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Long to reign over us

Posted on December 10, 2015 by

Comrades! Be upstanding and bow your heads to your superior, The Right Honourable The Lord Darling of Ruilanish, revolutionary socialist of Her Majesty:

Ah, the old days.


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148 to “Long to reign over us”

  1. Sandra says:

    Wonder how that Workers’ Republic is coming along.

  2. Steve Bowers says:

    Did you have to post this, wid gie ye the dry boak

  3. bookie from hell says:

    Would be interesting to find out what the guy carrying the banner on the right thinks?

  4. Seasick Dave says:

    At least the ermine will keep him warm in this cold weather.

  5. John Walsh says:

    He may enjoy the ” immunities ” of a Baron ! Wonder what they are?

  6. RogueCoder says:

    Reward for “services rendered” to the British Empire. God save the Queen.

  7. Janet says:

    Ah, the man who helped to deregulate the banks…who happened to become their saviour.

    Jailed for collusion? No. But they did demonise one man and strip him of his knighthood.

    That makes everything okay.

  8. Hoss Mackintosh says:

    Vile – Frankly.

  9. Murray McCallum says:

    Maybe he will establish a radical movement to effect ordinary Lords Workers’ conditions, e.g. subsidised craft beers in addition to champagne, substantial real increase in daily Lords allowance?

    Once a radical …

  10. FiferJP says:

    He will rue la what?

  11. jdman says:

    We’re not worthy.

  12. Tartan Tory says:

    Just the image one might expect to see on the board of directors of an American bank….. NOT!

  13. Kirriereoch says:

    I presume the fact that he´s wearing gloves is to enable him to say at a future date, such as now, that he has never actually “touched” such a banner and put a suitable distance to such “youthful” activities.

  14. jdman says:

    I wonder how he feels having been beaten to the HoL by Mone?

  15. Socrates MacSporran says:

    I suppose Captain Darling’s elevation to the Peerage is simply the latest example of the belief, everyone becomes more right-wing and reactionary as they get older.

    He has receive his reward for “saving” the Union – well, at least for a wee while longer – but, on seeing him joining the Upper House, I am moved to paraphrase the Bard, from Tam o’ Shanter:

    “Ah, Al! Ah, Al! thou’ll get thy fairin!
    In hell, they’ll roast thee like a herrin!”

  16. David says:

    We need those with a pro-republic point-of-view within the independence movement to be louder to get the issue higher up the political agenda.

  17. Luigi says:

    Why is he wearing the ermine on his head?

  18. jdman says:

    “I suppose Captain Darling’s elevation to the Peerage is simply the latest example of the belief, everyone becomes more right-wing and reactionary as they get older.”

    My arse,
    he’s just over two years older than me and I’ll NEVER turn into a right-wing anti independence supporter.

    People like Darling Brown et al are for sale to the highest bidder.

  19. Donald MacKenzie says:

    Aye, a few values and principles have had to be ditched along the way in order to make that journey.

  20. So the ex revolutionary is taking that well trodden road to the House of Lords, a place of privilege
    and patronage and £300 a day expenses.

    how does that square with his fairer and more equal society that he as part of the previous Labour Government claimed they stood for?

    Also has he peddled the excuse yet, often used by his Labour predecessors who took the ermine that they were going in order to reform the House of Lords.

  21. Macart says:

    No, I’d better not.

    (Mrs M doesn’t like it when I go off on one).

    How and ever there’s an ermine lined robe in that top pic with a treacherous weasel inside it.

  22. Stoker says:

    The Labour Party motto: Aye, the working class can kiss my ass!

    Just a thought

  23. Joemcg says:

    Ah, the spoils of selling your country up the river. Wonder why Scotland has had hundreds if not thousands of his type throughout our history? Yep, we are an unfathomable people right enough.

  24. MJS Dundee says:

    Every cloud has its silver darling … .

    Affront though it is – on the up-side, the more time these characters spend infesting that place dribbling at themselves, the less time they’re lurking around up this way.

    With any luck, betwixt his stoat-garbed (weasel more appropriate I’d think) activities and banking collusion, we won’t be seeing or hearing that much more of Flipper. At which point I begin to wonder if £300/day isn’t actually a bargain.

    OT – how on earth does anyone at WM now refer to AC as ‘honourable’ or ‘right honourable’? Problems, problems.

  25. Clapper57 says:

    Replaced the ‘Red Flag’ with the ‘Red Robe’.

    The aye..brows have it….The aye..brows have it.

  26. Nana says:

    and to think a poor beautiful weasel died to adorn that creatures neck. Insult to weasels everywhere.

    They should shackle these sleekit lordies with brass collars to match their brass necks.

  27. bookie from hell @ 10 December, 2015 at 11:49 am:

    “Would be interesting to find out what the guy carrying the banner on the right thinks?”

    Isn’t that George Foulkes?

    Edit: nah – scratch that, the guy’s walking in a straight line…

  28. ClanDonald says:

    One would be forgiven for suspecting that Darling was a neo-liberal Tory all along, sent to infiltrate the Labour party to ensure that they followed American-led foreign and economic policies.

    Not hypocrisy, just good acting, it’s the banner waving socialist Darling that’s the fake, not the Lord in ermine.

  29. pitchfork says:

    Oh my Darling,
    Oh my Darling,
    Oh my Darling in ermine.
    You sold your country down the river,
    Now you’re dressed in fine ermine.

  30. crisiscult says:

    I’m reminded of the statement attributed to various people including Churchill “If a man is not a socialist by the time he is 20, he has no heart. If he is not a conservative by the time he is 40 he has no brain”. I remember putting it on my facebook (years ago when I had one) and it was very informing to see who ‘liked’ the comment. Personally, I think it really means:

    When you’re 20 you should be a socialist, when you’re 40 you should be socialised.

    I wasn’t a socialist at 20 because at uni I was humble enough to know that I didn’t know very much, so I wasn’t really anything. At 40, I’m a socialist because at 40, I don’t care what others think of me and because at 40 it’s become pretty clear that if everyone is right wing, society really is f*****.

    Quote from Chomsky
    As long as some specialized class is in position of authority, it is going to set policy in the special interest it serves. But, the conditions of survival and justice require rational, special planning in the interest of the community of the whole (and by now that means the global community).

    Not a quote from Chomsky
    Friedman is not a God; if anything, he was a bit of a dick, and the real world laboratory for his experiments would tend to support that diagnosis.

  31. seanair says:

    I think it’s the Pilton area of North Edinburgh he’s shown with the flag. Bet he’s not been there for many a year. A long way from the Grange area (Rowling territory) where he lives now. I just don’t know how these people have the nerve to take the ermine etc.

  32. KOF says:

    A small point. Shouldn’t that be Lord Darling of Roulanish, not Ruilanish?

    Some info on Roulanish. –

  33. mealer says:

    He looks like a right plonker,doesn’t he? I’m glad he’s not on our side.

  34. galamcennalath says:

    A long winding road to the absolute betrayal of everything and everyone in Scotland.

  35. Anagach says:

    I wonder if the other people from the march remember him.

  36. Robert McDonald says:

    Was that a brown envelope he handed over before being baronised?

  37. Malcolm says:

    Darling is the living epitome of “bought and sold for English gold”
    Sic a parcel o’ rouges in a nation(oops sorry, region).

  38. muttley79 says:

    Who is the dude with the yellow cape and a stick/pole?

  39. Helena Brown says:

    Och he was only pretending, like the people in the Labour Party who were formerly Communist, were members of CND.
    Choked on my coffee this morning listening to members of the said Party talking about other members dragging the Labour Party to the left, strange I thought it was a left wing party, some mistake I think.

  40. Sinky says:

    BBC Radio Scotland pushing hard on behalf of Labour over Forth Road Bridge. Derek Mackay in the witness box soon.

    In 1995 at Westminster Alistair Darling called the proposed second Forth road crossing “this ridiculous bridge” ,

    The plans for a second Forth Road Bridge met with stiff opposition from environmentalists and from the Labour dominated City of Edinburgh Council on the grounds of the increased traffic. Following the Labour victory in the 1997 general election the proposals were shelved by Tony Blair’s government.

    Prior to the dissolution of FETA earlier this year, Labour dominated FETA made decisions on their programme and priorities of repairs completely independently of Transport Scotland.

    Amey have confirmed that the ongoing truss end strengthening works are to a different part of the truss end linkage system to that which failed earlier this week.

  41. Hoss Mackintosh says:

    Craig Murray looking for video footage of the BBC No Borders article with Gavin Esler.

    it is for GAP’s TV documentary of BBC bias – London Calling.

    Some alert reader must have a copy or maybe one of Rev Stu’s moles at BBC PQ?

  42. ahundredthidiot says:


    Thanks for that, I wasn’t aware it was a Churchillian quote, I understood it to be ‘…..not a rebel by 30, got no heart, not establishment by 40, got no brains’, which may be an Americanised version I suppose.

    I have always thought it a genius bit of blackmail followed blindly by those desperate to conform, be accepted, fit in.

    In other words, a sheep. Or a muppet. Either or will do.

  43. bookie from hell says:

    been told guy on right carrying banner is poly toynbee

  44. Chic McGregor says:

    @ahundredthidiot, Crisiscult

    I think the originator of that humorously true observation, much paraphrased, was Mark Twain.

  45. Hoss Mackintosh says:


    No borders BBC article – Should have looked at Wings archive!!!

    – still it is an amazing piece of blatant propaganda.
    Worth watching again.

  46. chossy says:

    Corrupted by the lure of power and status.

  47. Graham says:

    I grew up in Ross and Cromarty and have never heard of him being anywhere near us, if I met him however the thought of deploying and swift kick to the nether regions would be too tempting not to take up.

  48. John H. says:

    Up the workers…right up ’em.
    Once you’ve betrayed your country, everything else is easy I suppose.

  49. Graham MacLure says:

    Lord Darling of Morgan Stanley would be a more fitting title.
    A true blue turncoat opportunist if ever there was one.

  50. Murray McCallum says:

    If Lord Darling of flipper has to attend urgent House of Lards business from the USA, will the UK taxpayer help cover the costs in order to make sure he and Morgan Stanley are not out of pocket?

  51. caz-m says:

    Every Labour Party union rep and councillor’s dream.

    This is what they live for, hoping one day to walk through the doors of the House of Lords.

    Arise Sir Humphrey Bumphrey.

    A shower of parasites, one and all.

    A bet you Carmicheal is wishing he got gubbed at the last election as well. That could have been him walking through the hallowed corridors of the Lords.

    Patience Alistair, your day will come.

    For the record, I couldn’t watch any more than 40 seconds of that video.

  52. Algernon Pondlife says:

    not much of a bow – must be a secret leftie! or not

  53. handclapping says:

    On a journey from impotence to impotence with only self-enrichment in between

  54. I said I would not blog on here again but I am amazed that so many of you do not know that Darling is English born in London so he has not betrayed his country he has seved it well in stoppingScotland having independence

  55. Rob James says:

    Might just send that photo to Morgan Stanley

  56. Lesley-Anne says:

    Did he sing “The Red Flag” after he was anointed? 😀

  57. Jack Murphy says:

    caz-m said at 1:06 pm:–
    “Every Labour Party union rep and councillor’s dream.
    This is what they live for, hoping one day to walk through the doors of the House of Lords.”

    True,and it was Labour who nominated Mr Darling to the House of Lords!!!!!!
    Has Labour in Scotland sent their former MP Alistair Darling a Congratulations Card yet?
    In the post I guess.

    Edinburgh Evening News,June of this year:-
    “The former Chancellor and Edinburgh South West MP, who stood down at the election in May, has been included in the Dissolution List drawn up by Ed Miliband.”

  58. handclapping says:

    Its English law that says if you are born in stable you are a horse.
    Scots law asks who your father was

  59. Les Wilson says:

    If there has to be a Lords, then surely it would be in the public interest to know who is who?

    I propose two chambers within the building, one for the Honourable Lords and one for the Dis-honourable Lords.

    Plenty to go to the second chamber!

  60. fittie says:

    Baron Darling of Morgan Stanley

  61. Ian Brotherhood says:

    Typical – he’s not even there half a minute and he hands them an invoice.

  62. Craig Murray says:

    Blair Paterson

    I was born in England too, due to my dad being posted down there in the RAF. I don’t think you can hold people’s place of birth responsible. I think Darling’s wankerdom is entirely a wilful choice by him.

  63. One_Scot says:

    It never fails to amaze me for how little some peoples principles can be bought.

    Sleep well Lord Darling, you have earned it. May your soul forgive you, because I certainly won’t.

  64. ArtyHetty says:

    Re; Seanair@12.24

    I am pretty sure one of his massive houses is in, ‘you’ll have had your tea’ land, with the only liebour MP left in Scotland also enjoying a nice big fat wage. A world away from Pilton.

    How must it feel to know that you have shafted your country. Stupid to even think that these ratbags feel anything other than self love. Gits.

  65. pitchfork says:

    @blair patterson,

    I knew Darling was born in England, it’s that civic nationalism thing: the people who live here. Although you could of course argue that Darling’s real home is Westminster and I wouldn’t argue back.

  66. Ronnie says:

    @ handclapping

    ‘Scots law asks who your father was.’

    That must cause a bit of difficulty for some.

    ‘It’s a clever loon that kens his ain faither’.

  67. louis.b.argyll says:

    Lord, or, whatever his name now is, didn’t stop independence, his lie-management merely delayed the provision of democracy in these parts.

    And Darling, based on both those pictures, is surely a rogue and an enemy of the state.

    Step aside,the lot of you.

  68. Sinky says:

    Yet again no SNP rep on BBC TV’s Question Time this evening.

    Different rules apply to the third largest party at Westminster when its only Jocks.

    Greg Clark MP, Labour’s Caroline Flint MP, Liberal Democrat Vince Cable, classicist and broadcaster Mary Beard and the Daily Mail’s parliamentary sketch writer Quentin Letts.

    Its from Bath so there might be someone famous in the audience.

  69. heraldnomore says:

    Oh, and now Sir Danny has arisen.

    And Katie Hopkins is a respected journalist, in Trumpton.

    Whatever next, one wonders.

  70. Bugger (the Panda) says:

    Darling was a Special Branch plant.

  71. msean says:

    I don’t think socialists should ever find themselves in the house of lords.

  72. Spout says:

    An affront to democracy.

    What a pile of shite.

  73. Bob Mack says:

    Come on guys ,he’s a fifth columnist.
    He intends to destroy the Lords from the inside– you know ,like he did with the economy.

    Out of interest does anyone know of anybody who sits in that place who is known for doing something positively memorable? In a positive way of course.

  74. Sinky says:

    In October 2007, barely three weeks after bailing out Northern Rock for £26 billion, the FSA and Alistair Darling signed off their approval for the fatal RBS takeover of ABN Amro without undertaking any due diligence. Incredibly, the FSA overlooked their own rules on capital liquidity by allowing RBS to do the £49bn ABN Amro deal.

    Fred Goodwin, who was knighted by Labour in 2004, was one of Darling’s financial advisers at the time and remained so until several months after RBS collapse.

    The lack of decisive action by Alistair Darling and the last Labour government after Northern Rock failed could have cost up to one million people their jobs according to the Bank of England Governor, Sir Mervyn King.

    In a BBC Today Programme Lecture on 2nd May 2012, the Governor of the Bank of England, Sir Mervyn King criticised the lack of action by Alistair Darling and the last Labour government in the early days of the banking crisis could have cost up to one million people their jobs.

    Also a good article on A Darling by Derek Bateman

  75. Bugger (the Panda) says:

    So was Murphy.

  76. Lesley-Anne says:

    I can’t be earsed with any of the *ahem* panelists Sinky but as there may very well be an extremely famous Bath resident in the audience I’m guessing we’ll all have to watch just on the off chance that we will get a glimpse of oor HERO! 😀

    Just a wee outside the box thinking here. 😉

    Maybe oor hero could sneak in a couple of his wee rat friends tonight and let them loose … for their nightly exercise you understand. They could cause some light entertainment for viewers not that bothered about listening to the programme. Turn off the sound and watch the fun as the rats meander around the hall! 😀

  77. heraldnomore says:

    What next?

    The Donald bales out of his White House quest.

  78. Lesley-Anne says:

    heraldnomore says:
    10 December, 2015 at 2:08 pm

    Oh, and now Sir Danny has arisen.

    And Katie Hopkins is a respected journalist, in Trumpton.

    Whatever next, one wonders.

    As I said over on twitter herald:

    Arise Sir Dunderheid of Bawbags! 😀

    As far as that non entity Hopkins is concerned … the only place she is a respected journalist is in the alternate universe of brainless dunderheids! 😀

  79. louis.b.argyll says:

    Yes, Darling was clearly playing along with those leftist republicans.

    Now he has what he wanted, one step closer to royalty.

    Gives me the boak. A totaltraytr and now, an official fud.

  80. caz-m says:

    Bugger (the Panda)2.09pm
    “Darling was a Special Branch plant.”

    Excellent spot. I have never thought of it that way.

    You might be right. And what about Blair and Brown.It all makes sense now, Establishment plants.

  81. Stephen kilday says:

    Canbarely bring myself to watch this. Mr Orwell sprung to mind-is mr darling Napoleon or is he more Sqeeler?? Any other animal farm characters he might resemble cos remember “we’re all equal,just some of us a wee bit more equal”

  82. louis.b.argyll says:

    .you say, about Hopkins… the only place she is a respected journalist is in the alternate universe of brainless dunderheids!..

    That’ll be the flatlands beyond Atlantis ..

  83. Richard Smith says:

    Lord Darling’s robe is deepest red,
    With ermine all around the edge.

  84. Alastair says:

    Long to reign over us.
    From my childhood.

    God save my auntie Jean
    She lives in Glasgow Green
    She sells ice cream

    Happy and glorious
    A pokie hat been the four o us
    Thank God theirs no more o us
    God save aunt Jean

  85. Sharny Dubs says:

    Wouldn’t pee in his ear if his brain was on fire

  86. BigMac says:

    When language was being created, do you think it was deliberate that they made ermine and vermin rhyme so perfectly?

  87. muttley79 says:

    @Blair Paterson

    Angus Robertson was born in London as well. Not sure what that has got to do with anything, and I really don’t think that is a road we want to go down.


    I am not sure about Darling and Murphy. The cynic in me thinks that some politicians are more likely to sell out their principles more easily than others. Giving the former a taste of the London political scene down at Westminister is probably enough to make it go to their heads. Who really knows though, we know politics is ruthless from the last few years in particular.

  88. schrodingers cat says:

    ot, genuine question

    If I put a large poster in my garden, (very visible from a very prominant main road) saying, carmicheal, libdem, is a blatant liar is there any rule or means of stopping me doing this? eg, could the council force me to take it down?

    also, I noticed rev taking someone to task yesterday on twitter for calling him a liar…I have also seen some dreadful racist anti scottish tweets from very prominent tory mps, could I post up these tory tweets as well?

    I know there are many yessers across Scotland with very prominent gardens, fields etc next to major roads, could this be a major means of getting our message out to the public?

  89. James Mckay says:

    Rat changes fur.

  90. Iain More says:

    The British State corrupts all!

    I can see that toady Darling becoming Rector of Aberdeen Uni or some such and Britannia TV Aberdeen crawling up his arse in the not to distant future just to further add to the message of keep your place peasants.

  91. ahundredthidiot says:

    O/T big time, but couldn’t resist.

    BBC hilarious in claiming Michael Fassbinder as a British representative at upcoming golden globe awards.

    Haha, is there no end to their delusion.

    If they were a patient I swear to God they’d be sectioned.

  92. Daisy Walker says:

    Donation made to O4. More to be submitted if and when. Brave, an absolute credit to themselves, their communities and Scotland.

    Lairdie bankstains not fit to breath the same air.

    Not giving up, not going away, not dropping my head and absolutely bit by bit, one bit of decency at a time, AYE YES FOR AW THAT.

  93. Andrew McLean says:

    A very long time ago I was briefed by a intelligence officer how they weeded out undesirables, how he knew every communist and how they would be controlled.

    Roll on 10 years, different man but same story, this time with XXXXX A plant, oh he is more than a plant, he’s the whole fringing jungle!

    But by no means the only one as I am very sure, some of you know.

  94. Vee Mack says:

    I read somewhere Darling’s holiday home on Lewis is somewhere around Breacleit. Perhaps Ruilanish is the name of his converted blackhouse – his ain wee castle.

  95. Luigi says:

    Iain More says:

    10 December, 2015 at 2:48 pm

    The British State corrupts all!

    I can see that toady Darling becoming Rector of Aberdeen Uni or some such and Britannia TV Aberdeen crawling up his arse in the not to distant future just to further add to the message of keep your place peasants.

    Well, the Aberdeen unionist mafia certainly need a new hero, now that Donald Trump has lost the plot.

  96. frogesque says:

    @ Daisy Walker 2.50

    Yesterday I was beelin and angry so I took a time out. Then I donated, then I made some tablet.

    Today I feel a lot better and so glad I did something constructive with the anger.

    We win by not giving in

  97. Lesley-Anne says:

    Luigi says:

    Well, the Aberdeen unionist mafia certainly need a new hero, now that Donald Trump has lost the plot.

    Are you ABSOLUTELY certain that he actually had the plot to begin with Luigi? 😀

  98. Fred says:

    The irony of John MacLean on a banner carried by Lord Alistair MacLean Darling of Ruilanish.

    “Pass the sick bag Alice!”

  99. mike cassidy says:

    As I said in a post ages ago —

    I’m sure when the likes of Darling and Robertson and MConnell meet up in the Lords bar, they have a great laugh remembering when they were young and stupid enough to have values.

    As one regular BBC broadcaster nearly said recently about the Bullingdon Set picture, it makes you want to put them up against the wall…

  100. Auld Rock says:

    Socrates. Hope you won’t mind me borrowing:-

    “Ah, Al! Ah, Al! thou’ll get thy fairin!
    In hell, they’ll roast thee like a herrin!”

    Think it can be applied to ‘Comical Ali’ as well.

    Auld Rock

  101. macnakamura says:

    Any chance that someone may stand in Orkney and Shetland election under the banner Blatant Liar?
    This would allow the electorate to send a yay or nay to Carmichael.
    This would allow loyal Lib Dems the opportunity not to waste their vote on Tavish.

    Campaign slogans to include:
    Malcolm Bruce says I am an ideal politician.

  102. Robert Peffers says:

    @mealer says: 10 December, 2015 at 12:26 pm:

    ” … I’m glad he’s not on our side.”

    Alistair, never in his entire life, has been on anyone’s side except his own.

  103. knuckleshuffle says:

    I suddenly feel nauseous after watching that..

  104. George S Gordon says:

    Only 5 results in a Google search for Ruilanish, all about his “Lordship” and 2 are from WoS.

  105. robertknight says:

    So if Darling is Snowball, who gets to play Napoleon?

  106. Lesley-Anne says:

    robertknight says:
    10 December, 2015 at 3:56 pm

    So if Darling is Snowball, who gets to play Napoleon?

    I thought that role had already been handed out to … John “two jags n shags” Prescott Robert! 😀

  107. boris says:

    Revalation: Those persons elevated to the House of Lords are allowed to claim back any costs related to their inauguration eg Ermine robes, hats, Hairdo’s, manicures for females. Estimated bills between £3-5K. The costs of buffets etc are also tax deductable. Puke time!!

  108. Humble and fawning congratulations not only to His Lordship, but to that most ladylike of consorts, Her Douceness the Lady Navvygub of Twitter.

  109. Paul patience says:

    Wait a minute he’s a baron of Berneray, Ross and Cromarty WTF?
    He’s from bloody Edinburgh and I feel insulted personally that that tit gets to use the name of Ross. The scum filled turncoat.

  110. Greannach says:

    Lord Darling of Flippinghame. For services rendered to Morgan Stanley and all who fiddle in her.

  111. Rev. Stuart Campbell says:

    “Rat changes fur.”

    Oi. Easy on the ratophobia.

  112. Lenny Hartley says:

    Paul patience, he is (darling) from londinium

    From Wikipedia
    Alistair Darling was born in London[4] the son of a civil engineer, Thomas, and his wife, Anna MacLean. He is the great-nephew of Sir William Darling, a Conservative-Unionist Member of Parliament for Edinburgh South (1945–1957). He was educated in Kirkcaldy, and the independent Loretto School,[5] in Musselburgh, then attended the University of Aberdeen where he was awarded a Bachelor of Laws (LL.B). He became the President of Aberdeen University Students’ Representative Council.

    Before joining the Labour Party at the age of 23 in 1977, Darling was a supporter of the International Marxist Group, the British section of the Trotskyist Fourth International.

  113. McBoxheid says:

    It looks like the ferret slipped doon fae his heid onto his shooders. Did anyone else note the immunity bit at 2 min 8 secs?
    Is that the bit that allows them to bugger children with impugnity?

  114. Andrew McLean says:

    Lenny Hartley 5:04pm
    The International Marxist Group had so many more special branch officers that Marxists, that they held their annual party meeting in Pitt street police station.
    Our Alistair was always trying to create some mischief, usually ending in someone else landing in the shit, but never our Alistair, funny that?

  115. dramfineday says:

    Well done Roddy, at 4.19, beat me to it.

  116. McBoxheid says:

    macnakamura says:
    10 December, 2015 at 3:36 pm

    Any chance that someone may stand in Orkney and Shetland election under the banner Blatant Liar?

    Some other liar used that name already. Shortened to B.Lair. He lead us down the path that caused all the disruption in the Middle East.

    Nothing like a good war to distract the masses from a spot of domestic bother, eh!

    Just in the last 33 years:

    Maggie Thatcher; Falklands, but that wasn’t a war was it. Only a conflict. Tell that to the dead and maimed.

    That boring twat with grey hair, John Major; The Gulf War.

    Bliar liar; the invasion of Iraq with Bush. Bush, who failed at every business venture he attempted and we all know how successful his war in Iraq was.

    The Piggy Fiddler; struggling domestically with one disasterous policy after another. So what does he do? Lets bomb Syria! Hurrah he thinks he gets breathing space. Think again!

    Anyone seeing a pattern here?

    I wonder who they will try to crucify. Someone else got crucified at 33.

  117. Andrew McLean says:

    Yesterday was the anniversary of the killing of John Lennon.

    Keep you doped with religion and sex and TV
    And you think you’re so clever and classless and free
    But you’re still fucking peasants as far as I can see
    A working class hero is something to be

    There’s room at the top they’re telling you still
    But first you must learn how to smile as you kill
    If you want to be like the folks on the hill

    A working class hero is something to be

    Good question John,

  118. jimnarlene says:

    No surprise there, he’s always been a Tory.

  119. Andrew McLean says:

    Correction Tuesday, sorry John!

  120. Andrew McLean says:

    John Lennon

    Im sick and tired of hearing things
    From uptight, short-sighted, narrow-minded hypocritics
    All I want is the truth
    Just gimme some truth
    Ive had enough of reading things
    By neurotic, psychotic, pig-headed politicians
    All I want is the truth
    Just gimme some truth

  121. Morgatron says:

    Ah , Lord Darling of Morgan Stanley. It has a nice ring to it ! Very suitable for a devious snake two faced failed areshole. Big Git.

  122. Capella says:

    @ Bob Mack 2.11

    “Out of interest does anyone know of anybody who sits in that place who is known for doing something positively memorable? In a positive way of course.”

    Lord Byron. Fought for Greek independence from Turkey. Died in Missolonghi. Maiden speech was in favour of the Luddites:

    “A strong advocate of social reform, he received particular praise as one of the few Parliamentary defenders of the Luddites: specifically, he was against a death penalty for Luddite “frame breakers” in Nottinghamshire, who destroyed textile machines that were putting them out of work.”

    Also, “mad, bad and dangerous to know”. Probably suffered from bipolar syndrome.

  123. Ruby says:

    George S Gordon says:
    10 December, 2015 at 3:48 pm
    Only 5 results in a Google search for Ruilanish, all about his “Lordship” and 2 are from WoS.

    Ruby replies

    Ruilanish according to Google Translate is Chinese.

    Rui is a common Chinese name
    Lanish according to Google means ‘pull your hand’

    What could ‘pull your hand’ mean would that be the equivalent of ‘pull your leg’ or is an activity that might cause you to go blind?

  124. Lenny Hartley says:

    Andrew McLean , Many moons ago i was a member of Siol, thinking it was a cultural organisation, at the first meeting I attended in Aberdeen, there were about 8 people. subsequently there was some Saltires and other signs appearing on bridges etc. One of my
    friends who joined Siol alongside me was hauled in by the Special Branch.

    They knew more about what was discussed at the meeting than we did….

  125. Ruby says:

    McBoxheid says:
    10 December, 2015 at 5:31 pm
    macnakamura says:
    10 December, 2015 at 3:36 pm

    Any chance that someone may stand in Orkney and Shetland election under the banner Blatant Liar?

    Ruby replies

    What about Fib Dems?

    Sun headline:

  126. ronnie anderson says:

    The Che Guevara of the North Britons,destiny is never defined

  127. KOF says:

    @Ruby 19:28

    It’s Roulanish, not Ruilanish. The Rev got the spelling wrong. See link.

  128. JLT says:

    Where the f*** is Ruilanish? Is that anywhere near Tankerness?

    Seriously …what is it with Scottish MP’s happily accepting a title of a place that just doesn’t seem to exist? Are they just being given names of mythical places, or are they throwing plastic words down on the scrabble board and go ‘yep ….Ruilanish sounds like a place. Give him that!’

    What’s next? Lord Carmichael of Brigadoon!

  129. Sonas says:

    I actually got really upset watching that. Like 19 September 2014 all over again.

    He stands there looking so sodding pleased with himself.

    I am digging in for the long haul towards indy, but Christ it’s hard sometimes.

  130. Ruby says:

    KOF says:
    10 December, 2015 at 7:59 pm
    @Ruby 19:28

    It’s Roulanish, not Ruilanish. The Rev got the spelling wrong. See link.

    Ruby replies


    So it’s not Chinese for hand puller it’s a Gaelic word.

    Why on earth would he choose a Gaelic title what on earth is wrong with Lord Darling of Morningside?

  131. Grouse Beater says:

    From loud-mouth hell raiser to pillar of the community is but a single betrayal – the democratic rights of a nation.

  132. KOF says:


    His mother’s family were apparently from Bernera and it appears he owns a house in Roulanish, hence Baron of Roulanish. See link below about Great Bernera, where Roulanish is located.

    Anyway, he’s not even a proper baron in the Scottish sense. 🙂

    See –

  133. crazycat says:

    About 30 years ago I had a friend who knew Alistair Darling’s sister (he may have more than one).

    Her view, apparently, was that her brother was a Tory, but wanted a Westminster seat in Scotland, so he joined Labour.

    I have no idea whether that is true, but it is not incompatible with being a member of the IMG.

  134. Macandroid says:

    Too vomit inducing to watch past the first minute.

  135. Effijy says:

    Lord Darling of Rulebritaniapish.

    Like the majority of Labour leaders, they saw a nice little earner for themselves, financially, and of course you can pick up £5K per introductory letter, and finish with a wee Barony and £300 per sleep in the big house as a side line.

  136. Ken500 says:

    Darling destroyed the Scottish/UK/World economy. He is a fraudster and a liar. He will always be a dishonourable man. Illegal wars, banking fraud and tax evasion. Vulnerable people are being killed and starved to death. The Royals are not impartial.

    Where is the Chilcot Report? 5 years late.

  137. Stuart Campbell: “Oi. Easy on the ratophobia.”

    A well deserved admonishment, if I may say so.

    Wholly wrong to equate Lord Darling to a rodent, for there are some things you just can’t get a rat to do.

  138. pitchfork says:

    Anyone got a link with a picture of Darling kneeling yesterday? I want one to post on FB with the caption:

    “Alistair Darling presenting the Labour position.”

  139. Haggis Hunter says:

    Its all about the class system.

    I don’t belong to any class, and neither does anyone else, there are only people that have different out looks on life

  140. Ken500 says:

    This is an absolute abuse of the people in Scotland. A disgrace for Democracy. An example of individual selfishness and greed. A public disgace. It will just annoy and embarrass even more people.

    Vote SNP/SNP. Vote for Independence.

  141. Chic McGregor says:

    12 Dumballs Droning
    11 Papers Griping
    10 Lords a Flipping
    9 Merkel’s saying
    8 Blairites crapping
    7 Swines a troughing
    6 G’s a Lying

    5 Golden Bungs

    4 Jackie Birds
    3 Red Kens
    2 Corbynites
    and Jackie Baillie in a pair tree

  142. heedtracker says:

    Comrades! Be upstanding and bow your heads to your superior,

    The working class can kiss my arse, I’m a Lord now.

    Loretto would be horrified to have any association with the working class though.

    A future working class hero like Lord Flipper, needs seven grand a term for Loretto college, who are no doubt jolly proud of him. As are SLabour ofcourse.

    £7,000 a term ex private schools are only going to produce goons like this but you’d think SLab unionist twitter crew would by very proud, but quick read around and not a UKOK peep, not even from red tory unionist zealots like


    BetterTogether now, to Oh Christmas tree song-

    The working class can kiss my arse,
    I’ve got the foremans’ job at last.
    I’m out of work and on the dole,
    You can stuff the red flag up your hole.
    The working class can kiss my arse,
    I’ve got the foremans’ job at last.

  143. heedtracker says:

    Google lord alistair darling bbc scotland, just like SLab unionists, nothing reported by BBC Scotland propagandists either

    UKOK propaganda in Scotland, nothing at all. Poor Alistair. That crew are a lot more interested in Trump than our newest SLab lords.

    All you get from google is loads of hits like this

    Salmond has ‘lost plot’ says Alistair Darling
    22 September 2014

    From the section Scotland politics

    Nice display of how you lie and deceive, BBC vote Slab Scotland style though.

  144. Fred says:

    Anent Lord Byron, he would have shagged a barbers flair! 🙂

  145. Dean Clark says:

    What is with his spastic hand? It looks like he is being controlled by a rubbish ventriloquist.

  146. David says:

    This is the first thing I thought of when I read the news.

    That and selling out the public to protect corrupt banks.

    Bit of a sad legacy.

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