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Islands in the stream

Posted on May 26, 2018 by

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    79 to “Islands in the stream”

    1. Fergus Green says:

      Pass the boak bucket

    2. Malky says:

      They just had to get the band back together. I wonder if they’ll be singing the same old tune.

    3. starlaw says:

      should they not have longer noses and whiskers ?

    4. sassenach says:

      Presumably they are standing on Fundilymundily, trying to keep him out of sight in case we take them seriously!!!

    5. Robert Louis says:

      Labour and Tories. Besties for life. Same tired old lies about Scotland.

      “The Scots looked from labour to tory, and from tory to labour, and from labour to tory again; but already it was impossible to say which was which”

      (apaologies to George Orwell).

      Honestly, if I was Kenny Rogers, I’d sue. 🙂

    6. Morgatron says:

      Probably the best ever summary of these two partys and individual creeps Ive ever seen Chris. They would sell their grannies for the feel of ermine and the power of silver. Lets hope that river becomes a tsunami on the path to independence and these two lonely islands join Atlantis at the bottom of the sea for evermore.

    7. Dorothy Devine says:

      Please let them drown soon!

    8. Fillofficer says:

      That’s entertainment (not)
      A tired old, out-of-tune duet
      Surely nobody’s listening anymore
      U gorra larf

    9. Tinto Chiel says:

      Hope they do a Dobie Gray and just Drift Away, frankly.

    10. Highland Wifie says:

      That stream is about to become a flood and these two are going to have to swim for their political lives.
      The goal is in sight.

    11. Hamish100 says:

      Mundell is already swept away with his smears and lies over Brexit. Scotland comes at least 4th in their Tory world. Engerland, Ulster, Wales and then us. In fact probable we are further behind Gibralter, Falklands etcetera. Equal Partners and equal respect!

      Independence or the Brexit cliff.

    12. Clootie says:

      Another remarkable political cartoon!

      Does no one in the soft NO camp ever look at the rewards the “loyal” unionists receive?
      HoL, a Knighthood, banking post in Hong Kong, a top job with Morgon Grenfell, lucrative speaking tours worth millions.
      Look at the wealth of “socialists” such as Gordon Brown, Alistair Darling etc (don’t be fooled by the funds hidden in charities that fund lifestyles)

      We have good people fighting for Independence and as a result it is, and will HINDER their future career and finances.
      We have others such as Brown, Darling, Alexander….and a host of BBC reporters now enjoying a boost to their career and fortunes.

      …follow the money…it isn’t rocket science.

      Who do you think has YOUR interests at heart.

    13. Luigi says:

      Malky says:
      26 May, 2018 at 7:16 am

      “..the band back together……..singing the same old tune.

      Perfect – very well said, Malky.

      The SNP and Greens should be shouting this from the rooftops. And the above expression is a brilliant way of embedding it in Joe and Jenny Public’s mind.

      Another BritNat revival tour, with the same old suspects. 🙂

    14. Golfnut says:

      Absolutely love this one, is that a river, or have they just pee’d themselves.

    15. Abulhaq says:

      Independence looks a long way away and that river is definitely not in flood.
      Scotland is heading for another period of political drought ie inertia or in-fighting.
      Has the SNP abandoned the EU? Joining England in the great blue yonder? Can’t kick that sterling habit?
      Give ScotNats a gun and they are inclined to shoot themselves in the head, again.
      Scotland a nation again…coming tomorrow, but like jam, not today

    16. Alex Montrose says:

      Tell me the auld, auld story
      O’ hoo the Union brocht
      Puir Scotland into being
      As a country worth a thocht.
      England, frae whom a’ blessings flow
      What could we dae withoot ye?
      Then dinna threip it doon oor throats
      As gin we e’er could doot ye!
      My feelings lang wi’ gratitude
      Ha’e been sae sairly harrowed
      That dod! I think it’s time
      The claith was owre the parrot!

    17. Ken500 says:

      Stroll on troller.

      Get rid of one another one comes along.

      Both are not elected. The unionists even screwed the electoral system in Scotland. Davidson doesn’t even acknowledge her own constituents. They both run away.

    18. Returnofthemac says:

      Like The Rivers of Babylon, they just babble on, babble on babble on.

    19. Auld Rock says:

      Abulhaq, never heard of slowly, slowly, catchy monkey!

    20. Archbishop of Dork says:

      Wetter Together!

    21. Dan Huil says:

      Flipper and Blimper

    22. Macart says:

      That’s a keeper. 😀 LOL

    23. Les Wilson says:

      Good toon Chris you are always on the ball.
      Reminds me, of la La land!

    24. John Thomson says:

      Sorry guys anyone got info on what political party people would vote for in an independent Scotland. If it can be shown that other parties could benefit from independence then it could help us achieve the dream.

    25. cearc says:

      AB of Dork,

      Brilliant! Comment of the day so far.

    26. Hamish100 says:

      Abulhaq says:
      26 May, 2018 at 8:36 am
      Independence looks a long way away and that river is definitely not in flood.

      You tend to post negative posts on independence. Please define a long way away? 266 years as a rock would say?

    27. Dr Jim says:

      We’ve got two political parties in Scotland the SNP and the British Nationalist party

      The SNP are moving forward and the Britnats are drowning in a flood of their own making while hanging on to each other so they might as well sing while they wait to drown

      The only answer they have is come and drown with us it’s your duty

    28. Clydebuilt says:

      Ruthless doesn’t look as good as that!

      Just heard Brewer chair debate . . . . Blue & Red Tories against Ivan McKee . . . . G. B. was fair and balanced. . . . . Big change . . . They know they are loosing the audience . . . .
      Bending with the wind. . . . Can they bend enough . . .. Or is the bow too brittle.

      I’d be surprised if Rep. Scot. Becomes fair and balanced. The remaining audience for that tripe are too far gone.

    29. Mark Russell says:

      “Tory grandees are hatching a ‘dream plan’ for Michael Gove to serve as caretaker Prime Minister and step down for Ruth Davidson in 2021. The plot comes as a consensus emerges among frustrated Tory MPs that Theresa May will be forced out in a year’s time as soon as Brexit is delivered next March. As many as 30 ambitious Tory MPs have already begun canvassing for support to replace her as party boss. But several senior figures have now settled on a master plan, dubbed the ‘Gove-Davidson succession’. Under the plot, Environment Secretary and leading Brexiteer Mr Gove would take the keys to No 10 for two years to finish the Brexit negotiations and transition period. Ms Davidson, 39, has vowed to fight the Holyrood Parliament elections in 2021 in a bid to oust SNP boss Nicola Sturgeon.”

    30. HandandShrimp says:

      Had a listen to Ivan talking about the Commission Report this morning on the radio. Also on was Jackie Bailiff (Gordon’s error not mine) and Jamie Double-Barrel (didn’t catch the name).

      I think what was clear from the debating approach taken was that the other two had not read the report. Jackie’s approach was simple. She just made facts up (OK, lied) which Ivan refuted with actual numbers and Jamie’s argument was that the SNP approach was that we end up with the Euro and a third of Scots including the SNP don’t want to be in the Euro…so there…or something like that. In fact just a repeat of the pish from 2014.

      General opinion from Brewer and Douglas Fraser is that the document is weighty and has some serious meat on the bones and doesn’t shy away from challenges as well as opportunities. That will annoy the Unionists (not keast because they will have to read it) although I am sure Kev has already made a graph showing why this report is 30% more evil than the White Paper 🙂

    31. Archbishop of Dork says:

      Mark Russell@10:00

      Michael Gove doesn’t have what it takes to be a caretaker. Let alone a caretaker Prime Minister.

    32. Andy-B says:

      Ha, ha Chris good one, you brought a smile to my face with that belter, have a nice day.

    33. carjamtic says:

      The Synchronised Sirens.

      “Fancy a quick Selkie on the rocks”

      “Naw my webs are throbbing”

    34. Nana says:

      They are sounding very off key and singing same old song over and over until you become so sick of hearing it, you just have to switch off.

      Links on previous thread for anyone interested.

    35. HandandShrimp says:


      I think that seems improbable. Gove is serious Brexiteer and Ruth is a pretty angry Remainer. Why would Gove relinquish control if he delivers what England wants to someone who does not share his vision. Also Ruth might come a cropper in 2021 and her star diminished plus she doesn’t have an English Parliamentary seat.

      Also, may is incompetent but she is submarine. She could hole the plotters below the line yet.

    36. Clydebuilt says:

      Ireland’s Abortion Referendum

      There were 2 Exit Polls, Why were there none for Scotland’s Indy Ref.

      The Scot Gov. Knew the environment our Ref. Was held in. Why did they not organise exit polls as a check against dirty tricks with the vote?

    37. Orri says:

      The electoral system for Holyrood might be a bit pish but given the so called “elected” membership are via FPTP it’s a bit dangerous criticising list MPs when that might be taken as support for that system.

      Replacing it entirely with some form of STV might be better or at least doing so in the list might be better.

      At least the constituency candidates might be rejected by abstaining provided they’re not first on the list. Still no guarantee they’d be first choice on a pure STV vote.

      The reality is that unless you’re elected as an independent at Westminster or Holyrood in most cases it’s the party that’s elected and not you.

      The double edged sword of a party ordered list system is that if some real dirt sticks against the top candidates it risks the entire party being rejected.

    38. Grouse Beater says:

      Philanderer has a silent ‘p’.

      Very neat, Chris. Coincidentally,I penned some words on old songs and language for this weekend. Hope you find them interesting.

      Your essential weekend reading

      “And their keening reached the heavens….”

      Of Scots, Gaelic and Inglis:
      Where have all the windaes gone?:

    39. Dr Jim says:

      Given that polls have shown that about half of England positively hates anything to do with Scotland politically it would be an incredibly brave English Brexit Tory party to even think about having Ruth Davidson anywhere near their precious number ten downing street….unless they’re planning to lose the next election of course

      The English press keep telling those folks that nobody wants the SNP and Nicola Sturgeon is the devil so if Davidson can’t even beat this really unpopular SNP loser *the Baad Sturgeon* how are they supposed to believe she can run their cabal

      That would take some serious newspapering cajolery

    40. John Thomson says:

      Could see me doing some fishing in that river, would love to use the priest on those 2

    41. Davy says:

      WOW shit floats, who knew.

      Is their any other country in the world where 90% of its media and more than half of its political parties rejoice in trying to lower their own country’s expectations and ambitions.

      What type of selfishness of sprite does it take to have such delight at trying to rubbish your own country’s attempts at bettering itself.

      Do any of these mealy-mouthed shite swallowers actually realise the contempt they would be held in, if they were citzens in an other country where the media did not hold such sway.

      I hope come independence we remember the people and organisations who have delighted at slagging our beautiful Scotland down. To me they will never find an excuse big enough to justify it.

    42. Ian Brotherhood says:

      Timely stuff given that Ruth’s been caught telling whoppers again, this time about being pursued by an angry shouting man with barking dogs.

    43. HandandShrimp says:


      You can take the girl out of churnalism but you can’t take the churnalism out of the girl.

    44. gus1940 says:

      I look forward to seeing who appears on tomorrow’s political programs – in particular Sunday Politics Scotland.

      Marr, Peston, Sky and the London part of Sunday Politics should also be interesting assuming that they even mention the report.

    45. gus1940 says:

      What’s happened to the Herald’s star tractors – Gordon & Leask?

    46. HandandShrimp says:

      I see on the Guardian Severin went into too wee, too poor (with massive emphasis on too poor) and too stupid to be independent big style./he really has given up any shred of pretence that he is an impartial analyst. He isn’t as deranged as the Times chap (few are to be fair) but he is just as anti.

      It certainly feels like the early days of Indy1.

      Regardless of May and her timing issues, I think we are heading for an Indyref soon. If the Unionists opt to boycott it then our task will be to ensure as big a turnout for Yes as possible. If the Unionists don’t boycott it (which they may not because they will be worried that a hefty Yes vote will be hard to ignore) then May is irrelevant anyway.

    47. Orri says:

      Gove is, of course, Scottish. Or at least born here. There might be some crazed idea that should indyref2 be triggered him as PM might help a No vote. Also a realisation that the constant portrayal of Scotland as an overall drag on England’s economy has gone too far. Especially given how Credit win despite the economic catastrophe it entails.

      A ‘successful’ hard Brexit ‘negotiated’ with Gove at the helm might, it’s hoped, undo some of the damage long enough for there to be more love bombing than hate.

      Ruth will be stabbed in the back ASAP after her usefulness is over.

      Speaking of love bombing, here’s a quote from someone who did,

      “The only thing that matters is you win. You bloody well *win*! And then to hell with it.”

      If reports of Alistair Darling telling people to lie are true it’d seem he followed that advice.

    48. Dan Huil says:

      Not matter how many times anti-Scottish britnats try to piss in our water there’s only one way this river is heading: independence.

    49. ronnie anderson says:

      Looks like the River of NO Return . Great toon Chris

    50. Bob Mack says:

      There goes breakfast!! Ta Chris.

    51. Dorothy Devine says:

      Ronnie , I prefer the River Styx and those two and a few more , approaching the final waterfall!

    52. Cactus says:

      “And we rely on each other ~ ah ha ha ha ha ha”

      The Davidson and Darling Duo (Darling disnae ken the words)

      Meet… ‘The Dangleberries’.

      One singer, one song.

      The weather looks lovely in the distance.

    53. Dorothy Devine says:

      Clydebuilt, I probably should know this but can you explain how useful/useless an exit poll is and what it does exactly ?

      You appear to find them essential since you’ve posted both here and on WGD

    54. ronnie anderson says:

      Dorothy Devine OK you win I bow to the superiority of the Styx lol

    55. X_Sticks says:


      Hoy you! I’ll not hear a word against the Dangleberries. Damn fine band and I never miss them at Belladrum.

      The river of shame. Spot on Chris. Yer scribbles are no bad even if you don’t like Neil Young.

    56. Orri says:

      The problem with exit polls in a referendum is, so we are told, that there’s nothing to base a prediction on.

      The problem in my opinion is either the paranoid option that it will vary so wildly from the result that it’ll at a minimum remove credibility and raise accusations of cheating. At worst it might lead to outright rioting. When you add in massive postal voting and a campaign for votes outwith Scotland with encouragement from Darling to vote as soon as possible ending the debate early and the swing to Yes in the last month an exit poll might even have shown that Yes won on the day.

      Make no mistake, short of releasing postal voting results, exit polls might be worse than useless if the expectations of postal voting being in line with those cast on the day don’t hold.

    57. Cuilean says:

      Irish Repeal Referendum

      I was curious at all the Irish people returning from all over the world to vote in the ‘Repeal The 8th Amendment’ Referendum, held yesterday.

      Two things which Ireland does and Scotland does not:

      (a) Voters must take a form of ID to Irish polling stations e.g. passport, photo driver’s license, photo student card etc. We don’t do that here. We just turn up, give our name & vote. You don’t even need to take your polling card to vote in Scotland, just give your name!

      (b) Postal votes in Ireland are strictly restricted to people with physical difficulties, serving in the police or armed forces. Furthermore when making a postal vote, you have to make your postal vote IN FRONT OF A GARDA (POLICE) officer, to whom you have to also show your ID (passport etc).

      Compare these strong defences against postal vote fraud to Scotland (the UK) where postal votes are given out as a right with no checks on identity at all.

      The Scottish Govt must address how postal votes are to be made for Indyref2, with the limited powers they possess.

    58. Cuilean says:

      Taken from Irish Govt site

      Voting by post
      If you are registered as a Postal Voter, you will be sent the following documents shortly before polling day: a ballot paper, a receipt for the ballot paper, an envelope for the marked ballot paper and a larger envelope addressed to the returning officer.

      You must arrange to have your declaration of identity witnessed by a Garda before marking the ballot paper.

      When you have marked the ballot paper, put it into the envelope marked “Ballot Paper Envelope” and seal it. You then put this envelope and the completed receipt for the ballot paper into the large envelope addressed to the returning officer, seal it and post it. The ballot paper must be posted – it cannot be handed to the returning officer.

    59. Calum McKay says:

      What happens to the likes of Darling, Wallace, Forsyth and Foulkes post independence?

      Can’t see there being much demand for ex lords!

    60. Cactus says:

      Hehe aweright X_Sticks, apols to the fine Belladrum band 🙂

      Something more appropriate then… ‘The Drossers’.

      Over the waterfall cliff-edge they go.

      Hand in hand.


    61. Robert Peffers says:

      @Auld Rock says: 26 May, 2018 at 8:53 am:

      “Abulhaq, never heard of slowly, slowly, catchy monkey!”

      Of course not, Auld Rock, Abulhaq, cannot hear anything for that ever present Tinnitus like roaring in the Abulhaq lugs. The ever present sound of the Yoonivers sheeple roaring, “SNP BAAAAAD!”, drowns out everything else.

    62. Thepnr says:

      Nice one Chris. Soon they’ll be up to their necks in the water and Independence lies just over the horizon.

      We need to save ourselves, let them rely on each other for help.

    63. This is a phenomenon that happens in nature when animals sense a catastrophe/ruination like a flood,fire or earthquake

      they put aside their natural antagonism/rivalry to concentrate of trying to survive,

      it has been especially noticed among:

      snakes,rats,scorpions,journalists,lizards,spiders,hyenas,torys,libdems and particularly ScotLabs who will shack up with anything to try to survive.

    64. Orri says:

      The UK doesn’t need ID. Just ask the Windrush children.

      On balance I’m for it being introduced. Just not as a last minute thing just before elections where a governmental drubbing isn’t as bad as anticipated and the few percent barred from voting might have made a difference.

    65. katherine hamilton says:

      I’m picturing Hamish, over their heads, paddling his canoe and waving Bye Bye!

    66. Archbishop of Dork says:

      We’ll be Leven the UK because there’s Nethan to stay for and we’re far Doon the order of London’s priorities.

      That Stinchar Theresa May isnae allowin’ another indyref to Esk the people whit union, UK or EU? So we’ll jist have Tay hold one oorselves.

      Scotland oot the single market will be Laggan behind the EU states.

      Darling and Davidson in a river. The Ord Couple?

      Sorry aboot aw this stream of consciousness stuff.

    67. jfngw says:


      I have a simple solution to these newspapers, if I believe they are anti-Scottish I don’t buy them or frequent their websites (even if I go there just to see what there headlines are I block the adverts). It removes the stress of being annoyed by journalists nonsense.

      I bought the Observer for 40 years, Mr Carroll and the editorial line put an end to that in 2014.

    68. Robert Peffers says:

      @Hamish100 says: 26 May, 2018 at 9:38 am:

      ” … You tend to post negative posts on independence. Please define a long way away? 266 years as a rock would say?”

      You must always expect to have to avoid hitting rocks or things that look like rocks in every watter or burn, Hamish100. If it looks like a rock to you then best avoid it.

    69. Referendum1707 says:

      Abulhaq 8.36

      Would be really good if you’d just fuck off and take your puerile pessimistic pish with you.

    70. Abulhaq says:

      This Growth Commission report effectively kills independence stone dead. Not a smart move from our supposedly pro-indy politicians. More than a shot in the head, a complete decapitation.
      The nice dream is over….now the nightmare.
      The SNP is either tactically inept or running scared of a Catalan style débâcle over independence.

    71. Thepnr says:

      Despite my pessimism that the Unionists and pet press would be all over this currency proposal in yeterday’s report it looks like my concerns may have been overstated.

      Reading all the rebuttals today from the usual suspects the best they could fire wasn’t so much a cannon more like lobbing a banger. Wouldn’t be the first time I was wrong, the fuse on this banger could well fizzle out and not even bang.

    72. geeo says:

      @gus 1940.

      Marr has Reese Mogg and another Tory minister plus a labour shadow minister, and an Actor, Ben Chaplin.

      Sunday politics has Andy Burnham, Rory the Tory and Sarah Wollaston MP chair or health select committee.

      No mention of Brewers guests on the tv listings.

    73. defo says:

      Flippers in his element there HB, and with a slight hint of yellow in l’eau, so is Yadaftie.

    74. Abulhaq says:

      Unfortunately the cat’s out of the bag and likely to run around for the rest of the year.
      Better to have drowned the animal.
      Hope Sturgeon is not planning any indyref launch on the basis of this report.

    75. Brian Doonthetoon says:

      Since the 2014 referendum, I have found that pro-indy peeps tend to refer to SNP MSPs – and the first minister – by their first names.

      British Nationalists tend to refer to them by surname.

      Jiss typin’…

    76. Street Andrew says:

      Brian Doonthetoon says:

      “Since the 2014 referendum, I have found that pro-indy peeps tend to refer to SNP MSPs – and the first minister – by their first names.

      British Nationalists tend to refer to them by surname.”

      I suspect this is a hangover from school. I went to a school where we were known by our surnames. Public schools and old fashioned Grammars behaved like this. Nicknames were always based on surnames because we knew no other.

      It’s a very ‘British’ thing. I think. And social class indicative (natch.)

    77. remo says:

      Love the cartoon. Personally, I hope it represents what happens to people when they have sailed up shit creek in a holey canoe.

    78. handclapping says:

      That Cairns is good; I can’t see where he dropped the marmalade.

    79. Ian McCubbin says:

      Maybe tbey will drown togther un their own lies …….lol

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