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It’s nice to be noticed

Posted on February 05, 2014 by

Apologies to readers who had difficulties accessing any Wings pages this afternoon. Everything seems to be currently behaving, but we’ve had an email from our webhosts (who also, on a different server, host the Conservative Party website, trivia fans):

“The server where your site is hosted is still under a DDOS attack so you may experience some issues with the site today. We’re working on remedying that.”

It’s an interesting development in the light of this recent news, although we’re sure it’s just coincidence – after all, it’s not like a popular Scottish independence website could pose any sort of perceived threat to the British state or oh yeah right.

Incidentally, we had nothing to do with choosing the name, but the server used for Wings Over Scotland, which remains under attack as we write, is called “Truth”.

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206 to “It’s nice to be noticed”

  1. alexicon says:

    Maybe David Cameron has sent out his envoys to ask the Chinese Government to help him scupper the nasty nats?
    Or maybe word has got around and you’re becoming more popular Rev.
    I hope the later is true.

    O/T good read from Hamish Scott over on newsnetscotland.

  2. TJenny says:

    So glad WoS is up and runnng again – thought it may have been owing to another wee escaped separat 🙂

    Think we’re definitely in the ‘then they come to fight you’ stage – and how deliciously ironic that the server’s name is Truth – works for WoS, but the Tories – nah, never.

  3. Patrician says:

    That is weird, I had just read about the Xbox by Gary on the reg and my first thought was how long before Wings server was attacked.

  4. dinnatouch says:

    My first thought when I couldn’t access the site was a DDOS. I’m surprised it’s taken this long to be honest.

  5. cynicalHighlander says:

    Ah that was what the COBRA meeting today at No 10 was about.

  6. Alba says:


    Even stranger is the news I received today that a “reporter” was around asking my old neighbours questions about me and my “nationalist” tendencies

    daily mail really scraping the bottom of the barrell

  7. Bugger (the Panda) says:

    Hi T Jenny

  8. magnus barelegs says:

    Brit Spooks at GCHQ is my guess.

  9. G. Campbell says:

    “DDOS attack”

    There’s no proof it wasn’t Blair McDougall.


    John Smith’s daughter is to front a new Monday to Thursday current affairs show on BBC2 Scotland, albeit for a limited time only. Poor old Gordon Brewer is expected to be sold for scrap.

  10. Teechur says:

    So, how about we try to get WoS onto a distributed server style thingy like The Pirate Bay thus rendering it immune to assorted nasties? While I am sure this afternoon’s attack is just a coincidence (but just in case, Hello GCHQ Spooks!), would it not be prudent to investigate setting up a backup or three so that we don’t miss our daily fix?

  11. liz says:

    Indeed we will need to have a way of meeting up elsewhere.
    This is no coincidence with Mags etc mentioning cybernats in the HoC.

  12. Rev. Stuart Campbell says:

    “works for WoS, but the Tories – nah, never.”

    As I said, the Tories are on a different server to us 😀

  13. west_lothian_questioner says:


  14. Taranaich says:

    Maybe the target was the Conservative Website, and Wings was collateral damage? 😛

  15. creigs1707repeal says:

    I remember predicting a D.O.S. attack some months ago, Stu. JTRIGGY have decided to get jiggy.

    D.O.S. versus W.O.S. – who will win?

    Time to look at a contingency plan, methinks Stu. If it needs more money I’m sure we’re all willing to part with the readies.

  16. Thepnr says:

    Agree on the back up server idea, maybe even in Sweden or Holland. Those countries wouldn’t take kindly to DDOS attacks or their servers.

  17. creigs1707repeal says:

    @ Stu

    “As I said, the Tories are on a different server to us.”

    That’ll be the server named ‘LYING-GITS’

  18. Dal Riata says:

    “British intelligence has its own hacker subdivision that uses questionable practices for hunting down enemies of the state, reveals a new leak from Edward Snowden. GCHQ is fighting Anonymous and LulzSec hacktivists with DDoS attacks and malware.

    A classified document obtained by NBC News reveals that the British secret service is brandishing a cyber-sword in the guise of the Joint Threat Research Intelligence Group (JTRIG), an intelligence unit not constrained by domestic or international laws.

    The JTRIG unit is staging distributed denial of service (DDoS) cyber-attacks, implanting malware to disclose identities of hackers in order to prevent their communications. JTRIG is such a secret unit that its very name has never been mentioned anywhere before.”

    Aye, well it has now.

    “GCHQ declined to comment on the documents cited in the report, but insisted in a statement to CNET that it operated within the boundaries of British law.”

    Aye, right!

  19. twenty14 says:

    We all new it was only a matter of time – as long as we can all fit into McGinns there should be no probs

  20. Tattie-bogle says:

    Don’t be shooting yourself twice in the head and then throw the gun away

  21. Dal Riata says:

    Should have highlighted this point in the previous post:

    “… an intelligence unit [JTRIG] not constrained by domestic or international laws.”

  22. gordoz says:

    Perhaps the undecided can tell me why STV ignore news stories supporting independence issues (Financial Times resent report on Scotland being better off after a YES vote) but just love promoting stories such as will appear on Scotland Tonight –

    Vince Cable (? really) warns RBS will leave Independent Scotland; (and take their debt ? – isn’t that a good thing ? so why the warning)

    Come on STV play fair FFS !!

  23. TJenny says:

    Hi BtP 🙂

  24. boglestone says:

    Truth is always the first casualty in war.

    *puts tinfoil hat on*

  25. Thepnr says:

    Apologies for O/T

    Newsnight Scotland to be replaced from May to October with a new 30 minute program focusing solely on the Referendum. All current presenters will be placed elsewhere within BBC news and replaced by a brand new team and producer.

  26. heedtracker says:

    So Daily Mail creeps go after YES voters on Twitter and now this. I just got in the door and everyones sitting watching Dinner Date, as usual. STVBetterTogetherBBC’s daily Project Fear news is THAT boring to your average Scots family.

  27. Robert Louis says:

    Is this what they call a ‘union dividend’, a website of free thinkers discussing Scottish independence hacked (allegedly) by UK security services.

    If it was GCHQ, then you can be sure this will have been a ‘dry run’ to assess the situation, and potential for exploitation in future.

    I’d suggest taking as much of a precaution as possible, and if need be via a separate fundraiser.

    Clearly, this and other pro independence sites which dismiss the London BritNAT unionist lies about independence are seen as a threat.

    If this is the case, you are clearly being very, very effective, REV. Keep it up. This just makes me even more determined to ensure a YES vote.

  28. Robert Louis says:


    Reading that BBC announcement, they use a very interesting choice of words:

    “The hugely-experienced journalist will return to Scotland in the spring to front a new studio-based weeknight programme, Scotland 2014, which aims to both reflect and set the referendum agenda“. (My bolding)

    The move has been welcomed by John Boothman, so I guess it’s business as usual at Pathetic Quay.

  29. Ken500 says:

    UK gov owns 80% of RBS, will Scotland gets it’s 10% of shares when they are sold off?

  30. Robert McDonald says:

    DOS is that the new NO blog: Dross Over Scotland?

  31. Jean says:

    Sarah’s sister is married to George Robertson’ s son and her own wedding was conducted by Dougie and Wendy’s dad.

  32. Chic McGregor says:

    “Truth is always the first casualty in war.

    *puts tinfoil hat on*”

    That’s just what they want you to believe. 🙂

    Reason’s the first.

  33. liz says:

    O/T I was going to join the guardian article about Vince Cable’s RBS announcement but the level of ignorance and sarky comments is so astounding that I had to leave.

    The Guardian is def morphing into the Daily Mail so I wont be back unless they improve.

    You really have to wonder how this country got so crappy and belligerent.

    We have to vote yes and leave them to stew in their own arrogance.

  34. Piemonteis says:

    Strange re: Sarah Smith. I was just watching her chair the Royal Society of Edinburgh debate on currency, on Youtube. Although she couldn’t be described as biased, I did think she seemed somewhat independence-sceptic.

    And despite the potential allegiances mentioned by other wingers, Wikipedia does have Ruth Wishart as her godmother.

  35. Andy-B says:

    Thought you might like this Rev. wings and all that.

  36. Thepnr says:

    Here’s me thinking getting rid of Campbell and Brewer was good news only to find out that it may just be more of the same. Well it will be interesting to see how it kicks off.

  37. Dramfineday says:

    Oh dear, that’s explosive news! Do you think is worth a shot on C4? Would go off with a bang if it did. Still I’m sure it’ll be a bullet point on some loud report. Maybe it’ll recoil and cause a breach in trust but I wouldn’t put a timer limit on it. It would be a blast if it did. Anyway it’s Wednesday night and my Bins Laden so I’m off to place it in the street so the council can discharge it in the morning.

    Well I hope that causes the machines a little burp.

    PS Thanks for the Cybernat badges Roddy – got them today!

  38. Croompenstein says:

    They want you to know they are there, batten down the hatches Rev this is just the start

  39. Flower of Scotland says:

    It’s not too unrealistic to think that GCHQ could have made some kind of attack ! I remember in the 1970 s people in the SNP having their phones tapped because it was thought they were aligned to Siol nan Gaidheal . This was around the time Willie Macrae was shot dead .
    No one talks much about those times now . It was pretty frightening !

  40. twenty14 says:

    @ Dramfineday – if two guys turn up at your door don’t think they’re looking for aliens

  41. MD says:

    I am not an expert but I think a DDOS attack, or any similar attack, is an offence under the Computer Misuse Act. If your hosting company was convinced it was such an attack they (or you) could inform the police and notify the press you’d done so – some of them, e.g. Computer Weekly, may even take an interest.

  42. James Kay says:

    O/T, but interesting:

    The partial (pro-independence) Wings over Scotland site carries a detailed analysis of the FT’s findings. That’s “partial” in the sense that it draws out the implications of the dry facts – there’s a standing, never yet claimed offer of an easy £10 to anyone who spots a factual error on the site.

    This quote comes from:

    Has Stu really offered this £10, and has anyone ever claimed it (successfully or otherwise)?

  43. Rev. Stuart Campbell says:

    “Has Stu really offered this £10, and has anyone ever claimed it (successfully or otherwise)?”

    Yes and no in that order.

  44. Westie7 says:

    Laura Bicker! Fecking marvellous thats all we need

  45. Train Fares says:

    Most sites don’t really get right into a good discussion about the issues but REDDIT sure does.

  46. Calgacus MacAndrews says:

    Our Cybernat badges also arrived today.
    I’ll be proudly wearing one when out and about from tomorrow.

    (Barack … watch for me on the CCTV …)

  47. Richard Bruce says:

    It was only a matter of time before denial attacks started. I would not expect too much of any investigation. The hosts gather the information regarding the attacks to the relevant authorities.

    So don’t hold your breath, (what happened to the YES email theft?).

    Trouble is, the attacks will be coming from ‘zombie PCs’, malware infected computers etc.

    It just shows Stewart, you and the Wings people are gettin’ to them!

    More power to you all.

  48. dadsarmy says:

    Interesting. What’s more interesting is this about DDOS:

    “DDOS attacks use thousands of infected PCs, known as “bots”, to send brief messages that overwhelm the servers of its target.”

    PCs are often infected via email which enclose a zip file – there was a spate of them before Christmas pretending to be from banks and couriers, but also from the hmrc. A lot of spam over Christmas then as PCs became infected, and then another spate of enclosed zip file.

    I’m getting spam to 4 different email addresses now, which means some of the different people who have used those addresses have become infected. First lesson is NEVER click on an enclosed zip file unless you’re absolutely certain it’s defintely expected and from a totally known source.

    Some infections just rip through your address book if you use a “standard” email software (I don’t). Another form of infection is to zomnie you so as to send out loads of emails. But another is to take over your computer and amke it a command centre, as in command and control.

    What is interesting is that whoever performed a DDOS attack would have had to have access to a command and controlled botnet – and therefore have infected thousands of PCs. I did read the article you linked to, interesting …

  49. TheGreatBaldo says:


    Speaking of being spooked….

    Mags pretty much admits BT has shat itself. I think if any one else but Sarwar was coming out with the ‘Labour movement’ stuff it might have an impact, but as we’ve seen the general public laugh at him when he does it.

    Rev’s used the Stalingrad analogy before…

    The Sixth Army has just twigged it’s been suckered into a trap and is now completely surrounded with little hope of rescue.

    The air lift of Oil executives has failed and supplies of scare stories have collapsed and they are now reduced to putting the same 4 stories every week…the locals are laughing at them now.

    There were so much hope a new nuclear scare weapon but that turned out to be John Barrowman in a Jamsie Jaiket.

    Ye know ma fellow cybernats I do believe the tide has well and truly turned, sharks have been jumped etc etc

    The No side now know they are losing….sit back and enjoy !

  50. deewal says:

    A spring offensive from the BBC followed by the Occupation of Central Scotland by the British Army in June.A good time to round up dissidents and rebels.Postal votes for referendum intercepted and lost. Army to protect threatened No voters at Polling stations.
    Did’nt think Cameron was going to roll over so easily did you ?

  51. Truth says:

    Wings is hosted on a server called Truth?

    Why else do you think I use this handle? *twilight zone tune*

  52. dadsarmy says:

    Fairly unlikely the DDoS was directed at Wings, though who knows. Hopefully the webhost can give more information – and will have hardened their servers. Not easy, it took me a lot of work to do that to mine. Distributed webserver is a good idea, wish I could afford it, but so far ginormously small downtime over years touch wood.

    I always presume by the way that GCHQ know my inside leg measurement and what I’m having for dinner before I do.

  53. Bugger (the Panda) says:

    My daughter works for a company called Truth and they do linguistic programming stuff!


  54. muttley79 says:

    Do BBC Scotland expect us to be happy that yet another presenter with SLAB unionist links is being sent up to cover the referendum? No conflict of interest there eh?; her father was leader of the British Labour Party, and her mother is in the House of Lords. What are the chances that Sarah Smith will give independence a fair hearing? I despair at the MSM in Scotland. It really has reached Eastern Europe under Communism levels. What a farce…

  55. CameronB says:

    boglestone says:
    “puts tinfoil hat on”

    I never take mine off. 🙂

  56. Croompenstein says:

    I believe the DDos was against wings just plant some paranoia. Watch out for men with umbrellas and don’t try ur hand at escapology with ur hold all

  57. gordoz says:

    BBC – Shit on Scotland (at every turn, even after Academic points out bias)

    Aye; Cameron has stayed out of the Indy debate right enough

    (Sarah Smith; no bias there then)

  58. James Kay says:

    Yes and no in that order.

    I kind of expected that answer. Although I had not previously heard of the offer, I have recommended this site to others – telling them that one of its great attractions is that it gives links to all its sources.

    Thank you for providing all the information and background which we need.

  59. gordoz says:

    This is a complete and utter stitch up !

    Banana republic standards of media coverage and Joe Public in Scoltand (mainly Labour voters), just sit and watch as the house burns down.

    They watch while Westminster manipulates and wait for Labour to ride to the rescue, but no what they’re not coming guys, they’re run from Westminster too.

  60. call me dave says:

    Bread and butter pudding (mince) from Curran.

    Not much joy for her in the comments either.

  61. Elizabeth says:

    Aye, they will probably send that other London Scot Andrew Neil to join her and James Naughtie. Maybe even Andrew Marr. Before we’re done we’ll have a full hoose.

  62. HandandShrimp says:

    Whoever is doing it are a bit shit at it. I would have thought the forces of the state would be a little more sophisticated. Much more likely some angry wee BT type trying to do the script kiddie stuff only not very well. I think the real script kiddies over at /b/ would be a bit underwhelmed.

  63. muttley79 says:

    Renton, Wark, Bird, Magnusson, Smith, Boothman, Marr, Neil, Naughtie. Jesus…

  64. Murray McCallum says:

    Hey muttley79, are you saying Jesus has a BBC contract? God …

  65. muttley79 says:


    To be fair to Sarah Smith, she comes across as a decent person. However, the problem is that there is a clear conflict of interest; if there is a Yes vote her mother will not be in the House of Lords anymore, and hence not part of the British establishment.

  66. ronnie anderson says:

    Ave got a half tin of Silver paint,awe ah need is some

    corrigated cardboard,bob,s yer uncle a Anderson shelter,

    beats tin foil hat,s any day,who want,s wan.

  67. dave kemp says:

    HandandShrimp :

    Yes they are shit at it but they dont care and are merrily getting away with murder. The whole MSM is the same – who is going to complain apart from the few online ?

  68. Dave McEwan Hill says:

    I think the piece in the Daily Record attacking the hypocrisy of the SUN with different insulting to Scotland coverage in English version which did not appear in the Scottish copy must have been due to the Wings flagging up of the story yesterday.

    Keep an eye on the Record. It didn’t have to print the facts about Scotland’s better fiscal position under the article

  69. HandandShrimp says:


    Aye, but there is more than just a few of us. This site gets 10s of thousands of readers and word gets around.

    There are dirty tricks afoot, real dirty tricks. We might call Foulkes a Muppet and make the Mail as the epitome of evil but we know where the real dark hearts are.

  70. call me dave says:


    Oh no surely no Jesus too!

    Here’s Fergus Ewings countering Caroline Flint re: Energy this morning on GMS.

    2hrs 8mins and 20 secs into the programme.

  71. Murray McCallum says:

    One of the better BBC presenters I have seen on the independence referendum was Victoria Derbyshire. I thought she handled the debate in Glasgow very well.

    I like her style. She rarely interrupts, listens to what is said but does come back with challenging questions. she does seem to want to understand someone else’s point of view. Their side of the story.

    I don’t see much creativity coming out of the presenters listed in your earlier post. Same old same old.

  72. heedtracker says:

    So the GCHQ spooks try and shutdown WoS for 20 minutes? it only draws in more interest so its unlikely. Just today alone the UK media has gone apeshit projectfear style, which is probably the best way to shut down democracy anywhere as long as the populace have enough to get by.

  73. Alfresco Dent says:

    I received my Proud Cybernat badges in the mail yesterday and it was the first package Royal Mail have ever accidentally(?) opened in the eleven years we’ve lived at this address. Coincidence?

  74. HandandShrimp says:

    I am well impressed by just how much absolute junk Project Fear are churning out. I may be wrong here but I think the idea of Project Fear is to frighten us, not indicate they have lost the plot and are clearly panic stricken.

    The public can’t handle multiple bullshit every day for a week or more. They are switching off. Fear is a finite emotion, it also usually leads to anger.

  75. Rev. Stuart Campbell says:

    “I think the piece in the Daily Record attacking the hypocrisy of the SUN with different insulting to Scotland coverage”


  76. Rev. Stuart Campbell says:

    “Although I had not previously heard of the offer”

    In fairness, I’ve only made it on Twitter. At some point I should put it formally on the About page.

  77. Calgacus MacAndrews says:

    Cyberheart …

  78. Patrician says:

    Apologies for my first post on this thread, auto complete and a dodgy mobile internet connection are to blame. The post should have read:

    Patrician says:
    5 February, 2014 at 5:49 pm

    That is weird, I had just read about the DDOS by GCHQ on The Register website and my first thought was how long before the Wings server was attacked.

  79. twenty14 says:

    @ Calgacus MacAndrews

    Rev should put on a like button 🙂

  80. Macart says:

    Then you win. 🙂

  81. Thepnr says:

    @Calgacus MacAndrews

    Cyberheart hahaha loved it.

  82. Andy-B says:

    Here’s beaker AKA Danny Alexander threatening to kill himself, before allowing the Tories to cut the top rate of tax, for the rich.

  83. Andy-B says:

    And here we have the follow up, to the Danny Alexander story with Boris Johnson suggesting that the Tories could have him sacked as treasury chief.

  84. Thistle says:

    Michelle Thomson, MD from Business for Scotland gives a wonderful presentation in part 1 of 4 from event on 22/01

    We will be releasing the other videos from event including Ivan McKee and Alan Bissett plus Q&A in next few days.

    We have a new event happening on 24/02 at Shettleston Juniors, Glasgow. Event will include Michelle, Ivan McKee and other guests plus some live music after.

    Event is FREE, but donations welcome, both at door and online via FB page. As always we will be live streaming this event and you can ask questions online. We would also like to video this event for YouTube but as FREE tickets we cannot afford this but with some donations maybe we could – need about £260.

  85. Famous15 says:

    God is a unionist?The Ulsterman wAs correct,and I thought he was nuts.

  86. Croompenstein says:

    Fuck it I hope the tories cut the top rate of tax just to see beaker flapping like flipper

  87. James123 says:

    @Dave McEwan Hill
    Keep an eye on the Record. It didn’t have to print the facts about Scotland’s better fiscal position under the article

    One day the Daily Record features a few pro-independence stories then the next day normal service is resumed. It seem they’re going through a bit of schizophrenic faze at the moment. I suppose we should be grateful that they are at least providing some balance.

    As the Rev says any link to that article or did it only feature in the newspaper?

  88. Andy-B says:

    Just in case no one posted a link about the Faslane base strike, and if they did I apologise for this, 800 workers for Babcock have voted to strike, over a pay rise. Or lack of it to be precise.

  89. callum says:

    calm ya jets. A 20minute DDoS is not the work of a governmental agency – but more that some unionist got hold of a few bitcoin and arranged a DDoS (you can buy them online from mostly Russian BotHerders).

    (my company specialises in technical security and we trace this sort of thing from time to time)

  90. Andy-B says:

    Ian Duncan Smith and his doomed universal credit plan that’s cost £225.000 per person. the project has already cost £612 million quid, with less than 3000 people transferred to the scheme.

  91. Creag an Tuirc says:

    OT: One of the wee stories you always get now and again in WoS OT comments. I was doing a video for a young singer/songwriter tonight and the conversation got round to the referendum. She said everyone she knows, including herself is voting yes and there was only one guy from work that said no. His reason was we couldn’t afford it. So something is happening, I think the grassroots word of mouth discussions are working.

  92. bunter says:

    Another oil Co Exec being tweeted by bad Bliar attacking SNP. Guaranteed big coverage on BBC tomorrow, as that’s how it usually works. Bliar tweets and BBC runs with it.

  93. gman says:

    I notice the Faslane strike story (on the BBC and other sources) gives percentages but not the actual numbers of staff striking. Maybe its classified or just not matching previous claims.

  94. Jimsie says:

    O/T. I am only indirectly criticising the coalition government here but please spare a thought for the people of south west England and Wales who are having a horrendous time with flooding.They have been badly let down by their politicians who they probably voted for. Time for everyone to be charitable to these people living through a nightmare.

  95. ronnie anderson says:

    Are the bilingual Winger,s ready to translate Prof Curtice

    talking shite.

  96. Thepnr says:

    Just read what i think is a brilliant post from a pro-supporter over on the Independent. The article is crap but the post very good. Don’t need to tell you who, you will recognize it immediately.

    We should have Cybernattin lessons so as we slow down and engage our brain before hitting the send button :), sure this guy has done that.

  97. Les Wilson says:

    We need to rise to the challenge we now have, it will be relentless just as we must be and resolute in our right of democracy, in every area, every discussion, everywhere we can.

  98. bunter says:

    Save the nameplate! Britnat on Scotland tonight threatens that RBS may move their HQ nameplate.

  99. jingly jangly says:

    Bunter, glad you confirmed that I thought I was hearing things… He did actually say that the jobs would stay in Edinburgh but the name place would move to London….
    That’s got to be the bottom of the barrel for scare stories are they running out!!!!

  100. jingly jangly says:

    That should be name plate!!

  101. dadsarmy says:

    Saw the Scotland tonight, and even the nameplate isn’t right. You couldn’t just move the HQ to England from Scotland via company house – RBS would have to move countries – or set up a separate England company.

  102. G. Campbell says:

    RANDOM FACTOIDS #570,433

    BP-linked Labourites who attended Sarah Smith’s wedding:

    Baron Gordon of Strathblane was a member of the Scottish Advisory Board of British Petroleum.

    Baroness Smith of Gilmorehill (Sarah’s mum) was an advisor to BP Scotland and a board member of Hakluyt, the London based business intelligence bureau who spied on environmental groups for BP and other oil companies. Smith was also on the board of the Russo-British Chamber of Commerce, which “promotes, facilitates and supports business between Russia and the UK”. BP is one of their strategic partners.

    Baron Robertson of Port Ellen is a former board member of Russian oil company TNK-BP and a former Vice-Chairman of the Britain-Russia Centre.

  103. jingly jangly says:

    O/T William McIlvanney on Scotland Tonight says he voting YES

  104. G. Campbell says:


  105. Oneironaut says:

    Well at least DDoS attacks can be defended against fairly easily if you have server techs who know what they’re doing.

    Doing a little research dug up some scarier stuff. Haven’t verified this one actually happened, but I really wouldn’t put it past government agencies to pull a stunt like this if they really wanted to shut someone down and irreparably destroy their reputation in the eyes of the public at the same time:

  106. call me dave says:


    Yes I agree they have our sympathy nobody would think otherwise. To have your home flooded and in some cases destroyed is no laughing matter. But Dave, caught napping because of a slow government response, has found £100M of support money from down the back of the sofa (contingency fund). From what I have seen and heard it’s not going to be enough. But from his speech today he is willing to pay any price to put things right.

    Looking down South from Scotland we can easily take a jaundiced view of a financial tap that can, in an instant, can be turned on while we are pressing our collective Scottish nose on the HoC window pane, living on pocket money from Barnett, asking for permission to mitigate the ‘bedroom tax’.

    Funny old world init!

  107. CameronB says:

    Jimsie says at 10:26 pm:

    O/T. I am only indirectly criticising the coalition government here but please spare a thought for the people of south west England and Wales who are having a horrendous time with flooding.They have been badly let down by their politicians who they probably voted for. Time for everyone to be charitable to these people living through a nightmare.

    Totally agree and so does Prince Charles, apparently. I’m not sure what I think about him generating significant income from the area, yet donating through his charitable trust. I’m pretty sure he could also spare a £ or two out off his own pocket as he does run close too the wind, shall we say, regarding his tax efficiency.

    Not quite Bangladesh, though many lives will undoubtedly be wrecked. But neo-liberal-ism is good, right!

  108. Edward says:

    Just watching Newsnight Scotland and having to put up with that patronising bitch Flint constantly interrupt Fergus Ewing and Brewer just joining in against independence
    Bias incarnate on the BBC

  109. CameronB says:

    Forgot to say the coverage of his visit was done well, too over-done. 😉

  110. G. Campbell says:

    My Caroline Flint impression.

    “Mr Ewing. Mr Ewing. Mr Ewing. Mr Ewing. Mr Ewing. Mr Ewing. Mr Ewing. Mr Ewing. Mr Ewing. Mr Ewing. Mr Ewing. Mr Ewing. Mr Ewing. Mr Ewing. Mr Ewing. Mr Ewing. Mr Ewing. Mr Ewing. Mr Ewing. Mr Ewing. Mr Ewing. Mr Ewing. Mr Ewing. Mr Ewing. Mr Ewing. Mr Ewing.”

  111. Edward says:

    Unfreaking real to see Flint and Brewer tag team on Newsnight attacking Fergus Ewing. Absolutely disgraceful
    Flint was an ignorant a hole, that thinks its clever to keep interupting

  112. G. Campbell says:

    Goodbye, Gordon. Hurry up, Sarah.

  113. Edward says:

    If we were supposed to feel sorry for Brewer being side lined by the BBC with the new current affairs programming. Lifes tough Gordon

  114. Flower of Scotland says:

    Gordon Brewer is just getting ridiculous ! News night with Ferguson Ewing trying to argue with both Caroline Flint and Gordon Brewer who were both speaking over him at the same time !
    Ferguson was good though , that’s what we need , real tough people to debate on TV !

  115. Jimsie says:

    @call me dave @cameron b

    Good posts and I am pleased to see no anti English rhetoric on this particular matter.

  116. G. Campbell says:

    Gordon Brewer will become the cat-up-a-tree correspondent for Reporting Scotland when Sarah Smith arrives.

  117. Flower of Scotland says:

    I also sympathise with the folk coping with terrible flooding down south ! It must be life shattering !

  118. heedtracker says:

    Ferocious Newsnicht from wild eyed sweaty Brewer there tag teaming it with Labour hysteretic in London desperately trying to threaten YES voters without actually shrieking out loud, “we won’t buy Scots green energy if you vote Yes!” Quite a day of BBC/UKOK project fearing.

  119. jingly jangly says:

    Concur with the thoughts for the people affected by the flooding, but basically it shows that the UK is a third world country, FFS parts of Somerset have been under water for 3 weeks or more!!!!

  120. Papadocx says:


    G Brewer – Clown rent-a-gub
    C Flint mp – Ignorant demented budgie

    This “comedy show” gets more surreal with every episode. The technical standard and editing look as if they are being controlled by monkeys, or they were drunk, an insult to the people of Scotland.

    There is no way back for this shambles. If the answer to the referendum is NO then this show and all who have been tainted by association with it should never work in broadcasting ever again.

    Caroline Flint was allowed to heckle Fergus Ewing constantly every time he tried to answer a question.

    Caroline Flint, no endearing qualities, ignorant, loud mouth arrogant, an empty vessel.

    EBC (aka BBC ) is finished in Scotland they are burning the bridges. Maybe they no more than us.

  121. Murray McCallum says:

    Could the Gordon Brewer News Show not afford to get an actual government minister on?

  122. call me dave says:

    Well it’s unanimous then…we’re better together!
    That’s flint and Brewer. 🙂

    It’s hard when your Scottish cousin and your English friend try to beat you up in an attempt to show you the error of your ways.

  123. twenty14 says:

    Missed it – If it’s that bad maybe Rev can put it up and we can all share – again!!

  124. Clootie says:

    I just watched today’s Scottish Question from Westminster. I couldn’t believe the eagerness of Scottish Labour MP’s to tee up questions that attack their own country.

    I have to admire the SNP MP’s who have to endure this disgusting behaviour. The band of Labour morons who always position themselves behind the SNP group to insult and bray are an insult to democracy.

  125. HandandShrimp says:

    What has the independence vote to do Flint? Why do I care what she thinks? She can claim she will declare war on us or whatever. I couldn’t care less. It says more about her than it does about our desire for self determination.

  126. Ian Brotherhood says:

    As a ‘non-live’ viewer, the good thing about reading these real-time accounts of MSM stushies is that it’s left to one’s imagination to create pictures of what’s happening.

    The reality, when eventually viewed, is astonishingly similar to the mental pictures evoked by wee strings of words, snippets of quotes, even when you aren’t entirely sure what the people look like.

    It’s like that old one about people saying they prefer radio to television because ‘you get better pictures’.

    And the moral is?

  127. HandandShrimp says:

    I suppose I should add that it doesn’t really matter who the BBC trot out to piss on Scotland. I no longer watch any BBC news output. It is crap, even the London based output is tabloid and shallow. It actually reduces one’s understanding of world events rather than informs.

  128. CameronB says:

    HandandShrimp says at 11:46 pm:

    What has the independence vote to do Flint? Why do I care what she thinks?

    Does she have a vote?

  129. Dave McEwan Hill says:

    Dick Gaughan and Five Hand Reel

  130. HandandShrimp says:

    Does she have a vote?

    I suspect not

  131. Chic McGregor says:

    “Aye, they will probably send that other London Scot Andrew Neil to join her and James Naughtie. Maybe even Andrew Marr. Before we’re done we’ll have a full hoose.”

    Dinna forget Kirsty “Oh my God, we’re staring into the abyss’ Wark

  132. call me dave says:

    There will be more wailing and gnashing of teeth, even greater and more strident shrieks of indignation with dire threats from the unionists, all still to come.

    Headlines in the MSM will be writ larger and larger in doom laden terms as the fear of independence draws ever nearer. The BBC now need to kill YES off, quickly if it can, before they have to become ‘impartial’ as per the rules hence the naked bias at present.

    So batten down the hatches,hold firm and get about our business. Get in touch with your local YES centre and do something, anything. Leafleting, talking to workmates, general chit chat, a link in an e-mail, wearing your badge and being confident and friendly.

    Seriously your country needs you. We need to do this. 😉

  133. ronnie anderson says:

    RBS ,Name plate what that clown said was, that the bank had to be registered,in the same place as. The lender of last resort, ie only the name plate need,s to be moved to London, how many other country,s bank,s do buisness in London,are their name plate,s outside the BoE.& another Scottish MP doesent know his brief,clown,s abound.

  134. Murray McCallum says:

    I believe in the closing life of the Gordon Brewer News Show they hope to have more rude people on who have no control over UK policies to debate with MSP ministers.

    Next week Godfrey Bloom is on challenging Scotland’s inability to deal with all forms of inequality.

  135. HandandShrimp says:

    On the banks they say what will Scotland do if they fail again. Feck all is the answer if they have unscrewed the brass plate and moved it to London.

    Yet another set of mutually exclusive scare stories.

  136. ronnie anderson says:

    Im going to have nightmare,s tonight, Katy Hopkins, Edwina Curry,Frazer Nelson, on the won show. The benifit,s row on channel 5, you,s need to watch that on iplayer.

  137. ronnie anderson says:

    one show, brain not engageing again

  138. Murray McCallum says:

    Katy Hopkins, Edwina Curry, Frazer Nelson, on the one show

    Holly shit!

  139. CameronB says:

    Ronnie, I thought you were still speaking in tongues. 🙂

  140. Molly says:

    Re RBS moving south, ‘we ‘ the tax payers have a share in it don’t we? So how would that work? Perhaps someone could ask Vince Cable.

    ideally, if we got our share back, a new national bank, in need of experienced employees , with no casino banking, able to lend to small business, with no brand issues and more importantly able to be trusted sounds alright to me and Westminster could sort out their ‘arrangements’

  141. call me dave says:

    BP statement can boost YES.

  142. sausage fingered luddite says:

    Been lurking here for a few months and finally decided to post.
    I wasn’t particularly scared at the “threat” of a toxic RBS brand that is around 80% owned by ukplc being moved to London if we vote YES.
    Mibees we could start a list of other “liabilities” and see if we can get cable to threaten to take them as well?

  143. Chic McGregor says:

    Dave McEwan Hill

    Here is Dick doing Thomas Muir and then probably the best version of Precious Few Heroes I personally have heard him do.

    This was at the second Independence First Rally in 2007 and I was the guy operating the camera. I was hoping he would do Freedom Come A’ ye and when he did ‘Heroes’ in instead I was cringing a wee bit, because back then I was well over weight and dreaded the ‘fat politician’ line, but it was a great rendition and I am 5 stone lighter these days.

  144. CameronB says:

    Molly says at 12:34 am:

    “Re RBS moving south, ‘we ‘ the tax payers have a share in it don’t we? So how would that work? Perhaps someone could ask Vince Cable.

    ideally, if we got our share back, a new national bank, in need of experienced employees , with no casino banking, able to lend to small business, with no brand issues and more importantly able to be trusted sounds alright to me and Westminster could sort out their ‘arrangements’”.

    Could such a national bank link with our seat on the BoE Monetary Policy dooda? With overriding authority?

  145. Norrie says:

    Expect more Labour front benchers to appear on the North regions TVs, Holyrood is the third team the panic will draw their first team north. Scared to send Tories so it will be Labour.

  146. ronnie anderson says:

    Hello its all quiet on the northern front.

  147. Derek Cameron says:

    I am sure I heard Brewer accuse Fergus Ewing at one point in the twin pronged attack with the execrable Caroline Flint as ” planning to run off with all the North Sea oil monies “

  148. alexicon says:


    Quite a good read by Alex Massie in the spectator.

    Only a few niggly parts of this article seem a bit at odds with what’s going on, but in the whole he captured the thinking of the unionists’ who seem incapable of a coherent no case.
    I think he’s got it wrong on the Britishness part though?
    I’m sure I read about the last census saying that around 75% of Scots consider themselves Scottish, not British.

    Don’t like his use of the propaganda words here.

    “Last week, for example, the second issue of a nationalist propaganda newspaper — imaginatively called YES — was delivered to thousands of households.

    Better words from him.

    “No wonder senior strategists in No. 10 are said to believe Salmond’s victory is not just possible, but likely.”

  149. scottish_skier says:

    Quite a good read by Alex Massie in the spectator.

    Yes, some waking up to reality would seem.

    And as the result will be based largely on national identity, you can expect something like 1997 Q2 up to Q1 level of yes which represents ‘Scottish only’ (census ‘Scottish only’ / SSAS ‘Scottish not British’ + ‘more Scottish than British’) to ‘Scottish’ in forced choice (Scottish, British or other) national ID.

  150. scottish_skier says:


    Revealed: the £200m plan for a frigate factory on the Clyde

    BAE Systems has unveiled detailed plans for a £200 million “frigate factory” that it hopes will secure shipbuilding on the Clyde for decades.

  151. Seasick Dave says:

    Frigates on the Clyde?

    But, but, but…

  152. Andy Auchterlonie says:

    WoS….turn off ICMP in the firewall or ASA. Bit of a bugger, as it means you lose access to a few important tracing tools used for fault finding etc. However, it takes away one of the main targets for DDoS. Also if your firewall or ASA is set up properly, you could trace the source IP addresses. (Not 100% effective however, as the source IP could be a ‘botted’ machine (where they hack other machines, and have them all ‘link’ an attack against a common target – you.)

    They know we are winning, despite the edited polls, hence they will try all the dirty tricks to avoid the rUK becoming a basket case and losing all its seats at the top tables.

  153. alexicon says:

    @SS & SD.

    Wait for the dire warnings though.

  154. K8tie says:

    @ scottish_skier
    Yes, a good article by Alex Massie. Thanks for drawing my attention to it.

  155. Weedeochandorris says:

    Ok whit did yous a’ dae wi the real ronnie anderson? We want him back! ????

  156. Weedeochandorris says:

    Bliddy ???’s again…….meant to be this….:-)

  157. Weedeochandorris says:

    Or this even 🙂

  158. Lanarkist says:


    Desist Defense of Scotland.

  159. The Penman says:

    Killer quote from the BAE boss:

    “Asked if BAE Systems could make the Type 26s in England if Scotland votes Yes, he said: “Anything is possible. It is just there is going to be a cost. It’s an option we have not explored in great detail.””

  160. drygrangebull says:

    i am really glad to see west_lothian_questioner on here, the word is spreading fast

  161. scottish_skier says:

    United with Labour untied.

    Labour MPs plan conference boycott amid income tax row

    SCOTTISH Labour MPs are ­planning to boycott next month’s party conference as the row over income tax escalates.

    A number of Westminster ­politicians have indicated that they intend to snub the event in Perth at the end of March.

    They are increasingly incensed at Scottish Labour leader Johann Lamont’s proposals to fully devolve income tax to Holyrood.

  162. Ken500 says:

    Bedroom tax abolished in Scotland

    Vote Yes

  163. caz-m says:


    I think Welsh Labour MP agrees with them. MP Owen Smith thinks more tax powers are a “trap”.

    UK Labour are all over the place on this one.

  164. Training Day says:

    With a Yes vote:

    RBS will abandon Scotland but we’ll still have to bail them out when they fail again.

    We’ll be chucked out of the EU but still be forced to join the Euro

    We’ll erect East Germany style border posts but still be peculiarly vulnerable to mass immigration

    We can’t use the UK currency but are still liable for the UK debt.

    And on it goes.

    Tomorrow’s Daily Mail heaadline:

    ‘Scottish Government to abandon Scotland if SNP wins’.

    Were Pravda or the Volkischer Beobachter ever this unsubtle?

  165. Robert Kerr says:

    Anent the flooding in the South. There was a BBC doc on this subject which had as its premise that London would have to be protected at all costs. There were insufficient funds for the rest of the country.

    When the City floods I trust the banks are waterproofed. It’s more likely the pumps are not submersible as at Fukushima. How sad.

    Further who permitted the main electrical feed to Gatwick North be sited on the flood plane? No engineers available?

  166. Ananurhing says:

    Roddy MacDonald, Badges of honour arrived yesterday. Half distributed already. Bunch of 16 & 17 year old Facebook Warriors off to school sporting them proudly. Brilliant. Many thanks.

  167. Dick Gaughan says:

    Dave McEwan Hill says:
    Dick Gaughan and Five Hand Reel

    Jesus, Dave, that scared the shite out of me! Recorded in 1977, I think. It’s a bit like your grannie bringing out the photos of you when you were wearing nappies. Hamish’s song is still the berries, though.

  168. SquareHaggis says:

    Just been watching coverage on the flooding and storm damage inflicted on the South West of England 🙁

    With their railway wrecked it’s going to be a bad year for tourisim down there. Might I suggest anyone who wants to be out of Scotland during the CG’s might want to visit this beautiful part of the country, I’m sure the good folks down there would appreciate a boost to help rebuild their communities.

  169. Helena Brown says:

    Take care Stu, if you need some more money to set up another site I am sure we can find some. I think it is a measure of your success in getting the correct message out that is prompting this.

  170. Bugger (the Panda) says:

    Last night I couldn’t sleep and switched on the iPad to listen to R5 Live with Rhod Sharpe “Through the Night” from his base in Boston. Rhod is probably the best interviewer, professional, polite and sharp and he is from Dundee. Great listen for insomniacs everywhere.

    Anyway had a quick telephone interview with a night editor from one of the London Dailies, he does this as a regular feature and does not stay with one title, varying it from night to night.

    What got me to pick up my ears that the Editor, think it was The Times, said that all the UK ConDems Ministers had been instructed to make campaigns in Scotland to point out how much we lose when we lose the Tory yolks; blue, red and yellow.

    The first assault will be by the Defence Minister who will tour defence industries factories in Scotland telling the workers that their jobs are at risk if there is a Yes vote.

    The Editor’s comment to this bit of news is that it could well backfire and have the opposite effect.

    The driver is the feeling that the current NO campaign is too sleepy, inert and unsuccessful that the Tories need to force the issue.

    Bring it on!

  171. caz-m says:

    BBC Scotland GMS never mentioned the BAE Systems story.

    They did however mention the story in the FT this morning regarding the negative story of job losses in the defence industry after a YES vote.

    They even managed to hunt down AND interview the FT journalist that wrote the story this morning.

    Yet the other day in the same newspaper which had a positive story on the Scottish economy after a YES vote, their was silence from BBC Scotland.

    As I have said before,

    They do it because they can.

    No one seems to have the power to do anything about it.

    This is why anger and resentment grow by the day.

  172. Peter Macbeastie says:

    Having once been in the military in a very lowly role and having only the smallest possible contact with military intelligence (one class lecture by a retired RAF intel officer, to be exact), I developed the firm belief that the intelligence services would say, work, act and do anything to anyone if the British state was threatened. A little bit of website attacking would not be that high up the list of potential nasty.

    This is not paranoia. You bet your backsides they have information on all active independence campaigners to a greater or larger degree, from nothing much more than names right up to reams of data. Especially the Rev, who probably has a file that pre-computers would be filling several A4 folders as a prominent pro-independence online campaigner.

    Make no mistake. They have had lots and lots of practice at running interference tactics as intellegence services since at least WW2 in their approximate current form, and a hell of a lot longer in other government run shapes. They are devious, sneaky, and know you inside out if they feel they need to. The most we can do is make sure there is nothing that they can directly use against us even though our very day to day conversations threaten the British state.

  173. Marian says:

    “dalry llama” on the comments section on an article headed “Scottish independence: ’25 years of economic misery’ in today’s Scotsman has just posted this:-

    “Bluster Buster
    In terms of Haggis Harry
    Ancient Wisdom
    Rear Admiral Sturgeon
    Auld Lang Syne
    Settle Down Pet
    the Blue sword
    Ploppy son of Ploppy
    Bluster Buster,
    Cyrus the Virus,
    Monkey Bored,
    Colonial toff,
    Arc of delusion,
    Whisky Galore

    ONE IP address – ONE Person – ONE whole lot of sneering and braying. On these threads 24/7. Who pays for him to do this? I think we should know.”

  174. Patrick Roden says:

    Good post SFL, I’m waiting on one of them threatening to take the nuclear missiles from Scotland if we dare to vote Yes. 😉

    “Been lurking here for a few months and finally decided to post.
    I wasn’t particularly scared at the “threat” of a toxic RBS brand that is around 80% owned by ukplc being moved to London if we vote YES.
    Mibees we could start a list of other “liabilities” and see if we can get cable to threaten to take them as well?”

  175. jingly jangly says:

    Dick Gaughan

    And your rendition of it is the best by far, been on my “funeral” list for a long time!!!!

  176. Marian says:

    The BBC has become emboldened since the BBC and its newspaper chums got away with concealing Dr Robertson’s report from the public and nothing will stop it now.

    Hence why has also successfully concealed the FT report showing that Scotland subsidises the rest of the UK.

    Hence why they have recruited someone with impeccable Labour credentials out of all the journalists available in the UK, to host their new evening current affairs programme “setting the referendum agenda” – aye that’ll be right.

    We now have conclusive proof that the once respected BBC is nothing more than a propaganda mouthpiece of Westminster and should treat it accordingly.

  177. gordoz says:

    O/T Yes Website

    Does anyone else have problems reading stories on YES Scotland site.

    Banner drops down over R/H/S of articles so you cant read all the text ?

  178. rabb says:

    Robert Kerr,

    I have a hunch that the building companies and to some extent local authorities have always known they were building on flood planes.

    The insatiable greed generated by the property bubble in the south has driven this practice to the point that houses must be built at all costs to ensure it’s continuation.

    What we are seeing now are ordinary people being put in a very difficult position to say the least. They are victims of a cycle which they have been fooled into being a part of.

    I remember not so very long ago sitting in a public meeting in my area to oppose building consent for a husing estate which was to built on (yes you’ve guessed it) a recognised and recently flooded flood plane.

    The building company knew it was a flood plane but were willing to build on it anyway.

    Go figure!

  179. Les Wilson says:

    I feel that the Unionists are signing the death nell of the Union all by themselves. While a Yes vote will end it sooner, if they stick to all the totally undemocratic underhand tricks they are doing from all possible angles, and it gets them a no vote.

    They will have destroyed much more than democracy, they will have created a distrust and a bitterness that will endure, the end result of Independence, will be assured.

  180. Patrick Roden says:

    @Rob Kerr

    “Anent the flooding in the South. There was a BBC doc on this subject which had as its premise that London would have to be protected at all costs. There were insufficient funds for the rest of the country.”

    If I remember correctly, the flood defences enjoyed by London cost the whole of the UK a fortune, but it now needs upgraded which will cost Billions.

    The trick that the UK Government (of whatever Kind) usually pull, is to record this extra money spent as UK expenditure, so it wont appear that the South East/London, is being treated better than the rest of the country.

    So when any Londoner or any politician that has his future dreams based on a seat near the Westminster trough, says ‘We are Better Together’ then as a Londoner they certainly are…

    …It’s the rest of us who have been getting shafted.

  181. X_Sticks says:

    @ sausage fingered luddite

    “Been lurking here for a few months”

    Welcome aboard!

    @ Chic McGregor

    “I am 5 stone lighter these days.”

    Well done that man! I’ve still got one to lose, but that’ll soon go with the delivery of Yes papers and canvassing between now and Sept!

  182. Dick Gaughan says:

    Let’s not get paranoid about this DOS attack. From what I gather from what’s been said, it’s unlikely to have been GCHQ at this stage. More likely some tosser with money hiring somebody to do it, as has been suggested. GCHQ et al have other, more pressing, demands on their time.

    Looks like it’s all just another part of the ongoing Fear bogeyman campaign to frighten off wavering souls – “Don’t go near Wings or GCHQ will get you”. Treat this like all the other threats, bullying and intimidation.

    I think there are enough hardy souls here who’re past caring. I go on the presumption that they already know all there is to know about me and I have nothing to hide. All I demand is the democratic right to argue and vote in a peaceful manner the way my conscience sees fit on the future of our people.

    If that frightens them, we’re already winning.

  183. Luigi says:

    I am a bit surprised (pleasantly). I expected BT/MSM to go into full panic mode around March, when the polls started to indicate parity between YES and NO. However, a slight, but steady increase in the YES intention in recent weeks has truly spooked them. And so, the silly season has started earlier than expected. The huge increase in the number of BT scare stories, the negativity, the apparent pressure on reluctant/ unconvinced business leaders to speak out against independence, and now funny goings on in cyber space, all indicate panic stations. By the end of March, BT will be no more than a bunch of quivering wrecks. One scare story, communicated intelligently and politely, once a month, may have persuaded a few to stick with the union, the known devil. However, with the recent avalanche of veiled threats and relentless negativity, most people have gradually become desensitized. Now they are just fed up hearing it, really fed up. People are now looking for positivity, for hope, for inspiration, and the YES campaign is providing it. Looking back, in ten years time, perhaps the great irony of the last days of unionism may be that the aggressive behaviour and negative reaction to the independence campaign very effectively hastened the thing that was feared the most.

  184. Ananurhing says:


    If Caroline Flint’s interventions yesterday are anything to go by, give us more of that. That was a foot shot with an automatic. Fear, negativity, and psych-ooterie. That’s really going to work eh?

  185. Patrick Roden says:


    Yes they certainly did know they were built on flood plains, and what about those local authority planning departments, who gave planning permission to build homes in these areas?

    If you buy a house in these areas, you do so knowing that you can’t get home insurance against flood damage or structural damage caused by water.

    I was offered a beautiful house in a flood area for about £200,000, a 5 bedroom detached House, its own garage, garden, in a lovely village, but no insurance against flooding with a river nearby that flooded every few years.

    Why do these rivers suddenly flood so much?… because successive Labour/Tory Governments were so fixated on the short term, that they cut the ‘River Dredgers’ that used to dredge the silt from the bottom of the river and keep it at a depth that would handle any heave rain-fall.

    After a few years the amount of water volume the river could handle got less and less and boom!

    This has happened all over the UK. but it hardly ever gets mentioned by the supine MSM.

  186. Horacesaysyes says:

    I don’t know enough about the technicalities of these things – is it possible to determine which particular site on a server is the target of the DDOS, or does it just target the server?

  187. Patrick Roden says:

    I would pay good money to watch a debate between Anas Sarwar and Caroline Flint.

    Screaming Matches

    ‘The Labour Party’s got (very little) Talent’

    Can wings do a fundraiser Rev?

  188. jingly jangly says:

    The Brit establishment has a long record of going overboard to stop peoples democratic ambitions.

    Remember Ireland, The Easter Rising was a failed attempt at an armed rebellion, only the Brits brutal overreaction brought the majority of the Irish people onto the side of Freedom.

    Even against a peaceful democratic movement, the Brits cant stop themselves getting more and more hysterical, which will have the same effect as the brutal oppression that the Irish People suffered at the hands of Churchill’s Black and Tan’s.

    Incidentally, when in Dublin in the early 90’s at the Rugby I was wearing a Kilt with Glengarry. I was taken aside in a pub in Dublin and told to get that hat off, when I enquired why I was told that was part of the Black and Tan’s uniform. I have never worn it since.

  189. Calgacus MacAndrews says:

    @Luigi says:
    However, a slight, but steady increase in the YES intention in recent weeks has truly spooked them.

    The BT top (fat) cats have much to lose. Hence the mega-jitters.

    They have all built their careers not on serving the public, but on climbing to the top of a greasy London-centric pole.

    Once we vote for independence the majority of them are in danger of not only losing everything they have worked for (including lying, backstabbing, brown-enveloping etc. for many), but also having their behavior during the campaign examined post-referendum (including lying, fear-mongering etc.) to the detriment of any Plan B that they would then attempt.

    Glad I’m not a SLAB MSP who once thought it was a good idea to see Holyrood as a stepping-stone, and who is now plying their trade at Westminster.

  190. fergie35 says:

    @ Marian says:
    6 February, 2014 at 9:40 am“dalry llama” on the comments section on an article headed “Scottish independence: ’25 years of economic misery’ in today’s Scotsman has just posted this:-

    “Bluster Buster
    In terms of Haggis Harry
    Ancient Wisdom
    Rear Admiral Sturgeon
    Auld Lang Syne
    Settle Down Pet
    the Blue sword
    Ploppy son of Ploppy
    Bluster Buster,
    Cyrus the Virus,
    Monkey Bored,
    Colonial toff,
    Arc of delusion,
    Whisky Galore

    ONE IP address – ONE Person – ONE whole lot of sneering and braying. On these threads 24/7. Who pays for him to do this? I think we should know.”

    I always suspected it was one in the same person and he must be working for the Scotsman, because he has the ability to change posts, his and other commentators

  191. Patrick Roden says:

    @ Dick Gaughan, I agree that it’s probably not GCHQ, but who would be prepared to spend a lot of money to launch this attack on wings?

    I would say that most ‘Joe Public’ types idea of an attack on wings is to say that the rev is a w**ker or that he is homophobe or something silly.

    Now I do not want LABOUR the point, but who has the money, and who is so scared of Wings, that they would go to all this trouble?

  192. heedtracker says:

    “According to a report from US network NBC, documents leaked by Edward Snowden from an NSA conference showed that a British unit called Joint Threat Research Intelligence Group (JTRIG) was using distributed-denial-of-service (DDoS) attacks to target so-called “hacktivists” “Under the operation, dubbed “Rolling Thunder”, JTRIG used DDoS attacks to take down IRC chatrooms – such attacks are illegal under UK law.” From PCPRo magazine.

    “British intelligence ran denial-of-service attacks against chatrooms used by Anonymous and LulzSec, according to an investigation by NBC News involving Snowden confidante Glenn Greenwald. Documents leaked by the NSA whistleblower record how a GCHQ unit known as the Joint Threat Research Intelligence Group, or JTRIG, used a packet flood operation dubbed Rolling Thunder to “scare away 80 per cent of the users of Anonymous internet chat rooms,” NBC reports. From The Register

    In the House of Commons Libdem Carmichael applauded the Daily Mail for going after YES voters online and thanks to the vote NO Guardian newspaper and Edward Snowden, we know factually that the UK gov is using DDOS. Lesson is, be fully prepared to move to different servers and backup your work.

  193. Dick Gaughan says:

    Luigi says:
    perhaps the great irony of the last days of unionism may be that the aggressive behaviour and negative reaction to the independence campaign very effectively hastened the thing that was feared the most.

    Indeed. It is useful to study 1916 in Ireland. There was no support for the Proclamation, the Rising was angrily opposed by most Irish people as a nuisance caused by a bunch of nutters and most people didn’t give a monkeys about independence. Then the British Government made the crassest, most unbelievably stupid mistake. In their desire to “teach these uppity peasants a lesson”, they completely mishandled the aftermath and the ruthless and deliberate way they carried out the executions of the leaders shifted the popular consciousness and created the conditions for a nationwide revolt.

    They have learned nothing in the century since. Their arrogant belief in their God-ordained right to take whatever they desire leads them into believing that they can do no wrong and that anyway the end justifies the means. The end being whatever they think is in their interests.

    The public school mentality still runs the show – the way to deal with dissent is to crush it. And thereby create the exact opposite outcome of what is truly in their best interests. Our interests don’t figure in the equation as they are incapable of grasping the simple fact that they are different from theirs and that they should be negotiating the best deal they can get, not bullying us into letting them have the lot.

  194. Dick Gaughan says:

    Patrick Roden says:
    Now I do not want LABOUR the point, but who has the money, and who is so scared of Wings, that they would go to all this trouble?

    There are people who will do this sort of thing for small change. Once the trojans are in place, it’s not hard to do.

    Of itself, it’s simply a pointless bit of a nuisance, but its a tactic in a much bigger game. Consider it as an escalation of what they’ve been doing all along – creating a suffocating atmosphere of Fear.

  195. Ken500 says:

    Scottish – Irish History quite different. Churches/Catholics in Scotland, have rights above the Law. The Equal opportunity Employment Laws.

    In Ireland Catholics were discriminated against by Unionists. Ireland wanted Home Rule but got Partition – Lloyd George, a Liberal, 1922. Led to Civil War. Soon, demographically, Ireland could vote to be re-united.

  196. Dick Gaughan says:

    Ken500 says:
    Scottish – Irish History quite different.

    Yes, I know Scots and Irish history are different, but your obsession with fine detail is causing you to miss the overall point. Wood / trees.

    The underlying principle I’m talking about is the same. They don’t negotiate because they see nothing to negotiate about. All they have is numerous variations of coercion, fear, duplicity and bullying. That is the same whether we are speaking about Ireland, Malaysia, India, Sudan or anywhere else that has experienced the benevolence of the British State.

  197. Ananurhing says:

    Patrick Roden
    “but who would be prepared to spend a lot of money to launch this attack on wings?”

    I’m sure a quick scan through BT’s uber tory backers would reveal at least one who’s familiar with rogue eastern European services. Trojan Tigers would be cheaper than Arkan’s.

    Just sayin’ like, ken?

  198. desimond says:

    This new Current Affairs show…so an ex Labour Leaders daughter, and err Laura Bicker…

    Hmm..Im willing to give them the benefit of the doubt for now…

  199. Dave McEwan Hill says:

    Dick Gaughan

    That Five Hand reel version and Barbara Dickson’s ” Parcel of Rogues” (with Archie Scott) make the hair stand on the back of my neck. We really should get an independence CD together

  200. a supporter says:

    We must stop using “wingers” for Wings supporters. It’s too easy for it to become similar to the word with an “h” in it.

  201. jingly jangly says:

    Dave McEwan Hill
    Now that would be good, anybody got a decent copy of
    “Scottish Republican Songs” I used to get the vinyl from an Aberdeen Library, and twenty years or so copied it to cd but the quality is not so good, maybe we could get somebody to record “The Wallace and the Declaration of Arbroath. that would be two crackers for starters.

    Maybe the Queen’s Navee would not be a good idea at this time!!!

  202. Dick Gaughan says:

    Dave McEwan Hill says:
    That Five Hand reel version and Barbara Dickson’s ” Parcel of Rogues” (with Archie Scott) make the hair stand on the back of my neck. We really should get an independence CD together

    It wouldn’t be impossible but it would be damned difficult. Getting the essential permissions and waivers can be a legal nightmare with compilations of that kind. And a lot of the people who recorded pro-independence songs in the past did so without actually being in favour.

    Not sure if Barbara has definitely made her up yet but I was discussing it with her a few months back so I live in hope. I do know that she’s in the process of moving back to Scotland and her son is living here already.

  203. LB says:

    The Ghandhi quote on your front page seems prescient,

    “First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they come to fight you, and then you win.”

    Seems you are at stage 3.

  204. Jamie Arriere says:

    I think there’s a Thurso Berwick LP in the house somewhere, but don’t ask me to find it – the place is a right boorach.

    My mum did once sing the “Scottish Breakaway” at a language conference in Belfast (a Scottish Republican song to the tune of “The Sash”) to great hilarity!

    As you say, it’s not really the big issue at the moment.

  205. Morag says:

    I’m not convinced that attack was actually directed at Wings. On the other hand, I’m not convinced it wasn’t, either.

    Remember how awful it all was a year ago before we’d raised the money for Stu to move to an industrial-strength host? Wings was always going down. And a whole lot of people were blaming DoS attacks, but it was only the flaky server being overloaded.

    Now, though? We’ve had confirmation it was really a DoS attack this time. Sometimes there really is a conspiracy. I’m sure Stu is well aware of what to do to make sure Wings stays up, no matter what.

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