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Maximum toe-curl

Posted on May 05, 2015 by

An awkward time for poor Kezia Dugdale on the radio this morning.

(Good Morning Scotland, BBC Radio Scotland, 5 May 2015)


We’ll just leave that there to help you out, Kez.

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152 to “Maximum toe-curl”

  1. crisiscult says:

    Heard her this morning, followed by Swinney. Swinney was poor. He should have taken a leaf out of Dugdale’s book: don’t bother getting flustered looking for answers to the interviewer’s questions, just ignore them and repeat mantra like what you planned to talk about. Is Dugdale’s type not one of the reasons people were getting turned off politics – you can’t get a straight answer out of politicians. In Dugdale’s case, you don’t seem to get any answer.

  2. Mosstrooper says:

    I will answer your question by talking about a different matter which is what I want and not your question which is what you want so I can answer the question thus which is to ignore you because you wont do anything about it because you are really on my side. So there!

  3. Joemcg says:

    Dear oh dear! What a cock up by the Max Wall appreciation society there. Not been paying attention Kez. That image on the previous thread would make a great t-shirt. Scotland’s Che Guevara snapshot? It’s brilliant.

  4. Mealer says:

    Kezia Dugdale……

  5. Jim Stirling says:

    I almost { almost !} feel sorry for her she is clearly not dealing from a full deck of cards

  6. James Barr Gardner says:

    Not much of a mention of the Uncut’ anti-austerity rally in London yesterday, I wonder why?…/05/…/’sisters_uncut’_anti-austerity_rally,_londo…
    ‘Sisters Uncut’ anti-austerity rally, London. 4 May 2015 : 6 … Sisters Uncut hold an anti-austerity rally and march in Southwark. 4 May 2015 : 4743845a LNP.

  7. The Man in the Jar says:

    More proof (as if any more was needed) that Labour couldn’t run a bath. How rational people actually vote for them is beyond me.

    I feel sorry for the future SNP MPs having to work with these walys.

  8. fred blogger says:

    ‘well gary, i’ve no idea what’s going on’.

  9. donald anderson says:

    “Thank very very much boss. Scotland is so grateful for another stane. It will fit very well with our North British chisellers and our stoney politics”.

  10. YESGUY says:

    So is anyone really gonna vote for this mob?

    The dug doesn’t even know what her bosses are touting.

    Two days folks , 2 , dos 😀

  11. Joemcg says:

    Nicola going on the attack today saying a UK govt propped up with English only seats would not be legitimate and unfair to the other Nations. Great stuff.

  12. Murray McCallum says:

    I liked the way had a go at Gary Robertson for trying to imply she and Ed Miliband had a different set of priorities after she failed to name any of Ed’s and mentioned one of her own.

  13. Lollysmum says:

    Wow Kezia Dugdale was bloody embarassing in that clip. She has absolutely no idea what the leader of Labour is pushing for & it comes across magnificently there for all to hear.

    For a deputy leader she scores ‘nil point’ there. Incoherence writ large 🙂

    Roll on Thursday & after that roll on May next year & show them what good politics can look like.

  14. Nuada says:

    Gary is challenging a senior Labour politician. Any bets how long he’ll be working for Labour?

  15. Dan Watt says:

    Ha! Cracker! I liked the part best right at the end when she tried to tell the interviewer that “he was in a bad place”


    No brains, no charm, nothing.

  16. jimnarlene says:

    Had the misfortune to hear it this morning, SNP bad was all I could hear, yawn.

  17. Donald says:

    To paraphrase the first 30 seconds of that (before the interviewer pulled her back): ‘Tell me which one of Labour’s pledges is most important to you’
    ‘The SNP are bad’.
    And that, ladies and gentlemen, is why Labour are losing the number of votes they are.

  18. Alan says:

    Oh kez kez kez! Did millibawbag give you a loan of the shovel he borrowed from Murphy? Fumb Duck ????

  19. MajorBloodnok says:

    I couldn’t bear to listen to it.

  20. Hoss Mackintosh says:

    I think she is just a wee bit out of her depth.

    She has been going to swimming lessons though…

    From empire biscuits (Imperial Masters) – this time in the correct YouTube format !

  21. David S Briggs says:

    God that’s simply awful.

    In bygone times she would be walking into her lair, sitting down at her desk and doing the honorable thing with a loaded revolver.

    She wont though. Utterly cringeworthy.

  22. bookie from hell says:


  23. Calgacus says:

    No.more. Kezia. Dugdale. PLEASE.

  24. Joemcg says:

    Deputy branch leader? Mair like Deputy Dawg. A dog would do a better job and bark more sense.

  25. galamcennalath says:

    It’s their own fault for having a pretendy ‘scottish’ party. They are a UK party, one manifesto, one set of policies, one agenda, they should sing from one hymn sheet.

    So, our consensus is that Dugdale won’t be replacing Murphy as leader!?

  26. grahamlive says:

    You can almost see the Labour spin bods yelling at her through the soundproof glass. Haha. Poor Kezia. Utterly lost at sea.

  27. One_Scot says:

    In September we did not vote in enough numbers to overcome the advantage of the unionist and media corruption.

    Lets get everyone out and make sure they don’t get away with cheating us again.

  28. Robert Kerr says:

    I listened.


    This is the best SLAB can come up with.

    A disgrace to the Scottish people, the Scottish parliament and herself!

  29. heedtracker says:

    She’s an air head. No.4 Control immigration is disgusting. So much for their worker solidarity. Its even more repellent considering that fool Milliband’s parents fled Nazi Europe. A silly monument to the death of Labour, the triumph of UKOK spin and lies, all spouted by BBC vote SLab Scotland and con-artists like Dugdale.

  30. McBoxheid says:

    Well, she was so busy avoiding the question, she didn’t have time to say “SNP bad”, so at least that’s something. She still believes that Scottish Labour is a seperate identity with it’s own agenda though.

    Maybe after Thursday they need to form a completely separate party that does have it’s own policies if they want to stand a chance in 2016,

    Personally, I can’t see that working with the same old faces, though. It needs to be new people in a new party AFTER Scotland decides the time is right for independence. Until then, the Westminster parties, no matter what colour, will not stand a chance in Scotland, for at least a generation.

  31. pussy nancy says:

    Aye, the lift certainly disnae go aw the way up to the tap flair!

    Rent – A – Gub!

  32. Robert Kerr says:

    A real politician would have got out by saying she liked all of them!

    And then asked Gary which one he liked best and agreed with him.

  33. paul gerard mccormack says:

    ‘you really ar ein a bad place ther, Gary’

    Never mind Gary, one small but very large detail that has been overlooked here – Ed will be in a very bad place with Westminster planning department should he get the bulders in for his henge. You see, Ed, son, you’ll need planning permission and listed building consent and conservation area consent for that monolith and you know what?

    Nae chance.

  34. No no no...Yes says:

    Kezia Dugdale, “never knowingly coherent”

  35. Drew says:

    Someone on the radio explained the other day that polly’s now are so well media trained that they all follow a similar tactic. Give a bland generalistic answer to the question, use a link or bridging phrase to a pre-planned script, and, BANG, you’re back on-message.

  36. Bigoowi says:

    She should change her name to Gieza Brek Dugdale.

  37. Malcolm says:

    Painful. And, to think, by this time on Friday she could be Acting Branch Manager.

  38. Mealer says:

    Hoss MacIntosh 12.08
    That link still isn’t working for me.

  39. Joemcg says:

    Surely this confirms that the British Labour Party is just taking the piss out of the Scottish people now with yesterday’s shite and now dunderheid Dugdale? That can only be the plausible explanation.

  40. scotsbob says:

    What a disaster, here’s two tips for deputy dug,

    Following the Labour strategy of giving your rehearsed scripted message instead of answering the question is not a good idea.

    What is a good idea is memorising your party’s six key points.

  41. Mealer says:

    In Scotland anyone can apply for planning permission anywhere,whether they own it or not.Is it the same in England? Maybe the Rev should apply for a henge at
    Downing St,

  42. Grouse Beater says:

    Oh, boy.

    Another case of, ‘Vow? What vow?’

    One is left thinking the gravest error of Labour’s Scottish branch office was the low quality of candidate they’ve been happy to endorse, done on the arrogant presumption they are the natural rulers of Scotland, there’s no need to set a high standard.

  43. Jim Morris says:

    Although she messed it up, her answer did come under pledge number 5-a better future for our young people. Still not worth voting for, however.

  44. dakk says:

    Gary Robertson should then have asked her the obvious question of whether she thinks the Scottish Parliament should be endowed with more job creation powers in order to help achieve her number one priority.

    The truth is she doesn’t give a shit about job creation in Scotland, or she would support FFA.

  45. Macart says:


    … There’s not a lot you could add to that.

    Good grief. 😮

  46. Bob Mack says:

    Well let’s face it. She is young.
    She probably knows more about edible tablet than the Ed variety which is much harder to swallow.

  47. chalks says:

    How much is she getting paid?

    She is fairly working this lot.

  48. chalks says:

    There was something in the National about Labour in Scotland becoming a separate (although they won’t use that word, but we will) party…

    The anti-separatists become separatists.

  49. Joemcg says:

    Any predictions for winning seats? Seems 45 would be apt and prophetic. Obviously praying for a clean sweep though!

  50. think again says:

    Doesn`t really matter whether Kezia can remember them or not.

    Lucy Powell, vice chair of Labour election campaign said on radio this morning, I paraphrase only slightly, just because they are carved in stone doesn`t mean he won`t break them.

    Were we expected to believe otherwise?

  51. Gillz says:

    I don’t think I have ever heard that woman give a direct answer to a question she has been asked in the media yet. I know they are all experts at ducking and diving the issues, but surely she takes this to another level – acknowledging that her answer is the answer to a question that hasn’t been asked and thinking this is perfectly reasonable!

  52. Bootsy81 says:

    To be fair to her what she was talking about could be covered by point 5 of Ed’s big rock. She just didn’t know that….

  53. “the 6 key pledges on this headstone


  54. Craig Macinnes says:

    Oh dear Lord…Labour in Scotland 2015…headed by a sociopath and an imbecile.

  55. Socrates MacSporran says:

    I can barely type this for laughing. Deputy Dug’s sub-text is: “This isn’t about the election Gary, this is about Me, Me, Me.

    Embarrassingly poor, particularly when compared to Nicola Sturgeon’s brilliant performance, under sustained pressure, from Jeremy Vine, on his show.

    Vine was typical BBC – he simply does not get what is happening in that small, far-away country called Scotland. Harping-on about “Cybernats” while ignoring the abuse coming the other way.

  56. sydthesnake says:

    Oh My God, if I was the dug I would go home and hide under my bed until Friday and hope the last few weeks were just a bad dream “there’s no place like home, there’s no place like home”


  57. Reverd says:

    I have struggled for weeks now to try and understand why some Scottish politicians can be so thick. After reading the above it all makes sense. Here are a couple of paragraphs to whet your appetite.
    The Labour leadership had no intention of doing anything at all to restore the Scottish Parliament until their hand was forced. Their attempts to kill the devolution project having been unsuccessful, Labour was left with no choice but to accept the new reality while at the same time trying to hijack the movement and limit it as far as possible. This meant maintaining control over it, compensating for it to reduce its effects, and presenting it as a Labour initiative while suppressing the truth about how it came into being.

    And it was Dewar who pushed through the selection process for Labour MSP candidates which ensured that they would be mainly intellectually downmarket and easily controlled unionist party hacks, in order to keep Holyrood under London’s thumb

  58. carjamtic says:


    Been crunching the numbers for a few days now


    Best (Positive)Result

    SNP 55

    Worst (Negative)Result

    SNP 39

    Realistic Outcome (taking into account lots of different variables)

    SNP 47/48

    I must admit to ‘dampening’ down expectation levels due to indyref,hope I am wrong and it is more at the positive end,

    All Crossed 🙂

  59. Betty Craney says:

    Labour leaflet this morning ..” it’s a two horse race “….and they’ve got the blue Tory horse ahead of the red Tory horse !

    I’m away to wash my hands in Dettol !

  60. Ivan Hollywood says:

    Kezia who ?????

  61. ArtyHetty says:

    What an embarrassment these people are, she clearly had no idea about what the interviewer was talking about, so not up to speed, what’s she being paid for again?

    O/T slightly.

    Had the liebour poster (somewhat too large to be called a lefalet) put through my door this morning,
    what a load of hogwash, have redecorated and about to send it back to them.

    Speaking to a fellow allotmenter yesterday, says lots folk she knows not voting SNP, including people coming into he wee shop, complaining, saying things like, “fed up of this SNP lot feeling sorry for people”. What a load of tosh, let’s hope these people are rare!

  62. Joemcg says:

    Can you picture Paxman in his heyday interviewing this donut? Jeez…

  63. Les Wilson says:

    chalks says:

    Yeah, but the chains would still run underground. Another ploy. You just cannot trust anything they say or do.

  64. Connor McEwen says:

    K1: BBCSCOTLANDSHIRE.did a cartoon of Smurph with the media in his backpocket a few months ago now ,should still be in archives.
    Nana smith: my index finger is worn out hitting your links
    Slipknot P Harrington, still doing a little bit doon south.
    Wingers gettin faster now hittin the net,GOAL

  65. Grouse Beater says:

    Guardian describes Brown speech against his people as ‘thunderous’ – is that as in a storm or a WC bowl? As last time and time before that he did his dais bestriding number in a closed room before assembled docile pensioners and hacks.

    Either way he can only say the same thing as before:

    ‘Give us another 30 years to run Scotland and we might get it right this time. And any of you die before we get there just think of your sacrifice as futile as all the others.’

  66. Joemcg says:

    Carjamtic- I do fancy a wee flutter to make the night more exciting (probably exciting enough though!) yes I agree, high 40’s is a possibility and would still be a fantastic result.

  67. ArtyHetty says:

    Doh! Spelling mistakes in my last post, argh! Yes the liebour poster I have is the 2 horse race crap, also has ‘scottish labour’ written all over it. The insincerity shines through and it is on shiny paper, must have cost a bit.

  68. seanair says:

    Received ANOTHER Red Tory flyer today by post (no canvasser to be seen) which seems to suggest that they have separated already.
    “From the Scottish General Secretary on behalf of the Scottish Labour Party” sounds like it, but sadly the flyer is printed in Essex which rather suggests they are still under the thumb of London, as we all know.

  69. bob sinclair says:

    Whats happened to the page. An awful lot of wee red X’s where there should be links, both on Explorer and on my phone. Update or being hacked?

  70. Nodrog says:

    The Edstone of Destiny and Kezia has not had time to see it or read it!! That puts her between a rock and a hard place. I know, I know it sounds pretty corny but it is in keeping with SLAB election performance thus far. Yes I also heard that they,SLAB, will probably be discussing a new SLAB set up after the Election is over. Not sure that the figure of 15000 members is entirely accurate had heard somewhere it is nearer 7000 officially. But when they organise the meeting to re constitute SLAB a miners welfare in Fife should be big enough to hold the membership.

  71. BOB Mooney says:

    An independent Scottish Labour sounds a good idea, but they need new and presentable politicians, who would fund it?

    There are not enough members therefore funding would have to come from London, maybe a form of the Barnett formula.

    But remember ” he who pays the piper calls the tune”

    Back to square one.

  72. Ally McEwen says:

    Just been watching Brillo Pad on my 60″ HD. Unfortunately screen wasn’t wide enough to fit Galloway’s heid in.

  73. Clootie says:

    Politics one-o-one: If your party has 6 key pledges then memorise them!

    I listened to it twice for fun. I know, so sad 🙂

  74. Liz S says:

    To be fair to Kezia , she is only the ‘assistant branch manager’ of ‘Scottish Labour’ and so does not have the authority to reveal that these 6 commandments are really for the benefit of the ‘Head office’ voters and not relevant to the ‘branch office’ voters up North.

    Hence nae need for her to know anything about head office business. Know your place lassie !

  75. thedogphilosopher says:

    O/T Just heard Galloway endorse SNP/Prog/Lab ‘deal’ as imperative. Would be ‘destructive’ otherwise says The Cat in the Hat. Methinks he smells an opportunity for his one-man-band.

    More Flips and Flops than a Flip-Flop Shop!

  76. Edward says:

    Just saw a clip of Gordon Brown rousing a Labour activist (invitation only) audience in which he implores everyone to vote Labour as the NHS has been neglected during the last five years.

    The only problem for Brown is he doesnt seem to realise that the NHS in Scotland is under the care of the Scottish Government, or is he addressing the voters of England?

    Does anyone care what Brown spouts?

    Clip by the way is on Alex Thomsons twitter

  77. G H Graham says:

    There are around 46.5 million eligible voters in the UK. Approximately 14% remain unregistered, leaving 40 million.

    In 2010, the turnout for the general election was just 65.1% which means that only 26 million people voted. This year, it looks Labour or the Conservatives will enter Downing Street with just 34% or so of the vote.

    Excluding support from the smaller parties, that means either of them will walk into office supported by just 8.8 million voters or 19% of the entire electorate.

    In summary, the government of the UK of GB & NI will be chosen by just 1 in 5 people. The other 4 couldn’t be bothered to register, chose not to vote or voted for the other team.

  78. Almannysbunnet says:

    Steen? Fit steen? Oh that steen, been too busy ootnaboot tae watch the telly Gary. I think she’s coming down with a wee touch of the fundilymundilies.
    “you really are in a bad place there Gary”
    Is it just me or is that a veiled threat, Gary certainly ended the interview sharpish after that.

  79. scottieDog says:

    Apologies I posted this on the previous thread but it’s worth posting far and wide. Esp at the end where prof keen (one of the few economists to predict the 2008 recession) mentions which parties have got it right 🙂

  80. gillie says:

    Price of oil just below the $70 mark. Has been steadily rising for the past few weeks.

  81. manandboy says:

    Kezia Dugdale – how much longer must we put up with this voice of Unionism. Vote SNP always, and put Labour out of it’s misery.

    Meanwhile, GE15. Is it a battle between Tory and Labour; Cameron and Miliband; Unionist and progressive; Scotland and England even?

    Answer – No.
    It’s a battle between the wealthy and the poor.
    The Prize – the poor’s money and who gets it.

    The poor just want what is rightfully theirs.
    Wealthy Tories too want their share, but, beset with greed, they want the poor’s share as well.

    In this article (link below) from the NY Times, an American, non-unionist view, of the very close relationship between the Tories and the people with serious money.

  82. Wp says:

    gillie, Wee Rennie will have to change the record.
    Do you think if it goes back up to over $100 a barrel we will hear FFA mentioned again.

  83. K1 says:

    Thanks Connor…will try to find it!

    Yes just got the Labour leaflet with the post. I too thought ‘ooh…big and shiny, wonder what That cost! It’s a two horse race and the Red Tories are heading for the knackers yard, in Scotland!

    Something is up wi ma page loading too, it’s like it’s only half loading, a lot of the links down the rhs of page are missing…I just thought it was the reverberations of the ‘chaos’ on the streets of Glasgow from yisterday affecting the wifi, aw that ground shaking…wi di ah know!

  84. Charles Edward says:

    Let’s not be mean.
    KezDug is after all really good at remembering sentences. It’s just putting them in the correct context is a problem.
    Like when asked a question about one thing often she will use the wrong sentence to answer.
    Completely natural behaviour, the trick is to continue with similar sentences and rattled off quickly enough might give the impression of coherent intelligence.
    When practised enough the end result will convince herself that what was said was the correct answer.
    Dismiss the confusion of whoever asked the question because she has made the effort and deserves her paycheck.

    Really we should lavish praise on her. Her training is really progressing! In time she will be able to connect the command and action and eventually she will have mastered the language interaction system most of us take for granted.

    Depending on how gifted she is she may even make the leap to meta – language.
    The ability to blend and weave speech sounds leaving conventional communication and taking an evolutionary step will furndumedtu_, findohnmetall ,*funtimeendul–(can’t do it..) totally lift us all to a higher level of consciousness.

    At very least she deserves a biscuit.

  85. Matt says:


  86. Tony Little says:

    OT I posted this on the other thread but not sure if people have ‘moved on’. Hope you don;t mind my asking the question again here about Sean Clerkin

    Rev. The herald have an article about Clerkin (A decade of disruption: A profile of freelance agitator Sean Clerkin, by Gerry Braiden) in which he states:

    He had been, in his own description, an SNP local elections ‘paper candidate’ in 2003 for Cranhill in Glasgow but left a few years later over housing issues.

    They also make sly references to Alex Salmond to try and muddy the waters.

    I have no idea what a “paper candidate” is, and they make no mention of his candidacy with SSP/SSA as detailed here. Do we have a definitive truth? as I would like to challenge the Herald if we have the evidence.

    To be honest, I had not heard of this muppet before the last couple of days – I had not realised it was he that sent Gray off for an early lunch – and his involvement is a negative for the SNP, this stooshie completely set-up, and the medias’ response entirely predictable. Is Clerkin a “genuine” idiot, or simply a “useful fool” for Labour, or worse?

    [sorry I need some guidance about using this archive thingy!]

  87. John H. says:

    Edward says:1.11pm.

    “Just saw a clip of Gordon Brown rousing a Labour activist (invitation only) audience in which he implores everyone to vote Labour as the NHS has been neglected during the last five years.

    The only problem for Brown is he doesnt seem to realise that the NHS in Scotland is under the care of the Scottish Government, or is he addressing the voters of England?”

    Unfortunately Edward,a lot of Scottish voters didn’t know that either during the referendum. Let’s hope that they’ve learned by now.

  88. Sinky says:

    Radio Scotland one o’clock news at lunch time to-day repeated the lie that Murphy’s PR stunt was disrupted by “nationalists”.

  89. Johnny says:

    Betty Craney @ 12:49

    I got that leaflet too and noticed that wee detail (the implication that the Tories were ahead so we had better all run out and vote Labour so they can catch up). Galling and also utter nonsense as the Tories are nowhere in my constituency.

  90. Ken500 says:

    She didn’t know. All she needed to do was take a guess. The NHS or unemployment or etc, etc.

  91. Ken500 says:

    The pledge doesn’t amount to much. Vague.

  92. chalks says:

    I wouldn’t get too excited about the oil price…the short term looks like it is about to go down again

  93. Johnny says:

    Tony Little @ 1:29pm

    I won’t remark upon the rest of it (nothing valuable to say) bit it is my understanding that a ‘paper candidate’ is someone you put up for election just for appearance’s sake and with no expectation that they will win.

  94. Fiona says:

    @ Johnny

    That is my understanding as well, with the addition that you don’t spend money or resource in that constituency because there is not enough to go round

  95. farrochie says:

    To be honest, Kezia’s response is to be expected. I received media training by the TIT consultancy (no sniggering at the back). We were told to prepare the points you want to get over. Don’t worry too much about answering the interviewer’s questions, just make sure you mention all your points.

  96. Nodrog says:

    Thanks for the Gordon Brown clip Edward.

    Is it true his barnstorming performance was held in a “Lighthouse”? Perhaps funds could not stretch to a Miner’s Welfare? I suppose with an invited audience it is difficult to organise a protest group of Nationalists to disrupt the meeting. He should get advice from Jim on this – a true Patriot.

  97. Capella says:

    The buttons aren’t loading properly on my PC either. Firefox better than Chrome but still some missing. You can still click on the links though.

    Only two more days to go thank heavens.

    Besides wondering who Sean Clerkin is, I also wondered why there were 3 or 4 people standing holding snp cards up for the camera. They weren’t saying anything as far as I could tell. Saw it in the Rickshaw Man video.

  98. K1 says:


    Place this link on your browser bar:

    When you want to archive an article: if you are on the actual article, click your cursor into the address bar and highlight the address, then ‘right click’, a wee drop down menu appears. Choose ‘copy’.

    Click on the above archive link and click your cursor into the big oblong box at the top of the archive page. Again, ‘right click’ your cursor for the drop down menu. Then click ‘paste’. Let it do it’s business and you have an ‘archived’ copy of the page you want.

    You don’t even have to open an aritcle to do this. If you find yourself on a site, like the Herald, just ‘hover’ over any article heading,then ‘right click’ and the wee menu drops down, then follow the same instructions for archiving, that way you can read the article without those scallywags gettin’ their penny and their click count! 🙂

    (To put a link on your browser, ‘left click’ and ‘hold down’ on the click and ‘drag’ the link to just underneath the address bar on your browser, you’ll see a wee straight vertical line appearing, just ‘let go’ of your ‘hold’ where you want it to placed) just in case you didn’t know that.

  99. Lesley-Anne says:

    Will someone please make an urgent check of what meds this *ahem* politician is on cause I’m not sure:

    a) that she is on the CORRECT meds.

    b) that she is on the CORRECT dose.

    Sorry for going O/T here but I was wondering if Stu had paid a wee visit to this wee quiet get together in Bath. 😉

  100. garles says:

    From the Scottish Daily Express

    THE election campaign turned
    nasty yesterday when Scottish
    Labour leader Jim Murphy and
    comedian Eddie Izzard were
    addressing voters in Glasgow. The two
    of them were forced to flee by car when
    heavy-handed SNP supporters came on

    the scene screaming insults through
    megaphones and barging onto the
    plinth where Mr Murphy and Mr Izzard
    were attempting to speak.

    There was pushing and shoving and a
    child in tears had to be helped away. It
    was most unedifying and demonstrated
    just what contempt the Scottish
    Nationalists have for anybody who
    doesn’t agree with them. The hostility
    of the nationalists was beginning to be
    evident in the run-up to the
    independence referendum last year.
    They have become ever more aggressive
    as Nicola Sturgeon’s campaign has
    continued and any emollient words
    from her must be regarded with
    extreme suspicion.

    It is plain that the SNP seeks to use
    Labour as a springboard for their own
    plans to break up the Union. That is the
    intention of this fanatical party, who, as
    yesterday’s events showed have no
    respect for the democratic process
    unless it furthers their own ambitions.
    This unpleasant incident flies in the
    face of everything that the Union
    represents and holds dear.

    This is why am voting SNP on Thursday.Hopefully Emma Harper will be my MP on Friday.

  101. Charles Edward says:

    If that’s good enough to pass TIT consultancy training standards then perhaps it’s time for an in house mammogram.

    Deputy leader of political party has responsibility to keep abreast of team tactics.
    This includes what’s written on the Idstone of density.

  102. HandandShrimp says:

    Gordon wants to take us to the mountain tops of social justice?

    He took us to the valley of the shadow of death with his ill thought out wars last time.

    I do not trust Labour…although I wouldn’t go as far as Richard Littlejohn who really pushes the boat out today. I want a good solid body of SNP MPs to make sure Ed is working for us all and not wasting time navel gazing in his Zen garden of monoliths.

  103. BOB Mooney says:

    Re Gordon Browns speech, I notice that on Slab Twitter page praising the speech to the converted the address of Gordon Brown is @OfficeGSBrown, are Slab paying for his services?

  104. icyspark says:

    Will the MSM, Murphy, Dugdale, Izzard and Miliband condemn these nasty, violent, hate filled mobs attacking David Cameron with eggs today in Bath?

  105. Valerie says:

    @garles, what a disgusting misrepresentation by Daily Express to serve their own ends. Highly predictable however.

    Just hope people steer clear of Murphy. Clerkin is not attached to the SNP, he is a ‘useful tool’ for Labour yesterday, but we don’t have any honest investigative journos sadly, to report the truth.

  106. Edward says:

    Just reading on Alex Thomson’s twitter that the SNP have suspended Piers Doughty Brown from the party

    The question on everyones lips, well mine at least is ‘who the fuck is Piers Doughty Brown’?

    Its in response to him ‘wrecking’ Murphy/Izzard shout fest

  107. chalks says:

    Jesus Christ, where next will Gordon Brown take us?

    The mountain tops Mars?



    The sand dunes of Tatooine? The tree-tops of Endor? The Sky-scrapers of Coruscant?

    Fucking zoomer the boy is.

  108. K1 says:


    After you place your link into the oblong box in ‘archive’, click ‘Send’ at the end of the box.

  109. Tam Jardine says:

    Had Gary been interviewing an SNP politician would he have ended the interview when a clean head-shot presented itself? All that was missing was Gary to to say: “so Kezia, it is clear you don’t know Ed’s 6 key election pledges. Can you name any of them?

    And if the Deputy leader in Scotland doesn’t know Ed Miliband’s 6 key election priorities even when they are carved on a freakin monolith, why should people believe they ARE labour’s 6 priorities.”

    When Ed hears of this he will be straight on the blower to the stonemason to get another headstone knocked up to send up to Kezia.

    How did labour get to a situation where 2 days before the general election we are talking about this absurd political stunt? I feel embarrassed for them.

    I suppose now that pledges on scrolls and parchments are completely discredited, they need something that is even more of a promise. What next? Will Ed and Kezia get matching tattoos with ‘I ? nurses’ or ‘End bed tax’?

    As for Gordon Brown rousing a labour activist (Edward 1.11) I think I’ll avoid that footage if it’s ok with you.

  110. Iain More says:

    Jeezo! How difficult was it for her to answer the bloody question this time. A 3 year old could have answered it.

  111. HandandShrimp says:

    Who is Piers Doughty Brown?

  112. Joemcg says:

    That Express article is a humdinger. Way to go to alienate half your readership. World class Media manipulation DE.

  113. Dr Jim says:

    I’m Astonished

    Doesn’t know what’s on the Stone of Jestiny, Why, it’s an Ediface it’s to be Edmired it’s Edorable and what’s more it’s

    Anyway if we vote for the SNP i’ll get Cancer by about Saturday afternoon according to Jo Swinson get no hospital treatment and die really quick

    Nice folk the Lib Dums

    It all just leaves me ASTONISHED there I shouted it Johann

    Anyway The Rev Crash Broon says if we all vote Labour
    Jim Murphy will have more money available for food banks right away
    PHEW…that’s a relief

  114. Richardinho says:

    The latest I’ve heard from Miliband is that his monolith may not even end up in Downing Street Garden if he becomes PM! In other words it really was just an expensive and baffling stunt.

  115. Petra says:

    As a former Labour voter witnessing the demise of the ‘Labour Party’ in Scotland just breaks my heart. It really does. I was heavily involved in the Union as was my father and many ancestors before me all the way back to the days of Keir Hardie.

    In saying that, my heart being broken has been a bit like having a relative with Alzheimers whereby the grieving process has been spread over a period of time (not in anyway demeaning the suffering of relatives of those who have experienced this): Since Tory Blair did the dirty on us (and millions of others abroad) to line his own pockets, Gordon Brown robbed the pension pots to the tune of billions, when they opened the doors to privatisation of the NHS, Atos and are at the top of the chart for MPs claiming most in expenses. The list is much longer than that but I’d be here all day compiling it.

    Since the Blair days many of us have found out about other Labour politicians doing the dirty on us too such as Wilson and Callaghan burying the McCrone Report
    and Blair and Dewar handing over 6000sqmls of Scottish Seas and 7 oil fields to Westminster / The Treasury. So you can understand Nicola Sturgeons comments about wanting as many MPs in Westminster to ‘keep Labour honest’.

    Kezia Dugdale and more so Murphy (Curran, Sarwar and Baillie) are perfect examples of all that is truly wrong with the party now. Manipulating, blatant lying, shouting over others and spouting a pre-rehearsed mantra of bile directed at the SNP many of whom were Labour voters until very recently. Clever, eh!

    Kezia Dugdale comes across as a spiteful, venomous, immature, unintelligent schoolkid who has lost her boyfriend to the popular, highly intelligent Head Girl Nicola Sturgeon. There’s nothing ‘professional’ about Dugdale. Nothing to be admired. A pure embarrassment in fact. Dugdale has got a lot to learn and taking lessons from Murphy sure aint helped.

    Will we ever see this party get its act together and produce politicians like Smith and Cook or is this what we are going to have to continue to pay through the nose for?

  116. Iain Gray's Subway Lament says:

    Either Dugdale is too hopeless to take over from Murphy or she doesn’t even want to with a laughably incompetent interview like that. 😀

  117. Grizzle McPuss says:

    Charles Edward @2:07 pm…NO!!

    SNP HQ re:Piers Doughty Brown…get a grip for goodness sake and control your knee-jerking.

    Go watch Empire biscuits video blog and bit less of the James Cooke merry version of reality.

  118. Grouse Beater says:

    Does anyone care what Brown spouts?

    Just saying vote Labour because you should vote Labour is completely useless. The clips of his latest effort to rescue the Union from the disaster he has helped cause never say anything of substance.

    Brown is saying over 100 years of voting the Westminster way will somehow be different this time around.

  119. K1 says:

    Commonspace Live right now.

    Part of Commonspaces’s election 2015 coverage:

    ‘From noon today, we’ll be bringing you a series of panel events looking at some of the big issues of the election.

    The three events will be livestreamed at 12pm, 2pm and 4.30pm, and we’re delighted to be working with Independence Live, which has done a fantastic job streaming a number of events on the ground, from hustings to rallies, throughout the General Election campaign.’

  120. Piggieslane says:

    Yet another revealing performance.

    Why would anyone vote Labour ever again?

    They are incapable of speaking to people.

  121. Now's the Hour says:

    What a load of unadulterated p*sh. ‘Out of her depth’ doesn’t even begin to describe the Dugster. She wouldn’t know a direct answer if one climbed into her knickers and bit her on the backside.

    I hope she had enough decency to go home and cry after that performance.

    Two sleeps to go tick tock

  122. Joemcg says:

    Suspending someone over the Murphy debacle yesterday?? FFS stop giving them ammunition.

  123. Joemcg says:

    Wouldnae like being Dunderheid Dugdales boyfriend. That voice! Jeezo. Imagine taking home a broken pay packet to that!

  124. Malcolm says:

    Labour have had 50 years to improve Scotland, but Gordon says this time they mean it, pinkie promise.
    Fall for that and you deserve all you won’t get.
    Nicola or nothing.

  125. reginald says:

    Tony Little@1.29pm. Sean Clerkin was indeed a member of one of the East End SNP branches.I always thought he was totally obsessed with politics.He did stand as a paper candidate for Cranhill but was facing disciplinary measures for distributing leaflets that had not been submitted to his Election Agent for approval. HE left the Branch shortly after this disagreement.

  126. clochoderic says:


    Ian Smart has just come up with a wizard wheeze for Labour to dish the perfidious nats. His big plan is for Labour to refuse to form a government!

    Not making this up, his analysis of FTPA is cogent and convincing but his political conclusions are the product of a deranged mind. Or a very subtle political satirist.

    Link here:

  127. Tony Little says:


    Here goes Herald article about Clerkin, thanks

  128. A MacRichie says:

    Piers Doughty Brown is the guy with the double barrelled name that was protesting at Smurphy’s outdoor rallies recently. He’s the guy Smurphy is NO afraid of and wont be bullied by because Smurphy’s a man from a “scheme” giving him in his imaginary world “hard” status.

    Was he even at the imaginary riot? Wasn’t mentioned yesterday?

  129. Kathy ABERDEIN says:

    Kezzy having ANOTHER dilligaf moment !!
    (Dilligaf…?….. does it look like I give a fuck ?

  130. Marie clark says:

    Oh dear, she didnae ken the answer. Never mind SNP BAD.

  131. jethro says:

    So Ed Miliband goes to the trouble of having his 6 key pledges, the very essence of what Labour believes in nowadays, carved in stone, and the leader of his party in the Scottish Parliament can’t so much as give an approximate or paraphrased version of a single one?

    When Kezia herself doesn’t have a clue what Labour are supposedly standing for in this election, not even their vague and meaningless ‘pledges’, how does she expect to persuade any semi intelligent adult to vote for them?

    The contrast with Nicola’s intelligent and articulate presentation of a set of policies which actually are worth voting for is indeed painful to behold.

    I can only like it to coming across an old friend lying in the gutter reeking of cheap booze, mumbling “SNP Bad” to themselves as passers by cross to the other side of the street and look away.

  132. Dunkie says:

    Do you think if we get enough SNP mps Nicola could get Red Ed to carve a stone with the infamous “vow” on it and put that in the number 10 rose garden?

  133. maureen says:

    Had an SNP canvasser at my door asking if they had my support and would definitely be voting on Thursday. My response “Hell Yeah”.

  134. ronnie anderson says:

    Peirs Doughty Brown has appeared at many Independance demonstrations BBC/Hope over Fear & the last George Square Demo ( he was a Steward ), having spoken to him he,s just as passionate as any of us,& clued up on our objective,whether or not he,s a member of the SNP I havent a clue,but to suspend him ( if he is, is playing Murphys game)& alienating good people.

    More power to People like Peirs.

  135. starlaw says:

    Kezia Dugdale also spoke about cutting Family Allowance on this mornings show, don’t often hear slab speaking on this subject

  136. Fiona says:

    Is she not to young to know about Family Allowance?

  137. frazer allan whyte says:

    To give the assistant devil her due – she may be confused by the fact that there aren’t really six pledges on the slab- no one would argue really with the first 5 – who would propose an unsound economic foundation? for example. Only the 6th looks more or less like a pledge. On the other hand Miliband the younger doesn’t look like a prime minister. But there’s no question that the slab is firmly grounded in England.

  138. James123 says:

    On the BBC Scotland website today, right at the bottom of the article:

    Last month, Nicola Sturgeon challenged Scottish Labour Deputy leader Kezia Dugdale to take action against Labour activist Ian Smart, who previously described the SNP as “fascist scum” online.

    Ms Dugdale said she would look into the matter.

    Oh so you know that do you, so why haven’t you asked her about it. It never takes you long to ask Nicola Sturgeon about such matters, but two weeks has passed since she said she’d “look into it” yet you’ve asked no questions whatsoever.

  139. Helena Brown says:

    Well that was something else, I have to say that the comments here are making me laugh so can I congratulate both No no no…Yes and Grouse Beater for doing so, so far.

  140. A MacRitchie says:


    I suggest that Smurphy, Izzard and Piers Doughty Brown return to St Enoch Square and stand in the circle of seats like in the film the good the bad and the ugly. They draw their speakers. The one who bawls into their speaker the longest without taking a breath Is the last man standing. The winner gets to bawl out of their speaker for ten minutes uninterrupted by themselves. Empire biscuit could play Don’t forsake me in the background for tension to the build up.

    If Smurphy won I doubt he would be able to speak for the full ten minutes anyway. And people would just get bored and leave.

  141. Cuilean says:

    Nothing was seen at Jim Murphy’s publicity stunt to warrant suspension from a party, that I could see.

    Has Jim Murphy suspended the ex-president of the Law Society of Scotland, Ian Smart. for calling 115,000 fellow Scots, ‘nazi scum’ etc?

    In 2001, Labour Deputy Prime Minister, John Prescott, was hit by an egg. He retaliated by punching his egg thrower on the jaw. It descended into a public wrestling match, on the ground, with the police having to pile in and separate the pair. That’s what I would call a ‘scuffle’. Did the Deputy Prime Minister face an assault or public affray charge? No. Did the Deputy Prime Minister face any Labour party disciplinary behaviour for punching a member of the public? Not a bit of it. The shocking, disgraceful brawl by one whose fist was second on the trigger of unleashing UK nuclear warheads onto the world, was spun by Labour as a glorious moment of ‘macho’ bravado, and Prescott was played up as a working class bloke just defending himself. His blatant over reaction was simply glossed over.

    But just think folks, the same press’s reaction if an actual punch had been flung, like Prescott did, at Murphy’s pathetic publicity stunt yesterday and by by an SNP member to boot! Why it would be kristalnacht! The Gotterdammerung of civilisation! The Four Horses of the Apocalypse riding out! Doomed, doomed, we are all doomed.

    Sigh. Anything good on the telly tonight?

  142. Craig says:


    Just got back home from work and I opened my mail and to my horror, I got a Slab propaganda leaftlet from Gordon Brown

    The thing is, my consituency is South West Glasgow, so why am I getting guff from Gordon Brown

    He has promised that a Labour Government will give £175 Million to the foodbanks.

    I haven’t heard Ed mentioning this at all during the campaign so why is Gordon promising things when he is no longer an MP????

  143. Patrick Roden says:

    I think the message that Nicola and the leadership is sending out to all members…and it’s a wise one, is don’t attend these protest events, that are organised by Jim Murphy with one intention in mind, to make sure he gets a ‘violent SNP activist trying to stop him speaking’ headline on the BBC/ MSM.

    When will people wise up to the disgusting smearing methods employed by Scottish Labour.

  144. Rock says:


    “How much is she getting paid?”

    Less than a lawyer like yourself, that is for sure.

    How much do you charge per hour?

  145. Anne Galloway says:

    Thank you for the link,

    A must read, revealing how vile the Westminister’s government attitude is towards Scotland. What a story and their job isn’t over yet

  146. Rob James says:

    I notice the Edstone omits the words pledge, vow, promise or any synonym one would find in the average thesaurus.

    Instead it is inscribed as ‘A Better Plan’, and we are all well acquainted with the phrase, ‘the best laid plans’ etc.

    It looks more like a wish list to me.

    As for Deputy Dugdale – her cartoon namesake would have provided a sharper interview

  147. Joan Edington says:

    Poor wee soul. You can’t really blame her since her boss doesn’t seem to know his boss’s policies either.

  148. Robert Peffers says:

    @Richardinho says: 5 May, 2015 at 2:26 pm:

    “The latest I’ve heard from Miliband is that his monolith may not even end up in Downing Street Garden if he becomes PM! In other words it really was just an expensive and baffling stunt.”

    No! No! Richardinho. A great deal of thought, (or something), went into that limestone thingy. Limestone is fairly soft, as rocks go, and thus easy to put through the crusher into stone chips. Ed was just planning ahead for when he’s, “Had his chipS”.

  149. Tackety Beets says:

    Many of us have had some fun over Labours Edstone etc etc

    My favourite , following KD on GMS this morning

    ” Stone of Density ”

    Coats on , am awa !

  150. AultnaskiachAl says:

    I see a great future for Kezia in telesales, don’t you?

  151. Albie Bogart says:

    “The Stone of Density” as I’ve heard it described.

  152. effindelicious! says:

    Just over 2 hours until the polling places close. I am hoping that slab are dead (I voted slab for 46 years)and that the SNP have taken all their seats. But what of the great lab hope down south? Well, he is neck and neck with call-me-dave.

    FFS, level with the blue tory/yellow tory government after 5 years of austerity? What a useless toad.

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