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In A Hole

Posted on May 13, 2023 by

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  1. Joe says:

    So it looks like A Scot Abroad is writing as if he was actually at those Serbian concentration camps.

    The only trouble with this is that these were exposed as Western media propaganda to justify involvement in attacking the Serbs.

    You can look at documentaries and clips youtube about this. Just look up:

    The Serbian “Nazi-Style Concentration Camps” a Total Fake | Media Lies

    Hoax of the Bosnian Serb Death Camp

  2. Robert Hughes says:

    Confused @ 1.14 & 2.39

    Brilliant , insightful and laugh-out-loud ( literally ) posts mon frere .

    The perfect antidote to the dribbling , half-formed thoughtlets of tedious bores like ” A Clot Abroad ” n his equally yawn-inducing ilk ; who seem to have materialised out of nowhere to tell us where we’re going wrong ; where y’all been hitherto boys ? . Every one of his/their utterances are slimed with the cliched triteness of received yoon opinion masquerading as objective observation .

    Original , critical thinking is completely alien to such ; n I think we’ve seen n * heard * enough from them now . My advice FWIW ….. don’t give them the oxygen of your attention ; rather , pipe-in the carbon monoxide of your scorn . It’s what they deserve . Even better , ignore the fuckers .

    Excellent post by Breeks too

  3. John Main says:

    @ Breeks says:16 May, 2023 at 7:03 am

    I am not being an apologist for Ruskia

    How come you read like one then?

    the US dollar hegemony facing a very real threat from BRICS, an organisation United by its antithesis towards the dictatorial and aggressive West

    Syrup Of Figs, Breeks, the antidote to BRICing it.

    Face it Breeks, like a few high-profile posters on here, you chose the wrong side in Feb 2022. Most of the other posters have since had the common decency to STF up, or hide their identities under new pseudonyms.

    You’re the only one still ploughing your deluded furrow.

    Maybes ask yourself why that is?

  4. Effijy says:

    I found this very interesting – it’s almost impossible, I feel by Tory design, to establish who many deaths Covid and government mismanagement has caused in the U.K.

    The link below show excess deaths over a 20 month period in England and Wales only at over 167,000. I think it fair to say by adding in all the other missing Covid months and other missing areas of the U.K. the number will be well over the 200,000 and still growing by hundreds every week.

    If added to over 220,000 true Covid deaths are we looking at 440,000 Covid deaths to date?
    The Tories want credit for how well they managed it????

  5. John Main says:

    @ Confused says:16 May, 2023 at 2:39 am

    The simplest way for Scotland to become independent would have been to leverage the support of a half-Scottish golf-nut with a lot of “real estate” here who just happened to be US president at the time

    There was certainly no harm in trying that, as I said at the time, and since.

    But why assume that any US president, or any UK PM for that matter, gets what she wants? How did Trump fare, during his 4 years in office?

    Did he get that wall built?

    Did he get peace with NK?

    Did he drain that swamp?


    Meantime, for those who don’t buy into the idea that everything in the world is the fault of the USA, there’s an innarestin article on Unherd yesterday about the coming war involving Iran, Turkey, Israel, Russtiland and various assorted central Asian and former Soviet satellite states.

    It may well be the end of Ottomanboi too, if he doesn’t get clear in time.

    All lubricated by the warring factions of the religion of peace.

    And not a pair of US boots, or a blue helmet, within thousands of miles.

  6. John Main says:

    @ Robert Hughes says:16 May, 2023 at 7:37 am

    to tell us where we’re going wrong

    Two words, Bob:

    Humza Fucking Yousaf.

    That’s where you went wrong, as the world, his dog, and the dog’s fleas can clearly see.

    Now, my advice is that you retrace every act, every thought, every opinion, all the way back, until you arrive at a historical turning point that does not lead to HY.

    I guess you will have to go right back to 2014 and start over from there.

    Cos every fucking thing you did since 2014 leads to HY, so every fucking thing you did since 2014 was wrong.

    OK, that’s you telt. Clear?

  7. Ian Brotherhood says:

    Alex Cole-Hamilton is getting pelters for saying something about Scotland in the Oxford Union debate which also ‘starred’ Alex Salmond.

    But why is it a stushie now? The debate took place almost exactly three months ago and even AS has made no mention of ACH’s ignorant comments.


  8. John Main says:

    @ Effijy says:16 May, 2023 at 7:57 am

    So you were scared shitless by Covid, but rather than accept you were wrong, you want to blame the evil Tories for lying?

    The excess deaths figures are out from all around the world.

    They tell the reality of just how “dangerous” Covid was and is. The answer is, not as dangerous as seasonal flu.

    Face that sad truth, Effijy. You will feel so much better as a result.

  9. Stuart MacKay says:

    Confused – some of the best comments I’ve seen here recently – thanks.

    The geopolitics stuff is fun but everyone’s like a blind man trying figure out what the elephant is. However there’s no doubt the world is changing rapidly. Take the outbreak of peace across the Middle East led by China or that Francophone Africa is telling the French to “va te faire foutre!” (blame Google if it’s wrong). That didn’t happen all by itself. There’s some relevance to our plight, Faslane, cough, cough, but otherwise it should only be used for entertainment purposes – assuming we all get to live beyond Christmas.

    Personally, I think we should be weeding The Garden or at least repairing a wall or two and leave everybody else to go about their business unmolested.

  10. PIND DADAN KHAN says:

    @ John Main 8:05am
    “All lubricated by the warring factions of the religion of peace.”

    So you’re saying F-UK-USA illegally invading Iraq, Libya etc had nothing to do with increasing terr-orism worldwide? I’m guessing you’re a relative of comical Ali?


  11. Ian Smith says:

    Blaming the Tories specifically for the covid deaths, when they did almost the same as every other western government, and have similar excess deaths to virtually every single other western country (including Scotland) is ignoring the immense corruption by multinational organisations, politically interfering billionaires, bought media, politicians, civil servants, regulatory authorities that compromise 99% of mainstream political opinion, Alba included.

    Christ, Scotland was worse, we would still be hiding under our desks in masks, while letting the country crumble, if others had not had the decency to start rolling it all back first.

    It is not just a clearout of the Tories we need, it is virtually every sphere of governance. Immense damage was done medically, politically, economically and socially by the ‘stay safe’ charlatans.

    Until that dark cancer is eliminated from the public realm, choosing between the deluded and the demented in Westminster or Edinburgh makes little difference.

  12. Beauvais says:

    Does Alex Cole-Hamilton think Tibet should never be a nation again?

    Or does he believe that it’s just Scotland that deserves cultural genocide?

  13. Ruby says:

    A Scot Abroad says:
    16 May, 2023 at 1:01 am


    one of the small irritations about WordPress is that one can’t go to edit typos and minor errors after submitting a comment. I should, of course, have written that my petition would be to allow Scots resident in the UK, but not in Scotland, to have a vote in any future referendum.

    Spot the schoolboy error again

    Upgrade to the £25 a month package for less irritations with WordPress.

    Freeloaders always have problems.

    Donate here:

    How much is your flat in Ramsay Gardens worth?

    Info about Ramsey Gardens

    Ramsey Gardens is up there next to the castle. The residents can watch the tattoo for free from their back balcony.

    Of course Ascot may not have a flat in Ramsey Gardens he might just be telling porkies just in the same way as he is about being a Scot.

    Ascot is not a Scot. I have proof.

  14. Achnababan says:

    Thanks Confused – an excellent pithy post with which I concur.

    So much in this world is a sham… until we wake up and small the coffee we will condem our children to a world run by AI and robots owned and controlled by American corporations.

    The SNP play along with it as well …. they are part of the malaise. We need to grab back power from those that have stolen it from us. ALBA has a role but I remain deeply skeptical of Alex Salmond format SNP leader – he championed globalisation and devo max … 2 ideas which ultimately have both snookered our independence movement as they both lead to …. the loss of power from the Scots people.

    My hope is that independence will be won by winning the argument about where power should reside …. move over America, King Charles, Westminster and weapons of mass destruction. The Scots can rise again but first we will have to know our oppressor better

  15. Joe says:

    @John Main

    I didn’t click in 2014 and I would say that there wasn’t much to go on for anyone to attain their moment of clarity.

    But I clicked entirely onto what was going on and what was coming the minute the issue of a gender balanced cabinet was raised.

    From that point on everything became an inevitability and my record on it is better than anyone I have seen in Scotland.

    Ethnically, culturally and economically I am an absolute advocate for Europeans and European descended nations. Indeed my entire presence online is about helping to wake up our peoples to the absolute threat against us that is wrapped up in various sweet progressive packages.

    However as many people on here have been aware for some time, with many putting some of the unpleasant details into place recently, the greatest threat to the European peoples are from within our own halls of finance and government and that threat is being realised as we speak.

    I notice you are quite free with remarks about Islam, as I am. I wish I could be equally as free with my thoughts and evidence of the other religion that is ubiquitous in Western centres of power and has a heavy presence in the current conflict in the East which nobody, even Russia, dares mention.

    That religion, by the way, is on record as having a religious duty to destroy Europe and Europeans forever.

    For myself, anybody in the world who fights this is a potential ally of mine.

  16. Chas says:

    For those that are unaware, the definition of a troll is quite simple.

    ‘Any individual, male, female or thing, who does not share your point of view, however erroneous or stupid your point of view is’.

    Blogs like ‘Wings’ do provide a valuable service. It allows people, from the comfort of their own homes, the ability to spout absolute nonsense in the knowledge that there will be no comeback other than a form of words against them.

    It does however reveal some ‘mental’ issues with some individuals. It would be disrespectful to ‘name names’ but a quick scroll through the posts after any any article that Stu produces will swiftly indicate who they are. If you can’t spot them immediately……………..maybe it is YOU?

    Keep up the good work Stu.

  17. Robert Hughes says:

    ” OK, that’s you telt. Clear? ”

    Is it , aye ? WTF you on about ? Being * telt * by you is akin to being accosted by a irritating fly , and just as easily remedied . Are yr I HEART ZELLY underpants chaffing a bit this morning ?

    Don’t lay the blame for the election of Yousaf at my feet ya bam , it had precisely fuck all to do with me .

    Started yr campaign to oust him yet ?

  18. Republicofscotland says:

    “Face it Breeks, like a few high-profile posters on here, you chose the wrong side in Feb 2022. Most of the other posters have since had the common decency to STF up, or hide their identities under new pseudonyms.”

    John Main.

    Not get into a multiple exchange on the subject but 404 is humped, you know it, I know it, and so does Nato, and that’s why Europe/UK is destroying it economy to help prop up the US dollar, the Western hegemony is on the way down, as the East rises, even the replacing of Erdogan with his rival in Turkey won’t stop it.

  19. Xaracen says:

    “don’t look to the UN to recognise an iScotland if it’s done outside of the existing laws.”

    The UK government’s submission to the UNs ICJ regarding Kosovo’s independence says otherwise, and the ICJ agreed, and so impressed it was by that submission’s arguments that it adopted them as part of its canon.

    The ‘existing laws’ in Scotland’s case would be those that in many, many cases were passed by majority approval of England’s MPs despite the majority disapproval of the Scots MPs, making such laws unilateral English laws, therefore by definition not Union laws, therefore fraudulent and without legitimate power.

    Governance of the Union of two sovereign kingdoms is not just about democracy, it’s also about sovereignty, about constitutions, and about Treaty obligations.

    Two sovereign kingdoms, one vote each, no casting vote. England’s domination of UK governance is unwarranted and in clear breach of its Treaty obligations to respect Scotland’s sovereignty and constitution.

    The only ‘legal’ requirement that has any bearing on the recognition of the new state is that its vote to do so was democratically acheived, not legally acheived. This would be especially the case when the ‘new’ country was subjected to colonial oppression by the state it wants to leave. In Scotland’s case there is no real argument that it has been subjected to colonial rule by England’s establishment for centuries, even if by some definitions Scotland isn’t formally a colony, because it has certainly been treated as one by England using almost all of the same colonial methodologies it used all over the world.

  20. Alf Baird says:

    A Scot Abroad @ 10:29 pm

    “you consistently cite Michael Hechter as though he is some form of oracle”

    Not especially. The theory of internal colonialism is well established, as is classical colonialism, and neo-colonialism. Scotland fits the colonial template in all essential respects: economic plunder; external political control; cultural assimilation; population displacement/genocide; indirect rule/cultural division of labour; under-development; colonial mindset; linguicide; socio-linguistic prejudice; institutionalised ethnic discrimination; racism (incl ‘internalized); fascism (the root of colonialism); etc etc etc.

    Though colonialism may be obscured via cultural domination, Alex Cole-Hamilton and his ilk confirms the main purpose of colonialism insofar as Scotland is concerned – that is a nation and people which will only continue to perish, and must perish if UK/colonial rule and colonial oppression of Scots and Scotland is permitted to continue. This explains why independence is decolonization, liberation from oppression and exploitation by another (alien) dominating culture.

  21. Ruby says:

    Achnababan says:
    16 May, 2023 at 9:03 am

    Thanks Confused – an excellent pithy post with which I concur.

    ALBA has a role but I remain deeply skeptical of Alex Salmond format SNP leader

    Agreed ‘I heart Confused’ he’s teaching me a lot about world affairs although I’m not sure if I need to know what’s going on outside Scotland. But hey I have a big empty brain with loads of space for info & Confused has a way with words that I really like.

    I agree with Stuart MacKay
    Personally, I think we should be weeding The Garden or at least repairing a wall or two and leave everybody else to go about their business unmolested.

    I’m not so bother about the garden at the moment. These plastic plants are brilliant. I would however like the roads to be repaired.

    Ever thought of starting a new political party? Something fresh something tailored to your needs.
    Don’t name it “Let Everyone Speak’. that’s my idea.

    I wonder if they have had any bids yet on the £150,000 tin hut on the Isle of Harris.

  22. Ottomanboi says:

    The Unherd freelance you cite knows nothing more about the «middle east», what IS that, than a guy reading wiki articles couldn’t pick up.
    He seems to extrapolate from his Serbian «knowledge» a looming holocaust in the Turkic/Persian/Armenian ethnic zone. Not the same animal, not the same stripes not even the same Turks. He does strike a chord though of things far away not mattering to the Big Guys. However, when they show an interest matters usually get so much worse. Involve Nato and boom, WWExtinctionEvent.
    The writer refers to proxy wars. Another large state uses actual proxies and is currently blessed for it. That war may be closer to you my friend.
    The writer should stick to what he «kens».
    I do read Unherd but am selective on politics.
    By the way, I say again, I am NOT Muslim. Stop shoving everybody from the MidEast in the same convient box, in that grand neoimperialist manner.

  23. Ruby says:

    It looks as if it’s going to be a lot of fun here this morning.

    Sadly I can’t be here.

    ‘Big crying face emoji’

  24. Breastplate says:

    John Main,
    “Face it Breeks, like a few high-profile posters on here, you chose the wrong side in Feb 2022.”

    John, you seem to be suggesting with your comment that there is an obvious ’right’ side.
    Is there a correct side?

  25. Republicofscotland says:

    “THE leader of the Scottish LibDems (Alex Cole-Hamilton) has said that Scotland “can never and should never exist again” in an “extraordinary” intervention during a debate on independence.”

    Scotland is in the absurd position of having political branch offices of a foreign (England) country’s political system in our very own parliament. They have no business whatsoever being there, they are not there for the benefit of Scots, they are at Holyrood for the benefit of the union and ultimately their HQ’s in a foreign land.

    The Lib/Dems Labour, and the Tory branch offices in Scotland at Holyrood are not Scottish parties they are at Holyrood to make sure the union and its interests come first over that of Scots.

  26. Breastplate says:

    I heard news that Erdogan just fell short of 50% and is likely to get over that in a second round of voting on May 28th.

  27. Mac says:

    Joe, I think we are seeing some VERY old enmities being played out.

    In completely unrelated news the history of the Khazars is quite interesting.

    Interestingly Khazaria used to straddle Kiev, Crimea, Georgia and other ‘problem’ areas today.

    Neocons are dominated by the ethnic descendants of guess where.
    Guess who expelled them from their lands (over a thousand years ago now) and destroyed their empire. The Rus.

    But it is not just them, I have also seen an analysis that connects a lot of what is happening today back to the Great Schism. And that also goes back a thousand plus years.

    Personally I think both are very much in play. This stuff goes really deep when you follow it back.

  28. Ottomanboi says:

    Re the UNITED NATIONS org.
    Expecting the UN to do the right thing is like expecting a scorpion not to sting. It will suit itself.
    The «international» is an area where there be many scorpions.
    Scotland, do beware!
    You do not have to be an official colony to be treated like one. Egypt springs to mind. British Protectorate, Ottoman province, sovereign kingdom, colony take your pick.
    Scotland, likewise.

  29. Stephen O'Brien says:

    The crux of the decision for most voters, to whether Scottish independence is viable or not, rests with two factors, the money trees.. Oil & Gas, the perception is that we are now at the tale-end of that boom, the just transition lobby, viewed as evidence of that.

    That transition process must be financially credible. Writing off oil and gas, too soon, would be insane.

    In contrast, the Bank of England, is perceived as unlimited resource, within the UK.

    If the above issues are not fully addressed, the surmised target of 60% for YES, is a non-starter.

    The legal arguments regards ending the Union, meaningless, until the above financial issues are resolved, to the satisfaction of voters. Online debate will never do so. Only substantially invested political campaigning could drive support to the required numbers.

    Credible political leadership the most pressing issue.

    Right now, the project of independence is hamstrung by the failings of SNP. The next election must provide the public with genuine options. The current mess cannot be allowed to continue, nor repeat of the same mistakes. Aimless ranting of Scottish independence, from the front benches in the House of Commons, must stop.

    ‘Keep the faith’, ‘eyes on the prize’, for the birds! Credibility must be witnessed.

    Reflex selection of SNP, by the faithful, now the main obstacle to progress.

    We can only hope that drastic change in the landscape of Scottish politics, comes quickly, forced by the current crisis in leadership.

  30. Ottomanboi says:

    Whatever the result Nato needs Turkey but Turkey needs Nato like a hole in the brain.
    Atatürk is reaching take off velocity in his grand mausoleum.

  31. John Main says:

    @ Breastplate says:16 May, 2023 at 9:50 am

    you seem to be suggesting with your comment that there is an obvious ’right’ side

    WoS BTL. A group of people working together to defend their nation, culture, language, laws, etc against the oppression of a vastly bigger and more powerful neighbour with imperialist pretensions and asset-stripping economic objectives.

    Country 404? See definition above, with the added complication that the imperialist neighbour chooses to also adopt ethnic cleansing, murder of non-combatants, rape and torture.

    It’s a no-brainer.

    Unless of course, you are just another of the Indy carpet-baggers who pushes Indy for ulterior motives. In this case, the motive being a generic hatred of our democratic heritage and history, with Indy being just a way to destroy what power and influence we have in the world.

  32. Colin Alexander says:


    As you know, all MSPs and Scottish MPs have pledged their allegiance to the UK’s head of state – the English Crown, that denies the people of Scotland their sovereign right of self-determination.

    Thus, swearing allegiance to KCIII is an act of treason against the sovereign people of Scotland.

    For as long as we continue to vote for candidates who will give allegiance to KCIII and his heirs, Scotland and the Scots will remain feudal possessions of the English Crown.

  33. John Main says:

    @ Joe says:16 May, 2023 at 9:15 am

    I have respect for most religions, nations and cultures.

    It is precisely because I am well educated in the history of western colonialism that I am so sensitised to the blatant reverse colonialism that is ongoing in Europe, the UK and Scotland.

    We in the west no longer push our values on others. However, we need to push back vigourously against those who are pushing their values on us.

    It’s not complicated. Two wrongs don’t make a right.

  34. Beauvais says:

    With his Oxford speech Cole-Hamilton incited the assassination of the Scottish nation.

  35. Joe says:


    The book by Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn (I still can’t spell that last name from memory) Two Hundred Years together that was illegal to translate into English for a long time (and possibly still is) gets into the Russian history with these people

    Which leads neatly into the Bolshevik revolution and the brutal mass slaughter of many millions, mainly Christians, by a government that was primarily not Russian and the largest contingent were from New York and didn’t even speak Russian.

    What many do not seem to realise is that what went on in Russia from 1917 is practically exactly what we hear about what the Nazi’s did from ethnic extermination, to chains of work/death camps, to barbaric inhuman treatment of anybody who was not of the ‘in’ group.

    As Solzhenitsyn pointed out – the reason we do not get this particular genocide on our TV screens is because the group that perpetrated it have the major media companies in their hands.

    This is why I detest it when people who seem to have a bloodhound ability to sniff out the whiff of fascism or National Socialism in a persons comment but are willing to give this entire era a complete pass.

    The absurdity of it is – if you don’t know what Bolshevism is then you don’t know the primary motivations of National Socialism and the Fascist governments and that means you have never really even looked.

    This evil was represented physically in the East but in the West it took the form of institutional subversion by mainly Marxist academics which has given rise to the radical social activist groups that are dominating our countries now – including transgenderism.

    Apologies, you probably know this. However the above needs to be common knowledge and it needs to become common knowledge fast.

  36. Ian Brotherhood says:

    Can’t remember who asked us to contact our MPs regarding Julian Assange. Sorry.

    Just received this from my MP, Pat Gibson. Please have a swatch at the emboldened:

    ‘Thank you for your email regarding Mr Assange.

    This is an ongoing situation and it is for the courts to now determine if there are valid charges for him to answer and MPs are not permitted to attempt the judicial process in any way.

    However, this process should be carried out with as much transparency as possible, and with all appropriate opportunity for review and appeal, as necessary.

    Any reports that Mr Assange has been subject to mistreatment while in custody are worrying. His treatment be in line with the guidelines for protecting all those in custody.

    Within this, he ought to be entitled to the same rights to receive visitors however he pleases within the rules set by prison authorities.

    Nobody should be extradited from the United Kingdom if they face an unfair trial or a cruel and unusual punishment in the destination country.

    The legal process must now be allowed to progress to a conclusion and if Mr. Assange is to be extradited, any extradition to the US must absolutely meet those rigorous standards.

    I trust this response is helpful to you…’

    So, any extradition must meet rigorous standards.

    But she can’t even be bothered to have a reply proof-read.

    Not a big deal perhaps, but symptomatic of the contempt so many of these people have for the people who elected them.

  37. Breastplate says:

    John Main,
    You could be describing any number of countries that the West has invaded, so perhaps you didn’t understand my point.
    Your argument seems to consist of the USA and chums can bomb the shit out of any country it likes but when Ruzzia does it, it’s just not cricket.

    As I’ve said before, if we were taking turns at murdering people for their own good, then surely it’s somebody else’s turn?

  38. Mac says:

    Speaking of deep roots and while we are waiting for something, anything, to happen another fascinating read is the history of the Jewish-Roman wars.

    That resulted in the absolute destruction of the Judean state including most of Jerusalem. It never recovered, that Judea was completely destroyed.

    It was physically not quite as bad as what the Romans did to Carthage. But it was 99% as bad. They left some Roman linked buildings in Jerusalem still standing but the rest of it got destroyed including the second Temple.

    Those Jews who did not escape the Romans got enslaved or killed. The survivors however by definition… survived. They did not leave, but they did ‘move on’, they had to to survive… The descendants of the survivors of ancient Judea are the modern day Palestinians.

    The Khazarian Jews on the other hand have zero connection to ancient Judea. They as a people were forced to convert en mass to one of the faiths of the bible (after losing a war I think) and their leaders elected to pick Judaism. This was something like 900 years after the Romans destroyed ancient Judea.

    Then later when Khazaria itself was utterly destroyed, they were all dispersed. The descendants of these peoples are (mostly) the so called Ashkenazi Jews and these are (mostly) the folks who are currently persecuting the Palestinians.

    So effectively today you have the descendants of the ‘fake’ Khazarian Jews brutally occupying ancient Judea and persecuting the decedents of the ‘real’ Jews of the bible, the Palestinians.

    And at the same time now waging a proxy war on the descendants of the people who expelled them from their real homelands in ancient Khazaria… allegedly.

  39. Beauvais says:

    Ian Brotherhood @11:06 am

    “His treatment be in line…”

    Always knew Gibson was a pirate.

  40. Republicofscotland says:

    Yeah Breastplate @10am.

    I’ve read that myself Erdogan’s rival Kemal Kilicdaroglu is an ardent Nato supporter, and a victory for him would ultimately lead to some sort of major restriction for Russia via the Black sea.

  41. Ian Brotherhood says:

    @Joe (10.56) –

    Have you seen the film ‘Mr Jones’?

    ‘On the April 1st, 2022 installment of “The Lawfare” podcast, screenwriter Andrea Chalupa reports how during the course of filming “Mr. Jones”, they reached out to the New York Times for permission to quote directly from Walter Duranty’s article that denied a famine had taken place in (can’t write name for fear of going into moderation), but the Times refused to grant permission.'(*)


  42. Anton Decadent says:

    Re Kosovo, a few years ago I watched a speech given by what had been the Canadian ambassador to Yugoslavia. During it he said that in the midst of the peace talks the US contacted the representatives of what is now Kosovo and told them that it would recognise them as an independent state and arm/finance them. He said that it did this without consulting the representatives of any of the other countries participating in the talks and that it prolonged the war by an extended period.

    A couple of years ago whilst reading up on Madeline Albright (Marie Jana Korbelova) (who, to quote the completely transparent and unbiased Wiki, “considerably influenced American foreign policy in Bosnia and Herzegovina and the Middle East.” On the latter she was pushing for military intervention by the US in Iraq along with William Cohen and Sandy Berger.) I found that she was looking to own thousands of phone masts in Africa in partnership with Jacob Rothschild and George Soros. She was also planning to bid on the ownership of the Kosovan state owned postal and telecommunication service which it had been decided would be better off privately owned by someone like her.

    Again, to quote Dave Chapelle, “it is all a coincidence and you should never speak about it.”

  43. Anton Decadent says:

    @Ian Brotherhood

    I believe that Malcolm Muggeridge said that Walter Duranty was the biggest liar he encountered in fifty years of journalism.

  44. Mac says:

    Joe, you are right. What blew my mind recently was I saw a clip of Goebbels (I think it was) giving a speech, no idea when or where, but what shocked me was he was complaining about all the same things that are going on now.

    This has all played out before… and it lead to global war and mass slaughter. We can already see it being slowly cooked up in Ukraine.

    The people who seized power in Russia in 1917 hated ethnic Russians. They set about systematically murdering the best of them… The Terror.

    Hitler of course witnessed all of this happening in real time. All of that must have played a massive role in the rise of the Nazis in Germany.

    But as you say they get a largely free press compared to the Nazis. Yet that was genocide in every sense, killing the cream of the Christian Russian population, by the tens of millions.

    Add in WWII losses and the population of Russia must be 50 million less than what it would have been today without them.

    I don’t think as countries we in the west can really appreciate psychologically sustaining those kind of losses. So when the Russians say they consider this an ‘existential battle’ people in the west should pay attention. They are not backing down.

    Europe is being led down the same road it was led in the 1930’s by the same forces. They despise Europe nearly as much as they despise Russia, and we are utterly expendable to them. People better wake up to it before it is too late but even then I am not sure it will make any difference.

  45. Northcode says:

    Alf Baird @ 9:37am

    I know many Wings readers have been posting here for years and many of, if not all, you veteran independence supporters might well have read Alf Baird’s academic paper, “The Socio-Political Determinants of Scottish Independence” .

    If you haven’t, you should. Because for me it was a cathartic experience It explains much about how us Scots have been affected psychologically over many many years by an insidious process of indoctrination.

    I can’t thank Alf Baird enough for writing and publishing this paper. It should be standard reading in all Scottish state schools (I don’t think private schools will be in a hurry to add it to their curriculum).

    Of course, Alf’s paper will never become standard reading in Scottish state schools (not until we’re independent, at least), and you’ll find out exactly why if you read it. Because it seems to me we are caught in a kind of Catch 22 situation.

    Alf’s paper will also give you an idea of why the Scottish ‘Government’ is the way it is right now. Who could’ve guessed it’s all happening by design?

    Anyway, thank you, Prof Alf Baird. I’m looking forward to reading your book, “Doun-Hauden”, very soon.

  46. Mac says:

    Sorry Joe, I did reply but it went to moderation.

  47. Joe says:


    There is a lot to it. All I can go by is the fact that there is an enormous amount of coincidences when it comes to politics, finance, corporations, migrant NGO’s, LGBT groups, the media and the list could go on.

    @Ian Brotherhood

    Yes. I was very impressed that the Holodomor got a decent representation in film.

    Just as an aside – the fact that this happened just within living memory helps to explain why young men of a certain Eastern European country might be easily led by Zionist mercenaries (pictured at the wailing wall) into blisteringly anti-Russian Neo-Nazi (Bandera) terror groups.

    As for the late 1910’s and 20’s you should look up the clip on Youtube from one of Jordan Petersons speaking engagements when a member of the audience asks him about this. His reply is very telling. Look up ‘Jordan Peterson 200 Years Together’

  48. Ian Brotherhood says:

    @Anton Decadent (12.00) –

    I could well believe it.

    Diabolical character.

  49. Ottomanboi says:

    Amyth unsupported by Ashkenazi DNA which accords with a MidEastern origin.
    Wiki deals with the Turkic Khazar khanate.
    You should not believe everything you read on «Palestinian» websites or those with a certain axe to grind.

  50. James Che says:

    As often happens it takes a considerable amount of time to pass before a malicious deception comes to have light shone upon it
    those that have been deceived are usually the last to know,

    Due to Scotland not having held or (entered) into a treaty of union with the Great British or UK parliament all that has been legislated for and that has passed in legislation, from the Scotland Act, To Section 30 refusals, to our borders, oil and sea, taxes, energy and wind power are falsehoods.

    If the parliament of England ( ceased) when the Scottish parliament was ( dissolved) and voided, that ended the treaty of union in 1707.

    If Englands parliament of Westminster ( continued) and Scotland parliament was ( dissolved ) that to ended the treaty of union.

    For Scotland cannot be and has never held a treaty of union with the British parliament, or the later UK parliament of Westminster.

  51. Iain mhor says:

    Anyone travelled through any ‘ex-communist’ countries lately? Bearing in mind they were right up to your doorstep in living memory, over half of mainland Europe.

    Now, were we all being told a lot of porkies about Communist countries – all bleak, grey, crumbling concrete hellscapes, with bugger all happening but queues for bread?
    If so, they miraculously dragged themselves up by the bootstraps, and built some amazingly authentic looking stuff, and a thriving economy in 30-50 years that gives us a right showing up.

    Or, they didn’t do anything miraculous, and it was indeed porkies all along. Either way, the scent of ham is in the air – porkie lies, or pork troughing away our future – why not both indeed.

    Not a lot of ham in them ‘Mooslim states though eh? It’s all Guinness bottles waddling about the sand, and towelheads in Toyotas down the hanging squares – or is it?
    I only ask because of the turn btl to global politics, war zones and the like.

    Anyone other than our resident squaddie been to a war zone?
    It’s remarkably easy to do, because you might not even know you are in a ‘war zone’ – just that a lot of other people elsewhere have been told you are, and suddenly your phone is ringing off the hook – and there’s that Kate Adie BBC head of bravery smell of bacon in the morning again.

    Nice establishing shot there, flak vest *check, tin lid, *check, standing next to some ordnance *check. Good God, it’s a war zone!

    Camera pans 180° to bustling Hotel entrance, half a dozen people at the nearby bus stop, and a wee wummin on the way home with the messages… *lose that shot, back to the teddy bear in the rubble.

    Seen the like with my own eyes, whilst enjoying a croissant, and the morning air – not just the once either.
    Countries are big places, some countries are very big places indeed. Even small countries are big countries.

    500 people chucking grenades at one another in Scrabster over the price of lobster, isn’t stopping yer granny going the messages in Kirkudbright is it? Yer Auntie and the nieces, and nephews enjoying a pokey hat at Nardini’s on a day trip to Largs – are they in a war zone?

    “Me and Senga had an amazing holiday in Dubrovnik!” Jeezus! That’s next to Sarajevo, were you mad!?

    A neglected neighbourhood in downtown Slovakia, a cooncil estate in the burbs of Slovenia, or Lithuania -the entire nations are a desolate Communist dystopia, and so much rubble?
    Where’s my bloody gun!

    The lands of hope and glory, and mothers of the free. Flash cars, bling, sunshine, and happiness.
    “The entire place is a Capitalist Utopia Yurgey – let’s go!”

    I’m labouring the point – be careful how you process what you’re filtered is all I’m saying. What’s that got to do with Clyde navigation then?

    What Scotland is, and what it is not, what Scotland wants, what Scotland thinks, what Independence means, what Unionism means, who is the good guy, and who is the wank?

    Careful now, and mind how go – I’m off to pick my way through the rubble, and get the messages…

  52. Joe says:


    Unfortunately its not just DNA: the Ashkenazi language is not Hebrew it is Yiddish which is a mix of Hebrew and medieval German.

  53. Ottomanboi says:

    I hope and pray that some of the belowtheliners here never get a position in Scotland’s foreign ministry.
    I’ll be 20 later this year, i already have a lifetime’s experience of the «real world».

  54. stuart mctavish says:

    Metaphorical coconut for the first to get a fag paper between ACH belatedly reported (and out of context) argument in formal debate and the direction of travel nuSNP enjoys channeling.

  55. Joe says:

    @Anton Decadent

    That area of Europe was where I woke up to the truth of things. Took me from 6 to 9 months to get the kicked feeling out of my stomach.

  56. James Che says:

    The Great British parliament/ UK of Westminster is not in a treaty of union with Scotland and therefore cannot pass legislation or laws such as the supreme Court on Scotland,

    Scotland was not and never was in a treaty of union with the British parliament that later morphed into the the new named UK parliament.

    Scotlands parliament was the sole participant to the treaty of the union to be dissolved from it.

  57. Ian Smith says:

    Any fair reading of yesterday’s Durham report should have Julian Assange straight out of custody this morning. It is quite clear that the US FBI, CIA and DOJ are entirely activist political organisations with no regard for fairness or justice.

  58. James Che says:

    We can walk away or merrily skip if we want to, from the malicious deceit of the Treaty of Union upon Scotland.
    For we ( Scotland) are not in a treaty of union with the British/ UK parliament. And the British parliament has not wrote or ratified a treaty on union with Scotlands dissolved parliament since it was dissolved in 1707.

  59. Northcode says:

    Iain Mhor @ 12:44pm

    I enjoyed reading your post, Iain. Genuinely. You have an interesting way with words 🙂

  60. Northcode says:

    @ottomanboi @ 12:47pm

    Ottomanboi, sounds like you’ve had a tough time of it already at such a young age. You doing okay?

  61. James Che says:

    John main.

    Scotland is not in a treaty of union with the Parliament of great Britain that later changed it name to the united kingdom minus the S.

    Skip or walk we can go any tome we like.

  62. James Che says:

    John main.

    It is very amusing to realise that Charlie becomes defunct as king of Scots with no treaty between the Scots and the British parliament of Westminster.

  63. John Main says:

    @ Ottomanboi says:16 May, 2023 at 9:43 am

    By the way, I say again, I am NOT Muslim

    Did I say you are? Show me where (provide a link) and I will apologise.

  64. Northcode says:

    Confused @ 2:39

    Just excellent, confused.

  65. James Che says:

    John main.

    The Parliament of Westminster would undergo a great reset.
    Back to the beginning owing Scotland reparations for billions of finances.
    No shared national debt as the Bank of England is only answerable to England and Wales.

  66. Rev. Stuart Campbell says:

    “What would Scotland’s standing be in the international community? Who could trust it?”

    Trust it to do what?

  67. Alf Baird says:

    Northcode @ 12:10 pm

    “Of course, Alf’s paper will never become standard reading in Scottish state schools”

    Quite. Anti-colonial literature is never welcome in a colony; however, after independence it is lauded.

  68. Northcode says:

    Alf Baird @ 16th May 11:40pm

    Alf, I would happily laud you in a liberated Scotland. That’s not a euphemism, by the way. Just in case you were wondering.

  69. PindDK says:

    John Main: “We in the west no longer push our values on others. ”

    Pretty sure the F-UK-USA axis overthrew dictatorship but secular regimes in Libya & Iraq because of bringing “democracy” to these regions. And look at the state of these countries today.

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