says:

    @Billy Manson,
    Ummm….which one is you? 🙂

  45. TheItalianJob says:



  46. Robert Peffers says:

    @ gordoz: Re Jackie Baillie, “Bet she rattles yer cage more”.

    When Jackie walks by she rattles the houses never mind the cages.

  47. ronnie anderson says:

    Oh goody goody the launch of the English Democratic Party.

  48. Pat says:

    It’s a fine photo. As the picture’s from Getty the photographer will be making a few bob everytime it’s used.

  49. Gizzit says:

    @Les Wilson

    I was thinking more about specific individual politicians, apparatchiks and journalists, who use Twitter and other social media to make unfounded allegations.

    Institutions and newspapers are less likely to veer away from the limits of what is legally permissible.

    I’ve seen a few belters on Twitter recently though – even from people who really should know better. Even subsequent deletion cannot “unsay” it, and its beyond time that some learned that lesson.

  50. Greannach says:

    @Dave (11.34)

    Great idea. Just visited the site and entered the following:
    1. Trying to get coherent information on the benefits of the union.
    2. There is only a collection of tired, disproven propaganda available.

  51. Papadox says:

    Trust the Telegraph, why do they only publish photos of proud pseudo middle class Scots. Why not the plebs?

  52. iheartscotland says:

    It does show who their readership is though. They simply don’t care about Scots folk, or what we think.

  53. TheItalianJob says:

    O/T Headline in the Courier

    “SNP election film sparks EU content row”

    “More than two dozen complaints have been made to Ofcom about an SNP broadcast for the European elections, which failed to mention Europe or the EU.

    Notes of concern to the broadcasting regulator about the short film, which focused entirely on the independence referendum, included claims it broke guidelines and was “racist”.

    Scottish Liberal Democrat MEP George Lyon slammed the party for the video, although the SNP hit back by branding him “desperate”.”

  54. Les Wilson says:

    Gizzit says:

    Yes, my thoughts were going that way too! That would start the pot rolling!

  55. Helena Brown says:

    Now just been up to the garage, where we picked up a brochure of the new Aygo, just said to OH that we could get a nice blue one and put the white in the front to make it look like a Satire cause they are showing one with what looks like the flag of St.George on it. Strange the coincidences.
    Now where did I put the blue eye shadow?
    We are the racists, are we.

  56. The Rough Bounds says:

    See they Yes folk, they’re cheatin’. They’re no lettin us win.

  57. rab_the_doubter says:

    Imagine if for every story they printed about Africa they showed a picture of someone with a Grass skirt and necklace made of crocodile teeth.
    This is racism pure and simple and the sooner they get the message the better.

  58. Meindevon says:

    These photos make me mad! Enforcing the ‘ we all watch Braveheart a least once a week’ stereotype.

    The Daily Wail has one in a similar vein, the guy that looks like the Incredible McHulk, snarling at the camera….every single article remotely linked to Scotland and out it comes. On the bright side lets hope the folks in the photos get the royalties from them!

    O/T just been told by a local taxi driver here in the lovely SW that it will be a disaster for Scotland if they vote yes because they won’t be able to use the pound in any way shape or form,the banks will ALL up and move to England, Faslane will close losing thousands of jobs when it moves to Plymouth,…oh and we will have to use the Euro. I tried to respond but he just looked at me kind of blankly, as if to say haven’t you read the Daily mail then? Thank god it was only a ten minute journey, any longer and I think I might have thrown myself out the car!

  59. Boorach says:

    @ Dave

    I went with:
    1. Looking for factual information
    2. Found myself in the fiction section

  60. Dave McEwan Hill says:

    Robert Peffers at 11.53

    Jackie Baillie is a hugely unattractive and overweight political figure with a record of inaccurate pronouncements in a plummy south of England accent but I think its a bit off to allude to these characteristics even in jest.

  61. rab_the_doubter says:


    Just left the UK Gov site a message about ‘what went wrong’:
    ‘It seems that the UK Government thingk its ok to spend my taxes on propaganda attacking Scottish interests.’

  62. Grouse Beater says:

    I’ve been called a “bare-arsed Glaswegian thug” to my face, but then I’m an Edinburgh man, and he was an ex-Nazi party German now a wealthy investor. No offence was taken.

    (Wonder where he got his money?)

    My grandfather said the Scots were generally regarded by English toffs as bare-arsed savages, an epithet that must have been handed down generation after generation.

    Strange how people overlook the poetry and music.

    And the Enlightenment.

    Anyway, I want to make it plain I think Braveheart an excellent film, with the reservation the first twenty minutes are more BBC Schools standard. Maybe that makes me a lover of non-educated bare-arsed savages.

  63. natfisher says:

    “Patrick Mercer, the former Tory MP, has quit his Westminster seat after facing imminent suspension from the House of Commons over CASH-for-­QUESTIONS allegations.”

    Why is this UK MP not in jail for corruption and deceit.

    ps. Our poor and weak persecuted by state agencies daily.
    UK judges jail our granny’s for not having TV licence!
    Crown Prosecutors pursue benefit cheats for smallest fraud.

  64. ronnie anderson says:

    @Rab_the_doupter, wur you reading ma comments before you

    submitted yer ain,thats what I put wasting Scottish

    Taxpayer money.

  65. Grouse Beater says:

    I hear B&Q and Homebase are stocking up with one gallon tins of Pictish Wode Blue in preparation of a Yes vote, although I think the maker is calling it, “Celtic Dawn Blue” so’s not to offend anybody whilst attracting the greatest number of sales.

  66. Breeks says:

    Bloody Scots. They all look the same to me.

  67. Jill P says:

    I commented that it was as truthful as a Grimms Fairy Tale and their facts are opinions.

    In another comment I said I was sure those who need the help of food banks will be reassured that we have a strong military force while their children go hungry.

  68. Roll_On_2014 says:

    I noticed the sub-heading on the first/top picture:

    Scottish secession will result in between 20,000 and 40,000 jobs moving to England. This reminded of an image I picked up recently on facebook.

  69. liz says:

    @Meindevon – did you mean SW of England?

  70. Appleby says:

    Journalism is looking like an easy job these days.

  71. Appleby says:

    Well….I mean MSM journalism. 😉

  72. Rev. Stuart Campbell says:

    “A bit unfair, they also use this one too!”

    At least twice, with the same caption both times. Edited in 🙂

  73. Steve Bowers says:

    I wish we could comment on comments here Stu, or thumbs up, comment of the day so far has to go to Breeks for “Bloody Scots, they all look the same to me ”

    I’ve got a wee mate who’s Chinese, when he comes down for stuff I love to open the door and just look at him for a moment before saying, “sorry mate but you Chinese all look the same” at this point he usually tell me to fuck off and then we go fishing.

  74. fergie35 says:

    When I was in China and asked what my nationality was, I got the reply; ah, drinking, fighting and wearing as Skirt!
    I had to tell him if you call it a skirt you get Kilt!

    There has been a long unionist / Brit mentality that Scots are clowns, cartoon characters, short bread tins and general belittlement has always been a favourite.
    One laddie at the work started a thing on Fizzogg buche asking will Scotland use the Neep or Tattie as a currency?, he was promptly told, amongst other things, to cut out the Scottish cringe factor and take his nukes down to Portsmouth.

  75. scottish_skier says:

    You mean I’m alone in dressing like this every day?

    I feel slightly awkward now.

  76. Zen Broon says:

    More than lazy editing. There is an ongoing attempt to characterise the Scots as a simple, easily-led almost tribal people, driven not by intellect but by the visceral emotions of hatred and ethnicity, all stirred up by an evil dictatorship hellbent on personal glory. Thus Scots are both unworthy and laughably incapable of any real ‘independence’. The painted faces of the natives neatly encapsulates and reinforces this neocolonial attitude.

  77. Craig P says:

    Kendomacaroonbar. Jockrock? Frightened Rabbit? Chvrches? Fratellis? Sounds good to me!

  78. K Mackay says:

    scottish skier, you’re not alone, I was thinking the same thing 🙂

  79. Cath says:

    We had a Telegraph journalist and photographer following us leafletting today, and taking loads of pictures. Presumably the woad face paint will be photoshopped in later. They seemed nice enough, but dreading to see how they report our words.

  80. Michael McCabe says:

    @Dave (11.34) 1 I was looking for reasonable debate. 2 All I found was debatable reasoning

  81. Meindevon says:

    @ Liz. 2.25pm
    Yep, the sunny SW ( not too far from the Rev!).

    Where it peed down all day yesterday.

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