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Metal, water, whatever

Posted on May 12, 2014 by

For your licence fee today:

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    1. bunter says:

      Not sure if I have to head to Loch Ness or the North Sea for the games. Does it say on the tickets?

    2. Geoff Huijer says:

      Aye Stu close enough eh?

      Forth Bridge now an oil rig.

    3. JLT says:

      Funnily enough, Geoff, I thought that too. Hmmm …just like the Clyde, it seems the Forth also has oil underneath it. If that is the case, then the bridge is the oddest looking rig in the world …but hey, it’s also multi-functional as trains can be used on it too!

      The Scots …greatest engineers ever!

    4. Bugger (the Panda) says:

      Was that a Powerpoint practice exam for somebody doing an S Grade?

    5. Tattie-bogle says:

      it kinda looks like an oil rig.It’s a structure.I’ve had them at the door several times looking for a licence fee going by that clip i am surprised they know where i live.

    6. fairiefromtheearth says:

      I Dont pay the extortion fee, Had a couple of TV bawbags at the door last week, told them to fuck off as i dont recive a TV signal,i use a TV for my PS2 thats in my bedroom,they wanted to come in and check i was telling the truth,so i explained to them by LAW they are not allowed into any room other than thr LIVING room,which they werent happy with they still wanted to come into my bedroom,so they got fuck off bawbags go get the police they have not come back yet,but as ive said i dont have a didgi box so fuck off tv bawbags get the police and let the law prevail.

    7. Gizzit says:

      Perhaps the BBC bods have information that we don’t.

      Is the Forth coast hoaching with oil, as well as the Clyde coast? Enquiring minds demand answers.

    8. Look Skye Walker says:

      Aha! The truth is out. There is oil in the Forth.

    9. faolie says:

      How do you through ‘Mount’ Snowden? Someone built a tunnel then? Must have been these brilliant Scots railway bridge / oil rig engineers again.

    10. Juteman says:

      They are not allowed to enter your house, never mind your living room!

    11. Alex McArthur says:

      Don’t post here enough any more so my posted tweets on this:

      This sort of thing?

      Haven’t even read it yet but only in Scotland! Our press are typical of our representation! (Before I knew the post was a video)

      Urquhart Castle, pretty certain, isn’t one out of two good for the @BBC?

      Cankert Callan

    12. bjsalba says:

      Since they have got rid of most of the real journalists, the presenters no longer take responsibility for the veracity of what they say and they have filled the editing rooms with trainees, what else can you expect?

      Why are we expected to pay a licence fee for this shoddy sh***?

    13. heedtracker says:

      Corrupt, half arsed, boring and very very expensive.

    14. Macart says:

      Outstanding (slaps forehead).

      If they can’t be arsed to put together a puff filler graphic properly, why should we be arsed to pay attention to the yearly bill?

    15. caz-m says:

      Typical bad news day at BBC Scotland GMS pushing the Salmond/Putin story.
      They also still have the Weirs YES campaign donations in the news and economy in bad shape, according to last months figure.

      No mention of Alex Salmond speech in Inverurie today regarding Team Scotland meeting after the Referendum.

    16. Clootie says:

      It would probably take seconds to search for a site with thousands of photographs of oil platforms and drilling rigs. They have a pretty wide range on the BBC site alone.

      Why this crap – simple, they don’t give a shit!

    17. galamcennalath says:

      As we know, they think we’re stupid. So the plan after independence is to let us keep the Forth Bridge which they will tell us is our share of ‘the oil’.

    18. Nana Smith says:

      Superb piece over at Newsnet.Just a couple of paragraphs here

      There is one element of Scottish society that will require considerable searching of the soul and the forgiveness of a large section of Scottish society – our media, or rather the media for it is anything but ours.

      If any one group has been guilty of sowing the seeds of discontent it is those whose role it should be to inform and analyse. Journalists are the gatekeepers of democracy, without them corruption reigns, and lies become reality.

      To report and analyse without fear or favour is their role in society. They become the voice of the powerless against the powerful. They articulate the frustrations of all. They are meant to be us, in all our forms and they are meant to question on our behalf.

    19. Don says:

      East Coast trains

      Wings appears to be banned on their wifi service due to high band width issues???

      D mc

    20. Another Union Dividend says:

      There are substantial coal reserves under the Forth which can be turned into vast gas quantities and is forecast to be as profitable as North Sea Oil.

      The UK government has already issued exploration licences for this area.

      Cluff Natural Resources (Aim: CLNR) holds five licences to drill offshore in North Cumbria, Largo Bay (Fife), the Firth of Forth, Loughor Estuary (Wales) and Dee Estuary (Merseyside).

    21. caz-m says:

      Gary Robertson of GMS really grilled Douglas Alexander this morning. He slapped him all round the studio with his white feather.

      Alexander reminded us that the NO Campaign is 20 points ahead in the latest polls and that after a YES vote there will be No pound, No BBC etc… all unchallenged by Robertson, and this is Better Together not scaremongering.

      Project Fear, alive and kickin.

      Vote YES and get rid of this wee rodent Alexander for good.

    22. ronnie anderson says:

      Wee Duggie Alexander waxing his tonsils on the service

      of Reconsiliation, remind me please, Who chucked the 1st

      dod of shite Was it Lordy Foukes or a newspaper Hack,its

      watter aff a ducks back, build a brig an get er it,

      service of reconsiliation my Big Fat Arse, they throwed

      shite, We throwed it back but in bigger dods. Dont play

      anybody be fooled, this is the same game we’re playing

      when its rejected by the SG ah tears faw doon, they dont

      wunt ( JOLOs cry ) to be friends & they wun, sair wunners

      they Nationalist FO an thats no the Furrin offal office ah


    23. galamcennalath says:

      @Nana Smith

      Just read Ponsonby’s piece on Newsnet. Excellently damning assessment of the MSM.

      Everyone should read it.

    24. ronnie anderson says:

      And back on the campain trail Louse White recurgitation of

      the auld age Pensions.

    25. heedtracker says:

      On the one hand Decline of overseas students at England’s universities thanks to all new and exciting Faragian style anti immigration law and/but

      for balanced news, anti Scottish independence Severin Carrell of the Guardian says Glasgow is now Scotland’s capital city and Scotland is going to lose 46% foreign students, if you know what!

    26. heedtracker says: No Ray Cyst of the Beeb, no comment

      “Back in 2011, when the SSP (Scotch Splittist Party) won the election in Scotlandshire on a tiny minority of votes, I wrote in these pages that Cameron must not allow the Scotch to hold a referendum. The very idea of leaving the future of the entire UK – of my country – in their hands was always preposterous. Ludicrous.”

    27. Dan Watt says:

      “The Shetlands” – Enough to drive anyone from Shetland crazy.

      It’s “Shetland” For f**ks sakes, is it really so hard?!

    28. gordoz says:


      Damn it – you beat tme to it re GMS

    29. Edward says:

      Listened to the other son of the manse, the wee weasel Douglas Alexander spouting his guff on reconciliation after the referendum, but there was no mistake of the direction he was going, ending off inferring that the No campaign will win.

      Gary Robertson made a half hearted attempt at balance and tried to ask what Labour would do in the event of a Yes vote. Alexander continued unabated spouting his bile, reeling of that Scotland would be leaving the UK in the event of a Yes vote and will loose the pound, the BBC and managed to add that Scotland would also loose the NHS. No challenge from Robertson

      Basically Alexander was out to con the people into believing he and his creeps were good guys in wanting now to have the SNP join THEM to continue devolution. But its clear that Labour have made no attempt what so ever to plan for a Scotland that votes Yes. So the only conclusion you can make from what he was saying, is that all current Labour MP’s and MSP’s will end their collective career’s in the event of a Yes vote.

      As far as Alexander is concerned he and that other son of the manse will not be missed

    30. Training Day says:

      Noticeable too that Alexander wasa ratcheting up the use of the word ‘separation’ during the party political broadcast he was afforded by the wretched Gary Robertson.

      The BBC then segued into the news where we heard of pro-Russian ‘separatists’ in Ukraine declaring victory in an ‘illegal’ referendum, a view backed up by Matt Qvortrup author of ‘Referendums and ethnic conflict’.

      If it wasn’t for the assurances of Derek Bateman some of us might think this was deliberate.

    31. Ken500 says:

      Independence will increase the number of foreign students in Scottish Universities – some of the oldest in the World. It is Westminster emigration policies which have led to a decline in foreign student numbers in the UK.

      Glasgow is not Scotland’s capital City. Edinburgh is.

      Severin Carrol is a stranger to the true, like the majority of UK ill researched ‘journalists’. Paid by the highest bidder. Talking themselves out of a job. MSM is a corrupt disgrace, facilitated by a corrupt, lying, undemocratic Westminster administration.

      The Church of Scotland is now allowing itself to be used by corrupt Unionists.

    32. caz-m says:

      I hope you will all remind that wee rodent Douglas Alexander of how quickly the gap closed between Yes and No, once we get the next legitimate opinion poll results.

      He took great pleasure in telling us of the 20 point lead that NO has over YES, according to the latest opinion poll.

      This is the mickey mouse poll that the Sunday Mail carried out.

    33. gordoz says:

      Nice to see Labour (& Opportunist Douglas Alexander )shamelessly all over the ‘GU John Smith Unit story’, (big deal politician decades ago).

      Suppose its only fair to give the Smith clan their day to cover the new Glas Uni ‘Public Service’ policy Unit, but cant see how promotion of public service still links with today’s Labour party. Would it not be better to establish a vested interest policy unit to bring on the next tranch of ‘Labour wurthies’

      Oh wait I’ve sussed it … this is a guilt trip thing since Labour has been at the heart of nearly every public service scandal Scotland has suffered, (even during John Smiths time).

      Remember :

      Monklands, H McLeish, J McConnell, W Alexander, M Martin, D McShane, J Devine, E Joyce, S Purcell G Matheson etc.

      Why not sub head it as the John Smith / Labour party Contrition centre for Public Service impropriety.

      Hope thats part of your speech Douglas Alexander!

    34. Ken500 says:

      Scotland needs CC facilities for coal, permission refused by Hulne and the UK gov, damaging Scottish/UK economy.

    35. galamcennalath says:

      “that all current Labour MP’s and MSP’s will end their collective career’s in the event of a Yes vote.”

      Certainly all those who have lied to the Scottish people and have tried to talk down their country should metaphorically fall on their swords. How can they possibly play any part in Scotland’s political future?

    36. Ken500 says:

      John Smith changed the rules for the Parliamentry Labour Party, which facilitated Blair’s illegal wars. The rest of the useless bunch sat on their hands while a defenceless country was criminally attacked and destroyed. Increasing poverty in the UK and worldwide.

      Glasgow (Unionist) Uni, supported by all Scottish taxpayers, wants to indirectly celebrate illegal wars and poverty. Another bad administrative decision by Gladgow Uni.

    37. caz-m says:

      And don’t forget Scottish Labour RETURNED money to Westminster because didn’t know what to spend it on.

      Wee Union Jack booked his seat in the Lords with that move.

    38. yerkitbreeks says:

      caz-m – I used to think the Rev was a bit hard on Alexander when the word “liar” was used since I assumed an oversight but this morning took the biscuit when he again claimed loss of the NHS as part of Independence.

      LIAR it is.

    39. rab_the_doubter says:

      Clever buggers us Scots, not only do we have oil rigs disguised as bridges, we’ve got a***holes disguised as Westminster MP’s.

    40. Nana Smith says:



    41. yerkitbreeks says:

      If Glasgow is a Unionist Uni, I’m surprised that the UK rankings showed it’s dropped seven places to 30th !

    42. Gordon Innes (Gin) says:

      Well if they had taken the FRB pic from the right angle you might just have managed to see the Platforms down in the bay of Methil – but nae luck.

      I’m moving to use my full name, in support of Ian B. He is absolutely correct that we need to be clear that no-one is “hiding” behind an online name in order to abuse others when ever possible. I realise that this will not always be the case for everyone.

      For Mike and others talking about not supporting the Sunday Herald I’d remind you of one of the best bits of psychology advice I was ever given: Reward by giving your attention to behaviours you wish to encourage – and ignore the behaviours you wish stopped.

      Companies are looking for your attention – be that time or money. So spend both wisely, and eventually (where there is no monopoly) we might just get the MSM we want to see !

      It was good to point out that buying an Online Herald subscription does not give a clear message – so best not to do that. But I’m sure they will monitor the number of views each day – so any raise in Sunday numbers may be noticed.

    43. heedtracker says: is shurely not bettertogther BBC propaganda/campaigning. Gordon Brown cares very much too, if you’re Nigerian. How many Iraqi’s and Afghanis died thanks to Brown/Blair etc and their “dodgy dossier?” Maybe one day these maniacs will actually tell us what they thought they were doing in power in the Westminster Westminster.

    44. Nana Smith says:


      Hopefully with independence the D notices can of worms might be opened.Perhaps that is the reason labour are pursuing a no vote.Too many dirty secrets….

    45. galamcennalath says:

      Perhaps Wings should create a new award, say monthly, for the worst piece of journalism relating to the Independence debate. Open to printed, online, TV or radio.

      The award could be given to a named (and shamed) individual. Nominations could be made [which gives exposure to more than one example of poor work] and Wings readers could vote in a poll for ‘the winner’.

      The nominations would not be simply for work which we don’t agree with, no, they would need to show bias, avoidance of evidence, twisting of facts, and even downright lying. Ideally, the story should undergo reheating over several days and not be retracted despite counter-evidence coming into the public domain. The award should be for journalism of the absolute worst standard!

      There will be no shortage of nominations! As ‘voted by readers’ would add the credibilty of public involvement to the final winner.

      Perhaps the award could actually be physical with a formal presentation. I suspect recipients might not attend.

      The object of the exercise will be to further draw the attention of Don’t Knows and even Nos to the garbage the MSM is feeding them. Basically, spread a bit of truth and reality through counter-publicity!

    46. Famous15 says:

      Now I have heard it all. The pension age in Scotland should not be lower because that would be selfish. Getting independence and having a better life for our children is selfish. It is not Scottish to see your neighbour struggling and not share his suffering. Suffering Jesus do you Scots not know it is your bloody birthright to suffer.Aaaaaaaaaaaaarghhhhhhhhhh!

    47. Liquidlenny says:

      Sorry to go o/t so soon on train picked up daily record at least 9 vnb adverts all spouting quotesfrom some of there grass routes supporters i thought adverts had to be truthful feel a complaint to advertising standards coming on

    48. wee jamie says:

      Laziness and inaccuracy from the BBC ? surely not ! Surprised they resisted the temptation to throw in ” Salmond is a fat dictator” as a tag line !

    49. Ken500 says:

      Alexander just, shut up’ and stop trying to insult people’s intelligence. Total annoyance.

    50. msean says:

      307 years and still they don’t know the geography of Scotland,better together,don’t you know? 🙂

    51. Ken500 says:

      Uni dropped ranking – poor management/propaganda/UK gov policy.

      Oxbrige funded 2000/1 (including by Scottish taxpayers money) by Westminster aiding the unfair distribution of educational funds. Top worldwide rankings – follow the Corp tax evaded money – not the educational standards.

    52. Outstanding ignorance of the first degree

    53. Rev. Stuart Campbell says:

      “i thought adverts had to be truthful feel a complaint to advertising standards coming on”

      No. Political ones can lie all they like.

    54. cearc says:

      Ahh,… BBC accuracy and attention to detail at its best.

      Maybe it is a secret revised route for HS2 going ‘through’ Snowden to avoid tory gardens in englandshire.

    55. Rev. Stuart Campbell says:

      “Just read Ponsonby’s piece on Newsnet. Excellently damning assessment of the MSM.
      Everyone should read it.”



    56. Flower of Scotland says:

      After Independence we will already have a new Labour Party and it certainly isn’t Scottish Labour! Douglas Alexander has been quite quiet recently, maybe he’s getting worried about HIS OWN future!

      The First Minister is calling for a bit of reconciliation with them after a YES vote. At the moment I don’t feel that’s possible, but he always sees the bigger picture!

      As for Gordon Brown! What can you say! Another trip abroad! Him and Blair are doing alright as PEACE envoys if you please! He cares for everyone except the Scots!

    57. Ken500 says:

      It is very unChristian to tell a pack of lies. Some people should practise what they preach.

      Gordon Brown should stop evading tax and causing child poverty in Scotland.

    58. annie says:

      Hey up and down buttons back on – thanks.

    59. Bigdrone says:

      Maybe Nessie will give it a wee wave?

      Och no, there’s more chance from the monsters in Downing Street and Westminster than Loch Ness!

      Is that impressive oil rig in the North Sea another omission from another McCrone Report?

    60. Weedeochandorris says:

      @Edward. Thanks for the Newsnet link, very good. Personally, I think that after a Yes vote the Scottish people will carry the country forward with goodwill. We won’t look back we’ll look, and walk, forward into a better future. Any who do want to look back, and try to sour things, will find no pickings because no one will want them to spoil the party with their negativity. It will be huge. Once things settle down, the excitement of building our new country will be all anyone will care about. The grumblers and moaners will fall by the wayside, drowned out by enthusiasm 🙂

    61. Truth says:

      People say they hate Alex Salmond. He’s smug etc.

      Then you have Douglas Alexander. I mean, Douglas Alexander!

      How can you possibly dislike Alex Salmond, yet like Douglas Alexander?

    62. Lesley-Anne says:


      According to that report I reckon that I must be living somewhere near Aberdeen. That’s funny though cause I always thought Eastriggs was down in the borders near Gretna! 😛

      Now THAT is what you call intelligent and informative reporting reporting…NOT!

    63. Barney Thomson says:

      If that’s the UK establishment’s idea of an oil rig, it explains why they have pissed the oil revenues away.

    64. rab_the_doubter says:

      Mind you, the first Oilrig we build in an independent Scotland should take the form of a raised hand, middle finger erect, facing south.
      Did you know that the Kelpie Sculptures are actually a cunningly disguised Fracking wellhead

    65. Edward says:

      Welcome Weedeochandorris 🙂

      and spot on with your view, all the grumblers will wither on the vine

    66. MochaChoca says:

      I see. Basically both sides offering an olive branch in the event of winning, naturally neither side can take up the offer as it would be ‘admitting defeat’.

      Cue MSM to blow up the YES side’s refusal as a massive hissy fit and NO side’s refusal can be quietly ignored.

      Who the eff is Douglas Alexander anyway? backbench opposition MP and shadow something or other – no actual power or responsibility at all.

    67. Ah, I’ve not heard a Lock (as in Bach) in an while. That’s that mutual respect thing, isn’t it?

    68. fergie35 says:

      Was listening to the Radio BBC Better Together Scotland on the way to work today, they have stepped up their No campaign, to the point that it’s getting bitter, twisted and plain stupid

    69. Macandroid says:

      @ Stewart B

      Couldn’t find Lockness anywhere on a map of Scotland!

    70. and the Guardian had a headline, on Friday I think, that had Glasgow as Scotland’s capital city. The media have even less of a clue than I ever gave them credit for.

    71. uilleam_beag says:

      Quelle surprise –

    72. uilleam_beag says:

      Quelle surprise – Shetland remains off the map even in a news item specifically referencing Shetland.

    73. JimnArlene says:

      I’ve always wanted to go to Shetland, I had no idea how big they were. Always looked small in that box they’ve got round them, on any map (at least the ones I’ve seen), but f**k me, that oil rig, train track, bridge thingy must be massive and by extension, so must they be. Who knew. I want to go even more now, just to see it for my self. Or has, the wee ginger dug over done his tramscape?

    74. Blair paterson says:

      After a yes vote I could never forget all the vile lies and and slander we have had to endure from these people I will take my hatred of them to the grave with me I will never forgive or forget I hate them all with a vegance so no olive branch from me then to their everlasting shame they have run down their own country and their own people for their own selfish reasons to try and get on with them aye right vote yes

    75. natfisher says:

      Why is BBC Englandshire showing the cr@p that is EastEnders with Dot Cotton and cronies smoking like chimneys.

      What is Lord (dick) Patten doing, for his bung!

      Everyone knows smoking’s a killer. This is normalising and subliminally promoting smoking!

      They need sacking for this. Get rid of the whole organisation.

    76. Jimmy Want Ball says:

      Is it safe to take a lit baton on to an oil rig?

      Assuming this fits in with health and safety regulations, how fast is the forever grateful lucky athlete who gets to carry the baton allowed to run around the oil rig?

      I’m going to be glued to the telly. I just can’t wait for Mark Beaumant’s ever insightful commentary on this – it’s a good thing we have an inspiring adventurer (and in all serious, he IS inspiring) using his talents to inform us which former colony THE baton is now in. He’ll be able to tell us that some wee niaff has brought a lit object onto an oil rig and is running about the place with it.

    77. Nessie is voting YES

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